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.::People Used::.- Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust
.::People Mentioned::. Stephanie McMahon 
.::Next Match::.- Diamond Dazzler & Angel Dust vs Stephanie McMahon & Trish Stratus
.::Record::. 0-0-0
.::Disclaimer::.- Just don't take this layout without my consent.


Diamond Dazzler & Angel Dust

.::People bustle around a noisy building, seeing planes in the background, this building is an airport. It's a wonder how they can get such a system crowded with people using it, to work. But it's America and anything is a possibility. Anyway, we come to a row of seats, two of them being filled by Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust. They are dressed like normal civilians, Diamond dazzler wearing a black hoody with a Nathan Jones's face on the front and "gooday" on the back with jeans and black and white canvas shoes. Angel Dust also wore jeans and a white "XCEF" t-shirt. Dazzler's legs were outstretched and she was furiously chewing on her gum but Angel Dust was looking through a New York brochure...I guess that's where they were flying to. Just then, a voice came over the PA system.::.

Voice: First class passengers on flight 889 to New York, New York may now board.

.::Diamond Dazzler's face wrinkled up in a mad scowl. She dug in her pocket then brought out the two tickets that Kevin Kronic had given them yesterday. The camera zoomed in...it said nothing about first class.::.

Diamond Dazzler: What the hell is up with that? We should be treated like royalty, after all we will be the ones leading to WCW's down fall.

Angel Dust: Hold on there, Double D. Give me the tickets.

Diamond Dazzler: Um okay?

.::She handed them over to Angel Dust. With a special type of white out in hand, the smart blond wiped away their coach seats. Angel Dust then blew on it so that it would dry. From her purse, she brought out a pen and began to rewrite words: A27 and A28 on both of their tickets.::.

Angel Dust: leave it to the master! There now we will get alcohol all we want!

Diamond Dazzler: Aah, thank god that you are my witty partner.

.::Angel Dust gave Dazzler her ticket then they both got up and headed to the small line of first class people. Most of them consisted of older or rich looking people. Since they needed no manners, they bumped themselves ahead of everyone gaining "Hey, what are you doings" from most people. Diamond Dazzler handed her ticket to the young man, about her age. Once he was done looking it over...he then looked her over. With a wink, he slapped her on the ass. Since it was Angel Dust's turn to repay Dazzler, she grabbed the man's hand then twisted his fingers backwards. This received a howl of pain from him as his bones cracked::.

Angel Dust: If you ever touch my girlfriend again I'll kill you.

.::Diamond Dazzler looked horrified that she had just called her, her "girlfriend." After they walked inside the tunnel to the plane together, she questioned Angel Dust about it.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Dude, what was that about?!

Angel Dust: If he thinks I'm the man in a lesbian relationship, he obviously gets scared.

Diamond Dazzler: You are frickin weird, but I admire how you think off the top of your head.

King: Oh what I would do to have them be REAL lesbians. They'd just be like those T.a.T.u. girls! So damn hot!

JR: Just be quiet, you yellow muffined booger red.

King: What?

JR: ...

.::Diamond Dazzler led the way onto the plane. They were the first ones on, it looked so big when there wasn't anybody aboard it. But soon it might get crowded. The duo's seats were the last before second class started. This allowed them to chat and not have anybody listening behind them. Anyhow, Dazzler took the window seat and Angel Dust sat right next to her. Diamond Dazzler was very uneasy, seeing a uniformed policeman sitting in a seat at the front, facing all the seats. Especially since he was looking directly at her. Angel Dust placed a hand on her confidont's hand.::.

Angel Dust: Don't get worried about him. He thinks we're just XCEF fans, going to see their next show.

Diamond Dazzler: Huh? Oh I'm not worried about him. Just the thought that I don't have any weapons to defend myself with in New York is what's bothering me. It is a dangerous place there!

Angel Dust: Well I'm having them shipped through an underground market to the arena.

Diamond Dazzler: Alright... That makes me feel a little better.

.::Still occupied by the fact that she couldn't have any weapons on board, Dazzler nervously twiddled her thumbs. She occasionally looked out the window, to the unmoving ground. She was most likely thinking how she could get out now and forget all of the offers and crap. But this was both of their chances to gain a second chance at making their lives normal and Diamond Dazzler was not about to screw it up for her best friend. No violence, no killing, no being thieves. Just plain people in the world trying to get through life. Diamond Dazzler turned in her seat to talk to Angel Dust.::.

Diamond Dazzler: If the police hear about our plot, they'll put the bail higher. Around a million bucks...

Angel Dust: I've heard Kevin Kronic knows his way around the system. I think we'll be just fine. Have no fears.

Diamond Dazzler: Why do I have to be so pessimistic about everything?

Angel Dust: Because our Dangerous Duo time period is ending and you've never lived a normal life.

Now both of their voices were lowered to whispers once all of the first class was seated. Obviously, since you couldn't trust these kniving, eavesdropping old farts. Finally their converstion continued.

Diamond Dazzler: I only met you 3 years ago at that hockey game and our lives changed after that. But before the criminal record, I used to be a professional wrestler...in an independant fed in Seattle, That was normal...

Angel Dust: How come you never told me this?

Diamond Dazzler: I thought you might think me good and that I'd turn you in first, then you would go an turn me in...I didn't well, trust you.

Angel Dust: Remember our pledge of allegiance?!
"All for one and one for all, if you fall then I will fall. Always with you, always friends, always until the very end. If you die first, I promise you my life
will not get worse..."

.::This brought a smile to Dazzler's face. She grappled Angel Dust's hand inbetween her own then spoke gently.

Diamond Dazzler: Forever the dangerous duo...

JR: Even if this dangerous duo has a history everyone must admit they have total loyalty.

King: This is very beneficial to XCEF. It's hard to find a kindling, undying loyal spirit. They are the Martyrs of the XCEF...in a weird way.

JR: Indeed. Wise words spoken by someone so dumb.

.::Jerry grumbled as the scene continued. On the screen it said "Two Hours Later" in white letters. The repetitive hum of the airplane engine was heard. Everyone else was near quiet, besides a crying baby in second class. Angel Dust was fast asleep, looking like an actual angel. But there was so-nervous-she-looked-like-a-crazed-chipmunk Diamond Dazzler. By the red bolts of lightning in her eyes, it was eay to identify her with lack of sleep. Or maybe she hadn't blinked since she saw the officer because she was staring right at him, not moving a muscle. The action started to hike up when screaming and hollering came from the coach area. Angel Dust's eyes shot open and they exchanged glances. The officer got up and galumphed slowly towards the curtains leading to second class.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Why won't he hurry up?! It's getting annoying, cops are sooo stupid!

.::Just as he approached 2 feet from the curtains. A tan, foreign style, man's head popped out.::.

Man: Hereeeeeeee's Johnny!

.::A silver glint of light shined from an object the man was holding. Before the officer realized it was a knife and pulled his gun out, the man had the knife lodged in the cop's stomach. The officer doubled over, dead. Diamond Dazzler was furiously angry.::.

Diamond Dazzler: I'm not gonna let this b*tch ruin my ride.

.::Angel Dust, still wide eyed, watched her charge the man.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Come on......Cloey! Don't sit there!

.::She nodded then got up. "Johnny" was waving the knife around, sometimes jerking it forward towards their stomach. Each backing up step would lead to their fate. Meanwhile, Johnny taunted.::.

Johnny: You guys are gonna get your ass handed to you by Stephanie and Trish!

Angel Dust: What are you talking about? We don't have a match against them!

Johnny: Yes you do! Looks like you haven't watched TV in awhile huh? Those too girls won't have to worry, you will be lying in your graves soon.

.::He was about to speak again and since he was distracted, Diamond Dazzler kicked the knife out of his hand with a "Hiyaah!" Then Angel Dust caught the knife in her right hand. She slashed him on his stomach, blood began spilling out, he begged for his life.::.

Johnny: Noo! Please, I have a grandma at home that needs money!!

In Unison: You should've never been born...

.::To end his pain quicker she punched the knife in harder as the gore rating shot up.::.

Diamond Dazzler: That was our first act of being a citizen...

Angel Dust: I'd say it is an interesting start. Killing one person to save the lives of a hundred or so.

.::They high fived eachother then Diamond Dazzler "yucked" at the new blood on her hand spread by Angel's hand. The scene then ended to commercial for a pack of XCEF and WCW fighting figurines.::.


.::We come back, ringside with JR and King. King is smiling wide, the same smile he uses whenever he sees puppies.::.

JR: That was a strange act of heroism but it worked. These aren't your average Superwomen.

King: That'd make a great series of comics! Just like Stripperella™! I would watch it.

JR: Anyway, we hear that these two are FINALLY in the building! Beware all you staff members back there, or you might end up with a knife in your stomach or bullet through your brain!

King: I would be willing to die to see their puppies!

JR: You are sick, really so sick.

.::There live, was Diamond Dazzler on the right and Angel Dust on the left.::.

Angel Dust: What will I do in the ring? I have never wrestled before.

Diamond Dazzler: Don't worry, I'll get in the ring first, then you watch my moves and copy. Or create your own style to slaughter those women. I mean a few casualties wouldn't matter, would they?

Angel Dust: ...Seriously Dazzler, you need help, thinking killing is okay.

.::Diamond Dazzler laughed and Angel Dust just shook her head slowly. Her friend was psycho and that was the truth. As they were walking a staff member stopped them in their tracks. He stood far enough away just so he wouldn't get hurt or killed. They both laughed.::.

Diamond Dazzler: You don't have to be scared of us! I mean look at you, you are wearing an XCEF staff member shirt. If you were wearing a WCW shirt you might not be so lucky.

Angel Dust: For now, our reign is over, no more killing unless we absolutely have to.

Staff member: Okay, whatever. But I wanted to tell you, your music is ready and you may make your debut.

.::With a smile and nod, he moved out of their way. They continued to walk as the camera switched to the superstar entranceway. Strobe lights panned the arena as "Independant Women" played. The titantron showed a Charlie's Angels style of movie, first a close up picture of Angel Dust's face appeared and she blew a kiss then flames rose up showing Diamond Dazzler's face, she just winked and smiled. It then showed "The Dangerous Duo: Kevin's Angels" Finally, they appeared from behind the curtains, moving with long strides. The cameras began to flash and the fans cheered for the girls who would be defending XCEF. Angel Dust headed down to the ring but Diamond Dazzler stopped at a man's sign. It read "Stephanie=Slut" She asked him if she could have it and he gladly agreed. Diamond Dazzler took it along with her as Howard Finkle announced their arrival.::.

Finkle: From an unknown part of Michigan, comes the Dangerous Duo, Diamond Dazzler and Angel Dust!

.::They both approached different turnbuckles. Every turnbuckle that Diamond Dazzler went to she held up the sign and got immense cheers from it. Angel Dust ended first then Dazzler. She demanded a microphone and got one.::.

Diamond Dazzler: Don't think I haven't been watching Stephanie McMahon talk out her ass.

Diamond Dazzler: I hear she's gonna turn us into the feds. Funny, how will she do that when she will be crippled by the end of the night if she does win. Obviously, she won't win or wrestle well because her wrestling abilities are crap. Dustier than my dearest friend's abilities, and she hasn't even wrestled before! My wrestling abilities mixed with my neverending winning spirit and Angel's speed will beat Stephanie McMahon. All of you know that the McMahons WERE NOT meant to wrestle. Take Vince, he thinks he is so buff, when really my grandmother could beat him! If there are any matches that he's won, they were because he probably payed his way out of them. Then there's Shane, he's fairly good, although his cocky attitude gets ahead of his abilities. He really could be a phenomenal wrestler if he weren't a McMahon. So the McMahons have a sh*tty history in wrestling. Speaking of luck, Dusty has something to say about that.

Angel Dust: Stephanie says we aren't brave. I agree, we aren't brave, we're just that damn good. It isn't luck, our experience overpowers anyone elses. Nobody has gone through as much hell as we have. I've taken 4 bullets in my body and Dazzler has taken stabbings that almost destroyed her life. This experience will be the best, Stephanie has no experience, because she sleeps her way to the top, sitting on her pretty little pedestal throne, drinking tea and smiling like a pretty princess. About this billion dollar b*tch crap, well, why the hell would you need to turn us in? You have your daddy's money to help you. But then again, you pretty much are an ass clown and could care less about anyone. Yes, anyone, a child on the streets of New York is begging you for some money, even a few cents, and you just pass him by. This is heartless and Dazzler and I will beat it out of you! There will be respect once we whoop your ass. I dare you to sleep your way through this one, sweety. We're not lesbians and we don't need your money.

.::She handed the microphone back to Diamond Dazzler::.

Diamond Dazzler: To end off our debut, why don't we start a slut chant.

.::The dangerous duo began to chant the awful word and slowly the crowd gained onto it. Every person in the arena who supported XCEF chanted it as the two left.::.

JR: Thank god our saviors have come to deliver us from WCW.