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.::People Used::.- Frosty Rimes and some cops
.::People Mentioned::. Ted Diablo 
.::Next Match::.- Frosty Rimes vs Cool J
.::Record::. 0-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Just don't use this without my consent ;)


Frosty Rimes

"A child! When was I a child? What childhood did you ever leave to me? I was a woman - artful, designing, mercenary, laying snares for men - before I knew myself, or you, or even understood the base and wretched aim of every new display I learnt. You gave birth to a woman. Look upon her. She is in her pride tonight." –Charles Dicken’s Dombey and Son

[ Deriving from commercial comes a tableau plagued by midnight darkness. Although this part of the Earth's sky waited for day, the people below stayed awake in a glowing incandescence of shimmering light. Simply put, a buzzing backdrop of city life viewed from a skyscraper. Naturally, the only kind of person who could be veiled away in the vast shadows of midnight would be an aloof eagle of the night. The vigil observer was no man but a woman with dark short hair and the eyes of an Avi. She bore a caliginous body suit, leather trench coat, and a pair of long army boots. This was not necessarily a normal attire of a common civilian walking the streets. Whoever she was, she was there…watching. As the cold arctic wind got more intense, the female spoke. ]

If only I could save them all…Did you know a violent crime is committed at least every 19 seconds? 1 in every 3 people will be sexually assaulted at least once in their life. And I can do hardly anything about this!

[ The wind seems to lash out with her comment, Mother Nature agreed with her concept of reality. ]

My life for theirs, it is an institution I'm willing to concede into. Yet the criminal punishment of the United States of America is stopping me from making the world a better place. Why can't they allow me to do the job that I was born to do but instead my mind and physicality is forced to fight the evil force considered a well-formed government. I guess I will continue to fight and save the innocence from a fate they never deserved and never chose. Be me a martyr or be me a vigilante; they are all born in the universe with the same ideals.

[ She clenched her right fist together and took a deep breath of frigid air. ]

A certain man with ideals so very similar yet so different from my own toyed with my inclination and reformed the passion of professional wrestling back into my mind. I had spent such long hours, innocent, behind those cold steel bars that my mind's passions rotted away and all I knew was nothing at all. His name, Ted Diablo… he brought back my childhood wants and dreams before my life started on a negative track.

[ The woman smirks and sighs ]

Yes, oh and my name-

[ She immediately became deathly silent as a rustle invaded her speech. Her ears seemed to perk and her eyes became increasingly observant as she stared through the darkness. The cameraman also turned to see who was the approaching assailant. Two police officers, both male, climbed their way up a ladder to the roof. As they impended closer to the roof, we can hear them speaking. ]

Police Officer 1
I think she's up here, god if I catch her, I'm going to inflict some true police brutality on her.

Police Officer 2

[ Finally, they both got onto the roof and placed their hands on their hips. One of the officers removed a flashlight from his utility belt and flicked it on. Out of the corner of his eye, one noticed a female-like shadow displaying on the wall of the next skyscraper. ]

Police Officer 1

[ He shone the flashlight on the shadow but only a black crow let loose a call and flew off. ]

Police Officer 2
You moron! Now you definitely alerted her to us. Screw this, she's gone now, good job.

[ The second officer punched his colleague's shoulder and they slowly made their way back down the ladder. The scene panned a greeting highway sign reading "Welcome to Duluth: celebrating the majesty of Lake Superior's beauty and lifestyle." Leaning against the sign was again, the mysterious dame. She picked her nails a bit and spoke once again. ]

Frosty Rimes
Sorry for that interruption, I swear these mongrels will drive me to the peak of insanity. As I was saying, my name is Frosty Rimes, notorious vigilante. I'm infamous in the undergrounds, after all only certain people deserve fame especially when they single-handedly escape from prison. I've come to PWA to take the tag team division by storm. Who's my partner, you may wonder? None other than Ted Diablo. He's the only man I've come to trust over the years and secretly helped me to plot an escape from jail. I feel his strength and my speed shall make the perfect indestructible duo. It's our time to shine and don't you dare deny it for a frosty rime has rested upon the landscape of the PWA…and it isn't going away.

[ She picked up some of the snow from the ground in her palms and blew it towards the camera. Rimes was gone soon after the flakes drifted back upon the Earth. ]