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MY CB Setup

I have two Base radios. One is a old tube type 40 channel Shakespeare74 with extra frequencies from 27.4450 to 27.5850. It has an old Turner AM/SSB power desktop mic. I also Have a Realistic Navaho TRC 23B base that I bought for 30.00 off of my uncle. It is just a 23 channel with a regular stockmic It is a nice little radio for use talking local. I run these on a Solarcon "ANTRON 99" that is about 51 feet in the air.The antron blew over this spring in a storm and busted the top section. I was able to order the upgrade from Firestick. This is an awesome upgrade it is called the fireup-99 it has a screw at the top that allows you to adjust for your SWR. This is a really neat product. My Swr is about 1.1 al the way through. For a mobile I have a Midland 40 Channel With a cheap sparkomatic Antenna. The SWR on this is about 1.3 to 1.6 all the way through. Neither are very fance rigs but they get the job done.
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