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Chapter 11

Bo, Hope, and Marlena are seated waiting for more news on Kayla in the waiting room. Marlena tells them about John and his plans to look into the past. Bo agrees with her about it, only because of what almost happened to Hope. Hope on the other hand does not pick sides, she knows what its like to lose time, but she also knows what its almost like to lose her family.

Hope- I know about both sides... But I think that John should just always maybe keep it in the back of his mind, but concentrate on the present and future.

Marlena- Yeah, I guess your right... I should know both sides too.

Bo- What do you mean?

Marlena- Well, I know how close Iíve came to losing John and my children.

Bo- Yeah, but what about the other side of it?

Marlena- Well, Stefano did have me from 1987 to 1991. God only knows what I did or what happened to me.

Hope- Arenít you interested in it. My God after all that monster did to you.

Marlena- No, not at all. I try to stay in the present. The past is the past, keep it there.

She smiles at Bo and Hope, as do they to her... After Marlena was done saying it she got this odd feeling. A feeling of she just said the wrong thing. The one thing she didnít know was that the past always comes back to haunt you.


John stares in disbelief at Steve. He shakes his head and then looks deeper into him. He backs up a little and lets him go.

John- No, no way.

Steve- Way, man.

John- But... You died. I saw. What the hell is going on?

Steve- Well Iím alive.

John- Wait, hang on. How? When? Who? Why? But you died.

Steve- I know, I know. Keep clam Johnny. Its not going to just disappear.

John- Is it real?

Steve- Yes, of course man. I am alive.

John stares at him and pulls him in for a brotherly hug. They let go and John just canít believe what is going on.

John- Ok, ok so why are you alive?

Steve- Well, Iím alive, and well.

John- I know, but why? Why did you fake your death?

Steve- I didnít. Stefano Dimera did.

John- Stefano, I should have guessed he would do something like this.

Steve- Well it was kind of an accident.

John- What do you mean, accident?

Steve- He ment for me to stay in Salem, and try to kill the Bradys.

John- Oh man, do what he drugged you.

Steve- Yeah, that made the docís think I was dead. Then some guys came a got my coffin, and took me back to Dimera.

John- Then what?

Steve- Well for the nine years, Iíve been in a cell on some island. Just a few weeks ago I got out. I followed Dimera until the crash.

John- What crash?

Steve- Well I guess the jet he was in crashed.

John- When?

Steve- Well he just left Paris, and the planeís engine gave out and headed straight into the ocean.

John- What? Dead?

Steve- As a nail.... Well I try to make sure he was dead and I did. I saw the body back at the island. All his men went on there own little ways and I headed back here.

John- When did you get back?

Steve- No to long ago. So, whatís new here?

John- Well, things have changed since you left, nine years ago.

Steve- Hey, man donít blame me, it was not my idea.

John- So did you ever see Dimera.

Steve- A few times, he came and saw me once and awhile.

John- Did he ever tell you why did was doing it?

Steve- Something about the Bradys.

John- Revenge, no doubt.

Steve- Thatís what I guessed at... So when should we tell everyone else?

John- Well lets go to the hospital and start there.

As John and Steve walked off they continued to talk. John still could not believe that Steve was alive and Stefano was behind it.

After they left the pier, a man walked out from a box. He stood there watching.

Man- Phase one, complete.

---The End---

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