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Chapter 21

John is at the hospital packing up Boís things. The doctor said he was ok to go but to not stress his wounds. They were very serious. Bo was dressing as John packed.

John- You donít have to come with us, Carly and Kayla will be with me to help out if needed. You are still recouping from those injuries.

Bo- Yeah, via Stefano Dimera, and now that bastard has Hope. There is know way hell I will let him take her away from me, again.

John- Are you sure?

Bo- Positive, I wonít let that bastard win. Not this time, not ever again. This time we will bring him down.

John- Ok, then are you ok with Kayla and Carly coming along?

Bo- We really have no choice. Kayla wants to know whatís going on with Steve and same goes for Carly about Lawrence.... Listen Iím ok with them coming along, but we may find out somethingís that you may not want to hear about Lawrence, is that ok with you?

John- Bo, I know my brother has done some pretty bad things in the past, but helping out Stefano Dimera is not his thing to do. Lawrence is a control freak, he would be in control. Somethingís just donít add up here.

Bo- Tell me about it. So were going straight to New Orleans?

John- Oh yeah, when you were dressing in the bathroom and made a few calls. It seems someone has re-bought Maison Blanche and built it up from the ground.

Bo- Your joking!

John- No, Stefano must have had someone buy it then he got his hands on it, now heís there. Get this, same setup too. Everything inside and outside are the same as before the fire.

Bo- Wow, I canít believe it.

John- Nothing comes to a surprise to me after all the bastard has done to all of us.

Bo- True. Did you call Mama, and Pop?

John- They have will look after Belle, Shawn-D, and Stephanie well we are gone. I left a message with Abe to tell him what we were up too. If anything goes wrong him and Lexie are on the first plane down there.

Bo- Well I have a feeling this will be no picnic in the park. Stefano always has a plan and this time he has something of ours. Dam him... This time he must be stopped for good.

John- This time will be the last for him, if I get ahold of him I will strike him down piece by piece.

Bo- Not if I do first.

After they were done talking they got all their stuff together and headed to the airport to board Johnís jet.


Kayla and Carly were done their packing and decided to take a cab together to the airport to meet John and Bo.

Kayla- So, whatís new with you?

Carly- Nothing much..

Kayla- Carly I hate this, we were friends before and now everythingís changed. I hate it. I want to go back to being friends.

Carly- Me too, I know what I did to Bo was pretty bad, but we both moved on. I think me and Bo are both over it and passed it. Can we just get passed it? When I lived in Salem you and me were so close and I loved it.

Kayla- I did too, I missed you.

Carly- Same here, friend.

The two women put the past in the past and hugged each other. After the hug, tears sprang from their eyes. The tears were not only tears of happiness but also fear and anger, for the trip they were about to take would change their lives forever.


Marlena and Hope slept that night quiet as mice. Neither of them had even got much sleep at all. They didnít talk much. You could hear the often tears or crying out for help. The women would often hug each other to keep sane. They woke-up the next morning after forcing each other to sleep. They sat on their beds thinking of way to escape.

Hope- God, Marlena I pray they find us.

Marlena- They will Hope, we just have to think positive.

Hope- I hope so.

As they talked a knock came to the door. Stefano walked in the room to greet them.

Marlena- Did you even have to knock?

Stefano- Well good morning to you too Marlena. Hope how are you doing?

Hope- Go to hell, Stefano.

Stefano- Now is that the way to treat a man who is treating you like royalty.

Marlena- Yes, and so is this.

Marlena spit right at Stefano. It hit him right in the face. He ran to her and she jumped up. They stood face to face. He grabbed her throat.

Stefano- I should kill you for what you just did.

Marlena- Go ahead you bastard. You donít have the guts to.

Stefano through her down on her bed. Hope ran over to her to make sure she was ok. He walked to the door to leave.

Stefano- I shouldnít even tell you this, but I will anyways. John and Bo are on their way here to free you.

He slammed the door as he left. The women sat there in shock at what he just told them. John and Bo were on their way to save the women they love.


Stefano walked away from their door whipping the spit from his eye. The woman watched him leave from the door. She walked up to the door as he left.

Woman- Poor Bastard Stefano, something must have happened. I wonder what...

The woman looked at the door. She touched the door knob ready to open it. She started to turn the knob not knowing that Marlena and Hope are on the other side.

---The End---

Chapter 22
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