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Chapter 23

Marlena jumped to her feet after hearing a bang at the door. She ran to it and try to listen on the other side. All she heard was a few mumbled words and someone running away.

Hope- What is it Marlena? What was that noise?

Marlena- I donít know, but I think were not alone in that this house.

Hope- What do you mean?

Marlena- It sounded like someone was yelling at Stefano, and knowone that works for him would do that.

Hope- Who else could he have in this house?

Marlena- God only knows...

They stood there wondering what else is going on in the house.


As Rolfe worked on his projects for Stefano, Steve came in. He glanced over to see what he was doing.

Rolfe- Can I help you?

Steve- I just finished with Mr. Alamain!

Rolfe- Well thatís quick. Did you tell Stefano yet?

Steve- I donít know where he is. Do you?

Rolfe- Bart just went to find him....Can I ask you a question?

Steve- Sure.

Rolfe- As of late, have you been having any odd memories or feelings or anything like that?

Steve- Actually I have been. Its like everything I do something I get this feeling like Iím doing the wrong thing or I should not be doing it. Do you know why?

Rolfe- Its probably just all the new surroundings.

Steve- Yes, Iím sure. Iím going to go find Mr. Dimera.

Rolfe- Ok...

As Steve leaves the lab, Rolfe gets this very worried look on his face.

Rolfe- Oh God, the chip is malfunctioning. Dam it, Stefano will have my head. I have to fix the chip before Steve remembers anymore or even destroys out the new persona and brings back the old one.

Rolfe stops what he is doing starts something new to help solve his latest problem.


Stefano watched the woman run. He laid on the floor bleeding from his thigh. He pulled himself up to the door and laid back on it. He yelled once more for help and Bart came to his aid. Bart ran straight to him.

Bart- Boss, what happened?

Stefano- What the hell does it look like? Iíve been stabbed.

Bart- By who? Did Hope and Marlena do this?

Stefano- No it was the woman. Sheís free. Help me up and I will go get help. You just find that DAMN WOMAN NOW!

Bart ran to find her as Stefano started to limp away. He watched Bart run to find her.

Stefano- She will pay, dearly for this.


As the plane headed towards New Orleans John was watching out the window, Bo was looking over the flight plan, Kayla was reading a magazine, and Carly was sleeping. Kayla walked over to John and talked with him.

Kayla- How are you holding up?

John- I will be better as soon as we get them back. All three of them. How about you?

Kayla- Not good, Iím having trouble trying to figure out why Steve did that to me? To our family?

John- Dimera! Stefano Dimera is the cause of Steveís new personality and Hope and Marlenaís kidnapping. Iím sure of it.

Kayla- But why?

John- Because it would hurt the Bradys. Thatís all Stefano has ever wanted.

Kayla- Dam him. We have to get out loved ones back.

John- We will do that and nail Stefano for everything he has done to us, all of us.

Kayla- Thanks John, you give me hope.

The two embrace as they take their seats. The pilot came over the P.A and told them that they will be landing in New Orleans in ten minutes. As Carly woke, John, Bo and Kayla all had smiles on their faces.


Rolfe continued to work on his new project to stop Steve Johnston from turning back into the old him. There was a noise that came from the dungeon. He walked over and looked through the small glass window.

Rolfe- Ha, good luck boy. Thereís no way out of there and even if there was all hell would break lose if you got free.... Stefano really has this plan down to a key. As soon as the visitors arrive, I canít even imagine what will happen.

Rolfe left the window and went back to his work.


The woman who stabbed Stefano was running from Stefanoís men and Bart for minutes. She was running throughout the house trying to find a place to hide so she can escape later. She hid behind everything she could see. She finally ended up in a room. It was one of Stefanoís studies. Bart and another man walked in the room. She hid behind a large chair. They searched the room but not near the desk.

Bart- Its a waste of time. Sheís not here, lets check somewhere else.

Bart and the other man left the room. The women stood out from behind the chair as the door shut behind Bart and the man. She walked to the front of the room. She peeked out the door, then closed and locked it.

Woman- This looks like a good place to hid.

She walked over to the desk. She noticed that the chair was sitting not towards the desk. She walked up to the chair and turned it around. She jumped back to see that someone was in the chair. The person in it was unconscious. She lifted his head to reveal that it is Lawrence Alamain in the chair.

Woman- Oh my God, You. Your alive!


All the plane people hailed a cab at the airport after their plane landed. They all got in and the cab was headed for Masion Blanche.

John- I hope were all doing the right thing.

Bo- Iím sure we are. Stefano has a trap and we will find it before it finds us.

Kayla- I hope so.

Carly- What do you think he has planed?

John- Who knows.

As the cab traveled the driver clasped at the wheel. John, who was in the passenger seat, grabbed the wheel. The driver fell over on him and car spun out of control.

Screamís could be heard as the car fell off the side of the road and into a ditch. Seconds after the crash, a blaze of fire started on the car.

---The End---

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