ARACHNAE, the Sassy Spider Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human (Tauric Metamorph/Animorph - Black Widow Spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Bug-type Pokégirls, insects, blood, raw meat, but will accept Pokéchow
Role: Pest control
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Web, Tripline, Tackle, Stringshot, Bite, Poison, Quick Attack, Growl, Spice, Poison Mask, Stomp
Normal Form: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Jumping (x5), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Battle Form: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Jumping (x9), Camouflage, Adhere to any Surface, Web-spinning capability, Poison sacs in mouth
Evolves: CLASSIFIED – Widow (extreme pain or Tamer's death) – CLASSIFIED
Evolves From: Spinnertit (Venom Stone)
Sukebe was a lunatic, but he was no fool. He realized his mistake in letting the numbers of Buzzbreasts and Wasps grow too high. Using the Spinnertit species as a base he added the DNA of a black widow spider to create the first of the Arachnae breed. Using their superior jumping skills these Pokégirls were designed for the elimination of excess bug-type Pokégirls.
Spinnertits are small, relatively weak Pokégirls with lung problems. This is why some tamers with Spinnertits want an instant power up, rather than work through these problems. For those with this mindset there is hope. When a Spinnertit comes into contact with a venom stone she will evolve into a powerful Pokégirl, the Arachnae. After evolving a Spinnertit looses her extra pair of breasts and gains a lot of height, with very few individuals reaching less than 6’8” in her bipedal form. Arachnae most commonly have C-cup breasts but larger cup sizes have been noted in larger individuals. Arachnae have two forms, a tauric form used for battle and a near-human bipedal form used for taming. In their tauric form they have the upper body of a beautiful woman and lower bodies that essentially makes them spider-taurs. When in her tauric form, an Arachnae's human half joins with her spider half right under her human-like vagina. Arachnae in their tauric-form have six legs that are thick and very powerful, which are especially good for jumping and kicking. Their lower body and arms in this form are covered in a fine black fur that is very soft to the touch. In their bipedal form they lose any extra limbs but still retain the same soft black fur on their arms and legs. Arachnae, in both forms have a bright-red hourglass symbol on their backs. Arachnae most commonly have silver hair on the top of their heads, but other colors have been observed. Most Arachnae like keeping the hair on their heads short, with very few individuals having hair below shoulder length. The eyes of an Arachnae are red in color and lack a noticeable pupil. Researchers have found that these eyes are actually a solid mass of compound eyes. Arachnae have spinnerets mounted in the back of their mouths, the lower jaw of an Arachnae can split open into a set of terrifying set of mandibles. Normally when these mandibles are closed there is no difference to that of a normal human's chin. Researchers speculate that this is just another aspect of their metamorphic abilities.
Arachnae aren’t afraid of melee combat. Most of the time an Arachnae will start off a fight using their enhanced strength to fight using tackle and stomp. They will usually only use their webs and poison to disable their opponents and finish them off after they have played with them for a bit. During a battle in which an Arachnae faces an overwhelmingly powerful foe they will rely on their jumping ability and agility to dodge any powerful attacks thrown at them. br> Arachnae are very passionate and lustful Pokégirls. When it comes to taming they like to be dominant and on top during taming. In contrast to other spider-types, they do not like bondage very much, unless it involves making a web to stick their Tamer to and tame them. Most Arachnae prefer to tame in their bipedal form, rather than their tauric battle form. This may not be true in all individuals especially feral born Arachnae. The poison sacs of an Arachnae are mounted just under their teeth, so unless a Tamer has a Poison-type affinity or Blood Gift, letting her give oral sex is not recommended. However, allowing an Arachnae to give head is a sign of trust and will guarantee a loyal, loving spider Pokégirl. Arachnae are generally aloof and sarcastic to those they don’t know. Once they are friendly with someone, either a Tamer or Harem-mate, they become more playful and affectionate, although the sarcasm doesn’t go away. They do, however, become extremely loyal. Like the others of their line they still have problems with Tarantellas and their evolutions, but are unafraid to tell them where they can stick it.
Feral Arachnae are very aggressive and territorial even against other Pokégirls. Tamers interested in capturing a feral Arachnae are advised to have a strong fire or flying type. Arachnae are a relatively uncommon Threshold result. However, if there is heavy spider-type Pokégirl ancestry in the subject’s bloodline, it becomes more likely that they will turn into an Arachnae.
A horrible discovery was made about this otherwise innocent Pokégirl, one that could put the breed in terrible danger if it ever became public knowledge. Sukebe made a grave miscalculation on the amount of black widow DNA he used in creating this species. This mistake left a trigger open for the worst possible Pokégirl of all time. The first evolution to Widow occurred in 100 A.S., when a foolhardy but heroic Tamer named Reaper was killed in action while defending a village from a horde of Buzzbreasts. This is when his delta-bonded Arachnae, in a fit of rage and despair, mutated into the most terrifying sight ever seen on this planet. The sheer psychological agony of her failure to protect the Tamer that she loved triggered her evolution into a Widow. Her resultant rampage slaughtered not only the entire Buzzbreast hive, the Buzzqueen included, but also the village itself. Only the last survivor of the village, a PLC Tamer and his Harem, consisting of a Samurai, an Amachamp, and a Dragoness, were able to stop the Widow’s rampage. And even then the victory wasn’t without cost, all four sustaining severe injuries in the process.
Widows have not just Hyper Venom, but a variety of poisons and venoms running through their bodies. The Amachamp was stung by one of the more rarely used venoms, and started to mutate into a Widow herself. The Samurai put her out of her misery before the change could be completed, and the PLC Tamer submitted his findings to his superiors, data which was researched through studying various Widow encounters and confirmed in recent years.
This information must be protected at all costs. The truth of the Widow’s pre-evolutionary form must be kept from general knowledge. I hate to say this, but we may have to adopt Sanctuary tactics in terms of protecting the information. Arachnae are an innocent breed, and if this information ever became public knowledge, then not even the McMahons or the Jahannas could stop men like Giovanni from mounting an Extinction Agenda against them. Be prepared to do the worst.
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ARBUST, the Curvy Cobra Pokégirl
Type: Near Human /Animorph (reptile) Metamorph
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: small animals, usually eaten whole and/or live
Role: medical research to counter-act poisons
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Sex Attack 2, Glare, Hypnotize, Leer
Enhancements: Hypnotic gaze that only works on specific types, (mainly Mouse, Bug, or Bird Pokégirls) of Pokégirl, mildly poisonous scales, carbon and calcium bone structure, limited morphing abilities, antidote synthesis
Evolves: Basilisk (E-Stone Ceremony), Seduca (Delta Bond + Orgasm), Kissitalcoatl (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Naga (normal)
For those Tamers whom take the time to work with the Naga, the snake-like pokégirl will eventually come to what is seen as the ‘natural’ evolutionary path: Arbust.
The Arbust, as one can come to expect from Pokégirl evolutions, is a step above the pre-evolved form of Naga. She grows a bit in height/length, as even if difficult to determine, it is obvious that there is more mass to her overall body, especially the lower snake half. What Tamers can expect to see is that her breasts will grow in size, changing up to a full size, be it a medium C-Cup to a large D-Cup.
Without argument, the most noticeable change is that the Arbust gains a fold of intricately muscled skin connected from the back of her head to her shoulders that she can spread like a cobra's hood. This hood has big warning markings arranged on either side in a face-like pattern that varies from region to region, and serves to frighten away timid foes at the mere sight of it. There are at least nine distinctive variations of Arbust's hood pattern, each one apparently indigenous to a different region. Unlike the cobras of old, an Arbust cannot retract her hood.
Noticably, Feral Arbusts use this hood pattern to their advantage. When a Feral Arbust encounters something she considers an enemy and/or food, she will raise her head and use Glare to frighten it. If the enemy is too afraid to run, the Arbust will then switch to Hypnotize. With her target secured, she will bind and poisons it, before taking it off to eat and/or fuck.
Physical appearances, however, are not the only changes in the Arbust. The few internal enhancements the Arbust gains over Naga makes is so that a Tamer can make more use of her. First of all, the Arbust's skeletal structure changes. While Naga had a very cartilaginous internal structure, a numberof her cartilage now changes into true bone matter, most noticeably with her skull and mandible, her ribcage with collar bone and scapula, and the number of vertebrae in spinal column that connected the two major areas together. Understandably, it is the fact that an Arbust has actual bone-matter for her head that makes her attack `Venom Bite' possible.
The second new capability also doubles as a physical feature. The Arbust gains slight morphing capabilities. Where a Naga is left with the lower half of a snake, the Arbust can shift between having her bottom half remaining as tail, (which Researchers have noted is more like a Lamia's than a Naga's) or she can have a set of legs with a length of tail behind her. Arbusts in this form have been actually been measured, and are noted as standing from between 6' to 6'8" in height.
The final and most dangerous enhancement to the Tamer and most Pokégirls in general is that the Arbust's entire body becomes mildly poisonous. This in turn makes most wrestling moves used on Arbust ineffective, as the opponent Pokégirl will become poisoned. This also makes Taming an Arbust quite challenging, since the Arbust has no control over her poisonous nature, (leaving her in a state that is like a constant use of the technique `Poisonous Coat') and her Tamer must take careful steps to Tame her by using `adult' toys, or use a higher level Ground or Psychic-type pokégirl to Tame her. However, this same poison coating the Arbust's skin can be used to make antidotes for most known poisons.
Overall, an Arbust has been a mostly overlooked evolution. It's not difficult to attain at all, but without the ability to truly please her on his or her own, this is Pokégirl that really doesn't have beneficiary use in a Tamer's Harem outside of PokéBattles. They are, however, used by a number of Researchers and Pharmaceutical Chemists. An Arbust might not make for the intelligent conversation that most educated individuals enjoy, but her venom can be used to make antidotes for most poison attacks.
Like the Naga, there has never been any case of Threshold into an Arbust. However, there have been cases of Pokékits being born that were Arbusts from the start rather than Nagas. This has left Researchers to theorize that the genetics that make up the Snake-type Pokégirls are so potent, that it will manifest while maturing in the womb rather then coming to the surface later in the child's life via Threshold.
Venom Bite - (ATK 25 + EFT) An poisonous version of bite. The Pokégirl sinks her teeth into the target, injecting her with her poison. The opponent is injured and left poisoned by the end of the turn.
Venom Spit - (ATK 10 + EFT) An enhanced projectile version of Poison. The Pokégirl spits a sharp poisonous blob of venom at her opponent. Unlike Poison, which just poisons the opponent by the end of the turn, Venom Spit deals minor damage on contact.
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BASILISK, the Queen of Snakes Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (reptile)
Element: Poison/Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: small animals, usually eaten whole and/or live
Role: Assassin
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water, Bug, Magic
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Hypnosis, Agility, Glare, Dig, Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Poison tail, Dragon Breath, Harden, Petrification Gaze, Death Stare* At Higher Levels: Skin Clone*, Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Unbreakable skin, Longevity, Poison immunity, light psychic abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (E-stone ceremony)
A Pokégirl first discovered around 288 PS, the Basilisk is not as versatile in its poison production capabilities as the Arbust, most tamers agree that it is a vast improvement over the Arbust. Its scales no longer are coated with poison, and it gains the powerful dragon element. This Pokégirl looks very similar to the Arbust’s snake form, but loses it s human form again, like the Naga. The Basilisk loses the Arbust’s hood, and its scales assume a golden hue. It also grows to the awesome length of 25 feet. It also grows a bright crest from the top of its head.
In addition, the Basilisk is very difficult to kill. Almost nothing can pierce its scales, and has incredibly good reflexes. It is also immune to any direct magical spells. Elemental spells, and spells that cause damage indirectly can still injure it. The Basilisk has extremely fast reflexes, however it still has its weaknesses. Like most snake Pokégirls, the Basilisk is vulnerable to cold, but with the dragon element the Basilisk takes four time the amount of damage than normal. In addition, the Basilisk is weak to Ground attacks. One of the favored ways for a Basilisk to hunt, is to burrow through the ground and surprise its prey from underneath. For this reason, the Basilisk has become sensitive to vibrations through the ground. However this also has a disadvantage. This means that ground attacks also do four times the amount of damage. For an unknown reason, the Basilisk has an extremely low defense, usually 4 or 5 stages lower than other Pokégirls at the same level. Even using harden, the Basilisk cannot permanently increase its defense. Only while it has the attack going, is it useful.
The Basilisk’s most potent attack is its Death Stare, a much more powerful version of Petrification gaze. A Basilisk encircles its prey and makes eye contact. From there emits a form of psychic poison mixed with a hypnotic wave. Only other psychic or very strong willed Pokégirls are capable of breaking this connection. If not broken after 30 seconds, the victim becomes incapacitated and further exposure can lead to death. This technique only works if direct eye contact is made for at least thirty seconds, an interruption leads to a failure of this technique. The stronger the Basilisk the less time it will take for the Death Stare to work. The shortest time recorded has been 20 seconds for KO and 35 for a fatality. At higher levels the Basilisk is capable of shedding its skin to create a clone with half of its HP. This clone is capable of using a few of the techniques that the original can. As an interesting side note, the Phoenix and its evolutions are immune to any of the Basilisk’s eye techniques. There is even a legend of a young boy named Harry Porker killed a rampaging Basilisk with his Phoenix by stabbing it through the roof of its mouth.
It should be noted that all spider evolutions, for an unknown reason, fear the Basilisk. It is unknown how a Widow would react to an encounter with one but it is speculated that, because it is insane, will treat the Basilisk as any other Pokégirls. Because of a genetic imperfection, the Basilisk has a phobia of the Cockadiddle line. One low-level Basilisk suffered a heart attack at seeing one.
Basilisks prefer heavily wooded areas and caves as their habitat. Feral Basilisks are very instinctual creatures, mainly using their death stare to hunt. Ferals tend to avoid conflict. There have been no reported cases of Thresholding into a Basilisk.
Ceremony Description
Stones needed: Dragon Scale, Dawn Stone, Venom Stone, Psi-Crystal
Area & Time Conditions: None
Ceremony Description: A frog Pokégirl, preferably a poison one, is needed for this ceremony. Place the 4 stones in a square around yourself, the Basilisk, and frog Pokégirl. Tame the Arbust while it is taming the frog. If all three of you achieve climax at the same time there is a 7% chance that your Arbust will evolve
*Death Stare-(EFT) The Basilisk's ultimate move, the serpent makes eye contact with its prey, and initiates a hypnotic gaze that evolves into a psychic connection. It then floods this temporary bond with poisonous psychic energy. One minute of exposure will result in the death of the prey, thirty seconds will result in a knock out and anything less will result in poisoning. Because of its hypnotic nature, only other psychic or extremely strong willed pokegirls are capable of resisting. Any break in eye contact will result in the failure of this technique and poisoning. If the Basilisk does not achieve eye contact, then the prey will only be poisoned
*Skin Clone-(EFT) The Basilisk sheds its skin and forms a clone of itself. This clone is capable of using Bite, Wrap and Venom Bite. It has half the HP of the original and if used the original doubles its defense. This technique can only be used once a day. This clone loses its immunity to magic, but gains much in defense, however the original keeps its advantages.
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BLESSED WIDOW, the Holy What was that?! Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Bug/Poison/Ghost (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (probably Unique)
Diet: true Omnivore, favors human style foods, occasionally requires blood and rocks
Role: luck bringer, celestially chosen boogeyman and ultimate cute terror
Libido: Low (High with Tamers who can control them)
Strong Vs: any except Dragon
Weak Vs: Dragon, dominating Pokégirls
Attacks: Heavenly Fire, Lightning, Hyperbeam, Poison Sting, Paralyze Sting, Poison Bite, Web, Phase, Invis, Acid Spray, Slice, Armor Punch
Enhancements: Lucky, Healthy, Pristine Innocence, armored skin, enhanced strength (x25), enhanced speed (x4), web spinners, poison sacs, hypnotic attack, ability to bite off and digest almost anything, extra limbs.
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Recommendation if you see one: If she's friendly: Go get a hug you'll always treasure, the memory will warm your heart even in the darkest times; If she's unfriendly: Run the fuck away, dumbass!
Behold a nightmare made cherubic flesh.
Blessed Widows are the most darling, deadly Pokégirls alive. They embody adorable destruction. No one who has encountered one has anything bad to say about them. (Mainly because anyone who thought ill of them was torn to shreds.) Combining physical characteristics of a Bug-type, with Poison attacks, with Ghost talents and the special attacks of a Blessed Pokégirls, the Blessed Widow would make a formidable fighter even without some of her other abilities.
The only known Blessed Widow was found in caves in the Cascade Islands of the Sunshine League. While it is commonly believed that this is not a Widow with the Blessed advantage, but rather a g-spliced or Cocooner-made Pokégirls who closely simulates a Widow's powers in a cute, 8-limbed girl. The problem is, no one really knows WHY she appeared. Her Tamer's theory is that she was an experiment by a deranged Megami and Cocooner. While this seems to explain HOW, he refuses to speculate on WHY.
The Blessed Widow is truly odd to behold. She has a pair of arms growing from each shoulder, and a pair of legs from each hip. The second limb is outboard of the `normal` one. Her expression is waif-like with soulful eyes practically designed to melt even the hardest hearts. Her skin is reinforced to ignore immense damage from nearly every type of attack.
Her fangs are small, almost invisible unless you are actively looking. She has four arms and four legs, all ending in normal, five-fingered hands or five-toed feet. On her back is a prominent red hourglass, standing out clearly against the white skin of the Blessed Widow. Her legs are long and strong, and she can stand on two, three or four.
Widows are horrible monsters of the worst sort, Blessed Widow is a perfectly innocent, though extremely powerful breed of Pokégirls. While possessing a Widow's formidable arsenal of attacks, lacking only the lethal HyperVenom, they add the Heavenly Fire and Lightning typical of the Blessed types. They also possess a Hyperbeam for a long-range punch. Blessed Widow are fierce, deadly fighters, however they consider violence a necessary evil, at best. They are more willing to fight to defend others, especially their Harem-sisters and Tamer. They will avoid harming innocents, but attacker will be dealt with swiftly. Most attacks simply bounce off of their bodies, the only ones capable of affecting them are the dragon-element attacks, which are the only things which can hurt them, and domination attacks, although if the Blessed Widow is made too pitiful, the dominating Pokégirl may suffer attacks from observers. Combat against a Blessed Widow is to be avoided at all costs, negotiation is preferred.
Her Feral state is unknown at this time, although is expected to be very mild, similar to a Ingenue's.
Seriously, either get your hug or run away. No matter how tough you are, how vicious and hard-boiled your girls are, a Blessed Widow is just too loveable or too lethal.
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BLIGHT, the Sick Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (Now Extinct)
Diet: Any Food
Role: virus spreader/plague bearer
Libido: unknown
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Elemental and heal types
Attacks: Poison Powder, Poison Mask, Poison Mist, Spice 3, Plague(*)
Enhancements: Disease Resistance, Enhanced Strength (x2), Fast Healing
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
Blights appeared as thin women with very pale and clammy skin and long tangled hair. They often had deep circles under their eyes and eyewitnesses often stated they looked "as though they might blow away if a strong wind came by". Because of their gaunt appearance, many communities accepted them, but many kept them under quarantine.
A Blight would begin to look better as she was treated, and would eventually look much like any healthy human woman. It was about this time that they would be allowed to join the other survivors, and it also at this time they became most dangerous.
The most anxious Blights would make mistakes and began using their special power, Plague, to infect the entire community with a strong flu. However, this action often led to their demise. The more intelligent of the Blights would begin infecting the community more subtly, using small bursts of Poison Mist, Spice 3 or Poison Powder to make people ill. Once a majority of the community was ill from poison, she would unleash Plague and flee as the entire community fell ill.
However, it did not take long for news of this tactic to be spread and the Blights were eventually trapped and executed. Any that may have survived would know that their tactics would never work again.
It's rumored that the Blight was ultimately responsible for the "contamination" of the human race, and may be responsible for the existence of Threshold, but since the race has been dead for many years, this is entirely speculation. It's also rumored that some Blights might never have begun their mission because they fell in love, and thus, may have abandoned by Sukebe because of this.
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BONDAGE ELF, the Sinister S&M Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, tend to lean towards meat diet
Role: discipline/oversee other Pokégirls, hunters, combat
Libido: Average to High, changes with mood will get higher with a trusted Tamer
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric, Ground
Attacks: Levitation, Bondage Attacks, Poison Whip, Mystic Bolt, Mirror, Aura Barrier, Energy Drain, Dream Eater
Enhancements: Longevity, Night vision, and a high threshold for pain Bondage Affinity and reduced Feral
Disadvantages: Light attacks tend to disorient and in rare cases cause temporary blind ness or light-headedness
Evolves: Bondage Queen (normal)
Evolves From: Dark Elf (normal)
The Bondage Elf is a Dark Elf that has taken on more ‘sexual appetites’… The Bondage Elf is rarely found in the wild because in the wild she does not get the ‘constant victim’ to practice out her techniques on, (unless she can find and keep another Dark Elf alive). In fact, Feral Bondage Elves are usually mistaken for Dominas when seen, for they have the same tastes in ‘clothing’, basically anything leather.
The Bondage Elf is overall, a product of a Dark Elf being in charge of another person, (in most cases a Harem or even her Tamer). The constant attention allows the Dark Elf to immerse herself in her dark appetites of S&M that she can evolve into a form that is even more of an S&M lover than her pre-evolved form of Dark Elf.
It should be known that Feral Bondage Elf leather is a highly sought item. The quality of the leather is very fine… It is unknown what animal, Pokégirl, or possibly human it is made from, but it is thought to be a matter of matting different leathers together into one sheet of dense leather.
It should also be known that unlike Dark Elves the Bondage Elves love having an Elf and its evolutions (especially Elfqueen) in the same Harem. For unlike Dark Elves who can’t stand the presence of their ‘lighter’ cousins, a Bondage Elf just loves to Tame and dominate the ‘good’ Elves.
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BONDAGE QUEEN, the Evil Mistress Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivore, but likes a meat-based diet
Role: Discipline, Leadership
Libido: Average (High when wet)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric, Ground, Water (*)
Attacks: Love Sting, Poison Mask, Enslaving Kiss, Erotic Kiss, Hydra Whip, Catapult of Hell, Shin Lasher, Lashings of Love, Aura Barrier, Barrier, Magic Kick, Insulate, Teleport (Level 55)
Enhancements: Lower Libido, higher self-restraint
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bondage Elf (normal)
At first, the Bondage Queen doesn't seem evil. That's probably the first sign of trouble. She only gains a few inches in height (varies between 1/8th of an inch to 4 inches), and may or may not gain any breast enlargements (varies greatly, bust could not grow or could grow three cups sizes).
However, she is evil. Her subtle psychological influences, usually either through chemical, verbal or emotional persuasion or a combination of the three, can create various degrees of psychological changes in the victim from subtle changes to drastic ones. In the more drastic changes, the tamer and their harem may begin noticing themselves doing evil things, like skipping out on a bill or stealing items from a store. Eventually this will build to larger crimes, like stealing Pokégirls from tamers and openly robbing banks.
The more subtle changes are the ones to truly watch out for, as the tamer and their harem may not even notice themselves becoming as evil as the Bondage Queen desires. In many ways, the subtle Bondage Queen acts no different from a Dominatrix. She wants everyone loyal to her, but she is generous in her "rule", satisfying those who please her.
The difference in these styles of manipulation and the gradual progression of the harem into evil acts are what list the Bondage Queen as "the Evil Mistress" Pokégirl. Very few tamers are good enough to resist this psychological corruption, and even then, it isn't for long without a countering element, like a Celestial Pokégirl or strong-willed Alpha. At some point, they will submit to the commands of the Bondage Queen.
The Bondage Queen has the aura of a natural born leader, but their leadership skills will vary, based largely on how intelligent she is. The smart Bondage Queens can make every suggestion they make seem like the very best one.
Ironically, one of the best counters for a Bondage Queen is a Dominatrix. Dominatrixes have the natural will and resistance to poison necessary to resist the Bondage Queen's control, but it means that a tamer must make the Dominatrix their Alpha. Celestial Pokégirls do almost as good, but depending on their intelligence and will, they too may falter.
If a tamer should find themselves with Bondage Queen, and lacking either a Dominatrix or a Celestial Pokégirl, the last way to keep a Bondage Queen in line is to get her wet.
Strangely, a Bondage Queen will have a mass increase in her sex drive when wet, as if she's been afflicted with an Attraction status ailment, rendering most of her "evilness" moot. Water Pokégirls and water-based sex techniques are each doubly effective at this (meaning that a water Pokégirl using a water-sex technique is four times as effective) It should be known that constant exposure will lower the effectiveness of this tactic, so it should only be used when the tamer believes the Bondage Queen is manipulating them. And at random, just in case.
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BOOBISAUR, the Busty Plant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: Farming, Gardening, Soil Regeneration, Libido boosters.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4, Vines Only)
Evolves: Ivywhore (normal)
Evolves From: None
The Boobisaur is widely known almost worldwide as the classic Plant-type Pokégirl.
This Pokégirl looks less human than other commonly seen "starting" Pokegirls. Her skin and hair colors vary with the seasons and local plant life, usually both a deep green during spring and summer months, red, browns and yellows during fall months, and paler light greens during wintry conditions. In all seasons, her skin is has small darker patches of skin patterning her skin in a Cheetit-like manner. The real oddity of this Pokegirl, however, is the large plant bulb growing on her back. It's usually small, about the size of a wreckball, situated on her lower back. Because of this, a Boobisaur will never sleep or lie on her back, always preferring to lie face-down, and is usually Tamed doggy-style, or with her being on top. Most Tamers don't mind any of this at all though, instead focusing on the most notable feature a Boobisaur has: huge breasts. No Boobisaur has ever been reported with anything less than a generous C cup, and many are larger than that. Despite their size though, they never sag, nor give a Boobisaur problems with back pains.
Not being particularly strong, Boobisaurs prefer to fight from a distance. Whether it's tossing a parasitic seed at them, flinging razor sharp leaves, or using her vines as whips, Boobisaurs will generally wait until their opponent is down to close, usually finishing them off with Vine Bondage, where they use their vines to immobilize and forcefully pleasure their foe, or Lust Dust to drive them into a sexual frenzy. The two attacks together are a devastating combination.
A Boobisaur's Lust Dust attack is its signature move. Any female hit by this attack experiences a temporary but drastic surge in her libido, desperately craving intense sex. The lust is so powerful that pretty much anything else is dropped to have a quick tussle with whoever is nearby. Some lucidity does remain, since she can still choose preferred partners over strangers, but most conscious thought is gone when this technique hits home. Curiously, though the dust does affect males, its effects aren't as great. A male hit with Lust Dust does become aroused, but not to the point of forgetting all else like a female does. Researchers are still trying to figure out why. Regardless, this attack remains very popular, both for capturing new Pokégirls and for having an intense bout of Taming.
Boobisaurs are Plant-types, and as such need almost no special care to be kept alive. As long as they can get plenty of fresh water, bask in the sun for a little while, and can spend some time laying on the ground (real ground, not pavement or the floor), they're healthy. If she is injured, a Boobisaur can slowly heal herself by spending several hours just lying in the sun and not moving. This heals her wounds faster than a normal person could heal themselves, but still much slower than any real form of regeneration. A byproduct of this process is that the soil she is laying on will become very healthy, and is great for growing plants. Many gardeners own a Boobisaur, and will have her lay on their flowerbeds for hours or even days before planting to ensure that the soil is nutrient-rich. Even patches of badland can be made fertile again through this process.
Another pleasant side-effect of this is that, although when enjoying the sunshine they seem languid and almost drowsy, when they are finished, they are full of energy, and are quite enthusiastic to have sex. Having a Boobisaur release her Lust Dust attack on the rest of her Harem-sisters at this time will usually result in a very exhausting but enjoyable night for a Tamer.
It is important to note that, although constant exposure to sunshine can leave a Boobisaur seem languid and almost drowsy, when they are finished, the Boobisaurs are full of energy, and almost guaranteed to be horny, as sunlight has a strong effect on a Boobisaur's sexual desires and will amplify them over a period of time.
Boobisaurs (and their evolutionary forms) all have the ability to connect with the plant life around them, which lets them learn of nearby pokegirls or humans and to sometimes track 'girls that otherwise would leave no trail. This, unfortunately, makes catching a Boobisaur something of a tricky endeavor, as, unless removed from the flora-rich environments they thrive in, they will rarely be caught unawares.
Boobisaur is one of the more common types for a Threshold girl to turn into. Feral Boobisaurs tend to run around tossing Lust Dust at random to get someone to screw them quickly.
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BUTTSPROUT, the Toxic Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon as Domesticated, Common around the Magma Isles and desert regions)
Diet: carnivorous (but can live on sun, water, soil)
Role: gardeners, grounds keepers, predators
Libido: Average (High after prolonged periods in sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Buttsprout
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, High Poison Resistance (any except Hyper Venom)
Evolves: Weepingbutt (normal)
Evolves From: None
Buttsprout is another Plant-type Pokégirl, but where the others are modeled on flowers or similar, this one is based on the Venus flytrap and sundew...this one is carnivorous. Her design allows her to survive in poor environments, such as deserts, by allowing her to digest meat. If sufficient sunlight, water and soil nutrients are available, a Buttsprout is fine, but she prefers meat in her diet even when she doesn't -need- it.
Her appearance is similar to a full-sized Sexycute, with a more normal skin tone and a grass skirt (yellow/tan color, like dried grass). The only green is on the undersides of these leaves, which she will expose to sunlight if she wants to get some serious photosynthesis going, such as for healing, and on her vine whips, which emerge from under her skirt, and can be used both as normal vine whips and as roots, whether for anchoring herself or to reach nourishment at a distance (although she doesn't -yet- have a draining attack). Her breasts are okay (unlike Oddtits) averaging around a C-cup, and are quite in proportion to the rest of her.
As far as sex is concerned, Buttsprout is very aggressive, mainly due to her carnivorous nature. While her libido is generally average (although like most Plant-types prolonged exposure to sunlight can correct this) her preference is for being the aggressor, almost exactly like a Domina. In general, her approach to sex is hard to distinguish from her approach to lunch. Her first general action is to immobilize her “prey” and once said “prey” is aroused, she mounts her partner. What makes this a little scary (even with Tamed Domestics) is this is how she feeds, as her Root/Vines are under her skirt. In the wild, she normally kills her prey and buries them and sends her roots in for what amounts to a very slow 'leech' attack (totally not usable in combat). However, also like a Domina, if a Tamer can turn the tables on her, and “defeat and devours” her (sexually speaking) s/he will have a very loyal Pokégirl, who tends (at least to him/her) to be very submissive...although occasional reminders are a good idea. In a Harem setting, Buttsprout tends to want the Alpha position unless the current holder can stomp her flat (or if the 'Sprout is a Domestic is shown solid reasons why the other girl has the position). While they are both Plant/Poison types, it is not recommended to have both a Domina and a Buttsprout in the same Harem unless the Tamer has a -very- forceful personality or has an Alpha that can kick -both- their butts in a two on one match.
Buttsprout is very limited in combat, having only her Vines and Buttsprout, rather than the normal collection of pollens/powders commonly associated with Plant/Poison-types. If facing an opponent she can't defeat (for whatever reason) she tends to flee after using Buttsprout to attempt to immobilize them. Against a poison Pokégirl she is devastating, as she can ignore almost any poison around...the only one she has to worry about is Hyper Venom, and even that she -might- by able to survive (but like anyone with more sense than a Feral Titmouse will avoid if at all possible). She likes high places, her vine/roots allowing her to climb otherwise sheer hill/mountain sides, but also for another reason...her signature move will work on just about anyone, even normally immune Pokégirls (although only in temporary mode) and this includes herself. Using her pollen on herself, she can inflate her bottom (which unlike normal or permanent buttsprout pollen makes the posterior tougher and less sensitive) and handle a landing equal to twenty feet times her current level (so a fifth level Buttsprout could drop one hundred feet and not be harmed) or block almost any blunt attack similar to a Milktit's Busting Out attack...although against an edged or piercing attack, her defense isn't nearly as great.
Domestic Buttsprout are used like many Plant-types in the horticulture area, and are not too dangerous, but Feral Buttsprout are lethal, as they will hunt, kill and eat other Pokégirls and humans. If Tamed (or raised domestically) they can be taught not to look at people/other-Pokégirls as potential food, but in the wild are considered a Class Four hazard (Class Three in poor soil/water environments where they have to supplement their diets) it is recommended not to let your Buttsprout go feral.
As a note, Buttsprouts are among the best at producing the pollen that is their namesake, and can make permanent applications as often as once every three days, and this includes while Feral (larger rump roasts for dinner).
Cases of Threshold girls becoming Buttsprouts are rare, but do occasionally happen, but only to girls in (or long-term residents of) badlands areas not really suited for normal plants.
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BUZZBREAST, the Swarm Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Fodder Soldiers
Libido: Average (becomes High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Sweet Honey, Honey Syrup, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Blur, Quickturn, Dash
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x2 human), Enhanced Durability (x3 human), Wings for flight, Stinger tail, stingers mounted in breasts, Status effect venoms, can generate wax for entrapment and building of honeycomb hives
Evolves: Buzzqueen (mechanism unknown; only occurs in the wild when attended by a full hive), (special ceremony from queen), Killerbreast (special ceremony from queen), Assasara (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: None
Buzzbreasts were one of the soldier Pokégirls Sukebe created during the Revenge War. Easy to make and considered expendable, they became one of the most commonplace Pokégirls in existence upon War’s end. Once the War was over, Buzzbreasts took to the wild and became known as the first Pokégirl pests, due to their tendency to swarm people and other Pokégirls invading their territory, carrying them off to be converted into new swarm mates. They were fairly easy to drive off with various bug sprays, however, so their threat level was never upgraded to beyond ‘pesky.’ They also became a mostly favored prey animal for more powerful Feral Pokégirls, as they were fairly easy to catch.
Buzzbreasts are a bit more attractive than their rarer cousins, the Wasps, having very feminine faces, curvaceous bodies with C-Cup breasts, and hair that’s usually striped black and yellow, or in some cases, lavender. They have light chitinous armor on their arms, legs, and torsos, mainly around the underside of their breasts. They have long, gossamer wings that are surprisingly durable, and have a stinger tail on their backs, the stinger a hollow pointed tip that cannot be retracted. Unlike the stinger of a normal bee, the tail stinger of a Buzzbreast can be used repeatedly without being fatal. A Buzzbreast’s internal structure is more insectile, and her major organs are protected by a thick chitinous shell that protects her from most normal blade or bullet damage. Their eyes are compound, and they have stingers mounted in their breasts in a hollow, flexible tube just above their nipples. This makes any sexplay involving their breasts risky, but some Tamers enjoy the challenge. Buzzbreasts are generally favored by beginning Tamers as they are easy to catch and train (provided one can get away from the swarm after catching one). Their threat level upgrades somewhat when the Buzzqueen enters her ‘heat,’ signifying the beginning of her Mating Season, as they become more ferocious in battle, and more inclined to attack.
Buzzbreasts have no sense of individuality, their mind little more than a drone for their hive. Their will is that of their ‘Queen,’ be it a Tamer and an Alpha Pokégirl or a Buzzqueen. However due to this lack of will, they are easy to gain the loyalty of once Tamed. When solidly bonded to a ‘Queen’ and ‘hive,’ however, they become ferociously loyal and are hard to turn. During Mao Shin Mao’s attacks, several Buzzbreasts that could not be turned back towards loyalty from Pokégirls only were assassinated. Some Buzzbreasts, if separated from the hive long enough, do begin to grow in intelligence and gain a will and personality of their own.
In the wild, Buzzbreasts reproduce by finding a Pokégirl or human that is alone or has come too close to the hive, using their Stop Sting to immobilize them or, failing that, entice them back with their Honey, and then bringing him/her back to the hive. The Buzzqueen then forms a cocoon around the victim and places it in her chamber, the chemicals inside the cocoon turning the victim into a Buzzbreast drone within a few weeks time. Buzzbreast Pokégirls or Pokéwomen cannot have kits of their own unless they evolve to Buzzqueen.
Buzzbreasts have a small variety of abilities. While not inherently poisonous, like their species-cousins, the Wasps, they do have the ability to emit venoms of varying status effects, such as Silence or Berserk. They also can generate the various ‘Honey’ techniques, although these aren’t used as much by Ferals. They can also, after collecting enough pollen, generate a sticky wax on their limbs, which they use to maintain and build their hives, as well as trap potential victims for their ‘Queen.’
Thresholding into a Buzzbreast is extremely rare, due to the nature of how they are formed, but not unheard of. The first sign that a girl is Thresholding into a Buzzbreast is that they stop questioning anything they are told.
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BUZZQUEEN, the Queen Bee Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (One per hive)
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Breeder, Hive Leader, Alpha Pokégirl
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Erotic Kiss, Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Itchy Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, Honey Syrup, Maple Syrup, Royal Syrup
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x4 human), Enhanced Durability (x5 human), Wings for flight, Tri-stinger tail, Status effect venoms, heavier Honey production, Pheremones in Honey creates soporforic effect, can transmutate Pokégirls and humans into Buzzbreasts, multiple arms, high Feral intelligence, extremely fertile, mental control over Buzzbreasts in their hive, can regain DNA by consuming dead Buzzbreasts
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (specific mechanism unknown, occurs under certain circumstances)
Buzzqueens are an all-around enhancement to the Buzzbreast. Their breasts enlarge by two cup sizes, and their internal and external armor thickens, save for around their womb and general belly area, where it softens considerably and the stingers in their breasts migrate to their tail, turning their tail stinger into a much more formidable weapon. They keep the same yellow and black color scheme of the Buzzbreast, but their compound eyes become red and they gain two extra arms. Their hips widen and their rumps become rounder and softer. Also, frequently, they are a little chubby.
Buzzbreasts are fodder soldiers. Buzzqueens, however, are dangerous. There is no bounty on them, however, as they lack the inherent viciousness of a Wasp Queen and her swarm. A Tamer who does manage to Tame and fully control one gets a powerful ally. He or she also gets a helluva lot of respect, as capturing a Buzzqueen means entering one of the hives created by a Buzzbreast swarm, fighting or charming their way past a veritable militia of vicious insect girls, and then Taming the Buzzqueen herself, earning her trust and respect to get her to call the swarm off. Once bonded to a Tamer, the Buzzqueen loses control over her hive, retaining just enough control to get them to leave the Tamer and his/her Pokégirls alone. She then takes her ‘favorite’ Buzzbreast lover off and does something to evolve her into a new Buzzqueen, so that the hive will never be without one. As of yet, no Buzzqueen Tamer has seen what she does. Another way Buzzqueens are formed, although the particular mechanism is unknown, is a Buzzqueen’s favored bedmate evolving when the hive becomes too crowded. She then takes half of the workers and eggs, flying off to start a new hive someplace else. This prevents the Buzzqueen from having to consume part of her own hive just to keep the population down. The Buzzqueen’s favorite also evolves into a Buzzqueen if the previous Buzzqueen was killed. The specific genetic trigger for this is unknown. One theory is the evolution is triggered via a combination of a mental command and consumption of great amounts of Royal Honey and/or Royal Syrup.
Buzzqueens and Buzzbreasts were created directly by Cocooner herself, her first gift to Sukebe during the War. Buzzqueens she gave the frightening ability to turn other living beings into Buzzbreasts. They first lure their prey in with their Honey, lulling them into a daze with the extra pheremones produced in it. They then secrete a milky white resin from glands in their mouths, using it to entirely coat their victim. The resin hardens quickly, forming a cocoon around the victim. The Buzzqueen then injects the victim with a trio of chemicals that both render the victim comatose and then transmute the victim inside into a Buzzbreast after a one-month period. This occurs most frequently during summer months, when Buzzqueens go into heat, causing them to mate a great number of times to satisfy their needs.
Buzzqueens generally are not fighters. They are meant more for lovemaking, and spend nearly all of their time inside the center of the hive structures the swarm lives in, Taming their workers and victims and helping to increase the swarm, which also does the majority of fighting for the Buzzqueen. Their libidos are high, causing them to produce Honey at a much greater rate than normal. They also have a high Feral intelligence, like their Wasp Queen counterpart, showing a great sense of organization. Buzzqueens frequently go into parthenogenesis pregnancies, laying eggs and nursing their young once they hatch. Buzzqueens can add to their genetic stock by consuming other Pokégirls, although they cannot produce anything other than Buzzbreasts. Pokéwomen Buzzqueens produce Buzzbreasts more often than human children.
In the extraordinarily rare instance that a Buzzqueen is found in a harem, it’s usually from a Buzzbreast that has been away from their hive for a great deal of time. They are almost always Alphas, as Tamed Buzzqueens make excellent leaders. Buzzqueens that are freed of their Tamer do not go back to their old hive, as their extreme fertility and frequent parthenogenesis usually will have given them a decent-sized swarm to help build a new one.
In the last fifty years, an antidote was developed to the chemicals that Buzzqueens use to make new drones. Granted, getting back captured Tamers and Pokégirls usually involves a hive invasion, which in turn results in many dead Buzzbreasts and, if she survived, a soon to be very fat Buzzqueen who will then start giving birth to replace her lost warriors, but hey, whatever works. The antidote is totally effective ONLY if administered during the first two weeks. If given to the victim during the third week a human will become an Ingenue whilst a Pokégirl will be a G-Spliced hybrid of a Buzzbreast and her original type. During the fourth week the victim will be a Buzzbreast, but will still have all their memories, free will, and personality. If the poison runs its course then the victim will be a Feral Buzzbreast and unable to remember their former lives.
Buzzqueens have a strong rivalry with Wasp Queens. If a Wasp Queen invades a Buzzqueen’s hive, the two will automatically start battling in a manner so ferocious the end result is nine times out of ten the death of both Queens. It’s considered unwise to have a Buzzqueen and Wasp Queen in the same Harem unless you have something powerful to keep them from killing each other. There’s a popular book series about a Tamer who managed to have a Buzzqueen and a Wasp Queen as his co-Alphas, using a Rosebreasts to keep the two from fighting, but it’s generally regarded as being completely fictional, the feat being impossible.
Part of what sets a Buzzqueen apart from a Wasp Queen, aside from obvious demeanor and species differences, is that Buzzqueens are far more practical than their more vicious cousins. They do not appreciate having a rival Buzzqueen come near their hive, especially since the presence of another Buzzqueen causes the drones of a hive to start becoming confused from the conflicting mental signals. However if they feel that fighting wouldn’t be worth it, they will put up with the other Buzzqueen’s presence. This was especially prevalent during the Revenge War, when Buzzqueens sometimes would have to combine their forces to make up for heavy losses.
No one is really sure how the evolution to a Buzzqueen is triggered. A few theories were put forth, mostly regarding the two incidences mentioned earlier in the entry, but very few panned out. Researchers were also unwilling to try and investigate, due to the heavy risk of being turned into Buzzbreasts themselves.
In terms of Taming, Buzzqueens greatly love oral sex, and seeing a Tamer lick their honey off of their hands is a tremendous turn on for them. The fact that their cunts produce a delicious, nutritious honey is a definite added bonus. When their breasts lactate, either from Milktit milk stimulation or a recent pregnancy, parthogenetic or otherwise, the milk has a sweet, honey-flavored tinge to it. Also a good way to get a hive’s worth of Taming is to present a Buzzqueen with at least one Plant Pokégirl. Buzzqueens and, by extension, Buzzbreasts, adore flowers. Pollen has a light aphrodisiac effect on them, and having a large garden or a Plant Pokégirl will go a long way in creating good relations between a Tamer and a hive. Some towns have been known to keep Flowergirls (one of the Buzz breed’s seeming favorite type of Plant Pokégirl, the other being Cunnydews) around, along with several large, flowering gardens. This in turn, along with people willing to Tame the Buzzqueen and her hive to prevent her Mating Season (which only occurs while she is Feral) from occurring. Keeping a Buzzqueen and her hive Tame, in addition to making sure that everybody who wants some Taming with a sexy bee-girl can get some, allows them to have a Buzzbreast hive practically inside the town without incident. As mentioned before, Buzzbreasts and Buzzqueens love Flowergirls. The Buzzbreasts and Buzzqueen will keep the Flowergirls eagerly Tamed (usually into a near comatose state), and their pollen collecting will help keep allergens down. Some towns who do this have also bartered Buzzbreast and Buzzqueen honey in exchange for Taming from Flowergirls and willing townsfolk.
Cases of Thresholding into a Buzzqueen have not been recorded yet, and it’s presumed to be impossible to do so.
Recent Notes: A fairly efficient way of keeping a Buzzbreast swarm at bay during a Buzzqueen’s mating season has recently been discovered: Smoke. A Kunoichi Tamer known only as Smoke who also had powers of a similar theme managed to drive off an attacking swarm by generating a massive amount of smoke. According to his reports, the sulfuric smell, in addition to suffocating them, it also produces a light intoxication affect. One of Smoke’s Kunoichi, who also had Psychic abilities, reported that the smoke also temporarily disrupted the swarm’s mental connection to their Buzzqueen. Notes on how to produce a good sized amount of smoke safely have been added to the General Information section of the public Pokédex.
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CALAMITYJANE, the Gorgeous Gunslinger Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon (Indigo, Johto, Sunshine Leagues), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: vigilante, criminal
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic
Libido: Average
Attacks: Manifest Weapon (S&W Handgun), Needleshot, Pistol Whip, Whip, Binding, Poison Lash, Leg Lasher, Chain Throw, Counter, Evade, Legsweep, Tomahawk Toss, Serpent's Bite (Lv. 50), Master Blow (Lv. 65)
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Toughness, Poison Resistance, Internal ‘Ammunition’ Generator
Evolves: Ghostrider (Killed by a high level Infernal Pokégirl)
Evolves From: None
While the Post-Sukebe Pokégirl species of NurseJoy and OfficerJenny became understandably popular and accepted breeds thanks to their usefulness, the art of making nearly-identical Pokégirls en masse would eventually become a lost art-form. The cause of such would be blamed on the dismal failure of the third series, the MaidYvettes, (barring the Yvettes' evolutions) however such is simply not the case. Realistically, many of the Leagues secretly shelved such projects in the hope of keeping another War of Revenge from ever happening. Many League Officials came to view the groups of scientists and researchers that were easily making new Pokégirls quickly, as a genuine cause for concern. No one wanted another Sukebe, someone whom could just pump out a small army of Pokégirls from a lab in minimal time. Although there was some outcry from the scientific community against the decision to end it with some protesting that they should at least be allowed to continue to create more of the Joys and Jennys, operations were shut down completely around 40 AS. The job of keeping the numbers of these Pokégirls up would be regulated over to the Breeders.
While things had remained quite for a long while, it would be proven over two hundred years later that there was genuine cause for concern. The Leagues' fears from centuries earlier would come true. Appearing in 268 AS, there would be a breed of Pokégirl that would make the scene that was created in the similar vein of the Joys and Jennys, and worse, they were produced by the criminal element! This breed of initially-villainous Pokégirl would be known as the CalamityJanes.
The CalamityJane, also simply referred to as `Janes', were designed and produced by none other than Team Rocket. The criminal organization used the DNA of the Domina, Goth, Gun-Bunny, and Armsmistress Pokégirl breeds for this nefarious plot. With such a deadly genetic cocktail to create them, the Janes were meant to be the anti-thesis of the OfficerJennys. Team Rocket hoped they could create a Pokégirl breed that would scoff at the law and commit any and all crimes commanded of them to perform. They would be a loyal partner to Team Rocket operative and follow any and all orders without hesitation, to be free of conscience and morals.
While technically a G-Splice, Team Rocket made the CalamityJanes through the same science and procedures which had been used to create the other breeds of Post-Sukebe Pokégirls so long ago. With all Janes being made exactly the same and in mass numbers thanks to the research of early League scientist, they are easily in the same class as the very Pokégirls they were created to fight: the OfficerJennys. However, this later fact that they were made like the original mass-produced Pokégirls is what would be Team Rocket's undoing. To mass-produce the Janes, they used a minor trace of OfficerJenny DNA as a vehicle to attach the rest of the genetic cocktail to, making it easier to produce numerous identical copies. Although the percentage was minor, the OfficerJenny DNA would give the CalamityJanes a genetic quirk that went against everything Team Rocket sought when they created this Pokégirl.
Janes would actually respect the law.
True, they can choose to ignore it, but CalamityJanes have a complete knowledge of all laws. However, they are aware of the difference between ‘what is right’ and ‘what is realistic.’ As such, Janes possess a sense of balance concerning law and disorder, where they feel that law does have its place in the world it's just not the only thing. This dubiousness would lead to the breed initially being exactly what Team Rocket wanted, with a number still acting in such a role today. However, by the early 280's a number of the Janes finally started to disband from Team Rocket, rebelling against the criminal element that they had worked with for so long, leaving their Tamers behind to start new lives elsewhere.
Today, CalamityJanes are understood as filling a vigilante role, doing what they can to help the community, normally by taking their own spin on the rules to get whatever job needs to be done finished. While the Leagues have accepted such with relief, Janes are still often viewed with mistrust in a lot of areas. After all, not all CalamityJanes turned over a new leaf and a number of the breed are still working with Team Rocket or over in other criminal organizations and Teams. Still, there are a number of CalamityJanes that have found their way into the harems of wandering Tamers and even the occasional police officers, as there are a few policemen that realize the Janes’ potential to aid in upholding the law. However, it's next to impossible to keep an OfficerJenny and a CalamityJane in the same harem. The two greatly differ on philosophies concerning law and order, which make the basis for a lot of verbal in-fighting between the two. Janes and Joys tend to be indifferent to one another.
Having been created via the same procedures used to create the OfficerJennys and NurseJoys, CalamityJanes have the same genetic anomaly of commonality of appearance. Janes always have pale white skin, similar facial appearances, ice-blue eyes, and hair that is a bright shock of red like an Armsmistress', although they use different hairstyles with a number of them using feathers in their hair for decoration. Their busts are usually around a C-cup and they're always proportionate to their height, usually 6' tall. All Janes also have a Feral state that is considered `light'. While they may become considerably aggressive with a lack of Taming, they still retain their intelligence. Some Team members often purposely forgo Taming a Jane to make the Pokégirl a more blood-thirsty and battle-ready opponent.
While they try to find ways to look different from one another, Janes have taken a universal liking for the color black, the material of leather and styles of dress akin to a Cowgirl or Western wear. Black shirts and denim jeans with leather chaps worn over them and a brightly colored bandanna or large neckerchief around their neck that has multiple uses from mopping up sweat to masking the face from dust storms or for disguise are the staple of their outfits. Black leather gloves with matching high-heeled leather boots with high tops to protect the lower legs with pointed toes and spurs are also popular with the Janes. Often, the overall look is topped off with either a leather vest or even a long coat. However, no Jane is without a cowboy hat; a hat with a wide brim to protect from sun, overhanging brush, and the elements. There are many styles and designs blending elements of the Mexican sombrero and both Union and Confederate Cavalry hats of the Civil War period.
While vigilante Pokégirls may have a horrendously bad reputation thanks to their history and origin, one cannot deny that Janes simply shine when it comes to Pokébattle. While a CalamityJane may not have the innate knowledge of using any weapon like an Armsmistress, she will know how to use a whip intimately. The whip becomes the Jane's favorite weapon to take on an opponent from a medium distance, using it to inflict damage or knock opponents off their feet. While their close-quarters combat and long distance combat skills are limited, they do have a few solid moves. Legsweep and Chain Throw help with an opponent that gets close or manages to get their hands on the Jane, while Tomahawk Toss and their manifested weapon can hurt an opponent that is beyond the reach of her whip. Interestingly, the Handgun doesn't fire bullets but is a tool for the CalamityJane to use the technique Needleshot. It should also be noted that although it takes time, Janes that grow in level will learn the powerful whip-technique of Serpent's Bite and eventually, the awe-inspiring Master Blow.
Taming a CalamityJane is a surprisingly soulful experience. While one would think the Jane would be dominant and overall aggressive with the leather and whips, this Pokégirl breed is pretty obsessive about intimacy. They are uncomfortable sharing Taming sessions and when they are being Tamed, show a submissive nature to their Tamer as well as try to keep as much body-contact as possible. Janes also like being outdoors when they're being Tamed, often during night in areas of nature, be it the middle of a forest, a grassy field, or a desert plain. It is unsure what aspect of the Janes' genetic make-up brought on that desire, but it is speculated to have come from a simple culmination of what made them what they are.
A case of a woman changing into a CalamityJane through Threshold is currently unheard of at this point in time, due to the breed’s relatively new existence.
Manifest Weapon (S&W Handgun) - (EFT) The CalamityJane concentrates, making a handgun styled after a Smith & Wesson Volcanic appear in her hand. The handgun is connected to her palm via a wire, giving them ‘ammunition’ from their internal generator.
Pistol Whip - (ATK 15) A weaker version of Cold Cock, yet wields first strike with its superior speed. The CalamityJane takes the hilt of her Smith & Wesson and strikes her opponent in the head with it. Has a 20% chance of causing Stun.
Tomahawk Toss - (ATK 60, 20) A Rock-type technique exclusive to the CalamityJane. The Pokégirl summons and throws a tomahawk at the opponent. There is a 25% chance of the weapon arcing back to strike the target again.
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COCOONER, the Legendary Genetics Factory Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid Metamorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison/Flying
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Carnivorous
Role: Replenishing soldiers (Revenge War), creation of new Pokégirls, genetic studies
Libido: Extremely Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock
Attacks: *Quadsting, String Shot, Sleep Powder, Lust Dust, Poison Powder, Poison, Spice 3, *Toxic Sting, Withering Winds, Poison Tongue, Poisonous Coat, Wing Buffet, Super Cyclone, Squall, Vortex, Gravity
Enhancements: Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton, Wings, Limited self-metamorphic abilities, genetic structure manipulation, Enhanced Intelligence (x20), Enhanced Durability (x30), Enhanced Strength (x14), Enhanced Endurance (x15), [CLASSIFIED: Ability to stave off taming need through unique genetic process :CLASSIFIED], Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Cocooner is considered to be the first among the second generation of Legendary Pokégirls. The first Legendary created after the fall of Mountaintide, Storm Gail, and Infernus, she quickly became the most hated and reviled thing on the entire planet.
By both sides.
Cocooner’s loyalties throughout the Revenge War were primarily with Sukebe. She would consume fallen humans and utilize her unique abilities to revive and recreate them as Pokégirl soldiers, sometimes producing new breeds for Sukebe to use. The populations of entire towns would disappear after she entered the area, converted inside the living genetics factory that is Cocooner’s body into Pokégirls. That along with her many powerful abilities made her a feared force during the Revenge War.
As the War went on, however, Cocooner’s priorities seemed to shift. She began to attack Pokégirl forces, devouring them and adding them to her stock of genetic material. Cocooner had devoured Pokégirls before, but only ones that had been killed in battle. Now she was attacking Pokégirl soldiers en masse, adding them to her stocks. She would create new breeds from this, swarms of her creation cocoons found in several areas. However the final straw came near the end of the war, when the powerful Legendary began to attack her fellow Legendary Pokégirls. Sexebi, the Legendary Birds, Atmuff, Kary, Titania, and Scylla, Macavity, all of them have had Cocooner take bites out of them in attempts to add their DNA to her genetic stockpile. She was driven off by her sisters, many of her creation cocoons destroyed in one of the few unified efforts between the Legendaries, making the first among the second generation ironically the first to abandon Sukebe for her own ends. Cocooner was seen only sporadically after that, unconfirmed reports placing her at the death sites of Kary, Titania and Scylla. The only confirmed sighting of Cocooner during the ending part of the Revenge War was shortly after Hy-Bra’s death, when the insectile Legendary dragged off the multi-headed Legendary’s corpse, presumably to eat and add her to her genetics stockpile.
Cocooner is a massive, hideous Pokégirl that in three of her four forms is completely inhuman. Her standard form is that of a massive, spherical, cocoon-like insect, fourteen feet in diameter and nine-feet in height. She possessed both a black-armored exoskeleton and endoskeleton in this form, with mottled skin the color of dry blood. Her face was a monstrous horror, with wide, blue-crystal insectile eyes and a fanged, mandibled mouth. Long, powerful legs kept her mobile in this form, although she mainly used them to keep herself suspended someplace and at rest. Her cocoon-like body could open up, revealing tentacles that she used to place cocoons she created. Watchers have dubbed this her ‘Creation form,’ and from all reports it is also her preferred form.
Cocooner has the ability to alter her body into alternate forms. The first of her forms is what Watchers have dubbed her ‘Gathering form.’ She has ten long limbs in this form, six of them being powerful legs, the other four being long, powerful arms, two ending in long, sharp-bladed claws, the other two in powerful three-fingered hands for gripping. Her torso is vaguely spider-like in this form, longer than the norm possessed also of a massive scorpion-like tail that splits off into four smaller, whip-like extensions at the end. In this form she has a wide mouth and many rows of razor-sharp teeth. Her exoskeleton extends out into bladed spikes along the sides of her body, which she can use for deadly side attacks when she rears up to attack. She took this form when battling, or when consuming her victims.
Cocooner’s third form is generally known as her ‘Travel form.’ In this form, she transmutates into what can essentially be described as a gigantic moth. There is a slight difference in appearance, in that she maintains a mouth of razor-edged teeth and her legs are armored and bladed. This form is probably her weakest state, and she only takes it when she needs to move somewhere. Her coloring in this form is the same as in her Creation and Gathering forms.
Cocooner’s fourth and final form was a surprise to Watchers. She assumes the form of a tall, (at least 7 feet) elegant, anthropomorphic insect woman, with features that are a mix between a bee and a moth. Her skin and the light fur coating are a very pale shade of white, and her red, compound-like eyes are set in a human-like position on her face. She possesses four slender arms, lightly covered in a chitinous armor plating. Her breasts are a D-Cup, the nipples as pale as her soft-furred skin. She possesses wide, colorful wings in this form, which can fold up behind herself to look like a cape, creating a very beautiful effect in this elegant form. This was the most rarely seen of her forms, the Watchers that have managed to study her and survive at first believing this is the form she takes when she needs Taming. However, this opinion was revised later on, as she has never been seen taming in this form. She has, however, been seen talking in this form and this form only, leading some to believe that this is the form she takes for communication, and is unable to speak in her other forms. She has also been sighted using this form to infiltrate areas, studying intently everything she sees before flying off and returning in her more monstrous Gathering form. She can only use her Drone Alone legendary salient quality in this state as well. Her most dangerous ability in this form, which earned it the name of Queen form, is her ability to control the Queens of Annt colonies, Buzzbreast hives, and Wasp swarms. In this form she can emit a combination of a pheremonal cocktail and a sonic pulse that completely subverts the will of Feral swarm Queens, allowing her to control all Pokégirls underneath said Queen. She has used this ability two times in confirmed sightings of her Queen form, once to cover her escape when it looked like she would be damaged fatally from a combined attack of many Team-based Tamers and their Forbiddentech equipment, and another time to collect subjects for consumption. The Queen form also has the advantage of being more mobile and agile in battle, so she has sometimes used it instead of her Gathering form in combat.
Cocooner’s body is uniquely designed. Some have called her Sukebe’s greatest creation. Others call her a living nightmare. The general consensus is that both of views are probably correct. Cocooner has the ability to store thousands of different genetic codes inside herself, processing them for different uses. In a sense, Cocooner’s body is a living, totally organic genetics lab. It’s assumed by most Researchers and Watchers is that the reason she keeps eating species of Pokégirl she already has consumed before is that her stockpiles occasionally ‘run out,’ meaning she has to take in more. However, there is a growing suspicion among the scientific community that Cocooner continues to predate on others for the simple enjoyment of it. She would consume victims in her Gathering form, and then process them into a new form, creating a body for them inside her Creation form and encasing them inside a cocoon of her ‘Genetic Glue,’ which would further and complete the mutation. The purple-colored substance, once stuck to a surface outside of Cocooner’s body, would harden quickly. Cocooner can also use her Genetic Glue offensively, spitting it at victims, a single drop capable of spreading to contain an organic, sentient target in just a few minutes. She could also use the tentacles to drag a victim into her Creation form’s pod, coating them in the glue and creating a new cocoon. Humans encased in the glue would become Pokégirls, while Pokégirls encased in it would mutate into a new form entirely.
[CLASSIFIED: Cocooner has also found a way to stave off any need for taming, at least partially. She consumes males she encounters, metabolizing their genetic code inside her own, stabilizing her body as if she had taming. This MUST BE KEPT SECRET. We don’t want the Limbecs getting any bad ideas… :CLASSIFIED]
Cocooner is an amoral, almost malevolent Pokégirl. Her mind works in ways that humans and even other Pokégirls can't even begin to comprehend, her motives for her actions beyond understanding or sympathizing with. She has nothing even remotely resembling human compassion, and is interested only in her experiments or observing other experiments. It’s rumored that she helped Department H scientist Nathaniel Essex in his infamously atrocious work before Department H was dissolved and destroyed. Essex himself has vanished without a trace, his partner John Sublime’s mutilated and partially eaten remains found months later. Cocooner herself, in the few times she has talked to Researchers without attempting to devour them, she admitted that she thinks of the planet as little more than a laboratory, and all of humanity and Pokégirl-kind as experimental subjects. To the surprise of many, however, she has NOT in recent years created a new breed of Pokégirl. There was a boom of new Pokégirl breeds some time after the death of Hy-bra, so it's assumed she needs the genetic material of her sister Legendaries to create new breeds. Obviously, none of the Legendaries are willing to provide it for her, at least from themselves.
There are very few verifiable sightings of the infamous Cocooner nowadays. Watchers have been studying her for years, trying to understand this mysterious Pokégirl. Most information on her comes from seized records and reports from people who just barely survived encounters with her. Any changed by her Genetic Glue lose memories of their past life completely, although in most subjects Bonds are maintained. No one has been able to explain why this is so. Sightings of her are rare, at the most occurring once a year for a few weeks. Some Researchers believed that she was only sighted once a year because she was hibernating for most of it. But after a Journeyman Tamer named Fennix Wright, along with his associates Seymour Botz and Miya Faye, discovered twenty of her cocoons in a Crescent League forest during a period where Cocooner hadn’t been sighted, Researchers began to assume she was allowing herself to be found during the times she has been seen. The cocoons found by the three Tamers have since hatched into Pokégirls, all of known breeds. Authorities have allowed the three Tamers to keep their finds under the condition that they be allowed to study them from time to time.
Cocooner is a dangerous Pokégirl. This Legendary is not to be taken lightly by any means. There’s rumors that her services can be bought through an offering of unique genetic codes she hasn’t encountered before, but with Cocooner’s displayed behavior in the past, this is not a recommended option. If you encounter her, evacuate the area and immediately report the sighting to the authorities. Survivor Bounty rates apply.
LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:
Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Cocooner’s shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below) nor her learned skills. They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.
Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.
No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type's normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Cocooner has No Weakness (Level 100). If she were to face a Fire, Flying, or Rock-type Pokégirl or anything else that was considered Strong Vs Bug/Poison/Flying, at or below level 100, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.
LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don't have. Here is Cocooner's lexicon of special attributes:
Genetic Glue: As one soldier from the Pre-Sukebe Era wrote, "This is the stuff that nightmares are made from…" This is the very substance that Cocooner uses to turn humans into Pokégirls. It has been taken, in the form of discarded cocoons, back to many labs and analyzed many times, but it still continues to defy classification and replication, since it too benefits from Cocooner’s Truly Unique Quality.
Pokégirl Artisan: It is true that while Cocooner can and has made more and more copies of existing Pokégirls, it is thought that Cocooner is also the cause of more and more types of Pokégirls appearing, even after the death of Sukebe. It's possible she's mixed existing DNA to create the new types that we have seen come about in the past 300 years. The limits of what kind of Pokégirls she can create, as well as the extent of her control over what is created (if any) is still unknown.
The One True Queen: Though Cocooner is the only one of her kind, in her Queen form Cooconer has the ability to mentally control Queen-type Pokégirls (Annt Queens, Buzzqueens, and Wasp Queens) and take command of their colony/hive/swarm. She can use this to protect herself, or to use them as gatherers when it is too risky for she herself to show up.
Drone Alone: Cocooner, while in her Queen form, has a special ability to flap her wings in a certain manner that it creates a light, subsonic buzzing, affecting anyone around her. Whoever “hears” the buzzing, despite not being audible, fails to notice the source of the buzzing as long as she doesn’t attract attention to herself. This is the secret of how Cocooner has managed to defy sighting and capture over the years, by hiding in plain sight. Because the buzzing carries in the air, it also works vibrationally, so even the deaf are not immune to its power. Since this mind-affecting ability is not delivered psychically or magically, resistances to mind-affecting affects only work one-fourth as well as normal.
Quadsting - (ATK 50) Cocooner stings with all four of her Gathering form's stingers at once. There is a 30% chance that a random negative status effect will be inflicted from each stinger.
Toxic Sting - (ATK+EFT) Cocooner stings the opponent with a highly toxic sting, attempting to inflict every negative status effect at once. 20% chance of success per sting.
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CUNNYDEW, the Sweet Aphid Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic humanoid (insectile)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common (TOO common in some tropical areas)
Diet: vegetarian, particularly tree sap
Role: honey and ambrosia production
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Poison, Honey, Honey Syrup, Sweet Honey, Maple Syrup, Royal Honey, Royal Syrup
Enhancements: Ambrosia production, small size, Toughness (x4), compound eyes, poison glands under fingernails
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Like the Milktit, the Cunnydew is not a fighting Pokégirl. Instead, they are designed to provide nutritious and tasty food substances. In this case, the Cunnydew eats carbohydrate-rich foods and secretes the excess sugar in her vaginal fluids during arousal and orgasm, producing a delicious substance called ambrosia or nectar. Like Milktit milk, a Cunnydew’s ambrosia may be modified to heal Pokégirls, in which case it is called Honey, or to refresh them, in which case it is called Syrup. Cunnydew nectar is a component in the evolution of certain Pokégirls (Shieldmaiden’s evolution to Barriermaiden and Merrowl’s to Mountain Cat both call for it), and it can also be used to produce various meads and wines. Naturally, Cunnydew is popular with food and beverage enthusiasts, as well as with Bug Pokégirls, the Sugar Kitten line, and bear-like Pokégirls.
Cunnydews are small Pokégirls, easily identified by their brightly-colored skins (compared by some to soft chitin, especially in feral Cunnydews), compound eyes, and long, thin antennae that curve down their backs. Since they are common and mild-mannered enough to make good pets, there are some Cunnydew enthusiast groups that show them in contests, judging them visually on the color and condition of their skin and orally on the taste of their ambrosia. Cunnydews are typically pale green in color, though dark green, pink, yellow, and red colorings have all been recorded. Hair is typically green, but blonde, white, and red have been noted.
As a species, Cunnydews are intelligent enough to realize that they are not good at combat, and to pick up a variety of domestic skills to make up for said lack. Their Honey and Syrup abilities give them something of a reputation as a poor man’s healer, and their friendly, affectionate, helpful, and upbeat attitudes make them an instant winner in almost any harem.
Despite having a high libido and lacking any sort of assertiveness, Cunnydews almost never have to worry about not getting Tamed enough, especially if they share a harem with Pokégirls who love sweet things. They love receiving oral sex but are open to trying other forms, and have additional erogenous zones on their stomachs and breasts, making them a good choice for pets and for female Tamers. They dislike being on their backs, as their antennae are long enough to be harmed by this.
Feral Cunnydews are frequently captured and herded about by stronger feral Pokégirls like Buzz types, who protect them from predators (and the occasional Tamer) and provide them with food in exchange for their ambrosia. Since giving ambrosia involves receiving cunnilingus, the Cunnydews never seem to mind this arrangement. Cunnydews encountered without guardians are easy to catch; their only attack seems to be a scratch from their fingernails, coated in a painful but mostly harmless poison from glands at the base, and most Cunnydews would rather flee than fight.
Like many Bug-types, Cunnydew Pokégirls are quite fecund when reproducing by parthenogenesis, less so when reproducing sexually as Pokéwomen. Second puberty typically occurs suddenly, in the late fall when the weather cools-- it has been discovered that Cunnydews in tropical regions that do not experience the weather cooling never have second puberty and reproduce parthenogenically all their lives. This has led to overpopulation of Cunnydews in some parts of the world, with devastating effects on farms and sugar plantations.
Threshold Cunnydews tend at first to be alarmed at losing mass and suddenly seeing everything in compound. However, exploratory masturbation and the discovery of their own nectar seems to soothe them, along with the realization that with being a Pokégirl comes frequent and pleasurable oral sex. They are usually sold to Tradesmen who specialize in Cunnydew-nectar goods.
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DARK ELF, the Mystic S&M Elfgirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore. Tends to lean toward a meat-heavy diet.
Role: Trackers and Hunters. Good tacticians, but better in urban and enclosed environments.
Libido: Average. Up to High with a trusted/favored tamer.
Strong Vs: Ghost, Poison, Rock, Psychic, Dark
Weak Vs: Steel, Electric
Attacks: Levitation, Bitch Slap, Erotic Kiss, Nipple Cripple, Spank, Needleshot, Toxic Sword, Vine Bondage, Vine Whip, Power Bolt, Shield, Hypnotic Gaze, Glare, Rune Chain (Lv. 20), Hydra Whip (Lv. 35) Enslaving Kiss (Lv. 55)
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Poison Affinity, Night-vision, Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Reflexes (x4), Intuitively learns Bondage Attacks
Disadvantages: Light attacks tend to disorient and in rare cases cause temporary blindness or to become light-headed
Evolves: Dark Lady (Moon Stone), Bondage Elf (normal), Bondage Queen (evolved Bondage Elf; normal), Enchantress (Mana Crystal)
Evolves From: Elf (Dark Stone), Drow Zee (Dark Stone)
Common tamer wisdom says, "You may be able to mistake a Drow Zee for a Dark Elf, but you'll never mistake a Dark Elf for a Drow Zee."
Most Dark Elves share common physical traits with the Drow Zee. Nearly all have obsidian-black skin and pointed ears from their elf heritage. The majority express blood red eyes and bone-white hair done up in various styles from elaborate to simple, depending on the amount of personal power a Dark Elf has (or just personal preference, in some cases). Occasionally, there are aberrations, and hair color will have a light purple or light blue hue, or even a startling blood red, with eye color running the gamut from amethyst to blue to golden (green has never been documented), but these are the exceptions, not the rule. Body type varies in height, and Dark Elves typically have larger busts than their Elf cousins, much to the Elf's dismay, varying from a healthy C cup to the occasional overlush double-Ds. There have been only one or two documented Dark Elves with breasts that are smaller than the average. Although much more rare than the Drow Zee evolved Dark Elves, those of this breed that evolve from an Elf typically have lighter colored skin, often ranging from a gray to a light blue, all the way up to a chocolate brown color. Their eyes become light-sensitive, and many threshold or domesticated Dark Elves resort to wearing sunglasses to assist with their vision during the day. However, physical similarities is about the only way that any tamer may mistake a Dark Elf for a Drow Zee, and the reasoning behind this is simple.
A Dark Elf's personality differs drastically depending on their environment. Among other Dark Elves, they fall into the typical habits of their known 'society', becoming ruthless, conniving, power-hungry, vicious and unforgiving. Having two Dark Elves in a harem is typically asking for trouble, unless one of the two is willing to accept the other as the more powerful of the pairing. Even then, the conflict never really ends. It merely subsides, picking the occasional moment for the subservient Dark Elf to test the dominant one's defenses. This, needless to say, can be very damaging during a pitched Tamer battle. This attitude amongst other Dark Elves is the reason this Pokégirl breed is so rare. When amongst themselves, without an external threat, they turn on each other, dominating and killing in displays of power. Older Dark Elves are respected, not, per se, for their personal power(which is typically impressive), but because they have lived for so long, and are considered to have the title 'Matrons'. This does not save them from normal power plays and betrayals, they just have enough sense and power to survive these trials with little problem. When outside the societal structure that occurs whenever Dark Elves congregate, they do a complete about-face in terms of personality. Dark Elves are typically proud and noble, holding themselves with great pride to be what they are. Their power-plays and betrayal never express themselves among groups of Pokégirls that -aren't- Dark Elves, beyond normal harem dynamics. When questioned, Dark Elves seem to imply that such things, when not amongst other Dark Elves, aren't worth their time. It has been noted by several researchers, however, that some Dark Elves simply do not care for such political maneuvering amongst their own kind, although this is typically found in those that evolve from Elves. So far, there is no evidence to support why this is the case, although there are some researchers looking into the matter.
One surprising trait that all Dark Elves share is a specific weakness towards males. This is what makes them so valuable to Tamers. A Dark Elf rarely, if ever, attempts any type of dominating powerplay against a Tamer. When bonded, they are almost whorishly slavish and faithful to their Tamer and/or Owner, offering themselves no matter the time or the place, making helpful suggestions and overall being very, very useful and protecting. Nothing is so amazing to watch than a Dark Elf successfully keep a Domina from having any effect on their mutual Tamer. This trait is so universal among Dark Elves and so ingrained in their psyche that it's nearly impossible for a female tamer to keep a Dark Elf in their harem. Unless the female tamer psychologically manipulates the Dark Elf to see the female as falling into the role of her 'Matron' - a tricky, and troublesome effort at best. Most Female Tamers don't bother, instead viewing Dark Elves as very valuable trading Pokégirls. All in all, it's this quirk of the breed that makes them universally distrusted by all Anti-male organizations, and viewed with some amusement by such groups as the Amazon Preserve. Initial research into Dark Elf pack dynamics was met with some skepticism when first documented. Most Researchers claimed that such viciousness would have the entire breed dying off in quick order.
They were right, but the solution to this problem wasn't documented for many years to come. Every so often(the specific trigger is unknown, but speculated to occur whenever the year is what was once called a 'leap year', a group of Dark Elves will undergo a Breeding Frenzy, their libidos ramping up to 'Extremely High' as they mate with themselves, other Pokégirls, and any Tamer that happens to come along. Despite having a normally low-level feral state, during their Breeding Frenzy, they fall into a near mindlessness. Typically lasting a week, once past, all Dark Elves that were triggered undergo parthenogenesis. This population boom is what keeps Dark Elves as a breed from dying out. Notably, they are NOT easier to capture during this frenzy, but a smart tamer can successfully lure a powerful Dark Elf away from the group and capture (or bond) her once the frenzy passes.
For many Dark Elves, being captured within bonds is a close, intimate thing that can enhance pleasure by extracting a small amount of pain at most- hurting the one she is with is something that she tries to avoid. It's the intimacy that she truly enjoys. The ability to not fight back, to trust her partner, is a thrill that a Dark Elf loves. This is a fairly sharp contrast to the Domina's line of thinking, and having one of both breeds in the same harem is not suggested, as the Domina breed will often attempt to break the Dark Elf and mold her to her ways in many known and reported cases. In any case, Dark Elves rather dislike the Domina breed, and Domina view them as if they were apprentices (whether or not the Dark Elf agrees with them). Often, this leads to fights that lead to a taming session at some point, as each will attempt to maneuver the other into some sort of bindings. It seems that neither breed is willing to let it go, however, hence the suggestion that no tamer should have a Domina-breed or a Dark Elf in the same harem at the same time.
Every so often, a Dark Elf will be born that does not express the typical glee and hunger for the cut-throat social dynamics of the Dark Elf society. Instead, they find it tragic, lamenting their sisters bloodlust and escaping their society as soon as possible. Normal Dark Elves refer to these individuals in a mixture of contempt and humor as 'Drizzlings', and most Tamers get the impression normal Dark Elves are having a very good laugh at their 'reformed' sisters expense. These 'Drizzlings' often have a sweet-as-sugar attitude when among humans and Pokégirls, making them even more valuable among Tamers. These 'Drizzlings' are often accepted by Dark Elves that evolved from elves, and are often found in their own little colonies away from any contact with what are considered 'typical' Dark Elves. Strangely, Dark Elves that evolve from Elves that follow this attitude are considered 'normal' amongst those that are typical Dark Elves. Researchers speculate that this is due to the fact that they can be identified easily (their skin coloration is most commonly lighter than the typical Dark Elf has), though this has been neither confirmed nor debunked.
Dark Elves, while not making a good Alpha, often make an excellent Beta, as they are willing to submit to another Pokégirl that expresses more power or intelligence than them. They make excellent mothers to human males, but terrible ones to human females, viewing them with contempt that they were born with such a weak body, and often urge them to undergo threshold as soon as feasible. Dark Elves claim that they typically get along well with other Pokégirls, including other elf breeds. Elf-type Pokégirl would claim otherwise, citing the Dark Elf's normally superior and noble attitude resulting in a number of conflicting incidents. However, other than the obvious attitudes towards Domina and most other Elf-type Pokégirls (other than Drow Zee, it seems), the Dark Elf's claim seems to be the most prominently supported amongst tamers and harem studies that have been polled.
During the end of the war, when Dark Elves became somewhat more common in Sukebe's army, they were found in small groups of four to six Pokégirls that would track and hunt down human survivors trying to escape the cities that the Pokégirl armies had overrun. However, their numbers remained small for reasons unknown to humans until the first Tamers came into being, at which point it was learned that Dark Elves, despite their origins, seem to be independent as a whole, despite found in groups. After the war, the Dark Elves were not often found or captured, and they were a relatively unknown breed until 87 AS or so, when the first recorded instance of an Elf evolved into a Dark Elf. It wasn't until 93 AS that a Drow Zee was found to evolve into one as well. Since then, they have been found in harems throughout the world. Feral Dark Elves, however, are difficult to find, although they have been recorded to live underground and among the remains of old city ruins from pre-Sukebe times. Ferals of this breed are a very individualistic bunch, with some living with others in groups of around half a dozen, while others hunt and live in pairs or singly. Semi-feral dark elves are found more commonly in city ruins than in caves, scratching a living off of the what they can find to eat in and around their territory. Often, it's the ones that live in caves that manage to get along better than most Dark Elves that live together, though there have been some documented times when small groups of Dark Elves manage to live together in peace. When in larger groups, however, is when their dislike towards one another gets completely out of hand.
In battle, Dark Elves are a fearful type to behold, as they prefer to fight from afar rather than up close, and they are equally useful in standard battles as they are in sex battles. Their speed and magical attacks allow the Dark Elf to outmaneuver many opponents, and if not, can use several attacks that can wither down her opponent at any given range. Their levitation technique allows them to not be hampered by terrain like other elves might be, a major advantage against other Pokégirl types that are land-bound. However, their strength is something left to be desired, although most tamers do not mind this problem if they can train the Pokégirl enough. In a sex battle, their magical abilities give them several advantages, the least of which being their Rune Chain technique to bind the opponent. With this in use, there's little that the opponent can do until the Dark Elf releases her. This is a favored technique of all Dark Elves, even while being tamed by her tamer or in any battle- a bound target is easier to hit and deal with, and in taming it just excites a Dark Elf more. And combined with the Dark Elf's natural intelligence when it comes to strategy, these Pokégirls are often considered for an Alpha or Beta position within any harem. Towards the others in her Tamer's harem, a Dark Elf is perhaps a little condescending towards those who are weaker, but rarely is it taken out of control. She does enjoy being allowed to assist her tamer with taming other Pokégirls, however. There is one thing to note about Dark Elves, however, that a tamer that uses her in a combat harem should be aware of: they are easily blinded by sudden flashes of light, thanks to their light-sensitive eyes.
Unlike normal Elves and the typical Elf breeds, Dark Elves can survive and thrive easily in a much wider range of environments, and are not limited to non-polluted areas. They typically prefer underground areas, such as naturally formed caves, but a number have professed a liking toward the more run-down urban structures when properly reconditioned.
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DILDOQUEEN, the Shemale Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Extremely Rare Feral)
Diet: human diet, favoring vegetarianism
Role: Taming aide, sexual education and experimentation, breeding
Libido: High, strong desire to penetrate others
Strong Vs: Ghost, any sex-based Pokégirl
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, elemental attacks
Attacks: [as Dildorina], Relaxing Gaze*, Shemale*
Enhancements: Functional penis, Toughness x8, Endurance x8, expertise with sex toys, ability to summon sex toys, Poison Resistance x8, Strength x2
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dildorina (normal, focus on penetration)
The Dildoqueen is one of those Pokégirls that absolutely baffle even the most knowledgeable Researchers, and frighten all but the most sexually adventurous Tamers. The reason in this case is simple: she's a Pokégirl with a little... something extra.
Dildoqueens are classified as a Very Near Human breed of Pokégirl, being unmistakeable from very beautiful human females until they get aroused. They are perfectly at ease with their bodies and make sure to take good care of themselves, even when feral. They prefer to wear clothes that enhance both their feminine beauty and sensual appearance. Not surprisingly, Dildoqueens are extremely good at seducing people. Once one does get aroused, however, it becomes very obvious what she really is-- a hermaphrodite with a rather prominent and fully-functional penis, the breed's identifying feature. Some Dildoqueens have testes as well, and no vagina, making it impossible for them to get pregnant. Even Dildoqueens without testes (and with a vagina) can ejaculate large amounts of semen, through mechanisms even they don't understand. For a long time, largely thanks to a Watcher named Doug whose harem of big-wingered Dildoqueens provided most of what's known of the breed, it was believed that the Dildoqueen's penis ranged in size from "large" to "ridiculous". More recently, a few bashful Dildoqueens have revealed that their penises actually run the same size range as those of human males, including some "to the left of the bell curve".
Dildoqueens can impregnate Pokéwomen and induce parthenogenesis in Pokégirls with the resulting offspring always being the base level evolution of whatever the impregnated pokewoman or Pokégirl was. This makes Dildoqueens highly sought after by Breeders, but most Dildoqueens take offense at being thought of as nothing more than a walking sperm tank and will spurn those who treat them as such (arranging impregnation attempts without the 'queen's consent first, for example). Strangely, a pokégirl or Pokéwoman who approaches a Dildoqueen with a request to be impregnated will never be turned away and a Dildoqueen will do her very enthusiastic best to make that pregnancy happen. Female Tamers with a Dildoqueen in their harem are advised to be cautious - Dildoqueens can impregnate humans as well. In such cases, the child is either a human girl or a Dildoran. The maternal instincts of a Dildoqueen are very strong. Should she impregnate a Harem-sister (or her Tamer), she will take great care of the baby and will protect it at all costs. Tamers are advised not to separate a Dildoqueen from their child until the girl is at least three years of age or unless they really enjoy getting mauled. Not even a Level 5 Taming Cycle will cause the Dildoqueen to forget that she had/fathered a child.
A Dildoqueen is still much better at sex combat than she is at true combat, though she's not exactly shabby at traditional combat any more, either, having developed even more stamina and some strength from so much sex as a Dildorina. A Tamer who trains a Dildoqueen in weapon techniques for use with summoned dildos can often acquire a huge advantage simply by surprising the opposition with a pokegirl normally associated with sexbattling. Unlike Dildorinas, who have a huge variety of sex attacks, Dildoqueens have usually (not always!) specialized in penetration techniques that make good use of their new anatomy. They do make heavy use of Lust Dust, "This'll Feel Good", and Relaxing Gaze to calm their opponents and prevent rejection, of course.
In a harem, Dildoqueens are very good at keeping the peace and smoothing over any friction between Harem-sisters, using their Relaxing Gaze to calm others and settle arguments peacefully. They do not actively seek a position of power in the harem, instead relying on their skills of seduction to get things done. They do make quite effective Alphas, though it's not a position they relish, aside from being able to Tame their Harem-sisters more often (rank has its privileges, after all).
When it comes to Taming, Dildoqueens can be problematic for obvious reasons. With their high libido, they greatly enjoy sex and like to have it often, but they do have a penis and they don't like it if their Tamer pretends it doesn't exist. While they don't expect to get a blowjob every session, every Tamer with a Dildoqueen in his Harem will have to face the fact that she'll want him to let her to penetrate him in some way. Female Tamers, on the other hand, usually don't experience problems with Dildoqueens, provided they don't forget the condoms. Finally, since all Dildoqueens were at one point in their lives Dildorinas they have a great knowledge of sex toys and derive a lot of enjoyment from them. Although it's no longer the primary focus of their sexual enjoyment, a Dildoqueen is never short on toys.
Feral Dildoqueens are extremely rare and their behavior is mostly unobserved. From what Researchers can tell, feral Dildoqueens are moderately territorial and tend to form a kind 'feral harem' of feral Pokégirls found in the area, who protect her in return for sex and companionship. They usually don't bother intruders unless provoked (a Tamer trying to catch one of the 'harem' may find himself mobbed). While the ferals only intend to drive the intruder away, there have been cases of Tamers trying to stand up against the entire 'harem' and being killed in the process. Not surprisingly, many of the Pokégirls in a feral Dildoqueen 'harem' are almost always pregnant. Leagues with strong anti-Pokégirl sentiments point to this fact and claim that Dildoqueens are responsible for the large feral population and argue that, in order to keep feral numbers under control, a bounty should be placed on Dildoqueens. Most researchers, however, scoff at these claims saying that feral Dildoqueens are much too rare to have any significant impact on feral population numbers. Surprisingly, feral Dildoqueens do not resort to Gender Dust the way feral Dildorinas are known to, though this doesn't exactly comfort the male Tamers confronted with one.
There are no known cases of girls Thresholding directly into Dildoqueens. Threshold Dildorans and Dildorinas becoming a Dildoqueen usually have no problems with the transition, although they do tend to jerk off a lot for the first few days after the evolution.
Relaxing Gaze - the Dildoqueen gives the subject a comforting and kindly look that reduces the chance for rejection if she wishes to use a sex attack. Also shown to calm those in other distressing situations, such as anger or illness.
Shemale - a penetration technique using the Dildoqueen's penis. Has a high chance for rejection unless preceded by Relaxing Gaze and/or "This'll Feel Good". Risks impregnating or inducing parthenogenesis in the subject if female.
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DILDORINA, the Sex Toy Expert Pokégirl (also the Tamer's Aide Pokégirl)
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon (Very Rare Feral)
Diet: human diet, commonly vegetarian
Role: Taming aide, sex ed instructor
Libido: High, strong toy fetish
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ghost, Dragon
Attacks: Thrust, Wood Pecker, Summon [toy]*, This'll Feel Good*, Spank, Erotic Kiss, Lust Dust, Pump, Gender Dust, others vary by individual [Note: Due to the huge number of different sex toys in existance, listing all the potential sex techniques for Dildorina is considered impossible. A few basic toys and techniques may be listed in the Techniques Primer]
Enhancements: Toughness x4, Endurance x4, fascination with sex toys, expertise with sex toys, ability to summon larger and more complex sex toys, Poison Resistance x4
Evolves: Dildo Queen (normal, focus on penetration techniques)
Evolves From: Dildoran (normal)
Once a Dildoran learns enough to become proficient with a wider variety of sex toys, she evolves into the toy expert Dildorina. Despite her name, she is no longer limited to simple dildos, and as she grows more and more experienced, she can summon a wide variety of vibrators, dingers, and other novelties, of which she has an instinctive understanding. She also develops a number of abilities to enhance the pleasure her partners get from sex with her. Male opinions on her vary: some learn very quickly to enjoy her new toys and abilities for themselves, others recoil in horror from her new powers. As with Dildorans, most male Tamers caught with a Dildorina in their Harem insist that they're merely keeping her for a female friend, and most Dildorinas are found in the company of female Tamers as Taming assistants for the harem. Sometimes they're found at Pokégirl ranches as well.
Whether she changes any physically in evolution is largely up to the attitude and condition of the Dildoran prior to her evolution. If she's secure in her own appearance, little change is likely to happen. Otherwise she may go up or down a bra size, grow slightly taller or smaller, or change the length of her hair. More significant details don't change, and she remains Very Near Human. Ferals don't care enough to change.
Unlike Dildoran, Dildorina is much more confident in her sex toy fetish and less likely to try to disguise herself as another breed. She's proud of her knowledge and skills with sex toys and is ready to demonstrate them to anyone who will sit still long enough for her to start whispering "This'll feel good...". Most Dildorinas are bisexual and enjoy chasing men as well as ladies, but they generally understand that a lot of men are going to be hesitant at the thought of being molested with sex toys and will back off if the answer is "no" (though this doesn't necessarily preclude the man in question finding his bedding covered in Lust Dust later). Many Dildorinas are happily lesbian. Despite being a valued Taming aide in many a female Tamer's harem, they do not covet the responsibilities that come with the alpha position.
The trend of being a lover, not a fighter, continues with Dildorina. A few Dildorinas can learn to use some of the simpler weapon techniques with their dildos, and they're tougher and have developed some poison resistance, but they generally favor sexbattling. Unlike Dildoran, however, Dildorina shines at sex combat. She tends to show off her new Poison subtype by opening a sexbattle with Lust Dust, Erotic Kiss, and This'll Feel Good to eliminate the possibility of rejection and attract the opponent before summoning a toy and getting down to business. In addition, her newfound expertise with a wide variety of sex toys and techniques allows each Dildorina to specialize; one may focus on vibrators and external erogenous zones, another may favor vaginal/anal double-penetration, while a third uses simple techniques with many different toys to overwhelm an opponent with sensations. Surprisingly, their own pleasure thresholds are rather low, but Dildorinas present such an overwhelming offense that few opponents get the chance to find that out. If facing a Dildorina in the sex ring, try a plant-type that can use Vine Bondage or a whip technique from a distance; then, as with Dildoran, try to steal her toy and use it against her.
This doesn't mean a Tamer will get away with preventing a Dildorina from using her toys in the sack. Some people swear that Dildorina gets more pleasure from using her toys on another than she does from the Taming act itself. Male Tamers who keep Dildorinas find that their Pokégirls are surprisingly agreeable otherwise; if he truly does not like the idea of a sex toy anywhere near his body, a Dildorina will accept a threesome where she uses her toys on a harem sister while he Tames her. Dildorinas with female Tamers rarely, if ever, have such problems with Taming, but if they do then the same alternative may be presented.
Feral Dildorinas are harder to readily identify than Feral Dildorans, because they don't behave as erratically. They're also quite rare, as Feral Dildorans usually do not survive long enough to evolve. However, they are a fright and a challenge for most male Tamers, as they may have an entourage of friendly Ferals, and also because many can (and will) use temporary Gender Dust on a male (thankfully, it's been proven that they cannot create the permanent version of Gender Dust). Most male Tamers sell or give away a Dildorina as soon as they've captured her.
Threshold Dildorinas are extremely rare, but it's been proven that their occurence can be influenced by educating girls likely to become Dildorans on how to use sex toys. Threshold Dildorinas are usually too busy enjoying themselves and others with their toys to mind the transformation much, though some are upset that men now avoid them like the Plague.
Summon [toy] - the Dildorina or Dildoqueen conjures the toy out of thin air. The toy is lubricated, and disappears after use or if discarded.
"This'll Feel Good" - a seductive whisper promising good things to come. It reduces the likelihood of a sex technique being rejected, even if the subject ordinarily doesn't like the technique in question or is male. Requires a common language between user and subject.
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DING-HO, the Plague Puppy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Canine)
Element: Psychic/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Disease Research, Nursing assistant, Bioterrorist
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Plant
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground
Attacks: Infection*, Telekinesis, Fade, Heal, Psywave, Disable, Poison Mist, Spice, Bloom, Buttsprout, Anti Bloom, Anti Buttsprout, Love -N- Affection
Enhancements: Telepathy, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Senses (x3), Enhanced Memory, High Intellect
Weaknesses: Has human standard weakness to viruses and parasites, Loss of Teleport ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Byte Bitch (Venom Stone)
Most people would assume that trying to evolve a Byte Bitch with a Venom Stone would prove disastrous, given the attitudes of most poison types and the overall attitude of the Byte Bitch breed. However, when evolved into a Ding-ho, the former Byte Bitch looses her attitude problem; becoming a friendly and helpful Pokégirl. Ding-hos change little from their pre-evolved forms, their bust increasing to a generous D cup and perhaps a more curvy figure. They still keep their perky or floppy dog ears and tails of varying lengths and fur styles and colors, though the breed still remains mostly human looking. It seems that with this evolution, most of the changes were in powers and personality.
Ding-hos gain control over their canine behavior, able to ignore the urges to chase or sniff crotches in greeting. Instead, these perky Pokégirls strive to help others, using their unique bacterial control abilities to help patients through illnesses, or assist researchers in disease research. Only rarely have Ding-hos ever been recorded as working on the other side of the law, their mild nature usually at odds with the terrorist and criminal activities of the various teams and outlaws. Most Ding-hos are known as excellent support Pokégirls, as they take to domestic chores like cooking and cleaning with the same cheerful, sunny attitude as they do anything else.
Oddly, these Pokégirls are rarely seen upset, as the breed tends to be eternally optimistic. This lends most of a Ding-hos harem sisters to become dependent on her, and a crying Ding-ho is usually followed by a beat-down from several of her harem sisters on the offender. Despite their pleasant attitude, many tamers skip over the Ding-ho, usually because of their pre-evolved form's reputation, though many are also put off by her ability to control bacteria. This does make a Ding-ho potentially dangerous, though not much more so than the average powerful Pokégirl. Those tamers that do accept Ding-hos into their harems find them friendly and eager to please Pokégirls, and despite the breed not being very powerful, they still have useful abilities. Some tamers use them as all around support Pokégirls, letting them use telekinesis to carry camping gear as well healing her harem sisters after a battle.
When pressed into a battle, most Ding-hos use their telekinesis to take to the air and spread their poisons in the air, or alternately, use Fade and use their telekinesis offensively or a psywave. The breed as a whole usually aims to disable their opponent into submission without actually harming them, however and this has lead to her being placed further into a non-combatant status. Due to the breed's inability to teleport however, speedy Pokégirls can usually get under their guard. A Ding-ho's most powerful attack is Spice, and as such the breed is at an advantage when plants are around. Threshold into a Ding-ho is very rare, but not unheard of, though it seems that a mixture of canine, psychic, and poison in their heritage, or having a Ding-ho or three in their ancestry.
Feral Ding-hos make their homes in forested areas, usually around swamps or other areas where the difficult walking terrain would give them an advantage thanks to their telekinesis. They are still crafty for a feral, and have been known to place pitfalls and traps around their den. These traps are never lethal in an immediate sense, but hobble most Pokégirls effectively. Ding-hos are only slightly territorial however, and will flee if outclassed, usually using Fade to an added effect. It has also been recorded that feral Ding-hos will aid others that are truly in distress, using their psychic abilities to determine if the situation is legitimate before hand. Unfortunately, this has lead to some instances of feral Ding-hos falling prey to dark types, as the Pokégirl’s kind nature wins out when she can't get a read on the distressed party.
Infection (EFT) Exclusive to the Ding-ho, this attack allows this Pokégirl to control a slow acting bacterial infection usually similar to the bubonic plague, though also allows her to take control of bacteria already attacking a host. With this, the Pokégirl can slow the spread of the an infection, or speed the spread of her own bacteria. While this attack allows the Ding-hos to effectively fight bacteria, viruses and parasites still have a normal human chance of attacking her.
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DOMINA, the Aggressive Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison (leather is NOT a valid element)
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style food, heavy on meat
Role: frequently domesticated Pokégirl, often used to discipline/oversee other Pokégirls. Also commonly used by criminal elements.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Tomboys, Ingenue, non elementals
Weak Vs: Psychic, elementals
Attacks: Rose Whip, Call Me Queen, Poison Lash, Dominate, Sex Attacks 1 & 3
Enhancements: Toughness, Hypnotic Gaze/Voice, Healing Factor
Evolves: Dominatrix (normal), DragonQueen (Dragon E-Medal)
Evolves From: Nymph (Dark Stone)
Nymphs are already an extremely sexual race of Pokégirls, enjoying practically anything thrown at them. When exposed to a Dark Stone, they become something very similar, but with a slightly demented twist. They lose their power over pheromones, but instead gain the ability to use poisons and various plant abilities. Their sexual appetite changes from loving virtually everything, to loving two specific things: Pain and domination.
Their tastes in clothes change as well. They absolutely love any sort of leather clothes, ranging from being absolutely covered in it, or just barely being covered enough as to not be nude. No one knows if they make their own clothing or just get it from somewhere, but it is agreed the Domina leather is top notch.
Personality wise, Dominas are difficult to control and not recommended for beginning Tamers. They have some minor psychic talents, mainly their ability to use a gaze/voice attack called Dominate. Tamers that do not have a strong enough will often find themselves at odds with a Domina, constantly having to prove their dominance over them or using their other Pokégirls to do so. Tamers such as these are encouraged to either trade her away or evolve her to a Dominatrix, where she will mellow out a little bit.
To have a willing and submissive Domina, a tamer must show that they are the dominate one in the relationship. This can be carried out either through being forceful during sex, somehow being able to ‘project’ their will onto her, most likely through a blood gift, or just generally resisting her sexual advances and showing it doesn’t affect them. Even then, sometimes a Domina will still believe she is the one in charge, or just won’t be as loyal as a Pokégirl should be. There is one way to get a very loving and loyal Domina. Control is something they love more than anything, and giving it up is something they almost never do. If a tamer can show that they are the dominate one, and then give up some of that control back to her, she will do almost anything for him/her.
Their method of attack fits perfectly with their name. They strive to cause pain and to dominate her opponent. Their Rose Whip technique is a layered ability, forming a whip-like tendril out of a common plant, which they can then use for a variety of attacks, with the multitude of thorns on it, it is perfect for the amount of pain they love to inflict. They can also use Poison Lash to coat her whip in poison to further break down her opponent. They are also resistant to pain and physical damage, and they heal faster than normal.
It should be noted that while Domina are a common Pokégirl in criminal organizations, they are not evil. They are best described as having very loose morals and don’t mind doing whatever it takes to have their fun with someone.
There are breeds with a natural resistance to the attacks of Domina and Dominatrix, such as the various cat-types and armored varieties like Valkyrie. Others are actually more susceptible, such as Ingenue and Tomboy. People with genes from these Pokégirls are more inclined to resist the effects of a Domina.
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DOMINATRIX, the VERY Aggressive Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Common (Domesticated) Rare (Feral)
Diet: Human, heavy on meat
Role: Disciplinarian
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Weak-Willed, Celestials, Water
Weak Vs: Magic, Fire, Fighting
Attacks: *Love Sting, Rose Whip, Binding, Blinding Lash, Foot Lasher, Wrap, Intimidate, Poison Mask
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x3) Increased Healing, Whip Mastery
Evolves: Killer Queen (normal) Venom Mistress (contract with Sexebi) Mistress (multiple orgasms during bondage sex)
Evolves From: Domina (normal)
The Dominatrix is considered an improvement all over to her pre-evolved form. She is taller, curvier, and just plain better looking all around. Her tastes in clothes usually remain the same as her previous form, I.E. should be illegal. Either she wears next to nothing or something extremely tantalizing.
All people who have owned a Domina say that it was to their immense relief when she finally evolved. She calms down substantially from her previous form. She has a greater sense of self-restraint and knows how to mix pain and pleasure to a much finer degree. Some people have stated that they were not into S&M at all until they met a Dominatrix, now they can’t get enough of it.
Dominatrixes are actually commonly domesticated. They are great disciplinarians and teachers. Schools employ one or two to help keeps students in line; even the military uses them to train soldiers. In a strange twist on her previous form, where a Domina is a horrible starter, if one is somehow able to get their hands on to a Dominatrix, they make excellent starters.
Feral Dominatrixes aren’t very common since they are a valuable asset to the community. If found, the best way to capture and subdue one is with a Fighting type. Their increased strength is enough to shrug off most attempts at binding.
Do NOT be fooled by her calm demeanor though. It is true, she has learned a lot of self restraint, but that does not mean she has lessened her tastes in sex. If anything, it has gotten a lot kinkier and depraved. Be warned, not all Dominatrix will calmed down upon evolution, but their tastes will still increase. Tamers have stated that after long periods of time with their Dominatrix they actually started to lose the sensation of pain in parts of their body. Tamers who are into the martial arts often employ Dominatrix’s to numb them to pain and strengthen their minds.
In combat there is no Pokégirl that can match a Dominatrix with a whip; even Amazonwu’s who have chosen that as their weapon could learn a few things. Able to wield two whips at the same time, Dominatrix’s are equally proficient with either hand. They can attack twice as fast with either whip then anyone else, striking two times in the time it takes someone else to attack once. Their gaze attacks have been increased to a new level, almost to the level of pure psychic Pokégirls.
Dominatrixes do well in sex battles. They can use their whips like probing tentacles, teasing and prodding pokegirls until they can’t stand it anymore.
Dominatrixes that have become Pokéwomen are great mothers, despite what others may think. While they are much tougher on their children than most, that does not mean they don’t care as much as anyone else. Heaven forbid anyone pick on her children though. The perpetrator will soon learn the definition of pain. Children of a Dominatrix tend to have stronger wills and constitutions than most and usually grow up to become excellent tamers, or gods save us all, politicians.
It should be noted that it is recommended to buy an Everstone for a Domina upon her evolution. Hell, they will be given away for free. No one wants to see another Killer Queen roaming free.
Love Sting: (ATK 5 + EFT) This attack was developed by Domina-types. It injects a minute amount of lust poison straight into her opponent, similar to the type used by nagas. If the pokegirl does not receive a taming in a few minutes, she will pass out from lust. The weaker the pokegirl at the time the quicker she succumbs to the poison. Tamers use this attack to affectively capture ferals.
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DRONZA, the Dark Dracass Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorphic
Element: Human Form:Poison
Dragon Form: Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human food with a preference for meat
Role: Destroyer of Humanity
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Human Form: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Dragon Form: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Human Form: Ground, Psychic, Celestial Pokégirls
Dragon Form: Ice, celestial Pokégirls
Attacks: Human Form: Aura of Fear, Poison, Punch, Kick
Dragon Form: Aura of Fear, Slash, Roar, Drain, Tail Slap, Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam
Enhancements: Human Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x2)
Dragon Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x12), Armored, Enhanced Senses (x8), Flight
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dracass (hatred of humanity), Bratini (Human Cruelty/Intense hatred of humans)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 1,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 400,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Direct confrontation is not recommended unless you have a powerful ice-type at your command.
There is a dark side to the Dracass.
During Mao’s Rebellion, most Dracasses sided with humanity, fighting against those who would kill their human masters. However, a few choose to side with Mao, and this cast a dark shadow over the entire Dracass breed. The Tamers who had Dracasses often mistreated them, and it wasn’t unknown for a Dracass to be killed by humans who feared her.
The Dracasses were oppressed, like many Pokégirls of the time, but still they fought for the humans. It was shortly after the battle of Pine Ridge that one Dracass finally snapped. Mistreated by her Tamer, scorned by the humans around her, beaten, insulted and nearly killed, she decided that Humans were not worth saving.
A dark evolution took place, and she became a Dronza.
Little is known about what actually happened, but authorities that later found the sight reported that no human or Pokégirl still lived. Most had been slaughtered in a brutal and sadistic fashion. These reports were quickly buried by the Leagues, lest humans decide that all Dracasses were evil, and wipe the breed out.
Dronza are, by their very essence, everything that a Dracass is not. Filled with hatred, anger and disgust, they strike out at any who so much as look at them the wrong way.
Dronza see the Dracass’s failure of Sukebe to be the ultimate disgrace, and they see the Tamed and domesticated Pokégirls to be little more than traitors. Proclaiming themselves as the true path of Pokégirls, they continue to hunt humans and their Pokégirls in an attempt to wipe clean the smear of failure, and bring Sukebe to his rightful place as the leader of humanity. They don’t seem to care that everyone claims he’s dead.
These Pokégirls spend most of their time in Draconic form, loathing the thought that they may have anything in common with a human. In this form, their scales are either black, or a very dark grey, and their eyes glow a bright red, distinguishable even in a brightly lit area. They will take their human forms only if they need to interact with a human, usually when coercing a Taming out of him.
Once a Dracass has made the transition to Dronza, she loses all respect for the human race, and much of her respect for other Pokégirl types, especially those who are members of a Tamer’s Harems. There is no reasoning with a Dronza, and they will, as likely as not, kill any human who crosses their path.
Capturing a Dronza is almost impossible, and no Tamer has ever claimed to have been able to keep one in his Harem. However, many reports have been made of Dronza tricking Tamers into Taming them, or even forcing the act if they wish, to keep themselves from going Feral. In some cased, the Dronza even allows the unlucky Tamer to live.
Tamers are advised, not, under any circumstances, to set a Dracass against a Dronza. This battle will be unstoppable, as the two breeds have a hatred for the other that defies all logical thought, and the two will fight until one is dead.
Dronza are considered a threat by all Leagues, and a bounty of 1,000,000 credits has been set for the confirmed extermination of a Dronza.
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FALLEN CHARLIE ANGEL, the Angered Harpy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Gold Continent), Very Rare (Other Leagues)
Diet: Carnivore
Role: berserkers, scavengers, scourges upon humanity
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Growl, Quick Attack, Sabre Claw, Hurricane, Dive, Venom Bite, Venom Claw, Poison Mist, Gust, Feather Shuriken, Mega Drain
Enhancements: Natural Poisons (Exhausting Venom, Vertigo Venom, Paralyzation Venom, Sleep Venom, Gender Dust), Speed x7, Strength x3, Enhanced eyesight x3
Weaknesses: Intelligence Drop (Bimbo Level or lower), Short temper
Evolves: Cutey Charlie Angel (Hit by Royal Curse)
Evolves From: Cutey Charlie Angel (Venom Stone* Not absorbed)
While a Fallen Charlie Angel is considered a third tier evolution for the Charlie Angel line, there are very few tamers who actively choose to have their Cutey Charlie Angel go through this evolution due to the problems that arise. First and foremost, her intelligence can best be described as animalistic. All her mental prowess as Cutey Charlie Angel goes to pot, and she now relies heavily on instinct for her actions. A true fall from what she was before. Many Tamers are hard pressed to bring a Fallen Charlie Angel's skills in anything mental back up to even the level of a Charlie Angel. At most, a Fallen Charlie Angel will obey a Tamer's commands and perhaps be able to speak in a few simple word sentences. Another large problem is that coupled with her lack of intelligence, the Fallen Charlie Angel has a temper the size of a Tomboy at a Hentai convention. Anything that she views as an insult to herself or her Tamer is game to a Venom Claw or Venom Bite attack. Of course, with the drop in intelligence, there's also the loss of the Pokégirl’s spell casting and/or psychic abilities that made the Cutey Charlie Angel so useful before.
For some reason, Fallen Charlie Angels seem to attack Supe-bra Geniuses without provocation, though it is assumed that these attacks are due to the Pokégirl’s high intelligence. But most researchers are baffled at why the Fallen Charlie Angel seems to ignore other high intelligence Pokégirls in favor of attacking a Supe-bra Genius. It should also be noted that Fallen Charlie Angels no longer get along well with Cheetits like the pre-evolved forms of Charlie Angel and Cutey Charlie Angel. Most research seems to collaborate with the theory that the Fallen Charlie Angel sees the Cheetit as 'competition' and instinctively tries to drive off her ‘competition.’
The Fallen Charlie Angel's appearance seems to also take on a darker, more intimidating look as well. Fallen Charlie Angel's still look more elf than human with their pointed ears, but now their hair and corresponding wing colors come in a variety of dark shades, from deep purple to black or a dark rust brown. The scaling on their hands and feet turn into darker shades as well, usually a rust brown or tarnished silver as if the metallic color was corrupted by their poison nature. Occasionally instead of a metallic color, their hands and feet will be a vibrant green or purple, which seems to mark them visually as poisonous. Their wings are still separate from their arms, but from the joint that connects her wing to her back to the second wing joint, a Fallen Charlie Angel’s feathers have changed to a rust or tarnished metallic color. The diamond pattern is now a vibrant green or purple (though these diamond sections no longer glow anymore). A final change is the Fallen Charlie Angel's teeth, once human like, are now pointed with prominent upper and lower canine teeth. This also notes the Fallen Charlie Angel’s change in diet, going from Herbivore to Carnivore. Their eyesight enhances as well, allowing the Pokégirl to hunt by sight easily.
It should be stated again that a Fallen Charlie Angel is also a very difficult Pokégirl to control. Her aggressive attitude is very well known, though perhaps it's because of this that some tamers do choose to have their Cutey Charlie Angel experience this evolution. Once hit with the Royal Curse spell, a Fallen Charlie Angel with 'de-evolve' back into a Cutey Charlie Angel. There are a few Tamers who claim that experiencing this evolution and then reverting a Fallen Charlie Angel makes the Pokégirl a tougher fighter, though no conclusive evidence has been found to support this rumor. One thing is for certain, however, that once evolved into a Fallen Charlie Angel and then 'de-evolved' back into a Cutie Charlie Angel, the Pokégirl looses any magic talent she had before, though she can retain her poison using abilities. It seems that there is a small group of Tamers who are willing to live with this trade off in order to possibly increase their Pokégirl’s fighting poweres.
Like the Sharptits, the Venom Stone isn't used up in a Cutie Charlie Angel’s evolution into a Fallen Charlie Angel, but fortunately, feral Fallen Charlie Angels are not a bounty level threat as the feral Pokégirl can easily be outwitted in battle. This flaw also holds with tamed Fallen Charlie Angels, since intelligence-wise, there is not that much difference between the two. Feral Fallen Charlie Angels are known to pick off unsuspecting prey, which does make them a significant threat to the unwary and unprepared.
Thresholding into a Fallen Charlie Angel directly is extremely rare, though the mitigating circumstances behind the few thresholds that did happen did have some similarities. The girls who thresholded directly into Fallen Charlie Angels had a family history with Charlie Angels, and most lived near polluted sites.
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GARTER, the Seductress Snake Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human Metamorph (Snake)
Element: Poison/Normal
Frequency: Uncommon (all Leagues)
Diet: Almost human (can't stand vegetables)
Role: Seductresses
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic, Psychic
Attacks: Lust Dust, Regeneration Tears, Ensnaring Kiss, Thunder Tail, Bronze Fist, Petrification Gaze(*)
Enhancements: Powerful pheromone control, increased intelligence, weak feral state (identical to Ingenue), psychological advantage against weak-willed Mouse & Bird Pokégirls
Disadvantages: Low pain tolerance, low stamina
Evolves: Kissitalcoatl (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: Naga (mechanism unknown)
Garters are a very lustful type of Pokégirl. They are very rarely strictly heterosexual. Most of the time, they're bisexual.
Generally, most will do what they can increase the number of Pokégirls in their tamer's harem until they have at least one lover for every day of the week, even if they don't always need the loving.
Garters oftentimes look like human women, their height and eye color varies from Garter to Garter, though they generally have very long white or black hair. Most prefer their human form over their half-snake hybrid form for everything save combat. There are few ways to tell a Garter from a human without a Pokédex, most include making her angry. When they are angry enough, the outlines of scales have been known to form on their faces (generally around the eyes).
When in their hybrid form, their faces gain large grayish scales, which match the scales on their lower bodies. Strangely, their belly scales always match their hair, even if the Garter dyes her hair. They seem a good foot taller and their snake-half are always double the length of their normal legs.
Since Garters prefer to be lovers and not fighters, they are over seek to deal with conflicts of a physical nature (i.e. fighting) in an efficient manner, generally using Petrification Gaze, followed by Thunder Tail and Bronze Fist to knock out opponents quickly. Garters have surprisingly low stamina and a low pain tolerance, making their tactics more understandable.
Despite their high libidos, their feral state is quite mild, though they seem to take great measures to keep from ever nearing their feral state. Whether this is some ingrained fear of becoming feral or not is not definitively known.
Oddly, almost no Garters are feralborn and very few have ever been seen outside of a harem. Of those seen, most were Threshold girls who evolved shortly after becoming Nagas. Because of this, the exact mechanism that triggers their evolution is not known.
(*) - Petrification Gaze - (EFT) The user fixes eyes with her opponent, causing the opponent to freeze up. Depending on the difference between the user and the victim's will, the victim may be paralyzed from 1 round to 2 turns. Any strong-willed Pokégirl can learn this technique.
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GLOOMY, the Unhappy Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Rare
Diet: sunlight (small doses), water (loves mineral water), nutrients from soil
Role: arousing other Pokégirls, soil regeneration, subduing Feral Pokégirls, attracting Feral Pokégirls
Libido: Average to High (moonlight-based)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Leech (roots), Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leaf Shield, Sweet Scent
Enhancements: Lunar Regeneration, Night Vision
Evolves: Vile Blooms (Venom Stone), Belle Awesome (Leaf Stone), Vinebra (Lack of taming + Dark Stone)
Evolves From: Oddtits (normal)
The next stage of Oddtits, Gloomy has a slightly improved bust, however she still is a bit out of proportion (if a proper figure eight would require a D cup, she would be a C cup). Like her earlier form, Gloomy dislikes direct sunlight, although she can tolerate it better than Oddtits.
In addition to an improved (if not perfect) bust, her petals grow larger (now covering her hair-roots completely) but only a little longer. If she hasn't been in direct sunlight (or at least not for long) her petals actually glisten with a liquid sheen...this is actually overspill of her Lust Dust, but the sap that holds the pollen makes it more of an attractant than an attack. Any one in the area (nearby or downwind) will notice a pleasant odor, but for females it causes mild arousal and can actually lure Feral Pokégirls, which can make a Tamer's life difficult if they aren't good at combat (but a skilled Tamer can definitely use this). While her skin color doesn't change, her face does have a peculiarity. If her face is in direct light (can be any type of light, but it must be -directly- on her face) she seems to have a “depressed” look about her regardless of expression, but in normal lighting her face seems to in the shade (similar to Oddtits, only more pronounced)...the exception to this is moonlight, in which she looks completely normal.
Sexually Gloomy is better off than Oddtits, but still prefers being taken from behind, although a truly caring Tamer can get her to accept (especially if the light is down or under moonlight) other positions, particularly if he lets her know in no uncertain terms that he enjoys her breasts. Such a Tamer can actually get her to orgasm from attention to her breasts alone...not because they are particularly sensitive, but from her pleasure at his “'proving” she is neither “deformed” nor “ugly” with her lack of proportionate breast-size. Like her earlier evolution, Gloomy can take or leave the Alpha slot, and now that she actually has a bust, isn't nearly as sensitive (but excessive TT jokes will get on her nerves).
Gloomy doesn't gain new attacks over Oddtits, but she can use them more often. Officials don't consider her “lure” ability an attack, since it has no effect in either martial or sex combats. Given her ability to quickly heal if exposed to moonlight (which is anytime the moon is visible in the sky, not just at night), researchers have tried Moon Stones, but the results are very odd...the Stone is absorbed, but the only change is now Gloomy can light up with a slightly sparkling glow, identical to a full moon (but not bright enough to blind anyone) and can no longer evolve.
Gloomy is no better at nourishing soil than Oddtits, and still prefers a nocturnal or diurnal schedule, but she can adjust to a normal schedule more easily. Her improved light tolerance means she no longer needs shades during the day, and has no extra vulnerability to flash-style attacks, but her ability to see in low-light conditions remains.
Feral Gloomys are a bit more of a problem, as they not only spread Lust Dust and temporary Buttsprout, but their Sweet Scent increases, drawing other Feral Pokégirls, including Buzzbreasts and Wasps. One interesting fact...whether she is Feral or Domesticated, unless she is attacking (in which case they will defend themselves) Buzzbreast and Wasps will -not- attack her, even during mating season. They will swarm around her and taste her nectar, but they will -not- attack her, although her Harem-sisters and Tamer aren't so lucky. No one knows exactly why, and artificially produced Sweet Scent doesn't have this effect, but study continues.
It’s not very common for a girl to Threshold into Gloomy but it does happen often enough to be note. Normally they become Oddtits.
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GOLBUTT, the Batty Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (bat)
Element: Flying/Poison/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: life energy
Role: night guide, predator, leader of Zubutts
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Drain, Energy Drain, Mega-Drain, Bite, Lick, Lure, Poison, Gust, Wingover
Enhancements: Sonar, Night Vision, Darkvision
Evolves: Vampire (knocked out by draining attack, or infected through bite)
Evolves From: Zubutt (normal)
Golbutts are Zubutts that won enough fights and got Tamed enough that they were able to evolve. Their evolution leaves them taller, usually around five foot four inches or so. Their fur becomes slightly darker, and their bust grows larger to a full B-cup. Their eyes grow much sharper, and they are able to see in virtually any dark or low-lighting condition (though bright light blinds them easily, and even sunlight makes their eyes ache), as well as use their echolocation ability. For this reason Golbutts are greatly preferred among explorers, especially spelunkers, since they can scope out terrain with great accuracy.
In the wild, most Golbutts are found leading packs of Zubutts. With their ability to use Lure to bring prey to them, Poison to weaken it, and Lick to paralyze prey, a Golbutt is by far a more dangerous hazard than a mere Zubutt. When a Golbutt is facing multiple foes, or when she perceives a single foe is too strong, she has her Zubutts fly in as a group, and she then darts in to deliver stronger attacks against the biggest threat. Golbutt-led Zubutt packs are the number two hazard in cave exploring (the number one being falling). When prey are taken back to the caves, a Golbutt is the first one to get to have her way with the male in question, and the first to drink his energy before passing him around.
Golbutts are strong combatants, even without a Zubutt pack. After Luring a foe in, they prefer to use Gust to knock it down, and then either Bite, Wingover, or Lick on it to soften it up, and hopefully paralyze it. Stronger enemies are avoided in the air, using Gust and Poison to weaken them. When an enemy is brought low or paralyzed, a Golbutt will swoop onto it, cover it with her wings, and begin using one of her draining attacks. She'll use either Drain or Energy Drain depending both on how hungry she is, and how much energy the opponent has left. She'll only use Mega-Drain if she was seriously injured in the fight and needs to heal herself.
Feral Golbutts are those found in the wild, described above. Tamers attempting to capture a Feral Golbutt are advised to try and get her away from her Zubutt pack before making their move. Threshold girls don't usually become Golbutts, but it is possible. The family of such a girl would be quick to send her away, since it would be only a matter of time before she began to feed on friends and family, and doesn’t yet know how much drained energy is enough and how much is too much.
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GORGON, the Artist of Stone Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Anthropomorphic Not Very Near Human (Serpentine)
Element: Poison/Rock
Frequency: Very Rare (Ocean League, Amethyst League (old Greece area))
Diet: Grains and fruits, will accept Pokéchow
Role: Sculptors and artisans, fighters
Libido: Average (High if Tamer is willing to do something for her)
Strong Vs: Flying, Electric, Bug
Weak Vs: Ground, Fighting, Steel, Water
Attacks: Petrification Gaze, Stone Gaze,* Statue Gaze,* Wrap, Crushing Wrap, Poison, Slow Venom, Paralyzation Poison, Vertigo Venom, Poison Mask, Tail Smash*
Enhancements: High flexibility, Ability to radiate petrifying energy from eyes, venom glands, Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Artistic Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Round Stone)
Gorgons were a more recent discovery, first being discovered in the Ocean League and on several islands near the old Greece area of the Amethyst continent. They were first found in 260 AS by a Tamer named Perseus Riger. They suffered a rather bad reputation at first. The Gorgon Perseus encountered, a Pokéwoman named Medusa, had turned several Tamers and Pokégirls permanently into stone statues. She was surprisingly non-Feral and intelligent, but Perseus was able to defeat her by using the shield he had brought with him as a mirror, protecting himself from her petrification attacks long enough for his Slicer, Andromeda, to behead her. As people were still smarting from Mao Shin Mao’s rebellion, bounties were placed on Gorgons. More Gorgons were discovered and killed, reducing their numbers drastically. However, Pokégirl Rights groups managed to pass laws to protect them, saying that they should at least be studied at first. Reluctantly, the laws were passed and studies began.
Gorgons are Naga-like Pokégirls, with long, serpentine bodies covered in smooth, silky-soft, dark green scales, with darker, tiger-like stripes down their arms and backs. Their tails have rattles, which convulsively rattle when agitated for any reason. Their eyes are golden with slitted pupils, their breasts are C-Cup and in place of their hair is a nest of long, slender, comparatively small Pre-Sukebe snakes that move in accordance to the Gorgon’s will, reflecting her mood. Despite the fact that each snake has it’s own set of eyes, it does not expand her vision in any way. The head-snakes, however, can bite an opponent and inject poison or use their small tongues to give a very unusual kiss.
In terms of fighting, Gorgons fight in similar fashion to most Naga evolutions, using poison attacks and tail attacks. This made more sense after the discovery of the Round Stone, which was revealed to evolve Nagas into Gorgons. They have three attacks exclusive to them, one of which is used in tandem with the other two. The eyes of a Gorgon can radiate an ethereal energy, which causes calcification of the skin and the creation of a stone shell. This is their Stone Gaze attack, which they use to coat their attackers in an immobilizing shell of stone. They can either leave their opponents, giving them a chance to escape, or use their powerful Tail Smash attack to shatter the shell, knocking the opponents senseless. When used more intensely, the energy radiated from their eyes can cause a total internal and external calcification of the target’s body, turning them completely to stone. The vast majority of Gorgons, as in 99.999999% of them, don’t like doing this. Mirrors can protect the target from the petrification attacks, but Gorgons are immune to their own moves.
Surprisingly, Gorgons turned out to have little taste for battle. One Gorgon Pokéwoman who knew of Medusa said that she was an aberration, who took her tastes too far. More artistic in temperament, they prefer to work with stone to carve elegant statues of things that catch their eye. They adore capturing life in stone, but not through the use of their lethal attack. Amusingly enough, Gorgons have a fetish for stone. They love Rock Pokégirls and statues made of stone; their mere presence is a tremendous turn-on for this Pokégirl. Tamers who wants to get their Gorgon ready for a Taming can simply take them on a visit to a museum with sculptures on display or a trip to an old ruin made of stone. And if Tamers are willing to go further and allow the Pokégirl one little indulgence, they will have the total unwavering loyalty of the Gorgon, among other things.
As mentioned earlier, Gorgons have a fetish relating to stone. They like having the rest of the harem model for them as they create statuettes or busts of the other Pokégirls out of stone. If the Gorgon is particularly close to the models, her creations are sometimes reluctantly given as gifts to the other Pokégirls. Otherwise, the statuettes and busts become part of the Gorgon's version of her Tamer's harem. They are both works of art and sex toys in the mind of a Gorgon, whose libido is affected by Pygmalionism. This fetish for statues of their own creations extend towards their Tamers as well. If Tamers will let their Gorgon use Stone Gaze on them, coating them in stone, and let the Gorgon make love to them while they are in the stone shell then, after they have satisfied their own needs, they will quite literally let their Tamer do anything they want to them. Oral, anal, roughness, bondage, any position, if the Tamer is willing to indulge a Gorgon’s stone fetish, you name it and they will let a Tamer do it. Research has shown that the stone shell is porous enough to prevent the Tamer from being suffocated while inside the shell. While Gorgons are immune to petrification attacks themselves, they do greatly enjoy being ‘immobilized’ and wrapped up themselves. This other fetish of the Gorgon breed is assumed to be a variant of the total enclosure fetish combined with Statuephilia. A Tamer who willingly lets their Gorgon indulge their stone and bondage fetishes and reciprocate this in some way will find their Gorgon to be a happy, willing cumslut who will do whatever she can to bring her Tamer pleasure. As one can probably guess from this, this makes Gorgons primarily found in the harems of male tamers, although female Tamers with Gorgons have found ways to satisfy their Pokégirl’s desire to make love to a statue.
To summarize, Gorgons are artistic and love to capture life in stone. And they fall in love with their creations. That's why they want to “petrify” their Tamers before Taming. By using Stone Gaze, they created a statue of their Tamer.
Oddly enough, they have a hard time getting along with Domina-types. When asked about this, all Gorgons stated that the meanness and brutality of the breeds take all the fun out of what they refer to as ‘the artistic process.’ There have been a very small amount of documented cases, however, of a Domina-type and a Gorgon finding great pleasure in each other’s company. This is a rare occurrence, however.
As Gorgons turned out to be relatively harmless Pokégirls with an unusual fetish, the bounties on them were reluctantly lifted. Parthenogenesis and breeding have risen their numbers to a less endangered level since then, Gorgons appearing more often in harems. Most frequently, they are paired up with Ar-Tits and other artistic-natured Pokégirls. There have been only seven known cases of Thresholding into a Gorgon. The first recorded sign in all cases is hissing coming from the hair of the girl going through Threshold, their head-snakes developing. In all cases, it’s recommended that the girl’s eyes be covered until their transformation finishes, as the moment their Gorgon eyes emerge, they have little control over their petrification powers, and may use Petrifying and Stone Gaze by accident. Fortunately, as Statue Gaze takes concentration to use, no one will be accidentally turned fully to stone.
*Stone Gaze – (ATK 10+EFT) The Gorgon radiates a beam of energy from her eyes that generates an immobilizing shell of stone around the opponent for six to seven turns at max, or until the shell is smashed. There is some debate on whether or not to re-classify this as a sex attack, as Gorgons gain tremendous arousal from seeing their target as a statue…
*Statue Gaze – (ATK+EFT) FATAL MOVE. Forbidden in regular combat. The Gorgon focuses, radiating an intense beam of energy from her eyes that converts a target completely to stone.
*Tail Smash – (ATK 80) The Gorgon does a powerful strike with her tail.
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HORNY TOAD, the Spiked Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Water
Frequency: Rare. Recently found in larger concentration in the Tropics League (Uncommon)
Diet: Poke chow, small insets and certain plants
Role: Marsh Guardians
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Plant, Poison, and Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, and Electric
Enhancements: Slick skin, Elongated Tongue, Enhanced Agility (x6), Powerful legs
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Water Spear, Poison Hand, Sticky Fingers, Double Jump, Double Slap, Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Lick, Tongue-In-Ear, Leap, Slick Stroke, Water Kick
Evolves From: Hottie (Water Stone)
Evolves To: None
Most wild Horny Toads are found near marshlands or large ponds generally unseen, wild Horny Toads are easy to catch just as long as you have lots of antidote on hand and face protection. The real problem in catching them is actually finding them. The fact that they tend to camouflage exceptionally well near their selected surroundings gives them a natural Fade ability. They also gain an uncanny amount of Agility that when combined with their powerful legs making them very maneuverable during a battle.
Horny Toads look similar to its un-evolved form, Hottie; except that its skin is blue and green striped the older they get the darker the skin stripes get. They also have webbed hands and feet but the toes are more apart and slightly longer than her Hottie form. One other note should be mentioned on the difference in a Horny Toad's appearance compared to that of a Hottie's, their backs develop a series of short spikes that grow in three rows up and down their backs. When a Horny Toad becomes extremely distressed, weakened, or unconscious these spikes have been known to expel a repellant/poison as a natural defense. However after the evolution a Horny Toad's tongue becomes a great deal less versatile and she loses her arsenal of tongue attacks. I.e.) Tongue Lash, and Tongue Wrap.
The two attacks that Horny Toads are famous for are their poison spray and sticky spray; both have many uses to both the Pokégirl and the world around them. The attacks can give the girl a slight advantage in close quarters fighting giving any unwary fighting type a very unwelcome and unpleasant surprise. Higher leveled Horny Toads have the uncanny ability to combine these two attacks, which if aimed right could quickly end a battle with even the most well defended Pokégirl. As to the other uses of these attacks; poison spray when mixed with the right chemicals can be used as a painkiller or in some circles used as a hallucinogenic with some minor addictiveness, and their Sticky Spray can be used as an industrial strength adhesive when combined with salt.
The most famous Horny Toad was Tanna; she made a name for herself fighting in the Star Battle where she would use a poison spray/sticky spray blend to finish off her opponents. The goo would normally be applied to the defeated opponent's mouth through a kiss or a projectile attack. The poison would send out noxious vapors that would be inhaled nasally by most opponents due to the fact that the attack sealed off the mouth as a viable place to get air from. After several minutes the goo would dry up and disintegrate re-freeing the breathing pathways. She was unique physically in the fact that she had a set of spike like those generally found on the back of her species growing from her knuckles giving her a poison barbed punch.
The Star Battles are a test of skill for tamers/Pokégirls that have recently shown up in the Tropics League and rapidly gaining popularity. The goal is to get the Starball into the goal bypassing the opponent who's trying to do the same using one's Pokégirls. Three ways to win the "Battle" are to trick the other girls into letting your side score a goal; knocking out the opposing girls; or knocking them out of the ring. The normal battle consists of 4 Tamers with 1 Pokégirl apiece, with one winner. Semi finals and finals have 2 Tamers with 2-4girls a piece depending on the status of their respective Harems, and the position of the battle. Finals can have 4 on 4 Pokégirl action.
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HOTTIE, the Hot Frog Pokégirl Type: Animorphic (frog)
Element: Water/Fire/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare, Rare on Magma Isles and in other volcanically active regions
Diet: normal, however Hotties love sushi and spicy foods
Role: Heavy combat fighter, portable heating unit. Hotties are usually unsuited for more domestic roles.
Libido: High, Very high right after a fight or when “making up”
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Poison, Poison Lash, Fireball, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, WaterGun, Water Spear, Slick Stroke, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Sticky finger and toe tips, sticky tongue, ability to elongate tongue up to 10 feet, can control body temperature from ambient up to hot enough to melt lead (625F), highly resistant to heat, enhanced strength (x3), enhanced speed (x2),
Evolves: Salamandra (Fire Stone), Horny Toad (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None
The Hottie is one of the few amphibious Pokégirls to exist. She stands anywhere from 5ft to 5'6” tall and has a stocky build. Breast size is usually a firm C - D cup, although anything from a B to DD has been seen. It must be noted that typically, the smaller the bust, the angrier the Hottie tends to stay. All Hotties have blue nipples.
Hotties have green skin that is decorated with vertical bright red stripes. Some can have blue irregular spots along with the stripes or instead of them. Hair color is usually a green that is a couple of shades darker than skin tone. Hotties do not have body hair, from the neck down they are completely hairless.
Hotties have webbed hands and feet tipped with short strong claws. Their hands are fully functional while their feet are slightly flatter and elongated, resembling short swim fins. The feet are not long enough to change their gait from human, however it should be noted that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of their feet.
Frankly, studies have indicated that Hotties are sensitive to criticism of anything about them, from their looks to their abilities. In fact, Hotties have hair triggers and a Tamer never knows what will set them off. They don't stay angry for long, and the quickest way to reduce their anger is to get them into a battle. While angry, Hotties have an annoying tendency to destroy their Tamer's belongings, venting by breaking everything that comes within reach. One Researcher described this behavior as “pissed off soon to be ex-girlfriend”.
His previously calm Hottie reacted to this statement by piling up his clothes and using flame thrower on them.
Hotties have a high libido, which becomes very high after winning a battle or when her Tamer apologizes and she's ready to make up. At this point she becomes very amorous and will take her Tamer to seek out the nearest body of water for a taming. Just the site of a large bathtub can put one into a receptive (demanding) mood. It should be noted that turning her down at this point is almost guaranteed to trigger her anger.
Hotties have the ability to regulate their body temperatures accurately from ambient to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They often use this ability to warm up the bath they are using to something they find more relaxing. Caution must be observed in these situations as what is comfortable to a Hottie can be lethal to an unprotected human. Make sure any bubbles seen are coming from water jets and not from boiling. Hotties also can control the temperature of various parts of their bodies and some use this to heat up drinks by sticking their fingers into the liquid, or foods. Some have been known to use this as for practical jokes.
The Hottie's poison lash attack uses their tongue, which they coat with their poison attack saliva before unleashing the poison lash. They can also coat weapons or just about anything else they can get into their mouth. It should be noted that a lower concentrations, Hottie venom causes skin rashes or illness if ingested. Angry Hotties have been sometimes seen licking silverware to be used by those their ire is currently aimed at.
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IVYWHORE, the Floral Pestilence Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: arousing other Pokégirls, soil regeneration, subduing feral Pokégirls, body modification
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Libido: Average
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage, Sleep Powder, Bloom Powder, Leaf Shield.
Enhancements: Solar Regeneration, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x8, Vines Only)
Evolves: Venuswhore (Normal, daytime only.)
Evolves From: Boobisaur (Normal)
After a Boobisaur has acquired enough experience, she will evolve into her next form: Ivywhore. The Ivywhore is much more combat-suitable than her previous form, retaining all of her previous form's attacks and abilities, and gaining several useful techniques for both inside and outside of combat. The most noticeable change is the increase in the size of both the Ivywhore's flower bulb and her bust. Upon evolution, the bulb on the Ivywhore's back grows noticeably, the first layer of petals opening up. As a result of the bulb's growth, Ivywhores may use several new Powder Attacks: Sleep Powder, Bloom Powder, and Sap Powder.
Sleep Powder makes anyone hit by it fall into a deep slumber, a very convenient way to capture new Pokégirls or aquire the upper hand in battle. The Bloom Powder, which only works on females, be they human or Pokégirl, will make the bust of any female it hits grow; how much larger is dependent on how much they are hit with. This does not affect only other Boobisaurs, Ivywhores, and Venuswhores, as well as those who can easily withstand poisons. An Ivywhore can make two different types of Bloom Powder; temporary and permanent. Temporary Bloom Powder is much easier to make, and can be created virtually at will. She usually tosses large amounts at opponents, letting their suddenly awkwardly gigantic breasts interfere with their movements, and – sometimes with help from a hearty sampling of Sap Powder - eventually pin them down completely. Temporary Bloom powder rarely lasts more than an hour. The permanent variety of Bloom powder is much more difficult to synthesize, limiting applications to roughly once a week. Ivywhores have an instinctual knack for knowing just how much powder to use when trying to increase a girl's bust by a specific amount. Naturally, this technique is popular to use, especially among those who prefer chestier girls. Lastly, Sap Powder drains strength uselessly from the muscles of any Pokégirl it affects, dramatically reducing their physical power. Any Pokegirls with the Enhanced Strength enhancement will find the enhancement effectively halved or worse for the duration of the effect, and Pokégirls without Enhanced Strength may find it much harder to move effectively.
Upon evolution, the Ivywhore's breasts tend to grow a cup, with D cup breasts being the lowest recorded for the breed – E cups are considered average. Most of the deeper green markings fade away with this transformation as well, though sometimes they remain. Most Ivywhores, if they haven't done so already during their Boobisaur days, tend to eschew most clothing, as it gets in the way of their abilities to absorb sunlight.
The Ivywhore's Solar Regeneration abilities are improved significantly over her pre-evolved form. An Ivywhore that bathes in the direct sunlight heals rapidly, letting her heal all but the most grievous damage after roughly 8 hours of rest. Of course, like her unevolved counterpart, resting in a natural location also nourishes the soil to a great degree.
Feral Ivywhores are considered a great annoyance to surrounding Pokégirls and human women, since in addition to tossing Lust Dust at random, they also use Bloom powder liberally. Most of the time its temporary, but every now and then there are stories of women who permanently developed mammoth mammaries due to a feral Ivywhore (or Venuswhore). It’s very uncommon, but not unknown, for a Threshold girl to become an Ivywhore directly.
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KARIMA, the Solitary Shadow Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Ground
Frequency: Rare to Very Rare
Diet: omnivore, prefers human style food
Role: Spy, Scout, Trapper
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Ice, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Vanish, Quickturn, Shadow Dash, Resonate, Gut Punch, Mud Slap, Agility, Shock Spike, Spice, Exhausting Venom, Poisonous Coat
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x5), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Strength and Agility (x3), Natural Camoflauge, Nightvision, Isolation Aura.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Kunoichi (Diamond Stone)
During the days of the evolution boom, the Kunoichi was quickly experimented with. Although there were very few successes in the carying evolutions, there was one success that the Ruby League capitalized on. Although the pokegirl grows perhaps half a foot at the most, her outward appearance barely changes. Internally, however, the Karima becomes a much tougher individual than her previous evolution. The Karima's body takes on a default coloration that ranges from a light to a dark tan, though this changes whenever the Karima chooses to touch a rock or another rock-type Pokégirl. They do tan easily, however, and never burn as a result of their skin changing capabilities. This breed is well developed physically, but is actually mostly a facade: though tough-looking, they are barely physically stronger than their previous evolution. The main change is the strength of the Karima's skin, which makes the breed much more durable than any Kunoichi. This breed tends to have smaller breasts than many equivalent Pokégirls, rarely larger than a B-cup without modifications in use.
The breed was once rumored to have been created during the Revenge War by Sukebe, though there are only a few scarce entries about a 'poisonous ninja' Pokégirl, which could just as easily describe a Kunoichi or other ninja-type Pokégirl that was paired with a poison type Pokégirl, or just dabbled in the subject. Regardless, it wasn't until well after the end of the revenge war that the Karima was first documented to evolve from a Kunoichi. The method of evolution, however, was simply guesswork until the first Diamond Stone (and not an actual gemstone) was used on a Kunoichi later on. Used these days to trap ferals and to spy upon rivals for the most part, this breed enjoys massive popularity in some leagues, particularly within the Ruby League.
The main reason for this popularity is the breed's unique Isolation Aura. This ability makes the Pokégirl unable to be sensed by anything other than physical tracking: psychic, spiritual, and magical probes and attempts to track or locate a Karima are always defeated. In fact, it is so impressive that the Pokégirl doesn't even leave a void where she is when one attempts to locate her, basically making her impossible to find with such methods. The downside is that it appears that Delta-bonding with a Karima is impossible, though this may simply be because no tamer has managed to build a Delta bond with a Karima rather than it simply being impossible.
During a battle, tamers will find that their Karima, though at least as strong and fast as a Kunoichi, has a much different fighting style. Relying on their tough skin to weather attacks and their natural agility (and enhanced agility from techniques), they prefer to do steady damage and finish the job thoroughly by using techniques such as Exhausting Venom, Spice, and even Poisonous Coat. This combination of poison techniques, coupled with a variety of status afflicting techniques such as Resonate and Mud Slap, allow her to utilize many combinations of defensive and offensive abilities, all while gradually wearing down her opponent. Of particular interest to some tamers is the Karima's Poisonous Coat technique, which can be modified internally by the Karima (when experienced enough) to secrete different types of poisons. There have even been rumors of a Lust-affecting poison that can be secreted in this fashion, though details of that phenomenon are scarce at this time. This can sometimes worry tamers who have just obtained a Pokégirl of this breed during taming sessions, but it has been proven that the Karima is capable of handling her poisons at all times without worry of letting any loose at any time she does not wish to.
Due to the Pokégirl’s durability, it is unfortunate that the skin is quite desensitized much of the time. This results in taming issues, which are easily remedied with the use of lubrication of some sort. Though some have described the Karima's skin as being as coarse as sand, moisture (including sweat) readily addresses the issue, which prompts many tamers to have the Pokégirl go through a workout or a battle before taming her. Numerous Karima are saddened by the requirement, however, which was a result of their skin's change. Those that come to fully accept it are rare, though fortunately the issue rarely becomes a problem unless the Pokégirl is going feral. In a harem setting, the Karima's patience and ability to think things through make them excellent Alphas or Betas, and they will challenge to become one or the other if there is no true leader within the harem.
Rather rare are the few feral Karima that have been reported in the Edo and Ruby leagues. Completely territorial, these Karima leave markers for others to see that mark the boundaries of her small area that she has claimed. Trespassers rarely survive any intrusion into this Pokégirl's territory. Only children and pregnant Pokéwomen have been known to survive such intrusions, while all others were never heard from again. These survivors required counseling after these events. To any Tamer that wishes to capture a Feral Karima, it is highly recommended to set some sort of trap for her, rather than risk a frontal battle. Normally, Green Tea is the method of choice to use to trap a feral Karima (as it induces a nearly comatose state that can last for hours at a time with but a single cup), but a strong Fighting-type is also effective as well. Feral Karima are also known to flee from any plant or water type, such as a Vinebra or a Titacruel, rather than fight them in any territorial disputes.
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KILLERBREAST, the Defending Bee Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Queen’s bodyguards
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Fade, Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Stop Sting, Berserk Sting, Hot Sting, Silence Sting, Blur, Quickturn, Dash, Cut, Slash, Harden, Sleep Powder, Seismic Toss
After Level 50: Dark Blade, Toxic Blade, Pin Missile*
Enhancements: Exoskeleton and endoskeleton, Enhanced Endurance (x2 human), Enhanced Durability (x3 human), Enhanced Strength (x5) Wings for flight, Stinger tail, retractable blades in arms, Status effect venoms, Compound eyes
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (special ceremony from queen)
While Buzzbreasts are the common soldier and cannon fodder, Killerbreasts are the personal guardians of the queen. They evolve for one reason: to fight. They will protect the queen at all costs, even sacrificing themselves so that the queen could get away, however they are by no means mindless drones. Killerbreasts are quite intelligent when bonded to a queen or tamed, and are excellent strategists.
They look similar to the Buzzbreasts, though they retain the same black and yellow color scheme, the chitin now covers their abdomen and breasts, however this chest armor is retractable. They gain compound eyes, and their wings become longer. In addition, they lose the stingers in their breasts, and instead gain retractable blades in their arms. These blades can be coated in their poisons and are also used in the TriSting Attack. Because of the loss of boob-stingers, the Killerbreast usually has a MAXIMUM cup size of a B Cup. They lose their curves becoming much more lean and mean.
They lose some of their abilities upon involving, including their ability to produce all but the most basic honey, but their poison becomes much more potent, and their abilities in sword fighting also improve, though they are still not anywhere near Herowu’s or Tatmon. At higher levels the Killerbreasts sword abilities only improve, and they gain access to powerful sword attacks and the Pin Missile attack.
The Killerbreast was only discovered in 293 PS when a Tamer charmed a Buzzqueen enough. The Buzzqueen, still a queen of the hive, offered the Tamer the Pokégirl and even showed him the ceremony for evolution. The Tamer also found out that the Killerbreast was a gift to one favored hive of Cocooner from that Legendary. Because of their newness as of 300 PS, only about a quarter of known Buzzbreast swarms have this Pokégirl.
To evolve a Buzzbreast, the bee Pokégirl must first drink an unknown mixture of Buzzqueen poison, honey, and syrup. The Buzzbreast must then enter into a 69 with the queen. Once the Queen orgasms the Buzzbreast will evolve. It is not recommended to capture a Killerbreast in the wild without being gifted one. The bond between the Killerbreast and Buzzqueen is so strong that it overrides all others. In fact if a Killerbreast is stolen from the hive, it will try to escape and return, if this is impossible it will commit suicide. Not even a level 5 Taming Cycle can erase this bond, even though it will erase anything else. A Killerbreast will follow this bond to the ends of the Earth if it must. The only way to successfully keep a Killerbreast is to charm a Buzzqueen, then barter for one. If the Buzzqueen accepts whatever you have offered, then it will evolve a Buzzbreast for you. Incidentally, Killerbreasts love to sing, their favorite song being God Save the Queen/King, however they do not have access to any song attacks.
There have been no thresholded cases ad it is assumed impossible to do because of the conditions required for an evolution. If a Killerbreast is in a hive, then any Tamings it receives from a non-Buzzbreast or Buzzqueen will be only 1/10 effective. If it is stolen then this condition also applies, however if it is given then it is able to be effectively Tamed by its new Master or his/her harem. In a harem, Killerbreasts will do whatever role they were assigned to. While they make excellent Alphas, they will follow the orders of another Alpha just as easily. When Taming, a Killerbreast is very submissive to the one they are bonded to, but prefer to be dominant to those whom they are superior to. While with their Tamer, Alpha, or queen Killerbreasts will assume whatever position their superior prefers, and will usually only orgasm once their Tamer goes too.
The Killerbreast has a very fierce rivalry with Whorenets. A Killerbreasts favorite thing to do in life is to protect her Queen (or Tamer), its second favorite thing: rend a Whorenet limb from limb. A Whorenet's sword ability is probably equivalent to that of the Killerbreast, and while the Killerbreast is stronger, the Whorenet has better poison capabilities. Though the two love to battle, more often than not the battle usually ends in a draw. It is impossible to keep a Whorenet and Killerbreast in the same harem, even Tamers who have managed to get the Amazonchan and -lee evolutions to work together have yet to succeed in getting these two to cooperate.
Pin Missile - (Atk 100) The Killerbreast launches its tail stinger at the enemy. This missile is filled with explosive venom that will only release when the stinger is fired. This attack is only usable once a day while the Killerbreast waits for the stinger to regenerate.
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Killer Queen, the “CALL ME QUEEN!” Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Thankfully)
Diet: Human, heavy on meat
Role: S&M Queen, Military Leader
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Weak Willed, Psychic, Water, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Magic
Attacks: All Whip Attacks, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Erotic Kiss, *Regal Aura, Vine Bondage, Probing Pods, Poison Mist, *Spine Grind, Call Me Queen
Enhancements: Enhanced Toughness (x5) Regeneration, Enhanced Kiss/Gaze attacks, Summon Personal Whip
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dominatrix (normal)
Anyone that lets a Dominatrix evolve into a Killer Queen has either balls of steel or a peanut for a brain.
In appearance they may change dramatically or not at all. Similar to a Starlady, her body changes to fit her perfect image of beauty. She may become taller or shorter, hair color and length could change, her breasts may even shrink if she thinks them too unwieldy. For this reason, magic and poison that would change her body in some way are very ineffective.
Her tastes in clothing changes as well. While she is still obsessed with leather, like all Domina types are, she thinks herself above flaunting herself in a lewd manner. She still dresses in a very sexy manner, but it is mostly in a teasing manner, like others only deserve a peak at her.
She absolutely adores jewelry, especially crowns and tiaras. It is very rare to find any Killer Queen without some sort of semi-precious stones on her. A gift of a crown has been known to bring a ‘Queen to near orgasm, soon followed by an intense taming session.
While how she looks may or may not change very much, internally there are a lot of improvements. All Domina-breeds have enhanced toughness and healing to better deal with their love of S&M. It allows them to take more punishment at increased rates so they can indulge in their twisted tastes more often. A Killer Queen is the end result the line, and it shows. Her toughness increases even more, only the more powerful fighting attacks will leave noticeable marks on her pristine skin. She no longer has enhanced healing; it has turned to actual regeneration. Minor to moderate wounds will heal in minutes while severe ones will take a couple of hours unless put through a healing cycle. It is not known if a Killer Queen can grow back limbs because scientists are scared shitless to even ask such a thing of her.
All tamers that gain a Killer Queen are required by law in many leagues to go through a psychological evaluation. Only those with the strongest wills or blood gifts that protect them mentally will be allowed to keep the Pokégirl, others will be greatly compensated for her. This may seem harsh, but after the events in Tentaculus in 113 AS, strict guidelines have been created.
In 113, a Tamer had traded for a highly experienced Dominatrix. His harem was strong but he thought they could use some further discipline. At first all was good until a couple days later she evolved into a Killer Queen. She then turned the tamer into her personal puppet through her mind-altering kiss attacks and ended up conquering half of Tentaculus until she was brought down by league officials.
If a tamer had his/her Killer Queen back when she was a Domina, they will not have a hard time bringing her inline. Past experiences with the ‘girl will have given them a very strong sense of self and be able to control the ‘Queen. Killer Queens with these tamers are very loyal and very loving towards them. They are great at bringing the rest of the harem in line, even if it means they have to bend them a little to their wills. Of course her tamer deserves the best.
Tamers that are normal and acquired a Dominatrix first will have a lot harder time. Since Dominatrix tend to be mellower than her previous form, the tamer does not build up a resistance to her personality and attacks. That does not mean they can’t learn to control their Killer Queen, but they will always have to be looking over their shoulder, just in case.
The worse case scenario is if a tamer somehow captures a feral Killer Queen or gets a Dominatrix who is just about to evolve. These people usually have no experiences with Domina-type breeds and will soon become her personal plaything.
Something needs to be emphasized greatly to all tamers that are thinking of acquiring a Killer Queen. A battle of wills with this Pokégirl is a one on one thing. If you want her to know you are the dominate one in the relationship you must do it alone. Trying to use other Pokégirls to force her to submit will only breed resentment. She might listen to you, barely, but she will hold no respect and will fight you along the whole way. Worse case scenario is that you will have to trade her away along with the rest of your harem because she has turned them against you.
Killer Queens are incredible combatants. Her enhancements make it difficult to damage her and have her stay damaged. She also proves a very nasty surprise to psychic Pokégirls. Normally being a poison type would leave her vulnerable to their attacks, but that is not the case. The mind of the Killer Queen is one of the strongest minds on the planet, not intellectually or the ability to levitate things with it, but through sheer force of will. Trying to forcibly invade the mind of a Killer Queen is a very risky and dangerous endeavor, which usually leaves the psychic Pokégirl clutching her head in agony.
There is one good example of a Killer Queens willpower that actually endeared the breed to the public for some time. In a small port town off the coast of Capitol there was an invasion by Limbec pirates. They ransacked the whole town, capturing all tamers and Pokégirls to be ransomed to the government. One tamer was fortunate enough to have a Killer Queen in his harem. The Limbecs understood the power of the Queen Pokégirl and tried to convert her to their cause. They did everything they could to bring her to their side, to their eventual downfall. The Pokégirl slowly made every pirate that visited her loyal only to her until she convinced the pirates to mutiny against their captain. After it was over, all that was left was the hostages and one highly amused Killer Queen.
Some fights with a Killer Queen are over before they even begin. All Killer Queens exude a Regal Aura which drives weak willed Pokégirls, and sometimes even humans, to bow and take a knee. In such submissive posture, they are at the complete mercy of the Queen Pokégirl. It is not uncommon to see a tamer strutting down the street, Killer Queen in hand, watching with a large grin as human and Pokégirl alike bowed before them.
Killer Queens are intimately familiar with everything that involves whips, being better with them the Herowu’s. If there is some attack out there that involves a whip of some kind, she knows it. Some Killer Queens even dabble in magic so they are able to use various elemental whip attacks.
All Killer Queens have a personal whip that represents her personality. If she is a kind, caring, Pokégirl that believes that others should obey her because she knows best, her whip will be a long, soft leather whip made mostly for binding. If the ‘Queen is a sadistic bitch that only wants to cause pain, her whip will be a long, jagged trail of metal and leather that is meant to shred flesh. She has the ability to summon her whip from anywhere, at anytime.
A Killer Queen is at her deadliest not with her whips ironically. Her gaze and kiss attacks can literally make someone her slave. It is illegal for a Killer Queen to attempt to use Enslaving Kiss on a human, or for her to be ordered to do so. If caught, the Pokégirl will be put through a level 5 cycle and the tamer stripped of all Pokégirls if they are the ones that ordered it.
As expected, taming a Killer Queen is something else. If she was acquired as a Domina then one can expect what will be coming. It is a cruel, cruel thing to loan a Killer Queen out to another tamer for the night, they will never be the same again. She loves S&M more than any other breed. She can have an orgasm simply from causing others pain, which might be the reason why they like fighting so much. A Killer Queen’s respect for her tamer will deepen exponentially if they are able to make her submit during sex. Using her own personal whip on her during taming is usually enough to leave her a twitching, gibbering mess.
Feral Killer Queens are extremely rare, to which we are all very thankful for. If a tamer happens to encounter a Killer Queen they need to be on guard for her subjects. A ‘Queen never travels alone and will have between two to ten Pokégirls that are her devoted servants. Reports have come in that some even command larger numbers but they can not as yet be substantiated. Even feral, she will lead the Pokégirls like a general, picking off the weaker opponents until they can overwhelm the stronger ones. League officials have listed feral Killer Queens a beta level threat after a single one nearly overran a small hamlet town in the country side with a large group of Pokégirls.
The feral state of a Killer Queen is not something anyone wants to see. She loses some of her intelligence but becomes even more aggressive and bloodthirsty. They will try to dominate and enslave anyone and anything within reach. She will be mighty upset when she regains her senses as well, angry that she was allowed to even approach feraldom.
In a harem, a Killer Queen has to be the alpha. Unless the Pokégirl is at least twice her level or is damn near legendary, she will not listen to her. It is usually for the best to allow her to become Alpha because she gets things done. If there is an unruly Pokégirl in the harem she will bring her inline very quickly, even if it involves the temporary loss of appendages.
It is very unwise to have a Bondage Queen in the same harem as a Killer Queen. They have an intense rivalry with the breed and will attack her on sight. Killer Queens don’t like them because, to them anyway, it seems like they are trying to copy the K’ Queen. There can only be one Queen in a harem, and damn it, it's going to be her.
The military will use Killer Queens to train and motivate their soldiers. Success and improvement is rewarded substantially, and failure is punished just as much. The leaders will have to make sure the soldiers are loyal to the league and not just the Queen herself.
It should be noted to the general populous and the anti-Pokégirls out there, a Killer Queen is not ‘always’ evil, just like every other Pokégirl out there. Yes, their tastes in sex are sick and twisted and love to control everything, but that is not always a bad thing. A Killer Queen is just as likely to dominate a tamer so they will stop criminals and help the unfortunate as they are to commit crime.
Spine Grind (ATK 15 AND/OR S.ATK 35) - Useable by anyone with a pair of stiletto-heeled shoes, the Pokégirl drives the heel into her target's body (not necessarily the spine). Unless properly trained or a Domina (or one of its evolutions), the target will only take damage. Only properly trained, the user can use it as either a sex attack, a normal attack or, in some cases, both.
Regal Aura (EFT.) An aura all Killer Queens exude. She can turn it on and off at will but prefers it on. Her aura is the first test a tamer has when acquiring one. All Pokégirls and humans that come near her need to have a strong will or be compelled to take a knee before her. The stronger the Killer Queen the stronger the aura. It is very helpful for capturing large amounts of weak ferals. Some Pokégirls that are already blindly loyal to someone, like delta bonded Pokégirls or feral Buzzbreasts, are not effected by it.
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KISSITALCOATL (aka QUETZALCUNTL), the Celestial Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Near Human Metamorph (Winged Snake)
Element: Poison/Flying (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: High preference for meat but can tolerate high protein plants
Role: Advisors, Oracles, Spiritual Leaders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Ghost, Magic
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Psychic
Attacks: Love Sting, Regeneration Tears, Phoenix Down, Dive, Glorious Sun, Squall, Tempest, Wing Attack, Heaven's Arrow, Life Shield, Angel Wings, Soothing Mist
Enhancements: Honeycombed lightweight bone structure, Limited morphing abilities, Antidote synthesis, Aura of Calm/Fear (can alternate), Heat Sense, Limited Telepathy
Weaknesses: Magic Sink, Unable to use magic
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (Angel Stone), Garter (Angel Stone)
Discovered in 222 AS by a Tamer unhappy with her Naga's evolution into an Arbust, the Kissitalcoatl is a surprising addition to the Celestial number. Even more surprising is the later discovery of the same evolution from the Garter –though those evolutions have been shown to call their breed name Quetzalcuntl. While this helps distinguish which Naga evolution this particular Pokégirl evolved from, they have been proven to be one in the same breed, much like the Boobisaur/Bulboustits.
In terms of looks, Kissitalcoatls are in a word, majestic. In their not very near human form, they look much like a more slender, longer version of the Naga with the addition of a pair of colorful wings and a feathered portion on the tip of their whip-like tail. They have more animalistic features in this form and their faces have a prominent snake like muzzle. Their scale and wing patterns vary depending on where they where when they evolved, ranging from a uniform green scaling with red and blue wings to a red, black, and yellow scale pattern with feathers every color of the rainbow. Even their bust tends to vary; sometimes gaining as much as three cup sizes to gaining none at all. Upon transforming into their near human state, their face becomes more human and their scales become smaller, sometimes changing to a flesh tone around their head, front and forearms. Their long tails become a set of legs, giving the Kissitalcoatl a height ranging from 5' to 7'. In this form it is still easy to distinguish them from any other Naga evolutions thanks to the wings that stay prominent on their back, as well as the feather pattern on their lower legs. One more fashion savvy Quetzalcuntl called the feathering 'Colorful Leggings', noting that the feathers start in a pattern just below the knee, flaring out as they end at the ankle.
One of the Kissitalcoatl's most surprising abilities is also their biggest weakness. Officials at Vale have dubbed this new ability the 'Magic Sink,' although, in more general use, it is simply referred to as an 'Anti-Magic Field.' Upon evolving, the Kissitalcoatl looses any magical ability she once had, and actually seems to create a 'dead magic' field around her. Through studies, it has been found that the size of the Magic Sink field is directly related to the strength of the Pokégirl, starting as small as a foot in radius around her lowest level, but reaching up to twenty feet in radius around her at her maximum level. While this may seem like a strong advantage against magic type Pokégirls, and indeed it is, it is also a weakness, since whoever owns a Kissitalcoatl has a hard time keeping any Magic type Pokégirls. Even within her Pokéball, the field is suppressed into one tenth of its size when the Kissitalcoatl is out, thankfully making it less of a menace in general. However, in battle, this ability means that techiques of pure magical origin are entirely ineffectual. However, more than one cocky Kissitalcoat has still been effectively skewered by a hail of magically-summoned by otherwise normal swords, or the equivilent.
Despite their odd anti-magical status, Kissitalcoatls tend to look upon life with the serenity of the more easy going Celestials. They enjoy keeping a live and let live philosophy until they see something overtly evil –then it's on. In battle, they attack with ranged attacks first to soften up the opponent before going in to close combat, or if the opponent is a strong against their flying type, they fall back to using their poison abilities like Love Sting. They only use their Celestial attacks if the opponent is truly evil or their backs are against the wall. They also tend to reveal more than the average Celestial about their connection to the Cosmic Awareness, but usually caution their tamers against anything that will lead to their demise. Notably, they get along better with Gardelfwhors than the more 'straight-laced' Celestials, despite their more demure attitude in bed than the Sexlestial Pokégirl.
To date, there has been no recorded instance of a Threshold case of a Kissitalcoatl, though it is speculated that the thresholder would have to be very moral. No instances of Ferals have been documented either, since most tamers who choose to give up their Kissitalcoatl quickly find that there are many people who are suspicious of magic who are more than willing to take her in.
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LAMIA, the Vipergirl Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake)
Element: Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivore
Role: Most often wild, few are ever domesticated (usually for bodyguard duties)
Libido: Very Low (Low in warm climates)
Strong Vs: Grass, Fire, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ice
Attacks: Poison Sting, Bite, Wrap, Tail Slap, Glare, Sleep Venom, Thunder Tail, Lick, Fear Aura, Spice, Sap Sting
Enhancements: Serpentine form, poison sacs, increased flexibility, soft bones.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Venom Stone)
A Naga looks like a human with the lower body of a snake. The Lamia looks largely similar, only more snake-like. The Lamia has few human traits. By and large, their arms and hands, the hair on the head, and their C to D-cup breasts are about the most human-like traits they have.
Their eyes are double-lidded, they have a long forked tongue, and a large noseless muzzle. The majority of her body is covered in pale bluish-green hard armor-like scales, save for her joints, her breasts and her underbelly, which are a very soft yellow. Their hair is often black and overgrown. Their eyes are usually gold and slitted.
Lamias are usually cold-blooded in both senses of the term. Their body temperature is low, making them doubly weak to ice-based attacks. When temperatures start falling below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they tend to start seeking the warmth of an underground lair. They're at their most dangerous at this time, since they seek to eat the most just prior to hibernation. Once hibernating, they are about as harmless as a normal rock, until the temperature rises above 50 degree, which awakens them. Because they can quite literally sleep themselves to death in this manner, they often seek temperate to tropical zones, doing their damnedest to avoid arctic areas.
Lamias are also carnivorous, largely preferring mouse or bird Pokégirls. They often mortally or fatally wound a target, then devour it while it's still alive. Because most don't take well to the various meat substitutes, the only means to keep them in line is to get them addicted to the meat that a KhangAssCunt produces shortly after they're born. Oddly, Lamias hate the taste of any other snake Pokégirl, so they only eat other snake Pokégirls when absolutely desperate. They also will never choose a snake Pokégirl as a lover. Feral Lamias only hunt and/or eat once or twice a week (more if their partner requires it), but the more active they are, the more they need to eat. Most will go to their lair to digest.
When Lamias choose sexual partners, it causes a bit of confusion, since the Lamia will never harm their current sexual partner, regardless of how desperate the Lamia is for food. This is, perhaps, one of the few things that keeps them from being a complete menace. It will also feed it's sexual partner first, and itself second. The reason is that it often injects a small dose of sleep venom into any food it grants, which will ensure that it's sexual partner never gets free.
Lamias will leave their sexual partners when it gets too cold unless the partner is a Pokégirl who hibernates as well. If their partner is not, they will seek out their partners once they've awoken. They absolutely hate having to 'break in' a new sexual partner, so they will attempt to hunt down their former partners if the latter has chosen to escape (which most do), but will give up the chase after one month. Of course, once it's chosen a new sex partner, if the old partner happens to be in the area, said former partner will be considered prey, as the Lamia has no need of two lovers.
Because of their less pleasant nature, there are very few Domesticate Lamia and absolutely no thresholds directly into a Lamia. Lamia are for hardcore tamers ONLY and any beginner fool enough to try and tame one deserves whatever fate they meet.
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MEPHITITS, the Pheromone Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic – Skunk
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: berries, plants, nuts
Role: crowd control, chemical industry, in aiding breeders, perfume industry
Libido: Average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Spice, Musk
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Musk Glands, Poison Resistance, immune to own musk
Disadvantages: Slow Movement, Diurnal, Hibernates (in colder climes), limited use of glands, Poor Eyesight
Evolves: Skunkette (normal)
Evolves From: None
While there are many whom find the likes of the Naga species to be trouble because they're a male Tamer, or find the Toxicat too difficult to get a hold of, or the Oddtits species being rather unsexy, there is hope for those that want a dependable Poison-type Pokégirl. A rather common pokégirl that has become surprisingly popular species amongst Poison-type enthusiasts: the Mephitits.
In appearance, a Mephitits is an anthopomorphic skunk-like Pokégirl. Standing anywhere from between 4'2 to 5'6", the Mephitits is covered with a surprisingly soft coat of fur black for the most part, but the underside a pure white. Raised triangular ears and a semi-muzzle make out her animal-like facial features. Their figure, while not as small as Pias or Tomboys is still somewhat disappointing at a small B-Cup. They do however, have nicely shaped hips and a plus, nicely shaped ass with the tail spouting from the small of their back with a white stripe running down her back, (though there has been varieties that had parallel stripes or even spots, this variance tends to be regional adaptations). The tail tends to be white tipped. Most Pokégirl Researchers have come to determine that the size of the Mephitits hips and posterior are due to having to hold the secretion fluids for their musk glands.
One of the most common Pokégirl species, (joked to be `Very Common' in Indigo and Johto) the Mephitits as a whole have found themselves to become a staple in Harems of Tamers starting out. Feral Mephitits are plentiful in the wild, and despite their Poison-type nature, are rather easy to use. This combination of ready availability and somewhat user-friendly attitude have also gotten them called, "The Beginner's Poison-type".
The Mephtits, be they Domestic or Feral, are rather affectionate Pokégirls. Admittedly, they tend to be slightly lazy during various points of the day if not exactly sleeping, since due to the Pheromone Pokégirl’s diurnal nature, trying to keep sync with a master and the rest of harem will throw the Mephitits’ biological-clock off. This can be offset slightly by allowing the Mephitits to follow her bio-rhythm.
Another odd disadvantage the Mephitits has to deal with is how this Pokégirl moves. While most noticeable when running, this Poison-type can't help but move her legs in an awkward gait, practically waddling. Though agile in combat, it's when moving long distances, they end up moving slower. Because of this, the species is often found in roles outside of fighting, where being able to run is practically a requirement.
Possibly the most annoying trait of the Mephitits for Tamers is that the Pokégirl will hibernate in the colder climates, thus ending up being inactive for part of the year. Even if put into a PokéBall and released, the Mephitits will be in her state of hibernation until her inner-clock releases her. Truly, this is a problem for people whom use Mephitits in the Capital and Scarlet Leagues, where cold is prevalent in the weather.
Given all these disadvantages, one would think that the Mephitits would be a relatively useless species of pokégirl for a Tamer. However what they lack in physical attributes they more than make up with their Musk technique and Intelligence, making them quite suitable in a support role.
With their Musk technique this Pokégirl can duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-types as well as few of their own. Known musk variations include, but not limited to drive Pokégirls away, (Pokégirl Repellant), Attract Pokégirls, or can induce the status-ailments of lust, sleep, paralysis, poison, choke, blind, and other such similar things. This means that every Mephitits, with all that junk in her trunk, is actually a walking chemical weapons factory who's more versatile than several Plant or Bug-type Pokégirls. However, there are restrictions on the Mephitits' ability to produce musk. She can only store one type of musk at a time and has to expel it so as to create a new variety, and it takes half an hour before she can use her musk technique again.
The Mephitits' intelligence is quite high for the average Pokégirl, (among the more common domestics like Kittens, Evas, and such) even among the Feral Breeds. These Pokégirls tend to have an interest in fields that make use of their abilities, (such as chemistry) and, strangely enough, transportation, (auto, hover, and the like). They can also use their sense of smell to differentiate chemicals and describe exactly what is in them, so long as they are familiar with the chemicals they are analyzing. They find great work in the limited Chemical Industry.
When it comes to Taming, a Mephitits loves it from behind, and will churr to the high heavens if a Tamer hugs their tail. It is, however, suggested not to squeeze this tail too tightly, lest they end up being Musked. Cuddling is a big thing for the Mephitits after being Tamed, and will want to hug and kiss their Tamers.
The Mephitits is a common end for Threshold in girls who have a strong family history of Poison-types. These girls tend to be sent to ranches quickly, before they end up stinking their families out of the house.
Musk - (EFT) A technique exclusive to the Mephitits and Skunkette that allows the Pokégirl to duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-type Pokégirls as well as few of their own. Known musk variations: berserk, blind, confusion, itchy, lust, paralysis, poison, stun and such.
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MILEEBORO, the Toxic Plant Pokégirl
Type: Semihuman (Plant)
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous (plus pollutants)
Role: Purifying polluted soil, Disposal of toxins
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Bite, Crunch, Regenerate, Poison Powder, Poison Mist, Bad Breath*
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x2), Specialized conversion organs, Enhanced Durability (x2), six stalk eyes allowing for 360 vision, High poison resistance
Evolves: Treant (normal)
Evolves From: None
Mileeboros are an interesting conundrum. Their bodies are amongst the sexiest of all Pokégirl-kind. They have round, full breasts, ranging from B to DD cup, skin that is smooth and dark, an attractive dark brown with some greenish tint to it, curvy hips, a sexy rump, long legs, surprisingly delicate-looking hands, an althetic build, and silky hair. But then you get to the face. The nose of a Mileeboro is slim, but their jaws are wide and lined with razor-sharp, needle-pointed teeth, with a long, pointed tongue inside their mouth. They also have six glassy yellow eyes, which can extend out on stalks, allowing a Mileeboro to look in every direction at once.
Not the most attractive face in the world.
Feral Mileeboros tend to be solitary, peacefully eating what they can find. When confronted with a newcomer into their territory, they become fierce, attacking all out with vines from their hair and teeth, 90% of the time using their trademark attack, Bad Breath, right off the bat. They fight savagely, but tire easily, since they tend to try everything at once to get their opponent to go away. The problem to catching one is the fact that Bad Breath is such a potentially powerful attack, and tends to drive people off to heal the status problems it causes before actually trying to catch the Mileeboro. If the Tamer and his Pokégirls manage to outlast the Mileeboro’s stamina, there is a fifty/fifty chance that they will try and run away from the fight.
Tamed Mileeboros tend to prefer clothing that reveals as much of their sexy bodies as possible, while keeping their mouths covered by a mask or a veil. Their face is an embarrassment to them and they aren't fond of Tamers looking at their faces for long, preferring to flaunt their bust and bodily curves. They love to use Bloom and Buttsprout on themselves, wanting to enhance their figures as much as reasonably possible to draw attention away from their faces, becoming surly if people stare at their faces too long. In terms of Taming, both Ferals and Domestics prefer to be Tamed from behind, Domestics not wanting their Tamers to look at them in the face, Ferals simply because they like it that way. Very rarely will Domestics accept a Taming from the front, usually only from a Tamer who has shown them enough love that they feel comfortable showing their unmasked faces to. There are occasionally jealously issues with this breed, especially with more beautiful Pokégirls. This can be solved, however, by showing equal affection to the Mileeboro. Touching and/or caressing their face is a good way to get their affection and maintain it. As a related side note, Mileeboros tend to get along well with less attractive breeds, such as the Feeblass and Giant Trollop. These jealously issues only occur in Domestic Mileeboros, however.
During the Revenge War, Mileeboros were among the many Pokégirls sent into cities to cause general havoc among the populace. Their Bad Breath attacks would cripple the response times of human forces and make it easier for stronger Pokégirls to move in and start casualties. Sometimes Mileeboros would head in with the stronger Pokégirls, using their powerful jaws in addition to their toxic Bad Breath attacks. This was usually contrary to orders, but if the job got done, no one complained. They briefly were very rare in the waning days of the war, as human soldiers learned to take them out from a distance before they could use their Bad Breath attack on them.
The Bad Breath that is their trademark attack comes from their ability to purify soil and eat most harmful chemicals without negative affect. They absorb pollutants out of an area of ground through their root-like feet, and into a specialized lung, their stomachs capable of converting consumed toxins into their Bad Breath attack. The more toxins converted into the Bad Breath mist, the more potential status effects the attack can unleashed. They can also convert bodily wastes from eating carrion and plant-matter into Bad Breath mist, although the effect will not be as potent. Due to this, Mileeboros are more commonplace in industrial areas rather than in the wild, and are often seen working together with other Poison-types that consume wastes. In many cases, they are used with other Pokégirls that consume waste products, allowing for very effective waste management in large urban areas. Mileeboros can also be found abundantly in harsher natural environments, such as swamps and peat bogs.
As an odd side note, a Mileeboro’s normal breath is actually quite pleasant. This is unusual, considering their Bad Breath attack, but it’s assumed to be a case of the Bad Breath not being connected to their regular lungs. Another unusual thing to note, so far only noticed among Feralborns, is that they tend to have an usual fondness for headgear. Hats, crowns, earmuffs, they like anything that can be put on their head. Researchers have dismissed this as an extension of the need to mask their unpleasant facial appearance many members of the breed feel the need for, although this is regarded by some as inconsistent, as Feralborns tend not to want to wear veils to hide their face, being unashamed of their looks.
Feralborn Mileeboros have very casual harem dynamics. Once adapted to a harem, they easily make friends with their harem sisters and can get along with most anyone. Domestics have a much harder time of it, being shy and embarrassed about their new appearance. It’s only with care and affection that they can overcome any insecurities they may have. They don’t take well to insults, especially about their appearance, but this can be solved by disciplining the involved Pokégirls.
Threshold cases do happen, but a great number of them end with the girl requesting a level 5 taming cycle, or attempting suicide. Most of the suicide cases are stopped and healed, being placed in level 5 cycles upon their restoration.
Bad Breath (EFT) – The Mileeboro exhales a cloud of highly toxic gas that has an extremely high chance of causing many status effects, at the very least Poison, Confuse, and Exhaust.
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MOSQUITIT, (aka SKEETER) the Hematophagy Whore Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon, Indigo, Johto Leagues, Fringes of Dark Continent), Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: Blood
Role: biological warfare, Team Rocket soldiers, general pest
Libido: Average (becomes High seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Sting, Needleshot, Gust, Drain, Paralyzation Poison, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stop Sting, Speed Storm, Virus
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Durability (x2), endo and exoskeletons, wings for flight, poison resistance, virus resistance, limited morphing abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 120,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 60,000 SLC
Bounty (for successful capture and taming): 180,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: An over-application of Ice or using Fire and lots of it does wonders for keeping this breed at bay. Please note to NOT start any forest fires!
Biological warfare, the use of pathogens, bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing agents as bio-weapons was a terrible practice in the Pre-Sukebe Era. Using nonliving toxic products, even if produced by living organisms intended to kill, incapacitate or seriously impede an individual as well as entire groups of people or places was a practice that saw its height during the War of Revenge: Sukebe’s Bloody Flu and then the Chinese’s despicable Monster Flu/Red Plague. These horrid biological warfare practices had consequences that still impact us to this very day. Sadly there is an old saying that holds true: “Those who do not learn from the past that doomed to repeat it”. It would become none other than Team Rocket that would be guilty of this.
With the failure of the CalamityJane breed in 268 AS to be a Pokégirl that would be an asset to its members and grunt soldiers, Team Rocket scientists were hard-pressed by their superiors to come up with a new creation, one that could be mass-produced to replace the Pokégirls whose loyalty was questionable. One of the remaining Researchers who were captured in a raid on their Viridick Facility admitted in a recorded confession that they had chosen to make a Bug-type as they wanted to go for a hive-mind effect, which could give them little individuality and make them unquestioning of their masters. It took three years of manipulating various existing insect and Bug-type pokégirl DNA structures and genome sequences but their efforts bore fruit.
In 271 AS, Team Rocket members started appearing with the new Pokégirl, throwing her off and using her for combat. This creation would become known as the Mosquitit.Until they use their slight morphing abilities to attack, Mosquitits are an attractive enough breed. They have feminine faces, blue skin, slender bodies with B-Cup breasts, long and curvaceous legs and hair that is usually a sickly beige or green in coloration. This hair frames their faces and accentuates the color of their compound pupils while a set of short antennae that stick out above it by an inch. They have light layer of chitinous armor on their arms, legs and torsos, mainly around their backside. They also possess long, scaled wings that shimmer with whatever poison powder they’re holding that are paired with a set of halteres: small knobbed structures that act as accelerometers that maintain the Bug/Poison-type Pokégirl’s stability in mid-flight, helping these insectile Pokégirls perform fast aerial acrobatics. It was the breed’s aerial competence that made them a favored pokégirl of Team Rocket at the time, whose members specialized in quick hit-and-run tactics.
However, when Mosquitits morphed to attack, their faces would change into something less human and far more grotesque in appearance. Their eyes become larger and fully compound, normally a dark crimson. Their jaws would split open at the chin, turning into a pair of mandibles. Their nose and maxilla form into one piece and elongate into a stinger-like proboscis that could be used to lance through most people, Pokégirls and animals to suck blood. Understandably, this is a horrifying sight for anyone stuck on the business end of that facial protrusion.
It is this blood-sucking that has made them a dangerous pokégirl, either Feral or in a Tamer’s harem. While real mosquitoes are the most deadly disease vector known, transmitting disease from one host to another, this pokégirl breed is free from such, thanks to Sukebe’s original tinkering of the Pokégirl genetic matrix, making them immune to STD’s and in turn, almost all naturally-occurring protein-based viruses. Still, they can spread other problems due to their saliva that comes from their feeding proboscis. In order for the Mosquitit to obtain a blood meal, she must surmount the vertebrate physiological response as she stabs into her prey. To accomplish this, the Bug/Poison-type has a specialized saliva secretion that effectively blocks the prey's ability to stop bleeding. It is a compound of which contains a complex mixture of secreted enzymes and protein inhibitors that effects blood clotting, the gathering of platelets, inflammation and the narrowing of blood vessels. Fortunately, it is not a permanent condition.
Still, this biological design makes it so that when a Mosquitit feeds on an opponent she leaves an open wound that is slow to heal and can become fatal without proper medical attention that’s coated with her saliva, a protein-based liquid that is beneficial to various pokégirl poisons and DNA. This means she inflicts more than just physical damage when she feeds on an opponent.
Feeding from various Plant-types allows her to collect powder and spores on her body, her poison resistance allowing her to ignore them and leave them with another person, allowing for transference of techniques such as Buttsprout Powder, Bloom Powder and Gender Dust. This is particularly dangerous for young human women as they also leave behind an amount of pokégirl DNA in their area of penetration. This solid deposit of pokégirl genetics left behind has been known to trigger Threshold in these girls, especially those who don’t come from a pure human background. Often enough, the stable DNA deposit is strong enough a dosage to actually manipulate which Pokégirl breed the Thresholder will turn into, over-writing the unstable yet formingPokégirl gentics from the girl’s ancestry. Team Rocket was known to abuse this facet to turn human women into rare Pokégirls they sought.
Fortunately, a number of this breed has managed to break away from the grip of their Team Rocket Masters. While a number have stuck to the Indigo League, the majority that have gone Feral have flown overseas and congregated where they have felt a link to; this means in fringes of the Dark Continent and the Crescent Moon League. However, in the Crescent Moon League, the League officials have created a special division of Pokégirl Hunters that are trained to deal with Mosquitits. In their efforts to lower the numbers of this species and keep them away from cities and towns, this special combat group has discovered that burning citronella oil is a good method at keeping Mosquitits at bay as the smoke screws with their senses, causing them to fall from the sky. This has lead to the Crescent Moon League being the leading cultivators of wormwood/sagewort, lemon balm, lemon grass and lemon thyme plants.
In the wilds, one can find Feral Mosquitits living in areas that have numerous sources of ground waters such as bogs, marshes, ponds, streams, ditches and rock-pools as they are attracted to the concentration of CO2 in the environment. These areas must be in warm or temperate climate as these Pokégirls cannot stand any cold areas. A warning in coming to places like this is that Tamers need to be on the look-out. Mosquitits can make themselves very still and they choose good hiding places. This is so they can pounce any unsuspecting prey that comes into their territory, making an easy meal out of them. Fortunately, unlike other Bug-types, they do not congregate in any large numbers and no more than three have been found in a single area at one time so even if one is attacked, there is still chance to fend them off without being overwhelmed. Yes, Feral Mosquitits are indeed a great pain to deal with but they not a true nightmare. As long as one doesn’t get caught by surprise, (and end up being drained of blood and left disease ridden) they can fight off this threat. If they don’t managed to get their target on the first go with Sting attack, Ferals are try to get into range of their targeted meal quickly to use Paralyzation Poison or Stop Sting to immobilize their prey. If one sets a Flying-type on them, they’ll find that while they have an advantage, Mosquitits are quite speedy creatures in the air themselves. Fire and Ice-type Pokégirls are a definite must for dealing with this Feral threat as their elemental techniques can tear through the Bug/Poison-type’s defenses rather easily. Once her wings are damaged a Mosquitit loses a number of her techniques and her speed, both of which are centered around her flight capabilities.
Taming a Mosquitit is a rather interesting affair in that this Pokégirl is very willing, as they have a huge fixation on oral-sex. While they feed in blood with their lancing proboscis, they love to suck a man’s dick, going on it for as long as their Tamer will let them. Fortunately, while when their faces aren’t formed to a ‘battle’ mode, their oral practices pose no threat. Still, there is a precaution that should be taken into consideration. The Bug/Poison-type’s long wings tend to flap rapidly during sex, causing her to release any pollens or powders she has either made herself or attained from other Pokégirls. While it's easiest to put a Mosquitit back into her Pokéball and put her through a cleaning cycle to avoid this, it's understood that there are Tamers that wish to keep her ‘stockpiled’ for combat reasons. In that case, one should either purchase wing-covers for the Pokégirl or at least Tame a Mosquitit with her back to a solid surface so she doesn’t spread any pollen easily.
Thresholding into a Mosquitit is unheard of at this time. The Pokégirl is still a very recent breed and very little numbers have been introduced into the breeding pool currently. It is likely going to take a number of decades or a full century before the outcome of Threshold into a Mosquitit will be even possible.
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NAGA, the Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Snake), Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Carnivore (ferals prefer small animals, usually eaten whole and live)
Role: Stealthy infiltration
Libido: Low (no particular high points)
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Ghost, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Leer, Wrap, Wrestle, Sex Attack 2, Bite, Gummi Tongue (Can produce one of five different poisons: normal Poison, Paralyzation Poison, Sleep Poison, Heat Sting, Lust Bite)
Enhancements: High Flexibility, quiet movement
Evolves: Garter (Very Near Human type, weaker but more popular, mechanism unknown), Arbust (normal; entire body becomes mildly poisonous and can spit venom), Sideviper (rare, only encountered as a Feral; battle stress), Lamia (Venom Stone), Gorgon (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
Nagas are half-snake, half-human hybrids which have the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake. Some legends indicate that a Naga might simply have the head of a woman and the body of a snake, but this might have been simply an artist's implication that a normal human woman was as pretty, but as cold-hearted as a serpent.
Nagas do not have many bones in their bodies, aside from their skulls, but instead have cartilage. This severely limits their strength when lifting, but Nagas are ALWAYS good at crushing things with her hands and body. Because they lack bones, Nagas have an impressive level of flexibility, allowing them to curl up into tight coils and even lick their own lower backs without relying on their inordinately long tongues, though with said tongue's assistance, they can lick between their own shoulder blades.
Nagas do not have a standard hair color, eye color, scale color or pattern, but they do have an average bust size, which is usually teetering on the border between a B-cup and a C-cup. Larger is infrequent, but not that uncommon, though smaller is rare once they are of taming age. Most nagas hage arms, though a genetic abnormality had popped up, and roughly 15% of the entire Naga population is armless. The 85% that have hands can emit poison from their fingernails or from their canines and they can change their poison to one of five different types, but there may be lingering traces of her previous poison for upwards of a week. The eye of a Naga can be human-esque, cat-like or even have a transparent second lid, but this is random and unpredictable.
The typical Naga's height is difficult to determine because many researchers argue about what would constitute their 'height'. Some say that whatever height they're at when they 'stand' is what should be measure; others believe they should be measured by their length; and yet others believe they shouldn't have a 'height', but rather a length.
If their length was their 'height', then it is generally between eight to fourteen feet, only three to four feet of which is their human part, the rest is believed to be necessary to counterbalance them when they 'stand'. Almost all Naga have a mild metamorphic talent, but not as great as those of their evolutions. She can create a human waist, butt and visible human-esque vagina, allowing her to engage in sexual relationships, but she cannot change more than that, forcing her to either bend backwards or lean forward to accomodate a male lover, but considering their natural flexibility, it is easy, even if it does look like it. Nagas are insanely stealthy, and unless moving over something that crinkles or makes noise, such as leaves or tin foil, she will never make a sound while moving, contrary to movies which depict them as making a snake-like hiss while moving. Nagas are not that popular for tamers or pet owners because they're part snake and even most Pre-Sukebe War humans weren't not overly fond of slithery reptiles, but there will always be those who like them.
As stated earlier, due to a lack of hard bones, her strength is usually blunted unless she can hug or wrestle with her foe. Her main attacks are through the use of the various poisons her body normally produces. Sleep venom is the usual attack, which is how she keeps her prey from struggling as she swallows them. There are also many other problems with having a Naga, such as their cold-blooded nature making them susceptible to opponents with Ice attacks. 70% of all Nagas are also lesbian in their tastes, making most of them difficult for male Tamers to work with.
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ODDTITS, the Nocturnal Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: sunlight (small doses), water (loves mineral water), nutrients from soil
Role: arousing other Pokégirls, soil regeneration, night watch
Libido: Average to High (moonlight-based)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Leech (roots), Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leaf Shield
Enhancements: Lunar Regeneration, Night Vision
Evolves: Gloomy (normal)
Evolves From: None
While most Plant-types love sunlight, and would happily bask in enough sunlight to cook a normal person, Oddtits actually avoids direct sunlight, preferring partial to heavy shade. Like Boobisaur, the Oddtits is a Poison/Plant combination...unlike the Boobisaur though, Oddtits is considered Poison-type first, Plant-type second.
The Oddtits gets her name from her unusual shape. Where most Pokégirls have a shape passing for normal (even a Tomboy with no volume has symmetry), Oddtits has a large, firm bottom perfectly at home on the curvier Pokégirls, while upstairs she is as flat as a Tomboy. Her head is adorned with fine hair-like vines topped with large petals, often a dark red (some variation exists, but the colors are always 'dark' in tone) that lay down to the sides and back (similar to some hairstyles) to the shoulders. For some reason her face is always shadowed, as if slightly smudged or shaded although lighting conditions and wash-cloths don't affect this. For a Plant-type, the most unusual note of her appearance is her skin...where most Plant-types have green skin, hers is normal skin tones according to her parentage.
Like Boobisaurs, the Oddtits isn't a strong fighter, so prefers to avoid melee. However, Oddtits lacks most “normal” plant offensive moves (Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, etc), making her apparently helpless...even though she isn't. Her collection of powders/pollens is very impressive, especially considering she is the lowest of four evolutions. Lust Dust and Buttsprout, Sleep and Poison, plus her Leaf Shield are a solid group of attacks, but her most devastating attack hides under her petals. The fine hair-like vines are actually roots, and at close range can be sunk into a target to initiate an attack equal to Mega-Drain (and on Ground/Rock Pokégirls is possibly better). This attack can be either momentary (on a mobile target) or continuous (on a stationary/unconscious target). On a stationary (Sleep Powdered) Pokégirl, a common trick (especially in a multi-opponent battle) is to put up her Leaf Shield around -both- herself and her target. While it appears to be a variant on Wrap or Vine Bondage, any active Pokégirl can break free without any difficulty, but combined with Sleep Powder is frighteningly effective. The only danger is her hair-roots are fragile, and if hit -directly- with a Sword or Fire attack can be severed, rendering this ability useless for 1-3 days. One thing that Oddtits -hates- is her complete invulnerability to Bloom (and incidentally Buttsprout), which precludes a proper bust until her evolution.
Sexually, Oddtits tends to prefer being taken from behind for two reasons...outside she will sink her hair-roots into the soil for more enjoyment (and to keep the light out of her face both outdoors and in) but her main reason for being taken from behind is so she can lay on her chest and try to conceal her complete lack of a bust (a very sore topic with her...'tiny-titty' jokes do -not- go over well with her for obvious reasons). In a Harem situation, Oddtits has no major preferences and will accept any half-way competent Alpha unless said Pokégirl is a -very- busty Pokégirl that likes poking fun at less-endowed ' which case Oddtits will likely challenge (repeatedly if she doesn't win) unless stopped by her Tamer. If placed in the position of Alpha, she will do her best (unlike some self-conscious Pokégirls Oddtits has little problem being in charge, she just doesn't seek out the slot).
Like other Plant-types, Oddtits is easy enough to care for. A little sunlight (partial to heavy shade preferred), soil and water, and she is fine. If injured, Oddtits can rest on natural ground and will boost her healing to almost double that of a normal human (although this doesn't count as regeneration), which will nourish the soil in exactly the same manner of the Boobisaur. However, if bathed in moonlight, an Oddtits heals at the rate of an Ivywhore, but how this works is unknown. Moonlight also controls an Oddtits' libido, given a few hours of moonlight, an Oddtits becomes very energetic and frisky, and tends to give off small amounts of Lust Dust whether desired or not. Unlike most Plant-types, Oddtits suffers from vision problems in bright light (effectively twice as bright to her as to normal people), and takes double the effects from Flash-style techniques, but in low-light (starlight for instance) they can see almost as well as a normal girl during the day. While preferring a nocturnal or diurnal schedule, an Oddtits can adjust to a normal pattern with the help of her Tamer. Note that when an Oddtits is resting on the ground, they always lay their heads on the ground so their roots can get to the soil.
Feral Oddtits aren't too much trouble, as they tend to spread Lust Dust to get laid quickly, but they can and will use Buttsprout as well, although while Feral they seem to be unable to make the permanent version (takes about a week to make one good dose, and an Oddtits always seems to know how much is needed for what enhancement level...if they have a dose prepared and then go Feral...look out).
It isn't as common for girls to Threshold into Oddtits as for Boobisaur, but it does happen. When it does, new Pokégirls tend to be rather unhappy over the odd appearance and take some time to adjust...although Threshold girls who were completely undeveloped do enjoy the larger rump.
Recent findings of Oddtits and her evolutions deep in completely unlit caves, when combined with her unusual ability to absorb moonlight, has suggested that this Pokégirl either doesn't -need- sunlight, or doesn't need it very often, but further analysis is required. One interesting note however...Oddtits and all evolutions except Belle Awesome (which evolves with a Sun Stone) have -never- been seen to use Solar Beam, a “staple” Plant-type attack.
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PLATYPUSSY, the Repentant Pokégirl Type: Humanoid
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (Extinct)
Diet: vegetarian
Role: recovering PsiDykes
Libido: bi-sexual, Low/Average (initial) to Extremely High (after doing good deeds)
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Ground
Attacks: Water Gun, Hydropump, Surf, Bubbles, Tackle, Paralysis, Scratch, Reflect (psychic attacks only)
Enhancements: None
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Psidyke (Angel Stone or proximity to the Orange Island Explosion site)
Platypussy are the result of a Psidyke coming in close contact with an angel stone or being within approximately 20 miles of the epicenter of the Orange Island explosion site. The effect of an angel stone on the vicious Pokégirl is astounding. Not only removing their hatred of men and love of domination, the evolution seems to kindle a sort of empathy with all other creatures. Due to the repentant nature of this Pokégirl, a Psidyke who has little to regret has not been recorded as evolving as of the publishing of this entry. The majority of evolution cases are from PsiDykes who have killed or otherwise greatly harmed one or a number of people. Unfortunately for these newly redeemed man-haters, they remember everything in their previous life. Many spend their entire lives trying to make up for their transgressions, and no Platypussy can easily kill another thing. That also ends up reversing their disgusting eating habits as well. The taste of meat often makes them feel very sick, though they have a special liking of salted tomatoes.
Their considerable psychic powers seem to dwindle as with many of their other previous passions. The only remaining ability manifests itself like a concentrated form of all the rest combined. It allows them to reflect any purely psychic attack or manipulation. No cruel tamer has ever been known to keep control of their Platypussy. It appears that the more you try to control them, the more they rebel, but a caring tamer has unconditional loyalty. Platypussy have thin coats of dark brown fur on their forearms and legs from the knee down. Between their fingers and toes a bit of membrane webbing aids them in swimming, but they don't possess the claws many would expect. Researchers speculate that they declaw themselves shortly after evolution. Otherwise they look perfectly human. They possess ample chests, somewhere in the D-cup range though it doesn't seem to hinder their swimming very much. No recorded cases of threshold, but all Platypussy behave very like most threshold cases. They prefer to wear clothes, and they are highly intelligent.
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SALAMANDRA, the Pyro Frog Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/ Anthro (Frog)
Elements: Fire/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Deserts) to Very Rare
Diet: Pokechow, Fish, Herbs
Role: Desert Trooper
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Spray, Sticky Spray, Poison Tail, Fireball, Inferno, Flame Tower, Flamethrower, Burning Hands, Water Gun, Double Slap, Tackle, Lick, Tongue Lash, Tongue Wrap, Tongue-In-Ear, Go Down
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Sticky finger tips, Sticky tongue that can stretch up to 15 feet, Able to store large quantities of water in body, Tough exterior skin, Able to secrete two specific chemicals simultaneously from skin.
Disadvantages: Even though Salamandra is thought of as a partial water type, water attacks still do damage to her over time. Her water attacks are generally super hot due to her prevalent Fire Element
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hottie (Fire Stone)
Salamandra is one of the few fire types that can handle water attacks, for a limited time. Like Horny Toad, her water type sister, Salamandra has fire, poison and water based attacks. However her strength lies in her use of fire attacks. While the water attacks she had when she was a Hottie decrease in effectiveness and availability she still retains her Water Gun attack. However this is offset by her increase in fire and poison based attacks. Also unlike the Horny Toad Salamandra still is able to maintain her Tongue attacks, in fact they are enhanced by the evolution making the tongue longer and stronger. Due to the harsh environment of the desert the Salamandra develops a tough skin to protect itself from the scorching desert sun. Salamandra can store sums of water so that she can moves across the desert environment where water is scarce.
Due to Salamandra's natural environment being hot arid desert, it makes them more adverse to Ice based attacks, While their thicker hide helps protect them from the harsh sun it doesn't help with their speed, so it also causes them to be weaker against Flying types. Much like the Horny Toad the Salamandra's natural camouflage gives her an almost natural Fade ability in her preferred environment of the Desert. Many can be found (with a Pokédex) basking in the sun, their rough skin has an almost rock like appearance to it making it near impossible to spot them when they are sleeping/resting.
On a different note when matured enough a Salamandra is able to will her body to secrete two special chemicals, that when used properly can not only keep the girl safe, but also make her body a veritable weapon. The first chemical is similar in properties to a chemical used in the entertainment industry, know then as 'Stunt-gel' it helps to protect a person from receiving severe burns when in contact with fire. While the exact chemical components can vary from Salamandra to Salamandra their purpose remains the same, keep a Salamandra safe from damaging herself when using a special Fire-move restricted (as far as it is known) to Salamandra types. The second chemical is what makes the first chemical necessary, similar to 'Pyro-gel' this chemical burns when lit. When these two natural secretions of a Salamandra are combined, the Pokégirl can inevitably light herself on fire and cause little to no damage to herself, while becoming highly dangerous to an opponent.
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SCORPIAGIRL, the Pathmaker Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Tauric Metamorph (scorpion)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Role: Lumberjack, Land reclamation
Diet: Vegetarian, heavy wood content. Will also accept Pokéchow if nothing else is available
Libido: Low (Raises after an intense battle)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ground, Rock
Attacks: Glare, Mega Punch, Poison, Rapid Sting, Sabre Claw, *Vice Grip, *Soften Sting
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Exo-Skeleton, Scorpion-like lower body, Light metamorphic abilities, Poison producing capacity, Ability to convert cellulose into a constructive materials
Evolves: Romanticide (Cat E-Medal & Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Spinnertit (Round Stone)
Scorpiagirls were once thought to be extinct. During the Revenge War, they acted as path clearers through woodland areas, removing trees and creating assault paths for fortresses and towns controlled by humans, using Soften Sting to help weaken fortress walls to allow for easier break ins. Hiding in the environment became extremely difficult thanks to these creatures. For years it was unexplained as to why a scorpion-based creature would eat wood, however a raid on a Sukebe-controlled lab revealed that with some girls, he added extra genetic code to them, such as locust DNA in his Wasp Pokégirls, and termite DNA in his Scorpiagirls. This discovery came after the war, as the Scorpiagirls were destroyed en masse by human forces after the death of Pokégirl General Selket the Swarm and Sukebe’s supposed death. For years it was thought that they were extinct until several of them began reappearing in various Leagues. The first rediscovery of this Pokégirls occurred in 280 AS, when a Scorpiagirl was seen battling a water-type Pokégirl on a shoreline of the Crescent League. Since then, there have been sightings of them in the Indigo, Johto, Capital, Noir, Slot, and Forest Leagues. There have also been rumored sightings of them in the Tropic and Crimson Leagues as well.
For the longest time it was thought that no Pokégirl evolved into the Scorpiagirl. However, after the discovery of the Round Stone it was revealed that Spinnertits could evolve into Scorpiagirls. Testing has proven that Spinnertits have always had this ability, it’s just that no one in authority knew about this evolutionary process until just recently. A study of Feral Spinnertits in an area known to have Round Stones in it, followed by a domestic-born Spinnertit who, with permission from herself and her Tamer, was evolve with a Round Stone, was used to prove this.
Scorpiagirls are large Pokégirls. Their lower bodies are large, resembling the breed they are primarily based on (similar to the Arachnae’s tauric form), with six arachnid legs and two sets of large, powerful claws. The upper set of pincher claws are blunter, allowing for powerful gripping attacks, while the lower set are sharper, more scissors-like and capable of strong cutting attacks. Their backs are long enough and strong enough to hold a person on them, a long, segmented tail with a long stinger at the end. Their tails, which are as long as their entire body in ‘scorpiontaur form,’ are usually carried in a curve so that the stinger is over their heads. This gives them a wide radius of attack. The stinger is made of an organic metal and is hollow, connected to poison sacs in the tail. Their powerful stingers were part of the reason they were hunted during the Revenge War, as they were weapons capable of piercing even Rock-types and Steel-types. The Scorpiagirl’s upper body is that of a tall, muscular woman with unusual markings on her body, a light frame of chitinous armor around her torso and partially down her human arms. They are ‘tauric Pokégirls, similar to the Arachnae, and can morph into a more human-like form for taming. In this form, they are seven-feet tall on average, with powerful, muscular legs. The only scorpion-like part they retain in this form is the chitinous armoring on their back and a slightly shorter version of their tails.
In combat, Scorpiagirls tend to be aggressive. They seek to close with their opponents quickly so as to bring them within striking range of her pincher claws and tail. They can use their tail and claws to strike with the force of a Mega Punch, although their favored tactic is to grip with their blunter claws and strike repeatedly with their tails. Their scissors-like claws are capable of cutting through stone, their tail stingers sharp enough to slash metal. In addition to Soften Sting and Vice Grip, they can also shoot a toxic venom out as a mid-range projectile attack. Their major weakness is that their exoskeleton, especially in their tauric form, retains heat quite efficiently. They overheat quickly in battles with Fire-types.
Combat is not the only use of the Scorpiagirl, however. The chitinous armoring on their humanoid upper torso extends down to the wrists of the Pokégirl. Because of the heavy cellulose in their diet, Scorpiagirls an take some of that cellulose matter and convert it into a strong, dense, high-tensile organic polymer. They can then extrude it through their the hollow chitin tubes in their wrists. They can shape it with their hands, and use it for various purposes. It hardens in minutes, making it useful for construction and for immobilizing prisoners. As they actually proved useful now in constructive purposes rather than just threatening and destructive purposes, laws against hunting them were passed.
Scorpiagirls tend to have low libidos and very casual demeanors, although there have been several recorded cases where Scorpiagirls become more affectionate and passionate after a tough battle. They prefer greatly to be on top, mainly because their tails in their taming form make it difficult for them to sleep on their backs. For safety’s sake, it’s best to restrain a Scorpiagirl’s tail in some way during Taming, as it tends to lash about while in spasms of pleasure.
Feral cases of Scorpiagirls are rare, but they have been reported. They are skittish, tense creatures when Feral, and tend to respond to new stimuli with a ‘sting first, analyze later’ method, especially during confrontations. So far, only three cases of human girls Thresholding into Scorpiagirls have been recorded, all in the Crescent League where they were first rediscovered.
*Vice Grip (ATK+EFT) – The Pokégirl grabs onto the opponent with her gripping claws, squeezing the opponent over and over.
*Soften Sting (ATK+EFT) – The Pokégirl lashes out with her stinger. Venom is injected through the metallic, hollow stinger into the target that can undo the effects of Harden and Unmoveable. It can also make certain materials become easier to destroy, ‘softening’ the materials enough for them to be demolished with weaker attacks.
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SCYLLA, The Legendary Water Fiend Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Unique
Diet: Fish, possibly humans
Role: Legendary Pokégirl
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant, Psychic
Attacks: Water Spear, Tidal Wave, Water Tower, Hydro Pump, Rain, Mirror Image, Whirlpool, Draining Rain, Water Golem, Water God, Poison, Poison Mist, Lust Dust, Slow Venom, Stop Sting, Vertigo Venom, Hot Sting, Paralyzation Poison, Wrap (could use on multiple targets at one time), Crushing Wrap
Enhancements: Complete mastery of all water within one mile, mild regeneration when in contact with water, multiple limbs
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
Scylla appeared as a 5'3" beautiful woman with glowing blue skin, long silvery hair, and had enchanting sea-blue eyes. She often took this form and spent much time underwater. However, when she went into combat, her lower body shifted into that of an octopus with twelve tentacles.
Scylla would frequently enchant men on ships or on beaches with her beauty and have sex with them. It's said that those who failed to please her were dragged into the ocean to drown (and possible be eaten). Those who did please her were also dragged off, but one survivor said that Scylla brought him to an underwater cavern and had sex with him repeatedly, and this likely was the fate of Scylla's other lovers, though the survivor saw no sign of the others. He was the last lover that Scylla had, as he was captured just days before she was killed, and he was able to swim to freedom a day later.
Though not one to work with other Pokégirls, she didn't conflict with any Pokégirls, save for Kary, who interrupted Scylla during one of her seductions, and proceeded to eat Scylla's conquest right in front of her. The two battled fiercely, but it's believed that Scylla was the one to retreat from the fight, despite having a major advantage over her fiery sister.
Scylla was the most annoying Pokégirl to try and face, because she was able to control the ocean around her, shift torpedoes from their designated path, send depth charges back to the surface, and could knock bullets and shells out of the air with her Hydro Pump, or dive beneath the water to dodge when other attacks were attempted.
Plus the fact that she could control the water within a mile of her made it virtually impossible for almost any ship to get range to effectively attack her, and the fact that she could sink or break said ships _and_ she didn't need to be in detectable range. She used this tactic often in the early days of the war to attack convoys. But as the war dragged on, she became more and more arrogant about her opponents, allowing herself to surface to mock the convoy's defenders. This ultimately led to her death.
The Langoud's massive cannon was able to kill her, catching her when she was attacking a fleet openly. It burned her to death and evaporated all the water in a 135 foot radius. What remained of her body was fished out of the water and inspected, before the military disintegrated it, just in case she could regenerate from even death, a wise precaution seeing as Scylla was the very first Legendary Pokégirl ever successfully killed.
Since it's first display of power had been successful, the Langoud was sent to hunt down other Legendaries.
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SEDUCA, The Femme Fatale Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human /Animorph (reptile) Metamorph
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human foods
Role: Toxicology Specialist
Libido: Very High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Male populace
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Steel
Attacks: Bite, Wrap, Wrestle, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Gummi Tongue, Glare, Hypnotize, Leer, Ensnaring Kiss, Enslaving Kiss, Warm Embrace, Poison Cloud*
Enhancements: Complete control of poisonous body, Enhanced strength (x5) High Flexibility, Poison Synthesis, Warm Blooded
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Arbust (delta bond + orgasm)
A Seduca is the next evolutionary step for the Arbust, though most people had no idea that one existed. For an Arbust, it is very hard to find a tamer that can handle her poisonous body to any degree, and even harder for her to form any emotional bond with that tamer. Should an Arbust find a tamer that can tolerate her poison and form a delta bond with her, the next time they have sex she will evolve into a Seduca.
People wonder why it required a delta bond with an Arbust for her to evolve, but an interview with a Seduca shined some light on the subject. An Arbust is always afraid on some base level that her body will cause her to tamer to leave her or, God forbid, kill them. Even if a tamer is 100% completely immune to her poison, she always has it in her head that suddenly she will be coated in Hyper Venom or something worse and they will die. Mentally, she tries to gain control of her nature, hoping that through sheer force of will she will be able to control her poisonous body and live happily ever after with her tamer, but this is also the problem. She can never truly accept her body or her tamers safety, even if it is on a subconscious level, until a delta bond if formed. At that point, she is psychically bound to her tamer, and knows that at this point, they love her with all their heart and her body is nothing to be afraid of. Some say that once you stop looking for something, you find it, and this is similar case. She is no longer fighting her nature and her complete acceptance causes her to evolve, in turn giving her what she has always wanted, complete control over her own body.
An Arbust’s evolution into a Seduca brings about many changes. Her libido sky rockets and she revels in the love of her tamer, wanting to do anything and everything to them. There is nothing that she won’t do for her tamer, and with her flexibility means there is very little she can’t do in bed. Her anatomy is also one of great confusion and interest to scientists. She now has a complete skeletal structure, which greatly enhances her strength in comparison to her other forms. One would think that this would detract from their flexibility, but the oddity is that it doesn’t. Their bones have the unusually ability to be as hard as bone, or as loose and flexible as rubber. She cannot stretch, but she can bend and twist in ways that would make a Herokapoeraa jealous.
She retains her ability to switch from a human form to a snake form. Her snake form is very similar to that of an Arbust, but she no longer has the hood, just very silky hair of varying colors. Her human form is something to behold. Her skin seems to have an almost ethereal glow to it, and it is as soft as silk. She no longer has visible scales anywhere on her body, only by looking very closely at her body with a magnifying glass will reveal that her skin actually is scales. Her breasts can range from a low C all the way to DD, and her hips will always perfectly match her figure, giving her the much desired ‘hourglass’ figure. Her eyes are almost always human like, though on occasion they may be slitted. Their height ranges from 6’0 to 6’8 and their length in snake form remains the same as her previous form. She can easily pass for a human in normal society.
Her most startling ability is one that she has always wanted, control over her poisonous nature. She is literally a poison factory, able to manufacture any poison to date, besides Hyper Venom. She has numerous small poison glands across her body, situated very near her sweat glands. She is able to create and store three separate poisons at once, and has the frightening ability to actually mix them on her skin or through her fangs and claws. They may change what they house, but it takes about 20 minutes per poison. One documented case was where a Seduca mixed Lust, Berserk, and normal poison at once. She bit her opponent and in a matter of minutes they had a heart attack. After reporting this to authorities, there have been strict regulations made on how a Seduca may mix her poison and to report any new concoctions to league officials for documentation to see whether or not they are allowed to use such a thing. They fear that one day a Seduca may actually mix up Hyper Venom or something worse.
How the Seduca controls her poisonous body is actually very ingenious. Like her previous form, the poison is excreted through glands that mix with her sweat, enabling her to coat her body in poison without using very much poison, similar in way to that of poison-dart frogs of pre-Sukebe era. But now she can control how much poison per point of sweat is put out, enabling her to control the potency of the poison, or completely turn off the poison and sweat glands. She has such control over her poison and sweat glands that she could make a single bead of sweat containing enough poison to kill a human in a matter of minutes, or soak her body in a lust poison that couldn’t get a Vixxen off.
Scientists often wondered how she can go from soaking wet to dry in a matter of moments, but a startling discovery was made. Unlike other snake type Pokégirls, a Seduca is actually warm-blooded. No one knows why or how they are, but some people romanticize it by saying that their tamers love for them warms even their cold blood, but they are mostly ignored. Reason or not, a Seduca can actually warm parts of her body to a very high degree, not as high as a fire type Pokégirl, but enough to dry the poison on her body very quickly. Tamers love this fact because it makes taming them all the better. Oddly enough, Seducas now seem to love cold showers and baths, as if they are making up for lost time. Due to their warm-blooded nature, they are no longer vulnerable to ice attacks.
A Seduca is considered the Femme Fatale Pokégirl at how easily she is able to eliminate a target with such little effort. To the naked eye, she looks just like a normal human, and her body captivates men around her. It is her control of her poisonous nature and her sinful beauty that allows her to kill with such ease, especially men. Flirting around with their intended target, making lewd suggestions at what they could do later, it is damn near impossible to tell when she has actually poisoned them. A kiss on the lips, a tender stroke of the cheek, or sensually drinking from the victim’s cup will send vicious poison coursing its way through the target’s blood stream. They could as easily snap their victim’s neck when they were finally alone, but prefer the more subtle approach.
In combat her tactics are wide and varied, though they all revolve around getting some form of poison into her opponents body. She might stay in human form and try to entrance her opponent with varying gaze and kiss attacks, letting her poisoned body work its magic on her opponent or bring them to orgasm. Seducas actually do quite well in Sex Battles, a combination of Lust Poison, Warm Embrace and Gummi Tongue usually leave her opponent a twitching mess. She can also take on her half snake form and use more grappling and bite attacks while wearying down her opponent with a wide variety of poisons. Like her previous form she has the ability to spit her poison out of her mouth at high speeds. She has a very hard time fighting anyone that is immune to her poison, having to resort to either seducing them, trying to crush them in her strong coils, or using her incredible strength. Should all else fail, she will resort to using her Poison Cloud ability, but hates doing this because it leaves her very vulnerable.
Tamers absolutely love Seducas in bed, and no more soaked bed sheets is a bonus. Not only do they have no inhibitions for taming, their new warm bodies are a welcome change from before. Seducas prefer to tame in their human form but occasionally like to change into their snake form to reminisce about back when they were a Naga. They will use Lust Poison liberally to make her tamer go far longer than they normally would, and get her harem sisters in on the fun. This has led some tamers to joke that she is perpetually ‘wet’ and she is not above poisoning them should they make such a joke. After a taming it is almost always the same with a Seduca. The Seduca will change into her snake form and coil around her tamer as it is their form of cuddling.
There have been no cases of feral Seducas or thresholding into one. A Seduca requires such a bond with her tamer that they would never let her go feral, and should they have children, they will either be human or Naga
*Poison Cloud (EFT): A deadly attack unique to a Seduca. She coats her body in as much poison as she can, then rapidly raises her body temperature, evaporating it. This send a cloud of very hot poisonous vapor all around her containing all three types of poison currently housed in her. She is naturally immune to it. She may do this only once every hour, and afterwards cannot use any poison attacks until that time.
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SEXYCUTE, the Hoola-Skirted Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: berries, pokechow
Role: spying
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Sleep Powder, Hypno Dance, Passionate Feet, Hyper Dance, Hugs'N'Kisses
Enhancements: Flight, size alteration
Evolves: SexyCuter (normal), FairyCute (mechanism unknown), HentaiCute (orgasm)
Evolves From: FairyCute (mechanism unknown)
SexyCute look relatively the same as they did as FairyCutes, but they lose their wings, tend to have mild to moderate tans, and always wear hoola skirts, save during sex or bathing. SexyCutes are usually a few inches taller and gain a curvaceous set of hips that are excellent for dancing.
It's believed that this "booty upgrade" may be the source of their hypnotic dance techniques, but that has yet to be proven, as most researchers generally can't keep their eyes off the SexyCute for long once she starts dancing.
SexyCutes are so good at dancing that they tend to be less magically active than FairyCutes. SexyCutes also have a tendency to stay in their larger state, especially when dancing or traveling. They do, however, use their smaller form when it comes to eating. Ferals also use their smaller forms to get access to areas that would otherwise be too small, generally for sleeping or hiding from tamers.
SexyCute usually use Dance Techniques, making them excellent support Pokégirls, but terrible frontline fighters. They can also learn to use and control poisons, which can be helpful for tamers seeking to capture other Pokégirls.
Both Fairy Pokégirls can transform into HentaiCute, the extremely perverted Fairy. However, the SexyCute's main evolution, the SexyCuter, has become a problem, one that the leagues are not entirely happy about.
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SEXYCUTER, the SEXIER Hoola-Skirted Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Berries, pokechow
Role: Spying, Taming
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ground
Weak Vs: Rock
Attacks: Enlarge, Reduce, Slow Dance, Hustle Dance, Dance of Revolution, Sleep Powder, Lust Dust, Erotic Kiss
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x3)
Evolves: HentaiCute (Orgasm)
Evolves From: SexyCute (Normal)
Reward for Capturing a Feral SexyCuter: 1,000,000 SLC
Reward for Keeping a SexyCuter: 50,000 SLC a week
Fine for Abandoning or Releasing a SexyCuter: 400,000,000 SLC
SexyCutes usually don't gain much height when they evolve, but their bodies do become more curvaceous, making SexyCuters even more appealing. If they don't already have tan skin, they will seek to tan themselves, but most will keep themselves from becoming sunburned.
SexyCuters gave a nearly unquenchable sexual appetite and Ferals will latch onto those who can sexually satisfy them, even if it's an entire harem. Ferals who cannot find anyone to satisfy them will use her Lust Dust generously and start massive orgies to satisfy her libido.
Because of this, SexyCuters have a stronger tendency to eventually evolve into HentaiCutes if their sexual appetites aren't sated at least once every lunar cycle.
It's obvious to anyone looking at her attack list that a SexyCuter is TERRIBLE for fighting. Her skills are better suited to capturing and taming other Pokégirls, and it's quite likely that she and the HentaiCutes were originally intended to keep the libidos of Pokégirls in check during the Sukebe War so they didn't turn to aid humans.
In fact, most researchers believe that she may have originally been intended to counter the subversion of the Pokégirl ranks caused by humans during the war. It would certainly make sense, considering the Psidyke and Dildoran's existence.
Feral SexyCuters can become quite a problem, especially with their access to Lust Dust and Erotic Kiss. With their tendency towards extreme sexual proclivity, they certainly do not seem to understand the concept of "tone it down" or "moderation". For a tamer seeking to catch a Pokégirl using a SexyCuter, this can be a minor problem. However, after several instances where a SexyCuter had enraptured feral grass-types into using Lust Dust in a town, which resulted in a wild orgy that stopped businesses for three days and led to hospitals being swarmed with dehydration and starvation victims, some Leagues have offered rewards for tamers to capture and keep feral SexyCuters.
However, like all things, some tamers tried to ruin a good thing. They attempted to capitalize on the initial reward by releasing their SexyCuter or abandoning her for a few weeks and then recapturing her.
League Officials quickly modified the law to add a massive fine for anyone who released or abandoned the SexyCuter, but neither the fine (nor the initial reward) apply if the SexyCuter is traded, and the reward for keeping her goes to the new tamer.
The fine is split between both tamers if the SexyCuter abandons the new tamer, so leaving a SexyCuter at a Pokécenter or a Breeding Ranch is the only advisable recourse for the tamer who cannot handle her. The initial reward is also not given if a SexyCute evolves while in the tamer's harem, but they do receive the maintenance reward at the end of the first week. This last part was added to the SexyCuters entry because many tamers believed that their feralborn SexyCutes would provide them a burst of income by evolving.
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SIDEVIPER, the Aggressive Snake Pokégirl
Type: Animorph Metamorph (Snake)
Element: Fighting/Poison
Frequency: Rare (most Leagues)
Diet: Berries, fruit
Role: Hit-And-Run Tactics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Grass, Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Psychic, Flying, Ice (double damage)
Attacks: Agility, Silver Fist, Thunder Tail, Wrap, Probing Tongue (*)
Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3), retains most of their intelligence even when feral
Disadvantages: Low HP, very weak to psychic attacks, weak against ice attacks, can't shapeshift if they're feral
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Battle stress + Feral state)
Sidevipers are very rude departures from the other snake Pokégirls. They often have foul tempers, which only evaporate after they've either won a battle or found a permanent lover (tamer or Pokégirl).
Their hair tends to vary from deep red to hot pink to almost blackish purple; they all have elven ears; and most have blue or grey eyes. Very rarely will any have green or red eyes. Their skin has a golden tint, as do their belly scales. Their other scales, like the Garter, always match their hair, but unlike Garters, does not change if the Sideviper dyes their hair. Their tails are double the length of their human legs.
Most of the ferals will often take advantage of any opponent who's fallen unconscious. Surprisingly, even completely feral, they retain quite a bit of knowledge, and have been seen rummaging through a tamer's pack and Pokéballs for things they like.
Back during the war, Sidevipers were well known for hit and run tactics, brutally attacking the flanks of infantry units, and forcing the enemy to spread their units thin, allowing more powerful and durable Pokégirls to devastate the units further.
Of course, being cold-blooded, they tend to stay away from cold areas. If in a harem, a Sideviper will beg to stay in her Pokéball. No arctic zone League will ever see a Sideviper that's there willingly.
Unfortunately for honest Tamers, no Naga will evolve without becoming Feral and becoming highly stressed in combat.
Those seeking to capture them know that Sidevipers love fruit. Some have been known to enter cities and attack fruit stands when their fruit supplies in the wild run low. Some smaller cities that have had repeated problems either send for a tamer to capture the Sideviper or have a large number of fruit and berry plants planted outside of town.
(*) - Probing Tongue - (S.ATK 135) The user's tongue skillfully finds the most pleasurable points on their partner and stimulates them. Both humans and Pokégirls can learn and enjoy this technique.
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SKUNKETTE, the Phenomenal Pheromone Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic Skunk
Element: Normal/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: berries, plants, nuts
Role: crowd control, chemical industry, in aiding breeders, perfume industry
Libido: Above Average (High on monthly basis)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ice, Plant, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Rock
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Tackle, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Dig, Spice 2, Musk, Back Burner, Flamethrower
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced strength (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Multiple Musk Glands, Posion Resistance, Immune to own musk
Disadvantages: Limited Use of Glands
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mephitits (normal)
Tamers that take the time and effort to work on their Mephitits, Taming her, training her, putting her through battles, will find that all this experience will get the Pokégirl to grow in enough levels to evolve. An evolution that while easy enough to find in the wild, is rewarding for the Tamer to have attained by their own accord. The Skunkette!
In appearance, the Skunkette remains looking like an anthropomorphic skunk-like Pokégirl. Standing slightly taller now between 4'10 to 5'11", the Skunkette's coat of fur remains pretty much the same with as before concerning softness and pattern. However, while the Mephitits was uniform in color and pattern throughout, it is the Skunkettes' hair that differentiates in colors, usually the regular colors like black, blonde, red, with some cases of blue and purple, which their triangular ears rise above. And of course, what Tamers look forward to is that their breasts grow to around a solid C-Cup, with some even reaching a small D-Cup, the latter usually happening to balance out her body if her posterior got bigger than expected as well.
Of course, with the minimal physical variation between the Mephitits and the Skunkettes, some would say that Skunkettes are nothing more than bigger, bustier, and lustier versions of Mephitits. Still, the Skunkette is definitely an improvement over her previous form. Their eye-sight is improved greatly and they no longer move with an odd gait to their step. More importantly though, the Skunkette loses her need for hibernation, allowing her to become a Pokégirl of year-round use. They also, of course, become better fighters since their strength seems to take quite a boost.
The most important improvement is that the Skunkette gain additional musk glands, allowing for the storage of up to four different kinds of musks, each usable up to four times before needing to wait an hour before they are replaced. This of course, also leads to the Skunkette having a nicer, rounder, larger posterior. Now with a capability to hold more musks, the Skunkettes discover an interesting aspect to their new body chemistry. Since they can mix musks for numerous kinds of effects, the Skunkette is now capable of creating fire-based attacks from mixing two noxious musks together. While the Flamethrower becomes a staple to their attacks, they can now use an exclusive attack called Back Burner, which is a slightly weaker yet more poisonous version of the Fire-type attack Flamethrower. However, they can only use either attack up two four times, since it usually takes two Musk channels in their body to make the Flamethrower, adding a third to make Back Burner. Atop of that, even though they are not Fire-types, they do gain an advantage against certain Pokégirls whom do have that elemental weakness, like Ice. As a trade-off, Rock-types now do become a pokégirl that can hurt the Skunkette, since they come to depend on the Flamethrower, which is an attack that Rock-type pokégirls tend to shrug off with minimal damage.
When it comes to Taming, a Skunkette still loves getting it from behind, churring in ecstasy when a Tamer is either hugging her tail, or giving her `ba-donka-donk' booty a firm slap. Spankings are also something a Skunkette can get off on quite easily; unfortunately this kink of theirs makes them a poor choice for sex battles. Cuddling is still important to a Skunkette after being Tamed, even if the Tamer is just holding her tail. Being sprayed accidentally is also something that a Tamer can say goodbye to thanks to her superior control over her body chemistry. So if it does happen, the Skunkette meant to do it.
The Skunkette, while not as common an end to Threshold as Mephitits, isn't something that is unheard of. These girls that skip straight to Skunkette with their Threshold tend to take to the changes quite easily, feeling confidence and pride; something that they would not likely have had if they'd just became a Mephitits, which has numerous disadvantages.
Musk - (EFT) A technique exclusive to the Mephitits and Skunkette that allows the Pokégirl to duplicate the effects of the various powder attacks of Plant-type Pokégirls as well as few of their own. Known musk variations: berserk, blind, confusion, itchy, lust, paralysis, poison, stun and such.
Back Burner - (ATK 80 + EFT) A technique exclusive to the Skunkette, the Pokégirl turns her back to her opponent before releasing a burst of greenish flame at the opponent. As this flame is made my mixing her currently held Musk into the Flamethrower attack, the opponent Pokégirl has an 80% of being afflicted with the Status-Ailment of the Musk.
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SLUTGE, the Slime Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (City Dweller only, depends on cities for food source)
Diet: Sewage, garbage, rotten food
Role: Garbage collectors? Revenge?
Libido: High (Very High during full moons)
Strong Vs: Plant
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Poison Mist, Spice 3, Poison, Sludge (*), Small Clone(*), Headbutt, Pound
Enhancements: Semi-solid body, absolute poison immunity, poisonous "flesh"
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A
A discovery in 300 AS, believed to be a failed attempt at cloning Tittos or possibly some sort experiment on the Titto's ability to copy the forms and attacks of other Pokégirls.
Though she appears to be a gel-Pokégirl much like the Titto (in it's natural form), it's color is purple, it can't shapeshift and it's body is largely poisonous, even to touch. Despite looking like she's constantly dripping fresh slime, she's solid enough to take damage and even faints, and when she's unconscious, she reverts to a puddle of goo.
These gooey Pokégirls live primarily in sewers or in other areas with high amounts of garbage, as it is their primary food source. They have even been seen devouring industrial and medical waste to no ill effect. They seem to have no real stomach limit, but stop eating to digest what they've taken in. Slutge generally revert to their "puddle" form for this. Regardless of their form, they often have a powerful odor that is often referred to as the worst smell any living creature should be allowed to make, especially if they've eaten any discarded food.
At night, their bodies will solidify more and they will seek out a partner to mate with. They don't seem to care about the gender or even species of their partner. They produce surprisingly little smell when solid, neither their flesh nor their 'sweat' is not poisonous and they cannot use Sludge or Small Clone during this time. Nevertheless, they often kidnap men for brief Tamings before going back to their lair to rest. They sometimes get willing victims who foolishly think that they're Tittos in their natural form.
These Pokégirls are also completely immune to the Widows' Hyper-Venom, as one Widow was seen repeatedly stabbing a rather large Slutge, and the Slutge did not die, though after a massive beating, it was knocked unconscious. Despite winning, given the Slutge's natural toxicity, the Widow may have been poisoned for it's efforts.
Cities have put up with Slutges, largely because of how useful they are at cleaning up landfills.
Scientists have already deduced that it is utterly and completely useless to try and poison a Slutge. She is completely immune to the Widow's Hyper Venom, magical poison and even biochemicals. They do avoid radioactive materials, though.
(*) - Sludge (ATK 160) - Exclusive to the Slutge, the Pokégirl hurls a large ball of her own body at the target. This has the same force as a 300 lbs medicine ball and has a 60-80% chance of poisoning the opponent if it hits, as well as inducing various other status ailments.
(*) - Small Clone (EFT) - When a Slutge devours enough "food", any number of smaller clones of her may form and come out of her body. These smaller clones have 1/10th of her hit points and cannot use any attack with an attack power over 100. They disappear into slime puddles when the main body faints. These clones cannot use Small Clone themselves, not do they eat or need taming. They often accompany their 'mother' to capture men.
Outside of combat, they generally survive for a month until evaporating.
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SMOGGY, the Stunning Smoke Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Trash (paper, plastics, etc.), will accept Pokéchow
Role: Smokescreens and diversionary tactics, theatrical effects, garbage disposal, Hazardous Material & Hazardous Environment specialists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Poison, Spice, Smokescreen, Dodge, Sleep, Takedown, Dizzy Smoke
-Gained with Experience: Paralyze Smoke, Poison Smoke, Hallucination Smoke, Healing Smoke, Acid Smoke, Sleep Smoke, Lust Smoke, Itchy Smoke (see description in flavor text for stats)
Enhancements: Lightweight body, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x2) Specialized organs for smoke generation and emittal, natural floating ability, greater variety of smoke effects
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Smokey (Special: Training with a Pot-Cunt for one month)
Smoggys are the next phase in a Smokey’s evolution, although they were discovered almost by accident. A Tradesman-class Tamer who had his own hemp farm trained his Smokey alongside his Alpha Pokégirl, a Pot-Cunt, for a month. After weeks of inhaling the fumes from the Pot-Cunt’s fire/plant combo attacks, the Smokey evolved, becoming stronger all around.
Smoggys, upon evolution, gain about a foot in height, becoming taller, slightly bustier, and more muscular, and actually lose ten pounds in weight, surprisingly enough. This has lead some researchers to believe that Smoggys and Smokeys have mostly gas inside them instead of actual organics. Skull-like markings appear on their face, similar to the skull-and-crossbones mark on their chest, which becomes more menacing and less cute in appearance. Their shoulders become broader, to the point where they look like they are wearing shoulder pads, more lines of smoke emittal holes appearing on them. This is a point of some embarrassment for them, as they think it makes them look unfeminine. It does, however, make their Tackle and Takedown attacks more damaging, as the enhanced shoulders are lined with thick bones. In terms of personality, aside from their irritation with their large shoulders, they become more confident and calculating in manner. They rarely speak unless they have something meaningful to say, and become very interested in learning more combat-oriented abilities.
Smoggys gain several new smoke-related powers through their training with a Pot-Cunt. The first ability they learn is called Dizzy Smoke, which reproduces the mind-numbing effects of the smoke from a Pot-Cunt’s flame/plant-based attacks. As they grow in strength, they can create different effects with their smoke, including various status effects, such as Heat, Poison, Paralyze, Itchy, and Sleep, as well as creating strong hallucinations, damaging in the form of acid, or even a field of smoke that heals whomever is inside of it. They retain their ability to float, although their poison resistance becomes so strong, they can even survive in areas too toxic for the vast majority of Pokégirl-kind.
Smoggys retain their dietary habits, and actually need LESS food to survive and produce smoke. In terms of Taming, they like to be on the bottom, like to feel their Tamer’s weight pressing down onto them and smothering them. Threshold cases of Smoggys are extremely rare, as most girls who are of that line usually become Smokeys first.
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SMOKEY, the Smoke Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Trash (paper, plastics, etc.)
Role: Smokescreens and diversionary tactics, theatrical effects, garbage disposal
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Poison, Spice, Smokescreen, Dodge, Sleep, Takedown
Enhancements: Lightweight body, Durability (x2), Specialized organs for smoke generation and emittal, natural floating ability
Evolves: Smoggy (Special: Training with a Pot-Cunt for one month)
Evolves From: None
Smokey was one of the first poison-type Pokégirls discovered during Sukebe’s Revenge War. They served mainly as distractions, creating large and thick smokescreens to aid with attacks and to blind opponents while they kept their distance, floating over the battlefield and dropping supplies in to aid their fellow fighters. They didn’t do much fighting, being better suited for non-combat roles, the vast majority of the breed being almost as timid as Titmice.
Smokeys are small Pokégirls, five feet at the tallest, with grayish skin broken only by a small, cartoonish skull and crossbones marking just above their breasts. They usually have short hair and eyes that are some shade of black, gray, or white, as well as a slender figure with B-cup breasts. Lining their arms, back, shoulders, and calves are small holes in their skin. These are connected to a series of specialized organs inside their bodies that, when stimulated via mental command, emit clouds of thick smoke, which, depending on the intensity of the emittance, can emerge as either a simple blinding fog or a thick, choking smog. They can also emit smoke through their mouths as well, although THANKFULLY they do not emit smoke through their breasts. Smokeys can float naturally, and have very lightweight bodies. At the most they can weigh up to twenty pounds after eating. This sometimes can lead to problems in strong wind, but they usually can find ways to keep from being blown away.
Smokeys have rather unique dietary habits that tie into their abilities. Instead of eating normal food, they eat trash. Any form of garbage or toxins they can eat. One Smokey was seen drinking an entire bottle of cleaning bleach with no effects other than a very satisfied expression. Their stomachs process the garbage into a sort of organic fuel for their smokescreens and poison attack. This dietary quirk has made them very popular in cities and other areas which produce a lot of garbage.
Oddly enough, no matter what they eat or drink, or how much smoke comes through their mouths, their teeth are always clean and perfect, and their breath is always minty fresh. Researchers have never been able to discover why, despite many MANY attempts, and have generally given up trying.
Feral Smokeys are extremely timid creatures, generally found around urban areas. They generally only come out when certain no one is around, and when startled, emit a thick cloud of smoke to cover their escape. Tamed Smokeys are gentle, loving creatures who like cuddling and being helpful as much as possible. They’re a good starter Poison-type, and can be useful in non-combat roles. Kunoichi and Kunoichi Tamers are noted to be fond of using them to make smokescreens. Theater companies use them as well to create smoke effects.
Thresholding into a Smokey is not unheard of. The first sign that a girl is becoming a Smokey is that they uncontrollably emit smoke from their mouths for three days.
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SPINNERTIT, the Spider Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect: spider)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common (Edo, Silver Islands), Uncommon elsewhere.
Diet: human style foods, bugs, plants
Role: their ability to cling to sheer surfaces makes them ideal for window washers and similar tasks, while many police agencies in Johto have Spinnertit on their SWAT teams. Spinnertits are also used in Johto and Edo to manufacture silk.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Special Weaknesses: Similar low pleasure threshold to Titmice. Inability to lactate.
Attacks: Tackle, Web, Poison Sting, Wrestle, Bind
Enhancements: Eight limbed human spider animorph, poison injectors are a hollow cartilage tube under the fingernails, webbing spinnerets in breasts.
Disadvantages: Spinnertits all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.
Evolves: Arachnae (Venom Stone), Spidergirl (battle stress), Scorpiagirl (Round Stone)
Evolves From: None
Spinnertits are short, slender Pokégirls, having six arms with a pair of small breasts between each. Despite their tiny size, Spinnertits are capable fighters, those of Johto often using the ancient bondage art known as Shibari on their victims. Spinnertit venom induces feelings of lethargy, which they use to help capture both victims and potential mates. However, most victims find that they are not that way for long, unless stuck in the Pokégirl’s webs (which is normally the case). The lethargy venom lasts only for a few minutes at a time- just barely enough for a Spinnertit to be able to provide enough silk to capture her prey. Feral Spinnertits weave their webs in places that cast a shadow- a dense forest, or in a cave for example. They catch their prey in these webs and then do what they wish with them. Their silk is strong enough to hold even a Amazonchan, though certainly not any fully-evolved Pokégirl with enhanced strength. Any bound in the silk by a Spinnertit will likely find themselves in a rather fun and unusual position. Even the ferals know that a taming can make them stronger and more intelligent, leaving researchers to conclude that unlike some other Feral Pokégirls, the Spinnertit are fully aware that they are very different from the Pokégirls in cities and towns. Their attempts to capture mates, particularly males and domestic Pokégirls, stems from their desire to learn.
Spinnertits cannot produce a large amount of silk in one day - enough for a long rope, perhaps, of about twenty to thirty feet in length and only an eighth of an inch thick. These strands are actually quite strong, however, as described above. Because of their spinnerets being located in their breasts, the Spinnertit cannot lactate, and as such are unfortunate mothers once she becomes a Pokéwoman, being unable to fully support her child like other Pokéwomen and even human females can. Most often, upon learning that she is pregnant, a Spinnertit will try to work harder to evolve herself.
A trained Spinnertit can bind a human-sized victim with her silk, but cannot cover him or her fully without several days of working at it. Spinnertits have a slight feud with Tarantellas, as they dislike the haughty, self-centered Pokégirls. Spinnertits that understand where their evolution may lead also worry about their future, and some prefer not to bond with their Tamer as a result. During the war, these Pokégirls were used as an anti-human force in the second line of defenses in any of Sukebe’s Armies, often keeping humans pinned down long enough until other, stronger Pokégirls arrived to deal with the intruders. After the war, these Pokégirls were one of the more sought after Pokégirls, with their abilities to capture other Pokégirls making them popular until the first Pokéballs became widespread throughout the world.
These days, Spinnertit are often found in police forces alongside OfficerJenny and Growlies. However, their low stamina and pleasure threshold make them of little use in prolonged encounters, and so are normally kept in a Pokéball until needed. Their additional arms allow them a massive advantage while wrestling, although again their low stamina keeps them from being front-line fighters. They are not good Alphas or Betas in a harem as a result, although in Johto they can lead some specialist Pokégirl teams that League Officials have. Numerous Spinnertit can be found in the Johto League as a result of their silk manufacturing, although they do conflict with other Pokégirls like the Tarantella. Spinnertit hate those Pokégirls, since that breed looks down on any other spider type's silk-making. Fortunately, due tto the Spinnertit’s sheer number advantage over the Tarantella, they and their evolutions lead the world in silk production.
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SWEET PUSSY, the "Hot, Sticky, Sweet" Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (feline)
Element: Poison/Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Omnivorous, but mainly high in sugar and carbohydrates
Role: Pastry chefs, Candy makers, Bakers assistants, Diet ruiners, Feeders
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Tackle, Power Bolt, Teleport, Agility, Barrier, Reflect, Puff Puff, Spice 1, Spice 2, Spice 3, Lust Dust, Royal Honey, Royal Syrup, Fruit Juice, *Manifest: Food, *Manifest: Food Weaponry, *Sugar Rush, *Induce Hunger, Magic Fist, Magic Kick
High Level Attacks: Poison, *Food Golem, *Forcefeed
Enhancements: Enhanced Dexterity (x6), Enhanced Senses (x5), Instinctive cooking ability, Advanced Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Increased capacity for violence, Magical hovering ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Candy Catgirl (Mana Crystal+Venom Stone)
Bounty (for successful capture and Taming of a Feral Sweet Pussy): 900,000 slc
Sweet Pussies take the ‘cat-like’ state of their previous form and take it all the way. Their features become fully feline in appearance, their bodies becoming coated in fur, their hands gaining catlike claws, their faces becoming more like muzzles. Their mannerisms also become more catlike and affectionate, they become taller, and their bust size increases as well. The colorings of their fur, eyes, and hair become far more variable than their previous forms, including all colors of the rainbow and varying shades thereof.
Their metabolism has stabilized by this point. They no longer need to intake great amounts of sugary foods, although they do still greatly enjoy them and eat a lot of them just for simple pleasure. Sweet Pussies also develop a great love of foods with heavy carbohydrates. They greatly enjoy pastas, breads, rice, and other such things. If they can combine their various loves, such as in sweet breads or cinnamon rolls, generally noted to be a favorite food of most members of the breed, they can be made greatly happy. This leads their cum to taste like cinnamon rolls or other similar pastries. Their tastebuds develop fully, allowing them to enjoy greater varieties of foods aside from sweets, mint, and carb-heavy foods. Because of this new balance in their metabolism, they no longer gain an aphrodisiac effect from sugar, and become much more layed back in terms of taming habits.
In terms of magical ability, Sweet Pussies still retain the oddball habits of their previous forms but now take it to an even greater level. They can hover off of the ground almost constantly if they so choose, although full-on flight seems to be beyond them. They gain greater magical prowess, finally gaining the strength to cast spells, and also gain greater magical energy manipulation ability. They can summon a far greater variety of foods with their magic, as well as a greater variety of food-based weaponry. Their food weapons are far more durable than their previous forms, and can take a great deal more punishment before coming apart. Infection risks for injuries inflicted by food weapons remain the same. What’s more, however, is that high level Sweet Pussies gain the ability to manifest a type of elemental golem, only one made entirely out of food. (See notes below for description of attack.)
Researchers have flat out given up trying to explain the bizarre typing in the Sugar Kitten line. Upon evolution to Sweet Pussy, Candy Catgirls gain Magic Fist and Magic Kick along with some poison element attacks, but lose Wood Tower and Lance. After observation, it was determined that they are Poison/Magic types, another bizarre change in a bizarre evolutionary line.
Sweet Pussies are by far the best battlers of the line, their bizarre and unconventional attacks making for a challenging battle against those unprepared for her attacks. They become fond of using thick, sticky caramel or thick noodles to bind their opponents and batter them with energy attacks. Sweet Pussies gain tremendous confidence, as well as a tendency towards showmanship. They fight using wands made of peppermint candy, creating over-the-top attacks to use against their opponents.
Sweet Pussies, depressingly, still maintain their genetic quirk that makes the Taming cycles in Pokéballs painful to bear. Only in Sweet Pussies, its far more pronounced. Something about the Taming cycles causes them tremendous pain. It is HIGHLY recommended to get a Premier Ball to contain Sweet Pussies, as the pain will drive them into Ferality at an accelerated rate.
Feral Sweet Pussies, unlike their previous forms, seem to prefer solitude. This is seen as a benefit, as Sweet Pussies have actually proved to be enough of a threat to result in a low-level ‘menace’ rating. Feral Sweet Pussies are somewhat difficult to find in the wild. A sure sign that one is in the area is finding Feral Pokégirls that are much fatter than normal. Feral Sweet Pussies seemingly love to make people gain weight, feeding them as much as they can stand if not more. Caution is recommenced in dealing with them, as while they aren’t as dangerous as other menace-types, they do tend to be somewhat of a pest. They prefer to strike from concealment when tracking someone they want to feed, making fighting them somewhat difficult. Thankfully, encounters with Feral Sweet Pussies are extremely rare, as the vast majority of them are domestic-born Pokégirls.
So far, there are no recorded instances of a girl Thresholding into a Sweet Pussy. Because of their rarity and the requirements to evolve into one, it’s assumed to be impossible. This is unconfirmed however, as researchers are still studying this quirky breed of Pokégirl.
As a moderately amusing note, unless they have grown used to each other before the ‘girl’s evolution, it is considered unwise to have a Snorlass in the same harem as a Sweet Pussy. Snorlasses take surprising interest in Sweet Pussies and their food manifestation ability, to the point where they spontaneously gain the ability to use the attacks Dominate and Call Me Queen when in proximity to a Sweet Pussy. It is… somewhat frightening to see…
Manifest: Food – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a portion of food. They can do this via summoning or simply willing the food into existence.
Manifest: Food Weapon – (EFT) The Pokégirl magically manifests a weapon made entirely out of an edible substance.
Sugar Rush (EFT) The Pokégirl kisses a teammate, temporarily endowing them with (x5) their normal speed. The Pokégirl briefly suffers the Exhaust status effect once the Sugar Rush ends.
Induce Hunger (EFT) The Pokégirl hypnotizes her opponent, making them feel extreme hunger to the point where they become too distracted to do anything but eat.
Forcefeed (ATK 10 repeating) Used usually after binding an opponent. The Pokégirl creates a funnel that lodges itself into the opponent’s mouth. A cornucopia forms over the funnel and forcibly shoves food down the funnel and into the opponent’s stomach, making them eat until they are sick.
Food Golem (EFT) The Pokégirl creates a large, monstrous being made out of food items. The creature has the following stats: Enhanced Strength (x9), Enhanced Durability (x9), Enhanced Endurance (x9). This requires a lot of energy, however, and the Pokégirl must do nothing else save maintain the creature. The technique also drains HP from the Pokégirl, so they can only maintain it for a brief period, making the technique more of a desperation move.
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TAVERNMAID, the Kegger Cutie Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison/Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Bartender, living keg, entertainment, bouncer, all-around party girl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Drunken-style fighting, *Tray Smash, *Booze Mist, *Furniture Flip, *Intoxicate, *Booze Gun, *On the Rocks, *Mug Smash, *Daiquiri Beam
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), High attention span, superior drink mixing, high patience, can internally create alcoholic beverages in a way similar to lactation, can mix poisons to greater effectiveness, cannot get drunk.
Weaknesses: Constantly tipsy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buttaneer (Ice Crystal + Drunk), Piratit (Ice Crystal + Drunk)
The Tavernmaid came as a surprise to a lot of people. But it was nevertheless a very pleasant surprise. Buttaneers and Piratits have a legendary tolerance for alcohol, and it takes a lot to get them truly falling-down drunk. On the rare occasions this occurs, if they are exposed to an Ice Crystal, they change, becoming a more land oriented Pokégirl and the best friend of anyone who enjoys alcohol in any way, shape or form.
Also called Bar Maids or Taverngirls, they are a well-liked breed of Pokégirl, although with something of a negative reputation amongst the authorities both for the breed they come from and for the trouble their beverages can cause. Upon evolution, the Buttaneer/Piratit looses any inhuman features they may have had, turning completely humanoid in appearance, with regional differences depending on the original home of the Tavernmaid. Their bodies thicken and soften a little, losing their hard-seeming, almost Tomboyish musculature, gaining sensual curves that add to their physical appeal. And to top all that off, Tavernmaids also gain a great deal in terms of breast size, going to a minimum of D-Cup, which is to be expected considering the abilities they gain. Their skin takes almost a glittery sheen, although they often are seen with bags under their eyes, giving them the appearance of human women who’ve partied rather excessively throughout their lives.
The first Tavernmaid was discovered when a sea-faring Tamer settled down to the life of a bartender in the Tropic League’s Salsaroa Island. Formerly a Buttaneer, she settled into the life on shore, occasionally going out at her master’s request to go fishing or simply to experience being on the water. Business was good, the Tamer giving the Buttaneer an Ice Crystal necklace as a gift. One evening after they had closed, they celebrated their good fortune together, settling into drinking as they sometimes did, although the Buttaneer did most of the drinking that evening, the two of them watching a Wreckball game. Their favored team was winning, and she was taking a shot for each point scored, eventually becoming thoroughly drunk on the imported rum. Shortly afterward, the Ice Crystal glowed and disappeared, the Pokégirl evolving from Buttaneer into a Tavernmaid. While E-stone evolutions weren’t unusual in any fashion, the evolution was.
Business tripled after her evolution occurred. The lucky old sea dog made the report to League officials about the evolution, and eventually retired, starting a family with his Tavernmaid.
Tavernmaid’s are considered to be dynamic sexpots, albeit ones with a little bit of wear to them, and a set of breasts that most guys would kill to get a hold of. The most peculiar thing is that instead of secreting milk, a Tavernmaid’s breasts fill up continuously with a brand of alcohol she’d learn to mix in her former life. With time and training, a Tavernmaid can mix two separate brands at once. Frequently Tavernmaids are noticed to have ready supplies of whisky, rum, and other brands of alcohol on hand..
Tavernmaids are also highly popular, in many cases being considered more valuable than their previous form. Their ability to produce alcohol from their breasts and the breed’s natural exuberance and friendliness makes them great entertainers. They are in high demand in cities.
Tavernmaids have an unusual metabolism. Since alcohol was part of the requirements of their evolution, it has become part of their bodies as well, which is why the breed has the poison elemental typing. A Tavernmaid’s blood has a very high alcohol content, which causes a constant state of inebriation. Even their cum is alcoholic, many Tavernmaids enjoying having others ‘drink from the tap,’ be it their breasts or their womanhood. Another oddity of the breed, assumed to have been gained from the Ice Crystal, is their ability to chill the alcohol that they make within their breasts. Research has proven than this breed has control over their alcohol production, allowing them to consume the raw ingredients need and produce almost any conceivable alcoholic beverage, up to and including frozen wine coolers.
Tavernmaids utilize a form of drunken fist, incorporating it into whatever fighting style they had before evolving, making them agile opponents. In addition to this, plus several attacks that cause direct physical damage, Tavernmaids also have attacks designed to get people drunk. They tend to use Booze Mist liberally at the start of a fight, disorienting the opponent and making them vulnerable to attack. They follow this up with Booze Gun, along with Intoxicate, although if their opponent proves resistant to getting drunk, they start using physical attacks to soften them up, also using On The Rocks and Daiquiri Beam to try and freeze their opponents. It is ill advised to pit a fire-type against this breed of Pokégirl, as the unintentional collateral damage to the surrounding area can mount quickly due to the flammable nature of alcohol. (Tavernmaids also frown on the old dare of trying to drink a drink flambé, as they view it as disrespectful to the drink and personally dangerous.)
Few Tamers have these girls in a harem, although the few that do usually are or are believed to be alcoholics. They get along well with pretty much everybody, although they do attempt to get their harem sisters intoxicated at every opportunity. This combined with their love of celebrations and partying in general makes them ill-suited for either the Alpha or Beta position. They tend to want to party first and solve problems later… usually after the next part.
In spite of this Pokégirl’s alcoholic nature, this Pokégirl can have normal human children as a Pokéwoman. Research has shown that this is due to a filtering mechanism of the womb on the Pokégirl’s blood, and unless the Tavernmaid drinks alcohol not made by her body (which is not caught by the womb’s natural filtering mechanism), she will have healthy children and babies. (Who ironically will have a strong tolerance for alcohol. This was proved after some rather alarmed testing on a Tavernmaid who had recently given birth and her child. The Tavernmaid was producing milk, although it had light alcoholic content in it. Surprisingly, the child was not affected by it at all, the research showing that the comparatively light amount of alcohol in the breastmilk wasn’t affecting him in the slightest.)
The feral state of Tavernmaids are even more peculiar than their inherent keg creation capacities. While no Tavernmaid can ever become truly drunk, they are almost constantly in a moderate state of inebriation. This changes once feral. The Pokégirl becomes stone sober, unable to produce her beloved booze. (Making this the only known case where a Pokégirl’s mental capacity IMPROVES upon ferality, although you’d get a great deal of argument and most likely a mug upside the head from any Tavernmaid you asked about it.) She becomes moody, depressed, and often complains about having a hangover. While Tavernmaids can function as feral, they do pose a slight danger to those around them in the form of tantrums, usually involving many thrown objects and flipped pieces of furniture. It is recommended that any Tavernmaid who starts complaining of a headache be Tamed immediately. This is fairly easy to do, as Tavernmaids greatly enjoy almost everything when it comes to Taming.
Thresholding into a Tavernmaid is nearly unheard of, the handful of recorded cases involving late thresholders and a lot of cold alcoholic beverages in addition to being the child of a Tavernmaid. As it is illegal for most girls of threshold age to drink, this method is unethical to test and is heavily penalized.
· Booze Mist (EFT) The Tavernmaid uses the Mist attack as a vector, making an inhaleable alcohol as well as chilling the area and lowering visibility.
· Tray Smash (ATK 30) The Tavernmaid produces a tray out of seemingly nowhere and strikes the opponent with it.
· On the Rocks (ATK 30) Grabbing the closest freezable liquid or actual ice itself, the Tavernmaid attacks with pelting ice cubes against her opponent.
· Daiquiri Beam (ATK 50 + EFT) Chilling the booze in her system to the max, the Tavernmaid uses this modified version of the Booze Gun to attack her opponent, either resulting in freezing or intoxication but rarely both.
· Furniture Flip (ATK + EFT) Attack strength varies depending on the furniture being flipped. This attack cannot be used without a piece of furniture nearby, otherwise all that happens is a low damage shockwave being produced. The Tavernmaid punches the ground HARD, creating a small shockwave that literally flips furniture into the air. This is usually followed up with a powerful kick that sends the furniture flying off in the direction of the kick. A variant of the attack, mainly used for rowdies who are just lazing about and causing trouble, involves the Tavernmaid physically picking up the furniture and flipping it on top of the person or person’s using it.
· Intoxicate (EFT) The Tavernmaid strikes several pressure points on the opponent’s body, the end result having a high chance of causing the Dizzy status, making it seem as if the affected opponent is VERY drunk.
· Booze Gun (ATK 40) The Tavernmaid fires a jet of alcohol. Similar in function to the Water Gun attack, although it has a 30% chance of causing the Dizzy status.
· Mug Smash (ATK 60) The Tavernmaid produces a thick glass mug out of nowhere and strikes the opponent with it. Has a 10% chance of causing Dizzy. Can also be used as a projectile. If the mug breaks, the damage is increased from the glass shards.
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THUNDNAGA, the Shocking Snake Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, Animorph (Snake)
Element: Electric/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore (Prefers Raw Meat)
Role: Combat Support
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Flying, Water, Bug, Fighting, Electric, Poison, Steel
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ice
Attacks: Wrap, Bite, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Thunder Bolt, Venom Bite, Lust Bite, Paralyzing Poison, Sleep Poison, Greased Lightning*
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Poisonous Bite
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Thunder Stone)
Thundnagas are quick, lightweight Pokégirls that have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a snake. Sukebe created the Thundnaga breed to support his tougher troops in combat. Often times helping to disable opponents from behind before enemies even knew she was there. Thundnagas were often sent as support for other more frontline fighters. While their enemies were busy fighting their partners, the Thundnaga would hit their enemies from behind with a combination of electric and poison attacks. After the war this Pokégirl has seen popularity amongst both electric and poison enthusiasts in most leagues with warm climates, due their good support capabilities. Like most other snake Pokégirls she is cold blooded and as such is weak against the cold, including ice attacks.
When a Naga comes into contact with a thunder stone she will evolve into an electric Pokégirl, the Thundnaga. Thundnagas have long snake-like bodies that range from 15-20 feet long. Their lower snake half is covered in smooth, bright yellow scales. Some individuals may have black stripes going down their backs to the tips of their tails. Thundnagas are one of the few Pokégirls whose breast size actually decreases after going though an evolution leaving this Pokégirl with a slender, petite body and small A-cup breasts. This is most likely to make her as streamline and agile as possible. A Thundnaga’s eye color is almost always a bright green color, but others have been reported. Most Thundnagas have dark black hair but blue has been seen in some individuals. Thundnagas like to keep their hair long, often times their hair reaches below their waist. Unlike her previous form the Naga, the Thundnaga has no metamorphic qualities. Her snake-like lower body starts just under her human-like vagina. A Thundnaga’s skin is a very light pale, resisting tanning and burning, even after being exposed to the sun all day. Most researchers are unsure of why this is.
Thundnagas shine best when supporting their harem sisters through the liberal use of thunder wave to try to disable their opponents. For extra defense against melee opponents the Thundnaga will often spread her special attack, greased lightning, on the ground around herself in order keep them away from melee range. Against flying foes the Thundnaga will usually rely on her enhanced agility and reflexes to keep away from danger while trying to disable her opponents from a distance. She will only use her stronger electric attacks against an opponent if her harem sister's life is in danger. Researchers say this is because the Thundnaga is only able to produce a minimum amount of electricity in her small body at a time, but those that have been close to a Thundnaga say it is also because this Pokégirl dislikes causing excess pain to others and will instead try to disable her opponent as quickly and painlessly as possible. If put into a situation where they need to fight alone they will often start off with thunder wave and then try to fully immobilize their opponents with their paralyzing or sleep poison.
On the surface the Thundnaga seems like a somewhat moody Pokégirl, quick to offer judgment and criticism to people they don’t know, acting like they are better than most humans and Pokégirls. Most tamers with a bonded Thundnaga say that they don’t mean most of what they say but unless they are familiar with the person or Pokégirl in question they have trouble saying nice things. Researchers say this is most likely because they are uncomfortable around people they don’t know and like to hide this discomfort with a false mask of arrogance. According to a tamer with a delta bonded Thundnaga "once they are comfortable with their tamer and the harem they are in, they are in fact very kind and helpful". In a new harem situation a Thundnaga will often be rude and cold to the other members of the harem. Once she gets used to her new master and her new harem sisters she will start to open up and show her true feelings. A Thundnaga once she gets used to the harem dynamics of her new family can make a good choice for alpha, changing her usual arrogance into a kind and confident manner that is perfect for leadership. While this Pokégirl gets along well with most breeds once she gets to know them, the Thundnaga is often times wary around the Domina breed or any breed that enjoys causing excess pain to others. Strangely enough due to this evolution she is almost entirely bisexual, with very few individuals being completely strait or lesbian. This is a plus for those male tamers that have always wanted a Naga, but going from a predominantly lesbian species to a male tolerant one is rather unnerving for some freshly evolved Thundnagas. If evolved from a previously lesbian Naga by a male tamer, by means of a thunder stone, she may have trouble adapting to this sudden change in her feelings. It can take days to even weeks, even the threat of going feral, before she will approach her new tamer willingly for a taming. This uncomfortable transition period doesn't usually apply to thresholders, unless she was strongly lesbian in sexual orientation as a human.
Most Thundnagas like to wear clothes at all times unless they are alone with their trusted tamer or other member of her harem that she trusts. When asked about this most Thundnagas say that this is because they get cold easily due to their cold-blooded nature. Most researchers suspect that this is also just another facet of their discomfort around strangers. It is safe to tame a Thundnaga without protection from her electricity as, unless she is going feral, she has full control over her poison and electricity. When a Thundnaga is tamed by someone she is uncomfortable with she will be often submissive making her tamer do all the work, but this changes once she becomes comfortable with her tamer and starts to open up. During a taming session with a tamer she is comfortable with a Thundnaga will be very passionate if not a little dominant. Most Thundnaga like to be on top when taming and after taming most Thundnaga will wrap their coils around their tamer and the other members of his or her harem that participated in the taming session to snuggle.
A Thundnaga's feral state is relatively mild. When her mind starts getting clouded she will often start discharging extra static electricity, shocking those around her. This causes no permanent harm but does hurt a little. They also will start acting out by yelling at those around them, including their fellow harem members. Thresholding into a Thundnaga is fairly common amongst families with both electric and poison pokégirl ancestry. This threshold, strangely enough, tends to be relatively painless as far as most thresholds go. Most thresholders will first notice a numb tingling sensation around their fingertips, which quickly develops into a full body paralysis due to the build up of electricity in her body. As the poison she begins producing starts building up in her body most thresholders will, within days of the start of threshold, fall into a poison induced coma only to awaken one to two weeks later as a fully developed Thundnaga. Fortunately during this time she is unaware of the changes going on in her body such as her legs fusing together. Eventually she will shed the skin that covered her former legs leaving her with a, fully developed, snake-like tail.
Greased Lightning - (ATK 50 + EFT) Thought by most to only be available via TM, this move is native to the Thundnaga. Using a method similar to the technique water floor, she can spread a thick layer of grease on the ground that produces static electricity. This grease will shock any opponent Pokégirl that comes into contact with it.
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TITACOOL, the Jellyfish Pokégirl Type: Animorph/Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: carnivore (preys on Pokégirls and Tamers alike)
Role: ambushes unlucky Tamers or Pokégirls that nears riverbanks or streams, scavengers
Libido: Low to Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Psychic
Attacks: Poison Sting, Constrict, Bubble Beam, Paralyze Sting, Wrap, Tentacle Restraints
Enhancements: extra appendages (tentacles on its back), fast swimmer, enhanced digestive system, can breathe underwater, enhanced sensitivity in their tentacles
Evolves: Titacruel (normal), Titakren (Water Stone + Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None
Titacools are freshwater Pokégirls that live in rivers and streams. Like all Water-type Pokégirls they have blue/green colored skin that is transparent looking. They have tentacles on their backs, which they primarily use for catching prey. The tentacles are quite sensitive, it is able to detect slight movements in the water which alerts Titacools if their are prey nearby. They just float around underwater conserving energy until they spot or detect some prey. And they are also fast swimmers when the need arises. They use the tentacles in their back to snare any unwary Pokégirls and tamers then use their paralyze sting so their prey will not struggle, once paralyzed they drag their victims underwater to drown before consuming them. They are also known for eating dead bodies when they can't find live ones.
Because they are much weaker than their evolved form they tend to live in pairs, helping each other hunt for prey especially if it's a big prey and even Taming each other when needed. A Titacool has small breasts that are rather sensitive, but for a Titacool, she becomes much more aroused by using her tentacles during the act of Taming. Titacool are only a few inches over four feet tall on average, and do not have hair. Domestic Titacool, however, may have hair, though usually it is kept either short or extraordinarily long in comparison to other Pokégirl's hairstyles. Titacool possess only a pair of tentacles, one that attaches to their back just behind their shoulders that can extend up to six feet in length. Each tentacle is about as strong physically as their arms are.
Titacool enjoy males and females to Tame them, though prefer only one or two partners at any given time to increase their ability to process the feelings. However, their tentacles are overly sensitive during taming, and so Titacool are of little use during sex battles at all.
It is also another reason as to why Titacool are found in pairs- to defend themselves. Titacool cannot survive long out of water, only about four hours before needing to be hydrated. However, Titacool are a bit faster in and out of water compared to their evolved forms thanks to their smaller sizes and more streamlined shape.
It has been speculated that a Titacool can evolve into something other than a Titacruel by many Tamers, as Titacool that have been Tamed become rather loving Pokégirls once bonded. However, no alternate evolution has ever been documented by any Tamer, and it is nothing more than a speculation that often seems to drive various Tamers to at least try. Feral Titacool pairs enjoy setting up ambushes with other Titacool that allow for an advantage for all the Titacool involved to eat well for once. However, feral Titacool have shown enough intelligence to stay away from human territories unless they need to be Tamed, and do not go after humans unless starving or needing to be Tamed.
Tentacle Restraints (EFT): Both Tentacles are used to restrain the target, binding the hands and feet of the target in place... or other parts. The tentacles can be used for other reasons, but as so many Pokégirls are much stronger than a Titacool, it really does take another Titacool to make this attack at all effective against most Pokégirls.
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TITACRUEL, the Scavenger Pokégirl Type: Animorph/Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivore (usually preys on Pokégirls and tamers alike)
Roles: scavengers, captures any unwary Pokégirls and tamers for food
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Grass, Psychic
Attacks: Wrap, Bubble Beam, Supersonic, Acid, Paralyze Sting, Poison Sting, Tentacle Bondage Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), extra appendages (tentacles on its back), fast swimmer, enhanced digestive system, can breathe underwater, enhanced sensitivity in their tentacles
Evolves: Octopussy (Water Stone)
Evolves From: Titacool (normal)
Titacruel is the evolved form of Titacool. They prefer being a loner unlike their counterparts who are always in pairs, because they are much stronger than Titacools they can live alone unless seeking mates or needs Taming. Titacruels have more numerous tentacles on their back unlike Titacools who only have few, which makes it easier for Titacruels to grab their prey. If their tentacles are cut, new ones easily grow and replace the cut ones. They prefer live prey than dead ones, but they are also known to eat dead bodies for nourishment like their brethren when there is no live prey around. Titacruel are about two feet taller than Titacool, and have small breasts that are only A-cup sized, not gaining any larger breasts since evolving from its basic form.
These Pokégirls are almost completely lesbians. Titacruel are hunt often for their meals, and are known to stalk beaches all over the world for human and Pokégirl prey alike. Titacruel are amazing in battle, using their tentacles to bind their opponent or multiple opponents with paralyzing and poisonous stingers. Titacruel, unlike their earlier evolution, are capable of surviving both in fresh and salt water. When looking for a Taming, they prefer to take on multiple Pokégirls at once, rather than try for a one-on-one Taming with a single Tamer or Pokégirl. Titacruel that were caught as a Titacool, or Threshold directly may still enjoy only one partner, but she may be left with a dull feeling of being unfulfilled. Titacruel are slower than their earlier evolution, due to the now compromised streamline that they once possessed with the numerous tentacles that emerge from their back and waist. However, even with the loss of mobility on land and in water, they are capable of launching themselves quickly underwater, thanks to their ability to use their many tentacles to provide propulsion. A Titacruel appreciates strength, to the point where she enjoys a wrestling match before a Taming to get her blood 'boiling'.
However, even her strength gives out when not in water for extended periods of time. A Titacruel can survive outside of a Pokéball or water for up to six hours before needing to become submerged again. They also dry up quickly in hot or extremely cold weather, and become exceedingly lethargic as they become more and more dehydrated. Titacruel rarely are caught for a Harem due to their nature of preferring Pokégirls over humans, as well as because of their fully evolved form being unable to move on land and being fully lesbian in orientation. Some Tamers have decided to attempt to tame them in hopes of possibly finding a different evolution than Octopussy by making their Titacruel to become more interested in the Tamer than in multiple partners (much the same way some Tamers attempt to do the same with Dildoran Pokégirls). Any and all attempts have been unsuccessful, so far.
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TOXICAT, the Poison Pussy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human, Animorph (feline)
Element: Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: fish, chicken, milk, organic refuse. Usually finds finer brands of Pokéchow acceptable.
Role: garbage dump guardians
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Bird Pokégirls, Mouse Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Bite, Fury Swipes, Scratch, Love Sting, Paralyzation Venom, Sleep Venom, Vertigo Venom, Venom Bite
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2), Functional Claws, Night Vision, Poison Resistance
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Merrowl (Venom Stone)
During the War of Revenge, some cities took to building walls or refuse by the shores or city limits, the whole area being turned into a dump. It was hypothesized early on that due to the animalistic nature of some of Sukebe’s creations, that they might be able to build a rudimentary defense if they could create a barrier that would repel Pokégirls by attacking their olfactory senses. While this may have worked for some Pokégirls, (Hounds especially) there were others that were just attracted to such things. Buttsprout, Slutge, Smokey, and of course, Toxicat. These breeds of Pokégirls thrived with garbage and pollution, and often eradicated these barriers by making a MEAL out of them. This let other, more dangerous breeds into civilian-populated areas.
Because of this role they played once upon a time, Toxicats are not a highly looked upon Pokégirl. In fact, for years, they held the stigma of being considered the ‘most useless evolution’ for Merrowl; people would say they preferred the pre-evolved form, as the breed of Toxicat happens when a Merrowl comes into contact with a Venom Stone. Toxicat were viewed as little more than nuisances, especially since the diet of the Ferals consisted mostly of eating the organic garbage out of people’s trash cans. They were considered the Western equivalent of Tanuki; annoying freeloaders.
It wasn’t until Mao’s Rebellion that Toxicats finally gained a level of recognition. A group of Droido were attacking Mahogany Town over in the Johto League and burned a good portion to the ground, dragging many innocent people to the town’s dump to execute them since they weren’t worth much more to the Infernal Pokégirls’ than garbage. Their undoing came from this choice for their slaughtering ground. Many Toxicats had made their area their home, despite how often they’d been chased off. Having their territory invaded by these dark Pokégirls was more than enough to get the Feral Toxicat population roaring mad. A fight ensued with the Poison-types overcoming the Droido who were weak to various elemental attacks. Since then, Toxicats were viewed in a whole new light; that they were battle capable and could be used to protect humanity. And it didn’t hurt that they COULD be Domesticated rather easily when properly taken cared of.
Tamers that have Toxicats in their Harems that would swear by them as the all-purpose poison Pokégirl. They still retain a lot of the agility they had as Merrowl and can be quite speedy. It’s also noted to take little effort on the Tamer’s part to make them into formidable fighters, and the variety of Poisons the Toxicat can produce is rather useful. These poisons are also used rather effectively since the poison feline Pokégirl sprays her venoms through a pair of ducts that are in the corners of her mouth located at the base of her tongue. Wherever the Pokégirl look towards becomes the targeted areas. However, because of this biological set-up the Toxicat has for using her powers, it should be warned that the Poison-type usually sprays her poisons whenever she hisses.
The other reason why Tamers use Toxicats in their Harems is that the Pokégirl offers the same benefits a Tamer often looks for in the Naga, considered one of the best combat-oriented Poison-types. However, the vast majority of Nagas are lesbian in their tastes, with very few being bisexual. Understandably, that in turn makes it difficult for male Tamers to Tame and use them in combat. However, in comparison, Toxicats are quite heterosexual in their sexual preferences. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Toxicats can get into places and buildings that the Nagas normally aren’t allowed in.
Besides a slight slimming down of the pot-belly, Toxicats are very similar to Merrowls in body structure, including the height and bust measurements. In fact, they might have been able to pass themselves off as Merrowl if it wasn’t for one specific trait that stands out. Toxicats’ fur is in shades that are anything BUT found in nature. Dark shades are what are primarily seen; violet and dark green make up the majority, with some Toxicats noted as having deep navy blue fur. There are also members of the Poison-type feline breed noted for their fur being pale or ‘sickly’ color; beige, sky blue, or lime-green. Many Tamers andPokégirl Breeders agree that this aspect of unique fur coloration just makes the Toxicat breed all the more exotic.
In the wild, Toxicats are usually found around areas that suffer from high-degrees of pollution, especially if it was man-made. They are comfortable in such areas and the contaminants have no negative effect on them. Usually on the outskirts of factories and in garbage dumps is the place to normally find Ferals and even a few Domestics. A number of the employees of a town’s Sanitation Department ovften have Toxicats as their Pokégirl of choice. She’s not inhibited by the environment they work, she’s a lot cuddlier than a Slutge or Smokey, and they don’t have to go to any great lengths to keep her fed. Truly, a low maintenance Pokégirl for the job they work.
When it comes to Taming, besides being fiercely heterosexual, this Poison Pussy Pokégirl is rather open to whatever positions or practices a Tamer likes. To a Toxicat, sex is a wonderful thing and shouldn’t be inhibited in any way between two partners. However, it is advised to not let a Toxicat orally please a Tamer. Poison sometimes leaks through the ducts at the base of her mouth as she gives her Tamer head, and that can lead to some rather nasty reactions. Even if she simply uses Lust Sting, things can become very hectic for the Tamer. On the flip-side, a Tamer can give the Toxicat cunnilingus. Despite her title, she isn’t poisonous there!
Although they were a Pokégirl breed that had been around since the beginning, it wasn’t until recently that Toxicats started to truly appear as an end-result to Threshold. Those that it did happen to were because they had both a high ancestry of Merrowl and Posion-types in their lineage. However, now that the breed’s popularity has finally started to take off, it shouldn’t take too long for Toxicat to become a common end.
Venom Bite – (ATK 25 + EFT) An poisonous version of bite. The Pokégirl sinks her teeth into the target, injecting her with her poison. The opponent is injured and left poisoned by the end of the turn.
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VENOM MISTRESS, the Poison Master Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Very rare, Very Very Rare (Crimson League)
Diet: Human diet, poisonous plants
Role: Master of poison, healer
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Psychic
Attacks: Every Poison attack known. Regeneration Tears, Infinity Antidote, Cure, Pray, Multiheal
Enhancements: Immunity to poison. Poison enhancement. Widow Sense
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Dominatrix (compassionate nature and contract with Sexebi)
The Viceroy of Venom, the Princess of Poison, the Titan of Toxins, the Venom Mistress is the pinnacle of everything that is poison. If it involves any sort of fluid or liquid that can break something down, she probably knows it and can make it better.
The Venom Mistress’s first came into being with the help of the legendary Sexebi. The legendary stumbled upon the aftermath of a horrible Widow attack. Searching the ruins of the small town, she found a Dominatrix hunched over her dying tamer in tears. The tamer had been poisoned by the Widow’s Hyper Venom and was starting to slowly change into one of the dreaded creatures. No one really knows what happened between the two Pokégirls, but soon after the Dominatrix evolved into a Venom Mistress and used Infinity Antidote, the only known cure for Hyper Venom.
However, since that day, sensing the good she could do by helping other Dominatrixes evolves, Sexebi had sought out other Dominatrixes to evolve into Venom Mistresses to help combat the fear, despair and agony that Widows cause.
Though the Venom Mistress can use the Infinity Antidote, the only known cure for the Hyper Venom that the Widow possesses, they are the ONLY Pokégirl type who can use the technique and can only use it once a day for every 5 levels she possesses.
It should be noted that the victim must still be alive for the Infinity Antidote to work, thus limiting the usefulness of storing the Infinity Antidote.
With her evolution brings about some dramatic changes. Her personality remains the same, but with any Pokégirl who is directly connected to a legendary, she is very powerful. She now knows every single poison attack known, and their cure. Her power over poison is so acute, she can actually enhance them to effect Pokégirls that would otherwise be immune to them. Steel and Ground types are no longer safe from her deadly liquids.
Her appearance doesn’t change very much. She may tone it down a bit from her usual risqué attire as a Dominatrix, but leather is still her mainstay. She has taken a sudden interest in dark greens and purples. During taming she still likes it rough, but has become more loving and gentle.
Luckily, the fears of a Domina-type Pokégirl with this much power is unfounded. While she retains her forceful and dominating personality, she is also a very compassionate person. She focuses more on her healing then on her poisoning. While not as skilled as NurseJoys, they still remain very good healers and can heal all but the most severe wounds. As well, should she come across any poisoned people or Pokégirls, she will cure them unless given a very good reason. Don’t upset one though, they are not above injecting someone with her most painful poison and curing them only after they are near death.
No Pokégirl likes the fight a Venom Mistress if they can help it. The knowledge that she has made a personal pact with a legendary Pokégirl is very intimidating, and that is not factoring in her past as a Dominatrix. And with her knowledge of all poison attacks makes her very deadly, not even steel and ground types are safe from her. The only Pokégirls not scared of her are psychic types, but they still hold a firm respect of the breed.
All tamers that have a Venom Mistress in their harem are required to report to league authorities. It has been found that all Venom Mistresses have an innate sense of where Widows will strike next. It isn’t an exactly precognition, but they get a bad feeling at times that have proven very accurate. Combined with her ability to cure a previously incurable poison, she has saved many lives.
There is another reason as to why all Tamers are required to report to league authorities upon the evolution of a Venom Mistress. What the leagues have all feared as come to pass. Another Pokégirl knows Hyper Venom, and she is completely sane and in control of her actions. The only reason she isn’t being eaten from the inside out from the acidic qualities of the poison is that she is completely immune to it. No one is to reveal this information. Though it is listed that she knows all poison attacks (because it is true) everyone assumes Hyper Venom is the obvious exception. This must not be proven otherwise. Should any Teams find out that she can produce it, they would capture her and turn the poison into a weapon.
It is illegal for any Venom Mistress to use Hyper Venom in all but the most dire of circumstances, and each case of such happening is subject to military tribunal. Should the tamer be found guilty of excessive force, he will have his license stripped and memory of even having Pokégirls stripped from his memory. If the Venom Mistress herself is guilty, she will be put through a level 5 conditioning cycle, no questions asked. It should be noted that due to the extreme power and potency of Hyper Venom, a Venom Mistress may only use it once per day, for every 20 levels. At the time she uses it, she must concentrate on the ability, preventing her from using any other attack except Infinity Antidote for the next half hour. Should she attempt to use any other attack before the time is up, she will be severely burned internally, despite her immunity to poison. It won't kill her, but she will be in great pain.
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VENO-MISS, the Poison Moth Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Butterfly)
Element: Bug/Flying/Poison
Frequency: Rare in tropical climates, Very Rare elsewhere
Diet: Flowers, Honey
Role: Gardeners/combat
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic, Rock, Bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Daze, Gust, Lust Dust, Poison, Sleep Powder, Tackle
Enhancements: Butterfly wings, Compound vision, Exo-skeleton, Resistance to Poisons
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Butter-She (normal)
Veno-Miss are one of the more popular bug types because of their beauty and their usefulness in combat. Veno-Miss look more bug like than Butter-She, having compound eyes and antennae. However their true beauty comes from their multi-colored wings, which are covered in random patterns made of bright, shimmering colors. These patterns carry on in the short hairs which cover most of their body except their feet, hands and face. No two Veno-Miss, even those born through pathogenesis, will have the same patterns on their body and wings. Veno-Miss gain about half a foot in height when they evolve, now averaging five and a half feet in height. Their breasts grow slightly, although a small C-cup is about as large as their breasts will get, most not going above a B-cup.
Despite their exo-skeleton, Veno-Miss prefer to fight at a distance since they are not very strong and can easily be overwhelmed physically by most other Pokégirls. Despite this lack of physical strength they are one of the best Bug Pokégirls at battling. This is partly because of the wide range of poisons which they manufacture in their wings, which they can release as a powder into the air simply by flapping their wings. Although they can only release one poison at a time, they can manufacture several poisons at once and switch between them whenever they wish. Their other advantage in combat comes from their antennae. These antennae sample the air flow around a Veno-Miss, and this combined with the greater peripheral vision given by their compound eyes makes a Veno-Miss near impossible to sneak up on. Veno-Miss are immune to their own poisons (although not the poisons of other Veno-Miss) and resistant to all other poisons save for Hyper Venom.
During the war, Veno-Miss were used to soften up defenses before an attack by flying over enemy positions and releasing their poisons to incapacitate or weaken the defenders. They generally weren't used in general combat since their poisons would have affected their allies as well as their enemies. Veno-Miss enjoy having plants around and those that aren't in a Tamer's Harem usually find themselves employed as gardeners, since they have the same natural ability to make plants grow and remain healthy that Butter-She do. Needless to say, like Butter-She, Veno-Miss get on well with plant Pokégirls when they find themselves in the same Harem.
In the wild, most Veno-Miss live in tropical areas, and like Butter-She, they instinctively cultivate the local flora both because they enjoy having plants around and to provide themselves with a good supply of food. They also tend to have Butter-She and possibly plant Pokégirls living around them and assisting them in tending to these gardens.
As with Butter-She, those who live in non-tropical areas are migratory to ensure a good supply of fresh flowers for them to eat.
Veno-Miss eat flowers, preferring fresh flowers over dried examples although they can survive on dried flowers for a short time. This, however, will lead to them growing ill if they are unable to feed on fresh flowers over an extended period. They also enjoy sweet things such as honey, sugar and chocolate but again these are only stopgaps should fresh flowers be unavailable.
Whilst Veno-Miss are not as timid as Butter-She, Feral Veno-Miss are generally peaceful unless they or their gardens are attacked, but there is one exception to this. Veno-Miss greatly enjoy Buzzbreast honey and they have been known to attack lone Buzzbreasts to obtain it. A Veno-Miss will use her poisons to incapacitate the Buzzbreast and will then take great delight in eating her out. Obviously a Veno-Miss who finds herself in a harem with a Buzzbreast will be overjoyed and will take every opportunity to obtain her favorite snack. Buzzbreast honey is the only food other than fresh flowers which a Veno-Miss can live on indefinitely and some researchers speculate that it was specially designed this way by Sukebe to ensure that Veno-Miss would always have a source of food whilst on campaign in areas where fresh flowers would be unavailable.
Veno-Miss are somewhat difficult to tame since their exo-skeleton limits their sense of touch over most of their body. However, most Tamers with a Veno-Miss in their Harem report that their antennae are very sensitive and that they enjoy having them gently licked and caressed during taming. Some Tamers even report that a Veno-Miss can be made to orgasm just by doing this.
It is rare, but not unheard of for girls to threshold directly into Veno-Miss. Most, however become Butter-She.
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VENUSWHORE, the Full Bloom Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: Farming, Gardening, Soil Regeneration, Status Inflicting, Body Enhancement.
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Libido: Average (Desire increases during full Solar Charge)
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage, Sleep Powder, Bloom Powder, Leaf Shield, Synthesis, Poison Powder, Sap Powder, Buttsprout Powder, Sweet Scent, Solar Beam
Enhancements: Solar Regeneration, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Strength (x12, Vines Only)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ivywhore (Normal, Daytime only)
The endpoint in the Boobisaur line of evolutions, the Venuswhore is the preeminent status-inflicting Pokégirl. While the damage she can deal is relatively poor compared to most evolutionary endpoints, as she gains little direct attack power, the chaos and status effects her Powder attacks can inflict can turn the tide of battle, and combined with her strong vines, she is capable of restraining almost any foe.
Unlike the Boobisaur, which evolves normally after a certain amount of time and experience, the Ivywhore also requires a second condition. The evolution will only trigger during high daylight hours, when the sun is able to shine brightest on the Ivywhore's back. When both conditions are met, the bulb on her back will open, and she’ll evolve into her final form: Venuswhore.
As a plant type, the Venuswhore's skin retains it's natural variety, ranging from light to dark greens, pure or mottled, with the colors varying over time by the local climate. A large flower now covers most of her back. This flower has no stem, being directly attached to her back, and having opened is flat enough to let the Venuswhore actually lie on her back now if she so chooses. Her bust gains a little more size, but not nearly as much as her previous evolution granted her; instead, she’ll now be quite firmly in the upper end of the E size category at least, and many Venuswhores are bust size EE or even F. Wearing anything other than loose robes is virtually impossible now, not most girls in this line wear clothes anyway. A fact the Venuswhore will welcome is that her breasts firm up significantly, making it unlikely to ever see them sag, and indeed, they now also seem to be pushed together slightly. The appearance seems to give them even more cleavage, and is quite sexy to look at. Their mammaries also become much more sensitive than they were before. A skillful Tamer can bring a Venuswhore to orgasm simply by playing with her breasts alone. Since a Venuswhore can lie on her back now, many Tamers enjoy using their chest as a very comfortable pillow once Taming is over.
A Venuswhore gains a mastery of bio-poisons and powders now that her flower has fully bloomed. She also acquires a powerful Poison Powder attack that allows her to directly harm her foes at a slow but consistent rate, and the 'Sweet Scent' attack. It is perhaps something of a misnomer, as it is not an attack in any normal sense, however, it is long-lasting and can spread great distances, acting as a useful draw for Feral Pokégirls in the area.
Her sole new direct damaging move is the very powerful Solar Beam, during which the Venuswhore takes sunlight energy she has collected over time and gathers it all in the flower on her back. She then drops onto all fours, her head close to the ground (or as close as she can get, laying on her chest) with her ass in the air, so the flower on her back is at least somewhat pointed towards her foe and then releases the collected energy in a massive blast of power. The move is relatively inaccurate, as it is not hard to dodge out of the way of so obvious and slow-to-set-up of an attack, but if combined with various status effects or binds to incapacitate the foe, it can make for a very effective finisher or team move. Because of the necessary setup, and the fact that she only gets one shot, however, this move should be used with discretion.
She can only do this once before having to bask in direct sunlight for at least several hours to recharge the attack. She can only hold one “charge” of this at a time. Even if she sunbathed for hours, she could still only fire one Solar Beam before having to recharge it.
The Venuswhore's ability to manufacture body-altering powders also increases, giving her access to the Buttsprout attack. This works exactly like Bloom, but affects a female’s ass instead of her breasts. Given that a Venuswhore can photosynthesize energy faster than her previous forms, she can make a permanent application of either Bloom or Buttsprout powder in four days rather than a week. Together, these two attacks let a Tamer maximize his Pokégirls’ assets, making sure he has a supremely sexy Harem.
A Venuswhore left in direct sunlight to heal her wounds can completely cure herself of physical harm in about four hours, and if she gets eight uninterrupted hours of pure sunlight, she can then regenerate for seventy-two hours as the energy floods through her system. The regeneration ceases immediately if she uses her Solar Beam attack.
Feral Venuswhores are quite dangerous, both for the damage they can cause and the body alterations they can throw around, to say nothing of their Lust and Sleep poisons, etc. They are rarely found, but often are the center of a group of Ferals drawn by Sweet Scent, so it is advised to be cautious if you DO see a Feral Venuswhore around, as they can often draw other Pokégirls into the area without notice. It’s very rare for a Threshold girl to become a Venuswhore directly, but cases of just that happening are not unknown.
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VICTORYBUTT, the Butt Kicking Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (Rare as Domesticated)
Diet: carnivorous (but can live on sun, water, soil)
Role: gardeners, grounds keepers predators (also check on Buzzbreast numbers)
Libido: Average (High after prolonged periods in sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Buttsprout, Vine Leech, Sweet Scent, Acid Spray, Cry, Rose Whip, Razor Leaf,
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x2), Solar Rejuvenation, High Poison Resistance (any except Hyper Venom), Command Plants (limited)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Weepingbutt (Leaf Stone)
Victorybutt is the final form of Buttsprout. Her appearance is similar to Weepingbutt, with further development of her figure (if she had a C-cup as Buttsprout, by now she has at least a D-cup) and wide (and actually fewer) leaves in her “skirt”. As before, the green is on the -underside- of the leaves, and only seen if she chooses to show it.
Sexually her appetites are unchanged, as is her tendency to believe she should be the Harem Alpha...although given her sheer butt-kicking ability this isn't always a bad idea. Her ability to speed-grow thorns (see below) makes her even more on a Dom. Queen's hit list, as Victorybutt is immune to poisons and strong against all the Domina's evolutions -and- has the gall to have the Dom's "signature" attack...not that this will stop them from picking the fight every so often.
Victorybutt has similar tactics to Weepingbutt, but gains three new abilities. She can extrude thorny protrusions on her Vines, giving her the equivalent of the Rose Whip (slightly more damage and enhanced effect of her poisons...including her acid attack). She can fire long, thin, very hard leaves (a cross between normal Razor Leaf and Needleshot) at her opponents. Her most interesting ability though is to somehow command her earlier evolutions, possibly through a command pollen although this isn't completely understood. Similar to the Buzzqueen's ability to command Buzzbreasts, she can command any Buttsprout or Weepingbutt in the nearby area...even (to a very limited degree) Tamed Buttsprouts or Weepingbutts. If a Tamed Buttsprout or Weepingbutt is sent against a Victorybutt, they often refuse to attack (although it's not them being disloyal, researchers speculate the ability is similar to other control tricks employed by Magic-, Psychic- and Ghost-types)...although the Victorybutt can -only- command/control her earlier evolutions, whereas the others (such as the Vampire with her 'mesmerism' gaze) can control -lots- of Pokégirl types. Tamers with only a Buttsprout or Weepingbutt who suspect a Victorybutt is about are advised to -not- attempt to battle unless they have a Delta Bond with their Pokégirl (and even then best to avoid the battle). The addition of Thorns to her mix of tricks allows her to wrap up an opponent and -then- attempt an acid attack, which (if she has time to get it off) becomes as effective as if she had sprayed a full attack on someone.
Victorybutt can only be evolved with an Evolution Stone, so is seldom allowed to become Feral (who would waste such an investment on a Pokégirl and just forget about her?) but a wild Victorybutt is a horror in battle, especially as she will likely have nearby Weepingbutts and Buttsprouts to come to her aid. Tamers encountering wild Victorybutts are advised to exercise caution and are recommended to stay at the best range possible and exploit her weaknesses if they do choose to battle. However, while Victorybutts are very dangerous, they tend to let prey come to them unless rather hungry. In an area like Buggy Woods, they will likely -not- attack a wandering Tamer and their Harem unless provoked as they have good soil and plenty of random prey.
There are no known cases of a girl Thresholding directly into Victorybutt.
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VIEPRA, the Steel Serpent Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (serpent)
Element: Poison/Steel
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore; eats twice the amount as the average human
Role: Tunneling, Scout, Mining, Construction
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Fire, Electric
Attacks: Exhausting Venom, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Metal Claw, Hard Drive, Quickturn, Wrap, Tail Slap, Pneumatic Drill
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability and Stamina (x5), Enhanced Strength and Speed (x3), low pleasure threshold, high flexibility
Evolves From: Mercury (Venom Stone)
Evolves: None
This Pokégirl has an uncertain origin. Some Pokégirl researchers claim to have found mention of them from Sukebe's labs during and after the Revenge War, but though the notes were quite specific, there was not a single recorded case of any humans or converted Pokégirls ever actually seeing one. However, by 55 AS, there were rumors in some parts of the world that a new type of snake-type Pokégirl was found, but one was never actually captured. Not until 120 AS, that is, when the first Viepra was found in the south-western reaches of the Crescent Moon league. First thought to be some evolution of the Naga, testing showed no signs of that breed ever evolving with any of the evolution stones or standard methods known at the time, and as more advances in evolution stone creation became available over the years, there still was no sign of the Pokégirl being evolved from the Naga. However, despite the lack of proven origins, ranches around the world began to parthenogenetically breed the Pokégirl en masse as the Viepra breed enjoyed a swell of popularity. It wasn't until late 260 AS that the mystery of the Pokégirl’s origins was finally solved, when a Mercury touched with a Venom Stone evolved into a Viepra.
Though merely five and a half feet tall from the top of her head to where her thighs meet her serpent-like tail, the longest recorded Pokégirl of this breed was 19 feet long, though 16ft seems to be about average overall. Her entire body has reminded more than one researcher of the Mercury- her previous evolutionary form- in that she retains the same liquid-metal appearance, most commonly silver in appearance but some have gained more colors in their bodies, including gold, platinum, and other colors that look like they came from precious metals. Unlike most Naga-like Pokégirls, she is not scaled but skinned, though unlike most serpent Pokégirls the skin of her body is tough as steel. This makes it difficult for her to feel sensations at times when she is tense, though normally her body is far more pliable and tactile-sensitive than other Steel-types, such as the Iron Maiden. Still, the tension of her skin melts when the Viepra is heated up sufficiently, making her far easier to tame with a fire-type Pokégirl in attendance. The breed does retain the same ability as the Mercury to make their bodies softer at will, however, so a fire-type is not necessarily required when it comes to taming. Feral Viepra rarely have hair, but it seems to be that in general the Pokégirl’s hair color is silver, gold, bronze, or in a few rare cases, colors from gemstones such as emeralds or turquoise. For those who cannot help but to look upon a Pokégirl’s chest, her breasts rarely increase in size, remaining most often someplace around a mid-B cup, though there have been instances of those with larger breasts as well, without the use of Bloom Powder. Researchers have observed that thresholded Viepra, of which there have been several documented cases, tend to have larger breasts than the ferals have.
In a harem setting, the Viepra are, as some tamers have described, a 'thoughtful' addition. Capable of making decisions quickly and accurately, this breed makes for a very useful Alpha or a Beta in most harems. This breed is fairly intolerant of certain other breeds, such as the Naga and the Arbust, whom are not very compatible with others, and most Viepra have a condescending attitude towards Pokégirls that can't seem to get along with one another, or with their tamer. They have been known to recommend other Pokégirls for being traded away for Pokégirls that would benefit the tamer more, and Viepra are always on the search for more knowledge in order to better assist their tamers. While feral, the Viepra are an inquisitive bunch, often sneaking into towns and cities to locate food, prey, or to satisfy their own urges. The breed dislikes the cold, but is not overly bothered by it, instead preferring to remain near warmth. During winters, Pokégirls of this breed can sometimes be found in abandoned houses on the outskirts of various towns in an effort to stay warm. When with tamers, the Pokégirl thoroughly enjoys becoming the bed upon which the tamer rests within, coiling her tail and body around her tamer to keep them both heated whenever possible. The breed gets along very well with most fire-type Pokégirls, and although the breed as a whole seems to prefer men, when heated up enough they often enjoy experimenting, though mostly with fire-types that give off plenty of hot air.
In battles, the breed is known for attempting to exhaust her opponents with various techniques, such as Exhausting Venom and Wrap. It is this combination of techniques, along with her enhanced stamina, durability, and strength, which makes her feared in standard battles. Few Pokégirls can break free from Wrap once injected with the Exhausting Venom, which leaves her arms free to inflict additional harm to her prey using Metal Claw. At a distance, they can use Venom Spit and follow up with Hard Drive to crash into her foe before using her signature combination to attempt to end the fight. In sexual battles, however, the breed does not do so well. When heated up, or aroused, the Viepra has a low pleasure threshold, reminiscent of the Titmouse. Although her stamina is sufficient to let her continue, the breed is known for experiencing multiple orgasms before becoming exhausted. As a result, she is a poor choice for a sex battler, especially when compared to a Garter. Also, she is not a good choice to use against fire types in normal battles, just like most steel type Pokégirls, as their heat and flame attacks can and will wear the Viepra down over time.
Her great flexibility does allow her to be able to fit into spaces that many would think to be impossible for her to fit into, however, and makes her a decent scout or spy for such a large Pokégirl. Used for tunneling underground and cutting through rock with her metal-like body, the Pokégirl is used even more often for assisting in construction and in mining for minerals and other resources. This makes the breed more often used by tradesmen than by Tamers, though she is an often-wanted commodity in both sectors. She is not, however, a good choice for pet owners due to her size, which is quite an issue when dealing with a house or an apartment. Threshold cases, though quite unusual, have been known to happen from time to time. Typically, this is a time of great stress, as over the course of two weeks or so her human-like skin flakes off slowly or in patches, showing off the metallic sheen beneath. Quite often, the result of the threshold becomes apparent as the tail begins to emerge and the family sells her off for a fair amount while the girl is incapacitated by the pain of her transformation.
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VILE BLOOMS, the Poison Flower Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Poison/Plant
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Sunlight (small amounts), Water, Minerals and Nutrients from soil
Role: Arousing other Pokégirls, Soil regeneration, Subduing feral Pokégirls, Attracting feral Pokégirls
Libido: Average to High (moonlight based)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Leech (roots), Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leaf Shield, Sweet Scent
Enhancements: Lunar Regeneration, Night Vision
Evolves: None (special – see below)
Evolves From: Gloomy (Venom Stone)
The alternate final evolution of Oddtits is Vile Blooms. Her petals are thicker, and she gains a fourth petal that has to be flipped back or it covers her face. Using her hair-roots, she can actually stand these petals out and provide shade for herself (being thicker, her petals aren't as sensitive to sunlight as they used to be), with an effect similar to a woman's parasol, or those silly 'hat umbrellas'. Her bust is now proportional to her figure, usually a D or larger, and reasonably firm, needing no support (although they don't stand as proudly as a Venuswhore's breasts).
When she evolves to Vile Blooms, she has considerably more confidence, both for a (finally) proportional figure, and the fact that her Tamer thought she was worth going to the trouble/expense of getting her a Venom Stone. With her increased bust size and ability to shade her eyes (she normally has her head-leaves propped up like a parasol) she actually prefers positions that let anyone around see her breasts. Once evolved to Vile Blooms, her sense of self has grown enough that she will actually seek the Alpha spot, although if a competent Alpha already has the slot, she won't necessarily -push- for the slot.
Again, her attacks don't seem to change, just become stronger and/or more useable, and her Sweet Scent is generally always going unless she specifically -want- it to stop. Experiments with Moon Stones give similar results as with Gloomy, the stone is absorbed, and the Pokégirl gains the ability to light up but little else. Given the relative scarcity of Moon Stones and Vile Blooms (not as popular an evolution as the Belle Awesome) research is limited. However, one notable exception exists. The Harem Master, Mistress Erica from Celadon, has a Vile Blooms that has both Moon Light and a Moon Beam (see below). She is the only Tamer to have such a Pokégirl, and will not let researchers have her for study for some reason. The attack seems similar to a Solar Beam, only without heat, and is devastatingly effective to anything hit. It also can be used every other round, so long as enough moonlight (natural or Pokégirl generated) is present and the user doesn't seem completely incapacitated (dodging and such but apparently no attacks) making it considerably better than a Solar Beam under many circumstances.
Like her earlier evolutions, Vile Blooms has some soil nourishment abilities, and faster healing with soil resting, but her lunar regeneration is twice as good as Gloomy's...although she can't heal as fast as a Venuswhore.
Feral Vile Blooms are dangerous, as not only do they draw wild Buzzbreasts and such, and spread Lust Dust and Buttsprout, but they occasionally spread Sleep and Poison powder as well.
No known cases of Thresholding directly to Vile Blooms exist.
(Additional Notes)
The evolved Vile Blooms owned by Mistress Erica of Celadon is a combination of effects, similar to evolving a Venuswhore. The Vile Blooms must have rested in moonlight (for elevated libido), be Tamed (to orgasm), have at least a low-level Delta bond with her Tamer, and must come in contact with a Moon Stone (her Mistress was going to give it to her as a gift afterwards), all while still being in moonlight (either natural or that of a “moonstoned” Gloomy or Vile Blooms, hers was natural moonlight). This evolution basically adds Psychic to the mix, and gives the following mods:
Element: Poison/Plant/Psychic
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice
Attacks: Leech (roots), Lust Dust, Buttsprout, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leaf Shield, Sweet Scent, Moon Light*, Moon Beam**
*Moon Light is just that, light of the same spectra as moon light, roughly equal in strength to a full moon on a clear night, useful as a 'cool' light source, and sufficient for the moon light requirements of a Gloomy, Vile Blooms and/or Moon Blooms. If in combat, this effect lasts three to five turns without maintenance.
**Moon Beam is roughly equal in power to Solar Beam, but is Psychic in nature, giving a nasty surprise to anything other than a Dark or Ghost type it hits, and considering how powerful Solar Beams are, even at half power or quarter power it will still hurt. The only limitations are a moon light requirement, and a one turn build before firing in the second turn...although there may be a 'uses/day' limit, as the only Pokégirl with this ability doesn't use it a lot there is no way of knowing, but such powerful abilities often have similar limits.
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VINEBRA, the Naughty Grass Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Rare Unknown (All Leagues)
Diet: Water, sunlight, soil, sexual fluids
Role: Unknown
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water, any Aphrodisiac attacks (such as Lust Dust)
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Grass Cock, Probing Tentacles, Probing Pods, Grass Floor, Fruit Juice, Lance, Lust Dust, Poison Powder, Poison Mist, Slow Sting, Lure
Enhancements: Enhanced Olffactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Taste (x5), Shapeshifting, New Poisons, improved vine control,
Evolves: RoseBreasts (choosing a permanent lover)
Evolves From: Gloomy (Lack of taming + Dark Stone)
A Vinebra is an evolution that is a lot naughtier than most people expect. Similar to the HentaiCute, a Vinebra's main objective is sex, however, her methods of getting it vary from one Vinebra to another, and it's believed that how often the Vinebra was tamed prior to her evolution will generally determine how violent she will be about getting tamed after evolving. Almost all Vinebras are lesbians, but just as with the Dildoran, male tamers should beware.
Unlike the Gloomy, the Vinebra's appearance doesn't change with lighting, nor does she shy away from sunlight, but she prefers to remain in forests, areas heavy with vegetation, or any place she can get the element of surprise on her chosen target.
One tactic, which was witnessed by a watcher, was rather brilliant: The Vinebra literally transforms into a large flower with it's luring nectar on it's petals. It then spread out a large network of vines through the trees. When several Buzzbreasts came to taste the nectar, the Vinebra's vines immobilized the Buzzbreasts and the Vinebra changed back. She then had sex with the Buzzbreasts until they were all unconscious, then left.
Vinebra's have a rather sour attitude about other Pokégirls and any humans, seeing as they never got tamed prior to their evolution, thus if captured, will likely be cold and distant, or even downright hostile. Since she has an immunity to aphrodisiacs, it will take either a lot of caring or a lot of restraints.
Feral Vinebra's love challenges, and may even seek out Pokégirls that they are weak to, to tame and dominate. She enjoys taming strong Pokégirls and will even allow herself to be tamed if she believes her target to be stronger than herself. Rarely does a Vinebra submit to a human's touch, unless it's in a three-way (or more), and the human has to work quite hard to prove that they care enough to do so.
She should be treated much like a Domina or a Dildoran, with caution, firmness and sincerity.
Because of her ability to transform into a flower, possibly of varying sizes, it's uncertain how many Vinebras might be in the wild, and since almost all Vinebras are ferals hiding in the wild, the number will remain incalculable.
It is certain, however, that the Vinebra needs sexual fluids once every two to three days. But, Vinebras have been witnessed catching prey and then releasing them without taming. It's believed that she can smell her chosen life partner.
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WASP, the Swarm Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Swarm Soldiers
Libido: Low (High in mating season)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Quick Attack, Whistle, Double Sting, TriSting, Air Recovery, Dash, Blur, Rapid Sting, High Speed, Quickturn, Poison, Poison Powder, Poison Mist
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7), Wings for flight, Stingers on abdomen tail and wrists, Poisonous venom
Evolves: Wasp Queen (normal, death of previous queen), Whorenet (battle stress)
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill of full swarm): 800,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of full swarm & getting out alive): 200,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see a swarm: Evacuate the area immediately. If you have a powerful-enough Pokégirl, try to kill the Wasp Queen. The swarm will not pursue you if you do so, as they will stay to watch and find out who their new Queen will be.
Wasps did not start appearing until after the end of the Revenge War, leading some to believe that they were a sort of last hurrah by Sukebe, a final attempt to attack humanity. They were misnamed Locusts at first because of their habits of devouring crops, but a raid of one of Sukebe’s abandoned laboratories yielded the real name of the Pokégirls, even though they did have locust DNA spliced into them in an attempt to increase their aggresiveness. They were reduced to far more manageable, although still numerous, numbers after the War.
Wasps are relatively unattractive Pokégirls. They have all the prerequisite feminine curves, however their faces are highly insectile, with antennae, compound eyes, and mandibles, their hands and feet are chitinous claws, and their abdomen stingers cannot retract. Unlike the Buzzbreast, their second and third stingers are mounted on the underside of their forearms rather than their breasts, making them more effective in fights. They speak with a pronounced, distinct buzz to their voice.
Wasps have no personal grudge against humanity. They have no personal anything against humanity, they simply feel what their Queen feels. They have little to no mind of their own, being totally focused on the needs of the swarm and what their Queen desires. Feral Wasps, usually seen under the command of a Wasp Queen, are especially dangerous. Feral Wasps always travel in packs, swooping down and swarming targets in the wild, either killing them for invading their territory and leaving them to feed other ferals, or sting them and inject them with a strong paralytic venom, taking them back to the queen for conversion into drones.
Capturing and Taming a Wasp is not recommended, as they have a strong loyalty towards the hive and breaking, turning it towards the one who captured them, is hard. Those that actually have the dedication to tame a Wasp and turn it towards there side gain a strong, fast warrior, however the Wasp decides then and there that their Tamer is their new ‘Queen,’ no amount of abuse or convincing otherwise being able to get them to call their Tamer by any other title, even their name. They will be fiercely loyal, defending their ‘Queen’ and ‘swarm sisters’ to the death if need be. And in some cases, if not need be, as Wasps that actually accept someone as their ‘Queen’ are very fast, strong fighters. As it is EXTREMELY rare to find Wasps in Harems, it is unlikely that Threshold cases have occurred, and various studies bear this theory out. There are, however, many cases of Pokégirls and humans being taken back to a Wasp hive to be transformed into Wasps themselves by the special venoms of the Wasp Queen.
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WASP QUEEN, the Swarm Warlord Pokégirl
Type: Anthromorphic, insectile, humanoid Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (One per swarm)
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Breeder, warlord of the hive
Libido: Average (becomes high seasonally)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Rapid Sting, High Speed, Black Sky, Beat Up, Poison Mist, Poison, Poison Mask, Slow Venom, Stop Sting, Paralyzation Poison, Vertigo Venom, Berserk Sting, Blinding Poison, Hot Sting, Sleep Venom, Silence Sting, Itchy Sting, Zombie Poison
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x8), Enhanced Strength (x5), More human in appearance, greater intelligence than previous form, flight, poison, stronger armor, arsenal of venoms in tail stinger
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wasp (normal)
Bounty (for confirmed kill of full swarm): 800,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting of full swarm & getting out alive): 200,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see a swarm: Evacuate the area immediately. If you have a powerful-enough Pokégirl, try to kill the Wasp Queen. The swarm will not pursue you if you do so, as they will stay to watch and find out who their new Queen will be.
Wasp Queens are considered by most to be a vast step up from regular Wasps, at least in appearance. Their bodies become more humanoid, becoming as curvy as a SexyCute while the insectile features of their faces reduce to antennae on their heads and compound eyes. Their chitinous armor thickens, gaining bladed spikes and turning black and red, but becoming more stylish in appearance, their wings growing larger, taking on the appearance of clear, shimmering silk.
In everything else, however, the Wasp Queen is much more dangerous than their pre-evolution. They gain a great deal of intelligence back, and their poisons become more potent and varied, the Wasp Queen gaining a full arsenal to use on their opponent's. They lead their swarms (usually 15 to 25 Wasps) like armies, defending their chosen territories with the ferocity of a Panthress. They have their Wasps capture tamers for taming, keeping them until they starve to death or die of exhaustion, injecting the tamer's Pokégirls with a special poison to turn them into Wasps and increase their armies. So far, the only ones that have proven immune to this have been Legendaries, Widows, Ghost-types, and Buzzqueens and Buzzbreasts. An antidote exists to this poison but it is totally effective only if administered during the first two weeks.
They have full control over their swarms, carrying a mental link with each Wasp, stronger Wasp Queens' being able to talk through their drones by controlling them psychically.
Wasp Queens are extremely territorial, as said earlier, and would rather die fighting than give up the land they've claimed. They have a natural rivalry with Buzzqueens and become ferociously angry when they encounter one, sending their swarms to invade the Buzzqueen's hive, fighting the Buzzqueen herself so viciously that the usual end result is the death of both queens. Also, if a Wasp Queen senses that another Wasp Queen is in the area, they will lead their entire swarm in an attack on that Wasp Queen, waging a miniature war until only one Queen remains. The survivor then claims all surviving Wasps as members of their swarm.
When a Wasp Queen dies, three Wasps immediately evolve into Wasp Queens and fight to the death, the survivor gaining full mental control over the swarm and moving onto a new area, slaying or transforming any Pokégirls in the area to fill out the swarm if need be, or driving them off.
Actual recordings of a Wasp Queen battling are rare, since they prefer to work through their swarms, but a few years ago, several Watchers with Cameragirls managed to catch several films of a Wasp Queen's battle tactics. They tend to stay high in the air, diving down to sting their opponent's with their special venoms, leaving them paralyzed and unable to move, or leaving them too aroused to fight back before she injects them with her mutagenic venom. In the rare instances they are forced to fight hand-to-hand, they are capable of using their tail stingers like a sword-using Fighting type, extending their stinger's to match the length of the blade they're are up against, slashing and parrying with incredible skill.
Due to the threat Wasp Queens pose, if evidence of a swarm is found, all Tamers are advised to evacuate the area and report to the nearest League officials immediately. No attempts to capture Wasps or the Wasp Queen should be made without support, and if you DO capture a Wasp Queen, you are ordered to turn her in to the nearest League office for disposal or removal to a more remote area, depending on the damage the Wasp Queen has done. Rewards are offered for the extermination of Wasp Queens and their swarms, a reward that has since doubled since a Wasp Queen was seen conversing and shaking hands with a Dronza known to be a member of the Limbec Pirates.
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WEEPINGBUTT, the Lethal Tears Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Rare (Uncommon as Domesticated, Common around the Magma Isles and desert regions)
Diet: carnivorous (but can live on sun, water, soil)
Role: gardeners, grounds keepers, predators (also check on Buzzbreast numbers)
Libido: Average (High after prolonged periods in sunlight)
Strong Vs: Electric, Fighting, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Vine Whip, Vine Bondage, Buttsprout, Vine Leech, Sweet Scent, Acid Spray, Cry
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, High Poison Resistance (any except Hyper Venom)
Evolves: Victorybutt (Leaf Stone)
Evolves From: Buttsprout (normal)
Weepingbutt is the evolved form of Buttsprout, and becomes both more and less dangerous at this evolution. In appearance she is slightly more curvaceous than she was, although not drastically so, plus gains a few inches in height (although still in the normal range for humans in her area) and slightly wider leaves in her skirt. She gets her name from the fact that she seems to be crying a lot, although it isn't a Gloomy she tends to emit a sweet scent irresistible to Buzzbreasts and Wasps.
As far as sexual behavior she is pretty much unchanged from her earlier evolution, acting in a very Dominatrix-like fashion, using her Vines to ensnare her prey before sexually “devouring” them. What makes this tendency even more intimidating than with Buttsprout is her Acid attack (which as a note CANNOT be done accidentally under any circumstances). This attack is normally done from her mouth, but can also be done along her vines...or from her cunt. If done from her cunt (in the case of a Feral Weepingbutt) she -can- use this attack point to speed the decomposition of her prey, and sinking her roots into the dissolving body can drain much more quickly as well as enriching the soil via the Pokégirl-sludge being generated. In a Harem situation, her tendencies are unchanged...she's a predator and will either be Alpha or be given a very good reason (possibly including a thrashing) why not.
Like her previous and future evolution, Weepingbutt has no personal ability to purify the soil, and definitely enjoys meat in her diet. Unlike her earlier form however, she is much more able to acquire meals. She gains four new attacks in this form. The first is a variant on Leech Seed (identical stats) called Vine Leech, as she ties up an opponent and leeches nutrients from them, both immobilizing them and damaging them for two to five rounds. The second is identical to the Gloomy's “bait scent” and is normally visible as tears, but is also extruded under her skirt, and will draw Feral Pokégirls, particularly Buzzbreasts and Wasps, from all around, insuring a steady food source...particularly as until a particular Feral Buzzbreast or Wasp is hit, the others normally don't react. The exception is if a Buzzqueen is involved...even Feral, a Buzzqueen can recognize the danger a Weepingbutt presents, and will order her swarm to attack (although her near immunity to poison makes her a tough opponent); also if the Buzzqueen is attacked, all Buzzbreast are automatically able to attack. Her ability to make “tears” at will allows Weepingbutt to simulate the Cry attack, which is especially potent against Bug-types. The most interesting attack is her ability to secrete/spray a concentrated form of stomach acid (to which she is pretty much immune). This attack is very damaging to any organic, non-Poison-type Pokégirls (so is one that a pure Rock- or Steel-type can almost ignore it), equal in damage to Mega Drain or Toxic and continuing for two to five turns unless washed off (note that Weepingbutt gets nothing from this attack normally, see below). She can also coat her tentacles with this acid, for a binding variant, but the effect is half-strength and negates her Vine Leech (similar damage and effect including drain, different source). The main limitation on this attack is she must power up for one round before she can spray or coat her vines, giving her opponents time to defend. There also seems to be a limit on how many times a Weepingbutt can throw this attack, possibly based on her level, but further research is needed.
While Weepingbutt is more powerful than Buttsprout, her tendency to summon Bug-types, especially Buzzbreasts and Wasps, makes her actually a bit less of a pest, and actually popular in highly infested areas. However, it is still not recommended to allow your Weepingbutt to go Feral, and they still have a Class Three/Four threat rating depending on local conditions.
Almost no cases of a girl Thresholding to Weepingbutt are known, but it has happened on very rare occasion, and all cases were malnourished at the time they underwent Threshold.
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WHORENET, the War Insect Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic, insectile, humanoid
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Soldier
Libido: Low (High in mating season)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Poison Powder, Needle Shot, Poison, Poison Mask, Spice 1, Spice 2, Spice 3, Sword Dance, Sword Wave, Slasher, Slash Wave, Quick Hit, Spincut
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Flight, Poison, Armor, Sword affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wasp (battle stress)
Whorenets are the warrior evolution of the Wasp. They are vaguely similar in appearance, although their chitinous armor grows thicker and becomes bright gold with black stripes, the armor gains spikes, and their antennae lengthen. Their wings become larger and stronger, and their stingers disappear.
Whorenets are more solitary creatures, as they no longer possess a hive mentality and as such are capable of becoming more intelligent. They are also easier to Tame and are more popular by far than their pre-evolution, as they always refer to their Tamer by their proper gender-related title. (Male Tamers in particular appreciate this.)
During the war, Whorenets were used as field leaders for swarms of Bug-type Pokégirls. Wasp Queens acknowledge Whorenets as seconded only to themselves in the hive, and command their hives to respect them accordingly. Interestingly enough, Whorenets, because they do not have stingers, have a strong inadequacy complex and are offended by the mere presence of Bug-type Pokégirls with stingers. This also causes them to become protective of their weapons, usually a pair of swords, and fly into rampaging panics when someone threatens to destroy their weapons. Heavy fines are placed on people who induce a Whorenet to rampage, fines that usually involve the loss of a Pokégirl as well as a hefty portion of their money.
One very important thing to note is that Whorenets can naturally grow a set of needle-thin poisonous spikes from the chitinous armor on their shoulders and use them as darts. The poison in these needles is concentrated and as such has a 100% chance of poisoning someone.
No cases of Thresholding into a Whorenet has been reported.
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WIDOW, the Run For Your Life If You See One Pokégirl
Type: Tauric Inhuman (arachnid monster)
Element: Bug/Poison/Ghost
Frequency: Very Rare (Not Rare Enough)
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Omnicide, Nightmare Fuel, Mass Extinction Engine
Libido: Unanalyzed, appears to be non-existant
Strong Vs: All elements, save for Dragon, Fire, and Electricbr> Weak Vs: Dragon
Attacks: Poison Sting, Paralyze Sting, Poison Bite, Web, Phase, Invis, Acid Spray, Slice, Pneumatic Drill, Hyberbeam, Hyper Venom
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Speed (x15), Armored chitin exoskeleton and endoskeleton, 360 degree vision, Web spinners, Poison sacs, Multiple varieties of poison and acid, Able to digest any organic material, Extra arms (Bladed Sythes)
Evolves: Dryder (special; ejecting all poisons from itself)
Evolves From: [CLASSIFIED]Arachnae (extreme pain or Tamer's death)[CLASSIFIED]
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 900,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 40,000,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
Behold a nightmare made flesh.
This is not exaggeration, this is not a mistaken comparison to the Nightmare breed of Pokégirl, this is the truth, plain and simple. Widows are the worst, the deadliest Pokégirl alive that's not a Legendary. They are destruction incarnate, the essence of rage, more so than the Dark Lady or Panthress breeds could ever be, made into spidery chitinous form. They are rage and hate driven creatures, and no one who has encountered them has anything good to say about them, if they've survived at all.
The problem is, no one really knows WHY they appeared. There are several theories that have arisen from this. The most common one is that Sukebe created them. When his original home was destroyed and his first animorphic creatures slain, he created Widows to gain his revenge, creating the more cute and cuddly breeds later on. Another theory, mainly put forward by Crimson League officials, state that the dreaded Pokégirl General, Athena, created them out of her rage against mankind. No one knows for certain, but everyone IS certain that they are among the most reviled of all Pokégirl breeds.
Widows are truly monstrous to behold. From the waist up, they are vaguely humanoid in appearance, however their skin, dark black in color, is laced with a chitinous armor that can take immense damage from nearly every type of attack as well as dish it out due to sharp points protruding from the armor.. They have a total of 8 blood red, compound eyes located all around their head, the back ones sparsely hidden by wisps of hair, allowing the Widow full three-hundred and sixty degree vision in addition to her two human forward facing eyes. Their faces, while human looking ith their mouths closed, tend to have a disturbing expression of manic rage. Their jaws can split open at the chin, revealing razor-sharp mandibles and fangs that drip constantly with saliva. Within their mouths are another set of venom sacs that allow her bite to carry the HyperVenom that she is so feared for, as well as giving her the ability to spray Hydrochloric from their mouths as well.
They have four arms. Two end in normal, five-fingered hands, but the lower pair end in long, curved blades that glisten with poison from the venom sacs located where the blade connects to their chitin armor. Their cunt, just at the base of their waist, is lined with spikes around the labia, which inject a paralytic venom into a victim, making it easier for the Widow to do as she pleases with them. From the waist down, they are spidery in appearance. A massive spider's abdomen serves as a Widow's lower body, supported by four thick, powerful, hairy spider legs. On the back of the spider-abdomen is a prominent red hourglass, standing out clearly against the black fur of the Widow. The spider-legs are long and strong, and a Widow can balance herself on the two back legs to shoot webs or streams of acidic Hyper Venom. All who have reported seeing a Widow and are still alive tell of the nightmares they had for days afterward upon seeing such a horrible creature.
[CLASSIFIED]Widows are horrible monsters of the worst sort, made all the more horrible by how they form. When an Arachnae, a perfectly innocent breed of Pokégirl, suffers extreme agony that turns into terrible rage, or suffers the pain of a Delta Bond or Recognition being broken, she evolves into this despair-bringer.
From research in one of Sukube's labs, we have found that the Widow was one of his initial Pokégirls planned after the raid had destroyed his beloved first Pokégirls. A video blog of his ranting accusations was found alongside a file on the very first Widow. It seems however from the updated addendums that the Widow could not even be controlled by Sukube himself, literally tearing through friend and foe alike. Notes are sketchy on how exactly he had the ‘project terminated,’ but it does state that he'd ‘removed all possibility of this evolution’ from the Arachnae line. This information was baffling, as we still have Widows to this day, however, in 112 AS a document delivered to Professor Heffner of the Indigo League. This document was at first considered dubious at best, as the author claimed to be none other than Sukube himself! Upon Heffner's reading of the document, several things coincided with discoveries from previous labs that were only known to high level researchers.
In this document, Sukube claimed that the Widow evolution was a mistake, something even the genius mage did not foresee, even after he altered the Arachnae’s DNA so that it was not a normal evolution. To fix this, he claimed that he would use a fast spreading retrovirus to help 'fix his mistake' though the text was vague on how this would be fixed. Most Researchers today postulate that the virus enabled the Widow to evolve into a Dryder.
Addendum by Professor Stroak: The knowledge of a Widow's pre-evolutionary form must not, repeat, MUST NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be revealed to the public. The backlash against Arachnaes, whose only crime would be a connection to this horrible breed, would be terrible, and many innocents would die. At all costs must the secret of a Widow's pre-evolutionary form be protected.[CLASSIFIED]
Widows in combat are fierce, deadly fighters. Most attacks simply bounce off of their bodies, the only ones capable of affecting them being lightning and fire attacks, and dragon-element attacks, which are the only things which can truly hurt them. Combat against a Widow is to be avoided at all costs if encountered alone. Widows attack anything that moves, even going so far as to spray acid on trees should the wind blow. Their attacks are fast and powerful, using their deadly scythe arms to eviscerate or decapitate and spraying streams of acid from their mouths or from the special glands located near her spinnerets. Widows, like other spider Pokégirls, do have the ability to create webbing, which helps them to immobilize males or any prey they may be interested in. One of their more deadly features is their Phasing ability, making most physical attacks nearly impossible to even hit. Fortunately, most Widows are constantly on the attack, making the trail of destruction an easy way of locating this menace even if they have enough awareness to use Invis.
Seriously, just run away. No matter how good you are, how powerful your girls are, a Widow is stronger, faster, deadlier, and just plain meaner. If you ever see one, your best course of action is to quote the famous line from one of the survivors of the second Widow attack: "Run the fuck away, Dumbass!"
While popular thought assumes that there is no difference between the attitudes of Widows, as the breed attack quite literally anything that moves due to the toxic mixture that occasionally leaks from their poison glands and causes extreme pain.. However, a recent video recording from the Sunshine League shows that a few Widows [CLASSIFIED] particularly those who were tamed Arachnae [CLASSIFIED] seem to be able to ignore non threatening targets to attack more threatening ones first. Case in point was the fact that twin Camera Girls could follow the Widow on the back of a Nightmare and not be attacked. It is believed that eventually, a Widow becomes adjusted to the pain of this glandular leakage enough to regain some semblance of sanity. This ushers in the pokegirl's next life stage.
Thankfully, no Threshold cases of turning into a Widow have been reported. Due to the breed's nature, there are no instances of a Widow actually being tamed. [Classified] However, Widows that were Tamed as Arachne have a greater chance of evolving into Dryders as well as keeping some semblance of control during their rage.[/Classified] There is a hope for a few Widows though, as they have the ability to become Dryders should they act within their second life phase.
Hyper Venom
A Widow's deadliest feature is its Hyper Venom. The worst kind of death in a tiny-little sting. Even the tiniest amount can result in horrifying mutilation, if not death.
Hyper Venom consists of a mixture of Hydrochloric Acid, toxic levels of Nicotine, and various cancer cells coated in a protective shell to protect them from the Nicotine. To keep this deadly mixture from simply cooking the widow, the breed has two separate glands at her mouth and abdomen sprayers. Each of these glands contain either a Hydrogen or Chlorine mixture of Hyper Venom, but the spraying action mixes this chemical into it's most deadly state. However, the blades of the Widow contain a lower potency Hydrochloric Acid, as the high molar concentration of Hydrochloric Acid would melt even through a Widow's scythes. This is a highly potent concentration, because in addition to the melting and acid burns caused by the acid, the toxic levels of Nicotine absorb through the skin, and the shelled cancer cells invade easily through acid burns or even affect the skin where they land. It is the Widows glands that are extraordinary, being able to replace themselves through cell division at a startling rate. Due to this extremely fast production, the entire mass of cells that make up the poison glands are replaced around once every 2-3 days. However, this does not even render the Widow herself immune to Hyper Venom, since cell replication at that rate sometimes miscarries and allows small amounts of her own deadly toxin into her own bloodstream. The pain from the acid burns, delirium from the high amounts of nicotine, and odd effects from whatever the cancer cells create is enough to keep most Widows near insane from pain during their first life phase.
The only known cure is the Infinity Antidote used by Venom Mistresses and the powers of the Legendary Pokégirl, Sexebi. Infinity Antidote is inherently magical, and can heal even the acidic damage of Hyper Venom through regeneration of the limbs. However, Venom Mistresses are rare and encounters with Sexebi are even rarer, making this an unreliable cure. The best way so far to save someone if a Venom Mistress or Sexebi is not on hand is amputation of the poisoned part of the body before the poison can spread and to evacuate from where the infected limb is at, due to the deadly byproducts.
An agonizing death is almost guaranteed upon being poisoned by Hyper Venom. So potent is this chemical mixture, that even Widows eventually are killed by the toxic poison that bleeds through their poison glands slowly into their bodies.
The Life Cycle of a Widow
The life of a Widow is short, agonizing, and violent. Here is a breakdown of the three phases of a Widow's life.
Phase One ][ Transformation
The first phase of a Widow, starting just after transformation, is the most devastating one. The time it lasts varies, recorded as little as a few hours though most are longer, the longest phase has been recorded at a month. In this phase, the Widow rampages around, destroying everything in her path, consuming Pokégirls she meets and generally causing havoc. She is at her most inhuman in this phase, her eyes glazed over with rage as she attacks everything in her way, stopping only to rest.
Phase Two ][ Remembrance
The second phase of a Widow's life, also the shortest phase, occurs after the time of rampaging in its first phase is over. They regain the intelligence they lost upon evolving, in some cases getting their memories back as well. Widows are possessed with a tremendous urge to find a place to make a web and breed, and seek out a suitable place, building their web with studious ease. They will then seek out people to mate with, preferring human males, as they have the best chance of inducing pregnancy, and then kill and eat their mates, taking several days at a time to do it in. Once pregnant, they will go into a hibernation state in their lair, her eggs growing to birth level in mere months.
If the Widow manages to control these instincts, they can also forcibly eject all of the poisons and toxins from their bodies, resulting in evolution to a Dryder.
Phase Three ][ Life and Death
The final phase of a Widow's life occurs after they lay their eggs, two months after they are impregnated. Once the eggs are laid, they organize them in a safe place. By this point, a Widow's body has been infected with the poisons and cancer cells of her now badly leaking poison glands, and her body is wearing down. They will have a haggard appearance, and act almost lethargic in relation to their former speed and strength. At this point, their body is so inundated with poison that their blood is literally flammable, though as their carapace is no less difficult to crack, this is a hard way to kill the Widow. They will die shortly before their eggs hatch into Widow kits. So far, no reported nest of Widow's eggs has been allowed to survive. Researchers believe, however, that should the Widow eggs hatch, the Pokékits will tear each other apart, most likely cutting down their numbers from the world-ending hundreds down to a scant one to five.
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WIFERN, the Flying Leafy Lizard Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic (Plant/Lizard)
Element: Plant/Poison/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: omnivore (requires sunlight to ease digestion)
Role: soldiers specializing in forest combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Water, Grass
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Fire, Magic, Psychic
Attacks: Regenerate, Wood Tower, Seed Bomb, Bite, Tail Whip, Fly, Glorious Sun, Speed Storm, Solar Beam, Command Plants, Lust Dust
Enhancements: Plant Empathy, Agility, Solar Regeneration
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mossmelon (normal; Level 47)
When a Mossmelon evolves into a Wifern, she grows a set of bat-like wings which she can fold over herself like a cloak, but she loses her ability to become invisible. She might not have intuitive knowledge of how to fly at first, but many become quite agile, and all of them have the ability to fly through forests without injury. Add in the incredibly useful Glorious Sun technique and she is now quite the enduring fighter, even if she is still as terrible as ever when it comes to close-in fighting. The only other difference between a Mossmelon and a Wifern is that a Wifern's hair looks like the leaves of a fern plant.
Feral Wiferns are generally individualists, refusing to stay in the company of others for very long, unless certain requirements are met (see below). Unlike most other Pokégirls, when a feral Wifern undergoes parthenogenesis, most will abandon their children (who are Mossmelons), which might be the reason why Mossmelons are still found in the wild. It's believed that this may be the influence of their reptilian ancestry and may have led to the theory that they were actually reptiles crossed with plants and not Pokégirls at all.
Tamers with Wiferns should try and keep them out during daylight. Wiferns become ill when they do not get enough sunlight, which can lead to digestive problems.
Wiferns usually cow to any Pokégirl who has beaten them, and like Gynadoses, automatically respect any dragon Pokégirl they encounter. Wiferns usually lose confidence if facing any dragon Pokégirl, but will become dangerously overconfident if inspired or cheered on by a dragon Pokégirl.
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WOMANTICORE, the Dread Lioness Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Dark/Poison
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Dark Continent), practically Unknown anywhere else.
Diet: human style foods, especially rice
Role: warriors, bodyguards, weapons masters
Libido: Average (High with a Tamer they like)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: None
Attacks: Sabre Claw, Metal Claw, Timid Stroke, Crunch, Dark Goggle, Dark Shield, Shadow Dash, Ankoku, Mega Drain, Poison Mist, Sludge, Tempest
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x17), Enhanced Durability (x7), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x3), Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x5)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Lioness (Shadow Stone applied at night + Sexmet's Blessing; this is unknown to any Pokédex or tamer outside of Sexmet's Preserve)
It is unknown as to when this Pokégirl first appeared, but it is speculated that she is such a recent occurrence that only one has ever been seen. Information is scarce in regards to this Pokégirl, but the strength of her is apparent in the single picture that was taken of her. Although she was not observed standing up, she was almost seven feet long before her tail, which extended another three feet behind her, and was thin just like a feline's tail normally is. Heavily muscular and with dark bat-like wings on her back that are perhaps too small to support her during flight, the Watcher who observed her barely escaped with his life after the Pokégirl noticed him. He could tell that her body was adapted to short, quick bursts of speed, hinting at a lack of endurance, as he managed to escape via Grav Cycle after only a few minutes of the Pokégirl going after him.
No other real information is available at this time, and Researchers and other watchers are attempting to locate the exact location where the original watcher made his discovery. Some researchers are beginning to doubt the accuracy of the picture that was taken, saying that it was just a Griffon in the bad lighting, but the Watcher denies that possibility. His Pokédex was lost on the plains, according to the Watcher, and there is no way to be certain as to that exact location. All attempts to find this Pokégirl has failed. There is no real name given to this Pokégirl yet, as a result, if she even exists.
This Pokégirl was actually created by Cocooner, upon request from Sexmet after she became privy to information about "you-know-where's" newest Dameosaur evolution. The commission was agreed upon, and after Cocooner found enough feral feline Pokégirls her newest cocoons were hidden within Sexmet's preserve. When asked for a feline that was exceptionally strong and versatile, Cocooner fell into a meditative state for an entire day before making her move to create them. Ten Womanticore were born within seven months, and several more were evolved after Sexmet experimented with volunteers from her preserve.
More powerful than a Warcat, and much more durable than any other feline, this bat-winged feline has yet to be released where certain eyes might see them. The one time that the first Womanticore went out for a walk was the last time she did so on her own, as that was when the picture was taken that brought to light this Pokégirl’s existence. These Pokégirls are often moody and nocturnal, but function well both during the day and at night despite their preferring to hunt in the dark of the evening hours. Looking like a Sphinx's battle form, or like the pre-Sukebe animal known as a Lion, they do have some human features. Large D-cup breasts and a human-esque face, with a large mouth which possess many sharp teeth. Each hand still has an opposable thumb, but end in three inch long claws. Their feet also have these claws on their toes as well. Because of how muscular they are, the Womanticore tends to pad around on all fours rather than on their hind legs.
Sexmet never allows her Womanticore to be taken by untrustworthy Tamers, and no Pokédex has any information about this Pokégirl other than the picture and the information given above as to this Pokégirl’s actual existence. No Lioness that has been outside of Cocooner's influence within the last five years is capable of even evolving into a Womanticore, furthering just how unlikely it is that anyone outside of Sexmet's preserve will ever have information regarding the new evolution available to that particular Pokégirl. During taming, these Pokégirls enjoy being on the bottom or being taken from behind... and they love to be in charge, if their tamer can survive such an act. Sexmet herself has noted that they act a lot like a Panthress... although, they do lack the instinctive need to harm their lover that the Panthress has.
In battle, they go all out, and their endurance allows them to fight for a long time before tiring. They use their endurance to their advantage, often using Poison Mist, Sludge, or Tempest at long range to wear out her foes, and then switching to using her claws and other techniques when she gets closer to the opponent. During sex battles, they are useful but not especially adept, and Sexmet figures it is just one problem with her newest acquisitions that she'll just have to accept. When the battle gets tougher, they even have access to the Ankoku attack, just in case they are in trouble, and Mega-Drain, to heal themselves while still dealing with her opponent. The Womanticore are being trained to work in pairs as well as singly, just to be safe, and Sexmet is at this time pleased with Cocooner's work upon them.
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ZOMBABE, the Carnivorous Corpse Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human - Inhumanoid
Element: Poison/Ghost
Frequency: Common - Extremely Rare (depends on outbreak)
Diet: living flesh
Role: scourge of humanity
Libido: None
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Ice, Celestial Pokégirls
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Tackle, Wrestle, Growl, Poison Mist, Mega-Zombie Poison, Lure, Sprite
Enhancements: Sleeplessness, relentlessness, poison immunity, constant fear aura
Disadvantages: Fire-weakness, Ice-weakness, low mental capacity, slow movement.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Any Human females or Pokégirls (constant use of Red Magic Spell: Zombie, infected through breaking of skin)
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 90,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 45,000 SLC
Bounty (for successful stop of plague): 1,000,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Upon seeing a Zombabe although difficult, remain calm. They may seem dangerous due to the constantly generated Aura of Fear, but remember, that Zombabes are a slow and dim-witted bunch and it is easy to outrun them; the suggested route to take when one or more is found. If fleeing is not a realistic option, use a Dark, Fire, or Ice-Type Pokégirl or one with a Celestial alignment to mow down numbers. If you have a pistol, pick them off from a distance – AIM FOR THE HEAD!
It has been said before, and shall be said again. The practice of Magic is not a toy and Vale Officials and Teachers are correct in pointing out that it is an ever growing and changing field, with new practices coming to the fore everyday; nothing is truly set. After the common practice of trial and error, some spells are accepted as part of common Magical practice and are given the Magic Guild’s official seal of approval. Unfortunately, even though all spells that pass through Vale’s halls are put through the proper procedures of testing and experimentation before they achieve acceptance, sometimes the full capacities of a magic spell might not be fully known until it is too late.
Discovered by the Magic Guild of Vale, Red Magic was a field of magic that consisted of all spells that do not have direct effects on their target. It has, understandably been a field of magic that most people have taken to using for support; enhancing Pokégirls and changing the effects of battle. One popular Red Magic Spell in particular is ‘Zombie’. Zombie was a recently discovered and rather strange magic spell that, when used, would reverse the effects of healing spells like Cure, and healing items, so they would damage the afflicted target. Also, Pokégirls under the Status-Effect of Zombie could not be hurt under any regular circumstances, making them into living punching bags. Esuna and other similar remedies could cure this ailment and it was known to wear off on its own in one hour’s time.
It was this later fact about the spell that brought upon the dangers we now know of. Some Magic-adept Tamers or Tamers with Magic-Type Pokégirls that learned this spell would come to use it often in battle. It was great aid for training weaker Pokégirls in their harem and useful for multi-opponent melees, as the Pokégirl with the spell Zombie cast upon her could take all kinds of damage, yet never fall. She could continue to attack randomly on her own, no matter the damage, as most other Pokégirls don’t have the ability to cast healing techniques upon others.
However, the point is there ARE Pokégirls that do have the power to heal themselves and others, (primarily Celestials) and with enough of their tender-loving care, any Pokégirl who is under the effect of the spell Zombie, will go down for the count. Normally, this would revert the Pokégirl back to her natural state, and she would need either potions or a run through a Healing Machine to get the back into fighting condition. Sometimes though, by rare chance, the Pokégirl would remain in her Zombie state, effectively dead. While it is very frustrating and sad for a Tamer to lose a Pokégirl that they had worked so hard with, that wasn’t the problem...
...The problem was the Pokégirl didn’t stay down.
It doesn’t matter what elemental-type the Pokégirl originally was in life. When she dies under these circumstances any powers and advantages she had originally are gone, replaced by a template of simple attacks with definitely disastrous Poison and Ghost elemental techniques. She could come back to ‘life’ anywhere from instantly to three days, but when she did, she would be a creature that seeks only to fulfill the most basic need. The need to feed!
Classified as the Zombabe, the Pokégirl is not a template, but its own separate breed of Pokégirl. They are a living nightmare for League Officials, Law-Enforcement Agencies, Tamers, and civilians to have to deal with. While the sudden appearance of a Zombabe is nowhere near as bad as a Widow attack if handled quickly and properly, even a single Zombabe could easily be the start of a plague that could become a problem that might take the resources of an entire League to quell, as they must be quarantined from the rest of the world; primarily by magic. They could easily cross over water as they could land, since they’d walk across the bottom of any body of water, thus they must be forced to remain in a single area
The reason is that there are numerous problems that make dealing with Zombabes a true difficulty. These creatures are no longer the loyal Pokégirls they were in life, instead they are relentless, slowly rotting, mobile corpses. They cannot be reasoned with and will only attack the nearest living thing to attack and eat, often going for soft tissues. Taking them out has proven difficult as well, as they continually generate the technique Fear Aura without pause, making it difficult for even seasoned Tamers and Police Officers to concentrate on their thoughts. There is also the fact that even with one of the easiest ways to take them out being to shoot them in the head from a distance, they are still cause for danger. When they go down, their head explodes into one last automatic use of the technique Poison Mist, which is made up of their Mega-Zombie Poison.
The Mega-Zombie Poison is a special poison, and the worst aspect of the Zombabe. Normally transferred through a bite or a simple scratch, not even Pokégirls with thick hides or armor-plating are safe from it as the poison can be inhaled when released as a burst into the air. Mega-Zombie Poison has proven to be one of the most versatile toxins, as recent studies have shown that not only is it water soluble, but the poison keeps its potency. That means it is possible for a Zombabe to taint any form of liquid, be it a Water-type Pokégirl’s attack, or a town’s water-shed; even simply coming into contact with a ‘dead’ Zombabe’s bodily fluids may cause risk for infection. The poison itself turns Pokégirls and even human women into Zombabes, increasing the breed’s numbers and therefore the danger of the situation. While Pokégirls can be treated quickly enough with certain Remedies to evade such a problem, human women need a Celestial Pokégirl or one with similar healing abilities to cure their condition. If one is not present, then the human woman will turn into a Zombabe within a half hour of being infected. Interestingly, it has been proven that the only females immune to the poison are the Clonetwo breed. Research is still ongoing as to how they are immune.
Although they cannot be turned into Zombabes, human males are not immune to Mega-Zombie Poison. The horrible poison will kill the person as it denatures their soft tissues, causing them to rot from the inside-out if. The process will continue if they are not healed quickly by the proper remedies or a Celestial Pokégirl. On average, if an infected male isn’t healed within twelve hours of being bitten or infected otherwise, he’s not going to be healed. Instead, he will suffer the most excruciating and debilitating pain as his body continues to slowly shut down over the course of three days. It is suggested to simply end the pain by killing those that are affected beyond healing as once they’re dead and the poison has run its course, the corpse is a carrier of Mega-Zombie Poison and only burning it will get rid of it.
Combat with the breed is a trial in patience and effort. While Zombabes can be stabbed, shot, and clawed, they feel no pain and will continue on towards their target; dismembered, they will wiggle their injured bodies toward the closest warm and living flesh to feast upon. Still, one can take heart in that Zombabes are not invincible. As experimented upon and verified by Officer Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the Tanuki City plague over in the Johto League, there are a number of effective ways to take the creatures down for good. He’s even joked that Zombabes are the reason that regular bullets will never go out of production.
If there is only one Zombabe and no living beings close by, try to take the girl out with a head-shot. Nothing gets hit by the Poison Mist, and the Zombabe is truly dead. Also, they do have elemental weakness like other Pokégirls. Dark attacks are effective at pushing groups of Zombabes back. Fire attacks will take care of them for good, burning them to nothing, including the poison. Recent study has revealed that Zombabes are also weak to Ice-type Pokégirl, as without blood pumping through them they freeze solid and can be destroyed that way as well, the Mega-Zombie Poison rendered inert. The favored type to use against numerous Zombabes are Celestial Pokégirls; those of a high enough level can use their Celestial attacks, healing powers, and even their aura to free the Zombabes of their current state, allowing the bodies to finally expire for good. And of course, the most important tool for taking down a Zombabe is keeping a calm, level head. As long as one resists the urge to panic due to the Aura of Fear, a person can go about things logically and stay alive as they effectively battle these beasts.
Even with all that has happened, the problems the spell has brought up with the creation of this Pokégirl breed, the Magic Guild of Vale has refused to ban the Red Magic Spell of Zombie. They have cited that Zombie is a perfectly valid and safe spell, and that the circumstances which could create a Zombabe from it are rare. They go onto cite how many Pokégirls have been through similar, if not the same situations before, and they stayed permanently dead when something went wrong. This had led Vale’s Magic Guild to conclude that since the outcome of Zombabe it really more of a rare quirk than any predestined outcome of the spell. They stand by their initial ruling that the spell Zombie is not an outright hazard, and will continue to remain on the list of viable and legal Red Magic Spells.
Zombabes are illegal to own as even alone, they remain a Beta Level Threat and as numbers grow, can increase to an Omega Level state of Emergency. They do not respond to a Tamer and cannot be Tamed; they remain in a Feral state no matter what. Tamers caught trying to Tame a Zombabe are not only sick, sick, SICK fucks, but are also good as dead as the infection will spread from intercourse, leaving them to die in a most horrendous way as they’ve deserved.
[Classified] While a scary concept to accept, there is a startlingly alarming bit of news and research that has slowly come to the fore. While more an exception than it is the rule, the fact remains that some Zombabes can LEARN! Thought to be a possible reemergence of vestigial memories, these Zombabes that exist long enough can learn to manipulate simple tools or even learn to try and escape a possible threat to their continued existence. One of the scariest learned tactics is the waiting game, where they try and blend in with their surroundings, silent and still, and wait for someone to walk by them before they pounce. While most disheartening, we can at least be thankful that the concept of a ‘running’ Zombabe is still only rumor and hearsay. [Classified]
Mega-Zombie Poison - (ATK 25 + EFT) Exclusive to Zombabe. A superior version of Zombie Poison. If successful, the target is inflicted with the Zombie status. If not cured via a potion, (Esuna) within three hours, the target will transform into another Zombabe. Human females turn into Zombabes within a half-hour and males will die a slow and excruciating death that could take anywhere up to three days before they die.
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ZUBUTT, the Nocturnal Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bat)
Element: Flying/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: life force of others
Role: Night Guide, Spelunker, nocturnal guard
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Ground
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Psychic, Rock
Libido: Average
Attacks: Energy Drain, Bite, Lust Sting, Needleshot, Sleep Venom, Gust
Enhancements: Sonar, Flight, Infrared Vision
Evolves: Foxglove (Fire Stone), Golbutt (normal), Vampire (knocked out by draining attack)
Evolves From: None
A short, small-winged Pokégirl that researchers are unsure as to exactly how they are able to fly. With wings that have a combined span of less than their short height, the Zubutt should have no business being in the air for even small amounts of time... unless falling from a higher elevation. But, despite the otherwise obvious limitations of such small wings, the Zubutt is capable of flying for extended periods, even if they cannot attain an impressive altitude. Most feral Zubutt are found in, or around, caves. However, some feral Zubutt do make their homes in the remains of ancient pre-Sukebe ruins as well. Feral Zubutts are known to carry some diseases that they are immune to, but humans are not- fortunately, these diseases are easily dealt with at any Pokécenter, and Tamers are often encouraged to capture any Feral Zubutt they come across in order to remove these illnesses before they are contracted by humans. Though these diseases are curable once transmitted to a human, it is simply easier to prevent before it becomes a problem. Domestic Zubutts don’t have this problem, however, as the poison sacs that are found near the base of their wings never develop to quite the size that the Feral’s does. The poison sacs are the carriers of the diseases, and once the excess of the sacs are dealt with, then even if released, that Zubutt will never grow those excess portions back and become a threat again.
Zubutt has poor vision during the day and at night, but makes up for it with her sonar that allows her to transverse any terrain at night and lead her Tamer through pitch blackness. Fortunately, they have better eyesight at night thanks to their infrared vision, though their sonar is certainly much more useful. Zubutts have wings instead of arms but some Tamers have been noted as saying they loves to feel those wings wrapped around them during a Taming. They always stand about four foot tall with bodies covered in soft dark blue fur and eyes that are nearsighted at best and large ears. They tend to have slim figures and small breasts that help with their flying. Feral Zubutt, rather common in most parts of the world, are just considered a menace that some confuse with Vampires due to their dietary needs. However, they cannot change anyone (human or Pokégirl) into a Vampire or one of their own when they drink from someone. These Pokégirls do need to feed on a daily basis, at least twice a day.
In battle, a Zubutt is not the greatest choice, but is also not the worst choice either. Their vision limitations aside, their Sonar is still too slow to be able to give them the accuracy they need to launch their attacks at their opponent. Their best attacks are done close in, when she can bite her opponent with different kinds of venom attacks. Her Lust Sting is more like a “Lust Bite,” in that she must bite her opponent to inject that venom. When she has to attack from a distance, she can summon up a Gust attack with her small wings. Feral Zubutt like to choose Plant-type Pokégirls for their victims, as they are more susceptible to their Sonar and they are normally slower than the Zubutt is. Strangely, no Succubus can stand being in the same Harem as a Zubutt- the fact that the Zubutt constantly emits their Sonar every few seconds is enough to drive them crazy, since they are so susceptible to high pitched sounds. In a Sex battle, these Pokégirls are of no use- without hands or a tail, their abilities are quite limited and she’s just not capable of doing what's required in such a match. In a harem setting, these Pokégirls never become Alphas... not, that is, until they evolve.
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