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.::People Used::.- Sara, Undertaker, Big Show, and Jay Briggs
.::People Mentioned::. Lita, Stephanie McMahon, and a little Dan Daniels 
.::Next Match::.- Triple Threat
.::Record::. 1-0-0
.::Special Thanks to::.- deadmanscrypt.com
.::Disclaimer::.- I edited this layout to how I wanted it to look. It took me a very long and frustrating time to create this layout. Please ask me if you wish to use it, then I'll try to make one for you too.


Sara: The Dark Damsel

(This takes place during Easter...)

The new RHW women's champion sat at a rounded oak table. Small containers of paint, white eggs, and other necessary decorations for Easter were spread out across the table. Sara had a colored black egg in her right hand and a fine tipped paintbrush in the other. She had the egg close to her eye and carefully she was painting the odd black egg in red paint. While Sara was working, the camera surveyed the table, looking at the eggs that were drying off. For just a paintbrush and paint the pictures were great: most were RHW superstars' faces fully painted onto the eggs so no white was showing. I guess they ALL were egg heads! Anyway, the camera went back to Sara painting, she had a full red Undertaker symbol; a T with a small X near the bottom of it. Oddly enough, the Dan Daniels egg head got out of the drying container and was laying on the table. Suddenly, a large golden belt dropped to the table, crushing the Dan Daniels egg. The "guts" of the egg slowly dripped across the table. Sara looked up to see Undertaker, not dressed in anything happy and gay for Easter, just same old as usual. She smiled at the Hardcore belt, delicately running her fingers across the "Undertaker" engraving.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Looks like what you said about being intimidating is true. I was just laughing when all you had to do was get the title.

"^Big Red Devil^" Undertaker: I didn't feel it was so funny. I wanted a challenge and I didn't get it. That's not the undertaker's way.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Just be happy that you have it now, who knows who might just suddenly pop up then take away that belt.

This got an evil eye from Undertaker and she winked at him. She tossed the black Undertaker egg at him and he caught it, barely keeping it from being squished between his immense hands.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: You sure can be gentle when you need to be. Don't be that way during your match on Sunday, I'm sure you want to be Scott Steiner's partner right?

With no answer, Taker just tossed the egg back to her and with a swift high kick, she booted the egg to the table. It didn't even crack one bit as it landed! This received Oos and Aahs from the crowd. She grabbed a jelly bean from a near by easter basket and her purse then was about to leave the house when Undertaker spoke up.

"^Big Red Devil^" Undertaker: Who's bike was that in the garage?

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Mine.

^"Big Red Devil^" Undertaker: Where'd you get the money for it?

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: My first pay check from RHW! Isn't it a lovely bike? So much speed, I need speed to be able to live in this world!

A loud "HA!" escaped from her mouth and she waved goodbye to the Lord of Darkness. The Lady of Light stepped out and headed for her bangin' bike. The scene faded to the motorcycle rumblings. It reappeared at a loud and chatting crowd of people. They were all surrounding a straight line of black tables, each table having at least two WWE or RHW superstars at them. The camera panned around the room, some fans held signs like "Sara: the baddest bitch in the yard but the best women's champion!" and "Undertaker and Sara...a match made in hell" It then zoomed up to a middle table, with Sara and ...WWE superstar, Big Show! Even sitting down, Big Show seemed like a total giant next to Sara's petite self. Sara's polished and perfect women's title lied close to her, slightly showing a sparkle to it. Both Big Show and Sara were vigorously signing autographs to meet the fans' needs. Eventually, a special blond haired girl approximately the age of 16 or 17 trotted up to the table. She wore a bandana, a black tube top, and black pants...just like Sara's wrestling attire. Not only that she looked a little like Sara that was special but she had a few tears running down her cheeks. The girl didn't look sad, but so happy to see her favorite superstar that she was joyfully crying. Sara immediately got up from her seat then bent over the table to give the girl a hug. She patted her on the back then rubbed the tears from the girl's face.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: I never knew I had such a loyal fan. You are one of my reasons for being more famous! What's your name?

Girl: My name is Lauren... I-I just have always wanted to meet you. You look so beautiful in real life!

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Ahh Thank you, dear!

Lauren pulled out a poster of Sara in an anime sort of portrait.

Lauren: I wanted you to have this. It's been sitting in my closet for so many years, it took me a long time to paint. I hope you will take it.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Wow, thats great. So much detail, you even put the muscle in my hand! This is wonderful, of course I'll take it! If I ever appear on MTV Cribs, I will make sure to show it. Thank you, dear. Do you have anything for me to autograph?

Lauren nodded then she took out a photograph of Sara's hand being held up after winning the women's championship.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Great picture.

Sara signed away... "Dear Lauren, thank you for being a loyal fan. I hope to see you again. Fans like you just plainly rule. Keep on rooting for the home team! Love, Sara Callaway."

With a giant smile, Sara gave the picture back to Lauren.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: If you want to call me, there's my number and e-mail address.

The camera edited out the number and address. Big Show was laughing in his chair as Lauren moved on. Sara gave him a bad look, crossed her arms, then leaned back in her chair.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: What are you so gay about?

Big Show: I can't believe you actually gave out your number to a fan!

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: At least I have fans, you big, mean, troll you. And you must admit your fans aren't loyal to you because you are heel right now and they all left you.

Big Show: They'll do the same to you once you turn heel, so just shut your mouth.

The shut your mouth didn't go so well with Sara. Anyone else would've passed it off and laughed about it. But this was Sara Callaway. She slowly got out of her chair then turned to face Big Show. A big bitch slap was applied to Big Show's large right cheek. Then, with her high heeled black boot, she kicked him on his heart. Just enough so the chair would fall backward. The crowd in the arena and the fans getting autographs cheered. It also received a reply of applause and whistles from the other superstars. Sara gathered her belt and swung it across her right shoulder.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Nobody messes with Sara and gets away with it. Let that be a lesson to you, the embarassed elephant.

She swung her braided black pig tails behind her shoulder then strutted out of the room. The cameraman hurried to catch up to her in an empty hallway. Jay Briggs, the same one that was a first victim of her bitch slap, ran up to her. He looked scared and made sure to leave room between the both of them.

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Looks like I beat respect into you, huh?

Jay Briggs: Yes, ma'am. What just happened in there?

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: That's what happens to everyone who dares to mess with me. I don't take jokes from people who are bigger than me easily. I just inflicted a little pain that everyone else is too scared to do.

Jay Briggs: I guess you demand respect, much like the Undertaker?

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Yes, respect. Everyone needs to give us respect. It is a good thing Lita took a turn for the good and showed respect after our match. Or she might've gotten an after match beat down. Hopefully, Lita will still be this way. As for Stephanie, like you all know, she has a reputation... delivering bitch slaps to other girls. Girls don't deserve bitch slaps, men do. If another person of the same sex disrespects you it is better to kick their ass than anything. Miss McMahon hasn't done anything to piss me off yet, but I'm just getting ready for when she does.

Jay Briggs: Can you handle yourself in a triple threat match?

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Obviously. I've handled men before, so why can't I handle one lady that I've already beat and another who can't wrestle worth sh*t?

Jay Briggs: Thank you for your time and not hurting me. We understand that you will be making a guest appearance on Regis and Kelly live, correct?

"^Dark Damsel^" Sara: Yep. Trying to promote how damn good I am. It'll be on at 10 AM, so all you slackers, get up early and watch it!

Jay Briggs: We'll be waiting for it, I'm sure.

Sara nodded then strutted down the hall as the scene faded to a promotion for the Regis and Kelly show...

Constant Pressures
No Scale Can Measure
Secret Treasures
Keeps On Getting Better
Do You Wanna Roll With Me?
We Can Go To Foreign Lands Your Hand In My Hand
Do You Wanna Ride With Me?
We Can Be Like Bonnie & Clyde
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