Pokegirls: Tropic League - Characters

Pokegirls: Tropic League - Characters

Below are the characters. Each character is broken down to their primary selves (i.e. who they were before I stole them and made them more pokegirls-oriented) and then who they are in my story. For those who like to know how to pronounce things, I've added a brackets to help you with the harder to pronouce names. Warning: Some series spoilers.

Outlaw Star was a story that was a much like Tenchi Muyou! if you replaced all of the wacky romantic hijinks with bizarre space-related science fiction ship combat. There is comedy in here, but for the most part, the storyline is generally more action-based.

Quote: Relax and enjoy the ride, guys, you're in good hands!

Gene Starwind, the hero of Outlaw Star, is typical hero. He's had a tragedy in his past (thus catapulting him into hero status) and he's a great hand-to-hand fighter who relies on both guts, brains and technological doodads. He's the pilot for the Outlaw Star and even though he can be a jerk at times, he's a pretty good guy. A bit too much on the reckless side, though. I pity his best friend/partner Jim. Gene's very familiar with the redlight district, which is something he teases his younger partner, Jim, about. Gene is 20 years old and is already very battle-scarred.


James Hawking (he prefers Jim) is Gene's more level-headed partner, the brain to Gene's brawn. We can assume he's an orphan because they never go into his family history and from his last name, we're damn sure he's not related to Gene. The original Jim is only 11, but I'm not sure what age Michael's going to shoot for. I assume about 14-16, which is when most laws start recognizing people as adults.

Quote: Are you just going to keep running away?!Quote: I would never harm you.

Hilda or "Hot Ice Hilda" as she's been affectionately nicknamed, is only about 23 or so. She gets the Hot for her beauty and the Ice for her composure under fire. She first appears as a blonde, but that's just a disguise. She seems to play big sister to Melfina while she's around. Michael, I hope you don't mind, but please keep Hilda around. I like her.

Quote: Ouch!  That hurts!

Melfina was constructed to be the bio-logical key to the Outlaw Star as well as the key to finding the Galactic Leyline and entering without the ship being destroyed or the crew going mad. I'm not sure what Michael made her into or what he's going to do about her primary mission, though.

Quote: How dare you insult a Ctarl-Ctarl, especially one of noble birth!!!

This is Aisha ClanClan of the Ctarl-Ctarl. Big note: When she's angry, she likes to screech a lot. The Ctarl-Ctarl are a race of Metamorphs (similiar to lycanthropes), but require a moon to transform (which, Aisha discovered, discounts any asteroids). However, Aisha is still the muscle of the team as her strength surpasses Gene's quite easily.

Quote: Blast!  It's past sundown!

Twilight Suzuka (or just Suzuka) is a reknown assassin who'll take on any job for the right price or if it's against the pirates. Suzuka's brother was murdered by a copycat assassin in the pirate's employment. She's since sworn vengence. She only uses a wooden sword, but don't let that fool you as she's sliced through a truck that was plowing towards her at 70+ MPH and didn't so much as break a sweat or get a cut.

She's awfully cute, Jim!

Hanmyo, for those who remember her (how could you forget her, you cold heartless bastards!), is the girl Jim falls in love with. Unfortunately, neither one knows that they're against each other. Hanmyo is a young bounty hunter who has two hyper-intelligent cats as aids. The Outlaw Star was her next bounty, but sadly, Jim had to win.

Let's go get a beer.

Twin Dolls/Angels is an pair of anime that I'll admit to never seeing, but I've read reviews and this is what I came up with: Twin Dolls is the original series and is actually fairly innovative (sort of like Final Fantasy 7) while Twin Angels is the unwanted bastard child (sort of like Final Fantasy Tactics). For some reason, Twin Dolls got glowing reviews while it's sequel, Twin Angels, was treated like dog poop that someone barfed up on during a congressional meeting, especially the dub version.

My Virgin Sense is tingling.  Anyone call for a pizza?

Ai Amatsu is the descendent of an Angel/Mortal coupling. She's a bow-wielding devil-blasting holy virgin. I wonder why there aren't more of these in anime... oh, right, because then there would be a possible insult towards various religions about 'corruption'. Oh yeah, and both sisters are listed as martial artists, meaning they should be able to fight minus their weapons. Of course, this is another assumption.

It's a Naginata, not a long pointy stick!

Mai Amatsu is the fickle sister and is more attracted to good-looking guys (I can only assume that Ai is attracted to the good-looking girls to balance this out). Mai's weapon is the Naginata, which is like a spear, but with a full-length sword blade in the place of a simple spearhead. (See the Orange Blossom Brigade of Saber Marionettes J fame or visit a website on polearms for a picture)

Michael's Original

I can only guess that this is Gyunyu, Michael's Minotaura.

I'm guessing this is Rei, the Fire Maiden.

Hana, Michael's Pia.