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MY Scanner Setup

I also love to set at home on those cold winter days when the roads are ice and snow covered and listen to My police scanner. I have an old handheld scanner that covers Police,Weather,Air,CB,Fm,and TV1. The one thing I don't like about it is that it is the old manuel set kind which means you have to set it on the frequency yourself and you can only listen to one frequency at a time. I used to run it on an old "Hustler" antenna but now I just use the rubber ducky antenna. My parents own a "Bearcat" 144XL 16 channel 10 band scanner. It is a base. We run it on our old TV antenna. Tv antennas are great for scanner antennas. Neither of these are very fance rigs but they get the job done. I hope to buy a nice 300 or 400 channel scanner in the future.