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 Tabitha, hobos, Mickey, Hailey Stone, Cyprus, Monika

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 Tabitha vs Isabelle vs Jessica McMahon vs Twister


((OOC Note: Yeah I know I use quotations instead of just Name: blah blah. I felt like doing it this way :))

Dark and puffy gray clouds suffocated the sun and the blue sky. There was not one touch of happiness spread within the atmosphere. It was because it was raining--just another gloomy day. The camera slowly looked down from the sky to a long stretch of buildings. Not pretty buildings because the ambitious rain soaked up the remaining colors and turned them to unappealing buildings, who most likely were not getting business today. Only a few cars passed by, hurrying home to get away from the drear. Between each building was a narrow alley providing a simple space for the homeless to get away from the rain. The camera moved forward to get a glimpse through the widest alley. A homeless man with a shaggy beard and rags for clothes came hobbling up to the camera. He smirked with gold, unhealthy teeth then offered the cameraman a taste of his bottle of whiskey; the camera shook an answer of "no." Bypassing the man, we head deeper, until the dead end of the alley. Leaning against the tainted brick wall was a woman who you would not expect to see living with homeless people. She was tall and muscular. Not so muscular that she became unattractive but just enough so she could get herself out of a bad street fight. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a tight black ponytail: no bangs hung in her face. The woman was wearing all black: a black wifebeater top, black jeans with holes near each knee, black shiny boots, a gray sparkling belt, she even had her finger nails painted black. She was aware of the camera, but did not look directly into it. Finally, she bent over and stole a bottle of beer from a man sleeping inside a cardboard box. The woman began to walk forward, passing the camera. As she walked, she wiped away the germs from the top of the bottle with the bottom of her shirt. She took a long drink of it then mumbled that it tasted like shit. With those words, she tossed the bottle and it shattered into thousands of pieces of glass. Of course, it awoke her "neighbors." They all gave her a bad look, the man she had stolen it from, even worse. She continued on, turning out from the alley and onto the sidewalk. The rain steadily padded down on her head but she didn't mind. This lady seemed like she didn't give a shit about anything but booze. With confident strides, she made her way to the last building on the street. A sign on it lightly flickered "Bar" in cursive letters. She pushed open the door then headed in to be met by a room with a sound and calm mood. On the left was one pool table being lighted by a low hanging Budweiser lamp and on the right was the plain bar. At the end was a staircase, most likely leading to crappy apartments. She headed over to a stool by the bar. A bald african american man greeted her; she was probably a regular costumer.

"Hey Tab, where have you been?" He leaned on his elbow near her, "with the hobos again?"

"…None of your business, wise guy," "Tab", as he called her, strummed her fingers on the wood. She rested her head in her hands and had her eyes on a filled Smirnoff™ bottle. Tab pointed at it and the bartender got one for her.

"This is unusual. No whiskey? What's wrong?" He placed the bottle on the counter; she took hold of it and popped the cap off. Tab held it close to her mouth then smiled, the first content thing we've seen on her.

"I got a job," Tab nodded then took a drink of it.

"Really?! Finally, its about godamn time," He smiled also and crossed his arms, "no drug deals?"

"Nah, I am sick of getting in murderous situations. I'm finally going to live my dream."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" The bartender was surprised; obviously she was not the kind that often had a dream.

"Professional wrestler, extraordinaire."

He broke out laughing, not believing her at all. Mr. Bartender went back to cleaning glasses.

"Seriously, at TCW," Tab said, starting to get a bit angry. She squinted at him then leaned forward. He looked at her square in the eyes and gave her a 'maybe-you-are-serious' look.

"You can prove it to me once I see you on television." He trotted over to the television hanging in the corner and switched it on. Tab told him what channel TCW programming was on. He flicked it there and on TV he saw himself with Tab. The bartender was ecstatic, he looked around the room until finally he stared straight into the camera and waved.

"See, Mickey, I don't lie." Tab smirked, dug in her pocket, and threw out a few dollars to pay for her drink. She hopped off the bar stool and said a goodbye to Mickey, "I will make this place get business, trust me. Next time you see me, I'll be at the arena!"

The last picture seen was her exiting, it soon went to commercial.

After the break, we see "Tab" walking through the superstar parking lot, it was evident she had walked the whole way because her hair was near dry from the rain. Her face as she entered the arena was expressionless. She passed many different corridors until a blond haired woman dressed fashionably in a tan sweater and a black skirt came running up to her. Tab didn't know what she was doing, hell, she might even be attacking her. Using her probably many years of street smarts, Tab arm dragged the woman on her back, landing hard on the cold, tiled floor. Tab then placed her black boot on the woman's throat.

"Who the hell are you? Speak truthfully and I will release you." Tab glared down at the blond haired woman, who was terrified.

"I'm sorry! I'm Hailey Stone, I'm the wardrobe person here, and sorry to startle you, really I am." She choked out. Tab lifted her foot off and helped the woman up.

"I assume you are Tabitha Penance, they told me you were aggressive but I didn't know this much aggressive." Hailey brushed her skirt off.

"Aggressive, what a cheap word to describe someone who is much more than that." Tabitha Penance shook her head with a sneer on her face, "rule number one, NEVER EVER approach me by running. You'll find yourself in a world of trouble. You can tell I was not born and raised in the good part of town. I am constantly on the look out."

"Miss Penance, there is always security at our facilities to help out the superstars, all you must do is yell," Hailey spoke in a composed voice. Tab didn't like this statement and obviously was keeping back her anger.

"Whatever, I can fend for myself. What do you want? I don't want a stupid, prissy make over." Tabitha clearly stated.

"Just some new clothes. Come with me." Hailey Stone took Tabitha's arm and led her off but Tab shrugged her arm off.

"Don't touch me, you fool!" The angered street woman growled. Miss Stone didn't touch Miss Penance after that moment.

The scene switches to ringside with the commentators, Monika Chaos and Cyprus

"Coming up the newest diva, Tabitha Penance will debut," Cyprus announced, Monika didn't feel so excited.

"Whatever, she's probably just another stupid hoe wanting the women's championship" Monika monotonously said with a wave away of her hand then the cameras turned to the superstar entranceway. The lights when out, a face appeared on the titantron then spoke the words "Feel my pain, feel my penance." 'Undergrads' began to play and the lights came back on. Tabitha stood on top of the stage for a moment. She was now clad in a different black wifebeater top with fishnet armbands stretching from her shoulder down to her fingers, she now had on red and black plaid grommet strap pants with her same black boots. Tabitha glanced out at the crowd, seeing their faces. She placed her hands on her hips then began to walk down to the ring. Once close to the ring, Tab stopped at the security barrier, in front of a young girl and her mother. Messing with her own hair, Tabitha took out her black ponytail holder then gave it to the girl. She happily obliged, admiring the ponytail holder. Suddenly, Tabitha grabbed it away from the girl then shouted in her face. The girl cried, the crowd booed, and Tabitha cackled and shook her head. She made her way up the steel steps then quickly through the middle rope. There she sucked in the negative energy and used it as power. Tab motioned for a mic and got one. She let the boos simmer down a bit then she spoke.

"You can boo me all you want but that's not going to help anything. I will not break down and leave TCW. I am here to stay and every one of you butt nuggetting red neck morons better get used to it. First off, I'd like to answer why I gave then took back. My whole life, when I've had something good, its been taken away from me. My mother, my father, and my fiancé are all example of these. My mother left, my father and my fiancé died. I had nothing to do with their deaths or my mother's leaving. I was innocent until all the things happened. They made me insane…they made me crazy! It's their fault for dying and leaving and I will NEVER forget it! Now, finally I can legally take out my aggressions on people. That's what wrestling is for. When I beat the hell out of people…I even get rewarded. That's why I like wrestling. Yes, and my first match is coming up very soon. Against three girls by the names of Isabelle, Twister, and Jessica McMahon. I have no idea who they are, although I did see the one called Jessica debut. She is an interesting person although she looks like she's supposed to be a TCW secretary; not a TCW wrestler. Still she's a worthless piece of shit so far. Then a woman by the name of "Twister" came out. She is intriguing and I realize that she has the superstar look. I know she will be the worst enemy in this match. In fact, I am even looking forward to it because I need a formidable challenge, not some hoe looking for a manager to f(beep) and be protected by. I am looking for an independent woman who doesn't need to cheat to win to wrestle and I believe this person is Twister. Wish me luck." She paused for a moment then chuckled, "yeah right, like I'll need it!"

Tab dropped the microphone and headed out of the ring to a chorus of jealous boos. She stopped at the stage then flicked off the camera, where she soon disappeared behind the curtains.