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.::People Used::.- Diamond Dazzler, Angel Dust, Kevin Kronic
.::People Mentioned::. Not really anyone 
.::Next Match::.- None
.::Record::. 0-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Just don't take this layout without my consent.


Diamond Dazzler

...DAY 1...

.:: Roads swept up and down long, rolling green hills. Beside it were giant limestone mountains with a forest high on top. This was the Earth's serenity at its limits. The place that was untouched by the growing society of polluters. One, though, managed to slide its way through with a snarling motor. A red sporty convertible swiftly whizzed by with quick velocity. It didn't matter, because there were no signs to lay out the laws that man created. But it seemed the police noticed the speed of the convertible and their sirens blared for the car to stop. However, it did not. Instead, the red car got even faster, easily taking the curves of the valley. The camera switches to inside the unhooded, felony vehicle. Two persons, dressed entirely in black, with ski masks and black gloves were inside. By how their eyes were currently, you could tell they had grins on their face. Who would stop these speeding thiefs? One noticeable item that stuck out on the driver's hand was a sparkling diamond ring. This got the fans at home and at the arena, wondering who the hell it was...! It could've been Fearless Boy and Feared but these two cloaked figures were too small bodied to be them. Since nobody could figure it out, they just shut up and watched the action.
The cops were actually catching up to the rigged vehicle, now shouting commands to the duo.::.

Cops: If you stop now, you will not get as big of a punishment than if we just catch you!

.::The driver didn't listen though. Suddenly, the red convertible veered off to the right. It drove across the green grass...then over a cliff!::.

JR: Oh my god! What is this?!

King: I don't know but its getting ratings!

.::The cops were about to follow but they screeched to a halt just in time. The two policemen hurry out of their car and look over the edge as the scene continues.::.

Policeman 1: Look...

Policeman 2: At least their dead...

.::The camera looked down to see what the officers were chatting about. There, amongst the rubbled beach and small waved shore, lied the crashed red convertible. Shaking their heads slowly, the policemen hopped back into their squad car and drove off. They were probably heading to tell their commander that the two were now deceased. But, it all changed when, with strange camera angles, the cameraman got into a cave, near the shore where the car crashed. A light slowly flickered on, barely aluminating the cave. It lit it up just enough so you could see the same black figures standing near eachother. Their voices rang out...not as male voices, but normal female voices. You could hardly hear them due to the ski mask covering their mouths.::.

ski masked lady 1: I feel sorry for civilians unlike us. They have no good protection, the things they say keeps the law intact, suck at realizing they are dealing with more than just suicidal freaks.

ski masked lady 2: Yeah, I must hand it to you, that was a great plan. I can hardly breath in this godamn thing.

.::The woman without the diamond ring, removed her ski mask. Light blonde hair escaped and barely fell past the woman's ears. She was a true delight and you would never even suspect an innocent face like hers could be so evil. Especially with her sky blue eyes and her shiny lips. Then the diamond ringed lady took off her mask, the black trench coat, and her black sweater. This woman was even more easy on the eyes because her body was perfect with a lined muscle bound stomach and not too muscular arms. She had long black hair with brown highlights that proceeded past her shoulders and some of her bangs hid her right eye. As for the color of her eyes were a light green. Another outcoming feature was a diamond tattoo on her right upper arm. It wasn't really visible because fishnet black sleeves covered it up, attaching to a black croptop, and black dress pants. As the men drooled they were interrupted by more speaking from the beautiful broads.::.

Blond haired lady: Hey, check this out, we got on the front page of the paper again!

.::She tossed a newspaper to her brunette buddy. On the front page of the "Pioneer Press" was a picture of two figures dressed in all black. The caption read "There is now a 250,000 dollar reward for information leading to the suspects capture. Pictured is the leader on the right, Diamond Dazzler, notice her diamond ring, something that she always wears. And her partner, Angel Dust." A smile formed on the one called "Diamond Dazzler"'s lips.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Ah, stupid fools. I hope they learn that we aren't eager to commit crimes. We just...have to.

Angel Dust: There's no turning back now. Just because we killed a couple of people, now the whole nation is after us.

Diamond Dazzler: But they won't catch us. We're like the gingerbread man but better--we aren't stupid.

Angel Dust: Oh and by the way, I found this here when we first came in.

.::The golden goddess handed the white envelope to Diamond Dazzler::.

Diamond Dazzler: What the hell?! How'd they get it here when nobody knows that we live here!

Angel Dust: Don't ask me. I just found it lying on the floor.

.::With a maddened growl, Diamond Dazzler flipped out a swiss army knife. She slit the top of the letter open then took the letter out. Dazzler dropped the envelope. It landed on the ground, the camera focused in. On it read "Kevin Kronic: XCEF Owner." The crowd slightly cheered then quieted down once Diamond Dazzler began to read it out loud.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Dear the infamous Diamond Dazzler,

We at the XCEF wish for you to come and join us on our fight against the invading federation, WCW. We feel we need someone who knows how to sneak around without being noticed. Do NOT ask us how we knew you make your home here. The catch is, we are willing to pay your bail money if you work for us long enough. Since you will be busy, you will not have to worry about robbing banks and killing people to make a living. You will receive pay checks just like any normal person does. Meet us at the following address to negotiate.

Kevin Kronic
XCEF President

.::The address was bleeped out and Diamond Dazzler refrained from saying it. She had a skeptical facial expression. Dazzler showed Angel Dust the letter and she laughed.::.

Angel Dust: Do it! We can't go to jail again because this time we'll be facing the death penalty...

Diamond Dazzler: Fine, we will hitch a ride to the location and speak with this big wig. Tomorrow...today we get our rest.

.::On the far end of the cave were 2 sleeping bags. The dim light sputtered to an end, the scene now going blankly dark::.

...DAY 2...

Now inside of an old, crappy truck, probably one they stole from a person dumb enough to leave their keys in their car while they were away, Diamond Dazzler is the driver again. Angel Dust has the previous letter from yesterday in her hands, reading over the address a couple of times. They are driving through a ran down town with torn apart buildings and crappy homes.

Diamond Dazzler: What kind of poverty zone is this sh*t? This Kevin Kronic better not be a joke or I swear to god I'll blow his effing brains out.

.::Angel Dust looked at her troubled friend with an uneasy glance. She then opened up Dazzler's trench coat to reveal a whole hourde of guns and knives.::.

Angel Dust: Jesus, Diamond, I bet you could kill the whole world with all these guns.

Diamond Dazzler: I'm ready to kill to keep us out of jail. I hope you are ready too.

Angel Dust: Yep. I'll borrow a knife from you.

.::She slipped her hand inside Dazzler's trench coat and pulled out a couple of small enough to hide but big enough to kill knives. Angel then slid them into her garter, buried by her black mini skirt. A couple of minutes later, Diamond Dazzler found herself driving on pure gravel out in the boondocks. No houses were visible anywhere until a condemned large shack came into view. A rusty black mail box sat out front...on it read the numbers "2079" Angel Dust looked down at the letter then pointed out that this was the place. They turned then parked the truck just outside of a crooked door. It had to be parked there, just in case the people inside were really cops or wanted to kill them. The dangerous duo simultaneously got out then slammed the door, heading towards the entrance. Diamond Dazzler made her way in first, directly followed by Angel Dust. Just like a mafia scene, a low luminate light hung from the ceiling. Beneath the light was the gruff figure of Kevin Kronic. This got a response from the crowd. He had a smug smile on his face with his hands crossed across his stomach. Two guards stood by his side, dressed in suit coats.::.

Kevin Kronic: Welcome ladies. Have a seat. Oh wait before you do, I have to ask you to take off your trench coat and anything else that contains weapons.

.::With another growl, Diamond Dazzler first removed her trench coat to reveal a sparkly "Bitch" top with a diamond beneath it. Angel Dust tossed her knives aside.::.

Kevin Kronic: I know you have weapons under that top, Diamond, take it off.

.::The crowd cheered as Dazzler got rid of her Bitch top, showing a black bra with a grenade and a knife hidden beneath it.::.

Kevin Kronic: Are those the new implants, grenades? Damn... I hope you guys are bisexual, some lesbian action would get ratings up.

Diamond Dazzler: Too bad for your perverted mind, we're both straight.

.::She put her top back on then took a seat on the leather sofas. Angel Dust was hesitant but Kronic motioned for her to sit down so she did so.::.

Kevin Kronic: Well I must say, I wasn't expecting such lovely ladies. Your pictures are always covered by ski masks.

Diamond Dazzler: From one asshole to another, I give you hardly any thanks. Usually people who see us for real end up dying...

.::Her voice trailed off then a smirk arose on both the girls' faces. They exchanged looks. Kevin shook his head.::.

Kevin Kronic: If you kill me, I promise both of you a spot in the electric chair.

Diamond Dazzler: I wouldn't mind because you'd already be dead.

Kevin Kronic: I don't need anymore threats. Anyway, you know why you are here. For a job that will get you out of jail once the feds arrest you. I must say, I will keep my promise if I find you are as talented as you look. But if you don't end up being the best in the women's division and help me take down WCW, you will not get that bail money, understood?

Diamond Dazzler: Yeah, and if I don't get the money though, just because you felt like not giving it to me. We will give you a slow and painful death.

Angel Dust: And then you'll beg us to not kill you. Then we'll say...you should've never been born.

Kevin Kronic: Beg? I'm not afraid to die pretty one.

.::He reached across the table and was about to cockily stroke Angel Dust's blond hair but Dazzler grabbed his wrist and slowly twisted it.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Don't touch. Only look.

.::She let go of his wrist as he jerked it back. Meanwhile he took out a contract.::.

Kevin Kronic: Sign below, you too, angel face.

.::He handed Angel Dust the fine black pen first. She wrote her name on it then handed the pen to Diamond Dazzler. You could tell the felon was desperately thinking whether to do it or not by the look on her face. She finally marked her name on it then threw the pen at him.::.

Kevin Kronic: It is final than. You are officially owned by me. Welcome to the women's division. Your opponents being Stephanie McMahon and Trish Stratus.

.::Diamond Dazzler slowly nodded her head up and down and thought about them. She was probably thinking about how gay their fame was. Only criminals had real fame since they worked for it. Finally Dazzler rose in her seat, about to leave.::.

Kevin Kronic: Wait, here's two plane tickets to go to the arena.

Angel Dust: How are we supposed to get in when everybody knows who we are?

Diamond Dazzler: Remember...ski masks? Nobody knows what our faces look like. And we can use fake names-

Kevin Kronic: I already made fake names for you, Dazzler you are Jenna Dawson and Angel, your new name is Cloey Peterson. Have fun and don't get into trouble!

.::With no goodbyes, Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust both left the shack. Kevin Kronic just smiled and laughed as the scene faded::.