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Chapter 13

The Bradys stare in shock as Stephanie welcomes home her father. Steve talks with his daughter and tells her how much he missed her. Shawn, and Bo say that its a trick from Dimera. John orders a doctor to examine him and do a blood test, and speed on it. A few minutes later the doctor comes back and confirms that it really is Steve Johnson. The Bradys are still in shock. Kayla has tears running down her face as Steve watches her and smiles. Bo, Hope, and Marlena want to know what is going on. Shawn, and Caroline welcome home and tell him that they missed him. John tells all what he knows. Steve confirms that what John is saying is true. John tells them what Steve did about Stefano, the island, and the plane crash.

Bo- Ok, so Dimera is dead and Steve is alive.

Steve- Yeah, you got it.

Bo- Are you sure heís dead?

Steve- Positive, I saw the body.

Hope- Well, I guess Stefano is out of our lives forever now.

Marlena- I guess so, but thereís one thing that does not make sense... Why now?

Steve- Why now, what?

Marlena- Why come back now?

Steve- I just got out of that cage on the island a few weeks ago. I followed Dimera to Paris, then saw the plane crash. I got on the first cargo plane headed for the states, and now I am here.

Marlena- Wow, I canít believe it.

John- Well I guess it all makes sense. Sorry we are all asking so many questions but with Dimera you can never be too safe.

Steve- Well donít worry about him, I donít think you ever will have to again.

Marlena, Hope, Bo, Shawn, John, and Caroline try to put things together and come to the reality that Stefano Dimera is dead and that Steve Johnson is alive and well, and back with his family.


Lawrence- I told you why, I need time to find myself.

Lawrence and Carly continue to fight in the motel room. Carly still is angry with him, as he tries to defend himself to her.

Carly- I donít believe that, Lawrence.

Lawrence- Believe what you want too. Its the truth.

Carly- Iím going to leave. I donít have to stand here and take these lies to my face.

Lawrence- There not lies, thereís things I have to do before we can be together.

Carly- Tell me, what is it?

Lawrence- I canít, right now.

Carly- Then I canít be with you right now, then.

Carly walks to the door but Lawrence grabs her arm and spins her around to him.

Lawrence- Waiting is a virtue, but love is forever.

Carly- What ever, Lawrence.

Carly walks out the door and Lawrence slams it shut. He looks at the sky with a angry face.

Lawrence to himself- I swear to you, if I lose Carly over this, I will make sure you lose everything too, Stefano Dimera.


Bo and Hope have now made it home (Mrs. Hortons). Everyone spent about a hour in the room figuring things out and trying to put all the pieces together. They went up to Mrs. Hortons room. They told her what happened and she too had trouble finding that it cause happen. She said that she would be at the party for the Bradys tomorrow, it was kind of a Welcome home Hope, Congratulations Bo and Hope for getting engaged, Welcome home Kayla, and Stephanie, and now welcome back Steve. It was all so confusing right now. After everyone went to bed, Bo and Hope stayed up and talked. They talked about everything, Steve and Kayla, The Bradys good luck, and now their soon-to-be wedding. They talked about everything. They finally feel asleep in their cloths on the couch in each others arms. It was a sight of true love, over coming all odds, but could others be so fortunate.


Steve stayed the night in Kaylaís room. Shawn, and Caroline had to pull Stephanie off of her father when they left. She was so happy to have her father back so she could have a real family. Steve and Kayla for the first while didnít know what to say to each other. They just stared into each others eyes. After awhile, they could not stand it any longer. They kissed. It was a extremely passionate kiss. After they kissed they just held each other not wanting to let go. They both had so many questions for each other.

Steve- So, whatís been up with you lately.

She started to cry when he talked. She grabbed him again to hold him.

Kayla- Oh my God, its real. I thought I lost you forever. I thought that I would never move on. I dated men but deep down I knew that you would be the only one for me.

Steve- Well Iím kind of glad. Iím glad you still love me, but you should have moved on and found someone.

Kayla- Donít tell me you did.

Steve- No, not quite... So I see our daughter is getting pretty big!

Kayla-Well sheís now about nine years older. She really does love you, I told her everything I knew about you how loving, caring, sweet man you were. It was so hard to talk about you.

Steve- You have raised her to be an angel just like you.

Kayla- Oh Steve. You always know what to say... I still canít believe that this is happening. If this is a dream please donít wake me.

Steve- Same here.... I dreamed about you every night before I slept. I dreamed I came home, like this and we did get together.

Kayla- Well our dream has finally come true. Your home, Iím home, and I guess now were together.

Kayla and Steve held each other until she feel asleep in his arms. He pulled up a chair to the bed, and watched her sleep. He laid her head on the pillows and off his arms. He kissed her forehead, and whispered something to her. ď Good dreams, sweetnessĒ. He kissed her again as he sat back down and watched her sleep.


Lawrence paced his motel room still angry about what happened with Carly. He talked and yelled to himself and thought out loud. He got so angry he called up Bart.

Lawrence- I want this over, now.

Bart- Come on Alamain. Is your part down now?

Lawrence- Yes, can we go to the next step now?

Bart- I guess so... Are you ready?

Lawrence- Of course. Phase one complete, Steve Johnson re-introduced to Salem society. Phase two beginning, Steve Johnson doing work for the Dimera family, by destroying the Brady family.

---The End---

Chapter 14
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