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Part 1

The picture is clear. We see black and white year book style photos of four different girls. In the background, a woman speaks.

Woman: Now, in other news, the notorious Sweetheart Killer has been released from jail. We first began the story back in 1997 about a young teenage girl by the name of Andrea Price. She is known for shooting and killing 3 high school age girls. Families in Maryland begin to fear now that Miss Price has fully lived out her 6 year sentence and is currently living in public, as we know it. If she decides to commit more crimes, she will be charged again and channel 7 news has learned that she would face the death penalty. Her whereabouts are currently unknown except to the Baltimore Police Department.

The story about Andrea Price was that she was a loner and a picked on pupil at Ash Woods High School. She never smiled and the students said she had no reason to. The main people who picked on the Sweetheart Killer were the 3 girls who were killed. They were a popular bunch, the beautiful girls who got the friends, money, and boys. Andrea was nicknamed the Sweetheart Killer because all 3 of the girls had jock boyfriends, whom Price secretly loved, hence they were her sweethearts... A rumor about the murders was that after Andrea had shot the girls, covered in blood, she headed to each of the boys and gave them a bloody kiss. The nightmare and rumors of the Sweetheart Killers remain a formidable story at Ash Woods High School still to this day.

The newsreporter kept on talking but her voice faded out. The cameras zoomed in on the killer's school picture's face. She wasn't smiling...then the photo turned to reality. An older and better-looking version of the killer appears, now moving. She had thick blondish brown locks with black tips. The lady called Andrea wore a black spitfire hoody with attached black nylon arm bands, and red and black plaid grommet strap pants. It seemed her finger nails were painted black with small white crosses printed upon them. Andrea approached the exit of the nearly dark alley and as she did, she pulled up the hood to her shirt, covering up her long hair. She then bowed her head to the cement and moved slowly down the sidewalk. It was as bright as day--you wouldn't expect someone like a murderer to be walking during the daylight hours but she was. Her fast brown eyes looked at everybody that passed, just to make sure nobody knew who she was. It all went well until a man squinted at her through his glasses. From across the street he began to whisper to a person sitting next to him. Of course, if people noticed her, hate crimes might be pointed at her. She raised a brow to see a hispanic woman talking to a group of hispanic males who looked dangerous. The men stared at her for a moment then began to follow her. Andrea was just out of jail and didn't want anything to do with any other crimes. As a result, she sped up a little bit. The men caught up and were just a few feet behind her, following closely by her heels. But just as they were about to do whatever to her, a hand reached out and pulled her into a different alley. The men walked straight past and didn't see her suddenly disappear.

The person appeared to be a man wearing a BWA shirt. An identification tag hung around his neck: Ralph Schroeder - talent recruiter. He shoved his hands in his pocket then spoke quietly.

Ralph: Your the sweetheart killer, yeah?

Andrea: ...please...don't call me that... please...

She pulled down her hood and sadly looked at the man. He saw her pain and nodded.

Ralph: Okay, Andrea, than.

Andrea: Why'd you help me?

Ralph: because I feel sorry for you. It wasn't your fault that they drove you to insanity.

Andrea: I know, people think of me as a bad person! I hate it.

Ralph: And that's why I want to help you yet again.

Andrea: How?

Ralph: By replacing your reputation of being a released murderer to a dominant female who gets cheered, by everybody.

Andrea: Oh yeah, and how can you do that?

Ralph: Recruiting you to the BWA, of course. I looked through your history and realized you had a brief but strong wrestling training. I met up with some of your trainers and they told me you weren't the kind of girl to shoot up a school and that you were literally free through wrestling. I know wrestling is your passion and you've always wanted to do it. This is your chance to change your reputation, pro wrestling fans don't give a sh*t about somebody's history! Come on, it for yourself. Show people what you can be. Please...

Her heart pounded in her chest thinking about the chance of a lifetime to become famous as a wrestler. Somebody who did MORE with her life than kill 3 "innocent" girls. The Sweetheart Killer sighed, crossed her arms, and looked down. She closed her eyes for a moment.

Andrea: Won't their be hate crimes still channelled against me?

Ralph: Possibly, but that's why there are security guards. To protect the superstars from anybody. You are a fighter anyway, if you faught back it would be self-defense.

Andrea: ANYTHING will make me have the death penalty.

Ralph: Remember who we are, we're a massively rich company, we could pay your way out of jail with a snap of the owner's fingers. Just prove the haters wrong. It's best.

He held out his right hand as to conclude the offering. She hesitated but finally shook his hand. He smiled but Andrea still didn't.

Ralph: We'll make great use of you, I promise. Think of me as a wrestling mentor, I'm here to help.

Part 2

The joining of the infamous Sweetheart Killer was enough to make people's stomach churn but to know that she was actually going to make an appearance at the arena was a little spooky. We see JR and King at ringside. Both have numb emotions on their faces; King's a little more scared.

King: Will this be the first time in history that a female murderer has joined the ranks of a professional wrestling federation?

JR: As far as I know, yes. We should pay respects to her for even having the guts to come out here.

Suddenly a techno style beat hits with the words: such a feelin', such a feelin', killer feelin'... The murderer comes out from the curtains dressed in a black cloak. She stood there with her face buried against the black hood. Maybe she was having second thoughts after all. The crowd quieted and talked amongst themselves. After a few minutes she finally let down her hood, looked into the camera, then evilly smirked. Her eyes weren't brown but a bright yellow color with animated brown waves falling in and out of her pupils. It was an odd sight. The crowd all ready began to cheer...could she actually be a "Lita" style figure and represent all outcasted fans? Maybe she was the kind to gather fans of 13 year old-semi-gothic girls. Nobody knew her future. The sweetheart killer was being cheered and this brought a normal smile to her face. It was probably the first smile she'd had since having wrestling training. Just like Ralph said, it WAS a passion that made her smile. People could just imagine Ralph nodding and smiling, cheering on someone that could possibly be like his adopted daughter. Her parents, after all, probably didn't love her anymore.

Still with the cloak on, Andrea ran down to the ring and rolled in. Once she was on her feet, she stopped and so did her song. Andrea stared across the long tide of the crowd, fluffed up her blond hair a bit, then suddenly ripped off her cloak to reveal...a Sable style outfit! In fact, it might've been an exact replica.

King: Oh my god! Talk about revenge! I guess the sweetheart killer is a killer of tense moments! Might I add she looks better in it than Sable ever could.

JR: I must say, I've experienced revenge and it is sweet.

The trademark cat and whip sound played over the speakers. Usually, the crowd might cheer or boo if Sable came out, but they did neither; Andrea Price was too distracting. After a moment, Sable came out dressed in a usual attention-getter latex outfit. Still...the crowd didn't cheer or boo. As Sable made her way down to the ring, hand on hip, and heels clicking loudly, she looked at the crowd to see that their attention was on the Sweetheart Killer. She made her way into the ring then circled Miss Price like an angry mountain lion. Sable was giving Andrea the "Torrie" treatment: looking over her body. The cat concluded to a simple nod, stepping nose to nose with Andrea. Nobody but Torrie and Andrea knew what Sable's breath smelled like, it could either be of rotten old moth balls or just plainly old-lady style. Sable had some sort of pruned over guts to be staring at a murderer face to face. The older lady reached to possibly pull out Andrea's freaky contacts but she cocked her head. Sable quietly laughed then motioned for a microphone, getting one.

Sable: Now come on Torrie, oops, I mean Andrea Price and let me take out your contacts to see what truth your eyes conceal.

She tried to grab for the contacts again by Price stepped back.

JR: I think Sable better becareful, she is messing with a mentally unstable young woman who has spent long years in jail.

Sable: You are just a silly little girl and have no respect for me; the legend. Maybe I should bring you back to school where I will reeducate you. You did miss your senior year didn't you, little Andy?

Andrea squeezed her fists together, getting angry. Sable said a few more b*tchy comments then finally Andrea lost it. She pulled something out from beneath her fallen cloak. It glinted bright metal in the light: it was a knife.

JR: Oh my god! No!

The murderer raised the knife, security guards ran down to the ring. Sable didn't look scared. The knife was brought down with much force but Sable grabbed Andrea's wrist then twisted the knife out of her hand. A simple clang represented the noise of the knife hitting the mat. Andrea looked down at it.

Sable: That's not how we do things here, sweetheart. You can't kill anybody here. Why can't you do it?

Sable leaned forward, touching Andrea's right ear. She licked it and the crowd cheered. Sable then whispered.

Sable: You just can't...

Andrea: If I can't do that, then I can do this.

She kicked Sable in the stomach then pulled the falcon arrow on her. Sweetheart Killer then crawled up the old lady's body then kissed her cheek.

Andrea: Feel my pain, pay the price.

The crowd immensely cheered and Andrea cackled. She grabbed her knife and cloak then headed off, leaving Sable to rest in pieces.