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[IMAGE] Welcome [IMAGE]
Molly This is Miss Molly Tucker as a baby, isn't she just the cutest? Molly is my current beagle resident, unless you count my neighbor's beagle, Cloey, who comes to visit often.


This picture is proof that Beagles will make friends with anyone!


This page is dedicated to my beagles below, who have gone to wait at the Rainbow Bridge.

Blossom This is Blossom, she was my Dad's beagle, and was gone before I was old enough to remember her. She was a sweet girl, and deserves a place here. Hector This is Hector, this picture was taken in 1971, he's my first beagle memory.
This is Leo. He was stolen from us when he was about a year and a half old. I only hope he had a good life, we missed him. Leo This is Tobias Paddlefoot. Toby was a BIG beagle, and preferred a coyote track to a rabbit track on any day. Toby

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