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Chapter 28

Rolfe watches as Stefano turns the dial. He gets a really worried look on his face. Rolfe knew that Stefano was a vengeful man but to kill his precious Hope, and Marlena was not like him once bit. Rolfe was worried that Stefano might be going to far or out of his mind.

Rolfe- Stefano, are you really going to kill them?

Stefano turns the knob back to normal so the gas does not enter the cell. Stefano was over to Rolfe and lightly taps him on the face.

Stefano- Of course not Rolfe, I need all those people. They are key parts to my plan.

Rolfe- So now what? Are you going to just leave them in there....

Stefano walks over to the cell and looks in. He sees Bo and Hope trying to find a way out. Stefano laughs at their attempts.

Stefano- Good lucks my friends. Now Rolfe I need to you go and get everything ready. Its time to take care of business. That business being John Black!

Stefano and Rolfe walk up the stairwell towards the main floor of the house.


As Bo and Hope again try to find a way out, Marlena attempts to make conversation with her mother-in-law.

Marlena- Hello!

Philomena- Hello, darling.

Marlena- So John is your son?

Philomena- Well I see that everyone calls Forest, John. I donít understand why but I guess its the same person. So to answer your question Forest, or John, or whatever, is my son.

Marlena- Well Iím married to your son. Iím Marlena Evans Black.

Philomena- Well its very nice to meet you. Iím glad to see my son has good taste in women.

Marlena- Thank-you... Iím very sorry that you had to go through all that years ago.

Philomena- Donít worry darling. Iím not sorry, whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger. Correct?

Marlena- True, so very true. So how long have you been here at Masion Blanche?

Philomena- Not too long, about 3 months. Stefano had the place build again. Iím sure the bastard had this whole thing planed out months ago.

Marlena- Your right, I just hope we can get through it.

Philomena- Donít worry we will. I have trust and faith in my sons. They will save us from that monster, I know they will.

Marlena smiles at Philomena knowing that she has faith more than Marlena has at that time.


Kayla and Carly are both trying to pick the lock as Steve comes too.

Steve- Where am I?

Kayla and Carly both run over to him. They stand in front of him as he comes too.

Steve- Mr. Dimera, are you there? Where am I? Who are you people? What happened.

Carly- Do you know who you are?

Steve- Of course, Iím Missionary Johnston, AKA Steve Johnson of Salem, the loving husband, father and friend to many of Salemís finest people. I am working under the orders of Mr. Stefano Dimera and Mr. Sistalano.

Lawrence walks over when he hears Steve say his name is had to use earlier on. Kayla has tears coming down her face as Steve talks. Knowing that she may have lost the one love she ever had forever.


As Marlena and Philomena talk in the cell Bo and Hope are trying to get some bricks lose so they can break free. Hope slips and falls into Boís arms.

Bo- Are you ok?

Hope- Yeah I am. Are you ok?

Bo- Iím not hurt.

Hope- You were shot not that long along. I thought I was going to lose you, forever. I thought that maybe you were dead.

Bo- No Iím alive. I kicked out of that coma right after Stefano took you. I just have some bruising, cuts, and stitches now.

Hope- My God Brady, after everything we have been through you still can take things so lightly.

Bo- I have too. It helps me get through it. I only hope I can help get rid of that madman before he hurts anymore lives.

Hope- Oh Bo.

Hope grabs Bo for a hug. As they hug Hope feels a pain in her side. She holds it in until it goes away.


Rolfe and Bart both carry an unconscious John into the living room. They set him down on the sofa. They leave as Stefano enters, they rush back in with the other man, who was in the cell. He also is unconscious. They set him down on the ground. Rolfe takes out a small syringe from his pocket. He gives it to the man on the ground.

Rolfe- Well there everything is done now.

Stefano- There still is one more matter to take care of.

Rolfe- Whatís that?

Stefano Dimera- Disposing of Mr. John Black!


Marlena and Philomena decided to help Bo and Hope get out of the cell. They search the walls for a way out. As they all search different areas of the cell Hope pushes against the door with her shoulder. It start to creak.

Bo- What is that Fancy Face?

Hope- Its the door, I think it might open for us.

Hope shows Bo the door.

Bo- Let me see...

He pushes it too, and it moves a little. They both push as hard as they could. Finally it clicks and opens the entire way. All four of them rush out, they look around to make sure it was safe from Stefano and his men. Marlena goes and checks the other cell to see knowone was there. She joins the group and they all start to climb the stairwell.

---The End---

Chapter 29
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