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.::People Used::.- Diamond Dazzler, Angel Dust, Kevin Kronic, JR, LAX, Brock, Dart
.::People Mentioned::. Trish, Stephanie, Bitch 
.::Next Match::.- Angel Dust: Trish vs Angel Dust PPV: The Dangerous Duo vs Trish & Bitch
.::Record::. 2-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Just don't take this layout without my consent.


The Dangerous Duo

...Dedicated to XCEF's retired superstar Army Girl...


.::The XCEF's weekly review TV show begins by showing what happened last Friday on Mayhem. Like the brutal Feared and Halopayne match, Fearless Boy and Danny Collins then finally they show a scene of Diamond Dazzler winning the women's title and Trish lying on the mat, knocked out. The introduction movie plays and the theme music is heard, DDP's grinning face is present as his hands are folded over a metal table.::.

DDP: Wow! Can you believe what we've seen in the past weeks?! We've seen pot being smoked, head bashing, crazy threats and everything! God I can't believe it but we must tone the mood down...as we must inform, the infamous women's champion, Diamond Dazzler was arrested and taken into NYPD's custody last week. This is our main story and let's get to it.

.::The picture turns to last week when Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust were jumping up and down, celebrating. The crowd began to chant...::.

Dazz-ler, Dazz-ler, Dazz-ler!

.::She obviously pulled through and won but the party soon ended when sirens blared. All heads turned towards the entranceway. Two squad cars slowly came driving out. The camera switched back to Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust to see their reactions. Angel Dust just scowled and shook her head as Dazzler mouthed the words "fuck." Once the cars were surrounding the ring, ten officers emerged from the curtains. Behind the line of policemen was that damn WCW chick, Stephanie McMahon, cackling loudly with her annoying voice. Diamond Dazzler was about to hurdle out of the ring and kick Stephanie's ass, hell, maybe even kill her but she bumped right into a cop that blocked her way. The Dangerous Duo both gave up and put their hands behind their heads, not wanting to resist arrest. Once Stephanie strutted closer to the ring a chorus of "slut" chants followed. Diamond Dazzler asked the police if she could speak to her fans and admirers. They nodded and gave her a microphone.

Diamond Dazzler: well Stephanie, you stupid bitch, you finally did it. I actually believed you had a little bit of good in you. It turns out I was wrong. ALL McMahons are cheating big wigs. I should've known better and killed you while I had the chance! You will pay Stephan--

.::One of the cops took the microphone away from her and threw it aside. Angel Dust was already in shackles as she watched Dazzler also get handcuffed. Diamond Dazzler looked at JR and mouthed the words "keep my title safe, Jim, I will be back" JR nodded as a staff member handed her title to him to keep. He set it on the announcer's booth next to King. The camera switched to them speaking. Both JR and King's faces were struck with madness and sadness.::.

JR: Damn that Stephanie! Damn all the McMahons! She just had to ruin Diamond Dazzler's celebration night!

King: Hopefully, she'll be back, JR. I'm getting that they are hauling her away now. Let's go live.

.::We see literally the whole XCEF roster, horrified as they watch the squad car slowly move away. The camera focuses on LAX, the one who recently asked Dazzler to be his manager. He was just as confused as everyone else. Then the camera turned, where the WCW roster stood. All of them were laughing or had a smug smile on their faces. A loud, bold voice rang out through the back of the crowd. It was Brock Lesnar who was furious.::.

Lesnar: Well good god, if you all are just gonna stand here like pathetic dopeheads, then I'm gonna help!

.::He had a long, metal pole in his right hand. Like an angry rhyno, Lesnar charged and struck the driver's window. The window shattered and the pieces fell all over the ground and inside the car. A cop from the passenger side got out and hurried to Lesnar's side. He was stopped short by Kevin Kronic, dressed in another mafia style business suit, and the same two gigantic men behind him. His hands were crossed and lied across his lower abdomen. One man had his giant arms folded over one another and the other was punching his fist into his hand. They were smirking but why? There, EVERY one of the WCW members were knocked out and were motionless on the ground. This even included Shane McMahon! Laughter erupted from the audience. Kevin Kronic took a deep breath through his nose then noisily let it out. He then spoke.::.

Kevin Kronic: Aah, ladies, oops I mean men. If you don't let me go along with you to discuss..."matters" you will end up having a multi million dollar lawsuit on your hands. I have the best lawyers from all around the world. I'm sure you don't want to mess with them right?

.::One of the shrimpier cops, who seemed to be the commander, shook his head. He hesitantly opened the back door, where Angel Dust and Diamond Dazzler were seated. Kronic got in and took a seat in between Dazzler and Angel. Still grinning, he placed an arm around both of their sides, easing them down.::.

Kevin Kronic: Don't worry girls, this will all be handled within a few hours. Just leave it to your master.

.::They scooted away from Kevin Kronic as the car drove off.::.


.::Inside the police station questioning room was Kevin Kronic, sitting on a metal chair. His body guards were behind him. On the other side of the table was a seated and a standing detective. In the way back of the room, being closely observed by police officers was Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust, hand cuffs still on.::.

Kevin Kronic: So have we come to a deal yet? $500,000 or nothing. The nothing being a place for you to go to court and lose and you'll end up LOSING 500,000 dollars or more! I'm warning you, I saw how you patted Dazzler down. Plus I've got other things up my sleeves.

Detective Sitting: Hmm...what do you think Bob?

Bob: Yes, but you must agree to keep them out of trouble or they WILL back to jail and there's nothing you can do about it.

Kevin Kronic: Fine. Here's your money, son.

.::He placed a check on the table and slid it to the seated detective. After carefully looking it over, the seated detective gave the go ahead to release Dazzler and Angel. The officers unlocked them and they moved over to Kronic.::.

Kevin Kronic: Girls, you heard the man, don't get in trouble!

.::They gave him simple nods as they left the room, Kevin and the bodyguards following behind. Kronic yodled a "toodle-oo" once they exited to outside New York, Kevin turned and talked to them::.

Kevin Kronic: Dazzler, here's your extra bonus for winning the women's title. Use it well. This will be your night of partying since that stupid bitch ruined it for you earlier tonight. See ya, here's my number just in case anything bad happens.

.::He handed it to Dazzler then got in his neon green Viper, driving off. They watched him zoom away then they exchanged happy glances. Angel Dust called for a cab as the scene ended...::.


.::Cruising with no hood on, Dazzler drove a mercedes binz. Angel Dust was leaning over the back seat and smiling wide. It seems they were driving down Times Square. Dazzler turned and parked her car near XCEF's version of The World. It was a Saturday and a long line of fans were waiting to get in. As Diamond Dazzler approached the line fans cheered, some at her and others because they were on camera. She pushed through the crowd and into the restaurant part. Currently Mr. Heel himself, Dart, was on stage doing a promotion. He was a bore, obviously, because the fans weren't gathered around as they usually did when an XCEF superstar was present. This all changed when Diamond Dazzler hopped on stage. Angel Dust took the stairs like a proper lady. Diamond Dazzler snickered quietly then then got on all fours behind Dart. Her blond friend came up to Dart and talked to him. After he was distracted enough Angel Dust pushed him forward. He stumbled backwards then tripped over Diamond Dazzler who was still on her haunches. A crowd formed and laughed at him. His cheeks turned red and he hurried away. Meanwhile, Dazzler grabbed his fallen microphone then began to speak.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Some people just don't learn that if you are ugly, a girl like Angel Dust would never be interested in you. Thats one thing, you must always watch your back when you are dealing with the Dangerous Duo. We work as a team and that's for sure. We get another chance to work as a team again in two weeks when Angel Dust and I take on the badly made team of Trish...and Bitch? Since when were these two friends? Only friends and allies work together well and me and Dusty are the perfect example of this. The team of Trish and Stephanie couldn't hold together due to their egos and plus they are natural enemies. We beat them and now Trish tries to find someone new to work with and Bitch pops up. According to XCEF historical records, Bitch is a bad competitor because I see she lost more than once to ex-XCEF superstar, Army Girl...

.::The older fans of XCEF wildly hooted.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Since the legend of Army Girl lives on but is slowly fading it looks like its my job to keep it alive. Both Angel Dust and I will complete Army Girl's unfinished business and beat Bitch one last time and the defeat will be dedicated to her. But before two weeks Dusty told me how she has a match coming up on Friday. So I'll let her speak.

.::They shared a friendly "knuckle punch" then Angel Dust got the microphone::.

Angel Dust: My match at Mayhem will determine who really is the most talented and hottest blond in the XCEF. I mean, I was trained by the best because Dazzler recently coached me on how to wrestle. I am the hottest because I've probably been in twice as many muscle and fitness magazines as Trish has. And after all, what makes me even better than her, I am an American!

.::With that said, Angel Dust ripped off her black tank top and her loose black dress pants to reveal herself in a red white and blue bikini with white go-go boots. Dazzler jumped back and laughed at her friend. Dusty spun around as hundreds of cameras flashed. Dazzler got the microphone back and as Angel Dust showed off her vuluptous body, the women's champion spoke.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Well, Trish, you know you can't compete against that. You two bitches better be ready in two weeks so we can embarass you even more! Oh and check out the new XCEF magazine, some great articles in there! Including me!

.::JR came onto stage, holding Dazzler's belt in his arms. He gave it back to her as she raised it far above her head.::.

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