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This is a cartoonie representation of me.
If you don't like it, keep in mind that there's a big wooden mallet under that paper hat.

I like to have privacy on the Internet. I get about 15 junk emails a day and am tired of them. That's why I use a form to let people send me email. I don't give my email address to just anybody. I use a false last name so nobody can get my home address or any other info they want. Besides, it describes me well.

I have an obsession about Spam(the wonderful lunchmeat from Hormel). I admit that I don't eat much of it, but I like to talk about it. You can visit my Spam website using the navigation bar at the top.
On the same website, you'll find my toaster's website. He's doing a better job at taking over the world than I did! His website is accessible through the navigation bar too.



In case you're wondering, that smiley face is a kid's meal toy I got from Goodie's in Sedalia, MO.
It sticks its tongue out at you when squeezed.

Internet Nickname: SpamFish
Interests: Web page design, graphic arts, artificial intelligence(example: my toaster talks).
Been makin' websites since: 1996, got internet @ home in '97
Fav. TV show: Animaniacs(Faboo!)
Fav. Cartoon Character: Wakko, from the Animaniacs
Fav. Radio Show: Dr. Demento(what else?)
Fav. Oreo: Double Stuf(Mmm... Double Stuf)
Windows or Mac: Windows 98, although I wouldn't mind if I won an iMac.
CD's or Records: CD's. What a stupid question.
Languages: English and fluent gibberish.
I'm watching a video about learning French as I'm writing this, and I have one thing to say... Oubliez-l'
Hotmail Password: *******
Favorite Magazine: DUH Magazine(Duh! I own it!)

I'd let my McFurby on this page, but one of my friends thinks Furbys are evil. Geesh! Click here to go to the McFurby's yard.

Just so nobody gets mad, I'd better give credit to the site that I got this cool background from. It came from

Remember that cat you saw welcoming you to this page? I plan on having more of him later. He's me in cartoon form. He's...


He may even get his own page on this website and be animated too! If you have comments, use the "Email Garrett" link in the navigation bar.
If you couldn't read the name because it's moving too fast, either you're drunk or the animation is working(IE only). The name is SPAMFISH.