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Through lips of clay He speaks today,
His message clear and tender,
His Living Word through men is heard,
Our best in service render.

I am what He says I am,
That is my glad confession;
I live in Him, He lives in me,
Gone is my transgression.

What He says I can do, can be done,
The Mighty One's indwelling,
His Grace and Wisdom both are mine,
His wonders I am telling.

In me He lives, my gracious Lord,
In me Himself is building,
His love law rules my life today,
To Him my best I'm yielding.

His love law rules this heart of mine,
We live in sweet communion,
My body now He makes His home,
Yes, this is Heaven's union.

He is my Lord, my risen head,
My mighty intercessor,
He died for me, He lives for me,
With Him I'm joint possessor.

.............E. W. Kenyon

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