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Chapter 29

As things were moving faster than light in the house of Stefano Dimeraís, knowone knew the houses fate but Stefano and Bart. Bart was done helping Stefano in the living room so he sent Bart to take care of the last deed of the Masion Blanche ordeal. Bart was walking around the lab looking for a disk. He found the disk hidden in a secret panel just as Rolfe said it would be.

Bart- Ok, part one is done, Mr. Dimeraís secrets will be safe, and now for part two.

Bart then walked into the dungeon part of the basement. He saw that the cell Stefano put Marlena, Hope, Bo and Philomena was empty, and the door was broke down.

Bart- Ummm...

As Bart looked by he walked over to a bucket of materials near the cell. He grabbed a damp cloth. He put the cloth in the cell on the bed that was there. He took out a lighter that was in his pocket. He lit the cloth on fire as watched as it spread to the bed. He walked out and grabbed another cloth he set it down on Rolfeís lab table with all of his materials on it. He then lit the cloth and poured lighter gas on the table.

There was one thing both Bart and Stefano didnít know was that, Rolfe was doing his work to make sure Steve didnít remember his past. Rolfe didnít tell Stefano so Bart didnít know that the stuff that he was burning was not to be burned.

Bart watched it burn then went over to see that the bed was burning nicely. He turned on the gas in the cell to full speed. He could smell the gas as he walked over to the stairwell. He started to walk up it but then turned around.

Bart- Celeste screwed up the first time but this time Bart will finish the job.

He turned around and walked out the lab/cell rooms. He entered one of Stefanoís study. He walked over to a vent control panel. He entered a code then pushed the bottom to open all the vents throughout Masion Blanche.


Bo, Hope, Marlena, and Philomena made there way into the main hall. They looked all around and heard an alarm go off. It was the fire alarm from Bart setting the house on fire. They didnít see smoke or fire so they all assumed it was just a trick from Stefano to fool everyone.

Marlena- John was not in the cell when I checked it!

Hope- You donít think that Stefano took him away, do you?

Bo- Thatís not Dimeraís style. They are all still in the house Iím sure.

Bo saw a gun sitting on the table near them. He ran over and picked it up. He made sure it was loaded then cocked it in his hands as they moved forward. They all stopped when they heard a sound. It was coming from a room up the hall. It sounded like Stefano yelling at someone.

Philomena- Thatís Stefano, I know that bastardís voice.

They all moved forward with Bo leading with his gun ready in hand.


Carly took Lawrence to the other side of the room to speak with him.

Carly- Listen, we have to get out of here, now. Steve is no help and its hurting Kayla to much to watch him talk like this. We have to get out of here.

Lawrence- What do you want me to do?

Carly- You were with him is there nothing you can do to help us?

Lawrence- Thereís one thing but I donít know..

Carly- Lawrence, please save us, help anyway you can.

Lawrence walked away from Carly and over to Steve he was still in the chair straight up. Kayla sat on the bed and watched her husbandís every move. She saw not only scared but frightened that this new persona may never leave.

Lawrence went behind Steve and started to untie the ties that they put on him earlier. Carly and Kayla both shot up to their feet with shock of what he was doing.

Kayla- What are you doing?

Lawrence- Wait, Iím helping.

As Lawrence was untying Steve, Carly started to smell smoke. She looked over at the vent leaded into the room. She saw black smoke coming through the vent.

Carly- Hurry, Stefano must be burning down the house to be rid of us all.

Lawrence quickly untied Steve. Steve jumped to his feet, and stood there.

Lawrence- This is Mr. Sistalano, I want you to break down the door to this room and make sure we all leave this room safely.

Steve walked over to the door and started to run up against it. He ran at it four times without any luck. On his fifth try the door came crashing down on the other side. He swung back to Carly, and Kayla who stared in shock at what he had just down.

Steve- Lets go!

Carly and Lawrence ran from the room as Kayla watched Steve. She looked into his eyes to see someone she had never seen before. As she looked she did see one clear quick image, she saw her Steve, the one she loved, married and was the father of their child. She ran out of the room and he followed her.


Stefano had the gun pointed right at John. John stood up from the sofa. He walked towards Stefano. Rolfe was at the side of the room with a secret passage door wide open. As John walked towards Stefano, Bo, Hope, Philomena, and Marlena entered. They stopped in shock.

Marlena- John, no.

John turned around and looked at them all. He quickly turned around to Stefano and lunged at him. Everyone looked on as Stefano and John fought over the gun. It landed in between them. Marlena watched in horror was a shot was heard. Stefano backed off. They could see it was Stefano who was hit. The gun went off and hit him in the lower leg. But Stefano still had the gun. Stefano was in obvious pain, but he still had the look of confidence in his eyes. He looked at John and smiled. Stefano fired a shot at John. Stefano shot for his legs to take him down. Stefano talked as John hit the floor.

Stefano- Till we meet again..... In Hell!!!

Marlena screamed as the bullet hit him. She jumped in front of Bo and Hope to go to her husband. John fell to his knees as Stefano fired again this time two shots to Johnís chest. Marlena eyes widened as the sight of the man in pain and his body in death.


---The End---

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