Sexy Window Girl Flash

No, I did not make this flash, but it is sexy and with the cat ears, glasses, and the "build" of this girl, she could easily be a pokegirl. Hence why I'm adding it here.

I'm also adding a small guide here.

You should click this to start the game (If you understand japanese, feel free to watch the movie that plays, otherwise you can click through to the game.).

You'll be greeted by a screen like this.

These are the two most important bars in the game. The object is to raise the red bar while keeping the blue bar low. If the blue bar goes too high, she'll scream and the game's over.
The red bar shows her state of arousal, allowing you to use more options without the raising the blue bar as much. The higher the red bar, the less the blue bar will raise. Don't worry about the red bar going down, no matter how long you wait.
Some options will skyrocket the blue bar regardless of how high her arousal state is. Note that EVERYTHING raises her blue bar, at least when initially used.

This is the caressing hand. By moving this back and forth to caress the girl (or by clicking on certain areas to grope them), you can lower the blue bar and raise the red bar. You can even lower the blue bar while it's rising if you're quick enough, keeping you in the game even when she might have screamed. Groping is more effective on her breasts, but caressing is more effective on her rump (you really should know WHERE it's most effective).

The "pinching" hand. This allows you to slowly pull off clothes. Note that doing so raises the blue bar and it doesn't always work the first try (sometimes, her arousal needs to be at a certain level before her clothes will be removeable). Sometimes, you'll need to do multiple clicks to get clothes off. This also allows you to remove other sex toys.

Catgirl Ears. These give you a cute little scene, but otherwise, is only for appearances. Her blue bar will rise when you initially put these on.

Glasses. These won't give you a cute scene and only change her appearance. Her blue bar won't rise as much as it does with the catgirl ears.

Bondage Ropes. These won't be useable until her arousal is pretty high. The top are for her upper body, and the bottom are for her lower body. Be warned that pulling on the rope for the top set twice in a row will automatically end the game.

Egg Vibrator. So long as this is in use, you'll see a purple control on the left side. You can insert this into her ass or vagina, once they're uncovered. To pull it out, you'll need the "pinching" hand.

Normal Dildo. Once inserted into her ass or pussy, this will operate on its own until you pull it out using the "pinching" tool.

The "Beads" Stick. Inserted into her ass. You can push and pull it out as you see fit with the caressing hand, but you have to remove it with the pinching hand.

Small Eggs. These can only be placed into her ass and up to four can be put in. She will eventually push them out. Just know that this option and the next one SERIOUSLY raise her blue bar. I'd suggest caressing IMMEDIATELY afterwards to lower said bar.

Large Egg. Identical to the small eggs, except these go into her vagina and only three can be put in at a time. Like the last option, this can skyrocket her blue bar to dangerous levels, even from minimum. I'd suggest caressing IMMEDIATELY afterwards to lower said bar.

Penis. You can't use this in either her ass or her vagina until you get her to "moisten" it with her mouth. You'll know when it's wet enough because when you try to use it on her ass or vagina, you'll get a small animation of the penis rubbing against her ass/vagina.

Here's the Flash