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El Obrar de Dios en Cuba / The Work of God in Cuba

"El evangelio se disparce día a día en Cuba. Esta es una entrevista con el pastor Joel Rosales. La Convención Bautista del Este Cubano reune a más de 350 iglesias, 100 de las cuales han sido establecidas en los últimos 5 años. The gospel in Cuba every day grows . Interview with a pastor Joel Rosales. The Cuban Eastern Baptist Convention has over 350 founded churches. Over 100 have been founded in the last ones 5 years"


  • Spanish -American War, from Wikipedia

  • "....The historical backdrop for the war was the growing Cuban struggle for independence from Spain that had been simmering off and on for over thirty years and which had captured the American imagination. American newspapers had been agitating for intervention with sensational stories of Spanish atrocities against the native Cuban population even though Spain had removed the general behind the harsh policies that had displaced thousands of Cubans in the countryside and had, as in most insurrections, placed them squarely in the crosshairs between 30,000 Spanish troops and the insurrectos, or Cubans fighting for independence. In January 1896, a riot broke out in Havana by Cuban Spanish loyalists leading to the destruction of the printing presses of four local newspapers for publishing articles critical of Spanish Army atrocities....
    When the Maine blew up causing the deaths of 268 men, newspaper owners such as William R. Hearst leapt to the conclusion that Spanish officials in Cuba were to blame, and they widely publicized the conspiracy. Such publications practised what was called "yellow journalism", which originated in New York. Yellow journalism fueled American anger by publishing astonishing "atrocities" committed by Spain in Cuba. Hearst, when informed by a sketch artist he'd hired that conditions in Cuba were not bad enough to warrant hostilities, allegedly replied, "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war."[2] Lashed to fury by the yellow press, the American cry of the hour became, Remember the Maine, To Hell with Spain! President William McKinley, Speaker of the House Thomas Brackett Reed and the business community opposed the growing public demand for war..."

    ] Sports (Deportes)


    The Baseball, an instrument to evangelize teenagers in Cuba / EL BEISBOL UN INSTRUMENTO PARA EVANGELIZAR JUVENILES EN CUBA

    "(ENGLISH) During the days 7-9 of July of 2007, at the Baptist camp "Eben Ezer", situated in Palmar�n, Granma province at the Eastern area of Cuba, was celebrated the First Baseballs Christian Teenagers Championship , with 4 teams's assistance, of Santiago de Cuba zone. The teams were integrated for Christian young people and no Christian too, that they fraternized and lived together during these days. In the nights, an orchestra integrated also for some of them, were praise the Lord using their instrument and singing songs of joy"

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