"T h e F u t u r e" <div align="center"><center> <table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="659" bgcolor="white" bordercolor="black"> <tr> <td bordercolor=""><p align="center"><img src="http://img22.exs.cx/img22/1509/futurebanner14sk.jpg" width="604" height="180"> </p> <DIV align=center style="width: 608; height: 67"> <p align="center"><select class="combobox" style="font-size: 8pt; color: white; font-family: Trebuchet MS; list-style-type: circle; background-color: darkblue; text-align: center; border: 1pt solid #000000; margin-left: 0px" tabIndex="0" onchange="if(options[selectedIndex].value){location = options[selectedIndex].value}" size="1" name="info"> <option selected>|[ Career & Event Information ]|</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Win- 01</option> <option>Lose   - 000</option> <option>Draw     - 000</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Role-Play Number :</option> <option># 002</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Next Event :</option> <option>Mayhem</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Match Information :</option> <option>Stipulations - #1 Cont. for X-Title</option> <option>Championship - None</option> </select> <select class="combobox" style="font-size: 8pt; color: white; font-family: Trebuchet MS; list-style-type: circle; background-color: darkblue; text-align: Center; border: 1pt solid #000000; margin-left: 0px" tabIndex="0" onchange="if(options[selectedIndex].value){location = options[selectedIndex].value}" size="1" name="info"> <option selected>|[Career Achievements ]|</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Championships :</option> <option>None</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Honours :</option> <option>None</option> <option>---------</option> <option>Other :</option> <option>None</option> <option>---------</option> </select>  <select class="combobox" style="font-size: 8pt; color: white; font-family: Trebuchet MS; list-style-type: circle; background-color: darkblue; text-align: center; border: 1pt solid #000000; margin-left: 0px" tabIndex="0" onchange="if(options[selectedIndex].value){location = options[selectedIndex].value}" size="1" name="info"> <option selected>|[ Taken into The Future ]|</option> <option>---------</option> <option>T-Dawg</option> <option>---------</option> <option>The Rock</option> <option>---------</option> </select></p><img src=http://img22.exs.cx/img22/7176/futurebanner29hw.jpg width=643 height=50> <p> <div align="center"><font color=darkblue><font size=1><font face=verdana><b> The show fades back from a commercial break. The scene fades to The Future's locker room. He is putting his things away, like his apparel, extra clothes, and other stuff like that. Then Future leaves his locker room and heads off to the "main" living-type room in the back of the arena. This is where the wrestlers relax, eat and drink beverages, and watch TV, and basically, just hang out. So anyway, Future heads off to this place, and while walking down the hallway, he greets the crew people and some fellow wrestlers. Hey, there goes by Vince Russo, and all of his hairyness. And look, its...ohhhhh....its Diamond Dazzler. Future sure likes how she is looking tonight. But he quickly looks away when he sees that her boyfriend, Powerhouse, is right behind her. Then goes by Tsunami and Kurt Angle. Future just walks by laughing, thinking about how ridiculous and un-talented those guys are. But anyway, he finally reaches the room, and walks to the lunch table. He grabs the tuna sandwich and pours out a plastic cup of Sprite. Most of the tables are already taken, expect one, where someone is sitting at, but there is an empty seat from across from them at the table. The man that is sitting there by himself is pHw Legend, Edge. Future walks over, and without asking, sits down across from Edge. He starts unwrapping his tuna sandwich. He begins eating it, as Edge looks on.<p> [{Edge}} Who the hell are you?<p> [{The Future}} Im The Future. You're Edge, right?<p> [{Edge}} Thats right. And what brings you here kid? Your dad give you VIP passes or something? Im guessing you want an autograph then...<p> [{The Future}] Woah woah woah, hold on there skipper. I dont want an autograph. And I sure as hell wasnt given any VIP passes by my dad! Dont you know? Im a wrestler here! Im a newcomer. Just one my first match, and hopefully going to win my second one!<p> [{Edge}} You're a wrestler? Oh, sorry man. You didnt look like one to me. Hope you aint mad or anything...<p> [{The Future}} Nah man, its cool. I get this kind of shit often around here. I mean I aint 5'4, but because of my not being so muscular and only 6'1, people think Im just a fan orsomething. Plus, being white and like this doesn't help either.<p> [{Edge}] Ha, well, you are right about that. It doesn't help, now does it? But anyway, who you fightin' in your match?<p> [{The Fututre}} The Undertaker. Its for the number one contendership for the X-treme championship, too.<p> [{Edge}] Damn, well good luck to you bro. That Taker is one big and strong guy. Think you can handle all that?<p> [{The Future}] Yeah, I think I can. Like I said before, he may be bigger, and stronger, more powerful, and all that other stuff, but Im quicker, faster, more in motion, and well, as I like to think, smarter and "wittier". as well. And to tell you the truth, I think that Taker is one dumb motherfucker. But I gotta watch what I say, because who knows. If I turn the corner in about 5 minutes, I could walk right smac dab into Taker's brother, Kane, and get my ass broken in half by a chokeslam on this here concrete.<p> [{Edge}] Yeah dude, you're right. I've seen those two just flat out DESTROY their opponents in the past. But I hope that doesn't happen to you kid. Because I like you. You are confident, but not cocky. And you know what you are getting yourself into. I hope this match goes well for you.<p> [{The Future}} Damn, thanks man. That means a lot coming from you and all. But anyway, I gotta go. See ya later man.<p> [{Edge}} Aight man, catch you later. Good luck.<p> The Future takes the rest of his lunch and gets up from the table. He throws out his trash in the garbage can by the lunch table and then walks out the room, entering the hallway. He walks down the hallway and starts walking to his locker room. Once he reaches it, he hears loud music coming from the inside of the room, as he stands outside the room. He opens the door, and finds his stereo blasting loud music, with a man with semi-long hair going crazy in his room. Future just looks with disbelief and runs into the room. He dodges the man's movements and quickly turns off the stereo. The man then stops, with his hair all messed up, and looks at The Future.<p> [{Man}] Hey man, put that back on!<p> [{The Future}] Why should I? I dont even know who the fuck you are!<p> [{Man}} Why, Im Mauler. I wrestler in the pHw too.<p> [{The Future}] Oh, well, Im The Future. I just got here, and I got a match...wait...back to the point. Why the hell are you in my room, and why are you blasting this crap music through my already old stereo with the blown out speakers! Your gonna mess it up even more!<p> [{Man}] Sorry man, but I looked everywhere until I found a stereo in this god damn place. Mine's speakers were messed up, so I looked and looked, and the first stereo that I found that worked was yours. And plus, that isnt crap music ! Its great music! Listen to the lyrics and you'll love it!<p> [{The Future}} Listen to the lyrics?! I cant even make out a word the guy says! How do you expect me to try to understand that stuff!<p> [{Man}] I dont know, maybe you need hearing aids or something. Not my fault you cant hear.<p> [{The Future}] Ok dawg, dont even start trying to say shit about me. All I ask you to do is just leave my locker room right now. And here, take this with you.<p> The Future goes to his bag and grabs two CD's from his dirty duffle bag. He walks over to Mauler and hands him the CD's.<p> [{The Future}] There, take those. Thats 2Pac "All Eyez On Me", and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I forgot the album name. But just take those, and then you will start enjoying REAL music.<p> [{Man}] Ok, but you're gonna have to keep my CD for a little while, and atleast TRY to listen to it. If I gotta do it with your music, you gotta do it with my music.<p> [{The Future}} Alright, fine. Just leave now, please. I gotta take a shower.<p> [{Man}] Yeah, you do smell kinda bad. Try Erbal Esences. Does WONDERS for the hair. But wait, you dont have much hair, now do--<p> [{The Future}] Just fucking leave!<p> Mauler heads towards the door and leaves. The Future just shakes his head and takes a deep breath. He then takes off his shirt and walks into the bathroom, then closing the door behind him, as the show fades to a commercial break.<p> ________________________________________________________________________________<p> <marquee>Commercial Break...</marquee><p> ________________________________________________________________________________<p> The show comes back from commercial break. It is still The Future's locker room. But he is still in the bathroom. About two minutes later, the door to the bathroom opens, and out walks The Future. Steam slowly flows out of the bathroom, due to the use of hot water. The Future is already in a pair of jeans, and boots. He walks over to his bag and grabs out of it a yellow shirt. He puts it on, and then grabs a yellow hat off of his drawer in the corner of the room. He puts it on and then puts the duffle bag away. He puts on some old, silver jewelry, not very valuable at all. Its even a wonder he has any jewelry. The Future opens the door to his locker room and steps out into the room, closing the door behind him. He starts walking down the hall, and makes a couple of turns into different halls, and finally reaches the backstage area. He reaches the backstage part of the main stage entrance, and walks up the metal steps. He then walks down the long, dark tunnel, and soon reaches a pair of curtains hanging in front of him. The Future's music hits the speakers as he goes through the curtains and walks onto the stage. There are some cheers as The Future stands on the stage. But he doesnt taunt or anything. He just walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He grabs a microphone from the nearest place, and then walks to the middle of the ring. He looks around, and then starts to talk with the microphone to his mouth.<p> <img src=http://www.eminemonline.com/eminemgallery/images/143.jpg><p> [{The Future}] Trying to make it win number two. Trying to continue a winning streak. And also, trying to end the shortlived success of The Undertaker, and his brother, Kane. See, both of these guys seem not to like me very much. But it seems as though Kane is the one who dislikes me more. yeah, its pretty safe to say that. I mean, the guy's punching in walls the shape of my head and practically sucking his brother's duck so that he can fight me! Dawg, what have I done to you? I know...you're racist! Oh wait, you're white too. But Im trying to figure out why you hate me so much. Is it the way I dress? Or the way I talk? Or the things I say? What can I change to make you less angry Kane? Because we dont want you mad, now do we? If you get angrier we might have to strap you up and put you in a jumpsuit, then place you in a room with a metal door. Maybe you can release of of your anger in there and hopefully at the same time, get some help! We're here for you Kane, whatever you need, whenever you need it, we're here for you. Right guys?<p> The Future takes the mic a little further away from his mouth and puts his hand nect to his ear, as the crowd kind of laughs and screams "YEAH!"<p> <img src=http://www.eminemonline.com/eminemgallery/images/144.jpg><p> The Future then chuckles along with the crowd. But soon after the chuckle, he brings the microphone back up to his mouth and begins to speak.<p> [{The Future}] Anyway, Kane is not the main worry. Kane is just a buddy of my opponent. A brother. But The Undertaker is the actual guy Im fighting. And let me just begin to tell you guys...The Undertaker is so wrong and just so unbelieveable on SO many levels! First, he says he will defeat "the average, white rapper wannabe". But hey, dawg, I think you need to look over your facts and read my autobiograhy just one more time, because I dont know if you know or if anyone has told you yet, but Im not a rapper! I never sold an album or anything. Yeah, I rapped growing up. Thats how I got out of the struggle. But I didnt go big on rapping or anything? So what the fuck you talking about man? Why do people always get shit twisted about me. I aint a wannabe either! Im not striving to be a rapper! Yeah, its a fun thing to do, and a good hobby. But you dont see me standing here reciting some verse from a song I wrote or something! Im standing here, in this ring, because I wanna be here to wrestle! Thats what I strive to do! Wrestle, and ecnourage myself to excell in wrestling and gain success! Im not here to through out punches through my lyrics, but with my own fists, and I gurantee that a lot of you will end up hitting ya face! Yeah, tahts right, you heard right! I didnt wanna start talking shit too much, but when guyz like you piss me off, I cant help it. Especially when they are so ignorant and so cocky! I dont think I have ever met or seen a wrestler in this buisness all my life, even while watching it on TV growing up, or in my real life...anyone else like you. I dont like saying shit like this, but I think I can truly say this, and many others will agree with me, that you need a bitch slap and a good motherfucking beating to get your cocky ass to realize you aint' that good and that you need to shut up!<p> The Future stops to regain his breath and gain his composure, as some fans cheer. He then starts to talk again...<p> <img src=http://www.eminemonline.com/eminemgallery/images/142.jpg><p> [{The Future}] Also, it angers me that The Undertaker seems to not really care for or worry about this match. Because I dont know if anyone else notices, but ever since this match ahs been announced and made official, he seems to talk about Wrestlemania more than the actual match between us. Its like, he has absolutly no worries and thinks he will without a doubt beat me in this match. So he acts as though he has already beaten me. And everyone who ahs seen him knows what Im talking about. He keeps talking about how he's going to Wrestlemania and how he will beat the X-Treme Champion and become the champion, when he still has to beat me! And as you can obviously see, that is something The Undertaker has definently overlooked. But I'll suprise him. And I'll like doing so. Because I have been underestimated SO many times in my life that I dont think I can even count. But in the end, Id end up being victorious in whatever I was stuck with or dealing with, and this match will be no exception. I believe, I wont PIN The Undertaker, or make him submit. No, but I think I'll just straight up KNOCK HIM OUT. Pretty bold statement by a guy like me, right? Unproven rookie, going up against a guy like The Undertaker. But I believe if I win, I will very much do that. I will knock The Undertaker out and leave him flat on his back, motionless, bleeding, battered, and bruised. I say this, because The Undertaker is so slow, and Im so quick and fast for him, that I'll just open up the match with a quick, but critical hit. May be with a sledgehammer, or a 2 by 4. Hell, maybe even a steel chair! I dont know. I dont really care to tell you the truth. But I am very certain that I will keep beating down, and beating down, and beating down, and beating down on The Undertaker, until he can no longer even move. I'll probably be mentally and physically drained the most i have ever been when its all done and over, but no matter what, I will win. And my performance wont sure as hell look like that Frog''s guy's! The guy who fought Undertaker and who got destroyed by Taker. Yeah, that dude. I sure as hell wont look like that or get the shit beat out of me like that. But its funny, because I know why Taker and Kane set this up. Now think about it...Taker knows that he isn't actually that good. Yeah sure, he's big and all that crap, but he cant really straight up wrestle, or keep up with a lot of these other guys in the pHw who are faster than him. So he thought, who he could set up to destroy so he would look good. That he would look like a freaking unstoppable monster against. So they brought in some guy from the minor wrestling federations or something. No I think this was just a little bit unfair for the Frog guy, dont you think? I mean, the experienece is even in favor of Taker, if you dont count all the other categories that The Undertaker wins easily. So I dont know how this set-up match proves anything besides that Taker cant beat any real wrestlers, only washedk up ones, really bad rookies, or some minors. I mean, I wouldnt be suprised if the Frog guy lost and got beat up on purpose, to make Taker look good. He was probably payed off or something!<p> The Future pauses for a brief moment, and then continues to speak.<p> [{The Future}] Anyway, the point of all this is that Im gonna be fighting The Undertaker for a very important shot at the Xtreme title. So Taker, believe or not, Im Warning YOU. Of what? Just of me. Not of an ass beating, not of a destruction, or anything of that nature. Because I know, know matter what I say or what anyone else says, no matter how bad at wrestling you are and how much lack of skill you have, you are still about close to 300 pounds heavier than me, and about a foot taller than me. But remember, the dominant, big guy doesn't always win. Cinderalla stories have occured, and several "David and Golliaths" have occured. And I feeling that another one of those will take place during this match. I feel it through my legs, arms, bones, muscles, everything! I feel it all over me. Im more ready than ever for this match. Because if I beat The Undertaker, I get to go to the highest stage in the wrestling industry and in buisness. I can be a name highlighting a Wrestlemania match. That thought gives me chills right down my back. And I promise all who are watching me right now and all who watch me fighting and battling in this match, if I do beat The Undertaker and move on to Wrestlemania...I will not lose. Quote that, mark my words, do whatever the hell you want. But that is a promise. And I can swear my life on it, that its a promise I will not brake. So until the time comes Taker, until the time we meet in this very ring. Until the time we stare into each other's eyes, and see fear, drive, and all other kinds of emotions in each other. Until then...see ya latter...and get ready...because as I said before...The Future is here, and it's Era, is very close, to beginning...<p> The Future's music hits the PA System as he drops the microphone. He then exits the ring and heads to his locker room as the show fades to a commercial break.<p> <marquee>Commercial break...</marquee> </b> <p></font></a></p> </td> </font></a></p> </td> </td> </tr> </table> </center></div></td> </tr> </table> </center></div> </body> </html>