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Chapter 20

Stefano walked through the gardens. He watched the flowers and how much of a nice day it is. As he looked around he noticed that he was not alone. The women was with him, she was watching him from behind a nearby tree.

Stefano- Its such a nice day, its shame you would have to hide behind that tree.

She stepped out in his sight. He smiled at her.

Women- What are you doing here?

Stefano- I live here, darling.

Women- I know that, but last time you were here you said the next time we see each other your plan would be near to finished.

Stefano- And it is...

Women- How? What did you do?

Stefano- Well first of all, you have some company in the house.

Women- Who?

Stefano- In all do time.

Women- What do you mean.

Stefano- Well now everyone is about to have dinner, all separated of course. Then tomorrow night I will have holding a dinner party. You will meet everyone there.

Women- What are you up too?

Stefano- Nothing! Canít a person have a dinner party and not be up to anything.

Women- Not if your Stefano Dimera.... Will my family be at this dinner?

Stefano- Well some of them. Others you donít know, yet.

Women- What do you mean by, yet? Are you going to let me go to them?

Stefano- Well now thatís up to them, do they want you?

Women- How could you say such a thing? Of course my family wants to see me.

Stefano- If I were you I would think about that.

Stefano stood up and walked away. She moved from his path as he walked towards the house.

Women- No, I know my own family. Its you who does not know me.

The women reaches in her dress pocket to pull out a small knife.

Women- Soon Stefano, soon you will pay for every single evil thing you have done to me and my family.

She looked at the knife with thoughts of killing Stefano in her mind.


Bo lays in his bed. He couldnít sleep, all he could think about was Steve. How could his friend do that to him? Bo could not even ponder how Stefano could have lured Steve away from the people he loves.

As Bo laid there thinking, someone came to his door. It was Carly Manning, she opened the door.

Carly- Bo, are you awake?

Bo- Yeah, hi Carly, come on in... What can I do for you?

Carly- Well nothing really, just get better might help me.

Bo- Thanks... So how are you keeping? Still married to Alamain?

Carly- Ummm, for now.

Bo- Whatís that suppose to mean, are you two fighting?

Carly- Fighting, well you can put it like that.

Bo- Carly, what it is? We were close at one time, we trusted each other, come on. You can tell me whatever is bothering you.

Carly- Its everything Bo.

Bo- I donít understand.

Carly- Iím to blame for this...

Bo- For what?

Carly- Your shooting, Steve, everything Bo.

Bo- Carly, if you know something, tell me.

Carly- I donít know everything, but I know what is going on here. And I know who is to blame.

Bo- Who?

Carly- Stefano Dimera!!!


Kayla sat all alone in penthouse. She sat there for hours thinking about everything that had happened in the last few weeks. Her return to Salem, Steve is alive, Bo gets shot, and now Steve shot Bo and Steve is working for the Dimera family. Could her life get any worse?

As she thought to herself something slid underneath the door. She heard a sound, she thought it was John with news. She got up and went to the door. She saw the letter and picked it up. She opened the door but knowone was there. She closed the door.

Kayla- Thatís odd. John and Marlenaís mail would not come to their penthouse, it would go to their mailbox.

She looked at the letter, it had know name on the envelope.

Kayla- I wonder what this is...

Kayla decided to open it. She tore open the top of the letter. There was a letter in the envelope. She pulled it out and started to read it.

Kayla- Oh my God, I have to show John and Bo.

Kayla grabbed her purse and ran out the door with the letter in hand.


Lawerence was now waiting at that airport. His plane has landed. Now he was waiting for one of Stefanoís men to pick him up. A limo came to the airport where Lawrence was waiting. Lawrence got in and saw Steve was also in the limo. The limo took off towards Maison Blanche.

Lawrence- What are you doing here?

Steve- Iím to make sure you get to the house safely.

Lawrence- So Stefano has a watch over me, does he?

Steve- He wants you safe. Did you make sure they get the letter?

Lawrence- Yes, now will Stefano live up to his part of the deal.

Steve- Yes, its there waiting for you.

Lawrence- Donít say it, she has a name.

Steve- Calm down Mr. Alamain.

Lawrence- Gee, Iím sorry, I donít like being blackmailed, do you blame me?

Steve- Its not blackmailing, just a trade.

Lawrence- Stefano can give it any nice sweet word he wants but its still blackmail.

Steve- We should be there soon.

Lawrence just sat in his sit looking out the window as Steve watched him.


Bo and Carly are still talking in Boís room. As Carly told Bo it was Stefano who was behind all the Bradyís recent misfortunes John came in the room.

John- Carly, Bo sorry to interrupt but we have a problem.

Bo- What is it John?

John- I think Stefano has taken Marlena and Hope. I assume that was why he shot you to distract us so he could take her, and I just talked with the nurse outside and she paged Hope hours ago. Now Hope should have came straight here, thatís not like her. I think Dimera has them both.

Carly- Dam Lawrence.

Bo- What? Lawrence? What does he have to do with this?

As they all asked questions Kayla came running in the room.

Kayla- John, Bo Iím glad your both here. I have news, I was waiting at the penthouse when this letter came to the door.

John- Our mail is suppose to go to the mailbox.

Kayla- Thatís what I thought so I opened it. Listen to what it said:


Dear John Black and friends,

Again John I have the upper hand. As you may already know I have both Hope and Marlena, and now even Steve. I did have Bo shot just to distract you morons. Now the ball is in my court, I should be a fair player and give it back to you. So I will.

Your puzzle is still with only one piece!

Until our next meeting...


They all stood in shock.

John- What the hell does that mean ď Your puzzle is still with only one pieceĒ.

Carly- It must be clue to where they are.

Bo- Sheís right, John.

Kayla- Yeah, but what the hell does it mean. John have you been doing any puzzles lately?

John- I havenít done a puzzle in years. I think the last time I did was just before Marlena was possessed.

Kayla- Thatís along time ago. Ok, then maybe its something with one piece to it.

Bo- No, I think its something to do with a puzzle.

Carly- What about a puzzle game thatís not complete.

John- Maison Blanche!

Bo- What?

John- Maison Blanche, thatís the last puzzle I think I ever did. I had to do it when I was looking for Dimera in Ď94.

Bo- But its burnt down, John.

John- Well then its New Orleans. I know the way Stefano works, it has to be somehow connected to Maison Blanche. It must be where Stefano has Hope and Marlena. It must be..

They all looked around to think of something to help each other. But all they could think about was New Orleans and Maison Blanche.

---The End---

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