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Chapter 19

After the scene at the hospital, Kayla and John left to let Bo rest. They headed over to Marlenaís penthouse. Upon arriving Kayla broke down into Johnís arms. Her life again was falling apart.

Kayla- Why John? Why Steve? Dam Stefano, dam him to hell.

John- Damming him wonít help. We have to stop Steve, and finally bring down Dimera once and for all.

Kayla got up from Johnís arms.

Kayla- Your right, its time Stefano pay for every single evil thing he has done to everyone in Salem.

John- Ok, well we need a plan. Now whereís Steve now?

Kayla- Well after Bo was shot he left the Pub to go get some help while Caroline was calling the police and I have not seen him since.

John- Dam, heís gone.

Kayla- What? Gone!!!

John- Yeah if were right and Stefano has him they know Bo is alive.

Kayla- But they wanted him dead.

John- No, thatís not the way Stefano works. He only wanted Bo out of action and his way.

Kayla- Why? What did he want?

John- Your right. He only takes out people for something, to usually take something under our noses, but what?

Kayla- Steve, maybe...

John- No Stefano already has him....Oh my god, no. Whereís Doc?

Kayla- You donít think he took Marlena do you.

John- I wouldnít put it passed him. I have to find her. You stay here and see if she calls, or you get any word from someone.

Kayla- Ok!! But...

As she talked John ran out of the penthouse leaving her waiting and wondering.

Kayla- Dam you Stefano. This time I will make sure you pay.


In New Orleans the plane landed, two limoís are there waiting, Bart gets out and talks with the drivers. First Marlena, and Hope are taken off and put into the first limo. Then after they were in there, Stefano, Bart, and Steve all got into the next limo. The limoís took off, they went straight to Masion Blanche. Upon arriving there, Marlena and Hope are taken straight into the house, with Bart and Steve. Stefano wanted to check the gardens and walk around.

Bart and Steve took the ladies up to the there rooms. They had a small area of the house where there were two rooms adjacent. There is a bathroom and a small living area. The ladies are locked in the room for awhile. They searched high and low for a way out but nothing. After awhile Steve came back in to see them.

Hope- Please help us Steve.

Steve- Iím canít. I under orders.

Marlena- Is Stefano brainwashing you?

Steve- No, I am only doing what I am told to do. Now is everything ok in these quarters?

Hope- No, I want free now.

Steve- Iím sorry you will have to talk that over with Mr. Dimera!

Marlena- Steve, do you know who we are?

Steve- Yes, Dr. Black and Ms. Willaims, Marlena and Hope.

Marlena- Who are you?

Steve- Stefano Dimeraís missionary.

Marlena- Then you are working for Stefano?

Steve- Yes thatís correct.

Marlena- Why? Why Stefano? After everything that monster did to you and your family?

Steve- I donít know what your talking about. Stefano is a good man and I must protect him.

Steve walked out of the room and locked the door behind him. Hope and Marlena hugged to support each other.

Hope- They will find us wonít they Marlena.

Marlena- Yeah, my god were at Masion Blanche. They will find us, donít worry.

Marlena and Hope continued to hug as Steve watched through a secret camera in the wall.


Lawrence was now on the Alamain jet. He was headed to Masion Blanche to finish his deal with Stefano. He sat in his sit looking out the window.

Lawrence- Stefano better live up to his part of the deal. That bastard better not ever think about double crossing me, heís smarter than that. My god, Iíve done so much for him and now he better give me what I want.

Lawerence continues to stare out the window as he is headed to Maison Blanche.

---The End---

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