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.::People Used::.- Frosty Rimes, Ted Diablo, and some men
.::People Mentioned::. slightly Cool J 
.::Next Match::.- Frosty Rimes vs Cool J
.::Record::. 0-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Just don't use this without my consent ;)


Frosty Rimes

"Her heart--is given him, with all its love and truth. She would joyfully die with him, or, better than that, die for him. She knows he has failings, but she thinks they have grown up through his being like one cast away, for the want of something to trust in, and care for, and think well of. . . . " -Our Mutual Friend

[ There stood the winter queen herself, Frosty Rimes, paused upon a frozen panoramic winter-lake. She was a silent recluse standing upon a ceaseless, everlasting ocean of whispering summer time memories gilded within the boundaries of the thick ice. The sky was a sick white; painted with clouds, no sun brightened the day, for it was winter. The time of milky pallid picturesque scenery was draping the land. It was likely Ms. Rimes's enjoyed the time of simple beauty. Else she wouldn't be standing outside quietly letting her leather trench coat wail in the wind. The camera slowly zoomed in. Frosty slowly breathed, dark wisps accompanying her every breath. Her light eyes darted from one side to the other, possibly watching something. The camera met her gaze to see two grown men striding onto the ice at the way end of the lake…likely a half a mile away. They both had snowmobiles at their side, ready for a day of winter recreation. ]

Frosty Rimes

[ She uttered softly to herself. Almost as if she predicted the future, one of the men hopped on his snowmobile, and rode out to thin ice. He was met by a crack then he and his snowmobile dissolved through to the icy prison. The other man hurried to the hole in the ice and screamed for him. To no avail, there was absolutely no reply from the drowning man. The vigilante felt it was her duty to save this man. Quickly, she sprinted over to the man screaming for his drowning partner. Frosty gave the man no answers, threw off her leather trench coat, and dived into the watery grave. Time was of essence and when the time lingered longer, hope was lost for the man. His face became sweaty and haggard. The man got to his feet and slowly walked away, totally mortified. Just as he was turning to leave and get more help, the man surfaced on a different hole, very close to the one where he junctured with the icy hell. However, there was no Frosty Rimes that appeared with the slightly breathing body. The man hurried to the body and thanked god that he was still breathing. Meanwhile, Frosty suddenly appeared behind the thankful man. Her short hair was plastered on her face, her clothes were wrecked and drenched but she was expressionless. The man looked up to Frosty Rimes with amazed eyes. ]

Man Are you…are you an angel?

Frosty Rimes
…If you believe in angels as I do, then yes, I am. Take heed and spread the word, the white queen is not hostile towards society but society is hostile towards me. Deliver this news to the police when they arrive. Sleep well, for I will keep an eye on you.

[ Rimes placed a cold hand on the man's shoulder. He shivered under her touch, a touch of reassuring comfort. She then headed off and disappeared into the fog as that scene faded with a look of awe still lingering on the man's face. It was all in a day's work for Frosty Rimes. ]

[ Reappearing comes Frosty Rimes, a vacant expression still commencing on her face. She is a bit dryer but still has frozen fragments icicled upon her skin and hair. Frosty lagged lethargically up a snowy sidewalk, broken down buildings to her right. It seemed to be the city she was previously overlooking except now she was below the perplexing skyscrapers. It was night, but people still roamed the streets on foot and in car because this was obviously a part of town that refused to close its eyes in fear of being murdered. Nearly all of the people that passed her on the sidewalk recognized her with respect and said hello. They knew her as a protector who would attempt to be anywhere where an innocent suffered. Just as she elapsed a darkened alley, a cop car inched towards her. Frosty turned her eyes to the cop car and sped up her walk. A large arm reached from the dark alley and pulled her into the shadows. Who wouldn't be startled when grabbed and pulled into a dangerous alley? A hand was swathed over her mouth to keep her quiet. The cop car slid by the alley and Rimes went unnoticed. The burly hand was removed. ]

Frosty Rimes
Excuse me, but I do not tolerate an evildoer.

[ Frosty threw her right fist forward, aiming for where she believed the rescuer's face was. A deep male voice protested. ]

Whoa! Frosty, it's me!

Frosty Rimes
And how am I supposed to know who "me" is?

[ Another punch was launched. The alley lightened up and there was Frosty, being held against Ted Diablo, who had a Zippo lighter in his right hand. Frosty tipped her head up to see the seven footer. ]

Ted Diablo
You can really fight when you want to. I feel sorry for Cool J.

Frosty Rimes
So do I, but what must happen is what must happen. I will inflict an abuse upon him that he hasn't felt before. If I find him worthy, it shall be a respectable defeat. What makes you come to my winter wonderland and to my rescue?

Ted Diablo
That needs no answer; all that matters is that I saved you twice from coppers. How are you ever going to repay me?

[ There was obviously a hint of flirt in both their voices. ]

Frosty Rimes
I'll watch your back and be the best partner you've ever had.

[ She took a step forward out of his grasp and turned to face him. Frosty pulled his head toward her and gave him a delicate kiss on the lips. The white queen pulled back from the kiss and let the repercussions take effect. He stood at his whole height for a moment and exhaled a winter breeze. Odd snowflakes also followed his exhaling breath, it was strange. ]

Ted Diablo
You've got a cool kiss…

Frosty Rimes
I've always gotten that. I never have understood why my kiss is "enchanted."

[ Frosty smiled and her eyes twinkled. Her eyes told the story of long nights and a burning desire. Without another word spoken, Diablo drew his arm around her cold, wet shoulder and they galumphed away through the alley. The scene ended. ]