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Chapter 14

A Brand new day in Salem. The whole town is realing with the new that Steve Johnson is alive, and rumors of Stefano Dimeraís death. At the pub the Bradys (Shawn-D, Caroline, Shawn, Roman, Alice, Greta, Eric, Sami, Austin, Doug, Julie, Mickey, and Maggie) are all getting ready for Bradys celebration. Everyone is setting out party stuff. Caroline and Alice are making all the food for the party. Everyone continues to set-up as some of them talk.

Shawn-D- Iím so glad to see my parents finally together and this time without any interruptions.

Roman- Yeah with Dimera dead, and Steve back, the Bradys have many times to be happy for.

Shawn- Peace, love, and happiness all around Salem.

Alice- You can say that again, Shawn.

They are laugh, and continue to set-up. Minutes later Bo and Hope walk in. Everyone starts to cheer and clap. They get lots of hugs and kissed from family, friends, and loved ones. Alice wants to introduce them. She holds there hands at the door.

Alice- May I introduce you all to the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Bo and Hope Brady.

Bo, and Hope blush as everyone cheers for them. Everyone starts to laugh and giggle as they kiss. Everyone settles down and the party starts. Bo talks with his mother.

Bo- So whereís everyone else?

Caroline- Who are we missing?

Bo- Steve, Stephanie, Kay, John, Marlena...

Caroline- Oh well Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie will all be over soon, and John, Marlena and Belle are a little behind time.

Bo- Ok, then. Lets get this Brady party started.

Bo and Caroline put on some music on so everyone can mingle.


Steve let Kayla sleep in as he went to go get something for her. She waked up when he was gone. She looked around the room for him.

Kayla- Steve, Steve are you there?...Oh God, please donít make it be a dream. Please, I will do anything, but please no dream.

Kayla started to get really worried but then Steve walked into the room with Stephanie in his arms.

Steve- Whatís wrong, honey? Are you in pain?

Kayla gets up from her bed and hugs them both.

Kayla- No, everything is fine now. I thought I lost you again.

Steve- You will never lose me again, sweetness. You know that, right?

Kayla- Yeah, I know... So where did you two take off to this morning?

Stephanie- Daddy took me out for breakfast, we went to the zoo too.

Kayla- Wow, did you have fun?

Stephanie- Yeah, so much. But now we have to go the Grandma and Grandpaís.

Kayla- For what, honey?

Stephanie- The party!!!

Steve- Your folks are throwing a party for all the Bradys.

Kayla- Well Iím not sure if they will let me out, so soon.

Steve- We already talked with your doctor. As soon as you are dressed we can go.

Kayla- Really? Thatís wonderful.

She goes off to the bathroom to change and get ready. She smiles back at Steve and Stephanie as they out go to the waiting room to wait.


John and Marlena are at the door waiting for Belle to be ready. They talk while they wait. They are sitting down on the couch in each others arms.

John- This is great.

Marlena- What is?

John- Everything!

Marlena- Well anything in particular?

John- Well everything, really. Bo and Hope together, Steve, Stephanie, and Kayla all back to Salem, Stefano dead, and all the other stuff. Finally this town and the Bradys can have peace.

Marlena- I donít know, John.

John- Why? What could go wrong?

Marlena- Everything, we donít know for sure if Stefano is dead. This all my be some sick trick of his.

John- Doc, we did the tests and Steve said he was dead. Why would he lie?

Marlena- I know, its just Stefano has tricked us all so many times in the past.

John- I know, and this too may be a trick, but we have to think positive. I believe Steve, if he saw Dimeraís body, then he must have seen the body.

Marlena- Yeah, I guess your right.

After that Belle comes running down the stairs. She yells for them to start to go. They all walk out the penthouse, and off to the pub.


Carly Manning walks around Salem, she remembers all the time she spent here. All the memories, good, and bad. She walks to the pub, she wants to go in and say hello and grab something to eat. But she sees Bo and Hope together and does not want to cause trouble for them.

She decides to leave but then Maggie sees her through the window. She waves her to come in. She goes to the door and walks in. Everyone sees her and welcomes her in. Everyone says hello and Caroline introduces her to everyone. Everyone is warm and kind, even Bo. She sits down with them all tell them why she is there and does not tell them that Lawrence is back in Salem. She watches as everyone has a good time. She knows that she just might be able to start her life again in Salem, this time maybe even without Lawrence.


As Everyone parties it on, Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie all walk in. Everyone greets them tears running from some people. Kayla, and Carly share a wonderful reunion of sorts. Steve and everyone talk. He tries his best to explain the situation. As everyone welcomes Steve, and Kayla back John, Marlena, and Belle all walk in. Belle goes off and talks with Shawn-D. John and Marlena go talk with Bo and Hope about there wedding plans. As they talk Steve walks out of the pub. He told Kayla he needed to get some fresh air.

Marlena- Do you have your gown picked out yet, Hope?

Hope- Yeah, Iím going to wear a dress that Gran is going to make for me. I donít really want to the wear the same one I wore in England. Me and Bo thought it would be a bad omen.

Marlena- Thatís good. So have you two set a date?

Bo- Well we worked on something last night.

Hope- Two weeks from Saturday.

John- Wow, thatís not to far away. Why such a hurry?

Bo- We donít know. We just want everyone in Salem to know we love each other.

They all laugh as Boís cell phone rings.

Bo- Brady here?....Umm, Iím busy right now...Well if its that important I will be right there.

He hangs up his cell and Hope gives him a look.

Hope- What is it?

Bo- The station, I have to look over something.

Hope- Canít it wait?

Bo- I guess not. Iím going to be like five minutes. We have the rest of our lives together Fancy Face. You will get sick of me soon enough donít worry.

Hope- Oh I donít think so.

Bo walks out with a kiss to his soon-to-be wife. He runs over to his car in the parking lot. He tries to open his car but someone approaches him. Its Steve. He stands there in a trance like state looking right at Bo.

Bo- Hey, buddy. What are you doing here? Shouldnít you be inside? Itís cold out here!

Steve- No, I must do my work.

Bo- What? What work?

As Bo questions him Steve, he pulls out a small hand gun. He fires a shot at Bo. The bullet hits him in the shoulder. Bo lands on the ground. His back to the car. Blood sprays all over the carís door and the ground as Steve continues to stare at Bo. Bo looks at Steve in shock and disbelief. Steve fires again this time to the chest. Bo falls over bleeding heavily out of his chest. Bo lays dying on the ground while Steve walks off.

Everyone in the pub has no clue whatís going on. They all continue to celebrate as Bo lays unconscious on the ground bleeding to death.

---The End---

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