The ultramarine waters gently overwhelmed the sandy beaches, the seaís temperate, mild-mannered waves gingerly came in and then dissipated back into the open sea. In the distance was a boat sailing into harbor but no tourist boats clogged the beauty today because in the terms of a tourist, the day was not goodÖ clouds had formed over the sun blotting out any ounce of light that wanted to escape while creating a large platform of dull dappled color across the blue sky buried beneath the miserable weather. However, although the sun may have been blotted out the temperature was at a steady seventy five degrees with a light wind generating perfect conditions for those who dragged themselves out of their beds to awaken to yet another cloudy but warm day. The boundaries of the negligible beaches were formed from the giant, deep gray rock that held normal life above it. One grass-ridden, meager trail from the top of the cliff was all there was from the cliffs to the beaches. A woman who canít be mistaken as anyone else but Diamond Dazzler shuffled down the grassy trail clothed more for fashion purposes rather than the weather. She was clad in a long, beige turtleneck sweater over a blue denim skirt and black velvet-laced boots that reached up to her knees. Dazzler also wore a pair of earrings and brown-tinted rectangular sunglasses, again, more for material rather than the state of the atmosphere. She slogged from the path onto the actual beach and stayed close to the overhanging rock, letting the fingers of her right, outstretched arm glide over the texture.

Today was just one of those days for Diamond Dazzler. The kind where her moods werenít settling on a sad thought but also werenít hovering over happy feelings either. She was blank and erratic with her russet eyes bouncing from one object of interest to the other. Diamond Dazzler came to rest in the direct middle of the beach. She came to a stop, turned her back to the giant stone, and leaned her head against its cool exterior. Her eyes drifted to the distance where they relaxed.

Many things must have been swarming through this subtly insane femaleís head. She had learned much from Monday at Mayhem to this very date. Such as her entrance into the TLD match against many other competitors far above her own caliber or the fact that she had to give up her precious title to her friend Missy Lace in order to gain a place in the match. Perhaps she was thinking about her future outside of wrestling and Powerhouseís kids. Although he may have been spiteful towards her and forced her out of his home on false reasons, she still must have cared for those children and maybe even still continued to hold a spot for Powerhouse in her heart even though he was acting outlandish and malicious towards her and others. Maybe she was even thinking about Trebalt and how she had told him she never desired to see him ever again for as long as they both live. Would this at all take a toll on her? There were many questions but very few would be answered since only a small amount of people could ever decipher her often-changing mind and moods.

Diamond Dazzler addressed her concerns softly while continuing her longing stare.

Diamond Dazzler: What do you do... when you love someone so much but you have to hurt them in order to achieve your dreams? Do you back down for them so that they are able to achieve their own or do you continue fervently and don't back down? That's the dilemma I'm in. It has come to my knowledge that I will be in the Slamboree TLD match against many worthy opponents. One of those worthy opponents is my own man, Powerhouse. A man that I've given my heart to without a second hesitation. But now... but now they are forcing me to attempt and hurt him in order to obtain the goal of a championship title? What does a title mean in the face of love? Should it mean anything or am I just being a hopeless romantic that I've never really been before? Being a female, that puts me even further into emotions than Mark but at the same time people are expecting me to be this wondrous woman that nobody can hold down for a moment's breath. They are expecting me to be a stone cold female with absolutely no emotions. But I am human and therefore I am subjected to the pain that is emotions. Whether people want to see that I am human or not, they have to realize that I have these emotions! They often hold me back from my greatest performance. I cannot let these emotions interfere with my performance... otherwise... I will be losing what may prove to be the greatest opportunity in my whole wrestling career. I can't let this just slip through my fingers and go back to being mediocre. I have to be great. I have to be a legend. I have to live up to my name! I am not called Diamond Dazzler for no reason!

I must dazzle the crowd when Slamboree comes and I have to put it all on the line... whether that be relationships or my body, it all has to go on Slamboree. I hope I can pull out as the winner of this match because this will not be an easy fight. I'm one woman of 178 pounds, I can barely lift 200 pounds... how am I supposed to stack up against these men? That's where my other abilities come in. I am no longer in the women's division, as I gave my title to Missy Lace, so now I'm going to have to get used to using something other than what I thought was strength. My strength in the women's division was like a tsunami but now, in the men's division especially in this match, my strength is like a small pebble making a tiny ripple in a huge ocean. How will I ever fair? I must rely on my speed, technicality, and precision during any of my upcoming matches against men. These abilities are what I have to cling to in order to gain the upper hand. I'm ready to fight to the last drop of determination in me and the only way I'm backing down is if the pain is unbearable, I get injured terribly, or if I die and those are things I hope that won't happen.

During this match I am the female and the inevitable underdog, again. It has been awhile since I've been in the position of being the underdog against the big guys. The last time something like this happened was at Survivor Series and again, I go back to that deciphering match. Adrenaline, the powerhouse, versus Mayhem, the underdogs. I helped my team to gain a victory. I never gave up on Mayhem and I never gave up on my determination to win. I knew my chances were futile but I chugged on, hoping that there was a shred of luck that would allow me to win. Lady Luck was on my side that night when I defeated Camryn Rayne and it was one of the greatest moments in my entire career. I was a newbie to this organization then but now I have become seasoned and more alert to the happenings around me. I hope I can pull of another underdog victory because that is what many people attach to my name and even if I am a person that the fans of PHW hate, I still do have fansÖ who disregard everything cruel I say because they see my purpose rather than my words. They see a female who can be the best damn thing ever to happen to Powerhouse Wrestling, they see someone who can lead a revolutionÖ

Big Dís blank expression fades into a grin that had been depressed behind the gloom. She clenched her fist together and it shook wildly as she spoke. A womenís revolution was something that Dazzler greatly enjoyed but that was obvious due to her always talking on and on about the glass ceiling.

Diamond Dazzler: Yes, I can see that the time is coming. The time when I can finally reach my one, true goal of showing that females donít have to be the weaker sex. That they can be just as good, if not better than their male counterparts. Personally, this title that is on the line at Slamboree is nothing but a slab of gold but people everywhere attach a certain interest to it. An interest in the belt and whoever holds it. If I can gain this title, then I can bring light and curiosity to womenís wrestling and maybe if the females of the PHW realize that the light is on them, they can work harder to be the bestÖ they can strive for once impossible goals! They can go for titles beyond their imagination and actually win them! They can main event against a man! They can compete in matches other than petty paddle matches! They can finally go outside their leagues and stop fighting the same opponents, whom may also be their friends, over and over again. But the first step in achieving this wild but closely dawning dream is for me to win the Thunder, Lightning, and Death match. The only way I can do that is if I put all my inhibitions and emotions aside for one night to fight my hardest against my male opponents.

Her beaming smile weakened again and she unclenched her fist, letting it fall to her side. She drew her tongue across her lips and bowed her head.

Diamond Dazzler: EmotionsÖ why do they have to exist and place me in this confusing void stuck between my dreams and sentiments. How can I go into that match and be myself when I know Iíll be in a match with a man whom I gave my heart to but who has extreme hatred towards me because of some misguided deeds he believed I performed. How can I go on knowing that maybe Iíll never be able to talk to his kids again or even see them?

She stood there with an awfully sad appearance plastered upon her statuesque face. The statue broke down as she fell to her knees and leaned forward. She placed her palms over her eyes and began to sob. These were not fake tears from the intrepid, cold soul. These were real tears running down her palm and dotting the sand in dark brown blots. Only the warm blanketing air was there to soothe her but it did not do much good. She then dragged her palms up to her forehead and shook her head with tears still streaming down her light cheeks.

Diamond Dazzler: MarkÖ I love youÖ why would you do this to me?

The debutanteís words were carried off into the wind and discarded. Although seeming untamed, fruitful, and stoic most of the time, it took something big to break the woman whoís ego was the size of the Sears Tower and it seemed the Powerhouse of PHW successfully achieved it without even taking a second thought on his injudicious, false thoughts. The scene fadedÖ

After a word from PHWís sponsors and a preview of the events leading to some Slamboree matches, PHW television returns to the same serene beach spot beneath the shadow of the massive rock. The body of Diamond Dazzler lied motionless in the sand, back up. Only her soft breaths were the proof that she was still alive. In the wake of her emotional breakdown, she had cried herself asleep beneath the stars. Nobody had even bothered to wake her up or ask her if she was okay. That was until this very moment when headlights flashed on top of the rock, showing that a car had just pulled up. The noise of a door opening and then closing are heard. Soft footsteps on gravel traverse across the top then the feet patter down the miniature path to the beach. Who better to comfort a girl in need than her best friend of numerous years? Angel Dust appeared with her arms crossed as she moved across the sands to her friendís locale. She kneeled by Dazzlerís sleeping body and touched her shoulder. This did not stir the sleeping damsel so the blonde doctor sat down on the sand and pulled Dazzlerís body over her lap.

Angel Dust stroked Dazzlerís brunette locks of hair out of her face and brushed off any bits of sand coated on her face as well. The crying one began to awaken and her vision landed up the placid face of Angel Dust against the starry backdrop of the sky. Angel Dust smiled and continued to stroke Dazzlerís hair. She then glanced into the distance as she spoke to her best friend.

Angel Dust: My mother always told me to never trust any man. But why should I take her adviceÖ sheís the one that broke up with my dad because he cut off her access to the Warsaw Enterprises account but you canít blame himóshe was buying nearly a million dollars of merchandise a day, things that she didnít need but just wanted. Sheís greedy and Iím not going to take a life lesson from her. Her advice is pessimistic and one-sided. There are men in this world that would surely die for the ones they love, that would give up everything for those they care for in an instant. They are few and far between and they are hard to find. If you get one, you should hold on to himÖ no matter what because you know that even if heís acting odd and considerably rude, that he still cares and thereís just something temporary taking place that will fade eventually. I know you are depressed about Mark and his sudden change in behavior but I have reason to believe that this change will blow over and everything will be good again. Maybe the title is messing with his brain, manipulating him to think things he doesnít or that multiple personality of hisÖ

Dazzler shook her head while in the lap of Angel Dust and spoke.

Diamond Dazzler: Itís not a multiple personality that he hasÖ itís an actual being. But it might be his strange other person and thatís what I can hope for. If thatís the case, then I still have a chance.

Angel Dust: Donít fret over it, things will only get better. If nothing changes than you still have me. Do you plan to lie here all night and mope or do you want to come back to the hotel with me?

Big D groaned and she rolled off of Angel Dustís lap. She then sat up and brushed the remaining sand from the back of her head and pressed a smile on her face. Dusty returned the smile and got up from her position. She helped her buddy up by yanking on her hand and once Dazzler was to her feet, she draped her arm around her shoulder and the two moseyed away disappearing into the shade of night. Only the sounds of car doors opening, an engine turning on, and a car pulling out could be heard as the scene departed.

The scene was directed to a completely different montage. Natureís tableau was not laid out here but this was the place where wrestlers temporarily called home. It was the arena that Slamboree would be held at in Atlanta, Georgia. The fact that this was a pay-per-view event didnít detract from the Dangerous Duoís typical daily events. It was always the same thing. Theyíd come to the arena at noon, walk around aimlessly for awhile and scout out their surroundings and locker room, theyíd freshen up, then take a seat in their favorite place; the concession area. The Dangerous Duo wasnít spotted at their usual commune around the table drinking coffee, soda, and water. In fact, nobody was around besides one man with his back turned to the camera messing around with some unidentifiable drink.

Angel Dust leisurely strode by the concession area but stopped and turned her head to look at the person. Perhaps she recognized himÖ Her eyebrows wrinkled and an irritated visage appeared on her light face. She pulled back a few strands of her blonde hair behind her ear then stomped over to the man. Angel Dust spoke with hatred in her voice as she talked.

Angel Dust: Hey you, you damn ass monkey! I bet youíre the grunt thatís been spitting in my coffee day after day!

Man: Look ladyÖ Ió

He turned around to face the angered female but he stopped once he realized who it was. Tritchie stood there with a Styrofoam cup full of Mountain Dew in one hand and the actual bottle in the other. Around his neck was the present that Angel Dust had once given him at his party; the sparkling diamond necklace with ďTritchieĒ emblazoned with the flawless gems as well. Angel Dustís mouth dropped open and Tritchie possessed the same reaction.

Angel Dust: OhÖ oh geez, Iím so sorry. I thought you were someone else. I didnít recognize you from behind.

Tritchie: And I wouldnít recognize you if I hadnít seen your eyes. Youíve grown quite a head of hair since I last saw you.

She brushed a hand through her long locks of blonde hair, embarrassed by his indirect compliment about her eyes. Angel Dust shrugged and bit her bottom lip nervously.

Angel Dust: Yeah, I guess I donít really stick out anymore. I look like just another blonde now.

Tritchie: I donít think you could be ďjust another blondeĒ if you tried.

Angel Dust: Uh, heh, thanks. So umÖ I saw you on PHW television but I wasnít believing myself, I thought it was just a sad attempt to gain ratings by the producers.

Tritchie: No, I couldnít leave PHW. Not with you around, right?

Angel Dust: Quit flattering me, there has to be other reasons but I wonít squeeze them out of you. What have you been up to when you were gone?

Tritchie: OhÖ I went placesÖ wrestling organizations, ones that I ended up being very successful in. It was all-good but now Iím back in PHW where I hope to dominate.

Dusty was no longer the same person he once knew back at the party. When he spoke of this confidence, she scoffed and shook her head. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Angel Dust: Dominate, huh? Diamond Dazzler will be entering the menís division soon come Slamboree and once sheís finished with that, she has plans to stay stationed in the menís division regardless of whether or not she wins or loses. If sheís around, Iím not so sure itís going to be easy for you to dominate.

Tritchie: Youíve turned feisty. Well, I donít blame you, you are just defending your best friendÖ if Diamond Dazzler wants to try and step in my path to victory there is only a small glimmer of hope for her. This time it counts. Iím a more improved man now, just like youíve changed, I see.

Angel Dust: Iíve changed. I can go so far as to say that Iíve changed for the better. I used to be the nice girl that everybody could easily pushover. Now, thanks to Dazz, I can stand up for myself when someone goes against my own views. Iíve got so much confidence in my beliefs that Iím considering running for President in 2012. Vote for me.

Tritchie: Politics, huh?

Angel Dust: I may be a twenty-something blonde but that doesnít mean I fit the average stereotypes. Iím Dr. Dustine Warsaw and I am a heir to a huge mogul empire. Iím considered one of the top fifty scientists in the world today. Iíve concocted many formulas that scientists could only dream of. Anyone who demeans me by questioning my interests, beliefs, or hair color will be mowed down. Not that you did, of course. You wouldnít ever demean me in any way, shape, or formÖ would you?

Tritchie: Absolutely not. I just think your views of Dazzler are a bit biased.

Angel Dust: And maybe they are but Iíve seen what she can do and therefore, this has led to my assurance in her abilities and often regarding her as a breathing goddess. You may think that she does not stand a chance in this match at Slamboree but she hovers above the rest because she presents something radical to this match. She is a female and that alone is something to stare in wonder about for some. Camryn Rayne brags about how she defeated Darkside and how she was the first to face a man and all that hob-glob of useless banter poised by the dumb bitch but she has no idea what it is like to face not only DarksideÖ but Mauler, Kidd, Brandon, Powerhouse all at the same time in a death-defying TLD match. Diamond Dazzler will be the revolution, more so than Camrynís wildest dreams could ever fabricate. She will be the one to open up opportunities for women everywhere. This is not extreme thinking because if I thought any less of Dazzler, then my optimism would fade and the appalling pessimism would take over and Iíd lose confidence in my good friend. This is definitely not something she needs at this time. I may have megalomaniac views for not only Dazzler but myself but Iím such a megalomaniac that I donít even realize that Iím a megalomaniac.

Tritchie: Interesting but Iím not the one you should be giving a pep talk to.

He threw up his index finger and pointed to something behind Angel Dust. She turned her head to look in the direction of his pointing and saw Diamond Dazzler moping down the hallway. Dusty glanced back to Tritchie and he began to leave.

Tritchie: Well, Iíll catch you laterÖ

He was a smart man to be leaving once Dazzler entered the presence but he didnít leave without giving her a sweet smile. She was likely not in the best of moods whether that be a sad mood, an irritable one, or just one of those blank ones that ends up turning to anger or misery. Angel Dust swiveled to face her friend and once she came closer, she gently put a hand on her shoulder.

Angel Dust: Are you okay today?

Diamond Dazzler: Iím betterÖ but you know thatís not true. Itís still the same but if I had to choose whether my moods got worse or better, Iíd say just one tiny bit better. Your words helped me, even if they were cheesy and typical of a cheer-up speech. If anything, it helped me to realize slight optimism. I will just go on and hope everything blows over and all of this crap goes away. I just want to fight, I donít want to be an emotional basket case. I need my emotional strength to get through this TLD match and if some man whom Iíve become flagrantly attached too; falling head over heels so to speak decides to drop me because of false thoughts then I have to either believe that it will all go away or I have to live with it. This is the reason why Iíve never loved someone beforeÖ because of fear that something like this would happen and look, thatís exactly what happened. I took a chance with love and it ended up screwing me over or at least taunting and haunting me.

Angel Dust: Just chill, Dazz. Chill. You need to gather your thoughts and stop thinking about the what-ifs and all those good for nothing thoughts. Concentrate on the match and get your mind off of relationship problems. That will be difficult for you but in order to have a chance of winning, this is what you must do.

She nodded and crossed her arms over her chest. Angel Dustís miniature pep talks always seemed to help; even if it helped only the slightest bit.

Diamond Dazzler: YeahÖ you know whatÖ Iím going into that match and I will be prepared for the toil it brings to me. This is a very dangerous match, I am told. I canít be thinking about stupid shit while the greatest match of my career is lying right before my eyes. I have to fight. I have to get angry. I must let my inner demons out. I have to place it all on the line and then some. It all goes on SlamboreeÖ Iíd give my life to win that match because this is my time to make a name for not only myself but women everywhere who have struggled to be something but stereotypes and bigotry have tightly restrained them to an old world. I want to open up a new chapter for these women. I want to show them that there is more to their pathetic lives than living beneath the shadow of what people call the greater gender. This is the time and this is the place, I just canít let anything else overtake me and destroy my mindset. Iím ready and thatís the bottom line.

Angel Dust: Thatta girl. You donít have to get fired up yet, the match isnít until Sunday.

Diamond Dazzler: Might as well get a head start.

The Dangerous Duo moved on from their precious concession area and strolled to the Allianceís locker room. Diamond Dazzler held the door open as her blonde confidant moved through. She stopped in her tracks when her cerulean eyes rested on the figure of Missy Lace sitting at a couch and polishing her new womenís title, which was now decked out with her nameplate on it. Angel Dust and Missy didnít start out on the best of feet but they were on two opposite sides of the spectrum but then again, so were Dazzler and Missy but that didnít keep them apart. Dazz strode over to her duffel bag in the corner and unzipped it.

Diamond Dazzler: Hey Missy.

Missy Lace: Hi. I see you brought along your shadow.

Angel Dust: Careful who you mistake as the shadow here, you are the one walking in Dazzlerís shadow. You are lucky Dazzler gave you that title, I hope you can live up to itís limited prestige.

Missy Lace: This title means a lot and yes I can live up to her hype. Iím Missy Lace for godís sake, that should be enough as it is. Iíve done a lot more and stirred up a lot more controversy than most of the womenís roster has done in their whole careers.

Angel Dust: You live your life like a princess but you have no idea what the real world is like.

Missy Lace: Oh yeah? Is that so?

The doctor was about to speak up but Dazzler quieted her.

Diamond Dazzler: There really is no point in fighting again. Both of you need to show some respect for eachother if you are to get along.

Angel Dust: And I didnít even start it.

Diamond Dazzler: But you continued it. Settle down. This is not what I need right now.

She pulled out a shirt and shorts and then got to her feet. Diamond Dazzler headed to the bathroom to change, closing the door behind her and leaving the two miniature adversaries alone in a room together. The claws didnít come outóperhaps Angel Dust was exhausted from monitoring Dazzlerís mental health and keeping her from going psycho, pulling out her guns, and starting a massacring blood bath. Dusty, instead, trotted over to the couch that Missy was at and plopped down next to her. She sighed heavily and put her hand to her forehead. Missy took one look at her and knew she had a headache. She reached into her bag lying next to her feet and took out a bottle of aspirin and tossed it into her lap. It was extra-strength gel aspirin with an added effect of making the user tired. Dr. Angel Dust glanced at it and smiled.

Angel Dust: HeyÖ thanks. I wouldnít think a girl like you would know her pain pills.

Missy Lace: With all the jealous bitches around here running around, I have to know my stuff.

Dusty popped open the top and took one of the pills, put it in her mouth, and swallowed without water.

Missy Lace: Is Dazzler hassling you?

Angel Dust: Yeah. Itís a pain in the ass keeping her sane and always giving her pep talks but itís part of my job description. You donít know anything about what Powerhouse is doing, do you?

Missy Lace: I know men well, it seems like it could be a temporary thing.

Angel Dust: Thatís what I told her. I hope she believes it because I think itís true. He doesnít remind me of the type that would suddenly drop a woman who heís tied to in fate.

Missy Lace: Well, hey, maybe her stressing over it is opening up parts of her mind she hasnít used beforeÖ you knowÖ enlightenment or that crap.

Angel Dust: That would be a good thing to get out of this situation.

Missy Lace: Or maybe itís just PMS driving her emotions to extreme levels. It isnít good when PMS combines with a traumatic event like that.

Angel Dust: Yeah, man, you sure are a lot smarter than you look.

Missy Lace: Duh. Some people just canít see that in me.

Angel Dust: I can understand how you are perceived. When people first look at me, they never believe that Iím a doctor and that Iím a renown scientist. Stereotypes suck.

Missy Lace: Youíre telling me.

Both sighed simultaneously which caused them both to laugh. Diamond Dazzler came out dressed in her new clothing just as they were laughing.

Diamond Dazzler: You kissed and made up?

Angel Dust: No but if we did, PHWís ratings would skyrocket.

Dazz sat down and tipped her head backÖ it was nice to rest for once. Dusty put her hand on Dazzlerís leg.

Angel Dust: I think this is an appropriate time to get out the ice cream.

Diamond Dazzler: Ah, ice creamÖ Missy?

She was hesitant at first. Would Missy actually buckle down and share the common emotional food of ďaverageĒ females or would her tastes be too almighty? After a bit more peer pressure the new womenís champion gave in and said that she could work off the calories later with Vampiro. Plus, whoíd want to go against Diamond Dazzlerís wishes in her current mental state? Nobody in their right mind. Although Dazzler was depressed now, things would only get betterÖ

Or so she hoped.


Role-Play Title Emotionally Unstable
Role-Play No. 37
Record 14-00-00
Career Highlights Best Roleplay Titles (2005), Least Annoying (2005), Most Original Roleplays of the Year (2004), Match of the Year (2004), Star of the Week (x1), Best Layout (2005) (x2), Best Signature (2005), PHW Undisputed Women's Champion (x1), PHW Extreme Women's Champion (x1), XCEF Women's Champion (x2), XCEF Intercontinental (x1), FWF Women's Tag (x1)
Next Match Infamous TLD Match
Title On The Line Undisputed Title
Diamond Dazzler's Stats
Height 5'9
Weight 178 lbs
Location Detroit, Michigan
Manager Angel Dust
Finisher Name Dejavu
Primary TM Blinded by the Light

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