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Chapter 17

The large black van pulls up to the warehouse. They have been driving for the last hour. They are on the outskirts of Salem. A warehouse that Alamain International owns. Its all empty except for a large steel cell with one small window looking outside, a desk with papers on it, and a few chairs.

Bart and Steve carried the women into the cell. Marlena was already starting to come around. Hope was totally out of it. Bart had to have hit her harder than was told too. After the women were locked into the cell Bart made a call. After that he returned to Steve.

Bart- Mr. Dimera should be here soon.

Steve- Wait, I thought he was dead.

Bart- No, Stefano dead. I donít think so, the guy has nine lives.

Steve- But Mr. Sistalano told me to tell them all I saw his dead body.

Bart- Well that was lie. Man, do you even know whatís going on here?

Steve- Iím just following orders.

Bart- Umm, do you know anything else?

Steve- Not really, just that I better follow orders or else.

Bart- Who told you this?

Steve- The man!

Bart- What man?

Steve- The man who trained me.

Bart- Trained you?

Steve- To be a missionary!

Bart- Oh yeah, you donít know about before.

Steve- What about before? All I know is that I do my work when Iím told too.

Bart- Yeah thatís it.

Bart gives him an odd look as Steve stares into space. Both men stand waiting for Stefanoís arrival.


John sat by Boís bed. After all the nurses and Doctors were done with him he fell back to sleep. About an hour later he woke-up.

John- Hey, man. Your finally awake.

Bo- Yeah, whatís going on? Where am I?

John- At the hospital. Do you know what happened to you?

Bo- Yeah, I know. How am I doing?

John- Well I was hoping you could tell me. How do you feel?

Bo- I think ok. So whereís Hope?

John- Well the docís called her down an hour ago. I donít know what happened. You would think that she would want to see you a.s.a.p...

Bo- Yeah, really. So did you guys catch him?

John- Catch who? Oh the guy who shot you. Well Hope and Shawn-D think it was someone connected to Dimera or something like that. Some think it must have been someone that you busted years ago getting revenge. But alot of people just think it was a car theft.

Bo- So you guys have no clue?

John- Well there was no evidence. No gun, no prints, no nothing. The police just called it a random act of violence.

Bo- No, no way.

John- Way, man. You sound so surprised. By the time anyone found you the guy was gone.

Bo- No thatís not what I ment. I know who did it. I saw him.

John- You saw who did it? Who? Bo, who shot you?

Bo- Steve, Steve Johnson shot me.

As John questioned Bo, Kayla walked in and fainted as she hear Bo say it was Steve who shot him. John ran to her as Bo looked down to make sure she was ok.


Lawrence returned to his suite at the Salem inn. Carly was waiting at the door when he arrived. They walked into his room. Carly pushed him on the bed.

Lawrence- Well arenít we fast into sleeping together again?

Carly- In your dreams Lawrence. Now tell me what have you done? Bo is shot, Stefano is dead and Steve Johnson just happens to show up in Salem.

Lawrence- I donít know...

Carly- Bull! You had something to do with it. I know you did.

Lawrence- I told you what I had to do.

Carly stepped in front of him and slapped him hard across the face. As he feel back against the bed she pulled out a gun. She held the gun to him as he stood up.

Carly- You are going to tell me the truth, now. The whole truth or you will be sharing a grave with Stefano Dimera!

Lawrence stood there in shock as his former lover held a gun on him.


Bart and Steve sat around. Bart kept on trying to make conversation with Steve but had no luck. Marlena in the cell had waken up. She tried for awhile to wake-up Hope, but too had no luck. She started to bang on the cell door.

Marlena- Let me out. Steve I donít know whatís going on but please open the door. Something is wrong. Why are you doing this?

As she tried to get help they just stood there and watched. Bart finally had a heart to open the door and let her get some air. She walked out to see Steve and Bart. Bart slammed the door behind her and walked her over to a chair which he tied her to. As he tied her she looked at Steve. He was not even going to acknowledge that she was there. He just looked into space with no thoughts of what was going on.

As Bart continued to tie her up, she broke free and grabbed a gun that was sitting on the table. She hit him over the head with it. He fell straight to the ground. She ran up and walked over to Steve, he backed off seeing the gun. She started to walk backwards out of the warehouse. But she bumped into something. She turned around to see her arch enemy, Stefano Dimera. Stefano Dimera was alive and well.

Stefano- Hello Marlena! How are we today?

She dropped the gun at the sight of him. She stood there in complete shock, her whole life was again in the hands on the man she hated with every fiber of her body.

---The End---

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