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Chapter 16

Shawn-D, Caroline, and Shawn Brady all sat down beside Boís bed. It was late at night as they all held hands a prayed. Caroline started to cry as she spoke with God.

Caroline- Dear God, please help our son. Bo needs your help. I know lately we have asked alot from you, but please we need this. The Bradys need it. Bo is a very important loved one to us. He is a father, brother, son, uncle, and soon husband. Please spare this family the pain. The pain that should be put on the person who did this not my Bo. Please God, not my Bo.

Shawn held Caroline and stood up with tears running down his face. You could tell he was trying his hardest to hold them back, and has been for a while now. He walked Caroline out of the room as Shawn-D sat there looking over his fatherís body.

Shawn-D- Dad, I know you can hear me. I remember when you told me that Mom could always hear me in heaven when we thought she was dead. Remember that?... I do! I know that grandpa, and grandma are really sat and upset right now. Iím not. Iím trying to keep it together for you. I know thatís what you would want. Right?...Well its hard. My God, I just got my mother back and this happens. Man, I have thought I lost my mother twice and now this. Come on dad, donít be like this. Just wake-up. I know you can. You just have to try your hardest. I know you can. You are the fighter of the family, remember?...This is really hard for me to do. Do you have any idea what its like to almost lose both your parents in one year. Well most likely not, but I do. I hate it dad. Iím sick of all of this. Iím sick of this feeling. Iím sick of Stefano Dimera. I think mom is right. He must of done this, who else? My God everyone loves you and if they donít its because they donít know you....That bastard. I tell you what, as soon as you wake-up We will go get the boat and find him. We will finally put that bastard where he belongs, in the ground, dead!

As Shawn-Dís words fill him with anger tears spring from his eyes.


John and Hope are sitting down in the waiting area. They have been talking about Stefano, the past and now Princess Gina.

John- I donít know Hope. She must have been out of her mind.

Hope- Well Iím just glad sheís finally out of our lives.

John- Are you sure of that?

Hope- What do you mean? She has to be, everyone saw her die.

John- Thatís not what I ment. I ment is she out of your life? Are you done with your searching for your past? Is it over?

Hope- I guess so. I really know almost everything. There are a few things I would like to look at again and maybe even find those paintings for Lili. But I see know reason for it.

John- I guess your right. Since Stefano is dead there really is know reason for you to try to find something on him.

Hope- Yeah... Why do you ask? Are you going to look into your past again?

John- I was thinking about it. But now with all this, it makes me think about it.

Hope- How?

John- Just that life is so precious. My family, my friends, my life. I donít want to lose it. I donít think I even want to come close to losing it again.

Hope- I know what you mean. I think that maybe thatís why I donít want to look. I know thereís know threat from Stefano, but still there could be other people out there that donít want me to fin the truth.

John- Yeah, you have a point there. But I donít want to feel like a totally want to abandon it.

Hope- You wonít. Its just your not following it. Just if anything comes along, examine it.

John- Your right. Thatís what I will do...Thanks Hope.

John hugs Hope after they are done talking. He whispers something into her ear.

John- Bo will be fine, Iím sure of it. Heís just have a little long rest.

Hope starts to cry at the sound of her friend saying everything will be ok.


After the hospital Kayla, Marlena and everyone went back to the pub to clean-up. As they clean-up Marlenaís cell phone rings. Its one of her patients. They are really at the breaking point. Marlena could hardly make out what they are saying. They finally told her to meet her at her office to talk. So after they were all done cleaning up Marlena told Kayla she was going to the hospital to look in on Bo and see a patient.


All of Boís visitors for the day were gone for now. The room was really quite, it was almost eight oíclock at night. The nurses were outside joking around when a certain alarm went off. Boís nurse came in and look in on him.

Nurse- Your blood pressure is rising...Umm, maybe your sedative is wearing off.

She again looked at the machine to see what was going on.

Nurse- I better get the Doc, I donít like your readings.

As she left the room Boís heart monitor started to flicker. Nurses at the desk saw this and started walking to his room, when he flat-lined. None of his family was around when the nurses and doctors started running in the room. Boís heart had stopped beating. They needed to get him back, quick or he will die.


After Hope and John talked John went home to get some sleep for tomorrow. Hope walked down to get some coffee. She had Boís beeper just incase something happened. She was pouring coffee when it went off. She dropped the mug on the ground and ran to a phone. She called up to the nurses desk two floors above.

Hope- Its Hope Willaims, whatís going on?

Nurse- Boís condition has changed. Please get up here now.

Hope hung up the phone and ran to the elevator. She got on and pressed the buttons. She stood in the elevator thinking the worse. The elevator stopped between the floor she was on and the floor she needed to be on. A man got on, he looked very familiar. As soon as the doors close she realized who it was. Bart, Stefanoís right hand man. She looked over at him and he hit her over the head with an object. She collapsed into his arms. He pressed the buttons for the basement. The doors flung open as he dragged her from the elevator and into the parking lot of the hospital.


As John was in his car driving home he remembered he left his cell phone at the nurses station. He was going to call them to hold it but he wanted to make sure Marlena was not at the hospital so he turned back. He parked in the visitors parking and ran up. He saw the phone and was headed to Marlenaís office when a nurse came out to talk with him.

Nurse- Arenít you going to see your friend?

John- Iíll wait till tomorrow.

Nurse- I guess you havenít heard.

John- Heard what?

John thought the worse. He didnít even wait for an answer. He ran right into Boís room. When he ran in he saw a nurse and Craig Westly looking over Bo. He looked at Bo to see his eyes were open. John stood there shocked and listening to Bo tell Craig how he feels. John walked out with his eyes full in shock. He wondered where Hope was. He was going to go look for her, but wanted to know what happened. As Craig stepped out John stopped him and wanted to know what happened.

Craig- Well after everyone was gone Boís blood pressure started to rise. A nurse went to get me, but then he heart stopped. We did everything we could but then out of nowhere Boís eyes started to flicker. We stopped what we were doing and then Boís monitor showed him back to normal. I guess even his heart was surprised he woke-up.

John- Wow. So how is he?

Craig- Well by the looks of it, he should be fine. That was the hardest part to see if he would come back to us.

As Craig walked off John smiled in at his friend who laid in bed trying to move around without hurting himself.


Marlenaís car aome flying throw the staff parking lot. She parked near the doors so she could leave soon. As she stepped out she felt something was not right. She was walking to the entrance doors when someone came from behind her. She turned around.

Marlena- Steve! My God, you scared me. What are you doing down here?

Steve- Iím doing my work Dr. Black!

Marlena- What? What are you talking about?

As she questioned him he spun her around and put a cloth over her mouth. He was drugging her. She tried to kick, and scream but to no luck. After about 30 seconds of fighting she finally collapsed into his arms. He lifted her over the waiting van.

Lawrence Alamain stood waiting for it to be over. He opens the back doors where Hope laid on the ground unconscious. They laid Marlena beside Hope. Lawrence gave Steve two needles to give to the women. Steve entered the van and gave both women the shots. They were sedatives so that they would sleep until they got where they were going. Steve backed out.

Lawrence- Good job. Mr. Dimera will be proud.

Steve- Thank-you Mr. Sistalano. Now I just leave with you and the women?

Lawrence- Well Bart is driving but you stay in the back with the women. Ok?

Steve nodded as Lawrence went to go sit in the front of the van. Steve jumped in the back of the big black van. He slammed the doors shut as they took off.

---The End---

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