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Chapter 24

Marlena- Dammit!!!

Marlena swore as her and Hope tried to breakdown the door. The large door would not budge.

Hope- Its hopeless Marlena.

Marlena- Well we canít just give up. There must be away out.

Hope went a sat down on a bed. Marlena again searched the windows for a way to break them so they could get lose.

Hope- John, and Bo will be here soon to save us.

Marlena- I have learned along time ago that Stefanoís promises do not always come true. Heís not the most honest man in the world.

Hope- I know what Stefano is like, and I know what Bo and John are like. They wonít sleep a wink until they find us.

Marlena- As long as Stefano has not done anything in Salem to our men, Iím sure they will find us.

As Marlena searched the windows. Hope laid in bed and decided to get up and help Marlena. She jumped up and hit her leg on the dresser table beside the bed. A wooden shelf opened as she did it. As she went to close it she saw a small hinge out of place. She opened the shelf more to reveal it. She pulled on the small hinge, and as she did a secret passage by the bathroom opened up.

Hope- Marlena come look at this!

Marlena ran over to the open passage way.

Marlena- Hope, look! What did you do?

Hope ran over next to her.

Hope- I just pulled the thing in the shelf and the wall opened. It must be a secret passage or something. I think this may be our ticket out of here.

The women held hands as they walked through the passage way, not knowing where it will lead or what they could come upon.


The woman starred as Lawrence sitting in the chair out cold. She began to hit him to wake him up from his sleep. She started to untie the ropes that tied him to the chair.

Woman- Lawrence, Lawrence wake up. We have to get out of here.

As she tried to wake him up someone entered the room.

Stefano- No, only you are getting out of here.

Stefano walked over to them. He grabbed her arm as she screamed for Lawrence to wake up. They left as he started to stir in his sleep. Stefano lead her out to the hallway. He grabbed her by the arms.

Stefano- You stabbed me, you bitch. Knowone has ever, ever done something like that and got away with it. You will pay, with not only your life but everyone elseís life too.

As Stefano yelled at the woman Bart came running up. He grabbed her from behind and gave her a needle to her arm. She tried to get free but clasped in his arms. Bart picked her up.

Stefano- We will put her in the room beside the two women and then I will figure a way to deal with her.

Bart- Donít you need her for your plan?

Stefano- I guess I will have to work around her absence, wonít I?

The two men walked down the hallway headed to the guest rooms.


A fire started on the car seconds after it went into the ditch. Kayla and Bo were out cold. Carly was screaming because her leg was caught underneath the sit. John pried open his side of the door and broke free. He went over to where she was and pulled her leg free and then her. They both got Bo and Kayla free and pulled them over away from the car. As they did that the car exploded into a ball of fire.

Carly- Oh my God, did that just happen.

John- Iím afraid so. The driver must be dead. How are Bo and Kayla?

Carly checked them both over Kayla had a gash to her head and arm. Bo was find except his head had bump on it. Carly and John woke them up and they all got over far away from the road.

John- Are you guys all ok?

Kayla- My head and arm are killing me.

Bo- I feel like I have one hell of a hangover.

John- Well I wish I had a few drinks in me right about now.

Carly- So now what do we do?

John- Travel on foot!

Kayla- Are you sure thatís safe?

Bo- Its are only choice.

Bo helped Carly walk as they headed up the road. John walked ahead with Kayla making sure she was ok to walk there. As they walked they didnít realize that Masion Blanche was only 10 miles up the road.


Marlena and Hope walked through the passage way. They walked very slowly and surely to make sure they donít get caught. They finally came upon a door. Marlena walked ahead and opened it very slowly. She saw a figure on the other side. The room was the main dining room.

Marlena- Its a dinning room, someone is there in it. What do I do?

Hope- Wait I guess.

Marlena- We should get out of here before we get caught.

Hope- Your right, see who it is and what there doing.

Marlena peered through the crack to see it was Steve. He was helping some people set up the table for the big dinner Stefano told them about earlier on that day.

Marlena- Steve is there and they are setting up for dinner.

Hope- I think we should try to talk to him.

Marlena- No, we donít have a clue whatís going on and as far as we are concerned Steve is on Stefanoís side.

Marlena looked through again and saw all the people leave except Steve. He was looking at a picture Stefano had. The picture was of Marlena. He looked at it very oddly.

Steve- Why do I get these feelings when I see these people. Who are they to me? Why do I feel like this?

Marlena stood bewildered at the sight of this and hearing what he said.


Bart and Stefano put the woman in her room. Bart tied her to the bed so she could not get lose but she fought free. Stefano told Bart to just forget it she was not going to get free ever again. They walked down the hall discussing the nights events. They walked by Marlena and Hopeís room.

Stefano- One second Bart. Iím going to make sure the ladies are getting ready for tonight.

He opened the door and looked in the room.

Stefano- Hello???....

He saw the secret door passage way was open.

Stefano- NO!!! Bart get in here.

Bart came running in and saw the passage open.

Stefano- Get in there and find them. They will not escape this time or ever again.

Bart did as he was told and ran down the passage way to find Hope and Marlena. Stefano stood in the room with anger flowing in his eyes like a river.

---The End---

Chapter 25
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