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Chapter 2

John and Bo arrive in Paris. Kayla goes to the hotel to get settled in and get a room for them all. Bo and John go straight to Princess Ginaís home. Upon their arrival they find out that someone must have been there and is gone. They walk in the start to look around. John looks behind paintings and Bo searches the cabinets. John comes upon a safe.

John- Bo, I found something.

Bo runs over to see John found a safe of Ginaís. They pull it out of the wall and try to open it. Bo uses some tricks he learned in the marines to open it. When they open it, they find some jewelry, picture of Greta, John and others, some old newspapers, and Ginaís will. John reads the will to find everything in order and not out of place, except the Castle. John turns to Bo who is looking through the pictures.

John- Bo, the Castle.

Bo- What about it?

John- That could be where Stefano is keeping Hope. Its prefect. Out of the way, a secret place, and even has a secret dungeon. I remember that there was a turret there that we always thought would be a prefect spot for someone to be held captive.

Bo- Wow, you and Gina were quite the couple.

John- Yeah, but thatís not me now Iím married to Marlena. So are we going or what?

Bo and John run out of the house as Rolfe and Bart hide in the bushes.

Bo- Are you sure you know where this castle is?

John- Yeah me, Eric, and Greta were there last summer.

They take off and get into the car. They head to the Castle as Rolfe and Bart come up from the bushes.

Bart- Did you hear that, there going to the Castle.

Rolfe- Thatís it. It makes prefect sense. Stefano is there. Come on its time to take care of John Black and Bo Brady for good.

Rolfe pulls out a gun from his pocket. They get into their car and follow John and Bo.


Back at the hotel Kayla has got three rooms for them all. She called a few old friends of Boís to ask for there help in the search. After she was done, she laid down for a rest. She fell asleep, a deep sleep. When she was sleeping someone came into the room. They walked around the room watching Kayla sleep. The person went through her purse, but as she started to stir in her sleep, they just took the purse. As they were leaving the person always took all the papers and files Bo and John had on Stefano. They left via the door. Kayla still lay sleeping.


While Stefano continue to S.O.S someone Hope was now sleeping in the bed. She only stirred now and again. Stefano watched her every move. Not paying any attention to his machine he created, soon sparks started to fly out of it. One caught his eyes attention. He back away just before a tiny explosion happened to the little tiny device. Hope waked right up. She ran over to Stefano.

Hope- What happened?

Stefano- I just sealed our fate.

Hope- What?

Stefano- Itís dead, all the wires are burnt to a crisp. Now we will die in here for sure, and by looking at our food supply I would say within a day or two.

Hope grabbed Stefanoís shirt.

Hope- Dammit Stefano find a way out of here. I need to get back to my family, Bo, and my child. Stefano come on, there must be another way.

Stefano- There is know way.

Hope ran over to her bed, and started to cry.

Hope- Now we are going to just die here. For what, nothing.

Stefano- Calm down Hope. I donít want my last hours to be filled with tears, and screaming of what we missed or who will miss us.

Hope- Shut up. You of all people should be sad, now you wonít get your dumb panting, ever.

Stefano- Ah, Hope. Poor stupid Hope. You know something, after I had got the last Renee from here. I was planning on going back to Salem, and saying my good-byes to Lexie. Then leave Salem, forever. I would retreat to my island where I would live out the rest of my days, there with my money, power, paintings, and revenge.

Hope- Revenge? You didnít beat the Bradys just yet Stefano.

Stefano- Ah, but I did Hope.

Hope- What the hell is that suppose to mean?

Stefano- Never mind.

Hope- Tell me Stefano, what have you planed for us now.

Stefano- Nothing we are going to die in here remember.

Hope- Lier, what did you do? Tell me.

Stefano- I think you already know.

Hope- Quit playing games.

Stefano- You know your right, were going to die anyways. I suppose you should know a secret, a secret that I have been hiding for years.

Hope- Just tell me Stefano. Why and What have you done to us? To my family?

Stefano- Years ago I took something from you that you can never get back now.

Hope- Whatís that?

Stefano- Leadership, respect, honor...

Hope- What are you talking about? You may have done alot of things to the Bradys, but you never have taken those things away from them.

Stefano- I may not have by hand, but by power I did...Tell me Hope, what was the most hurtful thing that ever happened to the Brady family?

Hope- Well thinking that John was Roman, and that he was dead and all that mess, but they already know all that.

Stefano- Go farther Hope.

Hope- Umm, death Iím guessing...When I died it hurt them alot, but again its another given Stefano. They already know that.

Stefano- Farther Hope!

Hope- I donít know...Steve!!! You killed Steve. You bastard.

Hope attacked Stefano. Hitting him with her fists and arms. Trying to kick him. He held her at bay with his hands. They were eye to eye. She looked frighten, he looked happy, full of power about to reveal a secret of the times.

Stefano- Heís not dead!


John was driving the car while Bo was reading through the will and other contents of the safe. They werenít noticing Rolfe and Bart driving very close behind them. Bart was driving and Rolfe was telling him what to do. Rolfe rolled down his window.

Rolfe- They wonít make it out of Paris alive.

Rolfe pulled out his gun and fired twice at the tires of the John and Boís car. John and Bo both grabs the front of the vehicle. The car flipped and spin out of control off the road. Rolfe and Bart continued towards the Castle.


Marlena sit alone in her office reading through papers. She got a feeling something was really wrong. She jumped from her sit.

Marlena- JOHN!!!

---The End---

Chapter 3
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