AGUAMIEL, the Sweet Water Chinchilla Pokégirl Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, Pokéchow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert irrigation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Agility, Scratch, Kick
Enhancements: Enhance Vision (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2), Nightvision, Water sense and internal water storage sacs
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Water Stone)
Aguamiels change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a blue-green color. They also become more placid, and rarely get upset over anything (even Hamtits), which makes them a more popular evolution of the Chichi, second only to the Margarita. They also develop a shy, demure attitude, which makes them ‘cuter’ in some people’s eyes, despite not possessing the Aura of Cute enhancement.
Wild Aguamiel prefer to live in dry desert-mountainous regions, and their first act is usually to start digging a well, using their ability to sense water to find an ideal spot to dig. Aguamiel packs can often form an oasis over time, usually with assistance from Tamales to provide the plant life. They are still popular as pets, possibly more so because they store water in their bodies like a Squirtitty, making them more of a walking, Tamable thermos, though this view has some mixed reactions from the Aguamiel. Some doesn’t mind it, since they like to help people using their abilities, not to mention that they feel that the act of giving water to their Tamers is rather erotic, while others frown when the fact is mentioned to them.
This also allows them access to a few basic Water attacks, though they prefer not to use them if they can help it, since they are so used to conserving water in their home terrain, which isn’t surprising, considering how little water is available in deserts. Scientists and farmers also use them to help with irrigation, turning desert into viable farmland. Which to the Aguamiel is a blessing, since they can use their abilities to help many people, which makes them happy to a point where their libido increases slightly, where they become quite affectionate with their Tamers.back to the master index
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AMEDEUS, the Rain Goddess Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish
Role: Underwater-mining, deep sea patrols, piracy
Libido: Average (High Seasonally)
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Grass, Electric
Attacks: Water Spear, Rain, Water Floor, Watery Tentacles Seize/Molestation/Penetration, Harden, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Armored skin, Multiple limbs, Instinctive Mineral Location (within 75 feet)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Many criminal organizations use a wide array of Pokégirls. But the pirates of the world have one that they specialize in. The Amedeus.
An Amedeus stands 6’7” tall on average, with plump C-Cup to D-Cup breasts. Their skin is a stony gray with a dark cream color on their bellies and chests. Their cheeks, an odd reddish color, puff out when angry. Just below their ample breasts are a pair of small secondary arms, and two pairs of small flippers. Their hair and eyes come in a wide variety of colors, but green and red respectively appear to be the most common. They have a tail that’s about twice the length of their body and ends in a three-point flipper they use while swimming. Their arms are notably longer than those of humans are, and their hands end in three long fingers, one of which being an opposable thumb.
The Amedeus are considered some of the best high-speed swimmers known, their preference being for swimming in extremely deep water. They use their longer normal arms and the four mini-flippers on their waist to propel and steer themselves while under water, their long tail serving as a major propulsion system and steering aide.
During the Revenge War, Amedeus aided other powerful water-types in dealing with divers and submersibles in combat. Also they often used their unusual ability to detect different minerals to find the materials to make armor and weaponry.
In a harem an Amedeus is best suited as a sparring partner, scout, and taming aide. While they’re very capable of combat their specialty is as a supporting role. Though those who obtain a destructive streak are sometimes used by Pirates for combat on the High Seas, where this breed truly shines on the battlefield.
Normally an Amedeus is rather childish and playful in nature. While their feral state is comparatively mild to most Pokégirls. Those who've seen an Amedeus that's feral compare it to seeing a scared child that’s far stronger than it expected. The Amedeus still retains its high-seas combat ability and overall infrastructure support role to this day as it had in the Revenge War. As such it’s rather common to learn that someone with an Amedeus is either a Tradesman who does Deep Sea mining, or they're someone you might want to avoid.
An Amedeus' Taming habits are as expected. They like it when their Tamer is willing to tame them whole they make use of their favored "Watery Tentacles" attacks to tame the remainder of their harem-sisters.
It's rather rare to find cases of thresholding into an Amedeus, but most of these cases are, as expected, common in the island leagues, Silver Islands, Crescent Star, and Orange Islands.
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BALEENA, the Whale Warrior Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph (Whale)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: small fish (lots), shrimp, plankton
Role: Aquatic heavy assault, used in undersea mining and farming post-War
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Water, Ice (Special)
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Water Spear, Takedown, Water Sword, Tail Slap, Mirror Image, Hip Drop, Water Floor, Body Slam, Bubbler, Backhand, Crushing Punch, Geyser, Super Move, Tidal Wave, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10 on land, x20 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x3 in water), has immunity to cold other Water-type Pokegirls do not
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized (compared to the humans on the ships, however, she is rather large. (More info below.) Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).
After the war, the Baleena were found living peacefully among whales and dolphins. On several occasions, the Baleena were recorded as protecting the animals that they lived among from other predators, including Pokégirls. Though not essentially territorial creatures, as they migrate on paths that whales cruise around the oceans on, they are fiercely protective of any that they deem to be family. Often, these Pokégirls lead their animal-cousins to feeding grounds along their migratory journeys. Although a few fishermen after the war attempted to continue the ways of whalers of centuries past, this practice was discontinued as soon as Pokéballs became generally available. Even feral, the Baleena are intelligent enough to create traps, and even to use their pods as bait for Pokégirls or other natural predators.
Although a pokegirl, the Baleena are certainly not one of the many breeds well known for their beauty. Instead, the Baleena are stocky, tall individuals. They have been known to stand as tall as seven and a half feet, although there are a few rare pokegirls of this breed that are taller. Very few are shorter than seven feet tall. They do not have hands, but their arms are like the Harpy's in that they are flippers that sprout from her shoulders and upper arms. Unlike the Harpy, however, the Baleena still has forearms and hands, making her even more versatile in and out of water. Pokégirls of this breed have wide and webbed feet that allow her to walk on land and swim even better in the water. Like many Pokégirls, the Baleena has a tail. It is thick, and about 3/4 as long as their body is tall. This tail is one of their main defenses, and ability to move quickly while underwater. Their size and weight make running a bit of a chore for the breed, but they are just as capable of running as they are of walking. Their skin and eye coloration tend to vary, although many have darker skin color than they do eye color. Their skin covers the blubber that their body stores, however, and helps to insulate her from extreme cold temperatures and ice techniques. These Pokégirls do not often have hair anywhere on their bodies, although threshold and domestic Baleena have been documented as having short hair.
One thing that does tend to make other Pokégirls envious is the fact that their muscles do not show as obviously as most Pokégirls who are as strong as they are do. They are extremely strong Pokégirls, especially in water, and tamers are cautioned to utilize restraints if they wind up taming one. Strangely, the Baleena as a breed are especially observant of the fact that humans are much weaker and will always lay down for a taming, or swim on their backs instead. A taming while swimming is a treat to the Baleena, as are Tamers who are as gentle and loving with them as the Baleena is with her tamer.
Despite their strength, this breed is generally gentle when they or their family isn't threatened. They do make wonderful transport over short distances in water, however, and are capable of holding their breath for hours at a time if not forced into a battle. Battling uses up a Baleena's oxygen stores much more quickly than if she were just diving, eating, or doing some other non-strenuous activity. As a result of her loyalty and defense of those she considers family, which often extends to he tamer, a Baleena will very often be used as a bodyguard. She may even be given the Alpha position within a harem if the tamer stays near the ocean or some other large body of water. Baleena also enjoy singing, and it is often quite a surprise to many tamers when they listen to a Pokégirl of this breed sing for the first time. On several known occasions, those of this breed have won singing contests in various places around the world. One of the main drawback to this breed is the fact that they are not as versatile as other Pokégirl types. Also, they are not especially attractive, considering that their blubber tends to make them look 'well-rounded' (this researcher was forced to describe them in such a manner after a particularly annoyed Baleena threatened to sit on him). They are also difficult to keep fed at times, as they tend to eat nearly as much as a Snorlass every other day.
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BEACH BUNNY, the Bouncy Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Normal/Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian
Role: pool lifeguards, swimming instructors
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ghost, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Water Gun, Bubbles, Slick Stroke, Go Down, Wet Jet, Sexy Hug, Talk Sweet, Cuddle
Enhancements: able to hold breath for up to half an hour, Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4)
Evolves: Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing excessive violence)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Water Stone)
When a Bunnygirl is given a Water Stone, she evolves into a Beach Bunny. The transformation gives her a form that is slightly closer to human than previously; her feet and legs now look human. She keeps the long ears and cotton tail though. Additionally, her breasts grow at least a cup size, usually more, and for some reason they become very sensitive to motion, bouncing from even the slightest movement. Running is something most Tamers delight in having their Beach Bunny do. A Beach Bunny’s nipples are quite sensitive; just rubbing them won’t bring her off, but it puts her very close to orgasm.
Beach Bunnies are at their happiest near water. Just being in sight of a pool or other body of water animates their personality. A Beach Bunny kept away from water becomes depressed. Beach Bunnies prefer not to go naked, but they always wear swimsuits, unless the weather is extreme (snowing, etc). These swimsuits can be either one-pieces, or bikinis, but either way they tend to be tight and leave little to the imagination. While they are still rather ditzy and short on attention, they develop an exception to this, that being swimming. A Beach Bunny can tell you exactly how to do a perfect back stroke, swan dive, etc. They make excellent swimming instructors. Beach Bunnies prefer to do the breast stroke before any other kind of swimming, for some reason. Beach Bunnies are good choices for teaching children how to swim, since they are very friendly and know so much about their favorite hobby. Beach Bunnies enjoy sunning themselves near open bodies of water for a while and then going for a dip, delighting in how chilly the water is at first. They prefer to develop tan lines, finding them quite erotic.
Beach Bunnies look sexy and they know it. They usually make sure any swimsuit they’re wearing is one size too small to show off their tits, which they’re usually quite proud of. They prefer being taken in the water, and enjoy having their breasts played with while being Tamed. They, like most Water-type Pokégirls, are good at orally pleasuring their master since they can hold their breath for so long.
Beach Bunnies aren’t anything special in combat. Most Tamers send them to fight pokesex matches, since they have more sex attacks than martial attacks. Considering their High libido however, it’s usually a poor idea to send a Beach Bunny into a sex match against a Pokégirl known for being a strong sexual fighter.
Feral Beach Bunnies tend to gravitate to nearby sources of water, and spend most of their time on coasts, usually along the beaches they’re named for. They tend to be easy captures. Threshold girls who become Beach Bunnies will spend more and more of they’re time at a local beach or pool if they can, otherwise they tend to take long baths.
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BEAVER, The Wood-Loving Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Beaver Animorph)
Element: Water/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Herbivore (Wood pulp and plants)
Role: Carpentry, Engineers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Poison, Ice
Attacks: Wood Tower, Lance, Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Thunder Tail, Mud Slap, Muddy Hand, Take Down, Tail Slap, Crunch, Bite, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7-Underwater only-), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Lung Capacity, Strong Front Incisors
Evolves: Whorerat (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
'Busy as a Beaver' is common statement used by mothers to their children, because when you think about the Pokégirl in question it is quite the accurate statement. Whether a Beaver is tamed or feral it is one of the busiest Pokégirls in existence.
Beavers have curvaceous bodies, with a small layer of fat around their stomach areas. They are usually of a variable height between five to six feet. They're breasts usually stay in the range of a Mid C-cup to a high D-cup, with rare cases having B cups or DD cups. They're always brown furred Pokégirls though the shade of brown may vary. It has been noted that domesticates, ferals and thresholders all share something about their fur patters, the front of their bodies, upper chest to her mid inner thighs are completely bare of fur and/or hair. Beavers prefer slightly warmer climates as their fronts are completely void of insulating fur. They have webbed feet and slightly webbed hands, with a large flat tail. Beavers always have very large incisors, usually protruding out of their mouth even when closed. It is not wise to make fun of a Beaver over their teeth, if you do, they will show you exactly how dangerous they are. Beavers have below-average eye-sight; most of them need some kind of eye-wear or contacts.
All Beaver Pokégirls suffer from being obsessively compulsive about any goal. When a Beaver has a goal, she will work her hardest to complete the goal, consequences be damned. Add the fact that they're perfectionists and you have a very bothersome girl at times. A Beaver might drag her Tamer along with the project, and if he agrees to help he may be subjected to her harshness, and attitude to make sure everything is done perfect, any less, annoys her and makes her feel unfulfilled. Despite multiple taming cycles to a Beaver, she will not lose her OCD and perfectionist traits as the traits are genetic and incapable of being wiped out, even by a level 5 Taming cycle. Beavers do not like being made fun of because of their appearance at times, as they try their best to look perfect.
Beavers were known during the Revenge War to destroy wooded areas and build dams, they used to rob human encampments of water, and fiercely defend the dams. They were on the battlefield afterward, planting seeds to re-grow the trees they tore down. Tamed Beavers are actually good companions for forest rangers and forest restoration. The dam building ability of theirs is used now by smaller communities without all the technology the other larger cities have to help deal with water and regulate it. The dams mainly being used to help with flood control, and restoring water quality.
Beavers are good underwater swimmers, capable of holding their breath for over an hour. They are fast swimmers using there webbed feet and large tail propelling them through the water. Their tail is used with most of their fighting, usually blasting the opponent with a Mud-slap then using Tail Slaps on their arms, busting out a Thunder Tail on foe to finish him off. Ferals fight the same way, but are actually more likely to run off or using Wood Towers to push them away.
Ferals are very apt at using Wood Tower, having an innate knowledge of the move, and using it when the area is scarce of trees for them to chew and eat, and also so make dams. They patch these dams in with mud, making these dams nearly as strong as concrete. Feral Beavers work hard constantly maintaining the dam and chewing wood to get more limbs to strengthen it, as well as giving it a fresh coat of mud every week. Ferals build lodges inside these dams to keep predators out, and to rest during the winter month when food is scarce. They store food in these lodges and eat them from the inside out over the winter months.
Ferals can be found in surplus out in the wild, seeing as if it is a large enough body or water; they will create multiple lodges and live together in a giant community. These communities can be somewhat of an annoyance as they will build dams that have a chance of messing with water flow, and cause water shortages. They also have a sense of togetherness, as if one Beaver spots a predator or a hazard, it will slap her tail unto the water’s surface to alert the other Beavers who will take to the water and protect the dam and the community.
Beavers have relatively simple taming habits, liking to be on their backs, as the tail is rather uncomfortable to have pressed against the back for anyone and being in an upright position for too long. Word to the wise though, Do not let a previously feral Beaver perform oral at least on a male, they have a tendency to bite into hard things that are put in their mouths, don't do it!! They know better however to not bite down on breasts or other objects. Researchers have a hypothesis that the penis when put into their mouth reminds them of a large stick and makes them want to bite down. Thresholders and Domesticated Beavers can control this trait, though, letting a Beaver perform oral to a male should always be practiced with a good amount of precaution.
Thresholding into a Beaver is uncommon, usually seen in girls with rodent-type ancestry with aquatic ancestry as well. A Beaver thresholding is usually categorized by the front teeth growing in length and their fingers becoming webbed as well as their feet. Some thresholders even noticed a loss of vision, where everything began to blur slightly.
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BLASTITS, the Humping and Pumping Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: vegetarian, seafood
Role: firefighting, hydration
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw, Bubbles, Slick Stroke, Flash Flood, Go Down, Wet Jet, Quickturn
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Increased Water Capacity, Armored Shell, Purify Water, Vaporous Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Whoretortle (normal)
Blastits is the final evolution of a Squirtitty. Once a Whoretortle receives enough Taming and combat experience, she will evolve to her final form. The changes from Whoretortle to Blastits aren’t as pronounced as her previous evolution. Her chest expands to a generous D cup, all the better to hold water with. Her shell becomes stronger, and is now able to turn aside most projectile attacks. One notable instance of this was when a Blastits covered her Tamer to protect him from Pokégirl thieves who were using some sort of forbidden tech gun that fired small projectiles.
A Blastits’ Water Gun attack is highly compressed, and can pump out a lot of water before she runs out. Water Gun attacks from a Blastits have been known to be able to knock down bolted doors, and can easily stun or even kill most other beings it hits. Many cities have a few Blastits on hand to fight fires that break out. A small squad of Blastits can easily quench all but the mightiest of infernos.
A Blastits is able to use more subtle water manipulations now also. When using her Go Down attack, she can use her Wet Jet technique to spit a small but concentrated stream of water at her opponent’s sensitive areas. Combined with her Slick Stroke attack as well, a Blastits is a strong pokesex fighter. Her martial prowess is also greater than before. She can use her Quickturn attack to easily spin around and then use Withdraw to let her shell absorb enemy blows, and then use Quickturn again to turn back around to fight back. Her Flash Flood attack is when she uses Water Gun from her mouth and both of her breasts at once. The resulting deluge of water is strong enough to literally wash opponents away, and can quickly flood enclosed spaces.
A Blastits can clean a modest sized lake of pollution in an afternoon by using her own body as a filtration system. Any larger than that takes days or even weeks, and can result in the Blastits becoming ill. A Blastits can also use Vaporous Aura, releasing some of her body’s moisture as water vapor. This humidifies the air, and while it can raise how hot it feels on a warm day, any nearby water Pokégirls will feel relaxed and more comfortable, and won’t need as much water to stay hydrated. This makes Blastits a very popular choice among Water-type Pokégirl Trainers, who will keep her around the rest of the Harem while they are inland and away from abundant water to slow the effects of dehydration. A Blastits herself doesn’t benefit from her own aura, since she's releasing her own water to create it. However, a Blastits still can easily go over a week without needing to be submerged in water.
Feral Blastits are dangerous more to a local ecosystem than people. While she can cause modest property damage with her Water Gun attack, repeated uses of Flash Flood will flood fields and turn the surrounding area into a large mud pit in short order. It’s rare for a Threshold girl to become a Blastits, but a few such cases are known.
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BOOBFIN, the Cetacean Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human (Animorph)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish
Role: Marine Recon, Marine Warfare, Sabotage
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Plant
Attacks: Agility, Slick Stroke, Water Tentacles, Whirlpool, Water Sword, Water Sword Mk. II, Water Punch, Ultrasonic Blast*, Concussive Shot*,
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 In the Water), Enhanced Agility (x2 In the Water), Enhanced Strength (x2), Echolocation, Enhanced Lung Capacity, Super-efficient respiratory system, Metamorphic capabilities
Evolves: Orcunt (normal), Sharptit (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Magicunt (Normal); Sharptit (Royal Curse)
The Boobfins were the special forces of the marine component of Sukebe’s army. Their quick speed in the water, intelligence and abilities made them the Navy SEALS of the pokegirl army and a nightmare for the various Pre-Sukebe navies. Not only were their infiltration and close quarters skills excellent, but pods of Boobfins up to 20 in size were extremely efficient in finding and sinking enemy submarines.
The Boobfin stands anywhere between 6-6’5’’ and around 125-140 pounds. They have a very feminine face, short light blue hair hair. Their skin is a dark grey, with a slightly lighter grey on the stomachs, and they have a cup size ranging from B-C cup, with rare cases of a D-Cup. They have a dorsal fin protruding from their backs, a long muscular fluke that extends past their legs, and two smaller fins that protrude from their forearms. Their faces are human sized, and they can change between a short snout with razor sharp teeth, and regular human lips and nose. Boobfins possess metamorphic qualities that allow them to morph their legs into their tail for greater speed in the water, control the size of their dorsal fin to increase agility and control, and morph their arms into fins.
Unlike other water pokegirls a Boobfin does require oxygen, however because of a very efficient respiratory system that acts as a rebreather and an enlarged lung capacity, a Boobfin can remain submerged for several hours without a need to resurface. These pokegirls prefer sea water to fresh water, however they exist in both, and preferences can change from ‘girl to ‘girl. The Boobfin possess several others physical traits that make them similar to the dolphins of old. Of these traits the most important is the melon, an organ located in the head that allows them to produce both the sonic waves for echolocation,and the beams of ultrasonic waves that are cable of liquefying flesh and battering metal.
Boobfins are superb battlers underwater, using their Ultrasonic Blast and Concussive Shot to great effect. On land their battling skill are more limited, as their tail hampers movement and speed, and without water the power behind their ultrasonic blast is severely reduced, however they make great use of the Water Sword technique, which originates from the fins on their arms.
Boobfins are very playful and fun-loving pokegirls. Boobfins like nothing more than spending time around loved ones, and pulling the occasional harmless prank. In battle, they hate losing, but try to win the quickest and most painless way possible, and for the most part, Boobfins abhor taking lives. In the Revenge War, Boobfins battle groups were well known for saving humans from the ships they sand and keeping them prisoner as opposed to letting them drown with their boats.
The Feral state of a Boobfin is very mild. These pokegirls suffer little if any drop in intelligence, and are even benevolent. Reports indicate the Feral and Wild Boobfin are more than happy to rescue drowning sailors and men lost at sea, which makes this breed popular with seafarers. A Feral Boobfin is a rare thing, however, because Boobfins are truly bisexual and enjoys sex from either gender. For this reason, Boobfins, in the wild, tend to stay in tight-nit packs, called pods. It is not advisable for a Tamer to try to covertly steal a Boobfin from one of these pods, but instead confront the pod and ask to battle for one. The same loyalty that Boobfins have to their pods will carry over in to the harem dynamics, resulting in a very reliable pokegirl. Critics of the Boobfin say that she makes a terrible Alpha because she is too playful and does not possess sufficient gravitas, nevertheless many Tamers call the Boobfin a both beloved and vital part of their harems.
A Boobfin has very high threshold for pleasure, and is very hard to get off alone. In the wild, Taming sessions in pods of Boobfins usually devolves into giant orgies, and in a harem, this is the preferred method of Taming a Boobfin. Despite this, a Boobfin likes to give just as much as she gets, and is a very unselfish girl in the sack. Boobfins prefer to tame in the water, just below the surface, because they find that their tails get in the way on land.
Despite being combat pokegirls, Boobfins are also quite capable in Sex Battles. Their echolocative abilities stimulate erogenous zones when used at close range, and combined with Slick Stroke, and their Watery Tentacles technique make them quite decent. Combine this with their high threshold for pleasure, and the Boobfin can be quite the fiend on the Sex Battlefield.
Thresholding into a Boobfin is common with Boobfin and water pokegirl ancestry. The process starts off slow, with an attraction to a body of water, slow change in skin color, craving for fish, which lasts about 5 days, then a sudden transformation over the next two days, with the entire process lasting a week.
Ultrasonic Blast - (ATK 95 (190 underwater)) The Boobfin focuses an ultrasonic blast of sound against an enemy that can cause severe damage, and has been known to liquefy flesh. The Boobfin is capable of teaching this attack to the Baleena.
Concussive Blast - (ATK 70) The Boobfin focuses a compressed ball of air that damages the target. BE WARNED while submerged this attack could drain the Boobfin of her air supply, and cause her to drown.
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BOOBGONG (aka MERMAID), the Sexy Seal Pokégirl Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: seafood
Role: fishing assistant, deep water diving
Libido: Average (High in the spring)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Scratch, Tackle, Headbutt, Tail Slap, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Breathe water, Enhanced Flexibility, subcutaneous insulation layer, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Selkie (normal)
Boobgong, the evolution of Selkie, gains several new abilities. Most important among these is her ability to metamorphose her lower body between her natural long flipper, and a pair of humanoid legs. This can be done at will painlessly by the Boobgong, who is able to venture ashore much more ably now. While a Boobgong can walk however, doesn’t mean she’s good at it. Since they only develop their legs after their evolution, they spend quite a long time learning how to walk without tumbling over. When they finally perfect it, they can be quite a sight to witness, with their alabaster skin and smooth figures. Greater degrees of podiatric manipulation will always be beyond them however; for example, no Boobgong can dance. Boobgongs are often seen lounging by rocks near caves at the mouth of the sea, a habit which led to them being called Mermaids for a long period after Sukebe’s Revenge. Like their pre-evolutionary form, the Selkie, a Boobgong in her nautical form still has her cunt visible, it having moved a bit more forward on her body so as to be still accessible from the front.
A Boobgong is now truly able to breathe water, instead of just hold her breath for long periods of time. This, combined with her ability to hear things with a greater degree of accuracy and her ability to withstand colder climes well, makes her extremely able to navigate safely at deeper depths, where light and heat cannot reach. Due to their lack of proficiency with their legs, Boobgongs tend to do poorly against land bound foes, much preferring to fight in the water where they are quicker. A Boobgong forced to fight on land will try and use her Slick Stroke ability to bring her opponent to orgasm quickly.
Feral Boobgongs are a danger to themselves more than to other people. Like other water Pokégirls, they are likely to venture ashore in their Feral state. Unlike most water Pokégirls though, while they do realize that they shouldn’t stray too far from the water, they tend to have a hard time getting back since they cant use their legs very well at all when Feral. More than a few Tamers have had the good fortune to find a Boobgong near a beach, desperately trying to crawl back to the water. It’s rare for Threshold girls to become Boobgongs. Those that do often have a hard time adjusting, since they’ll actually lose finer motor control of their legs, and spend a lot of their time frustrated and upset that they trip much more often than usual.
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BOOBKINI, the Water Exhibitionist Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: menial water-related jobs
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Tower, Hydropump, Battle Song, Nameless Song
Enhancements: Ageless(*), Stylized Form, Amplified Singing (**)
Evolves: Naiad (Water Stone)
Evolves From: Swimslut(orgasm)
Boobkinis are generally between 5'6" and 6'2" tall. They retain most of the physical aspects they had as a Swimslut with one major difference: Boobs. Whereas the Swimslut had no designated breast size, the Boobkini generally has E-cups or larger. Surprisingly, their ample bosom does not adversely affect their speed or combat skills in the water.
Feral Boobkinis love flaunting their breasts and are known to get on the bad side of any smaller breasted Pokégirl they come across. If they are in a harem, they'll tease the smaller breasted Pokégirls for a while, but will eventually tire of taunting them and move on to flaunt their breasts towards others. Even Domesticate or Threshold Boobkinis instinctively flaunt their breasts, though the more modest will become embarrassed over their arrogant behavior.
Despite their flaunting, though, Boobkinis prefer to have some measure of clothing, preferably bikinis, so they can continue to flaunt while keeping some 'mystery'. They may also like clothing because it helps keep their breasts looking ample.
The only time the Boobkini will not flaunt is if they meet a Pokégirl with equal or larger breasts. In most cases, they will simply acknowledge the larger girl's 'victory', but some become obsessed with that Pokégirl. Sometimes, this is simply out of respect and awe, though there are occasions when the Boobkini will want to become lovers with the aforementioned 'winner'.
All Boobkinis enjoy staying near the beach and may even want to be tamed on the beach. Being such beach lovers, they take great offense whenever someone leaves garbage or creates a mess on the beach. Ferals often attack the offending miscreant if they show no signs of cleaning up their mess, which has led to many beaches in both Pro and Anti-Pokégirl areas to have signs warning beach-goers to clean up after themselves. These warnings are repeated in school safety classes, on the radio and on television routinely during times of the year when people may visit the beach.
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BUTTANEER, the Beast Pirate Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style, mainly seafood
Role: Ship’s crew, Warriors, Undersea recovery efforts
Libido: Average, leaning towards High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Bubbler, Gust, Squall, Wind, Mirror Image, Tempest, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Elemental Affinity (Water/Wind), Amphibious
Evolves: She-Captain (normal, high level), Tavernmaid (Ice Crystal + Drunk)
Evolves From: None
Buttaneers are one of the two most well known breeds of what are generally known as ‘Pirate Pokégirls.’ They are the more savage of the two, attractive in features although bearing varying amounts of animalistic features based on random sea flora and/or fauna. Some bear resemblance to other Pokégirls, although there are more than enough differences for all but the dumbest Tamers to tell the difference between them. As they grow older, their animalistic features become slightly more prominent, giving them a fierce appearance.
In terms of demeanor, they tend to be fiercer than their more human-like cousins. They favor blunt weapons, heavy water and wind attacks, and their own natural claws, over the blades and guns of Piratits. Their style of battle is more savage and straightforward than Piratits, making them well suited for front line combat and all out assault. Outside of battle they are extroverted, outgoing Pokégirls who enjoy a good party as much as a good scrap. They are more social than Piratits, and are good at unifying their Harem sisters to their ‘Admiral’s’ cause. (Their Tamer is always called ‘Admiral,’ and the Alpha is always the ‘Captain.’) They don’t make good Alphas, as they tend to be flighty and indecisive without solid direction.
Buttaneers work well in all naval applications. They work well as Tamers for League naval forces, actual pirates, even as crewmembers on a single Tamer’s ship. In rare cases, Buttaneers can even be found as crewmembers on luxury cruise liners. Their willingness to follow orders, plus their amphibious nature and fighting ability makes them highly valued by all seafaring Tamers.
Instances of using Buttaneers on land are rare, but there are several recorded instances of land-based Tamers having Buttaneers in their Harems. They still retain their outgoing, gregarious nature, but are also more melancholy, as all Buttaneers are more comfortable being on a ship at sea. Land-based Buttaneers also tend to be more aggressive as well, to compensate for their not being at sea. This can be tempered somewhat by partnering them with another Water-type Pokégirl, as Buttaneers greatly enjoy being wet. (“In every sense of the word,” as some have been quoted.)
During the Revenge War, Buttaneers worked alongside more animalistic Pokégirls, swimming in packs underneath seafaring vessels while their commanding She-Captain would said in on their own ships with Piratits. The boat-based assault would distract the ship from the brunt of the assault, the Buttaneers, who would board the ship and slaughter the crew, usually before they could react in some way, making way for the She-Captain and the rest of the crew to mop of whatever was left and claim the contents of the ship for Sukebe’s forces. Frequently, Buttaneers were stationed amidst herds of animalistic water Pokégirls, supplementing their forces and adding to their damage capacity.
Buttaneers, in terms of taming, love it wild. They don’t mind if their Tamer gets a little rough with them, and like to be taken ‘as hard as an ocean wave.’ They enjoy pretty much any position, although of ‘that fancy bondage stuff’ that Domina-types have been known to use is a turn off. They enjoy a straightforward, rough & wild taming, loving it when their tamer pounds their ‘cutlass’ into them.
Threshold cases which result in a Buttaneer are uncommon and usually occur in families with a long history of water-type in their bloodline.
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CAMELTOE, the Desert Metamorph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Inhuman (Tauric Metamorph)
Element: Ground/Water
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon in desert regions)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Desert Messengers, Water Reservoirs
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Electric, Steel, Poison, Water
Weak Vs: Plant, Ice
Attacks: Dig, Stomp, Sand Attack, Water Gun, Rain, Mud Slap, Glue Spit
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x7), Low Water Needs, Large Water Storage Capabilities, Water Absorption, Metamorph capabilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: none
The Cameltoe was developed when Sukebe discovered that the Ponytaur wasn’t adequately suited to desert maneuvers. Just like how the Ponytaur resembles the horse, the Cameltoe resembles the pre-Sukebe camel in their equine form, with a human-ish torso emerging from a camel body complete with a large hump for water storage. Cameltoes also have the ability to transform into a human form, but it is far more conspicuous than the Ponytaur’s. The skin tone is more tan, a small hump remains on the back, their hands have three fingers instead of five. They usually have brown toned hair color that ranges from light, sandy brown to dark, near black brown. In animal form they stand at around 7-8 feet tall, but in human form this shrinks down to around 6 feet tall. The breast size can range from B-cup, if their breasts are empty of water, to F-cup if their breasts are full. Though large, their breasts always remain firm to the point of hardness due to the extreme compression of water.
The Cameltoe’s hump, in either form, has the ability to store up to 30 gallons of water, and can expand and contract as necessary. For this reason, these Pokégirls would accompany legions in the deserts, and supply the water required, or use their water reservoir for their water attacks. This water can be emitted from the mouth for various water attacks, from the breasts, which in addition to providing water, can also store it (Cameltoe's fat cells are capable of expanding to store water), or from expandable pore on the top of the hump. The Cameltoe's breasts can become extremely full, but unlike a Milktit which just keeps producing milk, once all the water possible has been stored, the rest is just urinated out, which keeps breasts from becoming overfull and painful. The skin around the breasts is surprisingly stretchy, will expand and contract as necessary, so stretch marks do not show until very advanced age. Cameltoes are among the fastest Pokégirls in the desert, and are excellent for long term desert recon, desert messengers, and desert transport. In battle they are more suited to support roles, using sand attack and mud slap to distract and blind enemies, and rain to revitalize their allies. Cameltoes have the peculiar ability of using a plant type attack, Glue Spit, despite not being plant types. They achieve this attack by excreting a set of proteins into their spit that, when exposed to air, becomes extremely sticky.
Cameltoes are not Alpha material, but they do work well in a harem, and are very sociable Pokégirls. However, be warned, Cameltoes are stubborn creatures and, if they decide they dislike an Alpha or her orders they will likely ignore any order given to her unless from her Tamer. In the same vein, Cameltoes hate being pushed around, and will respond to aggression by being even more stubborn. Though they are not quick to judge or form opinions, Cameltoes once the have made up their mind, are very reluctant to let it go, so first impressions make quite an impact on this Pokégirl.
One of the most remarkable qualities of the Cameltoe is its ability to absorb and retain water. They can literally soak it up through the skin (and in humid regions from the air itself) which renders any water attack not only useless, but beneficial to the Cameltoe, and usually end up with the Cameltoe spitting these water attacks right back. In addition to the hump on the back, this Pokégirl also possesses a super-efficient respiratory system and urinary system that reabsorbs up to 90% of the water back into the body. These Pokégirls are capable of lasting months in the desert on only a few glasses of water, and usually get all the water they need from the food they eat.
Despite being desert creatures, Cameltoes have been known to exist on frozen tundras or cold deserts. These Pokégirls adapt to these condition by growing out a thick coat of fur, similar to the Pre-Sukebe camels that lived on the tundras of Mongolia.
Though their overall speed is slower than their Ponytaur counterparts, their endurance is far higher. They are able to maintain their top speed for six to eight hours, fully loaded with gear in the desert. Unfortunately, there is very little variation in top speeds in sand and on hard ground. On average Cameltoes show higher intelligence than the Ponytaur breed, but are less popular. Feral Cameltoes have a large cut in intelligence, but are very docile. These pokegirls rarely attack when Feral and will flee danger before confronting it. When annoyed they tend to spit and run, and many a Tamer has been covered from head to toe by an annoyed Feral Cameltoe. Despite this Tamers find Cameltoes a blessing when lost in the desert, as they are more often than not better than oases. Cameltoes prefer being on top during coitus, or being Tamed doggy-style, as the hump makes it uncomfortable to lie on their back.
Thresholding into one is common for girls in desert regions with ground ancestry, and is quick, usually lasting less than a day, but reports indicate that it is extremely painful, and the girls must get used to the weight and feel of the hump. Some unlucky girls become two humped camels or Bactarians they are known. This far more painful, and it becomes harder for them to retain a human form, however these girls can store an extra 100 gallons of water, allowing them to retain up to 60 gallons.
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CATFISH, the Wet Pussy Pokégirl Type: Animorph, Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fish and cream
Role: Lifeguards at beaches, swimming instructors, fishers... pirates too.
Libido: Average (High once a month)
Strong Vs: Ground, Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Fury Swipes, Kick, Scratch, Slap, Tail Slap, Water Gun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Air Recovery
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed(x3 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Agility (x3 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Senses (x3), can move on land as well as water, Night Vision, Cold Tolerance, Breathe Underwater
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Catgirl (Water Stone), Kitten (normal; raised by a large body of water)
An interesting event occurs when a Catgirl is given a Water Stone. Although Catgirls normally dislike water, when given the Evolution Stone of aquatic powers, she will evolve into a species of Pokégirl known as Catfish. It should be noted that the evolution of Catfish can also happen naturally when a Kitten is raised by either a beach, or near a large body of water all of her life.
As the name suggests, a Catfish is one Cat-type that lacks aversion to water, although they do prefer their battles to be on land. Also, opposite to what the name suggests, the Catfish are in no way a Fish-type Pokégirl, they are still feline Pokégirls. However, it is easy to make the mistake between the two under certain circumstances as Catfish are known to have physical variation depending on how exactly they evolved and where. If evolved near the Earth's equator, the Catfish may evolve without fur, instead her skin a pale blue or sea green, yet will never feel cold even in an icy climate. Most Catfish, however, still have soft and short fur on their bodies.
A Catfish's fur and hair can be different shades of blue or blue-greens, denoting they are Water-type Pokégirls. To aid in their swimming capabilities, the species also have webbing between their toes and fingers, and they have a set of fins at the tip of the tail, although again, this also seems to change depending on where she evolves at. Some have flukes at the end of their tail that are horizontal, while others have the tail fins grow in vertically. In either case, the tail is longer and thicker than most Cat-types, which allows her great maneuverability in water and even assists with propulsion. The tail is also prehensile, but is sluggish to move immediately once out of the water.
It should also be noted that a Catfish's body changes so that she even gains the ability to hold extra water in her breasts and shoot the liquid out of her mouth like a water cannon. However, they are not dependant on the ocean as a Catfish can move about on land perfectly well when dry, and can be away from water for long periods at a time without needing to rehydrate.
Catfish can breathe air with her gills as well, when they have need to, making them truly amphibious. When underwater, gills open up along the sides of their necks, allowing them to breathe underwater. Above water or on land, these gills are sealed shut and are actually rather sensitive to the touch. Some Catfish have even taking this into effect when Taming, giving their Tamer what they have termed, `Deep Throat'; giving the Tamer head with the gills in their neck. While Catfish owners have claimed it to be a wonderful sensation, sometimes the fun gets cut short should the Tamer cum in there.
In the Indigo Plateau, the Divide Sea, the Silver Islands, and the Lost Sea, Catfish are an incredibly popular species to own, since they are great fishers and have been proven to be of great help to fishermen and pearl divers. Unfortunately, this popularity has extended to the Limbec Pirates and other pirate factions around the world, as their capabilities in and out of water make them almost perfect for the job. As such, Catfish found at smaller port towns and fishing villages around the world often find themselves under careful scrutiny, distrust, and may require collars to vouch for the fact that they are not pirates. Of course, no Catfish complains about being collared, if such is the case.
While Kitten is still the defacto outcome for girls going through Threshold to become a Cat-type Pokégirl, the number of Thresholds resulting in the end of Catfish have increased dramatically over the years, changing a once Rare Pokégirl to become a rather Uncommon sight. It has been noted that the majority of Threshold cases that end with Catfish are around villages on the water or by a large body of water, adding merit to the concept of Water being the primary trigger.
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CORALA, the Coral Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Rocks, silt, water, plankton
Role: Reef gardeners, waterfront protectors, underwater combat
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Harden, Unmoveable, Water Spear, Rock Throw, Water Tower, No Sell, Water Floor, Rock Cube, Geyser, Rock Boulder, Bubble Cross, Spiked Rock Boulder, Hydro Pump, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x15), Advanced Regeneration, Enhanced Durability (x30), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Density control, Precious coral generation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Corala were one of the more surprising discovers in the past few decades. For years after the Revenge War, there were reports of mysterious crashes of sailing ships in tropical areas of the world, the hulls torn to shreds by an unknown substance. It took several years of careful investigation, but the source was eventually discovered to be a new type of deep sea Pokégirl. The interesting thing about them is that their bodies were composed almost entirely of coral.
The first colony of these coral Pokégirls, dubbed quite simply the Corala, were discovered by a specialized undersea investigation device inside one of the deepest undersea trenches. Theories about their origins have been tossed about for years, but no conclusive evidence has been found one way or another. There are two theories that seem to be the most popular. The first is that Sukebe simply dumped some of his magical runoff into the water, mutating coral reefs into Pokégirls. The second is that Sukebe created them deliberately to help maintain the coral reefs, the Pokégirls a living expression of his disgust with humanity.
Corala are elegant Pokégirls, slim and slender with curvaceous bodies and firm rumps and breasts. They have silky hair that feels like polished, flexible precious coral. Their bodies are primarily formed from calcium carbonite structures of precious coral, most of their organic internal organs protected by their armor-like outer shell. They can generate spikes of precious coral from their outer shells, which can be broken off to use for jewelry, or which can be by the Corala themselves as projectiles in their Spike Cannon attack. They have complete control over their coral armor-body’s density, allowing themselves to be soft enough for Taming or hard enough to take tremendous amounts of punishment. Their armor-body regenerates quickly when damaged, and is always growing at a slow but steady rate, causing the formation of their trademark spiky armor. Canny Tamers can harvest and sell the spikes for a profit.
Corala are surprisingly strong, durable Pokégirls. They can take large amounts of punishment, and have strength equal to some of the more powerful combat-oriented Pokégirls. They have powerful Rock-type and Water-type abilities at their command as well, their primary attacks being strikes and projectiles of spikes of ultra-hardened precious coral. This, combined with their regeneration and beauty, make them desirable to Tamers. This is not to say that they are not without a downside.
Corala have some of the lowest intelligence levels any Pokégirl out there. They aren’t as dumb as a Trollop, but they tend to take things too literally. If a Tamer sarcastically says ‘give me a break,’ then they will break a bone on the Tamer’s body. If a Tamer tells them to ‘go fuck themselves’, they will immediately go off and masturbate somewhere. They don’t understand metaphors or sarcasm. The only things they seem good at is maintaining coral reefs and fighting, although a patient, canny trainer can teach them to do more. They just have to explain the task they want done VERY CAREFULLY and in EXACT DETAIL.
Coralas are fairly easygoing in terms of Taming. Like most tasks, they are somewhat dim on it until taught. Then they enjoy it greatly, becoming willing to try anything their Tamer wants after the first few times. It’s best not to do too much bizarre Taming with them at first, as they could very easily become disturbed by it and not allow themselves to be Tamed, despite their body’s need for it. Due to their strength, it’s best to tame them with heavy restraints, which are available at most retailers for semi-reasonable prices. No known Threshold cases that have resulted in a Corala have been recorded.
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CUNTNAW, the Attractive Alligator Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph - Alligator
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon (Johto League), Very Rare (Other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies (preference: fish)
Role: Firefighter departments, water-based security. Sometimes used as fishermen assistants.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Tackle, Tail Slap, Takedown, Bubblebeam, Tidal Wave, Water Gun, Water Spear, Growl
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x5), Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Evolves: Feraligarter (normal)
Evolves From: Titodile (normal)
Where Titodiles were often paired with Squirtitty during the War of Revenge to make them a balanced Water-type fighting force, the Cuntnaw could act as a single operative. Rather aggressive and very brutal with their tactics for dealing with perceived enemies, their strengthened jaws, thicker hides, and wider arrange of skills were put to use when dealing with the forces of humanity. Like their previous form, they would stick by rivers, stalking human-controlled forces, however unlike the Titodile, they would allow their prey to get into the water. The Cuntnaw would then launch their attack when they had their prey when they wanted them. It’s difficult for a human to move, let alone run in water but not for a Cuntnaw to swim. Indeed, they were an overall vicious improvement over the already solidly skilled Titodile.
In modern time day, these aspects of the Cuntnaw which made her so feared have been Tamed and put to use for humanity. Because of their now thicker hide and larger array of water capabilities, Cuntnaw, (and their next level of evolution, the Feraligarter) are well suited to fighting fire, where they can rescue people trapped in burning buildings with little worry concerning their surroundings. After all, the protective and often leathery skin of a Cuntnaw is universal across the species, allowing them to keep moving in dangerous situations, whereas Squirtitties, (and their evolutions) only have strong shells for protection, forcing them to retreat into said shells when danger is present. And the fact that Cuntnaws and Feraligarters are stronger than Squirtitties, (and their evolutions) means that they can lift and move heavier objects in a dangerous situation. It’s also said that they’re able to hold their breath much longer, it is rather comparable as they’re highly active when underwater. It should be noted that while they’re very good at fishing, their takes are often smaller than they ought to be due their habit of snacking on their catches while they work.
Upon evolution, the physical differences between the Ferals and the Domestic breeds of Titodile are gone. Both types of Cuntnaw stand roughly 6’ in height, but their total length can be almost double that as their tails will extend considerably, often gaining another 3’ to 4’ feet in length. Their somewhat bumpy scales begin to smoothen out yet become more patched between, almost like a texture of leather. One of the most startling changes is to that of the ridges along the length of their spine. This scaly ridge increases a bit in size and whereas their scaled skin is a blue coloration, the ridge becomes a bright crimson. There is, however, very little change in their breast-size, especially if they were already a C-cup as they will only expand to a larger end of that size rather than become a D-Cup. Fortunately, despite their breast size, they are still quite fast in the water thanks to their natural enhancement of the Atlantis Man swimming technique.
In PokéBattle, a Cuntnaw puts her newfound powers and build to great use. True, the Cuntnaw loses a bit of land-speed with this evolution, but that is the only downside. They are blessed with a plethora of Water techniques to allow them to put the hurt on many Fire and Rock-type Pokégirls, while their natural strength and swimming speed allows them to stand up to most other Water-types, even a Gynadose will find herself hard-pressed against a skillful group of Cuntnaw. However, this same set of strengths and skills means that Feral Cuntnaws make for an especially dangerous opponent. They’ve sometimes been noted as attacking fishing ships that make the unfortunate mistake of being in the Cuntnaw’s territory. Most Feral Cuntnaws will attack intruding boats, seeking to damage or sink them, heedless of the fact that damaging our outright sinking a boat will cause it to stay in her claimed area longer.
When it comes to Taming a Cuntnaw, one cannot deny that they are enthusiastic about sex, surprising considering their average libido. However, like the Titodile, this Pokégirl has problems with anatomy getting in the way of their pleasure. However, due to their new muscular state and tougher skin, some Tamers find that their Cuntnaws will allow for some aspects of S&M to come into play. With the proper supports and chains, a Cuntnaw can be supported or possibly hung in certain ways which will allow the tail to be kept out of the way and allow for a Tamer to get right to work! Because of this, Cuntnaws don’t mind sharing their turn Taming with one of the Domina breed. It is also still advised for a Tamer to NOT allow a Cuntnaw to give them head unless they don’t mind the nickname of ‘Stubby’.
Although Cuntnaw is a considerably rare outcome for girls going through Threshold, those in the Johto League with a strong Water-type ancestry can find themselves as easily becoming Cuntnaw as they could Titodile. However, turning into Cuntnaw is not something most families look forward to. Unlike a Titodile that evolves into Cuntnaw, a human girl Thresholding into one will find a sudden decrease in their intelligence. It’s not that they become animalistic, but they tend to act upon the more simpler needs. Their new instincts will take over, letting the reptile brain override common thought. It’s not surprising that those girls that Threshold into Cuntnaw find themselves quickly shipped off to the nearest Ranch.
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DALMATIAN, the Firefighter Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Not Very Near Human (Canine Animorph)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Fire Safety and Control
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bubble, Water Gun, *Sealant Foam, Tackle, Takedown, Water Tower, Water Floor
Enhancements: Internal Water Well, Enhanced Olfactory and Auditory Senses (x5), Heat Resistance, Internal Foam Well, Water Detection, Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doggirl (Water Stone)
When exposed to a Water Stone, a Doggirl’s fur starts to change color, going from whatever it was before to a whitish hue, black speckles appearing in random patterns around their bodies. If the Doggirl was Near Human, she become more animalistic in appearance, gaining the white fur and spots. They gain a few inches in height and a slight bust increase as well.
Dalmatians were among the earliest evolutions of the Doggirl discovered, and quickly became one of the most popular. They have the loyalty common to nearly all canine breeds, which made them popular with Tamers, and once Tamed, quickly proved themselves useful to firefighters, especially in more inland areas where water types are not as common.
Dalmatians were first discovered near the end of the Revenge War, working in Sukebe’s laboratories as assistance. Their role in the labs was quickly discovered when they kept putting out the flames of flamethrower troopers they encountered, not to protect the labs (which, after Taming, many admitted they were creeped out by), but because they were created to do just that: put out fires.
The breed’s inborn need to put out fires made them invaluable to firefighters after the war, when Ferals began to become a greater threat. To say nothing of their resemblance to the classic breed of dog normally associated with firehouses, which made them even more popular among firefighters. However, as times calmed down, the genetic need Dalmatians have to put out any fire they see started to become problematic. Dalmatians would constantly try to put out harmless fires, including matches for lighting cigarettes, campfires, or even the tails of CharAmandas, leading to difficulties and much unnecessary wetness. This problem was not insurmountable, however, and a method of training Dalmatian Pokégirls to only put out fires that needed to be put out was quickly developed. Upon training, for a while they’ll still be uncomfortable around fires that haven’t been put out yet, but will eventually be able to not react to harmless blazes. (Although they may end up staring at the flame for a long while.)
In terms of genetic quirks, there are occasions when Dalmatians go deaf. Some Dalmatians are born deaf. This trait is assumed to be a carryover from the breed this Pokégirl is based on. This is also shown in Dalmatian Pokékits, who are born with pure white fur and only get their spots after their third year.
Dalmatians mainly have uses in maintaining fire safety. They have a passion for learning methods of fire safety and control, and most firehouse Dalmatians make it a point to memorize any information they come across relating to the subject. They take it very seriously and become worried when someone is casual about fire in any way. Despite this, they still manage to be very friendly, helpful, and upbeat Pokégirls. When on the job, they use their enhanced hearing and sense of smell to track down victims trapped in a blaze, their heat resistance and enhanced durability giving them extra protection against flames in their efforts to make a rescue.
Dalmatians are difficult to deal with in situations involving prescribed burns. They aren’t allowed near those areas until they are well-trained enough to not automatically try to put out the fires. They are generally used to help set-up the deadfall areas for the burns, and if trained, are used to help keep them under control until they are finished.
Dalmatians are very oral creatures. They express most of their physical affection through their mouths, through kisses, and licks, and greatly enjoy oral sex as well. In terms of eating, they place a greater emphasis on taste, their tongues being very sensitive. This goes into their Taming habits as well, as Dalmatians tend to do a lot more with their mouths than most Pokégirls.
Dalmatians have an ability that’s unique to them: Sealant Foam. In addition to their water attacks, Dalmatians can spray a foamy substance from their mouths similar to the kind used in fire extinguishers. It’s useful in containing blazes, although most Dalmatians don’t like to use this ability except as a last resort. The primary reason for this is that, by all accounts, the stuff tastes HORRIBLE. Many Dalmatians carry hard candy with them to suck on in case they have to use the foam, so as to avoid having to deal with the aftertaste for any length of time. Thankfully, the taste doesn’t induce nausea unless the Dalmatian in question as a very weak stomach, it’s just a horribly foul taste to them.
Dalmatians, when Feral, became more frisky and mindlessly playful, blowing bubbles and watching them float around. As with most Dog-types, sure sign a Dalmatian is going feral is if their tongue hangs partially out of their mouth even when closed. If disturbed or frightened, Feral Dalmatians become trigger happy with their water attacks, splashing everything around them before running away. Threshold cases are not that uncommon, and usually happen if the Thresholder has both canine and water-type DNA in their veins.
· Sealant Foam – (ATK + EFT) The Pokégirl sprays a fire retardant foam from her mouth in a wide arc.
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DIVETTE, the Sea Diving Loon Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying/Water
Frequency: Uncommon at major ports and at sea, Very Rare anywhere else
Diet: Mostly fish
Role: Sea sabotage, scouts
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Grass, Fire, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Current, Dive, Feather Shuriken, Water Gun,
Enhancements: High lung capacity, Aquatic adaptations, Enhanced Sight (X3), small size (Around 4’, or 1.35 M), skeletal augmentations
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Water Stone)
Far from their humble beginnings as Pidgys, Divettes are the scourge of the seas. Tall, lithe, and streamlined, these gorgeous avians were used by Sukebe in the Revenge War to destroy naval vessels and scout out ports, islands, and cities nearby the oceans. They were perfectly suited to the job, able to blend in with the seagulls of the war era while far out at sea. However, in modern days, they now help protect the ships they once sought to destroy. Sailors often swear by their Divette’s sense of direction, and few sea going ships go without having one.
During the war, Divettes were largely unnoticed until the human war effort turned towards the sea. As attention shifted to ships, the military finally noticed important supply and transport ships spontaneously sinking near or at port. Later, a sailor who survived such an incident reported a sexy, flying woman dive into the ocean near his ship prior to its destruction. It didn’t take long for the brass to put two and two together, and the first human recognition of Divettes occurred.
As sailors were trained to watch for them and awareness improved, the Divettes’ method of sabotage was discovered. They acted as a seagull far out at sea, and then dove into the ocean. Once underwater, their speed, waterproof feathers, and large lungs allowed them to swim up against a target ship, plant explosives on it, and leave without being noticed. Once this was known, it was effortless for sailors to notice Divettes and assign their own tough seafaring Pokégirls to defend the ships. The same speed given to Divettes underwater left them hopeless in marine combat, and they were soon reassigned to be scouts for the war.
In modern times, few feral Divettes are found. Feral Divettes are not dangerous to humans, and mostly just fish with other feral Divettes or similar birds. However, they often like to nest on chimneys and houses, which may or may not cause a problem. Some superstitious people believe that this is a sign of good luck or fertility, but no factual evidence of this has been found.
Divettes are emotionally attached to the ocean, and often suffer from depression, confusion, or sometimes even go mildly feral if taken away from the sea for long periods of time. For this reason, very few travelling tamers have a Divette in their harem.
Divettes make great harem members for mariners however. Their enhanced sight allows them to help in directing ships to shore, and they are brutally efficient at battling. They mostly use a single attack, Dive, to pummel their opponent relentlessly at speeds approaching 270 mph (435 km/h). Remarkably, Divettes are capable of crashing into even solid stone without injury at these speeds. When questioned about their incredible resilience, Divettes seem to deny that they were ever in any danger. Scientists believe this is from their strange mixture of their extremely sturdy-yet-flexible bones and low skeletal weight, something that still puzzles researchers to this day.
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EELARA (aka Sea Naga), The Eel Pokégirl Type: Animorph (Eel)
Element: Water/Electric*
Frequency: Uncommon (one per body of water)
Diet: Carnivore, prefers fresh kills
Role: Water purifier, Sentry/Guardian
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Fire, Water*
Weak Vs: Electric*, Grass, Ice
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Water Gun, Wrap, Bubblebeam, Water Floor, Whirlpool, Thunder Shock*, Thunder Wave*
Enhancements: Poor Eyesight, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Amphibious, Enhanced Flexibility, Toxic Blood, Enhanced Strength (x2), Water Purifying
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
If you’re looking for a beautiful Pokégirl that will dazzle everyone, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a Pokégirl that is always ready to fight and never backs down, you hit the jackpot.
When it comes to looks, Eelara won’t be winning any contests anytime soon, unless it is a straight fight. Like her Naga cousins, her lower body is that of an eel and her upper torso is that of a woman. She measures around fifteen to twenty feel long from head to tail.
While her skin and body comes in a variety of flashy colors, they tend to get overshadowed by her looks. She has very small breasts, rarely if ever going above a small B. She has a very pronounced brow and jaw, which is lined with very sharp fangs. It is a smart idea to not ask for head, ever. Her arms are long and spindly, ending in sharp claws. Don’t let her frail appearance fool you; she’ll rip your throat out just as easily as any Pokégirl.
When out of water, she is rather clumsy. She is also slimy to the touch, a coating of mucus she uses to help swim through the water. When in the water, she is a vision of grace and ferocity. It is of no surprise why her nickname is the Sea Naga.
Though she is related to the Naga breed, she is not a lesbian. In fact, she is a straight heterosexual, explaining why so many found are feral. Limbec’s are saddened by this fact because they would make excellent pirates.
The Eelara were created by Sukebe for two purposes. One was to purify bodies of water. The other was to protect those bodies with a crazed fervor. Territorial to the extreme, they will attack any pokegirl or tamer that crosses over into their area. For this reason, they are used as bodyguards in moats and other important bodies of water.
Eelara fight dirty, not caring how they win as long as their opponents are dead. This leads to tamers who capture them to keep them on a short leash in a fight. They tend to use hit and run tactics when fighting, lashing out at eyes and other vulnerable parts of the body. If they can’t physically tear apart an opponent, they will resort to using whirlpool and water gun to weaken them until they sink their teeth into them. It is not wise to let her because her bite attacks are particularly powerful
Eelara have no natural predators, even among other Pokégirl s, for one reason; their blood is highly toxic. A drop of it is enough to send a normal person into anaphylactic shock. This means that only a complete idiot would send a bloodsucking Pokégirl like a Vampire after them. Even using biting and claw attacks on them is highly discouraged. Sharptits even avoid them.
Eelara know that their blood is dangerous, and use it in fights. She will bite her hands, letting blood coat her mouth and claws. A bite or slash will be enough to send opponents into seizures, leaving them at her mercy. Water types are particularly vulnerable fighting her in her natural environment. Any wound will leak the blood into the surrounding water, making fighting her extremely difficult. It is best to fight her using crushing attacks or with grass and electric attacks.
While clumsy on land, does not mean she can’t fight on it. She will liberally use Water Floor to coat the ground with water, evening up the battlefield.
Eelara tend to be in harems of battle oriented tamers or the navy. If the manage to get into a harem, they are either the Alpha or extremely dedicated Betas. Once captured and tamed, she considers her master and sisters to be her new ‘territory’. She does not get along with Psi-dykes, Dildo Queens, or Domina types.
When it comes to taming, she is very aggressive. She doesn’t want or need much taming, but is very demanding when she wants it. It is best to tame her in a pool or large tub where she is less clumsy.
*There is a breed of Eelara that could be called Electric Eelara. They tend to be even more aggressive and dangerous than normal. It makes them even more dangerous on land because Water Floor with Thunder Shock is enough to take out many breeds. It is unwise to try to take her on in her body of water. It is best to try to land lock her first and attack with a grass type. Being Electric, she is not vulnerable to attacks of that nature.
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FEEBLASS, the Wretchedly Unattractive Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human (Mermaid)
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Rare (Tentative frequency rating as actual numbers of the breed are unknown, Capital League Only so far)
Diet: Kelp, other water plants, scraps from the bottom of the river/pond/lake/etc.
Role: Bottom Feeder. Beyond that, the entire breed seems completely useless.
Libido: Extremely Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Tackle, Flail
Enhancements: None
Evolves: Milotit (Becoming Pretty)
Evolves From: None
Feeblass are only a very recent discovery, due to the fact that they are nearly impossible to find. The first person to actually catch one did so in a river in the Capital League (since then, only a few have been caught in that same river, and never yet in the same place twice), and was appalled when he first got a good look at what he'd captured.
Feeblass are mermaid type Pokégirls about the size and shape of a Magicunt, but similarities end there. Feeblass are scrawny, skinny, their blue fins are tattered, their flat mousy brown hair is matted, oily, and a tangled mess, and their skin coloration is a distinctly sickly yellowish brown, their eyes are sunken with hollow expressions. Their teeth are discolored and uneven, and their fingernails are rough, warped, and possibly ingrown. Any way you look at it, a Feeblass is extremely unattractive.
In addition to being naturally unattractive, a Feeblass seems to have a natural, and massive, inferiority complex. Or rather, she is aware of how unattractive she is, and it depresses her greatly. She tends to be hostile to attempts to clean or pretty her up, and will lash out weakly at her tamer, until she is worn out (which can happen quickly), then she just sits listlessly and permits her tamer or harem sisters to just do whatever.
A Feeblass will only eat as little as possible, which leaves them habitually undernourished, unless repeatedly, or forcibly, coaxed into a more healthy eating style.
They are highly inactive in a harem, and practically, or even actually, have to be forced into any kind of exercise regimen.
Finally, a Feeblass is actually resistant to taming. Not because they don't desire it, but because they think their tamer is taking pity on them, and they can't stand being pitied. It is quite the challenge to get a Feeblass to accept a taming. Even when a tamer does manage to get a Feeblass to accept being tamed, she will usually just lie there listlessly, not participating at all. This is something that Feeblass tamers have described as a highly depressing experience.
Should a Feeblass return to a feral state, something which can occur with alarming rapidity should her tamer become frustrated or angry with her, she will immediately retreat to the nearest body of water as fast as possible (which is surprisingly fast) and hide herself. In this, they become effectively impossible to find again.
As depressing as all this is, it is actually quite possible to turn a Feeblass into an attractive and somewhat pleasant Pokégirl. This takes extreme amounts of time and effort, and results are very slow in coming. The current record for beautifying a Feeblass is held by a highly skilled member of Kujaku Ranch who managed this feat before anyone else after a period of only seven months. The only other tamer to accomplish this so far took two and a half years.
Perhaps even more frustrating than beautifying a Feeblass is the final step of convincing her that she is attractive. The best way to do this involves presenting her to others so that she can get positive reactions that aren’t her tamer’s or harem sisters’, which she believes to be attempts to humor her.
For those who actually manage to pull off the feat of beautifying a Feeblass, the rewards are incredible.
Whether or not it is possible to threshold into a Feeblass is uncertain, since any threshold Feeblasses would likely flee to a nearby body of water as quickly as possible to hide themselves and their highly unattractive form. Though this would account for a number of missing person reports filed for girls who were of threshold age, but then again so would thresholding into a number of other Pokégirl breeds.
(Researcher’s Note: Feeblass could technically be found in almost any body of water. However, since they tend to spend their time at the very bottom, and move around frequently, the Pokégirl fisherman would need a rod for the appropriate depth and a lot of friggin’ luck.)
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FERALIGARTER, the Gorgeous Gator Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph - Alligator
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon in Johto league, Very Rare in other leagues
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies (preference: fish)
Role: Extremely favored in firefighter departments
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Takedown, Bubble Cross, Tidal Wave, Water Spear, Growl, Thunder Tail, Hydro Pump (Lv. 60)
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Disadvantages: One-track mind
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cuntnaw (normal)
Unlike the previous evolutions of Titodile and Cuntnaw, the Feraligarter didn’t see as much action during the War of Revenge. However, that’s not to say that they weren’t put to use. Rather than being used for defensive purposes and traps, Feraligarters were often on the front lines when attacking cities, being a dangerous Water-type Pokégirl for anyone, let alone trained soldiers to have to face. Their increased strength, tough skin, imposing form, powerful jaws, and a few rather devastating attacks would have made them Sukebe’s Water-type soldier of choice, had they been able to maintain focus on more than a couple of goals at once during the thick of battle. Instead, that distinct honor goes to the powerful and often easily angered Gynadose. Still, they were a powerful and often terrifying force to be reckoned with, that much could be guaranteed.
Today, the power and skill of the Feraligarter breed has easily put to humanity’s use once they’d been Tamed over the past three hundred years. With their hide at its thickest state possible and a vast array of techniques and water capabilities, Cuntnaw are viewed as the premiere fire fighting Pokégirl. Their protective thick hide allows a Feraligarter to ignore all but the most potent blazing inferno and Fire-attacks, allowing them to keep moving, (albeit slowly) in areas and situations that are far too dangerous for humans. Feraligarters are stronger than most Pokégirls, meaning that there is little they cannot lift and move out of the way. Indeed, they are a god-send for when wildfires are started, especially those that learn Hydro Pump. However, while they exceed in one of their former skills, another declines to nonexistence. Where they were once useful for aides to fisherman, those who make their life by the sea wash their hands of the breed. Feraligarters, even the Domestics, are notorious for making a quick meal of anything they catch, leaving nothing for their master to make a living off of.
Upon the former Cuntnaw’s evolution, this third tier Pokégirl reaches the apex of her capabilities and physical transformation. The Feraligarter shoots up a solid two feet, putting her at a good 8’ in height. As with their previous form, their total length can be double that as their tails will extend considerably, often matching their standing height with a length of 8’, making them a truly gigantic gator! Their scales retain a their texture of leather, however, with a sudden increase in thickness, the surface finally gains a rough texture, which, while less pleasant to rub, is still useful. The scaly crimson ridge which had traveled along their spine remains the same size as before, making it look ascetically pleasing to look at rather than oversized as it had on the Cuntnaw. Their breast size, if not a D-Cup before will finally expand into the range, and the high range at that! Fortunately, despite their suddenly increased bust their natural enhancement of the Atlantis Man swimming technique makes them quite fast in the water. Unfortunately, because of their sudden increase in size and muscle, the Feraligarter actually loses some of her land-speed.
As one can surmise, PokéBattle is where a Feraligarter really shines, putting her newfound strength and power to her benefit. True, the Water-type Pokégirl not only loses a few of her former attacks but even more land-speed with this evolution, she is still a more capable fighter than she was as a Cuntnaw. Most of the techniques she lost, while useful for her old forms, are too inferior for her to handle as a Feraligarter, her body enhancing beyond the capability of being able to use such attacks. They even gain a physical attack all their own, Thunder Tail; their strength and size no longer allowing them to use Tail Slap. With a larger plethora of powerful Water techniques, they can put the pressure on not only Fire and Rock-type Pokégirls, but other Water-types as well. This means that Feral Feraligarters are as dangerous as their Domestic cousins, however, they have a higher Feral intelligence that other Water-types. They are even ingenious enough to protect territory they claim, knowing to that to keep intruders away means damaging boats, but in ways that will oftentimes lead the humans onboard to leave the area rather than simply sinking the vessel. However, like Feral Cuntnaw, even they will make direct attacks if the humans are persistent in their intrusion into her home. As a side note, it should be warned that Feral Feraligarters are very territorial when other Water-types come into their domain. They especially hate Gynadose and Sharptits above all others; this dislike even flows over into the Domestics.
There is, however, one odd aspects to the Feraligarter. They are of average intelligence, however, when the going gets tough, the tough get confused. Where they are okay with minimal multi-tasking, when it comes to the heat of PokéBattle or some other emergency, The Feraligarter tends to focus on possibly two or three things, and that normally includes ‘attack’. Feral Feraligarters will become a true one-track mind. While this mostly includes protecting territory, it can go to include something else. A case in point includes the late Tropic League Gym Leader, Captain James Hook. Once a Feraligarter got a taste for his hand, she wanted the rest of him. Since he specialized in Fire-types, Captain Hook found himself stalked by that Pokégirl for years, the only saving grace he had to her sneaking up on him was the sound of an alarm clock he got her to swallow. Sadly for that Gym Leader, the clock’s spring did eventually wind down, and so did the Captain’s luck.
Taming a Feraligarter is possibly one of the most demanding and challenging aspects of owning this Water-type Pokégirl. However, due to the overall use the Feraligarter has to Tamers and Firefighters, there are those that will go to lengths to keep this gator gal satisfied. Again, there are problems with the Pokégirl’s anatomy that make it difficult to Tame the Feraligarter, her size and weight make it near impossible to Tame her any way BUT in missionary position. Even S&M, which had been something the Water-type enjoyed as a Cuntnaw, will be limited in use. Heavy Restraints are especially a must to put to use not just for the Pokégirl’s pleasure, but for her owner’s safety as well. She could easily do some damage without meaning to. And please, PLEASE! Don’t try to tempt fate by asking a Feraligarter for some head. No, it’s not just your dick that would be endanger, she may take your head!
Although a very rare Threshold outcome for girls that change at puberty, it is not unheard of for those women in the Johto League that come from strong family like of Water-type Pokégirls. Fortunately for the families of said girls, Threshold Feraligarters tend to be rather docile, allowing the families to help see the girl through her physical transformation, and then handling her upkeep as they
Thunder Tail - (ATK 80 + EFT) A technique exclusive to the Feraligarter; an enhanced version of Tail Slap, the pokégirl turns around in place, striking her opponent with her lengthy and thick tail. Has a 35% chance of afflicting the Status-Ailment of Paralyze.
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FOXXSEA, the Water Fox Pokégirl Type: Near Human - Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: calm and relaxing influence, antithesis to the Vixxen
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Bubbles, Water Gun, Water Barrier, Cry, Disable (Lv. 30), Teleport (Lv. 40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Minor Psychic Capabilities, Hydrokinesis, Constant Aura of Calm
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kitsune (Water Stone)
It is certain that a Tamer that trains and Tames a Kitsune regularly will see definite improvement in her capabilities and overall strength. However, most Tamers aren't patient enough and want a big bang as fast as possible. This normally means the Tamer would acquire a Fire Stone as soon as possible to Evolve the Kitsune into a more powerful form. However, not everyone wants a Pokégirl that are after and ready for Taming anytime, anywhere, under any conditions with anyone at the drop of the hat. For those Tamer, there is hope. With the use of a Water Stone, an incredible change comes over the Kitsune and she evolves into a much calmer and surprisingly less horny vulpine pokégirl: Foxxsea
The Foxxsea is indeed a rare evolutionary path of the Kitsune, what with the Vixxen being considered the default evolutionary path, not to mention that the majority of Tamers prefer the flash and raw power that comes with owning a Fire-type Pokégirl. Still, even without as large a fan-following, the presence of a Foxxsea is nothing to sneeze at.
While she is not a Psychic-type, a Foxxsea has an unusually high intelligence and E.S.P. ratings, allowing her to tap into a number of Psychic-type techniques as she grows in levels of power, allowing her to support her solid repertoire of water-based techniques. And even better, these psychic powers even strengthen her primary element as the first thing that develops is Hydrokinesis, allowing the Foxxsea access to a nearly limitless amount of water anywhere on the planet.
One of the most important psychic capabilities of the breed is that the Foxxsea has a calming effect on her Tamer thanks to the constantly generated technique Aura of Calm. Thanks to this psychic rapport, a Foxxsea can allow her Tamer to never be surprised or incapacitated by fear or anger. This also allows her to calm more easily agitated and excitable Pokégirls, including their sister species of Vixxen.
When it comes to the looks of a Foxxsea, one should understand that the build is very similar to a Vixxen. 4'10" to 5'8" in height, bust ranging from a large B-Cup to a solid C-Cup, and a large fluffy and incredibly soft tail. However, unlike the Vixxen, the coloration of the Foxxsea is either blue or sea-green, with the fringes of her hair giving the coloration and effect of looking like white sea-foam. Eye color correlates to the color of her fur, albeit a shade or two darker.
When it comes to Taming, one shouldn't be surprised that it is often a gentle experience. Where the Vixxen can handle sex any which way possible with great enthusiasm, a Foxxsea initiates Taming in a more reserved, yet definitely intimate way. No one that has Tamed a Foxxsea can say anything bad about the experience, and some say they've even found it surprisingly refreshing. The Aura of Calm is a definite blessing in this case and neither the Tamer nor the vulpine Pokégirl are pushed hard during their time Taming together, finding themselves just going with the flow.
There has yet to be a single recorded case of a girl going through Threshold to become a Foxxsea. It would seem that the more common branches of vulpine Pokégirls, the Vulvixx, Kitsune, and Vixxen will remain dominant for quite some time until more Foxxsea are bred and bare children via natural sexual reproduction than through parthenogenesis.
A word of warning for Tamers and Pet Owners that decide to keep a Foxxsea. It is suggested to keep them away from any alcoholic beverages. As for what happens when they drink some... you really, REALLY do not want to know.
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GEL BELLE, the Sticky-Skin Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivore
Role: Spy, Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Rock, Steel, Psychic, Ground
Weak Vs: Plant, Electric, Ghost
Attacks: Takedown, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Water Sword, Rain, Snake Tongue, Eternal Softness, Absorb, Entrapment
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), malleable physiology, camoflauge skin, recoil absorption
Evolves: None known
Evolves From: Eva (after three tamings with a Slimette)
Taming a Slimette requires a patient Tamer. Fortunately, tamers that also have an Eva in their harem are almost always patient to begin with, to deal with such a skittish Pokégirl. But it takes an unusual tamer to have taming sessions with both at once, which was how the Gel Belle was discovered. After several taming sessions, the Eva evolved, much to the surprise of her tamer. The Slimette, on the other hand, almost didn't notice a thing. Unlike the Slimette, the Gel Belle retains her intelligence from her previous form, while losing some of her actual physical structure at the same time. More humanoid in that they don't look like a lump of mud from the waist down or anything like that, the Gel Belle has no true specifications to her body size, as they can alter their shape to some degree. These Pokégirls can change the size of their breasts, can make themselves taller... but doing so requires more energy, and as a result they need more food to eat until they manage to maintain their chosen form. As such, they can become as large as a Snorlass after eating a comparable amount of food that they would eat, but would require doing so until they choose to change to another form. However, shedding the additional size and bulk can take months of exercise to do. The average Gel Belle, however, loses their hair and possess B-cup sized breasts, and few are taller than five and a half feet in height. Their skin color changes often, enabling the Pokégirl to blend in like the pre-Sukebe lizard known as a chameleon against objects around her... when she's nude.
These Pokégirls are known for their well-rounded usefulness, in both battles and sex battles. One thing that marvels researchers and Tamers alike is the Gel Belle's ability to use their Takedown attack without suffering the recoil that most Pokégirls deal with after the attack connects. After some studies, however, it was realized that it is due to their unique genetic structure, and strangely, their body does not react to outside attacks in quite the same way as it does with attacks that she makes. Just as unique is how the Gel Belle can only transform up to half of her body at any given time, and seems unable to alter anything above her shoulders from what could be considered normal for her. The Gel Belle is often looked down upon by Tittos, as they aren't quite as capable as the Titto is, and Gel Belles sometimes look up to the Tittos for being what they aren't. However, just as many hate the Titto for showing them up with their complete transformation capabilities. They do, however, tend to get along with Slimettes, Slimette Princesses, and Slimette Queens, and tend to lead those Pokégirls into battles or makes sure that they understand what is needed of them by their tamer.
Something that can annoy some tamers is the way that a Gel Belle's skin, when she's hot, becomes sticky rather than smooth and soft. Gel Belles hate getting too warm, and some have even refused a taming when a fire-type is present. This is often the case when the Gel Belle's tamer is allergic to the slightly more acidic nature of her skin as a result, opting instead to wait until she is cool or until the fire-type is no longer around. Using an Anti-Burn cream will alleviate this danger, and render the acidic skin to a state where it will not bother tamers. It also is absorbed harmlessly into the Gel Belle and will remain present in her system for a week on average, usually keeping her skin safe from harming her tamer for that length of time.
During the war, Sukebe used these Pokégirls as scouts and spies, as well as thieves and lock-picks thanks to their abilities. Although not as useful as the Titto, they were documented as unlocking many a locked door into human strongholds and military bases with their malleable physiology. After the war, many escaped persecution, though it wasn't until 142 AS that the first Eva evolved into one. It is more common to find these Pokégirls feral, or as threshold cases, rather than to find a tamer willing to put up with a Slimette and an Eva long enough for the Eva to evolve. It should be noted that Gel Belles hate Slutge, and can't stand to be near them due to a 'stench' that they claim is kept around them. They also hate contaminated areas and especially water- Gel Belles are often used for quality control when it comes to water filtration systems in this day and age.
In battle, Gel Belles enjoy utilizing both standard attacks and sex attacks to get the win. Using Water Spear from a distance until they can close with their opponent, a Gel Belle will then attack with either her Water Sword or Takedown when close enough to wear them down further. When she feels the time is right, the Gel Belle will even utilize her entrapment technique to latch onto her opponent and proceed to attack using myriad sex attacks. This is a favored tactic in Sex Leagues, where there are few Pokégirls that are capable of combating this strategy. Not even Menage-a-Trois have managed to find a constant and easy way to bring a Gel Belle to orgasm, which makes them favored lovers of any Menage-a-Trois Pokégirl. One final note for tamers is the fact that she is also a Magic type, and learns Magic spells easily, despite not knowing any naturally.
Entrapment (S. ATK 50 / ATK 50 + EFT): Utilizing the lower half of her body (from the waist down), the Gel Belle encircles part of the target with her mass. It is illegal in any League for the body part targeted to be the head, but any other body part is fair game. This technique lasts anywhere between 3-7 rounds and allows her to use any other technique she knows within this time. This technique has a 60% chance to stun the opponent every round, and the opponent cannot effectively use the part of her body against the Gel Belle that is trapped until she is freed from it.
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GYNADOSE, the Sea Serpent Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human Metamorph - Inhumanoid Animorph (Sea Serpent)
Element: Dragon/Water
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Fish, Water Pokégirls
Role: Battleships, feral terrors.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Water, Fire, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Twister, Dragonbreath
Normal Form: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3)
Battle Form: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Speed (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Magicunt (Battle Stress + Severe Injury)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 600,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 650,000 SLC & free medical care until you can tame your Gynadose without injury (applies to ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 90,000 SLC (applies to ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: Run, and keep out of the water!
Gynadose were, during the Revenge War, designed to spearhead Sukebe's aquatic campaigns. As such, much like Demon-Goddesses and Neo Iczels, they are powerful battle platforms, capable of doing enormous damage on their own, particularly against aquatic targets; although not aquakinetics, their prowess in the water is terrifying. As such, after the war, not a great deal of the breed were captured or tamed, a fact that has led to a fairly large population of ferals, particularly in temperate regions of the sea. This is, as one might expect, very unfortunate for humanity; few things are more detrimental to sea traffic than a feral Gynadose. They do, however, help to keep the populations of other Water-types at reasonable levels.
Physically, Gynadose, like the Sphinx, are metamorphs. Their normal form is roughly human in appearance, but covered in a protective layer of fine scales that feel only slightly rougher than normal skin to the touch, although some feralborns' have been known to be more coarse. The color of these scales varies greatly between specimens; although blue and blue-green are the most common, flashier colors aren't uncommon; crimson and violet are both seen relatively oft, and some collectors have been known to seek out the rarer colorations, such as black or silver. Beyond these scales, Gynadose are set apart from humans by slightly clawed feet, horns of various types (which are often a different color than the rest of the body), a more toned physique, and, in some cases, a long, almost prehensile ridged tail. Although no reason has yet been found for this last, it is almost unheard of for a non-feralborn Gynadose to possess it, whilst feralborns themselves almost invariably do. On average, specimens' height ranged between six and eight feet, with a C-cup.
The breed's battle form, on the other hand, is a rare example of a Pokégirl who becomes almost completely inhuman. When metamorphosing into this form, a Gynadose's body seems to fuse together, her arms melding into her sides as her legs fuse, then begin to extend. Her horns generally grow out further as her face becomes draconic in nature, losing almost all vestiges of humanity. When the transformation is complete, the Pokégirl resembles nothing so much as a true sea-serpent; a sinuous, well-scaled body stretches between fifteen and thirty feet long, its color carrying over from her first form. The thickness of this serpentine body is generally between two and four feet, and perhaps the only human feature it retains is, toward the tail-end, the vaginal opening, which is considered a blessing, considering that ferals have difficulty form-shifting. Said opening can be found on the underside of a metamorphed Gynadose, which is easiest to identify as opposite the side with ridged protrusions running along it. All in all, a Gynadose's battle form is quite impressive.
Considering their rarity and ability, one might expect the breed to be a "hot item," then. But, although they certainly have their fans, Gynadose are generally disliked for multiple reasons. The primary reason is that, like many types, Gynadose are... unpleasant, temperamental, and very much not a field day to manage; in the words of one tamer, "She got pissed at the drop of a hat. Any hat. ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!" Whilst this is obviously hyperbole, it does get the point across quite well; barring extenuating circumstances, it takes very little effort to anger a Gynadose and much of it to calm her, and considering the breed's powers, they are quite dangerous when angry. They also tend to have a problem respecting anyone weaker than themselves, which has led to some comparisons to the Nidogg breed and to complications within harems, wherein a Gynadose will almost always attempt to take the alpha spot, regardless of her skills at leadership. However, the existence of a powerful alpha exist within the harem prior to her entry can somewhat help with this problem, as Gynadose usually respect a stronger power.
Other reasons for their unpopularity include that they're prone to destroying property in anger, and, more recently, the suspicion that the breed might be the pre-evolutionary form of Leviathaness; the discovery of said breed marked a huge drop in Gynadose popularity. However, more recent studies have shown that this is unlikely, primarily because Leviathanesses seem to be the only natural predators of Gynadose (barring Sharptits, whose relationship in the wild can be described as more of a rivalry, as both breeds are dangerous and powerful). Ironically enough, even during the height of these allegations, the staunchest supporters of the breed remained the shipping industry; although ferals terrorized said industry, many of those who ply it have come to depend on Gynadose to protect them from Gynadose. This reasoning has also been employed by some coastal towns, especially after an incident early in the history of the Amethyst League, where a tamed Gynadose successfully defended the city of Sardinia from a rampaging monster believed to have been a Giantess.
With that said, as one might imagine, Gynadose fight very well in the water, but are not particularly great outside of it, primarily because their battle forms are not suited to non-aquatic conditions, and many of their more powerful water attacks depend on the battle form's ability to move water physically. As such, in their more human forms, Gynadose are limited to their draconic abilities for the most part, as well as to far less strength and durability. However, there are some advantages to this form, primarily that it allows for clearer thinking (although Gynadose in either form aren't know for their strategic minds) than the more animalistic combat body, it can move on land, and it requires vastly less energy expenditure. The latter, in fact, is the greatest limitation of the combat form; because of its sheer size, it burns a great deal more energy when used and can quickly expire unless a significant source of food, usually other water Pokégirls, is available. As far as actual tactics go, Gynadose generally prefer to strike quickly and pound an enemy with brute force, be it that of her tail or that of a Hyper Beam. This approach is naturally not the best for sex-battles, though.
As for taming in general, Gynadose usually prefer to dominate, especially if her lover is someone she doesn't respect, a fact that has led more than one frustrated tamer to throw up his metaphorical hands and Level 5 his Gynadose. However, beyond that, few strong preferences have emerged save for an unfortunate few who would rather tame in their battle forms. As stated above, such taming is certainly possible... but very difficult; considering the strength inherent to said form, heavy restraints are generally required, as is much open space. Thus, it is well for tamers who capture a feral Gynadose in this form that such expenses are covered as part of the capture bounty. Also, it is important to note that the libidos of feralborn Gynadose spike to extreme for around a week in the fall, usually during the month of October, but domestics' and thresholders' normally do not.
Feral Gynadose, as previously stated, are terrifying creatures to happen upon, particularly on the open sea; they tend to be as temperamental as their tame sisters, if not more so, and prone to destroying things. Thankfully, though, they still tire easily, particularly those who go feral in their metamorphic state, and their minds aren't particularly sharp. Still, one should take care; it does not require a particularly high intelligence to sink a ship, not to destroy an ill-defended seaside village. Praise be to the Thousand Gods, however; Gynadose thresholds are extraordinarily rare.
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HORNY TOAD, the Spiked Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Water
Frequency: Rare. Recently found in larger concentration in the Tropics League (Uncommon)
Diet: Poke chow, small insets and certain plants
Role: Marsh Guardians
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Plant, Poison, and Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, and Electric
Enhancements: Slick skin, Elongated Tongue, Enhanced Agility (x6), Powerful legs
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Water Spear, Poison Hand, Sticky Fingers, Double Jump, Double Slap, Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Lick, Tongue-In-Ear, Leap, Slick Stroke, Water Kick
Evolves From: Hottie (Water Stone)
Evolves To: None
Most wild Horny Toads are found near marshlands or large ponds generally unseen, wild Horny Toads are easy to catch just as long as you have lots of antidote on hand and face protection. The real problem in catching them is actually finding them. The fact that they tend to camouflage exceptionally well near their selected surroundings gives them a natural Fade ability. They also gain an uncanny amount of Agility that when combined with their powerful legs making them very maneuverable during a battle.
Horny Toads look similar to its un-evolved form, Hottie; except that its skin is blue and green striped the older they get the darker the skin stripes get. They also have webbed hands and feet but the toes are more apart and slightly longer than her Hottie form. One other note should be mentioned on the difference in a Horny Toad's appearance compared to that of a Hottie's, their backs develop a series of short spikes that grow in three rows up and down their backs. When a Horny Toad becomes extremely distressed, weakened, or unconscious these spikes have been known to expel a repellant/poison as a natural defense. However after the evolution a Horny Toad's tongue becomes a great deal less versatile and she loses her arsenal of tongue attacks. I.e.) Tongue Lash, and Tongue Wrap.
The two attacks that Horny Toads are famous for are their poison spray and sticky spray; both have many uses to both the Pokégirl and the world around them. The attacks can give the girl a slight advantage in close quarters fighting giving any unwary fighting type a very unwelcome and unpleasant surprise. Higher leveled Horny Toads have the uncanny ability to combine these two attacks, which if aimed right could quickly end a battle with even the most well defended Pokégirl. As to the other uses of these attacks; poison spray when mixed with the right chemicals can be used as a painkiller or in some circles used as a hallucinogenic with some minor addictiveness, and their Sticky Spray can be used as an industrial strength adhesive when combined with salt.
The most famous Horny Toad was Tanna; she made a name for herself fighting in the Star Battle where she would use a poison spray/sticky spray blend to finish off her opponents. The goo would normally be applied to the defeated opponent's mouth through a kiss or a projectile attack. The poison would send out noxious vapors that would be inhaled nasally by most opponents due to the fact that the attack sealed off the mouth as a viable place to get air from. After several minutes the goo would dry up and disintegrate re-freeing the breathing pathways. She was unique physically in the fact that she had a set of spike like those generally found on the back of her species growing from her knuckles giving her a poison barbed punch.
The Star Battles are a test of skill for tamers/Pokégirls that have recently shown up in the Tropics League and rapidly gaining popularity. The goal is to get the Starball into the goal bypassing the opponent who's trying to do the same using one's Pokégirls. Three ways to win the "Battle" are to trick the other girls into letting your side score a goal; knocking out the opposing girls; or knocking them out of the ring. The normal battle consists of 4 Tamers with 1 Pokégirl apiece, with one winner. Semi finals and finals have 2 Tamers with 2-4girls a piece depending on the status of their respective Harems, and the position of the battle. Finals can have 4 on 4 Pokégirl action.
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HOTTIE, the Hot Frog Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (frog)
Element: Water/Fire/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare, Rare on Magma Isles and in other volcanically active regions
Diet: normal, however Hotties love sushi and spicy foods
Role: Heavy combat fighter, portable heating unit. Hotties are usually unsuited for more domestic roles.
Libido: High, Very high right after a fight or when “making up”
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Poison, Poison Lash, Fireball, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, WaterGun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Sticky finger and toe tips, sticky tongue, ability to elongate tongue up to 10 feet, can control body temperature from ambient up to hot enough to melt lead (625F), highly resistant to heat, enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x2),
Evolves: Salamandra (Fire Stone), Horny Toad (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Hottie is one of the few amphibious Pokégirls to exist. She stands anywhere from 5ft to 5'6” tall and has a stocky build. Breast size is usually a firm C - D cup, although anything from a B to DD has been seen. It must be noted that typically, the smaller the bust, the angrier the Hottie tends to stay. All Hotties have blue nipples.
Hotties have green skin that is decorated with vertical bright red stripes. Some can have blue irregular spots along with the stripes or instead of them. Hair color is usually a green that is a couple of shades darker than skin tone. Hotties do not have body hair, from the neck down they are completely hairless.
Hotties have webbed hands and feet tipped with short strong claws. Their hands are fully functional while their feet are slightly flatter and elongated, resembling short swim fins. The feet are not long enough to change their gait from human, however it should be noted that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of their feet.
Frankly, studies have indicated that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of anything about them, from their looks to their abilities. In fact, Hotties have hair triggers and a Tamer never knows what will set them off. They don't stay angry for long, and the quickest way to reduce their anger is to get them into a battle. While angry, Hotties have an annoying tendency to destroy their Tamer's belongings, venting by breaking everything that comes within reach. One Researcher described this behavior as “pissed off soon to be ex-girlfriend”.
His previously calm Hottie reacted to this statement by piling up his clothes and using flame thrower on them.
Hotties have a high libido, which becomes very high after winning a battle or when her Tamer apologizes and she's ready to make up. At this point she becomes very amorous and will take her Tamer to seek out the nearest body of water for a taming. Just the site of a large bathtub can put one into a receptive (demanding) mood. It should be noted that turning her down at this point is almost guaranteed to trigger her anger.
Hotties have the ability to regulate their body temperatures accurately from ambient to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They often use this ability to warm up the bath they are using to something they find more relaxing. Caution must be observed in these situations as what is comfortable to a Hottie can be lethal to an unprotected human. Make sure any bubbles seen are coming from water jets and not from boiling. Hotties also can control the temperature of various parts of their bodies and some use this to heat up drinks by sticking their fingers into the liquid, or foods. Some have been known to use this as for practical jokes.
The Hottie's poison lash attack uses their tongue, which they coat with their poison attack saliva before unleashing the poison lash. They can also coat weapons or just about anything else they can get into their mouth. It should be noted that a lower concentrations, Hottie venom causes skin rashes or illness if ingested. Angry Hotties have been sometimes seen licking silverware to be used by those their ire is currently aimed at.
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KELPIE, the Seaweed Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Photosynthesis
Role: sea farmers, wetland farmers, protectors of the sea
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Ground, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Bug, Flying, Poison
Attacks: Command Plants, Command Fish*, Bubblebeam, Vine Whip, Regenerate, Water Gun, Razor Leaf, Vine Bondage, Watery Tentacles Seize, Above level 60 Hydro pump, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Gills, Fish Empathy, Photosynthesis
Weaknesses: Starvation when kept from sunlight/artifical sunlight.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Though Kelpie are often thought to be cousins to the Flowergirl, they are by no means the attack-less sex battle tanks that their land bound cousins are. Kelpie do have quite a few attacks they can utilize and within their kelp forest homes they can be a challenge to any Tamer. Kelpie are very territorial about the plants under her protection, using their advantage against water types to keep all but the most persistant or sneaky out of their kelp forests. Despite this territorial nature, Kelpie are still prized by fishermen as kelp forests are productive seafood areas. Many small scale fishermen exchange fishing rights of a Kelpie's forest for taming, and as such it is hard to find many feral Kelpie near fishing villages. Indeed, many Kelpie have their favorites, fishermen who always seem to catch the bigger better fish from her own forest. Kelpie can also sometimes be found on the fringes of a Wet Elf Queendom, usually as gardeners or servants to the Wet Elves, Wet Lasses, and Wet Queens.
Kelpie at first seem to be blue-green skinned human females, but upon closer inspection, they are found to have gill slits running in between their ribs on their sides. Their ribs act as protection and support for their modified lung system, allowing the Kelpie to breathe on both land and underwater. A Kelpie usually has actual seaweed for hair and uses this in photosynthesis, though occasionally this 'hair' will be torn off partially or wholly from fights only to regenerate in the weeks following. Kelpie also has webbed hands and feet, to assist in swimming, but these advantages also limit what the domesticated Kelpie can wear. The need to keep their gills free almost always makes the Kelpie choose simple clothing that leaves the rib area free. Backless swimsuits and dresses that expose the rib area and tie at the neck are almost always favored over anything else. Many type of shoes are also uncomfortable, but some Kelpie can find ones they will wear. Tamed feral Kelpie often forgo wearing much more than a short skirt or loin cloth.
Kelpie rely on photosynthesis through their skin and hair to supply their bodies with needed energy. Though they -can- eat and derive enjoyment from the tastes of foods, they do so for the essential nutrients their bodies needs. Tamers and Pet Owners are advised to give an active Kelpie multivitamin supplements and let her have at least 4 hours nude or mostly nude in the sunlight each day, or the Pokégirl will start suffering the effects of malnutrition and eventually starve to death. Tamers need not worry about their Kelpie becoming dehydrated, as they are very apt at keeping their water levels in check. A landbound Kelpie only needs roughly twice the amount of water that a normal human needs.
While all Kelpie are territorial, Kelpie that find themselves in a Harem setting tend to view jobs as territory, and usually compartmentalize jobs when placed in an Alpha or Beta position. As such, even when not in an Alpha or Beta position, a Kelpie tends to find an area to call her own, be it finding food, cooking, or navigating and hold claim on that position. In battle, they tend to use what they have to their advantage, attacking foes at a distance and hindering them with Command Plants or her own unique attack Command Fish.
Feral Kelpie are often found lounging on isolated beaches where they can make a quick escape into the water should they be harassed as well as keep and eye on their nearby kelp forest. When found in their kelp forest, they tend to harass offenders until they leave, though they rarely kill outright (unfortunately, most feral Kelpie do not understand that some beings can't breathe underwater). Thresholding into a Kelpie is common around fishing villages, as many times Kelpie mothers give human children over to their fishermen favorites. One of the first signs of threshold into a Kelpie is webbing growing in between the digits of the hands and feet.
Command Fish (ATK EFT) – A water type Pokégirl calls upon the surrounding marine life (fish, crabs, eels, any aquatic life that is not sentient such as another water Pokégirl) and commands them to hinder the movement and visual range of an opponent. This move only works in aquatic environments where aquatic life can be found, otherwise this attack has no effect.
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KRABBIT, the Seaside Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Shellfish
Role: Undersea Scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Ice
Attacks: Bubble, Crabhammer, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Water Barrier
Evolves: Queenler
Evolves From: None
Krabbits, despite what their name, are actually very mild-mannered Pokégirls. They spend most of their time wandering the bottom of the ocean, as deep as their internal pressure resistance allows them anyway. Krabbits are capable of breathing underwater. Most of their bodies are covered with a bright red carapace, which turns white as it reaches her underside. The only parts that are not completely covered are her joints, neck, vagina, and face. Of course, her hands are covered are a pair of crab-like claws which are often used as clubbing weapons.
While Krabbits do spend most of their time underwater, they do periodically come to shore to rest and find a safe spot away from predators. A Tamer can usually set their watches by when a Krabbit comes to land to rest and sleep. That is usually the best time to try and catch one since they would most likely be tired. An odd personality quirk that the Krabbit possess is that if they are upset, they began to excrete bubbles from their mouth rather than growl or make any sort of noise. Of course, they make a clear indicator if the Krabbit is not enjoying a taming or treatment from a Tamer.
Taming a Krabbit is often difficult. Her carapace often makes getting intimate with one difficult since she cannot feel many sensations through it. Fortunately, as a Krabbit becomes more aroused, her carapace starts retracting into her body. Usually she is left with soft reddish-pink skin, which is rather sensitive. Her claws also retract into her wrists to reveal normal hands. A Krabbit's face is also revealed with a full head of hair which was held back by the extended carapace.
In battle, Krabbits rely on hammering away at opponents with either their claws, or with water attacks. They also depend on their carapace to protect them, but it is breakable. Thankfully, if a section of a Krabbit's carapace is broken, it will eventually shed the section and grow a new one. Their speed isn't anything to fear for the most part, but they are able to sidestep their opponents quite easily since their leg joints allow them to move sideways with ease.
In harems, Krabbits usually just try not to cause problems. However, should they become involved in them, they will see them through to the end. If they are dissatisfied with the end, they end up frothing at the mouth for some time to come. How long they do this depends on how dissatisfied they are. Some have sulked in their own way for up to days.
An interesting fact is that as a Krabbit gains more experience and gains levels, they begin to gain control over which parts their carapace covers. Some manipulate it to look more humanoid so they might look more physically pleasing to their Tamers. Of course, that still doesn't stop them from foaming at the mouth when they're upset.
Thresholding into a Krabbit is rather commonplace. More reports are found closer to seashores rather than deeper inland. One explanation for this is that those with Krabbit or Queenler ancestry live closer to the shore since Krabbits and Queenler themselves enjoy living near the ocean and raise their families there.
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LAPLASS, the Swift Swimming Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Uncommon in the Ruby, Opal, and Scarlet Leagues, Extremely Rare elsewhere
Diet: Omnivore; eats about the same amount as a human, prefers fish. Cannot stand meat other than fish
Role: Fishing, underwater destroyers, living torpedo, babysitter
Libido: Low to Average (Annually peaks to High, usually in spring)
Strong Vs: Ground, Flying, Fire, Dragon
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting
Attacks: Water Gun, Tackle, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Tail Slap, Takedown
Sex Techniques: Go Down, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10 water only), Enhanced Durability (x8), Amphibious Lung capacity, Subcutaneous insulation layer
Evolves: None
During the war, these Pokégirls were quickly developed after the human armies began to trap and kill Sukebe’s Baleena warriors. Alongside the larger Pokégirls, they proved themselves as scouts and quick-strike attackers, assisting the larger Pokégirls and others in their force (commonly Selkie, Boobfin, and Whoresea) in hulling the various naval forces throughout the world. However, by 3 AS, the Laplass had mostly retreated to arctic waters and away from the rest of the fighting that took place throughout the world. They were very rarely ever encountered anywhere outside of the Ruby, Opal, and Scarlet Leagues. Until around 284 AS, this Pokégirl was rarely observed in any harem. After the incident in this year along Ruby’s shoreline where three Laplass rescued human children during a feral attack, Researchers in the Ruby League have been taking a closer look at the Laplass and their increasing numbers. Though one of the three died, the two Laplass Pokékits survived and were taken to be raised and domesticated. Much information was learned through autopsies and personal observations of all three as a result.
A peaceful Pokégirl even when feral, this breed can be found assisting shipwrecked crew or passengers even when they are feral. They tend to travel in pods that range from half a dozen to three-dozen for safety, and are territorial only towards Pokégirls that are carnivorous (Sharptits, Titacruel, and Gynadose among those numbers). When feral, Laplass have been observed to take on migratory patterns that intersect with the Baleena and their whale or dolphin companions, and those days that they might meet are often filled with play and good eating all around. However, when in a battle, the Laplass prefers to go all out to begin with, striking with her strongest attacks whenever possible to save themselves or others in her pod from harm. They do prefer to end confrontations with their Takedown technique, and it is assumed that this is how the Laplass managed to breach the hulls of human ships during the wars. The Laplass are especially protective of their Pokékits and children in general, making them nearly perfect lifeguards and babysitters in a civilized setting.
Laplass are generally about five and a half feet tall, and have a tail that is usually about three to four feet in length. This tail is slimmer than most water type's tails, and is prehensile like a Slowboob’s. Their skin is a blue color with a pale white underbelly that reaches from between their thighs and up to encompass their chin. Only domestic or threshold Laplass have hair, otherwise their head is completely bare. Their breasts are usually a firm C-cup at best, though B-cups are known as well. They are capable of remaining underwater for quite a long period of time, and are accomplished deep-sea divers. Their small size but powerful tail and swimming abilities allow the Laplass to swim faster than most anything else underwater- which was why they were used like living torpedoes during the war. They are also quick on land, but not as fast as they are underwater. They do not have gills, instead needing to breathe as humans and other mammals do, although they are capable of holding their breath for up to an hour and a half before needing to resurface.
As a Water/Ice type, this breed is unique in that they are warm-blooded and prefer to live in warmer areas. However, it seems to be instinctual for these Pokégirls to migrate through the more temperate zones rather than live in them, although researchers are attempting to determine if there is more of a reason behind this. Some have suggested that it is a survival instinct from the days of the end of the Revenge War, while others say that it is genetic in origin. Also unlike other ice types, this breed does not gain a spike in their libido or a decrease in their intelligence in proportion to how warm they become. Instead, the Laplass becomes much more relaxed and calm, less likely to respond to danger as quickly as they normally do. For ferals, this is possibly very fatal, and it is during their migration throughout the world outside of the cold of the ice caps that the largest number of Laplass lose their lives. Domestic Laplass, however, do not have this worry. Domestic ones do, however, become much more loose-lipped and can often end up talking much more and reacting more vocally than at any other time, whether their tamer wants them to or not.
In a harem, the Laplass tends to get along with most Pokégirls. However, they have an instinctual dislike of fighting types that makes it difficult to get the two to train with one another. Because this breed is known for being caring, they tend to work together with just about any harem, although they are not especially good at being a harem's Beta at all. Some tamers have taken to making the Laplass the Alpha of their harem, as their water and land versatility is on par with the Whoresea and they can take quite a bit of punishment in a battle. They love to be partnered with Boobfin or Baleena, strangely, perhaps a result of their creation and the intention to have the Laplass grouped with those Pokégirls in the beginning of the breed’s life.
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LEVIATHANESS, the Deep Devil Pokégirl Type: Humanoid/Animorph (Sea Serpent)
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Not Rare Enough (Extremely Rare)
Diet: Anything and everything (Omnivorous)
Role: Death and destruction on the high seas
Libido: Unknown (Low presumed, but no one wants to test it)
Strong Vs: Water, Dragon, Flying, Ground,
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Steel
Attacks: Glacier, Hydro Pump, Heat Drain, Tidal Wave, Cold Snap, Ice Beam, Whirlpool, Ice Boulder, Water God, Icicles, Mirror Image, Spike Cannon, GigaStorm*
Enhancements: Gigantic, Enhanced Durability (x20), Enhanced Endurance (x20), Enhanced Strength (x40 near ocean floor, lowers to x20 near surface), Enhanced Speed (in water only) (x10), Immunity to cold temperatures, Extremely high water maneuverability, Longevity(presumably)
Evolves: None (We hope)
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 900,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 40,000,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Stay calm. Stay quiet. Turn off anything that might make noise. And for gods sake do NOT try to fight her, especially if she's awake. If she's asleep, just walk, or swim, away quietly and do NOT wake her up. If she's awake at all, and especially awake and as you would with a Widow...RUN THE FUCK AWAY DUMBASS!!!!!!! Or swim as the case may be.
As if Widows weren’t enough to deal with.
Leviathanesses are demonically powerful Pokégirls that have only recently been discovered in the last fifty years. Now that they have been, officials finally have an explanation for several sea-based disappearances. One that nobody is happy with.
At almost 300 feet long and over 25 tons, the Leviathaness is literally the LARGEST non-Legendary Pokégirl ever seen, second only to Typhonna herself. Their upper torso is the form of a rather attractive woman with a bust equivalent to a large C-cup, but while they have a face that could be described as cute and long flowing hair, don't go hoping for a smile. They have teeth as long as a grown man's arm and sharper than many swords. Their long, bluish-gray scale-covered arms have a fin-like web of flesh, giving them a form of 'sea-wing', allowing these already aqua dynamic Pokégirl even greater maneuverability. On their back is a crest of long, sharp, and strong spikes that can and will rip a ship's hull right out from under them. Their upper torso, however, only takes up about 50 feet of their body. The remaining 250 feet, however, is one long and powerful tail capable of wrapping around a Pre-Sukebe dreadnought and crushing it, like a Naga with a Titmouse.
That, however, is only when they're truly calm. If angered, from either being awoken or being wrongly attacked, they go through a terrifying metamorphosis. Their heads become elongated and reptilian in form, their necks extending out to the length of their arms, and their bodies get covered in hard scales and sharp spikes. The once beautiful face and lovely form is quickly replaced by a vicious and horrifying monstrosity of pure rage. what makes it worse is that when they're in this form, they can use Spike Cannon to launch their massive spines at their target, and unleash a vicious new attack that only they can use. GigaStorm.
The first ever Leviathaness known was one that had actually downed a fleet of Dreadnoughts during the Revenge War, obliterating them with the use of Icicles, Hydro Pump, and Ice Beam combined with Glaciers to slow their movements. This showed a tactical nature not seen since the Revenge War as it's presumed that back then this 'First Leviathaness' was Tamed, but the ones we've dealt with now are all Feral.
The first Leviathaness ever seen since the Revenge War was discovered off the coast of what would eventually become Scyllia in the Scarlet League in the year of 78 AS, when some ships attempting to dock near the construction camp had to use sonar to track the icebergs. But the sonar did far more than just tell them where the safest path was. It also woke up one of these massive beasts, still slumbering from the end of the Revenge War. The ships, a flotilla of cargo ships from the Ruby League to drop off supplies at the construction camp, were completelly and utterly annihilated, the crews aboard them eaten alive by the vicious creature. Luckily for the residents of Alexandria, the Leviathaness wnet back to sleep after obliterating the ships, shes since been detected and destroyed.
Since then the breed had been unknown, as least until one appeared near the Tropic League. Mysterious glaciers appeared in the area around the year 253 AS, when use of submersibles and sonar began to come back into use. Submersible vehicles, designed to withstand deep water pressure, traveled to the bottom of the glaciers, traveling further, to nearly the ocean floor. They accidentally woke up the sleeping Leviathaness with their sonar, who promptly ripped open the submersibles and ate the Pokégirls and Tamers inside. It then attacked the nearby cruisers, destroying them with a powerful new technique as of yet unused by any other Pokégirl, one now known to s all as Giga Storm. After the attack, the creature fed on the corpses of the sailors, made an annoyed-sounding noise, and then left, swimming back down to deep waters.
A second Leviathaness was discovered near the Edo League. This Leviathaness was furious enough at being disturbed from her slumber to come inward, attacking land. Fortunately, a pair of Tamers, both with high-level Samurai, managed to slay the Leviathaness, both Pokégirls using their Zanmato techniques to cut the creature in half. Research on the body by PLC scientists garnered a lot of data on Leviathaness biology, which in turn led to the Omega-Level danger rating, much like that of the Widow.
Satellite surveillance by a Video Girl Upgrade in Titan Taming Incorporated employ revealed that there were at least fifteen Leviathanesses in the world, with a possibility of more that she couldn’t pick up on satellite scan. In all locations she discovered, there was an unusually high presence of glaciers. Subsequent warnings were issued to all seafaring vessels about maintaining absolute silence in heavily glacial areas. Confrontations with Leviathanesses are to be treated as encounters with Widows in terms of danger. They have a tendency to stay in hibernation most of the time in the deepest possible waters, but they have auditory capacity that is very sensitive to sonar. As such, the use of sonar in glacial areas is greatly discouraged.
There have most likely been several undocumented encounters with Leviathanesses. Only one has been fully documented since the last one. A Widow had wandered into a glacier-infested coastal area in search of Tamers to mate with. A Leviathaness, disturbed by the sonar coming from the nearby Zubutt infested caverns, was attacking the city. The Widow, seeing only meat to fill her belly, unknowingly saved the city when she attacked the Leviathaness and stung it with Hyper Venom. As the Leviathaness died in tremendous agony, the Widow ignored the others in the area, save for a quintet of unfortunate Tamers that had caught her eye. The city was promptly evacuated, kept under monitoring until after the Widow had given birth to her eggs and died. The half-eaten remains of the Leviathaness and the Widow’s eggs were destroyed, allowing the city’s populace to move back in.
While Leviathanesses are untameable due to their sheer size and aggression, Researchers were quite surprised to learn of a small number of Leviathaness kits out in the world. Their sheer size is astounding, the smallest recorded being 75 feet long and well over 9 tons! The first one ever was found in the Noir league at around 289 AS while dissecting the corpse of a fully grown Leviathaness. As only one was found, and not an egg of sorts, it's believed that they give a single live birth approximately every 100 years. This first Leviathaness kit is being kept in a salt water lake near the site of her mother's death as a live research specimen. One of the major things they'd found out is that, while nowhere nearly as smart as a Tamed Bimbo, the Leviathaness Pokékit shows enough cognitive ability to learn, especially after she'd learned how to slip out of her chain keeping her near the center of the lake. One other thing they'd learned is that, while she's grown accustomed to people and Pokégirls she's been around in her 11 years of life, the captive 'kit tends to react to anyone she's not familiar with using extreme hostility that's grown more potent as she grows older and larger. Her termination is scheduled to occur after a certain point, when she starts to become too big for the holding area. As she grows larger and larger, she has become more and more hostile even to those she had become adjusted to, enforcing the need for her eventual termination.
GigaStorm - (ATK 300) A deadly water attack exclusive to Leviathanesses. The Leviathaness raises her arm and roars, forming a massive cyclone of water around herself extending 100 feet into the air and down to the ocean bottom. Does massive damage to anything in the vacuum radius of the attack.
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LUGIASS, the Legendary Water Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Water/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: seafood
Role: assassination of her sisters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: None (Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice)
Attacks: Gust, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Hurricane, Dive, Bubbles, Water Spear, Water Tower, Water Punch, Water Kick, Psychic, Armor, Flash, Disable, Psi-Blade
Enhancements: Enhanced Vision (x15), Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort, Toughness, Darkvision, Water Breathing, Superior Hydraulic Resistance, Subcutaneous Insulation
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Lugiass is the fifth Legendary bird Pokégirl. However, she hates her three more famous sisters, and feels nothing but contempt for the fourth, Whore-oh. She has based her life around this enmity, and it continues to drive her to this day.
Lugiass stands five and a half feet tall. Unlike her sisters, she has no feathers, instead having very smooth skin, akin to a Selkie, that is a whitish-blue color. Her wings are separate appendages from her arms, and are likewise featherless, having long flaps of skin at the ends that allow them to double as powerful flippers when she is submerged. Her feet are clawed, with a back-toe that allows her to have a sure grip on a surface. The only hair on her body hangs from her head down to just past her shoulders, the same color as her skin. Lugiass has patches of a deeper navy blue color over her eyes, giving her face an exotic look. The nipples of her C-cup breasts are this color also. Lugiass is equally at home flying high above the earth or swimming deep underwater, although she spends more of her time in the latter environment.
Although Whore-oh was, to Sukebe, a dismal failure, he wasn't quite ready to stop making new Legendaries just yet. The considerable power vacuum left by Typhonna's disappearance needed to be filled, and thus Sukebe tried one last time to create another Legendary bird. This time he had more success. Lugiass not only had the ubiquitous flying abilities of her sisters, but also had control over water, and, to ensure her might, was also given strong psychic abilities as well. However, when introduced to her sister Legendary birds, Lugiass's reception was cool at best. Although they didn't work together very often at all, the three Legendary birds still considered themselves something of a group in and of themselves, and viewed Lugiass as an outsider, partially because she was new, partially because she was so different from them, and partially because Whore-oh had soured them on the idea of new Legendary birds one year previous. They politely but firmly excluded Lugiass as much as they could. Although Lugiass did meet Whore-oh on one occasion, that was all it took for her to come to the same conclusion as the other Legendaries: she was a deluded fool. Lugiass left her fourth sister in disgust, not considering her worth her time or attention. As for her other sisters, she developed a dislike for them, and as time went on it grew stronger and stronger. Although she scored some impressive victories, her performance never outshone what Articunt, Zapdass, and Moltits had done earlier in the war, and she heard about it often from Sukebe and her fellows. By the time Sukebe died, she had developed a hatred for them that was startling in its intensity.
Until her creator's death, she never actually tried to harm or disparage her sisters, fearing Sukebe's wrath. After his demise though, she began to plot in earnest against them, imagining causing them humiliation, and, as time went on, death. She started to keep tabs on her sisters with her psychic abilities, using them from a distance to spy in them. It was in this way that she learned about their plans to slay Atmuff, including where and when it would happen once the three of them made up their minds. Although she didn't think they would be able to defeat the Legendary Warrior, she wanted to make sure they died in the conflict, and were not merely defeated. To this end, she contacted the most ruthless Legendary she knew of, one who was known to be willing to attack her fellows: Hy-bra. Lugiass guessed that the likely end to the battle would be her sisters retreating in defeat from Atmuff, and when Lugiass told the Legendary Multi-Headed Pokégirl of their plans, it was her hope that Hy-bra would arrive as the Legendary birds tried to retreat so she could drain them to death. Lugiass underestimated both Hy-bra's arrogance and her lust for power though. Even she didn't expect Hy-bra to use her wings to fly to the battlefield and attack Atmuff before the Legendary birds arrived, getting herself killed and weakening the Legendary Warrior. Lugiass could do nothing but watch from afar and seethe in impotent rage as her machinations backfired, granting her sisters the victory they likely wouldn't have achieved otherwise.
Lugiass doesn't like to battle, since conflict attracts attention, and she prefers to maintain a low profile, all the better to scheme undisturbed. When she does fight though, she usually tries to cripple her opponent's capabilities first, using attacks such as Wingover, Gust, and Disable to put her foe off-balance and at a disadvantage. She'll then use her Armor before using her more serious powers, such as Psychic and Water Kick. She usually reserves her Psi-Blade for foes she considers particularly dangerous. Lugiass is obsessed with bringing down her sisters, and is unwilling to die in a conflict since it would leave them alive and unharmed. Thus, she flees from a battle where it looks like she'll be defeated, usually using Flash to cover her escape.
Lugiass still spends her time dreaming up schemes to get her sisters. She is reluctant to face them in personal combat herself. They don't yet know she is out to get them, and she wants to keep it that way. She feels she could overcome one of them in a fight, but not without word of her actions spreading, since such a battle would draw massive attention, alerting the other two who would come to help their embattled sister. Worse, she is having trouble locating where her sisters went in the aftermath of the fight with Atmuff. She has discovered Articunt's location, and made sure the Watchers found out as well, and now spends her time traveling the seas and skies of the world, trying to locate the other two. She usually works through proxies, mostly young men who are motivated by her promises of Taming after they do her bidding. She keeps these promises, but mind-wipes them after the sex is over so they forget about having met her. In this way, she slowly but surely moves closer and closer to achieving her dream of revenge.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Lugiass’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below), nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Lugiass has No Weakness (Level 85). If she were to face an Electric or a Ghost-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Flying/Water/Psychic, at or below level 85, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Lugiass’s array of special attributes:
Watery Chaos: Having incredible command over both psychic and water powers, Lugiass is able to use one to make the other. She has the ability to psychically splice ambient molecules in the area to form them into hydrogen dioxide, water, at will. She can only use this on ambient molecules present around her, not on anything more solid, such as building or people, but can use this to a virtually limitless degree, creating water in massive amounts. If Lugiass wanted to, she could probably flood a desert in little time.
Forceful Personality: Being an extremely powerful Psychic-type allows Lugiass to pack an extra punch in her attacks. All of her psychic attacks do considerably greater damage than they would if they came from another Psychic-type due to her incredible power. Also, all of her non-psychic attacks are kinetically enhanced to be stronger. Gust and Hurricane, for example, have the winds pushed faster by psychokinetic force, and attacks such as Water Spear and Water Kick are enhanced by force to hit extra hard.
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MAESAEL, the Spark Serpent Pokégirl (Pronounced May-say-ehl)
Type: Humanoid
Element: Water/Electric
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore; eats about the same amount as a human, prefers fish. Cannot stand meat other than fish.
Role: Fishing, oceanic saboteur
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Steel, Flying, Ice
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Tackle, Hydro Pump, Tail Slap, Spark, Thunder Wave, Storm Heal, Thunder Shock, Electric Bite
Sex Techniques: Go Down, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x11 in water, x4 on land), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x4), Enhanced Strength (x4), High Flexibility, Enhanced Lung Capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Laplass (Thunder Stone)
One of the many of Pokégirl specialists that Sukebe created to wreak havoc during his Revenge War, this breed was designed to effectively defeat the human navies by scrambling the electrical systems of ships in the ocean. Often supported by Boobfin, Laplass, and Baleena, the combined flotilla of Pokégirls would confuse the human forces and then demolish them using their various attack techniques, commonly crippling their targets or even outright destroying them. The Maesael was one of the Pokégirls created in the fewest numbers during the war, and even after the war were not seen again for many years, though rumors suggested that the Pokégirl breed had simply been killed off. It wasn't until after 124 AS when the Laplass began to surge in popularity within Tamer harems around the world that the Maesael was rediscovered when a tamer experimentally touched his Laplass with a Thunderstone. Subsequent testing of this method continued to produce Maesael Pokégirls as a result and has since been fully confirmed.
The tallest Maesael recorded is a little less than six feet in height, when standing. But the greatest physical change is the Maesael's silky tail, which grows from just above the Pokégirl’s ass to become twice the Pokégirl’s height in length. Losing most of its prehensile nature, the true oddity among the change in the tail's size is the fact that on each side of the main portion of the tail there is a hollow between the skin. These hollows are the entire length of the Pokégirl’s legs, and actually seem to absorb the legs within them, protecting the limbs when not walking, but swimming underwater. When swimming, a Maesael tucks her legs, from midthigh and lower, into the hollow along the midportion of her tail, allowing her to not only use her tail muscles for propulsion but her leg muscles in tandem as well, which allows the Pokégirl to devote her entire lower body to propelling herself through the water at high speeds. This cannot be done on land, however, as the Pokégirl’s upper torso would then be slithering along the ground with the rest of her, and is unable to protect her legs from the ground beneath her when doing so, unlike metamorphic Pokégirls like the Arbust. Other than the change of the tail's length and size, it also is covered with skin rather than scales, making the Pokégirl more susceptible to harm than more reptilian and snake-like Pokégirls typically are. Upon evolution, the Maesael's breasts increase in size by an average of a quarter to half a cup. The Maesael's skin varies often within the same color variations as human skin happen to be. One change that catches the eyes of many tamers is the breed's breasts, which often gain up to a full cup size from the evolution, which retain water absorbed either by drinking it or through the skin. This helps to keep the Pokégirl from getting dry for longer periods of time, and her breasts will become smaller as her water reserves are depleted.
Along the arms and legs of this species are a series of photovoltaic skin cells, often of a yellow, orange, or a neon-green (the latter being quite rare on the breed) that flashes when the Pokégirl is irritated or about to attack with an electric technique. When feral, these flash indiscriminately and whenever the Pokégirl swims, to keep predators such as Gynadose, Sharptits, and Titacruel away with warning signs. These also make the Pokégirl easy to see at night, and the flashes of light can even be noticed from underneath most clothing that she might wear. Ferals rarely leave the warmer waters along the equator, or can be found traveling towards warmer waters from other locations should they somehow become feral elsewhere. In the morning, Maesael can sometimes be found floating on the water, basking in the sun's heat before continuing along towards her destination. Ferals of this breed are fierce fighters when attacked, but are quite easy-going when not directly stressed by other Pokégirls or even humans. Thresholds, on the other hand, are quite painful to the soon-to-be Pokégirl, taking anywhere from one week to three weeks for the change to finish. The tail itself is the worst part, taking most of the time required and forcing the thresholding girl to get as much nourishment as possible. Some threshold Maesael, which are quite rare but known to happen, have stunted tails compared to ferals or those evolved from Laplass as a result of malnutrition during the thresholding process.
In a harem setting, this breed is known for being tenacious for attaining rank. The Pokégirl is intelligent but not incredibly so, but has a good mind for the intricacies of being in a 'pod', as the Maesael often consider a harem to be. As such, this breed is suitable as an Alpha or a Beta within most harems, but the Pokégirl does not get along well with any carnivorous water-type Pokégirls, namely Gynadose, Titacruel, or Sharptits, and will often pick a fight with them in a manner that reminds many tamers of the issues between the Amazonchan and Amazonlee breeds. When in a battle, most of this breed prefer to utilize Thunder Wave at range or Electric Bite when in close to increase the accuracy of her electric techniques and to try and paralyze her opponents so that her stronger techniques, such as Hydro Pump, can finish them off. Their tail is quite powerful, much like the Laplass, and can deliver some devastating damage to her opponent when it connects. However, if not used correctly, her Tail Slap technique can force the Maesael off balance and into unfortunate predicaments, leaving most tamers to train the Pokégirl not to use it except when to finish off the target.
Electric Bite (ATK 50 + EFT): Using her fangs to force-feed the target a dose of electricity designed to immobilize her prey, it has a 60% chance of paralyzing the target. Will not paralyze ground-type Pokégirls, however (though the attack is still biting, and may harm a ground-type Pokégirl anyway).
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MAGICUNT, the Magical Fish Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Fish)
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare (usually mistaken for other types)
Diet: kelp and some fish
Role: spellcaster (especially water)
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electricity, Plant, Ice
Attacks: Punch, Spells
Enhancements: Spellcraft
Evolves: Boobfin (Dark Stone), Gynadose (orgasm + level)
Evolves From: None
Magicunt's look basically like Mermaids, except that along with the normal vagina at the bottom of their abdomens, there is a second, much larger vagina spanning from the sternum and terminating at the start of the normal one. This vagina is anatomically complete, including a fist sized clitoris, a urethra (used mostly for water-spells), and vaginal canal. But instead of connecting to a Uterus, the vaginal canal terminates in a pocket dimension (who's size depends on the level of the Magicunt.) early in life, there is only enough space to hold a few small items in it, but it may grow large enough to carry passengers. The reverse side of the pocket dimension, once it reaches sufficient is a spherical type room made of the Magicunt's own flesh, and filled partially with clean, fresh water. There also is a sort of reflection of the Magicunt, attached to the wall. That Magicunt's cunt forms the only exit to the room.
Because of this pocket dimension, Magicunt's are very valuable as a means of transport across and into water.
It is also believed that this pocket dimension is the source of a Magicunt's magic. But like all magic type Pokégirls, this is poorly understood.
There is also a rumor that if a Magicunt enters the "magic cunt" of another Magicunt, then their pocket dimensions become intertwined, and they end up sharing a joined pocket dimension. This is as yet untested.
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MAREEN, the Watermouse Pokégirl Type: Animorph (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: sometimes trained by fishermen, most common belongs to watcher or researcher
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Tail Whip, Tackle
Enhancements: Fur naturally repels water, transparent second eyelid, light feral state, near perfect recall, digestive system is very efficient, good night vision, Enhanced Hearing (x10), heightened sense of touch.
Special Weaknesses: Often easily intimidated, vulnerable to sleep attacks, low pain thresholds.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Mareen are one of the newer varieties of Pokégirl discovered within the past hundred years. They are shy and easily frightened, which may mean they've been around longer but simply evaded tamers and researchers.
The physical appearance of Mareen looks a lot like Titmouse, so much so that some researchers have sworn blind that Mareen must be an evolution of Titmouse. The existence of Pool Mouse however rules out the possibility that Mareen is a water stone evolution of Titmouse, leaving researchers stumped on where Mareen comes from. It is possible that Mareen merely looks similar to Titmouse rather than being an evolution of it, Pia, Peekabu and Ria all provide precedent for this option.
Just by looking at Mareen you can tell she is a mouse type Pokégirl, the body covered with short but thick fur, the slight muzzle, expressive slightly long ears, and long thin tail are all traits similar to Titmouse. Mareen has some differences from the standard Titmouse form, her short and thick fur that is always aqua blue in color except for down her chest, stomach and groin where the fur is always white. The fur on Mareens body has an interesting trait; it naturally repels water allowing this aquatic mouse to stay dry even when playing or fishing in the water.
The long thin tail is also another one of Mareen's differences, it's not as flexible as a Titmouse's but instead is semi-ridged (although it should be noted that it is capable of stretching) and zigzagged similarly to a Peekabu's tail. At the end of its tail it has a round blue furred sphere, this sphere is filled with oils and is used as a buoy that helps keep Mareen from drowning even in the most vicious river currents. If you see just Mareens tail bobbing on the surface of the water then it's a sure indication that the Pokégirl is current diving beneath the water to feed on aquatic plants or fresh water shellfish.
Mareen rarely stand over four feet in height, have average flexibility and are not particularly strong. The fur on their bodies is particularly sensitive though and researcher believe this is so they can sense the changing water currents easier. An amusing thing to note is the sensitivity of their tail and ears, any stimulation of either can actually get a Mareen off without any other form of sexual stimulation, whilst this can make Mareen much easier to tame, it also means she is completely useless in any sexcraft match.
Mareen are actually a fair bit more intelligent than Titmice, they don't suffer from the same ‘ditzy' problem, quite the opposite, as they have near perfect recall making them ideal for remembering things or carrying out complicated tasks. This means that Mareen has become a favorite Pokégirl of Watchers or Researchers who find having such a Pokégirl around useful, often using them as lab assistants to help aid them in their research and so this is where they are most regularly found.
Mareen can also be found with some fishermen, especially those specializing in fresh water shellfish as they find Mareens fishing abilities a useful addition to help them ply their trade. It should be noted for those who are going to use Mareen as a fishing Pokégirl that she does not do as well in the salt water oceans as she does in rivers and lakes which are her natural habitat in the wild. Use of Mareen should be limited to rivers or lakes as they suffer a number of swimming and navigation problems when faced with salt water for some reason unknown to researchers.
Despite their cuteness, Mareen are not particularly favored as pets because they are relatively new and can be rather difficult to acquire, so its rare to see a pet owner have a Mareen. They are also rarely found in a tamers harem because they are poor combatants; they are easily startled or intimidated by larger more powerful Pokégirls and suffer even worse panic attacks when faced with cat type Pokégirls.
In the wild, feral Mareen will immediately use fog cloud when startled or attacked in order to obscure the attacker's vision before running away, preferably to the nearest water source where their natural swimming abilities allow them to escape all but the more proficient water types. This is a particularly effective defensive mechanism and works the majority of the time, when it doesn't the Mareen is usually torn apart and devoured by a hungry cat type. Feral Mareen will always be found very close to a river or a lake so they can escape, this can make capturing one difficult because they have sensitive hearing and will flee at the first hint of trouble.
Recently there have be some cases of girls thresholding into Mareen, these events are rare however and most girls immediately bolt for the wild once threshold is over making it difficult to see how thresholding into a Mareen affects the psyche. Researchers presumed that girls have thresholded into Mareen before but were incorrectly identified by people on the scene.
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MECHA MUSUME, the Old-fashioned Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Steel (or Steel/Flying, Steel/Water)
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style foods, emphasis on home-cooking and old-fashioned recipes
Role: Historians, curators, archaeologists, and their assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Agility, Harden, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Punch, Tackle, Gust*, Quick Attack*, Depth Charge**, Slick Touch**
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability x8, Enhanced Stamina x4, Natural Armor, Flight*, Improved Lung Capacity**
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
(A single asterisk is for Steel/Flying Mecha Musume, two is for Steel/Water types.)
Unlike most Pokégirls, who live in the present, and occasionally have an eye for the future, this Pokégirl dwells in the past. It loves nothing more than finding a hitherto undiscovered ruins and spending the entire day exploring. Perhaps because of the delicacy required in such work, this Pokégirl breed is rather soft-spoken, shy and unassuming, normally quiet unless it has something that needs to be said. As well, very loud or exuberant happenings unnerve them, as it is so far outside of what they are used to.
The Mecha Musume is a varied Pokégirl. To date, there haven't been any sightings of two that look similar to each other, except by the broadest of margins. Some possess a Water sub-type, while others possess a Flying sub-type, or none at all. The main feature in common, and one that is harder to truly identify than one would think, is that a portion of their body seems to be a replication of an ancient vehicle of some kind or other. Generally only their arms and legs, although some also have body armor or the occasional helmet.
Mecha Musume are widely different in their exact proportions. Eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, bust size, everything can change widely from one to the next. A large portion of them seem to be younger, near the age of being Pokékits, although this is hypothesized to be related to their elemental affinity. They seem to age slowly, retaining a youthful form for several years after becoming a Pokégirl.
Virtually all of the vehicle types seen in Mecha Musume no longer exist, save in stories passed on through families that managed to keep a connection to before the war. Other, slightly more recent vehicles which disappeared during the war are present as well, even though the last intact vehicle of said type was destroyed over one hundred years ago in some cases. Nonetheless, any researcher who actually knows of these various ancient vehicles will instantly be able to recognize their unique design in a Mecha Musume.
Despite their connections to various war machines, Mecha Musume aren't very skilled at combat. They can hold their own, due to their Steel type, but their mindset makes for very cautious battlers. This introverted nature includes Tamings, as well. Sometimes referred to as old-fashioned, Mecha Musume generally can’t bring themselves to actively seek out and ask for Tamings, save for when enough of their mind has gone away from the setting in of becoming Feral. They will never turn down Tamings, however. They just can't bring themselves to initiate it. This does change when they first discover a new ruin. When that happens, they grow very excitable, and aroused. (A secret fantasy of many Mecha Musume is to use some ancient device or relic as a dildo, although most will never dare admit or act upon it.)
One small skill that most Mecha Musume possess that make them so valued as archaelogical assitants is a form of radar. They seem to know just where to go to find ruins, although this does extend to recent wrecks of vehicles and machines. This radar, while uncontrollable, seems to have near-unlimited range, although the farther away the ruin, the harder it is to get even a rudimentary sense of direction. Most of the time, unless the Mecha Musume has had experience sensing this radar, she will simply lock on to the closest ruin, even if it was already discovered, even by her. Quite a few Tamers keep a Mecha Musume on hand when they need to unearth a certain relic, or to perhaps hunt for something valuable to sell.
Depth Charge (ATK 30 (60 underwater)) - This attack takes the form of a ball of energy which promptly descends to a desired distance, and then detonates. It can also be thrown, but it's rather unstable when this is done. Once the desired distance is met, it detonates, sending out a shockwave. Doubly effective when used underwater.
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MILOTIT, the Divinely Beautiful Dragon-esque Pokégirl Type: Humanoid
Element: Water
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Only found in harems)
Diet: Fish, Kelp, Fruit
Role: Who cares?! She's Gorgeous!!
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ice, Steel, Ground, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Water Tower, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Dragonbreath, Smile, Pretty Wink, Aura Barrier, Dazzle, Ensnaring Kiss, Cupid's Bow, Angel Eyes, Blow Kiss, Sex Attack 1, 2, and 3, Long Tongue, Probing Tongue, Phantom Touch
Enhancements: Levitation, Enhanced Agility, Sexual Spellcraft, Sexual Intuition, Enhanced Beauty (xMAX)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Feeblass (Becoming Pretty)
A successfully beautified Feeblass, which takes a great deal of effort, a lot of time, a respectable amount of money, and nearly divine patience, is simply ‘very pretty.’ Not quite up there with a great many other Pokégirls, but still attractive nonetheless. When she evolves into a Milotit after becoming ‘prettied up,’ and actually becoming convinced that she is indeed pretty, that all changes drastically. Every tamer who has taken the extreme and time-consuming effort to beautify a Feeblass, all two of them currently, will happily say that the results were worth every second, every penny, every frustration, and more.
A Milotit isn’t pretty, she isn’t beautiful, she isn’t even drop-dead-gorgeous. A Milotit’s physical appearance is nothing less than Divine.
Though her proportions are similar to a Gynadose’s, similarities pretty much end there and go no further. A Milotit’s skin, hair, eyes, scales, muscle tone, fingernails, health, teeth, etc. are always in absolutely perfect condition (unless something very extreme has happened to her). Even to the point where the Kujaku Ranch member who has the first known example in his harem has complained that he has nothing more he can possibly do to improve her appearance (though he never says this with any real remorse). Their skin tends to be a lovely pale tan color with erotic blue scaled highlights, and their very long and silky hair is so far some shade of red or reddish coloration. Their eyes are some manner of deep and rich color, and are shaped in such a way as to give them a naturally seductive expression. They also have a subconsciously sensual body language in everything they do, which only increases if their tamer is watching.
Milotits love to swim, and are the very embodiment of sensual grace in the water (as opposed to out of the water where they are merely the essence of sensual grace). A Milotit who is swimming, or just getting out of the water, is, forgive the expression, a wet dream come true.
Milotits actually get along very well with the Gynadose breed of Pokégirl, and will even have a calming effect on a Gynadose in the same harem (Unless someone inflicts harm on the Milotit, then the Gynadose will do everything in their power to rip the offender to shreds). In addition, a Milotit’s sexual intuition and array of sexual techniques is a great aid in keeping a Gynadose's agressive libido satisfied (probably why they get along so well).
Milotits can become decently powerful battlers, with a small array of battle techniques, and when paired with a Gynadose in double battles will happily steamroller the competition. However, their real strength is in sex battles, as they can use their natural sexual intuition to get their opponent off faster than many others can accomplish, and apparently may be able to learn almost any sex technique on record provided they can find someone to learn from. The second Milotit on record is currently the only known Pokégirl to actually defeat a Menage-a-trois in a sex battle, the Milotit herself collapsing shortly afterwards.
A Milotit seems to be a Pokégirl for life, as the immense affection they have for the one who took so much effort to make them pretty could never be transferred to another master. It is doubtful that anyone who put that much effort into a Pokégirl would be willing to trade her anyway, so we may never learn for certain.
Milotits will happily do just about anything when it comes to taming, whether it is with their tamer or a harem sister while their tamer watches, they don't care as long as their tamer enjoys it. When not doing any particular task, a Milotit can be found right next to her tamer, breaking out all the sensual body language she has at her disposal in order to seduce him, or just simply enjoying his presence (while still displaying a lot of sensual body language. It seems to be a half-subconscious action on their part when in their tamer's presence).
A Milotit will only attempt to actively seduce her tamer when they are alone (apparently in the presence of just her harem sisters counts as ‘alone’ for a Milotit, and they subconsciously perform passive seduction on their tamer constantly). However they are perfectly happy, and even eager, to be tamed anywhere and at any time if their tamer requests/demands it. A Milotit doesn’t even seem to care if she has an orgasm, only being concerned with her tamer's pleasure, though a Milotit will apparently become extremely affectionate after having an orgasm, literally glowing (likely with magic) with pleasure for many hours afterwards.
A Milotit has no trouble getting the required tamings she needs, regardless of her libido and her tamer's ability. Her natural sensuality (the tamer in possession of the second Milotit on record has claimed that she can make anything look sexy without even trying) is capable of keeping her tamer aroused well past any point he ever thought himself capable of. Because of this, no Milotit has ever come within a lightyear of turning feral.
It has been determined that it is not possible to threshold directly into a Milotit.
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MYSTICANGEL, the Judgment Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic/Water
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Lunar Energy, Vegetarian
Role: Trainers, Sentries
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ground, Psychic, Magic, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ghost, Steel, Attacks which use light
Attacks: Barrier, Icicles, Lunar Blade, Recover, Shadow Walk, Wind Slash, Wing Buffet
Enhancements: Elemental Affinity Air, Elemental Affinity Water, Limited Psychic Abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Clowmystic (unknown)
This Pokégirl was created by Clow Read, unfortunately only he knew the necessary triggers to cause a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mysticangel so they are an extremely rare Pokégirl. There have been attempts by researchers to discover the triggers to evolve a Clowmystic into a Mysticangel but all they have discovered is that for a Clowmystic to evolve into a Mysticangel she must possess both the Air and Water elemental cards. Mysticangels have long silver hair, pale skin and large white wings. They also have an eight pointed star on their foreheads which they use to draw in lunar energy.
They often serve as their tamers alpha since they are very skilled at judging the strengths and weaknesses of both their harem sisters and their opponents. They need very little sleep, no more than an hour a day and because they get most of their energy by absorbing lunar energy they need very little food. When she does eat a Mysticangel will mostly eat plants and water, they will not eat meat. Because they need very little food and sleep and rarely need taming, Mysticangels have lots of free time. Being very dour Pokégirls who take their role seriously they prefer to use this time to train either themselves or their harem sisters, and they seem to have a knack for improving the combat abilities of any Pokégirl. Because they need so little sleep Mysticangels prefer to spend their nights outside keeping watch, as well as allowing them to serve as sentries this allows them to absorb the moonlight which is their major source of energy. Whilst a Mysticangel doesn't need to spend every night absorbing energy if she is preventing from bathing in moonlight for an extended period she will grow progressively weaker.
Mysticangels which are not in a tamers harem are usually found at Pokégirl gyms where their ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Pokégirls and their ability to train them to improve their combat skills is much prized. Mysticangels are also sometimes found serving as sentries, usually at night, because of their nocturnal nature and excellent night vision.
They dislike entering their Pokéball, and unless they are injured or unconscious, will only do so voluntarily for a very good reason. They are immune to the capture fields of Pokéballs, including illegal Pokéballs, but are very loyal to their tamer. There is one exception to this loyalty though, should she find herself in the same harem as a Starmystic a Mysticangel will be unwilling to part from her, even going so far as to leave her current tamer so as to stay with the Starmystic should she be traded or sold.
Whilst they are bisexual Mysticangels have a slight preference for lesbian sex and most male tamers find that it is easier to arouse them if they have another Pokégirl assist in any taming session. If a Mystickat or Starmystic is in the same harem then the Mysticangel will insist that she be tamed with them. They prefer to encounter Starmystics over Mystickats since a Mystickat will try to initiate taming sessions as often as possible, which cuts into the Mysticangels training time. Should a Mystickangel, a Mystickat and a Starmystic all join the same harem then they will prefer group taming sessions with or without their tamer.
Researchers have determined that should a Starmystic, a Mystickat and a Mysticangel all join the same harem then a psychic link is formed between them which bonds the three Pokégirls together for life. While this bond has been compared to a Delta bond since it allows them to sense each others location and emotions at all times, it actually goes much deeper since they can communicate over it telepathically. This allows all three Pokégirls to co-ordinate their attacks making them an almost unbeatable team, which most researchers believe was Clow Reed's intention. They have also determined that if a tamer has a Delta Bond or later forges a Delta Bond with one of the Pokégirls then he automatically gets a Delta Bond with the other two.
Mysticangels are fierce fighters who are very protective of their tamers, they also seem to feel a need to protect Clowmystics, but a Mysticangel defending a Starmystic is something that only a madman doesn't fear. In battle they can Shadow Walk with up to four others and will often use this to launch a surprise attack. Their most powerful attack is Lunar Blade which they can use as a normal sword or fire as a blast of energy. However this attack requires a large amount of energy so they prefer to use their other attacks when possible. They do have one weakness, attacks which use bright lights disorientate them for a short period, although they are unaffected by normal sunlight.
No feral Mysticangels have ever been encountered so the feral state of this Pokégirl is unknown. Also only one case of a girl thresholding into a Mysticangel has ever been reported.
Icicles (Atk) The Pokégirl creates several crystals of ice which she then fires at her opponents. The higher the Pokégirls level the more crystals she creates. This is, unsurprisingly, considered an Ice-type technique.
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NAIAD, The Water Spirit Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: humanoid standard, strong hankering for fruits and vegetables. Also enjoys ingesting sexual fluids (either semen or vaginal discharge) as a "special snack"
Role: intimate companion, general servant anywhere where fresh water is a daily factor in life
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Scratch (using her fingernails to rake an opponent's skin), Tackle (wrestling using a hard embrace to the midsection), Punch (closed-fist strike), Slap (open-hand strike), Caress (sexually arousing an opponent by warmly rubbing an opponent's intimate areas), Speed-Grow (using her life-force to fast-grow a handy plant [usually a blade of grass] as a whip-like weapon), Kiss (using her empathy to disorientate an opponent). NOTE: a Naiad's empathy is only useful in calming someone; such a power cannot be used either to heal or to attack by itself, though it can be used to augment the Punch, Slap, Caress or Kiss attacks.
Enhancements: Webbed fingers and toes. Stronger fingernails/toenails, but a Naiad's appendages do not end in claws. Transparent second eyelid. Increased oxygen intake efficiency for one possessing human-sized lungs, but a Naiad cannot breathe underwater. Libido increases when in the presence of a favored mate. Ageless, Disease Resistant and possesses a Stylized Form (carryover enhancements from a Nymph).
Weaknesses: A Naiad must spend at least 30 minutes a day immersing herself in water, preferably fresh and un-chlorinated (like a stream in the mountains), though a long soak in the bathtub can do. If she does not do this, a Naiad will weaken physically up to the point where she may slip into a coma or go Feral.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobkini (Water Stone)
Naiads first appeared sometime after the end of Sukebe's War. In the wild, they are normally found close to rivers. After the secret of their evolution was discovered, Naiads began appearing in areas where fresh water was a prevalent factor in people's lives (riverside farms, for example).
Since they are a strain of Nymph evolution, Naiads are normally quite sexually active Pokégirls, which suits them well in their primary roles as intimate companions to males and/or females. Their ability to endure long periods underwater helps well if they're employed in places like swimming pools, seashore and riverside parks, farms dealing with other Water Pokégirl types and the like.
Their empathy, which has no real practical use in a fighting situation, helps them serve as post-traumatic healing specialists, serving as companions to either humans or Pokégirls as they strive to get better. Naiads are rarely if ever found in a fighting Tamer's harem.
Naiads have a special hankering for fruits, vegetables (as food) and flowers (to decorate her personal space and/or her person). Even if she wears gloves to disguise her hand, Naiads often are found wearing clothes that have flower prints on them or have flowers in their hair. One can also easily tell that a Naiad lives in a person's house when one sees flowers everywhere, plus fresh fruit in a big bowl on the living room table. Naiads often, when living in a single space for a protracted period of time (like being someone's pet), strive to grow their own gardens and fruit trees.
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NESSIDAME, the Water Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (elasmosaurid)
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Dark Continent only)
Diet: Omnivorous, with heavy focus on fish
Role: Naval soldier for Sanctuary, Guardian of water sources
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Fire, Poison, Electric
Weak Vs: Plant, Flying, Ice
Libido: Low to Average (when it comes to mating season)
Attacks (normal mode): Tail Slap, *Tail Grapple, Crunch, Water Gun, *Water Jet Blade
Attacks (battle mode): Tail Slap, *Tail Grapple, Flipper Slap, Crunch, Water Gun, *Water Jet Blade, Hydro Pump, Takedown, Headbutt, Tsunami, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Enhanced Strength (x3 on land, x7 in water), Enhanced Speed (x7 in water), Thick skin, Prehensile tail, Amphibious, Water resistant skin, Natural insulation, Enhanced Durability (x8), Can alter skin surface (normal mode only)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Water Stone)
Sanctuary, at its founding, had many issues with defensibility at first. Sexmet, who had taken up residence at the opposite end of the continent, had some issues with them that would eventually devolve into utter hatred. Plus, their efforts to help others drew unwanted attention from several sources, including Arashi Giovanni (father of Gendo Giovanni) of Indigo, and Vince McMahon Senior of the Northern Ice League (later renamed the Capital League). To make matters worse, the Pokégirls that they primarily made use of to defend their borders, the Cheetits, were easily being caught and Tamed by humans making their way to the Southern parts of the continent, where Sanctuary and its various colonies lay.
This resulted in the creation of the Dameosaur breed. Brutal, vicious Pokégirls that could be more easily controlled in defending Sanctuary’s borders. Almost right away Sanctuary realized that a land-based breed wouldn’t be enough, so they set about almost immediately to see if they could create an air-based and aquatic-based breed using the simplest of tests: Random usage of evolution stones. Well aware of what happened with the Evangelion Advent, Dameosaurs were placed in circles filled with various forms of excess energy siphons, mystical and otherwise, and exposed to several different evolutionary stones.
Almost immediately, they got two good results, and for now were satisfied with what they had gained. Air support in the Pterodame, and aquatic assault in the Nessidame.
Nessidames, like Dameosaurs and Pterodames, have two different forms, one more suited for battle in their primary environment than the other. Nessidames are different in that they actually are fairly decent battlers in both forms. They are naturally stronger in water, but are capable of combat in both forms, moreso than the Dameosaur and Pterodame.
Their ‘battle mode’ form is essentially that of a large elasmosaurus, but one that is only a third of the size of the original beast, about 15 feet in length. They have large, rounded midsections with four powerful flippers, long, prehensile tails, and long, prehensile necks with elongated heads and razor sharp teeth. They can snap their heads as fast a snake and their water-based ranged attacks hit with tremendous pressure, especially if their necks are straightened out. These forms are large enough for Sanctuary Goths to use as mounts. Their strength is much greater in this form.
While they have less access to attacks in their ‘normal mode,’ that does not change the fact that they can take on most lesser opponents and have a good chance of winning. In this form they have the ability to temporarily coat their skin with slippery oil that can make most blunt physical attacks slide off. It’s useless against other water-types, as it can be washed off fairly easily. However they retain a level of strength and agility in this form, allowing them better combat capability than their breed sisters, the Dameosaur and the Pterodame. Nessidames in normal mode are tall, usually 6’9” at the minimum, thickly built women with dark green skin and a ridged armoring along their heads instead of hair. Their breasts are around the B-cup range at max, and their midsections usually have a soft coating of fat to help keep them warm when swimming in deep water. They have long, prehensile tails and webbing between their fingers and toes, with number four and three respectively.
Nessidames are more solitary than other dinosauric breeds of Pokégirls. Primarily this is because of feeding needs, as they are larger and require greater portions of food to satisfy their nutritional needs, making staying in groups impractical. This is also because Nessidames have a fierce territoriality that makes it difficult for them into interact with one another. They will tolerate their S-Goth tamer and, if she has them, her other Pokégirls, but will generally attack anything she views as entering her ‘territory.’ As this trait is useful in guarding Sanctuary from intruders by sea, little to no effort has been made to trying to correct this in some manner.
Water-stone creation and breeding of Nessidames is closely guarded, due to how valuable they are. Their willful nature tends to make them difficult to control for inexperienced Sanctuary Goths, but their usefulness as water-based guardians makes the positives outweigh the negatives. Because of the Pterodame’s curiosity about men, Nessidames are encouraged to think of men as food and fucktoys only. It’s important to Sanctuary that their dinosaurs never think of men in any meaningful way…
Which makes the following update on Nessidames quite amusing. In the biggest botch in Sanctuary’s history, a single Nessidame kit was allowed to escape Sanctuary’s territories and move upward. She was eventually tracked to the Blue League, where, to locals, she had become the current incarnation of the Loch Ness Monster. It was only recently that she was identified as a Nessidame after consulting reports of men who claim to have encountered ‘Nessie.’ In these reports, they say that ‘Nessie’ comes up on land, turning into a beautiful woman, singing a haunting melody and seducing them into her clutches. It was later verified that the ‘haunting melodies’ were actually being sung by Sirens who were amusing themselves by messing with the heads of hapless travelers. Still, this is an important discovery. The possibility of Nessidames proliferating in the wild is too good an opportunity to pick up. Blue League officials in the know have been informed and are making efforts to monitor Nessie, making sure Sanctuary agents do not assassinate her.
Tail Grapple (ATK 20 repeating) – The Nessidame wraps her tail around the opponent’s neck and chokes them repeatedly.
Water Jet Blade (ATK 75) – The Nessidame fires a heavily condensed, high-pressure stream that’s capable of cutting through solid materials such as metal or stone. It can hurt flesh, but not cut it.
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NIXIE, the Water Fairy Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteur
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Barrier, Reduce, Enlarge, Smile, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Water Stone)
While the Fairycute is a sex-hungry Pokégirl that loves to play as a living dildo, her elemental evolutions are a little bit different, to say the least. Used during the war to destroy electronic equipment without being detected, many a human base was infiltrated and their 'sprinkler' systems went off to devastating effect. Strangely, this was when there were no fires, and the running humans would be easily picked off by larger, much stronger Pokégirls. After the war, although many humans attempted to find these Pokégirls, they were far too difficult to find thank to the size altering abilities and many survived the aftermath of the war. Feral Nixies do tend to cause all sorts of mischief, and are half the reason that schools wind up getting out early during the day- a Feral Nixie enjoys causing mischief with sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and other things along those lines.
While feral Nixies are more common than domestic Nixie, they are still rather intelligent in comparison to other ferals that are out there. They tend to live near civilized areas, where stronger and more carnivorous Pokégirls do not often hunt, and live in small groups. When full-sized, a Nixie is usually around five and a half feet tall, and they most often have lighter colored hair (green is also rather common). They don't normally wear clothes, domesticated or feral, due to their large four-part insect-like wings behind their back., and so domestic ones, if they even wear anything, tend to gravitate towards aprons and skirts for the ease of wear. One thing for Tamers to remember is that unlike most water types, these Pokégirls cannot breathe underwater. They can hold their breath for upwards of 10 minutes, but any longer and they must return above water for oxygen. These Pokégirls also have small B-cup breasts on average, though they swell up to almost a C-cup after a swim or a soak in water. As they use their Water attacks and abilities (without any body of water nearby), the Nixie's breasts shrink down to their normal size.
Nixie are rather useful on farms and as part of fire departments- their ability to fly and use water attacks that aren't supremely powerful make them capable of stalling out fires near trapped humans and Pokégirls long enough for larger and stronger Pokégirls to get to those who need rescued. In battle, their size-altering abilities make them devastating opponents- both in standard battles and sex battles. But their real use is in Sex Battles, where their water abilities are often used to get her opponents wet and ready for them. Their standard attacks aren't very powerful, and as such are not popular with Tamers that have a combat harem unless they are used in conjunction with ground or rock types.
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OCTOPUSSY, the Tight ‘n’ Wet Pokégirl Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: seafood
Role: wilderness predator, sexual domination
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Wrestle, Wrap, Double Slap, Water Spear, Go Down, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Wet Jet, Spank, Fisting
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), water breathing, prehensile tentacles
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titacruel (Water Stone)
The final evolution of a Titacool, Octopussies are very strong and very dangerous.
From the waist up, an Octopussy looks human. They tend to have breasts that are on the large side, usually a generous C cup. Their hair can be any shade, and is usually long, waving slowly in the water behind them. From the waist down however, any resemblance to a human ends. Below the waist, instead of legs, there are four tentacles! These tentacles are usually around ten feet long or so, and are usually a reddish-pink, but colors such as black or blue aren’t unknown. They are covered with suction cups, which makes it easier for them to grab prey with their wrap attack. Nestled up between all of their tentacles is the Octopussy’s cunt.
Octopussies in the wild are a hazard to be avoided. Their powerful strength makes it relatively easy for them to capture unwary prey in the water or near a bank. Octopussies prefer to play with their food before consuming it; even Feral Octopussies will use their sex attacks on captured prey before drowning it and eating it. The only reason Octopussies aren’t considered dangerous enough to be actively hunted is due to their taste in partners: they are exclusively lesbian. Due to their quirk of wanting to molest their dinner before eating it, they rarely attack males. A male Tamer is more likely to find his Pokégirls being attacked than himself. Only extreme hunger will drive an Octopussy to attack a man, and in that case she just fights to kill anyway.
Octopussies are poor choices for a Harem, despite their power. They are quite clumsy out of the water, since their tentacles stick to the ground, and can’t support their upper-body weight anyway, making them have to crawl around rather pathetically. What’s more, they can’t stand being touched by a man, so a male Tamer would need a strong Pokégirl to keep the Octopussy satisfied. The fact that Octopussies are sexually dominant Pokégirls is just the icing on the cake for why most people and Pokégirls don’t like them. Octopussies prefer to use their tentacles to make their partner go down on them, and then enjoy holding their partner immobile and teasing them cruelly with their sex attacks until the victim begs for release, at which point they usually use Fisting on them.
Feral Octopussies are more much common than Domestic ones (the majority of Domestic Octopussies being owned as pets by single women who have a pool and like very kinky sex). If someone actually wants to capture one, the best strategy is to use a sexy-looking Pokégirl as bait to lure her near the shore, and then have several Pokégirls of elements that are Strong Vs. Water attack her. Threshold girls usually don’t evolve directly to an Octopussy, but if such a thing were to happen to some poor girl, she would likely be quickly sent to the nearest Pokégirl ranch before she could try and get her tentacles on someone.
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ORCUNT, the Fast Defending Dolphin Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Dolphin[Orca])
Element: Water/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish and meat, plus seal Pokégirls when feral
Role: Aquatic heavy assault assistance, guarding ports, undersea farming
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Grass, Ice, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Fade, Water Spear, Takedown, Tail Slap, Take Down, Blizzard Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice beam, Whirlpool, Cold Snap, Frost Wave*, Crushing Blow, can learn song techniques
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7 on land, x15 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x2 on land, x6 in water), high intelligence, has resistance to cold surpassed only by the Baleena, ice affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobfin (normal)
During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized. Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).
However, after this time, the humans had learned a few new tricks as well. While they were not as strong as before, the remaining navies quickly began using tactics that separated the Baleena from her escorts, often sacrificing ships to draw off the escort forces long enough for enemy destroyers to get in and depth charge the Baleena’s to death. To counter this, Sukebe devised a Pokégirl whose main purpose was to escort Baleena’s. He built the Orcunts, using Orca DNA that was already included in the Baleena breed to hide their existence until it was too late for the navies to abort the attack.
The Orcunt and the Baleena orca versions are mostly identical, except for a handful of deviations between the two that are not apparent without actually engaging them in combat or extended observation. The first difference is that the Orcunts are usually smaller than their Baleena sisters, normally between the heights of six and seven and a half feet. Though some exceptional individuals have been measured as tall as eight and a half, further confusing observers as to whether they are viewing an Orcunt or a Baleena with orca markings. The Orcunts are a bit leaner than their sister breed, the Baleena’s, but still are well rounded to help deal with the extreme cold temperature’s that they must survive in the depths of the ocean. The Orcunts are also a good deal more aggressive than their Baleena sisters, and tend to want lash out at intruders to protect their pods when feral, even before they know if they the intruder is hostile.
The Orcunts differences from the Baleena were what made them so much more effective against enemy fleets than the mixed escorts that the pods had replied on before. While somewhat weaker than a Baleena, the Orcunts more than make up for that by being much faster than the Baleenas they escorted as well as having a wide range of attacks that could deal with the fleets without risking the more vulnerable Baleenas. The Orcunts would hide amidst the Baleenas inside the pod, letting the mixed escorts be ‘led off,’ before moving forward to destroy the second wave of ships that would try to engage the Baleena’s before the escorts could return.
In combat, the Orcunts prefer fighting like the Baleena does, using her ranged attacks to harass the enemy before getting close enough to use her considerable strength to crush the enemy. When in the water though, the Orcunt’s battling attitude moves from vicious to playful unless fighting water types, in that they whittle away at their opponents, never getting close enough for the enemy to attack them back.
When feral, Orcunts are usually found in a pod with Baleena’s still performing the duty that their creator gave them, aggressively protecting their more benign sisters. The Orcunts within that a pod are led by the most powerful Orcunt, called a Matriarch, who sings to her charges, directing them with a skill that belies the fact she is feral. While the Orcunts can change the Matriarch by defeating her in a non-lethal battle, these changes are rare, and usually only happen when the Matriarch is near death and no longer able to stay up with her sisters in battle. At which point, she often still stays with the pod, but the strongest Orcunts battle each other for the position.
In terms of harem dynamics, the Orcunt is similar to a Baleena, in that she is loyal to a fault to her tamer and that she considers her harem sisters to be her new ‘pod.’ Thresholding into a Orcunt is extremely rare, and often occurs in the same places where Baleena thresholding is likely. Many who go through the change are distraught at first, both by the sudden jump in power, and the loss of her ‘pod’ when her family sells her. But most are quick to form a new ‘pod’ at the ranch, and few of those rare thresholds has ever requested a L5 conditioning cycle, find that their superior looks, attractive markings, and increased power more than make up for their lost humanity.
Frost Wave: (Attack + effect OR effect) The Orcunt channels frost energy into her mouth, and unleashes it in a beam toward the opponent. Out of the water the attack is comparable to an Ice beam, just stronger and less chance to freeze, but in the water is where it truly shines. If used while underwater, the Frost wave quickly freezes the water in a straight line from the Orcunt to a length of 50 to 100ft, creating a wall of ice that can be used to either section off the battlefield, or trap an onrushing opponent. It deals no direct damage this way, and shatters upon the first hard, solid hit into razor edged facets, but even the metals used in Pre-Sukebe Warships would be damaged after running headlong into the wall. The wall will quickly melt from the ambient water temperature after a minute, requiring expert aiming for maximum effect.
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PIMPLOVE, the Pimped Penguin PokéGirl Type: Near Human - Avian
Element: Water
Frequency: Common (Scarlet League), Uncommon (All other Leagues)
Diet: seafood, preference for fish
Role: fisher, spoiled brat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Peck, Gust
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Secondary Eyelids, Water Purifier
Evolves: PrimpLove (normal), EmpressLove (evolved PrimpLove'; normal)
Evolves From: None
One of the more recent Water-type pokégirls to appear and have numbers expand exponentially, PimpLoves have become a widely-used pokégirl. Unfortunately, they won't really reach a form of major beauty or power until their final form, but this humble beginning stage is a precursor that hints to greater power.
Standing at a height between 4'8" to 5', a PimpLove has a layer of fine down covering her bodies that protects her from frigid waters as well as hot temperatures. The upper-half of the PimpLove's body can be a varying hue of dark blue which comes down to a collar-style of feathers around her neck, which end just above her A-Cup breasts, the nipples a bright white against the lighter blue down-feathered body.
Although a PimpLove's wings are capable of being taught to use Flying-type pokégirl attacks and techniques, they are for the most part, flippers, useless for flight in the air. In the water, however, PimpLove's are astonishingly agile. Within the smooth plumage a layer of air is preserved, ensuring buoyancy. While swimming, PimpLoves can reach velocities between 3.7 to 7.5 mph, though there are reports of velocities of swimming PimpLoves reaching up to 17 mph. The small PimpLove do not usually dive deep; she prefers to catch her prey near the surface in dives that normally last only one or two minutes. Larger PimpLoves can dive deep in case of need, (480 feet). This is due to the fact that PimpLove's have a secondary set of eyelids, which are clear. It allows them to see underwater for longer amounts of time.
Like other Water-types, a PimpLove need to be submerged in water, (preferably cold) every few days to keep her in top condition. On a bright note, a Tamer won't have trouble keeping his PimpLove hydrated. A PimpLove is able to drink salt water safely because she has a supraorbital gland that filters excess salt from the bloodstream. The salt is excreted in a concentrated fluid through her nasal passages. Tissues are a must.
When it comes to Taming, PimpLoves just love to be on their bellies. A Tamer is advised to hold onto her shoulders and fully mount the Pokégirl as he Tamers her, lest the PimpLove start to literally slip away and out from underneath the Tamer in the middle of having sex. While it would be easier to Tame a PimpLove if she were to lay on her back, a quirk of the Pokégirl comes to the fore. She prefers things her way, and that's how it has to be; she won't even eat food offered to her by her Tamer, preferring to get her own food first. This can be frustrating for beginning Tamers.
Feral PimpLoves seem to have no fear of humans and have approached Tamers and Pokégirl Researchers without hesitation. This is probably on account of there being no land predators in the Scarlet Continent or the nearby offshore islands that prey on or attack PimpLoves. Instead, PimpLoves are at risk at sea from predators such as Titacools, Sharptits, or the Nessidames that come down from the waters of the Dark Continent up North.
While it is not unheard of for girls going through Threshold to turn into PimpLoves, it is only prevalent to happen in families who have a strong Water-type ancestry and live in the more Southern Leagues, such as Silver River or Orange.
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PIROUETTE, the Trained Under the Raging Sea Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human diet, preference for seafood,
Role: Contests, Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: bug, fire, water, ice, steel, rock,
Weak Vs: Electric, flying, psychic, plant, dark,
Attacks: Water punch Water Kick, Slick Stroke, Water Floor, Pose, Focus Energy, Hyper Kick, Reverse Crescent, Mirror, Glare, Call Me Queen, Recover, Dash, cant touch this, Super Move.
Enhancements: Enhanced Lung Capacity (x5), Enhanced Speed(x2), Enhanced Agility(x3 ), Enhanced Ki Recharge (x1.5), Enhanced Swim Speed (x3), Self-hydrating Skin.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (devotion to martial arts, dream stone) For whatever reason, a Pirouette is a martial artist to the core. Her ki itself is a whirlpool, as if to draw in all the energy and experience around her. Feral pirouettes are often found challenging the mighty undefeatable sea to simply increase their skills, and are interesting in that they seem to loose their intelligence, but not their thirst for competition. As such, they often wander around, searching for Pokégirls to challenge and hone their skills against. Although not particularly common, Pirouettes are highly prized because they serve as excellent part of a team for those who want to challenge the leagues or other contests, as their motivation and determination are difficult to match.
Physically, Pirouettes are like humans; it can be difficult to tell them apart without contact. Their bodies, however, are almost always damp to the extent that dry skin is usually a sign of ill health. They usually have blue-gray eyes, but oceanic blue or green aren’t uncommon either, and the hair of a Pirouette has an almost silky quality to it due to her dampness. The actual colors of this hair vary, but blue and black are the most oft-seen.
Because of the wetness that surrounds her body, the touch of a Pirouette’s skin has often been compared to the effects of the “Eternal Softness” technique. It also doesn’t usually take much effort to arouse a Pirouette enough to make penetration comfortable, but the breed as a whole tends to be skittish about intimate affairs. They can be quite submissive unless they view the act as part of some challenge (which is not uncommon), in which case the Pirouette will become much more sexually aggressive. For the most part, they are inclined enough to bisexuality to be suitable for tamers of either gender.
Pirouettes are almost never found feral, likely due to the fact that most come from threshold Girls who have an ancestry of water and fighting. It is also possible for a Tomboy to evolve into a Pirouette with enough dedication to Martial Arts and a Dream Stone. However since Pirouettes will do near anything to win a challenge or sharpen her skills, It's rare to find a tomboy who is willing to humiliate herself just to get a little bit better. Dream stones are also hard to come by, making this evolutionary route relitivley traveled.
The ki inside of a Pirouette flows in a special pattern, seeming to ignore the actual body and form a whirlpool around her. This special feature is distinct, and it can be sensed by someone who can sense ki, but is otherwise unnoticeable. It's form allows Pirouettes to draw in ki in a more efficient manner so that they recharge their reserves, making recovery much quicker for them.
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PLATYPUSSY, the Repentant Pokégirl Type: Humanoid
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (Extinct)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: recovering PsiDykes
Libido: bi-sexual, Low/Average (initial) to Extremely High (after doing good deeds)
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Ground
Attacks: Water Gun, Hydropump, Surf, Bubbles, Tackle, Paralysis, Scratch, Reflect (psychic attacks only)
Enhancements: None
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Psidyke (Angel Stone or proximity to the Orange Island Explosion site)
Platypussy are the result of a Psidyke coming in close contact with an angel stone or being within approximately 20 miles of the epicenter of the Orange Island explosion site. The effect of an angel stone on the vicious Pokégirl is astounding. Not only removing their hatred of men and love of domination, the evolution seems to kindle a sort of empathy with all other creatures. Due to the repentant nature of this Pokégirl, a Psidyke who has little to regret has not been recorded as evolving as of the publishing of this entry. The majority of evolution cases are from PsiDykes who have killed or otherwise greatly harmed one or a number of people. Unfortunately for these newly redeemed man-haters, they remember everything in their previous life. Many spend their entire lives trying to make up for their transgressions, and no Platypussy can easily kill another thing. That also ends up reversing their disgusting eating habits as well. The taste of meat often makes them feel very sick, though they have a special liking of salted tomatoes.
Their considerable psychic powers seem to dwindle as with many of their other previous passions. The only remaining ability manifests itself like a concentrated form of all the rest combined. It allows them to reflect any purely psychic attack or manipulation. No cruel tamer has ever been known to keep control of their Platypussy. It appears that the more you try to control them, the more they rebel, but a caring tamer has unconditional loyalty. Platypussy have thin coats of dark brown fur on their forearms and legs from the knee down. Between their fingers and toes a bit of membrane webbing aids them in swimming, but they don't possess the claws many would expect. Researchers speculate that they declaw themselves shortly after evolution. Otherwise they look perfectly human. They possess ample chests, somewhere in the D-cup range though it doesn't seem to hinder their swimming very much. No recorded cases of threshold, but all Platypussy behave very like most threshold cases. They prefer to wear clothes, and they are highly intelligent.
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POLILUST, the Lusty Froglet Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Ground
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Mainly fish, plants
Role: Messengers
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Steel, Poison, Electric
Weak Vs: Grass, Ice
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Whirlpool, Agility, Comet Punch, Water Spear, BubbleBeam
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enhanced swimming speed (X10), Powerful Legs, Longer Arms, Enhanced Strength (X4), Total Dedication
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Poliwhore (Delta-bond)
When a Tamer has reached the Delta-bond with his Poliwhore, having trained and tamed with her enough to forge it, she undergoes her final evolution into the dedicated Polilust. With this evolution, she joins Pokégirls such as the MechDoll and the Leopardess in terms of girls who care for their masters above all else, becoming one of the only water types known to do so.
Along side her evolutions are changes to her body, her arms become stronger and thicker. She becomes a much more muscle-bound girl in general. Though she retains the sleek sexy look she had as Poliwhore and never becomes as hard formed as most fighting types, retaining a softness to her body. Maxing out to be nearly six feet in height, the Polilust bust and figure also grows, often to a very bouncy DD-cup and an hourglass figure. Her coloring, a navy blue with a white belly, remains the only thing about her that shows she’s a Pokégirl.
Now Delta-Bonded to her tamer, Polilust becomes a rather aggressive Pokégirl, not just for want of taming, though, but also when it comes to being the Alpha and simple attitude. This has often resulted into fights inside the harem when there’s an established Alpha that isn’t the Polilust, though if the current Alpha defeats the Froglet girl, she will accept her. Other then that, Polilust is all about her master. If he is pleased, then everything is fine in the world. If something is wrong, Polilust will do her best to make it right. As with Mechdoll and Leopardess, once you have a Polilust, you have one for life. Interestingly enough, Polilusts have an ongoing rivalry with Hotties and their evolutions, often pointing out the fact that the girls are toads while Polilust and their forms are frogs, and often get quite angry with anyone who dares mix up the two.
With her body now structured for fighting as well as swimming, Polilust becomes one of the sought after Pokégirls for Tamers that wish to battle. What is, perhaps, the most intriguing thing about this ground type girl is that she has almost perfect control over her strength. She is among the only girls in the world that could give her tamer a playful punch in the shoulder and not launch him across the room, despite having the power to do so. This even goes onto taming, a rather enjoyable fact for those tamers who dislike using restraints with their girls.
With Polilust, it’s a rather big surprise to tamers that have brought her up from a Polishag or a Poliwhore to find that the water/fighting type has no specific fetish. No longer fixated on her hands nor her ass like her previous forms were, it can be said that the closet thing Polilusts have to a fetish is the enjoyment of taming in the water, which is something that all water types have in common. Tamers are also recommended to have lots of Stamina drinks on hand, as the Polilust needs to be tamed repeatedly and often, enough so that some tamers claim her to exceed even a Vixxen.
Feral Polilusts are almost unheard of, almost always a direct result of a tamers death, since there is almost no other way for a Polilust to come around without it happening. And in most cases of a tamer’s death, the Polilust kills herself, unable to live without her master. There is currently no record of a Threshold Polilust.
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POLISHAG, the Titty Tadpole Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: Mainly fish
Role: Messengers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Whirlpool, Agility
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enchanced swiming speed, Muscular tail
Evolves: Poliwhore (Normal)
Evolves From: None
These tadpole-like Pokégirls were rarely seen during the War of Revenge. The few times that they were they were either completely feral or in possession of a coded message that was supposedly in route to one of the Pokégirl bases.
Polishags are very thin Pokégirls which deep blue skin. On their stomach is a white patch which has a spiral design imprinted on them. At first researchers believed it was a defect Sukebe ignored in creating the species, but it was soon discovered that Polishags who were related to each other had the same spiral while Polishags who were not had slightly different spirals. It is now believed that the spirals indicate a 'tribe' or 'clan' in which the Polishag comes from. Their breast size can range from C-cup to D-cup depending on how tall they are. A Polishag's height can reach to six feet, but that height is rare and most stand at five feet or five foot five. The Polishag do have hair on the heads, but it is usually kept short or held back by something. The color is usually a sea green or light blue. The Polishag also posess a tail with a fin at the end which is similar to what a normal tadpole would have.
Polishag are usually very pleasant, even when feral they usually don't bother anyone unless they feel particularly needy for taming. They usually just end up lounging in water or sunning themselves on shore. They are very fast in water and aren't shy in using that ability when they think that they are in danger. Catching one can be difficult unless a Tamer has a Pokégirl that can keep up with them, or they lure the Polishag away from the water.
Taming a Polishag is always a challenge. Not because it is dangerous or needing a lot of effort, but because the Polishag just doesn't want to stop. Every Taming is like the first time to them and they enjoy it to the last moment and usually end up asking for more once they finish. Some have compared Polishags to Growlies in how they never seem to get bored 'playing' with their Tamer. A Polishag will also sometimes use her tail to spank someone they want to have a session with or are in the throes of a taming session. Luckily, Polishags enjoy taming with other Pokégirls so if their Tamer has other Pokégirls then there isn't much to worry about.
In battle Polishags are at a slight disadvantage outside of the water. They really prefer attacking from a distance or running to avoid attacks. An odd tactic that a Polishag, if they are wet and out of the water for a while, become slimy to the touch and hard to hold onto. Grappling techniques tend not to work on Polishags when their skin is in this condition, which makes it hard for fighting-types to get a hold of them unless they go for direct punches or kicks.
Thresholding into a Polishag is a common occurrence. It is usually what those who enter threshhold become when they have frog Pokégirl ancestry.
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POLIWHORE, the Sexy Frog Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Mainly fish, plants
Role: Messengers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Water Gun, Whirlpool, Agility, Double Slap, Water Spear, BubbleBeam
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enhanced swimming speed (X3), Powerful Legs, Longer Arms
Evolves: Polilust (Delta-Bond)
Evolves From: Polishag (Normal)
With enough training, time, and taming, a Polishag gets to evolve into a Poliwhore, and the change is everything she could want and more. No longer is she spurned by tamers for her odd lack of arms and paddle tail, for the tail is no more and long, powerful arms have grown in their rightful place. By becoming more human in appearance, Poliwhores also cement themselves as popular water types that can be used on land and at sea, where their powerful legs can be used in both.
Growing to be an average five feet in height, the Poliwhore often takes her time enjoying her new limbs, taking absolute enjoyment in using them for swimming, fighting, and masturbating, the latter of which is a pastime she couldn’t enjoy. She retains her coloring from her previous form almost completely, her skin lightening its tone only slightly to become a brighter blue. Poliwhore also enjoy a much wanted increase in bust, giving her a nice heavy C-cup, and curvy form, making it all that easier to get her master into the sack. What’s odd about this girl, though, is despite being classified as the Sexy Frog Pokégirl, the only things that even hint her amphibious nature is her arms, which are longer then a humans, and a tongue that’s about equal to a Hotties.
Where as Polishag was playful and fun loving, Poliwhores are VERY lusty Pokégirls, so much so that they are often considered to be the water type Growlie in terms of constant want for sex, often posing to show off their new bodies, especially after they’ve left the water where their bodies glisten. Despite this newly sexual mindset, however, Poliwhores are as heterosexual as their previous forms are, absolutely refusing even to do foreplay with a girl, a surprising thing in itself, since Poliwhores love using their hands for just about anything.
When in battle, the Poliwhore often experiences some mild shock that her new limbs aren’t suited completely for combat, especially considering that until now she couldn’t properly learn hand and arm techniques. This will not deter a Poliwhore, however, as while she continues to use her long range abilities in battle, she’ll do her best to learn attacks that uses her arms and hands, increasing her skill as a close combat fighter.
As stated before, Poliwhores are girls that love to be tamed, and as with everything else, the water type loves using her new hands and arms to please her master, going as far as to become sexual aroused from giving her master a hand-job. In fact, much like how Polishags have anal fetishes because of their tails, Poliwhores have hand fetishes because of their hands, loving their own and others. A skilled tamer will be able to make a Poliwhore completely his by getting her to orgasm by his hands alone. It should be noted, however, that while Poliwhore are just as heterosexual as their sisters, they will enjoy other pokgirls that have cock or cock like abilities, making the Frog girl among one of the few girls that enjoy having a Dildoqueen around.
Feral Poliwhores are actually a bit rarer then their rarity would lead one to believe, since the heterosexual girl is often WANTING to be captured by a male and is often doing her best to tease and arouse males more then battling. Threshold Poliwhores, while very rare, don’t have the fixation with their hands as their feral cousins do, but when they realize they could have lost their hands in the Polishag stage, almost all of them are glad they had thresholded into Poliwhore instead
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POOL MOUSE, the Playful Mouse Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare (Common on Magma Islands)
Diet: Kelp, fruits, vegetables
Role: Fisher-women
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Bubbles, Rain, Draining Rain, Mirror Image, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Water Floor, Bubbler, Bubble Cross, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Very good swimming, ability to breath fresh or sea water, highly tuned sixth sense, stronger personality
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Water Stone)
When a Titmouse evolves into a Pool Mouse, she loses the fur she had as a Titmouse, but all of her skin turns incredibly smooth and slick. Her tail also gains a strange blue ball at the tip, which is believed to hide the water that she uses so her breasts remain the same size, unlike the Squirtitty. The ball is known to grow and shrink in size whenever she uses a water technique away from a water source, but it is never larger than her head and is never smaller than her fist. It's believed that she may be able to re-absorb leftover moisture from her water attacks to rejuvenate her own supply.
A Pool Mouse is usually not much taller than she was as a Titmouse, but she may gain up to six inches in height and she may slowly develop slightly larger breasts than she had before. Her breasts, stomach and inner thighs are usually bright white while the rest of her skin is blue. Her eye color doesn't change, but they may seem sharper.
Pool Mice have a much stronger sixth sense, being able to detect anyone in any direction within twenty feet, unless there's a solid non-water-porous obstacle, like a steel wall. She also cannot detect intent, but she will know where everyone is within her detection range, no matter how fast they move.
Pool Mice also have a greater sense of fun, loving to play with anyone who will join them in a game. Probably the worst thing about this is that they sometimes completely ignore their sixth sense, though this is generally at the height of play or passion.
The second worst is perhaps their longest running prank on any Pokégirls new to their harem, which is to float bubbles up behind them to make it appear the victim farted. The joke is as old and stale as the Bubble technique and yet, most Pool Mice will still get a hearty laugh out of it.
Because of their ability to detect things around her even when underwater and their cheerful nature, they're viewed as good companions or supervisors for Titodiles or Cuntnaws who aid fishermen.
Pool Mice aren't good fighters, but are excellent when it sex techniques or any supplemental techniques that can help her allies.
Pool Mice have quite sensitive tails and not in an erotic way. Most will sleep on their stomachs or on their side to avoid accidentally pinching the nerves in their tails. Coincidentally, they tend to favor positions where they can be either on top or facing their partner.
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POT-CUNT, the Cannabis Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human (plantlike)
Element: Plant/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: anything that fits into her mouth
Role: Fighters, painkillers
Strong Vs: Plant, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Poison, Ice
Libido: Above Average
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Ignite, Flamethrower, Firewind, Fire Floor, Flame Shot, Vine Whip, Command Plants, Wood Tower, Razor Leaf, Regenerate, Grass Floor, Petal Armor, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength ( x3), inability to become stoned through any means, enhanced beauty, clarity of mind, fire powers, greater combat ability all around
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Toca (normal)
The first thing a Pot-Cunt feels upon their evolution from Toca is relief. Their minds clear up, allowing them to think clearly for the first time in a long while, and they become immune to any intoxicants. They also gain vastly improved looks and a more plantlike appearance, their eyes clearing and turning green. They gain a 'feathering' around their forearms, calves, and on their shoulders that looks like cannabis leaves, the hair on their cunt turning into cannabis leaves as well. Their skin turns green, their breasts become a DD cup, and their hair turns a much darker green.
Pot-Cunts are very jocular Pokégirls, liking to make jokes about their previous forms. They take teasing very well, and try to do everything they can to make up for the weaknesses of their previous forms, almost to the point of overcompensation in some cases. They also, because of their vastly improved looks, like to go naked as much as possible.
Pot-Cunts gain a lot of fighting ability, including several potent plant-type and fire-type attacks. They are excellent fighters and use their abilities to great effect. Pot-Cunts also discover early on that they can combine their elements, for example using flaming vine whips, or throwing flaming razor leaves. In addition, the smoke from the burning plant weapons has the same disorienting effect as the Toca's Pot Cloud attack. Also, a recent discover has indicated that in very light doses, the smoke from a Pot-Cunt can act as a painkiller, lessening the pain from severe wounds in battle. This combination of abilities make Pot-Cunts very formidable fighters. Despite the numerous pros to the Pot-Cunt, the unpopularity of their previous form makes it rare to find a Pot-Cunt in a harem.
Feral Pot-Cunts tend to stay in fields, resting in tall grasses and soaking up the sun. When confronted, they lash out with flaming vine whips in an attempt to drive off their attackers so that they either leave them alone, or disorient them enough for the Pot-Cunt to escape.
No reports of Thresholding directly to a Pot-Cunt have been reported as of yet.
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PRIMPLOVE, the Primping Penguin PokéGirl Type: Near Human - Avian
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Uncommon (Scarlet League), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: seafood, preference for fish
Role: Primadonna, spoiled brat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Ice Beam, Mist, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Peck, Gust
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Secondary Eyelids, Water Purifier, Cold Resistance
Evolves: EmpressLove (normal)
Evolves From: PimpLove (normal)
The PrimpLove is the next evolution of PimpLove. Upon gaining enough experience via PokéBattles and Taming, a PimpLove evolves into PrimpLove. Once evolved, a PrimpLove gains several inches of height, and thins out slightly, loosing the pudgy look she had before. The particular blue coloration of her body makes a PrimpLove appear to be wearing a coat, causing the white areolas of her breast resemble buttons. She also has a distinct dual crest on her head resembling a tiara or a crown. Her breasts enlarge, usually to around a large B-Cup, which, added to noticeable hips, give her a more feminine frame than her previous form.
The PrimpLove is as her name suggests, and is one of the reason why Tamers want to evolve their PimpLove, yet worry about what it's going to take to get her to the form that is sought after; a PrimpLove is an attention-whore loves to be spoiled rotten. Where a PimpLove loved sex and having her way, the PrimpLove is all about having things her way or the highway! Even though she now has the element of ice as a sub-type pokégirls, PrimpLoves are surprisingly foul-tempered and short on patience. As soon as things are going her way in the slightest she can become belligerent and stubborn.
It is suggested that the Tamer either make her his Alpha for the Time being or have a PokéGirl strong against Water/Ice to keep her in line, such as an Electric-type pokégirl. Otherwise, the PrimpLove will be vying to get the most attention by taking the Alpha Position for herself.
This attitude is probably why PimpLoves and PrimpLoves live with their own kind in the wild. And with each colony of PrimpLove, each one considers itself the most important.
A surprising characteristic about PrimpLove is that while they are an Ice-type, their preferred climate is hot and temperate; dense forests becoming a favored area to find colonies of Feral PrimpLove. Unlike their pre-evolved form, wild PrimpLoves are prone to violence, even if the proposed threat isn't one at all. While it has a number of long-range attacks, Feral PrimpLoves have a preference for closing in on their intended target and Pecking away.
When it comes to sex, the PrimpLove is a greedy self-serving little tramp, demanding all attention from numerous partners be concentrated on her all at once. While this is good for Tamers who try to Tame a number of his girls at once, the fact remains that the PrimpLove is VERY demanding.
While it is not a regular occurrence, it us, unfortunately, not unheard of for girls going through Threshold to skip the initial form and turn into PrimpLoves. They tend to become extremely irritable and bitchy, and because of such tendencies, often find themselves quickly carted off to a Pokégirl Ranch, or not seeing the full transformation of their Threshold; not a jury to this day has yet to convict a parent for such action either.
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PSIQUEEN, the Psychic Empress Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic/Water
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: Psychic Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Psywave, Psychic, Foresight, Lock On, Armor, Feel The Burn, Teleport, Surf, Hydro Pump, Water Floor, Water Tower, Slick Stroke, Tidal Slide, Draining Rain, Bubble Cross, Water Slave, (Above Level 40) Water Golem, Aura Barrier
Enhancements: Can breathe underwater
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Psilady (mechanism unknown)
Psiqueens have an elegant beauty that almost befits their almost arrogant attitudes. Psiqueens often have C to DD-Cup breasts, and soft pale skin that often draw Tats to them. Otherwise, the Psiqueen retains most of the traits she had before.
Tats LOVE being given the chance to tattoo a Psiqueen's lovely skin, and will sometimes seek to join the Psiqueen's Harem in case the opportunity presents itself. Some Tats have been known to achieve orgasm simply by completing a tattoo on a Psiqueen, even if it's only a temporary one.
Psiqueens don't walk much, unless they enjoy it. Most prefer to teleport or levitate around, but the lazier may summon two or more Water Slaves and be carried around on a palanquin (or barring that, a chair on a wooden platform). The worst of the lazy Psiqueens, when they lack the energy for Water Slave, may ask her partners to carry her.
When it comes to combat, Psiqueens like to stay far far away from danger, and use strategically applications of techniques to trap an opponent and ruthlessly pummel them into submission. Their combination of Foresight, Lock On, Aura Barrier, Armor and Water Floor makes them difficult to defeat without an electric Pokégirl. It should not shock anyone that Psiqueens remain lesbians. Psiqueens like to dominate during sex and oddly enough, prefer to spoon their bodies against their lover's back and use Slick Stroke to bring their lover to orgasm. Psiqueens enjoy seeing their lovers admist the throws of orgasm and may even go wild, taming every Pokégirl in the area just to see them all quivering with delight.
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QUACKETTE, the Daffy Quack-Up Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorphic (duck)
Element: Water/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Small fish, vegetables
Role: General household helpers, comedy, sex
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting, cat Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Magic, Ice, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Feather Blizzard, Water Tickle, Tickle Storm, Slick Stroke, Edge Of Delight, Water Tower, Gust, Water Floor, Dive
Enhancements: Flight, Water affinity, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x3), great comedic timing
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
When the first Quackettes were discovered, no one was quite sure what to make of them. They were excellent lovers, and could be quite silly at times, but people, researchers especially, were confused. They had no idea why Sukebe would make such a goofy, short-tempered creature. Eventually, attempts to understand why Sukebe created them were dropped, and Quackettes were approved for usage by Tamers.
Quackettes are bird Pokégirls who's facial features are duck like in appearance. They have wide bills and wide bottoms, making their walk something of a waddle. Their feathers are soft, and can vary in colors between white, black, grey with black around the head, and brown, white, and black with green around the head, all depending on region. They are good natured towards most others, although they have short tempers. Their tantrums don't go beyond rather amusing ranting and snarling that degenerates into random quacking as they pace around waving their fists. Also, some Quackettes have been known to have a lisp. It's barely noticeable normally, however when angered, it becomes very prominent.
Feral Quackettes tend to gather in flocks, flying in V-formation with their powerful wings and resting in lakes and ponds near forests. They are very watchful, even when sleeping, and will bolt at a moment's notice if they hear something.
It should be noted that cat-type Pokégirls HATE Quackettes. This is a common trait amongst every cat Pokégirl, who hate Quackettes for their lack of fear towards them and the fact that any time they try something against them, they are foiled and hit with a jet of water.
Quackettes seem to have a natural affinity for comedy. They are naturally silly, funny creatures when Tamed, and usually make fast friends with Trixies and Harlequins. The highly popular animated adventures of a trio of Pokégirls, a Titmouse named Minnie, a Quackette named Daisy, and a Growlie named Georgia are a good showcase of some things a Quackette will do, either knowingly or not, to entertain her friends.
Interestingly enough, Quackettes seem to have an on-again, off-again rivalry with Bunnygirls, for reasons that escape most researchers. The rivalries seem to be a game of one-upmanship, which usually leads to very humorous situations as Quackettes tend to overcompensate and end up making themselves look foolish.
Thresholding into a Quackette is rare, but not unheard of.
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QUEENLER, the Ocean Fighter Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Clams
Role: Ground-to-Ocean Assault
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Normal, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Electric
Attacks: Crabhammer, Water Wall, Water Gun, Bubble, Uppercut, Backhand
Enhancements: Harder carapace, Strength (x3), Enhanced Pressure Resistance, Enhanced Carapace Manipulation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Krabbit(Normal)
The Queenler is rather superior to the Krabbit in almost every way. Her carapace takes a deeper brown color and one of her claws nearly doubles or even triples in size. Which claw depends on which hand the Queenler prefers to use. The Queenler has full mastery over her carapace which allows her to cover sections of her body that she wishes. Usually Queenlers prefer to keep as little of their bodies covered as they can since they like to look sexy for everyone to see and show off how they can control their carapace. The Queenler also gain fighting skills in using their large claw in battle, making it a very dangerous weapon. She is also able to withstand deeper pressures in the ocean which means it takes her longer to get to shore, if she comes at all.
Feral Queenler follow many habits of their pre-evolved forms. While they do come to shore to rest, it isn't a guarantee that they will. They sometimes sleep at the bottom of the ocean since they are confident in their fighting abilities to ward of predators. When they do come to the shore, they really don't take great pains to hide themselves since their confidence in their skills with their giant claw remains strong outside water as well as in it. Usually the best way to capture is a Queenler is to first find a way to restrain the claw. It isn't easy since the Queenler has quicker reflexes and can move the claw without any kind of strain despite its weight. Still, the best way to restrain a Queenler is with a Pokégirl with a whip or knows the Vine Whip technique. A solid attack to her body will help wear her down after that.
Taming a Queenler is also like taming a Krabbit. The more aroused they get, the more carapace vanishes. However, the only part that remains is the claw. Queenler love it when their claw is restrained in taming because of the helplessness aspect which can turn them on greatly. Of course, this may not apply to all Queenler. Higher level Queenler can call the armor of the claw inside, but not a whole lot do since it is a great source of pride to them. Only Tamers who have the Queenler's trust, respect, and love will be able to get her to bring the carapace in.
In Harems, Queenler are not as mild-mannered as the Krabbit. They have an opinion and they will let you know about it. Even if you don't want it. Still, once they do voice their opinion in a matter then they will let their Tamer decide. They do keep their quirk of foaming at the mouth when they are unhappy. Of course, the Queenler try to be a little mature about it, but will still sulk when they think no one is watching. They will like to spar to keep their skills with their claw sharp.
In battles, Queenler will rely on their claw and not much else in terms of an attack. If their claw is somehow restrained or too injured to fight, they lose their main weapon and a lot of their confidence in winning. To them, the claw is the beginning and end of all fights. Still, if they do win without it, it comes as a surprise to them since they believe that they only need the claw to win.
Threshold cases into Queenler as rather scarce since most just change into Krabbit. The rare cases of Queenler threshold usually have muscle increase in the preferred arm and a craving for fish, shrimp, clams, and all kinds of seafood being reported before the actual change.
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ROMANTICIDE, The Forgemaster Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman/Animorph (Feline/Scorpion)
Element: Fire/Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style with a preference for meat, can also eat metals
Role: Blacksmiths
Libido: Above Average
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric
Attacks: Kitten’s Roar, Scratch, Air Recovery, Saber Claw, Lioness’s Roar, Flamethrower, Water Gun, Rapid Sting, Crunch, Dark Goggles, Romanticide Venom*
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Inherent metallurgical knowledge, Heat and cold generation and resistance, Chitonous armor, Hollow stinger tail, Romanticide Venom, the ability to ‘smell’ high quality ore, Poison affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Shiny Stone), Scorpiagirl (Cat E-Medal & Shiny Stone)
Romanticides played a prominent, but relatively unknown role in the Revenge War, one that didn’t come to light until many years later, after the breed was circulated into the regular population. They served as the forgemasters of Sukebe’s army, their craftsmanship abilities such that they are among the only breeds an Armsmistress will trust to repair damage to their weapons and armor.
Romanticides stand around 9 feet tall at the average, usually with ample bosom ranging from D-cup upwards. They have four arms, similar to an Amachamp, and a muscular build, their hands, arms, chest, and thighs lined with chitinous, almost insectile armor. They possess a tail, at most three times the length of their body, with a three to four foot scythe-like stinger/tail blade at the tip. This blade generally has a series of variously sized holes running along the side. From a distance, one might mistake a Romanticide for a Panthress or similar cat breed, as their fur usually comes in shades of varying black and red, the majority of the breed possessing animalistic features and feline eyes. Very rarely there have been some near human-types that are not as animalistic in appearance, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
Romanticides can almost always be found handling some sort of metal, as the material gives them great comfort. For Romanticides that did not evolve from Tigress, it will usually be a tool they used in their previous form. It’s also not uncommon for them to handle a weapon. One Romanticide in particular had a weapon she was fond of, a black-bladed sword with a black pommel cylinder and an ovalish hilt that was wrapped in a heavy, off-white cloth. It was the first weapon that Romanticide forged, and a source of comfort for her. Other Romanticides have the same sorts of habits.
Romanticides are mistrustful towards most Tamers and Pokégirls, and have known to show a low tolerance for cowardice. (Although in certain common sense situations, such as a Widow attack, they do not look down on someone for running for their life.) They can be belligerent Pokégirls, and are slow to trust a new Tamer and Harem sisters. When they do start to trust, however, they become much easier to be around, as they are more willing to be kind and friendly to their Tamer and Harem sisters. They are very battle capable, as Sukebe’s intent on creating them was having a blacksmith that could make front line repairs to weapons if need be, and enjoy adventure, but they do not seek it actively. Contentment with what they have is a trait common to most members of the breed.
While dangerous and powerful, Romanticides have also been known to be quite amorous as well. While they greatly enjoy forging new weapons and armor, they also greatly enjoy sex as well, a side effect of their Fire typing. They are unusually playful when aroused, although most tend to enjoy some form of foreplay beforehand rather than just diving in. Some researchers believe that this is because they apply a certain principle of metallurgy to their love-making: draw the process out, so as to make the end result more satisfying. Most have been known to enjoy a feeling of risk or danger while being Tamed, and have been known to enjoy the company of a Domina-type alongside their Tamer. They enjoy using their second arms to help try and increase their partner’s pleasure. However one must be careful in deciding whether or not to allow this, due to the breed’s strength enhancement.
As a minor historical note, the origin of their breed name came from their amorous habits. A trio of Romanticides were taken prisoner by humans early on, who didn’t know about the process of Taming yet, as it had only recently been discovered. They tried to force the Romanticides to forge weapons to combat the Slicers that were assaulting them. However, the Romanticides seduced them (with the aid of a pair of hidden Kunoichis spies armed with packets of Lust Dust) and used their unique poisons to leave the soldiers dying in agony as they made love to them. A survivor, taken prisoner by the Slicer unit for interrogation, later made the comment that making love to the creatures was ‘romantic suicide.’ By all accounts, the Slicer unit enjoyed the phrase and eventually shortened it to Romanticide. The name spread among the breed, who were called another name before, and they liked it so much that they adopted Romanticide as their species name instead of their original name, which has since been lost to time.
In combat, a Romanticide’s main talents lie towards melee battle. They are uncomfortable battling from a distance (and as such most have been known to have a bias against breeds with wings), and do their best to get in close, striking with berserk combinations of punches, kicks, weapons strikes, and stings to pummel their opponent into submission. Their weapon choice depends on their personality, and usually is not the first weapon they ever forged, as they tend to use it more as a comforter rather than anything, as mentioned earlier. Their choice of weapon usually also depends on the type of opponent they face as well.
One thing that all Romanticides recorded to this date have in common is that they will not take their work being made light of. They take metallurgy and smithing quite seriously, regarding it as their reason for living. When not making armor or weapons, they will forge gifts for their Tamers and/or Harem sisters. Some tend to specialize in weapon-types, and teach themselves how to fight with the weapons they make. They show great care and refinement in their work, which is why so many weapon-using types would trust only them with the repair and maintenance of their weapons. Forging metal for them is almost a religious experience for them, to the point where some members of the breed worship the old god Hephaestus, hoping for blessings for their work. They are hesitant about applying magic directly to the metal they work with, as there is usually a high risk of degrading the metal they are working with. They prefer to work with natural metals and alloys, their ability to ‘smell’ out quality materials aiding them in their work. They have been known to get along well with Goblina, Moriae, and other girls that work in mining.
Another noted similarity between members of the breed is problems with regulating body temperature. Due to their conflicting elemental types, their body temperature tends to lower quickly, making turn lethargic when not active. When working, however, their body tends to heat up quickly, allowing them to work easier with the hot metals, sometimes even allowing them to forge it with their hands. They have to will themselves to cool down during this time. A Tamer who can control their body temperature (there are several surprisingly easy ways, detailed in the Taming for Dummies section on Multi-Element Type Pokégirls) while Taming will find a very affectionate Romanticide on hand. They greatly enjoy bondage games (especially if they are bound with heavy iron chains), and will not say no to letting a Domina-type have her fun with them.
Romanticides have a surprisingly low rate of Threshold result. Due to the multiple physical changes, there is a small handful of incidents where the stress of the transformation became too much for the girl in question, causing her to die. The change from human to Romanticide takes longer than most Thresholds.
Feral Romanticide are rare, due to how useful they are. They tend to ignore people unless provoked, usually sniffing out new metals and collecting them, melting them down and shaping them into some random, formless object and adding it to a crude display. They tend to be territorial, preferring caves or other enclosed areas. When provoked, Ferals tend to lash out fiercely, using Romanticide Venom sprays right off of the bat.
Romanticide Venom (ATK, EFT): A biological weapon unique to the Romanticide breed. Romanticide’s namesake venom is essentially a Napalm-like compound mix with potent toxins generated from the digested metals a Romanticide has eaten. When it contacts the air it ignites, burning until there is no more fuel to burn, but if injected into the body it lasts like a normal disabling toxin. If the poisoned individual suffers an open wound while poisoned, the wound will ignite from their poisoned bloodstream. Unlike most venoms or toxins, which are injected or seeped into the body, the Romanticide venom actually forms into a mist that seeps out of the circular holes in the Romanticide’s scythe-stinger. However a Romanticide’s venom can be injected through the stinger as normal.
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SALTEE, the Spooky Sea Dog Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Water/Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Guide to lost at sea spirits, Aide to developing ghost Pokégirls, Deep sea exploration
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water, Fighting, Bug, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, Dark
Attacks: Tidal Wave, Water Kick, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Watery Tentacles (seize and molestation), Lick, Phase, Soul Fist, Night Shade
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Senses (x2), Medium, Water walking and breathing, Spirit Sense
Weaknesses: Fast degrade into Feraldom
Evolves: Sarama (Ice Crystal)
Evolves From: None
There are many Pokégirls that lay claim to being able to contact the afterlife, though few breeds can attest that their main purpose is assisting lost souls to their next destination. The Saltee is just this, a wandering Pokégirl who aides lost souls in their departure from this realm of existence by using their unique 'Spirit Sense' of the breed line. These Pokégirls are literally able to sniff out restless spirits in order to help aid them their passing to the afterlife. While considered a ghost type, Saltee's are mainly water types, and therefore have solid forms. These bodies, composed in a manner similar to a Succubus, also have a fair amount of salt water mixed in, and because of this, no matter how often a Saltee bathes, she always tastes salty. Saltees are fair skinned Pokégirls, usually staying light no matter how much sun they get, though their skin is of the human norm on the less fuzzy types. The body types vary somewhat, from more furry and dog-like to almost human with dog ears and a tail. A Saltee's fur is usually a foamy white, and their eyes are odd shades that seem to glow in the dark at times. They have slender builds, which makes their B cups look impressive, and even when coated in full body fur, they're hairless in the crotch (and the nipples for the furry types). Like the Catfish, Saltee have a set of gill slits along their necks that allow her to breathe underwater.
Saltees usually have calm, serene demeanors, rarely getting angry or excited even during harsh battles. Tamed Saltees are drawn to sites where spirits are restless, especially those that have been lost at sea. Though they dislike being kept from their 'divine purpose' as they call it, Saltees rarely outright disobey their Tamer's wishes. However, they do have a bit of a passive aggressive stubborn streak, and will coerce, cajole, and plead with their tamers to allow them to put the spirits to rest. Most tamers eventually give in, which does help cull the possibility of problematic ghost type Pokégirls, though the threat of conditioning cycles usually gets the Saltee to stop her pestering. Unlike most water types though, a Saltee does not need to say around water, only needing to replenish their water reserves after battles or every few days.
Very few Saltees are seen in the pirating profession, as more often than not, pirates are responsible for massive deaths during their raids. As quoted from one Saltee "It would be senseless for us to assist in making more lost souls, when it is our duty to help them from this world." Of those few Saltees actually recorded as members of the Limbec Pirates, only one seemed sane according to the breeds usual personality traits, and she fled the ship during a raid. However, thanks to their ability to phase, gills, and walk on water, they are invaluable to researchers and explorers as deep sea exploration. Some reclaimers swear by a team of Baleena and a Saltee to aid them in their sweeps of the sea bottom.
Saltees are rather slippery on the battlefield, as their ability to phase gives them a great advantage over plant types, though electricity and other energy attacks (like solar beam) can still touch them even when phased. They tend to rely on their phasing ability to dodge, following up with attacks aiming for weaknesses. One should note though, that even when after taking in fresh water into their reserves, their attacks are made up of salt water, which is painful on cuts and nearly blinding to the eyes for the unprepared.
One interesting quark of the breed is that despite their low libido, they often demand to be tamed as much as a Pokégirl of average libido. This is because Saltees descend into feraldom rapidly once their need to be tamed kicks in. Lab studies have shown that this breed can go from tamed to feral in under a day, unlike most breeds who experience a slow descent into their animalistic state of mind. As such, many of the breed accept taming any way they can get it, just to safeguard against their feral state.
The feral state of a Saltee is a strange one, as they retain their human like intelligence, but become a different persona all together. Feral Saltees will use their water walking ability to take to sea, heading to the nearest area of restless souls. Once there they will proceed to assist those souls into the afterlife, but when disturbed they often mutter nonsensical things about Sharptits and a mysterious person named Davey Jones. Saltee never attack unless attacked first, but are canny enough to phase away from any thrown Pokéballs. Every once in a great while, a Saltee will find another soul that is perhaps already transforming into a ghost Pokégirl. From recordings of watchers, the Saltee seems to assist the developing ghost pokegirl by giving her some of her own energy. Most often, the Pokégirl produced is either a Ghostly, or another Saltee.
It has been deduced from the recordings and data gathered that Saltee cannot actually give the developing spirit Pokégirls enough power to manifest as more powerful ghost Pokégirls. This is fortunate, as some of the more powerful ghost types such as Banshees are known to be destructive.
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SCYLLA, The Legendary Water Fiend Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Fish, possibly humans
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: Water Spear, Tidal Wave, Water Tower, Hydro Pump, Rain, Mirror Image, Whirlpool, Draining Rain, Water Golem, Water God, Poison, Poison Mist, Lust Dust, Slow Venom, Stop Sting, Vertigo Venom, Hot Sting, Paralyzation Poison, Wrap (could use on multiple targets at one time), Crushing Wrap
Enhancements: Complete mastery of all water within one mile, mild regeneration when in contact with water, multiple limbs
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Scylla appeared as a 5'3" beautiful woman with glowing blue skin, long silvery hair, and had enchanting sea-blue eyes. She often took this form and spent much time underwater. However, when she went into combat, her lower body shifted into that of an octopus with twelve tentacles.
Scylla would frequently enchant men on ships or on beaches with her beauty and have sex with them. It's said that those who failed to please her were dragged into the ocean to drown (and possible be eaten). Those who did please her were also dragged off, but one survivor said that Scylla brought him to an underwater cavern and had sex with him repeatedly, and this likely was the fate of Scylla's other lovers, though the survivor saw no sign of the others. He was the last lover that Scylla had, as he was captured just days before she was killed, and he was able to swim to freedom a day later.
Though not one to work with other Pokégirls, she didn't conflict with any Pokégirls, save for Kary, who interrupted Scylla during one of her seductions, and proceeded to eat Scylla's conquest right in front of her. The two battled fiercely, but it's believed that Scylla was the one to retreat from the fight, despite having a major advantage over her fiery sister.
Scylla was the most annoying Pokégirl to try and face, because she was able to control the ocean around her, shift torpedoes from their designated path, send depth charges back to the surface, and could knock bullets and shells out of the air with her Hydro Pump, or dive beneath the water to dodge when other attacks were attempted.
Plus the fact that she could control the water within a mile of her made it virtually impossible for almost any ship to get range to effectively attack her, and the fact that she could sink or break said ships _and_ she didn't need to be in detectable range. She used this tactic often in the early days of the war to attack convoys. But as the war dragged on, she became more and more arrogant about her opponents, allowing herself to surface to mock the convoy's defenders. This ultimately led to her death.
The Langoud's massive cannon was able to kill her, catching her when she was attacking a fleet openly. It burned her to death and evaporated all the water in a 135 foot radius. What remained of her body was fished out of the water and inspected, before the military disintegrated it, just in case she could regenerate from even death, a wise precaution seeing as Scylla was the very first Legendary Pokégirl ever successfully killed.
Since it's first display of power had been successful, the Langoud was sent to hunt down other Legendaries.
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SEABRA, the Water Fighter Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food, with the preference of sea products
Role: under water warriors
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Water Punch, Draining Rain, Bubblebeam, Tackle, Growl, Tail Slap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 on land, x6 in water), Enhanced sense of Touch (x2 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Strength (x6), Amphibious, Tough Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Whoresea (battle stress)
As amphibious as a Pokégirl can be, human troops had no chance against the submerged Seabra during the Revenge War. With tactics reminiscent of the United States Navy Seals organization, minus the need for machines to make them able to move quickly underwater, the Whoresea could strike underwater, on the surface of water, and on the ground. Their tactics made it difficult at best for human commanders to plan strategically against them, as Seabra were rather common sights in coastal areas, and also in areas of little water thanks to their ability to stay out of water for over a week and a half without needing to submerge again.
Seabras are easily recognized by their blue skin, the two large and pointy fins at the sides of her back, and the three smaller fins on her head. Like the Whoresea, Seabras also have a tail that is as long as they are tall. Unlike Whoresea, however, is that a Seabra has much larger breasts, on average reaching a D-cup to an E-cup in comparison to a Whoresea's more modest endowments. Seabra are quite strong compared to their previous forms, and may require restraints in order for a Tamer to do the taming that a Seabra requires. There are some Seabra that can regulate their strength, however, and as such do not require restraints. These few Seabra have trained to be able to allow this to happen, however.
They are very popular among tamers since they are one of the not to many water Pokégirls that can fight on land as well as they do in water. That's why during Sukebe's war, Seabras were used to take down submarines and the like, to then attack the rest of the enemies that were on land. Seabra are rather rare compared to Whoresea, however, as many were hunted and killed after the Revenge War in order to try and revive the shipping lanes for several surviving coastal cities.
Seabra are not as territorial as Whoresea are, but are savage when it comes to protecting their kits or their kill, often battling Titacruel in an effort to keep their food for themselves.
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SELKIE, the Seal Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: mainly seafood
Role: commonly used for assisting fishermen, locating schools. Also found in aquariums.
Libido: Low (High in certain seasons)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Scratch, Tackle, Head Butt
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Increased lung capacity, enhanced elasticity and flexibility, subcutaneous insulation layer, and
Evolves: Boobgong (normal)
Evolves From: None
Selkie, the seal Pokégirl, is more comfortable in freezing temperatures and has trouble with hot summer temperatures. She's one of the best swimmers that are not confined to the water, though she does experience some problems walking for long periods due to her feet being more designed for climbing and swimming. Selkie have an innate rivalry with Eelara.
Selkie are often known to help fishermen find the best places to place their nets, and are perfect for shooing away the more 'tame' feral Pokégirls from a beach area. They are also used as guides for certain aquariums, and are known to enjoy putting on shows for children. Selkie particularly adore children and poke-kits, and many Selkie are used to teach humans how to swim.
They are good choices as water Pokégirls to be used out of water, but have a small problem with retaining water to keep their skin moist. If they become too dry, their skin color lightens considerably, and allowing this to happen for any extended period of time is considered abuse on the Tamer's behalf in many Leagues. Boobgongs do not have quite the same problem, and can go on land without water longer than a Selkie can. Selkies need to submerge themselves in water for at least 30 minutes to an hour everyday in order to moisten up enough to survive effectively out of it.
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SHARPTITS, the Vicious Fish Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Metamorph (shark)
Element: Steel/Water
Frequency: Very Rare (never seen in groups)
Diet: Carnivore/Icthyvore
Role: Ultimate oceanic predator (short of Leviathaness)
Libido: Low (High during full moon)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ice, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Fire, Fighting, Royal Curse
Attacks: Bite, Water Tower, Iron Defense, Water Spear, Crunch, Water Sword, Iron Punch, Hydro Pump, Iron Tail
Enhancements: Natural armor, metamorphic abilities, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x8, focused on blood), Enhanced Strength x5, Enhanced Speed x4 (in water)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobfin (Diamond Stone)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 500,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 80,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for confirmation of successful use of Royal Curse): 600,000 SLC (applies to Ferals only)
Bounty (for successful capture & taming): 650,000 SLC & free medical care until you can tame your Sharptits without injury (applies to Ferals only)
Recommendation if you see one: Try to use Royal Curse immediately if you have it. Otherwise use your strongest electrical attacks. (applies to Ferals only)
A complete reversal on the Boobfin, the Sharptits is based on the greatest predator of pre-Sukebe oceans-- the shark. As such, she is an unsavory and vicious predator that few Tamers-- if any-- want in their Harems, and the few that do keep one are closely monitored by the League. Not only is her previous form prettier and friendlier, she's smarter, too, and a Sharptits will be hard-pressed to defeat a Boobfin in single combat, despite being more physically powerful and able to actually breathe underwater (where the Boobfin merely holds her breath). It is pretty much a given that any/every Sharptits you will ever see will be a monster and a menace.
As a metamorph, a Sharptits has two forms she can shift between: a humanoid form for sex and any land-based travels she may undertake, and an aquatic form. Her humanoid form is brawny and muscular and seven to eight feet tall, and could be mistaken for an Amachoke if not for the counter-shading of her front (white from the underside of her chin to the insides of her thighs), the fins on her forearms and back, and the finned tail that provides her with balance. Her aquatic form is much larger (specimens up to 25 feet long have been recorded) follows the typical mermaid appearance of humanoid torso and fish-like tail, but her head is more pointed and shark-like as well, and her back and arms are covered in heavy metallic plating. Her jaws in the latter form are capable of 3000 pounds of pressure per square inch, making her Bite and Crunch attacks devastating. Her body, except where counter-shaded or armor-plated, is typically metallic dark blue or gray, though purple discolorations or scars are not unusual.
The few Tamed Sharptits that have ever been observed are brusque and ruthless, and do not work well with harems unless given extensive training by their Tamer. The best-behaved Sharptits are those who evolved in domesticity, which almost never happens given how few Tamers want one. They are also, as a whole, noticeably less intelligent than Boobfins of similar experience levels.
Combat-wise, a Sharptits is a terror to any Tamer who does not have an Electric-type Pokégirl (against which their Steel/Water combination proves doubly weak) or a similarly high-leveled Boobfin (who can easily outwit a Sharptits). However, they have a rather profound weakness that Magic-type Pokégirls can also exploit: once hit successfully by the T2 Magic attack Royal Curse and transformed back into a Boobfin, she will never again evolve into a Sharptits. There is an increased bounty for Tamers whose Pokégirls successfully use Royal Curse on a Sharptits.
When Taming, the Sharptits WILL be on top (if not because of her attitude then because of her dorsal fin), and the Tamer WILL use Heavy Restraints or sedatives. No exceptions. They are demanding and difficult lovers, and ornery to the point of injuring or possibly even killing their Tamer. It should be noted that during the lunar high tides of the full moon, a Sharptits's libido increases dramatically, and even Ferals will drop everything in pursuit of sex (a Feral having sex with a human during this time will not Tame the Sharptits and will most likely kill the human).
All Threshold cases involving Sharptits ancestry have resulted in Boobfins. It has been proven that a Sharptits cannot give birth to another Sharptits, only Boobfins. However, the Diamond Stone needed to evolve a Boobfin into a Sharptits is not absorbed by the event, which explains why Feral Sharptits continue to evolve from Boobfins.
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SHE-CAPTAIN, the Commander Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Sea Admiral, Troop Commander, Strategy & Tactics, Heavy Assault
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Flying, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: *Manifest Weapon (singular), *Manifest Weapon (double), Water Gun, Gust, Squall, Wind, Mirror Image, Tempest, Hydro Pump, Water Tower, Vortex, Water Floor, Typhoon, Whirlpool, Geyser, Bubbler, Tidal Slide, Teleport, Super Cyclone, Insulate, Hurricane
Enhancement: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Increased Intelligence, Weapons Affinity, Elemental Affinity (Water/Wind), Amphibious, Can instinctively pilot any and all aquatic vehicles, can teleport from ship to ship, Specialized olfactory senses
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buttaneer (normal, high level), Piratit (normal, high level)
Buttaneers and Piratits are fine Pokégirls. They make a superb navy for either actual pirates or League naval forces, or even for a singular Tamer near the sea. Some even use Buttaneers and Piratits to crew luxury liners, the sea warrior Pokégirls serving as excellent crew members and protection against actual pirates on the open sea. It’s when they become She-Captains that their value goes through the roof.
She-Captains take the natural ferocity of the more animalistic Buttaneers and the grace and natural skill of the Piratits, combining them into a total package that makes for one of the most formidable Pokégirl breeds in the world. If they evolved from a Buttaneer, they lose almost all of their animalistic appearance and become completely human, although they still retain the human equivalent of whatever unique features they had. The only animalistic part of them that remains is some scales on their neck which has their gills on it, allowing them to retain their amphibious nature. Aside from gaining a foot in height and a cup size in bust, there is little to distinguish them from your average Very Near Human-type Pokégirl in terms of appearance, their hair usually hiding their scales if left long.
She-Captains, in terms of personality, become much more calm and collected than their two previous forms. They gain an increase in intelligence and the ability to better calculate strategies and tactics in battle. They make excellent Alphas for harems on either land or sea, although they are most effective when on the open ocean. Like their two previous forms, they can be used readily on land, although they will be somewhat melancholy and depressed unless they are on the open ocean.
She-Captains have a lot of powerful abilities. They retain/gain the ability of Piratits to manifest any one of three weapons their choose to master (but ONLY those three) in either singular or double form. However, like the Piratit, they have to write a mystic rune on the weapon they want to be able to summon and/or replicate. They also retain/gain the ability to control wind and water magic that Buttaneers have, only on a much more powerful scale. She-Captains also gain the ability to teleport from one seagoing vessel to another by melting into the hull of one ship and emerging through the hull of the other. What makes them especially valuable to both Naval and Pirate forces is their ability to pilot any sea-going vessel, be it an old pirate galleon, a luxury cruise liner, a high-tech submarine, or even a tiny dinghy. (As an amusing side note, ‘a tiny dinghy’ is also favorite insult most She-Captains like to use on most Tamers they do not like. They think it’s funnier when the Tamer DOESN’T get the joke.) So skilled are She-Captains at piloting sea vessels that the only real way to sink one when a She-Captain is at the helm is to attack it.
She-Captains are best suited to the Alpha position. Their strong, domineering personality makes it extraordinarily difficult for them to accept leadership from anyone else other than their Tamer, whom they refer to/think of, as their ‘Admiral.’ She-Captains in the Navy tend to be better able to keep their crews in line than Pirate She-Captains, although both work well together, just in different ways. They are very protective of their Harem-sisters and/or crewmates, and are usually found in the thick of battle with them, barking orders around. She-Captains near or in a Feral state are usually twice as aggressive and rarely give orders that make sense. Their preferences in Taming do not change from their previous form, although they tend to start preferring clothing ‘more suited to their rank.’ An odd personality quirk common to most of the breed is that they all want a big hat of some kind and are somewhat edgy about letting people touch their hat.
As a side note, the warning about putting Pirate Pokégirls and Ninja Pokégirls in the same harem applies even more in this case. While Piratits and Buttaneers hate most ninja breeds (a feeling which is returned), She-Captains refuse to tolerate their presence at all unless their Tamer can give them six DAMN good reasons why. (They ask for six because it’s less likely they’ll get the reasons and get to attack.) This rivalry between the pirate breeds and ninja breeds is so intense that only Taverngirls are allowed into certain areas of the Ruby League and Edo League, due to high ninja breed concentrations. Taverngirls are the only evolution of pirate Pokégirls that can tolerate the presence of ninja Pokégirls, due to their generally mellow nature. (Covered further in the Taverngirl entry.) No cases of Threshold into a She-Captain have been reported.
Manifest Weapon (Singular) – (EFT): She-Captains, through use of a magical rune they place on any three weapons they choose, can summon that weapon to their hands from anywhere in the world.
Manifest Weapon (Double) – (EFT): She-Captains, through use of a magical rune they place on any three weapons they choose, can summon that weapon to their hands from anywhere in the world and replicate it, allowing for double-weilding.
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SHY MAIDEN, the Shy Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Uncommon (Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Fighting, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Mystic Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Hard shell (defense x5), Shell Enlargement/Reduction, slick skin, color changing 'hair'
Disadvantages: Low HP, Low pain tolerance, low speed
Evolves: Shy Princess (normal: Level 30), Shy Queen (Shy Princess Evo; mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: None
The average Shy Maiden is roughly 4'6" to 5'1" tall. However, since she lives largely in her shell, which is generally much bigger, some believe her to be roughly 8'3 or taller. Their eye colors vary, but are generally blue or dark grey. They have fine hair-like antennae that extend from the top of their heads. These antennae are quite beautiful and change color based on the Shy Maiden's mood, but because of their bashful nature, few see more than a few colors. Their skin color ranges from a bone white to a deep pink. Their shells are generally dark grey and look like typical clam shells.
For the most part, a Shy Maiden has a human form, but from roughly mid-thigh down, her body is almost like a gelatinous blob that is bound to the shell. Part of this blobby section binds the two halves of the clam shell together and allows her to open it. She can turn freely inside the shell, but cannot separate herself from it.
The Shy Maiden was named as such because of her tendency to slam her massive clam-like shell around herself to keep attackers at bay. Shy Maidens have, despite their own wishes, quite a few attributes that make them popular with humans and Pokégirls alike.
The first is their natural oils. The oil secreted by a Shy Maiden when they're aroused makes the skin of most humans and other Pokégirls more sensitive, allowing for greater sexual pleasures. This oil is known for it's cleansing and enriching properties when applied to skin or fur, and adds a nice shine to either. It is highly sought by the vain.
The second is their smooth skin, which causes arousal in virtually any sexual partner.
The third is the shell that the Shy Maiden lives in. Many tamers and Pokégirls discover that a Shy Maiden can enlarge her shell to virtually any size, and since it's porous enough to always allow fresh air in, it can be a fairly useful makeshift tent. In order to keep out rain, though, a tarp needs to be draped over the top of the shell. Of course, a Shy Maiden's ability to increase the size of her shell is proportional to her level. It isn't until roughly level 20 that she can enlarge her shell enough to accommodate another person.
Shy Maidens do have a lot of disadvantages, though. Because of their soft bodies, they cannot tolerate pain much, and thus, should be kept out of the hands of any abusive or domineering tamers or Pokégirls. If such tamers or Pokégirls try and abuse a Shy Maiden, she may shut her shell permanently, refusing to come out even if it means starving to death.
Shy Maidens also cannot move very well on their own. Some can manage jumps, but are much slower than even children in a potato sack race. Even underwater, while she can move farther and control her movements better, she remains slow and not very maneuverable.
The diet of a Shy Maiden is perhaps one of the main reasons why most tamers who wind up having one stay near oceans, lakes and streams, as seafood is the only sort of food they can tolerate. Oddly, they love to suck on salt. They love it like other Pokégirls love sugar. In fact, salt can sometimes be the best offering to a Shy Maiden, probably because it helps their bodies retain water better.
In battle, she generally uses her jumping ability to stay away from other Pokégirls and fires attacks from long-range. She fears close combat, as it is one of her body's main weaknesses.
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SHY PRINCESS, the Introvert Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Rare (Very Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Power Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon, Whirlpool, Water Golem, Cupid's Bow, Artemis' Bow
Enhancements: Harder shell (defense x2)
Evolves: Shy Queen (Shy Princess Evo; mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Shy Maiden (normal: Level 30)
When a Shy Maiden evolves, her shell changes into a large conch-like shape, and it appears have roughly three layers. The outermost is the hardest and has numerous spines to allow her to remain stable on most ground. The inner most two are similar to her former clam shell. She can now enlarge any of these layers (the outermost layers MUST be enlarged first) up to ten times their original size, but she cannot move at all at this size and has great difficulty opening or closing her outer shells without shrinking them, changing their position and then re-enlarging them.
Shy Princess' now have a full body, but some part of it MUST remain merged with the gelatinous blob that controls the body at ALL times. For this reason, she generally chooses her feet or back.
Shy Princess', both domesticate and feral, HATE meeting new people. If she does not already have a steady lover (either a tamer or a Pokégirl), she haphazardly seek one using her Cupid's Bow technique. Feral Shy Princesses often use Whirlpool to pin their targets in place and shoot them with Cupid's Bow until satisfied that the target is sufficiently in their control. They will then use Water Golem to bring the target to them.
The Shy Princess is perhaps the only Water Pokégirl who must rely on a gained technique for mobility. A Shy Princess will use Water Golem to move about on land. She will also use it in the water to maneuver. The sheer weight of her shell makes it otherwise impossible to move on her own while on land, and makes even jumps in the water quite difficult. Because of this, most Ferals will generally stay underwater to grant them the most mobility.
Cupid's Bow - (S.ATK 40 + EFT) This unique attack creates an "arrow" of soft pink energy that flies at the intended target. If struck by the "arrow", the victim immediately becomes aroused and feels pleasurable sensation in the affected area. If struck in an erogenous zone, these sensations are even more powerful. These "arrows" do not do physical damage, but have a 30% chance of inducing Heat and Attraction. This is considered a 'magic' technique.
Artemis' Bow - (ATK 80 + EFT) A arrow of white energy that strikes the victim and knocks them down. This is also considered a 'magic' technique.
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SHY QUEEN, the Shy Noble Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Very Rare (Extremely Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support, negotiator
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Mystic Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon, Whirlpool, Water God, Eros' Bow, Artemis' Bow, Slick Stroke, Shell Shield, Great Shell Shield, Ultimate Shell Shield
Enhancements: Firm body, greater shell manipulation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shy Maiden (normal: Level 30), Shy Princess (mechanism unknown)
Shy Queens are perhaps the most extroverted of the Shy-sisterhood. This isn't saying much, though. She remains bashful and does not like confrontation, and will seek to solve problems peacefully. Shy Queens have one large difference from their Shy-sisters. They are able to leave their shells. They can also shrink and change their shells into any form they choose, but cannot manipulate the shells of other Pokégirls. Many Shy Queens primarily use their shells as faux-clothing, changing their shells into the shapes of gowns or bikinis.
Shy Queens, no longer held back by the limitations of their shells, can move freely, but depending on how long they've lived in their shells, they are clumsy and awkward.
A major misconception about the Shy Queen is that she can no longer make her shell into the protective shape it had as a Shy Princess. This is false. She can revert her shell into the form of a Shy Maiden or Shy Princess' shell at any time, but she no longer has to connect her body to said shell. BUT, all Shy Queens hold onto their shell, as they've grown emotionally attached to it.
Another misconception is that a Shy Queen no longer seeks companionship. If she did not find a permanent lover as a Shy Princess, a feral Shy Queen will use Eros' Bow and Slick Stroke to "encourage" targets to become her lover. The more feral she becomes, though, the more aggressive she will become, using Water God to grab targets. However, once she has found a regular lover, she will return to her more docile state.
Magic Technique
Eros' Bow
- (S.ATK 80 + EFT) An upgraded version of Cupid's Bow. Constant and repeated exposure to Eros' Bow can induce a subservient attitude in the victim. Has a whopping 75% chance of causing Attraction and a 80% chance of inflicting Heat.
Shell Shield - (DEF 50) This technique creates a shell-like shield to protect the target. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than it's defense rating. Any Pokégirl can learn this technique.
Great Shell Shield - (DEF 100) This technique creates a shell-like wall to protect the target. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than it's defense rating. Any Pokégirl can learn this technique.
Ultimate Shell Shield - (DEF 180) This technique creates a shell around the target to protect them. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than it's defense rating. Only Queen types Pokégirls and Pokégirls devoted to defense can learn this technique.
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SIREN, the Charmer Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Forest League)
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Interrogator
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Charm Song,* Seductive Glare,* Memory Wipe,* Psychic, Slap
Enhancements: Longevity, Psychic affinity, Aura of Trust, Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Reduced Feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wet Elf (Dawn Stone)
Sirens stand between 5' to 5'8, tall, and are slender of build. They have C-cup breasts, their hair color is turquoise, and their eyes are white.
Sirens live on a Tropical island somewhere near the Forest League, where they remained ‘undiscovered’ for some time. They lure in sailors with their songs, Tame them, then erase their minds so as to leave their existence as little more than rumors or dreams.
The only reason they were discovered at all is because a Tamer who was somehow immune to their charms managed to capture one and win her trust. It was through her that it was discovered that the Sirens were originally a remote colony of Wet Elves who, for reasons unknown evolved into the Siren when they encountered that particular island.
Sirens don’t make good battlers, but can be very effective regardless, usually by charming the enemy into temporarily switching sides, or by forcing them to forget certain attacks or commands. They make decent Sex Battlers though, thanks to their high charm and libido.
A Siren’s personality is typically grumpy or aloof. They see themselves as being better than everyone else. They don't make good alphas because they typically don't want to bother with the responsibilities. One thing they are interested in is Taming and Challenges. If they see a challenge, they will throw themselves into it with gusto in order to prove themselves better, or capable of becoming better. When a Tamer gains their trust, they mellow out and open up significantly, becoming genuinely nicer people.
When it comes to taming, they don't see it as something they need to stay sane so much as something that they genuinely like to do. Therefore, they see it as it's They who tame the humans. To that end, they much prefer to be in a dominant role when taming.
Much like their Wet Elf sisters, Sirens all have longevity, so have not been able to breed with humans yet, but it is suspected that threshold into one will be possible someday.
Charm Song (EFT) - A song with a beautiful melody, usually from a harp, accompanied by voice. Most who hear this song fall into a trance-like state where they are more open to suggestion. The effect amplifies when more sirens join together in harmony.
Seductive Glare (EFT) - A Siren’s normally white iris’s turn passion red as they look suggestively at their targets. Has a 50% chance of causing Charm status and a 30% chance of causing heightened arousal.
Memory Wipe (ATK +EFT) - While not the best at reading minds, they are capable of sending out a sort of ‘psychic pulse’ that clears a target's short-term memory. Usually this only affects what's in the front-most layer of their memory (such as a tamers command or the procedures to an attack) but the combined effort of a group of Sirens can effect a memory reset, erasing as much as 24 hours from a persons mind.
Aura of Trust (EFT) - Like the charm song, the very presence of a Siren will open people up to suggestion, giving them the appearance of trustworthiness. This effect is not cumulative, and cannot cause a charm status in-of-itself.
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SLOTTERN, the Shell Finder Pokégirl Type: Animorph (sea otter)
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: carnivorous (seafood)
Role: sea farmers, oyster gatherers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Bubbler, Water Spear, Go Down, Rage
Enhancements: Waterproof Fur, Enhanced Flexibility, High Intelligence, Average Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Improved Lung Capacity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (Water Stone)
When a Mynx is evolved by the means of a Water Stone, she undergoes several changes. Firstly, whatever fur color that a Mynx has before her evolution, changes to a brown color of varying shades, though the lighter shades are more common than the darker ones.
Secondly, she finds herself more at home in water, spending more time in it, though she still comes up on land time to time, though she never really stays far from the water’s edge, even though she doesn’t have too much problem staying on land as well.
Slottern gain a layer of fat beneath their fur, which allows her to withstand a myriad of water temperatures, which in turn allow them to exist in many kinds of water bodies, which is why this particular evolution of the Mynx is commonly seen in water bodies all over the world.
This layer of fat in turn, makes her look a bit rounder, though none of the Slottern interview say they mind the change, claiming that their Masters actually find them more adorable that way.
Slottern are curious, and yet quite playful Pokégirls and they do not have the same lung problems they have as a Mynx, as such able to hold their breath underwater longer, which is helpful in finding their favorite food… shellfish. This in turn, makes them valuable to sea farmers, who often use them to collect shellfish, as well as pearl oysters. This in turn, also allows them to somehow instinctively find the weak spots of shelled Pokégirls, and Shy Maiden and their evolutions are nervous around Slottern, even if she doesn’t mean them any harm. This makes her a decent fighter in a Harem, but not so good at Sex Battles, knowing only one attack.
Tamers who own a Slottern often finds it enjoyable for them during Taming sessions, since the Slottern particularly likes to give head, and a Taming session with a Slottern can be described as a heartwarming experience. A Slottern is often quite shy and tender, liking the gentler side of Taming, though she does like to experiment a bit.
A Slottern is also prized for one thing, is that they have a very strong maternal instinct, especially if they have children. While the maternal rage whenever her offspring are threatened are not as great as… say a Mousewife or a Denmother’s, she is still formidable, using high pressured Water Gun attacks that are on par of a Whoretortle’s to fend off attackers, and even using Water Spear if the offender is still hell bent on harming her offspring. At other times, she is content on using the less damaging Bubble or Bubbler attack to drive off intruders from her home.
Feral Slottern are almost always found in a small group no less than ten individuals, and half of them are normally Pokékits. Thresholding into a Slottern are normally found in those families who have a strong Water-type ancestry, and almost always in pearl farmer or sea farmer families, and while there are slight variations of the breed, like a shorter and more streamlined version of the Slottern, most Threshold to the normal Slottern form, and most girls usually get over the depression of being a Pokégirl due to the Slottern’s silky fur and adorable appearance.
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SLOWBOOB, the Lazy Psychic Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Largely vegetarian, save fish and shellfish
Role: Communications interceptor. Otherwise, just selected for the purpose of gaining a Slowsis.
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Confusion, Hypnotic Gaze, Telekinesis, Disable, Amnesia, Mega Punch, Water Gun
Enhancements: special skin, great psionic potential, ability to nap for any length of time and in virtually location with no pain, high pain tolerance
Evolves: Slowsis (mechanism unknown, suspected as having to take responsibility), Slowqueen (Dragon Scale)
Evolves From: None
Slowboobs around between 4'6" and 5'4" feet tall, with a very long tail which is roughly a foot shorter than her natural height. Their tails are quite prehensile. They generally have gray eyes. Their hair tends to be blonde or pink, and the length is generally long, but she doesn't seem to care much about it's length. They generally have B or C-cup breasts. Slowboobs often look 'rounder' than most Pokégirls, though largely only in their arms and legs. Their strength is surprisingly high.
Slowboobs are not popular, even though they're considered rare. Most people who meet them tend to think nothing is going on between their ears, and generally, they don't show many signs of intelligence (or even life, at times). It was discovered that, for most, this is not quite true. They do have moderate to decent intelligence, but one of the first powers they tend to develop is a very strong receiver-style telepathy. It's believed they may have originally been made to intercept thoughts of commanders when they were making orders that otherwise would have been misinterpreted by military code phrases.
However, the constant racket of the thoughts of others irritates them greatly, and usually slows down their own ability to think, unless they go through the trouble of learning to block incoming thoughts. And most feral Slowboobs usually decide that living the good life alone is better than bothering to develop the ability to shut the power off. They ignore any thoughts towards them unless those thoughts are malicious.
Most ferals are often loners and enjoy being lazy in the sun. Their skin is silky soft, but is as durable as rubber and doesn't tan or burn in the sun. Ever. A Slowboob can lay on a sandy beach for an entire month and never get a suntan or a sunburn. Due to their water-affinity, they can swim in the ocean, but again, they're often lazy, so they usually use their tails to lure fish and after the fish has bitten, the Slowboob hauls them up and eats them.
The rare occasions when a feral will react is to a chosen partner or a Slowsis' request for help. Since few Slowsis ever need help, when they ask, most Slowboobs will help, though they will usually have a surly attitude about it.
Domesticate and Threshold Slowboobs are quite rare, but when they do occur, they're often in pain whenever they're in a city and become quite snappish and rude. But, they're considered quite valuable if they manage to learn how to shut down the receiver telepathy, as they no longer suffer from the sheer amount of thoughts around them.
On a side note, several research studies have also noted that Domesticate and Threshold Slowboobs are more likely to evolve into a Slowsis than a Feralborn Slowboob. In combat, feral Slowboobs show themselves as competent as they are lazy. They usually batter the opponent with combinations of Confusion, Disable and Water gun, then finish them off with Telekinesis or Mega Punch. Though they traditionally use largely psychic techniques, they can learn most water techniques as well.
Sex has not been particularly noticed amongst the feral Slowboobs, though occasionally, any monitored Slowboob will disappear from detection, and then nonchalantly reappear several hours later. It's believed that during these detection black-outs that the Slowboob finds a partner, though given their lazy nature, they likely have low if any standards.
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SLOWQUEEN, the Patient Princess Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers fish
Role: Sentry, underwater farmer, deep-sea diver
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Fire, Ground, Rock, Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon-type attacks
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Water Tickle, Water Spear, Water Tower, Draining Rain, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Twister
Enhancements: 'Eternal Softness' skin, Enhanced Toughness and Durability (x8 each), retarded aging, enhanced lung capacity, chameleon-like skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slowboob (Dragon Scale)
An evolution sought by those who raise the Slowboob, this evolutionary form is quite different. Losing her psychic powers is a blessing for the troubled breed, taking away the Slowboob's issue of being far too psychically sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of those around her. With the change of her elemental typing and subsequent fundamental shift of usage from information gatherer to a more battle-worthy defending Pokégirl. The physical changes to the Pokégirl are obvious to any, this evolution losing the chubby roundness of the Slowboob to a large degree, though the Pokégirl’s skin retains the same resiliency and tenderness. The Slowqueen is often six to twelve inches taller and gain perhaps half a cup-size in general, bringing the Pokégirl firmly into the C- to low D-cup ranges. The Pokégirl’s skin changes color to match her surroundings while in the water, reacting to the phytoplankton in the water and absorbing it in order to blend right in with the color of the water itself. When outside of the water, the Slowqueen's skin is typically a light to mid-shade of blue, with possible patches of beige or some other light colors that have been noted (such as a light green or pale yellow). Her tail becomes longer and thinner (elongating to around 1.2-1.6 times the height of the Pokégirl, and no more than 10 inches in diameter at the base), and can be used just as well as the Pokégirl’s hand, though it tapers into a somewhat rounded end, just as the Slowboob's does.
Unlike some water-types, although the Slowqueen can retain some water with her breasts, this breed prefers to remain near a body of water that can keep her hydrated- being well hydrated is a key to her soft skin remaining as soft as a Slowboob's typically is, and keeps it from slowly drying up to more resemble a dragon-type's typical scales. Which is just as well, as if the skin dries into scales, the Pokégirl finds that having such dry skin is itchy and irritating. As a result, this breed as a whole does not like arid areas, such as deserts and places near volcanoes. Something that may surprise tamers is the duration that a Slowqueen can go without breathing, as it has been recorded that many of this breed can hold their breath for at least an hour, and in some cases as long as two hours. This lung capacity has made her especially useful for any deep-sea diving and underwater farming and fishing as well. The only true issue that the breed falls short on is the fact that they are no faster than a human, either on land or in the water. This makes her a prime target for larger and faster Pokégirls, such as Tentacruel and Gynadose, if one can locate their hidden prey in the water. They are a very tough breed by anyone's standard, however, and can fully take more damage than they can dish out.
Feral Slowqueens are quite inquisitive and bold- two traits that often bring the rare Pokégirl into contact with human tamers when traveling near the ocean or large lakes. Recordings show that the breed have been known to tease tamers with their presence, or any human in general, near the beaches, often spooking the unknowing humans into thinking that a body of water or a beach might actually be haunted as a result. However, ferals also have an issue with requiring large amounts of sleep, upwards of thirteen hours a day in order to fully regain her energy. The breed is, however, taken by wanderlust when feral and not asleep, and although they only make a few miles at best every day, they are often found snoozing by wandering tamers, when they are found at all.
In a harem, a Slowqueen tends to choose two others- normally, this is her tamer and another Pokégirl, though sometimes it could be two Pokégirls. These are her primary lovers, and she will want a taming from one or both of them as much as possible. Research done shows no hint as to any sort of pattern or reason as to why she chooses two, nor is there any advance warning that a tamer should be aware of. It does seem that her lovers range from Pokégirls that don't like her to Pokégirls that absolutely adore the attention. Although proud, the Slowqueen are more bold than anything, which includes in initiating tamings, which they seem to want at often as they can get one. This actually annoys most Domina types, since although they enjoy dealing with such tough Pokégirls and can torture them almost to their heart's content, they find that the Slowqueen eventually showers her with as much equal-position enjoyment as the Domina can take... and then some. Slowqueens seem to have a soft spot for Damsels, and often stick up for them even if she is not one of her primary lovers. Also, unlike the Slowsis, Slowboobs do not heed any requests made by a Slowqueen, which annoys the Snowqueen to no end. It is also a spot of a rivalry between the two that never erupts fully... although the Slowsis seems to love calling the Slowqueen on it whenever one or the other gets on the other's nerves. There have been no reported cases of threshold yet, though it is speculated that as time goes on, it may happen. This preferential treatment that the Slowqueen shows keeps her from being a good candidate for Alpha or even a Beta in any harem.
In battles, the Slowqueen possesses a number of capabilities that make her useful both underwater and out of it. Despite being a water type, this breed does not seem able to learn Whirlpool- instead, they use the dragon-element Twister technique instead, showing it to be useful both underwater and out of water all at once. It's added strength is that it can strike even opponents that are above the water, and it has been documented that a submerged Slowqueen has used Water Tower to trick her opponent into a specific location, and then used her Twister attack to both engulf the target in the windstorm before the weight of the water that is within the attack would condense and draw the opponent down. This has led to several complaints over the use of this particular technique, but no league has yet to ban the strategy. The breed in general doesn't care to fight in close quarters, where their lack of physical enhancements make them weak, and instead most do prefer to attack via her numerous distance attacks. If an opponent does manage to get close, their Dragon Claw technique usually helps long enough for the Slowqueen to drive them away again. This breed is much better for sex battles, as their skin when the Pokégirl is hydrated has the Eternal Softness enhancement- any Pokégirl that she touches with her body cannot help themselves from the contact for long. Tamers also complain that they cannot last long in a taming session with her either- which makes it a good thing, since the Slowqueen has a rather low pleasure threshold. In fact, it has been speculated that out of all the dragon-types, the Slowqueen is the most like a Titmouse that any of them could possibly be. This is a source of embarrassment, and enjoyment at the same time, for the breed- they actually are brought to multiple orgasms easily, much like the Titmouse is.
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SLOWSIS, the Foul-Tempered Psychic Powerhouse Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Largely vegetarian, save fish and shellfish
Role: guardian
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Draining Rain, Geyser, Foresight, Barrier, Confusion, Amnesia, Disable, Psychic, Psywave, Feel The Burn
Enhancements: Greater psychic ability and control, very high pain resistance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slowboob (mechanism unknown)
The Slowsis is quite often less lazy. This exact mechanism for their change is not known, but it's believed to involve a strong sense of responsibility. The Slowsis is usually 5'8" to 6'3", with large D to E cup breasts and her arms and legs lose the 'round' appearance they had prior.
A Slowsis' appearance is not all that changes. In terms of attitude, she is often quiet, but tends to make cutting remarks towards any idea or plan that she considers stupid, provided it doesn't come from a child or someone they feel should know better. Strangely, if said idea or plan comes from a child or someone who isn't well informed, she will always find a good way to explain to them why it's a bad idea/plan.
Any Slowsis will also refuse to tolerate anyone she considers to be overly-arrogant or self centered, which is why tamers who do get them should be quite careful about how they behave and about anyone they add to their harem. Any easy-going or well adjusted Pokégirls will find no problems with the Slowsis, but uptight or arrogant Pokégirls will often find themselves with a whole heap of trouble. It's said that a Slowsis can even terrify a Killer Queen.
Slowsis' should also never be taken to anything having to do with high society, as they will inevitably either start a fight, get the tamer banned or cause someone to break into tears. Sometimes, all three.
Slowsis' regard combat as a necessary defense and a last resort. Nothing else. Though many tamers like how they relentlessly kick ass, it's ill advised to try and get a Slowboob to evolve for this reason. Slowsis' do not bother to 'show off' for the sake of showing off, feeling it is a waste of their time to use their powers for such pathetic reasons. Yet they will not hesitate to use their powers to make children or a chosen partner smile.
Considering how they're quite good at handling children, they're often a favorite at raising children, after DenMothers and Neko Cennecos, though it's recommended that they don't meet the parents face to face, as more than one has assaulted a parent for abuse or worse.
In combat, a Slowsis doesn't go for the immediate win if she doesn't believe a single attack will defeat their opponent. They will use Foresight, Barrier and Amnesia first to amplify themselves, followed quickly by Disable, Draining Rain and Feel The Burn to weaken the opponent, and finally Geyser to throw the enemy's sense of balance off. Occasionally, when they feel it necessary, they will swap the order of the attacks or mix them up to confuse the opponent. They prefer using Psychic to finish fast opponents, but on slower foes, they'll use Psywave.
Very rarely, if a Slowsis does not believe they alone can defeat an opponent, and they have no tamer to back them up, they will ask any nearby Slowboobs for help. Most feral Slowboobs will help out, but generally cop a surly attitude about doing so.
Not surprisingly, since their methods of battling require preparation, a Slowsis actually works quite well in teams of two or more, which is often enough to make them good strategists or Alphas. To date, only a few girls have ever thresholded directly into a Slowsis.
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SQUIRTITTY, the Titillating Turtle Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian, seafood
Role: water bearer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Armored Shell
Evolves: Whoretortle (normal), Blastits (evolved Whoretortle; normal)
Evolves From: None
Squirtitties are the de facto Water-type Pokégirl, being among the most common of their element. They aren’t much to look at until they undergo their evolutions however. A Squirtitty has blue skin, darker blue hair, and a large red shell covering most of her back. The underside of the shell wraps around her stomach, ending just under her breasts and just above her waist. It remains solidly on her back, despite the underside only covering that part of her torso. The underside of the shell is a pale, off-white color. Squirtitties are usually a little pudgy, and tend to have small breasts, with a B-cup being the largest known for them. They never have any hair between their legs.
Squirtitties are only slightly more proficient at swimming than your average human, but are able to hold their breath for nearly half an hour before needing air. They aren’t meant to be deep-water divers though, since their shell acts as a mild flotation device for them, its composition being mildly buoyant as a natural precaution against drowning. Squirtitties are about as able on the land as they are in the water.
A Squirtitty’s trademark attack is her Water Gun attack, which lets her spit water from her mouth. Like other water Pokégirls, she stores this water throughout her body in small “sacs” that help to keep her hydrated over longer periods of time. Unlike other water-Pokégirls, two of her largest water sacs are located in her breasts. This has the odd effect of letting her squeeze her own breasts and letting water squirt out of them, letting the Squirtitty use her Water Gun attack from them as well. Many Tamers enjoy using their Squirtitty’s breasts in lieu of public water fountains to drink, since the process that lets a Squirtitty store water within her body also purifies the water, making it exceptionally clean. The one drawback to them continuously using their breasts (or as they prefer to call them, their jugs) this way is that as they lose water, they decrease in size. Concentrated use of their Water Gun from their chest will, after a few minutes, cause them to be flat as a board up top. This is quite embarrassing for a Squirtitty, since it not only makes her look less sexy, it also is a sign that she failed at doing her task well, since she ran out of water doing it. As such, Squirtitties love processes that enhance their bust size, such as being hit with Bloom powder, since it makes them look better and lets them hold more water. Like other Water-types, they need to be submerged in water every few days to keep them in top condition.
A Squirtitty’s shell is used in battle only as a defensive move. When she uses Withdraw, she’ll curl into the fetal position, and face her back towards her foe, trusting her shell to protect her. She is unable to pull any part of herself back into her shell.
Many Tamers enjoy having their Squirtitty go down on them before or during Taming, since, as Water-types, they can hold their breath for a long time. When Taming, Squirtitties are quick to get wet (although this isn’t water), and like being on their back, since the feeling of being on their shells makes them feel slightly helpless. This isn’t true, since a Squirtitty has no problem righting herself from this position, but it makes it much more enjoyable for her, lending a submissive element to it that drives her wild.
Feral Squirtitties are relatively easy to capture out of the water. They tend to use their Water Gun attack a little too freely, and once they’re done with that, capturing them isn’t hard at all. Threshold girls who become Water-type Pokégirls tend to become Squirtitties more often than other Water-types.
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STARBOOB, the Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Uncommon/Very Uncommon
Diet: Water, Sand, Milk
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Flying, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Fighting, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Harden, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder
Enhancements: Hard shell, levitation, shapeshifting
Evolves: Starboobie (Level 35 + Water Stone)
Evolves From: None
Starboobs have two forms, the first is their combat form, which is that of an unnaturally large five-finned starfish. They have a noseless face in the center of their bodies, covered by a gem-like substance (referred to as a 'gem-core'). Science has proven that this material is not actually like mineral gemstone, but rather like a strangely translucent calcium deposit. The gem core is often red, but may be blue. Only in very rare cases will they be silver or gold, as these are the equivalent of albinoism amongst Starboobs. Their skin is always some shade of brown.
The reason they use that form for combat is because it uses the least amount of energy and has the fewest vulnerable spots. They can flex the very thing section of soft tissue between the fins and their central body to allow them to 'stand' if they need to (most don't bother with this practice unless trying to impress a potential lover). In this form only, they can levitate up to fifteen feet in the air and can move upwards of thirty miles per hour alone or ten if carrying a single person.
When Starboobs shapeshift, they gain a noseless human form that they generally use for socializing, bathing and taming. Their hair is generally the same color as the gem that was present in their previous form, and their skin, though never changing shades, gives them a tanned look. In this form alone, their skin slowly hardens to the consistency of rock if she is out of natural water for four hours or more, but a three minute soak in water will return their skin its softer state. If they switch to their battle form, their body reverts to its hardened state. They often have B to C-cup breasts, and when their skin is soft, their breasts are incredibly sensitive to any form of stimulus.
Feralborn Starboobs are largely lesbians, though some will be bisexual (roughly 25-30% of the time), resulting in the few Domesticate and Threshold Starboobs. The primary reason for Starboobs are lesbians isn't because taming is any harder with men or easier with women, it's because Starboobs have a very strong breast-fixation (likely brought on by the sensitivity of their own breasts) and most feralborn and domesticate-born Starboobs love to fondle and carress the breasts of other Pokégirls.
If a Starboob is not interested in a particular tamer or Pokégirl, she will instinctively shapeshift into her battle form. Since there is no way to block this shapeshifting power without elaborate manipulation with highly skilled psychic Pokégirls, almost no tamer or Pokégirl is willing to bother with the effort of trying to convert any unwilling Starboobs one way or the other. Domesticate and Threshold Starboobs decide their own sexuality.
Once every year, if the Starboob had each enough sand and calcium, they can eject their gem core, which is then immediately replace it with a fresh one. There are no benefits for doing this, save for comfort. The ejected gem core itself is quite beautiful, and can usually fetch high prices on market, as it is almost as hard as a ruby and looks just as nice.
Starboobs are sometimes captured for rich women, who usually seek to evolve them into their 'big sister' form, the Starboobie.
When it comes to sex, a Starboob is almost always at least assertive and often focus on either her own breasts or, if with a female, their lover's breasts. Starboobs can get aggressive during sex if they've suffered a loss, using sexual release to work out their pent up frustrations, but the greater the loss, the longer she will need to work out her aggressions. As such, it should be noted, for the sake of whomever has to tame her, that water-based sex attacks work excessively well on a Starboob.
Some Starboobs like to get temporary tattoos, either on their faces (generally on their cheeks) or their asses (usually hearts or moons (pun not fully intended)), but they will eventually decide on a design for permanent ones. What influences the final design is unknown, but the more common permanent tattoos are crescent moons or five-pointed stars.
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STARBOOBIE, the Stronger Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock/Psychic
Frequency: Very Uncommon/Rare
Diet: Water/Sand/Glass
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Flying, Fire, Rock, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Psychic, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder, No Sell, Quick, Mirror Coat
Enhancements: Harder shell, more 'limbs' in combat form
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Starboob (Level 35 + Water Stone)
This Pokégirl is virtually identical to their 'little sisters', save for four differences. First, the Starboobie has ten fins in their 'combat' form. The new ones form in-between the normal five and make it more difficult to grapple. She can now levitate up to thirty feet in the air and travel upwards of seventy-five miles per hour (or thirty mile per hour if carrying a single person).
Secondly, the Starboobie gains access to psychic attacks.
Thirdly, in their human forms, their breasts usually increase one full cup size and become 20-30% less sensitive.
And fourthly, the Starboobie's core-gem becomes a beautiful rainbow of colors, which also translates to the Starboobie's hair in it's humanoid form.
If Starboob core-gems were like a nice agate, Starboobie core-gems were like diamonds in comparison. These gem cores are ultimately more valuable than the Starboob's, mostly because they are far less common. A Starboobie only creates and ejects a new gem core once every five years. They are as hard as diamonds and usually look far more spectacular, the only exception being incredibly well cut diamonds.
Starboobies are now looked upon as a status symbol, a trophy or 'ultimate accessory'. Some rich women, despite being heterosexual or even anti-Pokégirl, will hire lesbian or bisexual maids to keep a Starboobie's needs in line so as to keep the status granted to them for even owning one.
Not only that, but because of the Starboobie's psychic talents and natural hard body, she can be a fairly competent bodyguard. Starboobies may not be at all social events, but they will usually appear at any event thrown by their owner.
If a Starboobie goes completely feral, she does not lose intelligence, the ability to speak or grow distracted. Instead, she becomes incredibly aggressive, both physically and sexually. Worse, this foul temperament may not fade when she is finally tamed, depending on why she went feral, who tamed her and the reasons for that person to tame her. If a stupid and/or cruel tamer lets her grow feral and another person selflessly tamed her, she will treat the selfless person that tamed her with a great deal of respect, while loathing and utterly despising her tamer.
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SURFMELON, the Water Lizard Pokégirl Type: Animorph (lizard)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian, prefers seaweed but can tolerate all land-based vegetables easily
Role: Aquatic counter-warfare specialist
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Water Gun, Water Spear, Water Tower, Bubbler, Bubble Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x2), Superior water maneuverability, thick & sharp claws, water affinity
Evolves: Whorepool (orgasm + high level)
Evolves From: None
The Surfmelon was one of the water-types discovered in the midst of the Revenge War. At first glance from far away, some thought they were simply different-colored CharMelons and attacked accordingly. Designed deliberately to look like the CharMelons, their sister species, the Surfmelon’s only real difference, superficial as it is, aside from the obvious powers and name, is that they do not have a flame on their tail and their skin and scales are a bluish-green color. Their hand and foot claws are longer and denser, designed for piercing the hulls of ships. Their breasts are large, like their fire-type counterparts, but strangely enough, this does not affect their speed and maneuverability in water, which is relatively high.
Surfmelons are more methodical in battle than a CharMelons. They move at a slow, deliberate pace on land, preferring to pick at their opponents with strong attacks when they get near, striking with powerful water attacks when the opponent dries to retreat. In water, they are much faster, but still very methodical about battling, striking fast and hard, always with the greatest of patience. They are very tactical thinkers, most likely because of their original role in the War.
Water-type Tamers tend to favor the Surfmelon due to their calm, patient nature, plus the fact that they are unflinchingly loyal to those that become their Tamers. They are easy to get along with, although they rarely crack any more than an occasional dry joke, and aren’t as rare as some other, admittedly more powerful Water-type Pokégirls.
During the War, their most frequent role was that of a counter to underwater combatants, attacking scuba divers, Navy SEALS and the like, that tried to attack underwater Pokégirl nests, even to the point of self-sacrifice. As such, most Feral water-types have an instinctive trust of SurfMelons that they encounter.
Thresholding into a Surfmelon is relatively uncommon, and mainly occurs near ocean-based towns, which are more likely to have people with heavy Water Pokégirl ancestry.
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SWEETCUNT, the Neo-Legendary Hurricane Howler Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic - Lupine
Element: Water/Ice
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: omnivore, fish and seaweed being primary
Role: Navigator of the North Wind, Purifier of Water
Libido: Average, High on full moon nights
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Fire, Rock, Water, Cat types
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Fighting, Plant, Steel)
Attacks: Growl, Bite, Slash, Yowl, Tackle, Protect, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Surf, Water Tower, Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Excellent sense of smell, hearing, and eye-sight, High endurance, Purify Water, Healing, Vaporous Aura.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the height of intensity of Mao's Rebellion back in 255 AS, the Johto League city of Brassballs was wiped off the map, razed to the ground by the forces of the misguided Pokégirls working for the ideals of Mao Shin Mao. The Pokécenter and the inhabitants taking shelter within were saved for last, male Tamers killed, female Tamer humiliated and raped before being killed, and Pokégirls being given similar treatment, with the exception of being allowed to join the Rebellion. Most of the weak-willed Pokégirls were willing, as to be spared the fate of their previous owner.
Three were not. A trio of Harem Sisters, all canine-types that had been angered at the monsters for having killed their loving master. They refused the forces of Mao on principle, despite the previous beatings and forced sex. They were that loyal to him, even though he'd been killed. Unfortunately, there was a price for their loyalty. They were locked within a room meant to hold larger, stronger Pokégirls while the Pokégirls that had destroyed their home set the Pokécenter on fire, intended to have the trio to be burned alive.
However, this would not be so.
What happened would be uncovered a decade later, when this same trio of Pokégirls reappeared once more. Formerly a Lupina, Sweetcunt would reappear, transformed and given powers beyond that of normal Pokégirls by her saviors: Sexebi, whom had stopped time as they would have died, and Whore-Oh, who whisked them away for new purpose. Although the two Legendaries had been unable to do anything for the town, the two Pokégirls felt the display of such loyalty in the face of certain death, deserved reward, and Sweetcunt, along with her Harem Sisters, were given new purpose.
Appearing in the Silver Islands of the Johto League in 265 AS, Sweetcunt would reveal herself to be the personification of the North Wind and clear waters, that she was a beautiful and graceful creature with healing powers. Her purpose to keep mankind from destroying the waters of the world, and to purify what had been tainted so many centuries ago before Sukebe's War of Revenge had even begun.
Personality-wise, Sweetcunt is a very serious individual, maintaining an air of being a rather aloof individual. It's not because she looks down on people, but she feels she has to hold an air of regal-ness about her, and so tries to maintain composure and seriousness when around people.
In appearance, Sweetcunt is similar to shape in a Lupina in Attack Mode, a Metamorph of Human Girl and Wolf standing at 6'2" with a generous CC-cup bust, but that is where the similarity ends. Although she has no fur, (with the exception of her tail which now has blue fur) her skin still holds the pattern she did before transformation, her soft skin being a blue for the majority, with an underside of white with two white strands of flesh almost like ribbon that jut out from either of her shoulders, waving alongside her, and acting like flagellum when in the water, acting to increase her speed beneath the waves. Although naked, she wears a crown that is very regal in appearance. Completely blue, this structure is ridged over her eyebrows and jutting out past the sides of her head, giving her the appearance of a scowl, even if not angry, and reaching back into a massive diamond-shaped ring that is three-times the size of her skull, (although with how she is seen to move her head effortlessly, it must not weight much). And finally, she has long hair that reaches all the way down across her back, wavy like vaporous water, and a dark purple in coloring.
Sweetcunt doesn't like to battle, but if persisted with force that is obviously directed towards her, she will retaliate at first with yowls and growls, trying to weaken the attacking Pokégirl and undermine her confidence, to sway her into disengaging from her. If the hostile force continues, Sweetcunt will put the pressure on the attacking Pokégirl by using Rain Dance to already increase her impressive Water powers and continue to rain down with Water Pulse, and Water Tower for the more robust Pokégirls. And if one were to manage to anger her, they had better watch out for an Ice Beam that was on par with the power of a Hyper Beam.
When it comes to Taming Sweetcunt, various reports from numerous men with confirmed or believable encounters have revealed a pattern concerning the Neo-Legendary Lupina. She has tendency to go for only men, (which confirms a heterosexual nature) and then only ones who have a considerable Empathy rating. She will confront them on nights of a full moon when they're alone on a beach or near some body of water. She will invite them to, as she puts it, "have congress" with her. However, in full privacy, a lot of the regality she holds is cast aside to reveal a submissive bitch that loves to be tapped by a nice thick `bone'. When it comes to favored positions, she prefers to be taken `doggy style', or to be riding on top of the Tamer in a reverse cowgirl position. She really murrs when one caresses and give attention the base of her tail.
Overall, Sweetcunt is a rather gentle and beautiful individual. Although some Tamers have tried to capture her, all attempts so far have ended in failure, with the Tamer and his Pokégirls being rather water-logged, but at least they aren't too worse for wear.
NEO-LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Neo-Legendaries have no "absolute" qualities. All of their abilities are variable from one Neo-Legendary to the rest.
Deathlessness: Being given new life thanks to Sexebi and Whore-Oh, Sweetcunt was granted a superior version of longevity that makes her immune to death from natural causes. She will never die unless she is killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill her, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All Neo-Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Neo-Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Sweetcunt has No Weakness (Level 60). If she were to face an Electric or a Plant-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Water/Ice, at or below level 60, she wouldn't be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Neo-Legendary's No Weakness level treat things normally.
North Wind Blows: A controllable ability that makes it so whichever direction Sweetcunt faces, the North Wind will blow, oppressing the opponent Pokégirl with fierce freezing winds, which naturally enhance any of Sweetcunt's Ice-based attacks. While this would act as a battle-field amplifier, it only works in Sweetcunt's favor, and any other Ice-type will not gain a bonus from it.
Purifying Paw: Sweetcunt has the power to instantly purify dirty, muddy, or otherwise polluted water into the clearest of liquids by simply stepping into it. Since she seems to be attracted to any form of ruined water as to fix it, it's why she usually appears next to water-based regions, or in forests with rivers/lakes.
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SWIMSLUT, the Water Elemental Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: prefers shellfish and human style food
Role: menial water-related jobs
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubbles, Cheer Song, Magic Song, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Ageless(*), Stylized Form, Amplified Singing (**)
Evolves: Boobkini (orgasm)
Evolves From: Nymph (Water Stone)
The Swimsluts are like many Nymph evolutions in that they still like sex. Most Swimsluts have some variant of blue, blue-green or green skin. Oddly, their hair is NEVER the same shade as their skin, always being either a darker shade or one of the other hues possible for their skin. Their hair is generally wavy and the ends froth like the sea foam at the edge of the tide.
Their height is generally below 6 feet tall, but usually above 5 feet tall. Above 6 or below 5 feet is not unheard of, but is rare nonetheless. Their bodies are quite smooth, similar to Boobfin, allowing them to glide through water much faster than most other water Pokégirls. Feralborn Swimsluts have fins on the sides of their heads instead of ears, and are more likely to have claws than a Domesticate or Threshold Pokégirl.
Swimsluts have beautiful voices, second only to those of Bards and Divas, and are comparable to Jigglysluts. The Swimslut, however, has developed the ability to amplify her singing to double it's effectiveness when in or around water or ice.
Swimsluts are naturally beautiful because once they reach the physical equivalent of 21, their bodies no longer show aging. They still age, internally feeling all of the effects of time, but their bodies do not show it until they are the physical equivalent of 75. They generally die before their beauty becomes equal to that of any human of the same age, though whether this is simply coincidence or intent on the part of the Swimslut has not been discovered.
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TITACOOL, the Jellyfish Pokégirl Type: Animorph/Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: carnivore (preys on Pokégirls and Tamers alike)
Role: ambushes unlucky Tamers or Pokégirls that nears riverbanks or streams, scavengers
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Sting, Constrict, Bubble Beam, Paralyze Sting, Wrap, Tentacle Restraints
Enhancements: extra appendages (tentacles on its back), fast swimmer, enhanced digestive system, can breathe underwater, enhanced sensitivity in their tentacles
Evolves: Titacruel (normal), Titakren (Water Stone + Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None
Titacools are freshwater Pokégirls that live in rivers and streams. Like all Water-type Pokégirls they have blue/green colored skin that is transparent looking. They have tentacles on their backs, which they primarily use for catching prey. The tentacles are quite sensitive, it is able to detect slight movements in the water which alerts Titacools if their are prey nearby. They just float around underwater conserving energy until they spot or detect some prey. And they are also fast swimmers when the need arises. They use the tentacles in their back to snare any unwary Pokégirls and tamers then use their paralyze sting so their prey will not struggle, once paralyzed they drag their victims underwater to drown before consuming them. They are also known for eating dead bodies when they can't find live ones.
Because they are much weaker than their evolved form they tend to live in pairs, helping each other hunt for prey especially if it's a big prey and even Taming each other when needed. A Titacool has small breasts that are rather sensitive, but for a Titacool, she becomes much more aroused by using her tentacles during the act of Taming. Titacool are only a few inches over four feet tall on average, and do not have hair. Domestic Titacool, however, may have hair, though usually it is kept either short or extraordinarily long in comparison to other Pokégirl's hairstyles. Titacool possess only a pair of tentacles, one that attaches to their back just behind their shoulders that can extend up to six feet in length. Each tentacle is about as strong physically as their arms are.
Titacool enjoy males and females to Tame them, though prefer only one or two partners at any given time to increase their ability to process the feelings. However, their tentacles are overly sensitive during taming, and so Titacool are of little use during sex battles at all.
It is also another reason as to why Titacool are found in pairs- to defend themselves. Titacool cannot survive long out of water, only about four hours before needing to be hydrated. However, Titacool are a bit faster in and out of water compared to their evolved forms thanks to their smaller sizes and more streamlined shape.
It has been speculated that a Titacool can evolve into something other than a Titacruel by many Tamers, as Titacool that have been Tamed become rather loving Pokégirls once bonded. However, no alternate evolution has ever been documented by any Tamer, and it is nothing more than a speculation that often seems to drive various Tamers to at least try. Feral Titacool pairs enjoy setting up ambushes with other Titacool that allow for an advantage for all the Titacool involved to eat well for once. However, feral Titacool have shown enough intelligence to stay away from human territories unless they need to be Tamed, and do not go after humans unless starving or needing to be Tamed.
Tentacle Restraints (EFT): Both Tentacles are used to restrain the target, binding the hands and feet of the target in place... or other parts. The tentacles can be used for other reasons, but as so many Pokégirls are much stronger than a Titacool, it really does take another Titacool to make this attack at all effective against most Pokégirls.
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TITACRUEL, the Scavenger Pokégirl Type: Animorph/Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivore (usually preys on Pokégirls and tamers alike)
Roles: scavengers, captures any unwary Pokégirls and tamers for food
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Psychic
Attacks: Wrap, Bubble Beam, Supersonic, Acid, Paralyze Sting, Poison Sting, Tentacle Bondage Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), extra appendages (tentacles on its back), fast swimmer, enhanced digestive system, can breathe underwater, enhanced sensitivity in their tentacles
Evolves: Octopussy (Water Stone)
Evolves From: Titacool (normal)
Titacruel is the evolved form of Titacool. They prefer being a loner unlike their counterparts who are always in pairs, because they are much stronger than Titacools they can live alone unless seeking mates or needs Taming. Titacruels have more numerous tentacles on their back unlike Titacools who only have few, which makes it easier for Titacruels to grab their prey. If their tentacles are cut, new ones easily grow and replace the cut ones. They prefer live prey than dead ones, but they are also known to eat dead bodies for nourishment like their brethren when there is no live prey around. Titacruel are about two feet taller than Titacool, and have small breasts that are only A-cup sized, not gaining any larger breasts since evolving from its basic form.
These Pokégirls are almost completely lesbians. Titacruel are hunt often for their meals, and are known to stalk beaches all over the world for human and Pokégirl prey alike. Titacruel are amazing in battle, using their tentacles to bind their opponent or multiple opponents with paralyzing and poisonous stingers. Titacruel, unlike their earlier evolution, are capable of surviving both in fresh and salt water. When looking for a Taming, they prefer to take on multiple Pokégirls at once, rather than try for a one-on-one Taming with a single Tamer or Pokégirl. Titacruel that were caught as a Titacool, or Threshold directly may still enjoy only one partner, but she may be left with a dull feeling of being unfulfilled. Titacruel are slower than their earlier evolution, due to the now compromised streamline that they once possessed with the numerous tentacles that emerge from their back and waist. However, even with the loss of mobility on land and in water, they are capable of launching themselves quickly underwater, thanks to their ability to use their many tentacles to provide propulsion. A Titacruel appreciates strength, to the point where she enjoys a wrestling match before a Taming to get her blood 'boiling'.
However, even her strength gives out when not in water for extended periods of time. A Titacruel can survive outside of a Pokéball or water for up to six hours before needing to become submerged again. They also dry up quickly in hot or extremely cold weather, and become exceedingly lethargic as they become more and more dehydrated. Titacruel rarely are caught for a Harem due to their nature of preferring Pokégirls over humans, as well as because of their fully evolved form being unable to move on land and being fully lesbian in orientation. Some Tamers have decided to attempt to tame them in hopes of possibly finding a different evolution than Octopussy by making their Titacruel to become more interested in the Tamer than in multiple partners (much the same way some Tamers attempt to do the same with Dildoran Pokégirls). Any and all attempts have been unsuccessful, so far.
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TITAKREN, the Kraken Pokégirl Type: Near Human/Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore (prefers fish)
Role: Small naval vessel hunter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Constrict, Lust Sting, Paralyze Sting, Water Spear, Whirlpool, Quick Attack, Recover, Tentacle Frenzy, Tentacle Dance
Enhancements: Enhanced Lung Capacity, Enhanced Speed (x6 in water, x3 on land), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced sense of Touch (x3), extra appendages
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titacool (Water Stone + Battle Stress)
This rare evolution of a Titacool was first discovered around 90 AS, after an experimental fishing expedition. When pulling up their nets, the fishermen found a single specimen of this species that had been caught in it while eating her fill of the net's fish that had been captured. At first, they thought it was just another one of the Titacool that had been washed out to sea, but soon realized, as she attacked with half a dozen flailing tentacles, that this was a different species altogether. The Pokégirl didn't have enough tentacles to be considered a Titacruel, and certainly not as many as an Octopussy (and the fact that she had legs and feet killed the possibility of her being an Octopussy). And when four of her tentacles extended to a reported length of fifteen feet in an effort to bat away her captors, it was only when one of the spare Pokéballs was thrown by the captain that saved his crew and, likely in turn, his ship as a result. Since then, these unusual Pokégirls have been called Titakren, in tribute to the ancient days when some sort of animal called a Kraken supposedly ruled the seas.
Feral Titakren have been found all over the world, though in rather low numbers and always in a group. They are territorial, often attacking any fishing boats that stray into their area by using Whirlpool or attempting to capsize them using their numerous powerful tentacles. According to the researchers who manage to survive such attacks, inquiries into the location of the Titakren colonies underwater have shown surprising numbers of Water Stones in the vicinity of their territory, leading to speculation as to how the Pokégirl came about from a Titacool. Under controlled tests, however, no researcher, nor tamer, breeder, or field researcher has been known to replicate the evolutionary process that the ferals manage, leading some to believe that this is a naturally feral-only occurence. Some Tamers, however, claim that their Titacool evolved into a Titakren, although none of these claims were ever supported by evidence from a Pokédex. Researchers in the Ocean, Edo, and Silver River Leagues have ongoing research on the matter.
Unlike their previous form, the Titakren have half a dozen tentacles that sprout from along her back, three underneath each shoulderblade vertically down her back. Each one can extend up to fifteen feet, on average, though some have reached twenty feet with plenty of training. Each one is fully prehensile and ends in a slight tip, though not pointed nor with stingers like a Titacool might have. No Titakren have been found to have breasts larger than a small C-cup, and most commonly they have been found to possess a firm B-cup, allowing the Pokégirl to swim easily underwater with such a streamlined body. Only Titakren that have evolved from a domestic Titacool have any hair, and these often are green, blue, or white in color. Titakren have varying shades of skin color, most often a pale blue but some have been found with pale orange skin as well. These Pokégirls also grow about six-to-nine inches in height on average, but few ever manage to meet the six foot mark.
In battle, Titakren attempt to overwhelm their targets using their half dozen tentacles, while also attacking with her various other attacks to strike from many different angles. Their tentacles are very tough and are capable of crushing almost anything within their grasp, and can also inflict two different kind of stinging attacks. Paralysis Sting is an attack that she retains from her previous form, but when the Titakren became a pure Water-type, their Poison Sting was changed into Lust Sting. Tamers who keep a Titakren often find their Pokégirl battles becoming a sex match as a result, and it is rather rare that they lose once the battle swings in their favor. Using their Tentacle Frenzy technique, between 2 and all 6 tentacles lash out at her target, just like other Pokégirls that use Tail Whip might. In sex battles, Tentacle Dance is used instead, with all six tentacles utilized to stroke, tease, squeeze, probe, and just about any other thing that one might imagine a tentacle being used to do. Female Tamers tend to enjoy this, while most male Tamers are not so interested, despite the fact that Titakren would never actually take advantage of them... unlike the Dildoqueen, which Titakren are not especially fond of.
In a harem, the Titakren are not especially useful as an Alpha or a Beta, instead being far too territorial for either assignment. Some few have been found as Betas, as they are very protective of her tamer and the harem she is a part of, and so gets along well with, surprisingly, Growlies. They also get along well with Domina-type Pokégirls, able to go tentacle to whip with them rather well (and they can even outdo Dominas, most of the time). Titakren dislike being teamed with Octopussy Pokégirls, since the lesbians are overbearing and tend to dominate them completely- this evolution of the Titacool are bisexual, and only a few are actually lesbian.
Tentacle Frenzy (ATK 50): All the Pokégirl’s tentacles are used to attack with whip-like motions.
Tentacle Dance (S.ATK 30 + EFT): All of the Pokégirl’s tentacles are used to entice, excite, and to enhance the pleasure of her target. Has a 20% chance of causing her opponent to orgasm, utilizing all of the Pokégirl’s tentacles.
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TITODILE, the Crocodile Cutie Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph - alligator
Element: Water
Frequency: Common (Johto League), Rare (Other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies
Role: Most common in watershed maintenance and firefighter departments. Sometimes used as fishermen assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Tackle, Quick Attack, Bubblebeam, Water Gun, Growl
Enhancements: Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Evolves: Cuntnaw (normal), Feraligarter (evolved Cuntnaw; normal)
Evolves From: None
During the War of Revenge, Titodiles were a fearsome force to be reckoned with. These bipedal crocadilian-like Pokégirls were quite troublesome for soldiers to have to face. Despite what the soft-scaled bodies may suggest, they are quite limber in or out of water, allowing them to move with quickness that one might not think they possessed. Often, they would stick by rivers, denying human forces to move goods or soldiers along the bodies of water. Those that tried found out that the being hunted by a Titodile didn’t end at the river banks. They were quite the holy terrors, being far more aggressive than the Squirtitty breed which they were often paired with.
Still, despite the problems that the Titodile breed offered humanity initially, this was one of the first Pokégirl breeds humanity turned to their side. One of the most common breeds in the then Mid-Western portion of the United States, Titodiles were captured, Tamed, and used to protect their new human masters from other Pokégirl threats. Today, the breed enjoys a level of popularity in the Johto League, where the numbers are abundant more than anywhere else. As such, the Titodile is often the most commonly available Water-type Starter Pokégirl for the Johto League and is even considered part of its ‘golden trio’, along with the Chikotit and Hottits.
An interesting aspect of this Pokégirl breed is that the domestication process has had a strong influence on the outward appearance of the Titodiles, allowing people to understand at a glance if they’re Domestic and Threshold breeds or if they’d originally been Feral. Feralborn Titodiles are easy to identify because of their sharp teeth held within a snout-like mouth, a 2’ long reptilian tail with small ridges along the spine, and somewhat bumpy yet smooth blue-scaled skin. Their average height is usually only 4’ to 4’6”, and their breasts normally don’t grow any larger than a B-cup. Their eyes are also a dead giveaway, being yellow with vertical slit pupils.
Domesticate Titodiles are easier to identify thanks to many specific traits. They are generally close to the human average height of 5’7” with a 3’ length of tail trailing behind them that lacks ridging. While they generally can be in the B-Cup range, there are a number that have breasts that are a full C-cup. While their Feral cousins have pupils that are shaped as a vertical slit much like the animals they were based off of, a Domestic’s eyes tend to be more human-like, the colors often green, yellow, or even silver. Their scales are smoother as well, giving the appearance of soft flesh while still maintaining the thickness of the traditional Titodile skin.
However, when a Titodile lacks Taming, the line between the two is blurred, as even Domesticate Titodiles will physically shift to an appearance of a Feralborn. Domestics try very hard to keep from going feral, as the transformation into an appearance closer to the Feralborn cousins is a one-way street. They will retain their eye color, height and breast size, but their scales will remained ridged and bumpy, and their teeth sharp. While this may make them more fearsome in appearance, Domestics feel they’ve lost a bit of their human-nature once this transformation has occurred.
When it comes to PokéBattle, Titodiles are best at close combat, using their powerful jaws to bite their opponent, and putting the pressure on with Water Gun should the target Pokégirl try to run. Titodiles are also versatile for where they can battle as they are one of the Water-type Pokégirl breeds that can move as well on land as they do in water, making them a popular amongst Tamers who prefer Water-types. They are however, especially useful in water thanks to their enhancement of the Atlantis Man swimming technique; water resistance is minimized and movement amplified, requiring minimal effort on the Titodile’s part to speed through water. This enhancement is retained in their later evolutions, which explains how the Cuntnaw and Feraligarter can move so fast despite their increased height and cup-size.
Taming a Titodile is an interesting challenge to undertake. It’s not that they’re rambunctious Pokégirls that don’t enjoy Taming, it’s just difficult TO Tame them. Their tail can often get in the way of a Tamer that wants to do his Titodile from behind. The missionary is the suggested position for maximum Taming pleasure and compatibility. A Titodile is capable of laying flat out on her back, tail straightening out flat as it follows the spinal column. Finally, a word of warning: while her tongue is very skilled, DON’T allow a Titodile to give you head unless you have a high-level Pokégirl with healing capabilities.
While around the world, Titodile is a rather uncommon outcome in Threshold for girls who have a strong Water-type ancestry, the numbers for Threshold cases in the Johto League is simply staggering. In Johto, it just may be THE most common Threshold for girls of Water-type families. Not surprisingly, it’s partially because of the sheer number of Threshold cases that the Titodile is the one of the three most common Starter Pokégirls in the Johto League.
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ULTIMATE, The Multi-Elemental Colossus Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Ground/Fire/Water
Frequency: Unique (Deceased)
Diet: Anything
Role: Living Death that walks…
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon, Magic, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ice, Water, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Used no specific techniques, just powerful use of fire, earth, and water elements.
Enhancements: (before evolution completes) Can grow in size to 150 feet at maximum, can heal herself by eating soil or minerals, creates Flame Floor on any ground she touches, regenerates quickly in water, (added after evolution completes) multiple limbs, serpentine body, tentacles, heat aura, Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Agility (x20)
Evolves: Omega Athena (death of Athena, absorbing Ultimate’s soul)
Evolves From: Super Titania (absorbing the soul of the dead Scylla G-Spliced)
Super Titania was enough of a nightmare. The power of creatures that were different but equal to the combined might of two Legendaries was disastrous to behold. It would have been even worse had she been given a chance to finish her evolution. It was when all three of them merged that things got bad.
After Super Titania killed the Scylla Clonetwo/G-Spliced, her body disappeared and her soul merged with the other two merged souls of her sister. Super Titania evolved again, becoming the aptly named Ultimate. She gained absolute master of the combined elements of her previous bodies, and was a ruthless killer. She was destruction incarnate, and couldn’t be beaten by any conventional means. It’s presumed that even the original thirteen Espers and the three surviving War Espers couldn’t defeat her.
Upon her evolution from Super Titania to Ultimate, she reverted back to her ‘Titania’-esque form. If her evolution would have been allowed to complete, the recovered records tell us that in addition to gaining the serpentine lower body she would have had as Super Titania, she would have also gotten eight massive tentacles on her back, each one impossibly long and flexible. Her skin would have turned a savage mix of dark red, dark blue, and dark brown, her teeth turning into razor-edged fangs.
It is by sheer chance that she was not allowed to finish her evolution. And probably for the best as well. Ultimate would have been far too strong for any army of Pokégirls to fight. Thankfully, it was not possible for the original Titania, Scylla, and Kary to become Ultimate. Which is a very good thing, they were hard enough to kill as it is.
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VAPORITA, the Water Eva Variant Pokégirl Type: Humanoid Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: fish, pokechow
Role: underwater operatives, surveillance
Libido: Low to Average (Very High during mating season)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubble, Water Barrier, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Mirror Image, (in some rare cases) Water Slave
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3), Elemental Affinity Water
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Water Stone)
Most Vaporitas are relatively calm, though there are, on occasion, a wild and crazy Vaporita who loves to party. The biggest problem of a Vaporita is that they sometimes suffer from an inferiority complex, resulting in their Fighting skills being diminished. The more fearsome or aggressive their opponent, the more likely a Vaporita may lose due to psychological warfare. It's recommended that most tamers allow their Vaporitas to take on a number of aggressive, but much weaker opponents to build up a Vaporita's confidence.
While gentler than their Fire-based counterparts, the Vaporita is just as passionate (more-so some Vaporita tamers claim) in terms of their taming. Their water affinity allows them a much greater lung capacity increasing their skills in oral sex. The Vaporita looses most of their fur and their skin becomes blue tinted. Their ears become fin-like and their tails become more adapt for use in the water. Their ears and tail remain strong erogenous zones.
Dues to their inability to learn the more powerful offensive moves and their rather high speeds it is believed by many that Vaporitas were meant as reconnaissance troops and coast patrols.
Their skin is very soft and can absorb and filter many types of liquids which can be (and generally are) stored within the girl's body for use later. While in water their skin helps to cut down on surface resistance allowing them greater speed when assisted by their powerful tails. Their ears will tend to act as rudders for greater control of movement, they can also help the girl achieve a sort of sonar when underwater. They can act as an early warning system to a girl about to surface. By putting just her ears above water-level a Vaporita can listen for hostile activity before surfacing. (Like a sound-based periscope.)
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WATERMAIDEN, the Water Elementalist Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style food with a preference for seafood.
Role: Lifeguards, Water Elementalists.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Tidal Wave, Water Tower, Go Down, Water Gun, Bubbles, Water Sword
Enhancements: Aquatic breathing capability, resistance to hydraulic pressure, Water Affinity, Enhanced Swimming Speed (x3)
Evolves: Ice Maiden (Ice Crystal), Magic Knight (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
Watermaidens, although resembling highly athletic human women for the most part, are distinguished from purelines primarily by their hair, which is almost invariably some shade of blue. The exact shade can be anywhere from near-lavender to the blue-green hue of the sea, and it tends to have some relation to the type of water most prevalent in the area that the Watermaiden was born. E.g., a Watermaiden who was born near the sea is more likely to have blue-green hair, whilst one born near a river may have a lighter blue, and should one be born near a holy spring or the like, she has a high probability of possessing blue-violet hair. Interestingly enough, in correlation with the latter, the hair of a Watermaiden who has been Blessed with also tend towards shades of blue-violet.
The eyes of a Watermaiden are also variable shades of blue, but less range has been recorded here. Her skin, although not naturally predisposed to any shades, will usually be found tanned from exposure to the sun, though the original hue can generally be seen when her bikini comes off for taming. Insofar as said swimsuits go, the overall preference of the breed tends towards tight-fitting but not so much so as to interdict displays of her aquatic prowess--most Watermaidens tend to be somewhat of exhibitionists.
The overall personality norm for a Watermaiden is somewhat akin to water, actually. Beautiful, playful, and carefree on the surface, she is generally difficult to roil, and will cheerfully display her beauty and skill, even if it means washing over that of others, which generally makes her come off as competitive... until the offended 'girl confronts her about it or manages to outdo her. In these cases, the Watermaiden will generally shrug the other off, not seeming to care much if other's are better than her and considering those who confront her to be just uptight. This, naturally, makes her almost unfailingly infuriating to passionate and easily angered fire-types. As such, although Watermaidens are fairly good for inexperienced tamers, not having very high expectations, it is unwise for anyone without an Airmaiden to attempt putting one in the same harem as a fire-type, especially a Firemaiden.
This recommendation is not made purely out of consideration for the fire-type, however; if enough stress is built up, a Watermaiden may snap into a mode of extreme intensity, one which only time or unconsciousness can generally remedy. It should be noted, though, that this reaction isn't entirely negative. If it achieved due to sexual stress rather than normal, the resulting intensity makes, from a 'girl normally noted to be a submissive and placid lover, an amorous sex-fiend that could put many fire-types to shame.
During the war, Watermaidens were often used to begin attack ports and other installations that touch upon the water. As such, the battling potential of a Watermaiden can only be taken advantage optimally if a large source of water is available for manipulation. This does not, however, mean that Watermaidens cannot fight elsewhere; drawing water from vapor or out of the ground, they are capable of effecting techniques such as Water Sword and Water Tower in all by the most arid conditions. Due to their generally relaxed style in bed, however, they aren't commonly seen in sex battles...barring those who have been specially trained to take advantage of the "intensity" mode.
A feral Watermaiden isn't a great threat, being too busy showing herself off to bother attacking unless threatened. Threshold cases are fairly common, especially in girls who live near water. They will generally take it fairly well, though, as their appearance doesn't greatly change and they gain rather neat powers.
There have been reports of an unlikely trio of Pokégirls seen in the Mountain League. This trio consists of a Watermaiden, a Firemaiden and an Airmaiden traveling together. Since there is generally a rivalry and mutual between Firemaidens and Watermaidens, researchers are still baffled by these Pokégirls' friendship with one another. Many have speculated that it is due to the presence of the Airmaiden, however; for further information, see the Airmaiden entry.
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WET ELF, the Unseen Elf Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare Unknown, thought to be Uncommon in the Blue League and Rare elsewhere
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Dragon
Attacks: Fade, Whirlpool, Water spear, Sing
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Underwater Vision, Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: Flawed Constitution
Evolves: Wet Lass (normal), Siren (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
Wet Elves stand from 4'6” to 5'7” tall and are slender of build. Their skin is usually a mottled bluish-gray and their hair color is typically a light brown or blue. Eyes are white, brown or gray.
Although only recently discovered, an interview with the Wet Queen of one kingdom revealed that the Wet Elf has been around since the beginning, only no one has known of them up to this point. Their near constant use of fade has ensured they have remained almost unknown.
During the war they acted as aquatic spies and saboteurs. Often they would stop the arrival of waterborne forces by the simple expedient of using whirlpool to stop the vessels in a convoy and then using water spear to damage or destroy their propellers. If discovered, they would use sing and escape, only to return later using fade to finish off their prey.
These days the Wet Elf lives in quiet communities in the oceans of the world, using their powers to remain undiscovered. Even water Pokégirls don't usually know of their presence, and there is a coming of age ritual common to all of the kingdoms in which a Wet Elf band must track down a Sharptits and return with a handful of scales while leaving the Pokégirl otherwise unharmed.
Wet Elves do not dry out on land, but they prefer to remain in their native habitat and will not voluntarily leave the vicinity of water. When on the surface the always drink three to five times the amount of water that others would.
Wet Elf colonies have not been discovered in fresh water to date, but in the interview the Wet Queen commented that her people were everywhere that they weren't seen and when asked specifically about fresh water merely smiled and repeated her answer.
Wet Elves and their evolutions tame each other just as their landbound cousins do in order to avoid going feral. However, their feral state is one of increased aggression instead of torpor.
The Wet Elf and all of her evolutions have remained in hiding since the Revenge War and therefore were not added to the human genome by interbreeding. There are no recorded threshold cases and none will be expected for at least a couple of generations.
All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become Pokéwomen as of 299 AS.
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WET LASS, the Powerful Aquatic Elf Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare Unknown, thought to be Uncommon in the Blue League and Rare elsewhere
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Dragon, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Electric
Attacks: Fade, Bubblebeam, Sing, Hydro pump, Quick Attack, Smile, Magic Fist, Cura, Once More
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Underwater Vision, Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4 - in water only), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: Flawed Constitution
Evolves: Wet Queen (battle stress, Level 31+)
Evolves From: Wet Elf (normal)
The Wet Lass is the evolved form of Wet Elf and is often found in positions of authority in a village or leading a hunting team, the same position they occupied during the Revenge war. These days they also function as elite fighters who battle alongside the Wet Queen and support her if necessary.
Wet Lasses are usually taller than Wet Elves, standing anywhere from 5'6” to 6' tall. They are significantly tougher and faster than the Wet Elf. Cup sizes increase to a C or D cup.
Wet Lasses serve to unify Wet Elves in battle and train constantly in the team tactics that are necessary to defeat their underwater foes. During the Revenge War they took on warships and submarines, using the Wet Elves whirlpool attack to slow or stop them and then using magic fist to punch holes in the hull before using hydro pump to quickly fill any open compartments.
Unlike the Wet Elf, the Wet Lass can use her sing attack underwater as well as on the surface, and this song is loud enough to be effective on the decks of ships while she hovers beneath them. It has been demonstrated that this ability will also work on opponents in gym battles while she hides in a pool of water.
Wet Lasses show the same reduced feral that Wet Elves do, but when feral become positively vicious. Usually at that point they attack something far stronger than themselves and get eaten.
There are no recorded cases of Threshold into a Wet Lass.
All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become Pokéwomen as of 299 AS.
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WET QUEEN, the Ruling Aquatic Elf Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic/Electric
Frequency: Rare Unknown, thought to be Rare in the Blue League and Very Rare elsewhere
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Electric, Flying, Steel
Weak Vs: Plant, Dragon, Ground, Rock
Attacks: Fade, Water Spear, Sing, Tidal Wave, Tidal Slide, Water God, Quick Attack, Smile, Curaga, Cheer Song, Nameless Song, Death's Whisper, Thunder Shock, Agility, Lightning Punch, Imitate, Multiheal, Mighty Guard (All songs may be used underwater and may affect nearby targets on the surface)
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Underwater Vision, Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x8), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: None
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wet Lass (battle stress, Level 31+)
The Wet Queen is the battle evolution of the Wet Lass. She gains three to five inches in height and a more muscular build. Cup size actually decreases to a solid B and the rest of her body slims down proportionally. Hair color becomes a bright red or yellow and most water predators have learned to avoid this display. However, this has no effect on her fade ability and she will not be found unless she wants to be.
Due to the difficulty of survival in the ocean, Wet Queens have evolved a different set of customs in regards to each other. Each Wet Elf kingdom will be ruled by the senior Wet Queen and all other Wet Queens in a kingdom are subordinate to her and willingly accept her orders. Rank is determined by a once-a-decade competition in which all Wet Queens may challenge for status. Battles between Wet Queens are non-lethal, except when challenging the senior Wet Queen for rulership.
Please note however, that the competitions will be halted if intruders appear until they have been dealt with.
Wet Queens rule the Wet Elf kingdoms and their subjects give them unquestioning loyalty, which only ends if they are defeated in battle by another Wet Queen or she is captured by a Tamer. Be warned, however, until that capture light signals she's yours, her Wet Elves and Wet Lasses will do everything in their power to kill you. And if she is a senior Wet Queen, her subordinate Wet Queens will be right in there with everyone else.
Because of this, a Wet Queen in a harem will challenge the alpha regularly for primacy unless strict rules are laid down and if she becomes the alpha she will expect the same kind of loyalty from the harem that she would get in a kingdom. She is likely to become very unhappy with any Pokégirls that she believes are halfhearted in their efforts and has the power to make her displeasure known.
Wet Queens in a harem are constantly trying to get their Tamers to find mages to teach them more spells. One could say they are very demanding about it, almost badgering or nagging.
Wet Queens are very possessive of their subjects and will often send subordinate Wet Queens along with large teams of Wet Lasses and Wet Elves to hunt down and return lost members of their kingdoms. Usually this pursuit will end when the Tamer reaches land. However it must be noted that Wet Queens seem to have a way to know exactly where the captured Pokégirl is even if she is in a Pokéball.
Needless to say, bartering with the ruling Wet Queen for a Wet Lass is preferentially recommended.
This possessiveness translates into harem life as well and Wet Queens often spend a great deal of time urging their Tamer to hunt down and reclaim any Pokégirls lost for any reason, including salvage. There are even a few unsubstantiated rumors of Wet Queens leading harem members on commando style recovery attacks without their Tamer's knowledge. If true, the Tamer would still be responsible for their actions.
There are no recorded cases of Threshold into any of the Wet Elf evolutionary line.
All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become pokewomen as of 299 AS.
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WHOREPOOL, the Water Devil Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: vegetarian, prefers seaweed but can tolerate all land-based vegetables easily
Role: Aquatic warfare specialist
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Magic, Ice
Attacks: Whirlpool, Whirlpool Mk2, Water Spear, Squall, Vortex, Tempest, Wing Attack, Water Tower, Water Floor, Super Cyclone, Geyser, Water Sword, Hydro Pump, Rain, Little Cloud, Draining Rain, Water Slave, Water Golem, Water God
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x6), Improved water affinity, wings for flight, can change wings into tail for swimming, wind affinity, control over temperature of water attacks
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Surfmelon (orgasm + high level)
Whorepools are by far one of the most powerful water-type evolutions. But ONLY if they are near a substantial body of water.
Upon evolution from Surfmelon, the Whorepool changes tremendously. They gain a foot and a half in height, and their bodies become more streamlined and muscular, their breast-size actually going down. (Much to the chagrin of those who prefer the larger bust of the Surfmelon.) Their skin becomes white, save for dark blue from the middle of the biceps down to the fingertips and from the middle of the thighs down to the tips of their toes, and like their previous form, they have no hair on their cunts. Whorepools lose their claws, but gain a pair of wide, powerful wings mounted near their hips that they can use for flight and wrap around their legs, allowing them to morph wings and legs into a powerful mermaid’s tail for swimming, retaining the color pattern of their legs. They lose all their lizard-like features, their faces become aquiline, their hair becoming short, changing into a paler white their skin. Their eyes glow softly, and their voices echo when they speak.
Whorepools are devastating in water. They can spin at incredible speeds, creating massive, sucking whirlpools to trap their opponents, generating massive geysers and rain clouds to devastate their opponents while immobile. They can even use a more powerful version of Whirlpool to do heavy damage to an opponent, forcibly knocking them around. They have tremendous aquakinetic ability, being capable of forming rain clouds out of sheer will, drawing moisture into the air, and summoning servants of water to attack an opponent in hand-to-hand combat. They can drink in several dozen gallons of water and alter its temperature upon exhalation, making it either scalding hot or freezing cold, depending on the Whorepool’s wishes. They can fly for short bursts at incredible speeds, creating massive waterspouts and sending them at opponents with a flap of their massive wings.
Whorepools, while incredibly powerful, do have some major disadvantages, though. They do not have an internal well of water, like most Water-type Pokégirls do, and as such are limited when away from a large body of water in terms of attacks. Their skin also dries out quickly, eventually becoming painfully dry if not re-moistened, meaning they have to stay near water as a rule. A canny and caring Tamer will tame a Whorepool in a lake or ocean, something that makes the highly, almost predatorily passionate Pokégirls very happy and faithful. Failing to have access to either of those, a pool, or even a bathtub will suffice, although Whorepools much prefer the open ocean. It’s generally considered good form not to take a Whorepool out of a coastal area. They are also clumsy on land, their bodies used to more intense pressures, especially Ferals, who normally make their territory in deep waters.
Calling a Whorepool predatorily passionate is not an exaggeration in the slightest. Compared to the HentaiCute by some, they have a tremendous sexual appetite, and enjoy being Tamed roughly. Deep sea observers have catalogued Ferals ambushing weaker water-type Pokégirls and forcing a Taming out of them. In some coastal areas, water-types exhausted from over-taming sometimes wash up on shore after a series of heavy whirlpools appear a few miles off the coast, a sure sign that a Whorepool is there and amusing herself…
Whorepools are still very rare. Because the majority of them stay so deeply below the surface, beyond what most submersibles and spells can protect against, it’s unknown how many Feral Whorepools there actually are. Also, due to the disadvantages Whorepools suffer from being away from heavy bodies of water, it’s rare that Tamers try to evolve their Surfmelon into one. As such, no Threshold cases of becoming a Whorepool have been reported.
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WHORESEA, the Walking Water Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: human foods (seafood preferred)
Role: combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Water Punch, Draining Rain, Tackle, Growl, Tail Slap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced sense of Touch (x2 on land, x5 in water), Amphibious, Tough Skin,
Evolves: Seabra (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Whoresea, the walking water Pokégirl, is so named because unlike most Pokégirls, she is comfortable being away from her natural element for long periods. Unlike many other water-types, Whoreseas can go about a week before becoming seriously weakened without full submersion in water. This ability is lost when she evolves into Seabra, since the combat-heightened Seabra needs more water to keep her fighting spirit up. Whoresea are very sensitive to touch, capable of sensing movement of objects in water or on land up to 500ft away. This often makes a Whoresea rather skittish, and combined with their territorial ways can lead to misunderstandings. This enhanced sensitivity also leads to a Whoresea not being very useful in sex battles in comparison to standard battles.
Whoresea's natural role is to combat, and she does modestly well. While a Whoresea is never a match for a Fighting-type Pokégirl, she can usually handily defeat any element she is strong against, as well as weaker versions of most other poketypes in a hand-to-hand fight. This is especially useful when considering that she is an even stronger fighter in the water, where her speed and maneuverability take a sharp climb. However, when forced to use her water attacks often, that can drain a Whoresea's ability to remain out of water for days on end before requiring submersion. Whoresea have a somewhat natural distrust for any sort of Titacool or Titacruel, as they are most often their most direct opposition in way of food and territory.
Whoresea has deep blue skin, with two long fins running down her back and three tiny fins on her head. All Whoresea have strong, long tails (one each, of course) that are about as long as they are tall and extend from the base of their spines. The tail is not prehensile, but are perfect for allowing the Pokégirl to maneuver through water and are strong enough to be used for attacking as well. A Whoresea's tail, however, is often coiled up around their waist to keep it out of the way whenever possible. It isn't too uncommon for a Threshold girl with water Pokégirl ancestry to become a Whoresea, since they are very adaptable to life on land, especially in coastal towns. Whoresea evolves into Seabra after having had going through an amazing amount of duress during battle, which may result in the evolution. Feral Whoresea can be found inland just as often as they are found in the water thanks to their unusual out of water capabilities (for a water type).
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WHORETORTLE, the Wet ‘N’ Wild Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Common to Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian, seafood
Role: hydration of others
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw, Bubbles, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Increased Water Capacity, Armored Shell, Purify Water
Evolves: Blastits (normal)
Evolves From: Squirtitty (normal)
The Whoretortle is the next evolution of Squirtitty. Once a Squirtitty has been Tamed enough and won enough battles, she’ll evolve into Whoretortle. Once she becomes a Whoretortle, her looks improve dramatically. A Whoretortle gains several inches of height, and thins out, loosing the pudgy look she had before. This is aided by how her shell hugs her back more closely, giving her a less rounded appearance. At the same time, the shell material becomes firmer, affording a higher degree of protection, but becomes more flexible, so even with its less rounded shape it doesn’t restrict her movement. Her breasts enlarge, usually to around a C cup, letting her hold that much more water.
A Whoretortle is able to hold much more water than before. How isn’t exactly understood, but she can use her Water Gun attack to a greater degree than she could as a Squirtitty, releasing gallons without slowing down. This holds true for her bust as well, as they won’t grow smaller until she is out of water, her internal water sacs redistributing the water in her body so her breasts stay filled. She can also increase the pressure, enough to the point where a blast from her Water Gun can knock a grown man off his feet. A Whoretortle is a faster swimmer than her previous form, and is able to dive deeper as well as hold her breath longer. Her combat prowess grows also. At this stage, a Whoretortle begins experimenting with how to make fast turns to let attacks bounce off her shell, and then turn again to attack. A Whoretortle can go several days without water with no ill effects, needing to bathe in water around once every five or six days.
The natural process that a Whoretortle uses to purify the water in her body is able to be externalized somewhat in this form. If a Whoretortle can submerge herself in impure water, she can spend several hours moving it through her body, letting herself purify and expel the cleaned water while taking the impure water in. This only works in a small area, usually around the size of a swimming pool. If the impure area is too large, of if the water is thickly polluted, the Whoretortle can become sick, or even die, from letting her body leech out the toxins.
Feral Whoretortles are more of a nuisance than anything else. They tend to blast things around them with their Water Gun, and use their Slick Stroke on anything nearby. Threshold girls don’t usually become Whoretortles, but it isn’t unknown.
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