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Chapter 1

Hope stood alone in the bathroom of the Turret. Stefano is in the other room trying to get the S.O.S to work again. Hope walks out of the bathroom and sees Stefano on the radio. She shoots him a dirty look when heís not looking.

Hope- Well anything new with that thing.

Stefano- That thing that will save us? No! Nothing.

Hope- Stefano its not going to work, there must be another way to get out of here.

Stefano- Hope, Kurt is most likely dead, and if these people donít find us soon knowone will, so that means will be dead, like Kurt. Now do you want that?

Hope shoots a dirty look at Stefano and walks to the bed. She lays down thinking that Bo must find her, soon or else it will be too late!


John and Bo are in Johnís jet. Itís still on the ground at the Salem Airport. They are going over the flight plan for the trip when someone walks on the plane. Bo and John look up to see to their surprise, Kayla Brady.

Bo- Kayla, what are you doing here?

Kayla- Its nice to see you too Bo.

Kayla, and Bo hug, John also hugs and says hello to her.

Kayla- Iím here to help my baby brother find his wife.

John- How?

Kayla- Marlena! She called me when everyone thought that Hope was dead, but I couldnít get away. So she called back and told me the news about Gina, Stefano and this whole mess. So I got the first plane out here I could to help you find Hope. I thought it was the least I could do.

John- You didnít have to Kayla.

Kayla- I know, I wanted too. Now shall we get going. I left Stephanie with Mama, and Pop. So off to Paris we go.

Bo- Ok, lets go.

Bo, John and Kayla all sit together going over their plans for Paris. The plane takes off as they talk.


Rolfe, and Bart are walking around the Dimera Mansionís living room.

Rolfe- We must find Stefano!

Bart- How? We have no clue where he even could be.

Rolfe- What if we check the island?

Bart- Why would Stefano be there?

Rolfe- I donít know, but its a possibly.

Bart- Sure ok, Iíll make a few calls and see if Stefano is on the island.

Bart goes into the other room to use his cell phone when Stefanoís main line rings. Rolfe walks over to answer it.

Rolfe- Yes, Rolfe here...Kayla Brady? Why?....Dam. You donít think that this has anything to do with Stefano do you....I see. Well Iím headed to Paris right now.

Rolfe hangs up as Bart enters the room.

Bart- The boss is not at the island.

Rolfe- He might be in Paris... Bart, we are going on a trip.

Bart- Why? Why to Paris?

Rolfe- It seems John Black, Bo Brady and Kayla Brady are all headed there to find Hope. Now if Hope is there, that must be where Stefano is. He might need us, now lets go.

Bart and Rolfe run out the door to catch Stefanoís jet to Paris.

---The End---

Chapter 2
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