COCKADIDDLE, the Penis-Obsessed Fowl Pokégirl
Type: Humananoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Semen, berries or grains
Role: Unknown
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Slash, Power Break, Fiery Passion, Quick Hit
Enhancements: Ambidexterity, "Male Sense" (can sense a male within 50 feet), good jumping ability (can leap over 25 feet with a single standing jump)
Evolves: CockadiddleDeux (Normal; Level 25)
Evolves From: None
Cockadiddles stand roughly 5'8 to 6'1", and tend to have B to C-cup breasts. Their eye color is often blue, gray or green. They appear largely as humans, though there are three things they often separate them (quite obviously) from being human.
The first is their small wings, usually twice as large as their shoulder blades, but not useful for more than slow their descent or helping change their trajectory. They cannot be used for flying at all.
The second is the brown feathers covering a majority of their bodies. Their faces, breasts and vaginas have extremely short well-groomed feathers that are never known to move out of place.
The third and most obvious is their legs. Just like a bird, their legs below the thigh are scaly and their knees are reverse-jointed. These legs, however, allow them to jump incredible distances, and combined with their sword-fighting capabilities, can make them terrifying opponents.
Cockadiddles are capable swordswomen, and oftentimes have skill comparable with a Slicer. Cockadiddles often use European-style long-swords or European-style bastard swords. They can use other types of swords, but are not nearly as comfortable in handling them. Cockadiddles are obsessed with men, to the point that they have an instinctive "male sense". They can detect the presence of a man, not matter how well-hidden, even by magic, and will seek him out. They absolutely love the taste of semen, even cumming at the taste of it, and will go to great lengths to become part of a male tamer's harem. Dildo Queens are also acceptable, but Cockadiddles view them as a bronze medal to the gold medal of an actual man.
Of course, male tamers should beware of having a Cockadiddle, since her high libido means she will oftentimes try to "suck the well dry". Full penetration with an actual cock will often send the Cockadiddle into multiple orgasms, but tamers should save this for last, as a fully rested Cockadiddle will become almost sexually insatiable.
If no males are around, Cockadiddles will often masturbate using their sword's hilt. Cockadiddles will only have sex with other females out of boredom.
Cockadiddles cannot stand to be around cat Pokégirls, and will either attack or flee if a cat Pokégirl is in the area, even if she is with a male tamer.
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HERAKUNT, the Spear-Head Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Tree sap, sugar, sweet fruit
Role: Forest Infantry
Libido: Average (High with someone they trust)
Strong Vs: Grass, Psychic, Dark, Ground
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying
Attacks: Take Down, Harden, Fury Swipes, Uppercut, Scratch
Enhancements: Natural armor, Strength (x4), Wings for Flight, Sharp Claws
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Herakunt were created during the War of Revenge for forest combat. Their razor claws allow them to dig into trees quite easily. Their dark shells, which range from a deep blue to a very dark green helps them blend into the branches and shadows of the trees. They also wield a single horn that comes from their forehead which can be grown or shrunk at the Herakunt’s will. They don't like to make it longer than a few feet since it can weigh down their heads or get caught on things. The don't make it too small either since they feel proud of their horns and like to make them look cute when they aren't in use.
The Herakunt love sweet things and often dig into trees to get sap out or try to get something sweet out of anything they think will have what they want. Some Tamers have found their packs raided and only found sugary snacks missing as opposed to Pokéchow or their Pokégirls.
The Herakunt also have a partnership with Buttitsfree. The Herakunt have the necessary strength to break open trees to release the sap they love so much. When the Herakunt finishes its meal, a Buttitsfree will approach the sap left behind and feed to its hearts content. With this in mind, it isn't too odd to find swarms of Buttitsfree following groups of Herakunt.
Despite how they were created for battle, Herakunt are oddly shy. If a Tamer approaches, they either flee or attempt to hide. It takes some time to gain ones trust, and that is if you treat one properly. Herakunt are also very affectionate in taming and love the sensations of the act. Their libido are known to spike if they are bonded to someone they trust, resulting in hugs and kisses whenever they see that person. Taming sessions usually follow unless the Tamer needs his Herakunt for something else.
In battle, Herakunt tend to use their strength, claws, and elongated horn. Although they possess wings, they only use them sparingly as they hop from tree to tree. Herakunt are very strong and can lift several times their own body weight quite easily.
Thresholding into a Herakunt is very rare since there are more feral Herakunt than Domesticated ones. Most of these cases can be found in the Johto League. Although this is debatable because of Johto’s better record keeping practices.
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MAHAVI, the Highly-Knowledgable Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Teacher, Ranch Assistant, Sex Battler
Libido: Average to Extreme (varies per individual)
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Counter, Backhand, Quadra Pummel, Dodge, Petrification Gaze, Rapid Stroke, Helping Touch, Long Tongue, Angel Eyes, Quadratouch
Enhancements: Enhanced senses (x3), Additional Arms (x2), Enhanced Endurance and Sexual Endurance (x4), Quadra-dextrous, Flexibility
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Soixante-Neuf (Lack of Taming for a week + Dream Stone)
A somewhat unknown Pokégirl, though not because she has been recently discovered. Instead, it is highly unusual to find any Soixante-Neuf that can, will, or has gone an entire week without being tamed by her tamer or her tamer's harem. For an entire week, the Soixante-Neuf must be left alone with a Dream Stone nearby, or held, or used like a dildo for the Pokégirl as she suffers from a lack of taming. Due to the fact that most often she is about to go feral at the end of the week, however, the evolutionary requirement is triggered the moment before she loses her mind and goes feral. The Dream Stone becomes a light that envelops the Pokégirl, and the result is the Mahavi. Gaining anywhere between six inches to a foot in height, the Mahavi's breasts gain only half a cup in size from what they once were. Though this sometimes disappoints the Mahavi given what the Soixante-Neuf normally evolves into (a true sex machine of a pokegirl, mind you), they do not mind their evolution once they realize one major truth.
They can actually outlast a Menage-a-Trois in a sex battle, with enough training. And the main reasons for this are three-fold. The first is that their sexual endurance becomes much greater than it had been before, their pleasure threshold amazingly high and this makes them very difficult Sex Battle opponents. Most Mahavi also know the tricks that a Menage-a-Trois know as well, allowing them to defend against them. And the last, perhaps just as important, reason is that they have an extra pair of hands to work with. She can use all four of her arms and hands just as well as someone who is ambidextrous can use their hands. As such they have an amazing advantage in sex battles using even only two of her hands to hold her opponent in place, while the other two work on the target using their extensive sexual knowledge to win. If that wasn't enough, they even gain bodies that are as flexible as a Jigglyslut’s, and a tongue like a Laplass’ that can extend up to a foot outside of her mouth. (More, if she learns the more advanced tongue techniques, which can be done in less than half the standard time to learn them thanks to her training habits).
Fortunately, tamers of the Mahavi seem to be a bit happier with their new Pokégirl once they realize that they don't actively attempt to bring the Tamer off as quickly as possible. Instead, when delta-bonded with her tamer, their Mahavi prefers to take things slow, building up to an orgasm after an hour or more of sexual stimulation for them both. When in a Taming session with more than one partner, on the other hand, she enjoys actually enjoying the time she spends with the others, and doesn't feel a need to rush into anything. Their endurance often plays the deciding factor when it comes to taming, and she will often spend time teaching her tamer, and the other Pokégirls in the harem, how to build their endurance as well. Tamers who keep a Mahavi in their harem usually keep them as teachers that can assist them with taming and their own endurance training. As such, they make decent Betas, but are completely unsuited as Alphas.
In normal battles, they are not quite as effective but are still useful. Using their signature Quadra Pummel technique, they can do a fair amount of damage to unarmored Pokégirls that aren't strong against their attacks. These pokegirls are very strong-willed, and have been known to utilize Petrification Gaze in battle to stop their opponents in mid-attack. However, their defenses are lacking, and most Mahavi go down after only a few hits land upon them. Outside of battles, Mahavi enjoy, of all things, reading and learning new things. Many Mahavi are actually used as judges, as their knowledge of different subjects allow them to become quite respected in many circles. Some are known to become Research Assistants, and some are even teachers at Ranches. Some few human girls have been known to threshold into a Mahavi, though this is a very rare thing. Feral Mahavi tend to go after any male or female, human or Pokégirl alike, in search of a taming, and those that threshold into a Mahavi have been known to be the instigators of an orgy within a park or a department store. Families are urged to send the Thresholding girl to a Ranch before she finishes the process, if at all possible, to avoid such a thing. When feral, a Mahavi can speak a few words at most but their instincts to be tamed cannot be resisted by her body. This has also led to a few unfortunate moments on Sadie Poken’s Days throughout the world.
Quadra Pummel (ATK 15 + EFT): An attack where the Mahavi uses each of her arms in a piston-like punching action. For each hit that lands, there is a 10% chance of stunning the opponent, which is doubled with each hit that connects with the target (up to a 40% chance after the fourth strike).
Quadratouch (S.ATK 60 + EFT): Uses all four hands to stimulate her target at the same time, on different parts of the target's body in most cases. Has a 30% chance of inucing Attraction upon their target, as well as a 20% chance of causing her target to orgasm.
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MECHA MUSUME, the Old-fashioned Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Steel (or Steel/Flying, Steel/Water)
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style foods, emphasis on home-cooking and old-fashioned recipes
Role: Historians, curators, archaeologists, and their assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire
Attacks: Agility, Harden, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Punch, Tackle, Gust*, Quick Attack*, Depth Charge**, Slick Touch**
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability x8, Enhanced Stamina x4, Natural Armor, Flight*, Improved Lung Capacity**
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
(A single asterisk is for Steel/Flying Mecha Musume, two is for Steel/Water types.)
Unlike most Pokégirls, who live in the present, and occasionally have an eye for the future, this Pokégirl dwells in the past. It loves nothing more than finding a hitherto undiscovered ruins and spending the entire day exploring. Perhaps because of the delicacy required in such work, this Pokégirl breed is rather soft-spoken, shy and unassuming, normally quiet unless it has something that needs to be said. As well, very loud or exuberant happenings unnerve them, as it is so far outside of what they are used to.
The Mecha Musume is a varied Pokégirl. To date, there haven't been any sightings of two that look similar to each other, except by the broadest of margins. Some possess a Water sub-type, while others possess a Flying sub-type, or none at all. The main feature in common, and one that is harder to truly identify than one would think, is that a portion of their body seems to be a replication of an ancient vehicle of some kind or other. Generally only their arms and legs, although some also have body armor or the occasional helmet.
Mecha Musume are widely different in their exact proportions. Eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, bust size, everything can change widely from one to the next. A large portion of them seem to be younger, near the age of being Pokékits, although this is hypothesized to be related to their elemental affinity. They seem to age slowly, retaining a youthful form for several years after becoming a Pokégirl.
Virtually all of the vehicle types seen in Mecha Musume no longer exist, save in stories passed on through families that managed to keep a connection to before the war. Other, slightly more recent vehicles which disappeared during the war are present as well, even though the last intact vehicle of said type was destroyed over one hundred years ago in some cases. Nonetheless, any researcher who actually knows of these various ancient vehicles will instantly be able to recognize their unique design in a Mecha Musume.
Despite their connections to various war machines, Mecha Musume aren't very skilled at combat. They can hold their own, due to their Steel type, but their mindset makes for very cautious battlers. This introverted nature includes Tamings, as well. Sometimes referred to as old-fashioned, Mecha Musume generally can’t bring themselves to actively seek out and ask for Tamings, save for when enough of their mind has gone away from the setting in of becoming Feral. They will never turn down Tamings, however. They just can't bring themselves to initiate it. This does change when they first discover a new ruin. When that happens, they grow very excitable, and aroused. (A secret fantasy of many Mecha Musume is to use some ancient device or relic as a dildo, although most will never dare admit or act upon it.)
One small skill that most Mecha Musume possess that make them so valued as archaelogical assitants is a form of radar. They seem to know just where to go to find ruins, although this does extend to recent wrecks of vehicles and machines. This radar, while uncontrollable, seems to have near-unlimited range, although the farther away the ruin, the harder it is to get even a rudimentary sense of direction. Most of the time, unless the Mecha Musume has had experience sensing this radar, she will simply lock on to the closest ruin, even if it was already discovered, even by her. Quite a few Tamers keep a Mecha Musume on hand when they need to unearth a certain relic, or to perhaps hunt for something valuable to sell.
Depth Charge (ATK 30 (60 underwater)) - This attack takes the form of a ball of energy which promptly descends to a desired distance, and then detonates. It can also be thrown, but it's rather unstable when this is done. Once the desired distance is met, it detonates, sending out a shockwave. Doubly effective when used underwater.
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MIKILA, the Flying Transport Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Avian)
Element: Flying/Rock
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: human style diet with carnivore tendencies
Role: Flying Transport
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground, Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison
Weak Vs: Steel, Water
Attacks: Obsidian Rain, Feather Shuriken, Dive, Squall, Gravity, ShockSpike
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance & Durability (x6 each), Enhanced Strength & Flying Speed (x4 each)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War, this was originally considered the first of the monsters that Sukebe created. Something between Pokégirl and the original Legendaries, the Mikila was often sighted only in her massive bird-form. She was used by Sukebe's army to provide Teleport points for his specialized troops, as well as to insert many Pokégirl types (such as the Ninjanezumi, Kunoichi, and various Fairy-types) into strongholds and cities while remaining both silent and under most standard radar that the militaries of the time used. Rarely was she seen in combat, and more often was only used to bring fresh supplies and additional troops to replace the losses within the Pokégirl Armies. After the war was over, the Mikila was considered another extinct breed until 22 AS, when a Tamer managed to capture and tame a flying type Pokégirl whom he believed to simply be a Pidgette, but she turned out to be a Mikila after all.
Their height in human form can range from 5 to 6ft and typically the Pokégirl looks much like a human. Their breasts are, on average, only a middling B-cup, though there have been individuals known to have both smaller and larger. The main difference is that their wings connect to the Pokégirl’s back rather than having her arms as her wings. The wingspan of the Pokégirl is tremendous for her build: Each wing is at least twice the height of the Pokégirl in width, some few have been found with even larger wings. But the main difference that has been found between this Pokégirl and other Flying-types is the simple fact that their bodies are substantially different. Research done suggests that this has to do with the transition between the legendary types and other flying types, but the fact is that the Mikila is capable of changing her skin into a type of organic rock. This makes it very difficult to critically harm any of this breed, let alone get through to a vital organ. Strangely, this ability does not increase the Pokégirl’s weight at all, and she can continue to fly at a decent speed (though certainly not as fast as other flying types) as a result while retaining her rock-like skin. She also retains tail feathers, which assist in guiding her while in flight.
The real change, however, is when the Mikila transforms into her bird form. A good eight and a half feet long and standing at least five feet tall, their wingspans change from perhaps 12-15ft of their humanoid-form to twice that in their bird-form. The Mikila can kneel down, however, and will only stand half as tall when she does. She gains five claws in this form, three talons in the front and two behind, allowing her a somewhat greater dexterity in this mode than the other flying types with talons by having a fifth claw, though this rarely comes into play at all. Their beak in this form is long, slightly-curved, and wickedly powerful when she is diving after prey. The Mikila prefers to eat meat, but does enjoy fruits and some nuts as well. In this form, her plumage most often retains the same coloration as her wings from her humanoid form, which can range from a snow-white to a dark, chocolate-like brown color.
These Pokégirls love to race in the air, testing their speed against others of their kind and even other Pokégirl breeds even when feral. Feral Mikila tend to live in small flocks of three-to-five Pokégirls, and seem to prefer to live in forests that are along the sides of mountains away from human establishments. A Mikila can fly at up to 95miles per hour (approximately 43.2km/h), given a good wind and decent weather, though when burdened with a passenger of around 200lbs they can make about half that. However, they are capable of sustaining that speed for a good six or seven hours on average before requiring a rest. There's a rivalry between the Chocoboob, Ponytaur, and the Mikila as a result of their love of racing, with the other two ground-bound, the Mikila enjoy flaunting their ability to soar above it all, flying above obstacles such as forests, rivers, swamps, and even mountains. This can lead to resentment between the breeds, but most polled Pokégirl in regards to this have responded that the rivalry is mostly just a professional rivalry. Thanks to the Mikila's capabilities, they are often used for interocean transports of individuals and documents that shouldn't be sent digitally, and are often used as couriers as well as transporters in modern times.
In a harem, Mikila are often found to be a contributing member, though most often these Pokégirls are only found among Tradesmen. Often, these Pokégirls are simply used to provided over-land transport for wandering tamers and even other people as well who need to get someplace quick. Their wings are too large to allow them to be very useful as a Pet, and they are not geared towards battling at all, either standard battles or sex battles. In battles, if they are allowed to fly, they prefer to rain down their attacks from a distance by pinning the opponent with Gravity and then showering the target with their exclusive Obsidian Rain or less-exclusive Feather Shuriken techniques. And when it comes to sex battles, or sex in general, the Mikila's body is extremely sensitive when she isn't using her hardened skin, which she can't keep up while aroused or relaxed. The Mikila's pleasure threshold rivals that of a Titmouse, and as such is a very poor contender in a sex battle.
Feral Mikila can be found in their humanoid form, often racing other Pokégirls in the sky. Unfortunately, ferals of this breed tend to have a very short attention span unless provoked, attacked, or in a race, leading to a fairly easy capture most of the time when confronted with a faster Pokégirl or an attack or technique she is weak against. While feral, they cannot transform into their bird-like form. However, sometimes a feral Mikila can be found in their bird-form, though this is very rare and likely a result of the Pokégirl going feral while in this form. It is very difficult to bring the Pokégirl out of her bird form when feral, and most often they are simply ignored by most tamers as a result. Feral Mikila are not very territorial, and are known to have a migratory pattern that can take them all over the world within a year and a half. They are, however, quite defensive and do not take kindly to threats in the slightest.
Obsidian Rain (ATK+40): By flying into the air, the Pokégirl flaps her wings and showers down specially changed feathers from them. These feathers are changed from simple feathers and into small pieces of sharp rocks. This is considered a Rock-type attack and can be used by the Mikila in both her human-like and bird-like forms.
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NINJETTE, the foppish in-training ninja Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon to Rare (all Leagues)
Diet: Normal Human Diet
Role: Kunoichi-in-training
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: N/A
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, Ghost, adorable non-aggressive Pokégirls
Attacks: Sleep, Leap, Leer, Throwing Star, Bellyflop, Metronome, Fake Bunshin (*), Partial Bunshin (**), Full Bunshin (***, Only at Level 14 or higher)
Enhancements: Ninja techniques, high regeneration
Evolves: Kunoichi (Level 15), Kunimitsu (Fox E-medal), Ninjanezumi (trigger unknown)
Evolves From: None
A Ninjette is a pre-evolution to Kunoichi, Kunimitsu and a Ninjanezumi, but unlike pre-evolutions, a child of any of those three Pokégirls may randomly be born as a Ninjette. Strangely, a threshold girl with any of those three Pokégirls in their bloodline has a much higher chance to become a Ninjette than the domesticate child of any of those three Pokégirls.
Once of taming age, Ninjettes stand between four foot and five feet tall. Their breasts rarely go above C-cup, but are even less likely to remain an A-cup. Their eye color can be any color, including white or lavender, and they may or may not have visible pupils (i.e. their pupils may match their irises). Their hair color ranges across the rainbow.
If they evolve into a Ninjanezumi or a Kunimitsu, they will take on the general physical attributes of those Pokégirls; but if they become Kunoichi, they can gain between one and two feet in height and their breasts typically can grow to E-cup (though almost never bigger unless Bloom Powder or Milktit milk is involved).
Ninjettes are not bad fighters, provided they've either been properly tamed (if of taming age) or properly motivated (if under taming age). What will properly motivating a Ninjette is as random as their Metronome attack. Ninjettes love adorable things, and will not attack any 'cute' Pokégirl unless said Pokégirl is acting aggressively. Some may become so obsessed with cute that they may temporarily forget how to use Throwing Star because they don't like the smell of metal.
When a Ninjette begins training for the first time, she will screw up. A LOT. However, unless verbally berated to the point of being emotionally damaged, most will continue their training diligently until they evolve. If verbally berated so badly, she will flee, seeking to become strong on her own.
But doing so is considered an enormous blunder. A Ninjette's core principles can be determined early in her training. An intelligent instructor can mold her to the point that not even the normal tendencies of her evolved states will affect her after her evolution, so a Ninjanezumi might be open and friendly or a Kunimitsu can be brash, loud and obnoxious.
Techniques that she learns through a T2 are not affected by this clumsiness, but a Ninjette has a strong aversion to the devices as using them causes a strong headache that refuses to go away for an entire week. During this headache, using any technique other than the T2 will likely result in her accidentally using Metronome or Bellyflop.
The Ninjette can use Fake Bunshin from the get go. This technique creates a small group of replicas of the Ninjette, but these are illusions, incapable of attacking. They vanish once attacked or if the user is struck. All of the Fake Bunshin will mimic the user's motions perfectly, even appearing to attack, but of course do no damage.
Perhaps the creepiest technique in a Ninjette's natural repertoire is the Partial Bunshin. The technique creates fifteen replicas of a single part of the Ninjette's body above them and their target, which rain down on both of them. The body part in question is random, but fully functioning and capable of levitation-like movement. 90% of the time, it will be replicas of the user's hands or feet, but 10% of the time, it will be replicas of their head or other parts. If it's the users hands, they can grab, punch, tickle, etc. as if they were attached to an entire body. A set of Partial Bunshin hands can even pin an opponent to the ground with the same force as the Ninjette herself could muster.
The Ninjette's Full Bunshin is perhaps the most useful. She can create up to two full clones of herself. Both have HP equal to the amount of PP used (the Ninjette can divert PP from other techniques to give them more HP). They cannot be captured by Pokéballs, and cannot use any advanced techniques, but are useful for distractions, ambushes, moving furniture, cleaning, etc. Each turn they're active, they lose 1 HP, meaning that they cannot last forever, but a smart Ninjette doesn't need much time. Once defeated, they vanish in a puff of smoke.
(*) Fake Bunshin - (EFT) This technique creates a small group of replicas of the user, but these are illusions, incapable of doing anything to affect the world around them. They vanish once attacked or if the user is struck. All of the Fake Bunshin will mimic the user's motions perfectly, even appearing to attack, but of course do no damage.
(**) - Partial Bunshin - (EFT) The user creates fifteen replicas of a single body part above them and their target which rain down. The body part in question is random, but fully functioning and capable of levitation-like movement. 90% of the time, it will be replicas of the user's hands or feet, but 10% of the time, it will be replicas of their head or other parts. If it's the users hands, they can grab, punch, tickle, etc. Each one disappears after being struck or after a number of minutes equal to the user's level.
(***) - Full Bunshin - (EFT) The user can create up to two full clones of themselves. Both have HP equal to the amount of PP used (the user can divert PP from other techniques to give them more HP). They cannot be captured by Pokéballs, and cannot use any advanced techniques, but are useful for distractions, ambushes, moving furniture, cleaning, etc. Each turn they're active, they lose 1 HP, Once defeated, they vanish in a puff of smoke.
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PHAENINE, the OTHER catbird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying/Normal
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Flying Scout
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Bug, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Feather Blizzard, Double Needle, Typhoon, Gust, Squall, Hip Drop, Love 'N' Affection, Yell, Quickturn
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x5) high evasion rate in open areas
Disadvantages: Low Vitality, low Strength
Evolves: Griffon (Ceremony evolution, 70%; see below), Airmaiden (Ceremony evolution, 30%; see below)
Evolves From: Mynx (Angel Stone), Kitten (Dream Stone)
Phaenines are called the "OTHER catbird", because they appeared after Griffons, and were not as dangerous. Phaenines were largely scouts, since they lacked the strength and ferocity of their more dangerous counterparts. However, recent studies have shown that an evolution ceremony can evolve a Phaenine into a Gryphon, which has led to an increased interest in this breed.
The difference was apparent from the get-go. Phaenines rarely top 5'5", don't have a battle form, and their feathers have the same pigment as their natural hair color, which is a lot of colors, but never white. Phaenines usually have B-to-C-cup breasts, and always have four-toed birdlike feet (three forward and one behind). Despite having so few common traits with the Griffons, the Phaenines' similarities did cause the few Griffons that also had birdlike feet to be misidentified, leading to some almost catastrophic breaches of human defenses in the Sukebe War, but these ended once humans took note of the key differences.
Phaenines are often overlooked, not because they aren't sexy, but because they lack the sheer power of the Griffon. Those who mock the breed call them "Mock-Griffons" or simply the "OTHER catbird Pokégirl". However, about twenty years ago there was a sudden increase in Phaenine Pokégirls in the wild, which leads researchers to speculate as to how the Phaenine population has exploded so much that they have gone from Rare to Very Uncommon in such a short amount of time. After several years of experimentation, in 299 AS it had been confirmed that Kitten Pokégirls that touch a Dream Stone evolves into a Phaenine. The Phaenine is becoming somewhat more popular as a pet as a result, and may very well be the reason as to why they are becoming more common these days.
Less likely to destroy walls, furniture, and the like due to their lower than average strength for a Pokégirl, and yet they have the advantage of greater speed, agility, and flight. Despite their lack of power, they do possess a lot of advantages. Their keen eyesight allows them greater accuracy than most other Pokégirls, their cat-like agility allows them to use Quickturn to avoid colliding with obstacles or the ground, and their agility combined with their eyesight and their ability to fly, allows them to evade attacks more easily in open areas.
However, there are some disadvantages to the Phaenine as well. Unlike natural flying Pokégirls, she must build up her endurance, as a result of the lung-problems that she once had as a Mynx until she does, her flight times are short and her mobility is quite limited. And because Phaenines were designed as scouts or trackers, they are not as strong as most cat-types tend to be when evolved. However, most Phaenine are laid back, much like Catgirls can be, and prefer to relax and take things in stride when not out hunting. They love to play with children, so long as none pull on her tail (which is rather sensitive) or wings (which can be even more sensitive). Phaenine are sometimes used as Mascots at schools, where they are also used to demonstrate taming theory, as well as the proper way to be a tamer.
Ceremony Description
Elemental Stones Needed: Dream Stone, Sky Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: Open air and taming at any time of the day.
Ceremony Itself: The ceremony must begin at the beginning of any hour during the day, and must be finished between 15 and 30 minutes after beginning the ceremony. The Dream Stone and Sky Crystal must be touching the Phaenine while she and her tamer are having a midair taming session. The Phaenine must possess a need and want to evolve into something more when she orgasms within the 15-to-30-minute time limit. What the Phaenine evolves into is a result of possibility: There is a 70% chance of evolving into a Griffon, while at the same time there is a 30% possibility of evolving into an Airmaiden. Either way, no tamer has ever reported themselves as being disappointed in either result. Of course, considering the time limit, there have been unsuccessful ceremonies- when this happens, both evolution items are absorbed into the Phaenine, but do not induce evolution. It does, however, firmly place the Phaenine's libido in the High-range. According to league data, the ceremony is successful only about 60% of the time due to most tamers infamiliarity with aerial tamings, although some tamers complain that their Phaenines didn't want to evolve into anything more than they already are. Most researchers agree that failure in this type of evolution is much more likely to be the fault of the tamer than the Pokégirl.
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PINCHIT, the Hot Headed/Horned Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Bug/Fighting
Frequency: Not Very Uncommon
Diet: Sap, Sweet Fruit, Small Animals
Role: Forest Attack Force
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Normal, Ground
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice, Flying
Attacks: Seismic Toss, Horn Attack, Takedown, Glare
Enhancements: Hardened Armor, Strength(x4), Sharpened Horns
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
While the Herakunt were created for forest combat, the Pinchit were made for all out attacks in a forest terrain. They are usually covered in dark brown armor to help them blend into their surroundings. The Pinchits’ main weapon are a pair of horns which grow from their heads. The horns have studs on them which help grip their quarry. While they cannot control the length of their horns, they can control how sharp the studs on them are. The horns a Pinchit wields are usually long enough to wrap around a fully-grown man's waist. During the War of Revenge, the Pinchit would usually snap their victims in half at the waist. Their strength makes the task quite easy. These days the Pinchit only use their horns in territory battles or against Pokégirls they don't like. Given their attitude, the list can be quite long.
The Pinchit can qualify as omnivores, however they prefer meat as compared to sap their more peaceful counterparts the Herakunt would eat. They are somehow able to tell when the population of prey is getting low, which makes them switch to tree sap, letting the population return. No one is specifically sure how the Pinchit knows this, but the study is ongoing.
Pinchit are territorial and aggressive, which leads them to try and steal territory for themselves if they feel they are strong enough to get it. They always try to steal the territory of Herakunt since the Herakunt in question always flee despite being strong enough to fight back and possibly win. Despite the aggression that Pinchit possess, they are still capable of living in swarms with the strongest in control of the others.
Taming a Pinchit is surprisingly easy. Once a Tamer captures one, the Pinchit in question is subservient. They acknowledge that the Tamer is stronger and will defer to them. During the taming session, the Pinchit will try all they can to please their Tamer. Seeing themselves as a true servant of the one who is stronger than them. Most researchers believe this was programmed into them by Sukebe as a means of controlling their aggression.
Pinchit are naturally aggressive and will see any kind of aggressive action as a challenge. To them, a Tamer is one of the larger challenges they can face. Some of the more aggressive ones will actively search out opponents to fight just for the sake of fighting. If they beat a strong opponent, they calm down for a while to enjoy the taste of victory and whatever they had gained from the victory be it food, territory, or a Tamer they can get a taming from.
Working with a Pinchit in a Harem can be difficult. They will initially try to place themselves as above the other members of the Harem while showing respect for the Pokégirl who defeated them and allowed their Tamer to catch them. The problem is easy enough to solve by letting the other members of the Harem fight the Pinchit and win. Any new members past the Pinchit will face this problem.
In battle, Pinchits prefer to overpower their opponents and lord a victory over them, provided they stay conscious after whatever wounds they suffer. Their low libido gives them some stamina in the the realms of sex, but they do not like to learn sex techniques since they like battle rather than sex.
Thresholding into a Pinchit is always recorded. Either because of proper registration, or the police reports regarding a newly thresholded Pinchit on the rampage with her uncontrolled aggression.
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POLIWHORE, the Sexy Frog Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Mainly fish, plants
Role: Messengers
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Grass, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Water Gun, Whirlpool, Agility, Double Slap, Water Spear, BubbleBeam
Enhancements: Slick skin, Enhanced swimming speed (X3), Powerful Legs, Longer Arms
Evolves: Polilust (Delta-Bond)
Evolves From: Polishag (Normal)
With enough training, time, and taming, a Polishag gets to evolve into a Poliwhore, and the change is everything she could want and more. No longer is she spurned by tamers for her odd lack of arms and paddle tail, for the tail is no more and long, powerful arms have grown in their rightful place. By becoming more human in appearance, Poliwhores also cement themselves as popular water types that can be used on land and at sea, where their powerful legs can be used in both.
Growing to be an average five feet in height, the Poliwhore often takes her time enjoying her new limbs, taking absolute enjoyment in using them for swimming, fighting, and masturbating, the latter of which is a pastime she couldn’t enjoy. She retains her coloring from her previous form almost completely, her skin lightening its tone only slightly to become a brighter blue. Poliwhore also enjoy a much wanted increase in bust, giving her a nice heavy C-cup, and curvy form, making it all that easier to get her master into the sack. What’s odd about this girl, though, is despite being classified as the Sexy Frog Pokégirl, the only things that even hint her amphibious nature is her arms, which are longer then a humans, and a tongue that’s about equal to a Hotties.
Where as Polishag was playful and fun loving, Poliwhores are VERY lusty Pokégirls, so much so that they are often considered to be the water type Growlie in terms of constant want for sex, often posing to show off their new bodies, especially after they’ve left the water where their bodies glisten. Despite this newly sexual mindset, however, Poliwhores are as heterosexual as their previous forms are, absolutely refusing even to do foreplay with a girl, a surprising thing in itself, since Poliwhores love using their hands for just about anything.
When in battle, the Poliwhore often experiences some mild shock that her new limbs aren’t suited completely for combat, especially considering that until now she couldn’t properly learn hand and arm techniques. This will not deter a Poliwhore, however, as while she continues to use her long range abilities in battle, she’ll do her best to learn attacks that uses her arms and hands, increasing her skill as a close combat fighter.
As stated before, Poliwhores are girls that love to be tamed, and as with everything else, the water type loves using her new hands and arms to please her master, going as far as to become sexual aroused from giving her master a hand-job. In fact, much like how Polishags have anal fetishes because of their tails, Poliwhores have hand fetishes because of their hands, loving their own and others. A skilled tamer will be able to make a Poliwhore completely his by getting her to orgasm by his hands alone. It should be noted, however, that while Poliwhore are just as heterosexual as their sisters, they will enjoy other pokgirls that have cock or cock like abilities, making the Frog girl among one of the few girls that enjoy having a Dildoqueen around.
Feral Poliwhores are actually a bit rarer then their rarity would lead one to believe, since the heterosexual girl is often WANTING to be captured by a male and is often doing her best to tease and arouse males more then battling. Threshold Poliwhores, while very rare, don’t have the fixation with their hands as their feral cousins do, but when they realize they could have lost their hands in the Polishag stage, almost all of them are glad they had thresholded into Poliwhore instead
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PYROTHON, the Fiery Python Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Python)
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore (prefers well cooked meat)
Role: Ambush Hunter, Outdoors Cook
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Steel, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Water, Flying
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Dig, Ember, Fireball, Flamethrower, Ignite, Warm Embrace, Flamequake *
Enhancements: Enhanced Tail Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
The Pyrothon is a large powerful snake-like Pokégirl that uses her immense tail strength along with her fire abilities to defeat her opponents. During the revenge war, the Pyrothon was used to ambush human forces by tunneling under them only to emerge in the middle of her foes, spreading such attacks as fire floor and flamequake to take out large groups of humans at a time. The Pyrothon would often finish off any survivors with a combination of wrap and ignite. After the war, this Pokégirl has gained popularity amongst tamers and hunters alike due to her use in trapping and capturing prey. Unlike most snake Pokégirls, the Pyrothon is capable of living in colder climates due to their high body temperature and fire capabilities.
The Pyrothon has the upper body of a beautiful athletic woman with lightly tanned skin and the lower half of a large pre-Sukebe python. Her lower snake half can range from anywhere between 20-30 feet long and is usually dark brown in color but whites and yellows have been seen in domestic born individuals. This coloring is used by ferals as a natural camouflage in forested regions to blend in with dirt and rocks. Her breasts are usually a solid B-cup but low C-cups have been seen in larger individuals. A Pyrothon’s eye color is almost always a dark brown color, but others have been reported. Their hair color usually ranges from light brown to dark black but blond is becoming more and more common in threshold and domestic born individuals. Most Pyrothons like to keep their hair short, when asked about this most say that long hair gets in their way during a fight. Unlike the Naga and most of her evolutions, the Pyrothon has no metamorphic capabilities. Her snake-like tail starts just under her human-like vagina. Unlike pre-Sukebe pythons and most snake type Pokégirls the Pyrothon lacks the ability to unhinge her jaws.
In battle, most Pyrothons like to start off with a combination of dig and their special attack flamequake to catch their opponents by surprise. During a battle they like to use the attack fire floor to prevent their opponents from escaping. Most Pyrothons will finish a fight the same way; by coiling around their opponent and using ignite to almost literally cook them alive. Against foes that can fly over most of their attacks, they will often use flamethrower and fireball to try and shoot them down so they can finish them off as usual. They have have a hard time fighting water types. Not only can most water types counter fire floor with water floor but they can prevent flamequake from being effective by flooding the area with water. Outside of battle most Pyrothons enjoy using their flames to cook for themselves and their harem. They especially enjoy BBQ.
To outsiders, they seem mostly cold and indifferent, but to those who have worked hard and gained her trust she seems like a totally different Pokégirl. After one has broken through her shell the she often is very warm and friendly. Once her tamer gains her trust, she will become very lustful and will often try to initiate a taming session whenever alone with him. Most individuals of this breed are shy when it comes to doing anything sexual in public and will only try to initiate a taming session when alone with a tamer that she likes. When it comes to taming she will often be very dominant. Most like to coil around their tamers and use warm embrace to stimulate their tamers whole body at once. When it comes to the act of taming most of this species don't like to share. Trying to initiate a group taming with a Pyrothon involved is not recommended. In fact, the very idea tends to anger them. Over time most members of this breed will eventually learn to accept that their tamer has others in his life and needs to take care of them too, just as long as she doesn’t have to hear about it. After getting to know them, most Pyrothons will at least try to reach out and form a friendship with their harem sisters. This breed makes a poor choice for alpha due to their jealousy and territoriality, but can make a good choice for beta. Due to the fact that when it comes to battle and training they are very serious. Most Pyrothons don't get along with the Hellcat breed very well. They consider the dining habits of most Hellcats to be quite undignified, usually calling the Hellcat's preference for burning meat to a crisp before eating it "a waste of a good piece of meat". Unlike a lot of other fire types she is safe to tame without protection from her flames, as her sex is only slightly above normal human body temperature. Unlike most other snake Pokégirls, they are almost entirely bisexual sexual. While this allows both male and female tamers to keep a Pyrothon satisfied, they don't like having multiple partners. In fact, most are monogamous in their taming habits and once bonded, will only willingly tame with that person. If she is traded or won by salvage, short of a level 5 taming cycle, it can take weeks or even the threat of going feral before she will willingly accept another.
The feral state of the Pyrothon is fairly intense. As their feral state increases, they become more and more territorial about their tamer. Often times they will try to keep their harem sisters away from their tamer, whom they perceive as their territory. Pyrothons are very territorial, making their homes in burrows in mountainous and forested regions. Ferals will often times attack anything that comes near their burrow, whether they are human or Pokégirl. In such an occasion one should use strong water type attacks as the Pyrothon is weak to water. Do to the fact they can't unhinge their jaws, when feral, they usually have to rely on their fire abilities to cook their meals thoroughly enough to tenderize their food to allow them to tear off chunks of meat small enough to swallow. This also makes their food easier to digest.
Threshold into a Pyrothon is fairly uncommon but becoming more and more common in families with both fire and ground types in their ancestry. The first sign that most girls notice that they are going through threshold is an elevated body temperature mixed with an intense feeling of possessiveness over their room and possessions. This Threshold is a very painful and frightening process that most often lasts from a week to two weeks. During this time her legs fuse together and elongate, eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a long snake-like tail. Thresholders oftentimes have trouble controlling their developing fire abilities, leaving them as a fire risk until they learn to control their powers.
Flamequake – Ground/Fire (ATK 120 + EFT) In a variation of the technique earthquake, a dig capable fire Pokégirl tunnels under her opponents and creates a small localized earthquake. During this earthquake she releases as much fire as she can from the pores of her body. These intense flames spill out from the cracked earth, engulfing her opponents. This attack has a 45% likelihood of inflicting the status ailment of Burn.
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STARBOOBIE, the Stronger Starfish Pokégirl Type: Metamorph (Inhumanoid/Not Very Human)
Element: Water/Rock/Psychic
Frequency: Very Uncommon/Rare
Diet: Water/Sand/Glass
Role: Unknown (reconnaissance?)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Flying, Fire, Rock, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Rain, Water Floor, Psychic, Rock Cube, Rock Boulder, No Sell, Quick, Mirror Coat
Enhancements: Harder shell, more 'limbs' in combat form
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Starboob (Level 35 + Water Stone)
This Pokégirl is virtually identical to their 'little sisters', save for four differences. First, the Starboobie has ten fins in their 'combat' form. The new ones form in-between the normal five and make it more difficult to grapple. She can now levitate up to thirty feet in the air and travel upwards of seventy-five miles per hour (or thirty mile per hour if carrying a single person).
Secondly, the Starboobie gains access to psychic attacks.
Thirdly, in their human forms, their breasts usually increase one full cup size and become 20-30% less sensitive.
And fourthly, the Starboobie's core-gem becomes a beautiful rainbow of colors, which also translates to the Starboobie's hair in it's humanoid form.
If Starboob core-gems were like a nice agate, Starboobie core-gems were like diamonds in comparison. These gem cores are ultimately more valuable than the Starboob's, mostly because they are far less common. A Starboobie only creates and ejects a new gem core once every five years. They are as hard as diamonds and usually look far more spectacular, the only exception being incredibly well cut diamonds.
Starboobies are now looked upon as a status symbol, a trophy or 'ultimate accessory'. Some rich women, despite being heterosexual or even anti-Pokégirl, will hire lesbian or bisexual maids to keep a Starboobie's needs in line so as to keep the status granted to them for even owning one.
Not only that, but because of the Starboobie's psychic talents and natural hard body, she can be a fairly competent bodyguard. Starboobies may not be at all social events, but they will usually appear at any event thrown by their owner.
If a Starboobie goes completely feral, she does not lose intelligence, the ability to speak or grow distracted. Instead, she becomes incredibly aggressive, both physically and sexually. Worse, this foul temperament may not fade when she is finally tamed, depending on why she went feral, who tamed her and the reasons for that person to tame her. If a stupid and/or cruel tamer lets her grow feral and another person selflessly tamed her, she will treat the selfless person that tamed her with a great deal of respect, while loathing and utterly despising her tamer.
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URSINE, the Big Bear Brawler Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bear)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Very Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore (prefers fish; requires three times more than normal to prepare for hibernation)
Role: Combat, long-term scouts, body-guard
Libido: Average (High for a month before Winter)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Fury Swipes, Takedown, Roar, Tackle, Bite, Crunch, Dig, Earthquake
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance & Durability (x4 each), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Hibernation ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
One of the rarer types of Pokégirls, the Ursine takes after an animal that was once known as a bear (which are now, obviously, extinct). Unlike the Snorlass and their evolutions, this breed is tall and heavily muscular, although one may not notice such given the fur that covers their bodies. The fur ranges from a pitch black to a soft sandy-coloration and anywhere in between. They are known for their strong claws and body, capable of taking a rather large amount of punishment while giving out even more. These Pokégirls are very territorial and will often chase out any intruders, be they ferals, tamers, or even harem sisters. Unlike the animal that the Ursine is modeled after, most of this breed has eyesight that is the equivalent of a humans. However, for some reason, some Ursines do wind up near-sighted. It is because of this that most non-feral Ursines wear glasses, since the breed is more susceptible to having eyesight problems. Most Ursines stand at upwards of six feet tall, though only rarely do any reach seven feet tall. One in history has been recorded at eight feet tall, and is on display in a museum in Viridick City.
All Ursines will stake out a territory and regardless of if this happens inside a harem or not, this breed will defend that territory as fiercely as she can. The first caught Ursine was not by a tamer, but by a Watcher that had lived near her territory for months on end before finally taking the final step of catching her. The result was an Ursine that got along well with him from the start- subsequent captures of an Ursine by wandering Tamers have found many reports from those early days of the tamer being brutally attacked and injured as a result of Taming attempts. In a harem, although the Ursine can learn to work together with others, the breed is known for being independent and stubborn- any item she is given by her tamer is guarded with her life. This breed has shown a remarkable tendancy towards guarding her tamer/owner as well. However, it is this same attitude that makes them unsuitable for any leadership roles within a harem. They do not give in to sharing easily, and all Ursine prefer one-on-one taming sessions.
An odd trait of the Ursine is the ability to hibernate when it comes to winter time. The Pokégirl eats almost as much as a Snorlass or a Grizzlar can and her libido increases to high for a month before her hibernation sets in. For three months out of a year, the Ursine sleeps through it all. Waking the Pokégirl up during this time is considered unhealthy for all involved in the waking of her. In fact, waking her up from normal slumber can be hazardous to one's health as well, though not to the same extent. Waking up to breakfast, on the other hand (especially fish of some sort), will normally appease any pissed off Ursine. This also seems to work on feral Ursine as well.
In battle, Ursine are straight-forward battlers who will charge in and attempt to overwhelm her opponent with her claws and teeth. It is rare that they utilize any strategy that they come up with, but have been known to follow the orders or strategies of a tamer that they trust. They do not tend to trust harem members while in battle, and have been known to harm her own harem sisters by accident or to finish off the opponent. It is also for this same reason that they are not trusted in sex battles, and Ursine as a breed have been counted as inappropriate and illegal combatants in sex battle leagues around the world.
On a side note, this breed was once considered a prototype for the Snorlass. This has been proven false, considering the differences and the fact that no Ursine has ever evolved into a Snorlass or any of her evolutions. Also, at one point the Ursine was considered an evolution for the Mynx. The tamer that had made this claim was probed by a psychic and it was found that the Mynx was actually killed by the Ursine, but was wounded enough for the tamer to catch the Ursine afterwards. This information should become available in the next Pokédex firmware update.
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