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.::People Used::.- Gail and Suni Kim
.::People Mentioned::. anybody 
.::Next Match::.- N/A
.::Record::. 0-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Go ahead and use this layout. Try to give me a lil credit.


Suni Kim

High a top a viewful skyscraper stood a small but fit woman with her back to the camera. Her fine black hair whipped in rhythm with the high winds. She wore a tight fitting almost business suit style of attire; black jacket with gray vertical pinstripes and black dress pants also with gray pinstripes. The camera turned to see her face. She stared down at the vastness of the streets below buzzing with excitement and life. Her face was of asian complexion, simple, innocent, and beautiful. Currently though, she had looked perturbed.

On the streets below, another woman nearly the same height and size cruised a sidewalk wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. This woman didn't have black hair however it was more of a dark coffee brown and extremely long. Once the camera caught glimpse of her face it was none other than professional wrestling's Gail Kim. The intoxicating Korean had a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She was happy, for once.

Meanwhile, the other woman was still on the skyscraper. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she jumped off the roof. Was it suicide? Probably not because the black suited woman collided with Gail Kim, knocking Kim to the hard cement sidewalk. The suited lady looked like a perched toad who had gathered a meal as she was propped upon Gail. The crowds of people on the street were startled by her sudden entry on Gail Kim. Others ran while others stayed and watched. The woman removed the red tinted sunglasses that she wore covering up her true feeling. Her simple dark eyes bored into Gail Kim's eyes. She sighed and shook her head, taking one last look at Gail Kim. The suited lady rose to her feet and began to walk away like nothing had happened. Kim wasn't about to let some weirdo pounce without hesitation. Such a fall would've obviously hurt anybody even somebody as fit as Gail. She slowly got up and just before the odd woman turned a corner Gail Kim dropkicked her. The suited crazy woman fell to her face but immediately got up to be met by a fist full of punches by the angered victim. Once enough beaten up, Gail Kim pressed her foot to the woman's throat.

Gail Kim: Who in thee hell are you? What gives you the right to pounce me when I don't even know who you are.

Giving her a little room to breathe the woman spoke up with a sadistic smile latched upon her face.

Crazy Female: I can't believe you don't remember me, Gail.

Gail Kim: Answer my question.

Crazy Female: Suni Kyung-Hee Kim. I'm your sister.

Gail let go of her "sister", lost in deep thought. By the looks of it, she remembered but not enough. She looked up at Suni again.

Gail Kim: Sun sun?

Peace came to Suni's face as she nodded.

Suni Kim: Yeah, I'm glad you remember.

Gail Kim: But, don't think you can get off that easily, girl. What were you thinking when you attacked me!? And where did you attack me from?

Suni Kim: I came from the rooftop (points up) the only way I could get your attention was by doing that. You seem stubborn in your own damn way. Approaching you wouldn't work, I knew you'd look me off as a fan and keep on going to your destination.

Gail Kim: No, I would've listened...while thinking your a mad woman. How does anybody survive a jump like that?

They both looked up and Suni smirked seeing her sister's flabberghasted face. She knew that Gail could never attempt such a jump. After all, she was the more skillful one in the family.

Gail Kim: What do you want from me?

Suni Kim: I want you to help me get into the wrestling business.

Gail Kim: You don't even have any training! How am I supposed to work with that?

Suni Kim: Oh but I do. You would have never known because you were busy leaving your poor sister in the Koreas!

Gail Kim: I've lived in Toronto my whole life, Suni.

Suni Kim: Whatever. That's what they want you to think. (shakes head) Come on, I have training. I'm a better high flyer than you. I've seen you on TV. Your nothin' compared to me.

The sister was fueling Gail's anger and desire. Gail shook her head and crossed her arms. Finally, however, she gave in. The scene faded.


Back from break, the camera is focused on the superstar entranceway. Smoke billows from the stage and "Open up my Eyes" plays. Hearing Gail's theme fans rise to their feet to see the spunky asian luchador chick. She appears from the smoke dressed in a shiny red leather trench coat complete with tails and of course her famous two piece wrestling suit. Gail flings her head downwards, her long hair falls over her face, then she brings it back up. Removing her black sunglasses, she gets on one knee and points to the curtains with both her hands. Out comes her sister Suni dressed nearly the same only in black. Instead of small little shorts she wore black leather pants. Suni then took her red tinted sunglasses off. The sisters high fived eachother with both hands then Suni led the way down to the ring. Once there Gail propped herself up on a turnbuckle as Suni got a mic.

Suni Kim: I'm not known to make things long. So lets keep this short. Yeah, you better believe Gail's my sister. She has my genetics. This makes me just as good, if not better than her. I couldn't stand her fame anymore while wallowing in the background so I pounced for the perfect opportunity to shine. So here I am. You bring on the challenge and I'll bring on the defeat. Kim style.

Gail looked angered by her cruel insults. Suni turned to face her long lost sister, kicked her in the stomach, jumped on the turnbuckle and gave her a peachrana. The crowd mumbled mixed reactions. Suni laughed at Gail and exited the ring...Gail's music playing. The scene ended.

How they were lies to me, now I can see
Given these gifts, I will lead you to me
Leaning your heads on the least agony
I might have to chase you, I shall never free

I opened up my eyes
When they'd open up the door
Set me free, and I might go back for more

(I've got) Something in my heart(in my heart)
Something in my soul(in my soul)
(I've got) Something in this body I must show
I've been waiting all my life
Working dusk till dawn
Follow me and I'll never let you go