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Chapter 18

Marlena- Hope. Hope, wake up? HOPE!

Hope suddenly turned over, she body cold and wet. Her eyes flashed open to Marlena looking down at her.

Hope- Marlena?

Marlena- Yeah its me. Are you ok?

Hope- Well now I am. I thought someone was kidnapping. My god, I just got back with my family and then that. So what happened?

Marlena- You were kidnapped!

Hope- What? No, but?

Marlena- One word, Stefano.

Hope- No, no way. I just got back with Bo and Shawn-D. I wonít let him ruin my life again. Where are we?

Marlena piers out the window. They are both locked in a small room in Stefanoís jet. The room has only a crate and a chair in it. It is adjacent to the room that Stefano and company are in.

Marlena- Well by the looks of it, I would say over California.

Hope- What? Were flying?

Marlena- Yeah, Stefano came to the warehouse where he had the both of us and just took us to this plane and now well you know.

Hope- Why?

Marlena- Who knows what that madman thinks. But the worse thing is Steve.

Hope- Steve, what about him? Did Stefano hurt him?

Marlena- I wish, heís working for the Dimera family.

Hope- No, Marlena. Steve Johnston working for Stefano Dimera.

Marlena- Its the truth. He help kidnap us.

Hope looked at Marlena with disbelieving eyes.


Stefano, Bart, and Steve click their wine glasses together.

Stefano- Phase two complete.

Bart- Yes you did very well.

Steve- Thank-you. Iím just doing the work I am assigned to do. So whatís next?

Stefano- Well phase three I do assume. The disarmament, of the Brady and Horton families.

Bart- How are you going to do that, Boss?

Stefano- With the help of Mr. Johnston and our two lovely ladies in the back.

Bart- Ok, but how?

Stefano- I took Hope and Marlena right in the middle of all the mayhem around Boís shooting and Steveís returning from the dead. Taking them was the icing on the cake. I have the one thing they lived their lives for, John Black and Bo Brady are sitting in Salem wondering ď Where the hell is out ladies?Ē. I would love to see the looks on there faces when they realize there gone. The time they do we will be there already.

Bart- Where are we going?

Stefano- New Orleans. After I was there last spring I saw what was left of Masion Blanche, I didnít like it at all. So the last year I have been having men put the house back up to what it was, my house. The same inside and out.

Bart- Brilliant, Boss.

Stefano, Bart and Steve clicked glasses again. Bart and Stefano continued to discuss the plan as Steve looked out the window. He didnít know how his life was, he didnít know very much. Just that he was Stefanoís, and to obey. He always thought there was something missing. Missing, like the rest of him. Where was he?


Rolfe walking around the lab, he was not in Salem but at Masion Blanche. He went there as soon as possible. He was getting everything ready for the big arrival. Stefano called him earlier to tell him they were all on their way.

Rolfe was getting very board waiting and waiting. He went upstairs to talk with her. She was sitting in a chair in her locked room. He came over and touched her shoulder. She was frightened. She saw who it was and looked away.

Women- What is it?

Rolfe- I have come to talk.

Women- About what? I donít want to talk to a person like you unless it has to deal with me leaving this place.

Rolfe- We both know that it not possible. Stefano is coming home tonight.

Women- Am I to care? I donít. I wish that man would die, and you what as soon as my family sees me they will kill him if they beat me too it.

Rolfe- Thatís not very lady like of a thing to say.

Women- Sorry...

Rolfe- Thatís better. See we can have a peaceful conversation.

Women- Go to hell. Stefano Dimera took me from my family and keeps me where he would like. Heís always saying ď They will be here soonĒ. Its all a lie. Iím sick of this, Iím sick of everything. I hate this so much, Rolfe. I canít live like this. Iím not some women who is kept up like this.

Rolfe- You can move around in the house.

Women- Thatís not what I ment. I ment free. I want to be free. I would give anything to see my family just once more.

Rolfe- We both know thatís not possible.

Women- Why because Stefano says so? Well he can go to hell for all I care. I hate him with every single cell in my dammed body. That man is a monster and as far as Iím concerned so is anyone that helps that bastard.

Rolfe shakes his head and leaves the room. He walks out and locks the door.

Rolfe- That women! She does not know what is in store for her, but even worse whatís is in store for her family when they see she is alive.

Rolfe laughed and walked away from the door.


Carly again shows Lawrence the gun. She points it right at his chest.

Carly- One more time Lawrence. What are you doing for Stefano Dimera? Tell me now?

He turns his back like he does not care that she has a gun. He grabs a book that was in his suitcase. He spins around and knocks the gun from her hands. He spins her around and puts his figures to her neck. She blacks out in his arms. He sets her down on the bed.

Lawrence- Iím sorry Carly. This has to be done. Peoples lives are at stake... You would never understand why Iím doing this. I only hope in the end you may somehow see why I did all this. Please God, show her the right way.

Lawrence puts all the things together in his room and disposes of the gun.


Bo looks down at John trying to wake Kayla.

Bo- Is she ok?


She finally comes around. He lifts her up.

Kayla- Iím ok, I really am. Bo, Bo what did you just say about Steve?

Bo- I said he shot me.

Kayla- No, no you must be mistaken. Your a cop Bo you put people in jail all the time, bad people, people with connections. Connections on the outside.

Bo- No Kay, it was Steve. Iím very sorry, it hurts me too, to know that my friend would hurt me like that.

John- No, your both wrong. Steve did shot Bo but I smell Dimera all over this.

Bo- I do too. Why Steve? Why me? Why a Brady?

Kayla- You both think that Steve is working for Stefano?

John- Its the only way, the only real way.

Kayla walks over to the window and looks out it. Tears roll from her eyes knowing her husband, the father of her daughter, the love of her life would shot her own brother because heís on Stefano Dimeraís pay roll.

---The End---

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