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Chapter 22

John and Bo arrived first at the jet. They boarded all their baggage and other items. As they were packing something fell out of Johnís suitcase.

Bo- What is that John?

John picked it up. It was Johnís old police gun. He showed Bo the gun.

Bo- A gun!

John- Yeah, Iím not going straight into one of Dimeraís little games not being prepared. I have learned that lesson before.

Bo- Your right, you can never be to careful with a manic like that. So what do you think he has planed this time?

John- God only knows. Iím sure he sent us that message to make us come after him. This is a game, I know it. It smells like Dimera all over it.

Bo- So everythingís ready?

John- Yeah, just waiting on the ladies.

As John said that Kayla and Carly walked aboard the jet.

John- Speak of the devil.

Kayla- Sorry we are late, the traffic is bad towards the airport.

Bo- No problem. Now shall we get going.

John walked to the cockpit, he informed the pilot that they are ready to go. Kayla, and Carly sat together talking about old times and what to do when they get to New Orleans. John and Bo sat on the other side of the plane going over their game plan about Masion Blanche.

A few minutes passed the and plane took off into the air. All four men and women sat talking as not knowing that their lives will change forever after this new adventure is done and over with.


Marlena and Hope walked around their room. They smiled at the words Stefano just uttered, that John and Bo are on their way to find them.

Marlena- I knew it, John will find us.

Hope- I only hope that him and Bo can get through Stefano.

Marlena- Donít worry Hope, they will.

The two women hugged as tears of joy came from their eyes.


Bart and Rolfe were busy running around the house. They were setting up the dinner table, ordering around the cook about the dinner, cleaning up the house for the big dinner that night, and helping the servants if they needed it. After they were done Rolfe wanted to show Bart something. They walked down to the dungeon. Rolfe wanted to show Bart his huge plan for that night. They walked by the locked door of the dungeon. Bart looked in.

Bart- What the hell? What is that?

Rolfe- Come here look at this.

Rolfe lead Bart over to the lab section of the basement. He showed Bart papers and reports that he made up.

Bart- You have to be kidding me. Is this for real?

Rolfe- As real as you and me.

Bart- Wow, this is the bossís major plan? This is it after all these years?

Rolfe- Well the last step to it. He has worked the last 20 years trying to get revenge on the Bradyís. Now he will have it, with this plan all hell will break lose in Salem and pain will be felt for every second of the day forever in time.

Bart- This is amazing, but thereís one thing I donít get. Why does boss want revenge on them anyways? Besides why does he go to all this trouble, why does he not just kill the whole lot of them?

Rolfe- Thatís the easy way out. Stefano is not like that. If everything goes to plan tonight this plan will work out.

Bart- What does he want me to do?

Rolfe- Iím not sure, you will go ask him.

As Bart was leaving he pecked in the dungeon room again.

Bart- Thatís so cool.

Bart left to go find Stefano.


A long black limo pulled up to Masion Blanche. It was Steve and Lawrence stepping out of it. Steve walked Lawrence up to the front doors. He stopped him before they went in.

Steve- One more thing, Stefano wants you to stay for dinner tonight before he gives you what you want.

Lawrence- Fine, just lets get this over with.

As they walked in Steve held the door open for Lawrence. As soon as Lawrence walked in Steve grabbed something from his pocket. It was a needle. He jammed it into Lawrenceís neck. They struggled a little, but Lawrence fell to the ground. Steve dragged him into the welcoming room. He sat him up in a chair. Steve tied Lawrence to the chair so he could not get free. Steve walked from the room and looked back at Lawrence unconscious in the chair all tied up.

Steve- What am I doing?

Steve just shook the thought from his mind and walked away from the room.


The woman again watched the door. She wondered why Stefano was so angry when he came from the room. She thought their must be something or even someone on the other side. She touched the knob again. She started to twist the knob when she saw it was locked.

Woman- Dam, now I will never know.

She tried again to open it. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her small knife. She started to pick the lock. She finally got it.

Marlena and Hope are on the other side not knowing what is going on. They canít even hear her pick the lock. They sat on the beds wondering and hoping that John and Bo get there soon.

The woman started to turn the knob when Stefano came from behind her and pushed her down to the ground. She crawled away from him as he locked the door with his own key.

Stefano- Dam you. What do you think you are doing?

She stood up to him. She smiled right at him.

Woman- Something I should have done years ago.

She jammed the knife right into his leg. He fell to the floor in pain. She picked up the knife and started to run. Stefano grabbed her ankle as she ran, and she fell to the ground. Blood was coming from him. Stefano laid on the ground holding his leg and her ankle. She kicked him to get free. She ran from him as he yelled for help.

She ran down the hallway and looked back.

Woman- Rot in hell Stefano.

As she said that she started to run again this time for good and for freedom.

---The End---

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