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Last Updated: June 20, 2001

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When I first created this page, I was an awkward thirteen year old girl who thought rock stars were real and people were sincere. I wrote Courtney Love a letter telling her how much I loved her band. I was disappointed when I didn't get a response. I'm not the same person who struggled with basic HTML code into the late hours of the night on an AST computer just to proclaim her love for her favorite band. And Hole doesn't really interest me anymore. The site has suffered due to my lack of interest - it once was receiving 200+ hits a day; now it has 30 on a good day. It used to be updated every day; now I neglect it for months. I used to pour over the details of the lives of these rock stars I admired so much. Now I really don't care.

I think Hole is a good band. In the event that they release a new album, which seems questionable at this point, I will probably buy it. I will continue to update this page when necessary: I've devoted too much of my time to it to just let it deteriorate. But I'm not gonna update every time Courtney Love says 'fuck you' to some corporate slave or gets a new boyfriend.

As I've mentioned before, I hope to relocate soon. And I'm not taking very much with me. Which means I'll probably have a lot of Hole stuff up for sale on here. So be watching for that in the future.

By the way, I love the way Angelfire deleted my Eric Erlandson page. Nothing makes me happier than bending over and letting such a shitty webpage provider fuck me. Thanks.

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Courtney Love Does The Math It's funny.

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Tour Pages: Information about concerts, fan reviews, set lists, and more. Includes pages for shows before 1995, Big Day Out, the Beautiful Monsters Tour, Hole's spring tour, Edgefest, and more.

Bootleg Information: A bootleg discography, a tradepost, a list of good and bad traders, my own list of bootlegs to trade, and information on obtaining bootlegs if you don't have any to trade.

Articles / Interviews / Gossip: About 60 or so written works on Hole. Includes everything from articles from Spin and Rolling Stone to articles from my local newspaper. Also includes a page for gossip & magazine blurbs.

News: A page that has various news items, mostly old (as recent news is usually placed on this main page).

Lyrics: Lyrics to all of Hole's official releases, b-sides, rare songs, and alternate lyrics.

Guitar Tablature: Guitar tabs for Pretty On The Inside, Live Through This, My Body The Hand Grenade, and Celebrity Skin.

Bass Tablature: Bass tabs for a lot of b-sides and rare songs. I am hoping to get some up for the official LP's soon.

Fan Interaction: Fan artwork, reviews of the Celebrity Skin album, a survey, survey results, quiz, song interpretations, general interpretations, stories, poems, and more.

Concert Reviews: A collection of concert reviews submitted by fans. Includes reviews from shows before 1995, Big Day Out, the Beautiful Monsters Tour, Hole's spring tour, Edgefest, and more.

Download: .wav files from LP's, EP's, singles, and bootlegs. Video files from interviews, music videos, news  clips, and more.

Releases: Information on all of Hole's official releases, liner notes, a discography, album reviews, and information on how Celebrity Skin did on the charts.

Members / History: A brief band biography that I wrote, pages for all the members, quotes, information on the movies Courtney Love has played in, and a link to my page dedicated to Eric Erlandson.

Pictures: Over 300 pictures divided into categories. A lot of the pictures are exclusive to this site.

This Site: Includes my banner, links to other sites, a credits page, site of the week, updates to this page, and webrings. Maybe if I'm feeling vain I'll do an 'about me' page.

Misc.: Includes books, recent Hole mentionings, and more.

Recent News:

3/8/01- Courtney Love starts new band; 'Bastard' "[Love] has formed Bastard, a one-off female punk-rock powerhouse that includes former Hole drummer Patty Schemel, Veruca Salt's Louise Post on guitar and Gina Crosley of Rockit Girl on bass, an Epitaph Records spokesperson said. Love, of course, will sing and play guitar. The quartet will work on songs in a Los Angeles-area studio next week, paying for the time with money from Epitaph." --from

3/1/01- Courtney Love might or might not be suing her record company; click here.

There is also older news here

This page was created on August 1st, 1997.

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