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Chapter 15

The entire Brady family walks into the hospital. After Bo was shot, Kayla came outside to talk with Steve about living arrangements. She found Bo, after being a nurse for so long she knew to cover the wounds and get help. She yelled and John, and Marlena came running out. Soon after everyone came out to the parking lot. Bo was still alive, barely. An Ambulance arrived and took Bo to the hospital. Everyone attending the party followed in cars to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital Bo was rushed straight into the emergency room. As the Bradys waited outside you could hear yelling and calls. Code Blue, CC, BO9, two guns shots, etc...

Hope paced the floor with tears running down her face. Kayla, and Marlena walked over to comfort her.

Marlena- Everything will ok Hope.

Hope- Why him? Why?...My God, we just got back together and this.

Kayla- Donít worry Hope. Stay clam and think positive.

John walked over to the ladies as they talk. He put his arms around Hope and Marlena.

John- What do you think happened?

Marlena- I guess someone was trying to steal his car, maybe.

Hope- No, it was Stefano.

Kayla- Stefanoís dead, Hope.

Hope- No, no heís not. He has tricked us before, and he did it before.

Kayla- But Steve saw the body?

Hope- I donít know, but this must be something done by him or his workers get revenge.

Marlena- Hope, Iím sure thatís not true. Stefanoís men would have lost there ways and are gone far away.

Hope- I wonít believe it, Stefano Dimera is alive and he shot Bo.

John watches as the women talk about Dimera. He knows there must be some way to prove what happened. John left to go look around the spot where Bo was shot. Some of the Bradyís go to the chapel to pray for Bo. Some of them wait for word on him, as Hope goes in to see Bo.


After the nurses and doctors are done working on Bo, Craig went out to talk with Hope. He sees her and greets her and only her.

Hope- How is he?

Craig- Not good. He was shot twice, once in the shoulder and the other in his abdomen. The shoulder wound is fine, but throw it he did lose alot of blood. Now the other bullet we did get it out and stopped the bleeding. But it did alot of damage in Boís system. It damaged his liver, lungs, and even bruised a few arteries. He also is in a coma, he must have hit his head off the curb when he got shot. Now if everything continues to be the same Bo should be ok, but things donít look so good. He did open up and start bleeding again, we stopped that, but we donít know for how long.

Hope- Ok, so do you think he will be ok?

Craig- It does not look good.

Hope- Cut the crap Craig. Will he make it?

Craig- If I were to bet on it, I would not bet alot. Hope, there still is hope, just not alot of it. Maybe you should go with your family to pray, that could help.

Hope- Can I see him?

Craig- Sure, but please just see him and donít get him moving.

Hope- Ok..

Craig walks Hope into Boís room in the ICU She sits down at the side of his bed. She starts to cry as she looks at him.

Craig- I will be back soon to check on him. Please only family to visit him.

Hope- Thanks, Craig.

Craig leaves the room and Hope breaks down. She starts to cry her eyes out.

Hope- Oh Bo. Why now? We were going to be together forever. This was the start for us. Why?...Look at us, we have been through hell and back. Stefano, Megan, Franco, Billie, Kate, all the other people that didnít want us together. My God, Bo after all of that donít let a little bullet tear us apart. We have our son to look out for. He needs a father. I was gone from his life for the first bit, donít let him be without a father for the rest of his life. He needs a man in his life. He needs someone to teach him how to fish, pick up girls, fight, I know that he is grown up alot but he still needs direction. He still needs you Bo. Donít do this to me, donít do this to Shawn-D. Donít do this to yourself. You will miss everything, all the things in your life you have fought so hard for, you will miss it all. Come on be selfish Brady, fight. Fight for yourself. Fight to come back to me, Shawn-D, your parents, your friends, your family. Bo fight, fight like a Brady. Never look down, only up to what you can see. And we both know that you see alot, donít let the evils of this world win. Bradyís are fighters, not losers, or quitters, Fighters Bo. Hear me, fighters. You hear me, fighters.

Hope starts to cry again as she watches Boís lifeless body lay there. Machines going all around his body. Hope watches hoping that he will just kick out of it.


Lawrence Alamain sits alone at the pier. He looks out at the water. He thinks of all the bad things that he has done his whole life. All those things for his family, to get ahead in this world. All those things to protect his loved ones. Now he was doing it again. Protecting his loved one. Stefanoís people were blackmailing him. They had something he wanted back. Something that would make Lawrence do whatever it would take to get it back.

The Dimeraís had his mother. She hide from the world for years, now she was his. They took her a few years ago after her "death". They had her in a room on Stefanoís island. If Lawrence didnít do what they said she would die. They would kill her. Lawrence didnít even think about crossing the Dimera enterprises, they were more powerful and dangerous than ever.

As Lawrence kept on thinking Steve walked up to him.

Steve- Its done.

Lawrence- You did it.

Steve- Yes, Mr. Sistalano. Bo Brady is out of the picture.

Lawrence- Are you sure heís dead?

Steve- Not dead, just not able to do anything about our next move.

Lawrence- So phase two of our plan is done?

Steve- Yes. Now on to phase three?

Lawrence-Yes, final part, taking back what he wants.

Lawrence looks out again at the river as Steve does not know whatís going on. His head and heart keeps on saying different things.

Steve- Why?

Lawrence- Why what?

Steve- Why do I do this?

Lawrence- Do what?

Steve- This, shoot Bo, trick the Bradys. Why?

Lawrence- Because, you are a missionary. Stefano Dimeraís missionary!!!

---The End---

Chapter 16
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