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.::People Used::.- Diamond Dazzler, Angel Dust, Randy Orton, DDP, and P.O.T. Squad
.::People Mentioned::. POT Squad 
.::Next Match::.- The Dangerous Duo vs Trish & Bitch
.::Record::. 3-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Just don't take this layout without my consent.


The Dangerous Duo


.::Another beautiful day at the home of Dazzling Angel Manor. Long weeping willow trees sway in the spring breeze and contentful robins chirp. A broad, brown fence outlines a large backyard. Contained within its walls was a diamond shaped swimming pool and a clean patio surrounding it. On the patio were white lawn chairs with white, matching tables. Occupying one of the round tables was Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust both dressed like Chico's models: Angel Dust wore a white tank top and capris, casual big heeled sandals and a sun hat with a white bandana wrapped around it. Diamond Dazzler was dressed in a light blue peasant top, blue dress pants, and black high heeled shoes. Both of them looked like rich big wigs--besides the wig. Diamond Dazzler sipped some lemonade and put her right hand on the table. The diamond ring on her right hand sparkled.::.

Diamond Dazzler: What do you think of this new ring? It costed me 500,000 bucks!

Angel Dust: Holy balls. Where do you get all this money?

Diamond Dazzler: Wrestling, interviews, ya know all in the works. It comes with being infamous. So anyway. I was wondering, where were you when I was looking for you the other day?

Angel Dust: Getting the staff ready for our new store.

Diamond Dazzler: Oh really? You were all the way in Seattle when I was looking for you in Detroit?!

Angel Dust: Haha! Yeah...

Diamond Dazzler: Fearless Boy was looking for you that day also.*

Angel Dust: ...seriously?

Diamond Dazzler: Yup.

.::Angel Dust looks away from the camera obviously flattered and blushing. Dazzler laughs and changes the subject.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Since XCEF is about to go to commercial, why don't you monkeys in the trailor** play our commercial for our new shops across the country: Dazzling Diamonds. It sells only the best jewelry from around the world. Courtesy of the poor people in Africa and Brazil who give their lives to find jewelry for Americans. Anyway, roll it.

.::The scene switches to a black screen. The words in cursive white letters appear "Only the best fine cut, provided by the infamous Damsel of Diamonds herself...Diamond Dazzler" Now, Dazzler and Dusty lied on fine red couches, stretched out. They were dressed in white togas and were being fed berries by servants. I guess they were going for the Greek Goddess look. The goddess Dazzler, pointed with a long red finger nail to the ground.::.

Diamond Dazzler: I want only the best jewelry for the people on Earth to be found at Dazzling Diamonds. All other places will be cursed!

.::"Even the Greek Gods and Goddesses agree that Dazzling Diamonds is the best place to find that perfect cut. For your greedy self or your bride-to-be, come to Dazzling Diamonds today! 21 new locations across the USA, headquarters being in Seattle!" The commercial finally ends and the Dangerous Duo are applauding.::.

Angel Dust: Indeed, another great 25 second commercial.

Diamond Dazzler: The Dazzling Diamonds stores are opening on May 24. We'll be in Seattle and there will be a special guest to cut the ribbon on a new business.

Angel Dust: Definitely a place to check out. Anyway, did you see FB join the pot squad?

Diamond Dazzler: Yeah, I was a little hesitant to agree with his choice. You'd think he'd want to go solo to prove any suspicions Rage had wrong.

Angel Dust: Have you ever smoked pot?

Diamond Dazzler: Nah, I'm more of a liquid girl. I prefer getting drunk than getting high. Anyway, no drugs. I would rather bungee jump off the empire state building to get an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline feels good almost as good as an orgas--

Angel Dust: Eeh right.

.::Angel Dust put her head in her hand and strummed her fingers on the table. She rubbed Dazzler's women's title, which was lying close to their drinks.::.

Angel Dust: What if I was to challenge you for the title, Dazz?

Diamond Dazzler: Ha! You wouldn't do that.

.::Dazzler pulled the belt away from Angel Dust and placed it on her lap.::.

Angel Dust: Hey, I haven't had a chance for stardom yet. Anyway, I could be a challenge rather than those other hoes.

Diamond Dazzler: I might think about it after our match at the PPV. You've gotta earn it though. Your just a beginner I've been professional wrestling for a long time.

Angel Dust: With enough practice I will be an awesome wrestler too.

Diamond Dazzler: I've gotta go shoot a promo for the PPV, wanna come to the arena with me?

Angel Dust: Might as well, its boring here.

.::They got up from their seats and Dazzler picked up her women's title, swinging it over her shoulder. The scene ended with them moving out of camera's view.::.


.::Now at the PPV's arena, Dazzler stops in her tracks. She approaches a man with slightly curly dark brown hair and an easy-on-the-eyes face, and intriguing light blue eyes--it was WWEŠ's Randy Orton wearing more than one cast on his body. He was signing autographs for young teenaged girls and they were all giggling. Once finished, he turned around and smiled, seeing Diamond Dazzler. They engaged in a quick kiss. Angel Dust was extremely suprised and her mouth dropped open.::.

Angel Dust: What is this?

Diamond Dazzler: I thought I told you that we're dating...

Angel Dust: Nope, you were too obsessed with the Dazzling Diamond store opening. Weird...a fugitive and a prep...!

Randy: Hey! Are you calling me a f***ing prep?!

Diamond Dazzler: Hey, hey, hey, settle down. She didn't really mean that. Well, I've gotta be going to shoot my promo. See ya, Dusty.

.::Dazzler walked off with Randy; hands on eachother's waists. The teenage girls sighed and frowned wishing they were Dazzy. Angel Dust crossed her arms and watched them leave. She just hoped Dazzler hadn't aborted their friendship for some lusty relationship that would never last. She was also slightly jealous at the fact that her partner had a boyfriend. Angel Dust was still on the single lane, looking for someone to run with. She let out a long mournful sigh and noticed someone in the corner of her eye. DDP was standing there with a microphone in his hand. He was smiling wide with his white teeth, as usual.::.

DDP: Aaah, well hi there friend of my impersonator aka Angel Dust. How are you doing?

Angel Dust: Pretty good, I guess.

DDP: Thats not a good thing...thats a bad thing! We don't allow frowny faces on the XCEF team! You must have a smile on. Smile wide now.

Angel Dust: Umm...

DDP: Come on, it'll make your day better.

.::She clamped her teeth together and parted her lips. A fake smile arose, just like Page's.::.

DDP: That's a start. Tell me about your problems.

Angel Dust: No! You have no right into my personal life, you old dull diamond.

DDP: Whoa, whoa, whoa settle down. All of us obviously see you are having friend and relationship problems. No boyfriend or anything. Your friend deserted you.

Angel Dust: Not necessarily deserted, she just went off with him--for now. I don't need a boyfriend.

.::She mumbled something about "Ray will always be my soul mate." while looking at the ground.::.

DDP: Huh? Oh, tell us about this Ray, Angel Dust. We all want to know who he is.

Angel Dust: You will see on Saturday, on XCEF's Top Secret. I don't feel like talking about him right now. Can you just go away, I don't wanna talk at all.

DDP: Fine than Miss Snooty-richy-pants.

.::He shook his head and disappeared into another hall. She stared down at the floor with desolate eyes and shifted her gaze to the door she was standing in front of: The P.O.T. Squad. Angel Dust had nothing to do and after all, Fearless Boy might've been in there. She knocked three times. The response was slow and it seemed Smoke Dogg was "quietly" speaking in the background "Dude, put it out, man. It might be that lady cop again!" The door opened just a peek, to show an eyeball and a white guy's nose.::.

Man: Who's there?

Angel Dust: Um Angel Dust. Who are you?

.::The door fully opened up and it revealed Danny Collins standing in the doorway. You could barely see him due to the exaggerated smoke slithering through the room. Just like an explosion, Angel Dust hopped backwards, coughing.::.

Danny Collins: What? Do I smell bad. I swear I put deodorant on this morning.

.::Another voice immerged from the smoky wasteland, apparently Fearless Boy: who didn't seem stoned.::.

Fearless Boy: No, she is referring to the smoke in the room. Just put your shirt over your nose. It occasionally works for me. So what do you need?

Angel Dust: Oh I--I just came to say hi. And I was also wondering about something...

Fearless Boy: Oh yeah, what's that?

.::She positioned her shirt over her nose then stepped into the locker room. Angel Dust made her way over to a couch and planted herself on it. Smoke Dogg's face appeared from the darkness. He didn't mean to startle her but it shocked her anyway. Fearless Boy plopped down next to her.::.

Angel Dust: First off, I would like to invite all of you, even the stoned ones, to the Dazzling Angel manor to stay a few nights. But if you decide to smoke keep it to a limit, the place has hundreds of years of history and I'm sure the ghostly residents of it wouldn't enjoy being disturbed by modern smoke. My question though for, erm, all of you...I was wondering...if I could possibly join the P.O.T. Squad. I need more shoulders to lean on and you may be able to provide me with it.

.::She waited for an answer, meanwhile, crossing her leg over the other.::.

*Refer to "Looking for Angel Dust"
**Thanks to Chris Jericho for inspiring me to use that phrase.