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Chapter 12

Bo, Hope, and Marlena all walked into Kaylaís room. She laid there in bed trying to get her thoughts together. She said a few words to Bo as he entered. He sat beside her and Hope, and Marlena stood by the door.

Bo- How are you doing, Kay?

Kayla- Iíve been better...(Laughs).. What happened?

Bo- Thatís what we wanted to know... Can you tell us anything?

Kayla- Well, I was at the pier. I was just there to think. I started to walk towards the pub when I saw someone.

Bo- Was it Dimera? Did this person hurt you?

Kayla- Bo, no. He would never hurt me.

Bo- Who?

Kayla- I walked towards him and saw him... I guess I got shocked and fell over the railing and into the river.

Bo- Ok, Kay. But who did you see?

Kayla- Oh Bo it felt so real it cause not be a dream. Bo please tell me it was not a dream.

Bo- I donít know. Who did you see?

Kayla- My love, my life...

Bo was getting mad that Kayla seemed to be off into a dream world. She would not answer him. He was getting mad, he asked once more.

Bo- Kayla, Who was the person on the pier?

Kayla- Steve!!!

Bo, Hope, and Marlena all stood there with their mouths hanging out. Kayla just stared out space smiling at the thought that he was alive.


John and Steve walked through Salem Place. They talked and walked through it. Steve needed to use the washroom. So they drove over there. John sat down at the Java cafe, as he went the washroom. But Steve tricked him. He went over to the pay phones. He put a quarter in and called the motel where Mr. Sistalano was.

Steve- Something happened?

Mr. Sistalano- What now?

Steve- John Black caught me.

Mr. Sistalano- Really, well go along with it. Go see the family and etc.. Just as the plan states.

Steve- But somethingís not right!.. I feel like I should not be doing this.

Mr. Sistalano- We have had this talk before. You know what to do and why you are doing this.

Steve- Fine, I want this to be over quick.

Mr. Sistalano- Well you better hurry up then.

Mr. Sistalano hung up the phone. Steve did too. He walked over to John and told him he wanted to see his family again. He walked towards the car as John watched him.

John- Something is not right, it does not all add up... Somethingís not right at all.

John hurried behind him towards the car. They headed to the hospital.


Bart called Mr. Sistalano again after Steve called him. He told him that the package about all his plans were on there way. He also told him it was not safe yet to reveal himself to Salem, yet. And he was not to sure when a good time would be, if ever.

Mr. Sistalano was getting mad that Stefano Dimeraís men kept on checking up on him like he could not look after himself. He was powerful. He had contacts, loved ones in Salem. He did fine with the Dimera Enterprises backing him. He was getting sick of them, but he had to choice. He was being blackmailed. It was either he do it or watch someone he loves die. They had something of his, something that he valued more than lives itself. Mr. Sistalano has to do it, he had no other choice.

There was a knock at the door. He walked up to the door and answered it. He looked out the pinhole.

Mr. Sistalano- What the hell is she doing here?

He opened the door to her. She slapped him hard in the face. He fell to the ground. She walked in the room and slammed the door of the cheap motel.

Mr. Sistalano- Carly... What are you doing here?

Carly Manning stood facing him. She stood there with a angry face and mad grin on her.

Carly- I would ask you the same thing, Lawrence, or should I call you Mr. Sistalano?

Lawrence Alamain had finally been discovered. Someone else in Salem knew that Mr. Sistalano was really Lawrence Alamain. He stood up and sat down on the bed rubbing his sore face.

Lawrence- Thatís none of your business.

Carly- Really, well when I checked last we were a couple, well thatís until you wrote me a ď Dear JohnĒ letter and walked out. What is wrong with you? Did you not think I would find you? Your little dumb excuse about finding yourself is bull.

Lawrence- Sorry!

Carly- Sorry, does not cut it Lawrence. Not tell me why your here in Salem, or else?


By the time Kayla told Bo, Hope, and Marlena what happened Shawn, Caroline with Stephanie came in the room. They wanted to know what happened and why she was talking about Steve.

Bo- Kay, Steve is dead. You must have been dreaming.

Kayla- It felt so real, like he was really there.

Marlena- Kayla, it was a dream. It had to be.

John- Well, its not that much of a dream.

Everyone turned to see John standing at the door. He looked at everyone hoping they were ready for the shocks of their lives. John walked in the room then Steve followed him in the room. Gasps and Ahís were heard. Bo, and Hope stood there again with their mouths open. Marlena grabbed Shawn, and Caroline. Stephanie had by now jumped to the ground.

Stephanie- Daddy? Your here!!

Stephanie ran into her fathers arms. She held him as he did her.

Stephanie- I knew you would come back to use.

Everyone watched this father-daughter reunion in shock. Kayla just smiled and watched with tears in her eyes as Steve looked around the room. He knobbed his head at everyone and they all just stood there in total shock, Steve Johnson was alive.

---The End---

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