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.::People Used::.- Sara and Undertaker
.::People Mentioned::. Lita and a little Goldberg 
.::Next Match::.- Fatal Fourway for the Women's title
.::Record::. 0-0-0
.::Special Thanks to::.- deadmanscrypt.com
.::Disclaimer::.- I edited this layout to how I wanted it to look. It took me a very long and frustrating time to create this layout. Please ask me if you wish to use it, then I'll try to make one for you too.


Sara: The Dark Damsel

(I got permission from the Undertaker's handler to use him in this post)

.::It is approximately high noon, maybe even past, because we see out of a window, a large yard with a swimming pool, a few dogs running around, and the sun way up high in the sky. Inside the room with the window, was Sara, laying on a bed. Her eyes were shut and it seemed she was in a calm, relaxed sleep. Sara's long dark hair cascaded over the white pillow. It looked like a slumbering angel until her peaceful rest was interrupted by a tall figure looming over her. The camera focused in and it was the Undertaker, a blank look on his face. He rubbed his neat, reddish brown beard. This slight movement made Sara's eyes slowly move open. Seeing a man well over six feet with tattoos plastered all over his arms, would've scared a normal woman. But Sara wasn't just an ordinary lady she was the Deadman's mistress and loved him dearly. Sara gave a sleepy smile as Undertaker spoke.::.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: We didn't even have a debut party and you sleep this long. If you want to win that title you've got to get up earlier than this.

.::Sara sat up in the bed, her arms behind her for support.::.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: I had a dream that I won the title then became the first female president so of course I didn't want to wake up.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: Welcome to the real world, Sara, where that stuff doesn't happen.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: -jokes- so when did you turn sexist? Who knows maybe after winning the women's title I will go on to be the first female president!

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: And have Lita as your vice president, Trish as your head of defense, and Stacy as your secretary of state?

.::Sara playfully shoved Undertaker and he smirked. Undertaker left the room, saying one last thing::.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: Hurry up, I wanna get to the gym so I can prepare for my match.

.::Sara made an "is he crazy" face and spoke to herself while pushing the blankets away then rising to her feet::.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: Yeah, like he needs to work out. He's already big enough...

.::She sighed and silently wished she were just a bit more stronger. Sara rubbed her face, grabbed some clothes, then left the room as the scene ended. The next part began with Sara and Undertaker walking into the check-in lobby of the gym. Sara was redressed in a pair of long black sweatpants with a white stripe down each side of the legs, black boots, tied up wrist bands, and a black headband. Undertaker was dressed in work out clothes too. He checked in for the both of them, the clerk smiling, constantly looking into the camera, and asking for an autograph. Both of them signed a Burger King napkin, since he had nothing to write on.::.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: I'll be where all the lifting weight equipment is, so if you need me just yell.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: Okay, don't get yourself into too much trouble!

.::Sara pecked up on the cheek and watched him leave. She straightened out her pony tail then did a "proud" walk, seeing how most of the people at the gym were much more bigger muscle and height wise. Eventually she reached a mirrored room with a few large punching bags spread around. But those were the only things occupying the room, besides herself. Sara started stretching her legs and arms, doing positions that probably only contortionists could do. One including doing a bridge then flipping backwards to stand back on her feet. She stopped her stretching after five minutes. Sara began the real training; punching and kicking bags. Uppercuts, jabs, high kicks, and low kicks were all apart of the deadly dark damsel's routine. After a long period of this, the setting was unchanged until a man who looked to be the helpful gym trainer slid his way into the room. He wasn't trying to sneak up behind Sara, but it seemed that way because the mistress didn't even notice him. The man just leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, watching her. He then decided to interact by catching one of her high kicks in mid air. Sara was suprised with fear and her natural "protecting" instinct came out. With an "RVD" like move, she stepped over his grasp then round house kicked him to the matted floor. Sara jumped on top of him then monkey flipped him away. Finally her instinct came to an end, by standing on his neck. She realized who he was.::.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you.

Trainer: It is my fault for not giving you any warning that I was there. If you've got that good of reflexes, you should do perfectly fine in your next match at Beatings for the women's championship.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: I hope these moves pull through and help me win. What an honor that'd be to be awarded the Women's belt. Then Taker and I would both me champions.

Trainer: How do you know that Taker will-

.::Suddenly from out of nowhere, Undertaker hovered above the man.::.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: If you ever do that to my wife again you will be answering to me. And were you about to question if I'd win or not? Of course I'll win, I've got a lot of damn better experience than the rest of those a$$holes have.

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: You do have a point, you are just going against an overgrown ogre with tics and someone who hasn't been made famous yet!

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: I'll make both of the idiots famous come Sunday. Just like you will make those girls famous?

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: Umm sure, but Mark, they are already famous. I'm going to have to work at making myself famous!

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: Nah, you are already famous, being this deadman's wife.

Trainer: I have to agree, you are famous.

.::Undertaker looked down at him again::.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: It is funny how easily I can strike fear into people who feel I am intimidating by just a few words. Anyway, get out of here son, if it's anyone thats going to be touching my wife it is going to be me!

.::He pushed the trainer to the door and shoved him out, slamming the door shut. Taker restarted the conversation.::.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: Did you see Lita's response?

^"Dark Damsel"^ Sara: Definately respectful, which is nice because I didn't expect anything below respect from Lita. She even said you will win. Her philosophies are the same as mine and if both of us were living in Roman times I think we'd be called Emperors.

^"Big Red Devil"^ Undertaker: Right. Well back to training.

.::"I'm Glad" played in the background as the scene faded to Undertaker showing Sara blocking moves.::.

I'm glad when I'm makin love to you
I'm glad for the way you make me feel
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind every time
I'm glad when you walk you hold my hand
I'm happy that you know how to be a man
I'm glad that you came into my life
I'm so glad