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Chapter 27

As everyone in the room stand in shock and disbelief of whatís going on, Rolfe pulls out a gun. As everyone looks around the room Bart enters throw the passage way Marlena and Hope came through, he too pulls out his gun and holds it on the people. Everyone sees that Stefano is back in control. Lawrence puts his gun down on the ground and slides it out the door as does Bo and John. Bart and Rolfe put everyone on one side of the table except themselves, Stefano, Steve (in the chair), and the woman, Philomena Alamain, John and Lawrenceís mother.

Stefano- Well I see that some of us have not had a chance to meet. Well Lawrence, John, this is your mother, Philomena Alamain. Yes, she is alive and well.

John- What is going on here? My mother died years ago.

Lawrence- No Forest! Heís right, it is her. Stefano blackmailed me with her, if I helped along with Steve Johnston to kidnap Marlena and Hope then get you and Bo to come to Masion Blanche I would get her back.

Carly- So thatís why you have been doing all these things! To save your mother.

Lawrence- Yes, see I was the only one who knew she was alive. I was the one who faked her death. I had to, to keep for safe. See a family in the orient were after the Alamain fortune. They were going to kill the whole family, so I thought if they thought that mother was dead they would leave us alone for at least awhile. She didnít have a clue till about right now. See after she supposedly died she was to hide out in a castle in France. But the plane was high-jacked by the family in the orient. So while that was going on the planeís engines started to give out, the plane crashed. Everyone on board died except for mother. And of all the islands in this dam world it was owned by Stefano Dimera.

Marlena- Is this true Mrs. Alamain?

Philomena- Yes, all of it. I must have crashed on the island in 1900, and I have been Stefanoís prisoner ever since.

Lawrence- It was not till about 3 months ago when I got a fax with her picture on it and phone call from Stefano blackmailing me that I knew what had happened. I knew the plane crashed so I just figured when bodies started to turn up in the ocean she must be dead. I didnít want the family to turn against me so I keep it all a secret for all this time.

John- We could have helped you if you told us?

Lawrence- I couldnít the mad man would have kill me and mother.

Stefano- Excuse me Iím in the room.

Lawrence- I donít give a dam anymore. You are a bastard and I will make you pay for what you have done to my mother and my family.

Stefano- Dreams, hopes, a fantasy, thatís all they are. Now that we all have meet its time to get down to business. As you see Iím back in control. I have guns on everyone of you if anyone tries anything really dumb.

Kayla- I canít believe this. My God Stefano have you not done enough to us, to Salem. Look at all the lives you have ruined now that we are just finding out about, Philomenaís, Steveís, and God only knows who elseís. Just end this, its over.

Stefano- The game will be over when I say it is.

Stefano looks at John as he stares at his mother. John canít get over that sheís alive and right there with him.

Stefano- Surprised a little John?

John- I canít believe this, when I think you have done everything possible to ruin my life you do something like this. You really are a monster, Dimera.

Stefano- I will take that as a compliment. Now down to business, Lawrence I did have a deal with you, and I never break my promises, usually. But with this whole mess I kind of have too. Sorry...

Stefano walks around the room with looks that could kill starring him down. He walks up to Steveís lifeless body.

Stefano- What happened here?

Kayla- Heís unconscious, and its like you care.

Stefano- I do though. See he is one of my most loyal trusties.

Kayla- What did you do to him, Stefano?

Stefano- I helped him, I took him from a family who was hurting him, a family who was surrounded in pain.

Hope- Pain that you caused, you bastard.

Stefano- Has being kidnapped really brought you down to name calling, Gina.

Hope- What did you just call me?

Stefano- Gina, you know Gina Von Umbreg.

Bo- Dam you Stefano, Dam you to hell.

Stefano- If I be so lucky, Brady.

Marlena- Enough of this, what are you doing to do with us?

Stefano- By the looks of it, anything I dammed well pleased.

Stefano walks to the corner where Rolfe is. He tells Rolfe something and Rolfe hands Stefano his gun and walks out of the room. They all wait until Rolfe returns. Rolfe brings 5 men with him. They all look to be bodyguards.

Stefano- Well Iím moving this little party into groups, then into other rooms...(To one man, pointing at Steveís body) Grab Mr. Johnson and put him with his wife.

Carly, Lawrence, and Kayla are walked to Marlena and Hopeís room. Steve is carried behind them. He lays Steve on one of the beds. The guard puts them all in that room and leaves.

Stefano with the other group of Bo, Hope, John, Marlena and Philomena all walk towards a wall. Stefano stands ahead of the group and opens a secret passage in the wall. They all walk towards a set of stairs. The stairwell walks into the dungeon room. John looks around really fast and tries to get everything in his head together. As they walk John gets ahead of everyone except Stefano and Rolfe. They finally reach the bottom of the stairs John grabs Stefano from behind. He walks backwards into a wall with Stefanoís neck in his hands.


Carly and Lawrence try to find a way out of the room Stefano put them in as Kayla tries to wake-up Steve.

Kayla- Oh my God, I hope your ok, or do I. I know when you wake-up you wonít be the same man I love. This is so hard to do. But I have too... Carly!

Carly- Yeah..

Kayla- I think we need to tie him up. For our own safety. We donít know what heíll be like when he wakes up.

Lawrence- Sheís right. Use the bed sheets and that chair over there.

Carly- I know how hard this is on you, but you are right its for our own safety.

Kayla- I know, I know.

All three of them make ropes from the bed sheets and tie Steve up to a chair in the corner of the room.


John- Knowone move or Iíll break his neck.

Stefano- Shoot him down. Kill him now.

Philomena- No Forest kill the bastard.

Marlena- No John let him go they will kill you if you donít.

John stands there in a trance like state thinking of whether or not to do it. As John looks into Marlenaís eyes a shot is heard. Rolfe shot John in the neck. John grabs his neck and lets Stefano go. Rolfe shot John with dart gun in the neck. Stefanoís men gather everyone up again but Marlena runs to Johnís side.

Rolfe- Donít worry it will only knock him out for a couple hours.

Stefano- Put them in the cell, except John.

Marlena clings onto Johnís body as Stefanoís men try to put Hope, Bo, Philomena, and herself in the cell. They finally rip her from his body. They put them all in the cell and lock the door. Stefano smiles at Rolfe as he does when they look at Johnís body.

Stefano- Prefect! I could not plan it out better if I did it myself. Everything is going down prefect.

Rolfe- Everything with the man in the other cell is set.

Stefano- Well let the fireworks begin.

Stefano walks over to the door of the cell. He looks in the laughs. He walks over to a knob on the wall. Above the knob there is a sign, it reads ď POISON GASĒ! Stefano looks at Rolfe then turns the knob very slightly....

---The End---

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