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Chapter 25

All four people (John, Bo, Carly, and Kayla) walked up the hill the sunlight hit off their backs. John started to walk faster than everyone. He started to make out something in his vision. He stopped in his tracks.

John- Donít move!

Kayla- What is it John?

John- Were here.

Bo- Where?

John- Masion Blanche!

The four of them ducked into the woods beside the road and headed to the house through the woods. They reached the house at the east entrance. John, who was leading the group, saw the east side door.

John- Ok, everyone follow after me. We will go straight to the doors at the house then make sure its safe to enter.

Everyone followed John as he ran across the lawn and to the east side doors. They all looked around to make sure it was safe to move any closer.


Lawrence again starts to stir in his seat. He finally awakes. He sits up and realize what happened.

Lawrence- Dam that backstabber, Dimera....I will make him pay for this entire mess.

Lawrence sees that the ropes he was in was already started to be untied. He loosened them to get free.

Lawrence- Look, how careless the man is. I could and will just get up and leave this room.

He finally gets free from the ropes. He looks in Stefanoís desk. He finds papers, files, pictures, and the one things he needed, a gun. Lawrence took the gun and held it in his hands. He walked out from the desk and to the door.

Lawrence- Now to make Stefano pay and to get who I came here for. Please say Iím not to late to you save. I have to get you away from here now.

Lawrence ducks into the hallway and sneaks around to make sure he wonít get caught before he can get what he came for.


Stefano stands mad as hell in Hope and Marlenaís room. He watches down the passage way to make sure Bart finds Hope and Marlena. He paces the room waiting for news on them.

Stefano- First stabbed by that crazy woman and now Hope and Marlena have escaped. What else can go wrong? Bart better find them before they all come. Everything in my plan is down to a tea and is all clocked out in the time.

He canít stand doing nothing so he goes and checks on the woman in the next room. He walks to her doors and hears for screaming for someone to help her. He opens the door to find her by the window screaming.

Stefano- Its soundproof you fool.

She turns to see him and snarls at his sight. She walks over to the bed and rips off the covers.

Woman- Dam you, you bastard. What have you done to me? My family? My God, who do you think you are? I saw Lawrence downstairs. I know what you did.

Stefano- Well thatís nice. You saw Lawrence did you? Well its going to be the last time you see him, ever again.

Woman- Your dam threats donít scare me.

Stefano- There not threats, its a promise. You hurt me, and you will pay with your life.

Woman- Go for it. You have taken everything I care about away from me the next thing to do it kill me. Go for it Stefano take the one thing I have left.

Stefano walked towards her. He put his hands around her neck. He didnít squeeze hard. He just sat them there but he could if he needed too.

Stefano- Iím not going to kill you, Iím going to drive you crazy so you will kill yourself.

Woman- Stefano, Stefano, you will kill me. I will make you kill me.

Stefano laughed at her as she smiled right into his face.

Stefano- Oh really, make me.

Woman- Ok, I will.

The woman stepped as hard as she could on Stefanoís foot. His hands freed from her neck. He backed a couple steps away and she pushed him to the bed. She ran from the room as he chased after her. He lost her in the hallway because of the injury he got earlier. The pain was too much for him. She ran down the hall and he watched.

Stefano- Dam you, bitch.

Stefano stood breathing heavily at the end of the hall.


Marlena shut the passage way door that lead into the main dining room. She turned to Hope.

Marlena- I have to do this Hope. Iím sorry. It hurts me too.

Hope- What are you talking about?

Marlena turned around to the passage she stepped out as Steve had his back to the passage exit. Hope followed Marlena from the wall and into the room. Marlena grabbed a glass vase from the table and mashed it over the back of Steveís head. He fell to the ground right away without a sound from him.

Hope- Marlena!!!

Marlena- Iím sorry Hope. I think Stefano has done something to him that made him do all these things. I had to take him out. Heíll be ok, donít worry.

Hope- Where are we?

Marlena- Some kind of main dinning room. Lets just hope that knowone heard us just then or we could get caught. Now check the windows to see if they open.

As Hope ran over to the windows. Marlena looked down at Steveís lifeless body.

Marlena- What has Stefano done to you, my friend?


Rolfe was still working on his newest project to make sure Steve does not remember his past life when an alarm went off in the lab. He quickly went over and shut it off. He grabbed a syringe, a rope and a small knife. He walked over to the cell door.

Rolfe- Time for Stefanoís master plan to start to unfold for tonight.

Rolfe unlocked the large metal doors. He walked in. He ran straight for the man in the cell. He gave him the syringe in the arm and watched him fall to the ground. Rolfe tied him up with ropes as he got out all the chains. He then took off the ropes when he was sure the man was totally out of it. He chained him up from head to toe.

Rolfe- Perfect. Now I just wait for Stefanoís signal.

Then Rolfe stood back and looked at the man with a smile on his face.


John, and Bo looked inside the house from the doors, and Kayla and Carly watched around the outside to make sure it was clear.

Bo- Its clear.

All four of them entered the house. John and Bo took out their guns and slowly walked around. They got into a hallway. The house was totally quiet.

Kayla- Now what?

John- We have to check everywhere.

They all looked around the house.

Carly- This place is huge it could take forever.

Bo- Lets start with all the rooms.... John check that room.

Bo pointed to a set of doors.

John- Ok!!!

John walked very slowly to the set of doors. Kayla, Carly and Bo stood quietly waiting for John to open the set of doors. None of them knowing that the set of doors lead to the main dinning room where Marlena and Hope had just minutes ago knocked Steve unconscious.

---The End---

Chapter 26
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