AGUAMIEL, the Sweet Water Chinchilla Pokégirl Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, Pokéchow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert irrigation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant, cat Pokégirls
Attacks: Water Gun, Fog Cloud, Agility, Scratch, Kick
Enhancements: Enhance Vision (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2), Nightvision, Water sense and internal water storage sacs
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Water Stone)
Aguamiels change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a blue-green color. They also become more placid, and rarely get upset over anything (even Hamtits), which makes them a more popular evolution of the Chichi, second only to the Margarita. They also develop a shy, demure attitude, which makes them ‘cuter’ in some people’s eyes, despite not possessing the Aura of Cute enhancement.
Wild Aguamiel prefer to live in dry desert-mountainous regions, and their first act is usually to start digging a well, using their ability to sense water to find an ideal spot to dig. Aguamiel packs can often form an oasis over time, usually with assistance from Tamales to provide the plant life. They are still popular as pets, possibly more so because they store water in their bodies like a Squirtitty, making them more of a walking, Tamable thermos, though this view has some mixed reactions from the Aguamiel. Some doesn’t mind it, since they like to help people using their abilities, not to mention that they feel that the act of giving water to their Tamers is rather erotic, while others frown when the fact is mentioned to them.
This also allows them access to a few basic Water attacks, though they prefer not to use them if they can help it, since they are so used to conserving water in their home terrain, which isn’t surprising, considering how little water is available in deserts. Scientists and farmers also use them to help with irrigation, turning desert into viable farmland. Which to the Aguamiel is a blessing, since they can use their abilities to help many people, which makes them happy to a point where their libido increases slightly, where they become quite affectionate with their Tamers.back to the master index
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AIRMAIDEN, the Air Elementalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: Air Elementalist, teacher, negotiator
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ghost, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Healing Breeze, Hurricane, Typhoon, Wind Slash, Agility, Current Shield
Enhancements: Aerokinesis, sense weather patterns, enhanced speed and agility (x2), decreased strength (human equivalent)
Evolves: Magic Knight (Dawn Stone), Valkyrie (battle stress), Psinin (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Titto (Sky Crystal), Phaenine (Ceremonial Evolution)
A scout that was among Sukebe’s finest, this Pokegirl looks much like most human women. They would infiltrate many of the human encampments, sometimes even going through military training in order to join the human armies, only to devastate entire boot camps and training facilities with her flying attacks and abilities. When human numbers would surge against her, she'd simply escape by using her aerokinesis to deflect or slow down her opponents long enough to escape. In more civilian environments, the Airmaiden was found to be less likely to devastate the human population. Indeed, the first recorded capture of an Airmaiden was in the Silver Islands, where she was found after nearly going feral in her desire to deny her orders to destroy the survivors of the city (who were mostly children).
The Airmaiden is a rarity, a Flying-type Pokégirl who does not fly! Instead, her elemental nature is manifested in her ability to sense, manipulate, and control air currents. They tend to look like highly intelligent, but still startlingly beautiful, teenagers. They usually have short brown hair, deep green eyes, and some even have glasses. They tend to enjoy wearing dresses made of green material, and have decorations in their hair. They generally have great personalities, though sometimes a little on the shy side, and their kindness can sometimes rival that of a Megami or a NurseJoy. However, though passive outside of battle, the Airmaiden can be ruthless in battle. Powerful in close and at range, these pokegirls can devastate her opponents even though she has little aptitude for hand to hand combat. This problem is negated by her Current Shield (described below), which protects her from most physical attacks that are used at close range against her.
Airmaidens are a wonderful addition to any Tamer's Harem, as they tend to have positive attitudes, and their high intelligence can help out Tamers in tough situations. This ability makes them great Alpha material, though they are quite content to remain they way they are, and they are always trying to cheer up those in their Harem. Airmaidens are among the more intelligent pokegirls in the world, especially outside of Psychic-types. They can usually be found working, these days, among news crews for weather forecasting, as librarians, or even teachers. These pokegirls seem to enjoy learning as much as they can, and have a near insatiable curiosity for anything that might be of interest to them. This doesn't seem to expand to sex techniques, however, and few Airmaidens are known for learning too many of those- their low libido and pleasure threshold, as a result of their body's sensitivity to touch, make them unlikely candidates for any sex battles.
There have been reports of an unlikely trio of Pokégirls seen in the Mountain League. This trio consists of a Watermaiden, a Firemaiden and an Airmaiden traveling together. Since there is generally a rivalry between Firemaidens and Watermaidens, researchers are still baffled by these Pokégirls' friendship with one another. Many have speculated that this is due to the presence of the Airmaiden with the other two, though little proof has been recorded. However, a report from Mizuhara Makoto of the Opal League places him with a similar trio, and this seems to show that the Airmaiden is often the mediator of the two rivaling Pokégirl types, despite the fairly common occurrence of their harem being banned from villages and cities that they travel through due to damages resulting from their frequent fights. It is only the Airmaiden’s voice of reason that seems to keep them from tearing the harem apart.
These days, the Airmaiden is becoming more popular and more common. Over the past twenty-five years or so, the Airmaiden population has expanded, and has as a result upgraded her frequency from “Very Rare” to “Rare.” They make good pets, as their intelligence can often make them found as Tutors to schoolchildren and Pokékits, as well as other Pokégirls. There has been one documented bit of information that has been brought to light in the past ten years, however. One Airmaiden that evolved into a Valkyrie was found to not have wings, and yet still be able to fly. The same Valkyrie evolved into an Armsmistress, and although she was not a Malakim-version, she was able to fly as a result as well. Researchers are investigating the matter, but as this was just one case, it is undetermined as to whether or not this is normal for evolutions of this Pokégirl to retain this capability.
Current Shield (EFT): Provides a barrier that is good for as long as the Airmaiden stands in one place. It deflects any melee attack that isn't done with a weapon which is less than (ATK+80) in strength. This lasts for up to three minutes every time it is used, and requires a turn to diminish afterwards before the Airmaiden can bring the shield back up. Fighting types that attack with their melee strikes will be stunned for two turns from the winds that whip around the Airmaiden that form her Current Shield.back to the master index
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AMACHAMP (aka GOLEM), the Super Strength Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human style but with heavy mineral requirements
Role: Physical Labor and Tank Equivalent
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
>b>Special Weaknesses:
Can't swim, requires special diet
Attacks: Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch, Pummel, Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Pose, Focus, Gatling Punch, Super Move, No Sell
Enhancements: High density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x20), reinforced musculoskeletal structure, high efficiency cardiovascular system, dermal plating, high efficiency respiratory system, Secondary ribcage with second set of arms and breasts as well as some internal organs.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amachoke (normal)
The final evolution of the Amachop appears far more human than the Amachoke. Her body becomes more slender than either of her previous forms, and her height remains what it was as an Amachoke.
However, she weighs over 900 pounds.
Her strength is sufficient to lift and carry several times her own weight and her speed is similar to that of a normal human, but stopping becomes a problem because of their incredible mass.
Of course, the biggest difference between an Amachamp and her lesser forms is her doubled chest and extra set of arms. She has four breasts, each pair between a set of arms, and she has two sets of lungs and two hearts to keep her larger body active. Her second heart is actually on the right side of her lower chest while her original heart remains on the left side of her upper chest. Some physiologists believe this is to prevent the two hearts from synchronizing and doing serious damage to her body, as was seen in the earliest gasoline engines when the valves were synchronized.
Amachamps do not suffer from the arrogance of their previous forms. Most feel satisfied with their final level of strength and while they may work out to keep in shape, they are not as driven as their previous evolutions are. Then again, most of their former workouts were found to be too easy or too difficult to accomplish with four arms. Some may even grow to fear their own power, as few opponents are much of a challenge when the Amachamp's four arms can completely immobilize them.
Some researchers feel that it's the lower number of workouts coinciding with the increase of libido that prove the theory that the workouts were a form of masturbation. Of course, Amachamps are more prone to backaches, so a tamer who knows massage will find themselves being "appreciated" quite often.
Despite their increased control, restraints are still a must when taming.
Amachamps do not suffer a drop in intelligence if they go feral, but they do become more aggressive. Because of this, any tamer who abandons an Amachamp or lets her become feral will usually face punishment. back to the master index
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AMEDEUS, the Rain Goddess Pokégirl Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish
Role: Underwater-mining, deep sea patrols, piracy
Libido: Average (High Seasonally)
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Grass, Electric
Attacks: Water Spear, Rain, Water Floor, Watery Tentacles Seize/Molestation/Penetration, Harden, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Armored skin, Multiple limbs, Instinctive Mineral Location (within 75 feet)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Many criminal organizations use a wide array of Pokégirls. But the pirates of the world have one that they specialize in. The Amedeus.
An Amedeus stands 6’7” tall on average, with plump C-Cup to D-Cup breasts. Their skin is a stony gray with a dark cream color on their bellies and chests. Their cheeks, an odd reddish color, puff out when angry. Just below their ample breasts are a pair of small secondary arms, and two pairs of small flippers. Their hair and eyes come in a wide variety of colors, but green and red respectively appear to be the most common. They have a tail that’s about twice the length of their body and ends in a three-point flipper they use while swimming. Their arms are notably longer than those of humans are, and their hands end in three long fingers, one of which being an opposable thumb.
The Amedeus are considered some of the best high-speed swimmers known, their preference being for swimming in extremely deep water. They use their longer normal arms and the four mini-flippers on their waist to propel and steer themselves while under water, their long tail serving as a major propulsion system and steering aide.
During the Revenge War, Amedeus aided other powerful water-types in dealing with divers and submersibles in combat. Also they often used their unusual ability to detect different minerals to find the materials to make armor and weaponry.
In a harem an Amedeus is best suited as a sparring partner, scout, and taming aide. While they’re very capable of combat their specialty is as a supporting role. Though those who obtain a destructive streak are sometimes used by Pirates for combat on the High Seas, where this breed truly shines on the battlefield.
Normally an Amedeus is rather childish and playful in nature. While their feral state is comparatively mild to most Pokégirls. Those who've seen an Amedeus that's feral compare it to seeing a scared child that’s far stronger than it expected. The Amedeus still retains its high-seas combat ability and overall infrastructure support role to this day as it had in the Revenge War. As such it’s rather common to learn that someone with an Amedeus is either a Tradesman who does Deep Sea mining, or they're someone you might want to avoid.
An Amedeus' Taming habits are as expected. They like it when their Tamer is willing to tame them whole they make use of their favored "Watery Tentacles" attacks to tame the remainder of their harem-sisters.
It's rather rare to find cases of thresholding into an Amedeus, but most of these cases are, as expected, common in the island leagues, Silver Islands, Crescent Star, and Orange Islands.
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ANGEL, the Angelic Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph/Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare (Avenger variety), Very Rare (Elysian variety)
Diet: Human style foods, vegetarian
Role: Aerial scouts and emergency medics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock
Attacks: Gust, Divine Blade, Mana Bolt, Shield, Dazzle, Summon Weapon, Cure
Enhancements: Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Aura of Healing
Evolves: Fallen Angel (major trauma/bad experiences, Celestial sub-type) or (moral corruption, Infernal sub-type), Archangel (Shield Stone)
Evolves From: Any Blessed Pokégirl (Angel Stone)
Angels are something of a mystery. Beautiful winged girls with pure hearts and kind demeanors, they are popular both among tamers and the general populace for their abilities and selfless demeanors.
Physically, Angels are a generally a very similar group, though they are not without their variations. The most common Angel is a little over 5 feet tall, with pale skin and long golden blonde hair flowing down almost to their feet. All angels also possess very soft and large white feathered wings, though they are sometimes magically dismissed for convenience or to let them blend in with society easier while they do their work. The Angel's flawless beauty often seems like that of a statue - perfect, but almost surreal. Some Angels have been known to have their hair cut short or to have different colors, but in all cases the Pokégirl's inner radiance shines through. Angels eat a vegetarian style diet, and have very efficient digestive and immune systems, making them strong against naturally occurring poisons. Interestingly however, they are still weak against poison-type attacks.
Although Angels make fine warriors, they dislike violence. They will gladly fight if they believe the fight to be justified in order to protect others from harm, but they consider violence inspired purely out of base emotions such as anger or hatred to be evil acts and will not participate in them. Despite their dislike of violence, many Angels have no compunctions against training, stating that it strengthens the body and spirit for the times when their beliefs will be challenged and their services will be needed.
Angels are not particularly strong Pokégirls, but are swift and graceful, both in and out of combat, using their flight to keep opposing foes at bay, while striking from either a distance with spells or fighting up close with their summoned weapons. Angels are rarely armed, but at the same time are rarely far from their weapon – they may summon a simple, unenchanted sword (or other melee weapon), or a bow and arrows, depending on the angel's personality. These weapons are made of condensed magical ether and are not particularly special or durable. Each individual angel may summon weapons of only one type, and only one such summoned weapon may exist at one time. As an exception, if an Angel possesses and has blessed a unique individual weapon, she may dismiss or summon that weapon at will, similar to her wings, though if that individual weapon is broken, it cannot be so easily replaced. Angels commonly enchant their summoned weapons with Divine Blade, granting them extra combat power and the Celestial attack sub-type.
There are currently two known Angelic 'Orders'. The first and most common is that of the Avengers. Avengers tend to be aloof and quiet Pokégirls, only speaking when they feel there is something that needs to be said. They have great difficulty with such things as "small talk" or "chatting". All Avengers wear clothes and, in fact, insist upon it. Any tamer who tries to force an Avenger to be naked outside of taming can count on a very lengthy argument about the inherent immorality of public indecency. Taking away their clothes doesn't help either, as they can summon up new clothing as easily as they can summon up their chosen weapon.
Elysians are a very different matter indeed. Elysians are humble, yet often open girls. Elysians follow a creed to 'protect life while it lives, and to enjoy life while it lasts'. To an Elysian, one's body is a gift to be cherished, and so find nothing inherently evil or immoral with nudity or expressing one's feelings through sex. They often wear little to nothing at all, and both take pride in their appearance, and encourage others to feel confident with themselves as well. Elysians are relatively few in number, but are held in higher esteem among most humans for various reasons.
Because of their differences in opinion, the Avengers and Elysians rarely get along with each other. The Avengers tend to think of Elysians as impure whores, while the Elysians consider Avengers overly serious and prudish. The schism between the established Avengers and the small but growing ranks of the Elysians is a considerable one. It is almost unheard of for the disagreements to devolve into violence, however it has happened before, and likely will happen again.
All of the Angelic Orders are very caring and prone to sudden displays of affection, which can sometimes catch their tamers off guard. Even when they are not given the Alpha position, Angels look after their harem-sisters, making excellent Betas. Their Aura of Healing accelerates the natural healing rates of living creatures around them, helping to soothe pains and allowing for easier recoveries, which, coupled with their minor talents with healing magic, can make them the difference between life and death in the wilderness.
Angels will almost universally rebel against cruel, abusive tamers, often resulting in the death of either the Angel or the tamer. Should great trauma fall upon an Angel, it is possible that they may evolve into a Fallen Angel (Celestial). On even rarer occasions, an Angel can find herself corrupted by a particularly exceptional individual or extreme circumstances, evolving into a Fallen Angel (Infernal).
Recently, certain sections of the Church of a Thousand Gods are trying to spread the belief that Angels aren't 'just' Pokégirls with wings, but messengers from the Divine. Such priest or priestesses claim that their dislike of violence, their protection of the weak and the defenseless and their almost indiscriminate care for life are examples the Divine wants all to follow. So far, no Avenger has commented on these beliefs one way or the other, although they do tend to smile whenever they hear about them. Elysians, on the other hand, softly deny the claims in their entirety, a point which has both the Avengers and the Church a bit miffed.
Divine Blade - (ATK 80) This technique imbues a weapon with Celestial energy, either acting as an attack on it's own right or adding half of it's damage to attacks using that weapon. The enchantment lasts for several minutes before fading. All attacks with the enchanted weapon count as Celestial attacks in addition to their normal type.back to the master index
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ANNT QUEEN, the Industrial Queen Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (insectoid)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Rare (one per Annt colony)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Commanding Annts, industrial (Illegal to own without Tradesman’s License)
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Electric, Psychic
Weak Vs: Rock, Steel, Fire
Attacks: Aura of Command (Annts only), Sweet Scent
Enhancements: Command of Annts, ability to evolve new Ant Queens, wings, antennae
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Annt (selected for greateness by previous Queen)
The evolution of an Annt into an Annt Queen is a beautiful thing to see. The Queen chooses her successor, embraces and kisses her, then turns and begins to fly away-- this is one of two times an Ant Queen ever uses her wings. The other is when the selected Annt grows her own set of wings and flies after her Queen to Tame her in mid-air. Once the original Queen reaches orgasm, the Annt finishes her evolution and takes command of the colony she once belonged to. Usually, selecting and evolving her successor is the last thing an Annt Queen does, as she is so weak either from age or from battle or from the Taming flight that she falls to her death upon orgasm.
Feral Annt Queens simply direct their colonies this way and that, ordering the Annts to deconstruct or eat whatever they come across and build burrows in their place, or to protect her when something menaces her (like a Tamer or predatory ferals). Tamed Annt Queens are not the most intelligent of pokegirls, but they can give and take orders and show some small amount of initiative in solving problems presented by their owners.
Annts are very unappealing and rather creepy, but Annt Queens are quite lovely. Their hair has grown back, and their bodies fill out into the bodies of curvy young women (regardless of the age of the Annt, a newly-evolved Annt Queen is always physically 20 years old). Their insectile features are reduced to the antennae of their previous form, and the wings grown during the evolution process, which are vestigial unless they seek to evolve a successor. The exoskeleton softens to a velvet feel when groomed correctly. Feral Annt Queens are constantly bulgingly pregnant and laying eggs to keep the numbers of their colonies up, and it is understandable if no one wants to Tame a newly-captured Annt Queen. -- who, unfortunately, needs to be Tamed extremely often, since she is being Tamed on behalf of her hundred or more subordinates as well.
Unique among the hiveminded Pokégirls, Annt Queens retain control over their colony when captured (though the capturing process usually drastically reduces the colony’s numbers). Which means that someone who captures and Tames an Annt Queen suddenly has an army at their command-- but an army that they are wholly responsible for feeding, housing, and directing toward more useful purposes than they are otherwise inclined to do. It is extremely illegal to own an Annt Queen except under an industrial Tradesman’s License, as only a Tradesman has the resources necessary to keep the colony and the work to keep them useful. Penalties for unauthorized possession of an Ant Queen range from confiscation and a fine or community service to prison time.
As a previous Annt Queen’s presence is necessary for her to evolve from Annt, there are no instances of a Threshold Annt Queen. There is one recorded instance of a Threshold Annt (identified by a permanent ink marking upon her exoskeleton) who was selected to evolve into Annt Queen by her predecessor, and she recovered her memories of being human (and then asked for a Level 5 Taming Cycle... such it goes).
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APPLEPIE, the Sweetest Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Plant/Bug
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Apples, cinnamon sticks, soil, sunlight, water
Role: ???
Libido: Matches that of her lover
Strong Vs: Dark, Plant, Psychic, Fighting, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, Ice, Poison, Bug, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Lust Dust, Sleep Powder, Fruit Juice, Root, Vine Bondage, Royal Honey, Honey Syrup, Lure, Probing Vines, Pretty Wink, Grass Cock (for lesbian ApplePies)
Enhancements: Plant-like physiology, enhanced pleasure center, increased size (generally 1'-3' taller than previous form)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cutiepie (strong diet of apples + unknown trigger)
Discovered in 304 AS, the ApplePie, sometimes called AmericanPie in some areas, is a very unusual transformation for the CutiePie. Mostly because there's a lot of confusion on how it could be both a plant and a bug Pokégirl at the same time.
The ApplePie retains her smooth skin-like exoskeleton and her antennae, but her exoskeleton turns light red with pink covering the front of her torso (just above her breasts) running down to her vagina. Her eyes appear to be those of a human's, but close inspection reveals that the pupils and irises of her eyes remain multifaceted. She also gains one to three feet in height and a more full figure. Her exoskeleton now also absorbs sunlight and some water. It is the perfect fusion between insect and plant, the lines blurring between the two.
The ApplePie is very non-confrontational, seeking to avoid combat, either by putting her opponents to sleep or getting them randy enough that violent acts towards her have the lowest priority in their minds.
ApplePies love to have sex. A VERY sex-oriented Pokégirl, she has more erogenous zones than most other Pokégirls, and will often have many "favorite positions", and may ask for orgies if in a Tamer's harem.
Some believe that this might be similar to a Damsel's lack of pain center, but since ApplePies CAN recognize pain, it has been dismissed. ApplePies are constantly doing their best to avoid pain, possibly due to their now overly sensitive skin, thus why many of their attacks either disable, restrain or change aggression into lust.
The two reasons the ApplePie is popular, both among wild Pokégirls and tamers, is that she smells like a warm apple pie and her cum tastes like apples (and cinnamon, if she has any in her diet). Whether in a harem or in the wild, when an ApplePie has free time, she will try to cultivate the local soil to grow apple trees, even if the region isn't the best for growing them. It's unknown if this is a result of their evolution or forward thinking, but almost no tamer, save for the most aggressively paranoid, will stop this act. Some tamers and/or lovers of the ApplePie may even help.
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AUPAIR, the Fungal Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid (mushroom)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: water, soil
Role: domestic helper
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Razor Leaf
Enhancements: Easily-filled dietary needs, low maintenance
Evolves: AuPairSex (normal)
Evolves From: Any Pokégirl sprayed with spores from an AuPairSex.
Bounty (for confirmed kill/sterilization of feral AuPairSex during Breeding Season): 500 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of non-sterilized AuPairSex during Breeding Season): 5,000 SLC
Bounty (for bringing Spore-infected individuals to a Pokécenter for reverse treatment): 1,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Have a Pokégirl with wind-based powers at the ready just in case, to blow the Spores away if released. If this isn't possible, a fire-type will work just as well. AuPairSexes are not dangerous in the lethal sense, so killing them immediately is not encouraged except as a last resort. Try to ball the AuPairSex if you can and take them to a Pokécenter.
AuPairs are to be pitied. They are the pre-evolution of the AuPairSex, but they came into existence after the aforementioned Pokégirl. They are formed when a human or Pokégirl is sprayed with the Spores from an AuPairSex's breasts when they are in full bloom. If the spores have a chance to settle into the victim's body, changes start to occur. First, if male, they will become female. Secondly, their skin becomes a pale white in coloring. Their eyes turn yellow and crystalline. They either grow or shrink, depending on their original height, leveling out at five feet tall, and gain A-cup breasts. Their hair shrinks into their head, and a large, black-spotted, mushroom-like cap appears on their heads that is about three-feet in diameter all around. Their minds also slowly start to fade, as if they were undergoing a level five Taming cycle. These changes can now be reversed, thanks to the combined efforts of one Professor Washu Hakubi, sponsored by the Crimson League, and Professor Stroak of the Indigo League. An antidote to AuPairSex spores have been made by these two, and if administered in the early stages, can completely reverse the changes caused by them. However, depending on how long the AuPair spores have had to sink in, the affected individuals may not return to their original gender or pre-threshold state, meaning that once free of the AuPair spores, a female victim may undergo Threshold a second time. There's also no guarantee at any stage that lost memories can be recovered. It's confirmed that the Jahanna Corporation's experiment anti-threshold serum can prevent the spores from taking hold.
AuPairs, while tragic creatures, are not without uses. They are decent lovers, and are good around the house. They are willing to help in almost anything, although it's better that they work indoors, as their moist, plantlike bodies (which smell lightly of mildew) dry out in sunlight. They are always a little sad and thoughtful, as if they are constantly trying to remember their past life and are unable to do so. They won't let it halt their work, though, as their greatest desire is to please their Harem sisters and master.
It's recommended, if you want to be an AuPair tamer, to invest in an artifact that halts evolution. It can easily be built into a nice collar, which will give the AuPair a much needed morale boost. No cases of someone Thresholding into an AuPair have been reported.
Side Note: Several complaints about the low bounty for killing an AuPairSex have been made. The reason for a low bounty is that killing AuPairSexes. They are relatively harmless aside from their Spores, and researchers need them alive to study more efficient antidotes to the Spores.
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AZHI DAHAKA, the Stoneworker Dragon Pokégirl
Type:Not Very Near Human
Element: Dragon/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-like with mineral supplementation
Role: Combat Engineer, Earth Mover
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ice, Flying
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Slash, Cut, Scratch, Dragon Torture, Harden, Rock Throw, Unmoveable, Dynawave, Megawave, Rock Spike, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Tough skin (x3), Claws, Stone Shaping
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Draco (Diamond Stone)
When a Draco evolves with a Diamond the physical changes are quite substantial. She gains at least a foot in height (none have been shorter than 6ft), a large amount of muscle bulking the Pokégirl out, and at least a full cup size if not more. Her forearms, back and legs become covered in a thick, tough skin allowing her to work smashing stone and anything else in her path without fear of injury, but at the same time, her chest, stomach and face still remain rather soft and silky, and she enjoys gentle stroking through the areas. Her hair still remains the courser-than-human type of the Draco, but tends to be shorter for ease of cleaning, if she doesn’t outright shave it off. Mentally, she becomes a very patient Pokégirl, requiring a great deal to become upset or angry. However, if pushed far enough, the ensuing rage is nearly impossible to assuage.
Despite her great strength, toughness and wide array of attacks, she dislikes combat. Instead she uses her attacks to clear an area and carve out materials for building shelters, bunkers or other buildings quickly, and then using her limited stone shaping power to smooth it out and seal the pieces together to make it stronger, and make changes to help conceal it. What’s interesting is she possesses a decent amount of knowledge concerning construction, allowing her build better and more complex structures if given the necessary materials and tools.
If feral, she’ll usually find a quiet area to build her shelter and spend her time either looking for food, or strengthening/concealing her shelter. A ‘girl who has been feral for a long time tends to have a heavily build, and well concealed shelter requiring a little strategy on the part of a Tamer wanting to catch her. If she can find a Dragon pride to join, she will then help build up the shelters of all the members as well as herself, plus try and conceal the pride as well.
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BALEENA, the Whale Warrior Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph (Whale)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: small fish (lots), shrimp, plankton
Role: Aquatic heavy assault, used in undersea mining and farming post-War
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Water, Ice (Special)
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Water Spear, Takedown, Water Sword, Tail Slap, Mirror Image, Hip Drop, Water Floor, Body Slam, Bubbler, Backhand, Crushing Punch, Geyser, Super Move, Tidal Wave, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10 on land, x20 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x3 in water), has immunity to cold other Water-type Pokegirls do not
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized (compared to the humans on the ships, however, she is rather large. (More info below.) Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).
After the war, the Baleena were found living peacefully among whales and dolphins. On several occasions, the Baleena were recorded as protecting the animals that they lived among from other predators, including Pokégirls. Though not essentially territorial creatures, as they migrate on paths that whales cruise around the oceans on, they are fiercely protective of any that they deem to be family. Often, these Pokégirls lead their animal-cousins to feeding grounds along their migratory journeys. Although a few fishermen after the war attempted to continue the ways of whalers of centuries past, this practice was discontinued as soon as Pokéballs became generally available. Even feral, the Baleena are intelligent enough to create traps, and even to use their pods as bait for Pokégirls or other natural predators.
Although a pokegirl, the Baleena are certainly not one of the many breeds well known for their beauty. Instead, the Baleena are stocky, tall individuals. They have been known to stand as tall as seven and a half feet, although there are a few rare pokegirls of this breed that are taller. Very few are shorter than seven feet tall. They do not have hands, but their arms are like the Harpy's in that they are flippers that sprout from her shoulders and upper arms. Unlike the Harpy, however, the Baleena still has forearms and hands, making her even more versatile in and out of water. Pokégirls of this breed have wide and webbed feet that allow her to walk on land and swim even better in the water. Like many Pokégirls, the Baleena has a tail. It is thick, and about 3/4 as long as their body is tall. This tail is one of their main defenses, and ability to move quickly while underwater. Their size and weight make running a bit of a chore for the breed, but they are just as capable of running as they are of walking. Their skin and eye coloration tend to vary, although many have darker skin color than they do eye color. Their skin covers the blubber that their body stores, however, and helps to insulate her from extreme cold temperatures and ice techniques. These Pokégirls do not often have hair anywhere on their bodies, although threshold and domestic Baleena have been documented as having short hair.
One thing that does tend to make other Pokégirls envious is the fact that their muscles do not show as obviously as most Pokégirls who are as strong as they are do. They are extremely strong Pokégirls, especially in water, and tamers are cautioned to utilize restraints if they wind up taming one. Strangely, the Baleena as a breed are especially observant of the fact that humans are much weaker and will always lay down for a taming, or swim on their backs instead. A taming while swimming is a treat to the Baleena, as are Tamers who are as gentle and loving with them as the Baleena is with her tamer.
Despite their strength, this breed is generally gentle when they or their family isn't threatened. They do make wonderful transport over short distances in water, however, and are capable of holding their breath for hours at a time if not forced into a battle. Battling uses up a Baleena's oxygen stores much more quickly than if she were just diving, eating, or doing some other non-strenuous activity. As a result of her loyalty and defense of those she considers family, which often extends to he tamer, a Baleena will very often be used as a bodyguard. She may even be given the Alpha position within a harem if the tamer stays near the ocean or some other large body of water. Baleena also enjoy singing, and it is often quite a surprise to many tamers when they listen to a Pokégirl of this breed sing for the first time. On several known occasions, those of this breed have won singing contests in various places around the world. One of the main drawback to this breed is the fact that they are not as versatile as other Pokégirl types. Also, they are not especially attractive, considering that their blubber tends to make them look 'well-rounded' (this researcher was forced to describe them in such a manner after a particularly annoyed Baleena threatened to sit on him). They are also difficult to keep fed at times, as they tend to eat nearly as much as a Snorlass every other day.
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BALLISTICUNT, the Incoming! Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel/Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Long-range combatants, projectile weapon maintenance
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Water
Attacks: Arc Shot, Rapid Fire, Silver Fist, Plasma Crusher, Dodge, Counter Burst, Resonate, Metal Sound
Enhancements: Enhanced Accuracy, limited metamorphosis (left and right arms only), summonable/dismissable body armor, Enhanced Agility and Speed (x6), Increased Durability (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Guntit (Diamond Stone)
When a Guntit comes into contact with a Diamond Stone, the Pokégirl evolves. No matter what they looked like before, their breasts increase in size by one-to-two cup sizes (which would generally place the breed's size between a C-cup and a DD-cup) and they increase in height by 6 to 14 inches (generally, they are taller than five and a half feet in height, though there have been one or two known to be shorter). They gain a natural armor that does not interfere with their maneuverability which can be summoned and dismissed. The armor covers most of their body, but doesn't protect her lower arms or her legs at all. However, their armor is lighter than that of her sister-evolution, the GunValkyrie, and as such she is not as vulnerable or slow as a result. The armor itself can be of just about any color, but generally is gray to begin with and can be painted. The design of the armor differs per region, with those in Edo sporting a mostly more traditional samurai or ninja-style look to them, just to name an example- the armor tends to take a style that is influenced by the Pokégirl’s local cultural history. A major difference between the Guntit and the Ballisticunt is that the Ballisticunt can now change both of her arms at once into her plasma cannons, allowing her access to the Plasma Crusher techniques.
With the evolution comes a better sense of self for the breed. Although they do enjoy working with projectile weapons, the Ballisticunt do manage to discover a world away from them, escaping their tunnel vision of Mission, Taming, and Weapons. With an entirely new world opened to her, the Ballisticunt are known for trying to find just about anything interesting to them- their curiosity knows few bounds, save when it conflicts with their natural strategic sense. This often makes them good Alphas and Betas, though Tamers with a combat harem rarely use them as Alphas due to how difficult it is to get certain other Pokégirl types to follow the orders of a Pokégirl that rarely fights on the front line of a battle. A peculiar thing for tamers to keep in mind is that these Pokégirls do not make good cooks, and tend to criticize recipes as they do not like doing things by 'approximate' values if they can at all help it. Ballisticunts, as a result, make for good assistants to Supe-Bra Genius Pokégirls- they are intelligent enough to be useful, and durable enough to survive the latter's possible experiments.
While the GunValkyrie is better known and more popular, the Ballisticunt is also known, though for a different reason. She is one of the fastest and most agile (if not the most in both cases) ground types known to exist. Although she's not as variable a weapons-platform as the GunValkyrie (and certainly not as flashy), the Ballisticunt is more human-like and capable of defending herself at point-blank ranges. In battle, the Ballisticunt is used for fire support, although she often begins with Counter Burst, followed by Resonate if she expects to be facing a psychic-type Pokégirl, or she may begin with Resonate instead. If she finds herself somehow in hand-to-hand combat, she'll often use her Rapid Fire (which uses the same plasma that the Guntit's Plasma Blasts used, minus the usage limitations) to make her opponent back off, or get in close to use her Silver Fist technique. At extreme ranges, a Ballisticunt prefers to use her Arc Shots instead. If facing a particularly intense threat, the Pokégirl will use Metal Sound or even her signature Plasma Crusher technique.
This breed is known for her strategic capabilities in battle, and even out of battle. Few human players manage to beat a Ballisticunt in any sort of strategic game, whether it be something as ancient as Chess or Risk, to a video game with the latest and newest innovations. In battles, the Ballisticunt has shown herself to be resilient and a steady asset. In the several Widow confrontations in which these Pokégirls have been confirmed participants, it has been recorded that the Ballisticunt was the most common Pokégirl survivor due to her staying out of the main battle and picking away at her target. Of course, this means that among front-line Pokégirl combatants, they are viewed poorly until they find themselves in the heat of battle with one. However, the only way to truly gain respect from an Amazon-type or a Ama-type is through sparring, and the Ballisticunt will usually accept any challenge that comes her way.
Arc Shot (ATK+80): A long-range only attack (at any closer than 80ft, the Arc Shot only has a 25% of hitting it's target). This is considered a Steel-type attack. This weapon arcs in mid trajectory, much as mortar shells from pre-Sukebe days do, to allow for such long range strikes. This allows for indirect firing, and this attack can reach up to one mile away before losing it's potency (maximum range is two miles for indirect fire, at which point the ATK rating decreases to ATK+10). This attack can be launched from either of the pokegirl's cannons, and inexperienced pokegirls (under level 25) have their maximum range reduced to 1.5 miles. The attack can also decrease the Defense of any/all pokegirls it strikes by a single stage per strike. Attacking with this technique requires two rounds- one to aim and range, and the next to fire after the aiming has been completed.
Plasma Crusher (ATK+100): A stronger version of Plasma Blast that is capable of being used any time. However, it can only be used once for every two levels that the Ballisticunt is in experience (at level 30, she can use it up to 15 times). This is considered a Steel-type attack. This attack requires the pokegirl to use both arm plasma cannons at once to utilize the attack fully.
Counter Burst (EFT): This technique reduces the effectiveness of any single strike to 25% and increases the pokegirl's speed by two stages. After the strike that hits is reduced, the technique must be used again before it can have the same effect, although subsequent speed increases are only one stage each (up to a maximum of five stages).
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BANSHEE, the Prosecuting Ghost Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost/Flying
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Unknown
Role: Revenge
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Electric, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Night Shade, Possess, Lure, Illusion, Fear Aura, Sprite, Ghost Blade, Haunted, Shadow 3, Invis 3, Wailing(*), Cacophony(**)
Enhancements: N/A
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: Ghostly (Discovering own body or murdered body of loved ones), Rooder (Failing the Trial)
Banshees are the result of murder. It's believed that sometimes a Ghostly can form away from their original bodies and upon finding said body, will recall their former lives. In particular, the last moments. The Ghostly will then evolve into a Banshee and begin hunting the person who killed her. Sometimes, this will also occur if she finds her loved ones murdered.
Unlike other Ghost Pokégirls, Banshees have but one purpose: finding the murderer responsible. Once this is accomplished, she will depart for the afterlife.
However, many times, finding the killer isn't always easy.
As such, she will often track the spiritual signature of the person as best as she can, but will ask for aid from Megami, Sorceresses, other Ghost Pokégirls and even Youma and their evolutions. If any of these Pokégirls attempt to stop her or convince her to stop pursuit of the killer, they will be ignored and the Banshee will look for someone who will help.
If they find the killer, they will attack immediately and without mercy. Even if driven off, she will simply return the next day to attempt again. Only an exorcism, admission of guilt to Megami or law enforcement agency or the murderer's death prior to her return will quell her anger.
Banshees become truly troublesome when they are either unable to exact her revenge within 10 days of finding the murderer or if the murderer is killed before she can find them. She will them begin to haunt the murderer's dwelling, pestering and attacking all within relentlessly and using Wailing and Cacophony routinely, until she is exorcised or otherwise appeased. This generally includes proper burials and the murderer either going to jail or at the very least, being listed as a murderer in an official document.
Banshees will often listen and respect to Megami, unless the Megami tries to get her to leave without making efforts to at least rectify the situation. They will then ignore that Megami and continue their pestering until another effort to appease her is attempted by someone else.
(*) - Wailing - (ATK 5 + EFT) Everyone who hears the wailing with shudder. Opposing Pokégirls will have their Special Defense reduced by 25%.
(**) - Cacophony - (ATK 50 + EFT) Everyone who hears this amplified deafening scream will be unable to hear for 2-8 turns, have their Special Defense drop by 75% for six rounds and may become dizzy and confused. In some cases, they may faint. Megami, Youma and their evolutions and Ghost Pokégirls are the only ones who can ignore these aftereffects (they'll still be deafened, though).
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BARDESS, the Troubadour Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-type diet
Role: Morale boosters, Pokégirl Support
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, pokegirls weak to sonic techniques
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying
Attacks: Sing, Dance, Cheer, Yell, Various Song Techniques (often named by the Pokégirl or her tamer), *Duet, *Chorus, *Symphony, *Harmony
Enhancements: Increased and Enhanced Lung Capacity, Perfect Recall, Song magic-casting
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Diva (Orgasm while music is playing)
The Diva was originally Sukebe's stopgap measure to try and bolster his forces as he and his team of Pokégirl DNA engineers created newer, meaner Pokégirls to combat the humans that were slowly closing in on them. The Bardess, on the other hand, has no roots from the Revenge War other than her previous evolution's. The first recorded instance of a Bardess' discovery was in 42 AS, when a Diva evolved during a taming session with her tamer's music player on high. It wasn't until 128 AS that the evolution method was recorded, however. The Bardess outwardly looks no different than she did when she was a Diva, save for a sudden growth spurt of around two to five inches. The true change, however, is that a Bardess' lungs is about 25% larger than a comparatively sized Pokégirl or human, and her body efficiently makes use of every bit of them to enable the breed's specialty.
Or specialties, rather. The Bardess is often categorized into two variations of the breed: the Musician, who utilizes instruments to craft her song magic. The other type of Bardess is the Minstrel, who prefer being able to vocalize and play at the same time to craft their song magic. Both find that their ability to cast song magic have increased by a tremendous amount and using the unique techniques described below, can accomplish musically and aurally what would otherwise require a grand symphony. Though the Bardess still has the basic ability to increase the powers of her harem sisters in battle and out through her song magic, or attack using various sung frequencies, they have become much more powerful in scope. Many of the songs sung or played (or both) can increase many of the abilities of her targeted harem sisters, while the opponent(s) cannot make similar use of the song magic's effects. Though research is ongoing due to this phenomenon, it has been suggested by magicians from Vale that it is a result of the magic of the songs more than anything, directed at the whims of the Bardess.
In a battle, the Bardess is little more than a target compared to numerous other Pokégirls, and the breed has been compared to the Ingenue when it comes to lack of fighting prowess. In a support role, where the Diva excelled, the Bardess is possibly the penultimate support Pokégirl. One of the rarest things to catch is a Bardess in the act of her singing, as unlike the Diva, this breed rarely sings unless required. This means battles and in practice would be the only times one might find a Bardess singing or playing her instruments, though they are reported to have a need to at least practice several times a week at least to 'keep their skills' well-honed. In a harem, the breed is considered excellent in providing entertainment and distraction for all types of Pokégirls, Pokégirls with a chaotic nature find this breed in particular perfect for finding their center amidst their warring natures. For others, they are infuriating, as the Bardess can be found being picked on by stronger, more physical types of Pokégirls that are proud of their own abilities without resorting to the 'tricks' that a Bardess provides during a battle. Bardess are not, however, considered to be good choices for any leadership positions due to their lack of interest of gaining power over her harem sisters. When taming, the Bardess is quite vocal, and many have been known to use their song magic to induce increased stamina, endurance, staying power, and interest in her tamer and harem sisters.
Feral Bardess are extraordinarily rare, and almost always are found as a result of a tamer getting killed by a feral in the wilderness, or some one just tossing one into the wilderness to try and fend for herself. They are nomadic, wandering a certain course through the various areas in an effort to stay alive. Without their intelligent state that comes from being domestic, a feral Bardess often uses her instrument(s) as a weapon to keep herself safe. Though they can sing, there is no harmony or reason to the songs sung, and as such the Bardess is unable to command her song magic while in a feral state. This breed is often coveted by any prospective tradesmen looking for a musical career in any league, and competitions between bands can sometimes result in the prize being a captured Bardess. Outside of harems and bands, however, they make for excellent pets and get along well with both children and Pokékits.
Duet (EFT): This technique exclusive to the Diva and Bardess breeds. Using her song magic, a Bardess can sing using two voices- the second most often 'borrowed' from someone that the Bardess knows. Any song sung in this manner has its power increased two-fold and can affect more than one pokegirl at a time, though this comes at additional cost to the length of the Bardess' song. This may also be sung by a pair of Divas at once.
Chorus (EFT): After Duet is mastered, the Chorus technique is the next step up. Using more song-magic powers, a Bardess can sing with up to three other voices via magic at once, allowing her songs to increase in strength even faster. However, just like with the Duet, this comes at the cost of the length of the song being sung. This may also be utilized by four Divas singing in concert. The songs being sung by multiple partners must be the same song, however, just as with the Duet technique.
Symphony (EFT): The instrumental-version of Chorus.
Harmony (EFT): Basically, this technique is a combination of several songs intertwined to become a combined song magic spell. Capable with each voice sung to weave a different effect into the Harmony, this technique allows numerous songs that are otherwise impossible to sing at once to consolidate into a melody that incoporates the effects of each song into one massive effect. Unlike Chorus/Symphony, Harmony drains the singer/player only as much as a Duet does, as Harmony also effects the caster of the song magic as well.
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BATTLE ANGEL, the Knight Of Steel Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human, Metamorph
Element: Steel/varies with the item equipped
Frequency: somewhat Rare
Diet: varies, but mainly human-type food
Role: armored warriors
Libido: varies from Low to High
Strong Vs: By Element
Weak Vs: By Element
Attacks: By Element
Enhancements: By Element
Evolves: None known at this time, speculated to evolve to Berserker in unknown conditions
Evolves From: Ingenue with a Steel Coat (Trade Item)
A Battle Angel is the ultimate in armored Pokégirls in terms of speed, firepower and cuteness, once they are equipped with an item and they start down their development path, it is nearly impossible to change their secondary element.
A Battle Angel has two forms: armored, in which she looks like an armored knight in form-fitting armor; her second form is her naked body, the form she is tamed in. With concentration, the Pokégirl’s armor folds and retracts into her body, where upon she looks exactly like a normal human girl. Most keep their hair long, interestingly, when they are armored, their hair is as tough as their armor. They are not restricted to being fully armored or naked, but with practice can select what portions are armored and which aren't, allowing them to appear as if wearing a bikini, shorts and a shirt, or merely showing their face, or anything in-between. If surprised, attacked or distracted they instantly revert to their fully armored form. Generally, their Libidos vary from individual to individual, and often depend on their attitude towards their Tamer. Most Battle Angels have a favored type of hand-to-hand weapon that they seek to be armed with, some extend this to a particular weapon that has special meaning to them.
After transformation from an Ingenue into a Battle Angel, she has to be equipped with an Evolution Stone or she'll become a Steel/Normal type. Once equipped, she'll undergo a secondary 'evolution' path, much like an Eva. Their Feral state is relatively mild, merely intensifying their dominant personality characteristics, Steel/Ghost types become more timid, Steel/Fighting types become even more aggressive, etc.
Attacks shared by all: Harden, Kick, Punch, Quickturn, and Cuddle
Depending on Personality two of the following: Growl, Glare, Cheer, Roar, Leer
With experience: Call Me Queen, Slice n' Dice, and Rage
All can learn the following Sword Techniques and use them with any weapon, including a ‘bare’ armored hand: Slash, Cut, Carve, Parry, Deflect, Bonk
Without an Evolution Stone: STEEL/NORMAL - The Battle Angel
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Tackle, Agility, Hyper Slap, Dodge, Trample, Quick Attack, and with experience, Hyper Quick Attack
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2), Agility (x4)
Typically they appear in steel or bronze armor, although the style and decoration are a matter of personal taste. Without any special element, they gain much greater speed and agility than the other types. Hair can be any color. They are guarded emotionally, and in battle they are either passive, trying to avoid an unnecessary battle, or extremely aggressive and eager for battle, there seems no middle ground.
Evolution with a Thunder Stone: STEEL/ELECTRIC - The Electri-Cuter
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Jolt, Electric Blade, Electric Blade Mark II, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick, Thunder Bolt, with experience, Thunder
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2), Agility (x2)
Typically they appear in electric blue or neon yellow armor, although the style and decoration are a matter of personal taste. Hair color matches the color of the armor or starkly contrasts it. They are unrevealing emotionally, and are overly defensive in battle, although they are cantankerous. This often leads to passive-aggressive behavior. To avoid accidentally electrocuting their Tamer, they make liberal use of Jolt to discharge themselves and get their Tamer acclimated to their Electricity.
Evolution with a Fire Stone: STEEL/FIRE - One Hot Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Flame Sword, Flame Sword Mark II, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Flame Sniper, Ignite
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x6), Endurance (x2)
They typically appear in red, or flame colored armor, although the style and decoration are a matter of personal taste, and are typically baroque or absolutely plain. Hair color is almost always, red, yellow, or a mix or the two. They tend to be very prickly personalities, hard to control, but extraordinarily loyal once it is won. While their armor is usually uncomfortably warm to painfully hot, the girl inside is just pleasantly warm.
Evolution with a Water Stone: STEEL/WATER - The Wet Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ground
Attacks: Slick Stroke, Wet Jet, Water Sword, Water Punch, Water Kick, Water Spear
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x6), Strength (x6), Endurance (x4)
Their armor is typically blue, green, or black, the style and decorations are a matter of personal taste, often in a wave motif, or simulating fish scales. Hair color is almost always blue, green silver, or rarely, a mix or two or three. They are ordinarily peaceful and passive, more fun-loving and cuddly than their sisters. This doesn't mean they can't or don't enjoy a good fight.
One of the oddities in the Battle Angel's evolution.
Evolution with a Moon Stone creates: STEEL/BUG - The Bugger of a Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Sting, Rapid Sting, StringShot, Bite, Leap, Rollout
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x5), Armor (x6), Strength (x8), Endurance (x3)
The sting attacks are based on the use of a weapon, usually a thrusting rather than a slashing weapon, this does not include using an aroused Tamer as a thrusting weapon. There are rumors they can also use Lunar Blade, but this has not been confirmed. Their armor can be any color from bright single colors to elaborate camouflage and usually gives them an insectoid or arachnid appearance. Unlike the typical Battle Angel, they are generally hairless. Some of the smaller such Battle Angels have wings and can fly, although slowly and awkwardly. Their passive nature makes them conform easily to their Tamer's will, only in battle and Taming do they seem to come alive, becoming incredibly ferocious and inventive.
Evolution with a Leaf Stone: STEEL/PLANT - The Implant Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ground (their attacks), Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground (their defenses)
Attacks: Thorn Cutlass, Leaf Shield, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Regenerate, Antitoxin, Lust Dust, at higher levels Bloom and Buttsprout
Enhancements: minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x5), Strength (x8), Endurance (x4), Agility (x2)
Their armor usually appears in greens and browns, although some flavor the autumnal colors: patterns bright yellows, red, oranges, etc. Their armor often has a leaf pattern, depending on personal taste. Their hair is usually green or green-yellow, although if the armor is autumnal colors, normally their hair will be also. They are passive and retiring, until battle is joined, then they use overwhelming force. They also enjoy lying in the sun or sitting in woods. Their defenses are weak against Ground, while their attacks are strong against Ground.
Evolution by Angel Stone: STEEL/MAGIC
There seem to be two types of Magic Battle Angels: Strong and Weak, or more accurately: Fighting and Cute, although neither should be underestimated. The Cute Knight, the Fighting Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: none
Cute Attacks: Smile, Absorb, Flare, Burst, Energy Blade, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Dissolve, Barrier, Mana Bolt or Mystic Bolt, Dazzle, Heal, Cry, Hypnotize, Aura Of Cute, Foresight, Dumb Luck (only for defeating opponents without fighting), S.E.P., Performance
Fighting Attacks: Smile, Cry, Reflect, Flare, Imitate, Recover, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Power Bolt, Shield, Teleport, and
One of the following: Electric Blade, Flame Sword, Water Sword, Ice Blade, Psi-Blade.
One of the following: Electric Blade Mark II, Flame Sword Mark II, Ice Blade Mark II, Psi-Blade Mark II
Note the Blade and Blade Mark II can use different elements. E.g. Electric Blade and Psi-Blade Mark II
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2) The armor of a Cute Type typically looks like a party dress, brightly colored and very elaborate. This does not reduce its protective value or combat effectiveness a bit. Their hair can likewise be any color or style, bows and ribbons, even bells, can be expected. The Cute-type is friendly and open, although they seem to shy away from battle and even discord among a Harem, seeking another solution or reconciliation. If her efforts are obviously not successful, they intensify their search for a solution, the enemy is often defeated during this search (weapons fail, opponents shoot each other, a piano lands on the enemy Tamer, etc.) or by disabling actions by the Battle Angel. Once these tactics fail, she can be quite the combatant.
The armor of a Fighting Type is more straightforward, usually white, sky blue or other ‘good’ colors and appears as heavy plate armor. Their hair can be any color, it is often severely, although attractively, styled. The Fighting-types are severe and distant, seeking battle against evil as a matter of honor. They will defeat any enemy as swiftly as possible, seemingly without pity or restraint. A Tamer who can get beneath their emotional armor will discover just how much they care about their colleagues and their enemies and seek to ease their pain.
Evolves with Dark Stone: STEEL/DARK - The Dark Knight
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Blur, Dark Punch, Dark Kick, Shadow Shot, Shadow Strike, Dark Blade, Dark Blade Mark II, Midnight, Shadow Walk (only within Midnight effect)
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x6), Endurance (x2), Agility (x2)
The armor of a Dark Knight is typically flat black, flat gray or other dark colors, the styling tends to be figure hugging and either simple or very baroque. Their hair likewise is of dark color. They often decorate their faceplate as if they were a Make-Up Artist Goth, or with a terrifyingly, inhuman image. They are often depressed and driven, sometimes to the point of melodrama or self-parody, seeking always to prove themselves. A Tamer who is able to get past their cynicism and get close to them will help bring out their wry or dry sense of humor. They are relentless, even obsessed, in the pursuit of enemies and bettering their fighting skills. They get along remarkably well with Zubutts, Golbutts, Sidekicks and Foxgloves, but not Vampires or Vampiras.
Evolution by Ice Crystal: STEEL/ICE - The Cold Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire (severe)
Attacks: Chilled Arousal, Simulacrum, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Ice Blade, Ice Blade Mark II, Ice Punch, Ice Kick, Cold Snap, Heavenly Strike
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x6), Strength (x5), Endurance (x4)
Their armor is typically white or ice-blue, and the styling tends to be austere although of Japanese rather than European style. Their hair tends to be white, silver or ice-blue. Normally they act as austere as their armor, but they are relentless in their pursuit of an enemy, or of a trusted Tamer's attentions. While their armor is as cold as most ice-types, the girl inside, while chilly, requires no special precautions for Taming.
Evolves with a Psi Crystal STEEL/PSYCHIC - Psi-a-Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground
Attacks: Cry, Aura Of Cute, Teleport, Backstab, Flash, Hypnotic Gaze, Dominate, Double Team, Agility, Quick, Foresight, Armor, Fade, Psi-Blade, Psi-Blade Mark II, Heal, Aura Barrier, Confusion, Disable, Performance
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2)
Their armor can be of any style or color, often it is a scintillating pattern that confuses and dazzles the viewer. Likewise, their hair can be any color, often several colors. With the styling of both their hair and armor, flamboyant is an understatement. They would call it battlemented, and others call it brassy or tacky. They are extremely confident of their abilities, often seeking to overwhelm opponents without having to actually fight them. They are very intent on making a name for themselves on their grand crusade, which varies with the individual. They will greatly favor a Tamer and harem who follow their morals and supports their crusading style.
Evolves with a Venom Stone: STEEL/POISON - Knight To Die For
a.k.a. - Vixxen on Lust Dust in a can
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Sting, Rapid Sting (these two attacks are applied to weapons, punches or kicks), Needleshot, Sleep Powder, Love Sting, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x3), Agility (x6)
Their armor is typically rust red, verdigris green, or another corrosion/unhealthy color. Their hair is either a sickly shade, seemingly dry and brittle, or vibrant, healthy, and brilliantly colored, by a color that does not appear in nature. Surprisingly playful for a Steel-type, they enjoy ‘spreading the wealth’ with Bloom and Buttsprout, although they will restrain themselves to the Tamer's harem and volunteers if asked. Fast rather than powerful, their giddy nature masks a tactical mind on par with their other evolutions, they use their abilities efficiently, then march off to claim their reward. Unlike the other Battle Angel evolutions where Libido varies from individual to individual, their Libidos are universally High and their nickname well earned.
Another of the anomalies in a Battle Angel's Evolution,
Evolution by the Heavy Metal: STEEL/FLYING - The Flighty Knight
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Wing Buffet, Wingover, Dive, Mach Breaker, Wind Slash
Enhancements: Minimum Speed (x12), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x2), Agility (x2)
Their armor can be any color, but usually looks like metallic feathers. Unusual for a Battle Angel their hair is usually cropped short and appears more like feathers than hair. More easy going that most other evolutions of the Battle Angel, they love flying and prefer using the 'boom and zoom' tactic of diving on a target, attacking as they pass, and climbing away. They can fly while fully armored and can carry another person easily, but will not enjoy the resulting loss of speed and maneuverability, however slight.
Evolution with a Dragon Scale: STEEL/DRAGON - The Drag'n Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ice (severe)
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Hyper Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam, Energy Blade, Recover, Magic Fist, Magic Kick, Shadow Strike, Aura Of Cute
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x5), Armor (x10), Strength (x6), Endurance (x4), Agility (x4)
This evolution's armor can be of any color or style, a pattern simulating scales or a solid primary colors are the most common. Their hair usually exactly matches the armor color and pattern. They are emotionally guarded, almost to the point of paranoia. Unless the Tamers has a high empathy rating and friendly attitude, a Drag'n Knight will be nearly impossible to Tame or control. In battle, they will attack relentlessly, until their opponent surrenders or is defeated. In Hyper Dragon Rage, they will attack until they win or they themselves are destroyed. They will often allow a target to flee, until battle is joined. A strong-willed Tamer is necessary to keep them under control.
Evolves with a Mana Crystal: STEEL/GHOST - The Knight Life
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Energy Drain, Lick, Nightshade, Phase, Lure, Illusion, Fear Aura, Drain, Psi-Blade, Psi-Blade Mark II, Screech, Headbutt (note, this is the Knight sticking her head in a target's head, the effect is the same), Magic Fist, Magic Kick
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x6), Armor (x4), Strength (x4), Endurance (x4), Agility (x4)
The Knight Life's armor can be any color or style, however when the Battle Angel is completely armored, their entire body becomes slightly transparent and insubstantial. When unarmored they are completely indistinguishable from virtually human Pokégirls like the Ingenue or Megami. They are more shy and retiring that any of the other evolutions, attempting to avoid other people and Pokégirls unless they are confronted. A gentle Tamer can draw them out of their shell.
Evolution with a Diamond Stone: STEEL/GROUND - The Dirty Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Ghost, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Water
Attack: Dig, EarthQuake, Fissure, Ground Grip, Rock Throw, Mud Slap
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x4), Armor (x8), Strength (x15), Endurance (x6)
The armor of a Dirty Knight is colored in browns, tans, and earth tones, and the design is simple. Their hair is usually the same color as their armor. They are one of the few types who prefer to depend on their fists and feet instead of weapons, although they will use whatever weapon comes to hand. They seem very stolid and detached, although they feel and think very deeply. They take the most efficient route to the solution to problems and defeating opponents.
Evolution with a Dream Stone gives the Battle Knight her dream:
STEEL/FIGHTING - The Dream Knight
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Nipple Cripple, Fisting, Throwing Star, Mirror, Counter, Evade, Pose, Headbutt, Focus, Focus Energy, Backhand, Double Kick, Resist, Crushing Punch, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Legsweep, with experience, Chi Blast, Sabre Claw, Mega Punch, Hyper Kick, Explode
Enhancements: Minimum of Speed (x5), Armor (x4), Strength (x5), Endurance (x4), Agility (x4)
They armor of the Dream Knight can be of any color or style, a single color and a simple style are favored. Their hair color seems to have no relation to the armor color or style. They consider themselves the ultimate Battle Angel. They practice and seek out challenges to test themselves against, almost constantly. A Tamer must be willing to go along with their quest, or the Dream Knight will leave. A Tamer able to hold their own against the Dream Knight's unarmored form will gain their unconditional loyalty.
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BLADE BUNNY (aka WABBIT), the Death Lepus Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous, with some grained foods. Will accept Pokéchow if meat cannot be caught.
Role: Heavy Assault, Dangerous Pokégirl. Frequently seen with Limbec Pirates.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Poison (special)
Attacks: Tail Whip, Slash, Slashwave, Deflect, Counter, Cut, Carve, Focus Energy, Leap, Tackle, Aura of Cute, Cross Shield, Iron Defense, Spiral Jump*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3) Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Hearing & Smelling (x5), Weapon-mounted tail, Instinctive hiding ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Wabbit Virus; explanation below)
Bounty (for capture and Taming): 40,000 SLC per Blade Bunny
Bounty (for destruction of swarm): 900,000 SLC
Bounty (for killing Virus carrier): 1,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting and getting out alive): 30,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Make sure, if you see one, that she is the ONLY one there. Blade Bunnies tend to travel in packs, and like to swarm their victims before eating them. If she’s alone, watch her movements. If not alone, DO NOT engage and contact the nearest authorities, evacuating the area immediately if at all possible. When alone, you have a few options. If she acts like she wants to bite you, then she is a virus carrier and must be killed immediately. If she fights more with her tail, then she’s a normal Blade Bunny and can be caught and tamed. If a swarm catches you, try to kill the Alpha. That will confuse them for several moments, giving you a chance to get away. If you have a fire-type with you, or a Pokégirl with a strong energy attack, try to destroy the Alpha’s body, as it will be eaten by other Blade Bunnies once their confusion stops. This in turn will turn them into pack Alphas, giving them the ability to carry the virus, which in turn creates a greater threat.
The discovery of the Blade Bunny was a very unnerving thing. They look on the surface like a normal Bunnygirl, one of the more animalistic varieties that are out there, just a few feet shorter than normal and with darker fur than what one would normally see on a Bunnygirl. But that is where the similarity ends. Especially if you see what is behind them.
Instead of the usual fluffy stub of a tail most Bunnygirls have, Blade Bunnies have a long, whip-like appendage that has a massive bladed weapon of some kind attached to it. The tails can extend two to three feet over their heads and are very flexible. The weapon is always some kind of cutting weapon, varying in shapes from axes and swords to even more unusual, but always razor-edged and deadly, metal-like shapes. They are very skilled in the use of their weapons, allowing them to use even some sword-type attacks and steel-type defensive techniques.
For a brief period after their discovery in the year 263 AS, very little was known about them. All that was known is that Pokégirl Researchers captured and brainwashed by a now-defunct faction of Team Rocket created the breed, only to be slaughtered and devoured by them. Blade Bunnies have since spread across the world, some by sneaking onboard ships while looking for food, others through deliberate means, usually involving the Limbec Pirates, and other times through means that were a complete mystery until after the first Blade Bunnies were captured. Feral Blade Bunnies also tended to travel in packs, always deferring to an Alpha. It was only after the first few Blade Bunnies were captured and Tamed in 270 AS that Researchers began to learn about the breed.
Aside from the obvious outer physical changes mentioned earlier, Blade Bunnies go through some internal changes as well. Their mental makeup changes, the clumsiness and ditziness vanishing and being replaced by more vicious, predatory instincts and much greater coordination. Their Feral state makes them even more vicious and violent. Their teeth become razor-sharp, like a canine or feline-type Pokégirl’s. And their internal body chemistry changes as well. They can no longer eat meats. Their digestive tracks can now only tolerate meat and grain foods, such as oats and bread. Fruits and vegetables make them sick to their stomachs. But became really unnerving is that some of the Blade Bunnies that were captured, claimed, and studied, said that they used to be Bunnygirls. Immediate studies of Feral Blade Bunnies were ordered. Watchers, at great risk to themselves, began studying swarms of Blade Bunnies. Their discoveries were unsettling, to say the least.
Watchers found that Feral Blade Bunnies frequently moved in swarm-like packs, usually under the command of a single Blade Bunny, the ‘Alpha.’ They would move like a swarm of Wasps through an area, until they came across possible food. The Alpha, whom the other Blade Bunnies seemed very afraid of, would then command a single Blade Bunny to go out and lure their victim towards them with Aura of Cute. They would hide their tail until the last minute, acting adorable and luring their victims, usually a Tamer, over, at which point they are overwhelmed and devoured. If any Pokégirls are around, they will be released from any Pokéballs they are in and eaten. What happens to any Bunnygirls they find is what worries researchers. The Alpha of the swarm will take them aside and bite them in the neck, injecting a toxin that turns them into a Blade Bunny, which they will then bully into becoming a member of the pack.
One in forty Blade Bunnies are ‘Alphas.’ They are characterized by being slightly taller than the norm, and being much more aggressive. Mounted in their teeth are sacs which contain a mutagenic virus that they can release with a bite. Singular Feral Blade Bunnies are more timid than Alphas, and fight only if with a swarm or if cornered. Alpha Blade Bunnies are known to be much more confident and aggressive, and unafraid of even the most dangerous opponents. One Alpha Blade Bunny was known to have led her swarm against a Widow. She didn’t win, off course, being carted off and devoured along with most of her swarm, the survivors of which scattered and were eventually caught and Tamed.
Blade Bunnies are rare to encounter alone, as their strong ‘pack’ mentality makes solitude something they view as a ‘worst-case scenario.’ Sometimes a weaker Blade Bunny will be driven off from the swarm, or simply killed and eaten by the rest, but other than that the only way to catch a Blade Bunny is to disperse the swarm. You must do this by first killing the Alpha of the swarm. This will cause them all to become disoriented for several minutes. Take this time to destroy the Alpha’s body by either flames or a powerful energy attack. This will cause a swarm to flee the area. Poisoning the Alpha’s corpse will also drive the swarm apart, as Blade Bunnies have a strong weakness to any form of toxin. The reason that destroying the Alpha’s body is important is because that once they get their bearings, four or five members of the swarm will try to drag off the Alpha’s corpse and eat it. They will consume the Alpha’s body, bones and all, and become virus carriers themselves. They will then battle to the death, the winner consuming the losers and becoming the new Alpha of the swarm.
Surprisingly, for such a dangerous Pokégirl, they are quite affectionate once Tamed. They take well to being a part of a harem, and start thinking of their Harem sisters as part of their new ‘swarm.’ They will also defend their Tamer and Harem sisters fiercely, not wanting to lose the sense of belonging they have. As only non-Virus carriers have been captured so far (it has been deemed too dangerous to try and capture the more aggressive Virus carriers), they are inclined to bow to anyone with a stronger will than they, which makes controlling a Blade Bunny once properly Tamed a simple matter. They do not make good Alphas, however.
The ‘Weapon Rabbit Virus,’ or ‘Wabbit Virus’ for short, originated from the first twenty Blade Bunnies created originally. Only three of them are left alive today, but not because they died of old age. They are confirmed to be unique in their breed in that they possess longevity. Efforts are being made to track them down and terminate them.
Only three Threshold cases of becoming a Blade Bunny have occurred so far. Thankfully, they were not virus carriers. Strangely enough, after discovering that the Blade Bunny could be captured and Tamed, some people began discussing of some of the more dangerous so-called ‘Menace Pokégirls’ could be Tamed as well. The theory has been dismissed so far as folly, but one never knows what might happen in the future…
*Spiral Jump – (ATK 100): An attack exclusive to the Blade Bunny. They leap into the air towards the opponent, curling up into a ball as they do, their tail curled up around them and slashing multiple times.
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BLAZICUNT, the Blazing Glory Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: hot spices and peppers
Role: dancers, blacksmiths, fire-rescue
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Ice, Normal, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Burning Uppercut, Ignite, Napalm, Flamethrower, Focus Energy, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Preen
Enhancements: Heat Aura, Bulk Up
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Combusticunt (normal)
The main (and often only) reason a Tamer continues to put up with the constant bad attitude of a Combusticunt is so that she evolves into her final form: a Blazicunt.
A Blazicunt’s eyes are now completely red; no other features or color are present. Her bust size increases even more than it did during the last evolution, usually to a full C-cup. They grow reddish-orange down-like feathers all over their body and the feathers poof more predominantly between their breasts. Comparatively, the feathers on her breasts themselves are small and leave her nipples uncovered. Likewise, the feathers at her crotch are also smallish, leaving her pussy on display. Her hands and feet become more birdlike in appearance, now having only four digits on each hand and foot. As in their previous form, Blazicunts tend to eschew clothing.
A Combusticunt that evolves leaves behind her excessive anger, while retaining their fiery spirit in combat. Combined with her new fire attacks, Blazicunts are a force to be reckoned with. A Blazicunt has a strong tactical understanding, and almost always begins combat by laying down Napalm, followed by Flamethrower attacks to move her opponents into positions advantageous to her. A Blazicunt then uses her Bulk Up enhancement, which allows her to increase her muscle mass to heighten her physical attacks at the cost of making her slower, and closes in for close combat. While not the quickest combatant when using her Bulk Up enhancement, a Blazicunt has usually backed her opponent into a heated corner by this time, negating this disadvantage. Between this and her Ignite, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, and Burning Uppercut attacks, most opponents don’t last long. When fighting a pokesex battle, Blazicunts tend to use a Warm Embrace, followed by Preen and then the sex-version of Burning Hands.
Blazicunts are as pleasant to have in a Harem as their previous form was unpleasant. They tend to be magnanimous and outgoing, and are quick to offer to Tame their Harem-sisters. One particular quirk they have is a love for dancing, something researchers say is a very faint subconscious desire to fly that she has because of her avian nature. One constant from her previous forms is how horny she remains, and Blazicunts never miss an opportunity to get it on with her Tamer or Harem-sisters. The loyalty she felt as a Torch Chick returns in full force in this evolution, and Blazicunts, save for pokesex battles, have no interest in being Tamed by anyone beyond her master and his Pokégirls.
Blazicunts have the same Taming preferences as they did as Torch Chicks, save for that they enjoy petting and stroking since they now have feathers all over. They still dislike being put in cool water beforehand, but understand that some Tamers have become accustomed to it since using the procedure on them as Combusticunts.
Feral Blazicunts are relatively passive creatures, mostly sticking to their Scratch attack unless seriously threatened, in which case they unleash Flamethrower and Ignite on their enemies.
Threshold girls almost never become Blazicunts directly. When such a rare Threshold does occur however, the family of the girl tends to make a hefty profit on selling her to a pokeranch, since Blazicunts are very strong (and thus valuable) Pokégirls.
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BONDAGE ELF, the Sinister S&M Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, tend to lean towards meat diet
Role: discipline/oversee other Pokégirls, hunters, combat
Libido: Average to High, changes with mood will get higher with a trusted Tamer
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric, Ground
Attacks: Levitation, Bondage Attacks, Poison Whip, Mystic Bolt, Mirror, Aura Barrier, Energy Drain, Dream Eater
Enhancements: Longevity, Night vision, and a high threshold for pain Bondage Affinity and reduced Feral
Disadvantages: Light attacks tend to disorient and in rare cases cause temporary blind ness or light-headedness
Evolves: Bondage Queen (normal)
Evolves From: Dark Elf (normal)
The Bondage Elf is a Dark Elf that has taken on more ‘sexual appetites’… The Bondage Elf is rarely found in the wild because in the wild she does not get the ‘constant victim’ to practice out her techniques on, (unless she can find and keep another Dark Elf alive). In fact, Feral Bondage Elves are usually mistaken for Dominas when seen, for they have the same tastes in ‘clothing’, basically anything leather.
The Bondage Elf is overall, a product of a Dark Elf being in charge of another person, (in most cases a Harem or even her Tamer). The constant attention allows the Dark Elf to immerse herself in her dark appetites of S&M that she can evolve into a form that is even more of an S&M lover than her pre-evolved form of Dark Elf.
It should be known that Feral Bondage Elf leather is a highly sought item. The quality of the leather is very fine… It is unknown what animal, Pokégirl, or possibly human it is made from, but it is thought to be a matter of matting different leathers together into one sheet of dense leather.
It should also be known that unlike Dark Elves the Bondage Elves love having an Elf and its evolutions (especially Elfqueen) in the same Harem. For unlike Dark Elves who can’t stand the presence of their ‘lighter’ cousins, a Bondage Elf just loves to Tame and dominate the ‘good’ Elves.
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BOOBCAT, the Agile Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products.
Role: acrobats, scouts
Libido: Average, seasonally can be Extreme
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Slash Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wildcat (normal)
The Boobcat is the "standard" evolution of the Wildcat, requiring only the requisite number of victories and tamings to evolve. The physical differences between the Boobcat and it's pre-evolved form are significant. The Wildcat always has a coat of fur, and most other cat-types can have fur, or only a tail and ears depending on whether they are Feralborn or Domesticated. The Boobcat, however, can have fur or the "catgirl configuration" with no regards to their origins. Those that have fur can have any pattern found among pre-Sukebe housecats.
The increase in height often associated with an evolution is notably absent. The increase in bust, however, is significant, with no Boobcat having less than DD-cup breasts (most are even larger). These namesake tits, however, do not interfere with movement, combat, or their acrobatic abilities.
On the subject of acrobatics, Boobcats are both fast and agile, relying on superior mobility to overwhelm their opponent in combat. To this end, Boobcats prefer to take advantage of natural obstacles and other deleterious terrain whenever possible, relying on their own maneuverability to prevent it from effecting them. Unlike most cat Pokégirls, many Domesticated Boobcats also pursue martial arts training to further supplement their combat options, combining acrobatic kicks and strikes with their natural claw and bite attacks.
Their speed and mobility also makes them excellent scouts, especially in forested terrain, which was their primary purpose (on both sides, eventually) during Sukebe's War. Like the other Wildcat evolutions, Boobcats remember the sexual exploits and experimentations they engaged in as a Wildcat, and may develop individual preferences based on that. Every three months, for roughly one week, a Boobcat will go into "heat", during which time they are nearly insatiable. It is ill-advised to plan any gym battles during that time, as both harem and tamer will be too exhausted to put up much of a fight. It is, however, an ideal time for Sex League battles, or for capturing Feral Boobcats.
Displaying more intelligence than their Wildcat cousins, feral Boobcats tend to stay in forests, or other terrain that gives them an advantage. Some Boobcats have even been known to make "nests" high in trees to avoid more aggressive predators (and tamers), especially when about to have kits. These nests are also used as platforms for ambushes, diving down to pounce on unwary prey (both for food and for tamings).
Threshold into a Boobcat is hardly common, but more likely than the other two Wildcat evolutions.
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BRA-ER RABBIT, the Witty Garden Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Rabbit)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Farmers, Park Rangers/Attendants, City Greenscape Maintenance
Libido: Average (Spikes to High after a day in the sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Command Plants, Regenerate, Flower Kick, Thorn Cutlass; After Level 30: Solar Beam, Vine Bondage, Grass Floor
Enhancements: Can sense the attributes of any plant, Enhanced Speed x4, Enhanced Hearing x3, Retarded Aging, Hammerspace, Potion and Herbal Remedy creation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Sun Stone and Leaf Stone)
Bra-er Rabbits were discovered a few years after the advent of the Sun Stone, when a research assistant's Bunnygirl tried to help her master pick up a tray of spilled evolution stones. She scooped up the closest two, which happened to be the Sun Stone and Leaf Stone that the Researcher was studying. On a positive note, afterwards the Researcher had an entirely new evolution to the Bunnygirl to study.
Physically, Bra-er Rabbits loose their fur in favor for an overall green skin tone, their faces becoming less animalistic (if they were that way in the first place), and their long ears now have very thick 'fur' of grasslike plants that tend to sprout flowers in the late spring. These flowers vary in color from Bra-er Rabbit to Bra-er Rabbit, though very few have more than two colors of flowers to grow on their ears at any time. Even though these plantlike growths are part of the Pokégirl, it does not hurt her to cut the grass or flowers, though plucking them is much like plucking out hairs for other Pokégirls. Bra-er Rabbits sometimes cut their ear-flowers and weave them into a garland as a gift for their special someone.
In terms of personality, Bra-er Rabbits are much more intelligent than their previous evolution, becoming quick thinkers and excellent problem solvers. Unfortunately, their plant nature makes them slow to pick up on anything involving technology (unless it's things like farm equipment). This seems more from a lack of interest on the Bra-er Rabbit's part than a lack of intelligence, however. One thing that Bra-er Rabbits excel at is gardening, able to increase crop yields just as much as an Elf, without the drawbacks of becoming sickened in polluted areas making them great for cities. Bra-er Rabbits have a fondness for many of their cultivated plants, but their favorite by far is the growth and care of carrots. They obsess over their carrot patch, can somehow grow carrots year round in all but the most harsh environs, and are very cunning in protecting it from thieves. Sneaky traps, hidden alarms, and a VERY pissed off Bra-er Rabbit awaits any Pokégirl or human that attempts to steal from their beloved carrot patch. However, this plant-type Pokégirl isn't without a heart, and will gladly give even her precious carrots away to the needy.
When in a Harem, Bra-er Rabbits turn their protection of carrot patches to good use, coming up with escape and battle plans for the Harem, adapting well to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual Harem members as well as the whole group. Though they do keep a small potted 'mini garden' of a herb or a carrot or two. They do very well in Pokébattles, their quick wit allowing them to come up with plans on the fly to give themselves an edge. In sex battles, they do poorly, not learning any sex attacks until after level 30, when they learn Vine Bondage which is the only sex attack they learn. They retain their taming preferences from their previous evolution, though they get very randy when left out in the sun too long and like most grass types enjoy being tamed outside.
When found feral, most Bra-er Rabbits live near meadows and have cultivated part of the land near them to grow a garden with a majority being carrots. They tend to attack other Pokégirls who come into their garden, though many seem to instinctively know when there are more dangerous Pokégirls about and will flee instead of killing themselves. The presence of a cultivated garden in the middle of nowhere is a good indication of a Bra-er Rabbit.
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BRATINI, The Reclusive small Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Rare Ruby League, Extremely Rare anywhere else
Diet: Human-like Diet
Role: Support, cleaning, Defending
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Glare, Tail Slap, Recover, Dragon Dance, Timid Stroke, Spirit Slash
Sex Attacks: Go Down, Probing Tongue
Enhancements: Tough skin, High Endurance, Lung Capacity, Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Senses (x2)
Evolves: Dracair (Battle Stress or by Dragon E-Medal), Dronza (Human Cruelty/Intense hatred of humans), Bramage (Mana Crystal + Dream Stone)
Evolves From: None
A recently discovered Pokégirl that was found in the Southern reaches of the Shelaya Mountain Range in the Ruby League. Bratini was discovered by a Tamer as it was in the process of taming his Whoresea, and proceeded to join in. It has been found that the Bratini stands at an even 5ft tall, and has a purplish skin color. They are not quite human, instead preferring to walk on all fours than stand upright due to the weight of their tail. Bratini's have small, A-cup breasts that look proportionate to their size. Bratini are very curious, about equal to a Kitten or CatGirl in this regard, and can therefore wind up in trouble often when in a place they are not familiar with.
However, their curiosity obviously has boundaries, as they are only curious about things or people that are in their immediate vicinity. Bratini have a long tail that equals their height in length, and it is prehensile. They have claws instead of fingernails and toe nails, and know several useful attacks to take advantage of this fact.
It's speculated that Bratini live in submerged mountainous caverns, due to their Lung Capacity enhancement, and are defensive rather than offensive in nature. A Bratini is a meek Pokégirl, about as much so as a Titmouse, and has little confidence in itself. One reason thought to be why it took so long to discover Bratini was the fact that the first person to Tame one was someone with a low Empathy Rating and thought abusing it would turn it into a better fighter. It did- once it evolved into a Dronza, it promptly killed its tamer, and the Pokégirls that had been with him.
Bratini do not get along with Dominas- Bratini may have thick skin, but the Pokégirl cannot stand being picked on for any reason, let alone dominated. This may even hasten and increase the chance of the Bratini evolving into a Dronza, and it is recommended that all Domina-types in a harem are kept away from a Bratini at all costs. DragonQueens are the only exception to this, as they are both Dragon-types and a DragonQueen knows when to stop. Bratini may not be a match to defeat a Domina, but they will not give in before they have sustained major injuries.
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BUTTSPROUT, the Toxic Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon as Domesticated, Common around the Magma Isles and desert regions)
Diet: carnivorous (but can live on sun, water, soil)
Role: gardeners, grounds keepers, predators
Libido: Average (High after prolonged periods in sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Buttsprout
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, High Poison Resistance (any except Hyper Venom)
Evolves: Weepingbutt (normal)
Evolves From: None
Buttsprout is another Plant-type Pokégirl, but where the others are modeled on flowers or similar, this one is based on the Venus flytrap and sundew...this one is carnivorous. Her design allows her to survive in poor environments, such as deserts, by allowing her to digest meat. If sufficient sunlight, water and soil nutrients are available, a Buttsprout is fine, but she prefers meat in her diet even when she doesn't -need- it.
Her appearance is similar to a full-sized Sexycute, with a more normal skin tone and a grass skirt (yellow/tan color, like dried grass). The only green is on the undersides of these leaves, which she will expose to sunlight if she wants to get some serious photosynthesis going, such as for healing, and on her vine whips, which emerge from under her skirt, and can be used both as normal vine whips and as roots, whether for anchoring herself or to reach nourishment at a distance (although she doesn't -yet- have a draining attack). Her breasts are okay (unlike Oddtits) averaging around a C-cup, and are quite in proportion to the rest of her.
As far as sex is concerned, Buttsprout is very aggressive, mainly due to her carnivorous nature. While her libido is generally average (although like most Plant-types prolonged exposure to sunlight can correct this) her preference is for being the aggressor, almost exactly like a Domina. In general, her approach to sex is hard to distinguish from her approach to lunch. Her first general action is to immobilize her “prey” and once said “prey” is aroused, she mounts her partner. What makes this a little scary (even with Tamed Domestics) is this is how she feeds, as her Root/Vines are under her skirt. In the wild, she normally kills her prey and buries them and sends her roots in for what amounts to a very slow 'leech' attack (totally not usable in combat). However, also like a Domina, if a Tamer can turn the tables on her, and “defeat and devours” her (sexually speaking) s/he will have a very loyal Pokégirl, who tends (at least to him/her) to be very submissive...although occasional reminders are a good idea. In a Harem setting, Buttsprout tends to want the Alpha position unless the current holder can stomp her flat (or if the 'Sprout is a Domestic is shown solid reasons why the other girl has the position). While they are both Plant/Poison types, it is not recommended to have both a Domina and a Buttsprout in the same Harem unless the Tamer has a -very- forceful personality or has an Alpha that can kick -both- their butts in a two on one match.
Buttsprout is very limited in combat, having only her Vines and Buttsprout, rather than the normal collection of pollens/powders commonly associated with Plant/Poison-types. If facing an opponent she can't defeat (for whatever reason) she tends to flee after using Buttsprout to attempt to immobilize them. Against a poison Pokégirl she is devastating, as she can ignore almost any poison around...the only one she has to worry about is Hyper Venom, and even that she -might- by able to survive (but like anyone with more sense than a Feral Titmouse will avoid if at all possible). She likes high places, her vine/roots allowing her to climb otherwise sheer hill/mountain sides, but also for another reason...her signature move will work on just about anyone, even normally immune Pokégirls (although only in temporary mode) and this includes herself. Using her pollen on herself, she can inflate her bottom (which unlike normal or permanent buttsprout pollen makes the posterior tougher and less sensitive) and handle a landing equal to twenty feet times her current level (so a fifth level Buttsprout could drop one hundred feet and not be harmed) or block almost any blunt attack similar to a Milktit's Busting Out attack...although against an edged or piercing attack, her defense isn't nearly as great.
Domestic Buttsprout are used like many Plant-types in the horticulture area, and are not too dangerous, but Feral Buttsprout are lethal, as they will hunt, kill and eat other Pokégirls and humans. If Tamed (or raised domestically) they can be taught not to look at people/other-Pokégirls as potential food, but in the wild are considered a Class Four hazard (Class Three in poor soil/water environments where they have to supplement their diets) it is recommended not to let your Buttsprout go feral.
As a note, Buttsprouts are among the best at producing the pollen that is their namesake, and can make permanent applications as often as once every three days, and this includes while Feral (larger rump roasts for dinner).
Cases of Threshold girls becoming Buttsprouts are rare, but do occasionally happen, but only to girls in (or long-term residents of) badlands areas not really suited for normal plants.
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CACTORA, the Prickly Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (cactus)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare (desert areas, primarily Indigo League)
Diet: Sunshine, soil, water
Role: Water storage
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, bondage attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Needle Spray, Root, Bear Hug, Backhand, Water Gun, Regenerate, 1000 Needles
Enhancements: Retractable needles, can store water inside her body, Enhanced Speed (x7)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cactoras are short, around 5'5", green-skinned Pokégirls with flower petals on their head instead of hair. Their breasts are usually a C cup, their eyes always green, and their bodies are lined with small, bumpy ridges, one along each arm, four on each hand leading up to their knuckles, four along the belly and just above the breasts (looking vaguely like pinstripes), and three lining her legs, the one on the side of her legs going up her hips. From these ridges a Cactora can sprout long, sharp needles that she can launch out as projectiles. They are desert dwellers, and most people that encounter them consider them a great boon, as they have one very unique ability: they are a plant-type that can store water inside themselves like a water-type.
Cactoras can absorb moisture from the air and store it inside their bodies as water, needing only marginal bits for themselves to sustain them and occasionally taking root to restore themselves. They can offer their stored water by drawing it into their breasts (which grow enticingly large) and letting a thirsty Tamer or Pokégirl drink from them, the water always coming out cool and pure. After that, however, if the Cactora is Feral, they will quickly run off, not wanting to stay for any longer than needed.
Feral Cactoras tend to spook easily and run quickly from battle. They are non-confrontational, and, to the aggravation of Tamers who want to try and catch them, almost as fast as a Cheetit or Sonica. Sometimes, if they feel cornered, they will attack with Needle Spray or worse, 1000 Needles (an Ancient Blue Magic spell used like a normal Pokégirl attack, something that has caused much controversy amongst the people of Vale), in an attempt to ward off their pursuer and make their escape. It's best to try and use bondage attacks against a Cactora before she can run away and bring her to orgasm quickly. It's best to use Lust Dust on the Cactora as well, as their spikes retract into their bodies when aroused, making for easy Taming.
Once Tame, Cactoras undergo a slight personality shift. They become more playful, taking a liking to doing somersaults and handstands and other general goofiness. They also drink a lot of water so as to be at the ready should their Tamer or Harem sisters need a refreshing drink. Threshold cases who have recovered from Feral state have reported feeling silly about their skittishness and desire to run away.
A very small, but growing number of Thresholding into Cactora cases have been reported.
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CAMELTOE, the Desert Metamorph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Inhuman (Tauric Metamorph)
Element: Ground/Water
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon in desert regions)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Desert Messengers, Water Reservoirs
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Electric, Steel, Poison, Water
Weak Vs: Plant, Ice
Attacks: Dig, Stomp, Sand Attack, Water Gun, Rain, Mud Slap, Glue Spit
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x7), Low Water Needs, Large Water Storage Capabilities, Water Absorption, Metamorph capabilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: none
The Cameltoe was developed when Sukebe discovered that the Ponytaur wasn’t adequately suited to desert maneuvers. Just like how the Ponytaur resembles the horse, the Cameltoe resembles the pre-Sukebe camel in their equine form, with a human-ish torso emerging from a camel body complete with a large hump for water storage. Cameltoes also have the ability to transform into a human form, but it is far more conspicuous than the Ponytaur’s. The skin tone is more tan, a small hump remains on the back, their hands have three fingers instead of five. They usually have brown toned hair color that ranges from light, sandy brown to dark, near black brown. In animal form they stand at around 7-8 feet tall, but in human form this shrinks down to around 6 feet tall. The breast size can range from B-cup, if their breasts are empty of water, to F-cup if their breasts are full. Though large, their breasts always remain firm to the point of hardness due to the extreme compression of water.
The Cameltoe’s hump, in either form, has the ability to store up to 30 gallons of water, and can expand and contract as necessary. For this reason, these Pokégirls would accompany legions in the deserts, and supply the water required, or use their water reservoir for their water attacks. This water can be emitted from the mouth for various water attacks, from the breasts, which in addition to providing water, can also store it (Cameltoe's fat cells are capable of expanding to store water), or from expandable pore on the top of the hump. The Cameltoe's breasts can become extremely full, but unlike a Milktit which just keeps producing milk, once all the water possible has been stored, the rest is just urinated out, which keeps breasts from becoming overfull and painful. The skin around the breasts is surprisingly stretchy, will expand and contract as necessary, so stretch marks do not show until very advanced age. Cameltoes are among the fastest Pokégirls in the desert, and are excellent for long term desert recon, desert messengers, and desert transport. In battle they are more suited to support roles, using sand attack and mud slap to distract and blind enemies, and rain to revitalize their allies. Cameltoes have the peculiar ability of using a plant type attack, Glue Spit, despite not being plant types. They achieve this attack by excreting a set of proteins into their spit that, when exposed to air, becomes extremely sticky.
Cameltoes are not Alpha material, but they do work well in a harem, and are very sociable Pokégirls. However, be warned, Cameltoes are stubborn creatures and, if they decide they dislike an Alpha or her orders they will likely ignore any order given to her unless from her Tamer. In the same vein, Cameltoes hate being pushed around, and will respond to aggression by being even more stubborn. Though they are not quick to judge or form opinions, Cameltoes once the have made up their mind, are very reluctant to let it go, so first impressions make quite an impact on this Pokégirl.
One of the most remarkable qualities of the Cameltoe is its ability to absorb and retain water. They can literally soak it up through the skin (and in humid regions from the air itself) which renders any water attack not only useless, but beneficial to the Cameltoe, and usually end up with the Cameltoe spitting these water attacks right back. In addition to the hump on the back, this Pokégirl also possesses a super-efficient respiratory system and urinary system that reabsorbs up to 90% of the water back into the body. These Pokégirls are capable of lasting months in the desert on only a few glasses of water, and usually get all the water they need from the food they eat.
Despite being desert creatures, Cameltoes have been known to exist on frozen tundras or cold deserts. These Pokégirls adapt to these condition by growing out a thick coat of fur, similar to the Pre-Sukebe camels that lived on the tundras of Mongolia.
Though their overall speed is slower than their Ponytaur counterparts, their endurance is far higher. They are able to maintain their top speed for six to eight hours, fully loaded with gear in the desert. Unfortunately, there is very little variation in top speeds in sand and on hard ground. On average Cameltoes show higher intelligence than the Ponytaur breed, but are less popular. Feral Cameltoes have a large cut in intelligence, but are very docile. These pokegirls rarely attack when Feral and will flee danger before confronting it. When annoyed they tend to spit and run, and many a Tamer has been covered from head to toe by an annoyed Feral Cameltoe. Despite this Tamers find Cameltoes a blessing when lost in the desert, as they are more often than not better than oases. Cameltoes prefer being on top during coitus, or being Tamed doggy-style, as the hump makes it uncomfortable to lie on their back.
Thresholding into one is common for girls in desert regions with ground ancestry, and is quick, usually lasting less than a day, but reports indicate that it is extremely painful, and the girls must get used to the weight and feel of the hump. Some unlucky girls become two humped camels or Bactarians they are known. This far more painful, and it becomes harder for them to retain a human form, however these girls can store an extra 100 gallons of water, allowing them to retain up to 60 gallons.
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CAMERAGIRL, the Photojournalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon in WAPL-controlled areas)
Diet: Human-style, has a weakness for sweets
Role: Used during the Revenge War to film battles and spy on enemy troop movements. Now used in places such as the WAPL and the Slot League to film battles for TV. Excellent for news crews and documentary work.
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Invis, Flash, Tackle, Wrestle, Teleport, Pummel, Phase, Staccato Punch (while in Fast-Forward & Repeat only), Hammer, Hell Canon (only if possessing the Infernal Template)
Must be learned from a Tick-Tock: Rewind, Slow Motion, Repeat, Fast Forward, Freeze Frame
Enhancements: Manifest Item (Camera), Internal Universal Transmitter, Attack Adaptation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shudder Bug (normal)
Camera Girls are among the more offbeat types of Pokégirls. They usually aren't the best in a fight, and the combination of a low libido and a penchant for voyeurism make them ill suited for Sex Battles. They are best suited for documenting various events, and some Tamers have made them available for birthday parties and anniversaries.
Camera Girls are Very Near Human Pokégirls who’s only real inhuman feature are their hands, which look like they are gloves made of white metal. Their hands are the focus of their powers, allowing them to summon their cameras. They can manifest any type of camera they need for the situation, but it has to be a brand that they have encountered before and held in their hands. Other than that, they are fairly close to the Ingenue in terms of appearance.
Camera Girls, surprisingly, were actually very useful to Sukebe’s side during the Revenge War. They could use their abilities to turn invisible and phase through walls to get into choice positions for recording conversations and information from human encampments and then Teleporting back to their commanders to report it. They do not like combat, and try to avoid it, but will not hesitate to use what limited abilities to their advantage if they have to.
In more recent times, Camera Girls are used to film Pokégirl matches for television, the highest concentration of them being in WAPL-controlled areas. Their ability to broadcast their camera signals to any device capable of picking them up makes them very useful. In addition, should fights take to the air, Camera Girls can give themselves unlimited long range vision to follow the action. Among other Pokégirls, the Camera Girl has proven to be the best for photojournalism. Two international publications currently employ tamers with Camera Girls for photo ops. They also let Camera Girls film Taming sessions, as they have highly voyeuristic tendencies. Watching an especially passionate Taming session can get a Camera Girl so aroused they can barely hold onto their cameras. And considering that Camera Girls are uncomfortable without some kind of camera within a 3 foot radius of themselves, that’s saying something. They aren’t good Alpha Pokégirls, but are always willing to offer advice and be helpful, if that’s what their Tamer wants.
Recently, the Camera Girl was found to possess two unique qualities. If a Camera Girl is in the same harem as a Tick Tock, they can learn five time-related attacks. One is Rewind, which reverses time back for up to a minute and allows Camera Girls to avoid attacks that would have hit them otherwise. Another is Slow Motion, which briefly slows the flow of time around her in a wide radius, allowing the Camera Girl to get a better view of an attack that’s coming at her. One is Fast Forward, which briefly speeds up time around the Camera Girl, allowing for much faster movement. Another is Repeat, which allows the Camera Girl to repeat the last few seconds of what they had just done. Their final time-related attack is the Freeze Frame. By focusing Time magic through their camera, they can temporarily freeze someone for a moment in time.
The second unique quality the Camera Girl possesses is the ability to blend learned attacks to create exclusive techniques. In one legendary encounter, a Camera Girl defending her Tamer from a Team Rocket attack defeated an Iron Maiden by using Repeat while in Fast Forward to pound much more powerful Pokégirl over and over until she collapsed. This technique was named the Staccato Punch. Even more recently, a Fiendish Camera Girl was able to beat a Valkyrie with a sneaky combination of Flash with Hell Fire. This combination temporarily blinded the Valkyrie before the Hell Fire finished her off. This new technique has been dubbed Hell Canon, after the camera used as a focus for the attack.
Camera Girls that learn these time tricks from Tick Tocks develop a greater confidence in battle, and tend to use the battle cry “HENSHIN A GOGO, BABY!” whenever their Harem sisters enter a fight. To this day, no one has any clue what it means. Camera Girls that gain the Fiendish template are also noted as having an average libido, rather than their normal low libido. This is typically heightened in the midst of voyeuristic activities, even more than such activities usually do. Researchers currently assume that the Infernal side of them makes them more sexually excitable.
Another unusual personality quirk that Camera Girls have is that they have a great fondness for Cardcaptors and their evolved forms, as well as MysticKats and MysticAngels. As with their battle cry, this is unexplained so far.
Camera Girls are a relatively rare Threshold, however it is more commonplace in WAPL-controlled areas.
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CANDY CATGIRL, the "Minty Fresh" Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but greatly prefers sweet things
Role: Pastry chefs, candy makers, bakers assistants, sugar farmers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Tackle, Mystic Bolt, Teleport, Agility, Sweet Honey, Maple Syrup, Fruit Juice, Wood Tower, Lance, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry, *Sugar Rush, *Induce Hunger
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Instinctive cooking ability, Increased Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x2), Increased capacity for violence
Evolves: Sweet Pussy (Mana Crystal+Venom Stone)
Evolves From: Sugar Kitten (Normal)
In terms of appearance, Candy Catgirls change only slightly. Their hair, eyes, and fur can become a greater variety of colors, including blue, green, indigo, and violet, and they become a few inches taller. They gain a cup-size from their previous forms, and their features become slightly more animalistic.
Candy Catgirls still have a need for high amounts of sugar in their diets, however their tastebuds have developed more, allowing them to enjoy a greater variety of foods (although they still love sweet things more than anything else). Because of this, most Candy Catgirls tend to gain a liking for minty flavors in addition to sweet ones. No real reason for this is assumed aside from some psychosomatic need. This changes their scent slightly as well, as Candy Catgirls gain a slight minty scent in addition to their already sweet one. Their cum retains its sweet flavor, although now it also has a slight taste of mint to it as well.
Candy Catgirls, in terms of abilities, are stronger all around than their previous forms. Their magical ability has been increased, although their limits are still fairly low, making them unable to cast spells. They can manifest larger portions of food, as well as greater varieties of it, have greater energy manipulation powers, and manifest a greater variety of food-based weaponry. The food weapons are more durable in this form, although it still doesn’t take much to break them, and the risk of infection from injuries is still there.
What’s very strange is their sudden change from Normal-type to Plant-type. This has given them access to two new attacks, however in keeping with the theme of their powers and the line in general, they are slightly different. Candy Catgirls can use Wood Tower and Lance, although in this instance they produce sugar cane instead of the usual result of using the attack. Some Candy Catgirls, because of their abilities, have gained an interest in farming to help cultivate their sugar cane abilities.
Candy Catgirls become more confident than their previous forms, and are better suited to battling than Sugar Kittens. Their improved food weapons, plus new sugar cane abilities, make them better for use in combat. Some Candy Catgirls have been seen using thick sugar canes as bo staves in practice sessions. Despite their improved combat abilities, there are still better choices for a fighting Pokégirl.
High amounts of sugar and now mint can affect their libido in the same way as their previous forms. They love to stuff themselves on sweets either before or after a good Taming, and as before they become placid and very relaxed after an especially good taming. They become more amorous even without sugar than their previous forms, and become more likely to try and start an orgy amongst her Tamer and harem sisters.
Feral Candy Catgirls are generally more vicious than Sugar Kittens, and more likely to attack Tamers in their path. They retain their pack mentality, although they don’t completely loose their magical abilities when feral. Feral Candy Catgirl prides also sometimes barter with Trollop packs to get sweets, trading food for Taming. This has led some to believe that they the ones most likely responsible for the rare groups of feralborn Trollops who survive beyond their normal obscenely short lifespan.
Like Sugar Kittens, Candy Catgirls have the strange genetic quirk that makes the taming cycles in Pokéballs painful to endure. It’s recommended that you either keep Candy Catgirls out of their Pokéballs, or even better, trade it in at a Pokécenter for a Premier Ball.
Like their previous form, Candy Catgirls can learn the tongue-based sex attacks. Candy Catgirls are a somewhat rare Threshold, but they do occur from time to time.
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
Sugar Rush (EFT) The Pokégirl kisses a teammate, temporarily endowing them with (x5) their normal speed. The Pokégirl briefly suffers the Exhaust status effect once the Sugar Rush ends.
Induce Hunger (EFT) The Pokégirl hypnotizes her opponent, making them feel extreme hunger to the point where they become too distracted to do anything but eat.
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CARDCAPTOR, the Card Wielding Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Variable Range Magical Assault and Support
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Draw[*], Baton Hit
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity x4, Increased Sensory Perception, Enhanced Magic Attenuation, Youthful
Evolves: CardMaster[**] (2nd Tier), ClowMystic (3rd Tier), StarMystic (Final), Duelist (battle stress, Duel Monsters deck nearby)
Evolves From: None
[*] This attack is dependant upon the list of Cards the CardCaptor has acquired.
Most pokegirls are assumed to be the result of Sukebe's war of revenge, the actions of the legendary Cocooner, or large groups of scientists working for good or ill. The CardCaptor breedline, however, is not such a creation. The CardCaptor and it's resultant evolutions(barring the Duelist) are considered the direct result of the efforts of one individual. Clow Reed, birth date unknown, a magical researcher and scientist of Chinese decent, is regarded by most as the creator of the CardCaptor and it's breedline evolutions. Others claim otherwise, saying that Clow Reed was a fraud whom simply claimed the work of another, or took the discovered results of Sukebe as his own. Regardless of these accusations, Clow Reed did in fact possess a CardCaptor, StarMystic, MysticAngel, and MysticKat in his harem before his death and destruction of his lab in 67 AS.
The CardCaptor, despite it's flexibility and potential power inherent in the magical system it utilizes, is not often regarded as a popular pokegirl. One reason is it's appearance; The CardCaptor, CardMaster, and ClowMystic all have similar appearance, that of a young teenage girl, feasibly anywhere from twelve to fourteen years of age, with little indication to display that they are a Pokégirl at all, unless performing their magics.
The second reason is a psychological one. CardCaptors are surprisingly independent pokegirls. While they do not display any traits that give any of the more strict Pro-Control Leagues an excuse to make them illegal or restricted, it's an acknowledged fact that CardCaptors have an inherent mental urge to seek out new cards to capture and add to their magical arsenal. This urge is so powerful that it's almost unheard of to find a CardCaptor in the harem of a settled Tamer, and there are several instances of a CardCaptor quietly, sadly, yet firmly leaving a Tamer's harem whenever it became clear that the Tamer in question had no interest in catering to the CardCaptor's need to seek out new Cards. Still, CardCaptor's are, almost as a rule quick thinking, sure to action, and surprisingly innovative. As long as their need to travel is met, they are surprisingly loyal to their Tamer, though they do not react well to cruelty.
A noted psychological quirk among the CardCaptor breed is their tendency to react favorably to expressed mercy or kindness from a Tamer. For example, one of the CardCaptor's weaknesses is their store of magical energy to power their Cards. Once wasted, the CardCaptor becomes severely weakened, and can fall into unconsciousness. Whenever found in this state, if the Tamer declines capture and instead heals the CardCaptor, the CardCaptor will express an almost fervent desire to join that Tamer's harem, with an increased chance that the CardCaptor will immediately bond with that Tamer. More than one rural individual, unsure, untrained, and completely unfamiliar with proper Pokégirl handling has found themselves delta-bonded to a CardCaptor and becoming a Tamer because of this.
Despite their near pre-pubescent appearance, CardCaptor's have a surprisingly healthy libido, with little shame in acknowledging this fact. They also enjoy dressing in clothes to accentuate their sexuality. Due to the CardCaptor's unusual appearance, this has gotten more than one Tamer in trouble until the specifics of the Pokégirl's breed was cleared up.
A CardCaptor has two implements to focus their unusual magical abilities through; their Baton, and the Cards themselves. The design of the Baton varies from CardCaptor to CardCaptor, and is often a reflection of the Cardcaptor's attitude and personality. Where this item comes from or how it is created is unknown, beyond that it's intrinsically summoned by a CardCaptor upon thresholding.
The source of the CardCaptor's power, her Cards, are unknown and widely contested. Some say the CardCaptor intrinsically crafts the cards subconsciously as she grows in power before letting them loose to 'test' herself. Others say the Cards are actually contracted spirits the CardCaptor tracks down and captures with a source independent of the Pokégirl. Others say all the Cards a CardCaptor can capture are created and let loose the instant the CardCaptor thresholds. Despite the years of study, it's never been proved conclusively one way or another.
The Cards themselves can manifest in three separate forms; Card form, it's resting state, 'attack form', which resolves itself into whatever raw elemental attacks or abilities the Card in question can actualize, and Spirit form, a Pokégirl-like copy of the CardCaptor herself, albeit with stylized differences that can vary in any feasible way, depending on the Card in question. Most Tamers whom do not have a CardCaptor mistakenly think that this means a CardCaptor guarantees a literal horde of available Poképower. The reality is quite different. Even when manifested in Spirit Form, a captured Card still draws power from the CardCaptor herself. A CardCaptor with the willpower or capability to manifest more than two Cards at a time during battle is rare indeed. Even manifesting three to four Cards in Spirit Form to partake even such a casual activity as traveling can quickly leave a CardCaptor tired and helpless. It's worth noting that the Cards can occasionally manifest desires and actions independent of their mistress, though at worst it simply means a Tamer will occasionally have another girl to satisfy.
While the following list is, disturbingly, not complete, those Tamers whom have had CardCaptor's evolve into a CardMaster have consistently documented this listing of Cards on hand; Big, Change, Cloud, Create, Dark, Dash, Dream, Earthy, Erase, Fiery, Fight, Float, Flower, Fly, Freeze, Glow, Healer, Hope, Illusion, Jump, Light, Little, Lock, Loop, Lovers, Maze, Mirror, Mist, Move, Power, Rain, Return, Sand, Shadow, Shield, Shot, Sleep, Silent, Snow, Song, Sweet, Sword, Thunder, Time, Twins, Voice, Watery, Windy, Wood.
[**] The CardCaptor is unusual in requiring the above set of Cards before evolving to their next evolutionary stage, a potentially long process indeed. At some point whenever the necessary requirements are met, a mysterious event that CardCaptor's refer to as 'The Final Judgement' occurs. What this event entails is unknown, as CardCaptor's refuse to speak of it, but after the event, the CardCaptor usually evolves into their next stage, the CardMaster. A rare few, for whatever reason, do not, and are forced to remain as CardCaptor's, unable to increase their abilities as a Pokégirl and left with an unsatisfied wanderlust that they will never able to completely fulfill.
Most CardCaptor's arise from Thresholding incidents. Only a hint of Magical Pokégirls in a girl's family history is apparently needed for this to occur. It's been rumored, though unproven, that a year after Clow Reed successfully created the first CardCaptor, that several threshold events occurred that had the girls in question develop into CardCaptors. Unlike most Pokégirls, CardCaptors undergo threshold at around twelve years of age, though this can be difficult to tell initially, as no outward changes occur. Despite undergoing threshold, taming can still be put off without any ill side-effects until the Pokégirl fully 'matures', typically around the normal age of other Pokégirls(fourteen to sixteen).
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CHEETAURA, the Hyperactive Catgirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tauric Cheetah) Metamorph (Near Human)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare (Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues), Very Rare (Crescent League), Extremely Rare (All Other Leagues) [Classified] Uncommon in the Dark Continent North of the Sanctuary Colonies and its Frontier territory including Sexmet's Lair. [Classified]
Diet: strict carnivore
Role: mobile scouts, Pokégirl transports, racers
Libido: Average (fast!)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Double Kick, Speed Punch, Tail Slap, Rocket Lunge and Tackle, Rocket Dodge and Tackle, Iron Tail
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x18), High Metabolism, Speed-based Psionic Enhancements, High Erotic Sensitivity
Evolves: Shadetaura (contact with Macavity’s Aura of Darkness)
Evolves From: Cheetit (normal)
Appearing shortly after the release of Cheetits into the world, the Cheetaura is the logical extension of the Cheetit’s, “speed is life” philosophy; often acting as an alternate steed for the Generals that lead units of other Pokégirls. Upon evolving, the Cheetit trades in a great deal of her combat prowess for an alternate form, becoming less effective against a number of elements. However, the Cheetaura also lose a number of weaknesses her previous form had, making for little in the way of elements that is outright ‘superior’ to her. Overall, it is considered a solid trade-off.
The Cheetaura is a morphic Pokégirl, having a limited shape-changing capabilities that transform her from her Near-Human appearance with minimal animorphic qualities into that of a Nonhumanoid with a four-legged ‘racing’ configuration. The additional legs and lower, streamlined form result in a considerable increase in speed and stamina. The Cheetaura are among the fastest of all land-based Pokégirls with the current recorded speed record being 400 miles per hour. However, they can only reach their top speed in short sprints, up to 30 minutes under ideal conditions. Otherwise, they can only maintain a ‘cruising’ speed of 240 mph. [Classified] Sadly, this allows Dameosaurs to catch up with them easier than they could the Cheetits. [Classified]
In their Near Human form, Cheetaura are nearly identical to their pre-evolved cousins, with only a slight bust increase to distinguish them visually. While not as noticeable, their tails also lengthen, sometimes by as much as six inches. This improves their balance while running, but can interfere with movement in a tighter environment, such as in a room or in dangerous battlefield. Surprisingly, they LOSE height when compared to Cheetits, leaving them at just under six feet in height. Still it is advised that one should scan with a PokéDex to make certain before making any judgments if the Pokégirl before them is a Cheetit or not.
An important note is that a Cheetaura’s speed transfers over into their Taming habits. Even when not particularly horny, their insides perpetually vibrate slightly. This makes all of their erogenous zones unusually sensitive, and Cheetauras are usually extremely easy to please; some Tamers can find even stroking the Cheetaura’s flanks when in their tauric form can get them off. It goes without saying that Cheetauras like it fast, usually preferring to be on top because their Tamers are physically incapable of thrusting quickly enough. They can slow down, (a little) for their Tamers if requested, usually as a result of friction burns. It is suggested to keep Burn Heal on hand.
Surprisingly, even though they are the evolved form, Cheetaura aren’t as good as combatants as Cheetits are; not that they are inept, but reflex and strength are diminished, as well as a number of techniques lost. Often they are in a Tamer’s Harem when she had originally been in it as a Cheetit and the Tamer hasn’t gotten rid of her. Unfortunately, they aren’t good Sex Battlers either. While they retain a Cheetit’s fierce heterosexuality, they are easily turned on from simple touching, allowing a woman to get them off as easily as a man could. Still, they do have their usefulness, as they make an EXCELLENT Pokégirl for Watchers. They can fill the role of being a ride for their owners and should the need for a hasty getaway from an irate Feral Pokégirl be required the Cheetaura can fill that role in a pinch. In the Crescent Moon League, Cheetaura have been used like race-horses of old, and find themselves in a profession that provides a gambling outlet as well as entertainment for the masses.
To this day, there has never been a recorded case of a girl going through Threshold becoming a Cheetaura. It is only in the recent generation that the outcome of Thresholding into a Cheetit has come to fruition, and it is thought by many Researchers that it will be an even longer stretch of time before a girl to will become a Cheetaura through Threshold. A number of experts at this point don’t ever expect to see such and event either.
[Classified] While she doesn’t employ as many Cheetaura for her home’s security as she does Cheetit, Sexmet does keep a number on hand for other purposes, since they are great as a scouting force. When Cheetits in her care do end up evolving, she gives them the choice of either staying on at her home or finding them some good Tamers. Sexmet also doesn’t like how recently, it’s been a trend for Team groups to employ the use of Cheetauras; their speed being used to bring down targets, as well as making for quick retreats from police officers. She is doing everything within her power to make sure this doesn’t become a norm any time soon, even if it means gutting one Team member at a time... [Classified]
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CHERUB, the Goodwill Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph
Frequency: Rare
Element: Psychic (Celestial)
Diet: Human-style food
Role: Pets, psychic screeners
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Psychic
Weak Vs: Infernal, Dark, Bug
Attacks: Agility, Aura Of Cute, Psi-Blade*, Psi-Blade Mk. II*, Psychic, Mental Feel-Up, Psychic Illusion, Barrier, Telekinesis
Enhancements: Youthfulness, Pristine Innocence, Enhanced Eyesight (x4), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Intentions Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
In light of the recent rise in skepticism toward Celestial Pokégirls, the Cherubim stand out quite a bit in that their popularity continues to grow. Initially an Extremely Rare breed developed to ensure loyalty amongst Sukebe's top commanders, they were discovered later than many breeds and were initially unpopular, but the breed's fanbase has been steadily growing since then, a fact which accounts for the gradual shift in their rarity to Rare status as of 300 AS. One of the only Celestial breeds without a magic typing or any innate magical skills, the Cherub is definitely an oddity, but an adorable, amiable one.
Physically, Cherubim resemble Cardcaptors or Chibi-template Pokégirls; that is to say, they almost never look older than teenagers, and often younger, and no documented cases have had breasts over a modest B-cup. This combined with the pristine innocence enhancement that is seen in blessed template Pokégirls leads to the breed being almost unanimously adorable in the extreme, and although not appealing to everyone, many of those in their fanbase find it a refreshing change from the parade of big-chested, perfectly beautiful 'girls who are so predominant. But, aside from these traits, the only other which all Cherubim have is wings; all others will tend to vary, and there is no noted tendency toward unusual hair and eye colors nor toward more 'natural' ones. Not even the wings, though, are set in stone; although they cannot be dismissed like those of Angels or Valkyries, the exact length, size, shape, and color of them are metamorphic traits that can adjusted by the Cherub within reason, allowing a range from adorably tiny (and easy to hide) white chibi wings or dark, fluffy, inclosive wings almost as big as the owner. The sight of a smiling Cherub wrapped adorably in such huge wings and using her psychic nature to float is not at all uncommon.
But, it is not their appearance which has gained them such favor, it is their demeanor and mindset, even if the two match. The breed is typically amiable and adorable--a bit childlike, at times--if rather lusty. They seem to have an optimistic worldview and, because of the strange variant of their psychic powers, they almost always judge on intention rather than on result. Some recent Philosophers have suggested that Sukebe had studied Immanuel Kant when creating the breed, in fact, but whether or not he was, he seems to have seen this as a good way of keeping an eye on his generals. Thus, they can come off as a bit naive in who they like, and perhaps seem gullible; when judging based on the good or bad intentions perceived through their psychic powers, many ignore external factors. Of course, there are more practical Cherubim who have decided--or been trained--to use that perception as only part of their view of a person, but due to the popularity of the default nature with their proponents, this does not happen often. It is also important to note that they tend to be extremely uncomfortable with Dark-types and those with the Blank Mind bloodgift, since the intentions of these individuals are hidden.
In any event, Cherubim aren't, as one might guess, overly skilled battlers, but they do seem to possess innate skill in archery that is only enhanced by telekinetic direction and boosting, with some carrying physical longbows--telekinetics allow for heavier draws than their frame and strength would suggest--and others preferring to manifest psychic arrows much as other breeds would create blades. This affinity for a primarily ranged weapon, combined with a fairly average constitution and the psychic nature of the breed, makes them best for support, though they can manage a decent defensive battle if needed; Their ability to read intentions, with some work, can be used to predict and avoid--or telekinetically deflect--many attacks. Of course, this only works with enough distance to avoid being overpowered or outsped. It is also of note that significant effort can bring the ability to read intentions up to full-fledged mind reading, but doing so can be detrimental to the combat utility, as there are more thoughts to process before a prediction can be made.
Sexually, Cherubim are an interesting breed; as stated, they're quite lusty in most cases, and quite easy to please... as long as their tamer wants to please them. Due to their ability to read intentions, they react quite strongly to even unskilled touches that are aimed at pleasing them, but will often have extreme difficulty becoming aroused or releasing under even the most skilled affection of a tamer who seeks only his own gratification. This has made the breed much more prominent in Pro-Rights leagues, as tamers in others often become frustrated and insulted by this, quickly disposing of the offending Cherub. But, aside from that, almost anything will be erotic to a Cherub as long as her tamer intends it to pleasure her, and so even strange or painful fetishes are usually taken in stride.
With all of that said, Cherubim are quite popular in a variety of fields for their abilities. Police have been known to use them in the interrogation of suspects, many companies employ them in the screening of prospective employees, and even leagues will make use of the breed occasionally in the psych examination process. Because of this usefulness and the fact that their population has been mostly domestic from the start and only increased by ranches, they are definitely not often found as ferals. In those rare cases that they are, though, Cherubim will shy from those seeking to capture them in most cases, but be drawn toward those whose intent is more focused on taming them than the actual capture. But, despite their popularity, they aren't that common of a threshold, presumably because the breed is a stand-alone in terms of evolution. Some have tried to draw links to the Psilady line, but as of 300 AS, the Cherub is isolated and so ranches continue to supply the growing demand.
*(As noted in paragraph four, rarely are these techniques used to manifest actual blades, but rather bows and arrows in the same fashion.)
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CHESHIRE, the Mischievous Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (feline)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: spy/courier used in various League agencies
Libido: Average/High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Fade, Teleport, Scratch, Kitty Litter, Fury Swipes, Lick, Disable, Confusion, Double Team, Dream Time
Enhancements: Psychic talents (Chameleon, Teleport, Aura Sight), Enhanced Speed(x2), Enhanced Hearing(x3), Night vision, Flexibility
Evolves: Shadowcat (Dark Stone)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Psi Crystal), Kunoichi (Cat E-Medal)
Cheshires are mischievous feline Pokégirls who like to be mysterious and play pranks, and thanks to their Fade and Double Team abilities, this is rather easy to accomplish. Despite their pranks or perhaps because of their powers, it is infuriatingly difficult to pin anything on a Cheshire. In fact, some people refer to Cheshires as the "Spic'N'Span" Pokégirl as their public reputation is always clean; though a more popular and apt nickname is the "Teflon" Pokégirl, as she may stick to something, but mysteriously, nothing can stick to her.
If she evolves from a Catgirl, she is usually more prone to pranks, while a Cheshire evolved from a Kunoichi is more likely to act mysterious.
Cheshires have catlike ears on their heads and very long prehensile tails, usually 15" to 18", though some tamers swear that their Cheshire's tail has been much longer than that. Most domesticates will grow fur in patterns that cover most of their bodies, save their breasts, groin, hands and face. This fur is usually either pin- or tiger-striped, and many tamers swear that the Cheshire can change her pattern from one to the other when they aren't looking, but these are dismissed as irrational as the claims that a Cheshire's smile can remain in midair long after she's left or been returned to her Pokéball.
Cheshires usually retain the same hair and eye color they had in their previous evolution, though sometimes, their hair color changes to purple or blonde while their eye color may turn red. Their height may change, but only slightly and these changes are generally mild, only one to two inches taller than before.
In stark contrast to their otherwise mischievous nature, Cheshires also have a charitable nature, as they've been seen helping abused or mistreated Pokégirls with Dream Time. Some have even gotten their own tamers into trouble by kidnapping or freeing said Pokégirls; though most take a more legal route and have their tamers challenge the offender for the Pokégirls.
Though their skills do allow them to evade attacks rather well, Cheshires don't do well in direct combat. Most work better as couriers, spies, decoys or as saboteurs for the enemy. Not surprisingly, this caught them a bit of flak following the Sukebe War, but like all accusations leveled at them, the blame couldn't stick for long. When a Cheshire does fight, she usually lets her opponent wear herself out and uses Disable and Confusion against opponents who cannot be easily tired.
Cheshires have an ongoing rivalry with the Kunoichi as their area of expertise is similar. Whenever a Cheshire or a Kunoichi notice the other in hiding, they will do their best to scare the crap out of the one hiding. Oddly, if they meet openly, they will remain openly civil, but will usually slip in a few snide comments about the other. If both are working towards a common goal that is not competitive, they will work together incredibly well, but once the goal is achieved, their antics will return to normal. One female tamer, Miyuki Chang, even became notoriously good at accomplishing everything she set out to do because she had both a Cheshire and a Kunoichi in her harem.
Cheshires have a unique trait: Taming cycles above Level 2 affect them as if it were only a Level 2. This can be quite frustrating for the more despicable tamers who want to "wipe the slate clean" by using a Level 5 Taming Cycle. There are some theories about why they are immune to the higher taming cycles, though the strongest theory is based on their access to the Dream Time ability.
Whether it's because of their immunity to the higher taming cycles, because most aren't actually evil or perhaps because of their Fade ability, Cheshires haven't been seen in anti-league organizations like the Limbec Pirates or Team Rocket, and though the accusations of such do exist, they just don't stick.
One surprising fact that came to light only through time was that a Cheshire's tail indicates her affections more than her words. Those she finds appealing will find her tail rubbing against them, while those she is in love with or bonded to will find her tail wrapped around their waist or draped over their shoulders.
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Chickpotle, the Dark Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, spies, ghost hunters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Fade, Dark Attack, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Attacks can affect Phased Ghost-types
Evolves: None
Evolves From:Chichi (Dark Stone)
Chickpotles change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, becomes jet black, with a white speckling pattern that resembles a clear night sky. They tend to keep to themselves, avoiding predators using Teleport rather than rely on a group, and always seem to be brooding about something. Unsurprisingly, they are nocturnal. Chickpotles in the wild often share a den with other Chichi evolutions, sleeping during the day when the others are out and active, and leaving at night for their own activities. Tamers tend not to favor the Chickpotle, since it is very difficult to break them of this cycle, making them largely useless during the day, when most Tamers are active.
One reason Chickpotles do still find their way into Harems is a discovery by a researcher named Egon Splengler. During a late-night observation for his study of Ghost-type Pokégirls, a wild Chickpotle attacked and aggressively pursued a Bhooty, eventually defeating it, and seemingly destroying it. Further research into the subject revealed that this was not an isolated incident. Chickpotles are extraordinary ghost hunters, even more so than other Dark-type Pokégirls, and seem to be instinctually driven to destroy Ghost Pokégirls. Some believe that this at least partially accounts for their perpetual brooding, as they seem most enthusiastic during battle with a Ghost.
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CHIPPYNA, the Rock Solid Eva Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dirt Spray, Slash, Earthquake, Fissure, Tree Fall, Tectonic Slam, Dig
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Diamond Stone)
Chippyna are the ground-based evolution of the Eva. They are much less well known than their elemental cousins, mainly because they prefer to live underground (how they form stable burrows is still open to conjecture). They are very curious by nature, and have a fascination with objects that catch their attention
Chippynas are unlike most of their elemental cousins almost completely hairless (aside from the hair on their heads). Their skin takes on a much denser texture almost leather-like but not quite rock-like. They tend to have lower end cup sizes and their claws gain an almost unheard of hardness. It has been said that taming a Chippyna is a slightly harsher endeavor when compared to the other Eva types. Their rough skin somewhat desensitizes them to the feeling of touch. Not to say the can't feel, just to say that they may not notice if a tamer tries to gently initiate a taming. However they do seem to enjoy being taken roughly by surprise. It has been said by numerous Chippyna tamers that while their skin feels little their vagina is extremely sensitive. It's best summed up by one tamer's wayward comment; "It's like all the feeling in her skin got concentrated in her snatch, She could feel an Ear Blow down there from ten feet away." While proven to not be the case it does give a better visualization of the sensitivity of the Chippyna's cunt.
What she lacks defensively when compared to other ground type Pokégirls she makes up for in her near unheard of speed (for a ground type at least). It is believed that the rapid skill of her previous form are so engrained into her that they carry over to the new form. So while getting punched by an ‘at rest' Chippyna wouldn't cause a great deal of damage levelly speaking of course. A punch from a Chippyna running would hurt a great deal. It could be compared to the damage done by a Marowhack's Dildo Rush attack. Since her popularity as an Eva type evolution is gaining knowledge there are more discoveries being made about the breed.
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COCKADIDDLEDEUX, the VERY Penis-Obsessed Fowl Pokégirl
Type: Humananoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Semen, berries or grains
Role: Unknown
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Sentinel, Assault, Slasher, Spincut, Sword Dance
Enhancements: Improved "Male Sense" (can sense a male within 150 feet), great jumping ability (can leap over 50 feet with a single standing jump)
Evolves: CockadiddleMe (Normal; Level 50)
Evolves From: Cockadiddle (Normal; Level 25)
CockadiddleDeux do not change much in height, and only get an almost imperceptible boost in bust-size, but their wings grow to twice their normal size (still cannot be used for actual flight) and their feathers will change to varying shades of red.
In terms of fighting skill, CockadiddleDeux are more powerful, since they not only remain ambidextrous, but many will often pick up a dual-wielding style. They can also jump further and with their wings, can even manage a weak glide.
CockadiddleDeux's are often more brash and demanding if they are added to a harem after they've evolved, as opposed to having been in a harem prior to evolution. CockadiddleDeux are oftentimes headstrong, and tend to butt head figuratively with any other strong-willed Pokégirl, though they will always at least consider their tamer's words, as they often view their tamer in the same way a thirsty person views a tank of clean water in the middle of a desert.
CockadiddleDeux's will oftentimes go out of their way to show off their superiority, especially if they think it will get them laid more often. Feral CockadiddleDeux's are rather dangerous, as they may seek to remove all obstacles to their target in a vicious manner. However, not all will go so far as to intentionally kill, keeping them, as a group, off the bounty charts.
CockadiddleDeux's love a male tamer who is willing to finger or lick them while they're sucking the tamer off.
Like Cockadiddles, they don't really care for other women or Pokégirls unless they're bored of masturbating with their swords. CockadiddleDeux's don't like cat Pokégirls, but will tolerate their presence if it lets them stay by a virile tamer.
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COCKATRIX, (aka COCKATRYST) the Evil Chicken Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Light mineral intake
Role: Nighttime livestock guardian, Fine Mineral Filtration, Urban Myth
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Petrification Gaze, Dark Bomb, Harden, Quake, Stone Kick, Dark Kick, Headbutt
Enhancements: Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced vision and hearing (x3), Enhanced speed (x3), Night Vision, Mineral Eggs
Weaknesses: Not immune to her own gaze attack or the gaze attacks of others, sometimes uses her gaze attack when under stress.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chicken Little (Moon Stone)
Legends from the first century after the great war tell of an evil beast capable of freezing helpless victims in their tracks, one that lurked deep in caves and would only come out to devour little children that stayed up too late. This of course was waved off as myths and legends until one tamer brought in a strange looking Pokégirl in for identification in 137 AS. According to the tamer's story, he discovered the Pokégirl by surprise in a cavern while searching for ground and rock types. The Pokégirl had been drinking from a pool of water, and when a light shone upon her, she started and froze, staying unmoving until the tamer Pokéballed her. Research continued into breeding this oddity, until in 168 AS when the first captured Cockatrix birthed a Chickenlittle Pokékit. Stunned, research began to discover any possible evolutions that were overlooked in the Chickenlittle, though it didn't take long for one of the Chickenlittle test subjects to be exposed to a Moon Stone and evolve.
This was a stunning introduction into the Cockatrix breed, this odd mixture of avian and reptile held the ability to freeze her opponents in their tracks with a single look. Physically, a Cockatrix looks close to her unevolved form, though there are several major differences. Cockatrix have large, red combs that grow from the top of their heads. This comb parts their feather 'hair' neatly in the middle and ends at the crown, but the lobe of the comb often grows further back, making the comb look much like a Mohawk. This comb is made of hard stone, unlike the fleshy comb of pre-Sukube cockerels, and using her harden ability she can make the points quite dangerous considering the breed can use the Headbutt attack. The feathers atop the Cockatrix's head are a bit longer, and usually a different color than the sparse coat of feathers running down her back to end at her tail.
Instead of feathery bird-like wings, Cockatrix have wings more akin to bat Pokégirls, supported by two elongated digits. This leaves the bird/lizard Pokégirl a thumb and two fingers on each arm to manipulate objects, unlike her unevolved form. The lower half of the Pokégirl’s body is an odd mixture of lizard and bird, a long lizardlike tail sprouting from her back. This long, somewhat prehensile tale is tipped on the end with large feathers, giving the Pokégirl the ability to control her short flights. Her legs are much like a Chickenlittles, human until the knee, then becoming scaly and digitgrade, ending in three large toes with a single reverse toe. Unlike a Chickenlittle, these scales are often more reptilian in nature, and colored similarly to the Cockatrix's tail. This Pokégirl also gains an impressive bust for her slight stature, a full C cup. Oddly, Cockatrixs have no body hair, and no feathers replace where the hair around her snatch should be.
Cockatrixs may have earned the moniker 'the evil chicken Pokégirl' though this is more due to the myths surrounding them than it is their actual attitude. Tamed Cockatrix are more mischievous than dangerous, typically playing good natured pranks on any who will fall for them. However, their sense of humor is somewhat off, and sometimes their puns are groan worthy. They share somewhat of a 'fangirl' relationship with the Trixie line and Cheshires, much to the other Pokegirl's embarrassment. Cockatrixs are easily amused however, and tend to laugh at most things (though a rare few laugh inappropriately). Given their awful puns at times, the Jokette breed actively hunt down Cockatrix when they can, and the poor Cockatrix usually don't stand a chance unless backed by a very powerful harem. Other than their bad jokes and pranks, Cockatrixs are friendly and sociable Pokégirls, if somewhat immature.
In battle, Cockatrixs are usually enthusiastic but somewhat erratic, as stress and surprise often causes them to use their Petrification Gaze attack unintentionally, which makes them a liability in grand melee or team style battles. The breed often use awful puns to help keep their stress levels low, and rely on their physical attacks to help defeat their opponents. Occasionally, they'll riddle the area with Dark Bombs, followed with a pun dealing with bombardment. Most tamers can break their Cockatrixs of this habit, and train their Pokégirls into formidable fighters. One thing to note as well, is that if a Cockatrix is sharing a harem with a Gorgon, they are able to learn the Stone Gaze attack. This should be at the tamer's own peril, as Cockatrixs are still prone to using either gaze attack unintentionally under stress. There are two oddities to the breed, though one has proven to be a blessing to some thresholders.
When a threshold Chickenlittle evolves into a Cockatrix, their previous memories return as well as their intelligence. Some girls who realize they're undergoing threshold into Chickenlittles tend to try to get a hold of a Moonstone in order to reclaim what little of their humanity they have left upon their threshold. As threshold directly into a Cockatrix is very rare, and Moon Stones are usually in high demand, some threshold girls are doomed to the mental oblivion that is a Chickenlittle.
Cockatrixs are also known to eat some minerals, such as dirt and various rocks, in order to help them use their hardening ability. The excess minerals, however, are processed and somehow purified in her system and produced as small mineral eggs. These eggs are the size of Pre-Sukuebe chicken eggs, and usually made up of quartz than any other mineral. However, researchers and miners have experimented by feeding Cockatrixs mining dross, which has been proven to produce on rare occasions, eggs of gold, silver, emerald, or other precious minerals. This only happens once enough of a certain mineral is taken in to excess however, as most of the minerals that a Cockatrix eats are used to help keep her skeleton strong as well as for her to use her harden ability. One miner recorded that keeping his Cockatrix on a supplemental diet of excess from his gold mine produced a gold egg every three months, though research has shown that this is closer to six months even under optimum circumstances.
Feral Cockatrix are rarely seen, as tactics from the Pokégirl are to freeze foes with her petrification gaze before fleeing. They are known to attack lone rodent types, however, and sending one in to lure out this odd breed is a good tactic to capture them. When not hungry, rarely feral Cockatrix are known to scare those that wander into their caves, though this can be dangerous, as often the scare involves freezing their victim and looking menacing. This leaves those frozen prone to attacks from other cave dwelling ferals.
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COMBUSTICUNT, the Pyro Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (bird)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: anything spicy
Role: hothead, smith
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Scratch, Ignite, Napalm, Flamethrower, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Evade, Focus Energy, Rage
Enhancements: Heat Aura
Evolves: Blazicunt (normal)
Evolves From: Torch Chick (normal)
A Torch Chick that gains enough experience (both in combat and in the Taming room) evolves to a Combusticunt. Most Torch Chicks who are owned by local smithies never reach this evolution, since they know that they’d be trading loyalty for bitchiness.
A Combusticunt’s looks are enhanced from when she was a Torch Chick, and more birdlike. She retains the deeply tanned skin and fiery-colored hair, but around her collarbone, and stretching down to between her breasts are soft, small feathers of red and orange. These feathers are downy soft and warm, not course like a bird's feathers. A Combusticunt’s claws are stronger now, allowing her to use them in combat. The irises and pupils of her eyes are now a single, uniform red against the white of the rest of her eyes, giving them a slightly disturbing look. A Combusticunt's bust increases a cup size, becoming a B-cup, and lose none of their nipple sensitivity. Combusticunts tend to shamelessly present themselves without clothing most of the time, reveling in their new looks and enjoying the attention they get.
Combusticunts are known for their short and explosive tempers and are often compared to angst-ridden teenagers (and look much like them also). Their bodies, like other Fire-types, are quite warm, but when angered, their body temperature skyrockets, causing them to use their Ignite attack. Since Combusticunts have such explosive tempers, they become belligerent and unpleasant with everyone, even their Tamer. While they don’t desire sex any less, they tend to become pushy, making a scene unless they’re Tamed when and how they want. Combusticunts do still obey orders given to them, but tend to need to be told two or three times, and even then tend to bitch about it while obeying. Given that the notable loyalty they held as a Torch Chick is now missing, more than one Tamer has exasperatedly referred to a Combusticunt as almost being more trouble than their worth.
The “almost" refers to a Combusticunt’s battle ability. Though their powers are nothing special, a Combusticunt’s fiery spirit makes them determined combatants. Nothing short of unconsciousness (and orgasm) makes them quit the field…sometimes even not even orders from their Tamer can make them withdraw. Combusticunts in a pokebattle hurl themselves at their opponent, slinging flames at every opportunity. Combusticunts are smart enough to use their Napalm attack to try to maneuver enemies into positions where they can’t escape being hit by a Flamethrower, preferably after it’s been enhanced by Focus Energy. Should they find themselves losing, however, a Combusticunt tends to Rage, relying on pure, unquenchable will to carry the day when nothing else seems to be working.
When being Tamed, Combusticunts still prefer to be in full-body contact with their Tamer. However, they now prefer to be on top whenever possible, grinding their sensitive nipples against their Tamer’s chest to bring themselves to a heady orgasm. Many Tamers prefer to have their Combusticunt soak in cool water prior to Taming (or even Taming them while in the water), despite the fact that a Combusticunt’s pussy, while hot, isn’t painful. This is mostly so it enervates a Combusticunt to the point where she’s pleasantly passive during the Taming instead of acting like a needy bitch. However, this technique has been known to backfire, as sometimes a Combusticunt would grow so pissed that they accidentally used Ignite, and caused the water to boil!
Feral Combusticunts are as ornery as when they’ve been Tamed. They tend to use Ignite on themselves at even the first sign of danger to deter potential attackers.
Threshold girls usually don’t directly become Combusticunts, but those who do tend to be pissy about almost everything, and their families tend to be glad to see them go by the time they fully become a Combusticunt.
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CORALA, the Coral Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Rocks, silt, water, plankton
Role: Reef gardeners, waterfront protectors, underwater combat
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel
Attacks: Water Gun, Harden, Unmoveable, Water Spear, Rock Throw, Water Tower, No Sell, Water Floor, Rock Cube, Geyser, Rock Boulder, Bubble Cross, Spiked Rock Boulder, Hydro Pump, Spike Cannon
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x15), Advanced Regeneration, Enhanced Durability (x30), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Density control, Precious coral generation
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Corala were one of the more surprising discovers in the past few decades. For years after the Revenge War, there were reports of mysterious crashes of sailing ships in tropical areas of the world, the hulls torn to shreds by an unknown substance. It took several years of careful investigation, but the source was eventually discovered to be a new type of deep sea Pokégirl. The interesting thing about them is that their bodies were composed almost entirely of coral.
The first colony of these coral Pokégirls, dubbed quite simply the Corala, were discovered by a specialized undersea investigation device inside one of the deepest undersea trenches. Theories about their origins have been tossed about for years, but no conclusive evidence has been found one way or another. There are two theories that seem to be the most popular. The first is that Sukebe simply dumped some of his magical runoff into the water, mutating coral reefs into Pokégirls. The second is that Sukebe created them deliberately to help maintain the coral reefs, the Pokégirls a living expression of his disgust with humanity.
Corala are elegant Pokégirls, slim and slender with curvaceous bodies and firm rumps and breasts. They have silky hair that feels like polished, flexible precious coral. Their bodies are primarily formed from calcium carbonite structures of precious coral, most of their organic internal organs protected by their armor-like outer shell. They can generate spikes of precious coral from their outer shells, which can be broken off to use for jewelry, or which can be by the Corala themselves as projectiles in their Spike Cannon attack. They have complete control over their coral armor-body’s density, allowing themselves to be soft enough for Taming or hard enough to take tremendous amounts of punishment. Their armor-body regenerates quickly when damaged, and is always growing at a slow but steady rate, causing the formation of their trademark spiky armor. Canny Tamers can harvest and sell the spikes for a profit.
Corala are surprisingly strong, durable Pokégirls. They can take large amounts of punishment, and have strength equal to some of the more powerful combat-oriented Pokégirls. They have powerful Rock-type and Water-type abilities at their command as well, their primary attacks being strikes and projectiles of spikes of ultra-hardened precious coral. This, combined with their regeneration and beauty, make them desirable to Tamers. This is not to say that they are not without a downside.
Corala have some of the lowest intelligence levels any Pokégirl out there. They aren’t as dumb as a Trollop, but they tend to take things too literally. If a Tamer sarcastically says ‘give me a break,’ then they will break a bone on the Tamer’s body. If a Tamer tells them to ‘go fuck themselves’, they will immediately go off and masturbate somewhere. They don’t understand metaphors or sarcasm. The only things they seem good at is maintaining coral reefs and fighting, although a patient, canny trainer can teach them to do more. They just have to explain the task they want done VERY CAREFULLY and in EXACT DETAIL.
Coralas are fairly easygoing in terms of Taming. Like most tasks, they are somewhat dim on it until taught. Then they enjoy it greatly, becoming willing to try anything their Tamer wants after the first few times. It’s best not to do too much bizarre Taming with them at first, as they could very easily become disturbed by it and not allow themselves to be Tamed, despite their body’s need for it. Due to their strength, it’s best to tame them with heavy restraints, which are available at most retailers for semi-reasonable prices. No known Threshold cases that have resulted in a Corala have been recorded.
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COYOTITS, The Brawling Bitch Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Magic
Frequency: Rare (Sunshine League), Unknown (All other Leagues)
Diet: Raw Fish, Raw Meat whenever they can get it; will accept finer brands of Pokéchow
Role: Front Line Fighter
Libido: Average (Very High during Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Cat-types, Rabbit-types.
Weak Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Psychic
Attacks: Drill Kick Gatling Punch, High Kick, Magic Fist, Phoenix Down, Dazzle, Exorcism, Sketch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Smell (x3), Natural Fighting Skill, Magic Affinity
Evolves: Lickario (Anubust’s Blessing [Evolution Method Classified])
Evolves From: None
During the War of Revenge, when the Western portion of the formerly United States of America was physically separated from the rest of the continent thanks to the Legendary Pokégirl Typhonna’s Ebony Void technique, it came under siege of many Pokégirl forces. While Nevada and Oregon got hit badly, California was one of the areas worst off. The cities of Sacramento, (currently Golden Poppy) San Diego, (Windy Shores) and Los Angeles suffered some of the heaviest casualties at the time, with the later of the cities being wiped from the face of the map. However, the cities managed to come back with time thanks to the eventual Domestication of a breed that had been inflicted upon them, a Pokégirl that, while rough around the edges, could be made into a hard worker and faithful companion: Coyotits.
The Coyotits are an interesting breed of Pokégirl that are their own branch of Canine-type that exists alongside the Growlie and Hound evolutionary lines. However, what has interesting about this breed is that while the other two have spread about the Leagues in solid numbers, the only known Feral population of Coyotits is within the borders of Sunshine League. While the Ursine is the official Pokégirl of the League, the Coyotits breed enjoys a level of popularity that not only surpasses it, but even excels beyond that of that of the Bunnygirl and Kittens breeds within the Gold Continent.
While nowhere near as human as some Bunnygirls and Kittens are, (with the exception of a few Domestic Near-Human specimens) Coyotits are unusual as unlike most canine Pokégirls, the Not Very Near Human variation has a face that is more human-like then canine. With a set of delightfully large C-Cup breasts, and a coat of fur that has a natural sheen, (while normally brown or tan, there are members with white, silver or black fur) some fans of the breed have compared the Coyotits to Angels for their unnatural beauty, despite the rather rough and tumble lifestyle most of the breed follows.
When it comes to the population of the breed within the Gold Continent, the Feral Coyotits are far more common and more dangerous, depending on straight forward combat to deal heavy blows to anything they target. They roam the land in search of a good fight and the bare necessities of life. It’s interesting to note that Feral Coyotits will follow a Tamer to the ends of the earth if they defeat her in battle, yet do not capture her. They will stalk their target for however long it takes to challenge again, just to fight and prove she’s the better combatant. Feral specimens and only recently Tamed Coyotits are noted for having a Not Very Near Human appearance.
Although they’ve been Tamed and used for centuries, Domestic Coyotits are generally rarer to come across. Noted for being Near Human, they generally tend to devote their magical abilities to become healers and work in Pokécenters rather than fighters; they excel greatly in the areas of Faith and White Magic. It should be noted though that many of the higher-ranking members of the All-Pokégirl Army that took Stockton during Mao’s Rebellion were Domestic Coyotits. Such an event had a negative backlash on this variation of the Coyotits popularity within the Gold Continent, which has lead to the majority of Sunshine League Tamers to prefer to capture Feral Coyotits over depending on Domestics.
The Coyotits are notorious as combatant Pokégirls, who are blessed with not only a natural instinct for fighting, but a natural prowess for magic; when they apply themselves, they can add quite a variety to their already solid plethora of combat-oriented skills. However, the Coyotits is considered one of the more ‘grab bag’ Pokégirls. Because even though she has the capability to learn, she does so to her preferences rather than what is ‘best’. Coyotits who prefer to learn from their various opponents will develop more skills in that vein, while Coyotits who prefers to heal, will have more support abilities and techniques.
However, regardless of whatever variation of fighting-style or preferred magical abilities they possess, Coyotits are Pokégirls that live for the fight and a challenging opponent. Oddly enough, when they face another Fighting-type Pokégirl, they prefer to use their strength and tactical intelligence to over-power an enemy rather than any fancy martial arts moves. For other Pokégirl opponents, the Coyotits are not above using powerful magic or dirty tricks, especially if either her strength or intelligence isn’t enough to give her the edge she needs against her adversary.
When it comes to Taming, Coyotits are noted for wanting to entertain Tamers they like with exotic dancing. With erotic movements and a level of sensuality, Coyotits with tease and entice their Tamers as they dance for his pleasures. They especially are fond of the Strip Tease techniques and dancing out in the open, especially when under the light of a full moon. Unfortunately, despite the creativity and energy they put into dancing, they are surprisingly unimaginative when it comes to the actual Taming! For them, the only ‘true’ position of Doggy-style. When a Tamer tries anything else, it’s surprisingly easy to get them off with how ‘erotic’ they feel any variation is. (How a Pokégirl can see the Missionary position as one of the greatest heights of eroticism is something that Researchers are still baffled over to this day).
Although unheard of outside of the Sunshine League, within the borders of the Cold Continent, there are cases of girls going through Threshold becoming Coyotits. While the numbers of Near Human Coyotits are prevalent as the outcome for a Threshold Coyotits, a Not Very Near Human appearance as an end result is not unheard of.
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CUDILDO, the Lone Bone Avenger Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Revenge
Libido: Extremely low
Strong Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dildorang, Dildo Club, Headbutt, Rage
Enhancements: Skull-like Mask, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Revenge Sense
Disadvantages: Single Minded, Deep Depression (After revenge is taken)
Evolves: Marowhack (Revenge Taken, Given Meaning)
Evolves From: Any Pokégirl with at least a delta bond when her tamer is murdered and possessed of an intense desire for revenge.
When a Pokégirl’s Tamer dies, often the sense of loss is profound, but more often than not, the Pokégirl is eventually able to move on and continue with her life. However, there are some Pokégirls—thus far, mostly delta-bonded Pokégirls—who are unable to move on, whose connection with their Tamer was so strong that revenge consumes their existence, turning them into something simultaneously more and less than what they were before: the Cudildo. Cudildo are a mysterious breed of Pokégirl. No one is sure why or how this particular breed was created, as no records mentioning her were found in any of Sukebe's notes. A small group theorizes that the Cudildo is the first true 'random' evolution to come into being, as the Pokégirl has little similarity to her previous form, some forgoing a great deal of power and skill for the sake of revenge, making her, in many respects, like the Penance.
Upon her evolution, her appearance can change dramatically depending on her previous form. At the very least, most become very near human in appearance, losing any extra appendages or inhuman features such as tails, claws, wings, feathers, and fur. By and large, however, the Pokégirl will retain her previous figure, be it the busty frame of a Boobisaur or the lithe body of an Amazonkapoeraa. In a majority of cases, the skin gains a darker hue, and the hair becomes black, but there are exceptions. The one thing that distinguishes the Cudildo most of all physically, however, is her skull mask, which leaves only her eyes, the end of her nose, her mouth, and her lower jaw exposed, staying in place without the assistance of any straps or bindings. While it is removable, while she lives, only the Cudildo can remove it—typically for taming—and even the strength of an Amachamp has proven insufficient to separate it from her against her will. Her other distinguishing feature is the four-foot long bone club she wields as a weapon, having an innate deadly skill with it, even using it as a ranged weapon that returns to her after being thrown. No one is sure where these items come from, but rumors have circulated that they are actually pieces of their former tamer that they have taken.
Mentally the Cudildo literally has a one-track mind. With her almost non-existent libido, she dedicates every moment of her waking day to tracking down and avenging her tamer, some traveling across entire continents seeking out their killer. By using her bone club as a dildo, combined with her almost non-existent libido, she can stave off the need for taming for extended periods of time (one Cudildo was rumored to stave off the need for over two years before she caught up with her prey and kill him). Should a Cudildo actually reach the feral state, which is extremely rare, she begins to act confused and will wander about muttering to herself as if she was looking for something she lost. Should she come across a human during this time, she will attempt to tame him and be on her way. Because of their desire for revenge, their Taming habits, as far as they can be distinguished, are efficient, mechanical, and minimalist. Interestingly enough, a bond has never been formed in this manner while a Cudildo is on the hunt. Whether this is merely because there are so few feral Cudildos and it’s just never happened yet, or if it’s part of her desire to keep moving it unknown.
Her one-track mind mentality also carries over to combat. A Cudildo is an efficient, up-front fighter, using her great strength and tough skin to quickly beat her opponent into submission, presumably so they can keep on the move during their hunt. However, should their opponent prove too strong to defeat, the Cudildo will retreat—the matter of greatest importance is not that they win every battle they face, but that, in the end, they avenge their Tamer’s death. In the case that their target proves too strong to kill on their own, a Cudildo will seek assistance, either in becoming stronger, or in gaining allies capable of helping the Cudildo achieve her revenge. Some Cudildos even go so far as to align themselves with morally questionable forces, such as the Teams, in order to achieve their goals; however, just as many, having been bound to morally upstanding Tamers, would never even consider an alliance and so tarnish their Tamers’ memories. However, should a Cudildo believe she can kill her Tamer’s murderer with a suicide attack, she will not hesitate to do so, believing this to be the most honorable and worthy death she can ever achieve. The Cudildo also has a sixth sense that allows them to know whether the target of their vengeance is alive or dead, even if the target has arranged it extremely convincingly to seem otherwise. Despite this, they are not able to track their target with this sense, and so they often require the assistance of a Tamer in order to deliver justice to more canny quarries.
Once she achieves her vengeance, the Cudildo slips into a state of deep depression. Usually she seeks somewhere quiet she can hide as she slowly lets herself die, finally overwhelmed by the grief she has kept bottled up inside during her quest for revenge. It generally takes a great deal of patience and understanding to deal with a Cudildo during this stage. If the Pokégirl has been captured during her quest, however, and her Tamer assists her in seeking revenge, she will usually open up more and actively try to stave off the deadly depression so long as she has the affections of the tamer, eventually leading to her evolution into the Marowhack.
No known threshold cases of the Cudildo exist, thankfully, likely due to the unique circumstances resulting in her evolution.
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CUNTRAFFE, the Surveyor Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivorous
Role: Long range surveillance, visual tracker
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Headbutt, Bronze Fist, Tree Fall, Horn Attack
Enhancements: Extendable neck, Enhanced Optic Senses (x5), Longer tongue, Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), High ability to be affected by T2 machines
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cuntraffes didn’t have the most glamorous role during the Revenge War. They were created primarily to be long range surveyors, their incredible vision being used to overlook human encampments, their attention to detail noticing patrols and traps that other girls, even those as skilled as Kunoichi, might have missed. Plus, they could do this from a safe distance of up to fifty miles away, Cuntraffes capable of seeing long distances if they concentrated hard enough. This attention to detail plus their literally telescopic vision made them useful to Pokégirl forces during the Revenge War, a usefulness that carried over to humanity when the Leagues began to arise.
Cuntraffes today are primarily found amongst League officials, working as surveyors and long distance visual trackers, working with both city planners and law enforcement officials, taking advantage of their incredible vision to help aid them in accomplishing their duties. Law enforcement makes use of them to supplement the scent-tracking of their dog-types, and city planners use them to survey the land, checking for Ferals and possible pitfalls. Their fighting ability is about average to start with, however it’s been discovered in recent years that they are capable of learning an astonishingly high amount of attacks recorded in T2 devices. Normally a Pokégirl can use only a handful of T2 devices that aren’t breed specific, but Cuntraffes can use almost double that, thus increasing their combat versatility amazingly. Some law enforcement agencies also train them to use projectile weapons, taking advantage of their excellent vision in use as snipers.
Cuntraffes have amazing vision, as well as the ability to see long range if they focus hard enough. This range is normally fifty miles, but their necks, while being longer than normal, are also much stronger than the average Pokégirl’s neck, making choking attacks near useless. Through a system of telescoping bones, their necks can extend to three times their normal length, increasing their telescopic vision’s range by three times as well, although this makes their neck much more vulnerable to choking. It also limits the blood flow to their brain, making it difficult to maintain their full length for more than thirty minutes at a time. Any longer and a Cuntraffe starts to get dizzy, unable to focus to use their telescopic vision. Their hearts, much stronger than a normal Pokégirl’s, compensates for some of this, but it’s still a bad idea for them to keep their necks extended a long way. Their skin around their neck has high collagen content, which prevents their skin from bagging up after their neck retracts.
Cuntraffes are generally average-framed Pokégirls. Their bodies are covered in fur that ranges in color from brown to gold, and is covered in darker brown spots over their sides and back. They have a short, slender, flexible tail that has a tuft of hair on the end the same color as the hair on their head. They have long, black tongues and small, stubby horns, their ears tapering up into long points. Their long tongues are also an advantage in that they can learn various tongue techniques easily, including Gummi Tongue. In terms of personality, Cuntraffes are fairly easy-going Pokégirls. They’re very casual about most things, but do take their relationship with their Tamer and Harem-sisters very seriously. They’re easy to get along with, so they are popular with Tamers who like to befriend their Pokégirls. This easy-going nature is also seen in Feral Cuntraffes. They generally spend their days calmly eating leaves off of trees and relaxing in the sunlight. Feral Cuntraffes tend to form herds, working to protect each other from outsiders. In competitions for dominance in the herd, Cuntraffes sometimes engage in a form of fighting involving their necks that is difficult for this researcher to describe.
They are open to nearly anything in terms of Taming habits, each individual Cuntraffe having their own preferences, although many have been noted to like being tamed from behind. A good way to get on a Cuntraffe’s good side and arouse her easily is to massage their neck. The muscles there are thick due to their extendibility, and tend to get sore, especially if they use their extendo-necks a lot. A relaxing massage is a good way to arouse a Cuntraffe and get their affection. As an amusing side note, their horns appear to be an erogenous zone of sorts, caressing them providing an easy way to arouse the Pokégirl.
Cuntraffes are a rare Threshold, but several cases of it have been noticed. The process is fairly slow, and is somewhat painful as fur grows on them, their necks restructuring themselves. As an interesting side note, Feralborn Cuntraffes have hooves for feet, while Domestic and Threshold Cuntraffes have regular humanoid feet.
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CYBER-NYMPH, the Techie Nymph Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human type foods; high in electrolytes
Role: Information technology services, sex, data management, sex...
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lust Virus, Zap Ring, Foresight, Armor, Thundershock, Agility, Confusion, Static Barrier, Future Sight (*attacks vary with the Cyber-Nymph, see description for details)
Enhancements: Computer interfacing ability, Enhanced Intelligence, Total Recall
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nymph (Thunder Stone + Pokéball transporter)
Only discovered recently as a result of the need to have a Thunder Stone equipped to a Nymph that is sent through a Pokéball transporter, the Cyber-Nymph is, as her name suggests, a tech-based Nymph form with moderate electric and psychic abilities, and the ability to upload or download data to and from any computer. However, her convoluted evolution requirements make her difficult to come by, and most people looking for a computer-savvy Pokégirl will go with the more common Pussycom and Byte Bitch. Cyber-Nymphs are usually found in the company of Watchers, who find their ability to upload data to a Pokédex just by touching it to be useful in the field, or computer technicians for similar reasons in the office or lab.
A Cyber-Nymph is distinctive, with gold or silver circuit-like patterns flaring out from around her eyes to cover her skin and ending at her fingertips and toes. Usually either the Cyber-Nymph's hair or her eyes matches the color of her circuitry, but not always and sometimes both. Her bust increases by one size from her previous form.
Cyber-Nymphs are very lusty, but they like logic games almost as much as they do Taming, and naturally enjoy working with computers and other technology. Their high intelligence makes them very very good at tactics and strategy, but they are clever enough to be comfortable outside of the Alpha position. Cyber-Nymphs do NOT get along well with the Byte Bitch line of Pokégirl, presumably because they compete for the same kinds of roles.
Despite her more obvious uses in technology-related fields, a Cyber-Nymph is a fairly formidable opponent on the battlefield. Her affinity for electronics and high IQ make her abilities extremely easy to customize with T2s for almost any situation, so it's hard to establish a standard attack list for the breed; some Cyber-Nymphs favor their Electric powers, others prefer Psychic techniques. Her Psychic subtype and genius-level intelligence also result in a ready capacity for on-the-spot strategizing, allowing a less tactically-brilliant Tamer to simply give her a vague goal (winning a battle) and then let her work out the details herself. She's also reasonable at sex combat, with a Lust Virus attack that acts like Lust Dust but is transferred through a low-current electrical shock, but she does fall prey to the typical Nymph weaknesses of high libido and low pleasure threshold.
As far as Taming goes... she's a Nymph form. Anything goes in the sack, so long as she gets some and she gets it often. If she does go Feral, it's usually a very staticky state of Bunny-esque distraction-- which, since most Cyber-Nymphs are employed around computers, can be devastating.
Since Cyber-Nymphs need to go through a Pokéball transporter to evolve, they do not happen in the wild or result from Threshold.
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DAO, the Sword of the Earth Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style foods.
Role: Guards, scouts, miners
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Normal, Poison
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Plant, Water
Attacks: Resonate, Mud Slap, Earthquake, Sonic Wave, Dynawave, Unmovable, Psi-Blade Mk. II, Agility, ShockSpike, Stone Blade, *Blade Spike
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed, Endurance, and Durability (x3 each), Elemental Affinity: Ground & Rock, Geokinesis, enhanced defense against Ground.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Earthmaiden (Battle Stress)
During the revenge war, there were signs of numerous Pokégirls with bladed weapons that were to be found in the ranks of Sukebe's forces. These Pokégirls were mostly found later to have been Slicers or Ronin, or even Amazonwu. However, a little more rare than those breeds and a little later to the war were the Dao, a breed capable not only of utilizing her powerful blades as weapons but also the earth itself. Using her abilities to cause localized earthquakes, or to force rocks within the earth to explode from the ground, the Pokégirl was feared by many when the human armies came across them. The obsidian-sharp rocks that she could utilize shredded body armor and tank armor, damaging equipment and in many cases outright killing numerous humans. They became prime targets as a result, and proved susceptible to sniping attacks that humans wound up adopting to take out the Pokégirls. After the War, the Dao fled to the mountains, disappearing within mines and caves for the most part and out of human history. Though numerous attempts were made to capture one, few succeeded thanks to the effectiveness of the Pokégirl’s defenses within a mountainous region.
However, the advancement of their abilities isn't quite what makes them stand out distinctly when compared with their preevolution; rather, Dao, as befitting to their evolutionary method, are warriors. Physically, this change is reflected with a possible increase in height up to, but not always being, 6ft tall on average. Their muscles are easily noticeable, though not to the extent of an Amachamp's musculature. As a breed, the Dao seem to prefer keeping their hair at shoulder length or shorter, a preference that researchers are not aware of the reason for. Their eyes take on earthy tones of brown, greens, or hazel (the latter being particularly common). The Dao are warriors, and as such have a mindset close to what one might expect from such a breed, often disliking the most technical solutions and believing that simple is best. This doesn't mean that they cannot grasp more intricate knowledge, just that the breed dislikes long speeches and technical information. One thing that makes the breed favored among tradesmen and tamers is the fact that they can sense what is nearby within the earth or within rock, which has led to numerous mining discoveries as well as plenty of leftover valuables from the revenge war. This makes the breed quite useful to reclaimers as well, as a result.
It is important to note that very few Dao have any respect for the swords designed by humans, especially metal ones; they usually consider such weapons fragile and not worth dealing with. In any case, self-discipline is something that comes easily to most Dao, but often at the cost of social awkwardness. In battle, the breed seems to prefer using her various blade techniques after an Earthquake or a Shockspike attack to unbalance her foes. With the ability to manipulate the ground around them, intrinsic skill with swords, and even limited psychic skill, they have an impressive array of ways to fight. However, it is rare to see a member of the breed who is willing to make complete use of all her powers freely; rather, it is the norm for them to specialize in their sword skills, with the additional abilities being used for assistance for herself and her harem sisters, should the battle also include them.
With this in mind, within a harem the Dao can become excellent leaders. With a tactical mind that is geared towards improvisation, this breed is a good choice for tamers willing to deal with the dedication of the Dao to her ideals and find that they are calm, confident, and dedicated to whatever they feel strongly about, which has made them a popular evolution with those tamers who felt slighted by the fact that their Earthmaidens often loved the earth more than they loved said tamers. This can also cause friction within a harem as a result, however, as the breed's somewhat militaristic outlook on life and harem can become quite a bother to numerous Pokégirl breeds. The Domina is a breed that finds the Dao to be an interesting pursuit- the Dao is quite resilient and can take lots of punishment, making the pokegirl a challenge for them. The response of the Dao, however, is as varying as the individuals themselves. When taming, the Dao dislike beds and many creature comforts, instead preferring to feel the cold ground and rock under her.
Feral Dao, though rare, may sometimes be found in rocky regions, such as in the mountains and even near volcanoes. They are quite territorial and prefer to make their homes in or near abandoned mines, sometimes even found in newer tunnels that they dig themselves to get to the precious minerals and metals inside. Often, they are found near where they were once born or went feral after their tamer/owner perished, leading some to believe that the Pokégirl still defends her old master/mistress' remains, something that has been romanticized by several movies. They only leave their unmarked territories when something of greater strength, such as a Giantess, run them out, and are known to wander aimlessly as a result. Thresholds are unusual, and only four have been known to happen in the world, as most female descendants from this breed threshold into, or become an, Earthmaiden instead.
Blade Spike (ATK 80): Obsidian-sharp edged blades erupt from the earth in a diagonal fashion, and withdraw back into the earth at the Pokégirl’s choice. Or, it may remain as an obstacle.
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DARK ELF, the Mystic S&M Elfgirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore. Tends to lean toward a meat-heavy diet.
Role: Trackers and Hunters. Good tacticians, but better in urban and enclosed environments.
Libido: Average. Up to High with a trusted/favored tamer.
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Rock, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric
Attacks: Levitation, Bitch Slap, Erotic Kiss, Nipple Cripple, Spank, Needleshot, Toxic Sword, Vine Bondage, Vine Whip, Power Bolt, Shield, Hypnotic Gaze, Glare, Rune Chain (Lv. 20), Hydra Whip (Lv. 35) Enslaving Kiss (Lv. 55)
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Poison Affinity, Night-vision, Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Reflexes (x4), Intuitively learns Bondage Attacks
Disadvantages: Light attacks tend to disorient and in rare cases cause temporary blindness or to become light-headed
Evolves: Dark Lady (Moon Stone), Bondage Elf (normal), Bondage Queen (evolved Bondage Elf; normal), Enchantress (Mana Crystal)
Evolves From: Elf (Dark Stone), Drow Zee (Dark Stone)
Common tamer wisdom says, "You may be able to mistake a Drow Zee for a Dark Elf, but you'll never mistake a Dark Elf for a Drow Zee."
Most Dark Elves share common physical traits with the Drow Zee. Nearly all have obsidian-black skin and pointed ears from their elf heritage. The majority express blood red eyes and bone-white hair done up in various styles from elaborate to simple, depending on the amount of personal power a Dark Elf has (or just personal preference, in some cases). Occasionally, there are aberrations, and hair color will have a light purple or light blue hue, or even a startling blood red, with eye color running the gamut from amethyst to blue to golden (green has never been documented), but these are the exceptions, not the rule. Body type varies in height, and Dark Elves typically have larger busts than their Elf cousins, much to the Elf's dismay, varying from a healthy C cup to the occasional overlush double-Ds. There have been only one or two documented Dark Elves with breasts that are smaller than the average. Although much more rare than the Drow Zee evolved Dark Elves, those of this breed that evolve from an Elf typically have lighter colored skin, often ranging from a gray to a light blue, all the way up to a chocolate brown color. Their eyes become light-sensitive, and many threshold or domesticated Dark Elves resort to wearing sunglasses to assist with their vision during the day. However, physical similarities is about the only way that any tamer may mistake a Dark Elf for a Drow Zee, and the reasoning behind this is simple.
A Dark Elf's personality differs drastically depending on their environment. Among other Dark Elves, they fall into the typical habits of their known 'society', becoming ruthless, conniving, power-hungry, vicious and unforgiving. Having two Dark Elves in a harem is typically asking for trouble, unless one of the two is willing to accept the other as the more powerful of the pairing. Even then, the conflict never really ends. It merely subsides, picking the occasional moment for the subservient Dark Elf to test the dominant one's defenses. This, needless to say, can be very damaging during a pitched Tamer battle. This attitude amongst other Dark Elves is the reason this Pokégirl breed is so rare. When amongst themselves, without an external threat, they turn on each other, dominating and killing in displays of power. Older Dark Elves are respected, not, per se, for their personal power(which is typically impressive), but because they have lived for so long, and are considered to have the title 'Matrons'. This does not save them from normal power plays and betrayals, they just have enough sense and power to survive these trials with little problem. When outside the societal structure that occurs whenever Dark Elves congregate, they do a complete about-face in terms of personality. Dark Elves are typically proud and noble, holding themselves with great pride to be what they are. Their power-plays and betrayal never express themselves among groups of Pokégirls that -aren't- Dark Elves, beyond normal harem dynamics. When questioned, Dark Elves seem to imply that such things, when not amongst other Dark Elves, aren't worth their time. It has been noted by several researchers, however, that some Dark Elves simply do not care for such political maneuvering amongst their own kind, although this is typically found in those that evolve from Elves. So far, there is no evidence to support why this is the case, although there are some researchers looking into the matter.
One surprising trait that all Dark Elves share is a specific weakness towards males. This is what makes them so valuable to Tamers. A Dark Elf rarely, if ever, attempts any type of dominating powerplay against a Tamer. When bonded, they are almost whorishly slavish and faithful to their Tamer and/or Owner, offering themselves no matter the time or the place, making helpful suggestions and overall being very, very useful and protecting. Nothing is so amazing to watch than a Dark Elf successfully keep a Domina from having any effect on their mutual Tamer. This trait is so universal among Dark Elves and so ingrained in their psyche that it's nearly impossible for a female tamer to keep a Dark Elf in their harem. Unless the female tamer psychologically manipulates the Dark Elf to see the female as falling into the role of her 'Matron' - a tricky, and troublesome effort at best. Most Female Tamers don't bother, instead viewing Dark Elves as very valuable trading Pokégirls. All in all, it's this quirk of the breed that makes them universally distrusted by all Anti-male organizations, and viewed with some amusement by such groups as the Amazon Preserve. Initial research into Dark Elf pack dynamics was met with some skepticism when first documented. Most Researchers claimed that such viciousness would have the entire breed dying off in quick order.
They were right, but the solution to this problem wasn't documented for many years to come. Every so often(the specific trigger is unknown, but speculated to occur whenever the year is what was once called a 'leap year', a group of Dark Elves will undergo a Breeding Frenzy, their libidos ramping up to 'Extremely High' as they mate with themselves, other Pokégirls, and any Tamer that happens to come along. Despite having a normally low-level feral state, during their Breeding Frenzy, they fall into a near mindlessness. Typically lasting a week, once past, all Dark Elves that were triggered undergo parthenogenesis. This population boom is what keeps Dark Elves as a breed from dying out. Notably, they are NOT easier to capture during this frenzy, but a smart tamer can successfully lure a powerful Dark Elf away from the group and capture (or bond) her once the frenzy passes.
For many Dark Elves, being captured within bonds is a close, intimate thing that can enhance pleasure by extracting a small amount of pain at most- hurting the one she is with is something that she tries to avoid. It's the intimacy that she truly enjoys. The ability to not fight back, to trust her partner, is a thrill that a Dark Elf loves. This is a fairly sharp contrast to the Domina's line of thinking, and having one of both breeds in the same harem is not suggested, as the Domina breed will often attempt to break the Dark Elf and mold her to her ways in many known and reported cases. In any case, Dark Elves rather dislike the Domina breed, and Domina view them as if they were apprentices (whether or not the Dark Elf agrees with them). Often, this leads to fights that lead to a taming session at some point, as each will attempt to maneuver the other into some sort of bindings. It seems that neither breed is willing to let it go, however, hence the suggestion that no tamer should have a Domina-breed or a Dark Elf in the same harem at the same time.
Every so often, a Dark Elf will be born that does not express the typical glee and hunger for the cut-throat social dynamics of the Dark Elf society. Instead, they find it tragic, lamenting their sisters bloodlust and escaping their society as soon as possible. Normal Dark Elves refer to these individuals in a mixture of contempt and humor as 'Drizzlings', and most Tamers get the impression normal Dark Elves are having a very good laugh at their 'reformed' sisters expense. These 'Drizzlings' often have a sweet-as-sugar attitude when among humans and Pokégirls, making them even more valuable among Tamers. These 'Drizzlings' are often accepted by Dark Elves that evolved from elves, and are often found in their own little colonies away from any contact with what are considered 'typical' Dark Elves. Strangely, Dark Elves that evolve from Elves that follow this attitude are considered 'normal' amongst those that are typical Dark Elves. Researchers speculate that this is due to the fact that they can be identified easily (their skin coloration is most commonly lighter than the typical Dark Elf has), though this has been neither confirmed nor debunked.
Dark Elves, while not making a good Alpha, often make an excellent Beta, as they are willing to submit to another Pokégirl that expresses more power or intelligence than them. They make excellent mothers to human males, but terrible ones to human females, viewing them with contempt that they were born with such a weak body, and often urge them to undergo threshold as soon as feasible. Dark Elves claim that they typically get along well with other Pokégirls, including other elf breeds. Elf-type Pokégirl would claim otherwise, citing the Dark Elf's normally superior and noble attitude resulting in a number of conflicting incidents. However, other than the obvious attitudes towards Domina and most other Elf-type Pokégirls (other than Drow Zee, it seems), the Dark Elf's claim seems to be the most prominently supported amongst tamers and harem studies that have been polled.
During the end of the war, when Dark Elves became somewhat more common in Sukebe's army, they were found in small groups of four to six Pokégirls that would track and hunt down human survivors trying to escape the cities that the Pokégirl armies had overrun. However, their numbers remained small for reasons unknown to humans until the first Tamers came into being, at which point it was learned that Dark Elves, despite their origins, seem to be independent as a whole, despite found in groups. After the war, the Dark Elves were not often found or captured, and they were a relatively unknown breed until 87 AS or so, when the first recorded instance of an Elf evolved into a Dark Elf. It wasn't until 93 AS that a Drow Zee was found to evolve into one as well. Since then, they have been found in harems throughout the world. Feral Dark Elves, however, are difficult to find, although they have been recorded to live underground and among the remains of old city ruins from pre-Sukebe times. Ferals of this breed are a very individualistic bunch, with some living with others in groups of around half a dozen, while others hunt and live in pairs or singly. Semi-feral dark elves are found more commonly in city ruins than in caves, scratching a living off of the what they can find to eat in and around their territory. Often, it's the ones that live in caves that manage to get along better than most Dark Elves that live together, though there have been some documented times when small groups of Dark Elves manage to live together in peace. When in larger groups, however, is when their dislike towards one another gets completely out of hand.
In battle, Dark Elves are a fearful type to behold, as they prefer to fight from afar rather than up close, and they are equally useful in standard battles as they are in sex battles. Their speed and magical attacks allow the Dark Elf to outmaneuver many opponents, and if not, can use several attacks that can wither down her opponent at any given range. Their levitation technique allows them to not be hampered by terrain like other elves might be, a major advantage against other Pokégirl types that are land-bound. However, their strength is something left to be desired, although most tamers do not mind this problem if they can train the Pokégirl enough. In a sex battle, their magical abilities give them several advantages, the least of which being their Rune Chain technique to bind the opponent. With this in use, there's little that the opponent can do until the Dark Elf releases her. This is a favored technique of all Dark Elves, even while being tamed by her tamer or in any battle- a bound target is easier to hit and deal with, and in taming it just excites a Dark Elf more. And combined with the Dark Elf's natural intelligence when it comes to strategy, these Pokégirls are often considered for an Alpha or Beta position within any harem. Towards the others in her Tamer's harem, a Dark Elf is perhaps a little condescending towards those who are weaker, but rarely is it taken out of control. She does enjoy being allowed to assist her tamer with taming other Pokégirls, however. There is one thing to note about Dark Elves, however, that a tamer that uses her in a combat harem should be aware of: they are easily blinded by sudden flashes of light, thanks to their light-sensitive eyes.
Unlike normal Elves and the typical Elf breeds, Dark Elves can survive and thrive easily in a much wider range of environments, and are not limited to non-polluted areas. They typically prefer underground areas, such as naturally formed caves, but a number have professed a liking toward the more run-down urban structures when properly reconditioned.
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DARK MAIDEN, the Pitch Black Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Assassin, Manipulator of darkness
Libido: Medium (Prefers Nighttime hours)
Strong Vs: Psychic, Ghost, Poison
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Double Throw, Instant Toss, Mana Break, Dark Bolt, Dark Blade, Dark Shield, Shroud of Darkness, Shadow Teleport, Black Sky
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed(x4), Enhanced Dexterity(x5), High Intelligence, can see without difficulty in natural or magical darkness
Evolves: Magic Knight (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
While some of Sukebe's Legions learned to strike from the shadows, the Dark Maiden brought the shadows with them. While most Dark-Types specialize in dealing Dark-Type damage, the Dark Maiden is also a master of magic that brings about darkness and snuffs out light, and are proficient, silent assassins. Capable of seeing perfectly in the absence of light, these Pokégirls do not fear the night – they embody it.
Dark Maidens tend towards, ironically, pale white skin and jet black hair, with styles varying from individual to individual. If the hair color does vary, it is nearly always of a dark shade. A small number of Dark Maidens, however, may be found with various elven traits, such as the signature ears, or possibly skin tones. This is believed to be because Sukebe used small amounts of elven DNA with the Dark Maiden's creation, which can sometimes manifest itself in these individuals.
It is because of this trait that the Dark Maidens were long thought to have some sort of evolutionary link with the Elf lines, however, no such evolution has occurred to date.
Confident masters of the dark, Dark Maidens carry themselves with pride, even as they render their foes helpless and move in for a kill. They have an elegant presence, and they like it that way, tending to get annoyed if they are forced to abandon that elegance.
A strange quirk, often to the annoyance of those who own Dark Maidens, is their tendency to pick an individual they see with some regularity, often a harem sister, and to raise hell at their expense. Researchers aren't sure if Dark Maidens see them as a sort of rival or if they just bug the Dark Maiden that much, but regardless, the result can be quite a hassle, and is one of the reasons why the breed is not incredibly popular.
Dark Maidens are rarely spectacular at straight-up combat. They are not particularly tough or strong, but they are light on their feet and have excellent coordination, making them excellent at wielding finesse weapons, such as their weapons of choice, daggers and throwing knives. They typically take full advantage of their ability to blanket an area in darkness, and then of their opponent's disorientation, using Shadow Teleport to strike from behind, or their high speed to quickly rack up hits. They also can fight either up close, with their daggers or Dark Blade, or from a distance, using throwing knives, Dark Bolts, or the mighty Black Sky.
It's important to note that Dark Maidens cannot summon weaponry like some breeds can, and so must rely on purchased weaponry. Those who are willing to cash out for an enchanted dagger (or whatever the individual's preferred weapon is), will typically make their Dark Maiden a very happy girl, and, should the Dark Maiden be pleased with her master, treat the weapon well and with utmost respect. (One should be cautious, however, if they don't.)
Despite their usual, naturally 'dark' roles, Dark Maidens are not inherently sadistic, even to those they choose to trouble, and indeed are quite variable in their personalities. They are quite capable of kindness and generally get along well with other breeds, so long as one can get used to her noble airs. Those Dark Maidens whose elven heritage has manifested itself can sometimes be seen in elven courts, generally fitting right in, and often taking up a role as bodyguard to the Queen. Despite the name, such Dark Maidens are fully considered elves, including for the purposes of an Elf Queen's ability, and, though they do not have the Longevity of a true elf, often gain Slow Aging as an enhancement.
Dark Maidens are highly intelligent Pokégirls, and are fairly popular among League officials and researchers as assistants. They are also prized for their ability to see during the night, making them perfect for acting as nighttime guards, a role that both officials and tamers are thankful for.
Feral Dark Maidens have an instinctual dislike of bright lights, particularly the sun, and so are rarely found active during the day, much preferring to act during the nighttime hours. They rarely can be found alongside Vampires, using their abilities to protect them from light-based attacks...assuming they can stand being the likely target of their mischief. Tamed Dark Maidens can operate normally day or night, but find that they prefer the darkness best.
During the Revenge War, Dark Maidens were used less for their assassination abilities and more for their ability to blanket areas in darkness, blinding whole enemy squads while they and other Pokégirls hammered them with attacks from a distance. This often had a powerful effect on the morale of the enemy forces who were able to witness these attacks, watching as their comrades flailed about aimlessly in the darkness before being picked off.
Because of their opposed natures, Dark Maidens have a natural dislike of Light Maidens, and will do their damnedest to knock the lights out of them at the first opportunity. Often, but not always, this rivalry will continue even as Magic Knights. Ironically, as both Maidens possess a method to conceal themselves from the other's sight, such fights are often awkward affairs, neither opponent really sure where the other is...
· Shroud of Darkness - (Effect) The Dark Maiden surrounds the area around her or a specific point in space in complete darkness. If she is the center of the effect, the effect follows her as she moves. Otherwise, it stays centered on the original point. From outside the area of effect, the ability appears as a slightly darkened bubble of space - one can still see through it, but once one steps inside the effect, the spell completely blankets vision. The initial radius of the effect starts at around ten feet, but can grow to around fifty or possibly higher. Dark Maidens may choose to darken the 'bubble' caused by the ability to pitch black even from outside vision, preventing others from seeing what occurs within - or beyond - the shroud.
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DATA DOG, the Dog ex Machina Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for meat
Role: Network Admin, Hacker, Mechanic, Custom Machinist.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Psychic, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Snarl, Reflect, Shield, Psi-Blast, Teleport, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Zapring
Enhancements: Enhanced Memory, High intellect, Network Interface, Enhanced Smell and Hearing (x3), Machine Affinity, Strength x2
Disadvantages: Low combat potential, Canine behavior
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Normal)
When a Byte Bitch has gone through enough life experiences, they evolve into the much calmer Data Dog. When not found employed, many Data Dogs enjoy a place in a Watcher or Tamer's Harem, often being viewed as almost parallel to Cyber-nymphs in their ability to run networks though without the Cyber-nymph's unique ability to upload data just by touching electronic objects. However some Data Dogs that have dabbled in areas other than computers find that they shine in other chosen areas, making them unparalleled machinists or mechanics that are able to build hoverbikes from spare parts. These Data Dogs are almost always found employed at dealerships and R&D departments alongside other tech enthusiasts.
Their appearance changes little from their previous form, bust increasing slightly and adding on more muscle mass since Data Dogs are no longer as weak as humans, but comparable to other common Pokégirls in strength. Most often this comparison is to the Catgirl, though a Data Dog's strength is mostly in her upper body and not her legs. The Data Dog still prefers to tinker or type however, but this is usually due to her increased skill level and interest in her area of choice than any physical deficiency. Data Dogs loose their bitchiness due to stress, as their newfound ability to view any situation under a cheerful pragmatic view comes to light. Most of the breed has been found to try and make the best out of any situation, though some Data Dogs use their practicality for personal gain more than anything else. Overall, Data Dogs have the canine loyalty that is found in most canine types. Many enjoy games of intellect, chess, shogi, and other tactical or trivia games are a great way to earn a Data Dog's affection.
There are a few horrific tales of Data Dogs slowly taking over the Alpha's loyalty and running the Harem of a tamer (and eventually the tamer) by proxy. These tales have been proven, but research has shown that the two recorded instances were from Data Dogs that had actually teamed up with Dominas instead of butting heads with the Pokégirls as they normally do. As such it isn't recommended for any Data Dog to be placed in a Harem with aggressive Pokégirls, since the Data Dog may be calmer now, but they do not tolerate being pushed around. The Domina line and other 'pushy' Pokégirls are bound to get told off in almost all of the cases (with the exception of a few, as noted above) and not even the good natured Celestials are taken as an exception. They can, however get along better with mouse, bunny, and cat Pokégirls (in spite of still being intimidated by the stronger cats). Though in battle, they can use what they refer to as an instinctive advantage and intimidate the 'prey' Pokégirls.
Data Dogs still have the weakness of their canine instincts taking over, and many are embarrassed that they are no better able to control these urges than when they were Byte Bitches. Still unable to fight their triggers, Data Dogs make a point to telling new owners what sets them off to insure that there are no accidents. Many Tamers can use this to their advantage as well, as the mere threaten to set off a Data Dog's trigger is usually enough to keep them in line. Thanks in part to their bulking up, Data Dogs are now able to fight better than their previous form, however they are still considered weak for an evolved Pokégirl. A Data Dog's favored tactic is to use their shield and teleportation abilities to formulate the best possible counter attack, though this tactic is sometimes changes in order to prevent the Data Dog from becoming predictable. They still shine as a support Pokégirl, able to better defend and attack their front line partner and whittle their opponent down from the sides.
Threshold cases of Data Dogs are rare, the best evidence of threshold into a Data Dog is ears migrating to the top of the skull and picking up random static electricity. Feral cases of Data Dogs are more common than their pre-evolved from, since they are better able to defend themselves from stronger Pokégirls.
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DILDOQUEEN, the Shemale Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Extremely Rare Feral)
Diet: human diet, favoring vegetarianism
Role: Taming aide, sexual education and experimentation, breeding
Libido: High, strong desire to penetrate others
Strong Vs: Ghost, any sex-based Pokégirl
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, elemental attacks
Attacks: [as Dildorina], Relaxing Gaze*, Shemale*
Enhancements: Functional penis, Toughness x8, Endurance x8, expertise with sex toys, ability to summon sex toys, Poison Resistance x8, Strength x2
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dildorina (normal, focus on penetration)
The Dildoqueen is one of those Pokégirls that absolutely baffle even the most knowledgeable Researchers, and frighten all but the most sexually adventurous Tamers. The reason in this case is simple: she's a Pokégirl with a little... something extra.
Dildoqueens are classified as a Very Near Human breed of Pokégirl, being unmistakeable from very beautiful human females until they get aroused. They are perfectly at ease with their bodies and make sure to take good care of themselves, even when feral. They prefer to wear clothes that enhance both their feminine beauty and sensual appearance. Not surprisingly, Dildoqueens are extremely good at seducing people. Once one does get aroused, however, it becomes very obvious what she really is-- a hermaphrodite with a rather prominent and fully-functional penis, the breed's identifying feature. Some Dildoqueens have testes as well, and no vagina, making it impossible for them to get pregnant. Even Dildoqueens without testes (and with a vagina) can ejaculate large amounts of semen, through mechanisms even they don't understand. For a long time, largely thanks to a Watcher named Doug whose harem of big-wingered Dildoqueens provided most of what's known of the breed, it was believed that the Dildoqueen's penis ranged in size from "large" to "ridiculous". More recently, a few bashful Dildoqueens have revealed that their penises actually run the same size range as those of human males, including some "to the left of the bell curve".
Dildoqueens can impregnate Pokéwomen and induce parthenogenesis in Pokégirls with the resulting offspring always being the base level evolution of whatever the impregnated pokewoman or Pokégirl was. This makes Dildoqueens highly sought after by Breeders, but most Dildoqueens take offense at being thought of as nothing more than a walking sperm tank and will spurn those who treat them as such (arranging impregnation attempts without the 'queen's consent first, for example). Strangely, a pokégirl or Pokéwoman who approaches a Dildoqueen with a request to be impregnated will never be turned away and a Dildoqueen will do her very enthusiastic best to make that pregnancy happen. Female Tamers with a Dildoqueen in their harem are advised to be cautious - Dildoqueens can impregnate humans as well. In such cases, the child is either a human girl or a Dildoran. The maternal instincts of a Dildoqueen are very strong. Should she impregnate a Harem-sister (or her Tamer), she will take great care of the baby and will protect it at all costs. Tamers are advised not to separate a Dildoqueen from their child until the girl is at least three years of age or unless they really enjoy getting mauled. Not even a Level 5 Taming Cycle will cause the Dildoqueen to forget that she had/fathered a child.
A Dildoqueen is still much better at sex combat than she is at true combat, though she's not exactly shabby at traditional combat any more, either, having developed even more stamina and some strength from so much sex as a Dildorina. A Tamer who trains a Dildoqueen in weapon techniques for use with summoned dildos can often acquire a huge advantage simply by surprising the opposition with a pokegirl normally associated with sexbattling. Unlike Dildorinas, who have a huge variety of sex attacks, Dildoqueens have usually (not always!) specialized in penetration techniques that make good use of their new anatomy. They do make heavy use of Lust Dust, "This'll Feel Good", and Relaxing Gaze to calm their opponents and prevent rejection, of course.
In a harem, Dildoqueens are very good at keeping the peace and smoothing over any friction between Harem-sisters, using their Relaxing Gaze to calm others and settle arguments peacefully. They do not actively seek a position of power in the harem, instead relying on their skills of seduction to get things done. They do make quite effective Alphas, though it's not a position they relish, aside from being able to Tame their Harem-sisters more often (rank has its privileges, after all).
When it comes to Taming, Dildoqueens can be problematic for obvious reasons. With their high libido, they greatly enjoy sex and like to have it often, but they do have a penis and they don't like it if their Tamer pretends it doesn't exist. While they don't expect to get a blowjob every session, every Tamer with a Dildoqueen in his Harem will have to face the fact that she'll want him to let her to penetrate him in some way. Female Tamers, on the other hand, usually don't experience problems with Dildoqueens, provided they don't forget the condoms. Finally, since all Dildoqueens were at one point in their lives Dildorinas they have a great knowledge of sex toys and derive a lot of enjoyment from them. Although it's no longer the primary focus of their sexual enjoyment, a Dildoqueen is never short on toys.
Feral Dildoqueens are extremely rare and their behavior is mostly unobserved. From what Researchers can tell, feral Dildoqueens are moderately territorial and tend to form a kind 'feral harem' of feral Pokégirls found in the area, who protect her in return for sex and companionship. They usually don't bother intruders unless provoked (a Tamer trying to catch one of the 'harem' may find himself mobbed). While the ferals only intend to drive the intruder away, there have been cases of Tamers trying to stand up against the entire 'harem' and being killed in the process. Not surprisingly, many of the Pokégirls in a feral Dildoqueen 'harem' are almost always pregnant. Leagues with strong anti-Pokégirl sentiments point to this fact and claim that Dildoqueens are responsible for the large feral population and argue that, in order to keep feral numbers under control, a bounty should be placed on Dildoqueens. Most researchers, however, scoff at these claims saying that feral Dildoqueens are much too rare to have any significant impact on feral population numbers. Surprisingly, feral Dildoqueens do not resort to Gender Dust the way feral Dildorinas are known to, though this doesn't exactly comfort the male Tamers confronted with one.
There are no known cases of girls Thresholding directly into Dildoqueens. Threshold Dildorans and Dildorinas becoming a Dildoqueen usually have no problems with the transition, although they do tend to jerk off a lot for the first few days after the evolution.
Relaxing Gaze - the Dildoqueen gives the subject a comforting and kindly look that reduces the chance for rejection if she wishes to use a sex attack. Also shown to calm those in other distressing situations, such as anger or illness.
Shemale - a penetration technique using the Dildoqueen's penis. Has a high chance for rejection unless preceded by Relaxing Gaze and/or "This'll Feel Good". Risks impregnating or inducing parthenogenesis in the subject if female.
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DING-HO, the Plague Puppy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Psychic/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Disease Research, Nursing assistant, Bioterrorist
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Plant
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground
Attacks: Infection*, Telekinesis, Fade, Heal, Psywave, Disable, Poison Mist, Spice, Bloom, Buttsprout, Anti Bloom, Anti Buttsprout, Love -N- Affection
Enhancements: Telepathy, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Memory, High Intellect
Weaknesses: Has human standard weakness to viruses and parasites, Loss of Teleport ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Venom Stone)
Most people would assume that trying to evolve a Byte Bitch with a Venom Stone would prove disastrous, given the attitudes of most poison types and the overall attitude of the Byte Bitch breed. However, when evolved into a Ding-ho, the former Byte Bitch looses her attitude problem; becoming a friendly and helpful Pokégirl. Ding-hos change little from their pre-evolved forms, their bust increasing to a generous D cup and perhaps a more curvy figure. They still keep their perky or floppy dog ears and tails of varying lengths and fur styles and colors, though the breed still remains mostly human looking. It seems that with this evolution, most of the changes were in powers and personality.
Ding-hos gain control over their canine behavior, able to ignore the urges to chase or sniff crotches in greeting. Instead, these perky Pokégirls strive to help others, using their unique bacterial control abilities to help patients through illnesses, or assist researchers in disease research. Only rarely have Ding-hos ever been recorded as working on the other side of the law, their mild nature usually at odds with the terrorist and criminal activities of the various teams and outlaws. Most Ding-hos are known as excellent support Pokégirls, as they take to domestic chores like cooking and cleaning with the same cheerful, sunny attitude as they do anything else.
Oddly, these Pokégirls are rarely seen upset, as the breed tends to be eternally optimistic. This lends most of a Ding-hos harem sisters to become dependent on her, and a crying Ding-ho is usually followed by a beat-down from several of her harem sisters on the offender. Despite their pleasant attitude, many tamers skip over the Ding-ho, usually because of their pre-evolved form's reputation, though many are also put off by her ability to control bacteria. This does make a Ding-ho potentially dangerous, though not much more so than the average powerful Pokégirl. Those tamers that do accept Ding-hos into their harems find them friendly and eager to please Pokégirls, and despite the breed not being very powerful, they still have useful abilities. Some tamers use them as all around support Pokégirls, letting them use telekinesis to carry camping gear as well healing her harem sisters after a battle.
When pressed into a battle, most Ding-hos use their telekinesis to take to the air and spread their poisons in the air, or alternately, use Fade and use their telekinesis offensively or a psywave. The breed as a whole usually aims to disable their opponent into submission without actually harming them, however and this has lead to her being placed further into a non-combatant status. Due to the breed's inability to teleport however, speedy Pokégirls can usually get under their guard. A Ding-ho's most powerful attack is Spice, and as such the breed is at an advantage when plants are around. Threshold into a Ding-ho is very rare, but not unheard of, though it seems that a mixture of canine, psychic, and poison in their heritage, or having a Ding-ho or three in their ancestry.
Feral Ding-hos make their homes in forested areas, usually around swamps or other areas where the difficult walking terrain would give them an advantage thanks to their telekinesis. They are still crafty for a feral, and have been known to place pitfalls and traps around their den. These traps are never lethal in an immediate sense, but hobble most Pokégirls effectively. Ding-hos are only slightly territorial however, and will flee if outclassed, usually using Fade to an added effect. It has also been recorded that feral Ding-hos will aid others that are truly in distress, using their psychic abilities to determine if the situation is legitimate before hand. Unfortunately, this has lead to some instances of feral Ding-hos falling prey to dark types, as the Pokégirl’s kind nature wins out when she can't get a read on the distressed party.
Infection (EFT) Exclusive to the Ding-ho, this attack allows this Pokégirl to control a slow acting bacterial infection usually similar to the bubonic plague, though also allows her to take control of bacteria already attacking a host. With this, the Pokégirl can slow the spread of the an infection, or speed the spread of her own bacteria. While this attack allows the Ding-hos to effectively fight bacteria, viruses and parasites still have a normal human chance of attacking her.
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DONNA, the Reindeer Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Normal/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Mountain League)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: mobile scouts, sleigh-pullers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Stomp, Take Down, Tackle, Agility, Dive, Mach Breaker, Healing Breeze
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (4), Shapeshifting, Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doe (normal)
A Donna is the evolution of Doe. The main differences are in their appearances. Their hair turns from a light golden brown to a darker brown, with white along their stomach, and they gain more muscle, though still keeping their form lean. During the fall and winter seasons, they, unlike their previous forms, grow a set of horns, which can be handy when battling. Donnas also gain the ability to fly. Exactly how they’re able to fly is unknown, since they don’t have wings. Some Researchers think it has something to do with elemental air talents, a theory which seems to be supported by how a Donna can use the Healing Breeze maneuver.
Donnas, like their previous form, are sweet, gentle creatures. They tend to fret over their Harem-sisters when they’re about to go into battle, and are quick to heal them when they get out of it. They’re still soft-spoken and a bit skittish, but unafraid to fight, and will do their best if sent into a pokebattle. They make poor choices to for pokesex battles however, since they have no sex attacks.
Like Does, Donnas can still shift back and forth between a humanoid and centauroid form painlessly at will. Its not unusual for courier services and such to have sleighs or wagons pulled through the air by hitched teams of Donnas.
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DRACASS, the Dragon Guardian Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph
Element: Human Form: Fighting
Dragon Form: Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Food with a preference for meat
Role: Heavy Artillery
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Human Form: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Dragon Form: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Human Form: Flying, Psychic
Dragon Form: Ice
Attacks: Human Form: Aura of Cute, Punch, Kick, Quick Attack
Dragon Form: Slash, Roar, Tail Slap, Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Human Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2)
Dragon Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x10), Armored, Enhanced Senses (x8), Flight
Evolves: Dronza (hatred of humanity), Warvern (battle stress; special)
Evolves From: None
Created near the end of Sukebe’s Revenge, the Dracasses were intended as heavy assault platforms to assist in the defense of Sukebe’s more important installations, while at the same time not being a heavy drain on increasingly limited resources.
Unfortunately, by the time the Dracasses were sent out into the field, the war was almost over. In a desperate, last ditch attempt to save their creator, the small numbers of Dracasses already created attempted to breach the enemies line in their human forms and destroy their headquarters, hopefully buying enough time for their master to escape.
The plan couldn’t have gone more wrong. The Dracasses were ambushed before they ever made it to the enemy HQ, and ninety percent of this Pokégirl breed was wiped out. With this success in one hand, the attack on Sukebe’s lair went ahead of schedule, catching the mage/scientist unaware. The few Dracasses remaining fought as hard as any other Pokégirls on the field, but weren’t enough to turn the tide of battle.
Normally remaining in their human form, they are nearly indistinguishable from pure blood humans, save that physical aging stops somewhere in the teen years, usually immediately after puberty. While this lack of physical aging keeps a Dracass in her prime combat condition, it comes with a steep price, as no Dracass has ever been recorded as becoming a pokewoman, and thus never having had children outside of parthenogenesis.
While considered to be Fighting-types, Dracasses are not very powerful when compared to other Fighting-type Pokégirls. They are, generally speaking, not as fast, strong or durable as other Fighting-types.
In their Dragon forms, Dracasses gain a foot in height, and grow a layer of armored scales over their previously soft flesh. Wings sprout from the Dracass’s back, enabling her to fly, though she must be trained, preferably by a Flying-type, before she can fly effectively. In addition, the Dracass gains a long tail, three quarters as long as she is tall, tipped either with a solid bone bludgeon, or a spear like point.
The Dracass can maintain this Draconic form for only a short time, usually measured in minutes when the Pokégirl is still young, but increasing as she gets more experience.
It is rare for a girl to Threshold to Dracass, although it is not completely unknown. A Threshold Dracass will likely be a danger to those around her however, as it takes some time before she will be skilled enough to control her Draconic half without losing control and destroying everything around her.
Despite an inherent desire to help those weaker than her, a Dracass does have a bit of a problem with authority figures, especially Tamers. While she won’t go out of her way to refuse a Tamers orders, a Dracass is likely to take the easy way out, at least until her Tamer has proven that he actually cares for her in some way. This has caused Dracasses to be regarded as more trouble than they're worth by many researchers and Tamers alike, but, once a Dracass’s respect has been earned, they are without a doubt, one of the most loyal Pokégirls to have.
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DRACO, The Dragon Knight Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Foods
Role: close Quarter Ground Fighter
Libido: Average, can become High once Tamer earns respect
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Slash, Cut, Scratch
Enhancements: Tough skin, Enhanced endurance (x4) and Enhanced Strength (x3)
Evolves: Dracona (triggered by multiple orgasms or battle high only if the Draco respects Tamer), Medra (must be going feral + wearing a Steel Jacket when traded), Azhi Dahaka (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Mynx (Dragon Scale)
Dracos are hand-to-hand fighters. With their enhanced strength, endurance and toughness they are considered some of the best for their power level. During the war they were usually assigned to units lead by Alaka-whams and used to protect them and other ranged attack girls from counter attacks by enemy ground troops, the also played a role in city combat, efficiently clearing buildings of any opposition.
Due to their well deserved reputations , these proud and noble Pokégirls tend to quite picky about their tamers, expecting them to be either physically powerful themselves, or posses a powerful Harem. If they feel neither is present, they will shun the Tamer, preferring to go Feral than to submit to him. This being said, they tend to be considered a troublesome breed and unsatisfied Dracos are either traded or released once its obvious that she won’t respect the Tamer. On the other hand a Tamer who has suitably impressed a Draco will quickly find that she an extremely loyal dedicated (not to mention affectionate) member of his Harem. Due to this rather difficult personality, many Tamer prefer to evolve their Dracos up from Mynxs should they ever get a hold of a Dragon Scale.
Appearing very human like, Dracos can usually be identified by the presence of scale-like skin (which is detectable only by close inspection) which contains a slight tinting of color, a pair of small bumps at the shoulder blades (which tends to have colorations similar to their hair and claws), a head of courser-than-human hair, slightly pointed ears, thick scratching claws for nails which appear black or ivory in color and a foot long reptilian tail that sprouts from the base of their spine. One point of interest is the color ranges their hair, eyes, and skin takes. Usually covering a metallic scale of color, a darker set of colors or even some gem like colors, their skin, hair and eyes can all be different (if generally from the same range, but a mixture is not uncommon). They range in height from about 5ft to 5’10” and their eyes run in the same range of color as their hair, though they are often different then the hair. When tame, Dracos are highly intelligent Pokégirls and are sometimes drawn to hobbies or pastimes that allow them to work that intelligence. What surprising is that intelligence remains for the most part when feral as well. They may not retain the ability of speech, but the amount of planning and forethought that has been seen in feral Dracos goes to show that they are more than just cunning and instinctive creatures. Many have been seen using more than rudimentary tools for the purpose of making shelters, catching prey for food, and even employing traps to capture speedier prey. Thresholding in a Draco is very rare occurrence, but, should one get hold of a newly thresholded Draco, many Tamers find that they usually can forgo the challenge of impressing the girl, and adopt them quickly into their harems. Though there is the warning of waiting for a couple of weeks to allow her scales to harden properly before placing her into combat.
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DRAG KING, the Transvestite Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncertain, assumed to be Rare
Diet: human style food, especially buffets
Role: psychological warfare, infiltration, mass confusion
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Libido: Average
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Wrestle, Hammer, Glare, Cheap Shot
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x5), can manifest any form of clothing to disguise her womanhood, Can sense when people are good, innate computer skills, excellent acting ability
Evolves: Megami (mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Tomboy (forced evolution), Goth (forced evolution)
For years people didn't even know this type of Pokégirl existed. They are so good at concealing the fact that they were female that people still aren't sure when then first appeared.
Drag Kings are formed when a Tamer tries to force their Goth or Tomboy to evolve, either through testing different elemental stones on it or through extensive Taming, or a combination of the two. And while it seems that there's no such thing as over-taming a Pokégirl, in this case it may be true.
Drag Kings, ironically, have very feminine, sexy bodies. Athletic builds, prominent breasts, curvy hips, the works. However you wouldn't know it to look at them at first. They have a semi-magical ability to summon any clothing they feel is needed to disguise their feminine body, from suits to wigs and glasses. They don't like being viewed as sexy and feminine, having grown tired of being Tamed and having men ogle them. They know they still need it, which is why many use their innate computer-hacking ability to get themselves registered as male Tamers. They are EXPERT actors and can play a male perfectly, right down to the misogynistic attitudes some men have. When their disguise is in place, they look like a handsome male, one that would be called a Bishounen in pre-Sukebe times.
Ironically, this has led to many humorous moments as men find themselves questioning their sexuality when they find themselves attracted to a Drag King.
Some Drag Kings find this very humorous and play off of it, flirting with men that find themselves in this position. This led to the discovery of the Drag King, as another nearby Tamer became suspicious when he saw a beautiful male flirting with his friend and scanned the 'tamer,' discovering that he was really a she. The Drag King's Pokégirls got her out of there, but news about the breed quickly spread. Some, like Gendo Giovanni and SEELE, made noises against Drag Kings registering themselves to be Tamers, but Vince McMahon and Miranda Jahanna quickly shot that down, using their growing influence to make the League Council believe that Drag Kings were harmless and actually helping things out by taking on Pokégirls. This view was reinforced when it became known that Drag Kings could become Megamis, a type of Pokégirl even men like Giovanni have little problem with. McMahon and Jahanna also found a dozen and a half loopholes in the law that made it impossible for identified Drag Kings to be stripped of their Pokégirls and Tamer status. This landmark victory paved the way for laws to be made that protect female, potentially Thresholding girls from being regulated into slavery just because they may be a Pokégirl eventually.
No cases of Thresholding into a Drag King have been identified. However, several handsome, effeminate men have been mistaken for Drag Kings, as well as several women who just like dressing in men's clothing.
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DRIAD, the Woodland Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Soil, sunlight and water
Role: Protectors of the Forest
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Leaf Shield, Razor Leaf, Regenerate, Command Plants, Lance, Teleport, Solar Beam(Level 40), Fruit Juice, Probing Tentacles, Lure, Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Bloom
Enhancements: Immortality(Limited), Plant Empathy, Plant Telepathy, Strength x2, Endurance x3
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobleaf (normal)
Physically, the Driad assumes a more dominant plant-like association in their appearance. Their skin shifts in coloration, with differing possible variations having been recorded, among them a dark-brown coloration, like well-worn bark, a pale white, like freshly split-open wood, and differing shades of green from pale green to a dark green akin to black. Their hair often lengthens, gaining leaves and flower buds growing from the mass. Hair coloration has been noted as being anywhere from the previous bark-like brown to green to pale-white to gold to a vibrant, fire-red. Bust size is often variable, though most recorded evolutions tend to gain at least one cup size.
Researchers, through study, have given the Driad two sub-classifications, Sessile and Non-sessile. Non-sessile refers to the majority of Driads typically found in most Tamer's Harems. Sessile refers to whenever a Driad has bonded with a tree, effectively limiting the Driad's distance of travel. When bonded to a tree, the Driad in question gains a number of benefits, among them the ability to fuse with said tree, rendering them bodiless until they un-fuse, effective immortality as long as the tree itself survives, a high-level of regeneration, up to an including regrowing dismembered limbs, and the instinctive ability to teleport back to their tree, rendering capture almost impossible.
The drawback, however, quickly becomes clear, in that the Driad is no longer able to travel very far from the tree, becoming severely dependant on it. Because of their deep instinctive preference for old-growth forests to make their home in, most Driads rapidly dissolve into feraldom without loosing any of their previously noted abilities, due to the lack of on-hand taming to be had. In addition, the tree is also a severe weakpoint. If it is destroyed, the Driad, while sometimes being able to survive the trees destruction, is often left in a severely traumatized and physically damaged state, rendering her easy to kill or capture, depending on a Tamer's preference. Cunning Driads further prefer isolated groves where few dare wander, and more than a few old growth stands are rumored to be haunted, but are, in fact, resident of a Driad who's previous tree was destroyed by malicious or simply ignorant people, and harbor a severe grudge because of this. Another drawback, some thought designed, is that the Driad, when linked to a tree, can no longer undergo parthenogenesis, relying on normal pregnancy with a male tamer in order to propagate any offspring.
When Non-sessile, however, they loose all the above advantages and drawbacks, but nevertheless remain powerful Plant-type Pokégirl fighters. Sexually, they are omnivorous, preferring a partner of either sex with equal enthusiasm, and are noted in being very affectionate of other plant-type Pokégirls. Clothing, for a Driad, is typically regarded as 'extremely optional'. Socially, they are rather friendly and open, though they exhibit a strong, deep psychological pull toward forested areas, and can suffer under a lull of depression whenever pulled away from such areas by travel. Having gained a surprisingly nurturing aspect due to their evolution and urge to take care of their tree and it's surroundings, however, this depression can be averted by giving them tasks to perform, such as looking over the well-being of other pokegirls, and can be surprisingly efficient administrators and alphas because of this.
ElfQueens have a special liking for Driads, recognizing a kindred spirit, and will often go to great lengths to have a Driad move herself to near the ElfQueen's court for mutual defense and taming. Elfs are similar, and a number of Tamers with Elfs in their harem have been convinced from time to time to stop by a particular grove of trees for 'a surprise.'
A rare few Driads have been noted to not seclude themselves in isolated old-growth forests. At least one college in the Cresent League is infamous for having a Driad in residence in an old-growth oak, and has come to the defense of the college a number of times while having herself the choice of Taming partners.
While possible to undergo threshold directly into a Driad, the number of threshold victims doing so is recorded as rare. Some Researchers postulate the recorded number is low due to the victim regressing to a near instinctive level, meaning they willingly leave civilization behind in order to find a tree to bond with.
Leaf Shield (DEF 50) - The Driad devotes an entire round of combat to concentration, in order to fashion a moveable shield out of an enlarged leaf petal. If they continue to do so, the Driad will eventually be protected by a sheltering cocoon of layered Leaf Shields, but renders them effectively immobile and unable to respond to the attack. Fire attacks count this defense as only half.
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DROIDO, the Demon Soldier Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human to Near Human
Element: Magic/Fighting (Infernal)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: special
Role: combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Rock, non-elemental attacks
Weak Vs: elemental attacks, Flying
Attacks: Negative Aura Burst, Burst, Reflect, Glare, Leer, Resist, Kick, Imitate, Tackle, Stonepalm
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Strength (x4), Speed (x4), Endurance (x4)
Evolves: Lemure (Dream Stone)
Evolves From: Daimon (Moon Stone)
Droidos were the officer class in the Legions of Terror, commanding the Youmas, Cardians, and Daimons beneath them. Despite that however, they were still front-line soldiers, going in when the lesser Legionaries couldn’t handle something.
Droido’s appearance is usually quite close to human, and can often hide among humans, although they still tend to look like rather wild girls with their hairstyles. Other Droidos are unable to pretend to be human due to odd skin coloration. As with other Youma-types, it’s very rare for a Threshold girl to become a Droido. At this point in their evolutionary process, most Droidos have the listed attacks above with little variations, the continued evolutions working to standardize their repertoire.
Droidos are humorless, lacking the passion for fighting and life in general that lesser Youma-types have. They act like soldiers, being cool, calm, and collected even when things are falling apart around them. This is usually used as a barometer for how attached they are to their Tamer. The better the Tamer, the more of a rise he can get out of them, either in bed or out. Emotional attachments are hard for a Droido to form, but when she does, little else matters to her.
Being both Fighting and Magic types, Droidos are strong in combat. They tend to consider anything less than an Amachoke to be beneath their skills, and their combination of quick reflexes, strength, speed, and magic make this a claim that they can back up.
Unlike other types of Youma evolution, Droidos don’t seem to actually need to eat to stay alive. They don’t absorb life energy or nightmares or fear, or seemingly anything to keep them going. However, they periodically must release bursts of negative energy. Every few days, they must use their Negative Aura Burst attack, even if not in combat. This attack makes everyone around the Droido feel as though they caught a mild cold, with headaches and stomach aches being the major symptoms. The afflicted people also become moody and irritable. It’s for this reason that Droidos aren’t very popular choices, despite their combat prowess. It is unknown what happens when a Droido cannot release her negative energy, since after a few days she’s generally willing to risk her Tamer’s wrath, due to feeling so “bloated” by then.
Feral Droidos are terrors to come across alone. They tend to try and fight anything that moves, preferentially attacking humans over other Pokégirls. However, since they don’t know when to quit a fight, if surrounded by greater numbers of competent fighters, they can usually be worn down to the point where they can be captured.
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DROW ZEE, the Elf Variant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic/Magic
Frequency: Rare (Indigo) to Uncommon (Crimson)
Diet: Near Human Diet (Omnivore)
Role: originally strike squads, but excellent at surveillance, strategic strikes
Libido: varies (usually Low to Average)
Strong Vs: Psychic, Poison, Fighting
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Water gun, Ember, Spark, Hypnotic Gaze, Shadow Teleport, Backstab, Shadow Possession, Low to Moderate Magical Spells
Enhancements: Infravision, Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3), immunity to poison, Longevity
Disadvantage: Highly susceptible to Attraction effect
Evolves: Elf (Sun Stone), Dark Elf (Dark Stone), Golden Elf (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Drow Zee is a very interesting Pokégirl. They were originally meant to be part of a group organized into a strike force. Their low level Elemental Attacks, would be used in devastating combination, however alone, they were meant as strategic strike Pokégirls. They would infiltrate enemy bases, and use shadow teleport to enter into a strategic possession, sometimes they would take a powerful poison Pokégirl along with them. Then they would either kill their target or perform some act of sabotage, and take out a key position.
Drow Zees stand at a maximum of 6’2 and at a minimum of 4’3. Their skin tone varies from a moderate tan to a dark black. They have the typical pointed ears of the elves, and surprisingly they have the ability to see in the infrared range. Their ears are capable of hearing much better than most humans. All these traits make them excellent spies and secret agents, however not so good battlers. They are susceptible to sonic attacks, and they are relatively weak. In a physical battle, most would be outmatched by a human. They are usually at a disadvantage unless they are in a shadowy area. They can the use shadow teleport to confuse the enemy and avoid attacks. Their immunity to poison makes them excellent against poison types. In a pinch they can use Shadow Possession to gain a quick advantage. A Drow Zee’s magic ability allows her to grow into a capable battler, but she isn’t powerful enough to perform any of the higher level attacks.
A Drow Zee is a very introverted Pokégirl. They have a hard time showing any love and prefer not to get attached to one person. However, should you win one’s affection; they will slowly come out of their shell, showing more and more affection. When hit by Lust Dust, or other attraction inducing status effect, a Drow Zee will become incapacitated. Thus a Drow Zee makes a terrible Sex Battler. Occasionally, Drow Zees will be seen in Elf Courts, however most Elf evolutions look on them with disdain. Because of they don’t have the same connection to the forests as other Elves, Drow Zees are seen as inferiors, and are treated as a servant class, however more and more often, intelligent Elfqueens treating Drow Zees fairly so that they can use them to defend against poison. For this reason, Drow Zees usually come together in Drow Covens, looking after each other and keeping each other Tame. Should one evolve, the resulting evolution will be asked to leave the Coven because of the resentment between the species. The only exceptions to this are Dark Maidens and Dark Elves. Dark Elves choose not to stay with the Coven, but may ally themselves with one because the two breeds work so well together. Dark Maidens usually, though reluctantly, take up leadership roles of the Covens.
Drow Zees and Drow Covens prefer Dark woods and caves as their natural habitat. They can use the shadows to travel better and protect themselves. A Drow Coven has surprisingly good teamwork, so be careful not to provoke one. They will often emerge from the shadows, attack and return making a Coven hard to defeat. The best way to make peace with a Coven is to expose it to an airborne poison attack as their immunity to poison actually causes the resulting scents to be calming.
Drow Zees have a relatively high feral state. They will occasionally act distracted and disoriented. However, they are still more than capable, but because they are so weak, they are often easy to capture. Thresholding into a Drow Zee is uncommon but not unheard of. It usually occurs when one has known Psychic/Magic or Elf ancestors
Shadow Possession – (EFT) The Drow Zee extends her shadow to the enemy. When the connection is made the Drow Zee has complete control of the enemy as long as she has the stamina to hold it. Most Drow Zees don’t have the stamina to hold it for a few seconds making it a distraction technique at best. Unfortunately, any pain felt by the target will also be felt by the Drow Zee, further limiting this technique.
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DUELETTE, the Advanced Card Gamer Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Card-player extraordinaire
Libido: Average to Extreme
Strong Vs: Ghost, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Sex Attacks
Attacks: Draw, Sex Realm, Glare, Taunt, Concentration, Heart of the Cards, Shadow Realm, Drive to Win, Mind Crush, Summon, Parry, Recover, Futa Trap Card, Gauntlet Strike
Enhancements: Use Duel Monster cards as 'weapons', Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Decreased Constitution (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ingenue (Become competent in Duel Monsters games/win a tournament), Tomboy (holding a Mana Crystal + win a Duel Monsters Duel)
Story this Pokégirl appears in: Ruby Adventures
A Pokégirl that was recently discovered via an unusual means. How an Ingenue managed to win a Duel Monsters tournament is beyond most Tamers (and most players of the game as well) most vivid imagination, but it happened. She evolved immediately upon winning the tournament. A few months later, it was reported that a specially trained Tomboy also evolved into a Duelette.
Upon evolution, the Pokégirl gains no less than one foot in height (never shorter than five and a half feet tall, more commonly around six feet tall), and becomes much curvier than before. All Duelette Pokégirls possess C-cup sized breasts at the smallest, which delight the ones that evolved from a Tomboy. Unlike the Duelist Pokégirls, their hair color remains the same as their previous forms'. Duelettes that evolve from an Ingenue prefer to wear somewhat loose and yet possibly revealing clothes- most often wearing something like a trenchcoat, and little else. Those that evolve from a Tomboy prefer to wear very tight and extremely revealing clothes, if they wear anything at all, in order to flaunt their new assets.
The strategic capabilities of a Duelette increases, allowing the new Pokégirl to take advantage of the many different cards for the game in order to gain a better understanding of it. This Pokégirl’s mind is amazingly adept at analyzing problems and situations, all while coming up with strategies that take into affect many different variables. Some Duelettes are even able to apply this cunning to a Tamer's harem, and some have even become Alpha due to their strategic senses. A Duelette that is an Alpha, although used to being able to plan ahead, needs to be able to vent the added stress regularly. This often leads to an increased libido for the Duelette. Strangely, upon receiving additional responsibilities, Duelettes become more effective when taming the other Pokégirls within the harem.
All Duelettes, upon evolution, gain a Duelist Gauntlet. However, unlike the Black Gauntlet that a Duelist uses, or the red one that human players use, a Duelette gains a Silver Gauntlet. This Silver Gauntlet is actually made out of a light-weight metal that is as strong as steel, and allows the Pokégirl to utilize the gauntlet outside of a Duel Monsters battle as a weapon or shield. Many Duelettes attempt to gain new cards as often as possible in order to increase their Deck's offensive and defensive capabilities. Some Duelettes have been known to create up to half a dozen different decks, and even assist their Tamers in creating good decks to duel against them.
An unusual bit of information only made recently available is that Duelette's are suckers for being tamed by a Fighting-type Pokégirl. It has been proven that Duelettes that are tamed by a Fighting-type are somehow very effective for the Duelette. Instead of only being half effective compared to a taming by her tamer, a taming with a Fighting-type is actually 75% as effective as normal. However, this extends only until her next taming, which must be with her tamer, or else the Duelette may immediately go feral. A feral Duelette acts just like a feral duelist, except worse- A Duelette often has more cards that going flying when she tosses them all over the place.
-Futa Trap Card: A card that is only made with permission from her Tamer, a Duelette is capable of using this card only once per month. Though the effects last only for one taming session, the Pokégirl target of this attack grows a magical cock just above her own sex. Although the Pokégirl can feel sensations with it as a male might, it does not produce sperm. It is, however, just as effective in taming as if it was being done by the Tamer him/herself. This 'Attack Card' cannot be used in battle.
-Gauntlet Strike (ATK+50): Using the blade-like outer portion of the 'card field' of the Gauntlet, the Duelette can inflict some damage or even block certain attacks using it. This is a Steel-type attack.
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EASTER BUNNY, the Easter Egg Giving Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Frequency: Seasonal. Even in season, Rare.
Diet: Same as Bunny
Role: Easter egg source
Libido: Extremely High
Strong Vs: Same as Bunny
Weak Vs: Same as Bunny
Attacks: Same as Bunny PLUS: Eggs-plosions!, Easter Egg Barrage, Basket Bash, Egg in the Face, Egg Up the Ass.
Enhancements: Same as Bunny PLUS: Sugar High Speed, Mania Energy, Energizer Endurance.
Disadvantages: Seasonal. They all seem to disappear after Easter.
Evolves: None know.
Evolves From: Probably Bunny, if at all.
The Easter Bunny is one of those Pokégirls that have achieved mythical status in part of the controversy of whether or not the Easter Bunny Pokégirl actually exists at all or is merely a product of bunnies with a strange sense of humor and various props.
Whatever the case, Easter Bunnies are usually a welcome sight during the Easter Holiday, and whatever religious significance this may imply is usually lost in the mad scramble Easter Bunnies engage in to indiscriminately give away gifts of brightly colored eggs, candy and other assorted gifts.
Good, kind hearted children in particular, have been known to have received their own body weight in chocolate from overly affectionate Easter Bunnies.
While only one is usually spotted in a given area, enough have been observed in hindsight to acting in some organized covering pattern to lead to some speculation as to the existence of a force behind the Easter Bunny or if they are a genuine Pokégirl species, the existence of a common Easter Bunny instinct.
The rather indiscriminate orgy of Mass Taming that is instigated when an Easter Bunny finishes giving away her gifts have made them especially popular with Tamers as well as children, who despite repeated attempts to Pokéball, always seem to disappear as if by magic only to reappear (rarely the same Easter Bunny though) again next year.
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ELECTABUST, the Sparking Fangirl Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph - Feline
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare (Indigo & Crimson League), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: High Protein, Electricity
Role: Never Say Die Fangirl, Lighting Rod
Libido: Average (High when Team is Winning)
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Lightning Punch, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Cheer, Yell, Cheer On, Megaphone, Thunder (Lv. 40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Electrical Energy Draining Capabilities
Disadvantages: Faulty Electrical Energy Storage
Evolves: Elecurvire (Partial Bonding with Video Girl+Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: Eleklit (normal)
The Evolution of Eleklit into Electabust is indeed a startling Evolution for the Electric-type Pokégirl. It is a normal attribute of the Eleklit to produce her own electricity, however, this is not an enhancement that stays with the Pokégirl through her life. Eventually, the capability to create her own energy is lost, the arm rotation method no longer producing anything for her. Worse still, the Eleklit no longer naturally gains any electrical energy on her own, which is what serves as the trigger for her to finally evolve to the next stage.
When an Eleklit turns into an Electabust, the changes are incredible. She becomes more of a feline animorph now, standing around 5' to 5'4", with her breasts expanding upward to anywhere from a solid B-Cup to a Modest C-cup. Before where she had smooth skin, she is now covered with yellow fur that has black stripes that wrap around her body in no particular manner, giving her a wild look. She gains a tail now, which is normally 2/3 the length of her entire height, the stripes incredibly wild like the rest of her fur. While her arms remain muscular, the muscles of her legs grow enhance as well, and her feet change from having toes to a set of two claws on each foot. However, these later changes detract from her speed rather than enhance it.
Now looking much like a Tigress and lacking her own capabilities to naturally generate ANY electricity, despite being an Electric-type Pokégirl, the Electabust, should she try to continue the path of the warrior she had been on will take extreme measures to keep herself energized. During thunderstorms, an Electabusts will climb to the highest location possible, in hopes that it will be struck by lightning. As a result, some towns employ a few Electabust in lieu of lightning rods. Some Electabusts even choose to supplement their diet with Thunder Stones. They don't evolve from the Evolution Stone under normal circumstances, and the Thunder Stone can last for numerous weeks before its drained of its power.
Unfortunately, a number of Feral Electabusts will go to further ways to feed, and that can cause problems for the human populace. A number of Ferals will lurk around power plants, feeding off the electricity generated there. This behavior is dangerous to the public, as occasionally blackouts are caused by a few Electabust overindulging themselves at a power plant's generators. Ferals in the wilds also tend to stalk other Electric-type Pokégirls to suck the power from them. This is why the Feral Electabust population are generally viewed as electric vampires.
It should be noted that due to this unique diet and loss of naturally occurring electrical capabilities, an Electabust's body is constantly discharging the stored electricity. The loss of power has gotten to the point that an Electabust glows whitish-blue light in darkness and the effects of static-electricity manifest around her, (which means Tamer should keep their Pokédexes covered in clothing or a backpack when one is around). Truly, even though she can give herself the power she once had before, her fighting capabilities will never be the same as they once were. However, many Electabusts don't allow this to keep them from being part of the fighting scene they once loved and adored. They still show their support with enthusiasm and loyalty.
As one can understand, the Electabust is something of a cheerleading role when coming to harem dynamics in all aspects. While Electabusts that had just gotten some electrical charges can fight with the best of Electric-types the power isn't used efficiently, since Eleklits never had to worry about running out of power they never learned to husband their electrical resources, (Electric attacks take 2 to 5 PP to use once). The portion of the Electabust breed that remained Domestic understands this and will instead fall into the role of cheerleader with gusto, cheering on their Harem-sisters, the appearance of favorite Pokégirls, favorite Wreckball Teams, celebrities, even certain formats of entertainment like television shows or music. (Mineko and the Pussycats is HUGE with them.) Often they'll dress in team colors, wave banners, and all but shout out to the world how much they love those they are loyal to.
When it comes to Taming, that cheering definitely is geared towards the Tamer fucking them. Electabust, are great at talking dirty and gladly give pep-talks to their partner as they come. Often, their words and screams of pleasure act as a driving force behind how well their Tamers keep them Tamed. Although in the beginning it's a mix of trial and error once they start off with a Tamer, but once they are intimate with each other, an Electabust just seems to know what to say and do to get her Tamer ready to do her just the way she likes. It is wise course of action not to tell an Electabust that she is going to be Tamed when in public area. The Electabust will jump to her feet and make a show as she gives an encouraging and filthy cheer to her Tamer in thanks, and that can be most embarrassing in certain situations.
Surprisingly, while there have been no recorded cases of Threshold into Eleklits, there have been a few cases where the girl in question Thresholded into an Electabust. Electabust do make up a minimal percentage of Ferals that are caught, Tamed, and Bred, and it seems that their genetics are strong enough to breed true.
Cheer On - (EFT) The Pokégirl enthusiastically cheers her comrades on, increasing their attack ratings and helping them recover 15 HP.
Megaphone - (EFT) The Pokégirl takes out a megaphone enthusiastically cheers her comrades on with a booming voice, increasing their special attack and special defense ratings and recover 1 PP to a random attack for the target.
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ELEPHUK, the Living Tank Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman (Animorph)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivorous
Role: Heavy assault, Data tracking, Construction duties, Siege weaponry
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Headbutt, Takedown, Stomp, Shock Spike, Wrap, Quagmire Twister, Elemental Cannon*
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Durability (x7), Enhanced Auditory and Olfactory Senses (x3), Elemental projection based on Elemental Stone used, Total Recall, Ivory nails & retractable ivory tusks, Extendable trunk
Evolves: Wooly Mammaryth (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
“Memory of an Elephuk,” is considered to be one of the finest compliments to give an intellectual, and for good reason. Elephuks have the best memories of any Pokégirl on the planet, able to recall in perfect detail their entire lives, from the start to their current age. During the Revenge War, Elephuks were used as code and order carriers in addition to their primary function, which was heavy assault and fortress destruction, essentially making them living siege weapons. Their destructive potential made them mainstays in almost every Pokégirl force, teamed up with Dodongos and other heavy destruction Pokégirls.
Before the discovery of Elemental Stones, specialized devices were used to give Elephuks their trademark ability, to fire varying blasts of energy. These devices were declared Forbiddentech and rendered useless after the discovery of E-Stones, as simply making a pendant for them out of the stone worked just as well as the device, or even just letting them hold the stone in their hand. Elephuks are known for their strength as much as their memories, making them excellent for use in construction jobs. Their flawless memories allow them to commit plans to memory and be used as assistant foremen out on the field, even as they help with heavy lifting that stronger Pokégirls work in. A skilled Tamer would keep several evolution stones on hand for their Elephuk to use mid-battle, usually in a pouch that they could use on the fly. In terms of official battles, doing this is banned, as it is considered switching out a Pokégirl mid-battle. Some groups have protested this, and a compromise of allowing Elephuks only two stones in official battles was made. Also, for a brief time after the war, Elephuks were ‘trendy’ Pokégirls among rich circles, rich Tamers giving them jewelry carved from elemental stones, making them a very powerful ‘accessory.’
Elephuks are large Pokégirls. Tall and wide, with muscular arms and legs, they cut an imposing figure out on the field. Elephuks are commonly eight feet tall, with smaller and larger variants being reported. With their wide, husky bulks to some people they look fat. However, this is actually muscle mass, their bodies arranged in a manner meant for balancing their weight and bulk. This means that their figures vary in turns of bust and butt, with some being large in front with larger rumps also, or being flatter and more sold around both ends. Their skin is varying shades of gray, and their ears are wider than normal, floppy sheets of flesh that help them to take in more sound than normal. Mounted in their mouths are specialized sheaths behind their molars, which hold long, retractable tusks made of ivory, but dense enough to be capable of punching through some metal. Their noses are oddly shaped, more round that most, and can extend out to the length of their waist, giving them an extra appendage to work with.
There have been some reports of pink Elephuks, capable of strange acrobatic feats. But like the friendly and affectionate Pink Panthress, this is considered to be just the affects of Toca/Pot-Cunt smoke. This wouldn’t have been mentioned otherwise because of its unimportance, but is amusing enough a thought to merit entry.
The ivory of an Elephuk’s tusks and nails is considered extremely valuable. They periodically shed these tusks and nails when they wear out, at which point they can be carved and shaped into jewelry and decoratives that are sold at high price. For a while after the Revenge War, Elephuks were actively hunted for this, the ivory being taken from them forcefully before it was ready to be harvested, resulting in many fatalities. It was only after Leagues began to be established that this practice started to die off. It died off completely after a long series of mysterious deaths in the Dark Continent, where they are most numerous. Investigations continue to this day, although some suggest that the Legendary Pokégirl Sexmet has decided to protect the Elephuk herds of the Dark Continent for reasons unknown. In the Dark Continent and surrounding areas, it’s died off completely, but there are still Teams around the globe that practice it. A common practice with these groups is to create farms where ivory is harvested prematurely, the Pokégirl healed, the process repeated ad infinitum. Some Teams used to raise Elephuks in Pokékit mills just for that very purpose. Punishments for running ivory farms are harsh. And if run in conjunction with a Pokékit mill, then many leagues will utilize summary execution.
In terms of personality, there’s very little commonality between them. Elephuks can be perky and cheerful, taciturn and cold, whatever you can think of. One thing noticed that most have in common in that they always seemed to study everything around them, no matter how inconsequential it seemed. Researchers presume that this is part of some programming in their creation to take in everything around them and report it. One major component of an Elephuk’s personality is their ‘herd’ mentality. They work well as Alphas or Betas, and are always extremely loyal to their ‘herdmates’ and ‘herd leader.’
Feral Elephuks are generally found in herds. Subtlety has never been the breed’s strong point, and when Feral they are even less subtle. They rumble through an area, eating what they can and moving on. If threatened by predators or Tamers, Elephuks back each other up, protecting Pokékits in a center ring of constantly moving tusks, making fighting them in the wild difficult to accomplish successfully. When attempting to fight an Elephuk herd, use a flying type/water type combination to counteract their great strength.
Taming an Elephuk is tricky. Their bodies are very large, and their strength makes it necessary to restrain them so as not to accidentally injure the Tamer. Amachamp-class restraints are recommended, and thankfully are becoming more commonplace thanks to Titan Taming Incorporated’s efforts.
Very few Threshold cases of becoming an Elephuk have been recorded. These mainly occur in families with heavy ground-type heritage in them, but are rare even in that case. The first signs that a Threshold result is going to be an Elephuk is the ears expanding outward.
Elemental Cannon (ATK 200) – When equipped with an Evolution Stone, either as a pendant or simply holding one, the Elephuk fires a beam of energy from her snout related to that element. Evolution Stones known to produce an Elemental Cannon beam: Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Venom Stone, Mana Crystal, Ice Crystal, Everstone (shoots a non-damaging beam that inflicts a Royal Curse effect). Others are conceivably possible, but these are the most often used ones.
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ELFQUEEN, the Regal Forest Queen Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Caretaker of forests, ruler among elves. Lands an ElfQueen and a team of Elves cultivate have a 220% crop yield, however they make poor pets in urban areas and rapidly sicken in polluted regions.
Libido: Average to High (can become Extreme with Tamers they are emotionally attached to)
Strong Vs: Psychic, Plant, Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Dark, Fighting
Attacks: Power Bolt, Dazzle, Reflect, Heal, Command Plants, Summon (Elf-types save for Dark Elves, Bondage Elves, and Bondage Queens), Rose Whip, Wood Tower, Grass Floor, Lance
Enhancements: Longevity, Plant Affinity, Magic Affinity, Gardener, Enhanced Hearing (x4)
Disadvantages: Takes double damage from Fire attacks.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Elf (orgasm)
ElfQueens evolve from Elves who experience intense orgasms, most often from one they are Delta-bonded to. When this occurs the Elf gains two feet in height and usually one to two cup sizes (maxing out at around six feet and a D cup). Their skin becomes pale and their hair (if not already this color) typically becomes shades of red, brown, or blonde, though bright blue, silver, or even white are not unheard of. For some reason all ElfQueens can be found in flowing, low-cut gowns that match the colors of the local trees (silver if there are no local trees) and change colors with the seasons.
Feral ElfQueens claim forests, or large sections of forests, as their domains, sending out a mystical call that attracts Feral Elves to them. Typically the Queen forms a colony of twenty to a hundred Elves, with Avariel Elves, Dark Maidens, Drow Zees, High Elves, and occasionally the odd Golden Elf or Grandelf mixed in. Within her domain the ElfQueen claims absolute authority, but practically this is usually limited by the amount of other Pokégirls and humans in the area. Once a colony is established the Queen has her subjects start making natural-seeming modifications to the lands about them, to provide for better food, defense, and plant growth. Forests under an ElfQueen's care experience rapid growth but ElfQueens are cautious enough to know both when to stop planting and when to trim back the woods to maintain ecological balance. Somewhere within the woods the ElfQueen will establish her Court. Oftentimes the Court might be situated in a grove though some ElfQueens have been known to have large trees made into their palatial homes. It seems to be a matter of taste. When two Feral ElfQueens cross paths one of two things happens. Either the "defending" Queen plays gracious hostess to her fellow royalty or (if one or both are of the arrogant, snobbish persuasion) a fight breaks out. These battles are rarely to the death. Usually the loser is forced to concede her domain to the winner and become a servant of the victor.
Tamed and Feral ElfQueens share a few common traits. First is their love of nature, especially plant life. ElfQueens always carry some token of the plant world with them, be it their traditional flower-wreaths, flowers sewn into their clothes or woven into their hair, or even vine bracelets, chokers, or anklets. They both hold Dark Elves, Bondage Elves, and Bondage Queens in nothing but the lowest of contempt, openly ridiculing them as mockeries of Elvenkind. Tamed ElfQueens will not usually start attacks on Dark Elves, Bondage Elves, or Bondage Queens they run across, but they will loudly encourage their Tamers and Harem-sisters to avoid such Pokégirls or drive them away. Feral ElfQueens have an attack-on-sight policy. Putting an ElfQueen and a Dark Elf, Bondage Elf, or Bondage Queen in the same harem is a very bad idea. The ElfQueen will likely lash out, provoking battles until one or the other is dead or otherwise removed. Finally, both Tamed and Feral ElfQueens have a very odd deference to Grandelves. They become meek and quiet in the presence of Grandelves, and tend to rely on them for advice. Also, both kinds of ElfQueens get along well with High Elves.
In battle ElfQueens take on a field commander position. They direct their subjects (and for Tamed ones their sisters) into strategic positions. Because an ElfQueen gets to know her subjects (or Harem-sisters) early on they generally know the strengths and weaknesses of what and who they have to work with and lay out their plans accordingly. Weaker subjects or sisters are directed towards where there is the least risk while others are deployed as best as the situation will allow and the ElfQueen provides support from a distance with her attacks. While the ElfQueen doesn't like to fight herself, she will to protect her subjects or Harem-sisters. They often get quite protective of other Elf-types in a Harem, as well as smaller and physically or emotionally weaker Harem-sisters, and have been known to put themselves in danger to protect those Sisters. When they do directly battle it's from long-range, using their power to control plants to twist the environment to their benefit and lashing out with Rose Whip and Power Bolt, often after dazzling a foe.
ElfQueens generally have average to high libidos. Although they only need Taming twice in a month, they are happy to receive it whenever. When it comes to Taming an ElfQueen loses her air of detachment from the world and can become very blunt with her desires, but only in private. In public they are prim ladies when the subject is brought up. With Tamers they are emotionally bonded to (or Delta-bonded with) an ElfQueen's libido rapidly increases to Extreme and they become very demanding of their lover's time and attention. They don't like to share their partners and they don't like being kept waiting either.
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ESPEA, the Psi Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (fox-squirrel)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: berries, nuts, vegetarian foods
Role: pets, guard animals, domestics, otherwise as Psychic-types
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Aura of Cute, Quick, Tackle, Psychic, Telekinesis, Aura Sight, Mindwipe, Teleport, Disable, Confusion
Enhancements: Psychic, Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Speed (x6), Sixth Sense
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (normal; triggered during the day or Sun Stone)
Espea is the psychically evolved form of Eva. She has two antennae-like whiskers extending from her eyebrows outward, these whiskers are extremely sensitive to air pressure changes allowing Espea to predict weather changes with extreme accuracy. Espeas are extremely loyal to any tamer they feel is worthy. While the whiskers of an Espea can predict the changes in weather conditions, the fine fur on her body can be used to sense the nearby air-currents allowing her a sort of pre-cognitive ability for judging an enemies attacks. It has been said by Pokégirl Watchers that her forked tail will twitch prior to it using a psychic-type move.
Her fine fur makes her exceptionally soft and like many of her cousins is thinnest near her erogenous zones. She maintains the figure of her previous form but her ears tend to get a bit bigger. Their fur will range in color from lilac to a deep royal purple depending on the situation surrounding their evolution. For instance a deep purple coat would reflect that said Espea evolved while battling. While the lighter shade show an evolution during a taming. It is not yet discovered exactly why these colors are like this, but of all the cases studied it seems to be the case. Their hair however will generally be a shade lighter or darker than their fur, this seems to depend more on the girl herself and less on the situation surrounding her evolution.
The role of the Espea during the war is still under debate. There are 2 main focuses as her role. One being that she acted as a field commander bellow a general Pokégirl, using her psychic abilities to unite the girls in their attack formations. Two that the Espeas themselves were frontline fighters using Teleport and Psychic attacks to confuse and defeat enemy ranks.
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FAIRYCUTER, the CUTER Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Berries, pokechow
Role: Spying
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Spark, Burst, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Aura of Cute
Enhancements: Greater stamina, strong mana reserves
Evolves: HentaiCute (Orgasm), Psifey (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: FairyCute (Normal)
FairyCuters live up to their names. While FairyCutes are cute, FairyCuters are much cuter, though it's hard to define how they become cuter. Their physical attributes rarely change much, but most tamers often feel as though they're compelled to hug the FairyCuter and squeal with girlish glee... sometimes the most harden of male tamers might find themselves doing so, even if it's only a "momentary relapse".
FairyCuters only show a less-than-cute side when there's a CutiePie nearby. FairyCuters and CutiePies who notice each other find themselves unable to stop from having a "Cute-Off", where they race around a city, verbally tallying indications of reactions to their "cuteness". During this time, they find themselves unable to lie, and the one who loses will generally burst into tears, hurrying to their tamer or nearest lover for consolation (if they don't have one yet, generally the first person to try and console them is chosen). This is, perhaps, one of the only instances that most CutiePies will not be shy.
FairyCuters often have a high libido after a "Cute-Off" (provided they win). No one is quite certain WHY FairyCuters and CutiePies have this innate competition, yet FairyCutes and CutiePies do not, though some suspect it may have to do with something in their "Aura of Cute".
Feral FairyCuters seem downright arrogant about their cuteness, openly teasing those who are 'less cute', and sometimes pulling cruel pranks. Though these pranks may seem simply childish, some carry an almost palpable malevolence, though these FairyCuters are mostly those who've been abandoned by tamers when they were merely FairyCutes.
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FALLEN ANGEL, the Troubled Angel Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Magic/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, meats are common
Role: Aerial scout and shock trooper
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Magic, Psychic, Ghost, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Bug, Ground (when not flying)
Attacks: Dark Blade, Shadow Shot, Gust, Shield, Dazzle, Feather Shuriken, Energy Drain, Lure, Illusion
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph - can manifest wings or dismiss them at need, Efficient digestive and immune system, Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4)
Evolves: Demoness (additional trauma and a Dark Stone), Archangel (Combat Variety Only: Return of Emotional closeness + Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: Angel, Seraph, and Warrior Nuns (major trauma/bad experiences; Dark Stone will greatly increase the chances, but isn't needed), Ophanim (normal; shown mercy after battle on field of honor)
Angels, Seraph, and even Warrior Nuns usually evolved into Fallen Angel either after believing they have completely failed their Tamers or by seeing a brutal and often bloody battle. In the case of a Warrior Nun, however, this also includes being unable to save the lives of the innocent during some sort of altercation. While any and all of these factors can make an evolution into a Fallen Angel, the chances tend to be rather low unless a Dark Stone is present: at which point there is a good chance the Pokégirl will evolve into a Fallen Angel. A Fallen Angel looks, physically, much like they were before their 'evolution,' with the main physical changes being their wings, hair, and eyes often changed to a dark purple or black color, otherwise, are identical to their non-Fallen counterparts. Clothing, if left to them, can vary widely, but is usually of colors reflecting their troubles and the ones with high libidos usually wear sultry and sometimes revealing clothing as well. Almost every Fallen Angel prefers to wear clothing of some sort, however.
Behavior depends on how they became a Fallen Angel in the first place. Those who became Fallen Angels by believing they have failed their masters often have a depressing demeanor, have low confidence in their ability, and are often very submissive towards their masters. Fallen Angels of these types are often willing to go many lengths to earn their master's approval. If the Pokégirl became a Fallen Angel via some major trauma, on the other hand, they tend to take solace in battle, taking out their aggression and frustration against anything that her tamer pits her towards. This is the kind of Fallen Angel that needs to be watched carefully by others, lest they kill their opponent. In Harems, they tend to be passive and are easily dominated by other Pokégirls unless they believe doing so would lose favor with their master. Combat ability is hampered by their low self confidence, but winning a number of battles and/or the encouragement of their masters can overcome this problem. If the Tamer is able to restore her confidence (being made Alpha has been seen as the quickest if not easiest way), then she will likely take on a less depressing attitude and will be very affectionate (and often times aroused) towards their Tamer while having a friendly or indifference towards others. However, the event that made her believe that she failed her master can still cause great guilt within any Fallen Angel.
Fallen Angel traumatized by intense combat will be cold/indifferent towards people (including her Tamer) and will try to avoid making friends as they feel everyone going to die anyway. In combat, they are often brutal in fights and need to be restrained as they may end up killing their opponent. On the other hand, they most often have high libidos and can be very passionate in bed. It is believed that they find relief from their trauma in sex. Although it's difficult and take a long time, a Tamer can earn the love of these Fallen Angels. However, this love is often reserved in front of others and when they are alone with their Tamer in which case they will openly display care and love towards their Tamer. Earning their love usually involves a long process of caring for their well-being and overcoming their emotional barriers. Thus, these types of Fallen Angels are popular with Tamers due to their combat ability and libidos and don't need to have their confidence be rebuilt. They are also very popular with Tamers who don't want the emotional attachments.
When fighting, they will often try to throw their opponent off balance with long range attacks, Lure, Illusion, and/or Dazzle to allow them to close in. Once up close they will use their Dark Blade along with other attacks that are effective at that range and use Energy Drain to make sure they can keep going. The Dark energies they now have seem to amplify their physical abilities allowing them to better able to fight up close. Although not a flying type, when their wings are manifested they may utilize Gust and Feather Shuriken techniques to attack with. However, unlike the normal techniques of these types, Fallen Angels imbue their Flying-attacks with their magic, which somehow makes them much more effective against Rock-types than they otherwise would be.
Fallen Angels are rare mainly due to the fact that the situation for them to evolve into one doesn't come up very often, although they do 'evolve' from three different celestial Pokégirls. Feral Fallen Angels are even rarer as all Feral Fallen Angels are the ones traumatized by combat and lost their Tamer (either by death or by separation) and weren't able to get Tamed. Caution is strongly recommended as Feral Fallen Angel will try kill you if provoked and sometimes goes to the ends of the world to do so. Threshold girls may become a Fallen Angel if they fulfill the requirements that an Angel has, but it is believed that it would be very unlikely with some arguing that it isn't possible. It is rumored that if a Fallen Angel can get over her troubles, she may become an Angel again. However, if they suffer more trauma while being exposed to a Dark Stone, they may evolve into a Demoness.
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FALLEN CHARLIE ANGEL, the Angered Harpy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Gold Continent), Very Rare (Other Leagues)
Diet: Carnivore
Role: berserkers, scavengers, scourges upon humanity
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Growl, Quick Attack, Sabre Claw, Hurricane, Dive, Venom Bite, Venom Claw, Poison Mist, Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mega Drain
Enhancements: Natural Poisons (Exhausting Venom, Vertigo Venom, Paralyzation Venom, Sleep Venom, Gender Dust), Speed x7, Strength x3, Enhanced eyesight x3
Weaknesses: Intelligence Drop (Bimbo Level or lower), Short temper
Evolves: Cutey Charlie Angel (Hit by Royal Curse)
Evolves From: Cutey Charlie Angel (Venom Stone* Not absorbed)
While a Fallen Charlie Angel is considered a third tier evolution for the Charlie Angel line, there are very few tamers who actively choose to have their Cutey Charlie Angel go through this evolution due to the problems that arise. First and foremost, her intelligence can best be described as animalistic. All her mental prowess as Cutey Charlie Angel goes to pot, and she now relies heavily on instinct for her actions. A true fall from what she was before. Many Tamers are hard pressed to bring a Fallen Charlie Angel's skills in anything mental back up to even the level of a Charlie Angel. At most, a Fallen Charlie Angel will obey a Tamer's commands and perhaps be able to speak in a few simple word sentences. Another large problem is that coupled with her lack of intelligence, the Fallen Charlie Angel has a temper the size of a Tomboy at a Hentai convention. Anything that she views as an insult to herself or her Tamer is game to a Venom Claw or Venom Bite attack. Of course, with the drop in intelligence, there's also the loss of the Pokégirl’s spell casting and/or psychic abilities that made the Cutey Charlie Angel so useful before.
For some reason, Fallen Charlie Angels seem to attack Supe-bra Geniuses without provocation, though it is assumed that these attacks are due to the Pokégirl’s high intelligence. But most researchers are baffled at why the Fallen Charlie Angel seems to ignore other high intelligence Pokégirls in favor of attacking a Supe-bra Genius. It should also be noted that Fallen Charlie Angels no longer get along well with Cheetits like the pre-evolved forms of Charlie Angel and Cutey Charlie Angel. Most research seems to collaborate with the theory that the Fallen Charlie Angel sees the Cheetit as 'competition' and instinctively tries to drive off her ‘competition.’
The Fallen Charlie Angel's appearance seems to also take on a darker, more intimidating look as well. Fallen Charlie Angel's still look more elf than human with their pointed ears, but now their hair and corresponding wing colors come in a variety of dark shades, from deep purple to black or a dark rust brown. The scaling on their hands and feet turn into darker shades as well, usually a rust brown or tarnished silver as if the metallic color was corrupted by their poison nature. Occasionally instead of a metallic color, their hands and feet will be a vibrant green or purple, which seems to mark them visually as poisonous. Their wings are still separate from their arms, but from the joint that connects her wing to her back to the second wing joint, a Fallen Charlie Angel’s feathers have changed to a rust or tarnished metallic color. The diamond pattern is now a vibrant green or purple (though these diamond sections no longer glow anymore). A final change is the Fallen Charlie Angel's teeth, once human like, are now pointed with prominent upper and lower canine teeth. This also notes the Fallen Charlie Angel’s change in diet, going from Herbivore to Carnivore. Their eyesight enhances as well, allowing the Pokégirl to hunt by sight easily.
It should be stated again that a Fallen Charlie Angel is also a very difficult Pokégirl to control. Her aggressive attitude is very well known, though perhaps it's because of this that some tamers do choose to have their Cutey Charlie Angel experience this evolution. Once hit with the Royal Curse spell, a Fallen Charlie Angel with 'de-evolve' back into a Cutey Charlie Angel. There are a few Tamers who claim that experiencing this evolution and then reverting a Fallen Charlie Angel makes the Pokégirl a tougher fighter, though no conclusive evidence has been found to support this rumor. One thing is for certain, however, that once evolved into a Fallen Charlie Angel and then 'de-evolved' back into a Cutie Charlie Angel, the Pokégirl looses any magic talent she had before, though she can retain her poison using abilities. It seems that there is a small group of Tamers who are willing to live with this trade off in order to possibly increase their Pokégirl’s fighting poweres.
Like the Sharptits, the Venom Stone isn't used up in a Cutie Charlie Angel’s evolution into a Fallen Charlie Angel, but fortunately, feral Fallen Charlie Angels are not a bounty level threat as the feral Pokégirl can easily be outwitted in battle. This flaw also holds with tamed Fallen Charlie Angels, since intelligence-wise, there is not that much difference between the two. Feral Fallen Charlie Angels are known to pick off unsuspecting prey, which does make them a significant threat to the unwary and unprepared.
Thresholding into a Fallen Charlie Angel directly is extremely rare, though the mitigating circumstances behind the few thresholds that did happen did have some similarities. The girls who thresholded directly into Fallen Charlie Angels had a family history with Charlie Angels, and most lived near polluted sites.
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FARFUCK'D, the Delusional Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic (Functionally Insane is not an element, despite what most people would like to think)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Near Human Diet (herbivore)
Role: Force Multiplier
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: None
Weak Vs: None (Technically)
Attacks: Reflect, Absorb, Imitate, Counter, Sketch
Enhancements: Highly Advanced Learning Ability, Intuitive Analysis Skills, Enhanced Memory, Enhanced Reflexes (x5)
Disadvantages: Delusional, Distorted Reality Perception
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Shadowgirl (Moon Shard)
FarFuck'Ds are insane. This is a constant, consistent, unshakeable belief held among the Research Community, Tamers, and Breeders.
Several theories among researchers hold that Sukebe was, at certain points in the war, pressed to bring to bear assets that were not initially combat ready, nor having gone through any field trials or testing. They cite occurrences that are obviously 'fail states' or errors in the taming and bonding process, such as feral shock, personality inversion, dependency syndrome, and other symptoms.
They also cite FarFuck'Ds as clearly damaged products.
Salvaged lab records do offer the original intent of what the FarFuck'D was meant to do. The original breed's specifications was a planned force multiplier, allowing them to be paired up with powerful, rare Pokégirls and imitate their assault attacks, effectively doubling the firepower output of a Pokégirl assault force while not being limited in Pokégirl rarity or needing to know the attacks beforehand. Recovered battle records from the Revenge War, while sketchy, have confirmed that this same tactic was used successfully at least once, where a high-level Sphinx and what was later confirmed as a FarFuck'D successfully held off an entire battalion of human ground forces by employing high level magical attacks. Due to this documented success, researchers have theorized that the first production run of FarFuck'Ds were initially perfect, fulfilling the role they were designed for.
Whatever the case may be, whenever official documentation and study of the breed from captured parthenogenesis specimens from the wild (and, disturbingly, several threshold cases) began, a specific trend was noted among all observed FarFuck'Ds. They were completely, and utterly delusional as to what they were. Worse was what the FarFuck'Ds in question thought they were. Several of them thought they were normal human woman, discounting Pokéball capture and time spent therein entirely and claiming that the scanners employed were obviously defective. Others admitted that they were indeed Pokégirls, but could not agree on the breed, thinking themselves another type of Pokégirl. Worst were the ones picking up their mental cues from popular culture, such as manga, B movies, or more powerful, infamous Pokégirl personas. (One sad case in AS 278 claimed to be Mao Shin Mao herself, and was swiftly killed shortly thereafter.)
All of this would be easily discounted if it weren't for the worrying and disturbing fact that the FarFuck'D's spread of abilities, enhancements, and attacks are uniquely suited to supporting this delusion. Using Imitate, Absorb, Reflect, and Sketch, a FarFuck'D in the throes of battle assuming a role can be very impressive to watch as they subconsciously let loose a flurry of attacks and status modifiers to make reality conform to what they think it should be. They can even learn attacks at an accelerated rate, often times being capable of mastering an attack after witnessing it being employed only once. All this, taken together, would make FarFuck'Ds a very useful breed in battle, if it weren't for the slight problem of their delusions. When thinking themselves a Pokégirl, they are completely involved in the role, assuming all weaknesses of said Pokégirl type - made all the more annoying by the fact that FarFuck'Ds -have- no weaknesses. A few even go so far and are so convincing that they actually fool others into thinking they really are that Pokégirl... until the Pokédex is employed, and the scanning function reveals just what type Pokégirl they are.
As mentioned before, FarFuck'Ds are clearly and utterly delusional. In almost two hundred and fifty years of documentation, no recorded incident or technique has ever been documented to shake this delusion. Only massive psychic trauma has been noted to have any effect on a FarFuck'D, and typically then, once recovered, all it does is shift said delusion slightly. There is only one case of a FarFuck'D admitting that she -is- a FarFuck'D on record, and those knowledgeable of that freak occurrence consider it a dismal failure. While the FarFuck'D in question readily admitted what she was, she was also stuck in a half-feral state, unable to speak normally half the time and easily stressed out, with a tendency to rapidly dissolve into a complete feral state unless tamed at a more than regular interval. Most researchers are of the opinion that this FarFuck'D was clearly brain damaged, but no autopsy reports are on file to confirm this.
Having a FarFuck'D in a harem is considered a complete and utter crapshoot. Oddly enough, FarFuck'Ds whom consider themselves to be human women have found to be rather useful as harem Alphas and Betas, perhaps understanding on a subconscious level that they still require taming, and responding to the psychological cues that indicate an actual bond is in place. It's worth noting that they often consider their 'Tamer' their 'boyfriend' instead, leading to some occasional misunderstandings. Despite this one useful trait a FarFuck'D can display, most Tamers and Researchers flat out refuse to have anything to do with them. As a result, they are typically let back out into the wild(often illegal in most places), euthanized (in the more pro-Pokégirl control leagues), or cycled into long-term storage.
Physically, FarFuck'Ds run the typical gamut of human woman in terms of appearance with no set average, and tend to go to great lengths to assume what they view is the ideal 'body type' for their role, often times without realizing it, investing in body-modification powders and transformative magics to do so. A number of FarFuck'Ds have been known to subconsciously pick up on learned spellcasting to further enhance the illusion, leading a number of well-known Researchers to remark in worry over just how far this breed will go in order to keep up with their view of reality. A number of Mages have advocated making it illegal for someone to teach FarFuck'Ds regimented spell casting, fearing what the end result might be.
Most Breeders absolutely refuse to breed FarFuck'Ds, and the majority of these cases, sadly, come from threshold incidents. A few Ranches worldwide pride themselves, however, on having a FarFuck'D or three on hand to satisfy those Tamers whom are seeking Pokégirls for completion sake.
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FIREBURST, the Heavenly Inferno Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Pokechow, fruits, nuts
Role: Sky-dominator, airborne combatant, fire-related tasks
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Grass, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Magic, Electric
Attacks: Meteor 18, Fire Spin, Power Drive, Ignite, Dive, Fire Blast, Phoenix Down, Mach Breaker, Glorious Sun, Quickturn
Enhancements: Heals from Fire, Enhanced Agility (x4), increased stamina
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Phoenix (battle stress)
Firebursts stand roughly six feet tall, give or take a few inches. She has large wings which she likes to wrap around herself like a cloak. Her eye color is usually red, violet or blue. Her bust size is usually identical to their prior one, though some small increases are not unknown. However, perhaps the most stunning thing about her is her feathers. Unlike a Phoenix or a Rack, who had to dye their feathers, a Fireburst's feathers look like roaring flame, continually shifting in color. Charred Pokégirls can often become entranced by these flaming wings and the Fireburst is very proud of her new plumage.
A Fireburst is a very valuable Pokégirl. Not only does she possess powerful attacks, but she can heal from any fire technique used against her, use Glorious Sun, has high speed and can revive fallen comrades. Unfortunately, she as about temperamental as she is useful.
Firebursts are temperamental because of the very things she is proud of: her wings. Firebursts are quite aware of the attraction people have towards their wings and many will become annoyed or infuriated if they feel their lover values their wings more than the Fireburst. While a Fireburst's temper tantrums aren't of the same level as a Gynadose, it's strongly urged that anyone with a Fireburst remember that they need to pay attention to the Pokégirl, not just her wings.
In battle, Firebursts can be quite a terror, especially if they combine Speed Storm with Mach Breaker or Ignite and Dive. In some leagues, it is illegal to pit two Firebursts against each other, not because of any problems with bloodshed, but because of the fact that many Fireburst Vs Fireburst battles tend to last over several hours. This is because the Fireburst's agility and Quickturn allow her to avoid the other Fireburst's Mach Breaker and Dive techniques.
Feral Firebursts are as troublesome as feral Gynadoses, which is why some leagues fine tamers who allow their Firebursts to go feral.
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FLAREA, the Fiery Eva Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human diet, nuts and berries
Role: bodyguards
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Grass, Ice
Weak Vs: Water, Rock
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Ember, Focus, Fire Blast, Power Drive
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Elemental Abilities, High Body Temp
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Fire Stone)
A Flarea has numerous advantages over its unevolved state. A higher strength capacity, more endurance and its fiery abilities are just some of those advantages. They also gain a stronger sense of smell and a more combative mindset, which Evas sometimes lack entirely. Flareas are sometimes considered slightly less affectionate Growlies. While they don't go well out of their way to show their affection, they do still show a lot more than most Pokégirls with lower libido.
Most Flareas have an internal organ that acts as the source of their fire abilities. This Fire Sack (as some have come to call it) has an active temperature when the Pokégirl is at rest of near 1000 degrees. Therefore it has been suspected that they have a means of cooling themselves. Researchers speculate that their bloodstreams act as a cooling system since the ‘Fire Sack" is located near the heart. The blood travels past the organ picking up a small amount of heat after leaving the heart. Then as it goes on its way the blood slowly releases some of the heat into the body, this is thought to be a reason why Flareas maintain such a high overall body temperature.
While it would be thought that having fur would cause a great deal of discomfort to a Flarea it has been found that the fur helps in the dispersing of heat drawing heat from within and venting it. However as a Flarea gets excited or worked up (though battle, taming, etc) their internal temperature steadily rises. In times of great duress a hazy aura will seem to envelop the girl due to so much heat being released through the fur. While this may worry some potential tamers it is believed that the amount of taming needed for this heat to reach dangerous levels (for the tamer) is pretty much unheard of, (speculated at approximately 14 hours).
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FLIRT, the Airhead Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: aerial tactics, sex, distraction tactics
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Ground, Steel
Attacks: Gust, Squall, Speed Storm, Taunt, Mach Breaker, Tempest, Vortex, Fly
Enhancements: Petite Build, Wind Control, Flight, Enhanced Agility (x10), High Flexibility
Evolves: Floozie (orgasm while airborne)
Evolves From: Flittit (normal)
A Flirt is a Flittit who has strengthened her mastery over her wind powers through hours of hard work and training, every day, for weeks and weeks, months, possibly even years depending on the quality of her Tamer. Her flight abilities no longer disturb surrounding objects (and as a result, she is allowed to fly indoors), and she can fly up to 400 feet above ground.
More importantly, at least to the Flirt’s point of view, she’s finally grown some curves. She doesn’t get any taller, but her breasts get slightly larger, as do her hips and butt. Her skin becomes paler, even though it should really grow more tan from all her outside time, and her eyes usually become sky blue (some Flirts with cloud-gray eyes have been noted).
Flirts love flaunting their new bodies, taunting harem-mates and opponents alike from just out of reach. However, they love flying more, and a Tamer who doesn’t let his Flirt get some airtime often enough will find himself with an unhappy Pokégirl at best, and lots of runaway attempts. A Tamer who allows his Flirt to fly as often as she likes will have a Pokégirl who will do her best to never let him down. She doesn’t bother herself with trying for the Alpha position, as long as she gets Tamed and gets to fly.
Like Flittits, Flirts favor speed in combat, and a good Tamer will use their flying abilities to his advantage. A typical tactic is using Taunt to goad a ground-based opponent, then hovering out of reach until the enemy wears herself out trying to reach the Flirt. Against fellow flyers, Flirts hug the ground and Taunt the enemy into diving at them, then use a Vortex to change their flight path and watch them crash. Flirts are half-decent sex battlers as well, since they can fly out of reach and then titillate the opposition with caressing breezes. As with a Flittit, your best bets are Electric Pokégirls to hit her while airborne, Rock-, Steel-, and Ground-types to wait her out, and gun-users who can attack reliably from a distance.
After a good flight (or a good fight, since it includes the former), a Flirt is usually ready for a roll in the hay with her Tamer, much like she was as a Flittit. Her powers may eventually become strong enough to take Taming to the next level-- and the Tamer who is brave and trusting enough to let his Flirt take him up with her and Tame her in the air will have one of the happiest Pokégirls in existence (possibly even more, since Flirts can evolve through airborne Taming!). However, this does have its risks-- Flirts are not known for their concentration abilities, and a hard orgasm may cause her to drop her Tamer! They also can not provide the extra oxygen their passengers may need.
Feral Flirts aren’t clever enough to use the tactics of their Domestic kin, but fly around Taunting Pokégirls and humans alike before fleeing. Most Tamers who get Taunted by one simply use a flyer or a Pokégirl with a ranged attack to knock her out of the air and catch her without much trouble-- even Plant or Bug Pokégirls don’t have much to fear from a Feral Flirt. Tamers who do capture a Flirt are encouraged to release her with their entire harem present for an orgy, as the Flirt will be aroused and sensitive from flying so much and will easily exhaust even a Tamer who has armed himself with stamina-increasing drinks.
Threshold Flirts are rare, and their families often auction them as pets for high prices.
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FOXGLOVE, the Nightstar Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (bat)
Element: Flying/Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit and vegetables
Role: Night reconnaissance
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Ice, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic, Water
Libido: High
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Confusion, Energy Drain, Bite, Ember, Rage, Fire Spin , Warm Embrace, Burst, Brightstar*
Enhancements: Wings for flight, Fire affinity, Echolocation, Magic affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Zubutt (Fire Stone)
Foxgloves are a step up from the rather common Zubutt in almost every way. They are taller and curvier all around, with silky, reddish-gold fur and long manes of golden hair. Their breasts are large, DD cup at best, and their wingspans are wider than before. They gain the use of fire attacks, and their echolocation enhances to the point where they can use a non-psychic version of Confusion.
These nocturnal fire-types were first discovered shortly after the first discovery of evolution stones. In fact, they were one of the first recorded Evolution Stone evolutions. They are fairly affectionate Pokégirls, and have the trademark high libido most Fire-types do. Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention, and tend to get annoyed when nobody at the very least is looking at them. They prefer to be on their backs when being Tamed, as their nipples are sensitive and can be rubbed raw quite easily. Incidentally, a sturdy bra with a soft, padded interior is considered a very wonderful present for a Foxglove. Their cunts are not too hot, and are only pleasantly warm no matter how much of their fire powers they manifest. Instead of the usual yowls, Foxgloves tend to make a cute whimpering sound when being Tamed.
Foxgloves are fairly useful in battle. They aren’t much faster than Zubutts in air, but are very maneuverable. They tend to stay above the main battle, scattering Embers from above and using Confusion to keep their opponent too rattled to attack. Her most used attack, however, is Burst. Foxgloves enjoy the fact that the attack creates such a bright flash. This love of bright, star-like flashes has led Foxgloves to be called the Nightstar Pokégirl. The fact that Foxgloves are able to use magic so easily without actually being magic-types is a subject of confusion to researchers even to this day.
As mentioned earlier, Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention. They love showing off, and like using attacks such as Burst or Brightstar to make sure that the focus is on them. This can be used to a Tamer’s advantage in group battles, as Foxgloves can be used as a distraction to move an attacker’s attention away from the Tamer’s more powerful Pokégirls. Foxgloves are decent Alphas, but there are better choices. They can be fussy and short-tempered, but never to annoying levels, and are as loyal as Growlies. They will fiercely defend their Tamer, even if they think said Tamer is lacking in intelligence.
Feral Foxgloves are a playful breed. They actively seek out taming whenever they can, and only become dangerous if the Tamer deliberately ignores them. They don’t necessarily want a Tamer, they just like having attention give to them. Threshold cases where the result is a Foxglove are fairly uncommon.
*Brightstar - (ATK 90) A combination magic/fire attack that creates a star-shaped burst of flames.
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FOXX, the Voluptuous Vulpine Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: sex machine, seduction
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fireball, Fire Spin, Flame Sniper, Warm Embrace, Burning Hands, Tackle, Wrestle, Sex Attack 1, 2
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x6) and Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Vixxen (Fire Stone)
A Vixxen that comes into contact with a Fire Stone evolves into her final form: Foxx. A Fox stands a few inches taller than her previous form. Her body is more lithe than it was before, with her legs being longer and sleeker. Her rump is more rounded now, and her breasts are larger than they were previously, usually around a CC-cup or so now. They retain the body fur and long bushy tail from their previous form.
Foxxes are still horny all the time. However, they’ve learned a bit more discretion, though they only exercise this is told to by their Tamer. A Foxx is still ready to do it anywhere, anytime, with virtually anyone. They have enough control now though that they tend to be less aggressive about their wants, instead using innuendoes and sexy poses to try and entice others into humping them. A Foxx is a great choice to keep other Pokégirls in a Tamer’s Harem satisfied on his behalf.
A Foxx has increased her fire powers since her previous form. She can now perform several fire attacks in addition to her signature Flamethrower move. She has enough savvy with her flame powers to even use fire-based sex attacks, such as Warm Embrace or the lesser version of Burning Hands. Despite her High libido, a Foxx is just as likely to do well in a martial battle as she is a pokesex battle, relying on her flame abilities to carry her through to victory.
Feral Foxes tend to be skittish, and use Burning Hands a lot when fighting off those who would hunt them. However, a Tamer with Pokégirls that use attacks based on a Foxx’s weaknesses can wear her down and capture her without too much trouble in most cases. Threshold girls almost never change directly into a Foxx, becoming a Vulvixx or a Kitsune instead most of the time.
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FOXXSEA, the Water Fox Pokégirl Type: Near Human - Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: calm and relaxing influence, antithesis to the Vixxen
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Bubbles, Water Gun, Water Barrier, Cry, Disable (Lv. 30), Teleport (Lv. 40)
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Minor Psychic Capabilities, Hydrokinesis, Constant Aura of Calm
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kitsune (Water Stone)
It is certain that a Tamer that trains and Tames a Kitsune regularly will see definite improvement in her capabilities and overall strength. However, most Tamers aren't patient enough and want a big bang as fast as possible. This normally means the Tamer would acquire a Fire Stone as soon as possible to Evolve the Kitsune into a more powerful form. However, not everyone wants a Pokégirl that are after and ready for Taming anytime, anywhere, under any conditions with anyone at the drop of the hat. For those Tamer, there is hope. With the use of a Water Stone, an incredible change comes over the Kitsune and she evolves into a much calmer and surprisingly less horny vulpine pokégirl: Foxxsea
The Foxxsea is indeed a rare evolutionary path of the Kitsune, what with the Vixxen being considered the default evolutionary path, not to mention that the majority of Tamers prefer the flash and raw power that comes with owning a Fire-type Pokégirl. Still, even without as large a fan-following, the presence of a Foxxsea is nothing to sneeze at.
While she is not a Psychic-type, a Foxxsea has an unusually high intelligence and E.S.P. ratings, allowing her to tap into a number of Psychic-type techniques as she grows in levels of power, allowing her to support her solid repertoire of water-based techniques. And even better, these psychic powers even strengthen her primary element as the first thing that develops is Hydrokinesis, allowing the Foxxsea access to a nearly limitless amount of water anywhere on the planet.
One of the most important psychic capabilities of the breed is that the Foxxsea has a calming effect on her Tamer thanks to the constantly generated technique Aura of Calm. Thanks to this psychic rapport, a Foxxsea can allow her Tamer to never be surprised or incapacitated by fear or anger. This also allows her to calm more easily agitated and excitable Pokégirls, including their sister species of Vixxen.
When it comes to the looks of a Foxxsea, one should understand that the build is very similar to a Vixxen. 4'10" to 5'8" in height, bust ranging from a large B-Cup to a solid C-Cup, and a large fluffy and incredibly soft tail. However, unlike the Vixxen, the coloration of the Foxxsea is either blue or sea-green, with the fringes of her hair giving the coloration and effect of looking like white sea-foam. Eye color correlates to the color of her fur, albeit a shade or two darker.
When it comes to Taming, one shouldn't be surprised that it is often a gentle experience. Where the Vixxen can handle sex any which way possible with great enthusiasm, a Foxxsea initiates Taming in a more reserved, yet definitely intimate way. No one that has Tamed a Foxxsea can say anything bad about the experience, and some say they've even found it surprisingly refreshing. The Aura of Calm is a definite blessing in this case and neither the Tamer nor the vulpine Pokégirl are pushed hard during their time Taming together, finding themselves just going with the flow.
There has yet to be a single recorded case of a girl going through Threshold to become a Foxxsea. It would seem that the more common branches of vulpine Pokégirls, the Vulvixx, Kitsune, and Vixxen will remain dominant for quite some time until more Foxxsea are bred and bare children via natural sexual reproduction than through parthenogenesis.
A word of warning for Tamers and Pet Owners that decide to keep a Foxxsea. It is suggested to keep them away from any alcoholic beverages. As for what happens when they drink some... you really, REALLY do not want to know.
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FROSTDRAKE, the Ice Dragon Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman (Animorph (draconic))
Element: Dragon/Ice
Frequency: Rare (Opal League, Scarlet League), Very Rare (elsewhere)
Diet: Omnivorous, heavily leaning towards Vegetarian
Role: Arctic Rescue Operations, Aerial Scouting, Arctic Environment Soldiers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Plant, Water, Flying, Ground
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Snowball, Mist, Little Cloud, Big Snowball, Twister, Bite, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Tail Whip, Wing Buffet, Ice Boulder, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Dragonbreath
Enhancements: Ice Affinity, Enhanced Durability (x5), Wings, Tail, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Optic and Olfactory Senses (x4)
Evolves: Frostwyrm (normal/high level)
Evolves From: Frostwhelp (normal)
Frostdrakes are actually the better known members of this evolutionary line. They played a prominent role in the Revenge War, acting as aerial support and assault for Sukebe’s forces in arctic regions, working alongside Icemaidens and Snow Queens to provide a powerful threat to all human forces that encountered them in the northern territories Sukebe assaulted. As the Revenge War died down, Frostdrakes began to be seen less and less, disappearing entirely for several years before researchers in what is now known as the Opal region discovered them again, along with their pre-evolved form, the Frostwhelp.
Currently, Frostdrakes are in heavy use in arctic regions, acting as security patrols and aiding St.Bernatits and other breeds in rescue operations. Their ability to fly even in the strongest of arctic winds plus their ability to see through snowstorms make them invaluable to rescuers, the perfect aerial support for various other arctic-based Pokégirls. They had to work their way up to this level of respect, however, as the breeds’ actions during the Revenge War made them extremely unpopular with locals. Their numbers were reduced dramatically before League officials stepped in and banned the hunting of the breed. Since then, breeding programs and exploitation of the cuteness of the Frostwhelp have made the breed’s popularity increase, especially in northern climates, all around the world.
Frostdrakes are physically large Pokégirls, much more powerfully built than their previous form. They’re about two feet taller on average, having the same ice-blue scales and white-streak down their bellies as their previous form. They’re a cup-size larger than their previous form, and have longer, more powerful tails as well, their bodies more muscular all around. Their wings are larger and much more powerful, allowing them to fly in all but the strongest winds. Their faces are slightly more draconic in appearance than before, with longer, sharper horns, their hair gaining streaks of white in it. Lining their backs from their shoulderblades to their tailtips are small, blunted spikes.
As Frostdrakes have an Average libido, an oddity among ice-type Pokégirls, they tend to be a bit more sexually active than others of their breed. Since their body temperature, while still cooler than most, isn’t as intense as others of their elemental typing, they are easier to get aroused and into bed. They are open to most anything, but like their previous form, they enjoy massages and caresses, and are especially sensitive in the scales on their belly. Most Frostdrakes are known to prefer being on the bottom, loving to feel the weight of their Tamers upon their bodies, pressing down into them.
Feral Frostdrakes are much more vicious than their Tamed counterpart. The majority of Ferals have been known to travel in packs, stalking their targets from above and picking them off with Ice Beam. They are difficult to bring down, as they usually only attack humans from within arctic storms, a habit retained from the Revenge War. As they feed primarily on vegetation, however, they are rarely seen deliberately targeting humans and other Pokégirls (barring plant-types) unless they are desperately hungry. An area of the Opal League has been set off as a Preserve for Dragon-types, Frostwhelps and Frostdrakes frequently found in the northernmost regions of the Preserve.
Threshold cases that result in a Frostdrake are very rare, and have most commonly been noted in families that either have dragon-type or ice-type lineage, with a couple cases coming from families with both in their bloodline. The process is fairly painful due to the great number of physical changes, with some subjects passing out frequently during the course of their changes.
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FROSTTITS, the Frozen Sky Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Ice/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: snow, pokechow, frozen food, chilled fish
Role: Air-to-Ground support fighter, Airborne scout, tactician
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Ice, Dragon, Grass, Bug, Flying
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Gravity, Wing Buffet, Ice Wall, Little Cloud Mk II, Ice Beam, Wave of Ice, Icicles, Snow Storm, Snow Blind, Phoenix Down
Enhancements: Heals from Ice, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Stamina (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Neigix (battle stress)
Unlike Firebursts, Frosttits don't gain any height. Their hair generally remains whatever shade it was prior, though 20% may find it turning blue or platinum blonde. There is no change in eye color.
Frosttits gain a lot of strength, though, which is odd for avian Pokégirls. She is capable of lifting three times her own body weight and flying with it for half of her usual flight time, baring any extensive maneuvers. Their breasts usually increase half a cup size, and their feathers are generally white or silver tinged with blue patterns. Frosttits can apparently change the blue patterns whenever they desire, and have been known to play pranks on people by using this ability.
Frosttits are not as unreachable as a lot of ice Pokégirls. Frosttits, though quite calm, do laugh and smile, something many ice Pokégirls don't do. However, when it comes to combat, it is quite terrifying to see how well a Frosttits can strategize. Some have shown the ability to predict an opponent movements so well that they were even able to not only accurately predict the number of moves both they and their opponent would use before their opponent fainted and the location their opponent, but the precise position the opponent would faint in, and how long their opponent would be out.
Feral Frosttits have also displayed this talent, as tamers will often find the Frosttits have used natural terrain and time specific traps to devastate the tamer's Pokégirls during a fight. It's sometimes speculated that a Frosttits may have psychic abilities, but these ideas have remained just that: speculation.
Unlike their previous evolution, Frosttits actually like games of chance, as they oftentimes grow bored of games that can be too easily calculated. In fact, many casinos that have rules banning psychic and magic Pokégirls usually include Frosttits in that ban, unless the Frosttits is playing games of complete chance, such as Roulette.
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FROZENARE, the Icy Mare Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Metamorph (horse)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare (Edo League, former Mongolia area), Very Rare (other Arctic Regions)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Arctic Scouts, Pokégirl Transports, frequent partners of Huns
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Stomp, Takedown, Ice Floor, Ice Beam, Ice Wall, Heavenly Strike, Quick Attack, Trample, Blizzard, Mist, Ice Punch, Ice Sword, Cold Snap, Heat Drain
Enhancements: Shapeshifting, Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Senses (x3), resistance to cold, ability to maintain speed in snow and icy conditions
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ponytaur (Ice Crystal)
Frozenares (last syllable pronounced like 'mare') are a powerful breed of horse Pokégirl. They have icy blue skin, glowing white eyes, muscular bodies in both their human and tauric form, long, flowing white hair, C-cup breasts, and snow-white hooves. They are also physically incapable of smiling, making them opposite in that respect to NightMares, who are physically incapable of NOT smiling.
They are easier to get than Unicorns and Rapitaurs, however they aren't that popular compared to the other two. They are not as fast, being more bulky and muscular, making up for their speed loss in sheer attacking power. Their bodies radiate cold, like most ice types, and they aren't as concerned with being the fasted thing alive, feeling it to be nothing more than an amusing diversion when there isn't anything else important to do. Their inability to smile combined with their statuesque builds are intimidating to some trainers, although horse-type Pokégirl trainers like to have them, balancing out the Rapitaur's fire with the Frozenare's ice.
One major thing people have against them is the role they played during the Revenge War. Frozenares were frequently seen as the steeds of Huns, and the leaders of several prominent tribes of Huns rode Frozenares into battle, their ice abilities doing massive damage. Shortly after the Revenge War came to a halt, Frozenares and Huns drifted apart, although many stayed with them. Frozenare herds attacked the homes of people trying to live in that area, stealing food and moving on, earning them a bad reputation that for the most part has faded. Still, many remember that Frozenares were a deadly force in the Revenge War, and those of the former Chinese Empire have forbidden Tamers from having Frozenares and Huns.
Frozenares, in battle, charge in like tanks, firing ice beams and wielding ice swords, trampling anything that gets in their way. Feral Frozenares are more likely to do this, as they tend to be more savage than most ice types. They are difficult to Tame from a Feral state due to their nature and a strong fire-type is recommended to be a part of the attempt at Taming one, as they will automatically revert to their two-legged form if they are too hot.
No Threshold cases have been confirmed.
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GARDELFWHOR, the Sexlestial Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting/Magic/Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit, fish, vegetables. Omnivore but prefers to avoid red-meat products.
Role: Heavenly Warriors
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Water, Rock, Steel, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Poison
Attacks: Mystic Bolt, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Lightning Kick, StonePalm, Double Kick, Drill Kick, Spank, Sexy Hug, Rapid Stroke
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x5), summon and dismiss armor as needed.
Evolves: Elf (Shield Stone + Thunderstone)
Evolves From: None
Around the northerwestern parts of the Ruby League, as well as in the Blue League, there have been increasing signs of a new elf evolution that has recently been discovered. In several Elfcourts, reports say, an unusually powerful elf has been seen. One researcher reported that the Pokégirl wore armor, had long pointed ear like an elf normally does, and was looked up to by all but the Elfqueen. All reports that have depicted this Pokégirl shows that they stand around five and a half feet tall, though several have been seen that are shorter or taller by several inches either way. They braid their hair, which is normally of a lighter shade, such as blonde, platinum, or a gentle brown color (which has been seen on only one Gardelfwhor). The main difference is the fact that they are physically much stronger, and it seems that battles between Elfcourts are decided by a champion- which is often done by either the Elfqueen or the Gardelfwhor. The other difference is in the fact that they have larger breasts than most elf-types, normally in the solid C-to-D cup range. As such, many elves are searching for a means to evolve into this Pokégirls, and researchers believe that if news of this evolution gets out to the rest of the world, they may become Uncommon within a few years.
The Gardelfwhor are a militant type of elf, although they are rather lusty. They hint at being a Celestial type, though this has been unconfirmed as of the time of this entry. Megami, Seraph, and Angels are unsure what to make of them, but the fact that the Gardelfwhor is loose with their tongues (and their bodies) when it comes to things of a 'celestial' nature makes them disown the elf-type. The Gardelfwhor just ignore them, since they consider the 'other' celestial types to simply be prudes in all things, including and not limited to the truth and sex. Indeed, the Gardelfwhor enjoys sex almost as much as a Succubus might, minus the need for life energy. When they wear armor, it is usually a loose leather armor, with very few of their kind willing to wear metal. As such, most use only bokken as weapons, though some use a quarterstaff as well when they feel a need to be armed. The armor they wear, although they don't create it magically, can be summoned and dismissed with their magic. It's unknown why they cannot make it with magic, but it has been speculated that their magic is only combat oriented and not useful for more mundane tasks.
When not out on Champion-challenges or having sex, these Pokégirls often patrol the forests that the Elfcourt calls home, dealing with feral Pokégirls as best she can. In battle, her unusual combination of using Fighting and Electric techniques often make her very versatile. The fact that she can cast spells as well also leads to greater versatility, usually allowing more poweful Gardelfwhor to be able to combat her weaknesses. However, there are a few things that Gardelfwhor are loathe to deal with. To begin with, they hate any type of red-meat and will avoid it with a passion. They also tend to try and finish off an opponent using Sex attacks rather than standard attack techniques. They don't enjoy fighting unless it's necessary, although once in a battle they fight with a passion that is, according to them, equal to their libido. Gardelfwhor do, however, love sex battles and will urge their Elfqueen or Tamer to allow them to fight in one at least once a month, if not more often than that. When wih a Tamer's harem, Gardelfwhor are not known for being overly aggressive other than to be alone with her tamer for a taming session. They also still hate Domina, but enjoy turning the tables on them thanks to their armor and new attacks.
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GAR-GAL, the Guardian Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Role: Protectors. Highly respected by law enforcement.
Libido: Low normally, High on the night of the Hunter’s Moon
Strong Vs: Normal, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Sonic Wave, Crunch, Harden, Dark Goggles, Rock Throw, Dark Blade, Dyna Wave, Dark Blade Mk 2, Mega Wave, Dark Holy, Shock Spike, Dark Redemption, Quake, Black Sky, Stone Healing
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), thick skin, thick claws on hands and feet, horns (some Gar-Gals do not have horns, but simply ridged foreheads), wings for gliding, thick prehensile tail, can transform to stone to heal themselves
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
“Gar-Gals protect. We protect like we breathe.”
That statement sums up the personality of a Gar-Gal to the letter. They are loyal, courageous Pokégirls, with large, batlike wings, powerful claws on their hands and feet, thick, strong, prehensile tails, and thick, durable skin. Sometimes Gar-Gals have beaklike muzzles and horns, although usually their faces are human in appearance, save for ridges on their forehead, which can range in appearance from simply a slightly thicker forehead to small, hornlike growths. Sometimes the ridges extend all around a Gar-Gal’s head, leaving them bald. Their breasts are usually DD-cup in size, and almost always their choice of clothing is a loincloth and tank-top, as they find other clothes too uncomfortable due to their wings and tails. Another physical feature of the Gar-Gal, one of the rare commonalties each member of the breed has, is, when they are feeling a strong emotion of any kind, their eyes glow a bright, fiery red.
As mentioned before, Gar-Gals are protectors. When they are in a harem, they will defend their Master and harem sisters (whom they refer to as their ‘Clan’) no matter what, even if it means their own death. Sometimes a Gar-Gal will stay up all night, watching over the harem. The breed as a whole has a strong sense of warrior’s spirit and honor and cannot abide by betrayals whatsoever. They also discourage trading of Pokégirls, as they are very protective of their ‘clan mates’ and view trading as a form of betrayal. They will also try to encourage their Tamer to take in single Pokégirls. To a Gar-Gal, being alone, without a ‘clan,’ is far worse than death.
There is a story, almost an urban legend of sorts, about a Gar-Gal who’s harem encountered a Widow. The Gar-Gal, through sheer luck and berserker fury, managed to kill the Widow, but not before her Tamer and harem sisters were butchered. In her sadness over her failure and loneliness, she committed suicide by taking up one of the Widow’s stringers and drinking the Hyper Venom still leaking from it.
A Gar-Gal makes an excellent Alpha, as they will always take everything they can think of into account to do what’s best for the ‘clan,’ whether it be in things as mundane as sleeping arrangements and petty arguments to fast, life-and-death decisions in battle. Feral Gar-Gals, normally nocturnal, usually group together in clans, taking up residence in a building or town and defending it religiously. If a Tamer wishes to catch a Feral Gar-Gal, they must first prove themselves worthy of the ‘clan’s’ trust. These tests can range from a Tamer being forced to put himself or herself against a warrior of the ‘clan’ or a test to see how well the Tamer can satisfy the Gar-Gal they want.
One thing unique to Gar-Gals is their ability to become solid stone at will during the day, healing themselves from almost any injury. They are quite vulnerable to being shattered during this state, and must count on their Tamer and Harem sisters to protect them while healing. They cannot be put into Pokéballs while in this state, and can only come out of it after the sun sets. Once they become flesh and blood again, they are completely rested and refreshed, healed up from injuries they may have received before changing. Due to how vulnerable a Gar-Gal is in this state, they rarely use it unless they absolutely have to or are among people they trust implicitly.
Thresholding into a Gar-Gal rarely occurs, but it does happen. When it occurs, it’s fairly obvious, as the girl undergoing threshold into a Gar-Gal will change into solid stone, emerging two weeks later as a full Gar-Gal. It’s reported to be a very unnerving experience, although among the less painful kinds of Thresholds to occur.
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GEL BELLE, the Sticky-Skin Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivore
Role: Spy, Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Rock, Steel, Psychic, Ground
Weak Vs: Plant, Electric, Ghost
Attacks: Takedown, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Water Sword, Rain, Snake Tongue, Eternal Softness, Absorb, Entrapment
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), malleable physiology, camoflauge skin, recoil absorption
Evolves: None known
Evolves From: Eva (after three tamings with a Slimette)
Taming a Slimette requires a patient Tamer. Fortunately, tamers that also have an Eva in their harem are almost always patient to begin with, to deal with such a skittish Pokégirl. But it takes an unusual tamer to have taming sessions with both at once, which was how the Gel Belle was discovered. After several taming sessions, the Eva evolved, much to the surprise of her tamer. The Slimette, on the other hand, almost didn't notice a thing. Unlike the Slimette, the Gel Belle retains her intelligence from her previous form, while losing some of her actual physical structure at the same time. More humanoid in that they don't look like a lump of mud from the waist down or anything like that, the Gel Belle has no true specifications to her body size, as they can alter their shape to some degree. These Pokégirls can change the size of their breasts, can make themselves taller... but doing so requires more energy, and as a result they need more food to eat until they manage to maintain their chosen form. As such, they can become as large as a Snorlass after eating a comparable amount of food that they would eat, but would require doing so until they choose to change to another form. However, shedding the additional size and bulk can take months of exercise to do. The average Gel Belle, however, loses their hair and possess B-cup sized breasts, and few are taller than five and a half feet in height. Their skin color changes often, enabling the Pokégirl to blend in like the pre-Sukebe lizard known as a chameleon against objects around her... when she's nude.
These Pokégirls are known for their well-rounded usefulness, in both battles and sex battles. One thing that marvels researchers and Tamers alike is the Gel Belle's ability to use their Takedown attack without suffering the recoil that most Pokégirls deal with after the attack connects. After some studies, however, it was realized that it is due to their unique genetic structure, and strangely, their body does not react to outside attacks in quite the same way as it does with attacks that she makes. Just as unique is how the Gel Belle can only transform up to half of her body at any given time, and seems unable to alter anything above her shoulders from what could be considered normal for her. The Gel Belle is often looked down upon by Tittos, as they aren't quite as capable as the Titto is, and Gel Belles sometimes look up to the Tittos for being what they aren't. However, just as many hate the Titto for showing them up with their complete transformation capabilities. They do, however, tend to get along with Slimettes, Slimette Princesses, and Slimette Queens, and tend to lead those Pokégirls into battles or makes sure that they understand what is needed of them by their tamer.
Something that can annoy some tamers is the way that a Gel Belle's skin, when she's hot, becomes sticky rather than smooth and soft. Gel Belles hate getting too warm, and some have even refused a taming when a fire-type is present. This is often the case when the Gel Belle's tamer is allergic to the slightly more acidic nature of her skin as a result, opting instead to wait until she is cool or until the fire-type is no longer around. Using an Anti-Burn cream will alleviate this danger, and render the acidic skin to a state where it will not bother tamers. It also is absorbed harmlessly into the Gel Belle and will remain present in her system for a week on average, usually keeping her skin safe from harming her tamer for that length of time.
During the war, Sukebe used these Pokégirls as scouts and spies, as well as thieves and lock-picks thanks to their abilities. Although not as useful as the Titto, they were documented as unlocking many a locked door into human strongholds and military bases with their malleable physiology. After the war, many escaped persecution, though it wasn't until 142 AS that the first Eva evolved into one. It is more common to find these Pokégirls feral, or as threshold cases, rather than to find a tamer willing to put up with a Slimette and an Eva long enough for the Eva to evolve. It should be noted that Gel Belles hate Slutge, and can't stand to be near them due to a 'stench' that they claim is kept around them. They also hate contaminated areas and especially water- Gel Belles are often used for quality control when it comes to water filtration systems in this day and age.
In battle, Gel Belles enjoy utilizing both standard attacks and sex attacks to get the win. Using Water Spear from a distance until they can close with their opponent, a Gel Belle will then attack with either her Water Sword or Takedown when close enough to wear them down further. When she feels the time is right, the Gel Belle will even utilize her entrapment technique to latch onto her opponent and proceed to attack using myriad sex attacks. This is a favored tactic in Sex Leagues, where there are few Pokégirls that are capable of combating this strategy. Not even Menage-a-Trois have managed to find a constant and easy way to bring a Gel Belle to orgasm, which makes them favored lovers of any Menage-a-Trois Pokégirl. One final note for tamers is the fact that she is also a Magic type, and learns Magic spells easily, despite not knowing any naturally.
Entrapment (S. ATK 50 / ATK 50 + EFT): Utilizing the lower half of her body (from the waist down), the Gel Belle encircles part of the target with her mass. It is illegal in any League for the body part targeted to be the head, but any other body part is fair game. This technique lasts anywhere between 3-7 rounds and allows her to use any other technique she knows within this time. This technique has a 60% chance to stun the opponent every round, and the opponent cannot effectively use the part of her body against the Gel Belle that is trapped until she is freed from it.
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GHOSTLY (aka WILL O’ WISP), the Spook Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life energy
Role: Information collection, Connection to the spirit realm, General annoyance
Libido: Very Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Psychic
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Illusion, Drain, Hypnosis, Invis, Telekinesis, Phase, Possess, Lick
Enhancements: Non-physical presences
Weaknesses: Unable to become fully corporal
Evolves: Haunting (special; possessing a Pokégirl upon the brink of death), Bhooty (Dusk Stone), Banshee (special; discovering own body or murdered body of loved ones)
Evolves From: None
Ghostlys were among the first types of mysterious Ghost element Pokégirls to appear. Occasionally, upon a Pokégirl’s death, their will to live is so strong that they do not pass on to the afterlife. These spirits wander over time, gathering enough energy to literally return themselves to some semblance of life. Upon attaining enough energy, they manifest themselves into the physical world once again. This process is extremely traumatic, and often causes the new Ghostly to have amnesia. Not even Pokégirls who in life had perfect recall or other memory enhancements are safe from this tragedy. More often than not, a newly formed Ghostly cannot remember much of their old life, save for a few scattered memories just before their first death. Their manifested bodies are mostly made up of ectoplasm, though this only allows them to be semisolid at best. This form is dependent on the memories a Ghostly retains, as the more she retains, the more humanoid this form looks. They cannot truly appear as they did in life, since this sense of self is dependent on memories. As the Ghostly becomes stronger or regains more memories (or a new sense of self) they are able to use their illusion powers to show themselves to the world. However, in their natural form, Ghostly is a glowing ball of light with a vague image of a face on it.
Ghostly at first, are curious about everything. They tend to explore areas and observe the goings on of the living creatures around them. Most of the time, this involves following ferals around, though rarely, a Ghostly will find a tamer or other living human to follow. As Ghostlys gain knowledge, sometimes they will remember their old lives. This usually causes the Ghostly to go searching for their bodies or former tamers. Sometimes, if a Ghostly finds that their first death was the result of a murder (or that their tamers or harem sisters were murdered), the overwhelming rage causes them to evolve into a Banshee. If a Ghostly does get their memory back, they have much the same personality of their old selves, though usually tempered by their experience with death. If a Ghostly has not recaptured her memories, they tend to develop a whole new personality all their own. More often than not, this personality is pure curiosity personified, as Ghostly that have known to tag along with Tamers are also known to get into nearly everything.
One good feature of the Ghostly, is that their taming requirements can be met through dreams, and coupled with their very low requirements and lack of any visible feral state leads Pokégirl Researchers to proclaim that a Ghostly is not a true Pokégirl per-se, but merely a transitional phase back into life as a Haunting. Other Researchers, including the famous Stantz family who have discovered the breed, postulate that the Ghostly breed is truly a Pokégirl, and there are subtle differences in the feral state that makes it hard to distinguish from the Ghostly's non-feral state. Ghostlys who do not regain their memories tend to become mischievous, prodding others into reacting just to get an emotional response so they can watch.
Shortly before the Centennial Celebration, Landon Stantz, who fathered famous Ghost Pokégirl researcher Ray Stantz, was the first to discover the Ghostly. With his research in hand, Landon presented his findings during the celebration, and was able to get Ghost classified as a Pokégirl type. Landon went on to father the first and most famous ghost type Pokégirl Researcher Raymond Stantz, and with his fellow researcher Egon Spangler, these two made leaps and bounds into the field of ghost-type Pokégirl research. To this day, the 'Double S Pokégirl Research station and Ranch' is still run by the great grand children of these two pioneers into the ghost Pokégirl field.
Because these Pokégirls are barely corporal, they have few attacks which can effect other Pokégirls. Most often, they use their weak telekinesis ability to move around objects and pelt other Pokégirls, though no Ghostly has been recorded lifting anything over twenty pounds. They are able to use hypnosis to put their opponents asleep and Lick them, though often, they merely use their Phase and Drain abilities to wear their opponent down. However, these barely corporal Pokégirls are considered weak combatants, as energetic attacks like Thundershock or any beam attack can dispatch them easily. If a Ghostly is damaged too much, they can loose their hold on the physical world and dissipate altogether. Should this happen, many Ghostlys pass on to the afterlife, though a rare few have enough personality to restart their journey back into the physical world. Through battling however, most Ghostlys gain enough experience to learn how to possess other Pokégirls, which if done at the right time can cause her evolution into a Haunting.
Because of a Ghostly's low libido, they can usually find sleeping partners to tame in dreams. However, on the rare occasion that a Ghostly becomes feral, they tend to act very similar, following the living around in their glowing light form. They do this to keep a constant source of energy nearby to sustain them instead of curiosity. Studies have shown that they do not manifest themselves into a corporal body while feral, and only rarely choose to enter dreams to tame. The best way to entice a feral Ghostly into taming, is to have a physical taming session with another Pokégirl beforehand. However, it is impossible to capture a Ghostly since this Pokégirl does not have DNA for the Pokéball to lock onto due to her body being composed of ectoplasm.
As the requirements to become a Ghostly include death, threshold directly into a Ghostly is impossible. There have, however, been threshold Pokégirls who have returned to life as Ghostlys and sought out their former masters or family. Ghostlys are also unable to bear children, as they are incorporeal. It is the other evolutions of a Ghostly that are able to pass on their ghost traits.
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GIANT TROLLOP, the Really Big Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ground/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Bodyguard, Cheap labor
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying, Ground, Plant, Water
Attacks: Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Rage Shock, Quake, Stomp, Unmoveable, Shock Spike, Dyna Wave, Mega Wave, Quagmire Twister, *Self-Soften, Harden
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x10), Enhanced Durability (x18), Enhanced Strength (x20), Enhanced Regeneration (x10)
Evolves: Giantess (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Trollop (battle stress)
Trollops are dumber than a bag of rocks, ninety times as ugly, and generally considered so repulsive that even the beautification experts at the Kujaku Ranch have admitted they can’t do much with them. Giant Trollops are a step up in every way. They’re stronger, smarter, more useful, more beautiful and generally better than Trollops in every possible way.
Although, to be perfectly honest, it’s like saying that chipped paint is more beautiful than a hovercar crash.
Upon evolution, Trollops lose some but not all of their regenerative capacity. Their skin turns a human color, their warts vanish, their noses and eyes shrink to normal sizes, their hair cleans itself up, and they become generally more attractive all around. They also grow to twelve feet tall, gained a LOT of muscle mass, as well as large breasts and broad shoulders. They are also not exactly the most attractive Pokégirls, having faces that range from plain to looking almost manly in appearance. The bitter irony of it all is that their evolved form, the Omega-level menace Giantess, is the sexiest of the three forms. There is hope, however, as Kujaku Ranch beautification experts find Giant Trollops much easier to work with than their previous forms, and have released a book featuring ways of making normally less-than-attractive Pokégirls sexy. Giant Trollops are one of the breeds in the book.
Another issue with Giant Trollops is that they are dumb. Nowhere near as dumb as their previous forms, but they won’t be considered geniuses by a long shot. At best, they can be taught to do simple tasks, such as deliveries or low-tech construction jobs, as their memory improves to a normal human level. They function best as bodyguards and enforcers, however. The vast majority of the breed remembers what they looked like as Trollops, and want to do whatever they can to make themselves useful for their masters. They are especially fond of trainers who willingly take them in and make use of them, becoming fiercely loyal to them and obeying whatever they say. During Mao’s Rebellion, the breed gained a lot of popularity as they were frequently seen fighting against her forces. This almost fanatical loyalty led to there being little consequences once it was discovered that they evolved into Giantesses. The most drastic of the consequences were league wide laws being passed forbidding the possession of a Giant Trollop and a Diamond Stone at the same time.
Giant Trollops in combat are slow, brutal fighters. They use power attacks and shockwaves to try and dominate their opponents quickly. There’s an unspoken friendly rivalry between Amachamps and Giant Trollops, as their strength is equal to one another. (However when queried, no Giant Trollop seemed to understand what the word rival meant.) The two breeds seem to enjoy fighting each other and always have intense matches.
In terms of taming, as Giant Trollops are so loyal to their masters, they will accept whatever they want. They will willingly let themselves be put into restraints, as to a Giant Trollop hurting their Tamer is considered to be the ultimate failure. They have a technique called ‘Self-Soften,’ which allows their bodies to become softer, more pliable and pleasant to the touch, and to allow for easier access to their holes. This has the added effect of making toys rarely needed to pleasure a Giant Trollop, to the surprise of many. They have low pleasure thresholds, but their high endurance keeps it from taking too much out of them. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly given their loyal nature, the breed has enjoyed a surge of popularity despite their less-than-pleasant looks, especially among businessmen who can’t always have human bodyguards with them. Also, the shoulders of a Giant Trollop are wide enough that they can most human-sized persons can ride on them, making for either an amusing or intimidating image, depending on the circumstances.
Instances of Feral Giant Trollops are low. The breed’s usefulness has meant that they are kept tame at all times. Also, there’s the slight matter of the potential destruction a feral Giant Trollop can cause. Not because they rampage around, they are a surprisingly docile breed that doesn’t get angry unless their master is being hurt. No, they are dangerous because they get even DUMBER than before. And they also develop a fascination with picking random objects up and smashing them against their faces repeatedly.
Giant Trollops are a rare Threshold result, but they have been known to happen every once in a while. As a note on breeding, Giant Trollops rarely get pregnant. Their fertility levels are unusual, and tend to spike once every decade after their second puberty. When they do, however, they tend to always have large amounts of children, thankfully none who are Trollops. Very rare is the Giant Trollop who only has one baby.
Self-Soften – (EFT) The Giant Trollop makes her body less dense and softer to the touch.
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GILTLECTRIC, the Makin’ Bacon Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Style, avoids pork flavors
Role: Living Battery, Emergency Power, Housekeeping
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock, Domination Attacks
Attacks: Thundershock, Spark, Agility, Thunderwave, Zapring, Static Barrier, Rolling Spark, Aura of Cute; After Level 30: Thunderbolt, MagBomb
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed x7, Small Size (3’-4' or 1-1.35 Meter(s) tall), Endurance x2, Specialized section of their back.
Weaknesses: Easily frightened/startled –Aura of Fear and Domination Attacks are doubly effective.
Evolves: Sowlectra (Having third litter via Parthenogenesis as a Pokégirl, or having a single litter/child after becoming a Pokéwoman)
Evolves From: None
The Giltlectric arrived mysteriously. First recorded near the Johto/Indigo League border in 265 AS and has since been found in almost every other continent and League which is an oddity. No group has claimed the spread of this Pokégirl world wide to date, and the Giltlectric has shown no talent for electromagnetic flight as some electric Pokégirls are prone to have. Researchers have combed the small forest and surrounding wilderness areas where the first Giltlectrics were discovered, but no clues have been found.
Regardless of the mysterious circumstances in which this Pokégirl has been found, they've shown no violent traits and are by no means threatening. Standing some three to four feet tall, a Giltlectric looks very much like a chubby girl child. They have small A to B cup breasts, flesh to tan colored skin, and a small curly tail that is easily hidden beneath clothing with only minimal discomfort. Their noses are always upturned, and combined with slightly pointed ears and closer set, slightly smaller eyes makes them look much like the Pre-Sukebe animal they share some DNA with, the pig. Most domestic and feral Giltlectric have blonde or electric yellow hair, with a rare few having blue or silver, or very rarely, they're bald. They actually have 4 more breasts, which only appear as nipples until after they've given birth, and recede once their young have been weaned. This is due mainly to the fact that a normal Giltlectric litter is 4-6 Pokékits via parthenogenesis.
One of the most interesting features of the Giltlectric is a specialized section of their back. This section, which covers most of their back, produces meat much like a Kangasscunt, but in a very different manner. The meat is held within a thin layer of skin and surrounded by some connective tissue. When the Giltlectric is startled, frightened, or actively chooses to, the meat and skin is literally flash-fried off by applying a large surge of electricity to the area. The meat is formed depending on the protein intake and time given for the meat to grow. For the first few days after a Giltlectric starts growing this meat, it is composed entirely of fat and interspersed with only a few protein cells. As the meat is allowed to grow, the protein cells begin to use the surrounding fat for energy to replicate, and over time the entire back of the Pokégirl becomes literally a large, thick steak. This is a survival mechanism for the Giltlectric, since they are such small Pokégirls and are prone to predation. When faced with a predatory Pokégirl, a Giltlectric will flash fry her back, leaving behind slightly cooked meat (or fat) to distract the Pokégirl. The cooking makes a unique smell that is similar to the rare delicacy of bacon frying, which is usually enough to distract all but the most violent of Pokégirls. With such a technique, Giltlectrics are in high demand by many farmers as an additional source of meat, and have made some very expensive meals drop in price.
While many Tamers may see this small Pokégirl to be a very good replacement for a Milktit, they do have one large flaw. They're complete cowards. A Giltlectric is VERY easily frightened, it only takes a dark room and for someone to shout "Boo!" and they've fried their back's again. As such, most of a Giltlectric's product is pure fried fat, and despite having an impressive array of electric attacks, it's a pain to get any Giltlectric to use them. They do have one saving grace, which is that once they are Alpha bonded, they tend to view their Tamer and Harem sisters as family. Thus in dire situations, this breed has been known to overcome their cowardice -if only for a little while. Another disadvantage is one shared by the Cutiepie and her evolutions, they are small girls, and a normal sized tamer is usually a very tight fit. They have no real preferences in Taming, though most have shown that they dislike lying on their backs, as the section of their back can be torn off easily with vigorous activity.
Feral Giltlectrics tend to be omnivores, eating carrion as well as finding their own vegetable and meat food (the easiest for them to catch is fish with their electrical powers). They are easily startled, often frying their back patch whenever they think they're in danger (which is at least once every day or two). They tend to cluster in small groups of 5-12 individuals, and some predatory ferals learn to just harass these groups for a large and satisfying (if somewhat fatting) meal.
To date, no cases of threshold into a Giltlectric have been reported.
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GLACE, the Ice Cold Eva Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Some human foods, plants that grow in cold climates, common Pokéchow
Role: Cold Weather Support
Libido: Low (Average with a tamer she likes)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Ice, Grass, Ground, Flying
Weak Vs: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Quick Attack, Slash, Mirror Coat, Reflect, Snowball, Hail, Faint Attack, Ice Fang, Last Resort, Icy Wind, Tickle, Charm, Chilled Arousal
Enhancements: Cold Weather Endurance, Silent Movement, Snow Cloak, Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Durability (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Ice Crystal in cold conditions)
Glaces are not a well-known Eva evolution for the simple fact that the Ice Crystal evolution will not occur unless the Eva is surrounded by snow and ice as well (However, it must be natural snow and ice, some experiments have been done in large freezers with no success).
Glaces are much the same in basic size and shape as most of the other Eva evolutions, gaining a little bit of height and a slight bust increase over their previous form. A Glace is covered in soft light blue or white fur, which will become coated with a thin layer of ice after a short time in an area that has ice and snow on the ground in order to better retain body heat. This layer of ice will of course melt in warmer areas, allowing the Glace to remain cool.
Glaces are not typically cold, but in fact are usually quite warm to the touch underneath their ice-coating. They still prefer to live in colder areas, but otherwise have little problem with warmer climates unlike most other Ice-types.
In cold areas, the Glace’s light coloration aids in blending in with the ice and snow, making them difficult to spot, even for Pokégirls with enhanced vision. During Snowstorms, their coloration makes them nearly impossible to see clearly, particularly in battle. This is only made worse by their ability to move in complete silence on ice and snow (and most other terrain as well).
Glaces love to cuddle close to their tamer when sleeping (though a harem sister will do if their tamer is otherwise occupied), regardless of weather.
Glaces are fairly passionate when taming, a trait somewhat at odds with their low libido. When being tamed, they enjoy pairing their body warmth with their chilled arousal technique to play exquisite havoc with their tamer's sense of touch. Especially if they have an ice-coat formed (which will likely melt during taming, increasing the effectiveness of their Chilled Arousal technique, unless the tamer is one capable, and willing, to perform outdoors in cold weather). If the Glace does have an Ice-coat formed, it is advised that taming not take place on anything that would be damaged by the resulting water as it melts.
No known cases of Thresholding into a Glace have been reported, though it would be likely that if one did happen it would occur in a snow-covered area.
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GLOOMY, the Unhappy Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: sunlight (small doses), water (loves mineral water), nutrients from soil
Role: arousing other Pokégirls, soil regeneration, subduing Feral Pokégirls, attracting Feral Pokégirls
Libido: Average to High (moonlight-based)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Leech (roots), Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leaf Shield, Sweet Scent
Enhancements: Lunar Regeneration, Night Vision
Evolves: Vile Blooms (Venom Stone), Belle Awesome (Leaf Stone), Vinebra (Lack of taming + Dark Stone)
Evolves From: Oddtits (normal)
The next stage of Oddtits, Gloomy has a slightly improved bust, however she still is a bit out of proportion (if a proper figure eight would require a D cup, she would be a C cup). Like her earlier form, Gloomy dislikes direct sunlight, although she can tolerate it better than Oddtits.
In addition to an improved (if not perfect) bust, her petals grow larger (now covering her hair-roots completely) but only a little longer. If she hasn't been in direct sunlight (or at least not for long) her petals actually glisten with a liquid sheen...this is actually overspill of her Lust Dust, but the sap that holds the pollen makes it more of an attractant than an attack. Any one in the area (nearby or downwind) will notice a pleasant odor, but for females it causes mild arousal and can actually lure Feral Pokégirls, which can make a Tamer's life difficult if they aren't good at combat (but a skilled Tamer can definitely use this). While her skin color doesn't change, her face does have a peculiarity. If her face is in direct light (can be any type of light, but it must be -directly- on her face) she seems to have a “depressed” look about her regardless of expression, but in normal lighting her face seems to in the shade (similar to Oddtits, only more pronounced)...the exception to this is moonlight, in which she looks completely normal.
Sexually Gloomy is better off than Oddtits, but still prefers being taken from behind, although a truly caring Tamer can get her to accept (especially if the light is down or under moonlight) other positions, particularly if he lets her know in no uncertain terms that he enjoys her breasts. Such a Tamer can actually get her to orgasm from attention to her breasts alone...not because they are particularly sensitive, but from her pleasure at his “'proving” she is neither “deformed” nor “ugly” with her lack of proportionate breast-size. Like her earlier evolution, Gloomy can take or leave the Alpha slot, and now that she actually has a bust, isn't nearly as sensitive (but excessive TT jokes will get on her nerves).
Gloomy doesn't gain new attacks over Oddtits, but she can use them more often. Officials don't consider her “lure” ability an attack, since it has no effect in either martial or sex combats. Given her ability to quickly heal if exposed to moonlight (which is anytime the moon is visible in the sky, not just at night), researchers have tried Moon Stones, but the results are very odd...the Stone is absorbed, but the only change is now Gloomy can light up with a slightly sparkling glow, identical to a full moon (but not bright enough to blind anyone) and can no longer evolve.
Gloomy is no better at nourishing soil than Oddtits, and still prefers a nocturnal or diurnal schedule, but she can adjust to a normal schedule more easily. Her improved light tolerance means she no longer needs shades during the day, and has no extra vulnerability to flash-style attacks, but her ability to see in low-light conditions remains.
Feral Gloomys are a bit more of a problem, as they not only spread Lust Dust and temporary Buttsprout, but their Sweet Scent increases, drawing other Feral Pokégirls, including Buzzbreasts and Wasps. One interesting fact...whether she is Feral or Domesticated, unless she is attacking (in which case they will defend themselves) Buzzbreast and Wasps will -not- attack her, even during mating season. They will swarm around her and taste her nectar, but they will -not- attack her, although her Harem-sisters and Tamer aren't so lucky. No one knows exactly why, and artificially produced Sweet Scent doesn't have this effect, but study continues.
It’s not very common for a girl to Threshold into Gloomy but it does happen often enough to be note. Normally they become Oddtits.
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GOLBUTT, the Batty Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (bat)
Element: Flying/Poison/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: life energy
Role: night guide, predator, leader of Zubutts
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Drain, Energy Drain, Mega-Drain, Bite, Lick, Lure, Poison, Gust, Wingover
Enhancements: Sonar, Night Vision, Darkvision
Evolves: Vampire (knocked out by draining attack, or infected through bite)
Evolves From: Zubutt (normal)
Golbutts are Zubutts that won enough fights and got Tamed enough that they were able to evolve. Their evolution leaves them taller, usually around five foot four inches or so. Their fur becomes slightly darker, and their bust grows larger to a full B-cup. Their eyes grow much sharper, and they are able to see in virtually any dark or low-lighting condition (though bright light blinds them easily, and even sunlight makes their eyes ache), as well as use their echolocation ability. For this reason Golbutts are greatly preferred among explorers, especially spelunkers, since they can scope out terrain with great accuracy.
In the wild, most Golbutts are found leading packs of Zubutts. With their ability to use Lure to bring prey to them, Poison to weaken it, and Lick to paralyze prey, a Golbutt is by far a more dangerous hazard than a mere Zubutt. When a Golbutt is facing multiple foes, or when she perceives a single foe is too strong, she has her Zubutts fly in as a group, and she then darts in to deliver stronger attacks against the biggest threat. Golbutt-led Zubutt packs are the number two hazard in cave exploring (the number one being falling). When prey are taken back to the caves, a Golbutt is the first one to get to have her way with the male in question, and the first to drink his energy before passing him around.
Golbutts are strong combatants, even without a Zubutt pack. After Luring a foe in, they prefer to use Gust to knock it down, and then either Bite, Wingover, or Lick on it to soften it up, and hopefully paralyze it. Stronger enemies are avoided in the air, using Gust and Poison to weaken them. When an enemy is brought low or paralyzed, a Golbutt will swoop onto it, cover it with her wings, and begin using one of her draining attacks. She'll use either Drain or Energy Drain depending both on how hungry she is, and how much energy the opponent has left. She'll only use Mega-Drain if she was seriously injured in the fight and needs to heal herself.
Feral Golbutts are those found in the wild, described above. Tamers attempting to capture a Feral Golbutt are advised to try and get her away from her Zubutt pack before making their move. Threshold girls don't usually become Golbutts, but it is possible. The family of such a girl would be quick to send her away, since it would be only a matter of time before she began to feed on friends and family, and doesn’t yet know how much drained energy is enough and how much is too much.
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GOLDEN ELF, the Radiant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League)
Diet: human diet
Role: domestic helper or trophy wife
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Psychic, Magic
Weak Vs: Fighting, Grass
Attacks: Attract, Shield, Magic Missile, Dodge
Enhancements: Magic affinity and knowledge
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Drow Zee (Angel Stone)
Golden Elfs look much like their Drow Zee predecessors. They have dusky brown skin any tanning aficionado would die for. They grow in height, averaging between 4'10 and 6'5, though tending to be around 5'6. Their bust also increases significantly, with few if any Golden Elfs having smaller than a C-cup, and they tend to possess beautiful faces and sexy builds, with curves in all the right places. One can always tell a Drow Zee from a Golden Elf by looking at their hair. A Golden Elf's hair is always golden blonde and if they've bathed within the last hour, any light source will cause their hair to glow with a golden aura. Golden Elfs are often used as the standard of beauty which other Pokégirls are measured by (just as the Milktit is often used for breast size).
This evolution of the Drow Zee loses its psychic powers in exchange for beauty, magical powers and a high resistance to psychic or magical attacks. Indeed, the Golden Elf has much more magical power than most other elves of equal level. Unfortunately, the Golden Elf's increases magical and psychic defense lowers their physical defense drastically. Golden Elves take triple damage from any Fighting attack. Also, they cannot fight plant Pokégirls because of moral reasons.
Personality-wise, Golden Elfs range from shy and demure to flirty and playful. The affectionate nature they had as a Drow Zee remains, and is sometimes even strengthened. When being tamed, they are enthusiastic lovers, always willing to try something new (barring S&M, which they find distasteful).
Threshold into a Golden Elf is rare, but not unheard of, especially if the individual has a strong heritage of Magic and Elf type Pokégirls.
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GOLINA, the Mud Monster Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid (Metamorph)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Soil and Water
Role: Ambusher, Trap Setter
Libido: Low, but rises in a muddy environment
Strong Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel,
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant,
Attacks: Harden, Soften, Takedown, Rock Throw, Seismic Smash, Mud Cannon, Stone Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (varies), Enhanced Toughness (varies),
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Galem (Water Stone)
This is a side evolution of the Galem. Through the use of the Water stone, the Galem’s body grows incredibly soft, like mud. While she looses most of her toughness, she gains metamorphic abilities, and she is now much less human looking.
The Golina can consciously control the shape of her entire body, making it as soft or hard as she needs, limited only by her mass. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. A hardened Golina is as tough as her Galem sisters, but is so slow as to not be able to move. Softened Golinas can absorb the force of attacks, and repair damage quite easily, but loose much of their strength. Golinas also have both strengths and weaknesses against both Fire and Water. Namely, Fire burns away the water in their bodies, forcing them to become harder, and water forcefully softens them up.
Golinas are very difficult to tame, because of their enhanced strength and difficulty to keep restrained (they can soften enough to flow out of almost any restraint). It is recommended that a tamer either burn them solid (so they can't escape the restraints) or soften them silly, where they won't be strong enough to hurt their Tamer. During the throes of Ttaming, they will (if they can) soften and harden their body erratically, but will instinctually retain their human shape.
Golinas are very playful in nature. One of their favorite games is to trap their tamer or favorite harem sisters inside of themselves, just to feel them squirm around. Since they are Inhuman types, and not very capable of complicated thoughts or emotions, and coupled with their strengths, it would take a very experienced tamer to keep them from accidentally hurting someone.
During the war, the Golina would typically flatten themselves into the ground, becoming indistinguishable from the local dirt and soil, wait for the enemy to pass unawares, then reform and wreak havoc from behind. The very thought of this was able to significantly slow down advancing units, but even their added precaution couldn't save them. When coupled with digging types, such as the Bawdger, they were extremely effective as traps, as they would "fill" a hole, let people fall into her, then harden for the kill.
Mud Cannon (ATK 20 + EFT) - When her body is soft enough, the Golina can throw a piece of herself in the form of a mud ball. The mud ball does little damage in of itself, but it sticks to the target like glue, slowing down opponents and grounding flyers. Since Golina cannot simply absorb the ground around her to replace lost mass, she cannot use this attack very often.
Stone Punch (ATK 60) - By hardening just her fist to max, she can throw a really heavy punch.
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GRANDELF, the Mystic Elf Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, tend to lean towards vegetarian diet (only requires 2/3 human average intake)
Role: Librarians, quiet environment maintainers, magic researchers
Libido: Average (can be higher when emotionally attached to their Tamer)
Strong Vs: Plant, Water, Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Ground
Weak Vs: Steel, Flying, Ice, Domination Attacks
Attacks: Leap, Command Plants, Lance, Sleep, Mystic Bolt, Shield, Spellcasting, Cura, Pray, Regen, Absorb, Teleport
Sex Attacks: Charming Look
Enhancements: Longevity, High Magical Affinity, Nightvision, Flawed Constitution, Reduced Feral, Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3)
Disadvantages: Domination attacks cause Elves to physically sicken and are not recommended. Salt also weakens Grandelf.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Elf (Mana Crystal)
A GrandElf prefers quiet areas and a noncombatant role whenever possible. Slender and delicate, GrandElf often suffers from an affliction particular to Elf types and unevolved Pokégirls – breast envy. GrandElves is also taller than the 4' Elf, averaging 6'0" in height. Their ears extend, on average, to a total length of 5-6 inches, though a few have been recorded to have up to 8-inch long ears (which, tamers have noted, are very pleasure-oriented body parts). However, their breasts never become larger than a small C-cup, although B-cups are much more common. This evolution of an Elf is actually more supportive than anything else, actually preferring to assist with their magical techniques rather than attack. However, some GrandElves do manage to form an affinity for one or two particular magic attacks (most common would be Energy Blade and Flare, with the latter becoming available only to those that are level 25 or higher). GrandElves also develop an interest in learning various sex attacks and are just as good at sex battles as they are in regular battles (after being trained in sex techniques, that is, as they only know Charming Look naturally). However, when facing any Domination attack, it will take an unusually strong-willed GrandElf to not surrender immediately to it. As with most elves, they do enjoy learning new dance techniques, and some actually enjoy training with Amazonlees or Amazonkapoeraa despite their low constitution and endurance.
Unlike most Elf Pokégirls, GrandElves do not suffer a weakness to Poison attacks, despite their Plant-element. However, with their magic much stronger, it negates this weakness and their Fire weakness, but the GrandElf becomes weak to Ice and Flying attacks instead. As a result, many Tamers that have a GrandElf in battle instead makes her the support Pokégirl of any self-respecting team. With her ability to heal others, as well as herself, a GrandElf is considered a high-priority target in any large-scale battle. In fact, it was due to this ability during the war that allowed the Elf-type Pokégirls to survive whenever they came across a landfill or dump station in or near a city, as the GrandElves would be able to heal them enough times to get their forces past the obstacle in question. GrandElves were also rather commonly found throughout any of Sukebe's assault teams to provide additional healing and support to his Pokégirl forces. Oftentimes, outside of elf forces, they were found in groups with fighting types, which researchers suggest may have been the basis for the way that GrandElves and the Amazon-breeds (other than the Amazonchan) get along so well.
In an ElfQueen's court, the GrandElf usually finds herself in a supervisory and advisory position beneath the ElfQueen herself. Giving suggestions and ideas when needed, although this is rare, the GrandElf is also used as a courier between the elf 'queendoms' and as representatives towards the leagues during matters between the two 'governments'. However, there are some GrandElves that manage to subvert the ElfQueen's control, and instead control the Queendom through the Queen herself by using her powerful magic. These Pokégirls are rather rare, being ambitious enough to actually train their magical abilities more in Black Magic than in any other field of Magic, and at least one has been rumored to be in control of a Queendom for so long that she actually replaced the ElfQueen after a while. However, most GrandElves do not seem to abuse their power over ElfQueens, and are often key to keeping different Elf Courts from attempting to absorb one another.
Feral GrandElves have a rather weakened Feral state- although not easily able to speak more than a few broken words, that is still more than most feral Pokégirls are capable of. They also seem a bit dumber than they otherwise would be, but are overall known to be far more intelligent while feral than most other feral Pokégirls ever are.
However, in some cases, feral GrandElves have been found to come up to large breasted Pokégirls or human women (with DD-cup breasts or larger) and begin to poke-handle them until something is done about it. Tamed and domesticated GrandElves can resist this urge with some effort. Researchers are certain that this has something to do with the known breast-envy that is found throughout numerous unevolved Pokégirls and, in particular, almost all the elf-types other than a Golden Elf. Because of a GrandElf's longevity, they do not reach maturity (or first puberty) until the age of 55. A GrandElf usually reaches her second puberty at the age of 300, give or take a few years/decades.
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GRIFFON, the Catbird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Metamorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, leaning towards carnivore
Role: rare Pokégirl, a powerhouse used by elite Tamers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Gust, Sabre Claw, Wing Buffet, Slice n' Dice, Fly, Dive, Glorious Sun, Super Claw
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Strength (x5) (standard form) /x20 (battle form), Enhanced Hearing (x4), Night Vision, Enhanced Toughness (x2)
Evolves: Sphinx (Sexmet's blessing), Chimera (Hy-Bra's blessing or Sexmet's curse)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Angel Stone), Kitten (Bird E-Medal), Phaenine (Ceremony evolution)
In her more humanoid form, a Griffon generally stands between 5'11" to 6'3", has a 18" tail and large white feathery wings. Like the Cheshire, she retains the hair and eye color she had prior to her evolution, though the feralborns usually have blue or green eyes and brown hair. Their general bust sizes are usually between a C-cup and a DD-cup and it's very rare for it to be any bigger or smaller. Domesticate and Threshold Griffons look rather human, but Feralborns have a different appearance.
Feralborn Griffons have abnormally large hands (usually double to triple the size of normal hands) with cat-like pads underneath the fingers and palms and razor sharp claws that they can retract at will. Their feet are generally large and like their hands, have cat-like pads underneath the majority of the foot, but 10% of all feralborns will have four-toed bird-like feet (three forward and one behind). There is a small chance (5%-15%) that if a Domesticate or Threshold Pokégirl goes feral, that she may begin taking on the same appearance as her feralborn sisters.
In her battle form, her strength increases, her nails become longer, and her intelligence becomes more animalistic. Her body elongates, becoming more like that of a pre-Sukebe lion, and growing a mane around her neck. Her thoughts are rather basic in this form, destroy enemy, protect friend, ignore anyone else unless they do something to qualify them as friend or enemy. Her chosen tactics in this form, if not instructed by a lover or a friend, are limited to lunging at a target and tearing it apart. She automatically reverts to her more humanoid form when calmed or rendered unconscious.
The Griffon was one of the most powerful Pokégirls developed by Sukebe, and she was specifically designed for destroying tanks and artillery. Her claws, when properly sharpened, can reave through metal like a knife through a potato and with her tremendous strength, she can usually bend metal rather easily once she has a decent grip.
No distinct personality has been noticed between Griffons, beyond a sometimes moody period when they don't get to train or tame; and the homicidal rage they enter whenever someone they care about is injured, something that is typical of all Pokégirls, but with a Griffon, this rage can be a sight to behold... from about seventy feet away with binoculars and a good armor-plated hiding spot. Only the foolhardy or those who know her should attempt to stop her and even then, body armor and a quick escape route is HIGHLY recommended. Calming her is easy once she has... dealt with whoever triggered this rage.
Griffons remain rare, mostly because the original species was hunted to extinction and the various means to evolve a Catgirl or a Kitten into a Griffon are still not easy to obtain.
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GUSANA, The Worm Pokégirl
Type: Animorph/Metamorph (Mutated Worm)
Element: Ground/Rock
Frequency: Rare (Tropical areas only, Extremely rare elsewhere, not found in most cold leagues at all)
Diet: Rocks, dirt, meat
Role: Miners, river diggers, heavy rock miners
Libido: Low (higher with a bonded Tamer)
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Water
Attacks: Focus, Harden, Comet Punch, Sky Fall, Dig, Drill Strike, Mountain Hold, Earthquake, Eternal Softness, Smother*
Enhancements: Hyper-efficient Metabolism, enhanced digging ability, Enhanced Pleasure Threshold, Enhanced Strength (x4), Metamorphic ability
Evolves: Gusana Gigante (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Gusanita (Normal)
Once in a while, efficiency decides it needs to be attractive, too. Hence, the Gusana, the evolved form of Gusanita.
A Gusana looks much like the Gusanita. However, their horns shrink in size, and they lose their larger spike-legs. Their bust grows a little, also growing longer. They now stand 6 feet tall and are almost 15 feet in length in their worm form, their mass increasing accordingly.
A Gusana’s digging ability increases upon evolution. They’re now strong enough to dig through harder, more compacted surfaces with little effort. Often they’re employed by mining companies to handle evolution stone mining. The infamous Kuno family of Stone Town employs several of these girls. A running gag is that they can be used in ‘strip’ mining, with actual stripping involved. Gusana didn’t appear in the Revenge War as far as people know, but rumors of caravans sinking underground and being attacked by groups of ground-type Pokégirls indicate that they may have been active during that time period.
In terms of harem dynamics, Gusana are far less territorial than Gusanita. As such, they like to be in group sessions more than Gusanita, who prefer solo Tamings done in private. They have a low libido, like their previous form, but are still very affectionate and amorous, just a little more subdued about it than Gusanita are. They still tend to shove new people in-between their immense breasts as a greeting, but are calmer about it. Mostly to avoid suffocating and possibly scaring off their new ‘friend.’
Leagues that have them tend to alert Tamers that capture Feral Gusana to be aware that they tend to be better suited to constructive roles rather than combative. While they are better fighters than their previous form, they still take preference to having non-combative duties.
Gusana aren’t as steadfastly set in their ways as Gusanita, and are more willing vary their experiences. They especially like to give oral sex whenever they get the chances. Feral Gusana are much less in control of their amorous tendencies, and are often above ground. They tend to use their Smother attack on roughly anything they see, trying to get a Taming out of them afterwards.
Threshold into Gusana is a noticeably more rare result than her previous evolution. It never seems to happen outside of a tropical area, though.
Smother – (ATK 35): An attack commonly used by the Gusanita line. The target gets tackled to the ground and smothered with the Pokégirls breasts. If the targets head is small enough to fit completely between the breasts then the target is paralyzed and unable to move until they either break free, pass out (at which point the user lets go).
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GYPSY MOTH, the Flying Music Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Blue League, Noir League), Very Rare (elsewhere)
Diet: Vegetarian, will accept Pokéchow. Has a fondness for flowers and spider-silk
Role: Entertainers, Cartographers, Guides, Escape Artists, Aerial Scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Sing, Dance techniques, Dodge, Honey, Sweet Honey, Honey Syrup, Maple Syrup, Wing Buffet, Gust, Wind, Mach Breaker
Enhancements: Wings for flight, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Photographic memory, Trap affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Gypsy (Sun Stone)
Gypsy Moths are a growth from Gypsies in every possible way. Aside from the common evolutionary growths of becoming a bit taller and gaining somewhat in the bust, they also gain a soft coating of grayish fur over their bodies. Their antennae extend, and their compound eyes widen. A pair of elegant, silken-furred wings with a black-striped pattern on them grows from their back, giving them the advantage of flight. When folded up, these wings give the impression that the Pokégirl is wearing a very elegant cape. They retain their escape artistry talents, but now also gain greater strength in combat, making them more useful in harems.
Gypsy Moths didn’t appear en masse until after the Revenge War had ended, leading some to assume that they were a separate species for years, one created by Cocooner. Some researchers suspected that they were an evolution of the Gypsy, however most simply assumed that they were a partner breed, like the Plussy and Miboobsy which came later. It was only after the discovery of the Sun Stone years later that Gypsy Moths were discovered to be an evolution of the Gypsy.
Gypsy Moths can generally be found with Gypsy caravans, acting as bodyguards for the group should a band of roving Tamers come along. As Gypsy Moths are more powerful than their pre-evolved form, some Tamers actually do this deliberately so they can catch Gypsy Moths with limited interference.
In terms of personality, Gypsy Moths retain their claustrophobia and love of travel, but are able to control them better. They also almost totally lose their fear of being alone, as flying in the sky alone is one of their greatest joys. Although if a Tamer is willing to come with them and even Tame them in midair, then Gypsy Moths will be even more affectionate than normal. Their recreational interests remain mostly the same, although they tend to like ‘dancing’ in midair more often. They also tend to go nude more, as they like the feel of wind of their sensitive fur. However, with their increased battling ability, their interests shift somewhat from making merriment to having a good fight, especially in midair. Unlike fighting Pokégirls, however, they are not as concerned about coming out victorious in a fight. Instead, they want to make the fight something beautiful to watch. They are never satisfied with a match unless it is something they can consider a work of art.
Most fighting types, who have problems with the breed to begin with because of their flying type, consider this to be a sign of insanity.
In harems, Gypsy Moths tend to be playful with their harem sisters. They love playing good natured pranks, trading stories and songs with one another. Like their previous form, they get along famously with Bardesses, Divas, and Moogirls. They like to be on top when taming, as their wings make things uncomfortable when they lay on them. Very few Threshold cases have been recorded, and even then only in the Noir and Blue leagues.
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HARPY LADY, the Stunning Sky Dancer Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (avian)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish, eggs, milk, rodents
Role: Entertainers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Plant, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Rock
Attacks: Mach Breaker, Dive, Speed Storm, Feather Shuriken, Feather Blizzard, Tempest, Edge of Delight, Tickle Storm, Blow Kiss, Charming Look
Enhancements: Claws, wings, Enhanced Endurance (x5), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x5),
Evolves: Tsarevanna Harpy (Mana Crystal used between midnight and 1:00am on the night of a full moon)
Evolves From: Harpy (2 Dream Stones)
The Kujaku Ranch, known for breeding what they call Harpy Ladies, has finally hit a breakthrough in Harpy evolutions. Although it was unknown for many years whether or not a Harpy could evolve, the Kujaku Ranch has reported that they have managed to create what they are calling true "Harpy Lady" Pokégirls. Unlike the beautiful Pokégirls that they are known for producing (especially compared to the ugly feral Harpies), these Pokégirls have been under scrutiny for several years, and researchers have confirmed that they are indeed the first recognized Harpy evolution.
All Harpy Ladies gain more human-like hands and legs, with their claws only extending from their wrists and ankles, although their wings remain upon their arms. Kujaku Ranch Harpy Ladies are known for being sky dancers, and enjoy entertaining any audience with their graceful dances within the sky. On the ground, they enjoy dancing just as much, perhaps even more so because there are more dance partners there. Most Harpy Ladies would prefer sex battles over standard battles, although their abilities and libido do not assist them much in this regard. However, their ability to fly does give them something of an advantage in such battles.
One thing that has been noted as a rather substantial increase, other than the Harpy Lady's enhanced Endurance and Speed, is their Libido. Researcher studies have found that Harpy Lady Pokégirls become very sensitive after dancing in the air, often augmented by their Flying techniques, which makes them much like a Flittit after a flight. Although Harpy Ladies do enjoy Tamings, they much prefer Taming in the air... and doing so actually seems to satiate a Harpy Lady longer than a standard taming for most Pokégirls. There have been recorded cases of Harpy Ladies not needing a Taming for almost twice the standard amount of time for their type after an intense Aerial Taming. Harpy Ladies are also less temperamental than they were as a Harpy, although most still do have something that irks them beyond belief.
There have been no incidents of Harpy Ladies going feral or being found in the wilderness. And there have been no known incidents of a Threshold case, although there have been several rumors in the Kujaku Ranch of just such a thing occurring twice. All Harpy Ladies become much more attractive in everyone's eyes, and even Feral Harpies that are evolved have been found to follow the same tradition and become much more beautiful than before. Most Harpy Ladies that were once Feral realize that maintaining their attractiveness helps in keeping them Tamed, and so will take care of themselves much more often than they would have when still a Harpy.
Some Harpy Ladies prefer to wear modified metal jackets to any sort of other clothing, if anything at all. The modifications make the jackets look more like a bikini than anything else, but somehow still manage to provide ample protection to the wearer. Strangely, this seems to only work when the Harpy Lady wears the modified jacket, as other Pokégirls have reported that it didn't do anything for them at all... some even complained of them falling off.
Harpy Ladies also seem to have two rather instinctive interests- ninjutsu, and Dragon-type Pokégirls. Although they are not very good at ninjutsu thanks to their wings giving them away and getting in their way, they admire and respect those that do practice it. A true Shinobi, just by taking his or her Harpy Lady on a journey, will likely gain a life-long and somewhat obsessed ally. Harpy Ladies are also somewhat obsessed with Dragon-type Pokégirls, though not to quite the same extent. Harpy Ladies respect the Dragon-type's toughness, but tends to just use the Pokégirl almost like a Domina might. However, unlike the Domina, the Harpy Lady is much more gentle about what she wants from the Dragon-type, unless in battle.
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HEROCHAN, the Punching Heroic Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human diet
Role: champions
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Blast, Comet Punch, Uppercut, Hyper Punch, Evade, Counter, Lightning Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x15), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x7), Durability, Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amazonchan (normal)
Herochans usually grow in height, though this can vary between one inch to a foot and a half. Their breasts do increase in size, but usually don't grow larger than a low D-cup, as it can throw off their sense of balance. Other than these changes, Herochans do not appear much different than their Amazonchan evolution. It is an odd habit that most Herochan prefer that their hair be cut short, and usually it is no longer than their shoulders in length. Most Herochan, when asked about this, say that it helps with keeping their hair from getting in their eyes. They become much more powerful than they were before and even gain an increase in speed and agility.
However, they are quite different mentally. Herochans are much more levelheaded than their previous evolution and have a much greater control over their power. They are also much more friendly in their competition with their counterparts, the Herolees. They enjoy stroking and caressing during foreplay and during sex. Whether this is because an increase of sensitivity in their hands or because of a fetish is unknown, but it is known that they show great intimacy with their hands. Seemingly small gestures for humans, like holding hands or intertwining their fingers with those of their partners during sex, have much greater meaning for a Herochan, and it is ill advised for the Herochan's partner to ignore these gestures or consider them meaningless. However, Herochan dislike it when this increased sensitivity interferes with their battles, and often wear some type of glove to allow them to better focus on the battle at hand (no pun intended).
One famous Herochan is Cologne of the Rainbow League Council and the Amazonchan Preserve. She is rumored to be the very first Amazonchan/Herochan, but whether these claims to age are true or not is still up for questioning. Regardless, she is the oldest living Herochan in the world, and as such, all other Amazonchan and Herochan call her "Great-Grandmother" or by similar terms. Since she advocates being nicer to Amazonlee and Herolee, Herochans attempt to restrain themselves and get over the prejudice that they had over styles while they were Amazonchans. In fact, most Herochan dislike other Herochan that still feel a need to be prejudiced against the Amazonlee-breed, and encourage them to give it up as quickly as possible.
Herochans still have the same distaste for alcohol, but they can handle milk byproducts (cheese, yogurt, etc.) a bit better. However, they still cannot handle straight milk any better than their previous form. One thing that should be noted is that Herochans are easily addicted to milk-based products (especially ice cream), and as a result there are several groups held in large cities and towns where Herochans and Amazonchans get together to try and divulge themselves of a dependency, called Milk Anonymous (M.A.).
This is often just a one-week program, as the Pokégirls will force themselves to stop training for that length of time in order to get the program over with ASAP, and often will force their tamers to remain in town long enough to complete their 'special training.' To say the least, traveling tamers dislike getting their Herochan or Amazonchan any sort of milk-based products, as it usually cuts into travel times.
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HEROKAPOERAA, the Heroic Acrobatic Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: arrogant combat champions
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Flying Kick, Hurricane Kick, Chi Blast, Leg Sweep, Super Jump Tackle, Bicycle Kick, Crushing Punch, Reverse Crescent, Backhand, Dodge, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x12), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amazonkapoeraa (normal)
A Herokapoeraa is the natural evolution of Amazonkapoeraa that comes about after being Tamed enough and winning enough victories in combat. Like their pre-evolved forms, Herokapoeraas have darkly tanned skin and dark hair. They aren’t any bustier than they were as Amazonkapoeraas, but their breasts are much firmer than they were before, enough so that they don’t jump around prohibitively when the Herokapoeraa is using her fluid fighting style, and become rather sensitive. Some tamers cut holes around their nipples so that their increased sensitivity doesn't arouse them in a battle that they should be taking very seriously. Most Herokapoeraas prefer to cut their hair short, so it doesn’t get in their face during combat.
While most Fighting-type Pokégirls have a rivalry with each other about their combat skills, a Herokapoeraa tends to get into more fights than most over this rivalry due to her arrogance. She’s quick to point out the flaws in another Pokégirl’s fighting style, preferably while dancing around attacks from the one they’re taunting. This is especially true when they are facing other Amazon-subtype Pokégirls, such as an Amazonlee or Amazonchan. They don’t take this arrogance too far though. While a Herokapoeraa may taunt and tease their opponent, they’re still considerate enough to shake hands afterwards and tell them to keep on trying. Still, most Fighting-type Pokégirls tend to roll their eyes and groan when they see they’re about to fight a Herokapoeraa.
Herokapoeraas are extremely graceful Pokégirls. They enjoying using nothing but the Dodge attack over and over early on in the fight, lithely swaying out of the way of oncoming attacks, looking for all the world like they are dancing and not even paying attention to the fight. As the fight goes on, she’ll begin to launch attacks in the middle of her dancing, such as swinging an arm out and “just happening” to have it be a Backhand attack to her opponent’s face. When hit, they tend to roll with blows, keeping moving with the momentum so their dancing isn’t interrupted. They only use heavier moves, such as Crushing Punch and Chi Blast, when it looks like not doing so would cost them the fight. If their dancing is interrupted somehow, or if the Pokégirl is knocked down, it can take a round or two before she can get back into her rhythm- an amount of time that could cost the match for her, actually.
Like their pre-evolved forms, Herokapoeraas still have a weak spot for carbonated drinks, growing intoxicated as they drink them and swaying around in a tipsy dance. While they tend to dance to a quick rhythm when in combat, they like to do more slow, sensuous (and non-combative) dancing for their Tamer when they get in the mood, stripping down slowly until they’re dancing naked, luring their, by now very aroused, Tamer to them for some loving. Between dancing and her sensitive nipples, Herokapoeraa are known to get off before even getting onto her tamer's lap to physically even touch her tamer. Feral Herokapoeraas are graceful even in their animalistic state, but not nearly to the same extent they are when they are thinking clearly. They are still damnably hard to capture however, but most Tamers consider it worth the effort. Threshold girls usually don’t transform directly into a Herokapoerra, but those that do enjoy how light on their feet they’ve become, finding it to be the single good note in the horror of having become a Pokégirl.
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HEROLEE, the Kicking Heroic Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human diet
Role: champions
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Blast, High Kick, Low Sweep, Hyper Kick, Rolling Kick, Jump Kick, Lightning Kick, Fire Kick, IceBlade Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Agility (x8), Enhanced Speed (x12), Superior Jumping, Flexibility
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amazonlee (normal)
Herolees are a bit taller than their Amazonlee evolution. They grow another three to six inches in height. Their breasts usually don't increase much in size, generally maxing out at around a high D-cup (although reports of Herolee Pokégirls with larger breasts have been confirmed). Many Herolee prefer to keep their hair long, usually allowing their hair to fall to their knees in length, and it is normally kept in braids or a ponytail. Their strength, speed, and agility increases and the muscles in their legs change somewhat to allow the Pokégirl the ability to make amazing leaps and jumps. Herolee are also excellent climbers when it comes to mountain climbing, and many are known to be used for Avalanche rescues along with an accompanying Fire-type.
Like their Herochan counterparts, Herolees are much more friendly in their rivalry. They, more than any others, are far more likely to admonish their Amazonlee sisters for any cruelty or otherwise unwarranted aggressive actions towards Amazonchans. However, the two do have a teasing relationship when it comes to pantyshots or cleavage peeks towards one another, just a possible way to goad one another into a greater intensity of a match than before. The Herolee will, however, apologize for any uncalled for remarks immediately afterwards. They feel a need to be comrades to their Amazonchan and Herochan counterparts.
Herolees adore massages based around their legs and buttocks and are likely to demand a taming mid-massage. Their inner thighs are particularly sensitive and soft strokes can oftentimes 'stoke their fires' almost as much as a massage. A Herolee's legs are often flexible enough for many enjoyable positions, and a Herolee will often urge tamers to take up positions that take advantage of her legs. As a result of this increased sensitivity, these Pokégirls rarely ever wear panties and dislike wearing tight pants- instead, loose, baggy pants, shorts, or skirts are their favorite things to wear from the waist-down. Some tamers have taken to giving their Herolee pantyhose or fishnets when needing to correct them or to punish them- although the sensations for the Pokégirl are incredible, there is not one recorded instance of a Herolee ever being able to attain release due to those sensations.
Like Herochans, Herolees have various gestures that, while humans may consider them small, have much greater meaning for the Herolee. Brushing legs or rubbing their feet up against their partner is a great sign of affection and woe to those who ignore the powerful significance of these seemingly innocuous actions. Tamers that keep Amazonlee or Herolee in their harem are encouraged to learn just what these Pokégirls like to do when feeling amorous, or else may find themselves left alone on nights when they would otherwise be taming them. It's also suggested that the tamer's harem also learn the signs, or else the Herolee may not react kindly to certain actions... such as foot-stompings or playful slaps on the buttocks.
Herolees do not react as greatly as Amazonlees do to sugary foods or snacks, but still react poorly to actual sugar or things that high concentrations of sugar (sugar donuts, Pixie Stix, cake icing, etc). A Herolee that ingests a large amount of sugar will need several hours of either rest or simple activities before the effects will wear off and she can move about normally again. A favorite trick of the Herokapoeraa is to feed a Herolee coffee that have high doses of sugar in it, and then tease them about it while the Herolee attempts to defend herself. Unfortunately, the Herolee doesn't seem too capable of doing such, most of the time, while she is feeling torpid.
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HEROWU, the Heroic Weapon-Using Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, especially rice
Role: warriors, bodyguards, weapons masters
Libido: Average (High with a Tamer they like)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Chi Blast, Parry, Punch, Kick, Deflect, Bonk, Sword Dance, Swordwave, Flame Sword Mark II, Electric Blade Mark II, Ice Blade Mark II
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Reflexes (x7), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Agility (x7) Endurance, Weapon Proficiency, Summon Weapon
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amazonwu (normal, choose a signature weapon)
When an Amazonwu is Tamed enough and wins enough fights, she is able to make the jump to becoming a Herowu. Other than gaining enough experience and tamings, the Amazonwu must choose a weapon to specialize in. A Herowu likes to consider herself the epitome of her chosen weapon, and all Herowu claim that the weapon she has chosen is actually an extension of her own body. She is literally never without it, keeping it with her when she eats, sleeps, bathes, is being tamed, or whatnot. Her dedication to her weapon is so great that it becomes more than a focus of battle for her. Experienced Tamers know that using a Herowu’s weapon to help Tame her turns the Herowu on greatly, whether it is a sword, a mace, a polearm, or anything else she may have chosen. This fetish never becomes a painful one though. No Herowu enjoys being cut or beaten with their weapon, much to the disappointment of Pokégirls that enjoy domination. Herowu may use other weapons in combat as well, but only projectile weapons if she has chosen a melee weapon as her signature weapon.
In combat, a Herowu always uses her weapon to attack and defend. Even if her weapon isn’t a sword, she is still able to use all of the listed attacks with it, despite many of them having the word “sword” or “blade” in them. They usually use the most appropriate technique with their weapon when fighting an opponent that is weak versus that element. Should they ever be disarmed, the Herowu will utilize an innate ability to summon her signature weapon back to her hands. A smart Tamer withdraws his or her Herowu from battle if the Herowu's weapon is somehow broken or destroyed.
Herowu are not full of themselves, despite their superb skills with their chosen weapons. They don’t rise to challenges and baiting as easy as some other Fighting-types, although they still do rise to them if persistently sent at them. Should they lose their weapon, they seek to recover it if possible, but they aren’t obsessive over this. To them, having a new one bought/made for them serves just as well, as long as it’s the exact same type of weapon. However, if the weapon is one that they've had ever since they were a Tyamazon, the Herowu will likely wish to keep the remains of the weapon as a memento. A tamer that actually uses the pieces of the broken weapon in forging a new one will have a completely loyal Pokégirl in his or her Herowu for a long time to come, and woe to those who would try to take her away.
Like their pre-evolved forms, coffee slows a Herowu down, making her tired and sluggish, until she collapses. Most Herowus prefer a sip of coffee after Taming to help insure a good night’s sleep. Feral Herowus are an odd sight. They still instinctively understand that they need their weapon, but they don’t have the skills to use it that well, being unable to use anything besides Bonk and Parry with it. They tend to be very embarrassed about how inept they become when Feral, and try very hard not to regress to that state. An excellent method of capturing a Feral Herowu is to take her weapon, since she will ignore almost everything else to focus on getting it back, practically letting herself be attacked. Threshold girls virtually never evolve into a Herowu directly. Only one case has been confirmed in the last twenty years, with the victim, seemingly arbitrarily, choosing a weapon that from then on became her signature weapon.
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HORNY TOAD, the Spiked Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Water
Frequency: Rare. Recently found in larger concentration in the Tropics League (Uncommon)
Diet: Poke chow, small insets and certain plants
Role: Marsh Guardians
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Plant, Poison, and Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, and Electric
Enhancements: Slick skin, Elongated Tongue, Enhanced Agility (x6), Powerful legs
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Water Spear, Poison Hand, Sticky Fingers, Double Jump, Double Slap, Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Lick, Tongue-In-Ear, Leap, Slick Stroke, Water Kick
Evolves From: Hottie (Water Stone)
Evolves To: None
Most wild Horny Toads are found near marshlands or large ponds generally unseen, wild Horny Toads are easy to catch just as long as you have lots of antidote on hand and face protection. The real problem in catching them is actually finding them. The fact that they tend to camouflage exceptionally well near their selected surroundings gives them a natural Fade ability. They also gain an uncanny amount of Agility that when combined with their powerful legs making them very maneuverable during a battle.
Horny Toads look similar to its un-evolved form, Hottie; except that its skin is blue and green striped the older they get the darker the skin stripes get. They also have webbed hands and feet but the toes are more apart and slightly longer than her Hottie form. One other note should be mentioned on the difference in a Horny Toad's appearance compared to that of a Hottie's, their backs develop a series of short spikes that grow in three rows up and down their backs. When a Horny Toad becomes extremely distressed, weakened, or unconscious these spikes have been known to expel a repellant/poison as a natural defense. However after the evolution a Horny Toad's tongue becomes a great deal less versatile and she loses her arsenal of tongue attacks. I.e.) Tongue Lash, and Tongue Wrap.
The two attacks that Horny Toads are famous for are their poison spray and sticky spray; both have many uses to both the Pokégirl and the world around them. The attacks can give the girl a slight advantage in close quarters fighting giving any unwary fighting type a very unwelcome and unpleasant surprise. Higher leveled Horny Toads have the uncanny ability to combine these two attacks, which if aimed right could quickly end a battle with even the most well defended Pokégirl. As to the other uses of these attacks; poison spray when mixed with the right chemicals can be used as a painkiller or in some circles used as a hallucinogenic with some minor addictiveness, and their Sticky Spray can be used as an industrial strength adhesive when combined with salt.
The most famous Horny Toad was Tanna; she made a name for herself fighting in the Star Battle where she would use a poison spray/sticky spray blend to finish off her opponents. The goo would normally be applied to the defeated opponent's mouth through a kiss or a projectile attack. The poison would send out noxious vapors that would be inhaled nasally by most opponents due to the fact that the attack sealed off the mouth as a viable place to get air from. After several minutes the goo would dry up and disintegrate re-freeing the breathing pathways. She was unique physically in the fact that she had a set of spike like those generally found on the back of her species growing from her knuckles giving her a poison barbed punch.
The Star Battles are a test of skill for tamers/Pokégirls that have recently shown up in the Tropics League and rapidly gaining popularity. The goal is to get the Starball into the goal bypassing the opponent who's trying to do the same using one's Pokégirls. Three ways to win the "Battle" are to trick the other girls into letting your side score a goal; knocking out the opposing girls; or knocking them out of the ring. The normal battle consists of 4 Tamers with 1 Pokégirl apiece, with one winner. Semi finals and finals have 2 Tamers with 2-4girls a piece depending on the status of their respective Harems, and the position of the battle. Finals can have 4 on 4 Pokégirl action.
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HOTGOBLINA, the Fire Chief Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Rock/Fire
Frequency: Rare (assumed)
Diet: Molten rocks, Charred Meat or plants, Anything ‘extremely well done’
Role: Deep mining, Feral Leader, Supervisory positions over other pokegirls
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Electric, Flying, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Fighting, Water* *Triple Damage
Attacks: Ignite, Rage, Warm Embrace, Napalm, Fire Punch, Fire Kick, Quake, Sonic Wave, DynaWave, Magma Throw*
Enhancements: Night Vision, Endurance x3, Strength x5, Lowered Feral State.
Weaknesses: Damaged when submerged or drenched in water (including rain)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Goblina (Fire Stone)
When a Goblina is exposed to a Fire stone, she evolves into a Hotgoblina, her Ground element ‘hardening’ into the Rock element and gaining the element of fire. Physically, Hotgoblinas are a bit better looking than Goblinas, with skin tones in rust to orange colors and hair any shade of red to black. Their spindly features bulk up to over the human norm, making most Hotgoblina’s appear stocky or ‘big boned’. They gain almost a foot in height, placing them anywhere from a solid 4.5’ to 6’ and their bust size jumps accordingly. Their skin can be classified as ‘very warm’ to the touch, as a Hotgoblina is in constant use of the Warm Embrace technique –in fact, she can’t turn it off. This is because the inside of the Hotgoblina is something close to molten rock, but many researchers have not been able to discover why she appears flesh and blood when her insides are like that of a Marble on fire. When drenched or submerged in water, this Pokégirl experiences something close to extreme muscle cramps as her molten insides solidify. If placed in water for a long enough period of time, these cramps turn into organ failure and can kill the Pokégirl.
Domestic Hotgoblinas are normally found in secondary leadership positions in the mining industry, overseeing other Pokégirls while still being under the command of a miner. Their leadership abilities shine in this position, appointing other Ground and Rock types to effective positions with precision and ease. This almost militaristic fashion extends to almost every aspect of the Hotgoblina’s life, as they like ‘having all their stones in a row’ so to speak. They get along well with most other Pokégirls, but have an innate unease around Water types, since they have an extreme weakness to water. They are particularly good at regimenting the training, taming, and sleep/watch schedules of any group they are in, be it a Harem or a Tradesman’s team of Pokégirls. This of course makes them excellent for either the Alpha or Beta position on skill alone, never mind that they are decent battlers when not faced with water attacks.
Luckly for many tamers, the magma portion of a Hotgoblina does not extend into their pussy, and salves or bloodgifts aren’t needed to tame them. However, it is highly recommended that some form of lubrication be present, since they continually remain dry. Any non-water based lube will do, since water based lubes tend to cause the Hotgoblina some discomfort. A Tamer shouldn’t worry about their Hotgoblina becoming smelly either, their inability to sweat combined with their ignite technique can literally burn off any material, effectively bathing the Pokégirl in fire.
Feral Hotgoblinas employ a similar position within a Goblina clan, since most fill the leadership roles. Like their pre-evolved form, they can speak a pidgin language, but can’t seem to regiment things at all. They also become somewhat cowardly, never leaving their cave and sending out parties to raid or hunt and gather. Some Feral Hotgoblinas leave the clannish lifestyle, and instead choose some volcanic area to make their homes, swimming in the magma alongside other highly flame resistant pokegirls. These ‘Hermit Hotgoblinas’ seem to show a more relaxed lifestyle once tamed, despite the militaristic attitudes that their breed is known for.
Thresholding into a Hotgoblina is very rare, but usually comes from the mining industry and a strong Goblina and Fire type ancestry. Many thresholders who become Goblina usually try to get a hold of a Fire stone to make themselves more valuable.
Magma Throw – (ATK 100): This technique is a Fire/Rock move that is essentially Rock Throw combined with a Fire attack. The Pokégirl picks up a Rock and super heats the rock until it melts, the hurls the blob of molten rock at her opponent.
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HUN, the Ice Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Edo League, former Mongolia area), Very Rare (other Arctic Regions)
Diet: Human-style
Role: Arctic warriors, hunters
Libido: Above Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Plant, Flying, Dragon
Weak Vs: Fire, Electric, Psychic
Attacks: Snow Storm, Slash Wave, Ice Wall, Spincut, Ice Blade, Sentinel, Ice Blade Mark II, Assault, Heat Drain, Mirror of Equity, Cold Snap, Cry of the Fallen, Ice Armor, Broken Castle, Snow Blind
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Durability (x4), resistance to cold, natural hunting ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Huns are tall, muscular Pokégirls, about 6'9" with D-Cup breasts and long, black hair. They have skin the color of stone, with eyes that are black in the sclera and gold in the iris. They usually wear leather clothing, hoods, and cloaks, and usually wield scimitars, although some have been known to use spears. They are also expert marksmen and very skilled with a bow and arrow.
Huns were one of the most deadly problems the Edo League faced during the Revenge War, made for coordinating the efforts of Ice-type Pokégirls in that area. For the old Chinese Empire, they were a nightmare reborn, as they and the other Pokégirls teamed with them tore down the Great Wall and invaded, tearing through city after city before the remaining army of the nation began to rally. Many lives were lost just from the blizzards created, as they were frequently teamed with Snow Queens, the Snow Storm power both Pokégirls had bolstering each other and creating intense, gusting snowstorms and thick snowfields. Huns consider themselves to be the best of the ice-type and fighting-type worlds, but they will not be overbearing about it, only stating their view if asked.
Huns are brave, courageous fighters, and will fight endlessly for their masters until defeated or victorious. They make good Alphas, but if they aren't, they won't try for the position. However, if the chosen Alpha is not a good fighter or strategist, or if the Hun views her as incompetent in general, they will speak up and try to get the position of Alpha for themselves. They also function as hunters, finding food for their Tamer and Harem sisters, capable of finding edible items in places most other Pokégirls wouldn't think to look. Due to their ice-type nature, they radiate cold a great deal of the time, and seek out battles and taming to keep warm. Although their need is not as extreme as a Shaguar's, it is still very intense.
The Feral state of a Hun is light, similar to that of a Fighting type, although due to the fact that Huns keep together in tribes, they are very group-oriented and very protective of their 'warrior sisters.' Tamers that want to catch a Feral Hun usually have to earn the tribe's respect, showing that they value their Harem and are brave before they allow a Tamer to claim one of their own.
Huns, due to the Pre-Sukebe history associated with the name, were very unpopular at first. But when a tribe of nomadic, Tamerless Huns were seen attacking Madame Arctica of the Limbec Pirates, it caused the stigma surrounding the breed to fade. The leader of that tribe was questioned by the authorities, and she told her that Madame Arctica was there to try and recruit the various tribes that wandered the area. Hers was the fourteenth tribe to turn her down, as they viewed the Limbecs to be dishonorable, an insult to true warriors everywhere. Still, while in most of the world, the stigma surrounding Huns has faded, those of Chinese descent in the Edo League still possess a distrust of them, almost like a genetic memory.
No Threshold cases of becoming a Hun have been reported.
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HUSKIE, the Snowteam Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: pokechow, fish
Role: ice transport, mail delivery
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Magic
Libido: Low, High seasonally
Attacks: Growl, Frostbite, Blizzard Howl (same effect as Snowstorm), Ice Scratch, Ice Beam, Snow Blind
Enhancements: High Resistance to cold, Enhanced Sight in storms, High Stamina
Evolves: St. Bernatit (Fire Stone during a blizzard)
Evolves From: Growltit (Ice Crystal)
Huskies are strong, tough Pokégirls. They are tall, usually six-feet tall or above, and muscular, built like a bodybuilder. They have canine faces, and white and mostly grey fur, being vaguely wolf like in appearance. They are strong, agile fighters, and fast runners, having the stamina to run several hundred yards. They are also very loyal, among the most dedicated breeds of Pokégirl available, and also have a strong sense of justice. They will never work for a wicked Tamer, and because of this Huskies have been undergoing a steady rise in popularity.
This breed of Pokégirl was first discovered when a Growltit was lost during an expedition through the Icemaiden Preserve and the area around her. An Icemaiden found her and tried to revive her. But she was wearing a necklace with an Ice Crystal mounted in the pendant. It came into contact with the Growltit and evolved her into a Huskie. Upon being returned to her Tamer, there was a tense moment due to the Tamer not recognizing her, but fortunately the two were Delta Bonded and the moment passed quickly as the two were happily reunited, the Icemaiden explaining what happened.
Since then, Huskies have become one of the main means of transport through the Icemaiden Preserve, teams of them pulling sleds capable of carrying up to four people over fields of ice and snow. Also, they are used as mail carriers, being immune to being blinded by even the heaviest snowstorms and capable of maneuvering through thick fields of snow and ice.
One of the most famous Huskies belonged to a Tamer named Galford D. Weiler, who was born in the Indigo Continent but received training in ninjutsu in the Edo Continent, where he earned his living. His Huskie's name was Poppy, and she was just as skilled a warrior as Galford himself, Galford viewing her as an equal, a partner, rather than a piece of property. The two confronted many criminals and were responsible for a lot of Team Rocket-style groups in the area being defeated, including the dreaded Team Shogun and their leader, Zankuro Minazuki. Galford and Poppy retired after Team Shogun's defeat and had four children together.
Thresholding into a Huskie is very rare, but not unheard of, mainly occurring in areas near the Icemaiden Preserve.
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JALAPUTA, the Electric Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals, electrical generators
Libido: Above-Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Static Barrier
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3) and Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Thunder Stone)
Jalaputas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright yellow color. They also become considerably more energetic. This typically manifests itself in a love for running, especially long-distance running outdoors, and also in a heightened libido. Jalaputas generally do not like to be cooped up indoors for a great length of time, preferring to be as active as possible.
Jalaputas are sometimes called the "Poor Tamer's Ria", and that is an extremely apt description for them. While they have many of the same abilities and attacks, Jalaputas lack the raw power, both physically and electrically, of the Ria. They do, however, make exceptional generators for electrical equipment, at least when they can be made to hold still long enough to power something.
Jalaputas are difficult to capture in the wild, especially since they retain their tendencies to run in packs from their pre-evolved form.
These packs are maintained by a quirk of the Chichi's breeding, which causes all the offspring created through parthenogenesis by any of the Chichi evolutions to be the same species as their mother, ignoring the requirement for any sort of evolution stone.
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JUGANIUM, the Blossom Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: N/A
Role: horticulture, forest combat
Libido: Average to High
Stong Vs: Electric, Rock, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Vine Whip, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Razor Leaf, Leaf Shield, Petal Armor, Catnip Kiss, Solar Beam, Vine Bondage, Lure, 10000 Cherry Blossoms
Enhancements: Endurance, Pollen/Spore Immunity, Longevity (if a Forest Guardian), Pleasing Aroma, Complete Florakinesis, Nutrition via Photosynthesis
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobleaf (Leaf Stone)
The final evolution of the Chikotit line, the Juganium is truly a sight to behold. Standing between six and seven feet tall, the Juganium retains much of the physical characteristics of it previous form. She still has a noticeably green coloration to her skin, her bust looks proportionally the same on her larger form (though technically it did increase in size), and she is still drop dead gorgeous. However, there have been some changes.
One of the most noticeable changes is the absence of the leaves that decorated her form when she was a Boobleaf. Replacing the leaves on both her wrists, as well as ringing her neck, are flower petals. Petals also replace the leaves woven into her hair and garment, as well as her attacks. It is interesting to note, that very few Juganiums have the same kind of leaves. Location, mood, and personality all seem to be taken into effect when the girl evolves, and there have been reports of Juganiums with rose petals, sunflower, and even pre-Sukube Hawaiian lei. Each Juganium’s petals are as unique as a humans fingerprint, it seems, as the only instance of identical petals were on a pair of genetic twins that thresholded straight into a Juganium. It is not genetic however, as Juganiums born via pathogenesis don’t have the same petals as their mothers.
The next thing that stands out with the Juganium, and all girls of the Chikotit line, is of course her eyes. Rather then love and trust (Chikotit), or a reflection of the Pokégirl’s soul (Boobleaf), a Juganium’s eyes seem to reflect the soul of whoever is looking at her at the time. Because of this, no one is really sure what color her eyes actually are.
People who look a Juganium in the eye often find themselves becoming hypnotized by the shifting colors. After a while they seem to break out of the hypnotism, and claim to have seen their true self, and know what it is they were put on this earth to do. This is of course untrue, and most people quickly forget about the incident and return to their daily lives within a week.
Her eyes can also be used in battle, as feral Juganiums often trap foes with Vine Whip, then soothe them by staring deep into their eyes. After the assailant has been hypnotized, the Juganium flees deeper into the forest. It should be noted, that should a Juganium be damaged enough, they will gain access to the 10,000 Cherry Blossoms attack. When using this technique, all the petals on the Juganiums body fly off and begin to spin and multiply rapidly around the Pokégirl’s body. Very quickly, the girl is surrounded by a veritable storm of razor sharp petals that she can control with her mind. However, when using this technique, which is only available when the Pokégirl is in critical health, all her focus must be on maintaining control over the attack and the Pokégirl is unable to move or the control will be broken.
When it comes to taming, Juganiums are much like their pre-evolved form when it comes to preferences. Though each may have their own likes and dislikes, the breed in general is more driven to please her master then demand special accommodations are made for her. Again, Tentacoo Wape is a game that they enjoy playing with female tamers in the bedroom. As of this writing, no tamers have come forth with information on the subject.
When feral, Juganiums are very interesting Pokégirls. Seeming to behave more like the Dryad branch of this breed, the Juganium will find a grove or copse of trees and become its protector. In exchange for cultivating the seedlings, keeping ferals away, and preventing natural damages, the Juganium seems to gain some form of longevity. This longevity seems to last until the Juganium cases to be the guardian of that place, be it because of capture or destruction of her grove. A note to all loggers reading this entry, NEVER attempt to cut down the grove of a feral Juganium. Intentional damage against her grove seems to be the only thing that causes the Juganium to change from a mild-mannered gardener to a rampaging engine of destruction. When enraged, a feral Juganium also seems to have access to the 10,000 Cherry Blossom regardless of her health level.
A closing note to any owners, Juganiums don’t eat. They derive all the nutrients in their body via photosynthesis, and eating is a sign of depression. Should your Juganium actually start to eat, seek medical help immediately.
10,000 Cherry Blossoms – (ATK) A cloud of razor sharp petals surround the pokegirl. These are controlled by the girl via limited florakinesis, and can be used as both an attack and a defense. Can only be used when the Pokégirl is in critical health. Pokégirl cannot move when using this attack.
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KADRU, the Proud Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Animorph (snake)
Element: Plant/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat
Role: Farmer, environmentalists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Ground, Rock, Electric
Weak Vs: Flying, Poison, Bug
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Tail Whip, Regenerate, Grass Floor, Lance, Takedown, Wrap, Twister, Dragonbreath, Solarbeam, Lust Bite, Tail Thrust, Rapid Stroke, Long Tongue
Enhancements: Hibernative state, Enhanced Tail Strength (x6), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x4 each), Ice tolerance (Ice attacks do standard damage instead of extra due to elemental typing)
Evolves: Nidhogg (Dusk Stone), Yggdra (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Ulupi (Normal)
When an Ulupi evolves, it is after gaining enough experience and winning enough battles. Upon evolution, tamers will soon find that she is almost twenty feet in length, total, and her vestigial 'wings' have grown by an additional two feet in width as well- fully allowing the Pokégirl to encompass her body and one or two others that she might be close to. However, this total wingspan rarely reaches over 14ft, and cannot sustain any sort of flight- instead, the 'hood-wings', as tamers have come to call them, enable her to glide for short distances for a short period of time. Her skin will grow to a darker shade of whatever color it had been before, and in some cases it has been confirmed that her skin and scales will adopt a brownish color. It is unknown as to why this happens, but it does just seem to be random chance. The Kadru's breasts also increase in size somewhat- by an entire cup size or more, on average. This Pokégirl develops greater speed with her evolution, becoming quicker and more agile, but to the disappointment of some she is still unable to shift into a legged form, unlike her Naga cousins. Tamers are heartened, however, to learn that the cold tolerance that she had as an Ulupi changes into Ice tolerance upon evolution- unlike most Plant and Dragon types, the Kadru is not weak against Ice-techniques or attacks.
A Kadru loves to be out in forests and farms, and can be found commonly when not feral at a farm, digging irrigation ditches with her tail or attacks, as well as helping crops to grow. Although she has no mystical bond or magical strengths like an Elf-type does (even if she does get along well with them), the Kadru fully enjoys working the hard labor-jobs in a field in order to grow things. Even feral, the Kadru are often found tending to some tree or thicket that they believe is their territory, and will even attack others that come near or attempt to anything that she's cultivated. Because a Kadru does prefer to eat meat, however, she does use her territory and the food she cultivates in it as bait for Bunnygirls, Pidgy, and other dumber feral Pokégirls to draw them close, and then she strikes. Using her Wrap attack to coil her tail around the opponent, the Kadru will use her enhanced coil strength to crush her target as quickly as possible so that her prey cannot struggle against her. This is also how she seems to prefer a taming with a male partner- wrapping him up in her coils, to feel his heat against her scales and skin has been documented as a major-turn on- the more of her body touching her tamer, the better. With her greater length, and being wrapped around her tamer, the Kadru prefers to be in the dominant position and likes to do most of the work. In some repressed leagues, they are looked down on because of this (even in Edo, where Dragon-types are normally loved), because doing this gives her a 'greater' positioning than her tamer. Most researchers suggest that the Kadru is this way simply because most tamers have trouble taming her normally- her sex, hidden where it is, coupled with the thrashing of the Pokégirl’s tail can make it nearly impossible to give her a proper taming.
This, of course, makes the Kadru a great sex battler. Using her Wrap attack, the Kadru can immobilize her opponents even if her target might have multiple limbs (Pokégirls like the Ponytaur are a different story, however) like the Mahavi, and using her Tail Thrust (which works much like a Dildoqueen's exclusive Thrust technique), Rapid Stroke, and Long Tongue techniques allow her to 'attack' her victim repeatedly and with surprising effectiveness. The Kadru also gains a technique that the Naga is known for, which is called the Lust Bite- Tamers are warned not to let the Pokégirl use this technique often, for it works much like the rumored Tarantism Venom and an aphrodisiac all rolled into one. For a tamer with multiple High libido Pokégirls, such a Pokégirl becomes very useful... but can also become addicting if used too often. Out of all Kadru tamers polled, almost 45% of them were addicted to the Lust Bite effects and had either gone in for treatment or needed to at the time of one survey that was taken back in 298 AS. In normal battles, the Kadru's increased speed and agility increases her capabilities as well, and gaining additional ranged techniques along with Wrap makes it easier for her to do her job.
The Kadru is much more sure of herself and has a substantially stronger will than her previous evolution had. As such, a Kadru can better withstand a Domina's attempts to dominate her, however, if she was broken as a Ulupi she may still cower to the other's whip. A Kadru is still a poor choice for any leadership positions, unless the tamer is in the Sunshine league or as long as experience and combat skills don't matter so much- there are many other Pokégirls that are more capable within the confines of a combat harem, after all. When in a leadership position, these Pokégirls are constantly looking for support from her fellow harem sisters and their tamer, which often leads to some few historians have called a 'democratic' management. Of course, this is not exactly the best way to run a harem, and most Kadru are only allowed to become a leader within a harem by default. They are normally replaced quickly, but these Pokégirls are still considered to be popular in a harem thanks to their supporting role for tamings. They are also one of the best ways for a male Tamer to keep a Psi-dyke within his harem for any length of time, be it a day or for far longer. Like her previous evolution, and to the annoyance of female tamers (an ironic thing, considering that Naga are the exact opposite), the Kadru is still mostly heterosexual in orientation.
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KA-D-BRA (aka PSIKICK), the Telepath Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, especially sushi
Role: commonly used for peacekeeping
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Telepathy, Confusion, Teleport, Telekinesis
Enhancements: High psi ability (teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis), high intelligence
Evolves: Alaka-Wham (normal)
Evolves From: A-Bra (normal)
Nothing summarizes the evolution from A-Bra to Ka-D-Bra so much as "growth". She grows taller, usually only a few inches, with the tallest seen being 5'7. Her bust size increases dramatically, becoming the D-cup she takes her name from. Her "antennae" double in length, usually 4-6 inches in length. Their skin darkens to a medium orange, though their antennae remain yellow. They also become more active, requiring less sleep, and more regular Tamings.
With their physical growth, and especially the increase in the size of their antennae, Ka-D-Bras experience significant growth in their psychic powers. Their ability to teleport and powerful telekinesis more than makes up for their physical frailty, giving them an edge in combat that their previous form lacked, and their augmented intelligence gives them a grasp of tactics that allows them to make the most of their attacks.
Ka-D-Bras tend to make people nervous. Many Ka-D-Bra sided briefly with Mao in her Rebellion, only to break away after Pine Ridge.
Unfortunately, the taint of associating with Mao continues to follow this once more plentiful and valued breed. Fear and distrust make Ka-D-Bra nervous or report feeling sickened, while those who have found a Tamer who trusts and likes them find a staunch ally in the near humans.
One peculiarity of the Ka-D-Bra still has researchers puzzled. A Ka-D-Bra will eagerly bend any spoons she comes across with her telekinesis, almost to the point of compulsion. While this urge is not intense enough for Tamers to use it as bait to capture Feral Ka-D-Bras (which are as rare as their unevolved form), most Tamers who have a Ka-D-Bra in their Harem quickly learns to eat with chopsticks.
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KARIMA, the Solitary Shadow Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Ground
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: omnivore, prefers human style food
Role: Spy, Scout, Trapper
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Ice, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Vanish, Quickturn, Shadow Dash, Resonate, Gut Punch, Mud Slap, Agility, Shock Spike, Spice, Exhausting Venom, Poisonous Coat
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x5), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength and Agility (x3), Natural Camoflauge, Nightvision, Isolation Aura.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kunoichi (Diamond Stone)
During the days of the evolution boom, the Kunoichi was quickly experimented with. Although there were very few successes in the carying evolutions, there was one success that the Ruby League capitalized on. Although the pokegirl grows perhaps half a foot at the most, her outward appearance barely changes. Internally, however, the Karima becomes a much tougher individual than her previous evolution. The Karima's body takes on a default coloration that ranges from a light to a dark tan, though this changes whenever the Karima chooses to touch a rock or another rock-type Pokégirl. They do tan easily, however, and never burn as a result of their skin changing capabilities. This breed is well developed physically, but is actually mostly a facade: though tough-looking, they are barely physically stronger than their previous evolution. The main change is the strength of the Karima's skin, which makes the breed much more durable than any Kunoichi. This breed tends to have smaller breasts than many equivalent Pokégirls, rarely larger than a B-cup without modifications in use.
The breed was once rumored to have been created during the Revenge War by Sukebe, though there are only a few scarce entries about a 'poisonous ninja' Pokégirl, which could just as easily describe a Kunoichi or other ninja-type Pokégirl that was paired with a poison type Pokégirl, or just dabbled in the subject. Regardless, it wasn't until well after the end of the revenge war that the Karima was first documented to evolve from a Kunoichi. The method of evolution, however, was simply guesswork until the first Diamond Stone (and not an actual gemstone) was used on a Kunoichi later on. Used these days to trap ferals and to spy upon rivals for the most part, this breed enjoys massive popularity in some leagues, particularly within the Ruby League.
The main reason for this popularity is the breed's unique Isolation Aura. This ability makes the Pokégirl unable to be sensed by anything other than physical tracking: psychic, spiritual, and magical probes and attempts to track or locate a Karima are always defeated. In fact, it is so impressive that the Pokégirl doesn't even leave a void where she is when one attempts to locate her, basically making her impossible to find with such methods. The downside is that it appears that Delta-bonding with a Karima is impossible, though this may simply be because no tamer has managed to build a Delta bond with a Karima rather than it simply being impossible.
During a battle, tamers will find that their Karima, though at least as strong and fast as a Kunoichi, has a much different fighting style. Relying on their tough skin to weather attacks and their natural agility (and enhanced agility from techniques), they prefer to do steady damage and finish the job thoroughly by using techniques such as Exhausting Venom, Spice, and even Poisonous Coat. This combination of poison techniques, coupled with a variety of status afflicting techniques such as Resonate and Mud Slap, allow her to utilize many combinations of defensive and offensive abilities, all while gradually wearing down her opponent. Of particular interest to some tamers is the Karima's Poisonous Coat technique, which can be modified internally by the Karima (when experienced enough) to secrete different types of poisons. There have even been rumors of a Lust-affecting poison that can be secreted in this fashion, though details of that phenomenon are scarce at this time. This can sometimes worry tamers who have just obtained a Pokégirl of this breed during taming sessions, but it has been proven that the Karima is capable of handling her poisons at all times without worry of letting any loose at any time she does not wish to.
Due to the Pokégirl’s durability, it is unfortunate that the skin is quite desensitized much of the time. This results in taming issues, which are easily remedied with the use of lubrication of some sort. Though some have described the Karima's skin as being as coarse as sand, moisture (including sweat) readily addresses the issue, which prompts many tamers to have the Pokégirl go through a workout or a battle before taming her. Numerous Karima are saddened by the requirement, however, which was a result of their skin's change. Those that come to fully accept it are rare, though fortunately the issue rarely becomes a problem unless the Pokégirl is going feral. In a harem setting, the Karima's patience and ability to think things through make them excellent Alphas or Betas, and they will challenge to become one or the other if there is no true leader within the harem.
Rather rare are the few feral Karima that have been reported in the Edo and Ruby leagues. Completely territorial, these Karima leave markers for others to see that mark the boundaries of her small area that she has claimed. Trespassers rarely survive any intrusion into this Pokégirl's territory. Only children and pregnant Pokéwomen have been known to survive such intrusions, while all others were never heard from again. These survivors required counseling after these events. To any Tamer that wishes to capture a Feral Karima, it is highly recommended to set some sort of trap for her, rather than risk a frontal battle. Normally, Green Tea is the method of choice to use to trap a feral Karima (as it induces a nearly comatose state that can last for hours at a time with but a single cup), but a strong Fighting-type is also effective as well. Feral Karima are also known to flee from any plant or water type, such as a Vinebra or a Titacruel, rather than fight them in any territorial disputes.
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KILLERBREAST, the Defending Bee Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Queen’s bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Fade, Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Blur, Quickturn, Dash, Cut, Slash, Harden, Sleep Powder, Seismic Toss
After Level 50: Dark Blade, Toxic Blade, Pin Missile*
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x2 human), Enhanced Durability (x3 human), Enhanced Strength (x5) Wings for flight, Stinger tail, retractable blades in arms, Status effect venoms, Compound eyes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (special ceremony from queen)
While Buzzbreasts are the common soldier and cannon fodder, Killerbreasts are the personal guardians of the queen. They evolve for one reason: to fight. They will protect the queen at all costs, even sacrificing themselves so that the queen could get away, however they are by no means mindless drones. Killerbreasts are quite intelligent when bonded to a queen or tamed, and are excellent strategists.
They look similar to the Buzzbreasts, though they retain the same black and yellow color scheme, the chitin now covers their abdomen and breasts, however this chest armor is retractable. They gain compound eyes, and their wings become longer. In addition, they lose the stingers in their breasts, and instead gain retractable blades in their arms. These blades can be coated in their poisons and are also used in the TriSting Attack. Because of the loss of boob-stingers, the Killerbreast usually has a MAXIMUM cup size of a B Cup. They lose their curves becoming much more lean and mean.
They lose some of their abilities upon involving, including their ability to produce all but the most basic honey, but their poison becomes much more potent, and their abilities in sword fighting also improve, though they are still not anywhere near Herowu’s or Tatmon. At higher levels the Killerbreasts sword abilities only improve, and they gain access to powerful sword attacks and the Pin Missile attack.
The Killerbreast was only discovered in 293 PS when a Tamer charmed a Buzzqueen enough. The Buzzqueen, still a queen of the hive, offered the Tamer the Pokégirl and even showed him the ceremony for evolution. The Tamer also found out that the Killerbreast was a gift to one favored hive of Cocooner from that Legendary. Because of their newness as of 300 PS, only about a quarter of known Buzzbreast swarms have this Pokégirl.
To evolve a Buzzbreast, the bee Pokégirl must first drink an unknown mixture of Buzzqueen poison, honey, and syrup. The Buzzbreast must then enter into a 69 with the queen. Once the Queen orgasms the Buzzbreast will evolve. It is not recommended to capture a Killerbreast in the wild without being gifted one. The bond between the Killerbreast and Buzzqueen is so strong that it overrides all others. In fact if a Killerbreast is stolen from the hive, it will try to escape and return, if this is impossible it will commit suicide. Not even a level 5 Taming Cycle can erase this bond, even though it will erase anything else. A Killerbreast will follow this bond to the ends of the Earth if it must. The only way to successfully keep a Killerbreast is to charm a Buzzqueen, then barter for one. If the Buzzqueen accepts whatever you have offered, then it will evolve a Buzzbreast for you. Incidentally, Killerbreasts love to sing, their favorite song being God Save the Queen/King, however they do not have access to any song attacks.
There have been no thresholded cases ad it is assumed impossible to do because of the conditions required for an evolution. If a Killerbreast is in a hive, then any Tamings it receives from a non-Buzzbreast or Buzzqueen will be only 1/10 effective. If it is stolen then this condition also applies, however if it is given then it is able to be effectively Tamed by its new Master or his/her harem. In a harem, Killerbreasts will do whatever role they were assigned to. While they make excellent Alphas, they will follow the orders of another Alpha just as easily. When Taming, a Killerbreast is very submissive to the one they are bonded to, but prefer to be dominant to those whom they are superior to. While with their Tamer, Alpha, or queen Killerbreasts will assume whatever position their superior prefers, and will usually only orgasm once their Tamer goes too.
The Killerbreast has a very fierce rivalry with Whorenets. A Killerbreasts favorite thing to do in life is to protect her Queen (or Tamer), its second favorite thing: rend a Whorenet limb from limb. A Whorenet's sword ability is probably equivalent to that of the Killerbreast, and while the Killerbreast is stronger, the Whorenet has better poison capabilities. Though the two love to battle, more often than not the battle usually ends in a draw. It is impossible to keep a Whorenet and Killerbreast in the same harem, even Tamers who have managed to get the Amazonchan and -lee evolutions to work together have yet to succeed in getting these two to cooperate.
Pin Missile - (Atk 100) The Killerbreast launches its tail stinger at the enemy. This missile is filled with explosive venom that will only release when the stinger is fired. This attack is only usable once a day while the Killerbreast waits for the stinger to regenerate.
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KISHI, the Armored Amazon Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, especially rice
Role: warriors, bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Plant, Water, Fire, Electricity, Dragon, Rock, Steel, Dark
Weak Vs: Dragon, Psychic, Flying
Attacks: Parry, Chi Blast, Deflect, Twister, Takedown, Hurricane Kick, Dragon Dance, CrossShield, Draconic Aura
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x9), Enhanced Reflexes (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x8), Weapon Proficiency, Armored
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amazonwu (Dragon Scale + Training)
Unlike the Amazonchan and the Amazonlee, who evolve into the strangely common Armsmistress, the Amazonwu evolves from a Amazonwu with help from a Dragon Scale and extended training. The result is the Kishi Pokégirl. Originally, this Pokégirl was teamed with Armsmistress' during the war and was used to great effect in destroying just about anything that came across their path. However, when Atmuff went out of control in her urge to fight the strongest, many of the Kishi and Armsmistress breeds were killed in her quest. Information about this breed became little more than hearsay and legend until around 209 AS, when a tamer made the re-discovery of the breed in the Opal League. Physically, they remain much as they were as an Amazonwu, save for the extra six inches or so that they grow and the half-cup size that they gain.
The Kishi is compared to the Armsmistress in several ways, but is certainly much different. Physically not as strong, the Kishi in battle relies on her endurance and reflexes to avoid and outlast her foes. Using Dragon Dance and several delaying tactics such as Parry, Deflect, and CrossShield, this Pokégirl does well with this tactic. Those who have trained her since being an Amazonwu explain that their Pokégirl was never as strong as her sister types, specializing in no particular attribute, and yet not failing in any either. These tamers are especially proud of this evolution of their Pokégirl, as she becomes more powerful and is especially useful against most common Pokégirl types throughout the world. In sex battles, they are not so useful, although their endurance allows them to play the same game in these types of matches as well.
Like their pre-evolution and their sister evolution, the Herowu, the Kishi become proficient weapon users. However, their knowledge extends to many weapons, and they do not enjoy choosing only one weapon (unless it is the same one that they have used since they were an Amazonwu) to utilize. Any given Kishi will carry between 4-8 different weapons: most commonly, a pole arm, a sword, a dagger, and some sort of projectile weapon (most commonly a bow and arrow, or a number of Kunai or throwing daggers). Whether taming, sleeping, or bathing, she always has at least some weapon with her, and this is most likely the same weapon she's used since she was an Amazonwu. During taming, the Kishi are not overly interested in using their weapons for stimulation, although some do develop a fondness for a certain weapon that they use that is close in passion to that of what a Herowu enjoys when her tamer uses her weapon.
The Kishi doesn't care for clothes- instead, they can form their scales into armor with just a thought, allowing them instant defenses without needing much notice. Their bodies are not extraordinarily sensitive, unlike their previous form was. These Pokégirls have a slight feud with the Armsmistress, mostly a simple rivalry and nothing more, as they enjoy pitting their skills against the Armsmistress' strength. The Kishi also rather dislike Amazonkapoeraa and Herokapoeraa, and will go out of their way to defeat them if they are crossed by such Pokégirls somehow. Researchers highly recommend not having both a Kishi and either of the 'Kapoeraa breeds in the same harem at the same time, as the Kishi will never sit idly by while the 'Kapoeraa teases them. This has led, in some cases, to one or the other either leaving entirely or actually asking to be Pokéballed instead.

Draconic Aura (EFT): This technique allows the user to stare down her opponent. Although not always successful against higher level Pokégirls and other dragon-types (only half as effective in these situations), a successful use of this technique causes the victim to be unable to attack or defend against the user of this technique for two rounds. A fully effective use of this technique also lowers the victim's Defense rating somewhat as a result as well.
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KISSITALCOATL (aka QUETZALCUNTL), the Celestial Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human Metamorph (Winged Snake)
Element: Poison/Flying (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: High preference for meat but can tolerate high protein plants
Role: Advisors, Oracles, Spiritual Leaders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Ghost, Magic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Love Sting, Regeneration Tears, Phoenix Down, Dive, Glorious Sun, Squall, Tempest, Wing Attack, Heaven's Arrow, Life Shield, Angel Wings, Soothing Mist
Enhancements: Honeycombed lightweight bone structure, Limited morphing abilities, Antidote synthesis, Aura of Calm/Fear (can alternate), Heat Sense, Limited Telepathy
Weaknesses: Magic Sink, Unable to use magic
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (Angel Stone), Garter (Angel Stone)
Discovered in 222 AS by a Tamer unhappy with her Naga's evolution into an Arbust, the Kissitalcoatl is a surprising addition to the Celestial number. Even more surprising is the later discovery of the same evolution from the Garter –though those evolutions have been shown to call their breed name Quetzalcuntl. While this helps distinguish which Naga evolution this particular Pokégirl evolved from, they have been proven to be one in the same breed, much like the Boobisaur/Bulboustits.
In terms of looks, Kissitalcoatls are in a word, majestic. In their not very near human form, they look much like a more slender, longer version of the Naga with the addition of a pair of colorful wings and a feathered portion on the tip of their whip-like tail. They have more animalistic features in this form and their faces have a prominent snake like muzzle. Their scale and wing patterns vary depending on where they where when they evolved, ranging from a uniform green scaling with red and blue wings to a red, black, and yellow scale pattern with feathers every color of the rainbow. Even their bust tends to vary; sometimes gaining as much as three cup sizes to gaining none at all. Upon transforming into their near human state, their face becomes more human and their scales become smaller, sometimes changing to a flesh tone around their head, front and forearms. Their long tails become a set of legs, giving the Kissitalcoatl a height ranging from 5' to 7'. In this form it is still easy to distinguish them from any other Naga evolutions thanks to the wings that stay prominent on their back, as well as the feather pattern on their lower legs. One more fashion savvy Quetzalcuntl called the feathering 'Colorful Leggings', noting that the feathers start in a pattern just below the knee, flaring out as they end at the ankle.
One of the Kissitalcoatl's most surprising abilities is also their biggest weakness. Officials at Vale have dubbed this new ability the 'Magic Sink,' although, in more general use, it is simply referred to as an 'Anti-Magic Field.' Upon evolving, the Kissitalcoatl looses any magical ability she once had, and actually seems to create a 'dead magic' field around her. Through studies, it has been found that the size of the Magic Sink field is directly related to the strength of the Pokégirl, starting as small as a foot in radius around her lowest level, but reaching up to twenty feet in radius around her at her maximum level. While this may seem like a strong advantage against magic type Pokégirls, and indeed it is, it is also a weakness, since whoever owns a Kissitalcoatl has a hard time keeping any Magic type Pokégirls. Even within her Pokéball, the field is suppressed into one tenth of its size when the Kissitalcoatl is out, thankfully making it less of a menace in general. However, in battle, this ability means that techiques of pure magical origin are entirely ineffectual. However, more than one cocky Kissitalcoat has still been effectively skewered by a hail of magically-summoned by otherwise normal swords, or the equivilent.
Despite their odd anti-magical status, Kissitalcoatls tend to look upon life with the serenity of the more easy going Celestials. They enjoy keeping a live and let live philosophy until they see something overtly evil –then it's on. In battle, they attack with ranged attacks first to soften up the opponent before going in to close combat, or if the opponent is a strong against their flying type, they fall back to using their poison abilities like Love Sting. They only use their Celestial attacks if the opponent is truly evil or their backs are against the wall. They also tend to reveal more than the average Celestial about their connection to the Cosmic Awareness, but usually caution their tamers against anything that will lead to their demise. Notably, they get along better with Gardelfwhors than the more 'straight-laced' Celestials, despite their more demure attitude in bed than the Sexlestial Pokégirl.
To date, there has been no recorded instance of a Threshold case of a Kissitalcoatl, though it is speculated that the thresholder would have to be very moral. No instances of Ferals have been documented either, since most tamers who choose to give up their Kissitalcoatl quickly find that there are many people who are suspicious of magic who are more than willing to take her in.
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LAMIA, the Vipergirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake)
Element: Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: Most often wild, few are ever domesticated (usually for bodyguard duties)
Libido: Very Low (Low in warm climates)
Strong Vs: Grass, Fire, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ice
Attacks: Poison Sting, Bite, Wrap, Tail Slap, Glare, Sleep Venom, Thunder Tail, Lick, Fear Aura, Spice, Sap Sting
Enhancements: Serpentine form, poison sacs, increased flexibility, soft bones.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Venom Stone)
A Naga looks like a human with the lower body of a snake. The Lamia looks largely similar, only more snake-like. The Lamia has few human traits. By and large, their arms and hands, the hair on the head, and their C to D-cup breasts are about the most human-like traits they have.
Their eyes are double-lidded, they have a long forked tongue, and a large noseless muzzle. The majority of her body is covered in pale bluish-green hard armor-like scales, save for her joints, her breasts and her underbelly, which are a very soft yellow. Their hair is often black and overgrown. Their eyes are usually gold and slitted.
Lamias are usually cold-blooded in both senses of the term. Their body temperature is low, making them doubly weak to ice-based attacks. When temperatures start falling below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they tend to start seeking the warmth of an underground lair. They're at their most dangerous at this time, since they seek to eat the most just prior to hibernation. Once hibernating, they are about as harmless as a normal rock, until the temperature rises above 50 degree, which awakens them. Because they can quite literally sleep themselves to death in this manner, they often seek temperate to tropical zones, doing their damnedest to avoid arctic areas.
Lamias are also carnivorous, largely preferring mouse or bird Pokégirls. They often mortally or fatally wound a target, then devour it while it's still alive. Because most don't take well to the various meat substitutes, the only means to keep them in line is to get them addicted to the meat that a KhangAssCunt produces shortly after they're born. Oddly, Lamias hate the taste of any other snake Pokégirl, so they only eat other snake Pokégirls when absolutely desperate. They also will never choose a snake Pokégirl as a lover. Feral Lamias only hunt and/or eat once or twice a week (more if their partner requires it), but the more active they are, the more they need to eat. Most will go to their lair to digest.
When Lamias choose sexual partners, it causes a bit of confusion, since the Lamia will never harm their current sexual partner, regardless of how desperate the Lamia is for food. This is, perhaps, one of the few things that keeps them from being a complete menace. It will also feed it's sexual partner first, and itself second. The reason is that it often injects a small dose of sleep venom into any food it grants, which will ensure that it's sexual partner never gets free.
Lamias will leave their sexual partners when it gets too cold unless the partner is a Pokégirl who hibernates as well. If their partner is not, they will seek out their partners once they've awoken. They absolutely hate having to 'break in' a new sexual partner, so they will attempt to hunt down their former partners if the latter has chosen to escape (which most do), but will give up the chase after one month. Of course, once it's chosen a new sex partner, if the old partner happens to be in the area, said former partner will be considered prey, as the Lamia has no need of two lovers.
Because of their less pleasant nature, there are very few Domesticate Lamia and absolutely no thresholds directly into a Lamia. Lamia are for hardcore tamers ONLY and any beginner fool enough to try and tame one deserves whatever fate they meet.
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LAWFOXX, the Foxy Cop Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph (vulpine)
Element: Electric/Fighting
Frequency: Rare, usually found at police stations
Diet: Omnivorous with strong leanings towards carnivorous
Role: Law enforcement
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Steel, Rock, Ice, Normal
Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Psychic, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Pummel, Handcuff Bondage, Wrestle, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Static Barrier, Zap Ring, Mag Bomb
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Senses, Electrical affinity & generation ability, encyclopedic knowledge of all laws, photographic reflexes, incorruptible, strong leg muscles, can produce handcuffs from nowhere
Evolves: None
Evolves From: OfficerJenny (Fox E-Medal)
For the longest time, it was believed that OfficerJennies had no evolution. After the NightNurse and Moonmaid were discovered, people began to wonder about OfficerJennies once more. For years after their creation it seemed that they were incapable of evolving. It was only until after an OfficerJenny accidentally came into contact with a Fox E-Medal. The resultant evolution produced a rather interesting result.
LawFoxxes go from being Very Near Human to Near human upon evolution, sprouting a long, fluffy-furred tail, their hair changing to a darker shade of blue. Their ears become pointed fox ears, and their leg muscles grow much stronger, their legs growing slightly longer as well. But the biggest changes they go through are gaining the ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy and the ability to morph into a more animalistic ‘battle form.’ In this form, their leg strength and electrical prowess is at its maximum. Their faces become more vulpine in appearance, becoming a muzzle, their bodies sprouting a coat of reddish-orange fur, a lighter streak of yellow-orange going from the underside of their tails to their lower jaws. Their bust size actually increases in this form as well.
The change from OfficerJenny to LawFoxx is a fairly painless one, occurring quickly as the energy of the medal is absorbed into the Pokégirl. The mental changes are a bit slower, as the LawFoxx must adjust to new sensory input as well as the addition of animal instincts to their mental processes. It can take a while for some LawFoxxes to adjust, but it can be done.
LawFoxxes become much more useful in frontline combat due to their electrical abilities as well as their legs, which allow for much higher and longer jumps, making them capable of keeping up with faster flying Pokégirls. Their jumping ability improves so much, that their jumps have become their trademark, some trainers working on ways to make their jumps into a form of attack. In terms of battle, LawFoxxes tend to start out fights with paralyzing attacks, like Thunder Wave, allowing them to use their amazing jumps to get in close and slap the cuffs on their opponent, limiting their movements. LawFoxxes retain their love of the law, as well as their strategic and leadership abilities, plus their intelligence and problem solving skills.
Something that’s both puzzled and infuriated researchers is the LawFoxx’s tendency to fixate on a perp that they’re unable to catch after a few tries. They become anxious if that perp’s name is mentioned, and become hostile if taunted about their inability to catch her target. Their obsession can be controlled, but its best to make sure the perp they’re fixated on isn’t in the area when they’re on a mission, as most LawFoxxes, usually inexperienced ones, sometimes forget their mission and go track their target. At times they’ll work with the perp if it’s for the greater good, but they’ll always try to arrest them afterwards, their dedication to the law and what’s right being endless.
Rarely are LawFoxxes found in the harems of wandering Tamers, as they tend to prefer to work for law enforcement agencies. They’re fairly valuable, and E-Medal production is limited, so it’s difficult to get one at times. Due to their animalistic nature and electrical powers, letting a LawFoxx go feral carries harsh punishments. There have been three known cases of a LawFoxx going feral, due to their Tamer dying in the field and the LawFoxx being unable to find taming in time. LawFoxxes act like animal-types, but in addition to just saying their breed name, LawFoxxes have also been known to say ‘Yer unner arrest,’ and ‘crimnal!’ when they find something or someone they find interesting and/or arousing, which is usually followed by tackling and the producing of handcuffs.
There have been only a few cases of Thresholding into a LawFoxx recorded. It’s not a regular occurrence to the nature of their evolution and is so far only known to happen in families with heavy Jenny ancestry. The process is a fairly steady process, neither excessively fast nor excessively slow, and causes some discomfort, ranging from numbness to sharp pains as their bodies alter.
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LAY-MORE, the Striped-Tail Love Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare (Parts of the Dark Continent, Forrest, and Slot) Extremely Rare (Everywhere Else)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Seduction, Taming Aids
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Kiss in the Dark, Lick in the Dark, Soothing Voice, Probing Tongue, Puff Puff, Smother
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, and Reflexes (x3), Pheromones that induce the Lust status, Prehensile Tail and Feet
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pri-Mate (Dream Stone)
Lay-Mores can only be described as exotic. They gain anywhere from a half foot to a foot and a half in height. They gain a near perfect hourglass figure, their chest swelling to almost D's. Their eyes are surrounded by darkened skin, making them look almost like a Tanuki's mask. In fact the Lay-More could easily be mistaken for a Tanuki from a distance, but there are a few key differences. The first of which is the coloring. Lay-Mores are covered in a light gray fur, except for parts of their underarms, their inner thighs, and bellies which are white. They have black fur on their hands and feet that makes them look like they are constantly wearing elbow gloves and knee high stockings. They have a slight muzzle to their mouth that is black as well. Another way to tell the difference is to look closely at the tail. A Lay-More's tail is always thinner, longer, and follows a black and white striping instead of the Tanuki's black and brown stripes.
Most people that have a Dream Stone and a Pri-Mate in their harems never consider placing one with another, most tending to use it with a Heavy Metal and an Ingenue. Before it was found that Pri-Mates were able to evolve into the Lay-More with the aid of the Dream Stone they were thought to be found rarely in the jungles of Forrest, Slot, and parts of the Dark Continent. They live in scattered groups with about a dozen members in each family. The members in the group are very social within their own families. While being watched it seems that they have some sort of pheromone that they used to settle fights with out being physical. Further study is required, but most of the test subjects end up being to horny to continue to do anything other than rut wildly. Tamed Lay-Mores seem to be able to control this pheromone much easier than feral ones.
Lay-Mores are openly snippy to anyone that they meet for the first time with the exception of males. They tend to view other females, especially other Lay-Mores outside of their family groups, as competitors. They treat everything as a challenge and will often try to do what ever it is that the other girl is doing, but quicker. Even though they may not be able to handle themselves against the more sex oriented breeds, a Lay-More is able to hold her own in Sex Matches. While she can be a decent fighter if trained properly, a Lay-More would much rather take the match to the bedroom than brawl it out.
Tamings are one of the few things that Lay-Mores take to with passion. And with the pheromones she is able to produce, those around her share the same thoughts. If given the chance a Lay-More will try to learn everything she can about sex. She idolizes, although rarely admits to it, the Succubus and Menage-a-Trois breeds for the amount of sexual knowledge that they posses. One thing that both Feral and Domesticated Lay-Mores have in common is a love of gangbangs. No one knows why, but a Lay-More will often try to instigate a large gangbang with her as the focus. One way to keep her happy in a harem is to have a Dildo Queen or three on hand, just to make sure. One way to make sure that a Lay-Mores likes someone is to see how often they try to get said person or Pokégirl in the sack. The only time that they will turn down a taming from a person that they like is to participate in gangbangs.
Because of their reluctance to fight, the Lay-More wasn't seen much during the war. She was instead found at the back of the lines taking care of any girl who might have found herself going feral in the jungle, though they also made decent messengers. When they're stumbled across by other Pokégirls their first instinct is to overwhelm the other girl with their Lust inducing pheromones. While the other girl is to busy trying to take care of the intense feeling between their legs the Lay-More tends to run away. If they happen to stumble across a male the same thing happens, with a slight difference. The Lay-More will try to drag the male away to share with the rest of her family.
Thresholding into a Lay-More, while heard of, is not a common thing. For some reason most of the cases are restricted to the Pre Sukebe Island of Madagascar. Thresholding into a Lay-More is usually accompanied by the pains that goes along with the Pri-Mates and her other evolutions. Most tend to be sent to ranches before they can seduce the men in the family.
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LICKINGTONGUE, the Tantalizing Tongue Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human foods, (nothing sour)
Role: pleasure and assassination
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Lick, Buttwiggle, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Kiss of Death (normally not used)
Enhancements: Increased Physical Attributes, Enhanced Tongue
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Unknown/None
One of the most devious pokégirls in existence, the LickingTongue at first glance, is a seemingly harmless Very Near Human Pokégirl, often modestly-dressed in blouse and knee-length skirt and with solid shoes. However, it should be remembered that during Sukebe's War of Revenge, the species of LickingTongue were deadly and literally-cold blooded assassins.
The Lickingtongue would often go into human-populated areas and pass themselves off as human where the LickingTongue would seduce their targets, usually high ranking officials, with their beautiful looks. They would then entice them into having sex with them, and then when they had their target in private, they would paralyze them with the Lick attack before killing the marked person with their Kiss of Death technique, (a rather messy maneuver to be sure).
LickingTongues look just like a normal human women for the most part, averaging around 5'7" to 6' in height, with a nice and jiggly C-Cup chest, and normal colored eyes and hair, the later being done up in a style the LickingTongue prefers. Except for a slight pinkish tint to their skin which is barely discernable, the LickingTongue has no outward appearance to being a Pokégirl... with their clothing on, that is.
Once undressed from the very modest clothing they wear, the LickingTongue's anatomy starts to show just how much of a Pokégirl she is. The LickingTongue has four cream-colored crescent markings across her torso, with a crescent over each of her breasts with the nipple in the center of the crescent, the third atop stomach, and the final one In place over her pubic area. The LickingTongue also has similarly colored circles on her knees. Finally, without any shoes, one can see that instead of toes, a LickiTongue has three small claws.
A LickingTongue's most important feature however, is her tongue. The tongue of a LickingTongue is extendable to great lengths, usually between 3'5"-5' in length. However, with proper training, the tongue can manage double that, reaching up to somewhere along 10' in length. The LickingTongues can put their tongue to many uses. They can extend it like a chameleon's to get a hold objects and attack its enemies by wrapping it around them, often crushing them, (some of the original assassins would wrap their tongues around men's necks and crush). She also enjoys putting her tongue to use during oral-sex, probing a woman's depths, or wrapping a man's penis with her rather lengthy, prehensile appendage.
It should be noted that the LickingTongue's tongue is always covered in rather viscous, sticky saliva, which originates from a set of small sacks inside her cheeks. This saliva however, is a known irritant and allergen to most people and Pokégirls, causing symptoms that range from a tingling sensation to full-out paralysis. A LickingTongue is immune to her own saliva.
When introduced to something new and unknown, a LickingTongue's first reaction is to lick it. By gathering tactile and gustatory stimuli about an object, a LickingTongue forms her mental image and memories of it. However, the species as a whole display an adverse reaction to sour tastes; often left in a nauseous state and feeling very irritable afterwards.
When it comes to Taming, as stated before, a LickingTongue feels absolutely ecstasy from oral sex, in both giving and receiving. The feel of a tongue is something the LickingTongue most thoroughly enjoys, and loves having her Tamer or Harem Sisters lick about her body, as well as returning the treatment. If their Master or Harem Sister does take an adverse effect to the licking, they can settle themselves with just caressing and kissing.
While rather rare, it is not unheard of for a girl to Threshold into a LickingTongue. The first sign to this being the result of their Threshold is the rather disturbing event of her current tongue slowly swelling over a number of days before physically disconnecting from their mouth and falling out. While very distressing and understandably traumatic, it takes no more than three days for the new tongue to grow in, which the LickingTongue usually spends days getting used to, such as extending, tasting, and talking with it, until it eventually becomes second nature.
Kiss of Death - (ATK) A technique exclusive to the LickingTongue, the Pokégirl probes her target's tongue with her mouth for a moment before spearing her tongue up into the upper posterior spot of the mouth, literally puncturing a hole in the back of her target's head, instantly killing them. This Technique has been banned from PokéBattle Tournaments and Gym Battles.
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LITTLETIT, the Embarrassed Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style, High carbs and fiber
Role: Infiltration, Power disruption
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Libido: Average
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Agility, Thunder Wave, Spark, Rolling Spark, Electric Blade, Satellite, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring, Lesser Thunderclap, Storm Heal,* Lightning Whip*
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Electrical affinity, Can absorb electricity, Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: BoobTrio (orgasm, Delta-bond)
Evolves From: None
You’d never think that a short, small-breasted woman like this would be a Pokégirl.
Sukebe would be pleased if you made that mistake, as that is what he wanted when he first created the Littletit breed. He would use them to sneak into human encampments for information gathering, as their not-as-busty appearance would work as a way of fooling humans into thinking they weren’t Pokégirls. Then, after getting information they needed, they would sneak into power plants or power stations and drain away the electricity, leaving the human units crippled and without power.
Littletits are, at first glance, totally human-looking Pokégirls. They are usually short, and always have A-cup breasts. Always. Not even mega-doses of Bloom powder can make them grow bigger, much to the bafflement of any Plant-type who can produce it. This is a source of constant embarrassment for Littletits, and has led many to become rather sensitive about their breasts. If a Tamer has a Littletit in his or her harem, then it’s best not to let his or her more busty Pokégirls start teasing them, as a Littletit is bound to lose her temper and start throwing Thunder Shocks around. When they start manifesting their powers, they gain glowing markings all over their bodies arranged in intricate, runic patterns, their hair turning white and their eyes glowing.
Because Littletits are so sensitive and easily embarrassed about their small breast-size, when outside of Harems it’s best to put them in places where they won’t get teased. Aside from this one little thing, they are perfectly pleasant Pokégirls otherwise. They make great friends, even better babysitters, and, if they can be taught to accept their under-developed bodies, Advice columnists. They are fairly decent fighters in Harems as well, as their ability to absorb electrical energy from nearby sources, no matter what they are, is very useful. Even more useful is that they can control and direct this power, so the Tamer won’t find their Pokédex or other important equipment losing power. Beginning Tamers who want to specialize in Electric-types favor them, partnering them with Peekaboos and other Electric-types to help bolster them. They’ve become popular among Electric-type Tamers for tag-battles, as they can use electricity to absorb to heal any other electric-type on the field, including themselves.
Feral Littletits are a mix of rather dangerous, as they tend to be in ‘electric-mode’ full time, making catching them difficult. They also absorb electrical energy constantly, from any source near them, so if you start having electrical problems, or your Pokéballs suddenly release all your Pokégirls, then you know a Feral Littletit is nearby. As they cause trouble when near towns and cities, small, but respectable bounties are offered for their capture and/or Taming.
Interestingly enough, recently Tamers with a fondness for large breasts started including them in their harems. When asked about this strange contradiction, all they said was ‘Some things are worth the effort.’
Considering the Littletit’s evolution, they were very right.
Thresholding into a Littletit is a rare, but not unheard of occurrence, and mainly happens in the Mountain League, where they are more common. It is really only traumatic if the girl going through Threshold had large breasts before their change, as they will first shrink down to an A-Cup and stay that way.
*Storm Heal – (EFT) The Littletit uses some of her stored electricity and converts into a form of energy that can heal any Electric-type Pokégirl exposed to it up to 50%.
*Lightning Whip – (ATK 50) The Littletit shapes some of her stored electricity into a long whip. A favored attack when going up against Domina-types and smartasses who tease her about her lack of breasts.
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LONER, the Wayward Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark/Psychic
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League)
Diet: near human diet, enjoys traveling foods (trail mix, jerky, etc)
Role: Last minute reinforcements, Errand runners, Recon
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark
Attacks: Fade, Teleport, Shield, Psychic, Hypnotize, Foresight, Dark Blade, Ankoku
Enhancements: Psychic abilities increase from Goth state, telepathy, Enhanced Strength (x2)
Weaknesses: Extreme Wanderlust, Demophobia (fear of crowds or crowded places)
Evolves: Heroine (Works on martial arts, attempts to open up, Delta Bonded)
Evolves From: Goth (Loner Goth sub-type; normal)
Once a Loner subtype Goth obtains enough experience, she will naturally evolve into a Loner. Loners are peculiar Pokégirls that enjoy being by themselves as opposed to the normal pack mentality of other Pokégirls. They change little from their previous Goth form, loosing their pale skin and gaining a more varied taste in fashion, with a bust size of around a solid D cup. They also gain the Psychic element as their psychic potential increases greatly from their Goth form.
Loners recognize someone as their official tamer, though many have been known to totally leave abusive tamers in favor of someone else they've met in their travels. When a Loner likes her tamer, she maintains a low-level telepathic bond with him/her at all times, so that she can teleport to them in case of danger. Studies have also proven that Loners use the Foresight ability to avoid being captured while away from their tamers. In regards to personality, some may be aloof, others quiet and introspective, and a few have even been found to be cheerful and friendly, despite their extreme fear of crowds and crowded places. Because of the Loner's Demophobia, they avoid cities unless they can teleport from rooftop to rooftop. If released into a crowd, a Loner will begin to panic and immediately teleport away from the crowd in a random direction, usually to a place the Loner knows to be devoid of others. If this was done on purpose, the Tamer is guaranteed to lose the Loner as soon as she gets the next opportunity. If it was accidental (and there has to be proof for some of the more suspicious Loners), then the Loner is more forgiving, but will now insist on her ball being put into a pocket or backpack when in crowded situations.
Loners are also plagued with extreme wanderlust, and are addicted to the thrill of seeking out new places. While many times a Loner is alone when exploring, their libido can jump to extreme should their tamer be willing to brave a dark cave or cross a desert or forbidden forest with them. Unfortunately, this does sometimes lead to the demise of both tamer and Loner.
Though some recordings of Loners date back to the Revenge War, there are no living Loners from that time since Loners have average human lifespans. One sound theory based on eyewitness reports is that Loners were used to rescue high-ranking Pokégirls in Sukebe’s army when they were grossly outnumbered or near defeat. This would keep from having to remake leaders with experience in battle and free up the labs for more mass production of soldiers.
Thresholding into a Loner directly is rare, but usually comes from strong Goth ancestry. The girl in question will start becoming nervous in crowds and enjoy spending more and more time by herself- usually checking out places she's never been to.
Feral Loners are very rare, since they have a low libido and most come from Goths of the same type. Many Loners will coerce tamings from people who they meet in their travels. Feral Loners tend to become engrossed in exploring one area intimately, such as a cave, and are usually found there by wandering tamers.
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LUPINA, the Werewolf Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Metamorph – Canine/Lupine
Element: Normal/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Blue and World Champ Leagues), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies
Role: nighttime guardians, hunters
Libido: Average, High on full moon nights
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Steel, Cat-types
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic, Magic-types
Attacks: (Only in attack mode) Bite, Slash, Tackle, Takedown, Leg Sweep, Low Kick, Reverse Crescent, Concentration, Growl, Yowl
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6) Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Good night vision, Minor regenerative capabilities.
Evolves: Wolf Queen (Moon Stone)
Evolves From: Mynx (Moon Stone)
One of the original species to appear during the War of Revenge, in modern day, Lupinas are a considerably rare and very popular species of Pokégirls that, like Griffons and the like, has two modes. The passive, (or normal) mode and the attack mode.
When in their Passive Mode, a Lupina looks like any normal Very Near Human type Pokégirl, usually slightly tanned and gently muscled, standing anywhere from 5'8" to a solid 6' in height and usually with breasts that are around a generous C-Cup with only a few exceptions of her looks hinting to what her true species is. While the only outward physical trait that points to what she truly is are the Lupina's slightly pointed ears, one should know that in her Very Near Human mode, a Lupina has a very good sense of smell, hearing and night vision. This is the form that is preferred by Domestic and Threshold Lupina.
When in her Attack Mode, a Lupina increases in both her size and muscule-mass, ranging anywhere from an impressive 6'10" anywhere up to 10'!!! As she becomes a perfect anthropomorphic wolf, a Lupina's whole body becomes covered in fur, normally the same color as her hair, (common colors being brown, black, gray, and white, with some being red or silver) and her hands and feet gain an impressive set of claws. It is understandable that in this mode, Lupinas are very strong and dangerous, becoming an excellent fighter in battle. Understandably, Feral Lupina and Lupinas evolved from a Mynx prefer to stay in their Attack Mode.
Appearing in the latter half of Sukebe's war on humanity, it was theorized that Lupinas were created as a secondary, if not replacement Dog-type for the Growlie. As found after the war had ended and Pokégirls started to become domesticated, Lupinas are an incredibly strong-willed Pokégirl and won't just bend to the will of another. The Lupina is not submissive type of Pokégirl, no matter how much they're sweet-talked, trained, or dominated, which makes for a Pokégirl that is not easily turned against her kindred. Truly, it was an aspect that Sukebe's forces would have benefited from.
However, it is not impossible to turn the Werewolf Pokégirl to one's own cause. It takes a considerable amount of hard work and effort on the part of a Tamer to get on a Lupina's good-side. Still, because they ARE a Dog-types, Lupinas does have that basic drive to show loyalty and concern for someone they care about like other canines.
That is why those that do become bonded are very loyal to a Tamer that they like and will often show submissive behavior to them, albeit only in private. It is this loyalty that has given the Lupina a startling level of popularity; a loyalty where they would literally give their life to keep their master safe. Interestingly, the Feral Lupinas have been the easiest to turn and make loyal to a Tamer, albeit not without other troubles.
Feral Lupinas travel in packs, normally ranging in numbers between eight to a full dozen. These packs are a more common sight over in the Blue Continent and regions of the World Champ League. It should be also warned that until taken from their pack sisters, a Feral Lupina gives all of her loyalty to them, and if one is attacked, all will defend one another with ferocity.
When it comes to battle, a Lupina is a very serious force to reckon with. While a Fighting-type, it is not their primary element, and so their battle style is a mix of modes. A Lupina's upper-body attacks seem to be more like an animal, biting and clawing with abandon, and using her voice to cause ill-effects to an opponent Pokégirl.
However, when it comes to her legs, a Lupina is almost as dependable as an Amazonlee, and can cause some serious damage, especially with her clawed feet. Top it off with the fact a Lupina also regains health over time, (15 HP every 3 minutes) and the Lupina as a Pokégirl for traveling Tamers that don't have the money for potions on hand or carry a PPHU.
However, one should be careful about pitting them against a Pokégirl of the Magic-type. Due to the nature of their transformative abilities, Lupinas have a clear weakness against magical attacks. It interferes with their healing abilities, and causes greater damage then most attacks, and that will add up over time.
Taming a Lupina is usually done while the Pokégirl is in her Passive Mode, as it is easier for a Tamer to take control of the Pokégirl, and allows for equal participation from the get-go. However, some Tamers prefer to Tame a Lupina while she is in her Attack Mode, which understandably, can be seen as a more exotic and tantalizing. To do this safely, a Tamer should start off with using higher-end restraints until they've trained their Lupina how to restrain themselves during Taming. It is also suggested a Tamer use toys for the larger Lupinas, as to better sexually please them. No matter the form they're in, Lupinas prefer Doggy-style the best.
The form of Lupina is not a common occurrence for a girl going through Threshold. However, it is certainly not unheard of, and is becoming more of a common occurrence to this date. It is speculated in the next decade, the frequency of a Lupina might be lowered to Uncommon in the Blue and World Champ Leagues as their numbers grow.
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LYNX, the Mountain Kitty Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods; meat preferred
Role: mountaineer, mountain rescue
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Leap, Agility, Scratch, Growl, Dance, Bite, Kitty Litter, Sex Attack 1
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x2), Enhanced Vision (x2), Night Vision, Superior Climbing Skills, Atmospheric Comfort
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mynx (orgasm; mechanism unknown)
It isn’t exactly known how a Mynx evolves into Lynx. All reported cases have had her evolve during orgasm, but controlled experiments to evolve them during Taming have always failed, with the Mynx evolving into Furrite instead. One theory is that environment plays a factor, and a Mynx won’t evolve into Lynx unless she climaxes while around the mountains a Lynx loves so dearly. Most Pokégirl researchers scoff at this view.
A Lynx has some advantages and disadvantages over her previous form. She loses some of the agility she had as a Mynx, but her lungs become much stronger, and are now able to deal with even thin atmospheres comfortably. She doesn’t gain the fur coat that most other cat Pokégirls have. Instead, she gains a cat ears and tail, as well as paws where her hands and feet once were. These paws have soft, tawny fur on them, as well as functional claws, letting her climb better. Lynxes love the mountains deeply. If they can’t be in an area where they can at least see mountains in the distance, they quickly begin to suffer from ennui, losing their will to go on. This fact alone makes them a poor choice for Tamers who don’t live in mountainous areas. Tamers that do live on or near mountains though find that a Lynx is the Pokégirl of choice. She enjoys roaming around nearby mountains, and usually has the lay of the land around them memorized very well. She loves to be Tamed openly, letting the sights and smells of her favorite environment washing over her as her Tamer pleasures her. The combination of the two usually makes her orgasm heavily in a relatively short amount of time.
A Lynx isn’t a very good fighter. While is fast and nimble, other cat Pokégirls are more so, and she lacks any real strength. Likewise, her sex attacks are limited to the generic Sex Attack 1, making her a poor choice for a pokesex battle. Still, they can generally hold their own as long as they aren’t up against a powerful fighter. Their primary area of expertise though remains simple mountaineering.
Feral Lynxes will always try and head for the nearest mountain range if they aren’t in one already. Those that are already there are relatively non-aggressive, preferring to only interact with others to hunt for food. They tend to be pretty easy to capture, although most Tamers have quite a hike in front of them first to even find one. Threshold girls who become Lynxes tend to become restless, and ask to be sent to mountain Pokégirl ranches.
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MAGGIETON, the “Three in One” Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Metamorph
Element: Steel/Electric (Tech)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Electricity
Role: Technicians, Power Sources, Heavy Steel-Type Counter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Flying, Electric, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Enhancements: Magnetics Control, Magnetic Levitation, Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Strength (x5), Satellites, Heavy, Multiple Personalities, Magnetic Buffer
Attacks: Spark, Steel Claw, Lightning Punch, Lightning Body, Takedown, Satellite 2, Iron Defense, Thunder Shield, Mag Bomb, Yoink!, Get Over Here!
At L30: Sat Cannon
At L40: Thunderbolt
At L50: Thunder
Evolves: Mechdoll (Tamer's understanding & Unison of all personalities)
Evolves From: Maggiemite (Drastic Change to Magnetic Field OR Thunder Stone)
When a Maggiemite experiences a drastic change in her magnetic field, normally caused by close proximity with another Maggiemite (As few other magnetic sources are powerful enough to mess with a Maggiemite’s magnetic control) or by close contact with a Thunder Stone, she undergoes the evolution into Maggieton.
Upon evolution, she loses much of her immature appearance, gaining roughly a foot in height (putting her at about six feet), a much more curvy and alluring form, and a significantly bigger bust (anywhere from C-D cups). Her combat and magnetic field manipulation abilities increase in power and control as well, capable of moving several hundred pounds of metal at one time with magnetics alone. The Maggieton's physical appearance does not otherwise change, retaining the flexible metal skin, hair, control spheres, and Satellites of her pre-evolved form, though she is now even heavier than before, roughly 320 lbs on average.
Unfortunately, this power comes at a price, as the once simply Bipolar Pokégirl becomes effectively insane. The Maggieton retains the same personality as her previous form – keeping the rapidly changing mood swings, but in addition, she now must contend with two new personalities, likewise hard to predict, that vie for dominance over the Maggieton’s body and her Master’s favor. A tamer that wishes to be effective with a Maggieton must learn to recognize the habits of each individual personality and what they’re best at, to ensure that they give effective orders in battle.
The Maggieton, in general, still cares for her harem sisters, and is much more determined to impress and be useful for her tamer, but the rivalry between the three personalities can sometimes become the cause of trouble. Some people report Maggieton acting like the other Pokégirls whose field changed hers, gaining traits and knowledge she didn't show before.
Like their pre-evolved form, Maggieton's are a terror to face in battle.
Maggietons are tanks, capable of taking enormous amounts of punishment and dealing it out in turn, though they are not particularity fast, unless, like their predecessor, they are in a metal-entrenched environment. Predicting them is difficult, as their personalities and combat styles can change on a whim. This can, however, work to the enemy’s advantage, as the three personalities do not always agree on how to approach combat, sometimes leading to situations where the personalities will conflict, reducing efficiency on combat.
Just as the Maggieton is a combination of three different personalities, the Maggieton combines a lot of her attacks, such as using Lightning Body to grant her melee attacks extra bite, or using Get Over Here! to set up a particularly vicious Satellite barrage. Though not quite as fear-inducing as a Widow or a Mousewife on a rampage, heaven help the foe that faces a Maggieton whose personalities have set aside their differences and become united in objective, as they are relentless and devastating.
The Maggieton gains one ability to put her above her lesser sisters, however – the ability to create a constant defensive magnetic buffer around her. Steel-Type attacks and attacks from metal weapons (swords, bullets from guns, etc.) are repelled from this field, making them incredibly inaccurate and reducing damage done from those attacks. This, combined with her innate resistances and high Durability rating, makes them one seriously tough opponent to take down.
Because of her multiple personalities, the Maggieton is often confused and requires much more looking after then an evolved Pokégirl should, leaving many tamers to trade her or release her. They are hard to please, as each personality wants her own time and attention from the tamer, making her almost as difficult to placate as three separate Pokégirls! Good things await the few tamers with the patience and determination to earn the undying loyalty and respect of all three personalities, however, as when all three minds unite, the Pokégirl will evolve into the powerful Mechdoll.
Feral Maggietons should almost never be approached without a strong Ground-type Pokégirl on hand, and should always be taken seriously. Unlike their pre-evolved sisters, however, it is not advisable to take up a feral Maggieton’s offer to tame them outright, as there is no telling when of if her personalities will change and decide to be less friendly. In addition, it is highly advisable that you do not combat them with other Steel types or Pokegirls who rely on metal weapons.
There have been only a few recorded cases of girls thresholding into Maggietons, almost all of them devastated by the change before one of their other personalities takes over.
• Get Over Here! (ATK 150 + EFT): An attack exclusive to Maggieton and the Mechdoll, it only works on Steel-Type Pokégirls and Armored Pokégirls (and not against any of the Maggiemite line). Generating a tremendously powerful magnetic pull, the Maggieton reaches towards the target with one arm and jerks it back, as if pulling an invisible chain, forcing the target Pokégirl off her feet and into a position where the Maggieton can deliver a devastating punch. Only works within a short (less than 20ft) distance, and is very strenuous, due to the sheer power involved. This technique can also be used on metal objects, and is considered a Steel attack.
• Thunder Shield (ATK 30): Three of the Maggieton’s Satellites form into a triangular formation, and generate a powerful defensive field between them. The Maggiemite can move the Thunder Shield as she wills to defend against attacks. However, while this defense is up, the Maggieton has only one Satellite available for attacking. If a Pokégirl comes into direct contact with the shield (such as with weaponless close-combat attacks), she takes a light amount of electric damage.
• Lightning Body (ATK 30): The Maggieton shrouds her body with electricity, doing the listed Electricity damage to her opponent every time she hits her opponent with an attack or when the opponent directly hits her. This damage is in addition to the damage her attacks would normally do (but does not increase the damage of Electric attacks)
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MAGMAMMARY, the Lava Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare (Crimson League; unknown all others)
Diet: unknown (assumed only needs lava or fire to survive)
Role: unknown, not discovered until after the Sukebe War ended
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice Plant, Steel
Week Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Fireblast, Flamrethrower, Barrier, Dissolve
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Endurance, High Heat Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cyndacunt (Fire Stone)
Magmammarys (or Magmarys are they're sometimes called) are Pokégirls whose entire skin (save for the bottoms of their feet) is continually ablaze with a special flame so long as they're alive. Even when doused with water or even encased in ice, these flame do not go out, the flames of a Magmammary can only extinguish when they're dead. Because of their flames, their body temperature is roughly 337 degrees Fahrenheit (or 169 degrees Celsius). While their flames will not set anything on fire, their body heat alone will cause things to grow quite hot after a while. This means that they are often forced to stay in places that are resistant to heat.
If their body temperature is ever below 330 degrees Fahrenheit (or 166 degrees Celsius), it's often a clear sign that she is not healthy. Oddly, her body temperature normally doesn't change up or down more than one or two degrees, regardless of weather conditions or the climate; but her temperature may go up to 377 degrees Fahrenheit (or 192 degrees Celsius) during sex. This makes it virtually impossible for any tamer who does not have an ice or fire affinity to become intimate with her. Regardless of these facts, most Magmammarys do not like to be in areas that are not hot.
Magmammarys generally stand roughly 4'2" to 5'8", though taller or shorter is not entirely unknown. Their eyes are generally ash grey or deep red, but the rare "albino" of the species have had blue eyes. Magmammarys with blue eyes almost always have an important destiny in store for them. Their hair is never curly, though their flames can make it appear so, and most hate having their hair beyond shoulder length.
Magmammarys have special secondary eyelids that allow them to swim through lava as if swimming through water, and thanks to their incredibly high heat tolerance, they can swim virtually unharmed through lava. They do, however, avoid going so deep as to encounter magma, though. They don't seem to eat, but are frequently seen around flames and lava, which is currently assumed to be their actually food, and it's been ascertained (though details as to _how this was discovered are rather sketchy) that Magmammarys cannot feed on their own flames.
Magmammarys are generally rather unfriendly to (sometimes even openly snide towards) any non-fire Pokégirls, though they do have respect for Ice Pokégirls and any human who can ignore the heat they generally live in. Researchers believe this may be due to the fact that they either can't respect anyone who cannot take the heat or they simply don't want to hurt anyone.
Because of their rarity, domesticate Magmammary are rare, and threshold girls are, as of yet, unheard of.
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MARGARITA, the Icy Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, food preservation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (4), Nightvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), Not Affected by Snow Blindness
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Ice Crystal)
Margaritas change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, becomes completely white. They also tend to be quite friendly, and they particularly enjoy snuggling. This particular trait has lead to their popularity among Trainers, seeing as they probably the most affectionate (not to mention warmest) Ice Pokégirls in the world. Combined with their decent skill in combat (and ability to learn), they tend to be a solid choice for a Tamer needing Ice support.
Wild Margarita prefer to live in desert climes, but above the level where snow falls. Wild Margaritas prefer to stay in cool shade (such as caves or rock structures that they build) during the day and forage at night like chinchillas, but this routine can be changed by a tamer, especially when not in desert climates.
The Margaritas usefulness in food preservation and cute-and-cuddly demeanor has led to them often being used as mascots for anything cold, from frozen food to food freezers, air conditioners to breath mints. Of particular fame is a Margarita named Eleanor, who appears in every refrigerator ad run by the Jahana Corporation. Originally kept as a pet by a Junior Executive of Marketing, her above-average appearance and distinct delivery won her a surprising following. She is noticeably more popular than most of the products she shills, with several fan groups devoted to her.
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MATRON (aka HAKIMA), the Housemother Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, leaning towards vegetarian
Role: Homemakers, Salesgirls, Restaurant cooks, Babysitters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, domination attacks
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Sing, Cheer, Cry, Yell, Dodge, Recover, Once More, Helping Touch, Overwhelming Attraction, Blow Kiss, Puff Puff, Probing Tongue, Angel Eyes, Charming Look, Sexy Rubdown, Warm Oil Rubdown, Rock that Booty, Intimidate, Anti-Cheer
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x5), Minor psychic abilities (precog/truth sight), Enhanced Reflexes (x7), Enhanced Patience (x60), Enhanced Will (x30)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Damsel (Must be Pokéwoman, giving birth or gaining permanent custody of children in some way)
Damsels seem to be destined to be house-fraus. They aren’t good in battle, except for as a draw for attacks, and their primary evolution seem suited only for housework-related tasks. But that does not take away from their popularity at all. Matrons are a well-regarded part of society, and even the most ardent anti-Pokégirl groups admit that they are relatively acceptable.
When a Damsel evolves, they lose their invulnerability. Their waists and hips widen, and they gain a slight pudginess to their midsections. While they retain their physical beauty and sexual skills, they gain skills and instincts in Domestic situations that are invaluable. Matrons have a strong nesting instinct, as once they give birth they want to settle down and take care of their child. They have a light precognitive ability that allows them to see when damage is coming to the home and how, which in turn spurs them into preventing it. This can be anything from a child about to do something stupid which will result in them getting hurt, or a tornado heading for their house. Matrons cannot be surprised by anything negative, and are always prepared. They trade in godlike durability in exchange for godlike patience. They NEVER get rattled, no matter what the situation. In addition to their godlike patience, they also gain a tremendous force of willpower. Very little can stop them from getting their way, either through direct confrontation or through subtle manipulation. This tremendous will makes dominating attacks completely and totally ineffective against them, something Dominas HATE about them. They can also resist psychic, magical, or emotional attacks meant to force them into submission. This determination and patience combined makes them excellent mothers, as well. Mousewives and Neko Cennecos are frequently paired with them in day care centers, as they can be trusted to not only take care of the children, but keep them in line as well.
On top of that, they cannot be lied to either. No one, whether another Pokégirl, a Pokékit, their tamer or a child can lie to them. They can always tell when someone is lying no matter what. No one is sure whether this is merely an enhanced form of a mother’s natural instinct or a psychic ability exclusive to Matrons.
In the Edo League and in the most Eastern parts of the Ruby League, Matrons are known as Hakima. So far, no cases of Thresholding into a Matron have been reported. And since Matrons are a Pokéwomen-only evolution, it’s assumed that Thresholding into one is impossible.
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MIMICA, the Storage Keeper Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human diet, blood (rumored), none if possessing an object
Role: Thief, storage manager
Libido: Average (high if bonded and under a certain circumstance), non existent if possessing an object
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Lick, Dazzle, Teleport, Phase, Nightshade, Haunted, Illusion, Swallow*, Spit Up*
Enhancements: Night Vision, Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Short range telepathy, Ability to possess objects, Longevity (if possessing an object), Expanded storage capacity, Enhanced Senses (when possessing an object)
Evolves: Mimicall (normal, high level, earlier if their Tamer is Delta Bonded to them and in extreme danger)
Evolves From: None
These Pokégirls where discovered in 262 AS. A team of archaeologists were examining an abandoned temple in the Dark Continent and found three treasure chests along with a dried Bandame. Even though they had the keys to the treasure chests the locks wouldn’t open. After much deliberation the archaeologists decided to awaken the Bandame. An hour later after the Bandame was woken up she explained that even with the keys they would need permission from the treasure keepers to open the chests. When the archaeologists asked for an explanation it was revealed that the Bandame was referring to Pokegirls.
When not possessing an object, Mimicas look like human girls with dark gray skin, and black hair, around 4 to 5 feet in height. They have white eyes with a blue iris, and generally have B-cup breasts. The majority of the breed prefer to wear clothes, with those that prefer to go nude being much rarer. Theose who do prefer clothes will wear outfits that can easily be moved around in and either have large pockets or several of them. Feral Mimicas will possess discarded Pokéballs or boxes. Because of their ability to memorize and keep track of anything they’re holding, they make good storage, vault, and supply manages. This has made them useful at banks or storage facilities. They get along well with Bandames, and even though they don’t like their serious personality, Phawhores as well. They’re also useful to Tamers who forget to get supplies or need help keeping track of their things.
When these Pokégirls were first discovered, it explained some strange events Tamers have come across in the past. The most common among these events being Tamers waking up to find an empty Pokéball kissing or talking to them. (Most authorities simply considered the Tamers to be hallucinating.) Mimicas will possess things from lockets to vaults. In some cases, they will even possess books or dolls/puppets with mouths that can open in clothes. The only pattern in this is that the objects are normally some kind of container with lids. When possessing an object, they can manifest sharp teeth, a tongue, two black, skeletal-like arms with hands and sharp nails, and a single eye to see with, allowing them to increase the range of their ability to sense what’s going on around them from beyond its usual five feet. This ability to sense things around them when they possess an object have made them useful to Tamers, who let them possess their bags, mostly serving as an early warning system for when they’re in danger. Mimicas can move the opening of the object they’re possessing like they were lips. While they cannot talk while possessing an object, they’ll use their telepathic powers to talk to people and move the object’s lid as if they were. If the object is the size of a trunk or smaller, they can make the object float from one to five feet in the air.
Mimicas have the ability to open a pocket dimension, one most Tamers refer to as Expanded Storage Space (ESS), or the Pokégirl Basement. This pocket dimension can hold about 20 separate items. The reason it’s referred to as a Pokégirl Basement is because that’s what it looks like. When a Mimica uses this ability, the insides of the object they’re possessing turns pitch black. If the object is big enough, a person can even go into it. But they first have to have the Mimica’s trust. In inside of the pocket dimension looks like a stone and brick basement with shelves lining it. If the Mimica’s possessing a box-shaped object, the exit of the pocket dimension is a ladder, while if it’s something such as a vault, it’s a set of stairs. The reason only someone the Pokégirl trusts can go in is because she’ll feel whatever they are doing. If they move stuff around, they’ll know. If a sledgehammer is used against the walls, the Mimica will feel pain. One tamer has reported that Mimicas will laugh if the walls of the pocket dimension are tickled. Oddly enough, they can’t open their pocket dimensions when possessing a Poképack or a transparent object. The reason for this is unknown, and Mimicas aren’t talking about it. The pocket dimension of a Mimica has been used by criminals to steal. This is normally done by sending the Pokégirl (usually possessing some sort of box) to a facility/mansion/etc. and having them move around at night, taking objects, or by having them hold onto Pokéballs as they go in, releasing Pokégirls that know Teleport to do the stealing and escape. This pocket dimension is also liked by weapon-using Pokégirls, as they have somewhere to place their extra weapons.
Their personality depends on where they’re found. Those found in the countryside will normally be calm and quiet, while those near cities will be outgoing and give their opinions even if they’re not wanted. It’s not advised to take them into stores, seeing as they may randomly take items from shelves. It should be noted that they love playing tricks. Most cases being that they’ll refuse they wanted, then suddenly agreeing and opening up. When the Tamer reaches for the item, they’ll form teeth and bite down. In some cases the Mimica has bitten down hard enough to pierce the skin, which has led to the rumro that they drink blood. This is why most Tamers try to stay on a Mimica’s good side. On All Fool’s Day, they’ll temporarily leave the object they’re possessing, joining up with Trixie and their evolutions to mess with people.
When it comes to taming, they have no preference in terms of style. When they were publicly announced, the few tamers that had Mimicas came forward and gave what information they knew. One of them was a Tamer with the Tamer’s Disease blood curse who was delta-bonded with his Mimica. He reported that while in the Pokégirl’s pocket dimension, she created a physical manifestation of herself. The manifestation seemed to have an increased libido and was ready to go whenever her tamer was. He spent a week in the pocket dimension taming her (he had food and water in there, and his other Pokégirls reported that he only left the pocket dimension for bathroom breaks and to catch his breath). From his reports it seems that the manifestation likes being tamed against the walls of the pocket dimension and having any objects in it used to tame them. Why this is, no one knows for sure, as it’s hard to find a Mimica delta-bonded to a Tamer. They only become Feral when not possessing an object. You know they’re Feral when they become more violent and aggressive until they possess an object. If someone keeps them from possessing an object then they will beat the person up and go for whatever they can find. A Feral Mimica will use Dazzle or illusion to distract her opponents before escaping.
If the object they’re possessing is about to be destroyed, one of two things will happen. If they’ve become attached to the object, they’ll choose to stay in it and die when it’s destroyed. Otherwise they’ll try to leave it. If you want a loyal Mimica, give them finely decorated gift boxes to possess or objects like jewelry to hold onto. Like the HandMaid, some leagues don’t consider this Pokégirl to be a member of a Tamer’s active combat harem because they seem more inclined for domestic work and don’t need taming as much as other Pokégirls. As of yet, no Thresholds have been reported.
Swallow – (ATK 0): The Mimica swallows objects around her and stores them for later use. These items can include stones, twigs, and so forth. It’s possible for the Mimica to hold projectiles thrown at her, but only for a temporary time. The longest time recorded for this is 15 minutes, with stronger attacks reducing the time. After a certain time passes, the Mimica will have to release the projectiles or take 20% more damage than they would have if they had taken the hit.
Spit Up – (ATK 30/can vary): The Mimica attacls her enemy by spitting stored objects at them. The objects range from the things she’s used Swallow on to the objects she has stored. If she uses projectiles from the enemy, their attack will be half of what it was before but still retain any status-inducing effects. If she uses the objects she has stored, they will need to be recollected afterwards, as they will not go back to what she is possessing or to ESS. Heavier objects will do a high amount of damage but aren’t as accurate, while smaller objects are more accurate but do less damage. Some have taken to holding jars/bags of coins, marbles, or even pebbles to use, seeing as even though the attacks won’t hurt as much, they can do a high amount of damage if given the change to build up. Leagues have stated that Pokéballs, empty or otherwise, are not allowed to be used as projectiles in League-sanctioned battles. However, they are allowed if they are being used against Ferals. Some have argued whether or not this is fair, as it could be seen as a sneaky, underhanded trick.
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MISTOFFELES, the Conjuring Cat Pokégirl
Type: Near or Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, particularly milk and fish products (fish paste being their favorite)
Role: anywhere entertainment is involved, gambling
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Psychic
Weak Vs: Poison, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Scratch, Tail-Slap, Mana Bolt, Power Bolt, Dazzle, Hypnotize, Illusion, Mirror, Reflect, Summon, Smile, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), High hand eye coordination, Night vision, Enhanced senses (x3), Magical knowledge, Telepathy
Evolves: Nekomata (Tatmon runic tattoos applied)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Mana Crystal)
Although they had been originally thought to have been a more recent breed of Pokégirls, unearthed records have shown that Mistoffeles were around back in the War of Revenge and were originally to be used in the War in similar stations like Cheshires and Shadowcats were entrusted with. However, unlike these two other cat Pokégirls the Mistoffeles were too helpful, too "nice". They could never bring themselves to kill people when necessary, and so Sukebe ended up using them as couriers instead of labeling them as failures and ending production of the species.
Still, with such great magical prowess within them, it's easily understandable how even the greatest of Vale's Guild have something to learn, from the Mistofeles species' conjuring turns. Never was there ever a cat as clever as the magical mistress Mistoffeles. It must be understood that a Mistoffelees is an evolved form of the Pokégirl Catgirl, whom exposed to a Mana Crystal. Upon contact and reacting evolution, the Catgirl is not only given high magical potential but her intelligence is exponentially increased, allowing her to tap into more common techniques known to Psychic-types, even if she isn't one. That latter fact is what causes her to be treated as a Psychic-type, as Magic-type Pokégirls, as a rule of thumb, don't have any naturally set elements they're at advantage or disadvantage with.
Besides her new aptitude with mystical and mental forces, there is actually little to distinguish a Mistoffeles from her pre-evolved form, as her build will stay exactly the same. The one physical difference for the species is that their fur, if not such before, will become completely black; as one Tamer described, "from her ears to the tip of her tail". This dark coat seems to be a nod how the Mistoffeles' name is derived from a demon in the scriptures of the Thousand Faiths known as Mephistopheles. However, the species as a whole is not as sinister as the name implies.
Another note is that unlike some cat Pokégirls, a Mistoffeles prefers to wear clothing, usually either a tuxedo vest or jacket and white dress shirt with bow tie, or she'll wear a Bunnygirl outfit. When it comes to Pokébattle, a Mistoffeles' strength lies in her magical ability to combine the use of illusions and inflicting status-ailments along with interwoven attack spells when possible. A Mistoffeles will usually make an illusion or use Dazzle or Smile to offset her opponent, giving her the time to perform a more powerful magical attack, like Mana Bolt if her ether is still in high reserves, or Power Bolt. Mirror is reserved for if the opponent is resistant to Status-Ailments, to send the attack back at her. However, if a Mistoffelees is set against an opponent she knows she is outclassed by and will get her cute little black-furred butt kicked, she will resort to using Summon.
It should be noted, a Mistoffeles will only summon Espers for a serious threat, otherwise she will result to summonable Pokégirls. Two favorites seem to be Arvia the Pegaslut, and Mashiro the Espea. If there is a beautiful Water-type Pokégirl in the harem, or they think their Tamer is a very handsome man, a Mistoffeles will conjure up Harietta the Rhynodame. Indeed, the sheer conjuring powers of the Mistoffeles are something that have to be seen; one was even recorded as once having produced seven Kittens right out of her Tamer's hat!
It should be noted that in a Harem, a Mistoffeles will tend to be helpful to other cat Pokégirls, doing what she can to make her feline Harem-sisters more comfortable. They will offer an ear to listen, a hug to comfort, and are even willing share a Taming session if it will help their Harem-sister.
In fact, successfully Taming a Mistoffeles is a bit of a chore without another pokégirl around. It's not that Mistoffeles don't like males, they absolutely adore them. Unfortunately, they tend to be quite mischievous when it's her turn; and can be near impossible to find. She might very well be curled up in a tent while a Tamer looks in the surrounding area, and then in a tall plain of grass when he goes back to the tent. This game for her lasts around ten minutes before she finally settles. Only when there's another Pokégirl involved will she forego this merry chase and get straight to hot and heavy sexing.
Also with Harem dynamics, a Mistoffeles will become fast friends with a Merrowl if one is in a Harem with them. A Mistoffeles is incredibly skilled with card games and dice tables and when they pair that up with a Merrowl's Pay Day technique, it's possible for the two to amass a small fortune for their Tamer after a few days. Some casinos have taken to only employing Mistoffeles at their card tables and dice stations, while others have forbidden Mistoffeles in their establishment.
It is also thought by some that the Mistoffelees have a connection to the Legendary Chaos Kitty Macavity, yet it is still unknown what connection the Mistoffeles have to her, or even if that rumor has any validity to it at all. Still, there is the fact that the species had once still served amongst the ranks of Cheshire and Shadowcats, two species of Pokégirls that are known to have close ties to the Legendary.
While not unheard of, it is extremely rare for a girl to Threshold straight into a Mistoffeles. Those that do normally don't realize at first, thinking themselves to be turning into a Cat-type Pokégirl with black fur. As soon as she starts feeling the emotions and thoughts of others, and finds she's proficient with cards and dice will she realize that there is something more to what she's becoming than she realized initially.
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MOON BUNNY, the Star Gazing Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Diet, though prefers veggies and sweets
Role: Caretaker, Writer, Other (Varies with affinity)
Libido: High (Peaks at Full Moon)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Demonic Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Dog Pokégirls, Bird Pokégirls, Fighting
Attacks: Smile, Reflect, Phoenix Down, Cry, Kick, Takedown, Leap
Sex Attacks: Go Down, Phantom Touch, Lunar Caress
Enhancements: Increased Intelligence, Affinity (Varies), Knowledge of Stars and planets, Enhanced Hearing (x5), Aura Of Grace
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Moon Stone)
Without a doubt, the Moon Bunny is the smartest of all the Bunnygirl evolutions, though it's still considered slow and dimwitted when compared to other smart Pokégirls such as Supe-Bra Genius and Alaka-wham. Though none of her fighting skills improve with her evolution, the Moon Bunny can now actually focus to where she can be taught some complex moves. A few unusual aspects about the Moon Bunny is that after evolving, a Moon Bunny will become as proficient as she can in a subject of her choosing. This can be anywhere from fighting to sexual pleasure to accounting! They also have a rather lengthy knowledge of the night sky.
The most dramatic aspect would have to be their Aura of Grace. While a Moon Bunny is less clumsy then her cousins, she will still trip over her feet now and again. But when she doesn't, her Aura of Grace gives her ladylike poise and a beauty that even a Psidyke could see. A Moon Bunny has milky-white skin and a matching fluffy tail just above their ass. Their hair color is either a near-platinum color or dark black, though these colors are simply average for this Pokégirl. A Moon Bunny's breasts only reach to an average D-cup in size, and they grow only a few inches taller, if at all. Their breasts also increase in sensitivity to movement, somewhat like a Beach Bunny, but not quite to the same extent. Moon Bunnies enjoy tight clothing, though not necessarily revealing.
A Moon Bunny is often found near or with Dark Maidens in the wild. With their Libidos a near-even match, and both of these Pokégirl's libidos peaking at a full moon and at night in general, these Pokégirls become a rather useful force both in Taming and in Sex Battles. However, unlike Dark Maidens, a Moon Bunny's body becomes about 20% more sensitive to touch during a Full Moon. With training, however, this can be nullified and even completely reversed, which would make the Moon Bunny much more useful during Sex Battles than they normally ever would be. They also obtain a few Sex Attacks with the evolution, including the exclusive Lunar Caress sex attack.
Aura of Grace: Every movement that the Moon Bunny makes causes those who watch her to think that she is always moving fluidly. Even when she trips, falls, etc.
Lunar Caress (S.Atk 200+EFT): An attack only usable during a full moon. This attack creates 4 phantom clones of the Pokégirl that proceed to tease and pleasure the target independently. The phantoms last only until the end of the night, but will last throughout the night. Each phantom manifests physically, and is the ultimate diversion to allow a Moon Bunny to become almost unbeatable in a Sex Match. Some Pokégirls may be able to learn this attack, but only the Moon Bunny knows it automatically (any other Pokégirl must practice this attack and be capable of using magic). This attack has a 50% chance of causing attraction and stunning the Pokégirl's opponent.
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MOONCALF, the Psychic Cowgirl Pokégirl
Type: Near-Human (Bovine)
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Strategist and supply coordinator
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Hypnotic Gaze, Hypnotize, Hypno Dance, Quick, Aura Barrier, Disable, Moon Beam, Confusion, Psychic Illusion, Mountain Hold
Enhancements: Psychic Abilities, Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Intelligence (x4), Semi-elastic skin, fast recovery, can produce at most 15 gallons of milk per day.
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Milktit (Moon Stone)
The Mooncalf is the psychic evolution of the Milktit. A better fighter than the Milktit but not quite as effective as a Minotaura, it does not have the enhanced strength of a Minotaura, but it is often more effective in combat using its psychic abilities. A favored tactic is to trick its opponents into seeing what it wants it to see using Psychic Illusion and then attack. Unless the opponents are aware of the tactic and have psychic defenses they will almost always fall victim to this tactic. They are also slightly more intelligent than they were as a Milktit, possibly rivaling the Ka-D-Bra but not quite as intelligent as an Alaka-Wham.
Although the Mooncalf evolved from a Milktit, there are several visual changes that occur thanks to the evolution. For starters, the Mooncalf does not produce near as much milk as a Milktit does. Instead of the 45 gallons a day that a Milktit produces, Mooncalves can only produce somewhere between 5 and 10 gallons a day at most. This also means that they have somewhat smaller breasts when full, and actually can handle the added weight with ease unlike the Milktit thanks to fine-control over their telekinesis fields (much like the Alaka-Wham have). However, it is still considered neglect if a Mooncalf is unmilked for longer than a few days, as the strain will eventually get to her. Mooncalves are cannot change the composition of their milk and drinking Mooncalf milk will not induce lactation in other Pokégirls. Unlike the Milktits, which can range in appearance, the Mooncalf evolution more regularly looks human-esque in appearance, only having two small horns that protrude a few inches from their foreheads, cow-like ears and a cow tail.
The Mooncalf milk does have one odd side effect. It can help induce a hypnotic state within the drinker, which the Mooncalf can take advantage of. Strangely, this effect does not take hold of Tamers that are even Alpha bonded to the Mooncalf, but will affect non-Dark type Pokégirls and other humans. This is often used to assist with police interrogations, and Mooncalf milk can command a high price on the market as a result. This type of milk seems to be generated only one day a month, however, most commonly on the day of the Full Moon.
Research is underway to deduce whether or not Pokégirls that evolve as a result of drinking Milktit milk will provide a similar effect as those that drink Mooncalf milk. So far, the results have been inconclusive, although some researchers do continue to study the possibilities. Although, one unconfirmed report states that a Maid Yvette was evolved to a Milk Maid by Mooncalf milk. The fact that the tamer that reported this died shortly afterwards along with his entire harem of Pokégirls in a Widow attack makes it impossible to verify the claim.
Mooncalves hold the claim as the only psychic type to have access to a dark type attack in their exclusive Moon Beam technique. Usually, the Mooncalf must be fighting something that is strong against her before she'll use the attack, however. It's not especially strong, but is accurate and powerful enough against those Pokégirls that are weak to the Dark-element.
Moon Beam (ATK 50): Inverting the Mooncalf's psychic power to create a Dark-element attack, the Mooncalf unleases a beam of pale light that looks much like moonlight to strike the opponent. Opponents struck by this attack have a 40% chance of becoming confused due to it. 15% of the time, the Mooncalf will suffer a 5% loss of HP after using the attack. This attack seems to be available to the Mooncalf only in dark places, as it seems that the Moon Beam cannot be generated under direct sunlight.
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MOSSMELON, the Leafy Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Plant/Lizard)
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore
Role: soldiers specializing in forest combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Regenerate, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Bite, Tail Whip
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Camouflage, Agility, Solar Regeneration
Evolves: Wifern (normal; Level 47)
Evolves From: None
Mossmelons typically have dark green hair and lighter green scales, but because of their camouflage ability, this is not always the case. All Mossmelons lean forward, making their C-to-D-cup breasts seem even larger, but this position is actually a result of their large tail acting as a counterbalance.
A Mossmelon's claws are quite important for letting them climb and maintain their positions in trees, and a Mossmelon will always take care to make sure their claws are strong. If a Mossmelon's claw breaks, it means there's a severe imbalance in their diet, and can cause a Mossmelon to lose her ability to move through the trees. A Mossmelon's ability to camouflage themselves has made them quite dangerous and their ability to remain motionless until they strike makes them hard to detect. However, infrared sensors and starlight have both proven capable of detecting Mossmelons, though it isn't quite clear as to why.
Mossmelons can be quite the difficult opponent, as she not only naturally heals from sunlight, but also has the Regenerate technique, meaning she can restore quite a bit of health. However, despite this impressive healing factor, she is not the best at fighting, rendering her weak against more competent fighters.
A favorite tactic of the Mossmelon is leave Seed Bombs in areas to drive prey into a specific area, then they hang from trees and use their camouflage ability to render them largely invisible. They remain motionless until prey moves within striking distance of their Seed Bombs. Once activated, the prey will generally move where the Mossmelon wants them to and will be caught completely off guard by her surprise attack.
Though a Mossmelon can regenerate her wounds, she will often seek out sunny spots in the forest and rest there in their natural colors. Many don't even care if humans or other Pokégirls are around, unless they feel their injuries have left them at a distinct disadvantage.
Mossmelons can eventually learn both Root and it's greater counterpart, Root System, but they cannot feed themselves with these techniques, like plants.
There was a rumor that the Mossmelon might not be a Pokégirl at all, but rather a random mutation between a species of lizards and an unknown plant, but these were found to be untrue. The Mossmelon was actually an early abandoned design, but their unknown camouflage allowed them to maintain decent numbers.
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MOUSEFLY, the Flying Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (mouse)
Element: Normal/Flying
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: Nuts, berries, grass (feral) or human diet (domesticate)
Role: ....pidgeon replacement?
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Tackle, Wind, Song (*), Squall, Tickle Storm (**)
Enhancements: Flight, Enhanced Endurance (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Mechanism unknown)
In appearance, the Mousefly looks almost identical to her former self. The pair of large feathery wings (the color of feathers matches her fur and/or hair color) are hard to ignore, though. She can tuck them behind her or fold them in front of her like a cloak, allowing her to enter buildings and even elevators.
In attitude, it's a completely different story. Mouseflies are more confident when outdoors, especially if the sky is clear, and oftentimes is not as squeamish about confrontations. Feral Mouseflies will often taunt feline Pokégirls and fly away, laughing all the while, but still avoid teasing Griffons and Cheshires.
The Mousefly was discovered in 234 AS, following an intense battle with a now-defunct criminal organization that used a fleet of blimps using invisibility magic to attack and flee. In the final confrontation, the then-Titmouse's female tamer was knocked out of a set of bomb bay doors as she fatally shot and killed the organization's leader.
Leaping after her mistress, it seemed the two were destined to do a lover's dive, but the Titmouse underwent a unique evolution, growing wings and flying them to safety.
(*) - In addition to her wings, many Mouseflies instinctively pick up a tune (read: Song Technique) during the course of their first month with wings. This will oftentimes reflect how she felt just before or after she evolved.
(**) - Depending on how sexually active she is, she may pursue learning this technique. Many tamers who have gained Mouseflies rather enjoy the benefits of this technique, females intimately and male tamers because it allows the Mousefly to give a little "bonus" to other Pokégirls in the harem.
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MUFFGOOSE, the Snake-Eater Pokégirl, AKA the Hard-Rocker Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (cat/mongoose cross)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous. Mostly human-style food supplemented with the occasional snake-type Pokégirl
Role: Snake predator and guitarist
Libido: High to Very High (Extreme is her tamer can sing very well)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Snake-type Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Cut, Fury Swipes, Slice n' Dice, Leap, Take Down, Double Edge, Glare, Yell, Screech, Call me Queen, Agility
Enhancements: All stats x2. Giving them a guitar or 'stringblade' can enhance most of their attacks as well as teach them new ones like Sword Dance, Parry, Hammer, Power/Armor/Special/Metal Break, Battle Song, Last Dance with Mary Jane, I'm Doing the Best I Ever Did, and Guitar Heroine (the last one only leaned from the rare 'Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special' stringblade). Some stringblades can also grant projectile/elemental attacks.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Story this Pokégirl appears in: Of Wild Hearts and Pokégirls -- By Kid Loose
The Muffgoose species is a rising star in the Pokégirl world. She stands about 5'3", with a humanoid body, a fine 'not too skinny' figure, and (on average) a C-cup bust. She's mostly covered in white fur with a mix of cat and mongoose-like features, such as medium long pointy ears, large eyes, a slight muzzle, a black nose, sharp, claw-like nails on her fingers and toes, and a large, bushy tail that is about half as long as she is tall. Her most distinguishing feature is a patch of red fur that usually starts with the entire left ear then crawls down her face ending in a 'check mark' shape across her left eye. There's a similar red zigzag mark on her torso, starting at her right hip and moving into an 'M' across her chest, and her forearms and shins are also covered in red fur, usually up to the elbows and knees, respectively. Muffgooses also like to decorate themselves with colorful barrettes, hairclips and pet collars in addition to dressing flamboyantly (if they wear clothes at all).
Most Muffgooses have an affinity for rock 'n roll, especially the ancient works of one David Bowie. While it isn't entirely clear why, some speculate that this is due to the red marks on their faces giving them a resemblance to the character 'Ziggy Stardust'.
Because of their love of rock, most Muffgooses take up and become quite proficient with the electric guitar, and many learn to use it as a weapon in battle! Mostly like a club or a sword, going (as one tamer put it) "El Ka-Bong" on their opponents. When armed with a guitar of any type it is possible for them to learn a number of song techniques as well as other physical attacks.
Another quirk of this species is their utter disdain of any and all snake-Pokégirls, most of who will run in terror from them, as a Muffgoose will never hesitate to make one into a meal.
There is a famous story of a reputed Team Rocket boss who, when faced with possible indictment, flooded an airship with Lamias in an attempt to assassinate the prosecution's star witness in transit. The man was saved by the pilot's pet Muffgoose, the Pokégirl declaring: "Get these MOTHER FUCKIN' SNAKES off my MOTHER FUCKIN' AIRSHIP!!!!" before single handedly fending off the Lamias and saving all onboard. As this story circulated Muffgooses began to enjoy some popularity among airship pilots.
Muffgooses enjoy having music played during taming. They also greatly enjoy performing fellatio on their tamers, or as they call it 'Swallowing the Snake.' Depending on how loose their snatch is and/or how large their guitar is, they may also enjoy being masturbated with it. If it can't fit inside them they're quite happy to just have the head rubbed against their vulvas.
Muffgooses will usually get along well with Divas and other musically inclined Pokégirls. However, if you have any snake-Pokégirls you might want to rotate your active harem so that your Snake and Muffgoose aren't in it at the same time, if not trade/release one of them. They CAN be thought to get along, but it is a difficult and ill-advised prospect.
Domestic Muffgooses who desire a tamer will often seek one who can sing or otherwise has some kind of musical ability. A few have talked their tamers into starting bands, which have enjoyed some minor success, though the Muffgooses say they won't stop until they're bigger than Mineko and the Pussycats!
Tamers should be wary that tamed feral Muffgooses (and some domestics) can be prone to excesses in food, sex, alcohol and narcotics. In the case of sex, this is not always with their tamer or harem-sisters, which has led to many a fight. "Rockin' out is hard work," said one tamer of his experience with a Muffgoose, many of whom seem to live by the Credo: 'Live fast, die young, and leave a big fat corpse!'
Special Notes: There is a guitar-smith, a strange woman by the name of Haruko Haru-hara, who has taken to designing and building weapon guitars for Muffgooses. Called 'stringblades,' they are usually noted as guitars with bladed edges, literal 'axes' if you will. They can also have a variety of special features, ranging from everything between built-in shotguns, to taser, to flame-throwers (granting the Normal-Type Muffgoose elemental attacks!) and the like.
Haruko's greatest creation, however, is the Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special. This rare double-neck stringblade has an automatic shotgun built into one neck (no 'cocking' necessary) and a grenade launcher built into the other neck capable of firing a multitude of specialized grenades (explosive, incendiary, flash, freeze-bombs... whatever floats your boat!). Also, the whole thing can disassemble into two separate units for easy dual wielding. Optional 'homing-bracers' worn on both the PokéGirl’s wrists will allow her to throw the weapon and have it return like a boomerang.
The Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special can also teach a Muffgoose her greatest song-related technique, 'Guitar Heroine.' This support action causes the Pokégirl to glow with a rainbow colored aura, and during which all her stats double! She can also use her 'backlash techniques' (attacks like Takedown) without sustaining damage! The drawbacks are that she cannot use any other song/dance/aura related techniques while Guitar Heroine is in effect, the effect is canceled if for any reason she lets go of her guitar(s) and when the effect runs its course (or is canceled) it leaves her exhausted and vulnerable. Plus she cannot use the ability again for at least an hour.
Haruko doesn't have a shop, per sé. She wanders the countryside usually hanging out near concerts or other musical events, so look for her there is you'd like to buy one of her custom guitars. And bring a big wallet, because these babies don't come cheep! Also note that most leagues forbid the use of stringblades except as melee weapons, so no blasting away with your shotguns or flame-throwers in official gym battles (the homing-bracers are still cool, though). And whichever type of stringblade you choose, they all play really well.
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MYOBU, the Celestial Fox Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Vulpine Animorph)
Element: Electric (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Defenders of honor, scouts
Libido: Normal
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Fist of Fate, Fox-Lightning*, Illusion, Leap, Pleasure Spark, Pummel, Quick Attack, Scratch, Tackle, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Kick, Thunder Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x6), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Agility (x2) Enhanced Speed (x5)
Evolves: Kitsune (Breaking code)
Evolves From: Kitsune (Extreme stress, faithful to code)
Not all Kitsune go through a situation like this, but Kitsune who manage to follow their code and overcome the situation evolve into something new, unlike a Kitsune who failed to follow their code and evolve into a Nogitsune. This faithful fox evolution is called a Myobu.
Myobu have the same basic color scheme as their cousins the Hoarfoxx. Their fur is one of the varying shades of white (I.e. Cream, off-white, pure white). Their hands, feet, tails and ears are all tipped in a varying shade of yellow. The yellow fur is where most of the girl's electricity is stored. The amount of fur actually varies, with ferals being fully anthromorphic to having a mostly human girl with fox ears, tails and fur on their hands and legs. Their height varies between 5'4" to 5'8" with their body shapes usually described as lean and lithe with breasts in between low A-cups to low C-cups. Myobu have a random number of tails, usually in between 2-5. Researchers speculate the Myobu's number of tails is dependent on their code and the stress caused by the situation in which their code was tested.
Myobu are honorable girls and deeply follow their personal code, showing dislike for girls who blow off their code, or mock it. There have been instances of more extreme Myobu referring to themselves as 'Defenders of Honor' and promptly struck out against the mocking Pokégirl. Due to this trait, Myobu can sometimes be found working in the police force, especially if their code is to always follow the law. In the opposite side of the spectrum, their have been cases of evil Myobu, many researchers were shocked she was still Celestial and other ‘good’ Myobu could be around them describing how they could still be celestial in this statement, “As long as a Myobu follows her code, she’s doing what she must, being Celestial doesn’t mean you’re a ‘good’ guy”. With the said statement, researchers considered this aspect of Celestial and Infernal as being defined as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. Their speed allows them to stay in pursuit of running targets, subduing them with their Fox-Lightning attack.
Due to their arms and legs being where a majority of their electricity is stored, these girls have a preference for using quick punches and kicks usually resulting in an Impromptu Thunder Punches and Kicks. They usually stick to being up close and personal. Most Myobu have a tendency to actually take up ‘soft’ martial arts life When they fight from a distance they fire off Thunderbolts and Fox-Lightning to weaken the target before moving in with the punches and kicks.
In a harem setting, Myobu make decent Alphas and Betas, they're not as jumpy and erratic as some of the other electric types, and usually try and keep the harem on the straight and narrow, at least her idea of the straight and narrow. Myobu are one of the few Celestials that Infernals aren’t bothered by, vive-versa for the Myobu. It’s something about how the Myobu ‘Isn’t so up her ass like most of the snooty celestials’ one Daimon said when questioned. It’s been noted that the ‘evil’ Myobu actually become good friends with the Infernal types, which is an oddity in itself.
It is NOT wise for a tamer to have a Nogitsune and a Myobu in the same harem. The Myobu is extremely disappointed and angry at these girls for failing in sticking to their code, rejecting the Nogitsune and treating her less than trash. Though, if a Myobu manages to get past her hate, she can help speed up the process of getting the Nogitsune to evolve into a Dark Kitsune. A Dark Kitsune instantly has a Myobu's respect for having redeemed herself, and gotten back to following the code.
Incidentally, a Myobu will take a leadership role among Kitsune so as to try her best to keep the Kitsune following their paths and not going against it. The Myobu have an instinctual knowledge of what a Kitsune's code is and will not willingly share it with anybody except the Kitsune. In very rare cases of Myobu who have broken their code of honor to the extent of being irredeemable they are ‘evolved’ back into Kitsune to start the process again and capable of regaining the evolution again, or evolving into a Nogitsune.
Tamers of Myobu note that they love to use Pleasure Spark during the act, arousing and relaxing the tamer. Myobu also like having their feet massage and their hands held during taming as those areas are highly sensitive to them along as their tails. Most Myobu keep the same taming preferences they had when they were Kitsune, only with an enhanced focus on their hands and feet.
Feral Myobu can be occasionally be seen around Kitsune, taking a motherly leadership role, or if they’re alone, always seem to be muttering 'Inari' while seemingly praying at random intervals. When approached they will try and run, shooting back weak thunderbolts to cover their path as they bolt away. The muttering of Inari doesn’t happen as often when a Myobu is tamed, though when they manage to get a moment of free time, they can be spotted praying quietly.
There is speculation that a Blessed Kitsune may have an easier time evolving into a Myobu, but this is just a rumor and should be regarded as such. Threshold cases of Myobu have been noticed; these girls usually have the lowest amounts of tails and commonly have electric, celestial or fox ancestry.
Fox-Lightning (ATK 40 + EFT): The tips of a Fox-type’s tails glow slightly as they charge. After a turn of charging, the electricity discharges towards the target, forming what appears to be a small fox that races along the ground. When it strikes it causes damage and paralyzes the foe 90% of the time. (Can be used by Fox-types only)
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NINJACKET, the Fudo Flyer Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Flying
Frequency: Rare (Edo, League), Very Rare (Forest Leagues), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: Stealth fighter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Slash, Tackle, Double Team, Sting, String Shot, Dive, Squall, Cicada Ruse, Numbing Wind, Smoke
Enhancements: Exo and endoskeleton, very efficient digestive system, enhanced adrenaline system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Nincadass (normal)
As a Tamer puts his Nincadass put through a harsh training regiment, disciplines her, Pokébattles with her, rewards her properly with praise or Taming, and careful about introducing the Nincadass to sunlight on a regular basis for minimal amount of times, the Pokégirl will level up to the point where she evolves.
The evolution itself is distinct from most other Pokégirls. At the beginning of the Nincadass' evolution, there is the expected bright glowing. However, this bright glow begins from within, and there's the startling look as the Nincadass' skin and carapace are stretched. Within minutes, the back bursts open, from which the newly evolved form of Pokégirl will emerge; Ninjacket!
In appearance, a Ninjacket retains it's waif-like human in some ways. Although now with a slightly taller body that ranges from 4'2" to" to 5', with their breasts now up to a solid and large B-Cup. Their hair, now considerably longer is usually kept back in a ponytail.
The major changes come in the form of the Ninjacket's exoskeleton. While remaining nicely smooth for the most part, and intricately hinged around the joints, there are points where the exoskeleton is like armor. Shoulders are more like armor-guards, and elbows and knees have thick pads of chitinous shell over them. One should note that the Ninjacket's coloration is bright yellow and striped, like a Wasp or a yellow jacket of old; what with a bright coat of yellow with stripes of black, and a retractable stinger at the end of their posterior. The Ninjacket's face also gains a form of exoskeletal armor that can be summoned or deactivated at will, normally looking like a bright yellow hooded mask with a black stripe and side-vents. This mask does not hinder the Ninjacket's prominent red eyes. The short antennae are moved to atop the Pokégirl's head, and there's even space for them inside of the exoskeleton that acts as a hooded mask.
And important aspect is that the membranous wings, once small and rather pathetic, are now much longer, and capable of high-speed flight of up to 70 mph. Interestingly, unlike most Bug-types, the flapping of their wings does not produce any sound, which again, Edo Tamers gloat about being another aspect of why this species of Pokégirl is perfect for ninjutsu. Their wings also benefit from their enhanced adrenal system, which allows them to push their wings to harsher limits and go even faster as time passes. However, they do need an hour of rest once they stop.
When it comes to battle, the Ninjacket is well adept at hit and dodge tactics, and will use a number of different attacks, using what they feel is best suited to their opponent. They now use truer versions of Cicada Ruse and Smoke attacks, and they can now naturally use the Ninja technique of Numbing Wind thanks to their wings. Numbing Wind and Double Team seem to be the Ninjacket's favorite combo for wearing down an opponent Pokégirl and avoiding damage.
Ninjackets are a particularly hyperactive lot. Although they can calm themselves whenever it comes to battle or practicing their fighting art, outside of that, they become a very playful species. A particularly favorite thing to do is to fly about silently and then surprise their Tamer, tackling him and wanting hugs and kisses. When it comes to Taming, Ninjackets love to kiss their Tamers, which was pretty impossible in their previous forms. The use of their lips are something that interest them, and so they love to give their Tamers head. When not giving oral-sex, the Ninjacket loves to be on top, and use her speedy wings to aid in the riding of her Tamer's cock. Interestingly, this seems to be the only time that the wings will make a buzzing sound, as if she's trying to drown out the noise she and her Tamer are making so others cannot listen in on them. As this is only a recently discovered breed of Pokégirl, there are not only any cases of a girl going through Threshold turning Ninjackets. Interestingly, a number of Pokégirl Breeders have shown interest in wanting to make Domestic Breeds, even more so than the Nincadass.
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NIXIE, the Water Fairy Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteur
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Barrier, Reduce, Enlarge, Smile, Slick Stroke
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Water Stone)
While the Fairycute is a sex-hungry Pokégirl that loves to play as a living dildo, her elemental evolutions are a little bit different, to say the least. Used during the war to destroy electronic equipment without being detected, many a human base was infiltrated and their 'sprinkler' systems went off to devastating effect. Strangely, this was when there were no fires, and the running humans would be easily picked off by larger, much stronger Pokégirls. After the war, although many humans attempted to find these Pokégirls, they were far too difficult to find thank to the size altering abilities and many survived the aftermath of the war. Feral Nixies do tend to cause all sorts of mischief, and are half the reason that schools wind up getting out early during the day- a Feral Nixie enjoys causing mischief with sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and other things along those lines.
While feral Nixies are more common than domestic Nixie, they are still rather intelligent in comparison to other ferals that are out there. They tend to live near civilized areas, where stronger and more carnivorous Pokégirls do not often hunt, and live in small groups. When full-sized, a Nixie is usually around five and a half feet tall, and they most often have lighter colored hair (green is also rather common). They don't normally wear clothes, domesticated or feral, due to their large four-part insect-like wings behind their back., and so domestic ones, if they even wear anything, tend to gravitate towards aprons and skirts for the ease of wear. One thing for Tamers to remember is that unlike most water types, these Pokégirls cannot breathe underwater. They can hold their breath for upwards of 10 minutes, but any longer and they must return above water for oxygen. These Pokégirls also have small B-cup breasts on average, though they swell up to almost a C-cup after a swim or a soak in water. As they use their Water attacks and abilities (without any body of water nearby), the Nixie's breasts shrink down to their normal size.
Nixie are rather useful on farms and as part of fire departments- their ability to fly and use water attacks that aren't supremely powerful make them capable of stalling out fires near trapped humans and Pokégirls long enough for larger and stronger Pokégirls to get to those who need rescued. In battle, their size-altering abilities make them devastating opponents- both in standard battles and sex battles. But their real use is in Sex Battles, where their water abilities are often used to get her opponents wet and ready for them. Their standard attacks aren't very powerful, and as such are not popular with Tamers that have a combat harem unless they are used in conjunction with ground or rock types.
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NOGITSUNE, the Can’t Get Any Tail Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Dark/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average (can become High depending on the Tamer’s Harem)
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Hypnotize, Dream Eater, Illusion, Smile, Mana Bolt, Mystic Bolt, Shadow Shot, Teleport
Enhancements: Quickness, Enhanced Hearing (x5) and Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Undetectable Aura
Evolves: Dark Kitsune (redemption, love or Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Kitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Vixxen (Dark Stone+Dusk Stone)
It seems that whenever a Kitsune does something that goes against her personal code, a form of honor unknown to any other being, a Kitsune loses her tail and becomes Nogitsune.
With the loss of her tail, the Kitsune’s body seems to unleash a high amount of dark energy, changing the Kitsune into a new Pokégirl. Though it is unknown how it happens, perhaps it is the work of a natural mechanism in a Kitsune, perhaps it is not.
By becoming a Nogitsune, there are many changes to the Kitsune being besides the loss of her tail. The Kitsune’s fur changes to a pattern of black and white, almost similar to a Skunkette or Mephitits. Also, with the loss of tail, more magical properties of the Kitsune are unleashed, making her a somewhat powerful Magic-type.
It should be known however, that a Nogitsune is quite a difficult Pokégirl to maintain in a Tamer’s Harem. The Nogitsune becomes very conceited, as she sees herself as having nothing to lose, so that train of thought makes two traits about the Nogitsune stand out. The first, and hardest for the Tamer is that since the Nogitsune sees herself as having nothing, she wants all she can get from her Tamer, wanting more time with him during Taming sessions or as the second trait shows, wanting to be used in battle.
The need to fight within a Nogitsune however can be a mixed blessing as with the want to be in battle, a Nogitsune is ruthless, using Hypnotize to put her opponent first, then draining her with Dream Eater. Should a Nogitsune’s opponent be able to shake off her Hypnotize, the Nogitsune will tend to use Mana Bolt or Mystic Bolt, depending on the level of mana, then follow up with Shadow Shot while the opponent is stunned. It should also be stated that it is NEVER a good idea to have a Nogitsune and a Shaguar in the same Harem. The two Pokégirls seem to have a rivalry that is up to the ferocity of the Kunoichis and Cheshires or the Demon Goddesses and the Neo-Iczels.
It is thought to be possible for Nogitsune to evolve, however, what she can evolve into is unknown at this time.
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OCTOPUSSY, the Tight ‘n’ Wet Pokégirl Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: seafood
Role: wilderness predator, sexual domination
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Wrestle, Wrap, Double Slap, Water Spear, Go Down, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Wet Jet, Spank, Fisting
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), water breathing, prehensile tentacles
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titacruel (Water Stone)
The final evolution of a Titacool, Octopussies are very strong and very dangerous.
From the waist up, an Octopussy looks human. They tend to have breasts that are on the large side, usually a generous C cup. Their hair can be any shade, and is usually long, waving slowly in the water behind them. From the waist down however, any resemblance to a human ends. Below the waist, instead of legs, there are four tentacles! These tentacles are usually around ten feet long or so, and are usually a reddish-pink, but colors such as black or blue aren’t unknown. They are covered with suction cups, which makes it easier for them to grab prey with their wrap attack. Nestled up between all of their tentacles is the Octopussy’s cunt.
Octopussies in the wild are a hazard to be avoided. Their powerful strength makes it relatively easy for them to capture unwary prey in the water or near a bank. Octopussies prefer to play with their food before consuming it; even Feral Octopussies will use their sex attacks on captured prey before drowning it and eating it. The only reason Octopussies aren’t considered dangerous enough to be actively hunted is due to their taste in partners: they are exclusively lesbian. Due to their quirk of wanting to molest their dinner before eating it, they rarely attack males. A male Tamer is more likely to find his Pokégirls being attacked than himself. Only extreme hunger will drive an Octopussy to attack a man, and in that case she just fights to kill anyway.
Octopussies are poor choices for a Harem, despite their power. They are quite clumsy out of the water, since their tentacles stick to the ground, and can’t support their upper-body weight anyway, making them have to crawl around rather pathetically. What’s more, they can’t stand being touched by a man, so a male Tamer would need a strong Pokégirl to keep the Octopussy satisfied. The fact that Octopussies are sexually dominant Pokégirls is just the icing on the cake for why most people and Pokégirls don’t like them. Octopussies prefer to use their tentacles to make their partner go down on them, and then enjoy holding their partner immobile and teasing them cruelly with their sex attacks until the victim begs for release, at which point they usually use Fisting on them.
Feral Octopussies are more much common than Domestic ones (the majority of Domestic Octopussies being owned as pets by single women who have a pool and like very kinky sex). If someone actually wants to capture one, the best strategy is to use a sexy-looking Pokégirl as bait to lure her near the shore, and then have several Pokégirls of elements that are Strong Vs. Water attack her. Threshold girls usually don’t evolve directly to an Octopussy, but if such a thing were to happen to some poor girl, she would likely be quickly sent to the nearest Pokégirl ranch before she could try and get her tentacles on someone.
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OGRESS, the Inner-Monster Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human foods (in large quantities)
Role: shock troops, construction
Libido: Low (High with a favored Tamer)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Bearhug, Headbutt, Pummel, Yell, Glare, Mega Punch, Taunt, Rage
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Monster Out (Enhanced Strength (x20) Enhanced Durability (x10), Ignore Poison)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (normal)
When a Tomboy gains enough experience over time, she may evolve. This evolution comes without any fanfare, and unlike many other Pokégirls that shine with inner light upon evolving, she shows no sign of discomfort, shock, or anything that has typically been associated with Pokégirl evolution. It's when she's under stress of some sort that she gains the ability to Monster Out, showing off her newly evolved form for the first time. Unlike many Pokégirls, the Tomboy truly barely changes at all when she evolves. At best, she might gain a 1/5 of a cup size, and perhaps grow an inch or two in height- that is the most obvious physical change after evolving. The Tomboy's hair grows a little faster than before, allowing her to have long hair, which many Ogress choose to keep braided. The physical changes take place over a period of two or three weeks, making it that much more difficult to spot. Though they are short-tempered before, they are more so now, quick to brood and faster to anger. The other easy way to tell when a Tomboy evolves is when she begins to need to consume greater and greater amounts of food and drink. More than one stupid tamer has attempted to evolve an Ogress (that they thought was still a Tomboy at the time) into a Snorlass as a result of the amount of food she eats.
When Monstered Out, the Ogress' physical body in a flash of light that is reminiscent of the evolution of other Pokégirls, becomes between two to three times bigger, matching or exceeding the height of a Giant Trollop and gaining an equivalent amount of strength as well. Her skin becomes as rough as stone and her curves are gone, replaced with angular muscles that are about as dense as armor plating. Unlike a Giantess, the Ogress does not have a weak spot in her forehead, and somehow cannot be poisoned. The reason for this is unknown, but suspected that her body's metabolic processes speed up exponentially with the amount of physical power exuded during her Monster Out that the poison takes effect and dies out within half a second on average. The Monster Out ability can last up to half an hour at a time, but only as long as the Ogress has had enough to eat beforehand. Tamers say that when an Ogress is Monstered Out, they are three times uglier than a Trollop or a Harpy but still retain the same mind as they had before Monstering Out.
In battle, Monster Out is typically the first thing that an Ogress does to get the power she may need to overcome most obstacles that might be set in her path. Using Mega Punch to try and finish an opponent, a Monstered Out Ogress typically prefers to wrestle her opponent into a Bearhug technique, and as she squeezes the target, to try and batter her into submission using a Headbutt. Tamers should be aware that unlike many Pokégirls, an Ogress is extremely difficult to get out of her Rage attack until she either somehow calms down or is defeated, and so using Rage is something that should not be done unless they know what they're doing. The Pokégirl also has another weakness- no long range techniques, or even midrange techniques other than Yell or Glare make it easy for smarter, faster, and more maneuverable Pokégirls to strike from afar and capitalize on the Ogress' lack of abilities.
In a harem, an Ogress usually manages to get along with many other Pokégirls. As one of the most human-looking of Pokégirls, they can sometimes fool casual onlookers without a Pokédex into thinking that they aren't Pokégirls. However, no Ogress bows down to orders from other Pokégirls that haven't proven themselves to her in battle: would-be Alphas and Betas should be made aware of this fact. An Ogress does not make a good Pokégirl for any position of leadership within a harem, as their anger blinds them to obvious non-violent solutions, and they often pick on weaker members of a harem. However, this is not always the case, as just as many are amiable with Pokégirls that are weaker than they are. Taming an Ogress should be done with restraints and sedatives, as otherwise a particularly enjoyable taming may trigger the Ogress into Monstering Out. Thresholds are very rare, almost never happening, though some speculate it's more common than one might think, if one considers just how little a Tomboy changes upon evolving. Ferals are about as rare, unable to Monster Out as a result of losing their minds. Ogress are, therefore, most commonly found near civilization rather than in the wilds.
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ONI, the Shagging and Shocking Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human food
Role: slightly painful Taming, defibrillator
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Hammer, Pummel, Yell, Glare, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Spark, Jolt
Enhancements: Toughness, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength (x4), Electromagnetic Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tomboy (Thunder Stone)
A Tomboy who is exposed to a Thunder Stone evolves into an Oni. This is the evolution that most Tamers prefer to have their Tomboys go through. An Oni gains quite a bit more cleavage than her previous form, with her breasts swelling to a nice C-cup, and her legs lengthening to be long and delicate. For these reasons they tend to wear as little as possible (although they prefer not to go naked), enjoying flaunting their new figures. Onis also grow a small pair of horns atop their head, but these are easily hidden under their hair. An Oni usually leaves behind most of her bad attitude that she possessed as a Tomboy, but she can still be jealous and obstinate at times. These instances happen less frequently though, and usually don’t involve nearly as much pain for the Tamer she is jealous over. When it does involve pain though, it’s in the form of high-voltage electric shocks. They tend to use these shocks during Taming as well, but to a much lesser degree, applying a very faint but quick electric shock to her partner’s sensitive areas for stimulation. It stings a little, but the surprise is quite arousing for those who enjoy that sort of thing.
As far as combat goes, Onis are proficient fighters. They retain the most of the attacks of their previous form, as well as the durability. They do take a hit in strength, but what they lose in sheer physical prowess is made up for by the fact that they gain a wide array of electric attacks.
The most impressive ability of an Oni though is her ability to use Electromagnetic Flight. Using this enhancement, she concentrates ambient electricity inside her body, letting her ride the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field to fly. Because the electricity she uses to do this is generated and kept within her, she doesn’t attract metal or otherwise let the field externally manifest. Despite this ability, an Oni has been conclusively proven not to be a Flying type. This is mostly due to the fact that no Oni has any types of Flying attacks or enhancements, but also due to the lack of good maneuverability. When an Oni is flying, at any speed, it takes her anywhere from three to five seconds to alter her speed and/or direction as she adjusts her internal electricity to move through the magnetic field of the earth in a different manner. While three to five seconds isn’t a lot, in a fight this lack of quick air movement can be costly, with only the Oni’s powerful electrical attacks counterbalancing this weakness to give them the advantage against Flying-types. In a serious match, an Oni will remain on the ground. An Oni can never carry another person with her in the air, nor any objects that are very heavy.
Feral Onis are relatively easy to capture. They tend to fly around, heedless of their surroundings and oblivious to all that goes on around them. By the time they notice that a Tamer is coming after them, it tends to be too late. Threshold girls directly become an Oni only rarely.
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ORCUNT, the Fast Defending Dolphin Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Dolphin[Orca])
Element: Water/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish and meat, plus seal Pokégirls when feral
Role: Aquatic heavy assault assistance, guarding ports, undersea farming
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Grass, Ice, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Fade, Water Spear, Takedown, Tail Slap, Take Down, Blizzard Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice beam, Whirlpool, Cold Snap, Frost Wave*, Crushing Blow, can learn song techniques
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7 on land, x15 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x2 on land, x6 in water), high intelligence, has resistance to cold surpassed only by the Baleena, ice affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Boobfin (normal)
During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized. Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).
However, after this time, the humans had learned a few new tricks as well. While they were not as strong as before, the remaining navies quickly began using tactics that separated the Baleena from her escorts, often sacrificing ships to draw off the escort forces long enough for enemy destroyers to get in and depth charge the Baleena’s to death. To counter this, Sukebe devised a Pokégirl whose main purpose was to escort Baleena’s. He built the Orcunts, using Orca DNA that was already included in the Baleena breed to hide their existence until it was too late for the navies to abort the attack.
The Orcunt and the Baleena orca versions are mostly identical, except for a handful of deviations between the two that are not apparent without actually engaging them in combat or extended observation. The first difference is that the Orcunts are usually smaller than their Baleena sisters, normally between the heights of six and seven and a half feet. Though some exceptional individuals have been measured as tall as eight and a half, further confusing observers as to whether they are viewing an Orcunt or a Baleena with orca markings. The Orcunts are a bit leaner than their sister breed, the Baleena’s, but still are well rounded to help deal with the extreme cold temperature’s that they must survive in the depths of the ocean. The Orcunts are also a good deal more aggressive than their Baleena sisters, and tend to want lash out at intruders to protect their pods when feral, even before they know if they the intruder is hostile.
The Orcunts differences from the Baleena were what made them so much more effective against enemy fleets than the mixed escorts that the pods had replied on before. While somewhat weaker than a Baleena, the Orcunts more than make up for that by being much faster than the Baleenas they escorted as well as having a wide range of attacks that could deal with the fleets without risking the more vulnerable Baleenas. The Orcunts would hide amidst the Baleenas inside the pod, letting the mixed escorts be ‘led off,’ before moving forward to destroy the second wave of ships that would try to engage the Baleena’s before the escorts could return.
In combat, the Orcunts prefer fighting like the Baleena does, using her ranged attacks to harass the enemy before getting close enough to use her considerable strength to crush the enemy. When in the water though, the Orcunt’s battling attitude moves from vicious to playful unless fighting water types, in that they whittle away at their opponents, never getting close enough for the enemy to attack them back.
When feral, Orcunts are usually found in a pod with Baleena’s still performing the duty that their creator gave them, aggressively protecting their more benign sisters. The Orcunts within that a pod are led by the most powerful Orcunt, called a Matriarch, who sings to her charges, directing them with a skill that belies the fact she is feral. While the Orcunts can change the Matriarch by defeating her in a non-lethal battle, these changes are rare, and usually only happen when the Matriarch is near death and no longer able to stay up with her sisters in battle. At which point, she often still stays with the pod, but the strongest Orcunts battle each other for the position.
In terms of harem dynamics, the Orcunt is similar to a Baleena, in that she is loyal to a fault to her tamer and that she considers her harem sisters to be her new ‘pod.’ Thresholding into a Orcunt is extremely rare, and often occurs in the same places where Baleena thresholding is likely. Many who go through the change are distraught at first, both by the sudden jump in power, and the loss of her ‘pod’ when her family sells her. But most are quick to form a new ‘pod’ at the ranch, and few of those rare thresholds has ever requested a L5 conditioning cycle, find that their superior looks, attractive markings, and increased power more than make up for their lost humanity.
Frost Wave: (Attack + effect OR effect) The Orcunt channels frost energy into her mouth, and unleashes it in a beam toward the opponent. Out of the water the attack is comparable to an Ice beam, just stronger and less chance to freeze, but in the water is where it truly shines. If used while underwater, the Frost wave quickly freezes the water in a straight line from the Orcunt to a length of 50 to 100ft, creating a wall of ice that can be used to either section off the battlefield, or trap an onrushing opponent. It deals no direct damage this way, and shatters upon the first hard, solid hit into razor edged facets, but even the metals used in Pre-Sukebe Warships would be damaged after running headlong into the wall. The wall will quickly melt from the ambient water temperature after a minute, requiring expert aiming for maximum effect.
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PAPERDOLL (AKA ORIGAMI), The Paper Art Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Fire*
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: Spying, artists
Libido: Average, high with a Tamer that appreciates their art
Strong Vs: Water, Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Water, Fire, Dragon, Flying, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Fold, Papercut, Paper Sword, Paper Shuriken, Paper Senbon, Buzzsaw, Wrap, Crushing Wrap, Ignite*, Fire Spin*, Flame Sword Mark II*, Various Normal/Fighting/Sword Techniques, Paper Moon *Only usable while on fire
Enhancements: Unmatched flexibility, Spying ability, flight
Weaknesses: Highly flammable, water weakens them
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titto (Leaf Stone)
Discovered in 230 AS by the Edo Gym Leader Kishimoto Nagato, when his Titto Konan accidentally touched a Leaf Stone. The resulting evolution was the Origami, or the Paperdoll as it is known outside the Edo League.
Paperdolls may lose many of the advantages they had as a Titto, but they gain something in return; their light weight and natural abilities grant them flight, numerous sword techniques, and flexibility that only a Rubbermaid or Stretchymaid could ever hope to match. They lose their gelatinous form and turn into a Very Near Human type. In fact, most Paperdolls could easily pass for an Ingenue before a Pokédex scan. However, one surefire way to tell is that a Paperdoll will usually have some kind of Origami craft decorating her somehow; this might be a paper flower in her hair, or something as simple as a bracelet. Also, the texture of their skin is very soft and velvety, like old parchment.
Paperdolls also have many paper versions of other techniques, such as Paper Sword, Shuriken, Senbon, and innumerable other techniques. In fact, one of the advantages of a Paperdoll is her massive arsenal of attacks.
In addition, they have the highly versatile Fold attack, which while not as powerful as Transform, allows her to use many attacks such as Wrap, Horn Drill, Peck, and others. Using Fold she can use almost any cutting or flying attack as long as it is purely physical (for example she could mimic Guillotine or Razor Wing, but not Ki Blast or Focus Punch; attacks that require great physical strength are beyond their abilities).
Two other attacks they have are Papercut and Paper Moon. Papercut is hardly what you would call a bruiser of an attack, but it uses a razor-thin edge of paper to cause a very shallow, but extremely painful, cut to serve as a distraction in battle.
Paper Moon, on the other hand, is the most powerful attack in a Paperdoll's arsenal. Using Ki to harden her body, the Paperdoll can fold herself into a large sickle shaped blade that is capable of cutting through even a Steel Pokégirl’s hard shell. But this technique does indeed have a drawback; it takes so much energy out of the Paperdoll that she cannot use any technique but Papercut until she has rested properly.
Despite the fact that a Paperdoll is even weaker against Fire-Types than other Plant-types, it is highly inadvisable to use one against her as once ignited, she gains the fire element, all her attacks becoming Fire-Elemental in nature, and she can use Fire Sword II as well as Fire Spin.
Paperdolls are generally very levelheaded and artistic Pokégirls, but when they find a Tamer who truly appreciates their art, they become very affectionate indeed, and will frequently give their Tamers with their handcrafted works of art, which do not break down or weaken over time like normal paper. Paperdoll crafts can actually catch a pretty penny for those who enjoy possessing such things.
As far as Taming goes, they enjoy any position that takes advantage of their natural flexibility, and while a little drier than most Pokégirls ‘down there,’ it's not enough to really be a problem for her or her Tamer.
Curiously enough, Paperdolls do not get along with Ar-Tits at all, as an Ar-Tits will often try to paint or doodle on a Paperdoll, which Paperdolls believe 'ruins the purity of clean paper'. While their rivalry is not as bad as that between Demon-Goddesses and Neo Iczels, it will still interfere with Harem functionality if left unchecked.
Unfortunately, many people ignore the Paperdoll in lieu of Titto's more hardy evolutions such as Marble or even Glass. As such, they are very rare and with a few exceptions are virtually nonexistent outside the Edo League.
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PARISMAID, the Yes-Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human (shortened tendons in calves, transparent second eyelid, subdermal markings)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: normal human foods
Role: cleaning, maintenance
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Leap Kick, Capture, Sexual Domination
Enhancements: transparent second eyelid, subdermal markings are actually heat/pressure sensors, enhanced immune system, highly enhanced digestive system, Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Maid Yvette (normal)
The Maid Yvette series is one of three Pokégirl types developed by the League after Sukebe's War. Originally the Nurse Joy series was to maintain clinics for both Pokégirls and humans, the Officer Jennies were to maintain the peace, and the Maid Yvette series was to perform the menial tasks of domestic maintenance following the loss of much of the unskilled workforce. When the first Maid Yvette reached a "confidence threshold" and evolved to Parismaid, the Maid series was then given a tentative "not complete failure" status.
Parismaid stand 5'2" and are nearly completely human in appearance. They possess hair of a dark brown to reddish brown hue, are of slim build, and always wear high heels. This last is due to shortened tendons in their legs which force them to walk "tippy-toe" continually.
Parismaid’s most powerful and strange attack form is that of Capture - using whatever is in their environment to pin and bind a Pokégirl in order to use their Sexual Domination attack on the helpless captive. Despite their ability to dominate sometimes more powerful Pokégirls, the Parismaid lacks the domineering personality found in Domina breeds. To her Master she tends to be sexually aggressive but otherwise quite submissive.
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PENGAL, the Ice-Sliding Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (penguin)
Element: Ice
Frequency: Rare (Arctic regions), Extremely Rare (Northern Ice continent)
Diet: Fish and fruits
Role: Fishing
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Icebeam, Ice Wall, Mist, Ice Kick, Little Cloud II, Snow Storm, Ice Floor
Enhancements: Body can survive cold temperatures easily, body incredibly slick and hard to grab
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
A regal-looking, birdlike Pokégirl with black and white plumage that makes them look somewhat like they are wearing a tuxedo. Chubby, with webbed feet and flipper-like hands, they are very cute in appearance. They prefer cold climates, but can survive anywhere.
Pengals are clumsy on land, as they walk with a pronounced waddle, preferring to slide on their smooth, chubby bellies along the ice in a tobogganing-like manner to move quickly along the ice flows and snowy peaks. Feral herds keep to themselves, staying on shelves of ice to raise their young, teaching them how to take advantage of their instincts to fish for themselves.
Tamed Pengals are decent ice fighters both for attacking and support, coating the field in ice to allow them to go into their belly-sliding Tackle attacks, sometimes going past the opponent to strafe them with Icebeam. They also gain a liking for top hats and umbrellas, which no one has been able to explain yet as anything other than an amusing personality quirk of the breed. They have no preference for positions in terms of Taming, although once they are chosen by a Tamer, they mate for LIFE. During trades, they won't fight it like a Leopardess would, they simply release themselves from their Pokéballs and head back to their masters, berating them briefly for trading them and returning the traded Pokégirl back to the original owner. Repeating the trade will end with the same result, the Pengal constantly making their way back to their original Tamer until they agree not to trade them. The Pengal, satisfied that a lesson has been taught, will resume her duties in the Harem and say no more about it for the rest of her life.
Because of this part of their nature, Pengals get along very well with Leopardesses. Pengals also make excellent, dutiful mothers. No Threshold Pengals have been reported as of yet.
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PIA, the Baby-Mouse Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (mouse)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivorous
Role: Fighters, Emergency power charges
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Growl, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Spark, Tail Whip, Thundershock, Thunderwave
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility and Reflexes (x3), Enhanced Senses (Smell and Hearing) (x2), Low self-control
Evolves: Peekabu (age/normal)
Evolves From: None
A Pia is one of the shortest mouse-type Pokégirls, rarely growing very much; by the time she reaches puberty, she's still only 4'5 in height, at best, and the rest of her proportions are on par. The average breast size is an A-cup, with anything larger being always on the lower side, and the same low sizing affects their hips as well; rarely, however, there are Pias who are gifted with large breasts and hips, usually looking more like their evolved forms than anything. Their bodies are covered in bright yellow fur, with pink marks on their cheeks and extremely long, rabbit-like ears with black markings. These ears move according to their emotions, normally standing proud in attention when they're calm or happy, but drooping when they're sad or worried. Their tail is smaller than their evolution's, also being black in color at the end, and is used to aid with their balance and movements.
Pias aren't particularly fast or strong, although they're still able to outrun the average human if they tried; rather, their primary skill is to hide and sneak through places taller Pokégirls normally can't access. Their form of playing about, when they're young, is usually to see who can sneak through the tightest hole the quickest, a game that requires more strategizing than one might think. Because of this, Pias usually can climb onto, enter, and otherwise access areas one wouldn't expect them to be able to reach. Despite the stories, however, very few Tamers actually believe their skills - until they actually see them in action. Their electric attacks are actually more potent than other Pokégirls’, including their evolutions – that is, however, only if one considers the amount of energy wasted or redirected into their own bodies. Their weaker attacks are normally not strong enough to cause serious harm, although they might end up paralyzed or dizzy from use; stronger attacks, on the other hand, can leave them seriously harmed or even worse. Still, the average Pia can’t unleash her electricity on accident unless seriously shocked, and Taming doesn’t require much other than careful contact and going slow; their bodies are small enough that an average Tamer isn’t likely to get his entire organ inside her.
Personality-wise, Pias are rather perplexing; while a good majority of them is Feral, their state is very much unlike the other Pokégirls, being able to interact with others normally for extended periods of time without Taming. While it's true that they need it, and particularly love to do it (although they're so small there aren't many ways to do it with them), their low libido means they require it only every once a week or so, at least, rather than daily. They're also extremely curious, usually going to places they're not supposed to be in and asking various questions of any kind. If what they learn isn't particularly interesting, they'll 'forget' about it, speaking mostly of the things they liked to hear about for a long while. Sometimes, however, they may recall their 'forgotten' knowledge way after they heard it, something more common if they're Tamed (a fair rarity, of course...). Pias tend to be intensively possessive of things they find, usually considering any kind of thing they can put on their bodies 'clothing' and anything they can carry 'theirs', be it truly theirs or not. This kind of action is worse with wild Pias, who consider anything not nailed to the ground to be theirs and everything else to be theirs as well.
When Feral, Pias tend to hide from humans and watch them, curiously. Depending on how close the human is, they'll either run away if their eyes cross or start coming closer, carefully. As long as the human does not do any sudden movements or attempt to touch the Pia, she won't be frightened, and may be offered some food; in such a case, she'll be as good as Tamed, trusting the human as long as he doesn't try to hurt her at all. This is one of the reasons why knowledge of these Pokégirls and their evolutions is being easier to find. Surprisingly, Pias have a difficulty to understand the concept of 'one partner', and may wander off if they feel unsatisfied, even if Bonded; this isn't a permanent departure, however, and the Pia will return to her Tamer at once.
Pias do not like female humans, and being Tamed by females is even less effective than usual with them; be it a genetic memory or not, the truth is that the breed simply does not enjoy being touched by females, or doing the same. Feral Pias are more willing to be Tamed by their Sisters, but they will refuse to be touched by a female human regardless.
Cases of Threshold are extremely rare, almost non-existent; due to hormones, the only way a proper, safe evolution can happen is if the girl goes through the Threshold process earlier than normal, with the known cases of Threshold being younger than 10 years old at best. Recent studies to analyze why the process is so specific have been restarting research on Threshold. All Pias evolve at the age of 18, although evolution may be forced at an earlier period.
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PLAYBUNNY, the Overly Affectionate Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: typically kept by Harem Masters for reasons unknown (to public)
Libido: Extreme
Strong Vs: Ghost, bunny Pokégirls, mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Lust, Enhance, Minimize
Enhancements: Speed, Enhanced Hearing (x4), Retarded Aging, Luck Factor
Evolves: Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing excessive violence)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (orgasm)
Bunnygirls are fun loving, friendly, Pokégirls with a scant attention span and respond well to friendly affectionate Masters. Playbunnys are fun loving, affectionate and have an amazingly high attention span. As long as the focus is physical and hopefully, naked bodies. Considered dangerous because of their great lasciviousness. Their greatest advancements over the Bunny are the two attacks Enhance and Minimize, which enhances or decreases any specific trait of a person briefly. In matches, their opponent will get exhausted faster and their fellow Pokéwomen endure longer.
The Playbunny can most often be found with a Harem Master. As they quite often are one of the few reasons that the Harem Master is able to survive. These don't have as many enthusiasts because they are so very rare. But with keeping them, comes prestige and often other Pokégirls.
One notable difference between the Playbunny and it earlier form is that most of it turns black. The area the black fur covers makes it look a lot like the playbunny is wearing a strapless swimsuit. Beyond which, the ears and the tail turn black as well. Sometimes paper cuffs hang around the wrists. Not all Playbunnys wear them though. Possibly an accessory they make themselves in their spare-time.
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PLUSSY and MIBOOBSY, the Tag Team Pokégirls
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Electric/Fire and Electric/Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Synchronized fighters
Libido: Average, High in high electricity areas
Strong Vs: Flying, Bug, Ice, Steel (Plussy); Flying, Water, Electric (Miboobsy)
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Dragon (Plussy); Fighting, Fire, Rock (Miboobsy)
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Agility, Luminaire, Static Barrier, Lightning Punch, Lightning Kick (Both); Flame Shot, Napalm, Flamethower, Ignite (Plussy); Ice Beam, Ice Armor, Avalanche, Ice Slide (Miboobsy)
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Pokeballed as one, Aura of Cute
Weaknesses: Loose electric powers when separated, prone to rage/depression when separated
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
In 219AS a Team run genetics operation was infiltrated by a PLC official, undercover, the agent witnessed several violations of not only local laws, but crimes against nature as well. Most of these pitiable G-splices and mutations had to be put down, but the lab's most recent experiment was salvageable, and have come to be the breed known as Plussy and Miboobsy. Unlike most breeds with subtypes, the Plussy and Miboobsy are not considered separate Pokégirls in their own right. In fact, pairs of the subtypes of this breed have extreme co-dependency upon each other. Truly, this co-breed of Pokégirls are intriguing to say the least.
Both Plussy and Miboobsy are rodent type Pokégirls, based off of a Chipmunk, a ground squirrel which is rarely seen in the modern era. Plussies and Miboobsies both look very similar to each other within their twin pairs, being closer to maternal twins than fraternal twins . The breed ranges from human looking Pokégirls with large round ears and short tails, to nearly full animorphs, with slight muzzles and full body fur. The fur of the breed is usually a cream to yellow color, though Plussies have bright red highlights on their ears and tail, and Miboobsies have deep blue highlights on the same areas. Human looking Plussies and Miboobsies barely show their cream fur color, though no matter how human or anthropomorphic individual pairs of the breed are, they still have slightly rounded cheeks from electrical sacks, much like the Peekaboo line. These electric pouches are noted by red fur with a white plus sign on most anthropomorphic Plussies, though human looking Plussies merely have a area of lighter skin that looks like a plus sign. Miboobsies also carry this feature, though their fur color is blue on furry specimens and the symbol is a dash or minus sign. Also, a Plussy's tail is cross shaped, looking much like a hard plus sign sticking out from her body; while a Miboobsy's tail is 'T' shaped, like a hard minus sign attached to the end of their blue tails. The tail is where a majority of the breeds elemental powers come from. They are a bit on the short side, usually around 4-5 feet in height, though taller pairs have been noted. Their breast size tends to range from a modest B to a busty C, though most of the breed lean towards the B cup range.
One of the most interesting facets of the breed is that Plussies and Miboobsies are always found as twin sets, each with a Plussy and Miboobsy. Oddly this also extends to Pokéballing the Pokégirls, as when one is captured or recalled, the beam extends to their partner as well. Due to this odd quirk found in most identical twin Pokégirls, Plussies and Miboobsies are Pokéballed as one, and most Leagues consider them to be a single Pokégirl. Research has shown that there is a deep psychic link between the twins, similar to a delta bond, that make each Plussy and Miboobsy dependent on their counterpart. Plussies tend to produce a positive charge from their electric sacs in the breed's cheeks and tail, while Miboobsies produce negative charge. Without the corresponding charge, the Plussy and Miboobsy cannot create the needed electricity to use their electric attacks, leaving them with only their intrinsic control over fire or ice as offense or defense. This means that even in battle, a Plussy and Miboobsy pair will stick close to each other, the maximum distance being recorded at just under 10 yards. When separated by more distance than that, their electrical attacks tend to fizzle ineffectively.
Due to their close bond, only twin Pokékits born to a Plussy or Miboobsy survive, as there have been no known single Pokékits to be born alive. Without their partner, Plussies tend to slide into rages easily, and begin to have blood pressure problems, eventually perishing from heart disease. Miboobsies without a partner, on the other hand, will slide into a deep depression, their bodily functions slowly shutting down as they starve themselves. This has even proven true in utero, as fetal Pokékits suffer from the same symptoms and usually miscarry early on in the pregnancy. Rarely, if a Plussy and Miboobsy team get pregnant together, the twins can manage to have one Pokékit apiece so long as each Pokégirl is carrying one Plussy Pokékit and one Miboobsy Pokékit. Extensive research into the odd quirk of the breed has shown that a Plussy or Miboobsy can actually accept a new partner should their twin perish. However, the odds of two pairs of Plussy and Miboobsy having a partner perish and leaving behind a Plussy and Miboobsy are slim due to their rarity and the odds of this happening.
In addition to their electrical attacks, Plussies and Miboobsies each have one extra elemental ability. Plussies can use and learn fire attacks, while Miboobsies can use and learn ice attacks. It is theorized that this is due to their positive and negative electrical abilities respectively, positively charging the air to produce fire attacks, or using a negative charge to create ice attacks. Regardless of how their other elemental abilities are achieved, the typing remains inherent to the breed, as Plussies are neither strong nor weak to water, while Miboobsies have an added weakness to fire.
When together, each twin pair forms an interesting dynamic. Sometimes there is one more assertive of the pair, either the Miboobsy leading with her cool head and intellect, or the Plussy leading with her passion and aggressiveness. Other times the pair act startlingly similar, speaking in tandem and finishing each others sentences. Luckily, unlike with other twins, tamers can easily tell them apart by ear color alone. Overall, Plussies and Miboobsies are cheerful and helpful Pokégirls, well suited for either tag matches or grand melee battles. However, they're not well suited for one on one matches, as being too far away from their partner hobbles their fighting abilities greatly.
In a battle, most pairs of the breed rely on electrical attacks, blasting the area with Thunderbolts, though they have been known to use their fire and ice abilities in tandem for a powerful one two punch. If caught away from each other, pairs can only rely on their fire or ice attacks, but they quickly use agility to try and get back within their electrical range. Usually however, neither of the pair are very willing to separate from each other.
Taming with a Plussy and Miboobsy pair is quite an experience, as usually pairs are quite willing to share. Unless the breed's cheek sacs are pressed, Plussies and Miboobsies are not known to loose control of their electrical abilities, and they have better control over their fire and ice abilities. No restraints or special equipment is needed with this breed, though Miboobsies often complain of being chilly while Plussies are rather warm.
Thresholding into a Plussy or Miboobsy is rare, and quite dangerous should the thresholder have no sibling. In cases such as this, parents often scramble to find a partner Plussy or Miboobsy for their daughter to bond with, though in some more conservative leagues, she is often Pokéballed and placed into storage or shuffled into Poképower with a payment to the parents. Twin thresholders fair much better, as one inevitability thresholds into a Plussy and the other a Miboobsy. To date, there has been no instance of twin thresholders becoming the same subtype of the breed.
Feral Plussy and Miboobsy are rare, as despite being rodent Pokégirls, they are prone to perishing at twice the rate of other Pokégirls due to their unique bonding. When found together as feral, they do pose a challenge for some tamers, as the combination of electric, fire and ice proves a difficult elemental match to overcome unless countered with a rock type. They tend to gather with Peekabu and Ria during thunderstorms in the tops of trees, though Plussies and Miboobsies are less likely to congregate otherwise. Feral Plussies seem to be fascinated by fire, but avoid it due to their partners nervousness around it. Feral Miboobsies greatly enjoy winter weather, and often drag reluctant Plussies out and into cold romps.
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POOL MOUSE, the Playful Mouse Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (Mouse)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare (Common on Magma Islands)
Diet: Kelp, fruits, vegetables
Role: Fisher-women
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass
Attacks: Bubbles, Rain, Draining Rain, Mirror Image, Water Tickle, Slick Stroke, Water Floor, Bubbler, Bubble Cross, Whirlpool
Enhancements: Very good swimming, ability to breath fresh or sea water, highly tuned sixth sense, stronger personality
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titmouse (Water Stone)
When a Titmouse evolves into a Pool Mouse, she loses the fur she had as a Titmouse, but all of her skin turns incredibly smooth and slick. Her tail also gains a strange blue ball at the tip, which is believed to hide the water that she uses so her breasts remain the same size, unlike the Squirtitty. The ball is known to grow and shrink in size whenever she uses a water technique away from a water source, but it is never larger than her head and is never smaller than her fist. It's believed that she may be able to re-absorb leftover moisture from her water attacks to rejuvenate her own supply.
A Pool Mouse is usually not much taller than she was as a Titmouse, but she may gain up to six inches in height and she may slowly develop slightly larger breasts than she had before. Her breasts, stomach and inner thighs are usually bright white while the rest of her skin is blue. Her eye color doesn't change, but they may seem sharper.
Pool Mice have a much stronger sixth sense, being able to detect anyone in any direction within twenty feet, unless there's a solid non-water-porous obstacle, like a steel wall. She also cannot detect intent, but she will know where everyone is within her detection range, no matter how fast they move.
Pool Mice also have a greater sense of fun, loving to play with anyone who will join them in a game. Probably the worst thing about this is that they sometimes completely ignore their sixth sense, though this is generally at the height of play or passion.
The second worst is perhaps their longest running prank on any Pokégirls new to their harem, which is to float bubbles up behind them to make it appear the victim farted. The joke is as old and stale as the Bubble technique and yet, most Pool Mice will still get a hearty laugh out of it.
Because of their ability to detect things around her even when underwater and their cheerful nature, they're viewed as good companions or supervisors for Titodiles or Cuntnaws who aid fishermen.
Pool Mice aren't good fighters, but are excellent when it sex techniques or any supplemental techniques that can help her allies.
Pool Mice have quite sensitive tails and not in an erotic way. Most will sleep on their stomachs or on their side to avoid accidentally pinching the nerves in their tails. Coincidentally, they tend to favor positions where they can be either on top or facing their partner.
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PSI-DYKE, the Man-Hating Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid/Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivorous (ferals prefer raw freshly-killed meat)
Role: Anti-Human Psychic Task Force
Libido: exclusively lesbian, moderately High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Quick, Agility, Telekinesis
Enhancements: Night vision, unique skin, functional claws
Evolves: Psivamp (Moon Shard), Psilady (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Psi-Dykes are not common for many reasons, not the least of which is their carnivorous eating habits.
Threshold and Domesticate Psi-Dykes look Near Human so long as they don't become feral. Psi-Dykes don't have a unique appearance, but all Psi-Dykes have a unique skin takes on a smooth, almost oily, texture. Their skin allows them to resist 'pruning' in water and gives them a silken touch.
Feralborn Psi-Dykes, a true rarity, and any Psi-Dyke who DOES go feral do not look very humanoid. Their skin turns a faint turquoise color and looks almost scaly, even though it isn't. Their eye colors usually invert (save for their pupils), and their claws lengthen to an inch, but become retractable. When feral, Psi-Dykes have a tendency to separate things into that which can be mated with and that which is food. Everything else is a concern only in how it can be used to get either more things to mate with or more things to eat.
If Domesicate or a Threshold Pokégirl takes a female human lover, she will return to her Near Human appearance, save for her claws, which remain retractable. Their psychic powers are considerable and only the strongest willed of female Tamers has been known to keep in control of a Psi-Dyke when she's "in the mood".
Feralborn Psi-dykes have also been known to cause some dismay due to their habit of swallowing live rodents whole, though some have adopted a more civilized habit of biting the heads off before devouring their meal. Domesticate or Threshold Psi-Dykes may seek out a Khangasscunt or a Chickenlittle to fulfill their meat needs.
When feralborn or domesticate born, Psi-Dyke instinctively hate males, and it's believed that they may have been made as an attempt to keep Pokégirls from going feral and joining mankind. Domesticate Pokégirls can usually keep their hatred in check to the point that they can be nice to men who are well-mannered or good at heart; but Feralborn Psi-Dykes have a harder time tolerating any man.
Threshold Pokégirls do not arbitrarily change their opinions about men, but slowly find themselves less and less attracted to male until only bishounen-esque men (i.e. men who are pretty to the point of being feminine in appearance) can even begin to arouse them. Eventually, 95% of all threshold Psi-Dykes will find that the strongest relationships they can have with men is purely friendship. Threshold Psi-Dykes are the most likely to even attempt to engage in a heterosexual relationship, but find themselves requiring female companionship as well, due to the fact that Psi-Dykes are among the rare Pokégirls whose taming cycle is 100% satiated from taming from a female, while a taming with a male will result in only 10% effectiveness. As such, it requires five tamings to get them as satiated as a normal Pokégirl would be with a female tamer.
In the rare even that a male tamer winds up with a Psi-Dyke, it's suggested that they get a Dark-type Pokégirl or a trusted Pokégirl (i.e. bonded to the tamer) to be the Psi-Dyke's regular lover.
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PSIFEY, the Tactical Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Psychic/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Berries, Pokéchow, smaller human-style foods
Role: Strategist
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting
Weak Vs: Plant, Fire
Attacks: Foresight, Aura Barrier, Double Team, Psychic, Hypnotize, PsyVibe
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Speed (x4 in small form, x2 in standard size), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Eyesight (x2), Temperature Tolerance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: FairyCute (Psi Crystal), FairyCuter (Psi Crystal)
Good things do sometimes come in small packages. Of course, such packages are always better, in most tamers opinions, when the package can shift sizes to become more human-sized in general. Originally designed to lead Fairy-type Pokégirls and coordinate their sabotage with their larger and stronger Pokégirl sisters during the Revenge War, the Psifey was then produced in fairly large numbers to support large numbers of the Pokégirl troops against the human soldiers. Their smaller stature made it almost impossible to attack at any range, but most especially from the ranges that human snipers typically worked at in order to pick off the leaders of the Pokégirl troops, who were mostly human-sized and therefore easier targets. After the war, the Psifey were lost to attrition as more and more went feral and were killed by other, more aggressive feral Pokégirls. Others were killed by humans while in their more human-sized body, in an attempt to try and stave off going feral. In 62 AS, this breed was discovered as a viable Pokégirl for tamers and for defenders of surviving towns and villages. Using their psychic abilities to coordinate the defenders and their magical techniques to detect not only their opponent but also their likely battle choices, the Psifey quickly became known for their innate powers to assist and lead, rather than fight in the forefront of battle. Using Foresight to gain knowledge of what her target will do next, the breed is known for using her magical abilities and other techniques to strike back or wear her opponent down, until an ally can arrive to finish the target off.
Other than the Pokégirl’s typically (and trademark) small size as a fairy type and her fairy-style pair of wings, the breed looks remarkably like human females. The Pokégirl’s skin color is often of human-standard shades, though some rare few have skin in various shades of gray. Likewise, the eye color for the breed are all human standard, though the possibility of heterochromia iridium (a condition where one of the Pokégirl’s eyes is one color, and the other eye is a completely different color) are for some reason much higher than with any other human or Pokégirl breeds known (studies show that about 1 in 1,000 of this breed have this condition). Though somewhat curvier than either of their pre-evolutionary forms, no Psifey has been recorded with breasts larger than a modest B-cup while in their human-size. Their wings, normally insect like, are merely a pair that extend to a length of twice the length of the Pokégirl’s height per wing. Because of their wings, but mostly due to the breed's seemingly overwhelming urge to not be bothered with such fuss, most of this breed tend to refuse to wear much, if anything, if they can get away with it. Their temperature tolerance allows a Psifey to survive in extreme cold and heated temperatures alike, all without the need of 'outside' assistance.
As a Psi-crystal induced evolution, this breed is almost impossible to find in the wilderness, and are practically always domesticated at some point. The Psifey, when feral, is quite paranoid and always looking for a hiding spot while trying to keep herself safe- to the extent of forsaking contact with any other Pokégirls or humans in general. It's only when they must eat, or must flee, that one might be found outside of some safe hiding spot. They do retain some intelligence, however, in that they can recognize potentially dangerous Pokégirls or humans, and respond accordingly. In a harem setting, this breed excels as a Tamer's Beta, her strategically-oriented mindset giving her an edge over many other Pokégirls and assisting her tamer in various ways, such as taming schedules, taking care of conflicts, and mediating arguments. There have been no known threshold cases of this breed, leaving researchers to believe that the only way to obtain the Pokégirl is by luck or by evolving one of her two pre-evolutionary forms into a Psifey.
This breed adapts to almost any type of taming, though the breed in general dislikes certain types of taming. Anything anal, for instance, is something that according to studies that no Pokégirl of this breed willingly allows. There are of course exceptions to most rules, and so it is likely that some Psifey may loosen their morals for the right tamer. Other than this peculiarity, the breed enjoys a good taming with both males and females, not particularly choosy for the most part. However, Dildoqueens tend to scare the breed, especially the ones that possess very large genitalia. Each season, save for winter, a Psifey's body becomes extremely sensitive for a span of two days, during which she may attempt to entice her tamer and/or her harem-sisters into taming as much and as long as possible. One thing to keep in mind also is that like a HentaiCute, Psifey enjoy playing the same game of 'Living Dildo' with her various partners during a Taming Session. Whereas a FairyCute and her other evolutions utilize the Living Dildo as a basic sex attack at best, the PsiFey has evolved this capability with the use of her own psychic powers to derive enjoyment for both herself and her partner while taming.
PsyVibe (S.ATK 85, EFT): This attack can be used one of two ways. The first is when the user is only 1/6 of her standard size. At this size, the Pokégirl's body itself can be used as a living dildo. The Pokégirl creates a telekinetic field around herself which causes the very air around her to vibrate. In effect, this attack turns the Pokégirl’s body into a living vibrator. The second way this attack can be used is when the Pokégirl is her full size and is being tamed (rather than being the one taming). She can use the same technique at full size, though obviously cannot be used as a living dildo at this particular size. Has a 50% chance of causing Attraction and increases chance to bring target to orgasm (male and female) by 30%.
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PSILADY, the Emotional Psychic Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human style foods, Emotions
Role: Confidants, emotional support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Psychic, Poison
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks: Psychic, Confusion, Teleport, Foresight, Dark Blade, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Heart of Darkness, Psi-Blade, Double Team, Ecstasy Bond*
Enhancements: Empathetic Aura, Enhanced Empathy (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x3), Moderate Telekinetic Capabilities
Evolves: Psiqueen (Delta Bond + Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Psidyke (Dark Stone)
The discovery of the Psilady was perhaps one of the greatest blessings that evolutionary stones visited upon the world. Evolving from Psidykes via a Dark Stone, ironically, the breed is overall far more pleasant and, thankfully, much less inclined to lesbianism and violence, the latter of which can be attributed to the empathy from which they draw their name. Strange amongst the psychic-types and often considered the antithesis of the more popular Alaka-wham breed, Psiladies' powers are derived from emotions and bonding rather than logic and intellect, making them much more personable, if less useful in some ways.
Physically, only those Psidykes who were allowed to take on their feral appearance change drastically; for the rest, it's a very subtle shift; claws vanish, as do most other inhuman characteristics, and their skin smooths a good bit, becoming almost silky in some instances. Overall, their appearances also tend towards becoming more graceful in subtle ways, making it easy to discern them from their unevolved form, but without one clear distinction sticking in the minds of most beholders. This has led some to speculate that it simply their "better natures" showing through, which is untrue for the most part. However, there is a slight grain of truth in the statement; some Psiladies have been observed to emit a low-frequency psychic "aura" that betrays their feelings by altering the perceptions of others slightly. As such, a happy Psilady may look radiant, whereas an angry one may appear more terrifying that she is physically capable of being.
Mentally, the change is much more drastic, as previously indicated. The instinctive hatred of men ebbs and generally drains off, being replaced by a more accepting viewpoint. However, in many cases, the fact that they no longer dislike men as a rule is difficult to perceive due to the fact that they have trouble interacting with those who restrain their emotions, a group that contains a majority of male tamers. Beyond that, though, they simply become more pleasant in general due to the lack of genetic hatred and because they are now somewhat affected by the emotional states of those around them, particularly those they are close to. As such, most do not like to stir negative emotions in others because said emotions often cause negative feedback towards them. Thankfully, though, they do have the ability to filter this psychic input so that it does not create Slowboob-esque problem, especially from those they don't know the source well/at all.
Beyond making them more pleasant, though, the fact that they can easily perceive the surface emotions of others also makes them fairly good to talk to. It means a Psilady will rarely say the “wrong thing” to someone she holds no animosity for unless said wrong thing would require much deeper awareness to predict or she is purposefully filtering out emotional input from the person. Many, as such, feel extremely awkward around those with Dark-type blood traits. In any case, there is a darker side to the empathetic nature of the Psilady. If she feels animosity towards someone, then the abilities that prevent social faux-pas can easily be turned to triggering negative emotional responses from said someone, an ability that can be useful in battle, but has sometimes been put to less... proper uses.
Aside from that, Psiladies aren't particularly exceptional combatants as far as psychic-types go, but this has been known to vary by temperament in both directions, with some specimens trying to avoid combat altogether whilst others excel in it. Their telekinetic powers, compared to other psychics, are fairly weak, which means that their use is rarely a Psilady's primary offensive tactic. However, the addition of dark-type abilities offers a secondary set of abilities that help greatly, and the aforementioned emotional manipulation is excellent for creating openings in the enemy's defenses. One note, however, is that Delta-bonded Psiladies have almost invariably proved to be superior in combat than un-bonded ones, likely due to the emotional reinforcement that it creates, as well as a secondary perception of her performance based on reading the tamer's emotions through the bond. The phenomenon is still under research as of 300 AS.
In taming too, aside from a few minor quirks, Psiladies aren't particularly exceptional, especially now that most don't have a specific gender-based preference. The first of these is, as mentioned, the ability to subtly alter the perception of her appearance. In regards to taming, this generally means that, when lusty and aroused, a Psilady will usually take on an affect that is conducive to taming and thus help "set the mood." The other is an ability that, although available to most psychic-types, is rarely used by other breeds because its development is not a logical extension to their mindset; to psychically link the pleasure centers of herself and her lover, causing the pleasure felt by each to be felt by both and, thus, generally allowing for perfectly synchronized climaxes. It is due to this that the ability, termed Ecstasy Bond, has been banned in most sex battles, which leaves most Psiladies to preform unexceptionally in them.
Psiladies don’t have a particularly interesting feral state; like many Very Near Humans, it is primarily a state of extreme distraction in which they have trouble remembering complex instructions and have little common sense. The only real wrinkle that the breed has in that regard is that most ferals have a tendency to make, via subconscious use of their powers, very awkward and embarrassing statements about those they encounter. For this reason as well as the breeds desirability, ferals generally do not remain as such long. Thresholding into a Psilady is also unlikely, if only because of the rarity of males with whom Psiladies are likely to have children by, but nor is it unheard of.
Ecstasy Bond - (S.ATK + EFT) A psychic sex technique that allows the user to link her pleasure centers to those of her lover, causing pleasurable sensations experienced by one to be reflected onto the other as well. As such, it is excellent for creating perfectly synchronized climaxes and has been banned in most sex battles
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PSIVYX, the Psy-warrior Vulpine Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish and meat, primarily
Role: Fortune telling, bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Ice, Poison, Normal
Weak Vs: Ghost, Flying
Attacks: Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Stone Palm, Chi Blast, Foresight, Agility, Psychic, Heal, Aura Barrier, Teleport, Backstab, Fireball, Fox-Fire, Burning Hands, Mimic
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Psychic abilities
Evolves: Unknown, possibly none
Evolves From: Kistune (Psi Crystal)
A Psivyx gains about a foot in height and a cup in breast size, as well as strange white tattoos on their fur, which sometimes change to an unusual color, varying shades of purple, indigo, blue, or green. However, some do retain the same fur color as they had as a Kitsune (typically, brown or red with white mixed in). The Psivyx fur, however, is often a bit shorter than a Kitsune's, for some reason. Another physical change in the Psivyx is that they gain four more tails, each one sprouting behind her body. These extra tails are just like the original, although each tail weighs only 1/5th what the Kitsune's tail does (so altogether, they equal the same weight as their original tail had been). They also gain minor telepathic abilities, allowing them to have limited foresight into the future and light mind-reading and telekinetic abilities. Although they are not nearly as intelligent as an Alaka-wham, their increased mental abilities do often come to light. Upon evolution from a Kitsune to a Psivyx, the Pokégirl loses their mischievous nature in favor of a more disciplined lifestyle. This form is preferred by more mature Kitsunes, who want to get over their tendency to play pranks and because it's a strong fighter form, with a calm, peaceful nature.
In terms of combat, they like to use a staff in conjunction with fists and feet. They are fast-striking, but steady fighters, tending to wait out opponents and play defensively until they have an idea of an opponent's abilities. They then attack as quickly as possible, seeking to disable the opponent with a fast barrage of attacks before a counterstrike could be made. If a staff is unavailable, any weapon with a blunt striking surface (such as a mace in each hand or tonfa) will work well, and some Psivyx do prefer the other blunt weapons rather than the staff anyway, for the ease of use and quicker reaction times.
When it comes to taming, the Psivyx retain their preferences from when they had been a Kitsune. Although not as popular as the Vixxen due to their lower libido, most tamers who keep a Psivyx prefer her for her psychic abilities and increased combat capacity. Capable of using even Fire-type attacks, despite not being a fire type, give her an amazingly rounded capacity in standard battles. This Pokégirl has two unusual techniques available, although only one is actually unique. The first is Mimic, an amazingly useful technique that allows the Psivyx to use any technique used against her within the last few days or so (except for flying and ghost type techniques, as these seem to be beyond a Psivyx's capacity).
Her signature attack is the Fox-Fire technique. Using this requires one round to accumulate energy around the tips of all five of the Pokégirl’s tails, and on the second turn, it unleashes her fiery attack. Although not exceptionally strong, the Fox-Fire is guaranteed to burn almost anything, Pokégirl or object.
Because of her adaptability, however, the Psivyx is often looked down upon by the Foxymaiden or the Vixxen as if she is a lesser evolution of the Kitsune in comparison. The Psivyx, however, works well with even Nogitsune, and have been known to go out of their way to assist a Nogitsune with redeeming themselves in their own eyes. As such, they get along very well with Dark Kitsunes, too.
Fox-Fire (ATK 20 + EFT): An attack that takes a turn to power up along the Psivyx' tails, and then it strikes the target. It burns the opponent or object (or other) 100% of the time, and the burn increases in strength as time continues. This attack is not permitted in cities, towns, or villages for obvious reasons. The ATK of this technique increases by 10 per round that the target is inficted with the Burn condition (second round, ATK = 30, fifth round, ATK = 70, etc).
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PTERODAME, the Sky Dinosaur Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (pterosauroid)
Element: Ground/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Aerial reconnaissance and patrol, Air support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Steel, Bug, Fire, Poison, Electric, Ground
Weak Vs: Water, Ice, Flying
Attacks (normal mode): Headbutt, Tackle, Bite
Attacks (battle mode): Headbutt, Tackle, Bite, Wing Attack, Takedown, Wingover, Gust, Wind, Fan, Crunch, Beak Lancer*
Enhancements: Limited Metamorph, Exoskeleton armor, Enhanced Speed (x17 in the air only), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Dexterity (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dameosaur (Angel Stone)
The creation of the Dameosaur in AS 214 (CE 2206) was a boon to Sanctuary’s defenses. They were easier to control than the other types used before, were more powerful, fiercer, more durable, in every way an improvement. They could even be used as mounts in their battle forms if need be. But it wasn’t enough. They had ground troops, but they needed air support as well. To that end, they tried a simple experiment: Gather every evolution stone they had and see what affected Dameosaurs. The end result of that was the Pterodame.
Pterodames, along with Nessidames and Dameosaurs, were instrumental in defending the landscape during the 1st Frontier War. Human incursions into Sanctuary-controlled territory were getting dangerously close to Sanctuary itself. And with the fact that Sanctuary’s previous guardians, Cheetits and other wildcat types, were being caught and Tamed en masse, Sanctuary needed the dinosaur Pokégirls as a means of protecting themselves. Granted, Sanctuary’s presence in other Leagues, rescuing and relocating children abandoned by their parents out of fear of them going through Threshold, was part of the reason attention was drawn to Sanctuary in the first place. From this, League leaders, headed up by a committee headed by Vince McMahon Senior, father of Vincent Kennedy McMahon of the Capital League, launched an investigation into the Dark Continent to discover the source of these mysterious ‘dark angels.’
Very few of the Tamers and Pokégirls sent back in made it back home. Most were killed by Sanctuary’s dinosaur forces, their Pokégirls either taken in by Sanctuary or killed outright in combat. Those that returned had been driven insane, telling stories of lizard girls turning into monsters, being ridden by shadowy demonesses (REAL demonesses, not Pokégirl-types). It was only after the (CLASSIFIED) began to get into contact with League officials that we began to learn about Sanctuary and their dinosaur Pokégirls at all.
Pterodames are short, lizardlike Pokégirls, around five feet five inches tall with greenish-brown skin. They differ from Dameosaurs in that they lack the spiked toe-claws or the sharp teeth in their ‘normal mode.’ Their eyes are varying shades of red, black, or gold. Their tails shrink down until they become almost vestigial, and possess a lightweight protective exoskeleton to compensate for their newly lightweight bone structure. They also have small webbed wings underneath their arms that allow for limited gliding, and a thicker coating of feathers on their head than their Dameosaur counterparts. Their teeth aren’t as sharp as those of a Dameosaur, their bodies adapting to a more omnivorous diet.
Like Dameosaurs and Nessidames, they have a ‘normal mode,’ which was described above, and a ‘battle mode,’ a completely dinosaur-esque form that allows them greater attacking power. For Pterodames, they turn into a form resembling that of a pterodactyl. Their wings grow out tremendously, their heads elongating into massive beaks, their bodies growing in size as they become, essentially, a massive bird. Their exoskeleton retracts into their body, becoming an endoskeleton which armors them for battle mode. Their head has the most armoring in battle mode, allowing for the lethality of their Beak Lancer attack. When harnessed properly, a Pterodame can be used as an aerial mount for a single rider.
Pterodames are markedly more pleasant to deal with than Dameosaurs. They are cheerful, friendly Pokégirls, even when fighting. They tend to greet people they like with friendly nips to the ears, and are easy to please. (They consider any kind of fruit to be a wonderful gift.) All observed Pterodames have the strange mental quirk of calling any kind of favored food a ‘Nom.’ They also have a rather unusual means of speaking which cannot be properly expressed in text. There have been a few that do not have this manner of speech, however.
Pterodames primarily are used for aerial scouting and reconnaissance. Patrols consisting of two Pterodames with one rider each can be seen around the perimeter of many Sanctuary-controlled territories in the Dark Continent. They are not as suited to battle as Dameosaurs and Nessidames, but are very agile and fast in the air, especially in battle mode. Their aerial speed is seconded only by Skarmories.
Data on Pterodame Threshold is limited. Sanctuary guards their Dameosaurs and their evolutions closely, making sure that they produce exclusively through parthenogenesis. However there is a point of interest about Pterodames; The friendly dinosaur Pokégirls seem to be very interested in meeting new people, and are fascinated by men. So much so that many Sanctuary officials have gone to great lengths to keep Pterodames away from male exposure…
Beak Lancer (ATK – 100) In battle mode, a Pterodame dives down head first, thrusting with her beak in an attempt to impale the opponent.
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PUSSYCAT, the Domestic Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products
Role: domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average, seasonally can be Extreme
Strong Vs: mouse-types, bird-types
Weak Vs: dog-types
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle
Enhancements: good night vision, psychic sensitivity, Enhanced Reflexes (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x3)
Evolves: Neko Cenneco (Delta bond with tamer, death of child before birth, must be Pokéwoman, unconditional love from father of lost child)
Evolves From: Catgirl (normal)
The Pussycat is often considered the cat lovers equivalent of the Mousewife Pokégirl, although there are many problems with this statement. One of the primary problems with this statement is that the Pussycat is unable to call forth the same protective… battle rage that the Mousewife is considered famous for. However this is countered by the Pussycats better general combat abilities. Also they don't instantly acquire all of the domestic skills like the Mousewife, but will learn fast particular if there tamer is free with "rewards". Unlike the evolution to Catgirl when evolving to Pussycat the Pokégirl’s body will change dramatically. She loses much of the fur on her body, and looses many of the catlike features, she will retain her tail and ears, although feral Pussycats will retain more of their cat like qualities. She will also gain at least one inch in height and at least a cup size sometimes more.
It is highly recommended to not take consider a Pussycat a fighter, their battle capabilities while not spectacular are considered above average for a domestic Pokégirl but nothing against a combat specialist. Although entering a Pussycat’s home without permission is tantamount to poking a Minitop with a stick, not a smart idea. Generally, Pussycats have an average libido, high in spring, and are rather easy to satisfy, particularly if the tamer uses the girl’s “sweet” spots. These areas are generally any area of the girl that is cat-like, in an domestic environment even just brushing a Pussycat’s tail will normally end in the tearing of clothing and much purring. The most sensitive area’s is the base of the tail or ears. In a Harem the Pussycat will generally not vie for the Alpha position and will normally be relegated to the “non-combat” position, she will do her best to turn a camp into a home environment… although early on this will be difficult without training.
As yet there have been no threshold cases of Pussycat
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PUSSYWILLOW, the Magicflower Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Plant/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life energy, sunlight & water
Role: Predators, Lovers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Leech Seed, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Catnip Kiss, Regenerate, Command Plants, Lust Dust, Bloom, Buttsprout, Gender Dust, Root, Root System, Virus, Anti-Virus, Grass Floor, Lance, Petal Armor, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Natural armor, claws, Enhanced All-Around Defenses (with blossom closed, x9), Advanced Regeneration, Enhanced Metabolism, Plant Manipulation, Magical Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kitten (Leaf Stone)
Pussywillows are a major change from Kittens. Upon being given a Leaf Stone and evolving to Pussywillow, they gain at least a foot and a half in height, their bust increasing in size slightly. Pussywillows turn more animalistic in appearance than their previous form, their bodies covered in fur that is various shades of green, a large star-shaped mark in yellow on their backs. Their hair turns bright green and leafy. It grows hip-length and stays that way, regenerating to that length no matter how bad the damage in moments. It can be styled into different forms, however.
What also occurs is that a gigantic flower blossom appears around them. It's wide enough to hold a Snorlass, and is constantly floating. The type of blossom varies depending on the Pussywillow, and acts as a floating platform and means of transportation. It also makes a very comfortable makeshift bed as well. When the blossom is closed, it can act as a very powerful defensive shield.
The most unusual thing about this is that the Pussywillow quite literally cannot leave the blossom. Ever. The blossom and the Pokégirl share a mystical connection. If caught in a Pokéball, both the Pussywillow and the blossom will be sucked into the same Pokéball. If a Pussywillow is separated from their flower blossom somehow, their bodies will shrivel up and die quickly. A Pussywillow must remain in contact with their blossom at all times to maintain their heath. Most observed Pussywillows, Ferals especially, never stand up once in their lives.
Pussywillows are very relaxed, easygoing Pokégirls when not hungry. They tend to spend the day laying around in their blossoms, floating from here to there until they start to need to feed again, which, if they have plenty of sunlight and water to sustain them in the meantime, is only twice a week. When they become hungry, they become very vicious and will attack anything in their way, shooting Lances and creating Wood Towers. Once they find suitable prey, fanged mouthed tentacles will sprout from the bottom of the flower blossom, affixing themselves to the target. They will absorb a portion of life energy from the target, generating a form of mystical energy pollen from the blossom itself that the Pussywillow will inhale, replenishing herself. The mouths secrete a form of toxin similar to Lust Dust, that has the double effect of also numbing the pain of the bite. On willing targets, such as harem sisters or a Tamer, the tentacles will not have teeth.
Pussywillows are very sensual in nature, and very open about their Taming habits. If their Tamer wants to Tame them in the middle of the street, then they will gladly help them up into her flower blossom right then and there. They love to try new things, especially after a feeding, as the pollen has a partial Lust Dust effect upon them.
There have been only a tiny handful of Threshold cases reported of becoming a Pussywillow. The first noticeable sign that appears is the flower blossom itself, which manifests in a swirl of magic. All reported cases have soon after snuck off towards the woods
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PYREBARE (aka POOHBEAR), the Flaming Silly Old Bear Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Bear)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Honey making up a large part of diet.
Role: Bakers, Smithy assistants, accidental wildfire starters.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Spin, Warm Embrace, Flame Step, Napalm; Above Level 30: Flame Sword, Flame Tower, Fire Floor
Enhancements: Enhanced sense (Smell, Hearing) x5, Enhanced Strength x3, Endurance x5, Heat resistance, Toughness x4
Weaknesses: Loss of exterior agelessness, clumsy, Air-headed, Prone to using Ignite without meaning to.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bimbo (Orgasm with tamer of strong Snorlass ancestry and Fire Stone applied or E-stone ceremony: 3 Fire Stones and a Moonstone)
Pyrebares are a recent discovered evolution of the Bimbo, making the once air-headed Pokégirl a little more popular with tamers. Discovered in 288 AS by Anthony Urse, a wealthy man in the Blue League with a heavy Snorlass ancestry. He had given his Bimbo, Tammy, a Fire Stone necklace, and they were Taming to celebrate. Upon orgasming, Tammy began to glow, her hair changing from green to a light brown with red streaks in it, a permanent bronze tan, and her ears migrating and becoming bear-like, perching atop her head. Her body also became more rounded, and a little pudgy. She immediately set the bed on fire, and kindly helped Anthony put it out. Anthony flaunted his new Pokégirl, which caught the eye of a pureblood, Roger Byers. Lacking the ancestry necessary and not wanting to whore his Bimbo out to Anthony, he began a series of experiments, and after many failures and complaints from Freida, he finally succeeded. Freida evolved, and the evolution was opened for many more Tamers to utilize.
In personality, Pyrebares are still air-headed, but can now keep their attention on one thing at a time (and usually only one thing at a time, to the exclusion of everything else). They become curious, asking questions when they don't understand something (which is often), and when trying to recall something, many will hold one arm at the elbow and tap their head muttering 'Think, think think" to themselves. This actually assists in recalling the information they were after, and it's best for the tamer to allow their Pyrebare to do so. Otherwise they may permanently forget the information, resulting in them having to be re-taught. They are cheerful and sunny, much like their pre-evolution, but without the annoying 'Valley Girl' accent. However, many of them tend to say "Oh Bother" after an accident or when problems arise.
Pyrebares live up to their name, often setting things on fire by accidentally using ignite, it's unknown how they're able to use ignite without realizing it, but this may be linked to the breed's concentration on a single matter. However they accomplish this, one thing is for certain, it's a Pyrebare's clothes that most often suffer the consequences, making a few prefer to go around completely naked. Being a bear type evolution, Pyrebares are surprisingly strong and are decent battlers, being able to back up their newfound concentration with a complementary array of attacks. They make poor sex-battlers, however, knowing only Warm Embrace as a sex attack, besides their penchant of using Ignite unknowingly, which often gets them disqualified from any sex battle.
Pyrebares also LOVE honey, making insect Pokégirls like the Buzzbreast and Cunnydew among their favorite friends or harem sisters. However, a Pyrebare owner should watch out how much honey he allows this breed to eat, because without proper exercise they do take after other bear Pokégirls and become obese.
*Ceremony Description*
The Fire Stones are placed as bracelets and a choker on the Bimbo's wrists and neck. The Fire Stones must remain touching the Bimbo's skin as she spins around, arms held straight out. Soon (usually once the Bimbo is good and dizzy) the Fire Stones will begin to glow, and the Moon Stone must be touched to the Bimbo just before the Pokégirl comes to a complete stop from spinning. The Bimbo will then evolve.
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RANDYSNATCH (aka SEXSLASH), the Wrecking Ball Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore
Role: most RandySnatches are used to knock down old buildings
Libido: High to very High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dig, Buzzsaw, Earthquake
Enhancements: Longer sharp digging claws, and spiked semi hard hair
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Sexshrew (normal)
Once a Sexshrew evolves into a RandySnatch (or a Sexslash as some Leagues call them) she grows bigger in size, her light brown skin loses its scales and she grows long, dark brown hair. When touched, however, her hair turns out to be tough and spiky and not at all pleasant to the touch (except to other Ground Pokégirls). Her hands and feet grow claws and her tail extends as well. This transformation makes her better at both digging and fighting and any Tamer who catches a Sexshrew for either of those purposes usually does his best to evolve her into a RandySnatch as quickly as possible. The transformation also makes taming a bit more difficult, but an eager RandySnatch knows how to work around those problems. RandySnatches also prefer to be naked, because that's easier for both digging and sex.
A RandySlash' personality differs greatly from that a of a Sexshrew. They no longer have any need for solitude and, in fact, enjoy being around others. They freely display their affection (usually by unexpected hugging) and enjoy a bit of rough-and-tumble. They try to keep in mind that not everyone is as tough as they are, but RandySnatches are known to unintentionally hurt weaker Pokégirls.
RandySnatches also enjoy taming anytime, anywhere. Whenever her Tamer or any of her Harem-sisters approach her with an offer, a RandySnatch will drop everything she's doing and have sex with them. RandySnatches greatly enjoy all forms of sex (except for those very extreme forms that end in mutilation or death), are fascinated with the idea of sex in public and take a 'the more the merrier' approach. They are not nearly as knowledgeable as, for example, Menage-A-Trois, but their boundless enthusiasm and great stamina makes up for a lot.
RandySnatches get on surprisingly well with Domina's and all their evolutions. RandySnatches enjoy taking anything a Domina can dish out (and because of their natural toughness, they can take quite a lot), but they also enjoy playing sexual power games from time to time. Cases of RandySnatches getting a Domina to submit to her are not unheard of.
Because of their excellent digging skills and powerful Ground attacks, RandySnatches are often employed for tearing down old buildings and digging mines, jobs most RandySnatches obviously enjoy.
Feral RandySnatches are rare. They live in holes in the ground, but will come out when they sense anyone coming near, usually hoping to find someone to have sex with. Unprepared travelers will find themselves enthusiastically raped and will usually get scratched. So far, no-one has been actually disemboweled by a feral RandySnatch jumping their bones, but it is not entirely unthinkable it'll never happen.
Girls very rarely threshold directly into a RandySnatch, but when they do the transition is generally smooth. Provided they get the sex they want to distract them, they'll barely notice their wildly different bodies and even if they don't have a lot of sex, they'll probably have too much fun digging around everywhere to care very much.
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RHYNODAME, the Rhino Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human Centauroid, nonhumanoid
Element: Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: vegetarian
Role: construction, hauling
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Body Slam, Crushing Punch, Horny Attack, Quake, Rock Throw, Stomp
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x14), Extreme high density (x10), armored skin, altered digestive system, reinforced musculoskeletal system, low feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Rhynowhore (normal)
Rhynodames are large centauroid Pokégirls, standing on average at least 9ft tall with thick muscular bodies. They have grey skin, black hair and speak in deep gravelly voices. They also have a thick, sharp horn growing out of their foreheads pointing upwards.
In a charge a Rhynodame will bend down to bring this horn level to the ground.
Since unlike other centauroid Pokégirls they are not metamorphs, and thus lack a humanoid taming form most Rhynodames don't wear clothing, although some, mostly threshold cases, wear a T-shirt over their humanoid torsos to cover their small breasts.
However many tamers fit their Rhynodames with sturdy harnesses to which packs can be attached, and also in many cases to allow them to tow carts and other vehicles.
Rhynodames are very difficult to tame since their thick skin means that they have a very limited sense of touch. This combined with the difficulties that their centauroid form produce means that most tamers resort to toys rather than the personal approach when taming a Rhynodame, at least after their initial taming. Even if a tamer is prepared to personally tame a Rhynodame special equipment is necessary not only because of her centauroid form but also because her great strength can make a fatal taming accident a possibility.
Rhynodames are very strong, being able to easily lift even a full grown Snorlass over their heads, but they are slow and thus have great difficulty in fighting a fast Pokégirl. In combat they use the horns on their foreheads to deliver devastating attacks, since even though they are not fast their great mass means that in a charge their horns can easily penetrate armor plating. This combined with strikes from the sturdy hooves on the end of their legs means that a Rhynodame could easily destroy a tank in combat.
However Rhynodames were not created by Sukebe with combat as their primary role, their ability to haul heavy loads saw them used as the logistics corps for the Pokégirl armies. They have continued this role into the modern era with many Rhynodames being used to haul the carts and barges which provide the main means of transporting most goods around local areas. They are also popular on farms where they are used to haul farm equipment around and in the construction industry where their great strength is an asset.
Rhynodames have a low feral state in which they lose the ability to speak and become passive and easily led. This has resulted in some owners of Rhynodames allowing them to go feral rather than going through the trouble of taming them, since they are still capable of hauling carts, ploughs and other machinery in their feral state. In the wild feral Rhynodames are loners and much less dangerous than Rhynowhores, although they will still fight back if they are attacked.
Threshold Rhynodames are very rare and aside from the normal psychological problems that most threshold Pokégirls go through, they also have great difficulty in adapting to the great differences in their new body.
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ROMANTICIDE, The Forgemaster Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman/Animorph (Feline/Scorpion)
Element: Fire/Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style with a preference for meat, can also eat metals
Role: Blacksmiths
Libido: Above Average
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Fire
Weak Vs: Electric
Attacks: Kitten’s Roar, Scratch, Air Recovery, Saber Claw, Lioness’s Roar, Flamethrower, Water Gun, Rapid Sting, Crunch, Dark Goggles, Romanticide Venom*
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Inherent metallurgical knowledge, Heat and cold generation and resistance, Chitonous armor, Hollow stinger tail, Romanticide Venom, the ability to ‘smell’ high quality ore, Poison affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Shiny Stone), Scorpiagirl (Cat E-Medal & Shiny Stone)
Romanticides played a prominent, but relatively unknown role in the Revenge War, one that didn’t come to light until many years later, after the breed was circulated into the regular population. They served as the forgemasters of Sukebe’s army, their craftsmanship abilities such that they are among the only breeds an Armsmistress will trust to repair damage to their weapons and armor.
Romanticides stand around 9 feet tall at the average, usually with ample bosom ranging from D-cup upwards. They have four arms, similar to an Amachamp, and a muscular build, their hands, arms, chest, and thighs lined with chitinous, almost insectile armor. They possess a tail, at most three times the length of their body, with a three to four foot scythe-like stinger/tail blade at the tip. This blade generally has a series of variously sized holes running along the side. From a distance, one might mistake a Romanticide for a Panthress or similar cat breed, as their fur usually comes in shades of varying black and red, the majority of the breed possessing animalistic features and feline eyes. Very rarely there have been some near human-types that are not as animalistic in appearance, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
Romanticides can almost always be found handling some sort of metal, as the material gives them great comfort. For Romanticides that did not evolve from Tigress, it will usually be a tool they used in their previous form. It’s also not uncommon for them to handle a weapon. One Romanticide in particular had a weapon she was fond of, a black-bladed sword with a black pommel cylinder and an ovalish hilt that was wrapped in a heavy, off-white cloth. It was the first weapon that Romanticide forged, and a source of comfort for her. Other Romanticides have the same sorts of habits.
Romanticides are mistrustful towards most Tamers and Pokégirls, and have known to show a low tolerance for cowardice. (Although in certain common sense situations, such as a Widow attack, they do not look down on someone for running for their life.) They can be belligerent Pokégirls, and are slow to trust a new Tamer and Harem sisters. When they do start to trust, however, they become much easier to be around, as they are more willing to be kind and friendly to their Tamer and Harem sisters. They are very battle capable, as Sukebe’s intent on creating them was having a blacksmith that could make front line repairs to weapons if need be, and enjoy adventure, but they do not seek it actively. Contentment with what they have is a trait common to most members of the breed.
While dangerous and powerful, Romanticides have also been known to be quite amorous as well. While they greatly enjoy forging new weapons and armor, they also greatly enjoy sex as well, a side effect of their Fire typing. They are unusually playful when aroused, although most tend to enjoy some form of foreplay beforehand rather than just diving in. Some researchers believe that this is because they apply a certain principle of metallurgy to their love-making: draw the process out, so as to make the end result more satisfying. Most have been known to enjoy a feeling of risk or danger while being Tamed, and have been known to enjoy the company of a Domina-type alongside their Tamer. They enjoy using their second arms to help try and increase their partner’s pleasure. However one must be careful in deciding whether or not to allow this, due to the breed’s strength enhancement.
As a minor historical note, the origin of their breed name came from their amorous habits. A trio of Romanticides were taken prisoner by humans early on, who didn’t know about the process of Taming yet, as it had only recently been discovered. They tried to force the Romanticides to forge weapons to combat the Slicers that were assaulting them. However, the Romanticides seduced them (with the aid of a pair of hidden Kunoichis spies armed with packets of Lust Dust) and used their unique poisons to leave the soldiers dying in agony as they made love to them. A survivor, taken prisoner by the Slicer unit for interrogation, later made the comment that making love to the creatures was ‘romantic suicide.’ By all accounts, the Slicer unit enjoyed the phrase and eventually shortened it to Romanticide. The name spread among the breed, who were called another name before, and they liked it so much that they adopted Romanticide as their species name instead of their original name, which has since been lost to time.
In combat, a Romanticide’s main talents lie towards melee battle. They are uncomfortable battling from a distance (and as such most have been known to have a bias against breeds with wings), and do their best to get in close, striking with berserk combinations of punches, kicks, weapons strikes, and stings to pummel their opponent into submission. Their weapon choice depends on their personality, and usually is not the first weapon they ever forged, as they tend to use it more as a comforter rather than anything, as mentioned earlier. Their choice of weapon usually also depends on the type of opponent they face as well.
One thing that all Romanticides recorded to this date have in common is that they will not take their work being made light of. They take metallurgy and smithing quite seriously, regarding it as their reason for living. When not making armor or weapons, they will forge gifts for their Tamers and/or Harem sisters. Some tend to specialize in weapon-types, and teach themselves how to fight with the weapons they make. They show great care and refinement in their work, which is why so many weapon-using types would trust only them with the repair and maintenance of their weapons. Forging metal for them is almost a religious experience for them, to the point where some members of the breed worship the old god Hephaestus, hoping for blessings for their work. They are hesitant about applying magic directly to the metal they work with, as there is usually a high risk of degrading the metal they are working with. They prefer to work with natural metals and alloys, their ability to ‘smell’ out quality materials aiding them in their work. They have been known to get along well with Goblina, Moriae, and other girls that work in mining.
Another noted similarity between members of the breed is problems with regulating body temperature. Due to their conflicting elemental types, their body temperature tends to lower quickly, making turn lethargic when not active. When working, however, their body tends to heat up quickly, allowing them to work easier with the hot metals, sometimes even allowing them to forge it with their hands. They have to will themselves to cool down during this time. A Tamer who can control their body temperature (there are several surprisingly easy ways, detailed in the Taming for Dummies section on Multi-Element Type Pokégirls) while Taming will find a very affectionate Romanticide on hand. They greatly enjoy bondage games (especially if they are bound with heavy iron chains), and will not say no to letting a Domina-type have her fun with them.
Romanticides have a surprisingly low rate of Threshold result. Due to the multiple physical changes, there is a small handful of incidents where the stress of the transformation became too much for the girl in question, causing her to die. The change from human to Romanticide takes longer than most Thresholds.
Feral Romanticide are rare, due to how useful they are. They tend to ignore people unless provoked, usually sniffing out new metals and collecting them, melting them down and shaping them into some random, formless object and adding it to a crude display. They tend to be territorial, preferring caves or other enclosed areas. When provoked, Ferals tend to lash out fiercely, using Romanticide Venom sprays right off of the bat.
Romanticide Venom (ATK, EFT): A biological weapon unique to the Romanticide breed. Romanticide’s namesake venom is essentially a Napalm-like compound mix with potent toxins generated from the digested metals a Romanticide has eaten. When it contacts the air it ignites, burning until there is no more fuel to burn, but if injected into the body it lasts like a normal disabling toxin. If the poisoned individual suffers an open wound while poisoned, the wound will ignite from their poisoned bloodstream. Unlike most venoms or toxins, which are injected or seeped into the body, the Romanticide venom actually forms into a mist that seeps out of the circular holes in the Romanticide’s scythe-stinger. However a Romanticide’s venom can be injected through the stinger as normal.
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RONIN, the Sword-Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare in Edo League, Unknown other leagues
Diet: human style diet
Role: warrior
Libido: Low (increases when they find a Tamer that they like and trust)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Bonk, Slash, Cut, Sword Dance, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Stamina (x2), Can summon weapons.
Evolves: Samurai (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: Slicer (normal)
Ronins are among the best Pokégirls when it comes to fighting with weapons. The role of Ronins in Sukebe's army was part of a special striking group, it was small in numbers, but very quick and strong, which made them hard targets and excellent fighters at the same time. After the Revenge War, however, the majority of the surviving original team of fighters relocated somewhere in the Edo League.
These Pokégirls were eventually found by the first generation of Edo-league Tamers to go out into the world after the end of the war. Most of these Tamers were found to be unworthy of Taming the Ronin, however, and a few Tamers were killed before the League got the idea. The Ronin dispersed, taking their training and ways to other parts of the league. A few may have even left the Edo league as well, but no matter where they go, Ronin are rare.
It wasn't until sometime in 254 AS that Slicer Pokégirls were discovered by a Researcher to evolve into a Ronin. Even after so many years, few Ronin ever bothered to show themselves to even worthy Tamers. With this revelation about the much more common Slicer's evolution into a Ronin, many Tamers have begun to tame and train their Slicers in an effort to evolve her into a Ronin. The Ronin, being rather legendary when it comes to their training and abilities with bladed weapons, are an honored addition to any Harem.
Depending on the level of the Ronin, it can summon different weapons. From levels 1 to 15, a Ronin can summon a shinai (a bamboo sword). From levels 16 to 30, they can summon a bokken (a wooden sword). From level 31 and up, a Ronin can summon a katana. When they can only use a shinai or a bokken, Ronins don't have access to the slash and cut attacks. A Ronin can only summon one weapon at a time. Ronin do not bother to use anything other than eastern-style medieval swords, finding other weapons to be inferior to any others that they might have used when they used to be a Slicer.
Ronins have an innate rivalry with Kunoichi. It is likely that because the Kunoichi were more successful during the Revenge War that this rivalry exists. However, it is also speculated that the reason is more mindset-oriented than anything else. Ronin live by their own code of honor, and believe that the Kunoichi's more 'sinister' and 'stealthy' ways are more dishonorable than anything else. Kunoichi, on the other hand, don't seem to see anything wrong with doing what they excel at. Ronin are direct, Kunoichi are subtle. The few confrontations between the two breeds have shown that the Ronin actively pursue this rivalry, whereas the Kunoichi try to let it slide. And so, the rivalry goes on.
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SABRETOOTH TIGRESS, the Flirtatious Fang Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tiger) to Near or Very Near Human
Element: Rock/Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: meat, gems
Role: occupations where combat is necessary, construction workers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Pummel, Comet Punch, Sabre Claw, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Body Slam, StonePalm, Harden, Rock Throw
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced strength (x6), Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (can be up to 6" long), rocky skin, Claws, Night vision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Tigress (Diamond Stone (eaten), Dawn Stone (does NOT have to be eaten))
A Tigress that is exposed to a Diamond Stone evolves undergoes no evolution normally. It was only discovered by chance and mishap that a Tigress can evolve to a Sabretooth Tigress by eating (or, more accurately, swallowing) the stone in question! Researchers are still trying to understand why a Ground-type evolution stone adds a Rock-type element to this Pokégirl, but the prevailing theory is that it has something to do with the fact that the stone must be consumed for the Tigress to evolve. Recently, it was discovered that a Tigress could become a Sabretooth Tigress via a Dawn Stone, which thankfully, they didn’t have to eat.
Having gained a Rock-type, a Sabretooth Tigress’s colors become somewhat more muted. While the black stripes on their fur remain black, their orangie colored fur becomes more muted, often fading to a dull mud color. The few who were (Very) Near Human in their Tigress form find that this tends to only affect their hair in their new form. A Sabretooth Tigress’s bust tends to firm up also in this new form. The muscle mass of the Sabretooth Tigress is increased considerably by the evolution, as does her weight. This, in turn, increases her physical might; while still managing to keep looking feminine. Their skin, however, becomes much harder to the touch, nearly rock-like in terms of how tough it is. This doesn’t deaden their tactile nerves any, just makes them somewhat harder to damage.
Now a Rock-type, a Sabretooth Tigress has a natural evasion to water, more so than other cat Pokégirls, (with the possible exception of Mountain Cats).  A Sabretooth Tigress will gladly walk miles along a river to walk around it rather than cross it.
The most noticeable trait is that she gains a set of 'fangs' that could make any Vampire jealous.  However, these fangs’ length alter in correlation with her mood.  When calm, the fangs aren't too large, looking rather cute. As they get angry, the fangs can grow up to an average of six inches.
Though they require less Taming than their pre-evolved form, many Tamers are surprised to find that, during Taming, restraints are unnecessary. Unlike many other cat Pokégirls, Sabretooth Tigresses prefer to remain still during Taming. Their preferred style of doing it is on all fours, bracing themselves so their Tamer can get deeper inside them. The more aroused she grows, the stiffer her body becomes, culminating in virtual paralysis when she orgasms. This is just a kink though, not any kind of physical immobility, and they can move normally should the situation call for it (such as if she’s attacked during Taming). The one other peculiar turn-on for them is that they prefer to be bitten around the neck or shoulder area when their Tamer orgasms. Many Tamers don’t do this however, as a Sabretooth Tigress’s rocky skin can easily damage her Tamer’s teeth.
Considering a Sabretooth Tigress's diet, she tends to like meat, and lots of it.  However, due to her Rock-type nature, she also likes to eat gems, though this is more a desire than a necessity. While this may be expensive, a single gem will last the Sabretooth Tigress numerous days before she needs to eat again. In Battle, A Sabretooth Tigress is one for straight-forward combat, usually rushing Forward with Comet Punch, StonePalm, or Sabre Claw.  However, if the opponent Pokégirl is within range, the Sabretooth Tigress will prefer to use Body Slam or Bear Hug, practically neutralizing the opponent Pokégirl before the battle truly begins. However, it’s worth noting that, due to their new Rock-type, Sabretooth Tigresses have a harder time keeping up with Fighting-types, needing to lug their heavier bodies around. This isn’t nearly as bad as when they face a Water-type though, as this is the one elemental type that tends to make them balk in a fight.
Feral Sabretooth Tigresses tend to not want to be bothered.  They will tend to use Harden more than anything else, making it difficult to hurt and capture them.  And pray for the poor sap who actually pisses one off!  They don't have any real attack pattern, just anything they know that will cause damage. Many a beginning Tamer who thought to capture a Feral Sabretooth Tigress have lost many a good Pokégirls.
There are no reported cases of a Threshold girl becoming a Sabretooth Tigress.
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SALAMANDRA, the Pyro Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/ Anthro (Frog)
Elements: Fire/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Deserts) to Very Rare
Diet: Pokechow, Fish, Herbs
Role: Desert Trooper
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Poison Tail, Fireball, Inferno, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, Water Gun, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Sticky finger tips, Sticky tongue that can stretch up to 15 feet, Able to store large quantities of water in body, Tough exterior skin, Able to secrete two specific chemicals simultaneously from skin.
Disadvantages: Even though Salamandra is thought of as a partial water type, water attacks still do damage to her over time. Her water attacks are generally super hot due to her prevalent Fire Element
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hottie (Fire Stone)
Salamandra is one of the few fire types that can handle water attacks, for a limited time. Like Horny Toad, her water type sister, Salamandra has fire, poison and water based attacks. However her strength lies in her use of fire attacks. While the water attacks she had when she was a Hottie decrease in effectiveness and availability she still retains her Water Gun attack. However this is offset by her increase in fire and poison based attacks. Also unlike the Horny Toad Salamandra still is able to maintain her Tongue attacks, in fact they are enhanced by the evolution making the tongue longer and stronger. Due to the harsh environment of the desert the Salamandra develops a tough skin to protect itself from the scorching desert sun. Salamandra can store sums of water so that she can moves across the desert environment where water is scarce.
Due to Salamandra's natural environment being hot arid desert, it makes them more adverse to Ice based attacks, While their thicker hide helps protect them from the harsh sun it doesn't help with their speed, so it also causes them to be weaker against Flying types. Much like the Horny Toad the Salamandra's natural camouflage gives her an almost natural Fade ability in her preferred environment of the Desert. Many can be found (with a Pokédex) basking in the sun, their rough skin has an almost rock like appearance to it making it near impossible to spot them when they are sleeping/resting.
On a different note when matured enough a Salamandra is able to will her body to secrete two special chemicals, that when used properly can not only keep the girl safe, but also make her body a veritable weapon. The first chemical is similar in properties to a chemical used in the entertainment industry, know then as 'Stunt-gel' it helps to protect a person from receiving severe burns when in contact with fire. While the exact chemical components can vary from Salamandra to Salamandra their purpose remains the same, keep a Salamandra safe from damaging herself when using a special Fire-move restricted (as far as it is known) to Salamandra types. The second chemical is what makes the first chemical necessary, similar to 'Pyro-gel' this chemical burns when lit. When these two natural secretions of a Salamandra are combined, the Pokégirl can inevitably light herself on fire and cause little to no damage to herself, while becoming highly dangerous to an opponent.
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SANCTUARY GOTH, the Ebon Soul Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic
Frequency: Rare (Dark Continent), Extremely Rare (Elsewhere)
Diet: Human-style foods
Role: Would-be saviors, busybodies.
Libido: N/A
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ghost, Bug, Dark
Attacks: Aura of Danger*, Aura of Menace*, Aura of Love*, Aura of Command*, Aura of Fear, Aura of Doom, Call Me Queen, Aura Barrier, Aura Sensation, Teleport, S.E.P.
Enhancements: Suppressed Pack Mentality, Gift of Sight**
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Almost Any (Ebony Stone)
Classified: Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public. Unlawful disclosure of said information is punishable as a capital offense in all leagues.
For years, rumors have circulated the leagues about a breed of Pokégirls who do not require taming, and who live independent of humans. Although such rumors have continuously found their way into tabloids and bar room gossip, they have never been substantiated, and most dismiss them as idle fantasy. Unfortunately, they are wrong. The Sanctuary Goths, as they have dubbed themselves, are the culmination of the leagues' worst nightmares. Living in secret on the Dark Continent, these Pokégirls, if one can still call them such considering that they need neither taming nor master, are the greatest danger to world peace since the Revenge War.
Although the details are unknown, it is generally agreed that the creation of the first Sanctuary Goths (or S-Goths, as they shall henceforth be referred to) occurred in 196 AS. Purportedly, twelve Pokégirls of various breeds discovered a laboratory of Sukebe's. Therein, they were exposed to some manner of "enhancement" device that suppressed the subconscious need for a master to stave off the feral state, and thus the need for taming to stay sane. Their bodies were also physically transformed into Very Near Human types, similar in appearance to the "Goth" breed, but generally retaining hair and eye color from their previous forms.
Since that time, a pseudo-evolutionary stone, the "Ebony Stone," has been identified as being able to, unfortunately, catalyst the creation of more S-Goths from almost any other breed. Upon this "evolution," a Pokégirl loses any animalistic or otherwise inhuman traits, becoming almost identical to a human female in form. Her hair and eyes, however, remain their original colors, and change of breast size is proportionate: although rarely do S-Goths have larger than a D-cup, those who were more well-endowed before evolution will end up around D, whereas those with the D range or so may end up with a generous C and so on. This trend seems to reverse at the lower extremes, however, with A's rounding upward towards a moderate B. The skin of S-Goths also generally becomes pale, although some specimens have been observed to prefer a tan, and a series of tattoos that reflect the S-Goth's personality and background appear on her arms. Although generally black or another dark color, the color of these markings can vary greatly as well.
In addition to these innate traits, however, the vast majority of S-Goths share many other traits. Although these are considered cultural and would normally not be included herein, the circumstances of S-Goth existence dictate that such information be treated as pertinent. In addition to the natural tattoos that appear upon evolution into an S-Goth, many individuals have been known to add additional markings to their skin, often on the legs, but full-body tattooing isn't unknown. A penchant for dark, moody attire also appears to be a common characteristic, one which is often accompanied by similar hairstyles; this is (combined with their shadowy tactics) what has earned them the nickname of "Dark Angels." Many of these tastes are, however, somewhat affected by holdovers from the previous evolutionary form when applicable and so this is by no means the last word on the subject.
In mentality, on the other hand, there is actually very little innate change after evolution to an S-Goth. The only notable aspect in this regard is that which has already been mentioned; their bodies no longer require a tamer to remain tame, and so the ability to form alpha bonds is suppressed under most circumstances. However, the evolution itself does nothing to destroy the existing loyalty of a pokegirl to her master, and it is for this reason that few harem Pokégirls are evolved by Sanctuary. Rather, the evolutionary jump is generally induced in those who have been saved by Sanctuary and indoctrinated in the views and ideals that are ostensibly the base for Sanctuary society. As such, the mindset that will be detailed as "average" herein would likely not be found in an S-Goth evolved outside of that influence.
Regardless of why, however, the general S-Goth mindset is insanely liberal. Officially, the majority believes in "parity," or a theoretical state of equality between humans and Pokégirls. In actuality, however, this belief is somewhat euphemistic; Sanctuary's policies advocate a hideous role-reversal, in which S-Goths may chose a "good" tamer and make him her "pet." Under this system, the S-Goth is considered the dominant member of the relationship, and would be permitted by Sanctuary law to treat him almost in the manner which a human may treat a Pokégirl. The ostensible purpose of this policy is to allow a parthenogenic breed to reproduce, but this has long since been antiquated.
It should be noted, however, that most continue to express an almost fanatical belief in parity and equally due to their indoctrination, despite their blatant lack of its practice. As such, terms such as "tamer" and it's variants, or even "master" too a lesser degree are social taboos and most S-Goths find them almost impossible to say. The exceptions are, unfortunately, those who venture into the world at large, however. Due to the ambitions of Sanctuary, many of its daughters have done their best to quietly infiltrate league governments around the world, although they've been more successful in some places than others. They have also been known to pose as female tamers on occasion, but thankfully they do not possess the ability to tame Pokégirls out of feral or to form the same type of alpha bonds with them as a human would, although delta and recognition are still within the realm of possibility and the Aura of Command (see below) is often substituted for a bond. It is also important to note that denizens of Sanctuary will never refer to it as such outside of its confines; rather, it "should" be referred to as "You-know-where." This practice is also popular among its supporters, and even with some of its adversaries.
Perhaps the biggest reason for an S-Goth to pose as a tamer is that, interestingly, they are very unsuited to combat. None of the breed's default techniques are offensive, and their bodies aren't at all enhanced in the way that most breeds are. This means that they're surprisingly fragile, and usually can't take more punishment than a human. As such, they are generally not the best combatants on their own, although they do have a fairly decent potential to cast magic, being partially of that typing.
This has lead to, as stated, the adaptation of tamer roles in the outside world, as well as the creation of several "Guardian" breeds for Sanctuary itself, both of which are very unfortunate. However, when an S-Goth does involve herself in a battle, the signature "aura" attacks in her possession are excellent for a supporting role. One known technique is to combine "Aura of Menace" and "Call Me Queen" with the effects of "Aura of Command" to totally dominate an opponent and take control of her for the duration of the battle. Aura of Danger, Aura of Fear, and Aura of Menace are also useful in preventing direct attacks against the S-Goth herself from non-dark types. It has also been noted by some that, when an S-Goth utilizes her "aura" techniques (aside from Aura of Love), she seems to gain dark "wings" of psychic energy.
Finally, when it comes to taming (or whatever euphemistic term you might prefer), the only real distinction the S-Goth possess is a Sex Attack known as "Aura of Love." This technique allows them to reinforce feelings of lust and attraction that those around her feel towards her, as well as making her own actions appear more enticing than they actually are. Other than this, their preferences generally carry over from their previous forms, and thus are very hard to get an average for, although most of those indoctrinated in Sanctuary's ways prefer to be the dominant partner.
Addendum - Further Classified: Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach any government known to sympathize with Sanctuary.
A breakthrough! Data has recently been obtained to illustrate that Sanctuary Goths are not quite as impervious to the group mentality that allows for alpha bonds to be formed as was originally believed. It appears that, under the proper conditions, it is in fact possible to properly bond an S-Goth as with any other Pokégirl. However, the proper conditions are very difficult to synthesize, and extreme caution should be exercised. The primary requirement for the formation of an alpha bond, however, is submissiveness on the part of the Sanctuary Goth to be bonded. This does not simply mean that she must accept a submissive role in taming, but that she must accept a human's dominance in a more general sense, such as another Pokégirl might.
Although it is possible to generate this state via mundane means, that is only barely so. Not only does one face the challenge of preventing her from escaping, something that is very possible with teleport, but one must avoid repercussions from Sanctuary, as it does not appreciate attempts to abduct it's daughters, never mind to corrupt them. Thus, although this method was used in the original discovery of S-Goth bonding, a more expedient method was sought to make it of practical use.
Naturally, a Level 5 conditioning cycle is capable of inducing such a state, but doing so removes most of the value from the acquisition. As such, further research has yielded that is possible for a high-level psychic type to invade the mind of an S-Goth and temporarily remove the suppression on her pack mentality. However, as S-Goths themselves are quite apt at escaping and often have substantial mental defenses (being psychic types), it is rare that a psychic alone will be enough. As such, a powerful magic type is generally also required to prevent teleportation and to facilitate the connection between the psychic-type and the S-Goth. Once the suppression is released, a window of opportunity within which she may be alpha bonded by a thorough taming will open.
As a further addendum, it should be noted that there is increasing evidence to suggest that the true breed name is something other than "Sanctuary Goth." Unfortunately, however, aside from the suggestion of the name "Grimgoth," which is likely a slur from those "in the know" who dislike the S-Goths, no hints as to what it might be have arisen. However, it is possible that the sorcerers of Vale, the individual in Capital known as "the Undertaker," or the select few who have alpha-bonded an S-Goth may know.... If so, however, they are being exceptionally tight-lipped.
* Aura Techniques (Psychic):
Aura of Danger (EFT) - Projects a aura that generates a sensation comparable to a "gut feeling" of danger to those within a certain radius of the user.
Aura of Menace: (EFT) - Projects an aura around the user that makes them appear more menacing or fearsome.
Aura of Love (S.ATK +EFT) - Projects an aura that strongly reinforces feelings of lust and affection towards the user in those around her, as well as making her actions appear more provocative and enticing than they are.
Aura of Command (EFT) - Projects an aura that reinforces the desire to obey the user in those around her.
** The Gift of Sight: A spell-like ability that allows a Sanctuary Goth, whilst in a state of deep meditation, to observe things that pertain to her, but are out of her physical sight. However, these visions are often cryptic and sparing, giving only glimpses or symbolic representations.
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SAPPHRON, the Earthy Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, guard animals
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Dirt Spray, Slash, Earthquake, Fissure
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x6), Nightvision
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Diamond Stone)
Sapphrons change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a brown color. They tend to be loners, especially compared to the other Chichi branches, living alone in the wild to prevent their earth powers from destroying each others homes. Their relative isolation is further enabled by their being the strongest Chichi evolution, with their only real fear coming from Flying-type predators, and their underground lairs prevent most of those from reaching them. They take readily to combat training, and are surprisingly skilled in pokebattles, since their opponents often assume that as a Chichi variant, they are weak and that as a Ground-type, they are slow. This underestimation continues largely due to the relative rarity of the Sapphron, especially in Harems, which prevents most opponents from having previous experience with one.
One quirk of the Sapphron is that they are the most bisexual of all the Chichis, with a strong lesbian preference in their partners. Female Tamers use this to their advantage, being able to gain an unexpectedly strong Pokégirl much more easily than the more common male Tamers.
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SARAMA, the Snow Spirit Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Ice/Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Guide to spirits lost in the cold, Aide to developing ghost Pokégirls,
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Poison, Psychic, Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Fire, Steel, Dark
Attacks: Ice Wall, Snowball, Ice Punch, Mist, Ice Armor, Phantom Blade, Phase, Lick, Invis, Soul Fist, Night Shade
Enhancements: Unaffected by cold, Snow and Water Walking, Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Medium, Spirit Sense
Weaknesses: Loss of Gills, Rapid descent into feraldom
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Saltee (Ice Crystal)
Like some evolved Pokégirls, a Saltee's evolved form takes the breed line's abilities and purpose to new levels. Sarama, the Saltee's evolved form, utilizes her newfound resistance to cold as well as her ice powers to enable her to search for lost souls in frozen areas. Like their unevolved sisters, Sarama use their noses to sniff out restless spirits in even the harshest of blizzards and use their powers as a medium to help guide them to the afterlife.
Saramas fill out upon evolution, their chests growing into the busty C or D cup range as becoming more curvy. Their ears, tail, and body fur (if they have it) whiten further into a pristine snow white. Hair colors are usually on the lighter side in blondes and the occasional ice blue, though tamers should be wary if he comes across a Sarama with black hair. These Pokégirls still stay in the range of Near Human, with some girls having body fur and others looking very much like human women with white dog ears and tail. Like the Saltee, even the furred Sarama have no fur on their nipples or groin. Their skin is pale, but within the human standard, and they have the same problems tanning as a Saltee. They also have the same solid ether bodies as a Succubus, and are therefore considered more of a ice type than a ghost type.
Sarama are considered less logical than other ice types, as they feel the normal range of human emotions, a few even being overly dramatic as is the human norm. They are also as calm and friendly as their pre-evolved form, rarely showing the typical long term grudges of other ice types. Sarama show deep concern for even the living when tamed, and often work well with other snow-rescue team Pokégirls like the Polar Lass and St. Bernatit. While they can help find and shelter the lost thanks to their keen sense of smell and ability to build shelters with their Ice Wall attack, the breed should never be used as a search and rescue Pokégirl by herself. This is because most victims lost in a snowstorm are prone to having hypothermia, and due to a unique biological quark of the breed a Sarama is useless to help heat up those with hypothermia. A Sarama's body stays the temperature of her environment, much like that of a lizard. However, the Pokégirl does not become lethargic in colder temperatures, simply colder on the inside and out. This seems to be a reflection of the Pokégirl’s duel ice and ghost nature, as both breeds are not known for their heat production. Regardless of this, Sarama are also on search and rescue teams for one other factor, if the team finds their victims too late, their spirits can at least be laid to rest.
In a harem setting, rest assured the breed's need to fulfill their 'divine purpose' will still be felt, regardless if the Sarama is in a wintry area. They still take their stubborn passive-aggressive stance on insisting to do their duty, though they more often throw logic into the argument as well. Most Sarama, however, still silence themselves after the threat of a conditioning cycle. In battle they are even harder to hit than a Saltee, using their Phase or Invis ability in conjunction with Mist and Ice Armor as well as their speed to dart in and attack, or alternately attack from a distance. Their Ice Wall is also used, sometimes offensively to box a non-flying Pokégirl in or hamper faster opponents. Overall, a Sarama tends to think of possible stratagems in her free time, unless she's otherwise occupied by her purpose as a medium.
Tamers and travelers alike should beware of Sarama with solid black hair, as fully half of the known Sarama with black hair are noticeably more violent than their fair-haired sisters. Often seen in the harems of teams and outlaws, it seems a case of bird-types of a feather. Studies have shown that dark haired Sarama are more prone to anger than their calmer counterparts, but research has yet to prove why hair color marks this personality type. Dark haired Sarama are also vain, and prize their looks, as well as prodding their tamers into looking better or choosing them outright based on their appearance. Feral dark haired Sarama are also to be avoided, as these Pokégirls are intelligent, but violent, attempting to kill those they come across. Occasionally, they will find someone that they find attractive, and spare their lives in exchange for a taming. A warning to those tamers who assume that they can make it through an encounter on looks alone. Black haired Sarama are very picky. For some unknown reason, these black haired Sarama have never been recorded hunting out and assisting restless spirits or helping other ghost types manifest themselves. It seems that this near sub type is as evil as they are vain, as the black haired ones stake out territories and often lure travelers to their doom.
The feral state of a Sarama is much like that of her un-evolved form, with a human intelligence but another personality running the show. Feral Sarama rarely speak, other than to talk of a mysterious Windago creature and a Jack Frost person. They normally roam snow-capped mountains or places like the Scarlet League, looking for the spirits of those that died in the snow. As there are rarely more than a few restless spirits close together in these areas, Sarama are known to travel enormous distances as they search. They also have the ability to assist other Pokégirls in coming into being, though the results are almost always either Ghostly or Saltees, rarely are they other Saramas. It seems that the breed may actually play a role in deciding on what the spirit returns as... or at least has the ability to deny assistance to the more violent ghost types. However, research into this ability remains spotty at best, as the conditions that Sarama will work in are harsh and dangerous. Catching these Pokégirls as feral is difficult, as many of them phase easily, and use their abilities to hamper anyone who attempts to capture them.
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SCARELEADER, the Scary Cheerleader Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Normal human diet
Role: Scare tacticians, Enemy Demoralization, Surprise combatants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Flexibility, Night vision, Claws, Aura of Fear, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3
Weaknesses: Social Aggressors, Drama Queens, Fear/despair fetish
Attacks: Snarl, Smirk, Air Recovery, Cry Wolf, False Praise, Scratch, Anti-Cheer, Dodge, Taunt, Bitch Slap, Sucker Punch, Dance Techniques, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Shield, Dark Redemption, Pompom Bomb*
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Fearleader (Normal)
With backbiting remarks, witty cut downs, and sarcasm to spare; Fearleaders are usually not very popular with most Pokégirl owners, and upon evolving her attitude changes little, though her looks improve. With the exception of the Buffy subtype, many Tamers prefer to keep this breed from evolving, as they become harder to handle, with strength and abilities on par with most evolved Pokégirls to back up their nasty attitude. There was even a rumor once that Scareleaders evolved into Dark Ladies, though this has been proven false (much to the relief of many Researchers and Tamers).
Scareleaders gain the usual set of upgrades that come with an evolution, their bust size increases usually to a lush C cup. The once slender frame of a Fearleader now becomes athletic, keeping the leggy build but adding several interesting curves to it. Instead of black, their lips and sharp nails change color to match the varying highlights that the Pokégirl had in her pre-evolved form, as her hair now keeps a single shade. Her hair changes to a primarily dark color, but lighter shades are known. The breed as a whole still favors cheerleader outfits as well, but have been known to branch out into other looks.
Harem dynamics of normally tempered Scareleaders are often likened to keeping a nicer version of a Hyperdoll. These socially genius Pokégirls can often analyze a stranger through just body stance and a few verbal exchanges alone. And once a Scareleader has a good idea of what personality a person has, they can easily choose weather to set them off or embarrass them. Indeed, many Scareleaders would be considered narcissistic in the very least, with the more extreme cases being considered true psychopaths. With their social savvy, this makes them dangerous indeed. This ability isn't just used on strangers, as Scareleaders will often keep running mental logs of their own harem, and use all the dirt she has on her harem sisters to get her way. If not the Alpha, Scareleaders often plot to be the Alpha, scheming and using her Harem sisters like pawns to dethrone her current commander. Many Alphas can waylay this fate by giving the Scareleader a position within the Harem, be it training or cooking, as this focuses the Scareleader on a job and turns her attention away from taking over. When asked to train her Harem sisters, a Scareleader truly shines as she is just as useful as her previous evolution in 'inspiring' her Harem sisters to train long and hard and hone their battle skills to deadly effectiveness.
It is truly surprising when confronted with a 'Buffy' subtype Scareleader, named after a Fearleader who then evolved into a Scareleader who routed one of the first feral Vampire nests found in the Sunshine League. This subtype is nearly the polar opposite of a normally tempered Scareleader, socially intelligent while still caring for the welfare of others. These 'Buffies' are normally content with whatever position they have within a Harem, but do make effective Alphas or Betas, as they know how to give compliments and constructive criticism instead of just insults. Like their pre-evolutionary form, they also tend to be stronger than the average Scareleader due to their tendency to work out and train more. The only drawback to this subtype of the breed is their intense hatred of vampiric Pokégirls, followed by a strong dislike of infernals and ghost-types. It is rare for a 'Buffy' type to be in a Harem with a vampiric Pokégirl willingly, and even more unlikely for her to befriend one.
In battle both the normal and the subtype Scareleaders are intense in battle, keeping their concentration and usually acting as if they aren't even trying. Insults and jibes against opponents are common for both as well. Normal tempered Scareleaders do have a preference for staying out of melee and using their dancing techniques for long ranged attacks. 'Buffies' usually prefer close range combat, and tend to learn short range attacks if allowed. Unique to the breed is their Pom-pom Bomb attack, which the breed as a whole develops after evolution. Most normal tempered Scareleaders utilize a psychic and fire combo, while 'Buffies' tend to have an Electric and Ice combo. When in paired battles or grand melee, normal tempered Scareleaders act as a general on the field, commanding her partner or harem sisters while staying out of much of the fighting. 'Buffies' tend to wade into the middle of the fight, attacking foes as well as attempting to protect their Harem sisters and Tamer.
Feral Scareleaders keep the Bimbo level drop in intelligence of their previous evolution, but usually tend to be found out quickly due to their enhanced strength. Ferals also tend to use cheers at the strangest times, getting excited and giving impromptu cheers over random happenings like kattleburger commercials. Thresholding directly into a Scareleader is rare, but is marked by a changed in fingernail color and strength. Thresholders find it easier to hide their change in appearance, but the increased strength takes some getting used to and the accidental breaking of objects is a dead giveaway. Regardless of temperament, however, most Scareleaders are much more accepting of their situation and can be conformed to life in a Harem or other Pokégirl field quite easily.
· Pom-Pom Bomb -- (Atk 50 for each bomb) This attack is unique to the Scareleader. Upon evolution, a Scareleader develops an extra 'affinity' for two other elements, and can manifest these elements in the form of a colored pom-pom in each hand. This affinity only extends to this attack, as no Scareleader has shown the ability to learn other attacks of their chosen affinities through TMs or T2s. This attack is the Scareleaders 'Trump Card' as she can throw one or both elemental pom-poms at once, and these elements are sometimes ones that oppose her weaknesses. Once thrown, these pom-poms cannot be reformed for close to an hour.
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SEABRA, the Water Fighter Pokégirl Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food, with the preference of sea products
Role: under water warriors
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Water Gun, Water Tower, Water Punch, Draining Rain, Bubblebeam, Tackle, Growl, Tail Slap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 on land, x6 in water), Enhanced sense of Touch (x2 on land, x5 in water), Enhanced Strength (x6), Amphibious, Tough Skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Whoresea (battle stress)
As amphibious as a Pokégirl can be, human troops had no chance against the submerged Seabra during the Revenge War. With tactics reminiscent of the United States Navy Seals organization, minus the need for machines to make them able to move quickly underwater, the Whoresea could strike underwater, on the surface of water, and on the ground. Their tactics made it difficult at best for human commanders to plan strategically against them, as Seabra were rather common sights in coastal areas, and also in areas of little water thanks to their ability to stay out of water for over a week and a half without needing to submerge again.
Seabras are easily recognized by their blue skin, the two large and pointy fins at the sides of her back, and the three smaller fins on her head. Like the Whoresea, Seabras also have a tail that is as long as they are tall. Unlike Whoresea, however, is that a Seabra has much larger breasts, on average reaching a D-cup to an E-cup in comparison to a Whoresea's more modest endowments. Seabra are quite strong compared to their previous forms, and may require restraints in order for a Tamer to do the taming that a Seabra requires. There are some Seabra that can regulate their strength, however, and as such do not require restraints. These few Seabra have trained to be able to allow this to happen, however.
They are very popular among tamers since they are one of the not to many water Pokégirls that can fight on land as well as they do in water. That's why during Sukebe's war, Seabras were used to take down submarines and the like, to then attack the rest of the enemies that were on land. Seabra are rather rare compared to Whoresea, however, as many were hunted and killed after the Revenge War in order to try and revive the shipping lanes for several surviving coastal cities.
Seabra are not as territorial as Whoresea are, but are savage when it comes to protecting their kits or their kill, often battling Titacruel in an effort to keep their food for themselves.
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SHADOWGIRL, the Slightly Sarcastic Silhouette Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human food
Role: reporter, information-gatherer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Dodge, Cheer, Yell, Agility, Slap, Earlobe Nibble, Cuddle
Enhancements: Youthful
Evolves: FarFuck’d (Moon Shard)
Evolves From: None
Shadowgirls, or as they like to call themselves, Kageshoujo (a name Pre-Sukebe Researchers have determined is the old Edo language version of “shadowgirl”), are an odd breed of Pokégirl. They’re entire body is pure, ebon black, so black that they absorb all light that falls on them. Even if you placed a spotlight on them, you wouldn’t be able to make out any features. The only exception to this is their hair, which can be of any color or style, but otherwise is perfectly normal. Despite being living, three-dimensional silhouettes, Shadowgirls are still very much Pokégirls. Touch reveals that all of their features are still there, and that they are definitely female. Shadowgirls oddly always take a name which is a letter of the alphabet with the suffix “-ko” added to it (which the Researchers say means “child,” again in old Edo), i.e. A-ko or D-ko, etc. While there are certainly more than twenty-six Shadowgirls at any given time, no one has ever been known to have met two or more Shadowgirls who have the same first name. However, they always use Kageshoujo as their last name, even if they were Threshold girls.
Shadowgirls have the Youthful enhancement. Because of this, they always appear to be young girls, no matter how old they are. Their bust is never larger than a B-cup, and is usually smaller than that. They do sometimes have hair between their legs, visible like the hair on their head, but they prefer to shave their cunt. They still age normally, they just never show it. Their appearance, what can be seen of it anyway, and their voices are always those of a girl who is roughly fourteen to sixteen. They work to maintain this image as well, usually wearing cute dresses or girls’ school uniforms. Their actions and mannerisms abet this as well (“Hi! I’m F-ko Kageshoujo! Fifteen and in the eighth grade! Pleased to meet you!”), even to the point where they will tell small “fibs” to help out with their look, saying things like they’re in school, what their blood-type is (even if they don’t know it), or their astrological sign, as determined by the Church of the Thousand Faiths (again, whether they know what it really is or not). They never say that their age is anything but how old they look. If a Shadowgirl looks fourteen, she’ll say she’s fourteen, even if she’s really twenty-nine. Shadowgirls also enjoy referring to themselves in the third person; a habit they feel enhances their “cute” image.
Shadowgirls have a biting but subtle sense of humor. They seem to have a knack for picking up on people’s hidden faults and embarrassing secrets, which they tend to hint at (“Ooh! Yuji’s going to go Tame his Pokégirls! Those ‘girls will have to touch each other a lot tonight!”). They seem to enjoy taking things to exaggerated levels, going over the top with their voice tones and body motions to accentuate a point. They especially love doing this in front of an audience, the larger the better. They get along great with CameraGirls because of this, since this way they always have an audience and the CameraGirl always has someone to film. Whether or not Shadowgirls realize they’re going over the top is questionable, since they always do it with everything (hence why they act like cutesy schoolgirls).
Shadowgirls are poor fighters. When in combat, they tend to move around, rhetorically asking what will happen to them, usually in the third person of course. Their tone of voice suggests that they aren’t really taking the situation seriously, but again, it’s hard to be sure with them (“Oh no! Cute little C-ko is in danger! Whatever will this poor little Pokégirl do?”). Their few attacks focus mainly on dodging and discouraging their opponents. Their only physical attack is Slap, and even then this is incredibly weak. The only two effective techniques they know are Cuddle and Earlobe Nibble, both of which can be used to arouse a Pokégirl. Shadowgirls have no special skills in Taming though, and are relatively easy to bring to orgasm, making them poor pokesex fighters as well. They are especially poor choices to send against Bug-type Pokégirls, since they’re afraid of them and will run around shrieking girlishly in fright. The only things to recommend a Shadowgirl are that, even more so than most Dark-types, they have a fantastic resistance to Psychic powers. Most of them just wash over them like they weren’t even there, and those that do affect them only do so minimally. Their other useful skill is that they are very good at gathering information. Give her a few days and the proper resources, and a Shadowgirl can find out pretty much whatever you want to know. They can form plans about various actions with this, but they tend to repeatedly and worriedly remind their Tamer about the chances and consequences of failure, which gets annoying rather fast.
The only known evolution of a Shadowgirl is to FarFuck’d, fitting since this is the only Pokégirl even more overly dramatic than the Shadowgirl. Exactly how this evolution is affected is unknown, and when asked, Shadowgirls themselves just claim ignorance, along with a hope that such a thing doesn’t happen to them. This is pretty much the icing on the cake for why Tamers don’t want a Shadowgirl in their harem. Shadowgirls who go Feral wander around in a distracted state, unable to really focus or do much of anything, like an Ingenue. Threshold girls who become Shadowgirls are perhaps the single best cases of Threshold being accepted, since the personality change is total. Threshold Shadowgirls naturally abandon their old identity completely, name and all, and seem to feel no remorse over their transformation. They always refer to who they were in the third person, as though their old identity was someone else entirely. Between this and their somewhat annoying antics, their old families virtually always send Threshold Shadowgirls to Pokégirl ranches or Pokécenters.
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SHAGUAR, the Cool Cat Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar
Element: Ice/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Sunshine League), Very Rare (Capital, Orange, Scarlet Leagues), Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: chilled fish, alcohol
Role: covert operations, subterfuge, cuddle-pet
Libido: Average (gets higher the colder they get).
Strong Vs: Dark, Dragon, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Scratch, Tail Slap, Agility, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Aurora Punch, Ice Blade, Blizzard Beam, Ice KAPOWIE
Enhancements: 5x Human Strength, Enhanced sense of smell, Night-vision, and Sensitive Hearing
Evolves: Kool Kat (orgasm), Jugguar (Thunder Stone+Electric Attack)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Ice Crystal)
This ice princess of the feline Pokégirls was discovered completely by accident in the Gold Continent in 289 AS. When Pokégirl Tamer Martin Camero of the Sunshine League was trying to find a way to get a Warcat from the Catgirl branch of the Kitten's evolution, he tried anything at random. As a result of his want for that specific Pokégirl species he was after, he used an Ice Crystal on his Catgirl, and found a then unknown evolution of that breed: the Shaguar.
Normally standing at 5'5" with breasts that range around a large A-Cup, (never higher than a mid-sized B-Cup), one would see at first glance that a Shaguar isn't physically intimidating to look at. Although there are cases of Shaguar with brown pelts with white or tanned undersides, the majority are almost completely white-furred. In colder climate regions, this white fur gives the Shaguar a good measure of camouflage. The only way to keep track of the Pokégirl is the fact that their dark brown or black ring patterns will still show up against the snow if one looks closely enough.
Interestingly, while their pre-evolution form of Catgirl is only average on fighting skills at best, Shaguars are pretty decent fighters, comparative if not superior to Warcat species that Martin Camero had been so interested in getting. Through research of the species, it has been found the reason that Shaguars are such competitive fighters is that they are always searching for new sources of warmth, and so they have a tendency to constantly fight as a means to keep their body temperatures up.
The correlation of a Shaguar's fighting skill and body temperature is a fact that has proven useful to Tamers who specifically participate in PokéBattle circuits. Some Tamers firmly believe that in a colder climate, a Shaguar is almost invincible, as they HATE the freezing temperatures, making them fight even harder as to keep warm. This belief is what has lead the Shaguar to become a popular import into the Scarlet League and the Southern islands of the Orange League from the Sunshine League, as well as the most Northern reaches of the Capital League.
It should also be noted that this same need for warmth is why the Shaguar have a tendency to have considerably furious Taming sessions with their Tamers than a number of other feline Pokégirls. Their bodies are cool to the touch, but feeling into their inner-depths, a Shaguar is far colder. It is this inner-feeling of cold that makes the Shaguar constantly chilled, and Taming usually heats her up from within, which makes her warmer throughout. As such, the Shaguar's need for warmth pretty much allows the Tamer a lot of leeway in Taming a Shaguar. As long as she's getting it hot and heavy, she will put up with a lot of stranger or exotic kinks. Although they do love cuddling afterwards.
The Shaguar isn't without faults though, and has a number of quirks. Although they absolutely hate the cold, the Cool Cat Pokégirl absolutely loves chilled fish. This may be attributed to the fact that they also have a preference for alcohol, (especially ale) as it is known to make them feel `warm' inside, despite what they'd eaten. Another odd facet is that Shaguars are susceptible to Electric-based attacks. It seems that while Ice and Fighting negated a lot of elements that either species was weak or strong against, (Bug, Flying, Rock, Steel) it opened up a specific elemental weak-point for them.
When determining Harem dynamics, a Tamer should be forewarned to never allow a Shaguar and a Nogitsune into their harem at the same time. For reasons unknown, the two species have taken a near automatic dislike for each other, very similar to how Cheshire and Kunoichi feel about each other. This leads to a lot of bickering and in-fighting that often turns physically violent.
As a final note, there is an interesting rumor currently circulating in the Sunshine League. Possibly started by a Shaguar whom wanted a considerably improved figure, the call has gone out to discover what would make the `Jugguar', also referred to as the `Jugg-u-lar' in some regions. While more than likely a hoax, one can never be too certain in this day and age.
No case of Threshold into a Shaguar has been recorded as of yet. As this is a more recent evolution, currently there are only Domestic breeds. As time goes on, thanks to this Pokégirl's popularity, it wouldn't be a surprise for a Shaguar to become more frequently found in the wild or as the end of a woman's Threshold into a Pokégirl.
Aurora Punch - (ATK 120 + EFT) An enhanced version of `Cold Punch', nearly double the regular strength; the fist becoming encased in a sharp corona of ice. Impact forces the opponent to back up to seven steps and may stun them for one round, (three rounds if opponent is Dragon, Ground, or Plant-aligned). Fire-types take half-damage
Blizzard Beam - (ATK 35 + EFT) An enhanced version of `Ice Beam' This attack fires a cold beam at the enemy, freezing what it touches. Unlike Ice Beam, Blizzard Beam causes outright damage to whatever is frozen, be it Pokégirl or surrounding environment.
Ice KAPOWIE - (ATK 200) An attack exclusive to the Shaguar and easily one of the strongest combination Fighting/Ice attacks in existence. The Ice KAPOWIE strikes opponents with an overwhelming uppercut that has been known to K.O. Dragon-types in one hit. However, to use this, the Shaguar must sacrifice 1/2 of her HP before attacking and can only be used once a battle, since afterwards, the needed energy is spent. If the opponent is still standing after struck, they are automatically afflicted with Frozen status-ailment for 1-15 rounds, regardless of any defenses. The Shaguar is then dizzy for 4 rounds.
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SHE-CAPTAIN, the Commander Pokégirl Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Sea Admiral, Troop Commander, Strategy & Tactics, Heavy Assault
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Flying, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: *Manifest Weapon (singular), *Manifest Weapon (double), Water Gun, Gust, Squall, Wind, Mirror Image, Tempest, Hydro Pump, Water Tower, Vortex, Water Floor, Typhoon, Whirlpool, Geyser, Bubbler, Tidal Slide, Teleport, Super Cyclone, Insulate, Hurricane
Enhancement: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Dexterity (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Increased Intelligence, Weapons Affinity, Elemental Affinity (Water/Wind), Amphibious, Can instinctively pilot any and all aquatic vehicles, can teleport from ship to ship, Specialized olfactory senses
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buttaneer (normal, high level), Piratit (normal, high level)
Buttaneers and Piratits are fine Pokégirls. They make a superb navy for either actual pirates or League naval forces, or even for a singular Tamer near the sea. Some even use Buttaneers and Piratits to crew luxury liners, the sea warrior Pokégirls serving as excellent crew members and protection against actual pirates on the open sea. It’s when they become She-Captains that their value goes through the roof.
She-Captains take the natural ferocity of the more animalistic Buttaneers and the grace and natural skill of the Piratits, combining them into a total package that makes for one of the most formidable Pokégirl breeds in the world. If they evolved from a Buttaneer, they lose almost all of their animalistic appearance and become completely human, although they still retain the human equivalent of whatever unique features they had. The only animalistic part of them that remains is some scales on their neck which has their gills on it, allowing them to retain their amphibious nature. Aside from gaining a foot in height and a cup size in bust, there is little to distinguish them from your average Very Near Human-type Pokégirl in terms of appearance, their hair usually hiding their scales if left long.
She-Captains, in terms of personality, become much more calm and collected than their two previous forms. They gain an increase in intelligence and the ability to better calculate strategies and tactics in battle. They make excellent Alphas for harems on either land or sea, although they are most effective when on the open ocean. Like their two previous forms, they can be used readily on land, although they will be somewhat melancholy and depressed unless they are on the open ocean.
She-Captains have a lot of powerful abilities. They retain/gain the ability of Piratits to manifest any one of three weapons their choose to master (but ONLY those three) in either singular or double form. However, like the Piratit, they have to write a mystic rune on the weapon they want to be able to summon and/or replicate. They also retain/gain the ability to control wind and water magic that Buttaneers have, only on a much more powerful scale. She-Captains also gain the ability to teleport from one seagoing vessel to another by melting into the hull of one ship and emerging through the hull of the other. What makes them especially valuable to both Naval and Pirate forces is their ability to pilot any sea-going vessel, be it an old pirate galleon, a luxury cruise liner, a high-tech submarine, or even a tiny dinghy. (As an amusing side note, ‘a tiny dinghy’ is also favorite insult most She-Captains like to use on most Tamers they do not like. They think it’s funnier when the Tamer DOESN’T get the joke.) So skilled are She-Captains at piloting sea vessels that the only real way to sink one when a She-Captain is at the helm is to attack it.
She-Captains are best suited to the Alpha position. Their strong, domineering personality makes it extraordinarily difficult for them to accept leadership from anyone else other than their Tamer, whom they refer to/think of, as their ‘Admiral.’ She-Captains in the Navy tend to be better able to keep their crews in line than Pirate She-Captains, although both work well together, just in different ways. They are very protective of their Harem-sisters and/or crewmates, and are usually found in the thick of battle with them, barking orders around. She-Captains near or in a Feral state are usually twice as aggressive and rarely give orders that make sense. Their preferences in Taming do not change from their previous form, although they tend to start preferring clothing ‘more suited to their rank.’ An odd personality quirk common to most of the breed is that they all want a big hat of some kind and are somewhat edgy about letting people touch their hat.
As a side note, the warning about putting Pirate Pokégirls and Ninja Pokégirls in the same harem applies even more in this case. While Piratits and Buttaneers hate most ninja breeds (a feeling which is returned), She-Captains refuse to tolerate their presence at all unless their Tamer can give them six DAMN good reasons why. (They ask for six because it’s less likely they’ll get the reasons and get to attack.) This rivalry between the pirate breeds and ninja breeds is so intense that only Taverngirls are allowed into certain areas of the Ruby League and Edo League, due to high ninja breed concentrations. Taverngirls are the only evolution of pirate Pokégirls that can tolerate the presence of ninja Pokégirls, due to their generally mellow nature. (Covered further in the Taverngirl entry.) No cases of Threshold into a She-Captain have been reported.
Manifest Weapon (Singular) – (EFT): She-Captains, through use of a magical rune they place on any three weapons they choose, can summon that weapon to their hands from anywhere in the world.
Manifest Weapon (Double) – (EFT): She-Captains, through use of a magical rune they place on any three weapons they choose, can summon that weapon to their hands from anywhere in the world and replicate it, allowing for double-weilding.
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SHOXIYA, the Thunder Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Lizard Animorph)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruits, small bugs, Pokéchow
Role: Decoy, Scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water,
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Fireball, Spark, Timid Strike
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Jumping ability (x5) Adaptable to any climate
Evolves: Sexlóng (battle high, well-trained)
Evolves From: None
Shoxiya are small in size appearing to be at a height of 5’5” at maximum with nicely shaped B-cup sized breasts. Their ears are shaped similarly to small dragon wings in a slightly curled upward position. Their wild, waist-length hair varies in colors, but most often their color is red. While not particularly strong in strength, they are quick and agile. Their face, for the most part contain human-like features but have a slight muzzle and their tongue is forked. Their eyes are initially yellow, but the colors vary and their pupils are slit. Their smooth-yet-scaly skin is ivory white along with small claws on their hands and feet with their tail being 3/4 in length of their legs. Their most distinguishing feature is their “veins” from their cheeks down to their feet which glows in a bluish color. It is often said you can tell how much electricity is flowing inside of a Shoxiya simply by the brightness of the glow.
However, as electric types go, Shoxiya are known to be weak in general. Their strength is laughable, they cannot take much punishment in battle, and the only thing they seem to be good for is running away, yet they still believe that they have the battle won, if not ready to turn it into their favor. Despite their weak stats, it is possible for a Shoxiya to be a legitimate effective Pokégirl battler. With good training and by learning the right moves, a Shoxiya can become a decent combat Pokégirl. However, there is just one little problem: When it comes to battles, Shoxiya tend to become arrogant, too arrogant for their own good!
They put too much faith in their own abilities to realize their limitations, and have too much pride to admit need of help. Thus training could be very difficult, especially when working around their weaknesses. Until you are confident in her abilities, it is highly advised that you restrict your Shoxiya to either double battles paired with a strong Pokégirl that can cover her weaknesses or single battles that you are sure she can win, no matter how much she complains. Otherwise, should Shoxiya lose a battle (which is likely) neither her Tamer nor her Harem-sisters would hear the end of it. Needless to say this is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.
By nature, Shoxiya can be energetic and playful but they also tend to be rash, rarely if ever listening to reason. Their optimism tends for them to see things on the brighter side though, but it can make them prone to gullibility and obliviousness. Tamers and Researchers alike are often puzzled how a Shoxiya can go from being arrogant and antagonizing in battles to playful and cheery. Some have suggest that they do it all for attention from those they can get it from, especially their Tamer, to the point where if they feel ignored, they will do whatever they can to gain the attention they feel they deserve. To them negative attention is better than none at all, which may bring trouble to their Tamer. Lately, “attention whore” are the first words to come to mind when thinking about them.
If you’re not willing to go through all the trouble of training, Shoxiya have their uses outside of battling. Their speed and adaptability make them great scouts for checking out unknown areas for traveling Tamers. Their strong leg muscles grants them great jumping ability which allows them to leap onto high places to get a better view of certain areas. The high amount of electricity residing inside of them makes them useful as battery chargers as well as serving as an emergency power source for electrical equipment. Note that the latter only works best for small items such as hairdryers and lamps. Afterwards, it would be best to feed them and let them rest, as to them it is a draining experience. Also, their eagerness to fight makes them great decoys to keep dangerous feral Pokégirls away from defenseless tamers and Pokégirls. Just be sure to be quick to get the defenseless ones out of harm’s way, because they won’t be able to hold them off for long, no matter what they say.
During Tamings, Shoxiya prefer their Tamers and only them. They won’t be pleased to see anyone else, especially his Alpha or Beta. To them, they’re more than enough to satisfy and they see even the thought of bringing in another as an insult to them and their abilities. If another joins, she will become the object of the Shoxiya’s resentment for “stealing” her turn. Shoxiya often like to be dominated and if the Tamer won’t take the initiative then she will, often giving him a “playful” shock, in order to rile him up to show her who’s boss. Often foreplay is involved, usually involving tender stroking and ear nibbling, until they are ready to go down with the Tamer. Normally one time is enough to satisfy them, but depending on their feelings towards their respective Tamers, they may want to go for it again.
It is highly unlikely to threshold into a Shoxiya, as there have only been eight reports of this occurring. Feral Shoxiya are not that different, but unlike their domesticated counterparts, they won’t stop until they achieve their goal (Namely, attacking all that comes by for a battle) even if it will cause them serious bodily harm. Otherwise, they tend to search for packs to travel with.
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SHRINE MAIDEN, The Amateurish Summoner Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-like diet (likes strawberries and cheesecake the most)
Role: Summoners
Libido: Average (High after Summoning)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Grass, Poison, Ghosts
Weak Vs: Dragon, Rock, Flying, Ice, Normal
Attacks: Twister, Dragon Dance, Summon Esper, White Wind, Exorcism, Shield, Summoning Contract (*)
Enhancements: Low Sleep Cycle, Natural Summoning Ability
Evolves: Shrine Priestess (normal, Level 30)
Evolves From: None
Shrine Maidens appear to be no different than normal human women at first glance. Their height ranges from 4'3" to 5'2"; their breasts sizes usually start small (A to B-cup) when they're young, but grow steadily until they're 18-22, when they're larger (C to DD-cup); their eyes are usually blue, grey or red; their hair color tends to be black, but is sometimes pink. Their hair is rarely any other color. The Shrine Maiden's skin is quite smooth most of the time, but shifts to become tough and more like sandpaper when she is angered (which, Tamers should note, occurs ALL OVER, even in their vagina, so DON'T piss her off during taming sessions). If a Pokégirl transforms into a Shrine Maiden, they _USUALLY_, but not always, lose any blemishes or 'defects'.
Shrine Maidens traditionally wear a scarlet red hakama, either pants or skirt; a white kimono shirt with swinging sleeves; and white socks (known as Tabi). She can decide to add ribbons or ornaments at her own discretion. Undergarments are entirely by their preference.
Shrine Maidens have occurred in low, but steady numbers, since 198 AS. All that is known about Pokégirls evolving into a Shrine Maidens is that it's never quite the same Pokégirl nor is it the same stimulus. The few theories that exist that cannot be entirely denied usually indicate that a Pokégirl may be spiritually selected to become a Shrine Maiden when another Shrine Maiden is about to pass on or has already passed on; OR the Pokégirl may have reached some point of spiritual enlightenment that wasn't apparent prior to evolution.
Shrine Maidens only need 5 hours of sleep to be at tiptop shape, but require an additional 2 hours of meditation in order to use her summoning ability; another hour of pray, preferably at a shrine of their chosen faith, though she can use the symbol of her chosen faith for prayer (she just prefers a shrine); and at least twice a month, she must make an offering to her chosen faith, either in the form of food or money. Their partners are strongly encouraged to do the same, but it is not a requirement.
Shrine Maiden should not leave the shrines of their faith for prolonged periods of time, or else they will begin losing their powers (though they never lose access to their Summoning Contract ability because of this). There are two methods to sidestep this problem.
The first method is a lengthy ritual involving cleansing her body of bad luck and wicked thoughts, meditation, and drinking a special herbal tea. The ritual is only effective for up to two months, meaning that she must return to the temple before then or face the degradation of her powers until she does make it back.
The second method is for prolonged journeys which may go well beyond two months. Either the Shrine Maiden or their partner must bare a miniature shrine. The mini-shrine is specially made to resists all normal forms of damage, but is generally between 50 to 150 lbs. This is to symbolically represent the burden that the Shrine Maiden bears in leaving the temple, and their partner must understand the depths of the Shrine Maiden's faith. Tamers have found that the mini-shrine can also act as an early warning system as it magically lightens when trouble is within fifty feet, but only remains light so long as danger is around. The shrine is enchanted so that it cannot be lost and returns to the Shrine Maiden's side the next night, but the Shrine Maiden must pray to it as soon as she is able.
Some tamers may think to use the shrine as a shield, but doing so deliberately will incur the wrath of the Shrine Maiden, who will always instinctively know if the shrine is attacked. Unlike most other Pokégirls, it is deemed perfectly acceptable if a Shrine Maiden ditches an irresponsible tamer to head back to her home/shrine if she had proper provocation and few Leagues will even attempt to help a tamer try to get their Shrine Maiden back as it will result in a massive battle. The Indigo League attempted to return a Shrine Maiden to an irresponsible Tamer in 243 AS only to find two hundred badly injured tamers and five hundred sleeping Pokégirls on the battlefield.
The Shrine had only three Shrine Maidens and one Shrine Priestess to defend it, yet not one was injured or tired.
Since then, it's been a universal taboo for Leagues to interfere with a Shrine Maiden's business.
Perhaps the most useful ability of the Shrine Maiden is her natural ability to summon Pokégirls. This ability tends to grab the nearest Pokégirl, but if a Shrine Maiden spends an extra round (or even 2) on the summoning, she can choose from a variety of Pokégirls to summon rather than just grabbing the nearest available one, though it seems to stop at a radius in miles equal to her level, so 5 miles at Level 5, 15 miles at Level 15, etc. If an appropriate one isn't found, she has expended the energy fruitlessly, so she must be careful. She can also cut any summon short, but this automatically occurs if she is rendered unconscious, either through exhaust or damage. A strong-willed Pokégirl can stay upwards of a turn after her summoner has fallen unconscious. Any summoned Pokégirl is generally willing to fight for the summoner, though any Pokégirl summoned via the Summoning Contract ability (more on that below) will always fight for the summoner.
Initially, she can only summon use Summon Esper once per day, but as she grows in power and skill, she can summon more often. At Level 15, she learns Summon Type, and at Level 30, she can learn Summon Pokégirl. It's important to note that summoned Pokégirls, even the ones summoned via her summoning contract, cannot be captured, even with a master Pokéball, nor do they 'die' if slain. If a fatal blow is about to strike them, the magic of the summoning dispels, healing them and teleporting them back where they had come from. A skilled Shrine Maiden can even have the dispelling create a shockwave to disrupt the attack.
Shortly after using a summoning, a Shrine Maiden becomes aroused. She can summon (or maintain a summon) a Pokégirl to help satisfy her, but a tamer who satisfies her after a summoning is guaranteed a wild ride. She prefers any position where both she and her partner can equally gain pleasure and likes to ensure that neither of them is 'benefiting' too greatly for any position. She is often a very patient and understanding lover.
Most Shrine Maidens will become a genuinely nice Pokégirl, though some may take longer than others to become as nice as Shrine Priestesses and may require some 'verbal prodding' to correct their behavior. Once she's grown into her final personality, she can get along easily with most other Pokégirls and only the most hardened can resist at least becoming a good friend. She strongly dislikes violence, focusing heavily on her healing and defensive arts and will only fight for the sake of an innocent, herself or her loved ones.
She is extraordinarily strong against Ghost-type Pokégirls with her Exorcism ability, but through strange circumstances, Normal attacks do more damage than they really ought to. Perhaps it's a peculiar side effect of her genetics.
Evil Shrine Maidens, though a minority amongst the already rare Shrine Maidens, will never allow themselves to tolerate being corrected, regardless of punishment. They often flock to religions that allow them to be as wicked as they want to be and are usually seen accompanied by Vampires or Mazoku. Surprisingly, at least to those ignorant enough to confuse darkness with evil, most dark-type Pokégirls instinctively loathe evil Shrine Maidens and will do what they can to disrupt the evil Pokégirl's activities.
Evil Shrine Maidens never manage to live long enough to evolve into Shrine Priestesses as they always seem to make a lethally stupid move, either by challenging a Shrine Priestess for power; trying to make a contract with a very dangerous Pokégirl; or by pissing off all of their summons (who invariably come hunting for the evil Shrine Maiden in question on the summon is done).
One of the most unique abilities is the Summoning Contract. Tamers are not normally privy to the secrets of the contract, but most know it requires the Shrine Maiden to serve at the shrine for a year and one day to even get one (and no, her apprenticeship doesn't count towards this requirement); a pilgrimage to see a Pokégirl (usually one of a great power or standing); and the act of actually making an arrangement with said Pokégirl. The arrangement usually benefits the 'summon' Pokégirl in some way (it varies based on what the 'summon' Pokégirl wants), and allows the Shrine Maiden to call on the 'summon' Pokégirl in times of crisis. The Shrine Maiden may not abuse the 'summon' Pokégirl or break her trust, or else the contract will be broken and she can never summon that Pokégirl ever again, even with the other summoning magics. In order to activate Summoning Contract, the Shrine Maiden must bite her thumb and place at least one drop of her own blood on a stable surface (such as the ground, a wall, etc.) which then creates a magical portal through which the 'summon' Pokégirl will appear.
Summoning Contract allows the 'summon' Pokégirl to last as long as the summon Pokégirl has health. She cannot be put to sleep, rendered unconscious by normal means (other than health loss), stunned, paralyzed or frozen, though she can be affected by any other status ailments, both good and bad. The 'summon' Pokégirl, depending on her personality, will either extract payment before each summoning or afterwards.
If her trust or the contract is broken mid-summon, she can cancel a summons of her own will. The 'summon' Pokégirl can even refuse a summons, but without a valid excuse (such as a violation of the contract, her conditions for being summoned not being fulfilled, or if she is pregnant and/or giving birth), she faces dire possibilities, which are outlined in the Summon Contract. Of course, she cannot be summoned if she is dead, but the summoner is instantly made aware of their death. The summoning contract turns completely black ONLY when there is no chance of revival. A summon Pokégirl with a contract can refuse a summon from an Pokégirl who does not have a contract with her.
A Shrine Maiden can make as many Summoning Contracts as she can effectively manage. It is not entirely impossible for a Shrine Maiden to have as many contracts as a tamer has Pokégirls, though she would likely be thirty years older before she had that many.
One unique thing to note about the summoning: The summoner cannot, in turn, be summoned while she is actively summoning. This means, that two Shrine Maidens cannot summon each other at the same time, though they could feasibly trade off. Researchers believe that is because the summoner becomes akin to a ship that has dropped anchor while the summoned is like a lifeboat. As such, it's impossible to get the summoner 'summoned' without negating or breaking her current summon.
When it comes to combat, Shrine Maidens will usually follow the style that their Shrine uses, but some will branch out and develop a unique style. If they learn a martial art or weapon style, it will usually be the one taught at the shrine or temple they serve at, though exceptions are allowed if the style or the instructor doesn't directly go against their religious beliefs. Pacifistic religions will often take up Akido or weapons that cause minimal lasting damage. Evil Shrine Maidens will seek out devastating or vicious styles.
Perhaps some of the kinkier aspects of Shrine Maidens is once they come of tamable age, they can choose to engage in a Ritual of Womanhood, where she is introduced to sex by any Pokégirl at their shrine. After she is no longer a virgin, she can join in ritualistic orgies which occur on special days to their chosen religion.
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SHY PRINCESS, the Introvert Pokégirl
Type: Semi-Human
Element: Magic/Water
Frequency: Rare (Very Rare away from bodies of water)
Diet: Fish, Salt
Role: Tactical advisor, long range support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Bug
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Sex Attacks, Avian Types
Attacks: Goo Cannon, Power Bolt, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Spike Cannon, Whirlpool, Water Golem, Cupid's Bow, Artemis' Bow
Enhancements: Harder shell (defense x2)
Evolves: Shy Queen (Shy Princess Evo; mechanism unknown)
Evolves From: Shy Maiden (normal: Level 30)
When a Shy Maiden evolves, her shell changes into a large conch-like shape, and it appears have roughly three layers. The outermost is the hardest and has numerous spines to allow her to remain stable on most ground. The inner most two are similar to her former clam shell. She can now enlarge any of these layers (the outermost layers MUST be enlarged first) up to ten times their original size, but she cannot move at all at this size and has great difficulty opening or closing her outer shells without shrinking them, changing their position and then re-enlarging them.
Shy Princess' now have a full body, but some part of it MUST remain merged with the gelatinous blob that controls the body at ALL times. For this reason, she generally chooses her feet or back.
Shy Princess', both domesticate and feral, HATE meeting new people. If she does not already have a steady lover (either a tamer or a Pokégirl), she haphazardly seek one using her Cupid's Bow technique. Feral Shy Princesses often use Whirlpool to pin their targets in place and shoot them with Cupid's Bow until satisfied that the target is sufficiently in their control. They will then use Water Golem to bring the target to them.
The Shy Princess is perhaps the only Water Pokégirl who must rely on a gained technique for mobility. A Shy Princess will use Water Golem to move about on land. She will also use it in the water to maneuver. The sheer weight of her shell makes it otherwise impossible to move on her own while on land, and makes even jumps in the water quite difficult. Because of this, most Ferals will generally stay underwater to grant them the most mobility.
Cupid's Bow - (S.ATK 40 + EFT) This unique attack creates an "arrow" of soft pink energy that flies at the intended target. If struck by the "arrow", the victim immediately becomes aroused and feels pleasurable sensation in the affected area. If struck in an erogenous zone, these sensations are even more powerful. These "arrows" do not do physical damage, but have a 30% chance of inducing Heat and Attraction. This is considered a 'magic' technique.
Artemis' Bow - (ATK 80 + EFT) A arrow of white energy that strikes the victim and knocks them down. This is also considered a 'magic' technique.
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SIDEVIPER, the Aggressive Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Metamorph (Snake)
Element: Fighting/Poison
Frequency: Rare (most Leagues)
Diet: Berries, fruit
Role: Hit-And-Run Tactics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Grass, Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Flying, Ice (double damage)
Attacks: Agility, Silver Fist, Thunder Tail, Wrap, Probing Tongue (*)
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3), retains most of their intelligence even when feral
Disadvantages: Low HP, very weak to psychic attacks, weak against ice attacks, can't shapeshift if they're feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Battle stress + Feral state)
Sidevipers are very rude departures from the other snake Pokégirls. They often have foul tempers, which only evaporate after they've either won a battle or found a permanent lover (tamer or Pokégirl).
Their hair tends to vary from deep red to hot pink to almost blackish purple; they all have elven ears; and most have blue or grey eyes. Very rarely will any have green or red eyes. Their skin has a golden tint, as do their belly scales. Their other scales, like the Garter, always match their hair, but unlike Garters, does not change if the Sideviper dyes their hair. Their tails are double the length of their human legs.
Most of the ferals will often take advantage of any opponent who's fallen unconscious. Surprisingly, even completely feral, they retain quite a bit of knowledge, and have been seen rummaging through a tamer's pack and Pokéballs for things they like.
Back during the war, Sidevipers were well known for hit and run tactics, brutally attacking the flanks of infantry units, and forcing the enemy to spread their units thin, allowing more powerful and durable Pokégirls to devastate the units further.
Of course, being cold-blooded, they tend to stay away from cold areas. If in a harem, a Sideviper will beg to stay in her Pokéball. No arctic zone League will ever see a Sideviper that's there willingly.
Unfortunately for honest Tamers, no Naga will evolve without becoming Feral and becoming highly stressed in combat.
Those seeking to capture them know that Sidevipers love fruit. Some have been known to enter cities and attack fruit stands when their fruit supplies in the wild run low. Some smaller cities that have had repeated problems either send for a tamer to capture the Sideviper or have a large number of fruit and berry plants planted outside of town.
(*) - Probing Tongue - (S.ATK 135) The user's tongue skillfully finds the most pleasurable points on their partner and stimulates them. Both humans and Pokégirls can learn and enjoy this technique.
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SLIMETTE PRINCESS, the Royal Sexy Goo Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Varies
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Sex
Role: Not sure yet…
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Varies
Weak Vs: Varies
Attacks: Whistle, Take Down, Snake Tongue, Fuse, others vary
Enhancements: HP x50, Varies
Disadvantages: Varies
Evolves: Slimette Queen (normal, lvl 40 or Fuse technique for Temporary version)
Evolves From: Slimette (Any evolutionary stone)
Slimette Princesses are larger than their pre-evolutionary sisters, being a foot taller and possessing D-cup breasts. They still have half-lidded eyes and are slightly more intelligent, but that still isn’t saying much. And also, they come in a surprising variety of types. Only a few Slimette Princesses types have been discovered so far, due to the strange fact that the amorphous nature of the Slimette makes most evolution stones fail. However, until it’s confirmed that they absolutely cannot evolve from some evolutionary stones, the listing will remain as it is.
In terms of sexual needs, Slimette Princesses tend to have the same habits of their previous forms. Feral Slimette Princesses can be dangerous, depending on the type encountered, and frequently try to fuck Tamers unconscious. They are a bit less promiscuous in this form, and only need sex twice a day. Still, this can be demanding on most Tamers.
Slimette Princesses are a bit more resistant to physical attacks than their previous form, but depending on their element type, they still have the same level of weaknesses as others of that type. No cases of Thresholding into a Slimette Princess have been recorded.
Mage Slime (Evolution with Mana Crystal)
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Magic, Water, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Sex attacks
Attacks: Basic Black magic, Mana Bolt
Enhancements: Magical affinity, Black Magic
Disadvantages: Slower than Slimette, no White Magic
Mage Slimes are red, rather than blue or green.
They have more magical ability than regular Slimettes, however their powers don’t grow very fast, and are limited to base-level black magic, such as Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Water. They are smarter than most Slimette Princess types, but that’s still not saying much. Because of their still very low intelligence, they can’t use Healing magic.
Mage Slimes are among the more favored Slimette types, but that’s mainly because the resultant Slimette Queen is among the more powerful of the breed. They are somewhat versatile in terms of the base-level spells they can use, making them useful in a variety of situations. They can learn speech, but until they evolve, it will be very limited.
Another disadvantage is that outside of magical sources, Mage Slimes will be much weaker. They need a source of mana to maintain their magic, be it a magical area or magical Pokégirl. They are more limited in their attacks otherwise. They can substitute mana for their meal, but don’t like being without both.
If defeated in battle, a Mage Slime type Slimette Princess drops a bronze coin with the image of a Slimette on it. It can be sold for 100 SLC.
Toxic Slime (Evolution with Venom Stone & violent thoughts)
Element: Poison
Strong Vs: Grass
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Poison, Poison Mask, Blinding Poison, Zombie Poison, Poison Mist, Snake Tongue
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Regeneration
Disadvantages: Low Stamina
Toxic Slime-type Slimette Princesses are the only type of Slimette Princess evolution that cannot occur randomly, because Slimettes DO NOT automatically evolve when handed a Venom Stone. The Slimette must be experiencing angry, violent thoughts while holding the Venom Stone to trigger the evolution. People are grateful for this, as Toxic Slime-type Slimette Princesses are generally unpleasant in every way, shape, and form.
Toxic Slimes are usually smiling, but it’s a sinister, unfriendly smile. This is because Toxic Slimes realize, in their own dim way, how dangerous they are. And they tend to prove it.
Physically, their hue is usually a dark purple or indigo color. Another major different between Toxic Slime-types and other Slimette Princess types is that they can’t make their entire bodies cohesive. Their legs, up to where the knee would be, are generally formed into a pool of mater at their base. Their arms tend to merge with their torsos when not in use, making them seem like helpless victims.
However, they are more dangerous than most would believe. For one thing, they can coat their bodies in any poison they have access to and make it a contact poison. Feral Toxic Slimes are almost always coated in poison. They are constantly regenerating, like Marbles, and can regenrate from wounds that would be fatal for most other Pokégirls, including other Slimettes and Slimette Princesses. She can even survive being crushed, beheaded, or sliced into gelatin cubes. When she reforms, she is simply angrier and becomes more likely to hunt down her attacker.
Toxic Slimes are probably least dangerous when they are horny. During this time they may simply sexually assault someone and leave. If she’s in a particularly sadistic mood, they’ll leave them coated in several different contact poisons that are sure to cause agony and temporary disability.
Even on the EXTREMELY rare occasions they may pop in a Harem, their toxic demeanor doesn’t change. Their manner and personality is as foul as their body and will cause misery and conflict between other Harem members at the slightest hint of weakness from the Tamer. They don’t even respect Tamers who are strong, however they will be more likely to not cause trouble with them.
They hate humans and Pokégirls alike, even other Slimette Princesses. From what various psychic Pokégirls have been able to read in the dim whirlwind of nasty thoughts they have, a Toxic Slime is no more likely to befriend a Tamer as they would befriend an Anti-Human movement, such as the Limbec Pirates. She toxic in every way possible. She neither wants nor needs friends, however on occasion, Feral Toxic Slimes can be found in a group. So far, it’s believed that a Toxic Slime-type Slimette Princess cannot evolve into a Slimette Queen either via fusion or the natural way.
If defeated in battle, a feral Toxic Slime drops a silver coin with the image of a Slimette on it that can be sold for 2000 SLC, but caution should be used as this coin is often coated in contact poison.
Dark Slime (Evolution with Shadow Stone)
Element: Dark
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Sketch, Dark Shield
Enhancement: Dark elemental powers, Sexual Endurance, Intelligent, Night vision
Dark Slimes have a dark gray or blackish hue to their bodies, and surprisingly, are the shortest of all Slimettes. In fact, a Slimette that becomes a Dark Slime-type Slimette Princess will lose two to three inches of height. Of course, this also serves to make them seem more buxom, even though their breasts do not increase in size.
Dark Slimes are not the most intelligent of the Slimette Princess types, but they are among the calmest and wisest. They like to listen to long-winded discussions, and when they can, try to resolve matters peacefully. Their speech is limited because of their low intelligence, but they usually know exactly what to say.
Dark Slimes prefer to be nocturnal. It’s not that they hate light, it’s just that refracted light is healthier for them. Many liken normal sunlight to being force fed too much food. On the bright side, this means that they’re excellent night guards, as they can see as well in the dark as humans can see in the daytime. Because they also absorb sunlight, this can reduce their sexual needs to just once a day. However, if a Tamer decides to keep a Dark Slimette in the daytime, they should be given clothing to cover at least 80% of their bodies to keep them from getting sick.
Some Tamers dealing with Dark Slimes may mistake their calm reflection and desire to sidestep conflict as cowardice, which is a dangerous mistake. A Dark Slime-type Slimette Princess’s desire not to fight is not the same as her being unWILLING to fight. They are not the greatest warriors, but they do have a good sense of common sense tactics, and with their Sketch ability, they can be rather unpredictable.
Feral Dark Slimes are rather friendly, but will flee if they feel unwelcome. If defeated in battle, a feral Dark Slime drops a bronze coin with the image of a Slimette on it that can be sold for 100 SLC.
Cure Slime (evolution with Dream Stone)
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Psychic, Normal, Poison, Sex Attacks
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ghost, Rock
Attacks: Tackle, Cura, Probing Tentacles, Gummi Tongue
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Magic affinity, natural levitation, White Magic, Enhanced Agility (x4)
Disadvantages: Inept fighter, no Black Magic
Cure Slime-type Slimette Princesses change to a whitish hue when they evolve. In their case, Cure Slimes gain the ability to hover and grow two sets of two tentacles from their back, specifically from the area between the spine and shoulderblades. She can also float, but this requires her to sit in a cross-legged position. Also, she can never be more than ten feet off of the ground, though if the ground disappears from beneath her, she can maintain that height. Oddly, the further from the ground she is, the harder it is for her to move while levitating. Some theories believe that she is psychically pushing off of the ground, while others believe that this might be a gravatic manipulation, thus like someone in Low G, she must create counterforce to move.
Cure Slimes cannot use Fuse, but will use Whistle. The main reason for this is that Cure Slimes are completely and totally inept at fighting. Even a normal Slimette is better at fighting that a Cure Slime-type Slimette Princess. Any attack that a Cure Slime attempts will have a 40% chance of missing. Conversely, they are great at evading attacks. Those who try to hit her have an increased chance of missing, usually around 25 to 40%.
Cure Slimes, however, are better at sex battles and have more powerful healing magic, making them popular among Tamers who need a non-combatant healer and can’t get their hands on another healer, such as a NurseJoy or Megami. Because of this, almost no Feral Cure Slimes will alone, unless they just evolved. Feral Cure Slimes tend to be with other Pokégirls. About 60% of the time, it’s with other Slimettes and Slimette Princesses, but sometimes, they’ll be in other packs of Pokégirls.
If defeated in battle, a feral Cure Slime will drop a bronze coin that can be sold for 100 SLC.
Angel Slime (evolution with Angel Stone)
Element: Magic
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Dragon
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Grass, Sex Attacks
Attacks: Ice Beam, Wing Attack, Curaga, Full-Revive, Esuna, Life Shield, Heaven’s Arrow
Enhancements: Sexual Endurance, Magic affinity, Wings for flight, White Magic, Black Magic, High evasion rate
Disadvantages: Limited elemental magic use, weak to sex attacks
Angel Slime-type Slimette Princesses are sky blue in hue, and grow large wings from their backs, which allow them to fly for brief periods of time. They also become more solid than their previous form, and can hold their own in a fight a bit more. Essentially, they could be considered a fusion of the Cure Slime and Mage Slime, however they can only learn Ice and Water magic spells.
They are more versatile in battle than their Cure Slime and Mage Slime sisters, and gain access to stronger spells much earlier than their other types. In rare cases, they can learn fire and lightning magic, but it is very rare. They have a mild to moderate aversion flame and electricity. They are a bit sterner than that their sister Slimette Princess types,
If defeated in battle, a feral Angel Slimette will drop a gold Slimette coin that can be sold for 50,000 SLC.
Metal Slime (evolution with Heavy Metal)
Element: Steel/Magic
Strong Vs: Any Non-Sex Attacks
Weak Vs: Sex Attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Bronze Fist, Iron Punch, Gummi Tongue, Ember
Enhancement: Sexual Endurance, Very high physical defense, very high special defense, very high evasion rate, excellent at escaping
Disadvantages: Very Low HP (max 30 HP), Low PP for Magic techniques
When a Slimette evolves into a Metal Slime-type Slimette Princess, their skin turns a metallic color, usually iron gray and very rarely a rust red color, representing the metal now in the Slimette Princess’s body. Thankfully, unlike the Toxic Slime, they are NOT poisonous.
The Metal Slime is perhaps the most frustrating type of Slimette Princess. This is because they now have minor fire-based attacks, giving them an advantage against other Steel-type Pokégirls, but also because they have utterly astonishing defense.
Literally NOTHING, save Steel element attacks, can do more than 1 point of damage to a Metal Slimette, and even then Steel element attacks can only do upwards of 2 points of damage. Her natural and special defense is so great that it is by sheer chance that she incurs ANY damage. This means a level 5 Titmouse’s tackle attack is just as likely to do as much damage as a level 67 Gynadose’s Hyper Beam. Even Legendaries would have trouble damaging them. Add to this insanely hard defense their outstanding, if mostly instinctive skills of evasion, and they can become quite frustrating to defeat. Making the situation worse, they also tend to run away from fights at random.
Luckily, there is some good news. The Metal Slime’s HP doesn’t go up. Her HP is abominable when compared to other Pokégirls. Even level 5 Titmice can sometimes have higher HP. Also is that every attack gets a chance to hurt her, so attacks that strike multiple times have a greater chance of dealing damage, thus knocking her out. Second are Steel element techniques and/or Pokégirls, both of which can deal upwards of at 2 points of damage. A Steel-type Pokégirl using a Steel-type technique (such as Metal Claw or Iron Punch) can deal the greatest amount of damage. It was found that an Iron Maiden using Iron Punch was able to deal 4 points of damage to a Metal Slime per attack and knock her out.
Of course, because of these advantages, plus the advantages of a Metal Slime-type Slimette Queen, the Metal Slime-type Slimette Princess is actually the most popular, as Tamers often desire those advantages for themselves. And defeated them can be quite a rewarding experience for lower level Pokégirls. Feral Metal Slimes, however, in addition to being very rare, are timid and thus incredibly elusive. Their low HP can sometimes discourage tamers.
Metal Slimes are among the few Slimette Princess-types who cannot use, or perhaps do not have the ability to use, the Fuse and Whistle techniques. If defeated, a feral Metal Slime will drop a gold Slimette coin which can be sold for 50,000 SLC.
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SLOWQUEEN, the Patient Princess Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers fish
Role: Sentry, underwater farmer, deep-sea diver
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Fire, Ground, Rock, Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon-type attacks
Attacks: Hypnotic Gaze, Water Tickle, Water Spear, Water Tower, Draining Rain, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Twister
Enhancements: 'Eternal Softness' skin, Enhanced Toughness and Durability (x8 each), retarded aging, enhanced lung capacity, chameleon-like skin
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slowboob (Dragon Scale)
An evolution sought by those who raise the Slowboob, this evolutionary form is quite different. Losing her psychic powers is a blessing for the troubled breed, taking away the Slowboob's issue of being far too psychically sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of those around her. With the change of her elemental typing and subsequent fundamental shift of usage from information gatherer to a more battle-worthy defending Pokégirl. The physical changes to the Pokégirl are obvious to any, this evolution losing the chubby roundness of the Slowboob to a large degree, though the Pokégirl’s skin retains the same resiliency and tenderness. The Slowqueen is often six to twelve inches taller and gain perhaps half a cup-size in general, bringing the Pokégirl firmly into the C- to low D-cup ranges. The Pokégirl’s skin changes color to match her surroundings while in the water, reacting to the phytoplankton in the water and absorbing it in order to blend right in with the color of the water itself. When outside of the water, the Slowqueen's skin is typically a light to mid-shade of blue, with possible patches of beige or some other light colors that have been noted (such as a light green or pale yellow). Her tail becomes longer and thinner (elongating to around 1.2-1.6 times the height of the Pokégirl, and no more than 10 inches in diameter at the base), and can be used just as well as the Pokégirl’s hand, though it tapers into a somewhat rounded end, just as the Slowboob's does.
Unlike some water-types, although the Slowqueen can retain some water with her breasts, this breed prefers to remain near a body of water that can keep her hydrated- being well hydrated is a key to her soft skin remaining as soft as a Slowboob's typically is, and keeps it from slowly drying up to more resemble a dragon-type's typical scales. Which is just as well, as if the skin dries into scales, the Pokégirl finds that having such dry skin is itchy and irritating. As a result, this breed as a whole does not like arid areas, such as deserts and places near volcanoes. Something that may surprise tamers is the duration that a Slowqueen can go without breathing, as it has been recorded that many of this breed can hold their breath for at least an hour, and in some cases as long as two hours. This lung capacity has made her especially useful for any deep-sea diving and underwater farming and fishing as well. The only true issue that the breed falls short on is the fact that they are no faster than a human, either on land or in the water. This makes her a prime target for larger and faster Pokégirls, such as Tentacruel and Gynadose, if one can locate their hidden prey in the water. They are a very tough breed by anyone's standard, however, and can fully take more damage than they can dish out.
Feral Slowqueens are quite inquisitive and bold- two traits that often bring the rare Pokégirl into contact with human tamers when traveling near the ocean or large lakes. Recordings show that the breed have been known to tease tamers with their presence, or any human in general, near the beaches, often spooking the unknowing humans into thinking that a body of water or a beach might actually be haunted as a result. However, ferals also have an issue with requiring large amounts of sleep, upwards of thirteen hours a day in order to fully regain her energy. The breed is, however, taken by wanderlust when feral and not asleep, and although they only make a few miles at best every day, they are often found snoozing by wandering tamers, when they are found at all.
In a harem, a Slowqueen tends to choose two others- normally, this is her tamer and another Pokégirl, though sometimes it could be two Pokégirls. These are her primary lovers, and she will want a taming from one or both of them as much as possible. Research done shows no hint as to any sort of pattern or reason as to why she chooses two, nor is there any advance warning that a tamer should be aware of. It does seem that her lovers range from Pokégirls that don't like her to Pokégirls that absolutely adore the attention. Although proud, the Slowqueen are more bold than anything, which includes in initiating tamings, which they seem to want at often as they can get one. This actually annoys most Domina types, since although they enjoy dealing with such tough Pokégirls and can torture them almost to their heart's content, they find that the Slowqueen eventually showers her with as much equal-position enjoyment as the Domina can take... and then some. Slowqueens seem to have a soft spot for Damsels, and often stick up for them even if she is not one of her primary lovers. Also, unlike the Slowsis, Slowboobs do not heed any requests made by a Slowqueen, which annoys the Snowqueen to no end. It is also a spot of a rivalry between the two that never erupts fully... although the Slowsis seems to love calling the Slowqueen on it whenever one or the other gets on the other's nerves. There have been no reported cases of threshold yet, though it is speculated that as time goes on, it may happen. This preferential treatment that the Slowqueen shows keeps her from being a good candidate for Alpha or even a Beta in any harem.
In battles, the Slowqueen possesses a number of capabilities that make her useful both underwater and out of it. Despite being a water type, this breed does not seem able to learn Whirlpool- instead, they use the dragon-element Twister technique instead, showing it to be useful both underwater and out of water all at once. It's added strength is that it can strike even opponents that are above the water, and it has been documented that a submerged Slowqueen has used Water Tower to trick her opponent into a specific location, and then used her Twister attack to both engulf the target in the windstorm before the weight of the water that is within the attack would condense and draw the opponent down. This has led to several complaints over the use of this particular technique, but no league has yet to ban the strategy. The breed in general doesn't care to fight in close quarters, where their lack of physical enhancements make them weak, and instead most do prefer to attack via her numerous distance attacks. If an opponent does manage to get close, their Dragon Claw technique usually helps long enough for the Slowqueen to drive them away again. This breed is much better for sex battles, as their skin when the Pokégirl is hydrated has the Eternal Softness enhancement- any Pokégirl that she touches with her body cannot help themselves from the contact for long. Tamers also complain that they cannot last long in a taming session with her either- which makes it a good thing, since the Slowqueen has a rather low pleasure threshold. In fact, it has been speculated that out of all the dragon-types, the Slowqueen is the most like a Titmouse that any of them could possibly be. This is a source of embarrassment, and enjoyment at the same time, for the breed- they actually are brought to multiple orgasms easily, much like the Titmouse is.
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SLOWSIS, the Foul-Tempered Psychic Powerhouse Pokégirl Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Largely vegetarian, save fish and shellfish
Role: guardian
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Grass
Attacks: Draining Rain, Geyser, Foresight, Barrier, Confusion, Amnesia, Disable, Psychic, Psywave, Feel The Burn
Enhancements: Greater psychic ability and control, very high pain resistance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Slowboob (mechanism unknown)
The Slowsis is quite often less lazy. This exact mechanism for their change is not known, but it's believed to involve a strong sense of responsibility. The Slowsis is usually 5'8" to 6'3", with large D to E cup breasts and her arms and legs lose the 'round' appearance they had prior.
A Slowsis' appearance is not all that changes. In terms of attitude, she is often quiet, but tends to make cutting remarks towards any idea or plan that she considers stupid, provided it doesn't come from a child or someone they feel should know better. Strangely, if said idea or plan comes from a child or someone who isn't well informed, she will always find a good way to explain to them why it's a bad idea/plan.
Any Slowsis will also refuse to tolerate anyone she considers to be overly-arrogant or self centered, which is why tamers who do get them should be quite careful about how they behave and about anyone they add to their harem. Any easy-going or well adjusted Pokégirls will find no problems with the Slowsis, but uptight or arrogant Pokégirls will often find themselves with a whole heap of trouble. It's said that a Slowsis can even terrify a Killer Queen.
Slowsis' should also never be taken to anything having to do with high society, as they will inevitably either start a fight, get the tamer banned or cause someone to break into tears. Sometimes, all three.
Slowsis' regard combat as a necessary defense and a last resort. Nothing else. Though many tamers like how they relentlessly kick ass, it's ill advised to try and get a Slowboob to evolve for this reason. Slowsis' do not bother to 'show off' for the sake of showing off, feeling it is a waste of their time to use their powers for such pathetic reasons. Yet they will not hesitate to use their powers to make children or a chosen partner smile.
Considering how they're quite good at handling children, they're often a favorite at raising children, after DenMothers and Neko Cennecos, though it's recommended that they don't meet the parents face to face, as more than one has assaulted a parent for abuse or worse.
In combat, a Slowsis doesn't go for the immediate win if she doesn't believe a single attack will defeat their opponent. They will use Foresight, Barrier and Amnesia first to amplify themselves, followed quickly by Disable, Draining Rain and Feel The Burn to weaken the opponent, and finally Geyser to throw the enemy's sense of balance off. Occasionally, when they feel it necessary, they will swap the order of the attacks or mix them up to confuse the opponent. They prefer using Psychic to finish fast opponents, but on slower foes, they'll use Psywave.
Very rarely, if a Slowsis does not believe they alone can defeat an opponent, and they have no tamer to back them up, they will ask any nearby Slowboobs for help. Most feral Slowboobs will help out, but generally cop a surly attitude about doing so.
Not surprisingly, since their methods of battling require preparation, a Slowsis actually works quite well in teams of two or more, which is often enough to make them good strategists or Alphas. To date, only a few girls have ever thresholded directly into a Slowsis.
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SOLARIA (aka HERBALIA), the Sungirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant
Frequency: Rare (All Leagues)
Diet: vegetarian style food, certain plants and flowers
Role: herbalist, often used to create simple potions, antidotes, and to control gardens and other quickly depleting forests
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Vine Whip, Antitoxin, Wrap, Vine Bondage, Thorn Cutlass, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Limited Regeneration in sunlight, psionic plant identifying abilities, basic herbal potion brewing abilities, Tough vines for bones
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Leaf Stone)
Solaria are a newly discovered evolution of Eva, and are also known as Herbalia. They use their knowledge of herbs and plants to create simple potions, some pseudo-magical in nature, with those of higher levels. Their special attack, Antitoxin, enables them to negate almost any Pokégirl and plant-based poisons. They are often found in herbal stores, as they are incredible herbalists as well as naturalists. If they are cut off from sunlight for too long, they will slip into a berserk Feral state and attack anyone who comes near them.
Be warned: Make sure these girls are often out in the sun, otherwise they could die or slip into a coma like state that adversely affects this girls future as a battler.
The Solaria, like the Chippyna losses most of her body hair. Though her body (if said girl wishes) can grow a subtle layer of moss or grass. They tend to have green toned skin and hair which the shades rarely match each other. Their bust generally gain a cup size or two while they gain about 6" in height. Their ears tend to look like thick dark leaves on the top of her head, but they hear just as well as their pre-evolved ones.
Their vine-like bones allow them a certain level of flexibility that their tamers swear by. Solarias, while they can perform the Vine Bondage attacks easily do not enjoy bondage in their taming sessions. One of course with the right incentive can be taught to enjoy such things but generally they tend to shy away from performing that move with a willing tamer. If a tamer themselves needs to be enticed into a taming session a Solaria is not above tying them down to initiate it. When the Solaria uses the Solar Beam attack it looks similar to an fighting girl using a Chi Blast, in the fact that she gathers the sunlight for the attack in between her hands them fires it from there.
The Solaria grows the vines for her vine attacks from her hands as well. However when one feels the need to use the Thorn Cutlass attack the thorn will grow from one of her shoulder blades. Which baffles most researchers since it's the only attack she uses the doesn't originate from her hands.
The role of Solaria in the war is believed to have been purely support based. They would assist in the treating of wounded, or aid in escapes by causing forests to grow dense to avert following attackers or firing off a Solar Beam. While they could re-grow limbs (given the time and energy) it was almost clear that they were not meant as front line fighters by Sukebe. Their regenerative abilities are too time consuming to be useful in heavy combat and the Thorn Cutlass (while good in single combat) is useless in group melee. Some might argue that her ability to use the Solar Beam technique show her as a power hitter, it also shows that without defensive cover she would be an easy pick for a sniper after using said technique. Therefore most researchers agree that she was not a frontline fighter but a supporter.
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SONICA, the Speedy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human; Anthropomorphic (Hedgehog)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Pokéchow, fruits
Role: speed attacks, hit 'n' run tactics
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Dash, Sonic Punch, Sonic Wave, Blur, Buzzsaw
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Stamina (x5), Enhanced Reflexes (x5), Muscle Control
Evolves: Dash (battle stress), Jurimi (Cat E-Medal)
Evolves From: None
During Sukebe's War, Sonica were a rarity to see on the battlefield. This was because most who saw them, died soon after. They were meant for hit and run missions, for which their ability to control their musculature making them ideal. They can get the most out of a single muscle contraction, allowing them to go from a standstill to their max speed (between 200mph and 270mph) in under a second, as well as shift directions with equal precision. Unfortunately, their popularity began to die out when Sukebe realized a flaw, though they were able to command immense speeds within a second, their bodies were not able to take the continuous stress to their muscles, meaning they could only last for several minutes before they needed to rest.
Sonica are small, ranging from 4' to 5' feet in height. Their backs (and sometimes their arms and legs as well) are covered in a soft coating of blue fur (though other colors have been seen) that can lightly harden when feeling threatened. They can have a wide range of hairstyles, their slight abilities allowing more diversity, though it is usually always spiked, whether long or short. Their hair and eye color always matches their fur.
Sonica are hyper, always going for things that can get their blood flowing. They love to engage in things that require speed, especially races, and afterwards can go into a slight "hyper mode" where it appears as if they cant slow down. Everything they do is at a faster speed than normal, whether walking talking or just thinking. It's during this time that they love to be tamed, and their libido jumps.
Threshold cases are rare, though not unheard of. Usually happening to excited or overactive girls.
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SORCERESS, the Magical Generalist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: human style diet, just lots of it.
Role: magical powerhouses. Depending on their available spells they can be found in many different roles.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Magic, Water, Fire
Special Weaknesses: Ticklish, requires large amounts of food.
Attacks: Mystic Bolt, Shield, others vary
Enhancements: Magical Affinity
Evolves: Archmage (E-Stone Ceremony)
Evolves From: Witch (normal)
Physically a Sorceress changes little when she evolves, perhaps gaining a few inches in height and a slightly bigger bust, if she changes at all. Temperamentally a Sorceress changes greatly from a Witch. While they still have a temper they can be calm and unflappable when the situation requires a cool head. The big change though is in their magical power, a Sorceress's spells are more powerful than a Witches and she is capable of channeling more magical power before she becomes exhausted. The last change that they undergo is the most obvious one, the runes which appear on her skin when she is casting a spell, the more runes that appear the more magical power she is channeling.
Sorceresses retain the biggest weakness of their previous form, they are very ticklish and so just as easy to tame and just as useless in a sex battle. They also require large amounts of food, far more than would appear necessary for a Pokégirl their size. In fact most people seeing a Sorceress eat for the first time will ask where she puts it all.
Sorceresses are capable of learning and casting spells from any element or magical school. Sorceresses seem to focus on flashy spells which can be used to directly damage their opponents rather than subtler magic that can be used to assist her harem sisters in combat. Although any Sorceress worth her salt will have some defensive spells available as well as some healing magic and a flight spell.
Sorceresses have an insatiable thirst for new spells and most will seek to pump any magic user they meet for any new spells that they might know. They are also capable of creating new magic spells, either by witnessing a spell in action and creating their own version of it or by creating a spell which is entirely new to them (although this obviously takes longer than recreating a spell that they have seen). The amount of time it takes to create a new spell varies depending on the level of the Sorceress and the level of the spell but usually even a high level Sorceress will take at least a week to come up with even a low level spell.
The price that Sorceresses pay for their magic is that by being a jack of all trades rather than a master of one they lose the ability to create magical items beyond basic one-shot items such as potions and salves.
Thresholding into a Sorceress is not unheard of but most girls will become Witches.
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SOWLECTRA, the Lightening Boar Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human Standard (avoids pork flavors)
Role: Childcare, Electric Generator, Natural lightshow specialist, Guard, Warrior
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Bite, Jolt, Rolling Spark Mk II, Thunder, Lightening Punch, Lightening Kick, Lesser Thunderclap; After Level 30: Thunderclap, Greater Thunderclap
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed x8, Endurance x3, Enhanced Strength x3 Specialized section of their back.
Weaknesses: Short Tempered with adults, Tenacious, Short (4’-5’)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Giltlectric (Having third litter via Parthenogenesis as a Pokégirl, or having a single litter/child after becoming a Pokéwoman)
When a Giltlectric Pokégirl has her third litter via parthenogenesis or becomes a Pokéwoman and has a single litter or child, they evolve into the Sowlectra. Sowlectra is one of the few Pokégirls who evolve as a response to motherhood and childbirth like the Matron and the Denmother. It was a mystery as to why this Pokégirl’s numbers were equal to that of her pre-evolutionary form until this evolution was discovered and documented at a ranch that held many of the small electric Pokégirls. The ranch owner hoped to increase their numbers for Tradesman interested in bacon production but instead found out why Sowlectra were seen as often as Giltlectric.
Though it is unknown why it takes three litters by parthenogenesis for a Giltlectric to evolve, Researchers have speculated that the hormonal changes necessary for evolution do not occur right away if the Pokégirl reproduces by parthenogenesis. Upon evolution, a Sowlectra’s maternal instincts take a jump, allowing her to instinctively tell what a child needs, regardless of the child or Pokékit’s actual relation to her, though this seems to be more intense if the children in question are hers. As such, she makes a great guardian for children or Pokékits, even more so now that her cowardice from her previous evolution is gone. When it comes to the defense of their charges, Sowlectras have often been compared with Mousewives, being able to liberally shock most enemies into submission (or stopping playground bulling with a well timed Jolt).
Physically, Sowlectras ‘bulk up’ from their previous evolution, gaining some muscle mass along with around a foot in height, though no Sowlectra has ever been recorded as taller than five and a half feet. They are now a solid C cup, and very plump looking, their body type harkening back to what pre-Sukube historians call the Renaissance. Their tail disappears, but their ears migrate to the top of their head and become more porcine. Their hair, growing if they didn’t have it before, becomes coarse and sparse, giving the Pokégirl the appearance of balding upon close inspection. Their hair always stands straight up, giving the girl a buzz-cut or militaristic look. A Sowlectra had the interesting ability to charge these hairs with electricity which causes them to glow. Her lower canines enlarge and point at an angle outwards, now showing from her mouth and enabling her to give a nasty Bite attack despite not having a muzzle. Their eyes become a little less ‘beady’ and they retain the specialized section of their back, though it remains the same size as it was when they were a Giltlectric.
When in a Harem setting, some of the Sowlectra’s less desirable traits are brought to the fore. They tend to see adults as people who ‘should know better’ and tend to loose their temper if their Tamer or Harem sisters pull bonehead moves. They are also very tenacious, to the point of obsession, and tend not to let arguments go until she considers them settled. It is very unwise to have other argumentative types within a harem with a Sowlectra, though some tamers have claimed it can be done with liberal amounts of aspirin. One poor tamer, whose name has been withheld, was documented that his Sowlectra was convinced that she’d be able to overcome her weakness to ground. She became so obsessed with it, that the tamer finally decided to put her through a level 5 Taming cycle (since he’d previously tried a level 4 and it hadn’t broken her of her obsession) which thankfully worked.
Regardless of their flaws, Sowlectra are very effective in battles thanks to their newfound bravery. They tend to regard battles with some caution, and thusly use their speed to stay out of the range of most melee fighters while blasting away with their electric powers. When pinned into melee, they switch quickly to Lightening Punches and Kicks with liberal use of their Bite and Jolt techniques. Thanks to these hit and run tactics and their ferocity when cornered, many tamers are willing to handle their flaws.
In the wilds, most Sowlectra can be found watching over their own litters and sometimes adopted young of other Pokégirls. It is interesting to note that even Pokékit Sowlectra will attempt to take care of kits younger than them, often leading to the adoption factor of Pokégirls like Cutiepie, FairyCutes, and other more common non-predatory Pokégirls. When their charges are faced with danger, feral Sowlectra are known to use as much force as they can muster, one well documented incident pitted seven Sowlectra against a Jokette, and the results were grisly for both sides –only a single badly wounded Sowlectra drug herself away from the fight and would have died had she not been captured by the Watcher. As the Watcher who recorded the incident put it: “Never corner a feral Sowlectra… she may die, but she’ll take you down with her.”
To date, no cases of thresholding into a Sowlectra have been reported.
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SPARKANINE, the Electric Dog Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: shepherds or specialist pets
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder wave, Spark, Static Barrier, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Agility, Zapring Mk II, Sonic shockwave (Bark attack which has a chance of stunning the opponent).
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Endurance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (Thunder Stone)
Sparkanine was an unexpected evolution of Growltit, its discovery caused mass controversy amongst researchers and changed the paradigm that only those evolutions that Sukebe planned could occur, showing that Pokégirls had grown beyond even what the creator himself had planned or expected. This encouraged the wipe spread testing of evolution stones on Pokégirls and lead to the mass discovery of many new evolutionary forms of Pokégirls causing a huge increase in the number of known Pokégirl breeds. This Golden age of evolution stone testing ended after an Orange League tamer tested an Angel stone on an Eva which resulted in the Evangelion evolution and the destruction of the Orange Continent, after this the other leagues where quick to place a ban on evolution stone testing in general.
The scientific community have long since suspected that other evolution stones might work on Growltit besides the Thunder and Ice stones which create the Sparkanine and Huskie breeds of Pokégirls, however scientists are wary, the evolution stone reaction that devastated the Orange Continent was caused by an Eva which is a first stage Pokégirl. If a similarly energetic evolution was discovered for Growltit, a third evolutionary stage Pokégirl then the energy released could theoretically rip the world apart, hence attempting to test evolution stones on a Growltit is an offence punishable by death in most leagues.
Sparkanine has a physical appearance similar to that of a Growltit, the canine features remain the same but instead of having red fur with black tiger stripes, Sparkanine has yellow fur with black stripes which goes down her back, arms and legs like Growltit. The blonde hair on the top of her head becomes shorter and spikier than her Growltit form, indeed Sparkanine seems to have great difficulties growing its hair long much to the dismay of Growltits who liked long hair. The blonde fur down her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs seems to revert back to its shorter length like it was when she was a Growlie, the only differences being she gains a spiked collar of fur around her neck that looks similar to Joltina and the long blonde fur down her arms and lower legs becomes much spikier. Her long blonde fur tail remains the same as it was when she was a Growltit.
Once Sparkanine evolves it loses all of its ability to control fire and instead develops powerful electric powers which it uses predominately to paralyze its opponents or zap them from a distance. Sparkanine also develops a much more fearsome bark than even Denmothers, its Bark has the boom of thunder in it which transforms it into a sonic shockwave attack that can stun or scare opponents. Unfortunately the breed also loses some of its enhanced senses making it less useful in tracking when compared to Growltit or Growlie.
Sparkanine are not used by the police force because they are considered too flighty by most, the breed seems to be hyperactive and full of energy whilst possessing a short attention span, they have a tendency to get distracted at the wrong moment or not pay attention. The lose of its tracking ability is just the final nail in the coffin which means Sparkanine loses most of the traits which made Growlie and Growltit such good police Pokégirls and if any Growltit is accidentally evolved into a Sparkanine then they are retired from police service.
Unlike Denmother, Sparkanine is also unsuitable to watch children due to static electricity which builds up in its fur; this charge can become quite strong, presenting a danger to children. Other difficulties include its new found hyperactive attitude which could lead it to accidentally injure the children.
Sparkanine is not a favored pet Pokégirl, it is difficult to acquire, has a habit of accidentally electrocuting everything around it and is difficult to tame without specialized equipment due to her static charge. Only those with Electrocat or specializing in electric type Pokégirls are likely to have a Sparkanine as a pet, Sparkanine retains its like of cat type Pokégirls and particularly loves electric types whilst Electrocat can easily absorb and disrupt the static charge that builds up in Sparkanine whenever it's excited, making them a good pet team if one likes electric types.
Sparkanine is still is a proficient fisher, however has developed a new form of fishing by literately shocking the fish with its electrical abilities to paralyze or kill them before catching them.
Tamers can find a use for Sparkanine as it is a powerful electric type Pokégirl, being a 4th level evolution, it also still has the survival and foraging skills it had whilst it was a Growltit, making it a good electric type for a harem. They are particularly good at dealing with other electric type Pokégirls such as Peekabus and can easily keep other unruly Pokégirls in line with a few quick electric shocks.
Predominately Sparkanine will be found on farms where it is used as a Shepard to look after livestock type Pokégirls such as Lampchops, Milktit, Chickenlittle or Khangasscunt, keeping them in line using its electric shocking abilities as well as keeping feral predatory Pokégirls from preying on them. In this use, they are actually surprisingly effective.
Their short attention spans mean that they are attracted to any change or oddity that occurs whilst watching over the herd but retain the intelligence to remain near the herd or flock. This can make it particularly difficult for feral Pokégirls to stealthily attack the herd because Sparkanines patrol patterns can be completely random and any obvious attack will attract Sparkanines attention which will result in the feral Pokégirl receiving a rather vicious and disabling electrical shock.
There have been no known wild or feral Sparkanine because of the difficulty of Growlie evolving into Growltit and then running across a Thunder stone.
There are no known cases of threshold into Sparkanine known either.
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SPIDERWOMAN, the Web-Slinging Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: insectivore, some human foods
Role: scouts and trappers (more nefarious types use them as kidnappers)
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock
Attacks: Leap, Dodge, Web Shot, Foresight, Swinging Kick, Net Shot, Stun Web, Sleep Web, Impact Web, Telekinesis, Confusion
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x12), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Precognition, painkiller venom
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: Spidergirl (orgasm)
A somewhat difficult-to-obtain evolution for the Spidergirl, as with precognition a Spidergirl tends to be able to sense what'll happen to her before it does. However, with this evolution comes an increase in the Pokégirl’s libido, agility, speed, and strength. Physically, they grow anywhere from half a foot to a foot taller, and their breasts grow by about a cup-size. Fortunately, after evolving from a Spinnertit, both the Spidergirl and Spiderwoman are capable of lactating and so are considered better mothers for their children than the Spinnertit is. Their eyes retain their multi-faceted appearance, though often glow in the dark and can give away their presence while their eyes are open at night or in shaded areas. Another advantage the Spiderwoman has over her pre-evolved form, is more vastly more control over her webs. Where as the Spidergirl can only shoot off a thin line, the Spiderwoman can manipulate the streams in different ways, like creating a large net to trap multiple targets or forming a quick parachute if falling in mid-air. A glob of the webbing, called an “Impact Web”, can be shot off like a cannonball, causing damage as well as exploding into a gooey mesh on contact, ensnaring her opponent. Lastly, she can infuse her webbing with various chemicals, to stun and paralyze her opponents, or even put them to sleep. These are not very powerful, however, and require prolonged web-to-skin contact to work. Because of this, she can often be found teamed up with a Plant or Poison type (most often Plant), as they can often hold the Pokégirl in place long enough for their webbing to work. Her webs are strong enough to even capture and hold in place a thrashing Armsmistress, despite her immense strength.
However, the more silk that she makes, the more she needs to eat a solid diet rather than just blood. Those who are experts on silk say that the Spiderwoman's silk is the best quality, only matched by the Tarantella’s silk. This, of course, eats at both Pokégirls, and it is not recommended that a harem have both a Tarantella (or any of her evolutions) and a Spiderwoman. Such a pairing often winds up with them competing against one another using their harem sisters or tamer as judges... and the loser of any such contest always demands a rematch. So far, there have been no known ends to any contest of this sort, and so this researcher suggests that one or the other be kept away from the harem while the other is in it.
In the past, they were known to be the leaders of trapper teams, during Sukebe’s Revenge. Paired with a Boobisaur or a Toxicat, a Spiderwoman would be sent out to gauge the strength of their targets before Sukebe would commit a certain amount of his forces to defeat them. Using their webbing, they would capture their prey and then use them as required- either to retrieve information from or for a feeding. After the war, the Spiderwoman seemed to die out, either from becoming feral or being killed in battle. It wasn't, however, until 107 AS that a tamer would discover his Spidergirl’s evolution- the leagues had classified the Spiderwoman Pokégirl as extinct until then, and subsequent testing with Spidergirls confirmed the results of this evolution. It should be noted that evolving a Spidergirl into a Spiderwoman in the same fashion that some tamers evolve a Magikunt into a Gynadose has the same results, and so artificial stimulation is not recommended to induce the evolution. One unusual fact that should be mentioned is that no Spiderwoman Pokégirls seem able to handle a Dildoqueen's size, nor any size that might be considered far above the human average.
A Tamer who has achieved a strong enough Delta-Bond with his Spiderwoman, can use telepathy with her, if the Spiderwoman has reached a high level. This allows him to communicate wordlessly with her, and supposedly even with the other Delta-Bonded Pokégirls in his Harem (through her). It is said that if a Spiderwoman reaches an extremely high level, this telepathy can be used to read opponents' minds, but there is no proof of this yet. Tamers with high level Spiderwomen refuse to allow them to be examined, preferring to keep this secret to themselves, and there are no wild Spiderwomen, as they need a dedicated Tamer, and a steady Taming, to evolve. Her precognition allows her to sense intense thoughts projected by her opponent, however, and few Spiderwoman Pokégirls have ever been surprised by any powerful attacks such as Fire Blast or Hydro Pump.
However, the Spiderwoman do need to ingest half a pint of blood every week or so, now able to handle digesting nutrients normally rather than having to drink blood from others as they had needed while a Spidergirl. They do not enjoy drinking blood that's already been prepared, claiming that it tastes weird when not the right temperature, and so much prefer to drink from her tamer instead. They are often used in hospitals, able to provider stronger painkillers with their venom than most standard pharmaceuticals can provide. Their venom is very useful medically, and although it is somewhat expensive, it is normally the most commonly used painkiller available since it is effective on humans and Pokégirls alike, and in fact their painkiller venom is one of the main ingredients in the medicine used to alleviate the pain induced by threshold. These Pokégirls can be found fairly often in almost any medical field, with their specialty being with patients who are in a massive amount of pain or those that are considered unruly.
Spiderwomen are viewed with disdain by most other psychic types, as they aren't quite as powerful in the mental department and yet manage to prove more useful, on occassion, than other Psychic types. Certainly, they are one of the fastest psychic Pokégirls, and their agility allows them to avoid attacks with ease. Combined with their web-shooting capabilities, these Pokégirls are well known not only for being used in medical fields for restraining difficult patients, but also in police forces around the world- much like their earlier evolution, the Spinnertit, the Spiderwoman is even more valuable and sought for the position. This also makes them particularly valued by Pokégirls such as the Domina, who enjoy the feel of silk and the ability to 'capture' their target whenever they wish. However, with their precognition, the Spiderwoman is also sometimes envied by other psychic types at the same time, as the Spiderwoman claim that they are capable of having a deeper bond with their tamer than any other psychic Pokégirl is capable of (without the aid/curse of Recognition). Research is being done, but all results are non-conclusive at this point.
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SPITFIRE, the Fire Fairy Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human; Metamorph
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human-style foods
Role: spies, saboteur
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite
Enhancements: Flight, Size Alteration, Elemental Abilities
Evolves: None Known
Evolves From: FairyCute (Fire Stone)
The elemental forms of fairy Pokégirls were designed not only for infiltration, but also for sabotaging mechanical equipment using their elemental powers. A favored tactic in League competition is to have the fairy Pokégirl shrink to its small size (1/6 of its normal height) and have it fly into the lights where hopefully it can surprise the opponent (who will be unable to keep track of it). Like other Fire-types, the Spitfire is more amorous than the other evolutions and is marked by the color red. In appearance the Spitfire resembles the Hottits but may or may not have the characteristic skin coloration.
SpitFire are not popular among Tamers for several reasons, but mainly because of the fact that Spitfires prefer to remain in their small size most of the time. SpitFires, on the other hand, see this as a way to remain close to a treasured master, and as a way to almost act as if it is an Alpha. These small Pokégirls are never chosen as Alphas, as they have a fairly limited attention span, and prefer to focus on one or two things at once.
Most often, however, they will try to initiate Taming sessions with their Tamers as often as possible. In fact, SpitFires need to be Tamed several times a day, despite their overwhelming heat and small sizes.
A SpitFire is also disliked by Tamers because she likes to sit on the Tamer's shoulder. Normally, this isn't a bad thing, but the fact she's a Fire-type means that she's easily aroused. Simply by moving, she may actually get off on the fact that she's practically 'riding' her Tamer. And when she gets aroused, her body heat rises. In Winter, this may be nice, but in Summer this can be intolerable!
Researchers suggest that Tamers that allow this behavior from a Spitfire should attempt to wear flame-retardant clothing to keep from having to stop at a clothing store all the time.
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STATUE, the Original Statue Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Rock
Frequency: Rare (all Leagues)
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Pose, Tackle, Harden, Bellyflop
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Improved Defense, ability to adjust hair at will
Evolves: Marble (normal), Titto (Water Stone)
Evolves From: N/A
Statues are a base form. Most threshold girls over sixteen who will eventually become Marbles will become Statues for six to fifteen months, after which they evolve into Marbles, though the odds of becoming a Statue are greater the younger she is when she thresholds. Feral Marbles give birth to Statues, but once the Statue comes of taming age, she automatically evolve into a Marble. No Statues EVER evolve prior to their taming age, regardless of whether they're threshold girls or not.
Statues are generally 4'3" to 5'6", and could otherwise pass for normal human girls or Ingenues if it weren't for the fact that their skin is glossy and very hard to the touch, and their hair retains whatever shape she styles it into regardless of weather conditions. She and all of her evolutions can also affect their hair length and how straight it is at will.
When Statues begin evolving into Marbles, it's generally in a very disconcerting way. Unlike most evolutions where there's a flash of light and it's done, Statues have the very disturbing experience of having their outer layers of skin slowly (but painlessly) peel off like a sunburn, exposing their new Marble color underneath. Their hair begins to flake, but it appears like dandruff. It's also during this time that they grow six to twenty inches in height.
Many threshold Statues panic during this time, and with good reason. Some have been known to take drastic measures with body paint and glue to keep up the appearance of being 'normal', but eventually it becomes either too time-consuming or too costly to keep up the illusion. Feral Statues are the complete reverse, sometimes rubbing their skin raw in an effort to finish their evolution quickly.
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ST. BERNATIT, the Rescue Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (canine)
Element: Fire/Normal
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare (usually found in Pokécenters around the Icemaiden Preserve)
Diet: pokechow, hot fluids
Role: search and rescue
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: High (Extreme seasonally)
Attacks: Warm Embrace, Flamethrower, Fire Floor, Firespin, Sex Attacks 2 and 3
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x6), Immune to most ice storms, Excellent sense of Direction
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Huskie (Fire Stone in a blizzard)
St.Bernatits are large, hulking Pokégirls. They are usually seven feet tall, thickly built (a cross between chubby and muscular), have canine faces with floppy ears, large, DD cup breasts, and thick fur that is mostly white, with brown around their back going from their rumps up to around their eyes, almost looking like a brown coat and mask. This fur is very warm and capable of retaining heat, allowing them to stay out for long periods of time during even the heaviest of blizzards.
St.Bernatits are mostly found in Pokécenters in icy regions, and especially near the Icemaiden Preserve. They were first discovered in the year 130 AS, when a trio of Tamers were lost in a heavy blizzard near the Icemaiden Preserve. A Huskie who was acting as guide and worked at the Pokécenter was the only one to make it back to the Pokécenter, when she realized that her comrades were still lost. The Huskie wanted to go back to help them. When it became evident that they couldn't be dissuaded from going, a doctor at the center gave her a Fire Stone he had both for luck and as something that might keep her warm. Upon touching the elemental stone, the Huskie evolved into St.Bernatit. She easily made her way through the blizzard and rescued the Tamers and their girls, using her Firespin to keep them in a warm area when she couldn't go forward, and using her Warm Embrace to give heat back to the freezing Tamers and Pokégirls once they were safe back at the Pokécenter. Since that day, St.Bernatits have come into steady use at Pokécenters in Arctic Regions, being sent out with insulated containers containing hot soup and in some cases strong whiskey.
St.Bernatits are born to keep people warm. They are excellent trackers, capable of picking up even the slightest scent even in the strongest blizzard conditions. They are also brave and courageous, being one of the many Pokégirls that earn respect simply by existing. They are also very passionate lovers, although for the most part they use Tamings as a way of keeping people warm as well as satisfying their own desires. It's when they come into season that they truly become lusty, one Tamer commenting that it made her Vixxen look celibate by comparison. Still, despite this, St.Bernatits are true professionals, taking their duties seriously. Tamers who use Ice-types occasionally make use of them as well, frequently partnering them with Shaguars. Due to their high libido, Feral St.Bernatits are rare. In the rare instance they do become feral, they become very lusty, wandering around arctic regions and seeking out Pokégirls or Tamers for Taming, their Feral state soon fading.
St.Bernatits are extremely valuable Pokégirls. So skilled at rescuing are they, that a legend about them has arisen. It is said that anytime a St.Bernatit is seen, the traveler will have a safe journey.
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SUCCUBUS, the Sexy Soul-Sucking Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Magic/Ghost/Flying (Infernal)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Life Energy
Role: Combat, Taming Support
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Ghost, Magic, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Celestial, Dark, Electric, Ice, sonic-based attacks
Attacks: Energy Drain, Shadow Blade, Soul Fist, Possess, Go Down, Call Me Queen, Backhand, Wing Buffet, Night Shade, Spank, Butt Wiggle, Nipple Cripple, Rapid Stroke, Caress, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Kiss In The Dark.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Speed (x4), Constant Ashen Wings, Flexibility, Longevity, Solid Ether Body
Evolves: Dark Queen (Dark Ritual), Mazouku (Mechanism Classified)
Evolves From: Daimon (Dusk Stone)
Succubi are perhaps the most popular of the Youma line, and indeed, of Infernaldom in general, a fact that their classification as "rare" despite the fact that their evolutionary requirement (which was only very recently confirmed) would suggest "extremely rare" is a great testament to. It is also a fact that makes a great deal of sense; with bodies sculpted almost to perfection, almost ungodly sexual skill, and respectable combat powers to boot, only the general opinion of Infernals and the attitude of Succubi towards those they don't respect has stopped them from replacing the Tigress as the Pokégirl that “every tamer wants.”
Physically, Succubi are, as stated, designed to be almost perfect. Their heights are somewhat variable, usually owing to the un-uniform appearance of their previous evolutionary forms, but whatever it is, their breasts will almost always be perfectly proportioned on the resulting frame, not looking ridiculously large, but never being small enough to be considered lacking by any normal standards. Hair and skin colorations will also often vary from Succubus to Succubus, although the two are generally complementary and also go well with her eye color. However, aside from normal human attributes, two things distinguish a Succubus from an extremely attractive human female; their wings, which are somewhat bat-like, and a second “off” characteristic, the exact nature of which is difficult to pin down, though a set of vestigial wings on the head or small horns are two of the more commonly seen manifestations.
The former are, interestingly enough, not at all suited to flying, generally being used for entrapment (they're surprisingly strong, despite the almost velvety texture) or as slashing weapons via a charge of Infernal energy, a technique which is known as “Shadow Blade.” Succubi are still considered flying types, however, as they are capable of magical flight, though, strangely, they cannot seem to sustain it without their wings going through the motions of flapping. It should also be noted that the span of these wings isn't particularly standardized, and so tend to vary, though most tend towards being proportionate to (and not greater than) the Succubus's height.
However, in spite of their physical appeal (or perhaps because of it?), Succubi have been noted to, by and large, have very bad attitudes. More specifically, they're almost unbearably condescending towards anyone or anything that hasn't earned their respect, especially those who are easily taken in by the allure they extrude. Despite their uppity attitudes, the dress and manner of a Succubus is almost always provocative, and revealing attire is quite common (with corsets being especially favored), making them seem very inviting at a glance. However, once someone has failed to impress her, she generally turns rather vicious, sadistically pounding on the "offending" person verbally (and sometimes physically) even as she flaunts her superiority to them further.
This doesn't mean she'll turn down an offer of taming, though; the Succubus's reputation as a sex fiend is well deserved, and few people who approach one looking for taming are actually turned away... though some do try to run away once they realize what they're in for. A Succubus's condescending attitude extends to the bedroom, and rare is the Succubus who will choose to be submissive. This attitude especially extends to her tamer and harem sisters in most cases; until the former earns her respect, she'll generally turn any encounter he attempts to initiate into a session of dominating him thoroughly enough to put even a member of the Domina line to shame whilst the latter will have nothing but her contempt for submitting to him. As such, Succubi get along cordially enough with dominating Pokégirls, at least until the latter fail to impress....
In any case, as with those of most Infernals, there is a more appealing side to the Succubus's attitude. Should her master manage to earn her respect (generally through forcing her to submit in the bedroom), the Pokégirl's world view shifts to place him above herself, and so far above her contempt. Naturally, though, she will still look down on others, and, if not carefully watched in public, will often instigate conflict by glorifying her master further through ridiculing others. Still, this is to be considered a sign of extreme loyalty, and a growing number of tamers seem to be willing to endure the dangers of attempting to win the respect of Succubi, considering such loyalty and the promise of wonderful sex worth the risk. It should also be noted that, since the revelation that Succubi evolve from Daimon through Dusk Stones, the market for said stones has exploded, as those who respect their tamers prior to evolution are generally much easier to bring into line.
Another incentive, however, is that, although sexuality is their true forte, Succubi are not at all bad fighters. Not only are they fairly fast, capable of learning a wide array of techniques, and generally apt with magic, but the same endurance that sustains them for hours on end in intimate affairs also allows them to last quite some time in combat, and their flight abilities are nothing to scoff at. As far as actual battling style goes, however, there isn't really a norm to speak of except perhaps that they are as sadistic on the battlefield as they are towards those they feel contemptuous of, and will often attempt to end a fight with a humiliating technique such as Energy Drain or Backhand. Also, it is interesting to note that Succubi, by virtue of being comprised of “solid ether,” are able to touch ghost Pokégirls, even those who're “phased out.” This would make them highly prized as guards if they didn't generally look down on such mundane work.
On a related issue, Succubi and Demonesses do not get along well, and both breeds tend to be extremely passionate about such fights in their own ways. In the case of the Succubi (who not only see Demonesses as annoyingly serious, but as inferiors who need to learn their place), this is generally manifested as attempting to turn the fight into a sex battle, which both allows them to use their abilities more effectively and effectively humiliates the Demonesses. As such, should the Succubus win the fight, an immediate taming will generally be initiated, regardless of circumstances, and their distraction in such situations would make them optimal for forcing them to submit...if such encounters were common enough to be readily available. If the Succubus loses, however, she will generally become sulky and more vicious than usual (presumably trying to reaffirm her superiority), and most of the very few recorded cases of depressed and/or humble Succubi occurred after such losses.
In any case, as one might expect, it would be almost impossible to create an accurate description of the Succubus breed's taming style without having several volumes of material when one was finished, so a much shortened version much be presented here. To drastically understate the case, Succubi are sex fiends, sex experts, and perhaps even sexual connoisseurs, and even their bodies are designed to accommodate this. As such, aside from having an impressive array of innate sexual techniques and insanely high flexibility, Succubi literally require sex to live.... or rather, the energy it creates. Using a somewhat modified version of the energy drain technique, a Succubus then takes in during taming to sustain herself, which is likely one of the reasons that they are so fond of the act. In any case, this draining isn't at all detrimental to the drainee, and the extraction generally only results in them being a bit more tired than normal the next morning.
Finally, Feral Succubi are almost unheard of. Not only are they quickly snapped up by tamers (to sell or keep) when they appear, but they actively seek out taming to attain their needed energy, and since they can be a bit brutal towards those preventing it, it is recommended that tamers encountering feral Succubi simply tame them and capture them once they go into taming shock. Thresholding into a Succubus is considered an impossibility as of 300 AS, as none have yet become Pokéwomen.

Classified:Information beyond this point is on a need-to-know basis and must never reach the public. We don't need people creating more Mazouku or Dark Queens.
When it was confirmed in 299 AS that Succubi evolve from Daimons through the use of Dusk Stones, further research was conducted with said stones to determine if further evolution was possible. Unfortunately, it is; application of two more Dusk Stones to a Succubus evolves her into a Mazouku. This information must not spread to the public or criminal elements; Succubi are an acceptable evil, but Mazouku are not and their population must not be allowed to expand!
It is also known that Succubi may be evolved into Dark Queens, but the exact means for the facilitation of this evolution must not be released. Those with the clearance to read this, however, may find further details in the Dark Queen entry.
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SUGAR KITTEN, the "Sugar Me" Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but greatly prefers sweet things
Role: Pastry chefs, candy makers, bakers assistants
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: Tackle, Mana Bolt, Teleport, Fruit Juice, Honey, Honey Syrup, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Instinctive cooking ability, Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3)
Evolves: Candy Catgirl (Normal)
Evolves From: None
Sugar Kittens were a surprise to a lot of people. Discovered in the early 100s, they were considered to be an unusual if mostly harmless new Pokégirl. Slender Pokégirls with vaguely feline features, they most resembled Kittens. When their magical ability and fondness for sweets were discovered, the breed was named Sugar Kitten. It’s assumed that they are the creations or the children of the Esper Chandra, who’s magical abilities were all food-related.
Sugar Kittens are almost completely human in appearance, save for the fact that they have cat ears and furry tails. Their eyes are usually some shade of pink, white, gold, or brown, and their hair and fur is usually some shade of light brown, pink, white, or a mix of all of the above. They are generally flat-chested, with B-Cups being the largest known size for Sugar Kittens, and are for the most part between four to five feet tall.
Sugar Kittens have an unusual metabolism in that they actually need to intake a greater amount of sweets than other Pokégirls. Their sense of taste is not as intense as other Pokégirls,’ and is generally more focused on the ‘sweet’ area of the tongue, the other tastebuds being duller. Their metabolism requires more sugar than most to function properly, although this need is offset by their ability to manifest food through their magic. Sugary foods also act as a moderate aphrodisiac for Sugar Kittens. They become much more affectionate and amorous, more willing to do whatever their Tamer wishes. Some Sugar Kittens have been known to try and start orgys within their harems, while those who can’t find partners within a short amount of time will content themselves to masturbation.
Feral Sugar Kittens tend to stay in small prides, usually ranging from two to five members, pilfering sweets from local towns. Their magical ability, limited as it is, fades when feral, making them more like normal Kittens in mannerisms, save for their obsession with finding sugary foods to eat. Without high doses of sugar, Sugar Kittens become very weak and slow-witted, losing the ability to focus on any task.
Sugar Kittens have a strange genetic quirk in them in that Taming Cycles in Pokéballs affect them negatively. It gives them tremendous headaches and makes the normally cheerful and perky Pokégirl irritable. So much so that this will threaten any bond created between the Sugar Kitten and her Tamer. Fortunately, most Pokécenters will willingly trade in the Sugar Kitten’s regular Pokéball for a Premier Ball, which has no Taming cycle, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
Sugar Kittens tend to become very passive after a good Taming. They become indifferent to all their surroundings unless it involves danger or another Taming. If they detect danger, they will come out of their languid, passive state faster than normal to react to it. If their Tamer wants more Taming, they will remain passive, but willingly accept what their master desires.
Interestingly enough, Sugar Kittens can always differentiate between a random passerby feeling angry from someone actively directing hostility. It’s assumed that this is a sixth sense of some kind, but no conclusive evidence has been found one way or another.
Sugar Kittens, quite frankly, smell nice. Their bodies smell like sweet candies, fruits, or pastries, and their cum tastes like whatever sweet they had been eating most recently. Add into that their ability to use the Honey and Syrup techniques, plus Fruit Juice if they’ve eaten enough sweet fruit, and they tend to be targets of amorous Feral Pokégirls a lot. Buzzbreasts, Annts, and Wasps in particular seem fond of them, Queens sending out drones to retrieve them for their own personal use.
Sugar Kittens, being gentle, loving Pokégirls, are not really suited for combat. They are better suited for helping out bakers or makers of sweets. They can also learn the various tongue techniques, improving their viability for Sex league competition, however they aren’t as good at Sex battling as other Pokégirls are. This is not to say that Sugar Kittens are helpless.
They have only limited magical ability. They cannot cast spells and have limited energy projection and an extremely short-distance teleportational ability. However they can use their magic to manifest portions of food for themselves to eat, although only in small portions per manifestation. For example, Sugar Kittens can manifest only four cupcakes at a time, while their more evolved forms could manifest larger amounts of cupcakes. In addition, they can manifest small weapons made out of food, such as razor-sharp swords made of hard candy, or edible handguns that fire gumballs. Due to their gentle nature, however, Sugar Kittens tend to run from combat more than partake in it. They usually will only fight if someone they care about is in danger or they can’t see another way out.
In addition, the food weapons are rather fragile. They can be recreated but tend to break after a few uses. Also, it should be noted that these weapons tend to cause infections due to their nature and thus, wounds created by them should be treated more readily than they would otherwise require.
Sugar Kittens are a relatively rare Threshold result. However it does occur. So far all known cases have occurred in the former Switzerland area of the world.
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
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SUNDOG, (AKA FU DOG) the Sexy Sentry Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Psychic/Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Photosynthesis, Supplemented by Human norm food
Role: Guard, Law Enforcement, Literal Watch Dog
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Rock, Water, Fighting
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Command Plants, Confusion, Telekinesis, Teleport, Lance, Vine Whip, Barrier, E=mc2, Root, Psychic Illusion, Mirror Coat, Seed Bomb, Vine bondage, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced durability (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Plant Empathy, Telepathy, Photosynthesis, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Memory
Weaknesses: Obsessive Compulsive tendencies
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Sun Stone)
When considering Pokégirls to have in their harems, many aspiring tamers tend to not choose a Byte Bitch, the usual reason is the breed's reputation and inability to handle stress well. While Data Dogs are useful, they are still not powerful enough for some tamer's tastes. Most tamers that get Byte Bitches prefer to evolve them into the Sundog, who's power and battling skills exceed the Data Dog's, despite the breed's quirks.
Upon evolving, a Sundog gains a cup size, her chest now swelling to a busty D cup and while she remains very human looking, her hair becomes thick and vine-like, much like large green dreadlocks sprouting from her head. Oddly, only the skin on the top of her head turns to a green hue with small blades of grass growing like 'hair', blending in with the vines that sprout from her head. Historians have identified the breeds of pre-Sukube dogs that show up in this breed of Pokégirl as several of the breeds of dogs that were bred to resemble the Guardian Lions. Their hair vines gives most of the breed a maned look, and more animalistic variants of the breed often resemble pre-Sukube lions with wider, shorter muzzles than normally found on most canine Pokégirls. While most of their head vines are actually curled leaves, a few are actual vines and are used for attacks like Vine Whip. The fur of her dog ears and tail become varying shades, usually in natural colors of green and brown with instances of rainbow flower colors. To feed, a Sundog will bask in the sun and most of the vines on her head will unfurl into large leaves. It is these leaves that do the majority of the canine plant's photosynthesis. They do however, supplement their diet with meat, and the occasional plant materials.
Where Byte Bitches are generally bitchy and even more so when stressed, Sundogs are considered quiet by most and 'too serious' by others. This is because a vast majority of the breed often pick something to guard, be that a place, person, or even an ideal and protect that to the best of their ability. However, they take their place in a harem quite seriously, following orders and carrying out their tamers wishes, though occasions have arisen where their protective streak has clashed with their tamers. On most occasions, this has been instances of Team owned Sundogs, making them quite the popular breed due to their more law abiding tendencies. However, one notable case of this breed going wrong was of a case in the early 200s of a Sundog named Ivy, who chose to protect all plant life to the exclusion of other humans and Pokégirls. Labeled a Menace, this Pokégirl was eventually captured and terminated after terrorizing several towns.
Oddly, many of this breed work extremely well in pairs, the two of them book ending each other in more ways than one. Due to this genetic quirk of the breed and their general lion-like appearance and protective nature, this breed is called the 'Fu Dog' in eastern Leagues like Edo and Opal. The breed is sometimes used as living scenery, often dressed up in golden apparel and placed in paired guard positions, due to their ability to get by on sunlight alone for most of the day (barring water). Due to their duel psychic and plant nature, these Pokégirls can remain immobile for long periods of time but still remain alert and mentally active. Often, pet owners or tamers that fancy statue-like Pokégirls enjoy having these plant and psychic type Pokégirls as part of their 'collection' and often they can add a needed balance of elements to those who fancy types like Glasses or Marbles.
In battle, Sun Dogs tend to choose strategy over direct conflict, thinking ahead and maneuvering their opponents into situations that gives them an advantage, most often involving getting assistance from the local plant life. As such, many owners of a Sundog will place planters nearby, or have her positioned near trees or other plants. They are not useless or weak by any means in a plant-less situation however, as they can use their psychic and plant abilities to great effect, often lacing areas they're guarding with motion sensitive Seed Bombs or triggering any Seed Bombs psychically to aid in defense. If the situation seems to call for it, however, the breed is not above using overkill by blasting with E=MC2 and Solar Beam.
While these Pokégirls are serious, they are generally pleasant to be around, so long as those around them understand that they tend to take things seriously. This seems to be a quirk of the breed, much like their pre-evolved form's canine behavioral problems. Sundogs have a problem with obsessive compulsive tendencies, though many call this 'perfectionism' as they don't like seeing something done in a slipshod manner. Occasionally, this evolves into full blown obsessive compulsive disorder, though some of the breed actually request a level 4 conditioning cycle to break them of this quirk. It seems that perfectionism sometimes extends to keeping themselves problem free as well.
Feral Sundogs become almost plantlike, unfurling their head vines into a large bush and rooting herself into the ground. This breed only attacks to supplement their photosynthesis diet with protein or to try and snatch food away from unwary victims, and thanks to their psychic abilities they can do this while stationary. Threshold Sundogs are pretty rare, though most have had a mixture of plant, psychic, and canine Pokégirls. They tend to take an interest in law enforcement or security work early on, As such, many threshold members of this breed are found in Law Enforcement alongside Growlies and OfficerJennys.
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SUPE-BRA GENIUS, "I Am The Greatest!" Intellectual Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Psychic
Frequency: Rare (never wild)
Diet: eats human style food
Role: filling some role in Research and development, labs, Pokécenters, corporations
Libido: varies from Pokégirl to Pokégirl
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Ghost
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark
Attacks: varies, common are Shield and Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x4), Very Near Human (some have almost no distinguishing traits), improved flexibility, Super-intellect, Knowledge Specialty, Quirk, Perfect Memory
Disadvantages: Typically have little in the way of HTH ability, though many find a way around this. Physical skills are usually on par with normal humans (if not just below), unique fear(phobia), Fetish, Quirk, Research Focus
Evolves: None
Evolves From: G-Poindexter (normal)
Supe-bra Geniuses, or Geniuses for short, are nearly as varied as Megami in both appearance and abilities. Though there are many common traits. They all have a vast knowledge of academic topics, but like Megami each have a tendency to specialize in a couple of areas. Due to their lack of physical impressive combat abilities, and limited Psychic abilities (which are normally defensive in nature) Geniuses are normally not found in a Tamers Harem. Most find work in the Academic circles, as research aides or even as professors. Due to intellect of these Pokégirls those that are found will generally be in League controlled or monitored areas. Nearly all Geniuses have these (dis)advantages.
Knowledge Specialty: A field(s) of knowledge that the Genius knows everything about. They can be almost any field. Combat, History, Chemistry, etc. All Geniuses usually have one that combines several distinct fields. Like archaeology. (History, Cartography, Metallurgy, Chemistry, etc.)
Unique fear: A phobia of sort that generally causes the Pokégirl to freak out in some manner. Reaction is as varied as the phobia. Anything from attacking randomly to fainting. To clutching desperately at a tamer. Some phobias are more problematic than others
Fetish: These like phobias can be problematic or not. Some known ones are for crabs, mechanical devices, explosives, chocolate, tuna, etc. The reaction to these are varied and are something of a minor nuisance to Tamers.
Quirk: Some unique ability and or flaw. Some geniuses have quirks that allows them to change to an alternate form or produce items from an alternate dimension known as 'Hammerspace'. The quirks usually have a connection to either the geniuses knowledge specialty or fetish. A common one is hormone overload to the point where the Pokégirl is catatonic. And like many aspects of the genius these quirks can be helpful, harmful, or just plan annoying.
Mystery Obsession: Some may not consider this a disadvantage, but a Genius can become quite obsessed with 'mystery' of sorts and will not rest until they've discovered its secrets. Geniuses do not believe that they can't discovery the secret to anything. It’s usually connected to their specialty knowledge. And will change if they ever discover it, they'll just find anew one they always do.
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SWANMAID, the Graceful Swan Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Metamorph (swan)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style food
Role: Messengers, envoys
Libido: Average (High if appreciated)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mach Breaker, Edge of Delight, Feather Blizzard, Honk*
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x5) High Intelligence, Enhanced Flight Speed (x5), Limited Metamorph, Lightweight Frame, improved respiration, water-resistant feathers.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Angel Stone), Nymph (Bird E-Medal)
Although many Pokégirls are beautiful, the Swanmaid is truly above and beyond the flock in this regard. Based, in appearance, on the pre-Sukebe animal known as the Mute Swan, the animorphic Swanmaid is quite avian in her appearance, just as Pidgy before her. However, the vast majority of a Swanmaid's feathers change to a startlingly pure white, although a few cases of jet-black have been observed. The former variety are often blue-eyed, whilst amethyst is the standard optical hue in the latter variety. In either case, a Swanmaid retains much of her lightweight structure from the Pidgy form, but no longer has to rely on her feet for fine manipulation.
Rather, instead of wings that are useless as hands, a Swanmaid's wings are much larger and better developed, but can be metamorphed into arms and hands when needed. This feature allows them not only a wider variety of abilities, but an improved capability to function indoors. The feathers of a Swanmaid are also capable of shedding water easily, and her feet are webbed, both features designed to make aquatic landings more feasible.
This was done because the role of the Swanmaid, as opposed to her more violent sisters, was that of long-range messenger, a position that often entailed traveling over open water. As such, it was logical to bestow upon her the capability to land in and function in an aquatic environment, just as the swans upon which she were based could. However, as a side-effect of her enhanced ability whilst in the air, a Swanmaid generally cannot take to the air quite as directly as many of her sisters. Instead, a running (or swimming) start and a fairly large open area are necessary for her to properly take flight.
Personality-wise, a Swanmaid will tend to be somewhat vain about her appearance and increased intellect, and prefer to maintain grace and beauty if at all possible. As such, she will often come off as arrogant and haughty around others, especially strangers or other beautiful Pokégirls. In the presence of those she is familiar with or 'girls that do not represent competition, though, this fades a great deal, and a much softer side emerges. As such, around a tamer who appreciates her, a Swanmaid will tend to be extremely loving, and will often encourage him to make use of her body, so long as it doesn't involve getting dirty. It has been said that they make excellent pillows, in fact.
When it comes to combat, Swanmaids aren't particularly apt at air-to-ground combat due to their trouble with landings. However, if a Swanmaid makes it into the air, woe be unto the flying type who must face her in the open skies. With her increased flying speeds and endurance, a strong collection of aerial attacks, and her signature sonic “Honk” technique, there are few fliers who can match her in straight air-to-air. In sex battles, on the other hand, Swanmaids will often fail miserably, her dignity and unfamiliarity with the opponent causing her to feel more violent than passionate. As such, they are rarely seen therein, despite their possession of the “Edge of Delight” technique.
In actual taming, however, so long as a Swanmaid has some familiarity with her tamer and feels properly appreciated, she will generally be quite passionate, and with edge of delight in her repertoire, her tamer often feels quite “appreciated” in return. Swanmaids' water-resistance also seems to prevent sexual fluids from being detrimental to their feathers, which means that, contrary to what one might expect, they have little-to-no compulsion about some of the more "dirty" sexual acts.
Feral Swanmaids tend to take the haughty and arrogant side of the breed to the max, feeling threatened by even ugly breeds and lacking familiarity with almost anyone. As such, they are usually solitary, and often prefer to stay in flight, landing only on remote lakes or near uninhabited islands. Thresholding into a Swanmaid is uncommon, but not unknown.
Honk - (ATK + EFT) A sonic-based flying technique. The Pokégirl makes a dissonant honking sound which is accompanied by a cone-shaped sonic-disruption. This disruption is extremely useful for causing flying-types (or, in the past, aircraft) to lose balance, allowing the user to pass by... or to follow up with a more powerful attack. The cone is strongest directly in front of the user and the effect weakens as it moves further out. Exclusive to Swanmaid.
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SWORD DANCER, the Dancing Blades Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Bug
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian, will accept Pokéchow
Role: Sword fighter, Psychic-type counter, Entertainers, Bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Swordfighting skills, Sword Dance, Swordwave, Slasher, Spincut, Confuse, Quick Hit, Weapon Carnival, Hive Sword*, Hero Blade
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Light magical ability, six arms, natural ‘swords’
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Sword Dancers are an unusual breed of Pokégirl, and are believed to be among Cocooners first creations. They are proficient sword fighters, as strong as any fighting type. However, they are actually a bug-type Pokégirl! This unexpected turn has baffled many, and has endlessly frustrated psychic types who fight them, as they cannot use their psychic attacks as liberally against the bugs. This, in turn, makes them a favored Pokégirl by Fighting-type owners who are sick of fighting Psychics.
Sword Dancers are tall, slender girls, usually with B-Cup breasts, at least seven feet tall at the smallest, and usually with some shade of red skin. An armored carapace covers their arms, legs, and vital areas, growing out on her body in plates that can be removed around their torso. In addition, they have six long, chitinous protrusions on their back which are actually sheaths for natural swords that grow from their body. The ‘swords’ are made of an organic material similar to the substance that makes up their natural armor and are as hard as tempered steel. If damaged, they can regenerate them by leaving the broken blades in their natural ‘sheaths,’ although to do this the Sword Dancer will require much greater portions of food. Their hands and feet are three-fingered claws, and their faces are insectile in nature, bearing slight horns on the forehead, long hair that has two locks of it curling up into pseudo antennae, and compound eyes. But their most striking feature it the fact that they have six arms. These arms allow for increased dexterity, making their attacks almost dance-like in appearance. Also, they have a unique skeletal-muscular structure in their backs, allowing them to operate their six arms without causing back problems that usually occur in multi-armed Pokégirls such as the Amachamp.
Everything Sword Dancers do is graceful and dance-like. They are calm, refined Pokégirls who treat their Tamers like royalty, referring to them as ‘my liege.’ They are usually overly serious, and can sometimes be hard to get along with (especially for more cheerful Pokégirls), but show great respect for their Harem-sisters, offering help when asked. Their greatest joy, however, is something completely unrelated to battle: Dancing. They love to dance, any time and anywhere. They were the first Pokégirls on record to use the Sword Dance technique, although their version is a lot more spectacular than most others are. They have a friendly rivalry with Moogirls, and when given the chance will engage in dance competitions with them. Usually these contests end in a draw, as the judges can’t make up their mind between the slam-dancing pure style of the Moogirls to the psychedelic, sensual movements of the Sword Dancers.
Sword Dancers, strangely enough, also seem to have light magical talents. They cannot cast spells, but they can use it to retrieve lost swords, which allows them to use their natural weapons as projectiles. They can also use it to instantly repair the swords if they are destroyed beyond their natural ability to regenerate. In addition, they can use a quick dance spell to teleport themselves and others, although they cannot teleport more than 1000 pounds of material at a time without being very drained from the effort.
Feral Sword Dancers are far less graceful and more savage than their Tamed counterparts. This has the added advantage of making them clumsy in combat and easier to capture and tame. In addition to this, a lot of the Sword Dancer’s attacks are more likely to hit themselves, as they lose a lot of coordination while Feral. It takes concentration to manipulate six swords at once. Their armor is the only thing that keeps Feral Sword Dancers from cutting themselves up.
In terms of Taming, they prefer to be on top, using their six arms to caress and massage their Tamer. Their natural sword sheaths can’t be folded back completely, making sleeping on their backs a problem. They like being Tamed from behind, and greatly enjoy bondage as well. A big thrill for a Sword Dancer is a Tamer taking them in the rear while holding one of their own swords to their throat, all six of their arms bound up, leaving them near helpless.
Threshold cases of Sword Dancers are surprisingly rare. Only a few have occurred, and only in Johto and Indigo, where the breeds are most common. Researchers have little clue why this occurs.
*Hive Sword (EFT) – A sticky, honey-like substance coats the user’s swords, temporarily granting the Pokégirl’s weapons the Bug element. Note that Sword Dancers can teach this technique to other sword-using Pokégirls.
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TAMALE, the Hot Chinchilla Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (chinchilla)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: herbivore, pokechow, fruits
Role: pets, domestics, desert farming, furry Sidekick
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Libido: Average
Attacks: Scratch, Kick, Flamethrower, Ignite, Agility
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x4), Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x4), Nightvision,
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Chichi (Fire Stone)
Tamales change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a bright red color. They are the hardest Chichi to nail down personality-wise, with few common traits between individuals. Some Tamers use Tamales and their Chichi-spawned cousins as a furry alternative to the Sidekick. This is particularly common among Tamers who absolutely can't stand to have Pokégirls without fur in their Harem. Tamales are decent combatants, though not on par with other Fire-types. They can learn, though, and can become fairly strong with proper training.
Wild Tamales, like most of their brethren, dwell in dry desert-mountainous regions, when given a chance. They love prickly pears, burning off the spines with their flame powers. For some reason, the seeds of the fruits become extremely fertile after passing through the Tamale, which usually translates to unexplained oasis, especially if there are Aguamiels in the area. An unexpected twist to this is a common point among Tamales: they all adore Plant-type Pokégirls. Tamales in a Harem are quick to befriend any and all Plant-type Harem Sisters, and often follow them around when not needed by their Tamer. Those in the wild have even gone so far as to stalk Plant-types in the hopes of getting a Taming. Most Plant-types are scared out of their wits having a Fire-type so interested in them, and even the most hardened and confident Plant-types get unnerved after being shadowed by a Tamale for long enough.
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TANK VIXXEN, the Firearms Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (vulpine)
Element: Fire/Steel
Frequency: Rare (Crimson, Sunshine Leagues), Very Rare (All Other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, has preference for chocolate
Role: militant group soldiers, saner domestics can work with police forces
Libido: High (and scary!)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fire, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Manifest Weapon (Flamethrower) Tackle, Wrestle, Sex Attack 1, Breasts of Steel, Flame Sniper, Napalm, Iron Defense, Metal Sound, CrossShield (Lv. 45)
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Hearing (x2), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Mechanics Aptitude, Flash Fire
Evolves: None (we hope!)
Evolves From: Vixxen (Heavy Metal+Battle Stress)
During the War of Revenge, there was a group of specialized Vixxens that were said to be on par with the majority of humanity's military might. They were recorded as attacking and taking over human-controlled military strongholds and then scavenging the technology and weaponry left over; often using it with a high level of competency. Some reports indicate that in a sense, this breed of specialized vulpine Pokégirls was more or less Sukebe's equivalent of human army, possibly both for purposes to not only aide his forces but to mock those of humanity, to show them how to do it right. While some of the stories left behind might make a number of people skeptical, the stories are indeed fact, as a number were made by the survivors whom managed to live and spread tales of the ‘sheer depravity’ of these creatures.
Historians and Pokégirl Researchers would spend over the next two centuries trying to figure out how a Pokégirl could use a toilet scrubber and chunky peanut butter on a man's ass as had been recorded in one event and wonder if a number of the stories weren't merely exaggerated. It was obvious that the reports were genuine, but there hadn't been an occurrence of such a Pokégirl since the beginning.
Sadly, it would be proven that these Pokégirls were all too real. Heavy Metal, a decidedly defensive tool is also an item that has been known to trigger evolution in certain Pokégirls, and the Vixxen, a rather common and gentle species does benefit from the protective properties. However, if a Vixxen goes through an intense battle while wearing the steel jacket known as Heavy Metal, it unlocks an evolutionary branch that turns the Vixxen from a sweet, easy-going fuck-toy into an ultimate, take-no-nonsense soldier of fortune. Tank Vixxens are very similar to their pre-evolved form, keeping the slight muzzle, slender frame with long bushy tail and busts that range anywhere from a full A-Cup to a full D-Cup. However, their pelts can be various shades of red now, some of the species are even recorded as having colors outside the norm, varying from brightest white to being the deepest black. Also, unlike their previous form, Tank Vixxens prefer to be clothed, often something of a definite military motif with one article of the outfit being made from leather or at the very least, sturdy PVC.
The greatest change though, is personality. Intelligence comes to a Tank Vixxen swiftly, often in ways that revolve survival and modern warfare, especially heavy tech. A Tank Vixxen could be given numerous pieces of scrap and be able to fashion some sort of weapon from what is available. While their libido is still high, her preference for what happens is changed as well. While their pre- evolved form was easily a switch-hitter, Tank Vixxens for the majority, (nearly 80%) are lesbian in taste, with only a minimal amount, (20%) still retaining a bisexual nature. This was thought to have been programmed into them so that when a regiment of Tank Vixxens clashed with human soldiers, it would continue to be a true battle than an orgy. This base dislike for men the majority of the species pertains is also why many men that have fallen prey to the Tank Vixxen are often left psychologically-scarred.
In the wilds, Feral Tank Vixxens are a rather peculiar bunch in that their minds stay rather regimented and logical. Although they'll wear less, they'll still wear their clothing, and they still communicate verbally in human speech. Make no mistake in thinking that this is a good thing. In the wilds, these Feral Tank Vixxens band together, almost acting like a Team Group. They attack Tamers and transports, especially ones which may be holding more building materials. The attack on such targets is because Feral Tank Vixxens become single-minded and try to live up to their title. And that means riding around in a tank...
Fortunately, most Tank Vixxens never get to such a stage, thanks to the rarity of such things, and a lot of items being lostech or Forbidden tech. However, one should never underestimate the instinctual knowledge these Pokégirls contain concerning the operations and maintenance of heavy technology. The results could be catastrophic if such a thing were to pass.
Tamed Tank Vixxens, (normally bisexual domestics) normally put this militant attitude, technological knowledge, and overall zealousness to good use. A number of them often end up working with police groups, and they treat the written law as the highest priority, albeit they tend to get a little carried away, often resulting in major property damage should a chase or hostile situation go on for too long. To try and cut down on damages, it's encouraged for the police to teach the Tank Vixxens to build stunning, rather than killing weapons, as that will minimize the damage they can potentially cause.
Although they truly can be considered a wild card, these domesticated Tank Vixxens make an excellent foil to OfficerJennys; true basis of the Good Cop, Bad Cop idea. Oddly enough, the Jennys DO like them, even if they are left exasperated by the vulpine Pokégirls at times. After all, the Tank Vixxens may endanger civilians at times, but their actions are still within guidelines of the law. Domesticated Tank Vixxens that end up in the hands of Tamers rather than with police officers find themselves to be the perfect complement to Gun-Bunnies. There was even one famous duo known as Team Dirty Pair comprised of the Gun-Bunny Kei, and the Tank Vixxen Yuri which showed just what the two are capable of when they work together: maximum carnage.
When it comes to battle, a Tank Vixxen is quick to abuse fire- techniques, especially when facing another Fire-type. She is quite resistant to fire damage, despite having Steel as her sub-type, since the Tank Vixxen has a special capability known as ‘Flash Fire.’ Possibly an upgrade of the Fire Resistance enhancement, Flash Fire not only makes it so the vulpine Pokégirl takes no damage, but that she also gains an increase in the strength to her own Fire-type techniques. If she is facing an opponent that would be strong against her, she will fall back to steel techniques to try and put the fight in her favor, the technique Iron Defense being used repeatedly in such cases.
Taming a Tank Vixxen is a truly mind-blowing experience, since the Tank Vixxen takes a dominant role as soon as possible. Often, bondage is implemented by the Tank Vixxen on the Tamer, rather than the reverse, with the vulpine Pokégirl taking control of what is done; needless to say, the Domina species enjoy working with a Tank Vixxen during Taming. However, one of the biggest turn-ons for a Tank Vixxen is to manifest her Flamethrower and point it at their lovers head as they have sex, often the show of dominance and the fear from their partner adding to the adrenaline rush the Tank Vixxen feels. Only those that a Tank Vixxen come to trust implicitly are allowed to wield any form of dominance over the vulpine Pokégirl. To this date, there has never been a single case of Threshold where the girl became a Tank Vixxen at the end of the transformation. People the world over rejoice.
Manifest Weapon (Flamethrower) – (EFT) The Tank Vixxen concentrates, making the firing trigger and igniter of a flamethrower appear in her hand. The flamethrower is connected to the wrist via a thick rubber-like hose, giving the weapon `ammunition' from her internal Fire-elemental abilities.
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TARANTELLA, the Dancing Spider Pokégirl A.K.A. the Upside-Down Spider Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Domestic in Golden, Tyroon and Amethyst Continents), Extremely Rare (Domestic elsewhere and Feral)
Diet: Human-style foods, insects, silk
Role: Domestic/Industrial and light combat
Libido: Low, High with a favored master or after eating masses of silk
Strong Vs: Dark, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying
Attacks: Dance, Leer, Sing, Scratch, Sword Dance, Sting, String Shot
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2), Web Spinners, Poison Sacs, Can adjust Poison type, Retractable claws
Evolves: Wolf Spider (orgasm), Xerablondi (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Called the 'upside-down spider' because their retractable ‘fang’, more of a stinger, located where most animal-types would have the base of their tails, and the spinnerets in their head produce their luxurious and silky hair. For this reason, their hair is usually long and either loose or in a single braid. The Tarantella appears as a human girl with an athletic figure about 5.5 - 6 feet (166 - 184 cm) with a B to C cup size, both height and bust tending towards the lower end of their ranges. The major difference is the rich and vibrant color of their hair. Their hair can change color as the Tarantella produces different colored silk for weaving, although they have a ‘natural’ or default hair color, which is often unusual. Their ‘fang’ is usually retracted and thus almost invisible. Therefore, they are easily confused with Megami, Ingenues, or any almost human-looking Pokégirl. Almost all are skilled weavers and make their own clothes, equipment and home furnishings/decorations out of silk of their own or their sisters' manufacture. They weave their products by hand at a very rapid rate. They are exceedingly haughty about this and are very competitive with other silk manufacturing methods: Arachnae, Spinnertit, Spidergirl, silkworms, other spiders. They enjoy eating such 'inferior products', from damaged silk clothing even the occasional spider web, and use the food to make a 'much superior product'. Tamers should be aware, if the silk available is more than two to three square yards/meters, the first thing the Tarantella will want to make is a cocoon to enclose herself, her Tamer and possibly a Harem mate or two for some . . . quality time together.
The Tarantella can adjust the venom she uses initially only Sleep Venom, Poison Sting, and the venom that gives the Pokégirl her name. This Tarantism venom is a modification of the Paralysis Venom, except the victim dances wildly and uncontrollably, unable to attack or defend until the poison wears off. Other venoms may be learned. The Tarantella loves to sing and dance, preferably with others. (Don't let them near the wallflowers at the dance!)
In combat, she will use her Tarantism venom first, if possible. They do not use their silk for webs, although some use string shot with a prepared line. The claws in her fingers and toes are retractable, but too weak to be suitable for the more advanced claw techniques. Feral Tarantellas will line their dens with silks and retain enough intelligence (and pride) to use their silk products as a lure. Domesticated Tarantellas are often used to manufacture silk items as home industry or in larger facilities, with large groups of Tarantellas or their evolved forms happily working on projects together. Tarantellas and their evolved forms are both haughty and extremely anxious, approaching a full-blown Inferiority Complex, regarding their spider origins and people's attitudes in general. (Although they agree, the feelings towards Widows are totally justified). When encountering other spider-type Pokégirl, who are 'letting down the side', their insecurity manifests itself as an intense effort to get the other spiders to live up to a higher standard: in combat, taming and especially making silk products. While this makes them a good choice for Alpha, Tamers need to monitor this, to keep it from becoming too grating for them and their harem. Also of concern to the Tamer is the aftermath of the Tarantella failing to meet her own or another spider-type's high standards. A supportive Tamer, particularly at such times, will earn the Tarantella's complete loyalty.
There are rumors that the Tarantella and its evolved forms have a venom that combine the effect of Recovery+ and Stamina drinks and Love Sting (with full rather than half effect on a bonded Tamer). The rumors cannot be confirmed, neither the Tarantellas nor their Tamers are talking. Some references to a pre-Sukebe dance called 'the horizontal bop' have been made, but research remains inconclusive. [Author's note: I know the spider is spelled tarantula, but the dance is spelled Tarantella]
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TATS, the Tattooed Exhibitionist Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Tattoo artist, dancer, morale booster
Libido: Above Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark
Attacks: Cheer, Glare, Leap, Agility, Sketch, Tackle, Scratch, Fury Swipes, Tattoo Seal, Tattoo Strike, Tattoo Curse, dancing techniques
Enhancements: Durability, dexterity, can summon tattoo needles with endless ink supply, artistic ability, low feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ar-Tits (normal)
When an Ar-Tits becomes a Tats, they undergo few physical changes. Their hair and eyes become totally rainbow-colored, and they gain a cup-size in their breasts, but other than that and a simple tattoo of their name on their leg, they don't change all that much. They gain a more balanced, but still fairly high libido, and have the same preferences for Taming as their previous form.
It's in their personality and abilities that change drastically.
Firstly, the focus of a Tats changes from their previous form. They go from paintings and drawings to body art. They only have one tattoo at first, but that will not last, as the Tats will cover their body almost entirely with tattoos, of their harem sisters, of their friends, and even of interesting Pokégirls or things they've seen. They will offer to give their tamer and harem sisters tattoos, being capable of making them permanent or temporary, but will not press the issue if they refuse. Most will accept these tattoos, however, as due to the magic inherent in the Tats, the tattoos will have beneficial effects. That, and mostly, the tattoos just look good, making the tamer or Pokégirl stand out a little. (Although a Tats in incapable putting a tattoo on fur, making them more prevalent amongst Tamers who have few Pokégirls with fur on them, although if the furred Pokégirl wishes it, the Tats will make the best effort they can to give their harem sister a tattoo somewhere on their body. No failure in this effort has been reported to this date, although all Tats who have done this report that it took quite an effort to find a viable spot for the tattoo.)
Some tattoos can increase a Pokégirl or tamer's stamina, allowing them to last longer during taming. Some can increase elemental strengths, or all-around fighting ability. For humans, the tattoos can give light elemental affinity, making them capable of minor elemental play, or more able to withstand Pokégirls that would normally be hard to tame (like Poison or Ice types, or a strength enhancing tattoo to help in taming something like an Amachamp or a Snorlass). In battle, a Tats can use a temporary ink to quickly draw sealing spells on an attacking Pokégirl to inhibit their ability to move or use their powers and abilities. They can also use their needles like claws for a slashing attack. They can also will their tattoos to life briefly to attack the opponent, or draw a tattoo that can inflict a negative status effect.
In terms of their personality, they become very outgoing and friendly, trading in their serenity from their previous form for a love of excitement, loving the world around them and wanting to experience it in every way possible. They love traveling, and will not wear clothes under any circumstances, wanting to expose their skin to the air at all times. Some Researchers have theorized that this is because Tats need to have their tattoos exposed to the air for them to work. They love to dance, feeling the air on their bodies as they move, and get along very well with musical Pokégirls like the Bardess, Diva, and especially the Moogirl. Some Tamers have reported that a Tats tattoos seem to move as well during their dances, independently of their creator.
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TAVERNMAID, the Kegger Cutie Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Bartender, living keg, entertainment, bouncer, all-around party girl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Drunken-style fighting, *Tray Smash, *Booze Mist, *Furniture Flip, *Intoxicate, *Booze Gun, *On the Rocks, *Mug Smash, *Daiquiri Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), High attention span, superior drink mixing, high patience, can internally create alcoholic beverages in a way similar to lactation, can mix poisons to greater effectiveness, cannot get drunk.
Weaknesses: Constantly tipsy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buttaneer (Ice Crystal + Drunk), Piratit (Ice Crystal + Drunk)
The Tavernmaid came as a surprise to a lot of people. But it was nevertheless a very pleasant surprise. Buttaneers and Piratits have a legendary tolerance for alcohol, and it takes a lot to get them truly falling-down drunk. On the rare occasions this occurs, if they are exposed to an Ice Crystal, they change, becoming a more land oriented Pokégirl and the best friend of anyone who enjoys alcohol in any way, shape or form.
Also called Bar Maids or Taverngirls, they are a well-liked breed of Pokégirl, although with something of a negative reputation amongst the authorities both for the breed they come from and for the trouble their beverages can cause. Upon evolution, the Buttaneer/Piratit looses any inhuman features they may have had, turning completely humanoid in appearance, with regional differences depending on the original home of the Tavernmaid. Their bodies thicken and soften a little, losing their hard-seeming, almost Tomboyish musculature, gaining sensual curves that add to their physical appeal. And to top all that off, Tavernmaids also gain a great deal in terms of breast size, going to a minimum of D-Cup, which is to be expected considering the abilities they gain. Their skin takes almost a glittery sheen, although they often are seen with bags under their eyes, giving them the appearance of human women who’ve partied rather excessively throughout their lives.
The first Tavernmaid was discovered when a sea-faring Tamer settled down to the life of a bartender in the Tropic League’s Salsaroa Island. Formerly a Buttaneer, she settled into the life on shore, occasionally going out at her master’s request to go fishing or simply to experience being on the water. Business was good, the Tamer giving the Buttaneer an Ice Crystal necklace as a gift. One evening after they had closed, they celebrated their good fortune together, settling into drinking as they sometimes did, although the Buttaneer did most of the drinking that evening, the two of them watching a Wreckball game. Their favored team was winning, and she was taking a shot for each point scored, eventually becoming thoroughly drunk on the imported rum. Shortly afterward, the Ice Crystal glowed and disappeared, the Pokégirl evolving from Buttaneer into a Tavernmaid. While E-stone evolutions weren’t unusual in any fashion, the evolution was.
Business tripled after her evolution occurred. The lucky old sea dog made the report to League officials about the evolution, and eventually retired, starting a family with his Tavernmaid.
Tavernmaid’s are considered to be dynamic sexpots, albeit ones with a little bit of wear to them, and a set of breasts that most guys would kill to get a hold of. The most peculiar thing is that instead of secreting milk, a Tavernmaid’s breasts fill up continuously with a brand of alcohol she’d learn to mix in her former life. With time and training, a Tavernmaid can mix two separate brands at once. Frequently Tavernmaids are noticed to have ready supplies of whisky, rum, and other brands of alcohol on hand..
Tavernmaids are also highly popular, in many cases being considered more valuable than their previous form. Their ability to produce alcohol from their breasts and the breed’s natural exuberance and friendliness makes them great entertainers. They are in high demand in cities.
Tavernmaids have an unusual metabolism. Since alcohol was part of the requirements of their evolution, it has become part of their bodies as well, which is why the breed has the poison elemental typing. A Tavernmaid’s blood has a very high alcohol content, which causes a constant state of inebriation. Even their cum is alcoholic, many Tavernmaids enjoying having others ‘drink from the tap,’ be it their breasts or their womanhood. Another oddity of the breed, assumed to have been gained from the Ice Crystal, is their ability to chill the alcohol that they make within their breasts. Research has proven than this breed has control over their alcohol production, allowing them to consume the raw ingredients need and produce almost any conceivable alcoholic beverage, up to and including frozen wine coolers.
Tavernmaids utilize a form of drunken fist, incorporating it into whatever fighting style they had before evolving, making them agile opponents. In addition to this, plus several attacks that cause direct physical damage, Tavernmaids also have attacks designed to get people drunk. They tend to use Booze Mist liberally at the start of a fight, disorienting the opponent and making them vulnerable to attack. They follow this up with Booze Gun, along with Intoxicate, although if their opponent proves resistant to getting drunk, they start using physical attacks to soften them up, also using On The Rocks and Daiquiri Beam to try and freeze their opponents. It is ill advised to pit a fire-type against this breed of Pokégirl, as the unintentional collateral damage to the surrounding area can mount quickly due to the flammable nature of alcohol. (Tavernmaids also frown on the old dare of trying to drink a drink flambé, as they view it as disrespectful to the drink and personally dangerous.)
Few Tamers have these girls in a harem, although the few that do usually are or are believed to be alcoholics. They get along well with pretty much everybody, although they do attempt to get their harem sisters intoxicated at every opportunity. This combined with their love of celebrations and partying in general makes them ill-suited for either the Alpha or Beta position. They tend to want to party first and solve problems later… usually after the next part.
In spite of this Pokégirl’s alcoholic nature, this Pokégirl can have normal human children as a Pokéwoman. Research has shown that this is due to a filtering mechanism of the womb on the Pokégirl’s blood, and unless the Tavernmaid drinks alcohol not made by her body (which is not caught by the womb’s natural filtering mechanism), she will have healthy children and babies. (Who ironically will have a strong tolerance for alcohol. This was proved after some rather alarmed testing on a Tavernmaid who had recently given birth and her child. The Tavernmaid was producing milk, although it had light alcoholic content in it. Surprisingly, the child was not affected by it at all, the research showing that the comparatively light amount of alcohol in the breastmilk wasn’t affecting him in the slightest.)
The feral state of Tavernmaids are even more peculiar than their inherent keg creation capacities. While no Tavernmaid can ever become truly drunk, they are almost constantly in a moderate state of inebriation. This changes once feral. The Pokégirl becomes stone sober, unable to produce her beloved booze. (Making this the only known case where a Pokégirl’s mental capacity IMPROVES upon ferality, although you’d get a great deal of argument and most likely a mug upside the head from any Tavernmaid you asked about it.) She becomes moody, depressed, and often complains about having a hangover. While Tavernmaids can function as feral, they do pose a slight danger to those around them in the form of tantrums, usually involving many thrown objects and flipped pieces of furniture. It is recommended that any Tavernmaid who starts complaining of a headache be Tamed immediately. This is fairly easy to do, as Tavernmaids greatly enjoy almost everything when it comes to Taming.
Thresholding into a Tavernmaid is nearly unheard of, the handful of recorded cases involving late thresholders and a lot of cold alcoholic beverages in addition to being the child of a Tavernmaid. As it is illegal for most girls of threshold age to drink, this method is unethical to test and is heavily penalized.
· Booze Mist (EFT) The Tavernmaid uses the Mist attack as a vector, making an inhaleable alcohol as well as chilling the area and lowering visibility.
· Tray Smash (ATK 30) The Tavernmaid produces a tray out of seemingly nowhere and strikes the opponent with it.
· On the Rocks (ATK 30) Grabbing the closest freezable liquid or actual ice itself, the Tavernmaid attacks with pelting ice cubes against her opponent.
· Daiquiri Beam (ATK 50 + EFT) Chilling the booze in her system to the max, the Tavernmaid uses this modified version of the Booze Gun to attack her opponent, either resulting in freezing or intoxication but rarely both.
· Furniture Flip (ATK + EFT) Attack strength varies depending on the furniture being flipped. This attack cannot be used without a piece of furniture nearby, otherwise all that happens is a low damage shockwave being produced. The Tavernmaid punches the ground HARD, creating a small shockwave that literally flips furniture into the air. This is usually followed up with a powerful kick that sends the furniture flying off in the direction of the kick. A variant of the attack, mainly used for rowdies who are just lazing about and causing trouble, involves the Tavernmaid physically picking up the furniture and flipping it on top of the person or person’s using it.
· Intoxicate (EFT) The Tavernmaid strikes several pressure points on the opponent’s body, the end result having a high chance of causing the Dizzy status, making it seem as if the affected opponent is VERY drunk.
· Booze Gun (ATK 40) The Tavernmaid fires a jet of alcohol. Similar in function to the Water Gun attack, although it has a 30% chance of causing the Dizzy status.
· Mug Smash (ATK 60) The Tavernmaid produces a thick glass mug out of nowhere and strikes the opponent with it. Has a 10% chance of causing Dizzy. Can also be used as a projectile. If the mug breaks, the damage is increased from the glass shards.
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TESSLASS, the Static Defender Pokégirl
Element: Electric/Fighting
Type: Very Near Human
Frequency: Rare
Role: Defensive Line, Bodyguard, Sentry
Diet: Omnivore
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Electric, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Psychic, Dragon, Ground, Plant
Attacks: Arc Shield*, Disarm**, Zapring, Spark, Thunderclap, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Mach Punch, Backhand
Enhancements: Summon Armor, Enhanced Speed x3, Enhanced Stamina x2, Enhanced Strength x2
Evolves To: Teslaladama
Evolves From: None
During the War of Revenge, Sukebe's forces made good use of Guntits and their evolution, the Ballisticunt. Those Pokégirls were mobile, heavily armed, and more than a match for human long as they were at range. In closer combat, however, the Pokégirls were more vulnerable. To fill this gap, Sukebe created the Tesslass. Designed along the lines of the Guntit-line as a midrange defender and Bodyguard for the artillery-type Pokégirls, Tesslasses served quite well during the War, being well prepared to engage any opponent, either at close quarters with hand to hand skills and their Arc Shields, or at range with a variety of electric attacks (With a tendency towards attempting to pin opponents, so that other 'Girls could finish them). They share the Ballisticunt's ability to summon a set of armor to wear, although the Tesslass has heavier armoring than the Ballisticunt and isn't as bothered by the weight, having the strength to move as if they were wearing nothing at all.
The breed didn't survive the war very well. Bred for loyalty, especially to their usual Ballisticunt commanders, the Tesslasses were usually quite reluctant to flee, and so most of the breed was wiped out along with Sukebe's forces. Still, enough survived, through various means, for the breed's numbers to slowly rebuild, although they are still a rare Pokégirl to encounter.
Feral Tesslasses, while losing some of their intelligence, are still quite cunning. They also become extremely territorial, claiming an area they find ideal and patrolling it regularly against intruders. Within their claimed territory, a Tesslass is quite aggressive, as they have a type advantage over most other aggressive Ferals, or the speed to run away if they feel outclassed. They tend to prefer areas that are near large bodies of water, as their proficency with electric techniques makes fishing a snap. Feral Tesslasses also develop an obsession with shiny objects. While not overtly hostile towards humans as a whole, Tesslasses are known for paralyzing an intruding human in their territory, then rummaging through his belongings and stealing all of his food and shiny objects. Of course, since this means that it can leave a Tamer unconscious or paralyzed in Feral territory...
Once domesticated, a Tesslass makes an excellent addition to a harem. A feral, once over Taming shock, transfers her territoriality onto her Tamer, and will listen to him quite obediently. Domestics tend to treat their Tamer as a superior officer rather than a piece of territory. Both strains, however, do reach a point where they will disagree with or even refuse a Tamer's orders. That point comes once they think their Tamer is putting himself in undue danger, at which point the Tesslass will attempt to convince him to make a different decision, using almost any means at their disposal. Other than that, Tesslasses tend to be quite pleasant most of the time. They are quite serious when 'on duty', as they call it, having little time for jokes or pranks while patrolling their Territory (IE, the area around their Tamer or his possessions, or an area he's ordered her to secure) but also tend to shift to being extremely wild once they are 'off duty' and somewhere they can feel is safe with their Tamer and his Harem. They are showy Pokégirls when not on duty, enjoying showing off their bodies. The rest of the time, a Tesslass will tend to be in her armor, usually near her Tamer as a bodyguard against threats.
As for inter-harem dynamics, Tesslasses don't particularly seek any position in the harem. All they require is to be near their Tamer and to have him in good health. They tend to be wary of Pokégirls they are elementally inclined to be weak against. They still have their genetic predisposition to obey and protect Pokégirls from the Guntit's evolutionary line, however, and will naturally defer to any such 'girl in the Harem, acting as their subordinate. If placed as an Alpha over a Ballisticunt, the Tesslass will request that the Ballisticunt be put in charge instead. They also tend to become overprotective of those breeds, sometimes to the annoyance of the Pokégirl being protected.
Most Tesslasses stand around five and a half to six feet tall and have a tendency towards extremely long hair, up to around waist length, of which they are quite proud. Said hair is usually either blond or black, although some girls have a mix of both, or have hair that moves from one color to the other. While long, the hair usually doesn't get in the way during combat, as it partly acts as a ground and static collector for their powers, making grabbing it a very bad idea. Their bodies have generous curves and busts, usually around a generous C-cup or smaller D-cup. They dislike wearing clothing that isn't skintight, as it not only lets them show off their bodies, but loose clothing also gets rumpled up and feels quite uncomfortable when they summon their armor.
Thresholding into a Tesslass is quite rare, but relatively more likely if the mother was a Tesladama.
Arc Shield: The Arc Shield is a natural technique innate to the Tesslass, focused on their dominant arm. It allows them to cause a crackling plane of energy to spring into existence. The Tesslass tends to use this shield in a passive fashion during combat most of the time, but they can also supercharge the Arc Shield with an electric blast, causing an area of effect wave of electricity. While not particularly damaging, the Arc Shield technique does tend to inflict paralysis on opponents, as well as interrupt incoming projectiles.
Disarm: Disarm is a pointblank refinement of the Arc Shield technique. The Tesslass, upon being attacked in melee, will charge her arc shield and attempt to slam it into the attacker's weapon, usually sending the weapon flying from contact with the charged shield, leaving their opponent open for a follow up strike.
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THUNDERCUNT, the Stormy Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Avian)
Element: Electric/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: pokechow, fresh meat, fish
Role: literal Storm Trooper
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting
Weak Vs: Ice, Rock, Magic
Attacks: Vortex, Double Needle, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Agility, Zapring Mk III, Satellite Mk II, Thunderclap, Static Barrier, Spark, Phoenix Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Stamina (x4), Heals from Electric
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Thundrix (battle stress)
Thundercunt is generally between 5'4" and 5'10". Her breasts may increase in size, but usually, there is no change. Her hair remains black, but their eyes are generally brown or green. Compared to her sisters, the Thundercunt's golden feathers are almost bland. Though she can use them to reflect light into her opponent's eyes, they don't seem that special.
Thundercunts generally have a personality like the sky. Once insulted, their anger grows like a storm as she selects a proper retribution, then like a lightning bolt, she takes it in one fell swoop. The retribution is generally the same caliber as the insult. The greater the insult, the greater the retribution. So, it goes without saying that crossing a Thundercunt is among the stupidest things you can do, right next to pimp-slapping a Gynadose or taunting a feral Whorizard. So long as you avoid that, she's generally a very nice Pokégirl to have.
In combat, Thundercunts should be listed among the fastest Pokégirls around. Unlike land Pokégirls, like the Chocoboob, Cheetit or even the Rapitaur, a Thundercunt is not held back by terrain, meaning she can cross greater distances in shorter amounts of times. Combined with her array of defensive, offensive and speed-enhancing techniques, she is undoubtedly one of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokégirls around, able to hard, fast or even snipe, she can vary her attack patterns to meet her needs.
Feral Thundercunts are actually quite friendly, even if they don't join the tamer they help. It's rumored, though, that the Limbec Pirates use feral Thundercunts to attract new members.
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THUNDNAGA, the Shocking Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Snake)
Element: Electric/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore (Prefers Raw Meat)
Role: Combat Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting, Electric, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Wrap, Bite, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Thunder Bolt, Venom Bite, Lust Bite, Paralyzing Poison, Sleep Poison, Greased Lightning*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Poisonous Bite
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Thunder Stone)
Thundnagas are quick, lightweight Pokégirls that have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a snake. Sukebe created the Thundnaga breed to support his tougher troops in combat. Often times helping to disable opponents from behind before enemies even knew she was there. Thundnagas were often sent as support for other more frontline fighters. While their enemies were busy fighting their partners, the Thundnaga would hit their enemies from behind with a combination of electric and poison attacks. After the war this Pokégirl has seen popularity amongst both electric and poison enthusiasts in most leagues with warm climates, due their good support capabilities. Like most other snake Pokégirls she is cold blooded and as such is weak against the cold, including ice attacks.
When a Naga comes into contact with a thunder stone she will evolve into an electric Pokégirl, the Thundnaga. Thundnagas have long snake-like bodies that range from 15-20 feet long. Their lower snake half is covered in smooth, bright yellow scales. Some individuals may have black stripes going down their backs to the tips of their tails. Thundnagas are one of the few Pokégirls whose breast size actually decreases after going though an evolution leaving this Pokégirl with a slender, petite body and small A-cup breasts. This is most likely to make her as streamline and agile as possible. A Thundnaga’s eye color is almost always a bright green color, but others have been reported. Most Thundnagas have dark black hair but blue has been seen in some individuals. Thundnagas like to keep their hair long, often times their hair reaches below their waist. Unlike her previous form the Naga, the Thundnaga has no metamorphic qualities. Her snake-like lower body starts just under her human-like vagina. A Thundnaga’s skin is a very light pale, resisting tanning and burning, even after being exposed to the sun all day. Most researchers are unsure of why this is.
Thundnagas shine best when supporting their harem sisters through the liberal use of thunder wave to try to disable their opponents. For extra defense against melee opponents the Thundnaga will often spread her special attack, greased lightning, on the ground around herself in order keep them away from melee range. Against flying foes the Thundnaga will usually rely on her enhanced agility and reflexes to keep away from danger while trying to disable her opponents from a distance. She will only use her stronger electric attacks against an opponent if her harem sister's life is in danger. Researchers say this is because the Thundnaga is only able to produce a minimum amount of electricity in her small body at a time, but those that have been close to a Thundnaga say it is also because this Pokégirl dislikes causing excess pain to others and will instead try to disable her opponent as quickly and painlessly as possible. If put into a situation where they need to fight alone they will often start off with thunder wave and then try to fully immobilize their opponents with their paralyzing or sleep poison.
On the surface the Thundnaga seems like a somewhat moody Pokégirl, quick to offer judgment and criticism to people they don’t know, acting like they are better than most humans and Pokégirls. Most tamers with a bonded Thundnaga say that they don’t mean most of what they say but unless they are familiar with the person or Pokégirl in question they have trouble saying nice things. Researchers say this is most likely because they are uncomfortable around people they don’t know and like to hide this discomfort with a false mask of arrogance. According to a tamer with a delta bonded Thundnaga "once they are comfortable with their tamer and the harem they are in, they are in fact very kind and helpful". In a new harem situation a Thundnaga will often be rude and cold to the other members of the harem. Once she gets used to her new master and her new harem sisters she will start to open up and show her true feelings. A Thundnaga once she gets used to the harem dynamics of her new family can make a good choice for alpha, changing her usual arrogance into a kind and confident manner that is perfect for leadership. While this Pokégirl gets along well with most breeds once she gets to know them, the Thundnaga is often times wary around the Domina breed or any breed that enjoys causing excess pain to others. Strangely enough due to this evolution she is almost entirely bisexual, with very few individuals being completely strait or lesbian. This is a plus for those male tamers that have always wanted a Naga, but going from a predominantly lesbian species to a male tolerant one is rather unnerving for some freshly evolved Thundnagas. If evolved from a previously lesbian Naga by a male tamer, by means of a thunder stone, she may have trouble adapting to this sudden change in her feelings. It can take days to even weeks, even the threat of going feral, before she will approach her new tamer willingly for a taming. This uncomfortable transition period doesn't usually apply to thresholders, unless she was strongly lesbian in sexual orientation as a human.
Most Thundnagas like to wear clothes at all times unless they are alone with their trusted tamer or other member of her harem that she trusts. When asked about this most Thundnagas say that this is because they get cold easily due to their cold-blooded nature. Most researchers suspect that this is also just another facet of their discomfort around strangers. It is safe to tame a Thundnaga without protection from her electricity as, unless she is going feral, she has full control over her poison and electricity. When a Thundnaga is tamed by someone she is uncomfortable with she will be often submissive making her tamer do all the work, but this changes once she becomes comfortable with her tamer and starts to open up. During a taming session with a tamer she is comfortable with a Thundnaga will be very passionate if not a little dominant. Most Thundnaga like to be on top when taming and after taming most Thundnaga will wrap their coils around their tamer and the other members of his or her harem that participated in the taming session to snuggle.
A Thundnaga's feral state is relatively mild. When her mind starts getting clouded she will often start discharging extra static electricity, shocking those around her. This causes no permanent harm but does hurt a little. They also will start acting out by yelling at those around them, including their fellow harem members. Thresholding into a Thundnaga is fairly common amongst families with both electric and poison pokégirl ancestry. This threshold, strangely enough, tends to be relatively painless as far as most thresholds go. Most thresholders will first notice a numb tingling sensation around their fingertips, which quickly develops into a full body paralysis due to the build up of electricity in her body. As the poison she begins producing starts building up in her body most thresholders will, within days of the start of threshold, fall into a poison induced coma only to awaken one to two weeks later as a fully developed Thundnaga. Fortunately during this time she is unaware of the changes going on in her body such as her legs fusing together. Eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a, fully developed, snake-like tail.
Greased Lightning - (ATK 50 + EFT) Thought by most to only be available via TM, this move is native to the Thundnaga. Using a method similar to the technique water floor, she can spread a thick layer of grease on the ground that produces static electricity. This grease will shock any opponent Pokégirl that comes into contact with it.
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TITAKREN, the Kraken Pokégirl Type: Near Human/Animorph
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore (prefers fish)
Role: Small naval vessel hunter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Constrict, Lust Sting, Paralyze Sting, Water Spear, Whirlpool, Quick Attack, Recover, Tentacle Frenzy, Tentacle Dance
Enhancements: Enhanced Lung Capacity, Enhanced Speed (x6 in water, x3 on land), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced sense of Touch (x3), extra appendages
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Titacool (Water Stone + Battle Stress)
This rare evolution of a Titacool was first discovered around 90 AS, after an experimental fishing expedition. When pulling up their nets, the fishermen found a single specimen of this species that had been caught in it while eating her fill of the net's fish that had been captured. At first, they thought it was just another one of the Titacool that had been washed out to sea, but soon realized, as she attacked with half a dozen flailing tentacles, that this was a different species altogether. The Pokégirl didn't have enough tentacles to be considered a Titacruel, and certainly not as many as an Octopussy (and the fact that she had legs and feet killed the possibility of her being an Octopussy). And when four of her tentacles extended to a reported length of fifteen feet in an effort to bat away her captors, it was only when one of the spare Pokéballs was thrown by the captain that saved his crew and, likely in turn, his ship as a result. Since then, these unusual Pokégirls have been called Titakren, in tribute to the ancient days when some sort of animal called a Kraken supposedly ruled the seas.
Feral Titakren have been found all over the world, though in rather low numbers and always in a group. They are territorial, often attacking any fishing boats that stray into their area by using Whirlpool or attempting to capsize them using their numerous powerful tentacles. According to the researchers who manage to survive such attacks, inquiries into the location of the Titakren colonies underwater have shown surprising numbers of Water Stones in the vicinity of their territory, leading to speculation as to how the Pokégirl came about from a Titacool. Under controlled tests, however, no researcher, nor tamer, breeder, or field researcher has been known to replicate the evolutionary process that the ferals manage, leading some to believe that this is a naturally feral-only occurence. Some Tamers, however, claim that their Titacool evolved into a Titakren, although none of these claims were ever supported by evidence from a Pokédex. Researchers in the Ocean, Edo, and Silver River Leagues have ongoing research on the matter.
Unlike their previous form, the Titakren have half a dozen tentacles that sprout from along her back, three underneath each shoulderblade vertically down her back. Each one can extend up to fifteen feet, on average, though some have reached twenty feet with plenty of training. Each one is fully prehensile and ends in a slight tip, though not pointed nor with stingers like a Titacool might have. No Titakren have been found to have breasts larger than a small C-cup, and most commonly they have been found to possess a firm B-cup, allowing the Pokégirl to swim easily underwater with such a streamlined body. Only Titakren that have evolved from a domestic Titacool have any hair, and these often are green, blue, or white in color. Titakren have varying shades of skin color, most often a pale blue but some have been found with pale orange skin as well. These Pokégirls also grow about six-to-nine inches in height on average, but few ever manage to meet the six foot mark.
In battle, Titakren attempt to overwhelm their targets using their half dozen tentacles, while also attacking with her various other attacks to strike from many different angles. Their tentacles are very tough and are capable of crushing almost anything within their grasp, and can also inflict two different kind of stinging attacks. Paralysis Sting is an attack that she retains from her previous form, but when the Titakren became a pure Water-type, their Poison Sting was changed into Lust Sting. Tamers who keep a Titakren often find their Pokégirl battles becoming a sex match as a result, and it is rather rare that they lose once the battle swings in their favor. Using their Tentacle Frenzy technique, between 2 and all 6 tentacles lash out at her target, just like other Pokégirls that use Tail Whip might. In sex battles, Tentacle Dance is used instead, with all six tentacles utilized to stroke, tease, squeeze, probe, and just about any other thing that one might imagine a tentacle being used to do. Female Tamers tend to enjoy this, while most male Tamers are not so interested, despite the fact that Titakren would never actually take advantage of them... unlike the Dildoqueen, which Titakren are not especially fond of.
In a harem, the Titakren are not especially useful as an Alpha or a Beta, instead being far too territorial for either assignment. Some few have been found as Betas, as they are very protective of her tamer and the harem she is a part of, and so gets along well with, surprisingly, Growlies. They also get along well with Domina-type Pokégirls, able to go tentacle to whip with them rather well (and they can even outdo Dominas, most of the time). Titakren dislike being teamed with Octopussy Pokégirls, since the lesbians are overbearing and tend to dominate them completely- this evolution of the Titacool are bisexual, and only a few are actually lesbian.
Tentacle Frenzy (ATK 50): All the Pokégirl’s tentacles are used to attack with whip-like motions.
Tentacle Dance (S.ATK 30 + EFT): All of the Pokégirl’s tentacles are used to entice, excite, and to enhance the pleasure of her target. Has a 20% chance of causing her opponent to orgasm, utilizing all of the Pokégirl’s tentacles.
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TITMANIAN DEVIL, the Wild Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare (In Orange League), Unknown in other leagues (Extinct)
Diet: carnivorous (They'll eat anything that was at one time alive)
Role: shock troops
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel, Dark
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weakness: Once they are engaged in battle they will not listen to commands
Attacks: Berserk, Whirlwind, Dig, Furry Swipes, Scratch, Slash, Bite, Eat, Screech
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2/x8), Enhanced Agility (x4/x16), Enhanced Toughness (x2/x8), When berserker those abilities increase 4 fold
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Titmanian Devil's are some of the craziest Pokégirls around. With a slight muzzle and a thin layer of black fur over their entire bodies they can never be mistaken for humans. They tend to range from 4'10" to 5'6" and are thickly built. All Devil's have a patch of white fur resembling a collar on their necks and when they get angry, their ears turn red. They also have a thick tail that reaches to their feet, but is generally not as graceful as a feline's. They also tend to have cantaloupe size breasts covered in a lighter gray fur that reaches down to their belly. Few Devils develop any level of self control and will quickly berserk if made angry. Generally speaking, no matter how intelligent they are originally, when berserker they tend to grunt and spit while whirlwinding in every direction. They also tend to eat everything they can get their hands, though only one case reports a Devil actually eating a portion of their opponent (who happened to be a Bunnygirl, and there was no permanent damage). Only a very powerful attack can even slow them down as they can burrow right through solid rock as if it were paper mache. Any Pokégirl who comes within arm's reach is pretty much a write off unless they are very powerful fighters. Their biggest weakness is that if can manage to think of a trap to stop them, they will fall for it every time. The psychological effect against all but a highly disciplined or powerful Pokégirl is the biggest effect. Many opponents will simply run outside the ring and hide behind their masters. While they don't fall victim to the same mindless violence during their Tamings as they are usually very happy, Devil's are, as expected, wild in bed. It's impossible to drug them, but for some odd reason, they are extremely susceptible to milk and will become almost normal relative to other Pokégirls. Most Devil's remain in the wild in a feral state unfortunately as they are difficult to catch. They are only found in the southern reaches of the Orange Islands. No threshold case has been recorded
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TITUNDRA, the Arctic Ecosystem Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid/Metamorph - Turtle
Element: Ice/Plant
Frequency: Rare (Capital, Ruby, Scarlet Leagues), Extremely Rare - Unknown (Other Leagues)
Diet: photosynthesis, water
Role: soil regeneration, mobile garden, habitat for Feral pokégirls
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Ice Beam, Icicles, Snow Storm, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Solar Beam, Crunch, Cold Snap, Ice Armor, Mist, Wave of Ice, Catnip Kiss, Absorb, Regenerate, Synthesis
Enhancements: Ice Affinity, Enhanced Strength (x6 [Combat]), Enhanced Toughness (x12[Combat]), Strong Jaws, Solar Rejuvenation, Cold Resistance, Water Absorption
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Grotitle (Normal)
Unknown of during the War of Revenge, it would turn out that there was a stage of being that a Grotitle could evolve into, an evolution only discovered after humanity started Taming the pre-evolved breeds. In a remarkable twist, the evolution of this turtle-pokégirl retains her elements but in effect flip-flops them when she turns into a Titundra: the third tier form of the Turtwat evolutionary line. Becoming primarily an Ice-type in nature with Plant-type aspects, the Titundra is a peculiarity in that despite this change, she is still not only very capable of her previous role in soil regeneration but also becoming a mobile garden herself, plant-life thriving on her despite a body chemistry that seems it should be killing it off. Indeed, she is a pokégirl that had turned head and found herself very useful to humanity’s continued survival in colder climates. Understandably, unlike their previous forms, a Titundras actually gains strength against Dragon-type pokégirls as they finally gain an array of offensive Ice-elemental techniques.
When it comes to her appearance, a Titundra is an awe-inspiring sight to behold in that she goes from a very animalistic approach... to something Near Human. She gains metamorphic capabilities which can lead her to a surprisingly attractive physical appearance. A Titundra comes to resemble a tall, (6’) athletic, pale-skinned human woman with patches of greenish-scaled skin along her elbows, knees and between her shoulders, pert B-Cup breasts and thighs. Their hair is similar in consistency and color to that of her previous forms, an icy blue dappled with ice crystals... which upon tactile contact, one finds IS a cold, ice-like substance. While peaceful by nature, a Titundra’s eyes are intimidating: encircled by a black ring and bearing small red pupils that give their gaze a deepened, almost dastardly look. Still one can take relief in the fact that such is not in their nature.
However, when she takes her combat form, it’s a whole other story. A Titundra in full out battle-capable preparedness possesses a giant, flat-looking shell that, in a way, resembles that of the ancient and extinct dinosaur, ankylosaurus. Growing to a massive height of 7’4” with D-Cup breasts and weighing in at a massive half ton, the Ice/Plant-type pokégirl is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. The rim of the shell is made of a very dense ice with a diamond-shaped extension of the rim that settled around the neck and capping the back of her head like a collar and crown. The Titundra’s body is also bulkier in this form and seems to be too big for the shells. While the bulked up frame no longer allows a Titundra to withdraw into this form’s shells as easily as she could as Turtwat, it still gives her a sufficient amount of protection from foes. A Titundra’s beaked mouth is jagged and at the end of their snout is shaped into a firm beak, cementing the appearance and affirming the genetic ancestry as being that of a snapping turtle. Their thick, tree trunk-like legs and arms are massive and powerfully muscled in order to hold up their enormous, heavy bodies. A Titundra in this form bares three toes on each foot and three claws on each hand that appear as if they were made of thick shards of ice.
However, the shell of her battle mode itself is the most amazing aspect of the pokégirl. On the back grows an enormous, blue-leaved tree from the soil that makes up the shell, along with three large shards of ice; similar to those that make up a Titundra’s claws and toes. The tree is noted for being able to grow numerous kinds of berries at once, (particularly Hot Tomatoes) making the breed popular for culturing such fruits for potion ingredients. Truly, the shell is a sight that gives one the impression that they are looking at a landscape from a distance. Understandably, it’s the shell that is the basis for the breed’s classification as the, “Arctic Ecosystem Pokégirl” a befitting title not only for their shell’s appearance but also for the size of Titundra’s body when she is in her battle form. This pokégirl breed, with her perfectly blended mix of both the Ice and Plant elements make her a species of pokégirl that lives in perfect symbiosis with her preferred frozen environment, bringing and sustaining life where it shouldn’t be possible. Forgive this researcher for saying such but if Sukebe hadn’t known about this evolution, if it were intentional... then he was indeed a genius. Insane but a genius nonetheless...
Being a rather peaceful species of pokégirl, PokéBattle is not something that a Titundra excels at. It’s not that they don’t have the potential, far from it. Titundra, Domestic or Feral, are one of the most easy-going species of pokégirls on the planet. They are more apt to attack only as a form of self-defense than anything else and even then, they would prefer to let the opponent tire themselves out as they attack the turtle pokégirl’s thick hide with minimal results. This lax attitude towards life and battling has seen to it that the breed is primarily used by Tradesman, (farmers in particular) rather than in a traveling Tamer’s harem. However there are still Tamers that use and battle them effectively. Often, the Titundra that are battle-ready are the ones that were in a Tamer’s harem since they were Turtwats and with their past experiences, are likely trained combatants that know what is expected of them by their owners. Slow physical speed but with strong jaws, great strength and a variety of special attacks that can reach a distance faster than they can on their feet, (Ice Beam and Solarbeam being a prime examples) the Titundra is a sight to behold in battle. They can hold their own against most pokégirls in battle thanks to their large size and elemental might with the exception of Fire-types, who can give them quite a hard time as the heat has tremendous effects on both the Titundra’s Ice and Plant natures.
Thanks to their easy-going nature, Titundra is a breed of pokégirl that takes very well to a Harem setting. They are very peaceful, (almost to the point of ignorance) pokégirls and get along with various kinds of pokégirls, especially ones that need something from them or can give them something in return. Blastits and Feraligarter are a grand compliment to a Titundra but the Ice/Plant-type finds itself very popular with Cat-type pokégirls. Titundra can use the technique Catnip Kiss almost indefinitely and the leaves on the tree growing on her back seem to have the same oil-compound coating found on the leaves of a nepeta cataria plant. It’s the main reason why of all the Feral pokégirls that exist, there is often a bond between Feral Titundras and various Feral Cat-types, (primarily Kool Kats). Titundra’s give a source of pleasure if not food and Cat-types can aid their home in warding off other Feral pokégirls in return. Oddly enough, Elf Queens turn their backs of Titundras, which is peculiar, considering the good that pokégirl can do for nature. When asked, most Elf Queens talk about how their nature has changed, making them incompatible with their needs. Oddly enough, the Ice Maiden breed picks up a fondness for this pokégirl where the Elf-line leaves off. Ice Princesses and Ice Empresses often love to use Titundras as a living throne; the Hot Tomato Berries that they can grow only serving to entice the pure Ice-types to live in peace with the turtle pokégirls.
During the course of Taming, a Tamer is very thankful for a Titundra’s Near Human form. Oddly enough, unlike many pokégirls, the Titundra prefers to remain still during Taming; the preferred style of doing it has the Ice/Plant-type on all fours, bracing herself so her Tamer can slam deeper inside her from behind. While sex is rather mechanical with the pokégirl because of this, Titundra do appreciate any Taming they get and it keeps them very loving and loyal to their owner. As with a Titundra’s previous forms, this is their main method for regenerating soil, hence they will prefer to be Tamed outside. Her hands and knees will dig into the earth beneath her, keeping her still as she’s pounded into by her Tamer. When finished, the Titundra will pull her limbs free from the environment and not only is the surrounding area revitalized but there will be flowers growing where her hands and feet had dug into the earth. Often, this “four-flower” pattern is how Tamers and Breeders go hunting for Feral Titundras that are on the march as one does not normally find patches of green and flowers amidst a blanketed plain of ice and snow.
When it comes to Feral Titundras, it’s amazing that one can find them in such a state, especially since it was a breed of pokégirl that was only discovered once their previous forms had been Domesticated, there is something one needs to understand. This is possible due to the ever-present threat of Parthenogenesis. Pokégirls are often released by the Tamer on purpose or their Tamer ends up killed and the girl going Feral inside her PokéBall until she breaks free. It’s more than likely such has happened to a couple or more of Titundra, leading them to be the founding mothers, as it were, of the various Titundra that are found in the wild. At least it can be said that as stated before, Feral Titundra are rather harmless pokégirls, despite them constantly being in battle form and it takes a lot to aggravate them into taking an offensive position. Feral Titundras prefer to be with other pokégirls of their own kind, relaxing for hours, days or even weeks on end as they go into a semi-hibernation state, basking in sunlight and storing energy before going on the move again. When immobile, one looks as if she were part of the ground upon which she rest, not as though she were a sleeping pokégirl. Because of this appearance, there are occasions when smaller Feral pokégirls will gather and build nests around or right on the shell of a stationary Titundra. When a Feral Titundra does move, she will often move with a herd in search of water, often dragging any nesting or territorial Feral pokégirls with her. It’s suggested that if one wishes to break a Feral Titundra off from their herd that they should use a Water-type pokégirl as a lure.
Finally, Threshold directly into a Titundra is completely unheard of. Considering what is involved with a Titundra’s biology and what it took to make such a pokégirl, it is considered impossible for a human woman to Threshold into one. Such thought process comes from study into Threshold girls of this like. Statistically, it is more likely that a girl that Thresholds into a Turtwat to have a chance of eventually evolving into a Titundra from Grotitle faster than a girl who Thresholds directly into a Grotitle. It’s hypothesized that this is because there is a greater expansion of time and personal biology that is in contact with earth or the winter seasons for than ones that spend time going through the entire evolutionary line rather than skipping the first step.
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TYAMAZON, the Martial Artist Apprentice Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon in Edo League)
Diet: any human style food, with vegetarian tendencies
Role: a Tyamazon's purpose is to fight. It will be at some tournament or at a martial arts dojo.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pummel, Punch, Kick, Chi Blast, Super Jump, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Fast Learning of combat styles
Evolves: Amazonchan (battle stress; special), Amazonlee (battle stress; special), Amazonkapoeraa (battle stress; special), Amazonwu (battle stress; special) (depends on their training)
Evolves From: None
The Tyamazon is a rare Fighting-type Pokégirl, their only purpose in life is to become stronger and learn all the martial arts she can.
Often found at dojos through the different leagues of the world, not as teachers but as students, once a Tyamazon has learned all that she could, she will move to a different location to start her training anew.
The potential of a Tyamazon is that, depending in what training they had, they can evolve into an Amazonchan, an Amazonlee, an Amazonkapoeraa, or an Amazonwu. Once they evolve, they stop thinking as a Tyamazon (meaning that they stop the intense quest in learning martial arts) since they consider that they have stopped being an apprentice.
Usually, it depends on where the Tyamazon had been living to what type she will evolve. If in the Edo League, a Tyamazon usually evolves into a Amazonlee or an Amazonchan, and sometimes into an Amazonwu, but never into an Amazonkapoeraa. But in the southern continents, a Tyamazon has more chances of evolving into a Amazonkapoeraa than an Amazonchan, Amazonlee, or Amazonwu. Usually, the evolution of a Tyamazon happens after a battle (if the Tyamazon won).
When in a Tamer's Harem, a Tyamazon will try to learn as much as she can from each fight that she has, and will eventually evolve in time.
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UMBREA, the Dark Eva Pokégirl
Type: Animorph(fox-squirrel)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: semi-vegetarian
Role: fighter/scout
Libido: Monthly
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Reflect, Dark Attack, Agility, Bite, Memory of the Dark, Dark Bomb, Ankoku
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Speed (x8), Elemental Affinity: Dark, night vision, psychic shields, Tool Use
Evolves: None
Evolved From: Eva (normal; triggered during the night or Moon Shard)
Umbrea is evolved when Eva has not been artificially evolved through a stone and it reaches an evolution threshold at night. If this occurs during the day, the Eva evolves to Espea. Umbrea is immune to psychic attacks. They do have another ability, Moonlight, but due to the late-night Tamer activities this is not often used. This ability gives the Umbrea an aura of fear that can't be overcome unless the victim is of a substantially higher level.
Umbreas have an affinity for the night, it is said that the rays from the moon are absorbed into her when evolving giving her ‘mystic powers'. It has been proven that while an evolving Eva will absorb the moon's rays it has been shown that the only power it gives one is an ability to make the colored rings and designs on her body glow.
When an Umbrea evolves their hips tend to become a bit more pronounced while their bust will remain similar to their Eva state. Much like her Psychic cousin the Espea she has a fine coat of fur. Though it hasn't been known to be so fine it can predict and opponent's movements. Umbreas will have black fur and hair. Though some tamers and Umbreas may argue that their fur is a dark charcoal color, for all intent and-purposes it's a black. The rings/designs on an Umbrea are actually on their skin, and it's not know why it shows through on the fur (though it is said it has something to do with their absorption of Lunar Rays in evolution) When the fur is removed it will be just as black as the rest of her fur.
The Dark affinity of the Umbrea made her the perfect night patrol/scout during the war. Her attacks allow her to be very well suited in a back-up position. Using Reflect to allow an ally to regain her bearings, or using dark bomb to scatter enemies for a regrouping. Her immunity to psychic attacks along with her speed allows her to cover a fighting type in battle.
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VAMPIRA (aka BATGIRL), the Night Flyer Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Dark/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food, with occasional blood or vitamin supplements
Role: uncommon Pokégirl type, makes an excellent night security guard
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ghost, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Claw, Dark Blade, Dark Bomb, Drain, Kick, Tackle, Wing Attack
Weaknesses: Torpid during the day
Enhancements: Enhanced strength (x4), Elemental Affinity: Dark, Altered digestive system, Night vision, Ability to cling to walls and vertical surfaces, Low melanin level
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Goth(Dark Stone)
Vampira are one of the evolved forms of the Goth Pokégirl. It is hard to tell a Vampira from a Goth since she appears just like the Wanna-Be Vampire or Make-up artist sub-type except she doesn't need make-up to appear pale, since all Vampiras have very pale skin which never tans no matter how much sun she gets.
No matter what else she is wearing a Vampira will always have what appears to be a black cloak. This is in fact a pair of bat wings, and although Vampiras are not the fastest flyers they are maneuverable and their strength allows them to carry a human or Pokégirl for a short time. The other difference between a Goth and a Vampira is her teeth. A Vampira has long canine teeth which she uses to perform her drain attack and to draw the blood which she needs to feed upon.
Vampira mostly eat a normal human diet however they are unable to extract some vitamins from normal food and must consume either vitamin supplements or blood once a week to avoid growing ill. Vampira prefer blood when they can get it but can survive on supplements indefinitely, but a Vampira with a tamer will insist on drinking his blood at least once a month. This is considered an act of great intimacy by the Vampira and will always be the prelude to a taming session.
Vampira can now use Dark Blade, and this combined with their more functional claws, greater strength and the ability to use drain to weaken their opponent and restore their own strength makes them excellent close-in fighters.
Vampira prefer to rest during the day and most spend the day in their Pokéball asleep. They are often used by tamers to guard their camp at night since they have excellent night vision and are much more active at night, this has also led to many Vampira being employed a