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.::Scene 1::.
Party Pooper in the Pool

Phoenix, Arizona, a place that during the summer the temperature easily rises above 100 degrees. We now see the city with terrible dry heat. There are few spots to go in Phoenix to cool off, besides public buildings, but one place that is popular with the residents of Phoenix are swimming pools. There is a rather large rectangular swimming pool, the water obviously a cool sea blue color with a few bugs and leaves floating around. The only swimmer in the pool was a woman, normal-sized but nicely built with a couple protruding arm muscles. Her stomach was filled with a four-pack, not so large that her stomach seemed steroid fake but just enough to enhance her look. She was wearing a black bikini that matched her long dark brown hair. Her eye color was unknown because brown tinted sunglasses shielded her eyes. The woman was sprawled out on a blue water mattress and she seemed relaxed as time passed her by. Suddenly, a man with black trunks on ran towards the pool then cannon balled in. He was pretty good sized so his impact made waves fly into the air then slap the brown haired woman off her mattress then into the water. She quickly resurfaced, her hair now matted upon her face. The chick looked angry as she looked around with her coffee brown eyes (because her sunglasses came off and were elsewhere) for the evildoer. Her eyes landed upon the brown haired, nearly good-looking man who was smiling at her as he floated on his back. She swam closer to him then spoke.

Man: Hey Mel, what are you up to?

"Mel": Kicking somebody's ass...

Man: Huh? Who?

"Mel": Yours.

She grabbed him then pulled him over to the edge of the pool, where she then threw him out of the water and onto the poolside cement. He looked around trying to figure what was going on. Meanwhile, Mel hopped out of the pool, water dripping down her, creating a cascading sexy effect. She growled then brought him to his feet. Mel flung a right punch at his cheek, a kick to his stomach, then a boot to his nards. She proceeded to suplex him into the pool. Once he recovered his bearings and spit out some water, Mel swam face to face with him and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

Man: Whoa! One minute you hate me and the next you love me! PMS?

"Mel": Never disturb me while I'm in a calm state even you know better than that, Rob.

She was just getting out of the pool when another person approached. It was a tall female with a light black skin color. Her hair wasn't curly but straight and fell past her shoulders. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and dark denim short shorts along with flip flop sandals. The woman leaned against the black metal fence that outlined the pool. She had on a mirthy smile.

Lady: haha, Melanie loses her temper again. To somebody that I don't know?

Melanie: His name is Rob; he came to the apartments a few days ago. Just a new guy enjoying his bachelor pad. I remember when we were like that...

Melanie smirked and thought about the good ole days. Soon, Rob was out of the pool shaking the onlooker's hand.

Lady: My name is Cloud Carter; once you get to know me you can call me CiCi. But I can tell you are just a guy looking for a one-night stand. I don't like people like that. All you need to know about me is that I have a temper like Melanie. I am not the person to mess around with unless you can tell that I understand your joking.

Melanie and Cloud surrounded Rob, getting too close for comfort. Cloud looked down at Rob; Miss Carter's height probably reached near six feet. Both the girls scowled at him, their eyes telling a story of what they had to go through to get respect. Rob obviously didn't move because he was frozen with fear. He gulped and that ended the silence.

Melanie: Get outta here and go masturbate somewhere.

He trotted away; Cloud gave him a kick in the ass so he hurried even quicker. Once he was out of sight, they talked amongst themselves.

Melanie: Nothing like ye ol' initiation!

Cloud: Yeah, but its time to get serious. A letter came for you in the mail today...

Melanie: Oh sh*t...what kind of letter.

Cloud: It stated bad news.

Mel bowed her head and sadly looked at the cement.

Cloud: It's best if you read it yourself.

Melanie nodded and from her pocket, Cloud pulled out a white envelope that had already been opened. Mel and the camera looked at where the letter was from. In the corner was "Desire Championship Wrestling" with the address of the headquarters also. Mel slowly took the letter out and unfolded it. She looked it over for a second then she realized that it wasn't bad news at all. It was good news that said something about being accepted to the fed! Melanie screamed then looked up from the letter to see Cloud laughing her ass off.

Melanie: Aaah! You stupid ho, you actually made me sad for a minute there!

Mel shoved CiCi a little too hard for Cloud stumbled backward then into the pool. She laughed at Cloud then bounced up and down in joy. Melanie read part of it out loud.

Melanie: Your tag team has been accepted, the team of Melanie Jason and Cloud Carter will be flown to New Orleans where you will make a debut in front of a live audience on Biocide! There are even two plane tickets here! We can finally get out of this hellhole and make a name for ourselves!

Engulfed in happiness, Melanie J drops the letter then flips into the pool with a splash as the scene fades.

.::Scene 2::.
Making a Debut

The camera pans the New Orleans arena where Biocide will be held. It then switches to the back of the arena where superstars enter and exit. A fugly extremely old station wagon pulls up. It was the kind of vehicle that you would expect old people to get out of but it surprised everyone when Melanie and Cloud hopped out. They didn't even have to park the piece of crap mobile because the engine quit. Mel kicked the bumper angrily but Cloud stopped her from doing any more damage.

Cloud: Hey, settle down, we are supastars now. We don't have to worry about this junk. DCW will pay for it.

Melanie nodded and smirked. They locked arms and accompanied eachother into the building. We now see JR and King at ringside. King has his grin on and JR had on his lopsided smile.

King: I can't get enough of these puppies. A puppy tag team! Wow! I love the idea.

JR: These aren't just beautiful ladies but they also strike like snakes. I've actually had the pleasure of seeing them grow up in the ring. They've got all kinds of styles to their name including technical and rough neck. I can't wait to see them in the ring, wrestling.

Golden lights flicker for a moment and smoke billows up from the stage. Soon "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child plays then Melanie jives out, bouncing to the music. She gets on one knee and points to the curtains as Cloud struts out now wearing huge golden hoop earrings, a white peasant top, and a smooth tan mini skirt. Melanie matched Cloud's outfit with a tan midriff top and long tan cargo pants burying her black boots. Miss Carter caught up with Miss Jason and they hooked arms again and escorted eachother down to the ring to a chorus of wolf whistles and cheers. The male fans applauded anything in sports entertainment that even closely resembled lesbianism, obviously. MJ and CiCi were not lesbians, just best friends.

Lilian Garcia: From Phoenix, Arizona, now debuting Melanie Jason and Cloud Carter!

The duo smiled at their names being spoken on live TV. Cloud got the microphone from Lilian then handed it to Melanie. Cloud sat on the middle rope, ready to listen to what she had to say.

Melanie: I've trained very hard for a moment like this. It annoys me to hell and back that federations don't notice talent. Thankfully this is a smart one that finally noticed CiCi and I. Now that we are official superstars, we plan to bring you divine entertainment. Not just some cheap ho who is purely eye candy and just a manager. Personally, though, I will go as far as possible to entertain the crowd. Even if I have to strip down to my underwear. It's hard to find people these days that can wrestle well and be beautiful. Hopefully both of us will be these two critical things.

Mel passed the mic onto Cloud. She rose to her feet then smiled and spoke.

Cloud: I think Melanie said it all, but as a final word, we are both willing to wrestle female AND males, as a tag team or independently. We are not scared and to prove it, we are putting out a challenge. You can challenge both of us or just one of us. Either is fine. We'll be waiting. Meanwhile, MJ and I have to figure out a tag team name...

CiCi furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think of something. Finally, with a wave of goodbye, Melanie and Cloud exited the ring.

.::Scene 3::.
The Perfect Name

Melanie and Cloud are sitting in their locker room around a small round table. They were both sitting back and looking bummed out. A list was in front of them with possible names for their tag team; all the names currently on the list were crossed out. CiCi leaned forward and strummed her fingers across the table while looking at the list.

Cloud: Hey, wait a minute. Do you remember that old small faction in the WWF between Jacqueline and Terri?

Melanie: Yeah, what was it called...uhh?

Cloud: Pretty Mean Sisters!

Melanie: Now I remember!

Cloud: They didn't take sh*t from any person. We are like them. I think we should be called the PMS. It describes us perfectly.

Melanie: Definitely. Pretty Mean Sistas it is. There's nothing like bringing history back to the future.

Cloud wrote PMS on the list then circled it a few times over. The picture then disappeared.