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Chapter 10

John walks into Abeís office. Abe just got off the phone. John hands him the file.

John- Iíve got him.

Abe- Who?

Abe looks over the file to see that there is blood traces, and its Stefanoís blood from the turret.

John- Dimera! Iíve finally gotten proof.... Now you have to make that pardon invalid.

Abe- Well I will have to talk this over with the commissioner, but it does look like you have a case.

John- Good, Iíve wait since he got that pardon to nail him.

Abe- Well this shows Stefano was in the turret and is gone now. But first I will have to put a APB on him.

John- Donít worry about that, The ISA already have one on him worldwide.

Abe- Thatís good, so how are you doing after your trip?

John- Iím ok, Iím worried about Hope. I guess you heard.

Abe- Yeah Bo called this morning to fill me in. I guess heís taking a few weeks off to be with Hope.

John- Thatís good, they need there time together anyways... So how is it going on the baby department?

Abe- Well, Lexie has an appointment today. Iím hoping.

John- I will hope with yeah.

John and Abe share a laugh as Abe calls the commissioner.


Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital to see Kayla being wheeled into the emergency room. Craig Westly is on, he tells them to stay back and let him to do his work. He goes into the room, and Bo and Hope hear him yelling out medical codes and orders.

Bo- Oh God, Hope.

Hope grabs Bo and hugs him. He tells her it will be ok.

Marlena and Laura walk in to see them hugging and knows something is wrong. They run up to them.

Marlena- Bo, whatís the matter? Is Mom, or Pop?

Bo- No, its Kayla. I guess she had some sort of accident on the pier.

Laura- Oh my God, how is she?

Hope- We donít know. We just got here and were told to stay put.

As they talk Craig comes back out of the room and into the waiting room.

Bo runs up to him. Craig has a worried look on his face.

Bo- Well, how is she?

Craig- Sheís going to be ok. She has a concussion. She is still sleeping. We gave her some drugs to put her out. So let her rest and you can see her later. You might want to tell the rest of your family, Bo!

Bo- Great, yeah thanks...

As Craig walks off Bo and Hope. Marlena and Laura stand behind them and smile.


Back in Kaylaís room. She is sleeping. She starts to have a dream while she sleeps.


Kayla stands in a very dark room. Sheís wearing really bright colors, and a door is white. She asks if anyone is there. The door opens and its Steve. He comes in and kisses her. He does not say one word. She is not surprised at all to see him. They unlock.

Kayla- Steve, your alive.

Steve- Yes, I am.

Kayla- But I watched you die.

Steve- No, you watched a hoax.

Kayla- Why are you here now?

Steve- Iím back, I thought you knew that.

Kayla- Well, yeah, but why? What happened?

Steve- It does not matter, remember Iím alive. But make sure you know its me.

Kayla- What does that mean?

Steve- Things sometimes will appear to be right on the outside but deep down there as wrong as death.

Kayla- I donít understand.

Steve- You will...

With that Steve walks out the door. As he leaves another body comes in. They are dressed in black. They wave their hand in front of Kayla.

Man- He is mine!

Kayla tries to go farther towards him to see who it is, but starts to come out of her dream.

--Dream Done--

Kayla lays in bed sleeping after her dream is done.


The man who was on the pier with Kayla was now standing at the hospital. He was watching Kaylaís family to make sure she was ok. He watched and watched. He was pulled back by someone. He turned around to see it was Mr. Sistalano.

Mr. Sistalano- What the hell are you doing?

Man- Well, there was a problem.

Mr. Sistalano- I know, I heard. How could you fail? My God, it was so simple.

Man- I know, but it was just..

Mr. Sistalano- I donít care. Just go back down to the pier and make sure you didnít leave any clues there that anyone would know you were there.. Now go!

The man walks off to head to the pier. Mr. Sistalano stays back watching the Bo, Hope, Marlena and Laura talking.

Mr. Sistalano to himself- You morons. You donít know anything. Soon all your worlds will come crashing down in front of you. Soon, all hell will break lose and thereís nothing you can do to stop it.


After John left the police station he headed down to the pier. Abe told him about the accident after he left. He didnít want to go to the hospital right now, he would go later to make sure she was ok. He wanted to check out the pier to make sure it wasnít Stefanoís doing trying to through them off of his trail. John walked the pier looking for anything that would connect Stefano to the accident. John saw a piece of paper. As he walked towards it, another man was coming down the second steps of stairs on the other side of the pier. The man walked around and saw that he must of dropped his paper that Mr. Sistalano gave him about his instructions. He bent down to grab the paper. He picked it up, not even noticing that John was right behind him.

Man- Got it, now knowone will know I was here.

John grabbed the man from behind. He held his arm on his back. The man was helpless.

John- Ok, you bastard. What did you do to Kayla Brady? Are you working for Stefano Dimera?

Man- No, no. Please let me go. Now, John.

John was shocked that he knew his name. John very slowly put his hand back down. But John turned the man around really fast so he could see who he was.

John- Steve....

---The End---

Chapter 11
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