Sara: The Dark Damsel

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Sara: The Dark Damsel

Rumbling noises are heard as we see OWF's superstar parking lot. As the noise gets closer, it is apparent that it is a thunderous motorcycle. It comes into view...and it seems its the Undertaker's motorcycle! The fans erupt into cheers then they quiet down once they realize the person behind the dark helmet is someone other than their favorite wrestler. The person drives the bike to a parking spot, far away from any of the other cars. It turns off the vehicle then flips the kickstand. The mysterious rider hopped off the cycle and finally removed the helmet...soft black hair wept across the person's shoulder, it was a female.

JR: Oh my god, I think that's the Undertaker's wife, Sara!

Paul Heyman: The last time I saw her on television was when she was beating the hell out of MY WCW member,DDP, for stalking her.

She was wearing a modified version of Taker's "Big Red Devil" shirt. She was definately skinny but she used the little fat she had to create physical perfection. Just enough so she could get her way out of bad situations. Sara began to walk, her high heeled black boots buried beneath her leather pants clicking on every tender step she took.

JR: We now learned that Sara has something to say, we will return after the break!


After the commercial, we see inside the arena. The cameras pan around to show diva signs like "Torrie and Stacy: Perfect HLA", "I get a Hardy when I see Lita" and some more about Jazz being their dad. Finally the broadcasting tool landed on the beginning entranceway. Yellow lights strobe up to the top of the arena. Eventually "I'm Glad" by J.Lo plays through the arena. On televisons and titantrons we see Sara's video: It shows her modeling, talking to Undertaker, beating up DDP and other people, then talking with divas. Now, the dark bride strides out. People give her great cheers and this brings a nice white grin to her face. She raised one arm in the air and continued down the ramp. Sara rolled beneath the bottom rope and arose to her feet. She didn't dare take Undertaker's "raising arms" taunt since she had more respect for him than that. So she jumped on a turnbuckle and rose both of her arms then her fingers into a "number 1" sign. Sara stops and signals for a microphone. She catches it in the air and speaks.

Sara: Wow, at least one year ago I was in this ring, having Taker protect me against the now retired legend, DDP. I forgive and forget quite a lot and this is one of those times. I must tell you before you go sceptical on me that this time, I'm not here to just stand around as a manager Barbie. This time, I will actually get in the ring. I noticed you all suddenly got quiet. Do you doubt my wrestling abilities? I guess you didn't get to watch me train with the best in the business. Or are you wondering if I lied to you about not wanting spotlight? I still remember when I told interviewers I didn't want to get famous like all the other wrestlers. But I never promised I wouldn't return to the ring, if I did, you wouldn't see me here now. Because I believe a promise is like a gold ring, precious and never ending. Although I'm not AS good as other women wrestlers who have wrestled considerably longer than I have, I'm still working hard at trying to accomplish being the best. Being the best in my view, does not mean getting any championship belts, sure they would help, but its just a piece of gold you wear around your waste. Being the best means you can conquer everyone within your league, maybe even higher than your weight group. Higher than my group would be lightweight male wrestlers. For now, I'll stick with women. Once more ladies decide to join me on my quest to be the best, you'll hear more from me. As for now, I'll be around in the back.

She threw the microphone away then her music played. Sara made her way out of the ring with a good, strong feeling inside of her newest fans