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Chapter 26

John finally reaches for the door handle. He turns it very, very slowly. Kayla, Bo and Carly all watch on as well making sure their not caught. John opens the door just a crack. He looks in the room. He sees a man on the ground unconscious, another voices. He canít make them out. John bursts the door wide open.

John- Freeze!

Screams from Marlena and Hope fill the room. They both turn to see John with his gun on them. Marlena runs to John as Bo enters and Hope runs to him. Kayla and Carly hug at the sight of this reunion.

John- Thank God we found you. I was so worried!

Marlena- Oh John, Stefano said you and Bo were coming but I thought we must have lied.

Bo and John back off thinking of Stefano. They close the door so they are in the room alone.

Bo- Where is Dimera?

Hope- We donít know, we found this secret passage and then Steve.

Bo- Steve, is he here too?

Kayla screamed as she turned the body on the floor over. Carly runs to her side to see the man on the ground is Steve. John grabs Marlena as Bo grabs Hope. Kayla drops down to her knees by Steve and starts to touch his face and hands.

Carly- Oh my God...Is he dead?

Marlena- No, just unconscious!

Kayla- What happened to him?

Hope- We had to knock him out!

Kayla- What? Why? I thought this man was your friend. He my husband, my God Hope heís your brother-in-law.

Marlena- He was! Stefano must have done something to him to make him act this way. Somethingís very wrong here and we donít know what it is.

Bo- Marlenaís right, its not the Steve we all know and love, Stefano must be brainwashing him to hurt us and work for him. He must have been doing it for all these years.

Carly- Well what do we do now?

John- I should get all of you guys out of here, including Steve. We can see what happened to him once were out of here.

Bo- What about Dimera?

John- Iím staying to find him and then I will bring him to the city to put him in jail.

Marlena- No way John. I wonít see you dead. Stefano has changed for the worse. He is more deadly than ever before. You canít go after him.

John- I have to Doc. We all need answers, and its about time that bastard pays for what he has done...

Bo- Ok, then we have to get out of here.

Bo and John lift up Steveís body and rest him in a chair.

Bo- Lets go!

As they all prepare to leave someone bursts into the room. Its Lawrence Alamain and he has a gun in his hand.

Lawrence- Knowone is going anywhere till I get her back from Stefano.


Rolfe put the man back into the cell with his chains on and went upstairs to find Stefano and tell him that he is ready for the next phase of his plan. As Rolfe walked up the staircase Stefano was walking down them. They meet and walked to the top of the stairs. Stefano told Rolfe all about the woman, and Hope and Marlena all escaping.

Rolfe- My God Stefano, what do we do now?

Stefano- Well we have to find them all before anyone else does. Now where is Lawrence?

Rolfe- Steve put him in your study.

Stefano- Thatís right, the woman saw him.

Rolfe- Did you know who he was?

Stefano- Yes she did, and sheís probably searching the house for him, thatís why we have to find her now.

They walk off towards Stefanoís study where Lawrence was. They walk in and see that he has left and taken a gun.

Stefano- DAMMIT!!! Heís gone, and the rest of them are all lose... Rolfe get Bart, Steve and every other person in this house that can walk and find them all before all hell breaks lose. NOW!!

Rolfe runs off to get help as Stefano follows slowly. As Rolfe runs around he sees the woman. She peering into a room, she walks in and looks around to find knowone. Rolfe follows after her and grabs her from behind. They struggle for a little bit then woman kicks her leg up to hit him in the privates. He falls to her knees. She runs as he stands up to chase her. She runs out to the hallway and sees Stefano right beside her. He goes to grab her but she runs. Both Rolfe and Stefano give chase after the woman.

Stefano- CATCH HER!!

As the chase starts all the people in the main dinning room hear yelling and wonder whatís going on. The woman hears voices coming from the main dinning room so she decides to run into it knowing there is secret passage there. She slams into the door and opens it as soon as Stefano and Rolfe catch her. She forces herself into the room with Stefano and Rolfe grabbing her by the shirt. All the people in the room (Lawrence, Stefano, woman, Rolfe, John, Bo, Kayla, Carly, Hope and Marlena) stare in amazement after what happened.

Stefano- Hope, Marlena, John!

John- Stefano!

Rolfe sees Steveís body on the ground.

Rolfe- Steve!

Lawrence looks at the woman who Stefano has in his hands, and she looks at Lawrence then crosses the room to see John. She breaks free from Stefanoís grip. She runs over to John and Lawrence who arenít standing very far apart.

Woman- Forest, Lawrence, your alive my children.

The woman hugs both Lawrence and John.

Lawrence- Thank god I have found you, mother!

Everyone in the room stares in shock to hearing this but Stefano and Rolfe.

---The End---

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